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Summary: I don't like that Liz just forgave Max like that. So lets change it.
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Couples: CC/UC

5 years earlier:

MAX: My whole life I've wanted to be this person, this normal person. Human. My whole life I've been thinking that this alien side of me was this bad thing. This thing that made me a freak. This monster. I realize that I haven't just been hiding from the government and the law all this time. I've been hiding from myself. I don't know what's going on anymore. I thought I knew but I don't. I've lost everyone.
TESS: I'll be here for eternity.
They kiss. MAX: I'm ready to wake up now. (They kiss again, Max and Tess making love in the observatory.)

Tess's and Max's Apartment-

Max: Tess you home? Hello?
Tess: (Tess comes out wearing a halter top and jeans. kisses him on the cheek) Guess what came in the mail today.
Max: What? (He asked heading into the kitchen)
Tess: High school reunion next month.
Max: Already? Wow, it's been five years. No kidding. You talk to the other's.
Tess: Yeah, Isabel is gonna try to convince Micheal and them to cancel their road trip they gotta take, but knowing Maria won't go if I'm going.
Max: It's complicated Tess, don't bring that up. I'm gonna take a shower and then we can head over parents house alright?
Tess: Okay babe, I'll go change.

Maria's and Micheal's-

Maria: Micheal I'm not going to a High School Reunion without my best friend. Plus we're suppose to go see them that week.
Micheal: I knew you'd say that. That's why I made a phone call. Liz agreed to come back home to Roswell for awhile. It was suppose to be a surprise.
Maria: Oh my god really? (she jumps in Micheal's arms.) I love you so much.
Micheal: I'm glad one of us does. (he mumbles worried about Max.)

Meanwhile in Las Crucses-

Amber: So where we going Lizzie?
Liz: Well, Amber we're going to Roswell for your cousin's High School Reunion.
Alex: Yeah, I finally get to see everybody again. But you know everytime I think about it, something in me is missing.
Liz: The doctor said that happens because of the memory loss. Maybe when we get there you'll remember. (turns around.) So we all packed and ready to go?
Alex: As ready as we're ever be.
Amber: Road Trip! (jumps in Liz's arms.)
Liz: Lets roll!

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Maria's Apartment-

Isabel: Oh my god. Your...Your..telling after five years...That Alex is alive. You guys kept this a secret from us?
Micheal: We had reason to. He doesn't remember a whole lot so that's why he's coming to the reunion. The doctor said the less people know the better.
Maria: Plus Max very well how can I put this gently....
Micheal: He was a jerk and she has a daughter now. (before she could speak Micheal spoke) Her aunt died and left Liz responsible.
Isabel: What does she do? Are they a couple?
Maria: She's a teacher and no. (hears a car door) That's them, here goes nothing. (opens the door) Lizzie, so good to see you. She sleeping?
Liz: You too, and yes she fell asleep in the car. Micheal would you mind? (hands Amber to Micheal who lays her down on the couch) I can't believe the reunion is tonight.
Maria: I know, hi Alex. I want to introduce you to my friend Isabel.
Alex: I remember. I can't forget beauty like that. (Alex smiles.)
Maria: Well, we gotta get ready soon, you got a sitter?
Liz: We're not gonna stay long, so she's gonna come with. She wants to so bad. (laughs witht the others.)

5hr's later-

Liz: After five years the place doesn't change.
Maria: You got that right. Come on lets find a table and then boogie.
Micheal: Oh boy.

Other side of the room-
Max looks around the entire room scanning each face. She's here. He knows it. He can feel it. But before he could spot her Tess comes over. Tess: Yous Isabel and them yet?
Max: Nope. (Just then Amber runs into Max he crouches down to her level.) Your a little bit young to be at a reunion. Whats your name?
Amber: Amber Marie Parker.
Tess: Parker?
Amber: I have to go, my cousi....momma will get worried. We were playing.
Max: Okay. See you later Amber.
Tess: Parents, they need to keep their kids on a leash. (Max looks at her and rolls his eyes) What?
Annoucer: Everyone gather around. I would like to hand out the awards. For King we have Daniel Lees. (they all clap.) For queen we have Isabel Evans. (Isabel smiles and walks up the stage as they clap.)
Tess: They are here.
Announcer: And for class pest (giggles.) Tess Harding. (Everyone laughs including Max. Tess smirks and walks up the stage.) And for Greatest achiever Elizabeth Parker and Alex Whittman. (Everyone gasped but soon clapped as they walked up the stage. Max started walking towards Micheal.)
Max: When did they get back? And when did he rise? (Micheal and the others look at each other as everyone around them claps.)