Title: Sports Education
Catogory: M/M. Michael P.O.V
Spoilers: Takes place during summer before season 3. Explains Michaels golf skills in I Married an Alien.
Rating: Soft NC-17
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Sports Education Part 1 -

So was there a real reason why Michael wasn’t good at golf?? I mean he did take golfing lessons not to long ago. Lets look back on those fond days of his .....

We see Michael waking up early on a Saturday morning. Wait Michael early? “Hey, buddy why don’t you let me tell the story.”

So about six months ago I took golfing lessons. I was polite enough to ‘ask’ Maria to join me. I think that she got a lot more out of that class than I did! We went on a Saturday to one of the three gold courses in the Roswell area that you didn’t have to be a member of some fancy club to play on. Maria of course got all dressed up for the occasion; short little pink skirt, white striped tee, she even had her gorgeous blonde curls back in pig tails, I wasn’t complaining.

The class started around 10:00AM that morning. This big, bald instructor came out. Telling us “About how there is a lot to golf but most of it is the terminology, so he was going to explain some of it to us.” He went on and on before he finally got into teaching us any of it. I was paying more attention to Maria than anything else in the room, the way she kept twirling her little curls around her pencil, but she was paying attention ... far as I could tell.

The instructor finally started going into some terms for the game, he was trying to keep it up beat by making sarcastic comments here and there, but with the way some of those terms are worded ... my mind of course started to wonder. I mean take Address for example ... I mean this is what the guy had to say about it ...

address: The positioning of your body in relation to the ball just before starting your swing. And your last conscious thought before the chaos begins.

All I could think about was positioning Maria’s hot sexy body up against mine and starting to grind against her wet, hot heat. That’s when her chaos would begin.

There’s also terms like center-shafted I mean do you know what that means ... how could you not think dirty with sayings like these ....

center-shafted: In which the shaft is joined to the center of the head.

All I could think about was the first time Maria sucked on my ‘shaft’. Her big pouty lips took me all the way in. She was a pro at it, and its only gotten better ever since then.

So when the instructor told us that we’d be going out on the field to take a look at all of the equipment. I had other plans in mind.

“Hey Ria, you into this.?” I whispered in to her perfect ears, and took notice that she was once again wearing the pearl earrings I had ‘gotten’ her for Christmas.

“Yeah, about as much as you are. I think you were so spaced that I actually saw drool start to form at your mouth. Why did you take me to this again?”

“Because you said that you didn’t have anything to do, after I told you what you what I was doing and then you invited yourself. But that’s beside the point ... anyways I was thinking that maybe we could take a detour from the group.” I said to her with a suggestive eyebrow raise. She obviously got the point, but then again Maria usually does.

“Yeah lets go, I’m dyeing to get out of here!” Maria said back to me as she placed her hand in mine and expected me to lead the way, I much obliged.


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