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hi. this is a fic that me and my friend did and I just wanted to post it here to see if it was any good.

Author (s): Majandra & Shiri
Rating: R (language and viloance)
Disclaimer: No own
Shipper(s): Many
Spoilers: Up to S3 finale
Summary: After "Graduation" Things develop when the group is all captured, relationships are tested, lies form and deception insues.
Muse-ic: Resident Evil Soundtrack

I know why you plague me
I know why you plague yourself;
I know why you blame me,
I know why you blame yourself
-Slipknot, "My Plague"


Ground Zero, New York City

A mysterious black van pulled up to the gates of Ground Zero. The driver rolled down his window. Some audible speaking was done between the driver and security guard before the driver rolled up his window and the van went through the gates into the destruction that was a result of the September 11th attacks. The van pulled up to a pile of rubble at the far end of Ground Zero, away from all the clean up that was going on and a few seconds later the pile of rubble in front of them began to shift and move, revealing a type of garage door. The van pulled in and the door shut slowly and the rubble shifted back to how it was, looking like nothing happened.

About an hour or so later, a tall man with dark brown hair walked down a hallway with silver colored walls. He also wore silver colored doctor scrubs. He was followed by 4 or 5 men who were also wearing scrubs. He makes a left turn and approached the metal door that was in front of him. When he reached the door, he punched in the number code into the access panel. The door made a click sound and slowly opened, allowing the men to walk in the room. When they entered the room, there were 9 medium sized holding cells. Agent David Black, head of the FBI Special Unit, had an evil twinkle in his eye as he looked at all 9 subjects and saw that they were now awake.

"I see, my current subjects are awake. Are you prepared for the experiments?" Agent Black quipped, eyeing them. His brown eyes filled with immense satisfaction, at having finally caught all living ties to "Project X" as it was dubbed back in 1947. He knew what they were and he was prepared for anything, before him in 9 holding cells, were Max Evans, Isabel Evans- Rameriez, Michael Guerin. The Roswell aliens.

But the agent had gotten a few added bonuses in his quest, traveling hunting down the three. He had caught Elizabeth Parker-Evans,Maria DeLuca, Kyle Valenti, and Alex Whitman. Human subjects they all knew the aliens secret; an added bonus to him was the fact that two of the humans had been subsequently 'healed' by one of the aliens. Another bonus that made the agent gleeful at the turn of events was catching two more aliens, or dupes as he would call them; Rath and Lonnie.

"Fuck you." Lonnie sneered. She put out her hand, in attempt to use her powers to just knock out the wall, but nothing happened.

The agent looked almost like the bringer of death when he held up his hand showcasing the tritium amplification generator. "Tough," He sneered back at her. "But you see, this renders every alien in this room powerless" He spoke eyeing them all.

"Well you know asshole, I could care less about your damn tritium amplification whose it. So fuck off and fuck you" Rath eyed the agent slowly, never taking down his cocky attitude or rude mouth.

The agent eyed the mohawk and brown eyed alien slowly. "I don't think see we have ways of dealing with your type around here" He then pushed a red button on a controller he had already prepared and suddenly an electric zap was sent threw Rath's body. The agent then pushed the button again shutting off the zapper.

"You fucker, I'll kill you" Rath sneered at the agent, shaking the bars of the steel barred cage he resided in.

The agent choose to ignore Rath and slowly turned to Liz eyeing her with a secret motive in his eyes as he spoke, and motioned toward her. "You......You're coming with me."

The agent looked to two of his men and nodded his head towards the brunette human girl. Liz began to back up as the men started coming towards her cell.

"Leave her alone. Take me instead!" Max Evans, the king of the Antarian world yelled to the agents fastly approaching his wife.

The head of the FBI Special Unit shook his head in distaste and nodded to Liz. "Take her" Then his head also slowly switched to the other brunette in the cell to the left of a black haired lanky young man; Alex Whitman

Maria DeLuca, didn't move. She could only stare the agent down, her voice mixed with venom as she spoke glaring to the agent. "If you mean sex wise, I'd say your a few balls out of luck" The others in the room lightly snickered all except the agents.

"Miss DeLuca, I presume. I'm surprised, you are no different than your friend here. You may appear to be tough but underneath your exterior your just the soul of a scared little girl, wanting nothing more than to scream your head off right now, or even run to your boyfriend and cry. You're pitiful" The agent spoke evil now more apparent.

"Screw you buddy. You are some pitiful excuse for a physicist, or is it that you assist Mr. Rodgers?" She asked a mock puzzled expression on her face, not backing down from the agent.

The agent snapped his fingers and suddenly Maria was ripped from her holding cell and down on her hands and knees with the agents surrounding her form, the silver tinted scrubs shining lightly in the dim light of the compound.

"Max!" Liz screamed as she was pulled out her of cell by two agents. She screamed and struggled as she was dragged past Maria to an unmarked door leading to only god knows where.

"NO! Liz!"Max yelled as he saw his wife of only 3 days being dragged away to probably be tortured.

Michael Guerin's brown chocolate hues, deflected pain and hatred. Hatred for the people doing this to everyone he cared about. Everyone he loved. His masculine hand raised slowly running a hand threw his dark brown hair. His one ring he wore still encased around his finger, he had given Maria the other one when Max and Liz had exchanged vows. He slowly parted his lips before speaking and looking directly into Maria's hazel brown tinted hues. "Maria, get up. Remember we've been through worse, you can do this earth girl"

Maria slowly lifted a scrub silver covered arm and stood up, defiantly eyeing the agent. Her own hazel brown tinted eyes looked to Michael then flickered back to the agent, before raising a small slender arm brushing her brunette mocha colored hair out of her porcelain seemingly encased face before parting dry lips and speaking with her teeth clenched. "Alright, dickhead," She smirked lightly turning her head to eye him with a certain amount of defiant innocence. "Give me your worst"

The agent grabbed her arms and slowly was dragged to where her best friend was being held. Michael swore to himself as he watched her be dragged away. Numerous thoughts began to run though his head.

{Oh my god.. We've finally been caught. I could blame it on a number of things. Max healing Liz, of course that's how it all started. So that's what I could blame it on most but I won't. I could sit here and lie and say I'm happy about finally getting caught but truthfully I didn't even know this place existed and right now....... I'd give anything to keep it that way. I feel like I can't hack anything anymore. Maybe it's just me. I'm sitting here and I feel like I'm back to stonewall Michael. And all I can hear with in miles, and even so are screams, screams of torture, pain, instatanible and agonizing suffering. Maria and Liz's combined screams, shit I don't even know what's happening to me or anyone anymore, all I know is pain right now. Never ending pain, and suddenly everything evens out, and then all that's left are never ending screams in blackness of dark.}

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thanks for all the loverly feed back on the prologue.. I makes me think that the fic is acutally good so tankies*bounce* here's Ch. 1 and Thanks MLDreamer69 for showing me the right way to post *big*

Author (s): Majandra & Shiri
Rating: R (language and viloance)
Disclaimer: No own
Shipper(s): Many
Spoilers: Up to S3 finale
Summary: After "Graduation" Things develop when the group is all captured, relationships are tested, lies form and deception insues.
Muse-ic: Resident Evil Soundtrack
I know why you plague me
I know why you plague yourself;
I know why you blame me,
I know why you blame yourself
~Slipknot, "My Plague"

CHAPTER 1 - Insight and Dread

Day 1

Everyone in the remaining holding cells turned their heads as they heard a door open. Liz and Maria slowly came out. They both had seemingly visible blue-ish and purple bruises all over their body, the numerous cuts on their porcelain features some dry and blood red, almost caked on they're skin. Some of the other cuts were slightly still bleeding, but mostly were all dry and caked onto the skin, some blood flakes were also visible, the silver tinted scrubs barred graphic evidence of struggles, forcemeat, and resistance. All of the tear's and seem rips in the clothes showed evidence.

Evidence of unspeakable things done. Graphic and mental abuse, even though the aliens couldn't erase them all and probably never would by the looks of everything, the damage was done. Their faces barred no emotions but you could see dry tears on their cheeks, and tired worn eyes. They both said nothing as they quickly and painfully drew breaths to get back into their holding cells. Then they looked up at Max and Michael who were watching them, their dark yet soulful eyes slowly casting into them almost as if they were burning a hopeful light into everything.

Liz leaned up against the wall of her holding cell as soon as she was in it. She slowly and painfully slid her self down the wall into a sitting position as the tears began to come out of her eyes once again. Her tear blurred chocolate hues looked up into her husband's holding cell that was across the room from her. There was a somewhat gleam of hope in his eyes. As she wrapped her arms around her knees almost painfully, he began to speak to her.

"Liz, I know that things might not seem like they can get any better, but I promise you they will. It might seem like I'm lying threw my teeth right now, but look at all we have been through. Pierce, Nasedo, Tess, The summit, and look how many times we've made it together.Why should now be any different? Please trust me Liz. I love you"Max slowly eyed his wife.

Liz slowly swallowed, which even that hurt to do, before she spoke in almost a whisper that no one in the room but Max would hear. "I love you too."

"Oh my god, shut the fuck up before I puke!" Lonnie shouted from her holding cell. She hated all the mushiness of all the Roswell couples. It was so corny.

"Hey you don't you jus--"

"She said shut the fuck up man so do what she said n' shut the fuck up." Rath said taking one of his big stinky boots off and throw it at his holding cell which was just the next one over from him.

Maria's brown tinted cinnamon hues rolled upon hearing Rath and Lonnie's commentary which was uneventful. "Why don't you blow your fuckin mohawk off yo' fuckin' head Rath" She slowly swallowed, and it hurt to do so.

Rath smirked, his eyes gleaming, and his kinkyness setting in he took off his other shoe and eyed the brunette in the cage that had just spoken. "You know you want a bite of the Rathpop princess, so stop denyin' it."

Michael's brown hues glared at Rath from across the room. "When I get you alone so help me I'll rip your damn throat out you alien son of a bitch!" He paced and punched the side wall frustrated.

Maria let a delayed sigh escape her lips, hazel eyes tracking Michael before speaking. "Michael, guys knock it off. I can't handle this right now"

Rath, smirked eyeing his short haired acquaintance, in the barren run down cell across from him. His hands ran slightly across his mohawk brushing it back a little, before sighing and speaking to Lonnie. "Yo bitch"

Lonnie scratched one side of her blonde tinted brunette short locks and her brown eyes slid over to him. "Whatz yo problem Rath, you done hit on little miss perfection then you hit on little miss fuckin' muffett"

A loud groan was heard as a reply from Rath who when looked over toward Lonnie was a hard erection steming from Rath's uncomfortable worn silver scrubs

Lonnie raised a eyebrow to him. "Oh god now ya'z is fuckin' jackin off" She slowly rolled her brown hues and smirked

He nodded to her and continued stroking himself, then spoke. "You'z got a damn problem with it? Sides you ain't my bitch. You'z just a damn good fuck"

Lonnie threw her black tinted Nike sneaker at him. "Fuckin' Dick"

Rath stopped and smirked. "You knows that you like me fuckin' you, bitch. You jus' scared to try the fre- kay shit in here"

"Shut up, ya freaks" Came the comment from Kyle Valenti who was sitting in his holding cell speaking what he had memorized of Buddah.

"We don't need that crap right now Buddah Boy." Came the voice of Alex Whitman out of no where.

"Those of us who are born with jewels turn them into stones but the fulfilled of us are those that are born with jewels and turn them into stones."

"Those who are born with jewels.." Alex said in mock tone of Kyle. "That's a bunch of bull."

"Buddah has forgiven you and so will I." Kyle said calmly.

"Buddah is the devil." Alex said mocking the lady from The Water Boy.

Isabel sighed and paced the cell she was in honey colored hues infused with worry her scrubs hanging down loosely off of her, as she brushed a piece of light brunette semi sort hair behind her ear. "Kyle if you don't stop with Buddah...." She warned, hues turning to Alex. "Alex, please not now"

Kyle and Alex both nodded and shut up, just as Agent Black came out of the room now known as the torture room.

"Specimens, are you ready for the next round of tests. Now here's how things will work. Over the course of the next several days, you will all interact with one another. You will mainly be tested on how you interact with each other, emotionally and if I see fit to it physically, and even intimately. The first two will be Subject 2 and Subject 3, Isabel and Michael" The agent spoke eyeing them both.

"Hell no. You ain't taking me no where." Michael quipped at the agent.

"I'm afraid you have no choice in the matter" The agent ended the spat turning to Isabel who was in the corner of her caged cell, not looking up. "Take them to the room"

The agents men rushed in and forcefully grabbed Isabel and Michael dragging them into the torture room. The room, barred with silver padded and white tiled walls as the room was large spaced in the middle of the room was a steel enforced examination table. The door shut behind the two aliens once they were in the room. Isabel eyed Michael with worry.

Michael looked around the room. "Shit." He mumbled. His chocolate brown hues landing on his supposed destiny.

Isabel's honey brown hues slowly locked on to his. "Michael, I...I don't know what to do anymore"

Michael ran a hand through his long brown hair. "I can't believe it. I just can't believe it. We've finally been caught."

Isabel eyed him, tears starting to fall from her brown hues. "We're never going to get out here"

"Come here." Michael said genlty, slowly pulling her into a hug. "We'll get out of here. One way or another.. we'll get out of here."

Isabel slowly hugged him back, clinging on to him. "You.....I'm sorry god I'm sorry I didn't mean for this to happen, this is all my fault" Tears still going down her face. "If I hadn't...hadn't gotten married we wouldn't even be in here"

Michael ran his hand through her soft short brown hair as he pulled her closer to him, letting her cry on him. "Nothing's your fault. We all knew this was going to happen soon or later."

Isabel nodded. "I'm just so scared"

"I know, Iz. I am too." Michael said comforting the one to whom he was betrothed on Antar.

"I know but I'm still sorry I should have known better than to marry someone who sold us out and for that I know better" She quipped leaning on him.

"Listen to me this is not your fault. Jesse did this on his own which makes me want to hurt him but this is not your fault it never was"

Isabel sighed, nodding an "okay" she wasn't crying anymore but she still was holding onto Michael. Michael was so still holding onto her, his quite large hands running through her soft hair. She slowly looked up at him. He inturn looked down at her, his chocolate brown hues looking into her honey brown hues. She slowly leaned up and kissed him. He put his arms around her and kissed her back.

She slowly drew back from him, eyeing him before speaking. "Michael, what does this mean?"

His chocolate brown hues stared at her blankly, not speaking an answer yet.

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thanks for the feedback yet again *happy* only I got less then 10 FB so far but oh well I guess I'll keep posting *big* here's Ch. 2. this part mostly Groupie (Maria/Alex) so I'm sorry if I offend anyone by the pairing. It was all Majandra's fault for it (*tongue* on you Spiderman.. j/k). And this is a long part also. Ok read and enjoy! *bounce*

Author (s): Majandra & Shiri
Rating: R (language and viloance)
Disclaimer: No own
Shipper(s): Many
Spoilers: Up to S3 finale
Summary: After "Graduation" Things develop when the group is all captured, relationships are tested, lies form and deception insues.
Muse-ic: Resident Evil Soundtrack
I'm giving in to you
Take me under, I'm giving in to you
I'm dying tonight, I'm giving in to you
Watch me crumble, I'm giving in to you, I'm crying tonight, I'm giving in to you
Adema~ "Giving In"
CHAPTER 2-New Awakenings

Day 2

Isabel and Michael had returned to their dark selected cells when the speaker suddenly came overhead. "Specimens 4 and 5, Alex and Maria to the room." Came the voice as they both were suddenly dragged out of their cells.

Alex casted a sembalance glance to Isabel, who had a cut visable over her mouth and some on her neck a few bruises to boot. Michael hadn't gotten off so easily his shoulder injured with non dry red blood could be seen, his movements weren't in stride anymore they looked like they hurt to move, he probably had gotten broken ribs too juding from his stance, and posture.

Then they were both put in the room and the door was banged shut. Maria's chocolate tinted hazel hues sat in the dimly lighted corner of the room, eyeing the floor. She lightly tugged on her silver scrubs and bit her lip before seeing Alex's gaze locked on her.

"This sucks." Alex said matter- of - factly

Maria nodded. "I really don't like this....." She quipped before grimacing in pain putting her arms around herself.

Alex began pacing in front of her. "This is really not what I planned to be doing after graduation. Man I was gonna go to Hollywood and be one of those rock stars on TV, but no I'm stuck here getting tortured because of some aliens that I just happen to be involed with."

Maria ran a hand threw her brunette hair. "I know, Alex. How do you think I feel?"

Alex sighed and ran a hand threw his hair. "I don't know Maria"

Maria sighed. "I'm hurt, I'm bleeding, and I'm tired I just want this to be over"

Alex stopped pacing over to her holding his arms out. "Do you need a hug?"

Maria slowly stood, grimacing with pain in each step she took to move her body, before she could get to Alex; she collapsed over onto the mats, tears from pain visable in her eyes.

"Maria." Alex said as he went to her on the mats. He wished he had special alien powers to heal her pain but he doesn't so he can't help her at all. He would ask her "Are You Okay?" but that would be a stupid question to ask since he knows she isn't.

"Alex" She spoke reaching to wipe her tears away. "Sorry if I scared you"

Alex reached a hand out and wiped away a tear that was sliding down her face. "It's okay. It's all going to be okay. We'll get through this some how."

Maria nodded then laughed slightly. "I wish I had kept all that advil"

Alex laughed slighty also. "You'll need more then that after we all get out of all of this."

"True. And to think I told Liz to actually let you in on this." She ran a hand threw her hair. "I was stupid"

"No you weren't. If you wouldn't have told her that then she wouldn't have told me and I probably would've stopped talking to you two cause you were lying to me then I'd be all lonely cause I wouldn't have any friends."

She eyed him slowly. "Yeah, but I was still stupid and unfair I mean you deserve a normal life."

"We all deserve that but we can't have it. I think you and Liz deserve it the most." Alex said said looking down at her slowly.

"That's not true Alex, you know that you have as much as a chance as myself, Liz or Kyle" She looked up at him.

Alex switched his position to sit indian style. "I think you have the best chance. I mean you're a beautiful, funny, awesome girl who's got a lot going for her. A lot more then I do."

"You've got your band, you've got Isabel, you've got talent and've got me" She looked down at the floor.

"Ok 1. My band sucks... the only time we were good was with you singing with us. 2. I don't have Isabel anymore. 3. I'm a talentless bass player. and 4. You're like the only person I have left... Liz is too indulged in her marriage with Max and no one else gives a damn about me."

Maria nodded. "Okay number one I agree with. 2. Isabel was stupid marrying Jesse 3. You've got more talent than most people I mean come on your like the only guy who can make fun of boybands and just make mockerys out of them 4. I give a damn about you"

"Well thank you. At least someone does."

"I mean well you know, and if no one does I'll be sure to always"

"Of course cause your My Ria. You've always been My Ria. Ever since 5th grade when I saw you and Liz playing on the monkey bars. You were hanging upside down like a monkey with your blonde curls hanging in your face and Liz was trying to get you to come down so you wouldn't fall on your head."

"Yeah and then you came over, with yor scruffy black hair and brown eyes and you got me down for her." Maria finished for him.

"Well you were about to fall so I had to be the hero and save ya." Alex smiling one of his goofy smiles at her. He then put fists on his hips and imated Mighty Mouse. "Here I come to save the day."

Maria laughed a little. "Well you're my hero, Alex"

Alex took his hands off his hips and smiled at her before running a hand through his scruffly short black hair.

Maria sighed. "I was so mad at you that day in 5 grade when you pulled me down I wanted to kick you so badly, but I couldn't"

"Well it is so hard to be mad at little ol' me, isn't it?"

"Yep, I couldn't ever stay mad at you but Liz could for weeks"

"Months even. I remember one time she was made at me for like 2 months cause I wouldn't give back her favorite barbie doll."

"Yeah, but what were you doing with it anyway?" She asked questionatively.

"Science experiment." He answer simply.

"Uh- Huh" She spoke before facing him still laying on the ground. "I'm sorry Liz and Max just put us threw all of this hell, maybe it's a sign or something"

"Sign of what?" He question inquizatively. as he still sat on the padded floor in indian style. "The Apocalypse or something?"

"Like maybe we all shouldn't be around Liz or the aliens anymore"

"Maybe." Alex simply shrugged. " I don't know."

"Live normal." She sighed. "I know I'm probably talking crazy"

He shook his head. "You're not. I understand ya. I always do"

Maria eyed him slowly. "Explain....."

Alex lays on his stomach facing Maria. "Well, like, mostly everyone in our little group or whatever you wanna call it, doesn't understand you sometimes, you know cause you babble alot and despite all your babbling I always seem to understand ya. Comprendas?"

Maria nodded and smacked him playfully. "I don't babble too much!" She shrieked lightly.

Alex laughed lightly. "Do too."

"Do not Whitman"

"Do too Curly."

"Do not Dogdeball player."

"Nothing wrong with..." Two thumbs up. "..Dodge Ball."

"Okay fine. Nothing is wrong with Dodgeball" She suddenly eyed him, looking into his brown hues laughing a little.

"Good cause Dodge Ball is awesome ya know." Alex said with a somewhat goofy grin on his face.

"Yeah." She was starting to fall asleep somewhat but knew what would happen if she did so she fought sleepiness.

Alex swallowed slowly as he was about to tell her something that he's only told his parents and Isabel. "Ok you know how I've always told you like everything?"

She nodded. "Yeah you even told me when you accidentally broke Liz's mirror like 5 years ago and we had drove all over to find a replacement."

He laughed a little then got serious again. "Anyway... there's something I haven't told you.."

Maria slowly sat up eyeing him. "What is it?"

He sits up back in the indian style and eyes her. He takes a deep breath as he tells her. "I....I love you. There I said it."

Maria looks at the ring Michael gave her, then takes it off and looks back at him. "I love you too...." She looks down and bites her lower dry lip.

Alex looked at her with a big smile on his face. He put a hand on her chin and slowly lifted it up so he could look into her beautiful chocolate tinted hazel hues.

Maria looked at him. She looked into his brown dark eyes and slowly pushed her dark hair behind her ear. Smiling, she leaning over to kiss him. Alex also leaned over to kiss her.

Just then the door opened and they quickly seperated, the evil agent David Black stepping threw the door. "We ready to begin ?" He asked them and Maria and Alex exchanged worried glances at each other then to agent Black.

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Hey Maj. *bounce* or should I say "Spidey"? *tongue* j/k. yeah she's right on the feedback part... if I wouldn't have gotten any feedback except from MLDreamer69 (I made her give FB cause I can *angel*) on the prolouge then I probably wouldn't have posted the rest of it so thanks *big* At first I thought it sucked too but I posted it anyway (and your singing dun suck). And yeah what she said... keep reading cause it'll get betta I promise.. Part 3 comes out tomorrow! *big* and Maj. I need the rest of what we got to post.. unless you wanna post 4 - 6 or something
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This ch. is for my fellow Juliets out there *happy* Enjoy*bounce*

Author (s): Majandra & Shiri
Rating: R (language and viloance)
Disclaimer: No own
Shipper(s): Many
Spoilers: Up to S3 finale
Summary: After "Graduation" Things develop when the group is all captured, relationships are tested, lies form and deception insues.
Muse-ic: Resident Evil Soundtrack
Pain- made to order;
All I hear is human noise;
Cuz I can't stand it, planned it, gonna crash land it
"Slipknot"~ "Only one"
CHAPTER 3- Diferencial truth

Day 3

"Maria?" Alex said in almost a whisper as he painfully rolled her head over towards her direction.

"Ye...ah?" She said almost in a whisper, her voice was small yet okay and bruised voice.

"I..... h..hurt....bad"

"I know, me too" She bit her lip causing it to bleed once more.

Alex nodded his head only the slightest bit which caused the cut on the side of his neck to began bleeding once again.

"We'd better sit still..." She looked down and winced, tears coming down her porcelin features

"Okay.." He said, not nodding time.

"This is why I'm scared we're not going to make it out" Tears still falling out of her eyes.

"Don't say that. We'll make it out, and we'll do it togehter."

"Well then why do I feel like we won't...this is bad I don't even see any good in this"

"We will.... we--"

Alex stopped talking when the door opened. The agents people dragged them out and put them back in their holding cells.

"Ooh look who's back. It's the pansy ass humans." Lonnie shot out when she saw Maria and Alex being put back in their cells.

"Lonnie, knock it off" Isabel quipped.

"Fuck off, Vilandra. I ain't gotta listen to you'z."

Isabel glared at her. "I'm not Vilandra, you are bitch"

Lonnie smirked. "We're both her you fuckin' dumb ass."

Michael eyed Isabel. Isabel glared at her. "You wanna fuckin' enlighten me?"

"If see you little fuckin' boyfriend ova there dun know abou it. And ya see dumb fuck, we'z bot her cause we're dupes. God, get a fuckin clue."

"I have a clue. And I don't need your two damn cents look at you you grew up in the sewers" Isabel challenge back at her. "Leave Michael out of this"

"Atleast I remember my alien heritage Vilandra. And I leave who ever the fuck I want out of it."

Isabel glared at her. "I'm not that much of a bitch"

"Shut the fuck up ya are to you'z a fuckin' ho!" Rath yelled at Isabel.

"Shut the fuck up Rath. When I get alone with you I'll kick your fucking ass." Michael yelled out, his bad ass side coming out of no where.

Rath smirked then eyed Maria "Yo muffett, your pimp boy over here ain't only been fuckin' you" He pointed to Isabel.

Maria sighed "I couldn't really care"

Isabel glared at Rath. "Leave her alone"

Rath eyed Lonnie. "You'z right she is a Vilandra ho bitch"

"I told You'z she was. That bitch is a fuckin' bad ass." Lonnie smirked.

"Would you two knock it off!" Isabel yelled

Lonnie made a mock hiss sound at Isabel. "Fuck off."With that she shut up.

The P.A came back on and hissed. "Specimen 7 and 8; Kyle and Lonnie to the room" it announced, several minutes later they were thrown into the room.

"Why the fuck am I stuck in here with Buddah Boy??" Lonnie complained as she punched the metal table in the room and made a dent in it.

"I'm not exactly thrilled to be stuck in here with you either" Kyle quipped.

Lonnie smirked and leaned against a padded wall. "Whatever." She pulled out a pack of smokes, and a lighter out. She pulled out a cigarette and lit it up. She took a long drag from it.

Then the door opened and in came agent Black, eyeing Lonnie he walked over and put out the cigarette grabbing it from her and stepping on it

"What the fuck? You damn pansy."

He then snapped his fingers and the men came in a dragged Kyle out of the room and back into his cell, leaving a bruise on his arm.


Lonnie stared down the agent.

"Bring it on, Fucker." She challanged.

He snapped his fingers again and in came 5 men in white sterile uniforms picked her up and dunked her into a tub of ice cold water holding her down each man around the tub.

"God Damn........Mothafuckin'..........shits." Lonnie screamed as she was being dunked

The agent smirked evily and watched her continue to be dunked until she gave up the struggle.

"Damn it!"

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yeah guys sorry about the short chapter *angel* *big*. Enjoy it and Spidey will post part 4 tomorrow *bounce*

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Bad news to all reading this fic.. Spidey's computer messed up her disk (that we had this whole fic saved on) yesterday *sad* She's going to try it in school on monday to see if we get anything. But if we don't well have to write part 4 to where we were at all over again so it might take us a little longer to get the next parts out. Sorry if this dissapoints anyone. Keep a look about for new chapters of this fic in the future *bounce*
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Hey guys. Sorry it's been so long since I've post a part of this story but Spidy's disk broken and all that stuff. But hey we're slowly getting the parts back. we rped 1 and a half chaps last night *bounce* ok so here's the last part of ch. 3 incase yall forgot

He snapped his fingers again and in came 5 men in white sterile uniforms picked her up and dunked her into a tub of ice cold water holding her down each man around the tub.

"God Damn........Motherfucking..........shits." Lonnie screamed as she was being dunked

The agent smirked evily and watched her continue to be dunked until she gave up the struggle.

"Damn it!"

Now that that's out of the way here is ch. 4 *big*

Author (s): Majandra & Shiri
Rating: R (language and viloance)
Disclaimer: No own
Shipper(s): Many
Spoilers: Up to S3 finale
Summary: After "Graduation" Things develop when the group is all captured, relationships are tested, lies form and deception insues.
Muse-ic: Resident Evil Soundtrack (not for this ch. though)
People ask you for guidence like they're you fucking best friend
Your image of selfperfection sickens me
Sometimes I want to trust you but I know I fully can'y
Personally I'd like to see you try, See you die
I find it quant how you channel everyone to belive you
Personally I could care less about what the other think or do
You amuse me, use me, lie and abuse me
I find it funny how you think you're the king of the world
~"Bleed" - Majandra~
*Majandra as in the other writer of this fic, not Majandra as in Delfino*

The door of the torture room opened up and Lonnie slowly walked out. There were a number of large bruises and cut visible on her. She had what seemed to be a broken rib or two and a thrown out shoulder.

"Shit. This hurts like a fuckin' bitch"

"Told you it would bitch" Rath commented from his cell.

"Shut the fuck up" Lonnie quipped as she went back into her cell.

"Knock it off, fuckers"Maria quipped and threw her silver tinted blood stained old shirt at them

Lonnie glared at Maria as she sat down on the old creaky, small bed in her cell. "I'z dun gotta listen to you Muffet"

"Oh yeah, thats why your cells got the fuckin' contaminated rats in it. Bitch maybe you'll die quicker" Maria spat back brown tinted hazel eyes fueled with fire.

"I could care less 'bout fuckin' rats" Lonnie spat back, her slightly darker brown tinted honey hues narrowed slighty at the fiesty brunette human.

Rath smirked as he watched the verbal quarrel going on between them.

"I hope you die with the fuckin' tourture and idiot people here" She sat down running a hand over her slightly bruised face and brown hair.

"Oh go fuck nerd boy"

"Hey!" Alex said in defence of himself.

"I resent that, why don't you go screw mr. im so fucking horny 24 seven over there"

"You bitch" Rath was about to throw his shoe at her fumbling to untie it.

Alex straight out laughed at Rath. "He can't even untie his shoe"

Kyle snickered at his comment.

"Ugh shut up" Liz mumbled, holding her head as she was beginning to get another headache.

"Your one to talk Liz, why don't you just fuck Max's brains out" The petite short brown haired alien girl quipped.

Liz glared at Isabel. "Fuck off. Atleast I didn't marry someone who got freaked and turned me into the fuckin FBI"

Isabel glared at her. "You, don't even know the half of it none of you do and frankly I'd be ashamed to call you part of my family"

"Ditto, Vilandra" She quipped with emphasis on Vilandra.

"Chick fight!" Kyle commented. He looked over to Max's cell. "And there you are just sitting there lettin' 'em do that. Tisk tisk"

Max glared at Kyle, then Isabel. "Don't you ever talk to her like that this is all your fault and I will never forgive you for it. You're not family, you're a bitch plain and simple and when we leave here I will never speak to you again I'd bet my life on it, now straighten up Vilandra"

Isabel bit her lip causing it to bleed and walked over to her bed and sat down looking at the floor. Lonnie smirked as her pathetic dupe was getting yelled at by 'The Man'. It was quite amusing to watch. Liz watched Isabel as she did so. She didn't even care about what she was feeling right now.

"That's what I'm talking about" Kyle commented again.

"Shut the fuck up Buddah Boy" Lonnie spat out.

Isabel cast a side glance at Michael then turned her head shaking it. "I....I could care less Max, You've always been a selfish self absored being except when it came to her. You never gave a god damn about anyone else but her!" She yelled at him. "And as far as we apparent now to me that Michael is the only actual family Ive ever had you just wanted your little time to bitch at me and be so self righteous, your not what you appear to be either, you used to care yes but now all you are is a heartless son of a bitch" She spoke to him eyes filled with fire.

"She has a fuckin' point. You're a self indulgent bastard who don't give a shit about anyone else but himself and the fuckin' whore he calls a wife." Michael spoke up from his cell

"Asshole" Liz spat out from her cell.

"Fine go head and say that I don't care but need I remind you she is the reason we are in her now not me so if you want someone to take it out on be her because she's the one that got us in here to begin with. And you're just agreeing with her because your pissed off at Alex"

"I ain't pissed off at anyone 'cept you. And I'm agreeing with her cause it's fuckin' true."

Kyle slowly raised his hand. "Uh... can I take a shot and say I agree with them?"

"Shut the fuck up. You're ruining a good fuckin' fight. Shut that fuckin' hole in your face or I'z gonna hurt you." Lonnie spat out.

That got Kyle to be quiet. For now.

"Don't start.Max you leave Michael out of it it's between you and me not Michael and definatly not that skank ho you call your wife" Isabel quipped

"Alex didn't do jackshit you Max leave him out of this"

Max glared at them. "Fine, you want to go head and fuck Michael be my guest, Maria I did not ask for you're two cents nor did I care for them"

Alex glared at Max. "She's allowed to speak her two cents... it's called freedom of speech Kingy."

All the yelling quieted down as soon as the P.A. came on. "Specimen 6 and 9 please come out, now"

Liz realized that it was her again. "Shit" She muttered as a few agents came into her cell to get her. She wouldn't go with them again. Two agents grabbed her arms. She struggled and one of the agents twisted her arm back. A nice, crisp, snap was heard from her arm. She cryed out a little as her arm got broken. They pulled her out of her cell and throw her into the torture room.

Rath sighed as the agents pulled him out. "Come on fuckers, I ain't like that bitch ova there" he nodded to Liz as they threw him in.

"Damn it Rath she's not a--" Max heard the door slam shut

"Maybe she deserved that to make you stop running your stupid mouth Zan" Isabel finished.

Max threw the bottom part of his broken bed at her. Before she got hit in the arm. "Now what were you saying?"

Isabel sat silent her arm bleeding slightly. Michael mumbled something at Max as he flipped him off.

Rath eyed Liz. "Jezz bitch you can't even take it yet you dish out shit"

Max glared at Michael and flipped him back off. "For all I know you two probably screwed each others brains out. I have never seen you so protective of that bitch and it makes me sick to think about it"

"I can take a lot more then you think asshole" Liz spat out as she leaned up aganist one of the padded walls.

"Just like it makes me gag to think that you fucked the gerbil"

"Really? Bitch, we'll see about that lata"

"So you aren't denying it. Jesus christ" Max spoke

"Hey! I'd like you respect Christan-ism" Maria yelled out.

"Well fuck that to" Max quipped

"I hope your alien god kills you." Maria cevied eyeing the wall next to her cell.

"Bring it on" Liz challenaged.

"I didn't say I did and didn't say I did asshole. Pay attention for once."

"Buddah is better." Kyle said.

"Yo! Didn't I tell you'z to shut the fuck up??" Lonnie yelled out at Kyle.

"Didn't I tell you'z to shut the fuck up..." Kyle muttered in mock tone.

Apparently Lonnie heard him because soon a piece of what looked like part of her bed frame came flying at him and hit his leg. Kyle got quiet and pulled the piece out of him leg as it started to bleed.

Maria eyed Lonnie. "Thank you for once"

"Fine bitch you wanted this..." Rath took hold of her other arm and snapped it, crisp and clear again.

"Your just as much of an asshole as she is, Michael. You were always the fuck up anyway"

Liz cryed out enough for Max to hear her. With a swift movement of her leg, she kicked Rath in the balls.

Lonnie eyed Maria back. "Whatever, Muffet"

"Aw thank you." Micahel said in a overly sarcastinic nice tone of voice. His voice then became mean again. "And you were always the self indulgent, spoiled asshole."

Max smirked. "Always the dick head, are we?" He looks to Michael as he hears Liz. "Since Rath isn't out here I'll kill you"

Isabel glared at him. "Over my dead body"

"That can be aranged Vilandra"

Rath fell down. "You little bitch"

"Bring it on, asshole" Michael challanged.

Liz towered over Rath. "Thank you. And if you ever touch me again, you'll get more then just a kick in the balls."

Max threw the other end of the chair at him threw Isabel's cell and iinto his.

Rath grabbed her broken arm. "Listen bitch. Try me and I can do worse"

Michael caught it with his bare hand. He just smirked. He may not have his powers at the moment but he still has damn good hand-eye coordination.

Liz used the self defence moves she learned in P.E. to flip Rath over onto his back and pin him down to the ground. She did all that despite both her now broken arms.

Isabel's eyes widened. "I would have choked you if you hit him!"

Max laughed. "Showing true colors are we bitch"

"Get off me" Rath picked her back up and threw her onto the ground quickly. "Stupid bitch"

Michael took that same piece of chair and flung it back at him through Isabel's cell and it hit him. Kyle restrained making a comment as he watched what went on.

Liz hit the ground and sat up, her arms hurting like hell but she could care less at the moment. "Asshole"

"God." Max winced as the piece of chair hit him in the chest.

Isabel sat back down smirking at Michael a little mouthing a "Thank you"

"Cunt" Rath mouthed at her swirling his tounge.

"Dick" Liz said out loud as she slightly narrowed chocolate tinted hues at him.

Michael nodded a little to Isabel as he eyed Max out of the corner of his eye.

"Pussy" Rath narrowed his brows to her.

Max sneered. "You two will be in for hell"

Michael let out a short laugh. "We've spent what 4 days in hell already so it won't fuckin matter."

"Cocksuker." Liz spat as she still sat on the ground.

Max laughed. "That's understatement to what I'll do to you and her"

"Bitch" Rath grabbed her and kissed her.

Michael just smirked.

Liz went to scream and struggle but for some reason she let it linger for a few mere seconds before she pushed him off of her. "Get the hell off me"

Rath smirked as the men game in a dragged Liz out tourturing Rath

Max eyed him glaring.

Liz coming out of the torture room caused the verbal fight between Max and Michael to stop for even a few seconds as they both watched her as she walked back to her cell. She was starting to feel the pain of both her broken arms. She tasted the metalic taste in her mouth from when Rath kissed her. She shook her head lightly as she went back into the hell and sat down by one of the walls

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Hmm... I don't know if I should keep posting this anymore... I keep getting less and less FB... I mean I posted part 4 last night at like 6 o'clock and I've only gotten 1 FB and that just from Kylie who I make send FB to me *sad* I'm going to try one more time tonight by posting part 5 tonight and if I don't get more then 1 FB I'm going to stop posting it for a while.. atleast time me and Maj get it all done. Sound fair? *happy*

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ok this is going to be my last time posting a part of this fic on here if I don't get anymore feedback sowwie *sad* if any of you want to continue reading this fic then e-mail me for more parts and I'll send 'em to you. we've got up to part 7 out of about 16 written. so here's go my last try.. part 5

Author (s): Majandra & Shiri
Rating: R (language and viloance)
Disclaimer: No own
Shipper(s): Many
Spoilers: Up to S3 finale
Summary: After "Graduation" Things develop when the group is all captured, relationships are tested, lies form and deception insues.
Muse-ic: Resident Evil Soundtrack (no song lyrics for this one)


Rath came out the next morning. Bruised, beaten and battered with slight hits of sore shoulders and broken ribs. "This ends like hell"

Lonnie snorts out a laugh as she goes back to sleep.

"Good" Liz spat out as she was just awake enough to comprehend what he said. Surprisingly enough she still has the taste of metal in her mouth.

Rath flipped her the finger. As the PA came on again. "Subjects 2 &3"

Michael groaned as he was pulled out of bed by some agent. "God not again." He managed to get the agents to let go of him. "Fuck it. I'll walk in by myself." And that he did.

Isabel got them to let go of her and she did the same surprisingly they didn't try to grab her. {I don't like this, somethings not right, they're letting us go too easy}

The men shut the door and Agent Black rounded on them. "Morning" He pointed to the cameras. Michael glared see the Agent. He also flipped off the camera when Agent Black wasn't looking.

"I don't like this...what do you want?" Isabel stood near Michael afraid

"She's very observant that one" he said to Michael.

Michael nodded slightly. "What do you want?" He said repeating Isabel's question.

"You two are going to have intimate other" The agent finished. "The camera is for our files for records of Aliens"

Isabel eyed Michael.

"You're fuckin sick man." Michael spat out, disguested at what they have been told to do.

"Oh you don't want to do it?" A man stepped up behind Isabel. "You don't... I kill the only family you said you had...the only one you care about" He took her head in his hands.

Michael's chocolate tinted hues widen the slightest bit as he comprehended what was just said. He slowly gluped as he spoke. "Fine. Just don't hurt her"

"Thought you'd see it my way" He said and walked out

Isabel put her head in her hands. "I don't... I don't like this"

Michael sighed and put his arm around her in a comferting manner. "I know. Me either."

Isabel shrugged him off, looking down. "I don't want to do any of this..."

Michael leaned back one of the padded walls folding his arms across his chest. "None of us do."

Isabel stood up across from him, eyeing him hands at her sides. "Well then you could have let me die, I mean we're gonna die in here anyway. Why not make it quicker?"

Michael eyed her right back, having to look up at her the slightest bit because he was slouching and leaning at the same time. "Couldn't let you die on my accont."

"I'd have died on my own free will. Not your's" She spat back leaning on the wall. "So don't flatter your self usless you have something to prove to me"

He turned his head to look over at her. "Don't get snippy with me, Izzy." {You're the one that got us here in the first place} He thought but didn't say out loud.

"Well I'm sorry but if your going to turn this on me and be like everyone else I think it's better to say I have no family" She turned around in the corner.

"Then what were you saying?"

"I was saying that you shouldn't be getting snippy with me cause I didn't do or say anything to make you wanna be that way with me. Go ahead and be snippy with everyone else, I don't care about them right now, just don't be with me."

"Look" Isabel shook her brown hair and stared back at him. "I'm not mad at you Michael, It's just everythings getting to me and I'm sorry if I take it out on you"

Michael scratched his eyebrow unconciously. "It's alright. I understand. No big deal."

Isabel sighed and ran her foot across the floor in swirl motions looking up at him and biting her lip. " do you want...want to do this?" She struggled to speak out.

Michael looked at the servalence carmera hanging from the ceiling across the room for a few seconds, almost as if thinking. He sighed and ran a hand through his long brown hair. "I don't know" He admited looking back at her.

"Wait" She looked around and found a piece of Rath's old jeans chain on the floor that he had put on his scrubs and promptly flung it into the camera, eyeing him.

Michael smirked as the little pathetic camera fell off it's hook on the ceiling and broke on impact with the floor. Isabel smirked back at him dropping the chain, brown honey tinted hues eyeing him stepping close. Michael's chocolate tinted brown hues diverted from the broken camera on the floor back to Isabel as he stepped closer also. He leaned down and kissed her.