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Hey All!!! New fic... thought I'd try it out. I really like this one for some reason... so hopefully you guys will too! Ok here goes....
Title: The Art of Living Sarcastically- By Maria DeLuca
Rating: PG-13 (don't know if it'll be more... most likely not)
Summary: AU fic. Maria POV. Maria DeLuca lives with her dad, her brother and her cousin Sean in NYC. Until a terrible tragedy sends them to Roswell New Mexico. There she meets up with her life long friend Liz Parker, and embarks on an insane and mostly humorous discovery of self. (Woah... not a bad summary huh? lol)


I swing open the bathroom door and feel the steam overwhelm my senses. Jesus Christ, it must be like 150 degrees in here! I look over, the figure of a wet, naked male catching my eye.

"Ria!!! Will you close the frickin' door!?"

"Oh! Sorry Steven! Just getting my bra!"

"Stupid idiot, don't know howtoknockeven...."I grab my bra as quickly as humanly possible and slam the door shut. Well, if it's possible to add to my list of humiliations, that was definitely high upon the list. Seeing my ten year old brother naked is just... well scary. I look down at my red wonder bra as I head into my room. Stupid piece of crap. It's done no wonders for me lately! Of course, I am quite the hopeless case. I look down at my pathetic excuse for boobs. Yes... I have a boob confidence issue. It must have started in the third grade. I seemed to be one of the early bloomers, a child that was maturing early into womanhood. Of course, it seems somewhere along the way I got stuck. I practically have the same size boobs as I did in third grade. I am starting my senior year in high school. How sad and pathetic. However, that is my life.

I throw off the towel and wrap on the red bra with the matching panties. Not that anyone checks to see if I match my bras and panties, but it's always nice to know that in case I were to get into a car accident and my clothes were to be ripped, the officers and doctors that take good care of me would know I am a lady that takes fabulous care of myself. Conceited? No. Ridiculous? Maybe. Crazy? Ding ding! You win today's million dollar prize!!!

I throw on the short summer dress Mom gave me for Christmas two years ago. It's been sitting in the beautiful angel bag she gave me, wrapped in cream and gold tissue paper. I've never been able to take it out... until today. I look at the dress as I stare at my reflection in the mirror. The clean white satin falls softly over my skin, the stretch waist under my breasts giving an impression of a bustline. GO MOM! She knew about my boob issue! The red swirl pattern on the dress, lined with some purples and pinks make the dress look exotic and exciting. The open kimono type sleeves add a third dimension to the dress, finally giving me a complete hippy feel. Mom always knew exactly what I'd love. This dress is a complete representation of me and a last token of her. I shake off the tears threatening to fall and grab my triple band of reddish-brown rocks and tie the choker around my neck. I look at the long braided string necklace with the golden ball at the bottom. Mom always said it reminded her of a golden disco ball. I place that around my neck and with a few strokes of the brush look into the mirror.

I am my mother's replica. Frightening, but true. If she could see me now, she'd probably freak out. Hey, I still freak out, and I look in the mirror everyday. Shake it off, shake it off. I breathe in loudly and throw on my fake wooden pumps.


"Coming Daddy!" I run downstairs hoping not to fall. Yea, try not to smirk with that picture of me falling flat on my face with my legs in odd positions from trying to run in pumps ok? I finally catch myself at the bottom of the stairwell just as Sean and Daddy look up at me.

"My God... you look just like your mother." Great, I already took a shower, can we spare the water works?

"Thank you."

"Seriously M.D, you look fab." And still I wonder, do boys over the age of 20 ever speak in full sentences?

"I appreciate that Sean really, but I'm still not giving you my fifty bucks." I smile and head to the McDonald's bag to grab some eggs and sausage from the Big Breakfast.

"Why now, after all this time?" I look over at Daddy and see that this conversation couldn't have been avoided.

"Just cause. I think it was time." Yea, like two and a half years isn't enough. I guess moving across country is. Leaving New York won't be easy, especially because everything that has ever reminded me of Mom is here. Our walks in Central Park, skating in Rockafeller Center, karoake at BBQ's, walking and window shopping by 5th Avenue. But I can't explain that. No one understands how this change is going to affect me. No one. Not my stinky little brother Steven, who is glad he's moving. Something about maybe meeting some real aliens. Not my cousin Sean, who swears a clean record in a new state will do him good. And definitely not Dad, who wants to move away from the city, from the hectic life, from Mom and her cancer, from what we were all about. So I go and don't complain. In fact, I don't say a thing to anyone about how I feel, because being the only female in my household, it's something hard to communicate with the males of the lesser species. Now here we go... off to Roswell, New Mexico, and I, Maria DeLuca have to act like everything is fine. Well, guess they don't know me all that well now... do they?

That's it! Oh... and those of you reading Mr. Adorable... don't worry it won't interfere. I'm working on that too!


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Wow!!! I'm glad you guys liked it! *happy* Well, let's get on with it then!

Chapter 1:

"Is everybody packed??"

"My stuff is already in the van Daddy. I'm just gonna sit in the car." Ever seen Home Alone? That's our family when trying to plan a trip. Now imagine us trying to move to another state. Get the picture? Fabulous. Now I alone have a good fifteen to twenty boxes, three suitcases, and several hand bags. Imagine the rest of the poor family. I see Steven come out of the building and put his last few boxes into the U-Haul rent truck. All labeled toys, might I add. Not surprising. That boy would rather live stark naked and starve than have no toys. Strange kid.

I get into the middle seat of the van and look up at Sean sitting in the front seat. Ha! No way that Dad is letting him drive! Juvenile delinquent! I grouch and groan as Steven pushes his way into the back seat. He places a pillow between he and the window and then wraps himself up in a blanket. I pull out my backpack with the family pack of double A batteries and my ENTIRE CD collection. Did I mention that I'm going by airplane while the three morons in my car are driving there? See, that's the beauty of my arrangements. A week on the road with Daddy, Sean, and Steven, however educational it may prove to be, would leave me good enough dead. So I called up Lizzie. That girl has always been one to get me out of trouble, even living off in Alien County. When we were ten, Mr. Parker moved the family to Roswell, and they've lived there since. Lizzie and I are still best friends, but we haven't seen each other since. Now, seven years later, I'm not only staying at her house for a week... I'll be living in Alien County a.k.a. Roswell, New Mexico.

We reach the airport and I pull out my box of shoes and my travel case. Then I wrap my backpack on and pull out my tickets.

"Ok Daddy... I'll see you in a week."

"Be good Ria. I love you baby." I smile, hoping no one heard that. Could this get any more embarrassing? Probably not.

"Hey... M.D!"

"What Sean?"

"Stay out of trouble." He's one to talk.

"Sean, the day I get arrested, you can have those fifty bucks you've been asking for ok?" I wink at him and turn towards the gate. Ah.... can you smell it? The sweet smell of freedom. I board the plane and make myself comfortable with my headphones.

Did I fall asleep?

"We have now reached Santa Fe Airport." Could she sound any happier about it? I can already feel the heat coming through the little windows. I hope Lizzie didn't forget to pick me up. I grab my backpack and begin to walk off the plane. Ok, run fingers through hair, pat down and fix dress, check lipstick. Much better. I doesn't matter that this is east bumble... well you get the picture. Either way, there are guys here, and I am no nun. I pull out my cellphone and dial the familiar number. Oh yes, my long distance bill is gonna drop drastically.



"MARIA! Are you here already!???"

"Yea, just got here. Where are you?"

"I'm over at luggage pick up by Gate 23."

"Ok, I'm coming. God girl, I cannot believe that we're gonna meet up again."

"I know! I'm so psyched!" Did I mention that little Lizzie is a crazy bundle of energy? "Alex is dying to meet you!" Hold up... rewind.

"ALEX!?? Isn't that like your new best friend?"

"Ria! Will you stop it? Geez... your jealousy is so unbecoming!"

"Jealous? I'm not jealous. I just dislike him because he took my place." Oh yea, how descriptive. I turn the corner and see her. Her long, straight, brown hair placed behind her ear just as I remember it. Her big brown eyes now lined with black eyeliner and her purple halter top showing off her tan skin. Holy crap. She looks awesome.

"Liz..." We make eye contact and she looks back down at her phone to make sure I just said what she heard.

"Oh my God." And here we're gonna get all melodramatic ok?

"Maria! Oh my goodness!!!! You look so beautiful! Look at you! Your hair! I love that dress! You look just like your mother!"

"LIZ! Oh my God! What is up with you looking all gorgeous! That hair! Never changes... You've gotten so dark! But I'm so pale... I love that top!" Yes people... I have a soft side. Don't get too used to it ok? We stop hugging and a tall, lanky boy with awesome blue eyes stops next to us with all my luggage. Give you one guess.

"You didn't tell me she was a hippy!"

"I'm not! I'm a free spirit. You silly people who conform to society and its technology are still trapped in the evils of civilization." Yup, it's Alex. I see him and stop for a second. Chew on that one sucker!

"Guys! Jesus... I mean... geez. Alex, Maria. Maria, Alex."

"Nice to meet you." He pulls out his hand and I shake it to be polite.

"A pleasure I'm sure." Yes, my tone is a bit sarcastic. Sure, I'm making a face. But... I DON'T LIKE HIM! It doesn't MATTER that I don't KNOW him. He LOOKS like a moron (<--- new favorite word).

"Well, are we off?" Aww... little Lizzie always running from the face of trouble.

"Sure. You want me to get your stuff?"

"Can you handle it?" He looks up from picking up my boxes and raises an eyebrow.

"Don't want you to hurt yourself on my account." We start to walk off and as we walk outside I se a rugged Jeep where we're headed. Jeep? Liz? Umm... no?

"Umm... that's not your car, is it Liz?"

"No! Mine!? I wish. This is Max's car."

"Ah, your boyfriend."

"Special friend. They're not technically a couple."

"Jealous Alex?"

"Not likely Barbie."

"Bite me."

"With pleasure." I hear Liz's loud sigh. This is going to be a long week.
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Chapter 2:

"THIS is where you live??? This is like... well... an amusement park."

"It's a restaurant silly, and may I add one of the hottest hang out spots in town." Not modest about it either. Of course, had I know she lived in an alien infested world I would've gone running and pulling out my hair for my little Lizzie.

"It's actually a great place. Maybe if you stop being such a spoiled brat and give it a chance, you might like it."

"Are you talking about the restaurant or you Alex?"

"Take it the way you wanna take it."

"No matter what you say or do... I doubt my spoiledness will ever allow me to like you."

"She isn't the smart one, is she? Spoiledness is not a word."

"Yea, but fu..."

"RIA!!! Ok!! Oh my... let's just get your stuff inside." Aghhhh!!!! I want to shoot his brains out through his nose! Does he have to be sooooo obnoxious??!! Just because he stole my best friend?!!!! Oh yea, he forgets I lived in NY. I can murder him and make it look like an accident. Yea, sure DeLuca, that's why you couldn't even hit a squirrel on the road right? We walk in and the immediate smell of home cooked foods hits me. Hmmm... smells better than White Castle. We walk past the register and I see an older Mrs. Parker. She's barely changed a bit! Man, that's kinda weird.

"Maria!!! Oh sweetie look at you! You look beautiful. You look just like your mother. I'm sorry to hear about her passing. But you know you're always welcome here." I feel her hug and a sense of nostalgia threatens to take over. OK! No time for tears. I am NOT in the mood for this.

"Thanks Mrs. Parker. Really, I also appreciate being able to stay here, means a lot to me." I smile and pull away and head over to the counter. I sit on the spinning stool and begin to spin from side to side. Yes, I am Wonder Woman preparing for flight. Or .... not. Who knows what the heck I'm trying to do. I spin to my left and I hear the little jingle of a bell at the door. I turn to look when two guys come in, obviously disagreeing about something.

"WHAT!? Ok, look I'm sorry to disappoint you Maxwell, but I can assure you that the Comets are going NOWHERE. They SUCK with a capital S-U-C-K. Got it? Even people like YOU could win that. Nothing personal." I see the dude with the long rock and roll hair pat the dark haired guy on the back and they walk towards Liz with a smile.

"Sup Parker."

"Michael." Liz smiles, her sweet little innocent smile and looks over to the other guy.

"Max. Thanks for the Jeep." She hands him the keys but her hand lingers in his a little longer than it should.

"No problem. If you ever need anything... you know, just let me know." My God... he's like looking INTO her with those piercing eyes.

"Are you going to help me with YOUR stuff. Cause last I checked slavery ended back in the late 1800s."

"Yea, well you offered hot stuff. If you couldn't handle it you shouldn't have offered."

"Ha! I like her... who's that?" The guy... as we've come to learn named Michael, reaches his hand out and I smile. Oh yea, first call of business... find me a man.

"Maria DeLuca, Liz's former best friend and sister from NYC. I've been replaced by... Billy Gates over here."

"Some people are intimidated by intelligence."

"Others by ugliness." I smile sarcastically and turn back to Michael.

"Oh yea. I have to agree with that one. Michael Guerin, town freak. Basically, the loner artist gone horribly wrong."

"You didn't go wrong... you've just always BEEN wrong." I meet with the intense hazel eyes and suddenly realize why Liz is gaga over this one.

"Max Evans. It's great to meet you. I've heard a ton about you."

"Really?! Well, that's a relief. I was beginning to think I didn't belong here."

"Quite the contrary, Liz has been looking forward to seeing you all week."

"You Liz's boyfriend?"

"NO!" Ok, Liz's response was a little too fast. Guess what that means???? YES!!!! I'm gonna have to raise the prize to like 2 million dollars. The questions do get a bit more complex as we go ahead, you know?

"Just a good friend."

"Ah, I see. So, are there any karaoke nights around here?"

"Yup, Friday nights at the Pizza Pan."

"You go?!" Ok, so I'm surprised that Billy (a.k.a Alex) even knows about karaoke.

"Yea, when they have talent competitions, which is atleast twice a month. I go. It helps raise money for my band."

"Band? You have a BAND?"

"Oh yea, the Whits. They're great!" Liz... shut up. I'm in the middle of a life changing conversation. I love ya, but please.... my brain is starting to hurt.

"Yea, for a bunch of high school geeks." Michael. I'm starting to see similarities in him... who does he remind me of?

"What are you... like a drummer?"

"Bass guitar. Electric guitar, and even acoustic guitar. Been playing for about five years. I thought Ms. Lizzy would've told you, considering how much you love music."

"Yea, you would figure. I mean, I sing..." Great job DeLuca, you may not like him, but now you ruined your chance to join a band here to get yourself known. Could this SUCK anymore???? Well, let me shut up before things get worse.

"Excuse me. I have been standing here for like twenty minutes and no one is even paying attention to me. Am I invisible?" I look towards the door at a tall blonde.

"Isabel!" I see Alex straighten up and smile. Oh great, what a nerd. Could he just drool and make it even more obvious?

"Isabel, don't be rude. This is Maria DeLuca, Liz's best friend and an aspiring singer. Maria, this is my sister, Isabel." Umm... is that even possible?? Talk about babies getting switched at birth.

"Pleasure." To kick your... well you get the picture. I don't really like this one.

"Michael, you were supposed to meet me an hour ago."

"Sorry Iz... Max was holding me up. Had to come get the Jeep."

"Where was the Jeep?"

"He lent it to me." Woah, talk about ice queen. Could that glare to Lizzie have been anymore rude. I'm gonna have to backslap this one.

"Well, how sweet. Now we need to go, cause I'm already about 2 hours late and I have an important date tonight. So let's go." We say quick goodbyes and Liz sighs as Max steps out with a promise to call her that night. She turns around to face me. She looks like she wouldn't feel getting hit by a bus.

"Wanna test that theory?"

"Huh?" Woah... that's weird.

"She wouldn't know what hit her."

"Whatever. Help me get the stuff upstairs."

"Did I forget to mention I'm spending the night?"

"Are you serious? Oh well... I could always kill myself tomorrow morning. Either way, I'm just hungry now. Let's put this away so I can make myself a sandwhich."

"Why? We have a cook. You can just order. Duh... you seriously are slow."

"Don't get smacked."

"Ok." I look back and Liz is still standing in the same boring position she was before.

"LIZZZ!!!! Helloooooo!!!!"

"Oh! Sorry." *Sigh* I need an aspirin.
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Hey guys!!! Thanks for the positive feedback!! I'm glad you like it! It means a ton to me! Here's just a little something I made... don't laugh!! I'm not great, but I was bored and well, it just happened. Let me know what you think!


That's it! Hope you like it!
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Author's Note: Hey all!!!! Seems everyone is wondering what couple this will be! Well... that's a fabulous question! LoL... for right now, Maria is probably gonna stay single and spend more time making friends than anything else. But... if and when she's ready, I'm NOT sure who'll she'll end up with! I guess we'll just have to see as we go along. The story is more of a focus on healing than on romance. But there will be relationships involved. I'll keep u guys updated ok?! :-) Thanks for the interest!

Chapter 3:

"He isn't sleeping in here Liz!!!!"

"But Maria he always sleeps in here when he sleeps over! It's too chilly for him to stay on the balcony! Daddy doesn't mind if he stays on the floor in my room. And you and me can share the bed!"

"NOOO!!!! If my father knew I was sharing a room with a guy he'd shoot Alex, you and then me for even thinking I could pull that sh*t off! NO NO NO!!!"

"You don't like him much do you?" Uh, duh genious.

"I didn't think this would be such an issue." Did I forget to mention we were talking about HIM as if HE weren't here? Ha... oh well.

"Well it is!" Euwww... talk about grouchy. I can't help it... you know how some people just bring out the worse in you? That would be what he does to me.

"You know what? I'll just leave. I feel myself getting a migraine."

"Ok, you know what fine!!! FINE!!! He can stay here! I just... argh! Forget it! I'm going into the shower." I grab my towel and pajamas that I had carried in my backpack and head into the small shower when I hear the giggles.

"It's not like her saying would have changed you staying here! She's so funny! My goodness I'm so glad she's back."

"She can be a real..."

"ALEX!! Stop. She's just getting over the death of her mother and she's trying to get used to a new place, TOTALLY different from where she comes from. So give her a break."

"Yea, yea. Not too much of a break though. She might end up hurting me. She's so frickin' aggressive. She has serious anger management problems... have you ever offered help?"

"ALEX!" I hear more giggling and the radio goes on. I can't believe he thinks I have anger management issues! If there is ANYONE who is TOTALLY in control it's ME!!!! I am the picture of CALMNESS and STABILITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Sorry about that, just having a small... umm, I don't know like panic attack or something. Who knows... those things just come and go.

I finish in the shower and put on my pajamas. I look in the mirror and detangle my hair. I part in down the middle and braid both sides, a ritual mom taught me to avoid tangled hair. I open the bathroom door quietly and see Liz and Alex lying on the bed laughing. For a minute it makes me want to cry. It's not fair! I used to do that with Liz. I used to be her best friend. Now I'm just here and I have to watch how completely different her life is without me and how she's thoroughly enjoying it. Have I ever mentioned I have problems with change??? Well, so you know, I do. I can't stand it! And this is probably the worse feeling I've ever had in my gut ever. As I watch Liz laugh I remember a time when she and I and my mom sat up until whatever hours of the morning eating ice cream and gossiping. It's one of the more painful memories. One of the ones that make me remember how much I miss my mother.

"Maria? Ria? Are you ok?" I snap out of my little world and stare at Liz through blurry eyes. CRAP! I'm crying! How the heck did that happen!??? Hello!!! Eyes??? Remember me? I'm supposed to be the brain of this operation... you don't cry unless otherwise directed to do so. I quickly rub my eyes and disregard it.

"I'm fine. I'm fine, I'm just hungry. I'm going downstairs to eat." That's it DeLuca. Run out as soon as possible. That's what you're good at. Side note: Umm... voices. Please STOP talking to me!!!! Ok?? Cause if not, you're going to force me to shoot you (hence, myself) and I'll be very unhappy about it. Capish? Good. I open the swinging door of the kitchen and follow the dim glow of the nightlight to the refridgerator.

"Need a hand?" I look back and see... ok this would have to be the 3 million dollar prize cause seriously not even I was expecting it.

"I think I can manage making a sandwich alone Alex." Pretty crazy, ain't it?

"Well, maybe you wouldn't mind making one for me too?"

"Ha! Be my guest."

"That's what I thought." I step back and watch as he laughs and goes into the fridge to get all of the necessities. "So, you're gonna start school with us on Monday. You nervous?"

"Is this your idea of small talk? Cause, seriously dude it is the wrong time."

"Just trying to be friendly."

"You're making me a sandwich, doesn't get friendlier than that." I hear him laugh again. Man, he is one happy puppy. He has a nice laugh though. Kinda contagious actually.

"Oh it does, but that'll come in time." He winks at me and turns to make the sandwich. What's THAT supposed to mean??? Uh hum!! Excuse me!!!!

"Why are you really down here?" Oh yea, way to burst the bubble. I see him turn slowly and think his words over VERY carefully.

"Just wanted to make sure you were ok. You didn't look too good up there and I just wanted to make sure that, you know, everything was all right." Don't get all touchy on me.

"Why do you care?"

"I don't. Liz does. And if Liz does, then I do too."

"I thought you just said you don't."

"Well, I don't."

"But you do."

"Exactly." Are you as confused about that as I am? Good, cause that was just... ummm... weird??

"Whatever." I laugh, a real, genuine laugh that hasn't come out in a while. Yes, confusion can make people do crazy things. He hands me a sandwich and the surprise continues.

"This is my favorite kinda sandwich...." I can't thelp the surprise in my voice. NO! I'm NOT trying to be rude (for a change).

"I know...." And he says nothing else as we eat our sandwich in silence. I hate to admit this, but he may not be ALL that bad as I thought. Of course, HE can't know that. We finish eating our sandwiches and he looks at me with a smile as he pulls out two club sodas.

"So, girlfriend... ready to head upstairs?"

"You made me a sandwich. It doesn't mean that I like you."

"Yea, yea. Keep fighting it." I just shrug him off and start heading upstairs. Maybe the stay won't be so bad after all.
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Chapter 4:

"WHAT are you doing?!"

"Eating... what does it look like?"


"Chill your beans boy." Oh yea, you like that southern drawl I just had going there don't cha.

"You are NEVER going to make it as a waitress!" I look at Michael in all his heated glory. Hmm... he's kinda hot when he's pissed off.



"Phone! It's your dad!" I lean over the counter and look over at Lizzie on the phone in the back room.

"Mind closing your legs, the customers don't need a show." Oh yea, I forget I'm short and when I lean up against the conter like that my legs go up. Of course, he could be a little nicer about it.

"Michael sweetie you don't have to worry your pretty little head. I am ALL yours." I smile and wink flirtatiously and then run into the back room to get the phone. Someone gag me with a spoon.


"Hey baby. How's it going?"

"Great... I've already got a job!" I look down at my greenish bluish Crashdown uniform with the silver alien apron. This town is sick man. Just sick. "How about you? How's the trip?"

"Not bad... we're already in Tenessee."

"Oh wow. So you think in maybe another week."

"Maybe. I mean it only took us about three days to make it this far."

"Not bad. Liz says hi!" I look at the insane little brunette jumping up and down and waving in front of me.

"What the hell is going on? Are these people supposed to serve themselves???"

"Hold on one second Daddy... Liz is there a mute button?" Liz nods and points to a small white button. I press it and look over at our rocker turned chef.

"Listen Guerin, I am talking to my father and whether or not you have manners around your friends you sure as hell better act respectfully around my parents because if not I will personally kick your..." I hear a small click on the phone and Liz points to it quickly.

"As... I was saying Dad, it's great to hear from you."

"When do you start school."

"Another week or so."

"They're on Thanksgiving break?"

"Unfortunately. Listen Dad, I gotta go, table 12 is waiting. I'll talk to you later."

"Ok baby, just cheking it. I love you." Oh man... I was expecting that.

"Iloveyoutoo!Bye." I hear the fit of laughter from the kitchen.

"I love you... muah, muah. Oh Daddy poo you're my hero." Bastard.

"Why don't you suck my toe you freak?"

"What's the matter Maria? Can't take a joke?"

"I hate you." I grab the order for table 12 and storm into the dining area. I hate him. I hate him I hate him I hate him. And I hate this place. And these people. Well... except Liz. And Mr. and Mrs. Parker. And maybe even Alex... well, let's not get carried away. I smile as I hand the kids their lunches and head back to the small gathering room. This place is going to kill me. Where is the excitement? Where is the noise? Where are the famous people?! I mean... really. The most exciting thing here is that some lady died at the old folk's home and I found a fifty dollar bill on the floor while cleaning up before closing yesterday. THAT'S IT! Can you belive it? It's enough to make me want to commit suicide. Or atleast kill Michael Guerin for the sheer pleasure of having his blood in my hands. No... I'm not insane.

"What are you doing NOW DeLuca?"

"Coming up with as many ways as possible to kill you and make it look like an accident."

"Right... well how many you counted so far?"

"About twelve."

"That's nice... watch these for a minute? I need to pee."

"No need to share that with me, first of all. Second of all, no. I'm busy."

"Thinking of ways to kill me?"

"Well... now it's upgraded to slow and unusual punishment. Maybe even something as creative as Chinese water torture. Of course I'd have to tie you up and whip you."

"Mmm.. kinky. Wish I could enjoy it... except right now my bladder is about to explode." I watch Michael run upstairs to the bathroom and I head into the kitchen to keep an eye on the Saturn Rings.

"Hey Maria. Is Liz around?"

"Oh hey Max! Yea, she's at table 3 right now, but she'll be back here in a second. Everything ok? You look... I don't know... like shaken up." That was quite an understatement. This boy looks like he's seen a ghost and its momma.

"Max... maybe you should sit down."

"Isn't Michael working today?"

"He's in the bathroom." If I didn't know any better I'd think he was in serious trouble. I hear Liz's little laugh as she heads towards the back room.

"Max? Hey... are you ok?" I see her eyes suddenly switch from adoring to concerned. Something's up! I KNEW IT!

"Can I talk to you for a second?"

"Yea sure." They step out into the dining area and sit on the counter stools. What the heck is going on?? How come I can't know!? Hmm... maybe there's more to these people's boring lives than they let on! Maybe Max is actually a government agent trying to track down the big high school drug investors... or maybe not. NO WAIT! Maybe he's some huge spy... like James Bonds who goes around bedding chicks and running shirtless. Nah... doesn't seem like Max. Or... maybe he's an alien! Ha!!! That's almost laughable. I watch Liz nod and head back into the room just as Michael is coming down.

"Michael... we have to go."

"What? Maxwell..."

"NOW." He doesn't even have to yell. There's just this command in his voice that demands attention. I don't wanna know what it's like to be on his bad side.

"Maria... take care of the food for me." I catch his oily apron and wince.

"Yea right bucko... this place is closing down! NOW!" I watch them take off in Max's Jeep and sharply turn to Liz.

"WHAT is going on?"

"What are you talking about?"

"I mean... what was that?!! The whole mysterious secret thing you guys got going. And the whole... you know... running off! WHAT IS GOING ON LIZ." Oh yea... practicing the Max voice.

"Maria... it's nothing. I swear."

"Is he into drugs?"

"WHAT!?? NO!"

"Is he a juvenile delinquent? Cause he and Sean are gonna buddy up quick..."

"NO Maria. It's nothing."

"Then why..."

"Hello ladies!"

"Alex! My favorite person..."

"NO LIZ! You are not excaping this one!" I turn so fast to Alex that I think I practically scared him. "ALEX!"


"What's up with Max and Michael? Are they like shady?" I see Liz's eyes look up at Alex in almost a warning. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!??

"No... no they're cool. A bit off... but cool." Ok, that is it! That is it! I can't believe my own BEST friend would not tell me. My SUPPOSED best friend. Seems things HAVE changed. YES! I AM GETTING ALL MELODRAMATIC! I hate this place.

"Just don't worry about it ok? Let's go keep serving. We have a surprise for you tonight." Oh yea, distract the stupid New Yorker. God Liz... just cause you passed math and I didn't doesn't make me dumb.

"Yea whatever." I walk out into the dining area and sit on the counter stool. Alex heads into the kitchen and takes up the cooking. I'm going to find out what's going on. If it kills me. I look up and catch Alex's eyes on me. You'll see.

You guys make me smile!!! :-) Thanks so much for the great feedback!! Hope you enjoy this new chapter!
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Chapter 5:

"I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts, diddly diddly, there they are standing in the road. Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head."

"Maria... what are you singing?" I look over to see Liz's curious glare.

"OH!!!!!! What I love most about rivers is you can't step in the same river twice. The water's always changing always flowing...."

"You can't ignore me forever."

"Watch me. Cinderelli, Cinderelli, night and day it's Cinderelli. DO the dishes! Wash the laundry! They always keep her hoppin'! She goes around in cirlces 'til she's very very busy, still they holler keep a busy Cinderelli!!!!"

"You're on drugs."

"I hate you. I HATE YOU."

"I hate you too."

"No... I'm serious. I really, REALLY hate you."

"I do too."

"NO!! You don't get it! I HATE YOU. I hate you so much that sometimes at night I stay up pondering different ways in which I can suffocate you." I see Alex's jaw drop. Yea, that's right. I'm not as innocent as you thought.

"Ria, you can't be mad."

"You're hiding a secret from me Liz. Friends don't hide secrets. At least not REAL friends. Of course, I forget I'm not TRULY your friend anymore. As it seems. How sad... I thought we had something special. I guess I was wrong."

"Don't give me the guilt trip. I told you there was nothing."

"That's bull-"

"WOAH! Let's be nice."

"SHUT UP!" Finally... something Liz and I can agree on. I get up from the couch and head to my locker to pull out my stupid antennas. Who wears antennas to work?! WHO! Oh that's right... Maria DeLuca. Who is on the verge of insanity. I open the locker door and my journal comes tumbling out. Along with some papers that were in it.

"Here, I'll help you." No, no no! I don't need help. I see Alex reach for some loose papers and the picture. No... no not the picture.

"Hey... who's that? Is that your mom? You guys look a lot alike!"

"Thank you." I snatch the picture and quickly stuff it into my locker.

"Sorry... didn't mean to offend you. It was a compliment. She's beautiful."

"WAS. She's dead." I don't know how exactly I said it, but it must have sounded more emotional than I meant it to. I look over at Michael who just walked in.

"Who's dead?"

"Look, forget it. Ok? I gotta get to work." I watch Alex and Michael's face. And then I see Liz's. I know those faces. Those are the faces I got from every student back at St. Mary's. The look from everyone in Daddy's job. The look from my own family. I don't NEED anyone's pity. I feel my eyes begin to water. I swear, I hate this place.

"I'm sorry Maria... I didn't know."

"Whatever. It's not that big a deal. Let's get with it. There's a ton of work to do."

"Maria, it was your mom... that is a big deal."

"Can we NOT talk about it please?" I storm into the kitchen and open the fridge. It's getting too hot in here. I feel a presence behind me. I dread turning around. Which one of the losers will be standing behind door #1?

"I lost both of my parents when I was four." Ah, that would be the biggest loser of them all.

"Boo-hoo." It's too late to take it back. And without wanting to I see Michael's eyes. When did you become such a frickin' jerk DeLuca?

"Look, I was just saying. To let you know that I know your pain. That if you needed someone to talk to... you know... I've been there! But if you're gonna be a bi...."

"I DON'T want to talk about it! Can't anyone get that!"

"Hiding behind your little attitude isn't going to make the pain go away?!"

"What... did your therapist tell you that?" At this point, we're face to face, in what can only be described as a nasty face off.

"Where the hell do you get off acting like you know me?"

"Where the hell do you get off acting like you understand? You DON'T. No one understands. She was my BEST FRIEND. My whole life revolved around that woman. I don't even remember the person that I was before she died. I'm nobody without her." Pathetic. Even as I try to control the tears that are streaming like waterfalls I can't stop myself. The pain in my stomach is sickening. The memories are all too vivid. I feel a warm hand on my face and my face is directed upwards into these incredibly intense brown eyes.

"You are somebody. A real sarcastic, cynical, and obnoxious somebody most of the time... but somebody with a soul. Maybe if you didn't hide behind those eyes of yours all the time, it'd be easier for people to reach you."

"Look who's talking, Mr. Stone Wall. Don't give advice you yourself don't take." I hear him laugh... first time ever in like the week I've known him. He has a nice laugh.

"Fine. I'll try not to be such an a**hole if you promise to losen up a bit."

"Deal." I feel his lips softly kiss my cheek and I can't help but smile. Maybe I'll get to know this Michael Guerin and like what I find.

"Now table 4 has been waiting for their meal for like 15 minutes." Or maybe not.


Hey guys... I hope you're enjoying this! Thanks for the feedback! *big*
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A/N: Hello everyone! I know I've been gone for a while! Sorry... a little overoccupied with stupid college apps and vacation!!!! Woohoo! I had fun! But now, I'm back and in action! So here goes nothing....

Chapter 6:

"Are you ready?" I look in the mirror and practically want to jump into it. Maybe there is another world beyond the mirrors. Or maybe I need to trip on LSD and make one up myself. Whatever the case, I need to get the heck out of here.

"Do I really have to go to this stupid school?"

"Maria, it is not that bad."

"It's a hick little country school! I don't want to go."

"Will you quite moping and whining?"

"Will you SHUT UP?" I look over at Alex and see him roll his eyes and laugh. Why is he always so FRICKIN' happy!?? NO ONE can always be that happy.

"Your dad made the effort to call ahead and have you signed in. He'll be here by the end of the week. You want to make him glad that he went through the extra work."

"I barely went to school in NY, when I LIKED it there. What makes you think I'm ACTUALLY going to go to school here."

"Because your dad would find out. That's the bad thing about a small town." I look in the mirror again and pray for a miracle. It doesn't help that I didn't sleep well last night. In fact, I didn't sleep at all. I had a nightmare about my mother that only got worse as it went on. By the end I was looking at myself slowly die in a hospital by myself. Not even Sean or Steven by my side.

"Ria, I swear it's not as bad as you may think. I mean, you won't have gangs that bring in their razor blades or girls that rough each other up with tons of vaseline, but you'll get a different kind of drama."

"Yea, like the next interesting rumor about Pam Troy and what she does with her lips." I catch a gross expression pass between Alex and Liz and force myself not to laugh. That's actually pretty funny.

"Whatever. We'll see." I grab my half empty bag, a cute little purse type that wraps around my shoulder. I refuse to wear a backpack. They are soooo... well studious. And everyone knows I'm far from studious. We head downstairs and see three paper bags waiting on the counter.

"What the hell is that?"


"You pack lunches in paper bags? What is this? Pleasantville?"

"Maria... Liz's mom wakes up very early to prepare breakfast for us."

"Don't you HAVE a mom?"

"I spend most of my time here."

"I've noticed." I snatch up the bag and walk ahead to the door. I hear him whispering as if I can't hear him.

"What is up her butt this morning? For a second, I thought she was getting nice."

"Alex, shut up. She's a little touchy. Just leave her alone. This is tough." I know I shouldn't. It's probably a bad idea. But I can't help myself. I turn around more pissed off than I've been in a long time.

"Look, I am so tired of your little whispered conversations. You guys don't think I know what you say about me behind my back? I have horrible cramps because I'm due to get my period. I am sick and tired of this stupid weather. It hasn't even snowed yet! I miss my house and I miss my little brother, although I'd never admit it otherwise. But I don't NEED pity! I am not some sad homeless case! I'm your friend Liz. And I am adjusting to dealing with my mother's death and the move across country. I think I have the right to be a bit b**chy, don't you!?" I look at Alex, who made his way to me and is now wiping away my tears with a napkin. And at Liz who is smiling at me, for some unknown reason.

"We just wanted to make sure you knew how you were acting. We figured you were probably assuming we'd take it regardless. But I know you, and I know you're strong. You don't need to put on an act for me to know when you need me. I'm here for you. Which is why, we are leaving school early today and doing something. Ok?" I smile at first, feeling foolish for my tears and then start laughing. I look down at the napkin Alex is holding out to me and I grab his sleeve.

"HEY! No boogies on my sleeve ok? I just washed it about a week ago."

"Yuck... I knew you smelled funny." He leans his head back and laughs as we make our way outside and hear the loud horn.

"Hey! Figured you guys might need a ride." I look up and see the brown Jeep, and three familiar faces. Isabel is fixing her hair and retouching her lipstick, making sure she looks like a perfect supermodel. Alex is of course by now finding a seat by her. He is sooooo sad. Max has a warm smile on his face and Liz is drawn to it like bears are to honey. Or maybe that's just Pooh Bear, I've never been able to figure that out. Then there's loser boy. Or of course, Michael. He seems to be about as enthusiatic as I am about going to school. Finally, we all squeeze into the Jeep and Max begins to drive off.

"This was a stupid idea Maxwell. We're gonna get arrested just for having so many frickin' people in this car."

"Then just think of it as your good deed for the day Michael."

"I don't do good deeds. That's for nice people."

"You put on a good act, but trust me, it's so obviously phony."

"Yea, you're one to talk."

"Shut up."

"Both of you shut up. The last way I want to start school is by having a migraine." I look over at Isabel is already rubbing her head. Maybe she should get checked out for psychosomatic illness. I think her headaches are in her head. Well, duh they're in her head, but I mean, like they're made up. Oh whatever.

"Stop talking to yourself."

"Huh?" I look up at Michael who is looking back at me from the front passenger seat.

"You. You're obviously having a conversation with yourself in your head."

"Yea, well it wasn't with you, so mind your business." We drive into a parking lot and I look at the medium sized school. I try not to sigh so loudly but I can't help it. This day will suck. I jump out of the Jeep and look around at all of the kids.

"Well, you guys get an 'F' for diversity."

"It's not New York City Maria. We're not going to have a person from every country in the world. It's Roswell, New Mexico. Barely even known to most of the human race. We would've been invisible were it not for the crash in '47."

"Ah yes, the infamous Roswell incident. You guys would warn me if I came across any weird aliens wouldn't you?" I look over sarcastically and catch blank expressions. I was joking people. Joking.

"No. Quite the contrary, I'd let them perform their infamous blood sucking ritual on you to see if you turn into one of them." I look over at Michael and practically growl.

"You're such an immature idiot."

"I know." He smirks as if something was funny and then we make our way inside the school. I look around at the small hallways and pull out my lip gloss. I can already tell that my number of friends will be limited to the people I entered with.

"Ok, so what does your scheadule say?"

"Room 212. Homeroom: Mr. Smith."

"You're in my homeroom."

"Don't sound so excited Michael really. It will be ok." I roll my eyes and look back down at the white piece of paper that has obviously been folded back and forth several times.

"Max and I are both there too." Isabel looks down at her nails and blows them one last time to make sure they're dry.

"Nope. Room 215. Mrs. Mortallini."

"Ah, she's Italian!" Everyone stares at me like I'm crazy. Well, what? She is? I mean, finally someone of ethnicity.

"Yea, well me and Liz are there. So I guess you won't be with us in home room. But we got you a locker near ours. Sorry dudes, don't feel left out." We all shrug and head to Liz's locker. She opens it and I see it on the door. A picture of us when we were smaller. Much smaller. And we both look so happy.

"I remember this picture."


"My mother took it." I try to control the pain in my stomach and I feel a strong arm on my shoulder. I look up and see Alex's warm eyes. Suddenly, he doesn't seem like such a loser. Of course, my eyes are fogged with tears. I look back and see a look that resembles human on Isabel's face. Just as quickly, she shrugs it off and puts her icy look back on. So she does have a soul in there. She bids us goodbye and heads off to her own locker. Alex quickly makes up some excuse about having to go to the bathroom and runs after Isabel, as I expected he would, and practically begs to carry her books. Poor unfortunate soul. Max hangs around a bit longer and Michael stays around Max just leaning against a wall and looking around. I smile and then can't help but laugh. Michael looks like a pimp standing against the wall like that.

"What are you staring at?"

"Nothing pretty, I assure you." He squints his eyes in dry humor and I laugh as I open my locker.

"So today after sunset...."

"Ok, I'll be there. I promise." I see Max wrap a necklace around Liz's neck and smile intimately. I can't understand how those two AREN'T dating. They seem to share some sort of inner secret that has them totally attached, but not committed. I look in my empty locker and question why I bothered to open it. Well, that was pointless. I close it up again and then shrug to myself. I hear a bell and Liz bids me goodbye and then says goodbye to Max. Max and Michael walk ahead and I follow them to my new homeroom. At least this school is clean. That's always an upside. And people seem ok here.

"Excuse you." I look up into a pair of dark brown eyes and big fake boobs. Guess I bumped into her.

"You're excused."

"Who are you?"

"Maria DeLuca."

"Ah... you must be Liz's new friend. Here to keep her out of trouble?"

"Trouble? Liz? You must be mistaken."

"Well, with the shooting at the Crashdown."


"You don't know?"

"MARIA!" I look over and see Michael's pissed face. WHAT IS GOING ON?

"Coming. What are you talking about?" I hear the footsteps behind me and suddenly he's next to me, almost blocking me from this chic.


"Pam. You had a nice weekend? I heard that Troy Manning had a great weekend. Something about you and him and a hot tub. Is that true?"

"Shut up. You don't know anything." I watch the little prissy slut walk away and laugh at Michael. Hearing that from him was almost too much to bare. As I'm standing laughing to myself I see him turn and his brown eyes are practically burning into mine.

"Don't hang around her. She's trouble. She's out to get Liz because she Max likes her. Pam wanted Max a long time ago and he paid no mind to her. So she's on some stupid female revenge war path."

"You're gonna tell me who to hang out with too? Geez... I think ONE father is enough. Besides, I can understand that. She ain't got nothing on Liz though." His good natured laugh is almost out of character as I look at him and laugh.


"Huh?" We make our way to homeroom as he looks over at me.

"What shooting was she talking about?"
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A/N: OH! Sorry MMCANDYFICLOVER!!! I missed ur question!!! :-) SOrry about that! YES... they are aliens! The story will be opened up a little more as we go along!!! Glad you're enjoying!!

Chapter 7:

It's third period and I already want to shoot myself. I HATE school. And it doesn't help that this one is in hick county. I look down at my sketchpad and smile at my lyrics. Yup. I'm depressed. I only write like that when I'm majorly depressed, and now, would be that time. Of course, I need a melody. I could never come up with one on my own. Which sucks, cause I'm supposed to be a musician. And besides, I can play the guitar, but I can't match it with my.... AH... the bell.

"Class! Don't forget, I'll be expecting your questions on the reading assigment tomorrow." Blah, blah. Block her out. You're new, she can't penalize you just yet. Finally, study hall. The class I've been waiting for. My only class with Liz. I walk in and see her sitting at the desk laughing and talking to Alex. Time has come. I deserve the TRUTH.

"Elizabeth." I watch her turn sharply and stare at me with an evil eye. She hates it when ANYONE calls her that. Which is why I'm doing it. She needs to know, I am NOT one to be messed with.

"We need to talk."

"Maria? Are you ok? And why are you calling me Elizabeth?"

"What the hell was some chic telling me about shooting at the Crashdown for?" Her eyes widen to reveal the truth behind the secret. Great... she's been lying to me. WHAT is the world coming to?

"Shooting? Maria... what are you talking about?"

"Don't lie to me Liz. Don't you DARE lie to me because I swear I will take your own lie and smack you in the face with it."

"No need for violence."

"Butt out Whitman."

"Ok... I'm out."

"Was there a shooting at the Crashdown?"

"Maria, maybe you should calm down."


"SH! Yes, there was, ok! Lower your voice! I just... I didn't want to tell you because I was afraid it might scare you. You were coming to stay with us and I didn't want you or your dad thinking you weren't safe." LIAR!

"Half truth."

"Maria, don't push the subject. It's come and gone."

"Really? Who got shot?"

"Liz did."


"Well, you did. Most of the story is out, you might as well finish it."

"Thank you. At least SOMEONE doesn't mind telling me the truth. You know, I thought you were my friend. I came to this god forsaken town thinking that I had a friend here... the ONLY friend in the world who understood me. I guess I was wrong. You stopped being my friend the minute you left NYC." I pick up my bag and stomp out. That's right. Emmy winning performance people. Don't even QUESTION my acting skills. Not that it's not ALL true. But still... a little melodrama never hurt anyone. Besides, I AM hurt. I've never known Liz to lie... about anything THIS serious. And it really bugs me.

"Maria!" I look behing me and halfway down the hall is Liz and Alex running behind her. Something is up.

"Wait! Please. Look... I don't want you to be mad at me. But... it's not the big deal everyone makes it out to be. They THOUGHT I got shot. I didn't. I fell, and spilled some ketchup."

"How convenient."

"Liz..." I look at Alex who seems to be pleading with her. They look so torn. So... in need to share this HUGE secret with me. But... what's the hesitation?!!

"Look... I'm fine now. And all in all, it is NOT my secret to tell. I promise you that all will be revealed in its own time."

"Oh yea, like when I get shot down by mystery guests. Thanks a lot Liz." I watch as Liz looks both ways in the hall and pulls me into some sort of closet.

"Where are we?"

"The eraser room."


"Listen to me... what I'm about to tell you is heavy duty stuff. You have to PROMISE... not to say anything. You have to swear!"

"Liz... it's me."

"That's what we're worried about." Kiss of death Alex. You just wait. You are definitely making your way up on my death list.

"I have to know that I can trust you."

"Michael obviously thought you could. He told me to talk to you about it."

"Michael sent you to us?"

"Yea, after my run in with Pam 'I can't see past my boobs' Troy."

"Figures." I look at Liz's troubled face. Get it out. It'll make you feel better. It'll make ME feel better.

"Back in September, I was working at the Crashdown. It had been a regular day, no big deal. Suddenly, these two guys started arguing. One shot a pistol. I didn't duck in time. So I got shot." I feel like I'm on a different planet. WRONG SITCOM people! I belong in ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO, not ER.

"Liz, had you been shot... I'm sorry to tell you... you'd be DEAD. Get with it, sister."

"I almost died. But he saved me."

"What? You almost died?"

"It was the scariest thing. I was there, and I saw her fall. And for a second I though, I'm never going to see her again. Then all of a sudden, it was almost fast as lightening, she was up and fine."


"He saved her."

"He?! Who's he?! God, her dad, the paramedic?!! WHO ARE WE TALKING ABOUT!?"

"Maria... you have to promise me, that you won't freak out."


"Max Evans."

"What about him?"

"He saved me?"

"HE saved YOU?"

"Yes." She's not one for words is she?

"How exactly did that happen?"

"He put his hand on me and healed me."

"He healed you? Are we talking a deep spiritual healing or are we talking more like he healed a broken heart... what are we saying here? You gotta be more specific Liz because seriously, for a minute there I thought I'd have to sign you into a mental ward and relive Girl, Interrupted."

"I mean he physically put his hand on my wound and healed me."

"Ok...." Wow... she is a whack job.

"I know it's hard to believe. It took me a while to understand it myself."

"You believe her?"

"It's the truth." These people have been living in dry desert heat for too long.

"The truth? Well, I was always told that truth is what you make it."

"Maria, I swear it."

"Honey, maybe we should just forget it. Sorry for getting mad."

"You don't believe me."

"I don't understand what you're saying? I mean, Max Evans healed you? So what does that make him, a freak, a weirdo, an angel? What?!"

"An alien." Huh? Did I miss something?

"A what?"

"An alien, from the crash of 1947."


"Yea. But he's not old. He's been in an incubation pod for years, then he came out as a little boy."

"Incubation pod? Ha! I get it! You guys are a riot! Really, you are! This is great. You two should like, I don't know, right a movie together! Or better yet! A sitcom! Ha! You can call it Roswell, home of the little green men. Please... you two are giving me a stomach ache." They are insane!!!! I control my laughter and look over at Alex and Liz. They look dead serious.

"You guys ARE joking." They look like they might eat my head. They're scary. I want to leave this room NOW!

"Okkkk.... well.... I uhhh.... Igottagobye!" I grab my things and run out as fast as I can.

"MARIA!" I need air! Lots and lots of air.