Title: He Loves Me He Loves Me Not
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Category: CC a/I...m/m...m/l....
Rating: Pg-Pg-13 for now nothing bad*happy*
Summary: The whole gang goes on a camping trip together in Fraiser Woods for fun but will it turn out to be more than they expected...or will they all get closer to each other?
Authors Note: Hey I usually don’t write max and Liz or Michael or Maria.. so please don’t be mad at me if I’m not good at writing them very well!!!!
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“ Finally we are going on out trip!” Maria squealed they we all in the car on their way to Fraiser Woods.
“I know we have been waiting and planning this trip for since like forever!” Isabel added. As Alex sat next to her holding her hand. Isabel was so glad she and Alex had been going out for months now.
“ We’re almost there.” Max implied while sitting next to Liz driving the car.
“ I still don’t get why you had to bring practically your whole bedroom with you Maria? Michael complained. Everyone else just sat there and laughed.
“Well Michael... at least I brought more than “The clothes on my back” as you put it.” Maria argued back at him. It was typically Michael and Maria always fighting breaking up with each other getting back together breaking up again it always went on and off. Right now they were together but hey the trip isn’t over till it’s over lets just hope than they can stay together till the end.
“ Do you two ever stop fighting.” Max and Alex asked at the same time. Isabel and Liz just sat and laughed at the argument.
“ Well at least me and Michael aren’t all mushy gushy like you 4.” Maria defended herself and Michael.
“ Hey we aren’t all mushy and gushy.” Isabel and Alex complained.
“ Will you guys just all stop arguing because we’re here!!!!.” Liz said happily.
Everyone cheered in excitement this was going to be the best vacation ever! They all hadn’t done anything with each other for such a long time now. The all got their sleeping bags out and their backpacks full of food. They had two tents too.
“ Hey we only have two tents so who gets them.” Isabel wondered.
“ Well how bout girls in one tent and boys in another.” Maria suggested.
“ Yea, that sounds great.” Alex agreed with Maria.
By the time they were all done setting up the tents it was only about 10:00 but they decided to go to bed early tonight besides they had 6 more days to stay up late with each other because they were here for a week.
“ Hey Alex.. we’re uh going to go in our tents now.” Isabel said trying to get him to kiss her goodnight.
“ So soon?” Alex said obviously trying to flirt with her.
“ Hey don’t worry we still have 6 more nights after this to spend together.” Isabel says flirting back.
“ Ok well goodnight Is.” he says as he passionately kisses her.
“ Now that’s what I was waiting for.” Isabel smiles.
“ See you in the morning Is.” he says smiling back at her. he goes in the guys tent and waits for the rest of the guys to get there.
“ So Max I have to go now they are probably already in there waiting for me.” Liz says.
“ Ok I get the hint I’ll leave.” he says jokingly.
“ Oh Max you know I wish you could stay with me.” she says smiling.
“ I know Liz. But hey the guys are probably already in there waiting for me too.” he says as he kisses her goodnight.
“ Bye Max I love you.” Liz says sweetly.
“ Me too Liz.” Max smiles at her. They both each go in their separate tents.
“ So Michael we’re the only ones out here right now.” Maria said shyly.
“ Yea ok so bye Maria.” Michael said then he started to turn around to go to the tent.
“ Figures.” Maria says under her breathe.
Michael turns around” What is that suppose to mean Maria?.”
“ It means Michael that you don’t even pay any attention to me.. I mean did you not just see Max and Alex kiss Isabel and Liz good night? and you just say bye to me.. god Michael they can all barely stand to be away from each other and you just say bye to me like you don’t even care!” Wow that was a lot to say in one breath Maria thinks to herself.
How can I argue with that Michael thinks to himself” Gee Uh Maria I am really sorry come here and I’ll give you a kiss.” Michael says trying to make a decent apology.
“ No, uh just forget about it Michael it’s to late for that now..” She walks away into her tent to have some fun with her friends and to try to forget about Michael at least for tonight.
“Uh ok.” Michael says after she is already gone. he goes to the ten with the other guys to have fun and forget about the whole Maria thing at least for tonight.
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