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Title: Mirrored Destiny
Author: Icalynn
E-mail: Icalynn26⊕
Category: CC
Rating: R - NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything.
Spoiler: S1 and S2 up to 'Meet the Dupes'
Authors Note: Takes place right after 'Summer of' '47' and the second set of pods show up.

Ch 1

The knowledge of their heritage and the ties of their blood bonded them together. They were the Royal Four and they held their future and their future of their galaxy, of a home they have never seen, in their hands.

Beth looked at her family and sighed She could see the unshed tears in her brother's eyes. She could hear the soft whimpering of her cousin's sobs as she clung to her brother for support.

They have lived in fear for most of their lives. They’ve been sheltered and alone. They are the aliens in a foreign land, called Earth.

"It's time, " she announced as three pairs of eyes turned to her.

"Do we have too?" her cousin asked softly, her eyes begging for more time-

"It's our destiny," she whispered softly as her brother took her hand and gave her a reassuring squeeze. She looked up at her brother, Lex, as she plastered a fake smile on her face. She then glanced at her cousins, Aria and Ky, "Let's go."


"Liz!" Maria called out as she grabbed the order for table nine. "Your orders up."

"Coming," Liz replied as she wiped her hands on a towel and walked over to the counter. Maria watched her bring the order to the table and start to walk back towards her.

"What's wrong?" Maria asked as Liz returned to the counter. "You've seemed distant all day."

"I've had this weird feeling something's going to happen," Liz explained as she tried to overcome the feeling of dread that overwhelmed her.

"Weirder then our Czechoslovakian friends over there?" Maria inquired as she glanced over at Michael and Max sitting in their usual booth.

"Weirder," she replied as she looked up at Max and smiled. Their gazes locked and for a moment she felt lost in his eyes.

"How are my girls?" Alex laughed as he walked up to the counter.

"Ok," Maria sighed.

"Only, ok?" Alex questioned as his grin widened.

"I'll be a lot better once my shift is over." Maria laughed as she glanced at Liz and furrowed her eyebrow with worry.

"Liz?" Alex questioned as she snapped to attention.

"Hi, Alex," she replied quickly, looking away from Max.

Kyle walked in and glared at Michael and Max in their booth. He spied the three he was looking for and walked over to them. "We need to talk."

"Why?" Maria asked softly, as a feeling of dread fills her.

"Don't you feel it?" He inquired.

"Yes," Liz answered immediately. "You feel it too?"

"Yes," He sighed as he looked back at the booth. "And they are related to it some how."

"Feel what?" Alex demanded, feeling slightly out of the loop.

"I don't know, but something is coming."

"Something or someone?" Alex asked skeptical, as he glanced back and forth from Liz to Kyle.

"I don't know," Kyle responded dryly.

"Liz?" Maria whispered.

"I don't know," she answered as she sneaks another glance at Max.


"What now?" Lex asked as he jumped out of the jeep.

"We find them," Beth replied sternly as the rest of them climbed out of the jeep.

"Where do we begin?" Aria inquired as she looked around the dismal town.

"We follow their vibes," Ky responded softly.

"But which one?" Aria gasped. "I can feel them coming from all angles. And some don't feel right- they feel almost human."

"That's not possible," Beth replied as she looked at a map and then glanced up at her brother.

"Hey, guys-" Tess called out as she looked at the four huddling around the jeep. "Who got the new wheels?"

The four looked up at her and froze in place. "Huh?" Ky responded. "The jeep?"

"Duh," Tess replied rolling her eyes. She continued to stare at them as they stared back at her. "What's wrong? Do I have something on my face?"

"No," Beth replied as she walked closer to her.

Tess opened her mouth to respond, when her phone rang. "Hello?" She asked as she turned away from the crowd.

"Tess, it's Max."

"Yes?" Tess replied feeling uncomfortable as their stares remained focused on her.

"We're all here at the Crashdown. Liz and Kyle think something's up."

"Liz and Kyle?" Tess repeated as she turned back around as the others smiled at her.

"Yes, we have to have a meeting-"

"All of them are there at the Crashdown?" Tess gulped as her mouth dried out.

“Yes, except you and Izzy, and Izzy is on her way-" Max voice continued to ramble on as Tess hung up on him. She glanced at the faces in front of her.

"Liz, Alex, Maria, and Kyle are at the Crashdown-" She mumbled to herself, starting to panic.

"Who are you?" Lex asked stepping forward.

"Ava," Ky whispered as Tess' mouth dropped open in shock. "Our queen."

"How?" She muttered as she began to back away. "I-" she stammered. "This is not- how can-"

"It is her!" Aria called out recognizing the familiar blue eyes.

Tess shook her head and ran away. Ky started to run after her as Lex stopped him. "Let her go and calm down."

"She acted like she knew us," Ky whispered still slightly shocked that they found her so quickly.

"That's not possible," Beth replied.

"They didn't think aliens were possible either-" Lex laughed.

"I think our answers are waiting for us at the Crashdown," Beth stated as she pulled out a brochure of the sites. She looked at the ad for the Crashdown Cafe. "Let's go find them."


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Ch. 2

Tess heart raced and her breathing was slightly labored as she ran into the Crashdown. She glanced between, Maria and Liz then turned to Alex and Kyle. "You're you, right?"

Kyle looked up at her with confusion, "who would we be?"

"They look- they knew who I-" Tess mumbled trying to catch her breath.

"They looked like who?" Liz asked.

"Like the four of you," Tess explained as she pointed to Liz, Maria, Alex, and Kyle. "They know about Ava, they knew who I was."

"How is that possible?" Liz inquired as she looked towards Max. "There has to be a logical explanation."

"Maybe you were mistaken," Max suggested as Tess rolled her eyes in protest.

"You're telling me- that there is someone out there, that looks like me?" Maria gasped as Michael’s arms encircled her waist protectively.

"She's right," Kyle whispered. "She's the telling the truth."

Tess sighed with relief as she smiled at him. "I'm not making this up. They looked exactly like you."

"They are coming for you, they are the Royal Four and together you make up the Royal Eight," Kyle explained. "It's time."

"Time for what?" Max demanded. "The royal eight?"

"The second set of pods," Michael whispered to himself. "They have to be the other four."

"The second set of what?" Isabel inquired as the break room door opened.

They looked up, as an eerie silence overcame the room.

Ky looked at the eight of them in front of him and his eyes lingered on the four that had their faces. He stepped closer to Kyle.

It's time . Ky sent with his mind. Kyle looked up at him and nodded in response.

"See!" Tess cried out. "They look exactly like you."

"We were sent here to complete the royal four- but this is wrong. They’re human, I don't understand." Beth announced as she studied their look a likes.

"Who are you? Where are you from? Are you the enemy?" Michael asked harshly as he gazed at the four of them.

"The Skins are the enemy and they are near. They want the granolith- but we are here to complete the four. To become one-" Aria explained quickly as she walked towards Maria.

"My name is Beth, I am the leader. This is Lex my brother and our cousins Ky and Aria." Beth explained as she continued to study the others. She walked closer to Kyle and study him closer, feeling an aura about him. "You’ve been changed, altered. Who are you?"

"My name is Kyle." He replied and glanced at the others. "Your look alike is Liz. Then we have Alex and Maria who are Lex's and Aria's look a likes."


Kyle excused himself from the group and walked out to the bathroom. He waited for a few minutes when the bathroom door opened.

Kyle and Ky looked at each other briefly as their identical blue eyes locked. "You're the only one ready. You know more then they think, don't you?" Ky whispered softly.

"Yes," Kyle replied.

"I don't even know if this will work."

"It's our destiny."

Ky held out his hand and Kyle reached out to him. Their hands met and a blinding light encircled them. Their heartbeats slowed and merged into one.

The electricity in the air mingled and wrapped around them. Two became one, an alien and a human merged to complete one of the true royal four.

He fell to the ground and moaned as he felt his body change and evolve. He slowly stood up and looked at his reflection. He touched his face, "it worked."

The memories of Ky and Kyle merged into one. His body was stronger, more agile. He stretched his muscles and rolled his neck. He felt his power stretching and flexing with in him. He was his former self, the King of his nation, Kylander.


"Where are they?" Max asked as he paced back and forth. He stopped in front of Beth and gazed at her. "All you know is that your destiny is to merge with your other half, to become the royals of our Antar."

"Yes, we had always assumed it would be- the humans weren't apart of the plan," Beth sighed her frustration apparent.

"Then why do you look like us? Why does Kyle know so much more then us?" Liz inquired as she looks around the room. "What is taking them so long? They seemed to know more then they were saying."

"Ky knows the most," Aria replied. "He retained the most of our memories of our language and he has studied the destiny book-"

"Destiny book?" Tess perked up. "You have one too?"

"Yes," Lex replied. "I think these humans are the missing link, the ones."

"Why would you say that?" Alex asked quickly studying his double.

"You're vibe is the strongest to me," He replied as another silence fell over the group.

"I'm back," Kylander announced as he walked back into the room.

All eyes were glued to the man in front of them. His crystal blue eyes sparkled and his skin glowed softly. His dark hair curled at the base of his neck.

"Kyle?" Tess asked as she step forward. "Why did you change your clothes?"

"No, it's Ky-" Aria replied as she pulled Tess aside.

Kylander looked down at his clothes and laughed, "not exactly."

"Who are you?" Michael demanded as he walked up to the man. He noticed immediately that the stranger with Kyle's features was the same height as him. "Who are you?"

"I'm Kylander, the King of Antar."


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Ch 3

"What?" Max cried out.

"You didn't think you were the only king, now did you?" Kylander laughed as the others continued to stare in shock.

"What's going on?" Liz asked. "Who are you and where is Kyle?"

"Where's Ky?" Aria added.

"Ky and Kyle were two of the same half. They were me-" he responded as he touched his heart and head.

"How is that possible?" Beth inquired stepping closer to him. "Are they really apart of our destiny?"

"Yes," he replied as he looked at the confused faces around him and sighed. "But, let me begin at the beginning."

"Well, that's a start," Michael grumbled.

Kylander took a deep cleansing breath and looked at the group in front of him, "there were essentially two ruling forces on Antar. When the Kraylor forces rose and attacked us, they made plans to send our essence in a hybrid mix here to Earth. Our pods were placed on the ship and we were sent here. Our ship was attacked and we crashed. In haste our protectors separated and mixed our pods for our safety."

"Mixed?" Tess asked softly.

"They separated the royal councils, but kept the siblings together. Zan and Vilandra, Rath and Ava-"

"What?" Michael proclaimed as he glanced at Tess in shock. "I have a sister? Tess is my sister?"

"Nesado never said anything about this- how do we know you are telling the truth?" Tess protested as she trembled slightly looking at Michael and then to Kylander.

Michael walked to her and wrapped his arms around her smaller frame. Kylander smiled at their genuine affection, "yes. She is your sister."

Tess clung onto Michael, needing the family she never thought she had. "And Nesado?"

"Nesado was the enemy." Kylander replied harshly. "He killed your real protector and tried to brain wash Tess." He paused and closed his eyes. "But, as I was saying- the siblings were kept together."

"But our mother told us about our destiny and of our past," Isabel objected as she wiped a tear away from her eye.

"I don't know what you have been told," Kylander paused as he rubbed his head.

"It doesn't explain about the humans involvement," Beth interrupted.

"Would you all just stop with the damn questions!" He exploded as a crackle of energy lingered in the air. The others looked up at him in shock.

"Sorry," Beth muttered as she stepped back.

"Ok, in theory- Lex and Alex, Aria and Maria, and Beth and I are two pieces of a whole, that together we become -"

"Lexandor, Alizabet, and Arianna. They thought if they split us up that they would have a harder time finding us and destroying us. The four of us where the most powerful out of the eight and therefore, they had no choice but to split us up in order to be reborn-"

"But we are human, we were born!" Alex retorted.

"It was a perfect plan. You were hidden, no one knew for sure until Liz was shot." He continued to explain.

"But we were born," Maria whispered. "We are human, I have no memories of the past."

"Ah, but you are mistaken, you do remember your past. You remembered your love from your past. Rath and Arianna were married. You had a connection to each other, a volatile one at that, in both lives."

Michael and Maria exchanged a loving glance as Aria looked at them with longing.

"Max, that is why you had the need to save Liz. You lost her once in your last life and you were unable to save her. So, in this life time you would have risked your life to safe her, your wife."

Max reached out to Liz and pulled her close to him. "I knew you were meant for me," he whispered, kissing her softly as Beth looked on, wanting.

"So, that leaves two more couples," Tess whispered pulling herself away from Michael and walking towards Kylander. "And I know Alex and Izzy have to be a couple, so that leaves you and me."

"Yes," Kylander gulped. "Except, Lexandor and Vilandra were only engaged. They were shy as they are now with their feelings." Alex looked at Izzy and they smile softly at each other as Lex gazed at the two and felt a pang of jealousy.

"And us?" Tess asked softly as she reaches a hand up to him.

"You were my Queen," Kylander whispered as he leaned into kiss her.

"Wait!" Liz cried out. "You never did explain how Kyle, out of all of us knew more- he was the last of us to know."

"He actually knew before, he had dreams." Kylander explained. "When he was healed he knew those dreams were real. His healing awakened his memories. He knew that Ky and the other would come, he has known all along."

"And now?" Beth interrupted. "We are suppose to join with our other half?"

"Yes, but they aren't ready." Kylander glanced at the three of them. "Liz is close but Alex and Maria aren't even close."

"What do we do?" Maria asked stepping forward.

"First you must accept your destiny." Kylander whispered as he walked towards her dropping Tess' hands. "Do you accept?"

"Yes," Maria whispered as he placed his hands on her head. He closed his eyes and sent an electrical current into her brain, unlocking her past.

"Oh," Maria moans as he pulled away. Michael quickly went to her, catching her as she faltered. Aria immediately felt a stronger pull to her.

"What the hell did you do?" Michael barked as he wrapped his arms protectively around Maria.

"I opened her past," Kylander replied as he glanced over at Alex. Alex looked at Maria and then stepped up to Kylander.

"Might as well," Alex laughed as Kylander placed his hand on his head. He sent the same awakening current through his mind.

"Ah!" Lex groaned as he sensed Alex’s pain and confusion.

"I just can’t believe this," Aria whispered. "We came from pods, they were born."

"True, but their mothers were injected with what they thought were a vaccine when they were in high school. This so called 'vaccine' was the essence and life of the four of us. It would be activated in the first moments of conception. They had eight vials, two for each. The first four were used a year after the crash and where unsuccessful. The women were unable to carry the baby to full term. The tried one last time and injected four girls. They matured and it worked." Kylander replied and before anyone could say anything he quickly continued. "The pods were designed to open when their life cycle matched those of their mates."

"Talk about sci-fi," Lex and Alex responded at the same time. They looked up at each other and smiled.

"It’s working," Aria and Maria replied in unison. They glanced at each other and laughed.

Don’t be afraid. Beth sent a message out to Liz. She nodded in response. "Liz, I’d really like to talk with you." Beth whispered as they approached each other. "The sooner we are ready to combine, the sooner we will win."

"Max we need to talk," Kylander stated firmly and then glanced at Michael. "I would like you to attend as well."

"What is this some King talk?" Michael inquired.

"Yes, and being my second, you should be there." Kylander replied.


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Ch 4

"What?" Michael shouted as he stared at Kylander. "I'm Max's second."

"No," Kylander moaned. "Were you not listening to a word I have said?"

"The royal councils were switched," Max repeated and looked over at Liz and Beth. "How did the merging work? I mean, are you Kyle? What do you feel, what do you remember?"

"I am Kylander. I have my memories of my past life. When Kyle and Ky merged everything they have felt, everything they have known becomes apart of me."

"It's just that," Max paused as his gaze lingered on Liz. "I love Liz- what is to become of her?" Max asked softly as his gaze remained focused on Liz.

"Oh, I see-" Kylander whispered as he followed his gaze. "She is not really Liz, she is just an extension of Alizabet. When Liz and Beth merge, they will be complete- your love for her will be stronger then before."

"And Maria?" Michael inquired.

"The same will happen to her as well."


Liz and Beth huddled over in a corner to talk. They both stared at each other for a second, trying to notice any changes or differences that may exist.

"So," they both replied at the same time and stopped suddenly as they continued to stare at each other. They smiled and couldn't help but laugh.

Their laughing subsided and Beth glanced over at Max. "You love him?"

"Yes," Liz whispered as she gazed over at Max.

"You're so lucky," she whispered. "I've had no one."

Liz looked deeper into Beth's eyes, "I want to see- to connect."

Beth nodded, slightly scared. "Do you accept this? Our destiny?"

Liz paused and glanced back at Max, "Yes- for him, I'd do anything."

Beth smiled and reached out to Liz. Liz placed her hands into Beth's identical hands. Their hands met and a blinding light encircled them. Their heartbeats slowed and merged into one.

Electricity mingled and wrapped around them. Once more, two become one- an alien and a human merged to complete one of the true royal four.

She fell to the ground and moaned softly as she felt her body change and evolve. She slowly stood up, slightly taken aback as memories of Liz and Beth merge into one.

She looked up at the others her eyes adjusting to the harsh light. "Kylander- it worked!" She cried as he wrapped his arms around her.

"Alizabet," Kylander whispered as he looked into her sparkling hazel eyes.

Max stepped closer and reached out to her, feeling a stronger, more devoted love towards her. She smiled as Kylander offered him her hand.

"Oh, Zan- my love." She whispered as Max wrapped his arms around her, feeling an intense wave of emotions.

The others watched in confusement. "That was- how?" Maria whispered.

"They accepted their destiny, with no regrets- so, when they connected they were combined as one." Kylander explained as he glanced over at the four left to merge. "It'll come."

Tess wrapped her arms around him and sighed as she watched Max and his queen kiss. She realized that she no longer harvested any feeling for Max. She looked up at Kylander with a clearer heart and mind.

Kylander looked down at her as he felt a rush of emotions- he leaned in and kissed her passionately.

Alex, Isabel, Lex, Aria, Michael, and Maria watched in amazement as a bright light encircled the two couples and in a flash they disappeared into a misty haze.

"Where did they go?" Michael yelled as Maria wrapped her arms around him.

"Oh, no- it wasn't suppose to happen yet-" Aria gasped as she glanced over at Lex.

"What?" Isabel inquired as a feeling of dread washed over her.

"They went home-" Lex replied as silence filled the room.


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Ch 5

Kylander moaned softly as he pulled away from Tess. He looked into her crystal blue eyes. "I've missed you," he whispered, his voice wavering.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know-" she replied softly, looking down. She stiffened slightly as she noticed the stony land at her feet.

She glanced around quickly, Kylander following her gaze. "Fuck-" he cried as he glanced over at the other couple still tight in their embrace. "This wasn't suppose to happen."

"Kyle?" Tess cried. "Where are we? How did we get here?"

Kylander glanced up at the red blazing sun and the eerie glow of the three moons, "this is our home-"

"Our home-" Tess gasped, "Antar?"

Kylander nodded as he cursed under his breath, "it's too soon. It wasn't time."

A ringing resounded in the air as Kylander felt a stabbing pain above his heart. His gaze penetrated Tess' as his world darkened.

"Kyle!?" Tess cried as she watched in horror as blood seeped through his clothes. The color drained from her face and her heart beat raced as he faltered and fell to the ground. "Max!" Tess yelled pulling off his top to inspect his wound.

"Kylander!" Alizabet cried as they brook from their embrace.

"What's going on?" Max demanded as they crossed over to Kylander and Tess. He knelt down beside his body as another ring manifested in the air.

Alizabet held out a golden shield, protecting them from the line of fire. She watched in terror as Max hovered over Kylander.

"Kyle," Max urged. "I need you to look at me."

Tess stroked his face, "Kyle, you can't leave me now! Not, when I have found you again."

Kylander eyes fluttered open and gazed up at Max. Max formed a connection quickly and healed his friends wounds.

"Hurry- we must go," Alizabet ordered as the shield she opened faltered.

Max looked around for the first time, noticing the change in scenery, "where are we?"

"Antar," Kylander moaned as Tess helped him up.

"Hurry," Alizabet waved and the three followed behind her. "Ava, I need a distraction-"

Tess looked at her with confusion, "what can I do?"

"A mindwarp-" Alizabet replied quickly as she nodded to the soldiers hiding within the shadows.

Tess nodded and squeezed her eyes shut in concentration. She pushed an image of the four of them running in the opposite direction.

They watched in anticipation as the soldiers ran in the other direction, leaving them safe on the rocky terrain.

"Did it work?" Tess asked as she opened her eyes.

"Yes," Max replied as her eyes fluttered shut and her body trembled.

Kylander caught her as she started to fall to the ground. "Ava, my love-" He whispered as he cradled her in his arms.

"What the hell is going on?" Max cried once he knew they were out of immediate danger.

"Somehow we triggered our return-" Kylander groaned.

"It wasn't suppose to happen like this- the others," Alizabet gasped. "Lexandor and Arianna aren't ready-"

"How?" Max demanded.

"I don't know- it wasn't suppose to happen until we were all ready." Kylander sighed. "Something must have happened- something must have triggered our return."

Max threw up another shield as they heard footsteps and a hooded figure approached.

"Who are you?" Max demanded as he continued to hold the blue shield out in front of the group.

"I come in peace-" a young man whispered as he pulled off his hooded cloak. His brilliant blue eyes blazed with knowledge and love.

Tess opened her eyes as she felt a familiar vibe in the air. She looked towards the young man, "who are you?"

"Kavain," he whispered as he crossed past the shield and gazed lovingly at Kylander and Tess. "Son of Kylander and Ava-"

Tears pooled in Tess' eyes as she wrapped her arms around him. "Kavain," She whispered as he sighed under her motherly touch.

"You survived," Kylander whispered as he embraced his family. "How? What has happened since we have left."

"It's horrid," Kavain replied as he pulled away and looked around. "Where are the others?" He asked. "Did I do it wrong?"

"Do what?" Tess asked softly as she played with the dark curls at the nape of his neck.

"You trigged us to come back-" Kylander gasped. "But, why now?"

"Khivar's troop have multiplied and are planning to attack the center of Airlion."

"The center?" Alizabet whispered. "Our home?"

"And the only safe haven left for our people," Kavain replied harshly. "Lizondra and I have ruled our people to the best of our ability since the deaths of the royals. Our people are losing hope, they needed to know the myths of your resurrection and the road to Eden were in our grasps."

"Lizondra?" Alizabet gasped, "Our daughter?"

Kavain nodded, "Lizondra, Malina, and I are the only ones left of the royal bloodlines. Lizondra and I stepped up to rule when we became of age-"

Alizabet cried tears of happiness at the news of her daughter. She embraced her love and sighed, "she's safe. She lived."

"We should go-" Kavain interrupted. "It's not safe here."


Aria crossed over to Maria. "It's time-"

Maria nodded and she gazed up at Michael with loving tears in her eyes. "Yes."

Alex followed Aria's lead and crossed over to Lex.

Aria and Maria hands touched as Alex and Lex connected.

Michael and Isabel closed their eyes as a radiant white light engulfed the four of them.

The four souls lingered and blended into the two remaining royals, Arianna and Lexandor.

Michael felt his heart soar as he gazed into Arianna's emerald eyes. "Looking good," he smirked.

"Better, then you- as usual." She laughed as she wrapped her arms around him. "It's been so long, my love."

He replied with a kiss as Isabel studied the man in front of her.

He touched her hand and gazed into her eyes, "have I told you lately how much I love you?"

Isabel blushed, "not lately." She whispered as their lips touched.

The couples passion and past love resurfaced as in a flash they disappeared.