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Title : New In Town
Rating: pg-R I might write some NC-17
Disclamor: I don't own anything but some cd's and my cat so don't sue please.
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Arthurs note : Okay I strated to write this story on the old board but I lost the disc that I saved it on and I couldn't find so I'm writing it all over with some improvements. Please leave feedback also I'm a beginner so be gentle. thanks

Summary :Micheal,Alex, and Liz are triplets. Max and Isabel are twins and Maria is there little sister.they are all aliens but the triplets are a little more powerful.

Let the story begin
"This is were we have to live" Micheal said. As all three of them look to a theme resturant."Mickey its not so bad, look at it this way you'll never go hungry." Liz said. Alex started laughing. "Shut Alex is it my fault I get hungry almost all the time." With that all of them started laughing harder."Come on lets go in Aunt Nacy and Uncle Jeff are waiting for us." alex said
And all three of them enter the Crashdown. When the bells started to jingle evryone turned to see the neww kids. All the guys were drooling Liz was weearing a very tight red tank top with black leather pant that clong to her in all the right place.The girls were no better either Micheal and alex both were wairing dark blue jeans and tight black shirts that should off Micheal muscles and Alex lean body.
"Lizze ,Mickey,Alex your here " Nancy Parker said as she hugged her family "God its been so long ,you sure have grown up ." 'your uncle jeff not here yet why don't you come upstaris and get setteld."
When they left everyone went back to their conversations.But three pairs of eyes kept their eyes locked on the back door. Each thiniking "Where have I seen them before.'
"So how was the flight?" asked Nancy " Well the food sucked,the people were rude,the movie was boring but other than that it was great " Micheal said "Micheal,god sometimes you can be such a jerk. " "Yeah but you know you love me." with that Liz broke into a fit of giggles.
"Its okay Liz Your father was like that to ." The room suddenly went quite " I'm sorry I'm so stupid I should have know you weren't ready to talk about your ......" "so where uncle Jeff?" alex interrupted. "Oh he had to go out of town for a week he should be back in two days." she decide she would let it go for know.
"Why don't you kids go down and eat ." "Sure" they said at the same time "You know its so cute the way you guys still do that."
Mean while down stairs

"Do you get the feeling we seen them before." said Max . " Well they are related to the Parkers maybe we seen pictures before or something ." Maria said "Max ajust stop what your thinking , I know you probably think there out to get us for god sakes there just knew." said Isabel she knew her brother well. " Well we should at least keep an eye on them" Maria said. "Well here's your chance cause there coming in."
"Lets sit over here" Alex said. "So what do you guys think of Roswell so far ?" Liz asked her brothers. "It so okay but lets not get to comfy." Micheal said "Of course not ,we wouldn't want to do that ." Liz muttered "What that supposed tomean " Micheal said.Before Liz could responed a girl walked up to their table. "Hi, I'm Maria and I'll be your waitress can I get you anything?" "uh we still haven't decide" Alex said. "Okay I'll be back in a little while." Maria answerd and left. "Micheal you mind closing your mouth your drooling all over the table and I for one don't want my food all wet." Alex said. "I was don't drooling" Micheal argued "Well you got a little something right there" Alex said pointing to his chin. In a fast movement he wiped it off with his napkin. "I think it cute how he drooling over Maria ." Liz said "I wasn't drooling" "Was to " "was not" "was to" "was not" "was to" was not" "Was not what" Maria asked as she came up to the table to see if they had decide if they were ready to order.

Chapter 2
"Was not ready to order." Micheal said fast hoping that Maria would buy it. "Oh okay well I'll come back in five minutes." When they were sure that she left both Alex and Liz started laughing. "Shut up and for the last time I wasn't drooling over her." "Whatever" Liz said " I mean it I don't like her " "Keep telling yourself that Micheal" Alex said. "Besides I think she like you to she keeps looking over here." Liz hoping Micheal would fall for it " She is" Micheal said as he sat up strighter"." I knew it you like her " Liz said " can we dicuss this later she coming over" "sure" both Alex and Liz said but still kept giggling.

"What can I get you guys." Maria asked "we'll have three cherry cokes.three E.T. burgers and fries.Oh can you bring us extra tabasco sause.thanks" Maria stood there shocked at what she just heard.Alex notice how she suddenly had gone pale." Are you okay" he asked "Om yeah, I'll be back with your order." and she left "Did you guys see how she reacted to our order?"Micheal asked getting worried." Micheal stop being so worried okay maybe she just sick stop thing that everyone is after us its getting on my nerves."
He was about to say something when Maria came over with their food. "Enjoy" and with that she left.Later when she told Max and Isabel about what happened they decide they would keep and eye on them.

The next day at school the prinipal called Max,Isabel,and Maria into his office."Guys I would like you to meet Micheal,Alexander,and Elizabeth Parker. You will be showing them around school today." he said to Max,Isabel,and Maria.

"Okay well I have to go to a meeting,have a great first day.And remeber my door is always open." Before they could say anything he closed the door in there face. "Okay well max lets get this tour started.I'll see you guys later" Liz said before both Micheal and Alex could say something. Both of them kept glaring at the back of Max's head they hated the fact that some stranger was showing there baby sister around they hated himemore because he was a guy.

"So how are you liking roswell ?" Max asked he liked her from the moment he met her. " Well its realing beautiful from what I've seem butits a little to quiet."
"So where did you leave before ?" Max asked " We lived in L.A. but whenour parents died we had to move here" liz said close to tears " I'm sorry" "don't be"
"So do you have a girlfriend" Maria asked Micheal as they walk to first period. "Why do you want to know? " Micheal answerd "I just want to know" . "Why" Micheal asked "God can't you just answer the question,you know what forget it." As they turn the corner Micheal grab her arm "No I don't have a girlfriend." he let go of her arm and went into his science class. A grin brooke out on Maria friend.

"How long have you leaved in Roswell" Alex asked Isabel. "Since I could remeber.Its a nice place but I want to live in some place where no one knows your business." she answerd " How about you where are you from" "Well since I could remeber Micheal,Liz,and I lived in L.A. we had a normal life Micheal and I were in all the sports,we get good grades.And Liz was agreat student,she was vice presdent of the junior class." Alex said. "Thats great." "Thanks" "So shall we go my Lady" alex said as he held his arm out to her. "yes,kind sir"
Isabel had to admit she did find Alex attractive.He was differnet she mostly went out with just jock who were built.But something about Alex lean body made her hot.
It turn out she had she had all her classes with the gang except for first where she only had Max and Micheal,and Alex.
"I was wondering if you would like me to show you around town tonight." asked Max "I liked that" Liz answerd.

Chapter 3

"You what " yelled Michael at Liz she was seated in the back seat of the jaguar while Alex and Michael sat in the front. She had just finish telling them about the date. "he going to show me around don't get so excited its not like haven't been on a date before and I expect both of you to behave." she said in a serious tone "sure we'll behave" both said at the same time both had huge grins and there faces.

Liz was just finishing getting ready. All she needed to do was change the color of her shoes to match her outfit. She was wearing Black jeans, a red shirt, and red sweater around her waist. She change her white snickers in to black snickers with red stripes. Michael always told her not to use her powers to do that, that someone could walk in on her but she never listen she was a girl what was she supposed to do knowing that she had this gift and didn't use it to her advantage. She was just gonna put the finishing touches when she heard the door bell. "Michael could you get that." she yelled .Neither Nancy or Jeff where there they left for a week of on a second honeymoon. While she put on her makeup and fixing her hair she prayed that Michael and Alex would behave. Sure Alex was not as bad as Michael but put them together and they were a sister worst nightmare. She loved her brother but they were very protective of her.
Meanwhile down stairs Alex and Michael were watching some a Baseball came, when they heard the door bell. They heard
Liz yell to get it "lover boy here" Alex said with a grin on his face "I'll get it" Michael said. He got up and answered the door "Max right " "yeah" "come in " went inside and sat down on couch. "So is Liz ready" Max ask "No, not yet." Alex answered "So where are you going on this fine afternoon?" Michael ask "Just around town I'll probably take her to the park later."
"Okay Max it time for use to give you the big brother speech" said Michael "If you hurt our sister we will hunt you down like a dog and kill you" Michael said in a serious tone. "Believe me we while hurt you and you'll beg for mercy." Alex said in the same tone .Max could say anything Liz came down stairs. "Is every thing okay ?" Liz asked she had seen the pale face Max had on his face. Before Max could say a word Michael answered her "Every thing fine right Maxwell ?" "Yeah every thing fine" Max answered his voice a little shaky. "you look beautiful" Max said. Causing Liz to blush "shall we go "and with that they left .they heard they car leave Michael turn to Alex "what do you say we go for a stroll in the park?" Michael said with a smile on his face' .

p.s. I'm sorry it took me so long to write but I had alot of projects due for school. Please leave feedback. Next part should be on later this week I might post it by tuesday. Bye


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Chapter 4
"I don't Micheal last time we did something like this Liz turn our hair lime green. And sorrt to tell you this but its not your color." Alex told Micheal as he turn to get in the car. " Alex will you chill. She not gonna were there." Micheal answerd.

"Last time I check she can still do the human radar ."
A couple of years ago they found out that Liz could find them where ever they were, they had been playing Hide-and-go-seek when Micheal decide to hide in the attic and looked himself in. Nobody knew wher ehe was until Liz got a strange feeling that someone was in the attic. She convinced her parents to go look for him up there and they found him up there crying in the conner of the attic. Ever since then Alex and Micheal nickednamed her human radar.

"Well I found away around that. " Micheal answerd with slick simle on his face. "What are you going to do? " Alex answerd. Micheal got out of the car and was about to answerd when some interupted him " What you guys doing here ?"

I know it was short I promise it'll be longer next time. Hope you like it. Please leave feedback.

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Just a short note to thank everyone who has read my story and posted feedback. I really appreciate it ,with this begin my first fic.The Next Part should be on by Firday if not then Saturday.

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"What you are guys doing here ?"
chapter 4b

* Earlier that day *
Max's Room*

"I cannot believe you how could ask a girl out that could be out to get us or even kill us ." Isabel yelled at her brother. Max had just told them about his date with Liz.

"Izzy, will you chill." Maria yells "This could be good for us, he could use his position to find out more about her and brothers."

"Yeah believe it or not Izzy, I'm not stupid. I can go out with somebody and not tell them who we really are ." Max replied to his sisters.

"Okay you can go." Isabel told her brother lowering her voice.

"I wasn't asking for your permission, Isabel " Max yelled "if I go out with Liz or any one else its my business not yours."

"Will you stop yelling at each other long enough to discuss this like normal human beings . " Maria interrupted.

When neither of them said anything Maria continued. "Thank you, know Max where are you going ? "

"I'm taking her to dinner then I'm taking her to the park. Why do you want to know?" Max asked looking at Maria

"So we can be there, Duh " Isabel answered

"I don't need a baby-sitter. I'm a big boy I think I can handle a date." Max replied with a little sarcasm in his voice.

"I don't doubt that Max but we still don't know a lot about this girl." Maria replied

"Whatever, do whatever the hell you want " Max yelled and left his room.

"Well, that went well" Isabel said.

"Oh shut-up, Isabel" Maria replied.

*Later that day*

"Okay Max said to wait for him to give us the signal " Maria told Isabel as they walk down the street. Max finally agreed to go along with the plan after an hour of arguing.

"Hey, Maria aren't those Liz's brothers ?" Isabel ask Maria when she saw them pull in to the sidewalk by the park.

"Yeah, those are them." Maria answered

"What are they doing here?" Isabel whispered so they couldn't hear them.

"Why don't we go ask them." Maria said before Isabel could do anything
Maria walked right up to them and asked them.

"What are you guys doing here ?" Maria asked them.

"We could asked you the same thing ?" Michael replied

"Why don't you both answer that question." a voice said from behind them

They all turned around to find out who the voice belong to. And where surprised when it was Liz's

"Well, I'm waiting," replied Liz clearly not happy.

Hope you guys like it . Please leave feedback
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"Well, I'm waiting," replied Liz clearly not happy.
Chapter 5

"Well, what happened was that Alex here was in the mood for some fresh air and your not buying this are you ? " Michael asked.

"No" Liz answered "how stupid do you think I am. I knew you would do something like this. But I didn't think you would be stupid enough to start yelling at each other in a small park like this." Liz said as she moved her hands around.

"Liz I ... " Alex started.

"I don't want to hear it, Alex. I would expect something like this form Michael but not you."

Everyone stayed quiet until Liz realized that Isabel and Maria where there to.

"What are you guys doing here ?" Liz asked.

"Uh, well our mother told use to pick up some stuff from the store " Isabel quickly lied.

Maria quickly nodded her head to look as if she agreed with what Isabel just said.

Liz hadn't noticed.

"Well, I sorry you had to hear me yell at my two overprotected idiotic brothers."

"Hey, It was Michael idea " Alex said in his on defense.

"Yes, but you went along with. Besides I'm having this discussion here I'll talk to you at home." Liz said with in a look in her eyes as if daring either of her brothers to question her.

"Max can we get out here ?" Liz asked.

"Sure " Max glanced at his sisters and left with Liz in toll.

"I told you this was a stupid idea Michael but you didn't listen ." Alex said before he stormed off to the car and slammed the door shut when he got in.

"I just want to let you know that I don't believe that store about your mother asking you to pick something up at the store." Michael told them.

"oh and why is that ? " Maria

"Cause we passed the store about a block away from the park when we came here. " Michael said with a smug look on face.

Both Isabel and Maria turned very pale.

"Oh and if either of you guys or your brother hurt my sister I make you regret ever being born. " Michael walk away and got in the car before they could say anything.

"He's on to us " Isabel said as they watched Michael car drive away.

Max's car
"I'm so sorry" Liz told Max as he drove her home "its just they can be so over protected when it comes to me. I remember when I wanted to play in the sand box I had to wait until they had sifted through the sand to make sure there wasn't anything sharp. On my first date they sat right behind us in the movies. "

Max was trying hard not to laugh but failed miserably and started laughing.

"Its not funny" Liz said before she began to laugh to.

"Its no problem, I kidda understand them your there little sister there just trying to protect you." Max told her after they finished laughing.

"I know and it was fine when I was little. But I'm older know I can take care of my self." Liz said

"It doesn't matter any ways I'm going to teach them a lesson ." Liz said with a mischief grin on her face.

"What do you mean ? " Max said a little curious himself.

"Well, after my first date I turned both their hair their hair lime green ." Liz told him with biggest grin on her face.

"You didn't" Max started laughing so hard his chest started.

"I did, and what I have in mind for them now is even worse." Liz said with a mischief smile on her face.

"What are you going to do ?" Max asked

I'm sorry if its short but I have a huge paper I have to finish. Please leave feedback .
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*Author note*

Guys I'm sorry I haven't written in a while but my familiy and I are moving so it might take a while for me to post the next part. Also I'm having some trouble coming up with some ways to punish Mikey and Alex. If you have any suggestion that would be great. Bye and again thanks for the feedback.

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What are you going to do? Max asked.

Chapter 5b

The Next Morning
Both Michael and Alex had gone to sleep as soon as they came home so they wouldn't have to face Liz when she came home.

So Liz woke up early and sneaked into her brothers room to make sure they were asleep.

Then she crept up to them and pure a class of cold ice water on top of there faces.

"AHHH WHAT ARE YOU DOING" Michael yelled as he jump out of his bed. At the same time Alex jump up from the water and fell of the bed.

"Getting payback, but its not over ." As she left there room she yelled "Have a nice day "


On the other side of town


"Good morning " Isabel said to Max as he came down the steps dressed and ready to go.

"Where are you going so early ? " Maria asked

"Let see its Tuesday, I have a bookbag where could I be going. AH I know SCHOOL." Max told the in a sarcastic tone.

"What crawled up your butt." Isabel told him

"I don't know how about the fact that my two noisy sisters almost fucked up my date with Liz last night. Who happens to be a nice person. But you wouldn't know that would you because your to busy going through my business." Max yelled

Thank god their parents where visiting friends in Florida for a week or else they wouldn't be having this conversation.

"First of all we agreed we're going to follow you and Liz don't blame us if her brothers fucked it up. Second why are you protecting her all of a sudden don't tell me your falling for her. Isabel said.

"That's none of your business and from now on I would appreciate it if it stayed that way."

"Would you to stop yelling at each other " Maria asked

"No, I want to know if Max here, is going to do next ?" Isabel said

"Whatever I'm out of here ." Max said as he got his stuff.

"You can't go your our ride " Maria said.

"Ever Heard of walking " Max screamed.

Sorry it me so long to post. I should be able to post tomorrow.
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izzylizard thank you for your suggestions. The last one gave me a great idea. Injoy.5c
"Thanks for picking me up. I did not want to go to school with them today "Liz told Max as she got in the car.

"Sure" Max said as he gave her a smile.

"So you ready for payback ?" Liz asked Max with a grin on her face.

"Yep, everything set, Couch agreed to help us and he will set everything up so the clocks are set and Alex and Michael are the first ones in the locker room." Max told her.

"This going to be perfect. There going to wish they never mess with me." Liz told him.

"Remind me never to mess with you." Max told as they pulled up to the school.

"I promise " Liz said as she leaned in and gave him a peck on the lips.

After they discussed how they were going to get payback they decided to give there relationship a chance and not let their siblings get in there way.

"Let the games begin " Max told her as they walked in hand in hand.

"Who's that walking in with Max Evens ?" A voice asked

"Liz Parker " another answered.
During 7th period

Max was just coming out from the p.e. field when Liz came up to him.

"Is everything set." She asked him.

"Yep the couch ready and everything."

"Good luck I got to go. Bye" Liz gave him a quick kiss and left.

"Its know or never" Max said to himself.

The locker room
Michael and Alex had just gotten out of the shower when they saw Max come in.

"Max listen we really like to apologize for yesterday. Liz is our little sister and I guess we got a little over protective." Alex told him. Michael just stayed quiet and glared at him.

"I understand I have sisters too. Listen I was going to tell that wanted to see you in his office, you know give you the "new guy speech." Max told them

"Sure just let us change" Michael told him.

"No, he said he wanted to see you know. And since your new you wouldn't want to get on his bad side this quick, would you ?"

Alex and Michael looked at each other.

"Anyway his office is right across the locker room and" Max gestured towards the clock "you still have half an hour before the bell rings."

"Alright, come on Alex," Michael told them as they head for the door.

"One more thing you won't be needing these." Max said as he grabbed the towels off of them and shut them out.

"Max open this door." Michael yelled. They couldn't risk the chance of someone seeing them use their powers.

"At least we have half an hour before the bell ........"

Alex was interrupted as the bell rang signally the end of the school day and half the student body came out and saw

To very naked student bodies.

"I'm going to kill Max" Michael muttered.

Just then Liz pass by "So how's your day ? " she asked with the biggest smirk on her face.

Hope you like. P.S. should I let them off or have alittle more ?
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Chapter 6
After the whole hall situation no one was talking to any one. Neither Michael nor Alex were talking to Liz. Which was find with her because she still hadn't forgiven them.

Isabel and Maria weren't talking to Max neither because the way he snapped at them in the morning.

In the end the only ones talking to each other were Max and Liz.
Parker's house.

Nancy and Jim had gotten home that afternoon to a house of slice.

"You don't think they killed each other do you ?" Nancy asked Jim

Before Jim could respond Liz came in.

"Hey, how was your trip ."

"Great, we had a fantastic time. Where are your brothers ?" Jim asked as he put their suitcases down and got something to drink.

"Who ?" Liz asked looking at them as if they were crazy.

"You know two big guys, one with hair the looked like he just woke up in the morning, really cranky the other with the dopy looking face and goofy smile glued to his face." Nancy told her in a sarcastic tone.

"Oh you mean tweedo dee and tweedo dom. I don't know my guess there in there room but since I'm not talking to them your guess is as good as mine." Liz told them.
as she left the room.

Both Nancy and Jeff looked at each other.

"What happened ?" Nancy asked Jeff but all he could do is shake his head "I don't know but my guess is its bad."

Evens home dinner

Things over at the evens house wasn't much better.

Diane had noticed that Max had gotten home early with a grin on his face and no sign of his sisters.

An hour later they come home mumbling something about the bus being late.

When it was time for dinner, nobody said a word and when the teen's were finished they got up locked themselves in their rooms.

next day at school

Girls kept coming up to Alex and Michael complementing their package.

By the time they reach their next class they were red from head to toe.

"Okay class, today I will be handing out these baby dolls" the teacher said as she handed out the dolls.

"Each doll has a computer chip in it. It is programed to cry,sleep.burp everything a normal baby does. This is project is supposed to teach you what it is like to be parents at your age. You will be doing this with a partner. I will chose your partner. you and your partner will be given a budget. You are expected to buy everything a baby needs and stay on or under that budget. At the end of the this month you will give a report to the class on what you have found out. Does everyone understand ? "

Everyone nodded.

"All right know for your partners, April and Kyle, Bart and Jamie, Isabel and Alex, Maria and Michael, Max and Liz, Brandon and Lisa, Jason and Becky, Carolina and Jose, lex and Matt and David and Juliet.

"Okay good luck, and everyone turn to page 51 in your text book."

Everyone did as they were told excepted six pairs of eyes who stayed lookind at one another.

Hope you like.
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