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Title: More Than Anything
Author: Annie
E-mail: Anniepoo⊕
Catagory: M/L CC AU
Disclaimer: I only own the story so please don't sue!!!!!
Summary: Max and Michael are brothers that moved to Roswell from Chicago. They become part of a close group of friends that include their cousins, Isabel and Tess.

Author's note: Yes, yes I know that I have been slacking in my posts on this story. (waits for everyone to yell there agreement to this statement) I am really really sorry. But here is the new part. And it is pretty long for me. Alot of you were saying that you wanted a flashback of the delivery... so this part does include one. You also get to find out where the Evans's were during the delivery. All shall be explained. I hope that you like this part, and I will try not to keep you all waiting so long for the next one. BTW... we are getting to the end of the story. About two more chapters*happy* Let me know what you think of this one*happy*


Thirty-seven… Danny boy

Liz lay in her hospital bed, halfway between being asleep and awake. Then, she looked over at the bassinet that held her baby boy, her Daniel. "Max and I have a baby," she thought to herself. "Our baby is actually here."
Liz smiled as she remembered the event of the past couple of hours. After being separated from Max, Liz practically threw a fit, so the nurses gave her something to make her relax. But she still cried for Max. She was so scared and all she wanted was for him to be close to her.
When it looked like she would never get her wish, Liz heard the squealing of tennis shoes. She looked to the door and saw Max running towards her, wearing green scrubs. Liz reached out as far as the cords would let her. Max met her arms with a gentle embrace. Just then, another contraction hit. Liz grabbed ahold of Max's arm, twisting it as the pain shot through her body. For the next five minutes, her room was a chorus of ow's and ouch's.
Now, that was only a prelude to the delivery. Max was reassuring during the down time and doubling over in pain during the contractions because Liz was clutching so hard to his hand. That is when they heard the cry of their baby.
Lying there in the hospital bed, Liz recalled the tears that streamed from her eyes as Max placed a tender kiss on her temple. "That's our baby," he whispered in her ear.
Liz could hear the awe in his voice and desperately wished she could say something, but she was too amazed. All she could so was look at the baby as the nurses cleaned him up. After wrapping him in a blue blanket, one of the nurses brought Daniel over. Liz greedily scooped him into her arms. Finally finding her voice, she looked over at Max. "He's perfect," she told him. "He's our perfect little baby."
Max placed his arms on her shoulders, gently rubbing them. "Yeah," he said softly. "And look at his hair."
Liz laughed at Max's comment, noticing the dark tuff of hair at the top of Daniel's head. "It looks like Michael's hair," she said, still chuckling. "But, he has your ears," she teased, reaching out with one hand to tweak Max's left earlobe.
Max blushed, then began looking over the baby's head. Letting out a sigh, Max leaned over a placed a light kiss on Daniel's forehead. "Sorry about those," he apologized.
Upon hearing those words, Liz's tears began to flow again. She leaned forward a bit and gave Max a quick kiss on the lips. "I think that your ears are sexy," she joked.
"Oh yeah," Liz thought, looking back on it all. "This is one of the best days of my life."
Just then there was a quiet knock on the door. "Come in," Liz called out, doing her best not to wake Daniel.
Maria peeked her head around the corner. "Hey Liz," she said, unsure. "How are you doing?"
Liz flashed her a bright smile. "Great." Then, she noticed the Maria wasn't moving. "You can actually come in, you know."
Maria nodded and began slowly edging herself into the room. However, she wasn't fast enough. Tess ran right into her as she came bounding into the room, sending Maria flying forward. Isabel was walking close behind Tess. "Ouch," Maria exclaimed as she bumped into Liz's bed.
"Sorry," Tess said, flinching a bit. "I didn't see you standing there."
Maria stood herself up. "Why were you running," she asked, looked at the tiny scrape on her knee.
Isabel started to laugh. "You know that whenever Tess gets excited, she starts running about a mile a minute."
Liz began to laugh too. The three other girls turned to face her. "So, how are you," Tess asked. "Is everything okay? Where is the baby?"
"I'm fine," Liz reassured them, still with a big smile on her face. "Why?" Don't I look fine?"
Tess shook her head. "No, it's not that. I mean, I saw you at the restaurant and …"
Liz raised her eyebrow. "And?"
Tess took a deep breath. "It just looked like you were in a lot of pain."
"I'm not going to lie," Liz answered, glancing at each of her friend's faces. "It hurt." Then, Liz paused for a second. "A lot. But look at what is here now," she told them, pointing to the bassinet.
Maria, Isabel, and Tess crept over to where Daniel was sleeping. Almost in unison, the three girls said, "Awwww."
Isabel looked over her shoulder at Liz. "He's so tiny," she said in awe.
"I know," Tess agreed. "And look at that hair."
Maria just kept looking at the baby. "This poor thing has Michael's hair."
All of the girls burst out into fits of laughter, much louder than before. The sudden, close noise woke up little Daniel. He started crying. Maria turned to look at Liz, a bit of panic in her eyes. "What's the matter," she asked. "Did we do something?"
Liz stopped laughing. "He was just woken up by our laughing. It will be okay, just hand him to me."
Maria looked at Isabel, Isabel looked at Tess, and Tess looked at Liz. "Which one of us do you want to pick him up," Isabel asked.
"You can," Liz told her.
Isabel took a step away from the bassinet. "Are you sure," she asked. "I don't want to break him or something."
Liz laughed. "You won't break him, Isabel. You act like you have never been around a baby before."
Isabel's eyes grew wider. "I haven't. I was only a year old when Tess was born and all of our baby cousins hate me."
Tess nodded. "That's true. They practically scream when she goes to pick them up." Tess turned to Daniel. "Hey buddy, you fit right in."
Isabel smacked Tess's arm. However, Daniel was still crying and Liz wanted someone to hand him to her. "Please," she asked. "Could someone hand him to me?"
"I'll do it," Maria finally volunteered. She carefully reached down and picked Daniel up, trying her best to support his head. Quickly, she passed the baby to Liz.
Liz took the baby from Maria. Gently, she rocked him close to her, cooing slightly. After a moment or two, Daniel had quieted down. Isabel, Maria, and Tess watched intently, not wanted to make Daniel start crying again. "Wow," Isabel said, amazed. "He stopped crying."
"Yeah," Liz whispered, lovingly looking down at Daniel's face. "He's had a busy day. I bet he is all tuckered out. We better get Daddy back her to see you before they take you back to the nursery."
"Hum, Liz," Maria spoke up. "There might be a bit of a problem."
Liz looked at Maria. "Why, what is the matter? Is Max okay?"
Tess snickered a little bit. Isabel looked down at her shoes, but Liz knew she was laughing silently because her shoulders were shaking. Finally, Tess spoke up. "When Max came out to the lobby to tell us that you had the baby, he sort of … well…"
"He fainted," Isabel squeaked before resuming her laughing.
Liz grew a bit stiff. "He what?"
"Well," Maria started. "He came out to the lobby looking like a deer caught in the headlights. Then, he told us the baby was a boy. We all jumped out of our seats…"
"Because we were so excited," Tess added.
"Yeah," Isabel chimed in.
"That's right," Maria said, continuing on. "And most of us were so busy congratulating him that we didn't notice he was almost completely white."
"Michael was the first to notice," Isabel informed Liz, trying to help. "He asked Max if he was okay. Max just sort of looked up like he realized what had happened."
"And that sort of resembled him looking like he got hit with a ton of brick," Tess chimed in. "That's when he passed."
"Is he okay," Liz asked, doing her best not to get upset.
"Yeah, he's fine," the three girls chimed in unison. "His parents chose then of all times to come in," Maria explained. "They thought something had happed to you or the baby. I mean they had been driving back from Clovis when you went into labor, they got stuck in traffic, then to see Max pass out right as they walked in. Personally, I think that Mrs. Evans is still waiting for her heart to stop racing."
Liz eased a bit. "So what happened to Max? Where is he?"
"Right here," Max said as he opened the door.
All four girls jumped, causing Daniel to begin fussing all over again. Max strolled over to Liz and took the baby out of her arms. "Shhh," he whispered softly, rocking the baby gently back and forth.
Isabel, Tess, and Maria decided that it was time for them to let Liz and Max be alone for awhile. Quietly, they made their way over to the door. Then, Tess turned for a second. "Hey Max. Where are the guys? The last time we saw them, they were taking care of you."
A wicked smile grew on Max's face. "They're in the lobby, fighting over who is going to be the favorite Uncle."
Tess and Isabel rolled their eyes, but Maria just stood there looking between Max and the baby. "Michael's hair, Max's ears … poor kid," she teased, then turned to leave before Max or Liz could say anything.
Liz's jaw dropped for a second, and then she looked over at Max. He stood in front of her, holding Daniel in his strong arms. "Hey," she whispered, almost afraid of breaking the moment. "I heard you fainted."
Max looked up at her. "It's been a big day."
Liz smiled at him. "For all of us."
Max walked over to the bed and sat down next to Liz on the edge of it. "So are you okay," he asked, his eyes full of concern.
Liz sighed. "Why does everyone keep asking that? I am fine. Better actually. I'm great. Besides, I should be asking you how you're feeling."
"I'm better now," he told her. "It's just everything hit me all of a sudden, and it was kind of overwhelming."
"Is it overwhelming in a good way or a bad way," Liz asked, trying to study the expression on Max's face. Fear that he was regretting his decision to stay with her began to enter her thoughts.
Max looked into her eyes, reading the definite look of panic in them. "The best kind of overwhelming," he said, reassuring her. "The kind that only comes when the most wonderful things in your life happen."
Liz jumped forward, wrapping her arms around Max's neck. Daniel made a little noise because he was being squished between his two parents. Max and Liz both looked down at the baby. "They only thing I need, Liz, is you. You and Daniel," Max told her. Then, he leaned over the baby, capturing Liz's lips with his own.
Liz sighed into his mouth as the kiss deepened. She ran her fingers thought his hair, and just relished the moment they were living. It was a short-lived moment. Alex came bounding into the room, Kyle and Michael at his heels. "I won," he announced. "Danny boy, I get to be your favorite Uncle because I kick the other two's butts."
All Daniel could say to this, "Whhhaaannnn."

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The next part is here. Thank you for all the feedback and support thoughout writing this story. You all know that you rock, right??? Well, in case you don't... YOU ROCK!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I hope that you like this part. There will be no separating Max and Liz from this point on *happy* One more part to go....


Thirty-eight: I Do

"What are you gurgling at little man," Liz cooed, leaning over Daniel’s crib. She wrapped a blanket around Daniel’s little body and lifted him out of the crib. "What are you gurgling at."
Max tried his hardest to hold in a laugh as he waited outside their bedroom door. "Their bedroom," he thought to himself. "How did I get this lucky?" It had been almost two months since Daniel was born. While both the Parkers and the Evans said that the couple could move into their homes, Max and Liz knew they needed a place of their own. With the help of entire group, they finally found an apartment that was perfect for their budget.
It was small, one bedroom, a kitchen, bathroom, living room, and a study. However, it was perfect for what Max and Liz needed at the moment. Just a little place of their own.
Max turned his attention back to Liz and Daniel’s little conversation. So far, it had consisted of what mommy should wear out tonight, where was daddy, and who was gurgling at who. At last, Max could resist the urge anymore. Imitating his best baby voice, he shouted, "At my pretty mommy."
Liz jumped a bit and turned towards the door. "Max," she sighed. "Don’t ever do that again. You scared the crap out of me."
Laughing even harder then he had been before, Max walked towards Liz and took Daniel out of her arms. "And who is the potty mouth," Max teased as he raised Daniel above his head.
Liz swatted at his arm. "You should talk. What is it that you were shouting at the fridge this morning?"
The tips of his ears turned pink as Max remember his first fight with a kitchen appliance that morning. "I didn’t know that the shelves moved," he replied, trying to shrug it off. "But I will have you know that the kitchen is now clean and that shelf is never going to move again."
"Why," Liz asked, raising her eyebrow.
"I super-glued it," Max told her, a very satisfied look on his face.
Liz fell back on the bed, half-laughing and half-shocked. "You did what," she said, laughing even harder.
Max started to feel like he might not have done the swiftest thing by gluing the shelf. He put Daniel back down in his crib and sat on the bed next to Liz. "Okay" he said, getting exasperated. "What is so funny?"
Liz looked into his eyes, biting her tongue to keep from laughing even more at the serious look on his face. "Baby, the shelves are suppose to move. That way you can take them out to clean them or move them to make room for stuff."
Max looked down at the floor. "Oh," he mumbled, ready to kick himself in the butt for being an idiot. However, he didn’t have long to knock himself down. Liz sat up, then moved until she was sitting in Max’s lap. She wrapped her arms around his neck and began placing light kisses around his face.
"You’re cute when you’re scolding yourself. Did you know that?"
Max opened his mouth to speak, but Liz took advantage of that and began to kiss him on the mouth. Her tongue started to tease his, not that it took much. Soon, they were fighting for control. Max shifted until Liz was laying back on the bed, Max on top of her. His hands started to move down her sides, grazing her breast softly each time they pasted them. Liz threw her head back and Max began to kiss down her neck. She let out another sigh, reveling in how good it felt to have Max touch her.
Then, panic swept through her. They had only made love once and that was over eleven months ago. A lot had changed since then, especially her body. Her breasts were bigger, which she really didn’t mind, but her hips were wider and she thought her butt was huge. "What if Max is expecting me to look like I did before," she thought. Liz shook her head and placed a hand on each side of Max’s face. "I don’t think that this is the best time to get carried away," she told him, trying not to look him in the eyes.
Max stopped immediately, noticing how uncomfortable Liz had grown. That seemed to happen anytime things got a little intense between them. He knew that Liz was a little more self-conscious since Daniel was born, but he wanted to show that the changes in her body only made her more attractive.
"Okay," he muttered, taking a sharp intake of air. "We have to get going soon, anyway. Don’t want to be late for "Las Vegas Night" at the Crashdown."
Liz did her best to hold back her tears that were forming in her eyes. "Are you mad," she asked timidly.
Max turned to look at her. "No, why would I be mad?"
"Because, I haven’t, I mean we haven’t done… you know… since Daniel," she tried to form the words.
Max leaned over and kissed Liz gently on the forehead. "Liz, I don’t want to push you into anything. And that includes making love. As far as I am concerned, I have the rest of my life to love you. Why rush a good thing," he told her, trying to lighten the mood and comfort her at the same time.
Liz nodded, giving a sigh of relief. "Thank you, Max," she whispered.
Max placed at light kiss on her lips. "Thank you, Liz. For loving me."
They stay like that for a few moments, foreheads resting against each other. That is until Daniel decided he needed some attention. A gentle whimper came from the crib, and Liz immediately got up and pick up Daniel.
Max watched quietly from the bed. "I think that we are getting better and better at this parenting thing," he joked.
Liz cradled Daniel against her chest. "Better and better," she repeated. "So are you ready to go?"
"Yeah," Max said, getting up from the bed. "Just let me grab something and I will meet you in the car."
Liz winked at him and walked to the front door of the apartment. Max waited until he was sure that she had left, then walked over to the dresser, pulled open a drawer, and pulled a little jewelry box out. "Tonight," he said to himself. "I will show you just how much you mean to me." With that, he placed the jewelry box in the pocket of his jacket and ran to join Liz and Daniel in the car.

"Las Vegas Night" was one of the biggest parties the Crashdown held every year. The whole restaurant was converted into a little casino with fake Elvis cutouts and neon signs everywhere. Maria couldn’t help but laugh at the decor. Every year it seemed like Mr. Parker went even crazier than the year before. At least she didn’t have to wear the usual uniform that night. But tonight was different than all the others. Max had one hell of a surprise for Liz when they got there.
"Where are they," Michael asked, getting a bit nervous. "I mean what if Judge Williams decides to leave before they get here?"
Isabel started to giggle. Michael turned to look at her. "What is so funny," he asked.
"Your acting like a typical mother of the bride," Tess teased him.
Michael opened his mouth to say some sort of snide comeback, but Alex waved his hands around, getting everyone’s attention. "Tess, you know that is not the problem. Michael is just sad that he didn’t come up with the wonderful decorations for tonight’s events. Mr. Parker is challenging him for the rights to be the next Martha Steward."
Michael’s eyes flames slightly, but Maria wrapped her arms around his neck, placing a kiss on his cheek. "Calm down, Michael. Everything is going to be great."
Taking a deep breath, Michael relaxed a bit. "So every night is pick-on-Michael night."
"Yes," the rest of the group said in unison.
"Quiet," Nancy shouted at them. "Max, Liz, and Daniel just pulled up. Kyle, go turn off the lights."
Kyle ran and flipped the switch. Two minutes later, the front door to the café opened. "Where is everyone," Liz asked, noting the darkness. "The lights were on just a second ago."
The lights went back on that very second, and everyone shouted, "SURPRISE!"
Liz jumped back a bit, Max caught her, and Daniel began to fuss. He wasn’t so impressed with the surprise. Diane rushed over to Liz and gathered the baby in her arms. "I guess Daniel doesn’t like surprises," she joked.
Liz gave a weak smile. "I guess not. But what is up with the surprise stuff anyway? Everyone in town knows that this is "Las Vegas Night."
Max reached around and wrapped his arms around her waist. "It’s not just that," he whispered in her ear. "Everyone’s here for the wedding."
Liz turned and gave Max a confused look. "Who’s wedding," she asked.
Maria couldn’t hold in the excitement any longer. "Yours," she shouted from across the room.
Her eyes grew wider than they had ever been, as her jaw dropped to the ground. "Ours," she gasped, looking to Max for a clue.
Jeff walked over to Liz and Max. "Well, Max had this idea. Now we all know that money is a little tight, and with school and the baby, you two really didn’t have much time to plan a wedding. He thought it could just be some little ceremony, with just friends and family, here at the restaurant."
"But Michael pointed out that if we planned something that big, you would surely find out," Maria butted in.
Max threw his brother a look, and Michael simply shrugged his shoulders. "Hey," he declared with pride. "I have my moments."
Isabel walked up beside him and patted him on the head. "Yes you do," she patronized him.
"Anyway," Max said, trying to get back to the point. "We decided to hide the wedding by letting you think that it was just ‘Las Vegas Night.’" Max looked down and noticed that tears were coming from Liz’s eyes. "Oh God Liz," he started to apologize when he saw her crying. "I didn’t mean to upset you. I just thought that we wanted to get married, but…"
"I love it," Liz told him, give him a quick kiss on the lips. "I just wasn’t expecting anything like this."
Max let out a sigh of relief. Kyle walked over to them and put an arm around each of their shoulders. "So are we ready to have a wedding or what?"
Liz wiped the tears from her eyes. "Ready," she pronounced.
"Ready," Max chimed in a second later. He looked into Liz’s eyes and saw nothing but love in them.
Judge Williams started the ceremony and silence fell upon the group. They watched in awe at the joining of two young adults who loved each other more than anything else in the world, except for their son. In fact, the only sound that could be heard was the occasional sniffle from either Maria, Tess, or Isabel. Even Alex teared up, though no one could ever get him to admit it.
"Do you, Elizabeth Lillian Parker, take Maxwell Philip Evans as your lawful wedded husband," Judge Williams voice echoed across the Crashdown. "Till death do you part…"
"I do," Liz said proudly, clutching to Max’s hand as tightly as she could.
"And do you, Maxwell Philip Evans, take Elizabeth Lillian Parker as your lawfully wedded wife. Till death do you part," he asked again.
"I do," Max said, never moving his eyes away from Liz’s.
Judge Williams smile grew. "I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."
Max leaned over their joined hands and placed the most tender kiss on Liz’s lips. She sighed lightly when their lips parted. The kiss deepen slightly, but the couple was startled when loud shouts were uttered by Michael, Kyle, and Alex. Everyone started to clap, laugh, or both. Judge Williams choose to laugh. "Let me present for the first time Mr. and Mrs. Evans," he hollered over the crowd.

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I really want to thank everyone who has read this. You have no idea how much your feedback has meant to me. I also want to thank Moonbaby19, who challenged me to do this fic in the first place. Yup... this was a challenge fic, and I have finished it*happy*

Well, I hope that you like the ending. It took forever to write. I wanted to get it just right... so I really hope everyone likes it. Let me know what you think... pretty pretty please*happy*


Part Thirty-nine… A Happy Ending - NC-17

It was perfect. Everything had finally fallen into place. Liz sighed with contentment looking around the restaurant at all her friends. Everyone was happy, healthy, and together. It was as it should be.
She watched from a stool at the counter as Michael startled Maria by picking her up and swinging her around. Alex started laughing uncontrollably, for which Isabel promptly gave him a little smack. However, as he started to protest, Isabel stopped him by placing a kiss on his lips.
Liz began to giggle at this sight, turning her head ever so slightly. She saw Kyle and Tess standing over by the radio, discussing what to play next. "More like arguing," Liz silently changed her mind when she saw Tess frown at Kyle. A second later, Tess leaned over, giving Kyle a little hug. "And it is obvious that she won," Liz said softly, giggling even harder.
The only person Liz couldn’t see from her vantage point was Max. He had disappeared about ten minutes ago with Daniel in tow. He had told her he was going to change the baby, but she knew it didn’t take ten minutes. "I think I better go check on them," she told herself.
Getting off the stool, Liz made her way to the backroom. Suddenly, two arms came around her waist, pulling her against a warm, hard body. "Max," she gasped.
"I better be," he joked, his breath tickling her ear. "I don’t want anyone else holding you like this."
Liz turned herself in his arms. Looking up into his warm amber eyes, Liz nearly gasped at all the emotion she saw in them. They were filled with love, playfulness, and most of all, desire. She could feel her stomach turn with both excitement and fear at his gaze.
"Liz," Max whispered, giving her a little kiss on the nose. "Are you okay?"
She smiled at him. "Yeah," she sighed. "I was just thinking about how you are the only person I’ll ever let hold me like this."
Max smiled, then brought his lips down to hers, capturing them in a kiss. He tugged slightly at her lower lip, asking for entrance. Liz opened up to him, allowing their tongues to come together.
Just then, Liz realized something. She broke away from his lips. "Max, where is the baby? Where is Daniel?"
Max laughed a little. "Don’t worry," he reassured her. "He is upstairs with your mother. Your parents offered to take him for the night, so we can have a night alone."
Liz backed away a bit. "I don’t know if I’m ready too…" she began, but was cut off by Max kissing her deeply.
"Liz," he whispered against her lips. "I love you. And I will wait, for as long as you need."
"Thank you," Liz sighed. "I love you too."

Love be still
Love be sweet
Don’t you dare
Change a thing
I want to photograph you with my mind
To feel how I feel all the time

The music from the radio filtered softly into the backroom. "Dance with me," Max asked Liz, taking both of her hands into his.
"Of course," Liz told him, following him out to the restaurant.

Say that you’ll stay
Forever this way
Forever and forever
That way we’ll never have to change

A few couples were dancing slowly to the song playing, mostly their friends. However, it really didn’t matter to Max or Liz. He maneuvered them to the middle of the room, pulling Liz close to him.

Don’t move
Don’t breathe
Don’t change
Don’t leave
And promise me
Say you’ll stay
We’ll stay
Forever this way

They began to move to the soft tones of the song as the rest of the world faded away. It was only them dancing in their own little world.

I get afraid
Don’t think ahead
Let’s just stay
This way in bed
Feels so good inside your arms
Home is everywhere that you are

Liz rested her head against Max’s chest. She loved the way his body felt next to hers. He was so warm and inviting.

Say that you’ll stay
Forever this way
Forever and forever
That way we’ll never have to change

They continued to sway with the music, dancing slowly. However, Liz could feel her body heat up with each movement they made. He was being so tender and patient with her. Now he was her husband and this was their wedding night. Every thought began to argue with the other as the song continued to play.

Promise me
We’ll always be
This kind, this sweet
This good to me
Promise me
We’ll always be
"This Way" ~Jewel

Just when the nervous side of her brain was about to win out, Max bent his head, placing a open-mouthed kiss on her shoulder. His tongue swept over her pulse point, sending a wave of desire through Liz’s body. She could deny it any longer.
When the song ended, Liz firmly gripped Max’s hand. "Let’s go home," she suggested silently.
Max was confused for a moment, but nodded his head in agreement when he saw the look in Liz’s eyes. Quickly, they said their good-byes to everyone, especially Daniel. Liz got a little teary at leaving him for the first time since he had been born, but Nancy reassured her that they were only a phone call away.
The car ride back to their apartment was painfully long. Liz spent most of the ride fiddling with the radio or fidgeting with the window. Anything to keep her hands busy and her mind off of what could happen when they got home.
Max was just as nervous, Doing his best to pay attention to the road, Max was gripping the steering wheel pretty hard. He didn’t want to force Liz into anything, but he also wanted to show her just how attractive he found her. He want to show her how much he loved her.
Liz made a beeline for the bedroom as soon as they reached the apartment. To say that she was scared was an understatement. Even though she knew that Max loved her, wanted to be with her, she had never thought of herself as sexy or enticing. And now that her body had gone through all these changes…. Scared was definitely an understatement.
"Liz," Max called out from the door. "Are you okay?"
Liz turned to face him, nodding her head slightly. It was then that she saw the same look in his eyes that she had caught at the restaurant. Max’s deep amber pools were almost black with passion. "Passion for me," Liz thought to herself.
He took a step towards her, than another. Liz watched each movement his body made, captivated by the graceful motions. Finally, Max was standing beside her. Liz could feel warmth coming off his body, luring her closer.
She moved closer. She felt his arms come around her back, one resting on her lower back and the other between her shoulder blades. Max drew her in, lowering his head to capture her lips. They were soft, like always. He loved the fact the now he could do this whenever he wanted to, the fact that she was his. And he was hers.
The tenderness of the kiss melted Liz’s remaining reservations. She opened her mouth to him, tentatively teasing him with her tongue. Max took the hint, mingling his tongue with hers.
Max couldn’t form a coherent thought as he enjoyed the sensations of kissing Liz like he wanted to, making love to her mouth with long, slow stokes of his tongue. However, they both needed more than just each other’s lips. They needed each other completely. Max brought a hand to massage one of Liz’s breast through her the top of her dress, tweaking her harden nipple. Everytime he did this, Liz let out a little moan, but never broke away from his mouth.
Finally, his tongue relinquished its hold on her mouth and began caressing her neck. His hands had began to wander her curves, along the sides of her breasts and down to her hips. She ran her hands down his back as he continued to kiss at base of her neck. She found the edge of his shirt and began to tug at it. He relinquished his ministrations for a moment, only to allow her to pull the shirt over her head.
Liz was on fire. Seeing the bare skin now exposed to her, she sighed and leaned forward to kiss his flesh. Max sighed loudly as Liz’s kisses left tingling sensations on his skin. He was loosing control fast, almost completely when Liz traced one of his nipples with her tongue.
Finally, Liz wasn’t able to take it anymore. She needed to feel his hands on her bare skin. She pulled away from Max, and quickly lowered a strap on her dress, the other one quickly following it. The dress slid down her body, and Liz kicked it away with her foot. She was left standing there in just a bra and panties.
Getting a little scared and self-conscious, Liz tried to cover her self up with her arms. Max reached out and stopped her.
"Please," he pleaded. "Your so beautiful. Please don’t hide from me."
Hearing that, Liz threw her arms around his neck, kissing him fully on the lips. Max’s hand reached between them, unhooking her bra. Her breasts fell free and he gasped to see this beauty before him.
"Beautiful," he sighed as he brought his mouth to envelope one of her nipples. She felt it grow tighter each time his tongue flicked across it. His hand was lavishing attention on the other breast. After a few minutes, Max switched teasing the other nipple with his tongue.
Liz needed more. Heat was pooling between her legs and she was aching for him to be inside her. She brought her hands down from his shoulders, where they had been resting, to the front of his waist. Even though her hands were shaking, she began to undo the snap of his pants.
Max inhaled sharply when her fingers grazed his erection, lowering the zipper on his pants. He pulled back for a second, taking his pants and boxers off completely and pushing them aside. He saw Liz standing in front of him, watching his movements with fascination. Desire burned in her eyes, and Max was astounded that she had chosen to be with him.
Quickly, he rushed to her, gathering her body in his arms and laying her in the center of the bed. Liz sighed when Max lower his body down on top of her, loving the feeling of have his weight pressing on her small frame. She shifted her leg slightly, coming in contact with his erection. Max hiss at the movement, growing harder by the second.
He started kissing his way down her body. Starting at her lips, he descended down her curves, between her breasts to her stomach. Liz moaned with every movement he made. Then, she remembered something.
"Max," she gasped as he dipped his tongue into her belly button. "We need protection."
Max stopped his exploration. He thought for a second, then reached over them to the nightstand and pulled out a little foil wrapper. "Let me," Liz said, taking it from him. She opened it and slowly rolled it down his swollen shaft. Max hissed a bit with pleasure as she did this.
Then, he resumed his wanderings. After a few more moments, Liz cried for him. "Please," she pleaded with him.
He stopped for a moment. He leaned down to kiss her as the tip of his penis came into contact with her heat. "Are you sure," he asked. He didn’t want to force her into this.
Liz nodded her head. "Yes Max. I am sure."
Slowly, he pushed into her as he kissed her lips, drinking in their sweetness. The kiss broke apart, both gasping as they completed each other. Gently, Max slid out of Liz and back in again. Their first time had been fast, impulsive. This time he wanted to take his time, learn what drove her wild.
Soon, Liz was moving her hips in time with each of his thrusts. She want him to go faster, feeling the desire growing even more. Max pushed deeper, still maintain a steady pace.
"Max," Liz moaned, going insane with the delight he was causing her body. Suddenly she felt him speed up a bit as he took on of her nipples into his mouth again. She cried out, coming close to the edge.
Liz wrapped her legs around Max’s taking him as deep as she could. Max began to move faster, losing all of his control. He felt Liz’s walls tighten around him, urging him towards their completion. With a sharp thrust, they both cried out to each other as their climax washed over them, and Max collapsed onto Liz.
With the last bit of his energy, Max rolled over onto his back, pulling Liz to him. The next few minutes were silent except for raspy breaths as both Max and Liz let their bodies calm down. Running his finger through her hair, Max guide her forehead to his lips, kissing it tenderly.
"Do you know how much I love you," he whispered.
Liz cuddled closer. "As much as I love you," she told him.
"And how much is that," he teased.
She looked into his eyes. "More than anything."
Max drew her in for a kiss. He placed his lips lightly against hers, grazing them gently. He did it again, teasing a bit. She opened to him, flicking her tongue against his mouth. Max wrapped his arms around her, pulling her as close as possible. The kiss deepen slowly, until they both needed air.
"More than anything," Max repeated. "Well Mrs. Evans," he said aloud, reveling in how it sounded. "I think we are going to get our happy ending."
Liz smiled, resting her forehead against his. "I think it is more like a happy beginning," she sighed, drifting off to sleep in Max’s warm arms.
"I like the sound of that," he agreed, lulling off to sleep.

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