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OK I am back! Andi aka True Destiny Dreamer inspired me to write is a link to other parts.... f=repost-fan-fiction&t=703
That's parts 1-21 and here is 22:
Chapter 22
“Rise and Shine!” Joe called. I woke up and groaned. “We get to do something fun today!” he called. Maria moaned. “What is it? Wait let me guess…we get to beat the living shit out of you and leave you for dead?” she asked. A guard stepped forward and hit Maria. That seemed to wake Alex and Kyle up for they ran for the guard. Maria held up her hand and stopped them. “No…he’ll get his one day.” She said. Joe ignored her comment and shook his hand. Four guards came forward and grabbed us one by one…we were lead down a lot of corridors before we were taken and put in four different rooms. There were no lights, no windows, only darkness. I crumbled and fell. I crawled to the nearest corner to lay down. The only sounds were my breathing. All I wanted was Max. If I died with his arms around me…I would die happy. Wait…I can’t think of death! I’m not going to die in here! The Rath husk will get me out…along with Kyle, Maria, and Alex. We’ll all be fine. Right?

The pathway is broken and the signs are unclear
And I don’t know the reason, why you brought me here
Just because you love me the way that you do,
I’m gonna walk through the valley if you want me too.

Maria fell on the floor and started to sob. It was unfair. She wanted Michael…not this. Never this. What did she do wrong? Why was God punishing her? Was she supposed to die here? Was Michael ok? Was he thinking of her? Did he meet some alien babe who he liked better? Why were so many questions unanswerable?

Cuz I’m not who I was, when I took my first step.
And I’m clinging to the promise,
you’re not through with me yet
So if all these trials bring me closer to you,
Then I would go through the fire if you want me too.

Bella. Her hair. Her eyes. Her mouth. Her laugh. Her personality. Her everything. Kyle would never see her again. Yes…yes he would. Kyle is thinking positive. The bull in chasing you, but you’re getting away. The locusts are singing in the background. Kyle sighed and put his hand over his head. Why him?

It may not be the way I would have chosen
When you lead me to a world inside my heart
But you never said it would easy
You only said I’d never go alone…

< OK, Whitman. Admit it…that was the last time you are ever going to see Isabel. Get over it man…you’re in here forever…no one is coming. You’re gonna die in here. Alone. NO! Not alone…Isabel can feel me…we have a connection. > Alex put a hand through his hair. “Isabel, I just want you to know I love you.” Alex whispered.

So when the whole world turns against me,
And I’m all by myself, and I can’t hear you answer my cries for help.
I’ll remember the suffer, your love put you through
And I would go through the valley, if you want me too.

I thought back to my last entry…after prom…maybe I was wrong in the slightest tense…maybe I wasn’t.

And there we were, all together. With everything we had all been through over the past 2 years. The battles we fought, the relationships that were formed, the feelings for each other, stronger than any feelings we’ve ever known could exist. And somehow in this moment, I had this really strong, really upsetting feeling that this was the last time we would all be standing together.

This was just another battle we would have to go through. Just another one to add to the list. And we were going to make it. If we didn’t then Future Max lied to me. He said that this would be better for all of us. And just because I love Max so much…I’m going to believe it.
* * *
Max looked up at the stars. He was lying in the bed that was given to him and he looked out the window towards the stars…if he looked hard enough he could see Earth. Movement behind him said that Michael and Isabel were awake.
“Do you think they’re ok?” Isabel asked. She rubbed her stomach as she said it.
“Sure.” Michael replied although he wasn’t too sure of himself at the moment.
“Kyle is probably with his girlfriend right now…laughing. Alex is cracking jokes making Liz and Maria laugh while they sit in the Crashdown.” Max said as he twisted to look at his sister.
“I don’t know. I could have sworn that I heard Alex whisper ‘Isabel I just want you to know I love you’, right now.” Isabel whispered.
“That’s impossible. He’s there and we’re here.” Michael said turning towards Max and Isabel.
“Isabel, don’t worry about it, I miss Liz too…but I’m sure they’re ok.” Max said reassuringly. He patted her arm and she wiggled around a bit.
“Isabel…will you…will you sing me a song?” Michael whispered. Isabel nodded in the dark. “Nothing cheesy ok? Just a simple song.” Michael added.
Come to me now, lay your hands over me
Even if it’s a lie say it will be all right
I shall believe
Broken in two, I know you’re on to me
That I only come home, when I’m so alone
I can believe
That not everything is gonna be the way you think it aught to be
Seems like every time I try to make it
right it all comes down to me
Please say honestly you won’t give up on me
I shall believe, I shall believe
Open the door, show me your face tonight
I know its true, no one hears me like you
You hold the key never again,
will I turn away from you
I’m so happy tonight, that your love is all right
I do believe.
That not everything is gonna be the way you think it aught to be
Seems like every time I try to make it
right it all comes down to me
Please say honestly you won’t give up on me
I shall believe, I shall believe

“Where did you hear that Isabel?” Max asked as he heard Michael’s snores. “Liz played it all the time.” Isabel replied before she too fell asleep. Max gazed at the stars one last time. “I miss you Parker.” He whispered, as his eyes came to a close. The figure that was listening out side of the window sighed. Larek rubbed his eyes. “Great…I have to make another trip to Earth. These humans are killing me.” He said.

I'm supergirl

And I'm here

To save the world

And I wanna know

Who's gonna save me?


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Hope you all liked it!! *smile*

I'm supergirl

And I'm here

To save the world

And I wanna know

Who's gonna save me?

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Jull- What makes you think I'm going to spill anything?? LoL nope my mouth is shut!! Thanks for the feedback!!
Andi- As always I love your little summaries. Michael was trying to make Isabel feel better cuz she was worried!! The reason that Alex was able to connect with Isabel was cuz of the baby! Liz could've if she used her powers but she didn' ya. Larek is a good guy...I'm not saying anything about him going down to Earth cuz he isn't...someone else might be though!!! HeHe

I'm supergirl

And I'm here

To save the world

And I wanna know

Who's gonna save me?

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[font=Courier Sans MS]Hey guys! I got it!! Finally Part 23. This is kind of long....enjoy!!!

Chapter 23
Bella rubbed her eyes and sighed. “Hey Beautiful.” Rath said from the corner of the room. “Go to hell Rath!” Bella mumbled. “What was that?” Rath asked. Bella turned and glared at him. Her red hair flew across her face. “I said shut up before I come over there and make you!” she cried.
“Well…someone got up on the wrong side of bed this morning, didn’t you?” Rath asked taking a step towards her. Sumo and Bella(the dog) stood before Bella’s chair and growled.
“Good babies.” Bella called and she handed them two dog bones. They retreated to go and eat them.
“Rath…we were supposed to go get them tonight…why aren’t we doing something? Preparing?” Bella asked.
“Because it’s 4 in the morning…that’s why. Normal people aren’t up right now.” He said.
“You do know you just dissed yourself right?” Bella asked.
“I never said I was normal.” Rath said as he took a bite of a bagel, chewing with his mouth open. When Bella looked at him in disgust he held up his arms. “What?”
Bella rolled her eyes and put her head on her arms. A cold nose touched her leg and she jumped. Sumo sat there wagging his tail. His tongue stuck out of his mouth. Down by his legs was Kyle’s old basketball jersey. Bella picked it up. Sumo grabbed it with his teeth. Bella held one end while Sumo held the other. He started to pull hard and Bella stumbled up out of the chair.
“What are you a cannibal? Give the dog the jersey!” Rath said. Bella glanced over at him. “You know, you aren’t helping.”
“So? Should I be?” Rath pointed out. He took another bite and Bella shook her head. She followed Sumo, or rather Sumo dragged her outside. Bella (the dog..who I am going to call Bell so things aren’t confusing) was standing beside a hole in the ground. Sumo pulled her all the way over and Bell barked happily. Bella bent down and looked in the whole. A box was sitting on a dirty towel. Bella looked away and pulled out the box. Wiping away as much dirt as she could Bella opened the box. Inside were some pictures. One was Maria posing as a model. Another was of Michael, a Rath look alike, standing and staring into the sun. Then both were standing by a big white building with the words Federal Bureau of Investigation. Although, the words were faded and the letters were hard to read.
“Rath!” Bella called. Rath came out holding a banana this time. “Vut?” he mumbled. Bella snorted in disgust. “Get your ugly ass over here.” She demanded. Rath stumbled over across the yard. Bella pointed to the picture. “Is this the building?” she asked. Rath looked at it and nodded.
“Ya…that’s it!” he exclaimed. Bella pointed to a ladder towards that led to the top, connecting to a window. “Look at that…can’t we get in there?” she asked. “It could lead right into the second floor…it’d be easier to get to Kyle, and the others. Right?” Bella asked. Rath looked at the photo closer. “Ya…it could! It just might work!” he cried. He ran back into the house leaving Bella filled with joy. She jumped up and hugged Sumo and Bell. “He’s coming back! He’s coming back!” She cried smiling. The dogs barked and Bella smiled.
* * *
Larek opened the door and entered. “Hey.” He said. “Is that all I get…hey?” A girl with brown eyes, and a reddish brown hair asked. She had a fair complexion, and was tall. Maybe 6’9, very strange for a girl who had short parents.
“Sorry Sere. Just so much is going on!” Larek said. He sat down on the bed and Serena sighed.
“Listen Larek…you’re one of the best warriors Antar has. Now that the Royals are back…everything will be better!” Serena said, trying to make things easier on her brother. She patted his back.
“But there’s only 3 of them! Ava went against them. They need four.” Larek said, his teeth grinding.
“Stop grinding your damn teeth! Mom always said that was a bad habit of yours! What about Alicia? Michael’s sister…that’s Liz…we bring her here and everything is ok.”
“But her powers Serena…she needs to be trained.” Larek replied.
“And who better than your favorite sister?”
“Thanks Serena! You are the best!” Larek called moving from the bed.
“I know…so when do I teleport myself down there?” she asked. “Now.” He responded. Serena jumped up. “Now? Why so soon?”
“They royals miss them! We can bring them back up here. It’ll take you a couple of hours to get down there…if you leave now then you can make it in time for dinner…I hear they have really good onion rings.” He teased as he noticed Serena’s gaze start to waver. He held back his laugh and Serena nodded. “Sure…on my way.” She replied.
“Watch out Sere. Be careful. You know where they are…right?” Larek asked as he hugged Serena tightly. He felt her nod and he stepped back. She gave him a wink. “Remember to eat all of your veggies!” she called before disappearing. Larek stood and watched until a knock on the door made him come out of his wake. Larek sighed and left the room to deal with the rest of the day.
* * *
“Romeo, Romeo where for art thou Romeo?” I whispered. I was in the dark comparing the movie lines to the book lines. “Hey Romeo…where are you?” I whispered also. I laughed at the difference.
“What is in a name? A rose would still smell as sweet if called by another name.”
“If a rose was called something else it would still smell the same wouldn’t it?” I asked. I stared into the darkness wishing that Max were there. I always wished Max were there. Just to hold me. I’d die for one hug…just one. That isn’t asking too much is it? Suddenly my head started to tingle. I closed my eyes and concentrated like I had done to save Max. I felt my head or my soul…maybe it was my spirit, leave my body. I traveled in space…yes in space. Through a small village into a room. Michael, Max, and Isabel stood by a buff man in front of a lot of people. Everyone turned to look at me.
“Liz?” Max yelled. I laughed and tears went down my cheeks. I took a step forward and realized a lot of people were looking at me…but I didn’t care.
“It’s so good to see you Max!” I cried.
“You couldn’t talk before when you did this…why now? Why can everyone see you?” Michael asked.
“Because I’m giving up I guess.” I replied. My voice was merely a whisper.
“What do you mean giving up?” Isabel asked. “What are u talking about Beth?” she asked her voice worried.
“After you left…the FBI got us…they’ve had us for awhile.” I said.
“Oh god.” Isabel said. She put a hand to her mouth as if she was going to throw up.
“Are you ok?” Michael asked. I knew he was mainly concerned about Maria and I nodded.
“What have they done to you?” Max asked, coming towards me. A protective wall was around me and he couldn’t get through. No! I want a hug.
“They tried to drown us and get us to tell them answers…but we wouldn’t. We didn’t say anything Max! They hit Maria and me a lot…and now we’re in isolation. It’s so dark…I missed you so much!” I was sobbing now and I couldn’t help it. I had to hug him…just once. I flung myself at him and his arms surrounded me. I started to laugh now. I was able to hug him. Yes! Isabel and Michael launched themselves at me. Now 3 people were hugging me.
“They took Maria to a doctor and she came back really pale. They hurt her Michael. Bad. She’s ok now. Kyle said that he told Bella everything and that she had alerted the adults that we were missing. And Rath…the husk one is going to help too…he’s going to help!” I cried. I was happy. I couldn’t wait to tell the others. I started to feel dizzy.
“NO!” I cried.
“What?” Max called. “I have to go now…I don’t have the energy.” I whispered. Tears were down my face. I looked at the buff man. I didn’t know who he was but his eyes met mine and I nodded. “Take care of them.” I said. He nodded and I started to almost travel again. I looked at Isabel and smiled. “Talk to him in his dreams Bel…you’ll get in!” I called before leaving and going through space again. When I saw the bleak walls I lost the peace I had felt back with Michael, Isabel, and most of all, Max. I started to cry, out of happiness. I suddenly seemed to remember the buff man standing watching us. Larek. I don’t know how I knew it, but I did. And that place…it was a little house, although it had once been a bar…called the…The Desear Inn. Desear was Spanish for desire. Thank god Maria taught me something. But how did I know that used to be a bar? I need to get my shit together…and fast.
* * *
As Liz disappeared the three Royals stood shocked. “How’d she do that?” One of the men asked. He and his question were forgotten as the 3 came out of their stupor. Max looked at the man. “What did you ask?” He asked politely. “How did she do that?” he repeated. Another man turned and rolled his eyes. “Don’t you know anything man? That was Alicia…course she could do it. She’s only one of the most powerful Antarians to ever live thanks to her mother’s genetics-“
Larek turned in full force and shut the man up instantly with his glare. “Liz is a what?” Isabel asked.
“Nothing…these men mistook her for someone else!” Larek snapped. Isabel frowned and looked at Max. He nodded and turned towards Larek. “Who was she mistaken for?” he asked, his voice tight and calm. Larek tilted his head.
“That is of no concern.” He said, and started to move across the room. “I think it is. Tell Maxwell here what he wants to know.” Michael said stepping in front of Larek. Larek was a couple of inches taller than he, but Michael wasn’t backing down.
“Move, or do I have to make you?” Larek whispered. “That girl is part of our family on Earth, and in our hearts, now you have some explaining to do and we want answers, right now!” Michael gritted, his jaw clenched. Larek looked him up and down.
Max and Isabel stepped up behind Michael as if supporting him. “That’s an order.” Max said. A murmur went through those watching but the gaze of the four was never replaced with anything else.
“That was not your friend Liz. That was Empress Alicia of Southern Antar, protector and guardian of the Royal Four, sister to Prince Rath, Best friend to Princess Vilandra, Fiancé to King Zan, and cousin to my sister Serena. Any more questions?” he demanded looking at the stunned faces.
“Ya what the hell kind of crack are you on?” Michael asked.

What do you think???[/font=Courier Sans MS]

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Yup Liz is an alien!! All will be explained soon. I promise...maybe after the next couple of parts it will be. But anyways...I haven;t decided what I want to do with Kyle and Bella yet. I want them together, no doubt, but I don't know whether it should be Earth or Antar yet. I'll figure it out! Thanks for the FB!!

I'm supergirl

And I'm here

To save the world

And I wanna know

Who's gonna save me?

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Brettainy- Thanks! Yup Liz is a Princess or rather an Emperass. Gerbil's purpose?? I have no idea yet. Dee I'm working this as I go...the only idea I have so far is that she can be Liz's punch bag! What do you think??
Omby-Thanks for the feedback!! I love it! Well Liz hasn't remembered anything yet...just a familiar face. She's going to start to remember tho!! Gerbil's purpose is like I be a personal punching bag for Liz..but oh all right you can share with Liz too!!! (hehe)
Jull-Thanks!! I'm glad you like this. *smile* Let's see I already explained Gerbil's use...well not really...but I'm keeping that to myself aka I haven't figured it out yet! Although the punching bag option is still there if Omby will share with u!
TDD- I love you ur sig...and of course your summaries!! I like Amy's quote!! Anyways...I won't forget the stuffed doggie! Don't worry!! hehe. Liz won't give up totally. Serena will be able to find them. Have no doubts. *wink* That's all I'm spilling. I'm working on the next part so have faith!!!!! It'll be up as soon as I can get it up!

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OK I have a really good excuse for being late on updating. My Fav. Uncle, My dad's twin, died and I've been really busy with that although I have been able to write. Plus one of my best friend's grandma's died. I was helping comfort her today. Luckily I was able to get on tonight and post! YAY! OK, and I know there are alot of songs in this part but there are NO songs in the next part so bear with me here ok? k! now let's get started shall we?
Chapter 24

“Strike one, caught you by surprise, strike two, right before your eyes. Strike three…oh I got you out, without a doubt, I got you out. Strike one, caught you by surprise. Strike two, right before your eyes. Pitch three, this one’s to the wall, ain’t no fun like a game of hardball.” I murmured. I looked up and saw a vision of myself with a blonde girl, and we were young. We were laughing and sitting on the swings as two boys looked on. I rubbed my eyes and as soon as they opened again the vision was gone. Great. I’m going crazy. I sighed and rolled my eyes, trying to find the wall. It was too dark to even see the back of my hand. I saw brightness out of the corner of my eye and looked up again.
There was Max, Michael, Isabel, and I. We were dressed in practically medieval clothes. Michael held my hand and Max held Isabel’s. In the corner there was a girl standing and laughing at us. Serena. Serena! The vision disappeared and I sat stunned.
Serena, as in Future-Max-Serena? That Serena? Wow. How did I know that was her? I looked back at the place where the image was last. I couldn’t even see anything. I’m seeing things! I’ve been in here way too long! I wonder how the others are doing.
“He shoots, he scores! Valenti is the best player yet! He’s even better than the giant himself, Shaquille O Neal! The crowd is going wild! I don’t believe it! They’re carrying Valenti on their shoulders!” Kyle yelled in a deep voice. He raised his hands in the air and did a little victory dance. Then he sat back down Indian style. “Come one Buddha, I really need your help now! I know I’ve asked for it a lot before but this is more serious than the state championships! Yes this is big. Now help get me outta here oh wise one!” Kyle whispered.
“Bye Bye Ms. American Pie, drove my chevy to the levi but the levi was dry.” Alex whispered. Nope, it was no good without Kyle. He closed his eyes and tried to sleep.
Suddenly, it happened so fast
I couldn’t believe the news that I received
My heart stopped as I hit the floor
I fell to my knees crying lord help me

Maybe Isabel would come for him…maybe she would try to save them. The colors swirled by…Alex recognized the red swirls meaning Isabel was there. She was standing at the window of their penthouse in California. When she heard a squeak she jumped into Alex’s arms.
No matter what time brings
Or the changes we go through in life
There’s some things we just can’t prepare for

“Liz told us what happened…are you ok? If they hurt you-“ Isabel ranted. Alex placed a finger to her lips.
I don’t care what they say
Don’t care what they do
I don’t care what they think, gonna love you
For the rest of my life
Don’t they know true love never dies.
I promised to love you for the rest of my life

“Calm down. I’m ok. I’m here. What do you mean Liz told you?” he whispered as he wiped a tear of Isabel’s away. She brought her gaze to the floor and cried against his shoulder.
“She can astro project herself I guess. She said you had been taken by the FBI. I was so scared.”
“Not as scared as I was when I saw that ship go up. I thought it was going to blow up or something.” Alex admitted patting her hair. Isabel laughed a little bit. “I have to admit something to you.” She said. Alex faked being worried.
Life goes on that’s what they say
Time will heal all your pain away
What I feel, you’re lonely
Never go, how can I live on
No matter what time brings or the changes we go through
In life there’s some things that we just cant prepare for

“You met an alien guy who shares a resemblance to Brad Pitt and you want to break up with me?” he guessed. Isabel looked up at him hurt.
“You know you’re the only guy for me!” she said. Alex quickly sobered. “Yes…I’m sorry Isabel. Now what do you want to tell me?” He searched her eyes and she sighed.
“Remember that one night we talked about having children and you said you wanted to have 10?” she asked. Alex searched in his mind and smiled. “Ya. What does this have to do with anything?” he asked.
“Well we kind of only have 9 more to go!” Isabel said with a smile. Alex’s eyes widened and a grin took his face.
I don’t care what they say
Don’t care what they do
I don’t care what they think gonna love you
For the rest of my life
Don’t they know true love never dies.
I promised to love you for the rest of my life

“You mean? You’re? I can’t believe it!” he cried swinging Isabel around. Tears of happiness left her face. She started to laugh and Alex put her down.
“It’s a girl.” Isabel whispered. “I can feel her.”
Alex bent down on his knees and smiled. He started to tickle Isabel’s stomach. Isabel was wearing a skirt and the patch right by her stomach was purple.
“I know her name.” Alex said. “I know her name!” he repeated.
Until I see you again
I‘ll hold on to sweet memories
I’ll treasure the times we spent
I see I can see your love
I see your face I see your smell
You’re calling me another night

“What is it?” Isabel asked for she too was anxious. “Violet.” He whispered against Isabel’s lips as he stood up. Isabel kissed Alex and she smiled. “Violet Phaidra Whitman.” She said happily.
“Phaidra?” Alex asked.
“Yup. It means shining one! What? You don’t like it?” Isabel whispered. Alex shook his head. “No, I love it! It sounds perfect. If she looks anything like her mother, she’ll be even more perfect.”
I don’t care what they say
Don’t care what they do
I don’t care what they think, I’m gonna love you
For the rest of my life
Don’t they know true love never dies.

I promised to love you for the rest of my life
“I love you Alex.” Isabel said. Alex smiled. “I love you too. Just think…if we had never got together…where do you think you’d be?” he asked.
“I wouldn’t have any feelings, any heart. You are my heart, and without you, I’m lost.” Isabel admitted. The colors swirled and she cried out as Alex disappeared. She heard his voice shouting out. “I love you too. You’re my heart and soul.”
I don’t care what they say
Don’t care what they do
I don’t care what they think gonna love you
For the rest of my life
Don’t they know true love never dies.
I promised to love you for the rest of my life

Then she was awakened. With a sob Isabel buried her face in the pillows.
Maria sighed and crumbled against the wall. She was in here with no one to hold her all by herself. But at least she wasn’t with that doctor…Maria shuddered thinking about him.
I was in a tunnel and couldn’t see the light
And whenever I looked up I couldn’t see the sky
Sometimes when I’m standing it seems I walked for miles
And my heart can be crying in the middle of a smile
But then I climbed the hills and saw the mountains
I hollered help cuz I was lost and then I felt the strong wind.

If Michael was there then everything would be better. Thinking about Michael brought a smile to her face. She remembered when he used to torment her in elementary. He would always smirk, until she cried. Then he would apologize profusely until she kicked or punched him. Then he would be crying.
Then a small voice saying the storm is over
The storm is over now
I can see the sunshine somewhere beyond the clouds
I feel heaven, heaven is over me
Come on and set me free

When he had taken her into the cheesy motel he ended up on the floor with her because she had a nightmare. The same one where he father yells at her telling her he left because of her. She had cried out and Michael had come to cuddle her and hold her, not asking what was wrong.
In the mist of my battles
All hope was gone
Down town in a rush crowd and felt all alone
Every now and then I felt I would lose my mind
I’ve been racing for years and still no finish line
But then I climbed the hills and saw the mountains
I hollered help cuz I was lost and then I felt the strong wind.

When the others had showed up Maria had immediately gotten up and denied everything. She had seen the hurt in Michael’s eyes and she regretted it. Then when he joked about it she kicked him, just like in elementary. But he always cared about her…even during the heat wave…and Pierce.
Then a small voice saying the storm is over
The storm is over now
I can see the sunshine somewhere beyond the clouds
I can feel heaven, heaven is over me
Come on and set me free

Tears went down her cheeks every time she thought about Michael talking with his mouth full, or laughing, most of all painting. He was always so deep when he painted. Then when Michael got dance lessons just for her the night of Prom.
Some how my beginning stepped right in
Then fate became my friend
And my fate can’t begin
The voices of the wind
When it’s saying the storm is over
Storm is over now
I can see the sunshine somewhere beyond the clouds
I can feel heaven, heaven is over me
Come on and set me free

< Michael where are you? Please talk to me…> Maria thought. She never expected anyone to answer back.
<I’m here Maria. You may not be able to see me, but I’m always there with you. > a voice came back. Maria sat up startled.
<Michael? > she asked again.
<I’m here. Never forget that I’m always here. And that I love you. > Then the warm presence Maria had once felt was gone, leaving her somewhat alone.
Just like I can see the light shining
Somewhere beyond the clouds
The world turning, the clouds moving
The storm is over now
I’m telling you I can see the light
Somewhere beyond the clouds.
I can feel heaven, heaven is over me

All right! What do you think?

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Hi guys! *smile* I know you might be a little bit*angry* (mad) that I took so long to put up the next part. But I have it! And Chapter 26 will be out shortly after this one!*big* Now I'll be expecting tons of feedback! I could really use the boost! So what do you say*question*FEEDBACK< FEEDBACK< FEEDBACK! LoL*approve* I bet you want to read the next part huh? Ok, ok, I'll shut up!

Chapter 25

“OK, so everyone knows what they’re doing?” Rath asked for what was the 50th time.”
“If you ask that one more time Spikes, I swear I will choke you!” Bella cried. Rath turned to glare at her. “Listen up…you don’t know these sickos like I do. If one thing is missing…one of us may not survive. I need you to shut up and tell me you have everything.” Rath hissed. Bella, too shocked to do anything else, nodded. Rath turned towards the others and sighed as they all nodded. He looked towards Mrs. Parker, Mrs. Evans, and Mrs. Whitman sitting in the driver sides of the three different cars. He nodded towards them and they kept their engines on, but their headlights off.
He watched the door and heard a beep meaning that the guards had just came to check on the inside perimeter. In 5 minutes they would check the outside perimeter. Rath ushered Jim, Amy, and Bella over the gate in 2 minutes flat. They hid in the shadows as the guard came. They moved around the building until they got to the ladder. Rath hoisted himself up. When he reached the air duct he wiped his hand over it and crawled in. Luckily the vents were pretty big, meaning he could watch the others get up, and see if any guards were coming. Amy went up after him, then Bella followed. Just as Jim got in, a guard came around the corner.
“Shit!” Rath cussed. “He wasn’t supposed to be here!” Jim also tensed next to him.
“Guys, chill out. Maybe they heard a noise or something.” Amy said, putting the air duct slightly back into place. Rath sighed and led the way down the air vent, making different turns, and going straight.
“Are we there yet?” Bella whined. Rath turned around. “What are you five? Relax!” he said. Bella stuck her tongue out at him and continued to follow him.
“I’m just getting sick of looking at your big ass! I swear, have you never heard of exercise?”
“Obviously you’ve never seen yourself in the mirror…I couldn’t tell your face from your ass.” Rath hissed. He fell flat on his face as Bella kicked him from behind, knocking him down. She crawled over him and saw the vent they needed to be at. She started to pry it open when Rath stopped her. He waved his hand over it and the vent popped open.
“Show off.” Bella muttered. Rath smirked and Jim jumped down to the floor of the closet. He helped Amy down and Amy gave a thumbs up sign to the both of them when the guard passed by for the 10 minute check. Jim nodded and ran out of the room as Bella and Rath moved down the vent.
Jim was shaking. His hands shook as he tried to punch in the numbers of the rooms. He looked back at Amy who gave him a small little smile. He smiled back and turned around. He had to do this fast before the other guard came around. He quickly looked at the numbers on his hand and punched it in then the ‘enter’ button. The door slid open and Jim looked around the room. He gasped when no one was in there. He turned around and saw the closet door. He entered the same code and pulled the door open. Inside was a small gray room that led to four other doors. He saw the code boxes but something told him that it wasn’t the same code. He was right. There were only two numbers he had to push in, but what? In the first code he entered 85. There was a small green beep. The door opened and there was Liz Parker, crumbled up on the floor.
I opened my eyes weakly as I heard the door open and saw the small little light emit. I saw a figure standing there and I started to shake. I heard the calm voice. “Liz?” I sobbed with relief as Jim Valenti gathered me in a hug. He kissed my forehead and I clung to him.
“Go through this room, and to the closet across from this. Amy’s waiting there for you. Do what she says Liz! Go now. If you see a guard before you cross… then tell me. Ok?” I nodded quickly and moved to through the room. I saw Amy across the hall and she was waving to me to come. I looked both ways through the hall and ran as fast as I could across it. She closed the door slightly after me and helped me into the vent, strictly telling me to keep as quiet as possible. I followed her instructions and waited.
Jim closed the door and moved to the next one. He pressed in the next numbers of the major code. 19. The green light flared up and inside was Maria. Jim repeated the process he had done with Liz. He looked at his watch and saw that in 9 seconds a guard would come and check the hall. He looked towards the main door and was glad that it was closed. He heard the footsteps approach and leave. He checked to make sure the guard was surely gone. When he was sure he saw Amy across, as she gave him a thumbs up. He ushered Maria through and saw the tears of happiness in Amy’s eyes. Realizing he couldn’t dawdle, he hurried back. The next part of the code was 51. He pressed it in and saw Alex Whitman standing up leaning against the corner. Alex rushed towards him with a smile on his face. Jim gave him a hug and looked at the last door. That meant that Kyle was in the last one. But he had used up all of the numbers.
“Alex…I used up all of the code…what do I do now to get Kyle out?” Alex looked at the code and pointed out that solution. “Add the numbers together! 8+5+1+9+5+1=29. Divide that by 6, which equals 4.83. So enter 4 and 8.”
Jim looked a bit worried as he entered the numbers. When the green light showed up he and Alex both sighed in relief. The door opened and Jim rushed into hug Kyle. He found Kyle asleep on the floor. He shook him awake and started to cry. Kyle wrapped his arms around his dad, glad to have his family there. They smiled at each other and closed that door, then the closet. They were back in the main room, and Amy was waving them to the closet. They all ran at once. Once they closed that small closet door and guard stepped around the corner on his normal round. Alex and Kyle were hoisted up to the vent. Amy went up, then Jim. Everyone moved back to the beginning vent. They waited there for Bella and Rath to return.

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ALEX: Hey, are you, uh, walking this way?

ISABEL: Actually, I'm walking this way.

ALEX: This way works for me. How's it going?

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Jull- Well for the most part they are out. Jim, Amy, Liz, Kyle, Maria, and Alex are all still in the compound, just in the vents. They have to wait for Rath and Bella to come back with the video tapes. Then they can go back down the first vent, down the latter, then towards the cars. After that they have to drive back to the houses and figure out the rest of the plan. Remember Serena is still coming in though. *smile* Glad you liked the Alex and Isabel scene!

pandas2001-Part 26 doesn't have Antar...yet! I'm still working on little parts of it!! I'll work my butt off, I promise! But Chapter 27 will be Antar. The Dupes are dupes. But Zan wasn't attracted to Liz for the reason that he was attracted to Ava. Let me explain. When the scientists sent down the Royal Four and the Dupes they sent the dupe Max or Zan down without any feelings he would have for Liz in case his loving Liz would destroy the planet. ( I'll explain that later when I explain their past.) So the Dupes really are decoys. Liz is protector of the Royal Four. Since Tess is gone there are only the Royal Three at the moment. If that were to ever happen someone would step in and take her place...that was Liz. Then Serena would take over as Protector. Confusing right?

Hope I answered everything!

ALEX: Hey, are you, uh, walking this way?

ISABEL: Actually, I'm walking this way.

ALEX: This way works for me. How's it going?

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OK TDD...I'm laughing so hard over here!! I love your summaries! OK there will be a Max Liz scene! I promise you! NEVER KILL ALEX!!!! NEVER NEVER!!! Please!!! LoL the dogs found out there was a ladder!!!! They played a major part! LOL

ALEX: Hey, are you, uh, walking this way?

ISABEL: Actually, I'm walking this way.

ALEX: This way works for me. How's it going?

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Chapter 26
“Ok here we are!” Rath announced. Bella sighed and plastered a smile on her face. “Now are you sure this is the one? Because you said the one before this one was it. Then you said that the one on the right was the definite one-“
“Hey, I’m doing you a favor here! Keep your mouth shut ok?” Rath hissed. Bella rolled her eyes. “You’d be helping me more if you showered once in a while. What do you do shower once a month?” she exclaimed.
“More like once a year. Now quit whining or someone will hear us!” He waved his hand over the air duct. It dropped into Bella’s waiting hands and she shifted it on to the floor of the vent. Rath laid on his back, and stuck his head down. When he noticed the coast was clear he hopped down onto the floor and then helped Bella down. Bella looked around and raised an eyebrow.
“You would think that the FBI would be more clean than Martha Stewart.” She mumbled. Dust and soot was everywhere. A couple of chairs were turned over, and a table lay broken in pieces on the floor.
“Why would you think that?” Rath asked. Bella shrugged and made her way through the mess. “I don’t know, you just would.” Rath rolled his eyes and held the next-door open. They crept in silently as to not disturb the guard watching the videos. When they were close enough to him Rath held a pipe in his left hand. With his right hand he tapped the guard on the shoulder.
“Yo, man!” Rath said. The guard turned around and astonishment covered his face. Before he could speak Rath swung the pipe and the guard tumbled to the floor. “Nice to meet ya.” Rath mumbled. He started to pat the guy down and Bella stomped her foot.
“What are you doing? It isn’t enough that you almost busted the guys jaw and maybe skull but you’re looking for his wallet to take his money as well?” she hissed. Rath looked up and held a set of keys in his hand.
“Oh.” Bella whispered. “Sides, why do you care what I do to this guy? He’s playing with your little boyfriend.” Rath whispered. Bella just glared at Rath and watched as he opened up a cabinet. She then glanced at the guard on the floor and started to kick him.
“What the hell are you doing?” Rath hissed. She stopped and looked at him. “He hurt Kyle.” She said. Rath rolled his eyes and grabbed some of the tapes. “This is it!” he said. They moved back up the vent. Bella pushed Rath aside and stepped in front of him. “I’m going first. This time at least I won’t have to look at your big butt.”
“So you’re making me look at yours? Isn’t that a little cruel?” Rath demanded. Bella stopped and swept her leg out, hitting Rath in the chest. She smirked and continued to crawl down the vents. When she stopped Rath lost it.
“Ok so what did I do now?” he whispered. Bella sat down and turned to look at him. “Wasn’t this all a bit too easy?” She asked. Rath raised and eyebrow and Bella opened her mouth to speak again.
“I mean, we got the tapes really easily. What if something happened to the others? Oh…I don’t think I would be able to handle it if something did!” she started to fan her face. Rath grabbed her arms and pulled her to him.
“It’s ok. Nothing happened to them. Jim is a Sheriff. He was also harmed. We didn’t hear any shots so they have to be ok. Plus Amy and Maria together…whoo. In the past couple of days I learned never to mess with a DeLuca woman, think what two would be like”
Bella laughed and wiped her cheeks. “Thanks Rath. It’s good to know you have a heart.” She said.
“Who said I have a heart?” He replied back. Bella turned to look at him. “I did.”
Rath mumbled something Bella couldn’t quite make out. As she crawled she continued to roll her eyes. Rath grabbed her leg causing Bella to stop. She turned to glare at him but noticed he wasn’t even watching her. He was looking through the vent. She slid over to see what was inside also. It was Lonnie. The person who Isabel’s dupe. She and a short kid were making out on the bed.
“Rath…I’m so sorry. I knew that you loved her.” Bella whispered. Rath shrugged and turned quickly.
“No, I knew she was a bitch and all but it still hurts.” He turned his head away so she wouldn’t see the tear that went down his face.
“Course it does.” Bella replied. She sat down. When he didn’t say anything to her for a couple of minutes she got back up. “C’mon. Let’s keep going.” She said. Rath nodded and the two continued to go down the vents.
“OK, now just around the corner your boyfriend should be waiting.” Rath said. Bella could feel excitement in her stomach. She was finally going to see Kyle…after all these days of worried ness, she would get to see him.
* * *

“That was not your friend Liz. That was Empress Alicia of Southern Antar, protector and guardian of the Royal Four, sister to Prince Rath, Best friend to Princess Vilandra, Fiancé to King Zan, and cousin to my sister Serena. Any more questions?” he demanded looking at the stunned faces.
“Ya what the hell kind of crack are you on?” Michael asked. Isabel and Max laughed at Michael’s comment.
“Larek…what are you saying? That Liz Parker, our Liz Parker is an Antarian? One of the strongest Antarians not to mention?” Isabel asked. When Larek nodded she sat down. “Well…this is shocking.” She mumbled.
“Think back on the times since Liz found out your secret. Has she ever saved your lives?” Larek asked. His eyes bore into theirs. Isabel looked at Michael and Max. Then back at Larek.
“Well yes. The first time was when she kept out secret from the town sheriff. The second time was when she helped us discover that our counselor was an agent of the FBI, that saved our necks right there. I guess the third had to be when Liz went to Max and told him she was going to get answers for us. She went to Riverdog and he told us stuff to help us, about our pasts, and where we came from. Then when we had to ditch all the FBI people Liz helped us no matter what. The fifth time, Liz went to save Max from the FBI, with the town sheriff. If they hadn’t of been there…we probably wouldn’t have been able to get out. The 6th, wow, Liz and Max were shot at and they had to jump a bridge down into the river. Oh wait! I forgot the time when Liz experimented with Max to find the orbs! She may not have risked her life there but she did risk her heart. The um, 8th time was when she went undercover with Tess…who you know as Ava. Liz could have been killed but she went anyways. When she walked away from Max to let him get on with his destiny…that broke her heart. But she did it because she knew that if she stood in the way then of all of Max’s people depended on him and his destiny. Not Max and a small town girl. After that whole destiny episode and drama, Liz risked her life with skins, um dupes. She even risked her love for our future. The granolith is also a time traveling device. Max from 2014 traveled back to our time and asked Liz to make Max fall out of love with her or else me, and Michael would die. She did it too. She faked sleeping with another guy to get Max to give up hope I guess. Now with being taken by the FBI, she risked her life right there. What is that 13 times?” Isabel said. Everyone in the room either had their mouths open or their eyes wide.
Larek nodded. “That does sound like Alicia. All right are you ready to find out about your pasts?” he asked. The three looked at each with smiles, before turning back to Larek.
* * *

Bella turned the corner and saw them. Jim, Amy, Liz, Maria, Alex, and Kyle.
“Kyle.” She whispered. Kyle turned around and a smile lit his face. Bella pounced on him and started to kiss him all over. “I missed you so much!” she cried. “I missed you too.” Kyle whispered.
“Enough with the kisses. We gotta get out of here!” Rath demanded. Bella stuck her tongue out at him. “You know, if you keep doing that your face is gonna freeze in that exact way.” Rath said smiling. He looked down the ladder and went down, hiding in the shadows. Liz, went down first. After that Maria followed. Then Amy, Bella, Alex and Kyle. Jim finished up and put the vent back in place. He too hid in the shadows until another guard passed. Then all 8 of them ran towards the fence. Philip, Jeff, and Charles had already cut the hole in the gate. As the 8 ran through they heard a beeping noise.
“Run faster!” Rath yelled to all of them. When they reached the cars they hopped in. Diane, Lianne, and Nancy pressed down on the gas and moved away from the compound. When they stopped they saw 100 guards standing in front of them, and their only way out.

ALEX: Hey, are you, uh, walking this way?

ISABEL: Actually, I'm walking this way.

ALEX: This way works for me. How's it going?

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Brettainy, and Andi. Thanks guys. Ya it was the board for awhile and now I have no idea on how to edit the topic. S'ok. Oh and Brettainy...ya I was thinking that too. That they would be a M/M kinda couple but I had based the B/K thing on Bella...who as u may know loves Kyle, and it's gonna stay that way! Now I'm posting chapter 27. I expect tons and tons of FB cuz this took awhile for me to write. As you may know two people in my life are dead. And I've had a kinda hard time. I luv all of you!
Chapter 27

“Now when I ask if you’re ready to hear about your pasts I mean to say are you ready for pain, love, and everything that you once experienced leading to your deaths? Once I start to tell you, you will begin to see your past, begin to remember it.” Larek said after everyone in the room had left. He sat down across from the three.
“I’m sure. I want to know!” Isabel said.
“I agree. If I’m to be a great leader I need to know my past mistakes so I make sure never to repeat them.” Max said nodding.
“Michael?” Isabel asked noticing his hesitation. Michael looked up to meet her eyes. “All of my life I wanted to know my past. Where I came from, who I was, and who my family was. But, now, knowing that the FBI has Maria, Alex, Kyle, and Liz scares me. Liz should be here to hear about our pasts. The past she belongs to. And I need to know that Maria and the others are ok. I couldn’t handle knowing that I was learning about a past with Isabel while Maria is getting tortured because of me. Do you guys understand that?” he asked. Max and Isabel looked down. Larek sighed and rubbed his eyes.
“I have already sent Serena on the way to help your friends and bring them back. They will be here shortly. And when they arrive, you all shall know your pasts. And perhaps you will understand your future. Good night.” Larek said, leaving the room.
Isabel watched him leave and she turned to Max. He caught her glance and nodded. Isabel kissed Michael’s cheek and the two left the room.
“I’m worried about him Max. He seems so…lost.”
“Course he is. We are all lost Is. We can’t figure out what’s going on, our pasts. The others are in danger…it’s a confusing time right now.” Max said shrugging.
“Stop the leader bullshit with me ok? Start being a brother. I need you to talk to Michael. You guys are both brothers…now just go in there and talk to him.”
“Isabel I just told him I was tired and needed some sleep.” Max said.
“Well then tell him that you were dreaming of Liz and now you’re fully awake.” Isabel mumbled pushing Max towards the door.
“Do you want me to get beat up?” Max asked pushing Isabel away.
“Be a leader and go in there!” Isabel whispered.
“I thought you told me to stop being a leader!” Max argued. Isabel rolled her eyes.
“Since when do you listen to me? Now Max, get your butt in there!” Isabel screeched. Max imitated her face and entered the room to see Michael with his eyes closed. As the door shut Michael’s eyes opened.
“I thought you were tired.” He said.
“I was.” Max replied.
“And you’re here because?” Michael asked, raising an eyebrow.
“Well I kinda woke up after dreaming about L-“ Max looked at Michael and tried to cover up. “After dreaming about Larek.” He finished.
“Larek?” Michael asked tentatively.
“Yes…Larek. That’s what I said. Larek.” Max replied.
“Why were you dreaming about Larek? I thought you like Liz.”
“I do like Liz. I love Liz.” Max said nervously.
“So you were dreaming of Larek because?” Michael asked.
“Because I…I don’t know.”
“You don’t know?”
“Yes.” Max replied.
“Yes you do know or yes you don’t?” Michael questioned leaning back in his chair. He started to crack his knuckles making Max more nervous.
“No.” Max whispered.
“No what?”
“No, I don’t know why I was dreaming of Larek.”
“Well you have to know what the dream was about if it woke you up.” Michael said calmly. A little too calmly.
“I told you what it was about, Larek!” Max said standing up as he started to pace.
“Right. And you don’t remember anything about the dream?”
“Nope, just that Larek was in it. I think it could’ve been a past memory.” Max said. “A past memory? Tell me about it! Maybe I’ll remember it too.” Michael said now interested.
“Well…I doubt you would remember. I mean me and Larek were the only ones there.” Max said. Michael looked somewhat disappointed.
“So why did you come here to talk to me?”
“Oh, well I thought since you were up, and I was up, then maybe we could talk or something.” Max said relaxing back in a chair.
“Sure. So what do you want to talk about?” Michael asked.
“I duno. Whatever you have in mind…anything bugging you?” Max asked. He leaned against the table. Michael looked at him sideways and sighed.
“Ya…but you wouldn’t understand.” He said.
“Try me. I can answer anything!” Max said smirking.
“Ok. Ok!” Michael turned his chair to face Max. “There’s this friend of mine I have at work ok. Let’s call him A. And he knows this guy, let’s call him B, who he grew up with and trusted. But this guy had a really good relationship with A’s sister…let’s call her C. Now A and C never knew they were related and barely have anything in common. But B…well he’s starting to think of the same sex…in a romantic way. Now A doesn’t want C to get hurt. So how does A tell B that B and C should call it off and just be friends?”
Max seemed to be catching on. His mouth stood open when Michael finished. “You think? I’m not…no! Ok Michael…I think you got the wrong idea! Listen I was just standing outside and Isabel told me to make up an excuse to come in here and talk to you about what’s wrong!”
“And your excuse was dreaming about Larek?” Michael asked. “Max I’m cool with this whole thing…I just think you should let Liz down easy.”
“No Michael! I’m not gay! I swear. I love Liz.” Max said. Michael stood up and walked towards the door. “Night Maxwell. Break it to Isabel easy ok?” with that he walked out leaving Max alone. Max slumped down in the chair and rubbed his eyes.
Michael crept into the bedroom and laughed quietly.

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I am so back guys! I have Chapter 28 waiting for all of you. Sorry I took so freakin long but I've been at my dad's and when I am at my mom's we're re-doing the house so I barely have time! Here it is though. The long awaited Chapter 28!!! I better get some feedback!!! LoL j/k

Chapter 28

“Shit!” Rath cried. “Shit, shit, shit!” He said. He turned to the others, everyone was able to listen to him, because the Sheriff had installed radio’s. “Listen to me. I’m going to get out of the car and distract them, try to get them to go after me and get out of your way. As soon as I do floor it.”
“No!” Liz yelled. “You are not going out there by yourself.”
“It’s the only way. Besides, I’m a husk…that’s it. In 50 years I’d die anyways. At least if I die now…it’s for a good cause.”
“Listen to me asshole and listen good. You have a date with my sister in 5 and a half days. No one blows her off. So you’re going to be there. Got it?” Bella said glaring. Rath nodded. “Got it. So what do we do?” he asked.
“Run them over.” She said. Through the radio you could hear Maria and Alex disagreeing.
“Maria, Alex. I know you don’t know me but you do know them. Think about everything they did to you.” Bella said.
“Fine. Go for it.” Maria said. Alex grinned and kissed her cheek.
“On the count of three.” Rath said. The other cars started their engines.
“One, two, three! Go!” Rath yelled. The cars peeled off towards the FBI agents. Shots went off but yet not one piece of glass broke. Over the radio the Sheriff cried a cheer of victory.
“I knew they would come in handy.” He yelled.
“Go dad!” Kyle yelled. Bella squeezed his hand. The FBI agents suddenly ran. The cars kept on going. They suddenly stopped to see Lonnie, and Nicholas standing there.
“Shit.” Rath yelled.
“Rath. Come on out and play.” Nicholas said, smirking. Rath looked at the others. He handed Liz the keys.
“Drive, and don’t look back.” He said.
“No!” Liz and Bella yelled.
“We’re not leaving you.” Liz said sternly.
“Yes, you are. I can’t let anyone get hurt.” Rath yelled at her. Liz didn’t flinch.
“You go, I go. Got it?” she demanded.
“Yo, Rath. You come out or we blow the whole cars up.” Lonnie yelled. Rath opened the door and popped out. Liz went out the other door and Bella crawled up to the front seat.
In the Evan’s car Maria and Alex watched Liz.
“What are they doing?” they asked. The Parkers glanced at each other and Jeff held Nancy’s hand in his. “She’ll be ok.”
Lonnie and Nicholas smiled as Rath stepped out of the car. “Why did you deceive us? We had such a good thing goin on.” Lonnie said. She shook her head and Rath smirked.
“If it was so good what the hell were you doing with Nicholas?” he said. Lonnie cried out and shot Rath against a rock. He hit it and then bounced to the ground. He started to cough and he looked up.
“That all you got?” He asked. He threw a blast towards her but Lonnie put up a shield. Nicholas was preparing a big blast. Lonnie put her hand on his giving him some power. They threw it at Rath. He closed his eyes waiting for the hit to come. It never did. He opened one eye and saw Liz on one knee. Her hand was illuminating a huge shield.
“I thought I told you to drive away.” He snarled.
“Who said I was listening to you?” she snapped. Her other knee hit the ground and for a second the shield wavered. Lonnie and Nicholas smirked.
“You’ll be weak when we return Alicia.” Nicholas said. The two disappeared and Liz fell to the ground. Rath rushed to pick her up. He carried her towards the car and everyone rushed to meet the two. He remembered handing Liz to Jeff before collapsing.
* * *
From the distance someone watched. she thought. Her fiery red hair was in two French braids.
::Larek, I’ve arrived. I’ll be home by tomorrow or the day after. I might have to take more people than we thought. ::
::What do you mean more people?:: Larek’s voice boomed through her head.
::I mean the parents. I’ll contact you later. :: Serena turned her head communicator off and smiled.
“Time to meet the people.” She started to walk towards them, waiting until she transported them all.
* * *
Maria shook Liz and then slapped her. Liz groaned and opened her eyes. “OW much.” She said. Maria started to hug and kiss Liz.
“Thank God you’re ok.”
“Is Rath ok?” Liz asked. She looked around and sure enough Diane was supporting Rath’s head. Liz sighed. “I need some sleep.” She said.
“First you need to get home.” A soft voice called. Everyone turned towards it and there stood a tall red haired female. Her brown eyes shone with mischief. She wore a short jean skirt and an over sized button down brown top.
“Whoa. Don’t jump and say hello or anything.” She said sarcastically.
“Who are you?” Alex asked. He too was looking her up and down.
“I remember you. Have we met?” Liz asked. Her eyes were narrowed as if she was trying to remember this female.
“We have. I’ve known you since you were born.” She said. The Parkers looked at each other than the girl.
“Are you certain?” They asked.
“Well…I’ve known her since she was born my time. On Antar. I’m Serena.” Serena said. Liz’s eyes widened.
“What the hell kind of crack are you on?” Liz yelled.

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Guys, I am so sorry. Seems like the last part should have been longer. This is the other part to it.. so sorry! But I have lots of other parts in advance! HeHe, more parts on Antar..and a big reunion! But unless I get 10 feedback replies than NO new part!

“Michael said the exact same thing. Guess you two are more alike than anyone thought.” Serena said laughing.
“Surely, Alicia, you remember me? I’m your favorite cousin.” Liz looked in the girl’s eyes.
“I do remember you, but yet I don’t.” Liz whispered. Serena sighed than shrugged.
“It was expected that you wouldn’t remember me fully. But you’ll start to get your memories back when we go home.” Jim looked up at Serena.
“When you say home you mean?” he asked pointing up. Serena nodded and Maria stood up.
“Liz doesn’t go any where without me.” She said. Amy looked over at her daughter and smiled.
“And my daughter goes no where without me.” She added. Maria smiled at her, and for a second Serena envied their relationship.
“I figured that none of you would want to stay, so if you’re all ready can we go? Zan misses you Alicia. As does Rath and Vilandra. My dear brother will bite my head off if I hang about.” Serena replied.
“Are we going to Isabel and Max?” Diane asked. Serena looked at Liz than sighed.
“They have no idea that I would be getting anyone but Liz. Yes, we are going to Max and Isabel.” Serena said. Diane grabbed Phillip’s hand. “We’re in. But we don’t have any clothes or anything. And our clients here…”
“Don’t worry about it. When we get to Antar you’ll be provided with clothes. Wearing normal ones as you are will give you away. I’ll fill you in later. The way I’m dressing was to fit in. And about your jobs. I can make sure everyone thinks all of you are on a cruise or a vacation or something. No problem.” Serena added.
“But the dogs…” Maria said. Serena smirked and behind her Sumo and Bell appeared.
“Done. Anything else? I kinda want to go home.” Serena moaned.
“Just a second.” Liz said. She pulled her parents over to the side. “I can fully understand why you wouldn’t want to go. I still love you and I always will whether or not you choose to come with me.” Liz preached.
“Do you want us to go Liz?” her mom asked.
“Truthfully?” Liz asked. She hugged her mom and dad. “Yes.”
“Then, we’re going. We’re with you on this.” Jeff said. Liz smiled and they returned to the group. “We’re ready.” She said.
“I think we all are.” Mr. Whitman spoke.
“Then let’s go home.” Serena sang. She grabbed Liz’s hand. “Everyone grab hands. Just concentrate on me.” With that said silence filled the air. Then there was an electric buzz. Liz opened an eye but then quickly shut it. The light was bright and the wind hit her eyes. Soon the buzz went away and Liz started breathing heavily. She was gasping for air.
“Breathe slowly Alicia.” Serena commanded. Liz nodded and her breathing went down.
“Is this home?” Maria asked. Serena looked at her and smiled.
“Yes, this is home.” She spoke. She looked at everyone and met their gaze. Then she approached the INN.
::We’re here Larek. All of us.:: she spoke.

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You crack me up Andi!!! Thanks for the replies. And I love all those who replied. Here's a new promised. The pasts are revealed in the next part! Hehe. Now, how do I edit this post? Same rules: 10 part!!!

Chapter 29
“So where is this Serena?” Max asked.
“Patience. She’s on her way. As soon as she gets here with our guests than I will fill you in on your pasts.” Larek spoke.
“Guests? Who else is coming?” Isabel asked. Larek looked at her and opened his mouth as if to answer, but before he could a yell filled the inn.
“Larek!” Serena yelled. He smiled and watched his sister fly at him. He hugged her and looked her up and down.
“What are you wearing?” he asked. Serena smiled and twirled around. “Earth clothes. Alicia said it was cute.” Larek nodded and bit his lip. “Speaking of, where are they?” he asked. Serena noticed Max, Michael, and Isabel.
“I have a surprise for you.” She told them.
“Come on in.” she called. The door opened and Liz, Alex, and Maria stood there. Liz rushed at Max and jumped into his arms.
“Oh my god. I thought I would never see you again.” Tears streamed down her face and Max held her tightly. Remembering his talk with Michael he looked over at his friend. Michael was kissing Maria. Hopefully he forgot everything.
“I missed you too, Liz.” He whispered.
Alex rubbed Isabel’s stomach. “I can’t believe it.” He whispered.
“I can’t believe you’re actually here.” Isabel said smiling. She turned to Serena.
“Thank you. So much. I know we all appreciate more than we can say.” She said. Tears welled up in her eyes.
“That wasn’t the surprise actually.” Serena said.
“Ok, come in.” She yelled again. Kyle and Bella walked through the doors with Sumo and Bell. Seeing Kyle Isabel greeted him with a hug. “You must be Bella.” She said. Bella nodded. “The one and only.”
Max stuck his hand out to Kyle. “Thank you. I know you protected her.” He said. Kyle’s face turned red and he shrugged.
“Thank you.” Michael said quietly. Serena’s eyes widened. “A Guerin compliment. I’ll always remember it. Now are all of you ready for the big surprise?” she asked.
“This wasn’t it?” Larek asked. Serena laughed. “All right, the rest of you can come in.” She called. The doors opened yet again and the parents entered. Diane rushed at Max and Isabel.
“Oh god.” Isabel whispered. She hugged Phillip. “How?” she asked.
“Jim told us everything. How are you guys? Are you eating ok?” Diane asked. Max blushed and nodded. Diane noticed Michael by Amy and Nancy. She walked over and gave him a hug.
“They better be feeding you right.” She said. Amy nodded. “I should have brought a pie with me.” Nancy patted her arm.
“Well, I’m glad all of you are happy. Now are you ready to learn about your pasts? I think you’ve waited long enough.” Larek asked. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Liz looked at each other before nodding.
“OK, this is quite a long story, put I must warn you it isn’t some fairy tale.” Larek warned.
“If it’s so long maybe we should have them all change.” Serena suggested. Larek looked up at her and seemed to think for a minute.
“All right. Serena if you would take all of the ladies and I’ll take the guys.” He said. “Not peasant clothing.” Larek said.
“But if they wear royal clothing then-“ Serena was cut off by Larek’s glare.
“They’re Royals Serena. No peasant clothing.” He said again. She rolled her eyes and led the girls to the left while Larek went to the right. Serena opened a door with her mind startling the older women. Liz giggled at her mom’s jump.
“Relax Mom.” She said.
“What, like you weren’t all jumpy?” Her mom replied smiling. Liz blushed and looked away. Serena put a hand over her mouth to keep from laughing. She stepped inside the room. Inside was like a walk in closet x 10.
“OK, whoa.” Maria said. “I’m in heaven.” Amy laughed at Maria and Nancy stifled a giggle.
“This is the female closet. We have every outfit in here that you could imagine. Well Antar wise that is. I’ll have to give you the Royal outfit.” Serena said looking Maria, Isabel, and Liz up and down as if determining their size.
“All of us?” Diane asked.
“No, no. Well see the Princess royal outfit used in times of War is different than the Queen’s. The four of you will wear Queen’s royal wear.”
“Jeans will be fine for me.” Amy said shrugging.
“I second that.” Lianne said smiling.
“Actually, we don’t have jeans. Women here dress very differently than on Earth. Now let’s see. Vilandra always wore purple or red in her time. Which do you prefer Isabel?” Serena asked. Isabel seemed to think it over.
“Red,” she said smiling.
“Alex is going to die.” Liz exclaimed quietly.
“That’s her plan.” Maria whispered back. Liz burst into laughter as Isabel winked at her. Serena coughed.
“Isabel, red.” Serena commanded. An outfit floated forward and Serena held her arm out for it. She grabbed it and smiled.
“OK I could so get used to that.” The four girls said laughing.
"Why do you call out my name and color like that?" Isabel asked.
"Because the air determines your size. Let me explain..." Serena said going into scientist mode.
“They are all grown up.” Diane said faking a tear.
“It’s about time Maria pays my bills.” Amy joked getting a laugh out of the older women. She quickly stopped laughing at the quizzical look on Maria’s face. Serena faced the outfit towards the others.
“I have to wear that?” Isabel demanded.
“What’s wrong with it?” Serena asked.
“It’s-it’s too tight" Diane said, appalled.
“It’s the royal war outfit. She must wear it.” Serena replied not quite understanding the woman’s point. Diane looked at Isabel.
“Why don’t I just try it on Mom?” Isabel suggested looking from Serena to her mother.
“Do all the other girls have similar outfits?” Nancy asked. Amy looked at Serena with wide eyes.
“No way is everyone seeing Maria dressed like that. Don't you have something baggier?” Maria rolled her eyes at her mother and sighed.
“It’s customary. Yes, the other ones are like this. But these are bullet proof! Five bullet could hit you and you'd be fine. Unconcious, but fine.” Serena looked at Lianne who hadn’t said a word.
“So, Liz what color would you like?” Serena asked diverting her attention to Liz.
“What color’s do you have?” Liz asked.
“Gold, silver, turquoise, blue, purple, green, yellow, red, white, black…” Serena said trailing off.
“Maria what color do you want?” Liz asked.
“I don’t really care.” Maria said smiling. Serena took in her hair and eyes.
“Green would bring out your eyes yet it would do nothing for your figure.” Amy said.
“Gee thanks Mom!” Maria replied sarcastically.
“How about gold?” Serena asked. Maria seemed to think it over for a second before nodding.
“Maria, gold, ” Serena called. A gold replica of Isabel’s floated in front of Serena. She handed it to Maria who in turn smiled.
“Now you Liz.” Maria said stepping next to Isabel.
“Blue.” Isabel said. Liz shook her head. “No, I’m not in blue mood.” She called.
“Black?” Serena suggested. Liz scrunched up her nose and shook her head.
“No…” Liz said as if thinking. “What color did I use to wear Serena?”
“Well silver or white.” She said.
“Let’s try silver.” Liz said, snapping out of dream mode.
“Liz, silver.” Serena called. The outfit floated over and Serena grabbed it. She handed it to Liz.
“I’m all for copper or black.” Bella said.
“Go with copper.” Isabel said smiling.
“Copper.” Bella said looking over at Serena.
“Bella, Copper,” She called. After getting the outfit Serena handed it to Bella.
“Now, you four can go change in there while I pick out outfits for your mothers.” She said.
“I am not wearing what they have to wear.” The four could hear Amy protest. Liz laughed and stepped into a room. She took her clothes off and placed them on the floor, not seeing anywhere else to put them. The outfit wasn't that bad, it was a pant suit, with long sleeves. It was heavier than it looked though, and was surprisingly warm. Liz looked around for her sneakers on the floor. They were nowhere to be found along with her clothes. She opened the door and jumped out. Maria, Bella, and Isabel seemed to do the same.
“Guys did you take my clothes?” Each one of them asked. When they looked at each other in shock they ran towards Serena. They stopped short seeing their mothers.
“Oh my god.” Isabel whispered. Diane, Amy, Nancy, and Lianne were in elegant gowns of black.
“Girls.” Diane said.
“Mom, you look great!” Isabel called stepping forward. Serena turned in shock. She suddenly lowered herself to one knee, and she lowered her head.
“Serena! Get up.” Liz called, already embarrassed. Serena stood up. Brown was her color, and she wore a vest, and pants. “Finally, Antar will be set free.” She whispered.
Four cloaks appeared, each in the respective color. She handed them to the girls who in turn put them on. Liz felt like a princess. She smiled and looked at her feet.
“What do we wear for shoes? Our clothes just disappeared!” Maria said uncertainly. Serena smiled and nodded in reply.
“That happens. The floor absorbed your clothes and shoes. They’re downstairs right now.”
“So how do we get our sneakers?” Isabel asked.
“You don’t. You can’t wear them!” Serena cried. “No, let me get the shoes that go with that outfit. Liz, Isabel, Bella, and Maria. Shoes,” She called. Four pairs of shoes came forward. They were boots, big combat boots.
“Are you serious?” Bella asked in disbelief. Serena smiled and shook her head.
“But how am I supposed to run if my feet won't let me pick them up?"Isabel asked.
“Actually you’re holding more cards then you think. The enemy will think you are not likely to be able to run. But actually you can run faster in these than you can in sneakers. They’ve been tested.” Serena said proudly.
“Who thought that up? I mean I could so use these when I have Spanish and I have to run to Ms. Detory’s class!” Maria said amused.
“My mother did actually. She was sick of always having broken ankles over trying to run in high heels.” Serena said. Diane laughed.
“Hurry, the guys are probably waiting. And knowing Michael…he won’t wait too long.” Serena warned. * * *
“Where are they?” Michael yelled.
“Calm down.” Max said. “I had to live with Isabel for two lifetimes. I think I know how long she’ll take.”
“So how long genius?” Michael asked sarcastically.
“Well she and the others have been gone for a half an hour. Just give her another hour and she’ll be here.”
Alex and Michael groaned. Phillip laughed and shook his head. “That’s our Izzy,” he whispered.
* * *
"Wait, what about my hair?" Isabel asked.
“Ok, you know what? We’re leaving.” Maria replied pulling Bella by the arm. The two left the room. Hearing footsteps behind them they saw Liz, Serena, and Isabel running after them. They opened the door laughing. Michael looked up ready to yell but his breath stopped short when he saw Maria.
“Maria.” He whispered. Amy reached over and pushed his chin up. Maria laughed, nudging Bella. Bella looked over at Kyle. She walked over to him and looked where he had looked before.
“What are you looking at?” She asked.
“You.” He whispered. Liz walked over to Max and gave him a hug. “Hi,” she whispered. Serena nudged Larek and he looked up at her. “What?” he hissed.
“Look at how happy they are.” She whispered.
“I can tell.” Larek replied.
“Who are we to take that happiness away?” Before Larek could reply Michael coughed and pulled Liz away.
“No kissing the sister while I’m around.” He said to Max.
“Michael!” Liz yelled.
“Max agrees with me, don’t you B?” Michael asked glancing at Max. Max turned red and nodded.
“Ya, I totally understand.” Isabel rolled her eyes and leaned into Alex.
“Shall we begin or do you need your nails done too?” Kyle asked. Bella hit the back of his head.
“By the way, you look great in that armor.” She whispered. puffed out his chest and smiled. Bella grinned and looked him over. She had almost lost him. If he had never told her about the others she wouldn't have been able to help him.
"I missed you Kyle." she said, seriously. He looked over at her and smiled. "I missed you too Bella." He kissed the tip of her nose and smiled.
"Tess, among the three of you were the Royal Four." Larek started.
"Your starting without me?" A voice called from the back.

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Hi! I'm back with more parts, and I will continue the parts how do I change this dang title?!?! Ugh...happy reading! Thanks Pandas2001 and Andi! You guys rock!

Chapter 30
"Your starting without me?" A voice called from the back. Bell and Sumo started to growl slightly until Maria tickled them behind their ears. Larek looked up and hissed. "What is he doing here Serena?" He asked. Liz looked back and giggled softly. Max put a protective arm around her.
"Don't worry about him. He helped us out, he's trustworthy." Liz exclaimed. Larek seemed to still not trust Rath, but he nodded at Liz's words. "I shall continue than." He said.
"Vilandra and Zan were as different as night and day. That's how twins usually are. Although they were different, they cared for each other very much. There were four sections of Antar that were divided up. The North, South, East, and West. The North was ruled by your father Max; Isabel. King Vesper, was his name. He was crowned King very young. He had been 12 when his father and mother were killed, leaving him to heir. His advisor was the father of Kivar, a boy jealous of Vesper and everything he had. Then when Vesper married Zara, from the West Kingdom, and they had Vilandra and Zan, Kivar started his plan to seduce Vilandra. He made friends with her at a young age. Then Kivar's father learned of his evil plan. Before he could tell Vesper Kivar killed him. When Kivar suddenly stopped coming to Vilandra, she imagined him as an invisible friend.
The Queen took this into thought and called upon an old friend of hers, from the South Kingdom. That was Queen Stasia, the two had gone to school together until Stasia had married King Roarke. She arranged for Stasia to bring her two children to the castle. The younger of the children was Alicia, who took after her mother, in looks and knowledge. Although Alicia was not as beautiful as Vilandra, she still gave Vilandra a tough competition for her heart was made of gold. See, Alicia was the sweetest person you could find on Antar, and by far the kindest. Alicia's mother and father loved her very much. As did Rath, her older brother. He was protective of her in more ways than you can imagine. When ever she left the castle, Rath followed hiding in the shadows. Alicia, never knew the meaning of privacy.
Zan did the same thing to Vilandra, which is probably why Rath and Zan, got along so well as did Alicia and Vilandra. The four became inseperable til they day they turned 13. Then, Rath and Zan had to start studying the arts of war, ruling, kingdoms, history, etc. While Vilandra, and Alicia had to form the art of becoming ladies."
Max and Michael burst out laughing. "So what happened? I mean Izzy never changed!" Michael said. Isabel flashed them both death glares causing them to shut up. Liz and Maria both rolled their eyes at the two and moved to stand closer to Isabel.
"Continue Larek," Liz said softly. Her eyes were wide from learning about her past. She held onto Maria's arm excitedly.
"Now, Alicia, and Vilandra never did want to become ladies. They were far too adventurous for that. But of course, their mothers forced them too. In their spare time they either had tea, or read books. That all changed when Alicia's cousin came to visit. Serena was one of the girls who refused to be something she wasn't. What she was, was a fighter, and a warrior. She knew more about fighting than even I did at her age. Needless to say, Alicia and Vilandra wanted to learn. In private Serena taught them as much about fighting as she could."
"Wait, so if Serena was mine and Rath's cousin, why aren't you?" Liz asked. Larek looked over at Serena.
"See, my mother was your father's sister. And his father was Zara's brother. Our parents got together after we were born. My dad was killed protecting a merchant, in a fire while Larek's mother died giving birth. So in blood Larek isn't really your cousin, he's Zan and Vilandra's." Serena explained.
"As I was saying, Vilandra and Alicia learned how to fight in private. No one knew about their actions until a picnic one day. Serena, Alicia, Rath, Vilandra, Stasia, Zara, Roarke, and Vesner were all out by a nearby lake. Some troops came and grabbed Vilandra, and Alicia. If any of the parents, Serena, or Zan and Rath used their powers than Vilandra and Alicia would be killed. The troop holding Alicia pulled out a knife ready to kill Alicia when Alicia grabbed his wrist and pulled his arm around his back, and stabbing him. Vilandra's guard was so surprised he never saw Vilandra's fist. While Zara and Stasia were proud of their daughters, Roarke, and Vesner were angered. There was a law that women were not allowed to fight.
When Alicia, Vilandra, and Serena refused to eat unless the law was changed, Roarke and Vesner relented. From then on Alicia was the one to protect the Royal Four. I know that Ava has not come into the story yet but soon. Now Alicia was put into training, along with Vilandra. Rath and Zan soon became more protective knowing their sisters would be fighting along with them. My family ruled the Western part of Antar. The Eastern part was Kivar's land, along with Ava's family. Kivar had spent all those years making a new plan. Ava would be the one to marry Zan, than Kivar would take over.
He told Ava's parents to write letters saying they were going into battle against Kivar for land but wished that Ava would be able to marry Zan, as their last wish. Now, Ava's parents and Ava were good people, great people in fact. They cared for all of their serverts and merchants and made sure not one person was homeless. Kivar had threatened them to write the letter by saying he would kill Ava if they did not. So they did it, and Kivar killed them after the letter was written. Ava, knew none of this. Kivar threatened her in return, should she ever tell anyone of his threats or plan then he would kill her parents. Ava loved her parents too much to let them die on her account, so she agreed.
Kivar realized his plan was going well, too well in fact. He never knew that one of his people was a traitor to him. That traitor was Nasedo. Nasedo told Ava of her parents death's on the night of Kivar's attack. Zan and Ava's wedding was supposed to be that very night. Ava rushed to tell the others. When she got there Nasedo appeared with her. She told the others what had happened and begged for forgiveness. Zan was furious that he had been a part of Kivar's game and he broke the engagement with Ava. When he demanded to know why she hadn't told them sooner to prepare for a war she said it was because he was too in love with Alicia to notice. Which isn't completely a lie since Zan did love Alicia. Now, the South, North, and Western parts of Antar united. We tried to fight against Kivar put his forces were stronger. He had created skins and had more than our armies tripled. Zara sent us off, promising that everything would be fine. Alicia made her mother and father leave before they could get hurt. Stasia fought against the guards as they carried her out. Roarke tried staying until Rath pleaded with him to take care of Stasia. Now, Vilandra looked and acted much like Zara. She tried to force her mother to leave but her mother did not relent. She grabbed a team of scientists and captured the essence of each of the Royal Four, and Alicia.
Vesper stood out side the castle holding up his own force field. Serena had rushed to see if he was holding it up fine. When she got there she added her own energy to the force field. When it finally dropped Serena vanished with Vesper into hiding. She had run down on her energy so much that she was not able to return, she could only hope her friends made it out ok.
Vilandra, and Zan thought their father was dead as soon as they heard the ringing indicating the entrance of their enemies. They had lost their father and were not prepared to lose their mother as well. Nasedo forced Zara to leave, leaving with her. The five were in huge room, locked in, with four doors. Alicia forced the others into a circle..."
"Get in, now!" Alicia called. Tears were going down her face. "We are going to die tonight."
Vilandra choked on sobs, and hugged her best friend."No, we won't." she cried.
"We will. You know we will. But we will fight until the end. No quitting. Our parents are safe, that's all the matters. They will take care of the people of Antar."
"You, Vilandra, and Ava get out of here." Zan commanded.
"No! We will not run." Alicia cried. Tears streamed down Ava's face.
"I got everyone into this mess, I shall help get you all out." she cried.
"Now is not the time for guilt. Had I been in the same situation I would have done the same thing." Alicia said, connecting with Ava.
"This is my fight too." Vilandra said. "I talked to Kivar when we were younger. I told him secrets about the passages and how to get in, thinking that we were friends. I need to end this."
"No! All three of you leave now. If we are going to die anyways it shouldn't be all of us!" Rath yelled. He grabbed Alicia and held her in a hug. "Leave." He said, his eyes turning cold.
"I will not leave you and Zan." She said firmly.
"Alicia, you have to leave this place and have a happy life and family." Zan said.
"How can I be happy without you two in my life? I've loved you since we met Zan and you know it. Our kiss last night proved that, and Rath you're my brother. This is my fight! I'm staying."
"Dammit Alicia!" Zan yelled. He picked her up and carried her to a nearby window. Rath blasted the window and picked up Vilandra.
Iif ever we survive this, I'm gonna come and marry you. I love you." Zan stated. His kissed her long and hard.
"Zan, please don't do this!" Alicia pleaded.
"Swim Alicia, make sure that Vilandra and Ava are with you. Then swim til you find a safe place far from here. Don't look back, do you hear me?" Zan asked.
"I'm not leaving!" Alicia said shaking her head. Zan looked into her eyes once more before throwing her out of the window, into the lake below. She surfaced and gasped for breath, looking up into Zan's face. Zan shook his head and grabbed Vilandra from Rath's arms.
"Follow Alicia, stay together." he commanded."No!" Vilandra yelled trying to twist out of his arms. Zan threw her out the window, sorrow filling his heart. Rath handed him Ava.
"Please Zan, don't. I should die, not you or Rath!" She protested, crying.
"Follow the two of them, and stay together. Mind warp everyone until you reach a safe, secluded place. Stay together." Zan commanded, throwing her to the water below. Rath came up next to him and looked at three down below.
"Swim." Rath whispered. Alicia grabbed Vilandra's arm. Vilandra grabbed Ava's and the three swam towarsd the bank. Alicia got out first and started to help out Vilandra.
"No!" Zan yelled. "Swim! If you come up here you'll die. I won't be able to fight knowing you're here."
Alicia seemed to consider it.
"What are you waiting for? We can help them!" Vilandra cried.
"No, if we don't leave, they'll be distracted. And they'll fight worse. We have to go." Alicia commanded. She grabbed pulled Vilandra and Ava with her. Ava turned to look at Zan before she started her mindwarp.The three disappeared from sight, but the water around them moved.
"Ok, Rath, help me fix the window." Zan said.
"Why? Won't it get destroyed anyways?" Rath asked.
"But Kivar will know where they went." Zan stated. Rath started away to work on the glass window. When it was back in place Zan handed him the bomb.
"You know what to do." He said. Rath nodded and hugged Zan. "I'll take the back." he whispered. The two hid in the shadows, waiting for the army to enter. Kivar kicked to door open and walked inside. The rest of his army followed. As soon as everyone was inside, Zan and Rath appeared. Kivar smiled and looked back at Rath. Rath looked at Zan and nodded. Rath pulled the string and the bomb in the back went off. Kivar's eyes widened and when Zan was about to pull the string Kivar struck the sword into Zan's stomach. Zan grimaced and sank to the floor.
"Die Zan." Kivar chanted. "After you!" Zan spit out pulling the string and flinging it into the air. The bomb went off, destroying a third of the army. Rath's bomb killed 1/3 in the back. Kivar and the last third of the army disappeared. The palace, went up in flames.
* * *
Alicia gulped for breath, and she turned to grab Vilandra and Ava in a hug. As they hugged bright lights filled the air, and the palace went up in flames.
"No!" Vilandra cried. Ava looked up horrified.
"Zan, Rath!" Alicia whimpered. Vilandra turned on her enraged.
"We should have stayed to help them!" she yelled.
"It wasn't her fault!" Ava yelled back."Plus, we wouldn't have reached them in time anyways."
"Shut up," Vilandra shouted at her."Why did you make us go?" She cried out.
Alicia, feeling guiltier than ever sank below the water, not even taking a breath. Vilandra was watching the fire of the home she had known all of her life. She put her head in her hands and started to sob.
"Vilandra, where's Alicia?" Ava asked. She was searching the water.
"What do you mean?" Vilandra asked shocked.
"I can't find her." Ava said, panicking.
"You shouldn't have been so mean to her!" she yelled at Vilandra.
"I'm sorry, Alicia! I didn't mean it." No sound came until a pendant floated up to the surface. "This is Alicia's.She never takes it off, Rath gave it to her."
"It's broken." Ava said looking at it.
"I know, I have the other piece." Vilandra explained. Her shrill scream filled the air as Alicia's body floated up to the surface.
"Alicia!" Ava cried.She ran towards her and put her hand over her."Please, please. Wake up!" Ava yelled. Vilandra pushed her out of the way and shook Alicia.
"Ava, try to heal her. I can't!" Vilandra called. When Ava never replied she turned around. Nicholas and Kivar stood there smiling. Nicholas had snapped Ava's neck.
"Hello Vilandra."
"Kivar," Vilandra seethed, ready to attack. Before she could Kivar stuck a small blade into her abdomen.

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Chapter 31

"So I killed myself?" Liz asked. Larek looked at her and nodded slowly. She quickly turned around and hugged Max, crying. Isabel looked at Liz guilty.
"So is that how I betrayed Max? I told Kivar the secrets of the palace?" Serena sighed.
"That, and the fact that you blamed Alicia for the whole thing." she said. Isabel looked over and Liz and the two walked towards each other, hugging.
"I'm so sorry!" They both said at once, each crying onto the other.
"What became of our father and mother?" Michael and Max asked at the same time.
"Well as you know, your mother is in hiding. She has been ever since the attack Kivar made on the palace. Vesper, is out there somewhere. When I awoke he was gone." Serena said sadly, looking at Max.
"And my mother and father?" Michael asked.
"Stasia and Roarke returned to their palace to pack up everything, down to the last chair. They moved out, leaving a spell over the lands, keeping them flourished, healthy, and allowing no one to take over the grounds without them." Larek said.
"So they are alive?" Liz asked, excited. Larek nodded and Liz flung herself into Michael's arms. "We'll find them Michael! You'll find your family!" Liz whispered.
"I already have!" Michael whispered back. Liz laughed as she wiped away some tears, and jumped down.
"I have a serious question here." Alex said. "Now, from the past it seemed that Ava was an altogether good person. And her essence was taken from her right? I mean wouldn't she be the same fun-loving loyal person? And then Nasedo...came and obviously messed with her mind into believing that she and Max belonged together. When she came she screwed with Max's head, and tried to win him over from Liz. After that, she said that Michael and Isabel belonged together and they had to follow their destiny. She never once mentioned that Liz was a hybrid too."
"She mindwarped me and Max into being her friends, and was planning on killing me, Alex, and Liz. Then she attacked Liz. I mean what's up with that?" Maria demanded.
"But, that's impossible." Serena said. "Sure you won't be able to act exactly like your past selves, but you will have their personality."
"Are you sure Tess is evil?" Larek asked.
"She has blue eyes." Isabel shouted out as if realizing something.
"Her eyes? Are you going against blue eyes or something?" Maria asked, rolling her eyes.
"No, here on Antar brown eyes meant good, blue meant evil, and purple meant undecided. Ava always did have blue eyes, we never assumed she was evil though," Larek said, obviously deep in thought.
"Well I have green eyes. What am I?" Maria asked.
"You're human. You can tell the difference between human and Antarian eyes." Serena said.
"How so?" Michael asked.
"Well, we have an outer black rim on our eye. See, look at Maria's eyes. She has black here, than green, and her different shades. Now look at Isabel's. Same thing until you get to the outer part. There, it's black out lining."
"Oh," Maria sighed.
"When can we see our parents?" Michael asked. Larek and Serena exchanged glances.
"Well, see there's a major problem." Larek said.
"What would that be?" Max groaned.
"The war with Kivar isn't over. We need you four to end this war."
"Wait a second, back up and rewind," Liz said. She closed her eyes and shook her head, than opened her eyes again after taking a deep breath. "I thought that Tess was part of the Royal Four and that three wouldn't work!" Liz panicked. If she had done all that for nothing, than she would be pissed off.
"Well, yes. But you're the 4th." Serena said. At Liz's confused look she smiled and tried to explain it better. "Tess used to be the 4th. Now that she's with Kivar you take her place."
"Then who will take Liz's place as guardian?" Bella asked.
"Me." Serena said smiling.
"We need training." Michael said, blushing. "Isabel and Max are pretty good with their powers, but I can't seem to get mine under control. This is pretty much new to Liz. I'm sure that she has more powers. That one guy in here said that she was one of the strongest Antarians.. right?"
"Wait, what?" Kyle asked. "So Liz is some super hero?"
"That guy was right. Stasia was a very, very powerful Antarian. She had great genetics. We have these gods, that we pray to, look up to, everything like that. Stasia was the result of her mother and one of the gods. She passed her genetics to Alicia, making her one of the most powerful Antarians to live. Having a God's blood in you is very powerful."
"So then Liz is kinda like a superhero, except she isn't wearing a short skirt." Kyle mumbled to no one in particular. Bella looked at him sideways and rolled her eyes. "God help ya Biscuit." She whispered.
"Why wouldn't I get the genetics? I mean I am Liz's brother." Michael argued.
"True," Serena said as if thinking for a moment, "Look at it this way. It's like if your dad has black hair and your mom has blonde. Then your sister gets blonde hair and you get black. Do you see what I'm saying? You not getting the genetics is a normal thing."
"Right, I get that." Michael mumbled looking away.
"Wait! What about the Dupes?" Liz cried.
"What?" Larek asked.
"The duplicates of Tess, Michael, Max, and Isabel. I saw them a while I don't know where they are. But if they're a four square too don't you think that will help us alot in the end?" Liz asked. Serena smiled and looked over at Larek.
"Larek...the dupes! The ones sent to New York. We could use their help!" Serena whispered. Larek shook his head.
"There's something odd about all of this. I mean we got Vilandra, Rath, and Zan fine. None of Kivar's cronies saw them running. They would have tracked them down that night in the cave. And Alicia...I don't know what to make of this Sere. Alicia, her friends, her parents...they were taken by you easily. Now...we've heard no word from Kivar, this Husk Rath is actually good, and all of the Duplicates aren't evil. Doesn't that come off a little strange?" Larek asked, looking at Serena. She sighed and looked away.
"Ever since Mom and Dad died, you've been trying to figure everything out before it happens. You never procrastinate're always punctual-" Serena remarked before Larek interupted her.
"And? Because I'm acting like a leader somethings wrong with that?"
"No! But, I remember when you were never on time for anything and things used to be put off all the time. I remember when you used to be fun. have this great big dictionary inside your head that tells you what you can and can't do. And fun...well it's not one of the words." Serena replied pulling him to the side. She looked over his shoulder at the others and gave Liz a reassuring smile.
"Who would have taken care of you if I hadn't? I had to protect our land. I had to grow up. Acting foolish wasn't something my father was proud off, maybe...maybe if-" Larek looked away to hide the glistening of his eyes.
"Maybe if you had of grown up faster he would have been able to see you grow up and he would have been able to be proud?" Serena asked sarcastically, "Larek, he was proud of you. So much! I remember him sitting with me telling me wonderful stories about you when I first met you and I was nervous. He may not have ever said anything to you but he did to me. And when he talked about you his eyes lit up like he was seeing the sun for the first time. Now, I know you have to be a leader here. And I also know you want to know everything about the dupes before we can trust them. But you have to have a little faith in people. You might be surprised at the results!" Serena said laughing at Larek's smile.
"The only person I have faith you Serena. You and the others in this room. Except for him..." He said glaring at Rath.
"Calm down. Now you just told me that you trusted everyone else in this room. Now if you trust should be able to trust their judgement."
"Do you trust them?" he asked. Serena looked down at the floor.
"I don't trust Kivar. They are our only answer to the end of this war." She said firmly.
"Or maybe they're the answer to the beginning..."Larek mumbled as Serena gave him a weird look.
* * *
"What are you thinking?" Jim asked Amy. She looked over at Maria in Michael's arms and she shook her head. "I'm thinking about going over there and pulling him off of her. You know, PDA is not acceptable in front of me!"
"Amy, they're hugging." Diane said looking over at the two.
"No, that boy is putting his arms around my daughter, groping her! I bet you right now he's whispering in her ear, 'let's go some place private.' " Amy said glaring at Michael with eye's to kill.
"Now, why do you say that?" Lianne asked, laughing.
"Because Maria's father did that to me." Amy replied taking one more glance at Michael before looking away.
* * *
"I love you Space Boy!" Maria said looking up into Michael's eyes. He stared at her and smiled.
"I love you too Maria." he replied looking around. "No one heard you." Maria said quietly.
"I did!" Alex quirked from a couple feet away. Michael smirked and lifted Maria's chin. "I wasn't looking to see who heard me, I was looking out for your mom."
Maria turned to see her mother looking, or rather glaring at Michael, dangerously. She started to laugh and fell into Michael's arms. He leaned forward close to her ear and whispered, "So how bout it? Do ya wanna, you know?" he asked. Maria looked back confused. "Do what?" she asked.
"Marry me." Michael stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Maria's eyes widened and she smiled. She jumped into his arms.
"Is that a yes?" he asked.
"No, this is." Maria said leaning in to kiss him.
* * *
"Look at them." Bella said leaning against Kyle.
"Ya, seeing Guerin kissing my step-sister isn't the best sight right now." he said. Bella laughed and squeezed his nose. She pulled her hand away and her thumb was in between her index and middle finger.
"I got your nose! Do you want it?" she asked, smiling.
" go ahead and keep it." Kyle said shrugging. He suddenly lifted Bella up and twirled her around.
"You're know that?" he asked.
"Well, you're beautiful too." Bella said smiling.
* * *
"Should we ask Larek and Serena now?" Alex asked. Isabel gulped and looked at her parents, and then Alex's.
"Maybe, we should wait." she said. Alex nodded. He put a hand on her stomach and smiled.
"I don't want you fighting Isabel." Alex whispered. She looked up at him shocked.
"What? But, Alex I have to! This is my fight." She replied angrily.
"I know sweetie. It's your fight, but it isn't our kid's. I don't want them or you getting hurt."
"I won't get hurt, Alex." Isabel sighed.
"Can you guarantee that?" Alex searched her eyes. "You can't," Isabel looked away from him.
"Look Alex, I'll have everyone else protecting me. No worries."
"And I'll be one of them, but I would rather you stay here, until we know more about the pregnancy."
"Then we'll find out now." Isabel stated. She grabbed Alex's hand and pulled him up towards Serena and Larek.
"Serena, Larek. Sorry to interrupt but me and Alex have a question about the pregnancy." she smiled.
"Look, I know she's needed to fight, but I don't want her or the baby hurt." Alex said. "Is there any way-"
"She is needed, Alex." Serena said. "But, our pregnancies don't last that long. Surely you can guess that time goes by much different here. The pregnancy lasts a month, or two."
"So, for that month can she sit out?" Alex asked.
"I'm NOT sitting out, Alex." Isabel yelled.
"We still have to train, teach everyone what their powers are. She can train. The baby will be born by the time she's done training and ready to fight."
"Fine." Alex muttered. Isabel smiled gratefully at them. "Thanks." She whispered.
"Satisfied?" Alex asked her.
"Alex, I don't want to be in this war. I loved my life on Earth, with you. But, this is my planet."
"No, Earth is your planet. Antar...Antar is like a distant home."
"Let's not fight ok?" Isabel asked him. He shrugged.
"Fine." He replied.
"Thanks." Isabel kissed his lips and put his hand on her stomach. "From both of us."
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Jull- << Can someone please explain it to me how come this story completely disapears for weeks in a row and then suddenly, out of the blue, it shows up again with like... three THOUSAND chapters that I haven't read yet????? >>

Well um...see I haven't really been able to figure out how to change the title, but then all of the sudden I was able to so I think that you missed the chapters by lack of title changing....

<< I must be going insane!!! Or even worse... BLIND!!!!!
I loved these last 4 hundred parts I read today!!!!
Can't wait to read more!!! >>

I can assure you that you aren't going blind! lol insane isn't so bad tho! *wink* Thanks, I'll write more soon!

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Ok, Finally I am back. Sorry I took so long. This part isn't as long as I would have liked but more memores + evil gerbil!

Chapter 32

A glass dropped somewhere off in a distant room. The shards fell to the floor and were left there. The person who dropped the glass never once moved to pick up the fallen pieces, and throw them away. They simply twirled on their heel and left the room in the abandonment it had known for so long.
"Good morning. Can I get you anything?"
"Ya, Liz Parker's head on a platter. Where the hell is Kivar?"
"Right this way your majesty." A servant in rags was dressed poorly and looked as if he hadn't eatin in days answered. Tess smiled and followed the human directing her. When they approached the huge double doors Tess waved the servant off and smiled as he bowed lowly to her.
"And for helping me, you can go to the kitchen's. Tell them I said you could have a drink and some bread. Run along now."
"Thank you kindly your majesty." he replied before hurrying off.
"See? I'm nice. I'm Mother fucking Teresa, yet no one appreciates me." Tess grumbled. She flung the doors open and stalked in.
"Kivar!" she yelled. A tall handsome man stood in the corner, talking to one half his size. He turned to meet the blue eyes of the Queen in front of him. His dark blue eyes flashed and he looked her up and down. "My sweet?" he asked.
"Why isn't Liz Parker dead yet?" Tess demanded. Kivar glanced over at Nicholas. "Well, your majesty, you didn't want Liz Parker dead, you wanted her captured," Nicholas answered. "So why isn't she captured yet? It's not that difficult to get the freakin human."
"Actually...she's with Serena and Larek." Kivar laughed.
"Larek?! Who the hell let her get as far as Larek's place?" Tess yelled, smashing a vase on a nearby table.
"Serena got her."
"Then kill Serena." she replied, annoyed with Nicholas. "You have how many soldiers in your army? Drive them straight through Larek's hideaway and kill anyone there, just get Liz Parker to me!"
"Relax my sweet. All in good time, all in good time." Kivar whispered, coming up from behind Tess, wrapping his arms around her waist.
"We'll get them, soon."
"Soon is good." Tess smiled and kissed Kivar on the lips, gesturing to Nicholas with her hand to get out. He bowed and quickly left the room, heading down hallways. He stopped at one particular door and opened it. The four inside, quickly stood up and took battle stance.
"I'll let you out soon. Tess is getting even more impatient everyday. Soon my friends, soon."
* * *
"Please Rath. One date." Alicia begged her older brother. He was sharpening his sword and seemed to think about her request for a second.
"Nope." he replied. "Why not?"
"I'm a man Alicia, I know what goes on during these one date extravaganza's."
"A man? Whoa! That's a shock." Alicia mumbled.
"What, my dear sister?"
"Nothing, Rath, oh mighty man you." Alicia laughed and stuck her tongue out at her brother.
"Now, out of plain curiosity who's wants to take my lovely younger, immature sister out?"
"Your best friend, Zan." Alicia sang.
"What?!?! But he's engaged!" Rath yelled. Alicia smiled at her brother and shook her head.
"I know that. It's a friendly date. Besides, Zan can have a mistress you know."
"What? And you think you're going to just fill the position?" Rath asked, enraged."I won't have my sister being a mistress."
"You have one! Or have you forgotten Katrina..believe me dear brother, she hasn't forgotten you."
"Of course I haven't forgotten her!" Rath snapped.
"I see her all the time talking about you. She is my best friend after all." Alicia smiled. She picked up Rath's sword and swung her hand over it. 'She loves you' was engraved in the middle and Rath waved his hand over it, making it disappear.
"I'm engaged also my dear sister, in case you haven't noticed."
"I've noticed, but I've also noticed you and Katrina in the halls.Or her trying to straighten up her long blonde hair, before Vilandra comes in."
"You're Vilandra's friend! Shouldn't you be convincing me NOT, to fool around with Katrina?" Rath seethed.
"But Vilandra loves you as a brother and nothing more. Katrina..she loves you like no's the Herica."
"Don't talk of that, Alicia."
"Why not? You used to tell me about it all the time."
"It doesn't exist is why!" Rath replied. He placed his sword on his velvet covered bed. Flashes of him and Katrina shot at him and he glanced away.
"The Herica is the source of all true love. It's a tree that grows leaves but every single leaf is different except for two. The leaves break off and float to two. The energy comes together with the body...having one purpose in mind. Finding it's soulmate." Alicia quoted.
"How do you remember that?"
"I remember every story you every told me, Rath." Alicia smiled at him and kissed his cheek. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have a date to get ready for. As do you. With a certain short, blonde, green-eyed friend of mine."
"Oh get out of here, Alicia. I can't even begin to wonder how we are related!" Rath laughed as his younger sister ran out the door before the pillow Rath had thrown could hit her. The door opened again, but Katrina walked in this time. She laughed at the look on Rath's face.
"Alicia was trying to ask you to let her out with Zan, am I correct?" Rath could not help but kiss her and gently set her on the bed. "Yes, as always."
"Enough talk." Katrina said, and pulled Rath onto the bed with her.

Maria woke up abruptly in her sleep. She started to gasp for breath and she turned to look at Michael, sleeping so soundly next to her. He wrapped his arm tighter around her waist and she laid back down.
* * *
"Hi. Who are you?" Vilandra asked. She had been crying by the river now for quite some time. It was her special place guarded by trees. She had found it when she had run away from Zan, playing tag.The brunette smiled upon her.
"Hello. I'm Alicia. Who are you?" She sat next to Vilandra, not minding her white dress getting dirty already. Vilandra smiled at the girl and smoothed out her own dress.
"Princess Vilandra!"she replied proudly.
"Princess? Wow. Me too!" Alicia smiled at the girl in front of her. When Vilandra opened her eyes in shock Alicia burst into laughter.
"Wanna be my friend?" Alicia asked Vilandra. Vilandra smiled and nodded."This is my hiding place, but I'll share it with you as long as you don't tell anyone."
"Deal!" Alicia promised. She grabbed Vilandra's hand and shook it.
"What'd you do that for?" Vilandra asked, confused.
"It's a handshake. It means 'deal' or I agree." Alicia smiled proudly, tossing her hair full of braids, back.
"Well let's make a new handshake...a secret handshake!"
"All right!"

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