Love From A Distance
Title: Love From a Distance
Author: Drmissy925 A.K.A Tiana(Tee-ah-nah) **Now Missy16**
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the cast in Roswell. They all belong to UPN now since the WB was stupid and gave them away.
Category: M/L, little S/L,Mi/M, K, I
Summary: a year after departure, Max has come back to Roswell after searching for his son. He goes to see how his loved ones are doing from a distance


Max looked up from the ceiling of his hotel bedroom. Tomorrow he was going back to Roswell. He would have to go back and face his past. He would have to face the same people he let down, not to long ago last year. Max thought of the second week after Tess’s departure.


“Isabelle I have to go and find my son, by myself. I don’t want to bring anyone else into my problems that will get hurt or even killed at the end.” Max said to his sister, feeling guilty of what happened this past year. “Max, you can't just leave. I mean what about Mom she will be worried sick about you. Michael will be pissed that you would just go up and leave. And Liz…what about Liz?” Isabelle asked trying every card to keep her brother from leaving. “Isabelle I understand what you're getting at. Michael will understand. He can take care of you guys a hell of a lot better than what I have been doing. Liz…well she is moving on with her life. And I just can't sit around and look at her going on dates with Sean DeLuca and not want to bash his head in. But, I can't because I lost my right to be jealous when I slept with that…thing. That was the biggest mistake I made and I will regret that for the rest of my life. Not only did I loose my innocence to her I lost Liz. And for that I will never forgive her or myself. I have treated everyone badly and I am just going to leave so I will not interfere with anyone's life anymore. It’ll be better for everyone this way. Isabelle I am so sorry what I put you through and for Alex. I even blame part of his death on me because I assumed he committed suicide. How could I think that? I just need to help find a way to find my son and if I do find him I’ll try my best and at Least do right by him.” Max explained to his sister. Max didn't dare look in her eyes because he knew he would not be able to go. “Max stay here with us…Please” she begged him. Max looked at his teary eyed sister and hugged her than whispered in her ear,“I love you. You are the best friend and sister a guy could have.” He pulled back and handed her five envelopes all labeled “Liz”, “Michael”, “Maria”, “Kyle”, and lastly “Isabelle”. “Make sure you give out my letters to them and read yours. I love you Isabelle.” Max said. And with a last look at his house than at his sister crying, he went out to a future unknown.

*End of Flash*

Max sat up from looking up at the ceiling of his hotel room in Roswell and said to himself “Welcome home Maxwell.”

Part 1

“Hey chica, stop flirting with the enemy and get your butt back over here and work.” Maria called out to her best friend in the entire world. Liz looked up at Maria from talking with Sean and smiled. It has been a year since Max has left and she has been doing better. She has been dating Sean for two weeks now and she is happy. Right? The truth is she is happy in her mind, but her heart went with Max, so she has nothing to give Sean. Liz remembered the day she received his letter.


Liz was wiping the counter top from a long days work in the Crashdown. She still couldn’t get the fact that Max had actually slept with her. My God, how could he do this to her!?! Liz was the love of his life, or so she thought. She even saved her innocence for him. Even after the whole Future Max thing she still had a small hope that Max would try and fight for her and give her a peace of him before he totally moved on. That all changed when her dearest and best friend Alex died. The night she found out was the night a peace of her heart died. She just snapped. First everyone was saying that Alex committed suicide, when clearly that's far from what happened.Liz had known Alex ever since elementary school and he never showed any signs of being depressed. He was the happiest person in the group. Alex was murdered most likely by an alien than a human. Max was treating her very harsh and going out with Tess. She remembered catching Max and Tess kissing on prom night. How her heart shattered into a million pieces witnessing that horrible moment. She spent the rest of her prom night with Sean Deluca in a bowling ally. The evening was fun but she still couldn't get over what happened with Max. Liz snapped out of her trance and turned to see a teary eyed Isabelle standing by the window. Liz rushed over to the door and opened it for Isabelle. “Isabelle what’s wrong? Is it Max?” Liz panicked. Isabelle just looked at Liz with a scared expression and handed the letter Max wanted her to give to Liz. “What…What's this?” Liz hesitantly asked while looking at the letter with her name on it, which was written in Max's handwriting. Isabelle turned and walked away with a curious yet scared Liz watching after her.

Liz went upstairs and into her room to sit on her bed to start reading what was in the envelope.


I cannot describe how sorry I am and how ashamed I feel of myself. I have caused nothing but pain for you. Ever since you told me about my future self I have been thinking a lot lately. If you are reading this letter now then that means Isabelle did her job and gave it to you. I'm already gone, not only in search of my son, but of myself. I have come up with the conclusion that my leaving will be better for everyone. Especially you. This is so hard for me to write, but you should move on since I obviously don't deserve the right to love you anymore. Don't get me wrong I love you with all my heart and soul and always will. I just can't sit around while you move on to someone else without my heart breaking all over again. I know now there will be no other but you. Liz you deserve someone who will make you happy and who will give you a secure future. You deserve a lot more than what I have given you. I need to go so I can become a man and try to find my son. My son. God Liz I am so sorry. My first everything should have been with you. But it was me; I didn't have enough faith in you and trusted Tess. Even thinking of what she and I did makes me sick. I just want you to know that I never stopped loving you and I always will. Never ever forget that my love.

I love you,
Liz just stared at the letter until the sobs she had been holing in irrupted with a vengeance. “He’s gone. Oh my God he’s gone.” Was all she thought as she crawled in bed and cried for her now lost love. She pulled her comforter over her, suddenly feeling cold.

*End of Flash*

“Hold onto your pants Maria I’m coming.” Liz smiled. As Liz started walking towards Maria she suddenly stopped. “No it couldn’t be. He’s gone and is not coming back.”She thought as she felt a part of the long lost connection to Max suddenly awaken.

Part 2

Closing time at the Crashdown…

“Michael stop sitting on your butt and help us clean this restaurant!!!!” Maria screamed. “Okay! Okay! You don’t have to scream in my ears!” Michael said while covering his ears. Liz just smiled at the two and started to think about the feeling that just came to her then left. “What was that? Was that Max? No, it couldn’t be. He’s long gone. But, why do I feel the connection we had.” She thought to herself. “You ok chica? You were kind of spacing out there.” Maria asked concerned. “Um…yeah…yeah I’m fine." Liz answered. Maria shook her head and said. “Come over here and sit down chica. You are lying to me and I want you to stop and spill what’s on your mind.” Maria took Liz’s arm and brought her over to one of the benches in the back corner to sit and talk. “ Really Maria it’s nothing. I just thought I felt something that I haven’t felt in along time.” Liz sighed. “What do you mean?” Maria asked. “I mean I think…no I must be tired. That’s all it is. I’m just tired.” Liz tried to smile, but Maria knew better. “Chica how long have I known you?” she asked. “Like forever.” Liz answered. “Right then if you consider to be my best friend you will stop lying to yourself and to me and tell me what’s bothering you.” She said. “Well, I felt….I felt Max.” Liz said. “You felt what?” Michael asked as he was coming from the kitchen. Liz sighed and said, “ I said I felt Max.” “How could you feel Max when he has been gone for over a year!?!” Maria exclaimed. Michael just looked at Liz like she was crazy. Liz looked at Michael and said “No Michael I’m not crazy. I know what I felt and I felt Max. Our connection all of a sudden just got stronger. I knew when he was around when we were together and even when the gerbil (Tess) was around I knew. But when he left it decreased. All of a sudden it just poof…came back.” “So, it doesn’t mean anything because Max is gone Liz. We all know that especially you.” Michael told. As he was talking to Liz he got a flash of the letter Isabelle had given him from Max.


“Knock, knock,knock, knock” sounded the door to Michael’s apartment. “Hold on! This had better be good Maxwell.” Michael shouted from his bedroom after suddenly waking up with the second knock on the door. Michael opened the door and said, “Max...Isabelle what’s wrong? Where’s Max?” he asked concerned. “Here” is all she said as she gave him the envelope that said ‘Michael’. Afterwards she just left as quickly as she came. Michael looked at the spot that Isabelle stood and shook his head. He closed the door behind him and then went over the couch to see what was in the envelope. What he found was a letter from Maxwell.


I’m writing this to tell you that I’m leaving. I can’t stay here in Roswell. You know about all that has happened obviously, but you have no idea of what it is doing to me. I feel like I am suffocating and need to breathe. Don’t worry it is not because of you or the rest of the group, it’s myself, of what I have become. I need to find my son, but I also need some time to grow and become the leader that you all expect me to be.
Michael you are my second in command and also my brother. I want you to look after everyone while I’m gone. Please look after Liz for me. She has hurt the most out of all of us. Please, for me. You are a great man Michael. Never forget that. You were a great brother and a great friend to me. Thank you so much for that. You have always supported me even when everyone was against me. I don’t know what I did to deserve a friend as good as you, but I'm very glad that you were here with me all of the way. Be true to yourself Michael and promise me that you’ll take care of everyone for me.

Your friend and brother forever,

As Michael finished reading the letter a lone tear fell from his cheek. “I promise Maxwell. I promise.”

*End of Flash*

Maria was also having her own flashbacks of when she received her letter from Isabelle.


After the constant knocking on the door Maria answered it. “Hey Isabelle are you ok?” she asked. “Yeah, here Maria.” She said and handed her the envelope ‘Maria’ on it. “Um…thanks.” Maria said but Isabelle was gone. Maria didn’t know what to think so she immediately went into her room and pulled out the letter.

Hey girlfriend (chuckles) or as you call me. I wanted to tell you that I am leaving. I have to save my son and become a better leader, better person, better alien and better man than what I have become. You are a great person Maria. Thank you for everything you have done for us all and thank you for being there for me last summer. It meant more to me than you will ever know. Look after Michael for me and help stand by him. He needs you as much as you need him. You are like the goofy sister I never had. Thank you Maria for being you. Don’t ever change for anything or anyone. Take care.

Your friend, brother, and girlfriend (still chuckling),

Maria had started crying during the middle of the letter and smiled. “Oh Max, you always had to be the noble one. Be safe and I hope you find what you’re looking for.” She prayed.

*End of Flash*

Author’s note

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Part 3

Max followed Liz as she went on her midnight walk. Training with Tony had taught him the art of following without being detected. She looked so troubled and he wished so hard that things were different so he could kiss the troubled look away. “Stop doing this to yourself Max. She has moved on to better things. Just make sure she gets home safe and leave her be.” He told himself. All of a sudden a man and inch shorter than Max grabbed Liz and covered her mouth so she couldn’t scream. Max was already in action. He pulled the guy away from Liz before he could finish kidnapping her. Max brought Liz behind as she fainted. The man shot out laser beams at Max, but Max was too fast. Max put his shield up and reflected the shots killing the man dead. Max went over to the body and closed his eyes to concentrate. A minute later the body and the rest of the evidence of the fight were gone. Max went back over to Liz to see if she waso.k.
He found that she fell a sleep, probably from shock. Max picked her up and went on his way back to safety back in the Crashdown. As Max walked he kept his eyes wide open daring anyone to try and disturb him in taking Liz home.

In Liz’s bedroom…..

Max laid Liz gently on her bed so he wouldn’t wake her and slid out the window without making a sound. Liz opened her eyes after the incident. She looked around her and found she was back in her room. “How did I get back here?” she thought. She looked over at her window and saw the retreating back of a man. He looked so familiar. No she was just dreaming. ‘This is a dream.’ She told herself. She closed her eyes and willed herself to sleep. ‘Maybe things will be understandable in the mourning’ she thought.

Max had to hurry away from Liz. The feeling of her in his arms felt so right that he couldn’t stand the thought that she doesn’t even know he is there in Roswell. She even has a boyfriend. He saw her when she was talking to Sean DeLuca. She looked happy and that is all he had wanted for her. To give his heart a break he started to think about the first day he met his friend Tony.


Max walked around the streets of Albuquerque for any clue. As he was thinking about how he had no clue how to find his son or how he would ever go back to Roswell he bumped into someone. “Oh excuse me. I didn’t mean to knock into you.” He said. “It’s ok Max.” The man he bumped into said. Max had a quick fleck of shock in his eyes then changed drastically into suspicion. “How do you know my name? Who are you?” he asked. “My name is Anthony, well at least here on earth. Listen Max I’m not an enemy I'm an ally. Come with me so we can talk in private.” He suggested. Max looked skeptically at the man, but something in his mind told him he could trust this Anthony person. “OK, let’s go” he said.

They reached this abandoned house and were now in the living room. “So who are you?”Max asked trying to get to the point. “I told you my name is Anthony here on Earth, but on my planet it is Tonkirus. I am from the same planet as Larek. I am his little brother. I came here to help you to become the great king you once were. Larek, Rath, you and I were best friends. I would do anything to protect you and the others including your precious human friends.” He told. Max took all of this in pretty well he thought. “Do you know if Tess is in my home planet now?” he asked. “Tess was made a slave when she came back without an heir and without the royal three.You never slept with her Max she mind warped you since you refused to perform what she wanted physically. So she thought she could mind warp Kivar and have sex with him or one of his men to get pregnant. Unfortunately, she underestimated Kivar and for that she is in bondage for life.” Anthony explained. Max looked as a thousand bricks were lifted from his soldiers. “So you mean I don’t have a son?” he asked. He already knew the answer but he needed to hear it from someone else. “Yes” he answered. Anthony put his hand infront of him and closed his eyes. Within seconds the whole house looked as ifit were rejuvenated back to life. “Now Max call me Tony we were friends in your other life and I would like us to be friends in this one also. So there are three bedrooms upstairs, take your pick and get some rest. We have a big day tomorrow.” He told. “What happens tomorrow?” Max asked. “Training.” Is all he said.

*End of Flash*

Max opened the door to his new hotel room and walked in. He closed the door and locked it.He did his regular check up of the place he was living in for intruders or spy equipment from the FBI and his enemies. When he found all was clear he stripped of his shoes and shirt and flopped on the bed with a sigh. He put his arms above his head stretching his already more toned muscles in his chest and stomach and forced himself into slumber.

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Part 4

“Beep,beep, beep…” sounded the alarm clock. Isabelle groggily sat up to turn off the annoying contraption. “Great another day at boring Roswell High” she complained. Ever since Alex’s death and Max’s departure, Isabelle has cut herself off from everyone, except for Kyle. He was her anchor in everything she went through. She didn’t know what would have happened to her were it not for Kyle. Now only with Kyle was Isabelle herself, but to the rest of the world she was not the ice princess but the ice queen of Roswell High.

After the hour it took her to get read ya horn sounded from the front of her porch signaling Kyle waiting on her. “I’m coming!” she shouted grumpily. Even as she was ready to grouch at Kyle for making her hurry, she couldn’t help but smile at his goofy faces he was making at her reminding her of Alex she thought sadly. Isabelle hurried in the car and shut the car door. “Why do you have to be such an idiot so early in the mourning?” she joked. “Ouch! To get rid of the grouchy side of the ice queen away from me of course. Plus being a Buddhist makes you optimistic sometimes.Shall we my queen?” he also joked. Isabelle just laughed.

10 minutes away from the school Isabelle asked Kyle what had been on her mind since she woke up. “Kyle where do you think Max is now?” she asked. “I honestly don’t know Is I can only hope that he is ok wherever he is.” He answered. Isabelle’s question sent the memory of her giving him the letter from Max to him the night Max left. He remember edit like it was yesterday.


“Isabelle what’s wrong” Kyle asked when she knocked frantically at his door with tears running down her beautiful face. “Here, I can’t talk now. I have to go.”She answered and was gone before he had a chance to talk. Kyle looked down at the envelope with his name on it and went into his room to read it. Kyle realized it was a letter from Max. “I wonder what this is about?” he asked himself.


I know we didn’t get along in the beginning, but I wanted to thank you for your help in all this. You were there for not only Liz but for Isabelle also, when I was being a jerk. You have helped us all even though you have not asked to be included in all of this. Just so you know it was not your fault with Alex. It was Tess who mind warped us all into believing she was apart of us. I want to apologize not only to you but also, to your father who helped us all tremendously throughout this whole ordeal. I want to thank both of you for what you have done for the others and me. I only ask for the both of you to watch over the others for me while I go and find a way to save my son. They mean the world to me and I refuse to take them on a wild goose chase with me and deprive them of their lives for a stupid mistake I made. Once again, thank you Kyle and thank you Sheriff for everything you have done for us all and especially me. Goodbye.


Kyle refolded the note and shook his head at what he had just read. He could only wish good luck to man he once hated, but now respected for taking on all his responsibilities.

*End of Flash*

Isabelle was in her own world remembering the note Max had left for her.


Isabelle was sitting on her bed after she dropped off her last letter to Kyle. She was dreading the moment she had to open the final letter to her. Isabelle took a deep breath and opened the envelope and began to read.


My beloved sister who I love dearly, I am truly sorry for the way I have treated you in the past. You have been so strong after this whole ordeal and still stuck by me. I never asked how you felt when Alex died and I’m so sorry I never asked how you felt about anything. Here is a poem I found that will express how I feel about you.

You’re a Very Special Person

Carry the sun inside you,
and reach out for the dreams that guide you.
You have everything you need to take
you where you want to go.
You have abilities and talents
and attributes that belong to you alone,
and you have what it takes to make
your path of success…lead to happiness.

You’re a very special person.
You have qualities that get better everyday!
You have the courage and strength to see
things through.
You have smiles that will serve as your guides.
You have a light that will shine on you
‘til the end of time.
You have known the truth of yesterday,
and you have an inner map that will
lead the way to a very beautiful tomorrow.
You have gifts that have never been opened
and personal journeys waiting to be explored.
You have so much going for you.
You area special person, and you have a
future that is in the best of hands.
And you need to remember: If you have
plans you want to act on and dreams
you’ve always wanted to come true…

You have what it takes, because…



- Douglas Pagels

Follow your dreams Isabelle. I’m sorry I held you back but take this opportunity to do what you want to do and go where you want to go. I made the mistake of doing that once but I shall never do it again. I promise that to you. I love you Isabelle. Take care of mom and dad for me. And watch over Liz. Thank you.


Isabelle tried to stay as strong as she could so she could finish the letter, until she couldn’t take it any longer. “Oh Max” she cried. “Please come back. I’m sorry too. Just please comeback.” She cried to her now long lost brother.

*End of Flash*

“Hey Is, you ok?” Kyle asked as he turned to look at her spaced expressed face.Isabelle snapped out of it and turned to Kyle with a sad smile. “I’m getting there. It still will take some time, but I’m almost there.” She answered.

And once again they were on their way to Roswell High.

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Part 5

Max found himself back in the hallways of West Roswell High. He never thought he would see this place again. First Period had just started and as the new kid he was late. Max rushed toward his first period class of AP English and froze. “ Come on Max, training and a few battles didn’t make you as nervous as this.” He scolded himself. Max took a deep breath and knocked on the classroom door. “Ok class…Oh! um excuse me.” Ms. Thompson said to her class as she heard a soft knocking at her door. “Hi I’m Jonathan Wallace, I’m new here and I have you for first period.” Max said in a polite tone. “Ok welcome Jonathan, come on in.” The teacher said in a cheery tone. “Here goes!” Max prepared himself.

5th period…

Liz was sitting in her chemistry class and once again thought of Max. “Ugh cant I get him out of my mind for like 30 seconds?” she asked her self. As she tried to get her mind off of her first love and heartbreak she looked upon the eyes of a stranger who had the familiar feel of something she once knew. “Who is that? ” she thought. Max stood in front of the class desperately trying not to look at his long lost beloved Liz. “Ok class settle down now” the troll everyone called her Mrs. Rhone told her students. The male students groaned and rolled his eyes while the females looked on to the fresh meat that walked into the class. “Students this is Jonathan Wallace, he’s new here and I expect for everyone to show respect and for him to do the same towards me. Is that understood?” she commanded rather than asked the class. “Ok then why don’t you take the seat next to Ms. Pam Troy and Ms. Liz Parker.” Pam licked her lips with the anticipation to get first dibbs on the new peace of meat. Liz finally got out of her daydream world to realize the new guy was sitting next to her. All of a sudden her body felt sensitive to everything. She could feel the way he moved, breathed, the he looked. It was amazing…it was disturbing. “Mrs.Rhone may I please have a pass?” Liz asked in her most polite tone. Mrs.Rhone rolled her eyes with an attitude and said rudely, “yeah hurry up!” Liz quickly walked to the bathroom to wash her face. She stared in the mirror and asked herself “What’s wrong with me?”she was beyond perplexed, she was pissed!, angry!, and afraid. “How dare Max leave me after what he did.” Liz shouted in her mind. “I need you.” She sobbed quietly.

Max had heard everything Liz had said because he had come to know how to read a person’s thoughts. “I’m here Liz…I’m here.” He told her telepathically. In the bathroom Liz stopped crying and gasped, had she heard Max. She distinctively heard him say “I’m here Liz…I’m here”. ‘How is that possible?’ she asked herself. Liz once again washed her face and dried it, taking a deep calming breath, Liz lifted her chin and walked to class as if she were prepared for battle.

Meanwhile Maria and Michael were having their own party in the eraser room.“Um…Michael…um we should like go to class.” She panted as Michael kissed her passionately on her sensitive spot on her neck. Michael ignored her and kept on kissing her until the bell rung. Maria panting and on cloud nine asked, “Michael why’d you stop?” He didn’t respond. “Michael? Michael!?!” He looked at her startled for a minute then smiled making her weak in the knees. “Come on we need to get to class,” he said. She almost pulled him back in so she could cause him as much distress as he did to her. “I’ll get you back Guerin, I guarantee it.” She thought. “I’m looking forward to it.” Michael answered out loud and laughed. Maria gasped and rushed passed him into her class before she beat him with her fist. Michael shook his head at his girlfriend but couldn’t shake the feeling something big was going to happen and soon.

“Hey Isabelle, wassup?” Kyle asked as Isabelle leaned on his locker. Isabelle was in a dream like trance when Kyle came up to her. “Hey, Is you ok?” Kyle asked worried. He touched her arm and she jumped as if she had been burned. “Oh hey Kyle what are you doing here?” she asked confused. “Um…this is my locker Is.” He said still wondering what was wrong with her. “Hey are you ok?” he asked. “Yeah, I just…I just was thinking about this big test I have to take.” She answered. A little hurt from her lying to him, Kyle nodded and said, “Well, it cant be that bad. You could always use your powers to make the test perfect.” He grinned. Isabelle just smiled and said goodbye. “I hope whatever it is that is bothering her, that she will talk to someone soon.” Kyle thought.

Isabelle was doing just that, looking for Michael so she could talk about this strange feeling she was feeling. She felt a little ashamed because she lied to Kyle,but this was something that she felt should be out of the humans reach. Just as she was thinking of Michael someone pulled her into the eraser room. She almost screamed when a big hand covered her mouth, “Shhh, Is it’s me Michael.” She calmed down instantly and turned around glaring at Michael. “What the hell is the matter with you?” she whispered harshly. Michael just shrugged, “Sorry that was out of habit.” Isabelle couldn’t help but smile at that. “Michael did you feel it?” she asked. “Yeah, do you have any clue what it was?” “No, I don’t know its like I feel…but that would be impossible.” “Like you felt Max?” Michael finished. Isabelle stood there shocked at what both of them knew. Max had come back, but where was he?

To be continued………..

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Part 6

Max or Jonathan Wallace sent out fake invitations to a party to all the gang. Max took a deep breath…“Friday…4 more days and you’ll have to face them again.” He finished putting the invitations in his locker then walked to class as if nothing happened. But he didn’t notice the chocolate brown eyes watching him across the hall.

Liz quickly ran to her locker to see what Jonathan put in there. “A party?” she asked herself. Out of nowhere she got a flash of Max writing the invitation then it was over before it begun. “What the hell was that? I don’t get flashes by touching things, I get flashes only when I…(she sighs) Max where are you? I miss you.” She spoke to herself.
“I’m right here.” Once again she heard his voice again. This time she felt comforted for the time being, but she was determined to find out what all of this meant.

After closing at the Crashdown on Friday….

“Hey guys I’m gonna have to jet in a while I got invited to this party with this guy named Jonathan Wallace.” Maria said to the gang as they were all chatting and eating.At Maria’s news everyone’s head popped up and Isabelle finally said, “I did too, did the rest of you get invitations?” she asked. Everyone nodded their heads. “Ok either this means something or its just a party, but I have a feeling its more serious than that. What do you think guys?” Liz enlightened to the group. “I think you’re right.” Isabelle agreed. Everyone else nodded in agreement. “Well, then let’s go people. We don’t want our inviter to be kept waiting.” Maria said sarcastically.

Liz looked up at the “party” building which was the old soup factory where Max and Liz almost kissed. “I don’t hear any music…we might be early.” Maria started, then a voice surprised them from behind. “No you’re just on time.” Jonathan/Maxsaid. “Whats going on John?” Liz asked. “Let’s go inside and I will tell you guys everything.” Jonathan said.

Once inside they all took a seat in the chairs prepared for them. “Ok so you invited us here to talk, so talk.” Michael scowled at Jonathan. He had a weird feeling about him and Michael did not like the feeling of not knowing the danger in the situation. So in Michael’s point of view, until they figured this guy out he would stand on his guard. Jonathan had to hold back a grin. In a matter of time they would know his identity, but first he had to see if they were up to it.

“I brought you all out here to explain what has been happening. About the weird feelings you have all been having for the past couple of days, you have felt it about me. Am I right?” All of them nodded. “Well the reason for that was because of this.” Jonathan said as he stood back and closed his eyes. A bright light surrounded him and all of the gang stood still as they recognized the form that came from the light. Once the light diminished Max stepped forward. “Hi guys” he said as he looked at his dumbfounded friends. “What in the hell are you!?!” Michael screamed for the confusion and anger rising in his throat. “Now Michael, sit down and let him explain before you try to blow him up.” Maria scolded. Max smiled greatfully at Maria. Gripping on his last nerve of self-control, Michael sat with his arms crossed, “Well explain then.” He said menacingly. “Micheal, it’s me. Max. Your best friend since forever.” Max tried to convince Michael desperately looking at his best friend to signal he was telling the truth. Michael saw this and figured a way to tell if this was the real Max or not. “If you are Max, what did you do when Liz had her blind date and who were you with?” Max smiled as he remembered the comical/ embarrassing number that he did that night. “Even though it’s funny now, it wasn’t back then. I got drunk and spent the time going through Liz’s bedroom with Kyle. Although, other magical things did happen, wouldn’t you say dream girl?” he turned to Liz and smiled that smile she would know anywhere. Liz screamed and jumped into his arms.
Max closed his eyes tight and pulled back. "Im not the only surprise everyone." he announced. Suddenly the doors opened and in appeared a figure. Isabelle looked as shocked as everyone, but uttered one word. "Alex?"


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Part 7


"Alex?" Max said stunned to find his supposedly dead friend in front of him. "But...But you're dead. I...I saw your body and tried....I tried to heal you," he stuttered as he remembered the horrific ordeal. He backed away from the figure who looked like his dear friend who came back from the dead. He shook his head and began to panic. He sat down somewhere, anywhere, and tried to refocus his eyes as if he were delusional. "I'm hallucinating, Alex is not here, Alex is not here..." he repeated over and over in his head. Tony came over to Max and gently shook him. "Max...Max....Max!" he shouted trying to get his old best friends attention. Max finally woke up from whatever trance he was in and stared up at him. " is your friend Alex. I switched his body with another alien and shape shifted it to look like Alex. That's why you couldn't save him Max. He was already dead for days," he told Max as calmly as he could. Max didn't say anything for a couple of minutes. He stared with wide eyes at the both of them. "Alex?" he finally said, awake from his trance. "It's me Max," he said as he walked towards him.

*End of Flash*

Isabelle just about fainted as soon as she uttered her not so dead lover's name. Alex just smiled at the group of friends that he loved. "Guys, it's me. Let Max explain to you what happened." The group who still stood dumbfounded just stared until someone cleared their throat. "Uhem!!! you all will turn your attention on Max and close your mouths we can get this party started." Tony said as he appeared behind the group. Michael jumping to his old ways shouted, "who the hell are you!!!!" he was on the defense. Max seeing this, held up his hands in peace to his best friend. "Michael he is a friend, he saved Alex and he gave information. This is Larek's little brother, Tonkirus, but here he is called Anthony or Tony for short. He is our ally guys, we can trust him. He gave me information on Tess and the baby. Guys, there is no baby, she mind warped me into thinking so and tried to get pregnant with Kivar but it didn't work. She is a slave now instead of the queen as she planed." All of the gang were taking in this new peace of information as any would guess. They were all grateful and shocked beyond belief. Liz who was more relieved now than shocked asked, " you guys didn't sleep together, and you don't have a son?" she asked, hope simmering in her eyes. Max looked deeply into the dark chocolate eyes he loved so much and said, "That's right. Nothing happened and I don't have a son." He gave her a little smile and she did also. Quickly returning to the business at hand Max focused his attention on the group. "Okay guys, just because we are all here and Tess is gone, doesn't mean this is over. While I was gone, Tony found me and taught me a few things. In doing so I am much stronger in my powers, but I still have some ways to go. But Michael, Isabelle, Alex, Liz, and even Maria, you all will have to train to be ready." "Ready? Ready for what?" Maria asked. He looked at them all with a face of a strong leader, "Ready for war."

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