Title: Enigma
Category: M/L, M/M, I/A, Kyle and Jim are also going to be among us.
Rating: PG-13 – R (for language)
Spoilers: None whatsoever. This is a completely AU fic.
Summary: The most important rule for some of them is that the ‘job’ they do is to never reveal to others as to what they do for a living. That’s was all they asked, but what they failed to mention was what the extent of the consequences were if they should break that rule. Now the question is, is the price too high for them to pay?
Disclaimer: The characters of Roswell belong to Jason Katmins, Melinda Metz, Regency Television, FOX and UPN, etc... No infringement intended.
This story is loosely based from the TV series Alias. No affiliation with them either.
Distribution: Anywhere as long as you ask first.
Author’s Note: Hey guys. Just wanted you to know that I had this idea stuck in my head for some time now ever since I started to watch Alias. I love the plotline of the show.
Feedback is not absolutely necessary, but it would be nice for you guys to give me shout. I only have one rule: be honest with me.

Here it goes…


The apartment was dead silent. Four pairs of eyes were focused solely on the front door, waiting for four other people to join the room. They said they would only be gone for an hour or so and they would explain everything that happened later that evening.

Six hours have passed since they’ve left. Six hours and forty-three minutes to be exact since the other half of their group had disappeared without saying where they were going to and why. The other four sat on the couch trying to make sense and sort out the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle of the situation in their minds.

They each failed in trying to comprehend their thoughts so they were still waiting for their explanation.

All were afraid to leave the room for fear they return at that moment. But that moment never came in those six and forty-three minutes so began to lose hope. Then they heard a key insert in the lock of the door…

The door handle began to turn…the door slowly swung open with a creak and revealed the dark shadows. Two tall, one shorter. There were three, not four. There should be another shorter standing in the doorway. What the hell had happened out there?
They emerged from the dark into the lit corridor, walking into the living area. Their faces were covered in anguish and defeat. And their eyes undoubtedly showed fear. For the first time in their entire they were truly afraid.

Kyle lunged forward to the shorter of the two tall men. Throttling him against the wall, cutting off almost all of his air supply.

“Where is she?” Kyle seethed through his clenched feet.

“Where is she,” he repeat the question in the same angry voice in case he didn’t catch it the first time.

“Huh? What have you done to her, you bastard?!”

“I-I…don’t know! I don’t…know!” The man choked out.

A pair of strong hands came in contact with Kyle’s hands.

“Let him go Kyle, he doesn’t know. We don’t know what happened. It wasn’t his fault.”

Kyle shifted his head in Michael’s direction but kept his hands on the tall man, continuing to choke him.

“Bullshit Michael! Everything that’s happened to her, to all of us, is because of him. I know it. Everyone knows it. Its all his fault!”

“May be so,” Michael replied. Not feeling any better saying those words.

“But strangling him won’t help the situation.”

“May be not, but it’ll definitely help me feel better knowing that he won’t be around much longer,” Kyle said, staring at the man with menace.

“Kyle! Stop! Michael’s right. We have to find out what the hell is going on. Please…just let him go so he can talk. We have to know.” Isabel pleaded, trying to be the voice of reason.

“Yeah man, let him go. You can’t kill him. You’re a cop.” Alex joined in the heated argument.

Kyle gave the man another long cold look before releasing him.

The man gasped erratically trying to get some air into his lungs.
“Thanks.” He said, trying to regain control over his breathing.

“Believe me, you won’t be thanking me at the end of this,” Kyle snapped at him.

The tension in the room was so thick. Everyone was wondering were their friend was, hoping she wasn’t in any immediate danger.

Maria spoke for the first time since they’ve arrived. Where was her best friend?

“Michael, Tess, what happened? Where is she?” she managed to get out through her streaming tears.

“Michael?” she asked again.

Michael just hung his head down to the floor. Suddenly finding his shoes more interesting than answering her questions.

“Tess?” Maria sobbed.

But Tess said nothing either. She sat on the couch in catatonic-like state.

“Please guys, what happened?!” she screamed this time.

Michael was about to open his mouth, but the other man in the room beat him to it.

“They have her, Maria. They have Liz.” Max said to the all of them.

Those words echoed around the room, deepening the impact of the words meaning into their minds.

Hey guys, it wasn’t that bad was it? LOL I know it has a weak plotline so far, but I promise it’ll get more interesting. If it’s crappy, I’m sorry ‘cause I’m only 16-years-old and have 10th grader’s knowledge of fiction writing. Do you want me to continue?

P.S. I’ll try to update this about once or twice a week, it depends on how my real life schedule behaves for me. Life’s a bitch, I know*big*

BTW, I live in the UK, which means I have to spell my words the way they’re written in the Oxford English Dictionary. Not the American’s Webster’s one. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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