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Rating: PG
Author's Note: I wrote this awhile ago. It's basically an Alex resurrection fic. I just wanted to see what Alex would think of everything that's happened since his death. Here goes:

You Can’t Go Home Again

8 Months Ago

“Is he dead?”
“Almost. She did a real job on him, but he can be saved.”
“Will Zan be able to do it?”
“Maybe. But his mind needs to be cleared, Ava scrambled it pretty badly.”
“I’ll take him back to the elders. You stay here and let them think he’s dead.”
“But that will...”
“He may not make it as it is.”

Atark healed the boys major wounds and began carrying him back to the elders. Zarha would stay at the scene and take care of needed mind projection.

+50 years ago...

“NO!” yelled Rath as he watched the laser pierce Zan’s skin and he ran to his king. He began pulling him away from his enemies but Rath too was hit with a fatal blow before he could get Zan to safety.

Several of the King’s men pulled Zan to safety inside the castle and lifted the door.
“Men, I’m not going to make it.” whispered Zan.
“You will sire.”
“No I won’t. So listen to me carefully. I know that they’ve been expecting my death for awhile and what they’re plans are, so when they send us back, if it does work, don’t let us interfere with the lives of the beings on Earth. Promise me that.”
“Anything sire.”
“We can’t ever let this happen again.” whispered Zan before he died.

Generations before Zan’s reign, Antarians had taken over the planet of Playuat and enslaved the people. But now the tides were turning, the King was dead and the Playuatans were becomming very powerful.

Chapter 1:
Present Day:

Being dead changes everything. Once the weird alien guys let me go I was pretty happy. Scratch that, I was ecstatically happy. I figured my Dad would wonder where exactly I was the last few weeks, you know, once the thrill of seeing me again wore off, and I might have a hard time explaining it to him, but that would be all. No biggie. Boy, was I wrong.

I get home and found a locked door so I get the key from where it has always been hidden since the beginning of time and opened up the door. My Dad wasn’t home so I went upstairs to my room.

My room looks pretty much the same except tidbits of my stuff is missing. Please don’t tell me that I was abducted just so they could steal my stuff. Then I look in the mirror. That’s when I things started to get really weird. I didn’t look like myself. I’m somebody else!! After I freak out for several minutes that feel like hours, I reconsider, and decide that I am in my own body, it just looks like someone else. The alien dudes must have been messing with my appearance.

So, I don’t know much about alien stuff but if it’s alien related the best idea is to go to the local aliens. First I head to the Evans and ask to see Max. His father looks at me funny and then asks how I know Max. I explained that I was a friend of his. Then Mr. Evans gives me a big speach that if I really am his friend why don’t I know where he is? I was going to ask for Isabel but after having Mr. Evans was look at me as if I was some kind of convict I head for Michael’s.

I go up and knock on Michael’s door and to my surprise Max opens it.
“Hey. Are you a friend of Michaels?” asks Max suspiciously.
“Yes.” Technically it’s the truth.
“Okay. Well, come in, he’ll be out in a minute.”

I walk into the apartment and from the looks of things Max is living with Michael. Weird.
Michael comes out a few seconds later and looks at me, then at Max. “Who are you?” he asks, and I can tell that he’s preparing to fry me.
“I’m not an evil alien so please don’t kill me.” is my response. Yes, it wasn’t the best response, but it wasn’t one of my best days.
“You’re an alien?” asks Michael. Definately with a harsh twist to his voice. You would think he would be at least partly happy that there was another alien in town. Maybe even family or someone who could tell them everything. Instead he looks even more prepared to kill me.

“It’s me. Alex. Only I don’t look like me because these weird alien dudes captured me and messed with me. I just came over to see if you could fix my face so I could get back to my life.”
“Alex?” asks Michael skeptically.
“Yes. It’s me. I can prove it to you.”
“Don’t move.” ordered Max. Definate edge to the guy that I never saw before.
“Come on guys. I had to deal with the whole aliens thing so the least you could do is try to believe me.”
“Coming from another planet and coming back from the dead are two different things.” said Max.
“Didn’t you guys have past lives?” I counter.
“He has a point there Maxwell.”

Then it sinks in, Coming back from the dead?!?!
“I was dead. As in dead?”
“Yeah.” nods Michael. “Buried too.” adds Max.
“For how long?”
“Almost a year, not quite.”
I never fainted before, but come on, who could blame me?


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Chapter 2:

When I finally restored my consciousness, partly due to Michael pouring water all over me, I find Max looking at me strangely. “What’s the last thing you remember?” he asks. “Fainting.” I reply, wondering what Max is trying to get at. “No, what about the alien guys who took you?”
“Oh. There was a bunch of them. They kept mumbling stuff about Zan and Ava and not interfering. Almost seemed like they were some kind of alien secret service.”

Max looked like he wanted to ask more questions but Michael interrupted him. “Do you remember anything about the night they took you?” I hadn’t really thought much about it but when I did I realized I had this huge gap in my memory from talking to Isabel on the phone to being in the alien underground. “I don’t remember anything.” I answer outloud.

Then, just like that, one of the my alien captures appears in the room. Seriously, he just materialized. “Zan, Rath.” he says at he nods at my friends. “My name is Atark. I’ve been tracking Alex so I could communicate with you when he contacted you. I would have preferred to remain unknown to you but in these circumstances.” Then he gestured at me with his eyes. Sure, blame the innocent human.

“What’s going on?”asks Max. “What are you? And why is he alive? We saw him die. Alex is dead.” Seeing an alien king freak out is a very interesting experience. “A group of elders loyal to your cause healed him.” explains Atark. “One of my associates constructed the funeral because we didn’t think Alex would make it. He was seriously injured both mentally and physically.”

“So you mindwarped us into believing that Alex was dead?” asks Michael. “Not mindwarp exactly. But the same principle. Only it isn’t nearly as damaging to the mind and is much more stable.” explains Atark. I have a million questions I want to ask myself but I just stand and listen. It was like I was watching a movie, I couldn’t possibly be part of this messed up scenario. Not to mention it was like we had gone through total role reversal; I was the silent pensive one, Max was the one freaking out and Michael was calm and collected.

Finally I break out of my spell, “What the hell happened to me?”
“You were mindwarped by Ava into decoding an ancient Antarian prophecy book. But the compounded mindwarps caused you to basically lose your mind. The lines between what was real and what wasn’t faded. When you accused Tess of doing this she freaked and had you kill yourself. Only I found you in time to save you and reverse the damage.” explains Atark.

“But why do I look like this?” I just found out my friends past life wife tried to kill me and that’s what I ask. Well to be honest, I wasn’t really surprised about the Tess thing.
“Everyone thought you were dead so we couldn’t have a dead person reappear after being buried for many months.” But having homicidal aliens run free is okay?
“Can’t you just reverse the mindwarp thing?” Michael asks.
“Not exactly.” replied Atark.
“So he’s stuck like that?”
“Yes. He’ll have to construct a new life.”
I never really thought my life was perfect. I don’t think anyone ever really does. But to have to start over as somebody else?

Then Atark dissolves again and I’m left alone with Max and Michael who at least now seem convinced that I am who I say I am. “You can stay here.” offers Michael, obviously trying desperately to make some of the ‘sorry knowing me ruined your life’ guilt. “Yeah, you can have the couch.” offers Max.

“Why are you living with Michael anyway?” Max looks at me, than at Michael.
“It’s a long story.” replies Michael.


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Chapter 3:

The next morning I wake up in time to see Max and Michael getting ready for school. Well, Max was getting ready and Michael was sitting on the couch watching MTV in his pajamas. I decided I might as well tag along. I certainly had nothing better to do.

When we get to school I act the part of the clueless import and wonder around the place, taking in the atmosphere, while Max and Michael try to figure out how to get me registered. I make my way outside and find out that the students planted a tree in memory of me. How thoughtful. So I break a small branch off the tree to remember myself by, when all of a sudden I’m face to face with Maria DeLuca. And she’s not happy.

“Do you always go around desecrating memoriam?” she demands.
“I didn’t know.” I manage to stammer out.
“You didn’t know?” I can tell Maria is going to go into a long painful rant when thankfully Michael interrupts her. “Maria, leave him alone. He’s new here. He’s staying with me and Max.”
“Huh? Ohhh..... So he’s a... Czechoslovakian?” asks Maria.
“Sort of.” replies Michael, obviously not wanting to get into the whole resurrection thing in the middle of the schoolyard.
“So what’s he doing here?”asks Maria, examining me carefully.
“Blending in. Only I can’t figure out how to get him registered without raising anyone’s curiosity.”
“Tell the principal he’s your long lost cousin or something.” suggested Maria, still giving me those suspicious looks.
“Yeah, then the authorities can come poking around, asking why he’s staying with me.”
“I’ll tell them he’s my relative then.” volunteered Maria. “Thank you Maria.” agreed Michael before she had a chance to reconsider.

“Well, since Michael so kindly made you my responsibility, follow me. I’ll get you registered.”
Maria marches her way into the office and smiles at the secretary. A few minutes later she comes out of the principal’s office flashing a small slip of paper with my classes on it.
“Well, you are now officially a student of West Roswell High. Here’s your schedule. The new semester started less than a month ago so your not that far behind.”

I open the piece of paper and scan the paper to find out what my new identity is. From this day hence I shall be called...... Trae Munz. !?!

I make my way to my new class and sit down hoping the teacher won’t notice me. She doesn’t seem to but at the end of class she stops me and gives me a bunch of pointers and materials. Finally I get away from her and make it to my next class. Michael’s in this class so I make my way to the back of the class to sit beside him. But the teacher has other plans. “Excuse me, I like to sit my students alphabetically.” I start to head for Mark Wales, the guy that I sat behind all through elementary school when the teacher’s words stops me, “Well, you’ll have to tell me your name so I can seat you.” The whole class snickers. I think for a second before responding, “Trae Munz.” I hear a single snicker coming from the back of the room and immediately identify it as Michael Guerin.

Finally the torturous day of school ends. Nothing can be as terrible as that was. Right? Wrong. Sadly, the day from hell has more blows in store for me.

I spot Max and Michael by the jeep and Maria and Liz are heading towards them. “So you have a new friend?” asks Liz, obviously not thrilled with the idea. “The goods news is it’s a guy.” replies Maria. “So I guess it’s Jesse that gets to worry.”
“Whose Jesse?” I ask, and they group turns around to look at me. Max and Michael look at each other and then Michael speaks.
“Isabel’s husband.”

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Chapter 4:

Never ever underestimate the power of two words. “Your dead.” “Isabel’s husband.” Simple two word expressions with the power to destroy you.

“Are you okay?” asks Michael, breaking me out of my thoughts and back to reality.
“Yeah. I’m great.” I lie.

“What’s going on? Who is he?” asks Maria. She’s holding a small vile of cedar oil to her nose. It’s nice to see some things never change.

“Trae is Alex.” Max finally answers and the small vile of cedar oil Maria was holding falls out of her fingers and shatters on the pavement.

“Trae is Alex?” repeats Liz. She looks stunned, a feeling I can definitely relate to.
“But I sang at his funeral. I saw Alex being buried. So he can’t be Alex. Alex is dead.”

“It was a mindwarp.” explains Michael. “An alien named Atark set it up so we would think Alex was dead while he healed him. He didn’t think Alex would make it.”

“Why?” asks Liz. I could tell she was searching for a reason. Something I had never really thought about. Why would they save me? What reason could they possibly have? What if they were just using me to get to the pod squad?

“We don’t know.” answers Max. But I could tell he was thinking the same thing I was. Atark had seemed like a nice guy as far as aliens go, but that didn’t mean anything. He was powerful too, and if he wanted to take us out, well, we weren’t exactly prepared to stop him.

“If you’re really Alex, what was the name of my dog that died when I was eight years old?” quizzes Maria, regaining her powers of speech.
“You didn’t have a dog when you were three.”
“Okay. That’s right. But it could have been a lucky guess. So answer this one. How did we meet?”
“I saved you from a schoolyard bully.”
“You did not, you paid him off with your lunch money.”
“Technically I told him to leave you alone and then he stole my lunch money.”

“It is you.” decides Maria and tears start to run down her face. “I missed you so much.” she half sobs half squeals.
“Me too.” echoes Liz. Tears are running down her face as well.

The next moment the three of us are engulfed in a group hug.

We finally pull apart and the five of us squeeze into the jeep. Max and Michael are up front and I’m squeezed in the back between Liz and Maria.

“So, where is Tess anyway? Shouldn’t we get revenge on her for killing me or something?” I ask Max, over Liz and Maria’s babblings about guitars, yearbook spreads and concert tickets. Immediately their chatter subsides and the whole group becomes suddenly silent.

“She’s gone.” Michael finally responds in a tone of voice that indicates it didn’t exactly end well.
“We already knew that she murdered you.” adds Liz, “Kyle broke out of a mindwarp and remembered the whole thing.”

“I don’t suppose you did anything as extreme as burn her at the stake, but what did you do after you found out she killed me?"
“She left for Antar before we could do much of anything.” responds Michael.

“You mean she kills me and then just up and leaves? Was getting home all she ever really wanted? Because she seemed pretty intent on....OUCH.” Maria kicked me in the shin before I was able to finish my sentence. “What was that for?”

“It’s okay Maria. Let him ask his questions, it’s not like Alex not knowing about it makes it any less real.” Liz responds cynically. “Besides, we can’t change the past.” I can detect a bitter edge to Liz’s words that I never noticed before. But then I've been dead for eight months.

“But things are finally going okay between you guys. You shouldn’t be dragged through this again. Not after you’ve come so far.”

“Not dragged through it? Maria, just because someone isn’t talking about it doesn’t mean that I’m not being dragged through it. It will never go away. A child doesn’t just go away.”

Max looks at me in the rearview mirror, barely meeting my eyes. “Tess wanted an heir to Antar and once she got it she left.” He immediately looks away. That’s right, you be ashamed I scream at him internally. How could he do that to Liz? I turn to Liz and she smiles sadly at me. We’re both members of the broken heart club.

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Chapter 5:

“So, is there anything else you guys want to tell me about?” I demand of Max and Michael once we get home.

They are totally silent. In my experience total silence is never a good sign. Finally Max speaks.
“The official police investigation put your death down as a suicide.”
“Suicide? How did Tess kill me anyhow? Force me to down pills?”
“No. She made you drive into a tractor trailer.”

Wow, I’m suddenly greatful that I have no recollection of anything that happened the night of my supposed death.

“How did my Dad take it?” I ask. With all the alien stuff and coming back from the dead I really hadn’t much time to think of my Dad. The poor guy must have went through hell. When my Mom died he was so strong for me. But later on he told me that I was the only thing that pulled him through it.

“Are you okay?” asks Michael, not bothering to answer my question. Not that I blame him, he wouldn’t exactly want to tell me that my father was wonderful about the whole thing or that he was a total wreck either.

“Okay? Why wouldn’t I be okay? I’m living in a one bedroom apartment with two aliens, I have a father I can’t speak to, Isabel’s married to someone else, and apparently I’m suicidal!”

Max and Michael are giving me worried looks. Then I realize it’s because I picked a butcher knife off the counter and am shaking it violently. I grasp the knife with my other hand and slowly put it back down on the counter, much to my friends’ relief.

“And for all I know, that Atark guy that saved me, probably did it just to get to you guys, so he can murder you. He’s definately powerful enough. He could simply materialize in here one night and kill us all in our sleep.”

“Atark!” exclaims Max all of a sudden. “I have to find him.”

“Wha?” I ask. “Find him? What for? Even if he is dangerous there’s nothing you can do about it by yourself. He’s way powerful. Remember the whole brought me back from certain death thing?”

“Yes. But if he’s not dangerous...... He might be the key to finding my son.”

“That’s been his big quest lately.” explains Michael, rolling his eyes.

“I’m gonna go see Liz.” I say in disgust.

I leave the apartment and make my way to the Crashdown. Half way there it starts raining. By the time I’m inside where it’s dry, I’m soaking wet. Unfortunately neither Liz or Maria are working so I order some Saturn fries and waste a significant amount of time making sure each fry has exactly the right amount of ketchup coverage. When I finally get up to leave I manage to knock elbows with another costumer.

“Sorry.” I mumble to the lady.

“That’s okay.” she responds politely.

“Isabel?” I exclaim, recognizing her voice. She looks completely different from the girl I knew. It’s not just the hair either, she seems a lot more mature and confident. Just as beautiful as ever though.

“Have we met?” she asks for the second time before I remember my manners and stop gawking at her.

“ see....I’m.....well maybe I better tell you this....” I can’t believe I almost told her who I was right there and then. That would have made quite a scene in the middle of the Crashdown.

“Hey. Who’s this?” asks some guy. Some guy then proceeds to put his arm around Isabel. I decide I hate some guy.

“I’m Trae Munz.” I finally respond, feeling like a total idiot.

“Well. It’s nice to meet you Trae.” responds Isabel. She then stears the guy I presume must be the infamous Jesse to a booth on the other side of the room. Great. Now she probably thinks I’m some kind of alien stalker.

I walk out of the restaurant and proceed to climb up the ladder to Liz’s balcony. I don’t know whether it was because I was too wrapped up in Isabel thoughts, or because I wasn’t used to the new bod, but somehow I managed to fall off the ladder. And I guess I screamed pretty loud when I hit the ground because a few seconds later Jeff Parker comes running out of the Crashdown.

“Are you okay?”

“I think.” I respond as pain shoots through my leg.

“Do you need to go to the hospital?”

“No. No. I’ll be okay.” I say through the searing pain. I really need to build a background and get hospital records.

Liz must have heard the thud as well because she makes her way to our little huddle below her window.

“Oh my gosh.” she whispers to herself.

“Do you know who this is?” asks Mr. Parker. “Because he was climbing up your balcony.”

“Yeah. His name is Trae. He came over so I him in math.”

“Well your friends could come in the front door.” he grumbles and then goes back into the Crashdown.

“What did you do?” Liz asks, obviously trying to keep herself from laughing at her fallen comrade.

“I came to visit but I fell going up the ladder.” I explain sheepishly.


“Maybe you could stop laughing at me and help me up?” I suggest.

After several minutes of pushing and pulling we manage to get me back on my feet. But my left leg won’t bear any weight without feeling like it’s being thrown in an open fire. Liz and I waddle our way into the Crashdown and up to her bedroom. I’m sitting down on her bed catching my breath when the door opens and in waltzes Isabel.

“You know him?” Isabel asks Liz. Then she proceeds to shoot me suspicious looks, while whispering something to Liz.

“Yeah. He’s a good friend of mine.” replies Liz outloud, leaving it at that. Then she picks up the telephone and begins to dial.

“Hi Max. Yeah. He’s here. Could you get over here? He sort of got hurt. No, nothing serious. How? Well he...”

I grab the phone from Liz. “If I had records I’d go to the hospital but I can’t so get your ass over her.” Then I slam down the phone.

“Who are you?” demands Isabel, looking at me.
“And why are you calling Max to help?” she demands of Liz.

“Isabel, calm down. Trae knows about you.” replies Liz.

“Calm down? I’ve never even met him before. And he knows? They wouldn’t let me tell my own husband but this stranger knows?”

“I’m not a stranger.” I reply. “I’m Alex.”


Hey, hope you guys liked that part. Yeah, I realize the ending was kind of mean, but hey, I have to get feedback somehow. And does anybody know if they ever mentioned Alex's middle name? I need to use it for my next part.
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Chapter 6:

“You’re not Alex.” Isabel informs me. “Liz, you don’t actually believe he’s Alex?”

“Yes. I believe he’s Alex.” replies Liz, trying to reassure Isabel that I am indeed who I say I am.

“He’s not Alex. He doesn’t even look like Alex. He’s some kind of evil alien brainwashing you into believing he’s Alex.” pleads Isabel, trying to save Liz from her grave mistake.

“He can prove he’s Alex.”

“Yeah. Ask me anything?” I encourage.

“That wouldn’t prove anything. You could have done a mind stealing or something. There can only be one Alex and your not it. So don’t even try to trick me like that. And if your DARE you pretend to be Alex! I told you I would kill you if you came back.”

“Wow. I guess I took it pretty well when Max came back from the dead.” Liz whispers to herself. Note to self, I really have to find out everything that’s been going on with my friends.

“I’m not Kivar.” I reply. Please don’t tell me that I came back from the dead just to be killed by Isabel. A person can only bounce back from alien killings so many times.

“He really is Alex.” claims Liz. “I mean, he’s totally changed outside, but it’s the same Alex inside. I was sceptical at first too, but we were talking just for a few minutes today and, well, he’s our Alex.”

“He’s tricking you Liz.” replies Isabel, but with less conviction than before. “You’re just believing what you want to be true.”

“Trust me. He’s Alex.” repeats Liz.

“Yeah. It’s me.” I echo. “Besides, if Liz was going to start living in a fantasy world she would have dreamed up something a lot better than this.”

Suddenly the door opens and Max and Jesse walk into the room. “He followed me upstairs.” Max explains. Jesse takes one look at Isabel and immediately looks at me accusingly.
“What did you do to her?” he demands.

“ that he’s my friend. But he can’t because he’s dead.” responds Isabel.

“Get the hell away from her.” demands Jesse. “I don’t know what kind of sick joke this is but can’t you see it’s upsetting her?”

“It’s no joke.” responds Max, as he begins to heal my leg. “Isabel, he really is Alex.”

“How can you be sure?” she asks. Tears are now streaming down her face, Jesse tries to comfort her but she pushes him away.

Max grabs Isabel’s hand and forms a mental connection between us. Memories start flashing before my eyes. If I could just stay in those memories forever than everything would be perfect. But then I see a coffin being lowered into the ground. That memory didn’t have any emotion attached to it, or so I thought. A few seconds later I’m blind sided with this gutwrenching grief. I try to pull away from the memory but it’s so real. I keep waiting for myself to come up and tell everyone I’m okay. But it doesn’t happen.

The next thing I know I’m back in the room again.

“It’s you.” whispers Isabel.

“That’s what I kept trying to tell you.” I try to be lighthearted but I just can’t manage it. The memory of my own burial is just a little too fresh in my memory.

No one speaks for a few minutes. Then Isabel breaks the silence.
“Are you sure there is no way to get your life back? Atark seemed pretty powerful. Surely there’s some way he could let you be Alex again.”

“Nothing short of a time machine will get me my life back.” I reply.

“Yeah.” sighs Liz quietly. “But we don’t even have the granolith anymore.”

“You can use the granolith as a time machine?” I ask. Liz looks up at me surprised. She obviously didn’t think anyone had heard her.

“Um....maybe.” she shrugs. “The thing was pretty powerful. But it’s gone now.” Why do I have the feeling she’s hiding something?

“Unless, the one from 2014 is still here.” she says all of a sudden, looking as if she had just discovered the hope diamond. “The future one could exist in the present, because it no longer exists in the new future.”

I look around the room and am relieved to see that everyone else looks as confused as I am.

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Chapter 7:
(Note: This story is post Chant Down Babylon so Jesse knows about the aliens.)

“Liz, what are you talking about?” asks Max as he walks over to where Liz is standing. Concern that she was beginning to lose her grasp on reality was written all over his face.

“Don’t look at me like that Max. When I insisted that Alex was murdered by an alien you had the same look on your face. The poor Liz is losing it look. But I wasn’t the one who lost it, was I?” Liz turns from an embarrassed Max to me. “I knew you couldn’t have killed yourself.”

“If you guys don’t mind. I think I’m gonna go downstairs.” pipes up Jesse who was standing in the corner of the room. Well, I know I certainly don’t mind if he leaves.

“Ignorance is bliss.” Jesse mumbles to himself as he leaves the room.

“Liz, you mind explaining the whole granolith from future theory?” I ask. I would like to know what’s going on and it doesn’t seem like Max has the right tact to get information out of her and Isabel’s still in shock from me being alive and all.

“Well, this is hard to believe but.....” Hard to believe? It’s definitely a bad sign when she starts with that while talking to two reincarnated aliens and a guy who came back from the dead with a full body make over.

Liz sighs and then goes on. “I had a visitor from the future. He came here from 2014 using the granolith’s power.”

“So if you can go back in time once, you can do it again. But we need the granolith.” I say.

“The granolith and about fourteen years of knowledge. And even if the other granolith is here, there are a lot of consequences with time travel. We can try to make one thing better and screw something else up.” Liz seemed sad all of a sudden. That’s when I realize something. “Your visitor made you change the past?”

“Yes.” Liz answers after several seconds of silence.

“What? You screwed around with the future using the granolith and didn’t even tell us?” bursts out Max. “You don’t have a right to mess with these things Liz. How do you know it wasn’t an evil alien out to ruin everything? I know I certainly don’t see how they made the future better. Why did they want you to change it? And why would they choose you?”

“He chose me because he thought I was in the best position to make things better.” replied Liz. “And I had to make things better for him. Even if it meant screwing everything else up. I’m so sorry Alex. I didn’t know what I did would screw up your life so badly.”

“It’s okay.” I reply. “It doesn’t matter. I’ll make it.” I hug Liz and try to reassure her. I don’t know why she had to change the future but she must of had her reasons. “Don’t feel guilty. I’m alive. You only did what you had to.”

“Thanks.” she replies, as she pulls away from me and looks at Max and Isabel.

“Why did you do it?” asks Max.

“Because you asked me too.”

“Oh.” replies Max. That shuts him up for awhile. “Why?” he asks after a few moments of silence.

“Because he thought he could prevent the future from happening. He didn’t tell me much about it, but what he was pretty bad.” Liz began to cry and she tried to wipe away the tears in vain.

“How?” asked Isabel. “What happened? If we know what happened we’ll be better equipped to prevent it from ever happening in this lifetime.”

“You lost the war against your enemies. They came to Earth and succeeded in killing you and Michael. Max found a way to use the granolith as a time machine and came back in time to prevent it from happening.”

“Why did he go to you?”asks Isabel, not even batting an eyelash at Liz’s words. I suppose she reached her shock level for the day already though.

“Tess just left Roswell in his time line and Max thought that if she had stayed then you might have been able to win the war as a complete unit. He came to me asking me to break up with present Max, so Tess wouldn’t leave on my account.”

“What else did he tell you about the future?” asks Max.