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Author: Meegan
Rating: Soft R
Category:Maria centered. Mainly CC but a bit of UC as well
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Roswell and it's characters belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz and I guess UPN. It's just a story!
Summary: In the perfect Roswell world Alex never died, Max and Tess never slept together and Tess isn't evil.


Maria POV.

Never in a million years would I have thought that I would end up here. Everything happens for a reason people always say. Well what I want to know is why is every reason is so painful. Why do we continously get hurt over and over by the ones we love. People leave, people change I can accept that. But I won't accept is people deceiving their friends. The 8 of use are bound together for life by the secret we share. So we should have no secrets between the 8 of us then right? Wrong...there was so much going on that none of us had any idea of. If only there wern't such secrets then none of this would of happened. Maybe we would be happy. I was nieve then but I've learnt to be me, to stand up for myself, to live my life. But in order for me to tell you who I am you have to know how I got here.

Part One.

Maria sat in the booth of the Crashdown thinking it was strange that for once she was a customer and not a waitress. Looking towards the kitchen she saw Michael cooking, smiling to herself she looked around for Liz knowing that she was working tonight. Somehting had been a little off lately, that was the only way she could think of putting it. Liz had seem so distracted and a little distance, even more so after the while future Max thing. Michael had seem distracted also, she had asked a couple of times what was going on but he had thrown up his stone walls again and she knew from experience to give him time. She had spent a lot of time with Tess and Kyle lately, the three of them had gron quite close. Once Tess had decided to let people in a little she was actually a really nice person. Looking towards the kitchen once more she now saw Liz in there talking to Michael, and the conversation looked serious.

"We're getting married."
That brought Maria out of her thoughts and back to the conversation that was going on around her. Choking on her soda she coughed and Tess reached over to pat her on the back.
"Your what?" Kyle asked the two sitting across from himself, Tess and Maria.
"We're getting married" the woman repeated.
Kyle and Maria exchanged a glance over Tess's head and kind of grinned at each other.
Turing back to the others Maria looked at the two of them. Sure they were being a little hasty she thought, after all they had been dating what, not even a year but he made her happy and thats what counted.
"Congratulations" Maria said reaching for her mothers hand and squeezing it gently.
"Are you okay with this Maria?" Amy asked her daughter.
"Im great with this...Im so happy for you two" she told her honestly.
"Welcome to the family Jim" she smiled at the man she used to be afraid of.
"Kyle?" Jim asked looking at his son.
And for a split second the three teens saw uncertainity and fear on the former sheriff's face.
"I'm happy for you dad...both of you" he said smiling at Amy.
"And it wouldn't be to bad having Maria as a sister" he joked, which received him a whack upside of the head from Maria.

"Congratulations" Tess said smiling at both of them, the only adults she had ever trusted apart from Nasedo. To be truthful she saw them as parents, especially Jim, but she would never say it outloud. But what happens now? Tess was growing scared that she was going to be left behind, they were a family now.
"Have you set a date for the wedding?" she asked them wondering how much time she had left with them.
"Yeah, we're thinking in six weeks, nothing to big, just something simple." Amy told her.
"But before that we're going to buy a house for all of us, cause there's no way our house can fit two DeLuca's" Jim joked.
Tess's heart caught in her throat and she felt like she was going to cry.
Amy and Jim saw the look on Tess's face and they exchanged a look. Jim reached over for one of Tess's hands.
"We want you to move in with us for good" Jim told her softly.
"Really?" she asked quietly daring to believe that it was true.
Maria squealed and hugged Tess from the side whilst everyone else laughed.

After everyone had calmed down Maria went to the kitchen to tell Michael, walking towards the backroom she heard Max and Isabel's voices mixed with Michael's and Liz's. Stepping up to peer through the glass she saw them standing there all looking tense.
"They should be told" Liz said angrily.
"No, we leave them out of this okay? You can't tell anyone" Isabel said forcefully.
Curious to what they were talking about Maria entered the room.
"Hi guys" she said cautiously.
"Maria" they said surprised.
"What's going on? How long have you been here?" Michael demanded. How much did you hear he thought.
Rolling her eyes she tightly smiled at him.
"Calm down Space Boy I've been here for an hour. I just wanted to tell you that my mum and Jim are getting married" she said excitedly.
"Congratulations Maria" Liz said quicky, a little to quickly.
"Yeah, congratulations" Max said smiling at her.
"So what were you guys talking about? Maria asked her curiousity getting the better of her.
Silence for a minute before Max answered her.
"Nothing important just school stuff"
"School stuff right" she said not believing him.
Looking at Michael he quickly turned away not meeting her eyes.
"Whatever " she said rolling her eyes and walking out of the room.
"Maria!" Lix called after her.
Slowly turning around she looked at them.
"What?" she asked annoyed.
"What about Tess? What's going to happen to her?" Liz asked quietly.
A smile lit up Maria's face, "She's going to live with us for good."
And then she turned and walked out of the room.

Part Two.

The following day at school Maria walked into Maths,her last class before lunch. Taking her seat next to Alex she filled him in on all the news.
"Congratulations" he said knowing that she was really happy about this.
Looking at her face closely he could see little lines around her eyes and on her forehead. Something was bothering her.
"What's the matter?" he asked her quietly.
Looking around she saw that the teacher wasn't there yet.
"Last night I caught Max, Michael, Isabel and Liz in the backroom talking. They clammed up when I asked them what they were talking about. I heard them say "They should be told" that was about it."
"You think that it's a chech problem? he asked her adopting her coded word for aliens.
"I don't know" she said quietly before sitting up straight.
Alex looked up and saw that the teacher had come in.
He spent most of the class thinking about what Maria had said. When he had found out about them being aliens Liz had promised no more secrets, and he hoped that she was going to keep that promise.

Walking out to the quad at lunch, the rest of the gang had already grabbed a table.
"Maria!" a guys voice said.
Turning around Maria and Alex saw Tommy one of Kyle's jock friends approach her. Alex let them talk and walked over to the table.
"Look Kyle told me about your parents, it's good news." he said a little nervously.
"Thanks" she smiled at him wondering if that's all he was going to say.
"Uh, I just wanted to ask you...if you wanted to go and see a movie on Friday night" he said quietly looking at his shoes.
Maria raised her eyebrows.
"Tommy I'm really flattered, but I'm kind of seeing Michael Guerin at the moment" she said trying to let him down nicely.
"I thought that you and Guerin were finished. I mean I saw him and Isabel Evans at the movies on Sunday night." he told her.
Maria's breath caught in her throat.
"No, no Isabel and Michael are like brother and sister" she told him.
"I'm sorry Tommy, but thankyou" she said before walking away.

Reaching the table she sat down without saying anything, a million thoughts flying through her head. Calm down DeLuca she told herself, there is nothing going on between Michael and Isabel. He loves you.
"What was that about?" Liz asked her pointing back to Tommy's general direction.
"Oh ah he was um... he was asking me if I'd help him with some assignment he had" she stumbled out.
Looking away Tess caught her gaze and raised her eyebrows in an I don't believe you gesture. Alex and Kyle both caught the look and Kyle opened his mouth to talk to her.
"Maria was he-"
The ringing of a cell phone cut of his words. Quickly opening the bag near her feet Tess fished out Maria's phone and gave it to her.
"Hello?" Maria asked.
"Maria DeLuca?" a male voice asked her.
"Yes. Who is this?" she asked confused, not recognising the number that flashed onto her phone.
"Maria it's me, it's Luke" the voice said softly.

Part Three.

"Luke!" she squealed excitedly bouncing in her seat.
Tess shot a questioning look at Kyle but he simply shrugged his shoulders not knowing who Luke was. Tess looked over Max, Michael and Isabel they looked about as clueless as she felt. And then she focused her attention on Liz and Alex. They knew. The look of recognition on their faces told her that much. Her and Maria had become quite close in the past couple of months but she had never mentioned Luke.

"Where are you?" Maria asked him seemingly able to forget she was at the table with her friends.
"I'm coming to Roswell Ria, we will be there tonight." he told her.
Squealing again Maria bounced again.
"I'm working at the Crashdown tonight. Come for dinner" she told him excitedly.
"Will do. I can't wait to see you again" he said quietly.
"I' ve missed you too" she said with just as much emotion before hanging up the phone.

Looking up she smiled at her friends.
"Who's Luke?" Michael asked trying to sound like he didn't care.
Exchanging a look with Alex and Liz she sighed.
"Luke is my brother, my twin actually" she told them.
Shock registered on four of there faces.
"I remember him...we went to day care together. I can't believe that I forgot. What happened?" Kyle asked her.
"I never talk about him so you wouldn't remember him" Maria began.

"When we were six, not to long before you three came to Roswell, Mum and Dad split up. And Dad wanted to take Luke with him. So he did. And Mum got to keep me. A year later Dad split and left Luke. Mum and I went to get him and bring him back to Roswell but the courts wouldn't allow it. They said that Mum couldn't afford to support two childrena dn herself so Luke was adopted by the Matthews and they have lived in California ever since." she told them quietly.
"When was the last time you saw him?" Tess asked squeezing her hand.
"In the summer break before Liz was shot. Mum and I went to Los Angeles and Luke met up with us there. We've never met the Matthews or there son." she explained.
"Why didn't you tell us?" Isabel asked her.
"Why didn't you tell me what you guys were talking about last night at the Crashdown" she snapped at her.
The two girls engaged in a stare and Isabel was the first to look away. Maria fixed her gaze on Liz and Max who would refuse to meet her eyes.
"Whatever" she said annoyed.
Picking up her bag she stood up.
"My brother is coming to Roswell tonight and you will not use your powers on him. Do you understand me? Stay away from him. I don't want him involved at all" she said before walking off.
Tess jumped up quickly and follwed Maria, wanting to know more about this supposed secret. And that left Kyle and Alex to sit there watching the other four wondering what the hell was going on.

Maria and Liz were both working that night but Michael had the night off. It had been a quite night and Maria was getting impatient. Every time the door opened she would spin around ready to pounce on her brother. As 8 o'clock came around Tess and Kyle arrived, coming in for desert and joined Alex at the counter. Waving to Max, Michael and Isabel Tess sat down and tried to figure out what was going on. They were hiding something she knew that much. After spending years with Nasedo she had learnt to read people very well, and her feelings told her that something was going on.

The door opened and in came a middle aged couple followed by two teenage boys. Looking up Maria smiled and ran over to one of them. Opening his arms she jumped into his embrace and he held her tight, spinning her around she giggled until he stopped. Putting her on the ground he leaned back to look at her.
"You are beautiful" he said with a little bit of awe.
"Your not so bad yourself" she said smiling at him so brightly.
Stepping back she took a good look at him and then laughed again pulling him in for another hug.
"I have missed you so much" she said softly into his chest.
"I missed you too Ris" he told her whilst rubbing her back soothingly.

Looking over his shoulder she saw the other three people there and she pulled back from Luke.
"Arn't you going to introduce us?" she asked him.
Turning to face his family he smiled at them.
"Mom, Dad this is Maria" he said to his parents.
She stepped forward to hug them both.
"It's so nice to finally meet you. Thankyou for taking care of him" she said sincerley.
"And this is my brother Jason" Luke said turning her to see Jason.
Maria's eyes widened when she looked at him closely. He was gorgous! Brown hair trhat had a slight curl and the bluest eyes she had ever seen.
"Luke has told me so much about you" she said kindly.
Jason leaned forward to kiss her on the cheek.
"And I know everything about you" he said smiling at her.

Blushing Maria stepped back and led them to a table. After taking their orders she led Luke and Jason over to her friends.
"Everyone this is my brother Luke and his brother Jason"
"Luke this is Max and Isabel Evans, Michael Guerin, Kyle Valenti, Tess Harding and you remember Liz and Alex." she introduced them.
"Sure, it's nice to see you again" he smiled warmly at them.
"Valenti your the Sheriff's son right? So you'll have the job of being Ria's brother in Roswell. You and I have got to talk man" he said jokingly and Kyle laughed with him.

Later that night after close Maria headed over to Michael's for a little quality time because tomorrow when Luke found out they were dating then she knew her brother would be around 24/7. Pulling out the key he gave her she opened the door and walked into the apartment. Looking around she saw that the TV was on but Michael was nowhere to be seen. Her head turned toward the bedroom as she heard a banging sound. Smiling to herself she headed that way thinking that she could surprise him. Your going to get lucky tonight Guerin she thought to herself.

She opened the bedroom door and switched on the light. She stumbled backwards by what she saw on the bed. Her gaze locked on the two of them and she took a deep breath.
"Oh my God" she said softly trying to understand what she was seeing.

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Part Four.

There were clothes strewn over the floor. And there in the bed was the man she loved more than life itself with a girl with long blonde hair spilling over the pillow. The two quickly sat up and gasped when they saw her standing there. Maria looked at Michael and Isabel in shock as they quickly covered up. A feeling of nausea passed through her and she stumbled backwards into the dresser. Reaching behind her she steadied herself and took a deep breath. Don’t cry she told herself.
“Maria” Michael said softly and there eyes met.
He gasped at the look he saw there. Usually so expressive they now showed nothing. Just two beautiful green eyes that had hardened.
“How could you?” Maria said coldly.
Michael and Isabel exchanged a look not sure of what to do.
“Maria let us explain” Isabel pleaded with her.
Maria snorted and turned her gaze to Isabel.
“Explain? You want to explain why you’re sleeping with Michael, my boyfriend! In the same bed that I share with him Isabel. You want to explain that? Or do you want to explain how you could hurt Alex and me like this, two of your closest friends. I don’t want to hear you explain anything Isabel.” Maria said trying to keep her emotions in check.

“Maria please” Michael said shakily, not sure to handle her when she was being so calm.
She turned to look at him again and closed her eyes. Reaching into her pocket she pulled out his apartment key and dropped it on the floor.
“Go to hell” she said before turning and walking out of the room.
Michael felt a part of himself disappear as she left the room. She needed to know. She needed to understand.
“Maria!” he yelled scared.
There was no answer. Grabbing her bag off the couch she opened the front door and stiffened when she heard Michael yell her name.
“Maria!” he yelled again getting out of the bed.
Running after her he watched her open the front door and pause slightly.
“Maria please” he pleaded tears silently streaming down his cheeks.
Gathering her strength she walked out the door and slammed it shut.
Michael collapsed to the floor as sobs wracked his body.
“What have we done?” he whispered to himself. And for the first time since Liz had been shot and they had found out that they were aliens Michael truly felt alone. And that scared him more than anything else had.

Maria got into the Jetta and drove home. Too shocked to do anything else she had a shower and went to her bedroom. Her mother was still out with Jim for which she was thankful. Getting into bed she was too tired to think about it. It hurt too much. It had been almost a year since they had received that message from Max and Isabel’s mother. God, had it been going on for a year? She shuddered at the thought as tears streamed down her cheeks. And she fell asleep feeling alone once again.

She woke up to laughter in the kitchen. Yawning, she recognized the voices of her mother and brother. That brought a smile to her face. But then she remembered what had happened last night and she scowled.
“You’ve cried enough over him DeLuca” she told herself.
She was tired of being the weak one. Tired of having people use her and walk away from her. It was time for a change.
Walking into the kitchen she was that her mother had left and Luke was sitting at the table.
“Morning sleepy head” he smiled at her.
“Hey” she said smiling at him though it didn’t reach her eyes.
Luke noticed right away and frowned.
“What’s the matter?” he asked her gently reaching for her arm.
And that was all it took, suddenly she flew into his arm sobbing and he held her tight.
“Shh” he whispered as he rubbed her back.
“It’s gonna be okay” he told her.
He led her over to the couch and she told him everything, well leaving out the fact that Michael was an alien though she wanted to tell him, so badly.
Luke stiffened as his sister told him. Michael Guerin was going to pay. Nobody hurts my baby sister and gets away with it.

Part Five.

Maria, Kyle, Alex and Tess were waiting at the Valenti's for the other four to arrive. After hearing what had happened Kyle had wanted to go and punch Michael, but Tess had managed to convince him not to, to call a group meeting and see what it was all about. She just couldn't believe it. Michael loved Maria, they caould all see it. And no matter how much she pushed him away, how much he was rude to her he still needed him. And it was only last week that Isabel was telling her that she was finally ready for a relationship with Alex. She had said that being friends with him wsn't enough anymore, she wanted more.

Alex sat there stunned. At first he hadn't wanted to believe that Isabel would do that to him. But seeing the pain that Maria was in, he knew that she was telling the truth. It jusy didn't seem right. He had been getting all these signals from Isabel that she was ready for a relationship with him. Isabel Evans wanting Alex Whitman. Who would of thought? But now he didn't know what to think. He was pissed off but he was willing to listen.

Max, Michael, Isabel and Liz came in and sat down. The 8 of them saying nothing until the silence became to unbearable.
"There's something we need to tell you" Max said quietly.
"What that Michael has been fucking Isabel?" Maria spat out.
The four of them winced at her obvious coldness.
"Maria theres more to it than that" Liz said to her.
Tess and Maria exchanged a look and then both looked at Liz.
"You knew about them Liz?" Tess asked her.
Fear flashed across Liz's face as she nodded slowly not meeting Maria's gaze.
"Why didn't you tell me Liz?" Maria said hurt that her best friend would not tell her something this important.
"Because I couldn't tell you. It's bigger than Michael and Isabel Maria, it's alien related."

"What is going on?" Tess directed the question at Max.
"And why wasn't I told about it if it had something to do with us?" Tess said getting upset.
"Liz has powers...she has mindwarping powers" Max began.
"About a month ago the four of us had the same dream, it was a messgae from someone from Antar. They were like an elder, or a prophet. They said that destiny had to be fullfilled to gain information and that to do so we must match the dreams. I went to Michael and Isabel and found out that they had dreams and then Liz told me that she had as well." he continued.
"Why didn't you go to Tess to see if she had dreams?" Kyle asked them not liking how they were leaving Tess out.
"I began to get flashes from Liz and when she told me that she had the dreams I knew that she was the one. She was the match in my dreams and Isabel was the match in Michaels dreams." he trailed off.

Kyle grabbed Tess's hand knowing this was upsetting her that she wasn't involved. He looked over her head to Maria and saw that Alex had wrapped an arm around her.
"So you two slept together to get information?" Alex asked disbelieving.
"Yeah" Michael and Isabel said simultaneously watching Maria and Alex.
Silent tears streamed down Maria's face as she listened.
"How long have you been doing this?" she asked them all.
"About 2 weeks" Max said softly.
Nodding her head Maria got off the couch and walked towards the door. Changing her mind she turned and stalked over to Michael and slapped him hard across the face and then she did the same to Max.
"You are unbelievable" she said seething in anger.
"You pull Liz into this and leave Tess out. Hello? Tess is the other alien, she's the queen! not Liz. And then Liz starts lying to her best friends great move there Max. And Michael you go and sleep with Isabel for information? And you four don't even tell me, tell us!" she yelled at them.
"Maria" Liz said shakily.
"Shut up Liz your just as much to blaim as they are!" she continued to yell.
Michael stood up and grabbed her arm. Swinging around Maria narrowed her eyes at him.
"I hate you! I haet you! God you just used me!" she said crying and struggled out of his reach. She then quickly punched him in the face and began to hit him over and over.
Alex stood up and pulled her away as she continued to yell.

The yelling was loud so that no one heard the knock at the front door. Luke and Jason exchanged a look as they heard Maria yelling. Heading into the room they saw the 8 of them there.

"You just don't think do you? Do you have any emotions? Let's just sleep with whoever to get alien information. Well it doesn't work like that cause we have feelings. It hurts. But you wouldn't know anything about that would you? Cause feelings are a part of being humand and your not human! Your just aliens left behind who have no home!" she yelled.
Silence came over the room. Her words couldn't of hurt them anymore.
Liz gasped and everyone turned to look at her. They followed her gaze and saw Luke and Jason standing there.
"Aliens?" Jason said unbeliving.
"What the hell is going on here?" Luke demanded looking at them all.

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Part Six.

"Luke" Maria said as she walked over to him.
He quickly enveloped her in his arms and glared at everyone else.
"What is going on?" he repeated.
"It's none of your business" Michael said angrily hoping that he had heard nothing.
Luke narrowed his eyes at Michael and gently placed Maria in Jason's arms.
"None of my business. See that's where you are wrong. Cause Maria is my sister and your the one that broke her heart. So yeah Guerin it is my business." he said angrily walking closer to Michael.

Jason looked down at the girl in his arms and he could feel her sobbing quietly. What a mess he thought.
"Who's an alien?" he asked trying to draw the attention away from the fight that he knew was coming.
He felt Maria stiffen in his arms and he looked down at her questioningly.
"Maria?" Luke and Jason said at the same time looking at her.
She closed her eyes and thought she shouldn't tell them, no matter how hard it is to keep something from her twin. But then she thought about what Michael had done to her.
"No one. I was just calling them an alien cause I'm pissed off" she lied to them.
"Can you guys wait outside and I'll be there in a sec?" she asked them.
Nodding they left her, but Luke turned back to them.
"This isn't over Guerin,” he said angrily before leaving.

An audible sigh of relief could be heard, but Maria couldn't tell who it was from.
"Thankyou Maria" Max said to her.
"Don't thank me. I'm only doing this for Tess. I have never lied to my brother before so you’re damn lucky I didn't tell him the truth. But if he asks again, I'm not going to lie. Do you understand me?" she said angrily.
A silence came over the group as they thought about what she had said.
"Maria can we talk about this?" Liz asked her.
"Yeah right. You four stay the hell away from me,” she said before leaving the room.

Alex watched her leave and sighed.
"Alex you have to understand" Liz said to him.
"Right Liz. Understand what? That Michael broke Maria's heart again? Or that Isabel slept with him? Maybe you want me to understand why you didn't tell either of us,” he said angrily.
Liz looked shocked.
"You made your choice Liz. You think that alien crap is more important than our feelings, our relationships?" he said now yelling.
Turning to Kyle and Tess he gave them a weak smile.
"I'll see you later,” he said before turning to walk out.
"Alex!" Isabel said jumping off the couch and grabbing his arm.
Quickly yanking it away he glared at her.
"Don't touch me Isabel. Don't even talk to me. You’re not even worth it" he said coldly.
Isabel gasped and shrank back. Alex had never spoken to her like that. She stood shocked as he walked away from her.

"Tess you have to understand" Max said trying to get one of them on there side.
Tess's eyes widened and she snorted very much like Maria does.
"Understand? Yeah Max I need to understand" she said sarcastically.
"I understand perfectly fine thankyou. I understand that you take your precious Liz and try and make her into the fourth alien. Well she's not. She isn't me. She's a human, I'm the fourth one. Hello? Did you forget that somewhere along the way? I mean great decision King Max. Your supposed to keep us together not tear us apart" she yelled at him.
As she finished tears quickly came to her face and she left the room crying.
Now it was Max who was shocked. Tess had never disagreed with him and now she was yelling at him?
"Get out of my house" Kyle said coldly.
"Kyle..." Liz began.
"Don't even start Liz. Get out now and stay the hell away from Maria and Tess" he said before leaving the room.


Determined not to let Michael ruin her brother's visit Maria took the two boys out that night and the following day as well. The more time she spent with them the more she began to like Jason.

It was Monday and they were back at school. At lunch time she joined Tess and Kyle at a table, happy to see that the other four were on the other side of the quad.
"Where's Alex?" she asked Kyle knowing that he had come from Math with him.
"Band room with some of his friends" Kyle told her.
Maria nodded knowing that music was his escape, he'll come out when he was ready. She saw Luke and Jason walking towards them and she waved.
"What are you doing here?" she asked surprised.
"We thought we'd have lunch with you" Jason smiled at her before taking a seat next to her.
Maria looked down and blushed and looked back up. Her eyes catching Tess's. The two girls exchanged a smile.

The ringing of a cell phone interrupted their conversation. Maria picked it up and answered it.
Tess watched her carefully wondering who would call her when school was on. Please no more secrets Maria she thought giggling to herself.
"Margurita Salt. That's me" she said laughing.
"No, Maria Deluca is my real name"

Luke noticed that Kyle and Tess laughed when Maria mentioned Margurita Salt, but they were also cautious with what Maria was saying. Him and Jason had talked last night and there was something off about their group of friends. He knew his sister was lying when he had asked about the aliens. But he'd let it rest for now.
Maria's squeals brought his attention back to her.
"Thankyou so much." she said before hanging up.
Putting it back in her bag she squealed again and danced in her chair.
"Oh my God!" she said loudly.
"What-what is it?" Kyle asked smiling at her excitement.
"Remember Vegas how I sang? Well there was an agent in the audience and he wants me to come to the studios in LA and have a meeting. Cause he liked me!" she said still jumping about.
Tess squealed also and reached over the table to hug Maria.
"Congratulations sis" he said reaching behind Jason to kiss her cheek.
Maria gave him a happy smile.
"So when are you going?" Jason asked her.
"He said that he would call me tonight to finalize details but it's in two weeks time. Just when holidays start" she said excitedly.

And on the other side of the quad four unhappy teenagers sat watching their friends. Wanting to go over there and see what they were so happy with but not daring to.

Part Seven.

The rest of the week went by in a blur for Maria. On Sunday she went to see Luke and Jason off, not to sad knowing that she would see them again when she went to LA. They had planned to come down and stay for a weekend.
She talked to Jason first leading him downstairs.
"It was really nice to meet you" she said shyly. And she was telling the truth. She was drawn to Jason, not because of his looks but because of him. There was something about him that drew her soul to him, some kind of peace, some kind of happiness.
"It was nice to meet you to. Luke always talks about you and now I can see why." he said smiling down at her.
Maria blushed and turned her head away from him.
He gently reached down and tilted her face up towards his.
"Your beautiful, you know that? So don't ever hide this face,” he said softly before leaning down and brushing his lips against hers.
For a second she pulled back her mind screaming no he's not Michael! but when his arms wrapped around her she melded herself into his embrace and returned his kiss. Stepping back Jason ran a hand along the side of her cheek.
"He doesn't deserve you" he said before walking over to the car.
Maria felt her brother's presence and turned to see him standing at the bottom of the stairs watching her. Smiling he walked over.
"He likes you, you know" he said to her.
"I know" Maria said a little wistfully.
Luke pulled her into a hug and buried his face in her hair.
"I love you" he said softly not wanting to let her go.
"I love you too" she replied with tears on her cheeks.
Leaning back he kissed her on the cheek before walking towards his parents and brother.


The night before she left for LA Maria was at home packing her stuff. Tess, Kyle and Alex had come over to help.
"This time tomorrow you and I are going to be in LA" Maria said smiling at Tess.
After a long talk with her mum and Jim they had decided that Maria could go and Tess was coming along with her. Without telling Amy about the whole alien thing they had managed to convince her that Maria would be fine with Tess.

"Maria, Tess!" Alex called from the two living room.
The two girls entered the room and froze when they saw who was there.
"What do you want?" Maria snapped at Max, Michael, Isabel and Liz.
"Maria we have to fix this" Liz said walking towards her.
"Tess and I are going away for the holidays" she told them.
"Where?" Michael asked her.
"That is none of your business" she said glaring at him.
"Maria what if something happens and you need help?" Max asked her clearly agitated with the whole situation.
"I'll have Tess to protect me if we need it. But we won't" she told him.
"This is stupid. What if one of you gets hurt and you need to be healed" he demanded.
Tess took a step towards him and smiled.
"Oh didn't you hear Max? Kyle got his power, he can heal. Does that make him the new king Max?" she asked sarcastically.

The four of them turned to look at Kyle.
"You can heal?" Max asked surprised.
"Yep. Sorry Evans you’re not the only hero around here now" he smirked at him.
"Alex you've got to talk some sense into them" Liz said sounding desperate.
She was losing her best friend. She could see how close Maria and Tess had become. Kyle would of done anything she had asked and now he wouldn't even look at her. And she didn't like it. Couldn't they understand that this what had to be done? And she had almost lost Alex as well.
"Alex this is about them. And you have to understand that. Now if you going to be as stubborn as Maria then I want you to choose between me and her" she continued.

A silence fell across the room as Liz's words sunk in.
"You want me to choose between Maria and you?" Alex asked her shocked.
What in the world was she thinking? he wondered.
"Yes" she answered coldly.
Maria stood there watching Liz and she shook her head in disbelief.
"Get out of my house" she said before turning and heading back to her bedroom with Tess quickly following her.
But Liz stood where she was.
"I'm not choosing between you and her Liz. Are you crazy?" Alex asked her loudly.
"Alex please" she said nearly in tears.
"God Liz. What has gotten into you? Your the one in the wrong here not Maria" Kyle said to her.
"It's always about Maria isn't it? Well it's not fair! You have to choose Alex" she said desperately.
"Maria would never make anyone choose. So I'm not going to" Alex said before leaving the room.
Kyle turned to glare at them once more before shaking his head in disgust and walking off.

Part Eight.

Two blonde teenagers both very pretty in there own way walked into the studios. One very nervous and one very excited. Tess looked at Maria sitting next to her as they waited in the lobby. She knew how much this meant to Maria and Tess was going to do everything in her power to make sure her friend got it. It was funny when she though about it. A year ago when she had been living with Nasedo having humans as friends had actually scared her and all she wanted was to find the other three and marry Max so she could be queen again. But now a lot of things had changed. She had pinned so many hopes and dreams on the Roswell aliens and she had been bitterly disappointed.

Max was not the man she had built him up to be. He was still so much of a boy, not even wanting the role that he had been born to play. Michael the one who she saw as a brother had been so closed off and reserved. And so bluntly rude. That left Isabel the only other alien girl, they were supposed to be best friends but that hadn’t worked out either. Isabel only tolerated her because she was an alien. After living with Kyle and Jim she had begun to doubt the destiny that she had grown up with. Being human wasn’t as bad as she had thought. Kyle became her first real friend. He was there, not because he had to be, not because they were forced together but because he wanted to be. And that made her feel special, like someone actually cared.

Maria was a mystery to Tess. She had always wanted a girlfriend when she was younger. She envied the relationship Maria and Liz had. But Tess and Maria had grown a lot closer.
“You’re so much nicer when you’re not going on about destiny” Maria told her one day.
It had stunned Tess cause Maria had never really spoken much to her. And that was what had begun their friendship. It also helped having Jim and Amy dating as Tess was brought along on all the family outings. It wasn’t until they were told of the wedding and that they wanted Tess to live with them permanently that she really felt a part of the family.

Alex was an added bonus of having Maria as a friend. At first he had been cautious and she couldn’t really blame him. But he had come around and she could honestly say that she really liked Alex, he was like the brother she never had.

“Your gonna do great” she told Maria squeezing her hand.
Maria turned to look at her and smiled nervously.
The door to the office opened and out came two men. One old with graying hair wearing an expensive suit walked up to them.
“Maria DeLuca?” he asked the two girls.
Standing up Maria smiled.
“Yes, I’m Maria” she said nervously.
“Maria, I’m Simon Jackson we spoke on the phone and this is Ian Hunt. Ian is our talent scout here. He’ll be the one who will handle you while you’re here.” he introduced them.
“It’s nice to meet you both” she smiled at them.
“And who do we have here?” he asked looking at Tess.
“Oh, this is Tess Harding my sister” she said introducing them.
Tess smiled at Maria when she said sister.
“Would you prefer to have Tess with you?” Simon asked Maria.
“Please” Maria said.
And the men led the two girls into the office.


Back in Roswell Michael sat in his apartment staring at the hockey game that was on but not really watching it. His thoughts kept drifting to Maria. He had really screwed up this time, he knew that. She knew that he knew that. He had seen the look on her face that day at Valenti’s when she had hit him. He deserved it. But the look in her eyes when she had been yelling at him, well let’s just say that he wouldn’t be forgetting it any time soon. She had broke right there in front of him. When Liz had told her that she knew he could see her break. Her eyes showed him what she was feeling. And it was pain. The pain of betrayal, the pain of being lied too and mostly the pain of someone who had lost there life. And then she hardened and he could almost see her bringing down a stonewall reminiscent of the one she had broken through to be with him. And that was what hurt Michael the most, knowing that he had done that.

There was still life in her though. You could see it when she was with her brother and Jason. Just thinking about Jason made Michael clench his fists. He knew that Jason liked Maria, he could tell by the way that he looked at her. And then there was Alex. Michael had always been jealous of Alex’s relationship with Maria, now even more so as Maria wanted nothing to do with him. And what surprised him the most was Tess. She had made a place for herself, they could all see that. She was happy with Kyle and Maria. He found it ironic that Tess, the most alien of them all,
had found home with humans.

He picked up a framed picture of Maria from his dresser. It hadn’t been taken too long ago. Before they got the stupid messages and before this mess came about. They had gone for a picnic in the park because Tess had never been on one. Kyle had arranged it with help from Maria. They had spent the whole afternoon lazing about. Alex had brought a camera and was taking random pictures of everyone. Maria and Kyle were playing hide and seek with Tess in the trees and the others were sitting there watching them. Kyle had gone to count and Maria and Tess had ran giggling behind a tree. Turning to look back at him their eyes had met. Maria had smiled at him, her eyes sparkling and he had done something totally out of character. He had blown her a kiss. She had stood there shocked, not noticing Kyle coming up behind her. He had wrapped his arm around her and started tickling. Laughing Maria had spun out of his grasp and Alex had snapped a shot of her at the moment. Her long curls blowing in the breeze, her eyes full of life and her smile so happy and full.
He rubbed a finger over her face in the photo and closed his eyes trying to stop the tears that threatened to fall. What had he done? Had he lost her for good? That was what scared Michael the most. Putting the picture down he turned and put his fist through the wall, thinking that if only that would solve the mess that they had created.

Part Nine.

Liz picked up the phone in her room for what seemed like the hundredth time that evening. She wanted to call Maria and force her to listen to everything. But she couldn’t do it. She knew that she had been out of line the other night at the DeLuca's. She winced just thinking about what she had said. She couldn’t believe that she had asked Alex to choose between her and Maria. It was like asking him to tear apart their friendship. But she had been so angry. Angry that things weren’t going the way that they had planned. Angry that Maria had walked in on Michael and Isabel and she was angry with Tess. Somehow it made it all easier to blame this on Tess. She could see how close Tess had come to Maria, Kyle and Alex. Ok, so she was jealous, very jealous. But what could be done now? Thinking of Maria again brought tears to Liz’s eyes. What had she done? What if Maria was never coming back? What if Tess was going to stay in LA? Everything was going wrong. She put the phone down and threw herself onto the bed crying into her pillows.

Max climbed the ladder to get up to his girlfriends bedroom, not seeing her on the balcony he walked over and looked through the window. He saw her laying on her bed sobbing into her pillows. Quickly opening the window he came inside and sat on the edge of the bed.
“Liz?” he said gently rubbing her back.
She turned to face him and Max felt his heart clench with the sadness that he saw on her face.
“It’s gonna be okay Liz” he said softly.
Shaking her head she sat up “No Max it’s not. Maria and Alex are so mad” she said crying harder.
He pulled her into his arms and held her whilst she cried. After a few minutes she quietened and Max pulled back to look into her eyes.
“I love you, you know that right?” he asked her.
Nodding she gave him a weak smile.
“Maria and Alex will come around. We just have to explain everything. They’re your best friends” he said soothingly.
“I know that but look at what I said. I was so mean and now Maria’s gone and she might not come back”
“She’ll be back Liz” he said before leaning down to kiss her gently on the lips.
Liz wrapped her arms around his neck and held him tight.


Isabel stood nervously on Alex’s doorstep. She had been there for the last 10 minutes trying to find enough courage to go inside. Sighing she turned and walked down the path, quickly changing her mind she walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. A minute later Alex answered the door.
“Isabel” he said surprised to see her.
“Alex I know I’m probably the last person you want to see know but I really need to talk to you. So please will you just listen for 10 minutes that’s all I ask” she said in a hurry her eyes pleading with him.
Alex sighed and rubbed his face, he was so tempted to slam the door in his face. But once again that thing that drew him to Isabel, that childlike innocence that she buried deep within herself flared up like a candle and beckoned him to listen to he.
“Come in Isabel” he said leading her into the living room.