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This is a sequel to The Journey. I suggest you read it first or you could be lost. http:/

Author's Note: I had thought at one point I would not continue my own little Roswell universe. Let's face it, there are some GREAT fics out here, but for some reason today (could be CDB, I don't know), I was just feeling giddy and wanted to write about my Max and Liz. This is the product...

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Las Cruces, New Mexico
April, 2004

Liz cupped her hands underneath the water faucet and caught as much water as she was able before splashing it onto her face. She could hear Max scurrying through their apartment and a small smile crept across her lips. She pulled the faucet handle higher, watching as the water begin to slosh out of the sink and onto the floor. It was only a few haphazard drops here and there but,
in light of how clean the bathroom had been before she stepped into it and that she and Max would be in Roswell for the entire summer, she bent quickly and wiped the floor with her towel.

She sighed loudly and heavily then quickly ran her fingers through her hair. The diamond solitaire on her left hand refracted the light of the vanity mirror and presented Liz with clusters of spectrums throughout the room. She admired her hand lovingly, remembering what a struggle it had been to tell her parents that she and Max wanted to live together. That conversation had
taken place the previous Christmas and Liz shuddered as she remembered the several stages of red her father’s face had turned. Max had been quick to point out to Liz’s skeptical parents that they had indeed been dating for almost four years, that he did love their daughter, and that they were over eighteen. He had assured them that both he and Liz would finish college, and possibly
pursue graduate careers while living together. Then he had done something that made Liz love him even more: he proposed. After he had finished his heart-felt declaration and she formally accepted the proposal, Liz’s mother cried like a baby and Liz’s father welcomed Max into the family. They officially changed the message on their answering machine the moment they arrived in Las Cruces and decided it was best that her parents not know they had been living together since the fall semester began. They had shared a mind-blowing evening that night, planning their wedding, their future, and making love until the sunrise.

“Are you almost done, Liz,” Max yelled as he knocked on the bathroom door, startling Liz out of her daydream and causing her to knock several facial cleansing bottles onto the semi-moist floor. “I...I’m almost ready.”

“You know Maria will think we’re not coming if we’re late.”

She opened her mouth to respond when she heard him yell for their golden lab puppy, Jinx, and his footsteps retreat down the hall. Laughing to herself, she could only imagine what Jinx had gotten himself into now. Drumming her fingers on the counter top, she pulled her bottom lip into her mouth, her eyebrows furrowed in thought. Swallowing hard, she looked at herself in the
mirror and pursed her lips as she searched for the right words. I’m pregnant, she mouthed to her reflection, quickly shaking her head. She tried again. Remember that night last Christmas after we got engaged? No, she thought as she began to chew on her bottom lip again. Clearing her throat, she stared stone-faced into her reflection. I love you, Max, she mouthed, a sweet smile brightening her whole face. And I know we haven’t made a plan for this but I...we’re pregnant. We’re going to have a baby.

She smiled widely and nodded her head, convincing herself that she could tell Max and that he would be overjoyed. She would graduate in the fall semester with a biology degree and Max would graduate the following semester with a degree in history. They could do this. They had done harder things than this, even while in high school and apart, and Liz knew that fighting all
the Kivars of the universe would be no more difficult than having a baby. A baby, she sighed, a sweet smile dancing across her lips and into the core of her eyes. Splaying her hands across her stomach, she closed her eyes, feeling for a tiniest second the echo of a heartbeat so small, it could only belong to their child.

“Let’s go, Liz. Jinx is going to demolish your car before we leave the parking lot.”

“Coming,” she replied in a sing-song voice, while wrapping the positive pregnancy test in a wash cloth and thrusting it underneath the sink. “I’m coming, Max.”

* * *

“Lizzie,” Maria squealed as Liz and Max walked into Michael’s sports bar, The Hockey Puck. Michael had sold several of his ‘Maria’ collection paintings to an art dealer in Santa Fe and had used the money to buy the old Senor Chow’s space, turning it into one of the most popular bars in Roswell. Liz had always thought it was funny that Michael owned a bar when he had no alcohol
tolerance, but Maria had assured her Michael simply wanted a place where he could watch as many hockey matches as possible. “God, we’ve got to do something about you,” Maria replied as she released Liz from a hug.

“What Maria,” Liz asked, her hands checking to make sure everything was in place. Surely Maria couldn’t know Liz was hiding something.

“You can’t look better than the bride! You’ll have your day to shine soon, Liz, but this one’s for me.”

“Oh, Maria, you scared me. I...I thought something was wrong.”

“Well,” Maria said, stepping closer to Liz. “There is that third eye problem you have. Unsightly little devil.” She winked at her oldest friend and watched Max and Michael enter the bar . “Hey, Max! Where’s Jinx?”

“Harassing your clients, love,” Michael replied with a smile, pecking Maria on the cheek as they slid past each other.

“You released the puppy from hell into my office? Max Evans, I’m going to strangle you. Later, Liz,” Maria called, glaring at Max as she rushed out of the bar and into the adjacent office building she rented. Maria, Tess and Serina operated a private investigation business. Kyle, through his capacity as a deputy sheriff, helped as his time would allow, and the business was called DVHS, affectionately known as Divas. Maria and Tess had given Kyle a good ribbing for the nickname, but Kyle took it all in stride. The group had recently solved a high-profile child pornography case in a neighboring county which had increased their number of clients and their
fees. Of course, they still received calls from the local crazies claiming to have knowledge of aliens and wanting substantial proof. Those calls always made them laugh.

“Business is good,” Max asked Michael as he, Michael and Liz settled themselves at the bar. Michael poured each of them a soda and began his daily process of turning on the bar’s fifteen televisions. It was Michael’s rule that at least nine of the t. v. sets be tuned to a hockey game all the time.

“Oh yeah,” Michael smugly replied, watching as the 1980 Olympics hockey replays appeared on five of the mandatory nine t. v. sets. “You? School okay?”

“Great,” Liz said as Max took a sip of his cherry Coke.
“Everything is great with us.” Michael arched his eyebrow at her, causing Liz to nervously chug her own cherry Coke. When she placed the empty glass on the counter, both Michael and Max were staring at her in wonder. “I was thirsty,” she whispered quietly, spinning away from them as the front door opened, blaring out the
opening phrase of ‘O! Canada,’ resulting in a wide smile flashing across Michael’s face. Liz and Max quickly shoved their fingers in their ears to block some of the sound echoing through the bar.

“God, Michael, is that loud enough,” Serina screamed toward as she stepped into the bar and plugged her own ears.

“I know,” he replied, the wide smile still on his face. “I did it yesterday. Alex sent me -” He cleared his throat as the crowds on the t. v. sets roared in unison. Max and Liz cautiously uncovered their ears while Serina walked behind the bar. “As I was saying,” Michael continued, acting as if nothing was wrong. “Alex created this door chime as part of his senior project. He
said it was supposed to detect Czechs, but whatever. He sent me the first prototype and even downloaded ‘O, Canada!’ for me. Cool, huh?”

“Remind me to show Alex my appreciation when I see him,” Serina said, sliding across the counter toward the empty bar stool beside Liz.

“Watch the counter top, Reen!”

“Bite me, Mikey,” Serina replied with a smile. Michael snorted slightly before coaxing Max into the stock room as he discussed the finer points of Alex’s door chime. Serina shook her head as the two men left the bar area.
“Nice to know some things never change, huh?” Liz smiled weakly, fingering her empty glass. Serina watched her for several seconds then swivelled her
stool toward Liz. “Okay, what are you hiding?”

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Liz’s eyes betrayed her true feelings for only a second, but it was long enough for Serina to verify Liz was indeed hiding something. Liz slid off the bar stool and calmly walked to the other side of the bar. She snatched her empty glass off the counter and refilled it, never once meeting Serina’s scrutinizing gaze. “I know you, Liz. You’ve forgotten how well I can read you.”
Liz pursed her lips together tightly in anger and she gave Serina a look that Serina had only thought present in Isabel. “If you don’t want to tell me, that’s fine -”

“I’m pregnant.”

Serina almost fell backwards off the stool. Liz and Max were completely responsible adults. She knew that both Liz and Max needed control in their lives, that they needed to be in control with a plan and several back-up plans, and somehow, she knew that this pregnancy did not fit into their plan. “Congratulations?” A relaxed smile floated across Liz’s face and Serina was surprised to see that Liz was, in fact, in heaven. This pregnancy might not have been planned but Liz could not seem happier about it. “Where’s Max,” Serina asked, craning her head toward the stock room. “Let me go congratulate him too.”

“No, Serina, please.” Liz forcefully grasped Serina’s arm, her eyes pleading with her friend. Serina knew at once what the problem was.

“Max doesn’t know, does he?”

“I...I want to tell him. I just found out this morning, although I should have known for months.”

“And you’re sure,” Serina questioned, leaning closer to Liz who was now leaning on her elbows against the counter. Liz nodded emphatically. “Did you have a connection,” Serina asked, her voice unusually low. Again, Liz nodded. “Oh my God.”

“What,” Liz asked, her heart trembling with the thought that something could be wrong with she or the baby.

“And you and Max have...everything’s been like it always has?”

Liz furrowed her brows in confusion and Serina tightened her lips and nodded her head left to right, her eyebrows arched in a suggestive matter. “Oh,” Liz said, realizing exactly what Serina meant. “Yes, Max and I...yes. Why? Is that wrong?”

“No, Liz. I...I just can’t believe Max didn’t notice. He’s as much of an idiot as he ever was.”

“Serina,” Liz began, her words etched with the tiniest bit of annoyance. “We’ve both been busy.”

“I’ll say.”

“With school and work,” Liz amended, her tone forceful.
“I...I just took the pregnancy test this morning. I haven’t had a chance to tell him yet. As soon as I do, I’m sure everything will work out.”

“I’m sure it will too, Liz. Look at Sophia. She’s proof of alien-human relations and everyone adores her.” Sophia was the blonde-haired, blue-eyed child of Tess and Kyle, and Serina was correct in saying everyone doted on her. Jim and Amy spoiled her rotten. Maria and even
Michael liked to baby-sit her, and she was the apple of Kyle’s eye. Liz remembered Tess announcing to them she was pregnant at their high school graduation and Sophia entering the world almost seven months later. She and Max had driven all night from Las Cruces because Maria called from Kyle’s house in near-hysterics that Tess might die. Sophia was not only the first child for Tess and Kyle; she was the first child for the four couples that made up their small group. She was proof that alien hybrids and humans could mate and procreate with little or no difficulty. And Liz felt sure that Max would adjust to the idea of their baby as quickly as Kyle had taken to Sophia. “I can’t believe he can’t tell just by looking at you.”


“You’re practically glowing, Liz.” Liz’s eyes widened in horror. She and Max had agreed to stay in their childhood bedrooms for the duration of the summer. If she was glowing, there was no way her mother wouldn’t notice. “I...I didn’t mean it like that. You look...happy, Liz. It’s a mother’s glow.”

“Thank you,” Liz sheepishly replied, tucking a stray strand of hair behind her ear, suddenly embarrassed.

“You’re welcome. Let’s hope he doesn’t have Max’s ears though.”

“He?” Liz pressed her hands against her stomach, surprised by how quickly the connection formed between she and her child. This morning, she had heard the faintest heartbeat but now, she could hear all the sounds her child heard, and his heartbeat sounded like a thousand bass drums in her ears. She pressed the connection further, wondering if Serina’s generalization could be true when Maria burst into the bar, causing her to sever the connection just before confirmation was received.

“My God! Michael! Lizzie! Michael, where are you? Michael!”

Max and Michael ran from the stock room, reaching Maria the same time as Liz and Serina. Michael grasp her shoulders firmly in his hands. Maria’s eyes filled with tears as she grabbed onto Michael’s elbows to steady herself.

“What happened, Maria? What’s going on?”


“Oh Michael,” she sighed, throwing her arms around her fiancé’s neck, crushing her body to his. Michael stumbled backwards slightly as Max reached for Liz, drawing her to his side. “Michael, I can’t believe it.”

“You’re serious,” Michael asked, standing Maria in front of him, bending slightly to look into her eyes. “You’re absolutely sure?”

“Of course, I’m sure, Michael. I...I’m positive.”

“Guys,” Max began, as he, Liz and Serina watched Maria and Michael laugh and cry at the same time. “What’s going on?”

“Congratulate me, Maxwell. Maria’s having a baby.”

Liz and Max stepped forward and hugged Maria and Michael with Serina joining in on the festivities after the initial shock wore off. As Liz stepped back, she and Serina exchanged similar glances. Liz looked over her shoulder at Max, a wide smile across his face and his hand pressed lovingly against Maria’s slightly rounded stomach. Liz turned her attention back to Serina who
simply mouthed for Liz to tell him. Max swept her into his arms and Liz felt her heart rate triple in anticipation of telling Max they were also going to have baby. He lovingly kissed her cheek, pulling her close to him. “I’m so happy for them,” he said, watching as Michael pressed his ear to Maria’s stomach. “Aren’t you?”

“God, yes, Max. I...I -”

“As much as I want a baby Liz, I’m glad it’ll be just us for awhile after we get married.” He kissed her forehead tenderly and Liz buried her face against his shoulder, watching Michael and Maria’s joy out of the corner of her eye, her own joy slowly dying.

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