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Title: Revenge
Disclaimer: Ha... I wish
Author's Note: I'm new to here, please be nice and give feed back....
Summary: AU fic where Maria's parents are killed. All CC couples but mostly M&M! *happy*

~*~Chapter One~*~

**Three Years Earlier**

“Mom? Dad?” a sixteen-year-old, Maria Deluca walked through her front door, “Kyyyyllllllllleee!!??”

Maria walked into her kitchen, “Anyone home?” she called again.

No answer.

“Okay then…,” Maria said to herself as she walked up the stairs to her room when she noticed something sticky on the rails. Maria looked at her fingers with disgust, then realized that it was blood on her fingers. Then she panicked.

“Oh my God! Mom! Dad! Kyle!” she ran up the stairs to Kyle’s room… nothing… Then she ran to her mother and father’s room, where she saw two bloody bodies that belonged to her mother and father.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” She screamed as she ran to them. “Mommy? Daddy?” She touched them, “please… be alive,” Maria sobbed the prayer underneath her breath.

Maria heard something, she looked up and there was this sparkling and glowing light. Maria, thought fast and dove under her parents’ bed. She peeked out when the light began to take form. She almost gasped out loud when she realized who the two men who appeared in front of her were.

Sergeant Richards?, Maria thought, Dr. Smith?

“… but Sergeant, what are we suppose to do with the bodies?” The man Maria recognized to be Dr. Smith said.

“I told you Smith, it’s Kivar, not Sergeant Richards… it doesn’t matter about the bodies…” Kivar said.

“Then why are we back?” Smith looked at the bodies and quickly averted his eyes somewhere else, as he thought the sight would make him puke.

“Just making sure I didn’t leave anything behind,” Kivar said as he looked at Amy Deluca. He moved her onto her back, “It’s a shame, Amy, you should have stopped before it was too late,” Kivar said to the dead corpse as he took hold of the necklace around Amy’s neck, “now you two have to pay the price.” He ripped the necklace off her neck and then moved onto Jim Deluca.

Maria’s blood boiled as he spoke to the bodies. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing, Maria did the math in her head and realized that the necklace may actually mean more than pretty things.

“Pity, I could actually tolerate you two humans.” He took Jim’s hand and out appeared a bracelet that Maria had never seen before. “Good-bye, Amy, good-bye, Jim.”

As Kivar finished ripping off the bracelet, Smith noticed something, and he was looking in Maria’s direction.

“Hey, what’s that?” Smith said, as Maria’s eyes grew. She covered her mouth and tried to move further back. Smith came closer and closer then he bent down to pick up Maria’s keys.

“Were these here?” Smith said curiously.

“It doesn’t matter, I got what we came for, we have to go back to the base before they realize we’re gone,” Kivar said.

Smith dropped the keys as Maria let out the breath she didn’t know was holding. They started to fade and Maria watched wide-eyed underneath the bed.

As soon as they were gone, Maria quickly crawled out from beneath the bed and ran, down the stairs and right into a hard body.

Maria screamed.

“Whoa, whoa… sis, easy, it’s only me,” Kyle said, enveloping her in a comforting hug.

Maria looked up at his kind face. “Oh my god, Kyle,” Maria cried, “Mom… dad…” she collapsed onto the floor as Kyle continued to give her support with his arms.

Kyle’s face dropped. “What, what happened to mom and dad?”

“They’re… they’re…” Maria could hardly choke the words out, “…dead…” Maria said it so softly that Kyle barely caught it.

“What?” Kyle said in disbelief.

“I came home, and they weren’t here, I saw the blood on the rails and I ran to your room and then I went to mommy and daddy’s room and then there they were… bloody…” Maria said so quickly that only someone as close to her as Kyle would understand.

Kyle couldn’t believe what he had just heard. He had to go see for himself. He let go of Maria and walked towards the stairs.

“Kyle! No!” Maria screamed after him and went to grab him.

Kyle only walked faster and up the stairs. Maria went after him to try to stop him from seeing the horrendous sight.

But she was too late.

Kyle was already in their parents’ room and he was standing in front of them. He dropped onto his knees.

“Mom! DAD! NO!!!” Kyle went to touch them for their pulse. When he felt none he picked up his had and looked at it with a dazed, pale, confused look on his face. Kyle felt sick to his stomach as he continued to stare at his hand. Maria appeared in front of him out of no where, he had forgotten she was in the room. She was grabbing his shirt and shaking him.

“Kyle, we have to get out of here. Before they come back. Kyle, they’re gonna come back, they’re gonna come back,” she kept repeating herself.

Kyle just stared at her. And then back at his hand, still bloody, with his parents’ blood.

“KYLE! PLEASE!” Maria cried and screamed.

“Call the police,” Kyle finally said.

“What? Kyle, no, I’m scared…” Maria pleaded with her brother.

Kyle stood up and walked towards the bathroom.

“Kyle?” Maria said confused and still sobbing.

“Just call the police,” Kyle said to her in a monotonous voice.

Maria looked at the phone in her parents’ room. She slowly walked towards it and did as she was told, as she dialed 9-1-1 through her tear blurred eyes, she could hear Kyle throwing up in the bathroom.

When the police had arrived, Maria told them what happened aside the details about Sergeant Richards, or Kivar, and Dr. Smith. Liz and Alex, Maria’s two best friends, came to see her. Maria then told Kyle, Liz and Alex about what really happened. Liz agreed with Maria to not tell the police for fear of Maria’s life.

At the funeral everyone showed up. Seeing as Amy and Jim Deluca were military personnel it was a big funeral. After the funeral Sergeant Richards’ and Dr. Smith approached the grieving siblings.

“I’m deeply sorry for your losses. You know you two can come to me with your problems, I think of you two as my own children,” Kivar, or Sergeant Richards’, said.

Maria, through her hard eyes, saw right through him. She was furious. But she kept at her act. “Thank you, Sergeant Richards, Dr. Smith.” Kyle frowned at them.

Kivar turned away from them with an evil glint in his eyes. Dr. Smith followed him as if he were just a little dog.

Maria turned to Kyle as she sobbed. “What’s going to happen to us, Kyle?”

“Don’t worry, Ria, I’m eighteen now, I can get legal custody of you,” Kyle said soothingly to his sister.

Liz stood by as she also told her best friend, “and if Kyle can’t do it, my parents would love to take you in.”

“As would mine,” Alex told his best friend with a tone of sadness in his voice. They all had been best friends since he could remember. Amy and Jim were like second parents to him.

Maria hugged her friends tightly, “I don’t know what I would have done without you.”

At school everything was buzzing about Maria. Teachers took pity in Maria, excusing her from most homework and tests. But she didn’t receive the same treatment from her fellow students. Gossip was everywhere.

Maria, Liz and Alex were sitting at their table, Kyle, of course, in college. Maria felt a tap on her shoulder and she turned around. There stood Max and Isabelle Evans, Michael Guerin, and Tess Harding. The most popular people in school. Maria had about enough of the gossip, and people who came up to her to ask if it was true.

“What? Did you guys come to poke and prod at me too? Which rumor is it now? The one about how I killed them? OH NO, WAIT! I KNOW THIS TIME IT’S PROBABLY ABOUT HOW THEY KILLED THEMSELVES JUST FOR THE SAKE OF DYING!!!” Maria was seeing red. Liz and Alex shocked at her anger. Maria was usually the nice one, they one who wouldn’t hurt a fly.

The four teenagers who stood there were in shock. Max and Michael exchanged a look, the one of pure terror and fear. Tess went pale.

“No… umm… we just came to tell you that… uhhh…” Isabelle was at a lost for words, “we’re sorry.” The “sorry” was said in a whisper.

Maria looked at them, shocked at herself for losing her temper, and shocked at them for apologizing.

“We… ah… know… what it’s like, you know… to lose… well… not lose… but we know… what it’s like to be without them…” Tess said stuttering over almost every word.

“Yeah, we were adopted…,” Michael chimed in trying to help the situation a little more.

“We… well… we never really knew our parents,” Max said, finishing up what everyone was trying to say.

Maria put her hand to her mouth. “Oh my God,” she said in an low whisper, “I’m so sorry.” Her eyes were wide and watery. She felt so bad for yelling at someone who was like her, she couldn’t imagine life without parents.

Liz and Alex sat there, dumbfounded. They couldn’t believe that the school’s most popular people had shared something like that.

All of them stayed where they were as Maria knelt on the floor sobbing quietly. None of them knew what to do…

~*~Chapter Two~*~

**Present Time**

Maria quickly walked to the cave as she was already late.

“Liz? Alex?” Maria called out for her friends as she entered the cave.

At the sound of her voice two dark haired heads turned in the direction.

“Over here, Ria,” Liz said.

“Are you guys ready?” Maria asked to her best friends.

“As ready as I can be,” Alex said nervously, he had been waiting for this moment since they started this project.

“Does it really matter?” Liz asked, “We’re doing this whether we’re ready or not.”

“I know, I just felt like it was the right thing to ask,” Maria replied with a grin. She couldn’t believe she was finally doing it, she had waited so long for the revenge that she seeked.

“C’mon guys, the ship should be ready by now,” Maria said as she looked to the inner room of the cave. Inside was a enormous spacecraft that they had found in one of the bases, they stole it and placed it in the cave. Sure it sounds easier than it really is. They had spent years undercover, studying what ever information they could get about planets, rulers, and space travel. And, finally, they were well on their way to avenge Maria’s parents’ death, by going to Kivar’s world, and killing him there.

As if in slow motion they walk into the place where the ship was stored. Maria was ecstatic.

“MARIA!!!!” a voice came out of no where.

“Shit,” Maria muttered beneath her breath. She recognized that voice from anywhere. It was Kyle.

“What the fuck is going on here?” Kyle shouted at Maria.

“I thought you said you took care of it?” whispered Liz to Maria.

“I thought I did, how the hell did he figure it out?” Maria whispered back. She took a deep breath and turned to Kyle.

“I’m going to get revenge for Mom and Dad, Kyle... please let me do this,” Maria said, her lips quivering and tears threatening to spill out of her eyes.

It hurt Kyle to see his sister so hurt.

“God, Maria, why? Look at what you’re doing to yourself... Maria, they’re dead, just give up already,” Kyle begged Maria.

Maria just looked at him, a tear began its trail down her soft cheek.

“Maria, look who you’re dragging into this obsession of yours, it’s over, Maria, it’s over, they’re gone and we can’t bring them back,” Kyle continued to beg his callous sister who was so fragile underneath her teflon exterior.

“Kyle, please? Just let me do this...” Maria began to speak as her tears violently spilt over her eyes, blurring her vision.

Liz and Alex decided that this was the time to intervene as Kyle rushed to her sister and held him tightly close to his chest. His arm over her back and his other hand supporting her head as she violently shook and sobbed into his chest.

“Kyle, please, just let us go... I think we all deserve it, you could even come if you want, we have enough room,” Liz tried to get through to Kyle.

Kyle looked at Liz with tears in his eyes.

“Please, Kyle, we can all do this together, Maria will get what she wants and you could be with her and protect her, as Liz and I would do,” Alex tried to convince Kyle.

Kyle moved his head to look at Alex, then as he thought over the possibilities, he slowly nodded his head.

**Five minutes later**

They were all inside of the ship. Maria’s eyes were still red from crying, and the group made an oath to each other. They promised to watch each others’ backs, and help each other out when in need. They didn’t need to make this promise as they would do it anyway, but it was just nicer this way.

Alex and Liz were making preparations inside the ship and Kyle was trying to figure out how to strap in.

Maria pulled out 2 newspaper clippings. The first one was of her parents’ death, the picture was a nice one, with the whole entire family, smiling at the camera.

Maria kissed the picture, “Your souls will finally rest in peace mommy and daddy, you don’t have to worry anymore, your little girl is going to take care of it.” She whispered as she closed her eyes.

Maria then pulled out the second newspaper clipping. Flashed across it said in big bold letters Four Teenagers Dead and on the picture was Michael Guerin, Max Evans, Isabel Evans, and Tess Harding standing next to the jeep grinning.


Maria bounced her way down the stairs and out the door to meet Michael, that night was the night of their first date.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, sis, where are you going?” Kyle yelled for her as she was already half-way to her car.

“I’m going out!” Maria yelled back.

“Nice try, Maria, get your ass back in here,” Kyle said in a fatherly way.

“I’m serious, Kyle, I have a date with Michael, I’ll see you later!” Maria said as she started the engine and pulled out of the driveway.

Kyle shook his head as he walked in and suddenly there was breaking news on the game he was watching. Kyle rolled his eyes, “Goddamm government!”

Kyle’s eyes opened wide as the television flashed pictures of a car crash and a voice came over the speakers, Kyle only picked up on a couple words as he watched the flames engulf the air.

“... as we see here there was a massive car crash... no survivors.. victims believed to be Max and Isabel Evans with their friends Michael Guerin and Tess Harding...”

“Oh fuck,” Kyle muttered under his breath as he realized who Maria was about to go see.

“Shit!” Kyle grabbed his things and bolted out the door, trying to catch up to Maria before she realized what happened.

Maria was half-way to the Crashdown, humming and singing along to a song on the radio. Suddenly the news was on.

“Fucking government,” Maria muttered, “And that was my favorite song!”

Maria decided to listen anyway, and her eyes widened as the victims were named off. She slammed on her brakes, almost making another car crash into her. The car honked noisily and annoyingly as Maria’s eyes were wide and her mouth opened. After a few minutes a man came to her window.

“Miss... are you okay? Miss?” The man continued to ask.

Maria slowly turned her head to the man, tears spilling. “Yeah... yeah... I’m fine...” she whispered. She slowly turned her head back a drove slowly to the Crashdown to find Liz or Alex.

~End Flashback~

Maria put the newspaper clippings away as she pulled out her gun and a pack of cigarettes. She checked to see if the gun was loaded as she pulled out a white stick of poison. She observed her gun and then quickly put it away while taking out her lighter and lighting the cancer stick. She took a long drag out of it. Smoking, a habit she picked up from Kyle after Michael, Max, Isabel, and Tess died.

Before she knew it, the space craft was ready to go. They were strapped into their seats as Alex asked if everyone was comfortable.

“I think my nuts are going to be sore when we get off this ride,” Kyle said.

Maria, Liz, and Alex laughed.

“That wasn’t meant to be funny,” Kyle said with a mean expression on his face.

They laughed harder.

“Jesus, Alex, are you comfortable?” Kyle asked desperately.

“Kyle, your sitting on the fucking belt,” Alex breathed out as he was trying to control his laughing.

“Oh, shit!” Kyle said and tried to adjust himself.

That made the three laugh even harder.

“I’m glad my pain causes joy in your lives,” Kyle said above the laughter.

After that fiasco, the ship took off, they were in space quickly. After a couple of long hours, the four were getting restless.

“When the hell are we gonna get there?” Kyle whined.

“Well considering the speed that we’re traveling we should be there in a day or so,” Liz told Kyle.

Kyle stood agape. “A day or so? I’m stuck in this fucking ship for a day or so? With YOU THREE???”

“HEY! I resent that!” Maria said.

**More than half a day later**

Maria awoke from her slumber as an alarm started to sound, the room was flashing red as she rubbed her eyes.

“What the hell is going on?” Maria said.

Alex looked to her with worry. “I think you better wake everyone else up, something’s wrong.”

Liz’s eyes popped open. “What? Kyle, Kyle!” Liz shouted at him while shaking him.

“I’m up! I’m up!” Kyle said quickly putting his hand over his heart.

“Kyle, there’s something wrong,” Maria said with a shaky tone in her voice.

Kyle was immediately alert at hearing this.

Suddenly there was turbulence and as the ship shook and shook, Maria, Alex, and Liz were at the command station, punching in buttons that were unfamiliar to Kyle. He felt helpless. Maria, Liz, and Alex had studied this all before and they were frantically trying to save their lives.

“Why isn’t it working?!” Maria screamed with frustration. “What’s wrong?!”

“I think... I think... we’re crashing...” Alex said pale as a ghost.

The group held each other tight. Alex still pale squeezing his eyes shut as if it would take all of the chaos away. Liz squeezed her eyes shut out of fear, and Kyle... Kyle shut his eyes in prayer. Maria, however, stood there, hugging everyone as for comfort as she watch wide eyed at the planet that they were about to crash in.

More turbulence hit the shit as they entered the atmosphere. Everyone flinched. Alex, Liz and Kyle still had there eyes shut as Maria watched in horror. Plummeting into the planet’s surface...

and then suddenly... it became black.

~*~Chapter Three~*~
“Maria...” A voice whispered past her ear.

“Mommy? Daddy?” Maria called out. She looked at her surroundings and it was all dark. She closed her eyes and then opened them again.

“MOM! DAD!” Maria ran to her parents’ open arms, “Oh god, I missed you so much.”

“We missed you too, Ria,” Amy smiled at her daughter.

“Hey, I’ve got an idea, let’s go get some ice cream,” Jim said as if he were talking to a child.

“That’s a great idea, Daddy,” Maria smiled back at her parents.

Suddenly Amy and Jim were pulled away.

“Mom, Dad? Where are you going? COME BACK!” Maria screamed for her parents.

Kivar appeared behind them as Maria screamed for her parents. With his a knife in his hand he smiled at Maria, with the evil glinting in his eyes, he plunged the knife into Jim first letting him fall to the ground.

Maria kept screaming.

Kivar then plunged the knife into Amy.

Maria couldn’t move her legs, she wanted to run to them but she couldn’t. Her legs were stuck, and Kivar was coming her way. Maria quickly grabbed the gun out of her jacket and aimed at Kivar. Her finger on the trigger. And he gave an evil laugh that sent chills down Maria’s spine and goose bumps through her skin.

Maria pressed the trigger.


Nothing came out. Maria was horrified and she still couldn’t move. Kivar came closer and closer, the bloody knife raised high above his head...

Maria woke up screaming to a pair of friendly brown eyes peering down at her. Maria quickly sat up and pushed herself as far against the bed frame as she could.

“Isabel?!” Maria said trying to catch her breath. “What the fuck? I thought you were dead.”

Isabel smiled at Maria. “It’s not Isabel here, it’s Vilandra, and well... we kinda set that up...”

“Vilandra? As in Princess Vilandra of Antar?” Maria asked. “Wait, where the hell am I?”

Isabel frowned at Maria, “Maria, you’re on Antar... You, Ale..”

Maria cut Isabel off, “Oh my God, Kyle, Liz, Alex...”

“It’s alright, they’re okay,” Isabel said soothingly, but she yet returned to her frown “As I was saying, you, Alex, Liz and Kyle crashed here a couple of weeks ago. By the time we got there, Kyle had woken up and he was trying to wake you up. God, Maria, he was so frantic and scared.”

Maria looked horrified.

“Alex was the next to wake up, then Liz... but... but we just couldn’t get you to wake up... My people wanted to stop life support but...” Isabel trailed off.

Maria grabbed for the inside of her jacket when she realized that she was wearing a white gown.

“What the...” Maria muttered.

“Oh, heh, sorry about that, your stuff is in another room...” Isabel grinned at her.

Maria put her hand to her head. “I need a cigarette.”

“You know that’s a bad habit, you can easily die from those cancer sticks,” Isabel said.

“Who said I wanted to live?” Maria said.

Isabel just looked at Maria, shocked but not really at what Maria said.

“Wait a minute... that makes Max... King Zan?” Maria said not as a question but more as a realization.

Isabel nodded.

“That means he’s married to Tess...” Maria said.

“Well, not really... I mean it’s what our people want, but... definitely not us... I mean, we’re family, it just feels... weird...” Isabel said.

Maria smiled at Isabel, “So then what happened?”

“Well, they kept nagging at us so Michael and I decided to try at it,” Isabel said.

Maria flinched at the sound of Michael’s name, fortunately, Isabel didn’t detect it. Either that or she didn’t want to push at Maria.

“So then what happened?” Maria asked, feeling like this was girl talk which she hadn’t had in years.

Isabel giggled, “We didn’t even last 10 minutes!”

The two girls started to laugh hysterically.

“Lady Vilandra,” a man in a sort of uniform came in. Isabel didn’t seem to hear him.

“Lady Vilandra!” the man said again, this time louder.

“Is... I think... that guy... is calling... you...” Maria said between struggled breaths from laughing so hard.

“What?” Isabel turned around and saw the man “Oh...” Isabel quickly composed herself back into her royalty mode. “Yes, Kiya?”

“Everyone has been searching for you, my lady,” Kiya said.

“What for?” Isabelle, or Vilandra, asked kindly.

“That I’m not sure, I think that King Zan has some news that he would like to share with you,” Kiya said.

“Oh, well, tell them that I am in this room, they’ll come to me,” Isabel said.

“Yes, my lady,” Kiya bowed and kissed Isabel’s hand.

Maria raised an eyebrow at Isabel, “Life is treating you good then, huh?”

Isabel turned back to Maria, “Yeah, I would say so.”

Maria got out of the soft white bed and she walked towards the window to look out at Antar’s red sun.

“It’s so beautiful here,” Maria said touching the window with her finger tips as if she wanted to touch the sun.

Max walked into the room right then already talking “I should have known you would be in here,” Max stopped when he saw Maria standing at the window. “Maria, you’re awake,” Max said.

Maria grinned at Max, “Hi, Max.”

Hearing Michael from a far distance he was ranting. “Is, you know how stubborn she is...” His voice grew louder as he walked closer and closer to the entrance. “If she refuses to wake up then...” Michael walked in the door at the sight of Max and Isabel laughing and Maria giving him the look.

“Maria...” Michael whispered.

Maria grinned at him. “It’s great to see you too, Michael.”

Loud giggling could be heard from the door, everyone turned to see who it was this time.

“I sooooo wish I could have seen his face,” the voice belonged to Tess.

“Don’t tell Kyle that I told you that though,” Liz said trying to calm down from her laughing.

They turned into the door, and saw Maria standing there grinning at Liz. Liz and Maria screamed and ran to each other and hugged each other tightly.

“Oh my God, Maria, Kyle and Alex are going to be so happy to see you awake,” Liz said crying as she and Maria clung onto each other.

~*~Chapter Four~*~

The humans have already regrouped. And the Royal Four know the reason why they had gone in this trek.

Michael was in Maria’s room.

“You wont be able to defeat him, you know,” Michael said to her while looking out of her window. After a minute of silence, Michael turned to Maria to find her just staring at him.

“I know, but at least I could try,” Maria finally said.

Michael walked up to Maria using his hand to gently touch Maria’s cheek. She closed her eyes to the feel of his hand on her face.

“I missed you,” Michael said softly to her, “I couldn’t stop thinking about you after we left.”

Maria let his hand caress her face as she said, “After I thought you were dead, I became obsessed with getting Kivar back. As if he were the one to blame for everything.”

There was a short pause.

“And he is to blame for everything. If it wasn’t for him, I would have never met you, I would have never been in pain,” There was so much pain in Maria’s eyes as Michael stared deep into them.

Why do you feel so much pain, Maria? Michael thought, It couldn’t have just been your parents dying, something must have happened to you. What are you searching for, Maria?

Suddenly there was a noise of someone opening the door. Michael snapped his hand away from Maria as she quickly regained her posture. Quickly putting up her stone wall.

“Maria?” Max had walked in. He stopped as soon as he saw Michael’s glare.

“Oh, am I interrupting something?” Max said.

“No, no, nothing at all,” Maria said.

“Everyone just wants to meet to go over our plan,” Max said.

“Okay yeah, sure, I’ll be out in just a minute,” Maria said to him.

“Okay then,” Max said as he walked out eyeing Michael.

When Max left Maria turned to Michael.

“Yeah, well... ummm... we better get to the meeting,” Maria said flustered.

“Yeah...” Michael said, following her out.


The palace was beautiful, the walls were covered with beautiful decors of vines and flowers, and the top was draped with blue vines and blood red flowers. The walls were covered with little red crystals, giving the walls a glow. Maria was hypnotized by the beauty of it. She looked with wonder oblivious to the fact that Michael was studying her.

She still had a look of pain on her face, even with her amazement of the beauty of the palace. Michael just kept staring at her.

~*~Meeting Corridor~*~

Maria and Michael sat down as Isabel walked in with a shy smile and Alex with a goofy grin on his face. Liz and Tess looked at each other, shared a knowing smile and smirked at Isabelle.

Isabel noticed this.

“What?” Isabel asked with the smile still on her face.

“Nothing.” Liz and Tess both said and they laughed.

Maria was still oblivious to what was happening around her.

“So... Alex... how do you like it so far here on Antar, I’m sure you like the beautiful view,” Tess said to Alex as she emphasized on the view while he was looking at Isabelle.

“Oh... uh... yeah... beautiful...” Alex stuttered and blushed.

Liz and Tess laughed.

Max walked in at that time, he looked at Liz then frowned.

“What’s so funny?” Max asked smiling at Liz.

Liz grinned at Max, “Oh, you know... Is and Alex...”

Isabel and Alex turned red.

Max grinned at Liz. “Okay, I called this meeting so we can figure out what to do, Maria, tell us what your plan is again.”

Maria looked at Max and nodded, “Well, we wanted to land in a deserted spot on Kanta... you see there’s this one spot on Kanta that isn’t radared by Kivar’s minions and very close to Kivar’s palace. It would take us only one day to travel by foot to get there. There’s also this blip in the palace, there’s a way to get in undetected. We also know Kivar’s sleeping place, exactly where he would be at certain times. Whenever we get there which would have been around midnight, I would have snuck into his room and shot him.”

“But what if he heals himself, it’s possible you know,” Michael said.

“I know that, but we also know that Cadmium is poisonous to aliens. So we made bullets out of it. The bullets were made to dissolve into the skin on impact. Whoever tries to heal him will die of poison too,” Maria said.

“The interesting part is the poison,” Liz said, “It shuts down the body slowly with extreme pain.”

“It’s the only way,” Maria said with a flash of red in her eyes.

“But now we have a problem,” Alex cuts in, “Our ship is destroyed and we have no way of going through with the plan and no way of getting home.”

“And I guess that’s about it,” Liz said.

“Okay, well we can help with the trans...” Max started.

“There is one more thing,” Maria said cutting Max off at mid sentence.

Everyone looked at her expecting to say something. Maria looked lost in thought.

“What is it, Ria?” Kyle asked his sister.

Maria snapped out of it and took a deep breath, “There’s this necklace and bracelet that Kivar took from my parents dead body.”

“Okay... then you can take it from him if you kill him,” Tess said.

“No, you don’t understand, it’s important, it has some alien symbol on it, I don’t know exactly what it is but... I just know it’s important,” Maria said.

“Well, can you draw it for us? Maybe we can recognize it,” Isabel offered.

Maria nodded.

In the center of the table there were papers and pencils. Maria took a sheet of paper and a pencil and drew out of what she could remember. When she was done she finally realized how close Isabel and Alex had gotten and Liz and Max’s shy flirting and how Tess and Kyle were all over each other.

Isabel took the drawing and cocked her head to the side.

“Um, I don’t recognize it...” Isabel said.

Tess took it from Isabel, looked at it and shook her head, “Me neither.”

Tess handed it to Michael. He took a quick glance at it and shook his head.

Max took a look at it and gave Isabel a lost look. Isabel then got an idea.

“Kiya!!” Isabel yelled.

Kiya walked into the room, “Yes my lady?”

“Do you recognize this symbol?” Isabel asked him.

“Yes my lady,” Kiya glanced at it.

“Well?” Isabel commanded rather than questioned.

“It is the sign of royalty in Kanta, you can not rule without it, my lady,” Kiya answered.

“That can’t just be it,” Maria said.

Kiya looked hesitant, “There is this legend though.”

Everyone just looked at Kiya.

Kiya went on talking, “Legend has it that a set of a necklace, ring, and bracelet, has so much power that it can make you immortal, whoever has it will be able to destroy anything and anyone, however, no one has been able to prove the legend.”

“Thanks you, Kiya, that will be all,” Max said.

“Yes, my lord,” Kiya proceeded to walk out of the door but he stopped and turned around.

“Permission to speak, King Zan?” Kiya asked.

“Go ahead, Kiya,” Max said.

“From what I heard, Kivar hasn’t found the ring. You must defeat him before he finds it, otherwise, everything will be in his control, and Antar will be the first to go since it was what he always wanted,” Kiya said.

“Thank you, Kiya, you may go now,” Max said.

“Yes, my lord,” Kiya walked out of the room.

“So now we’re on a time limit,” Alex said.

“God, I hope he hasn’t gotten his hands on the ring,” Liz gasped.

“Me, too, Liz. Me, too,” Max said realizing that the fate of the universe lies in their hands.


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~*~Chapter 5~*~

**Michael’s Room**

Michael flopped on his bed and looked out his window at the 3 bright Antarian moons. He sighed and closed his eyes. Ever since he first saw Maria at the age of 9 he couldn’t get his mind off of her. She used to be so bubbly and now his precious Maria seemed so... broken.

Michael opened his eyes when he heard his door open.


It was Isabel and she was frantic. There was something wrong.

“Yeah,” Michael said sitting up from his soft bed.

“It’s Maria, she won’t wake up and she’s screaming.”

Michael and Isabel flew out of the room and straight to Maria’s. As they got closer to her room her piercing screams got louder. Michael ran into her room to find Liz, Alex and Kyle trying to calm Maria down with Liz screaming Maria’s name.

“Maria! C’mon, chica,” tears were flooding down Liz’s cheeks, “Snap out of it, Maria! PLEASE!”

Things were flying in the air.

“What the?” Michael gasped.

A cup flew at him and hit the wall behind him as Isabel and Michael ducked. Max and Tess rushed in by then and Max looked helpless.

Liz collapsed on her knees crying into her hands as Maria continued to convulse in the air. Max went to Liz ducking at the objects that were flying at him. He bent down to Liz and rubbed her back. Liz looked up at Max and held onto him as she cried into his chest. Max picked Liz up and left the room giving Michael a worried look.

Isabel went to Alex who was just sitting there staring at Maria. She led him out. Tess touched Kyle he looked at her with tears streaming his cheeks.

“I can’t leave her side, she’s my sister,” Kyle said tears still pouring out of his eyes, “She’s all I got, Tess.”

“C’mon, Kyle, we’re going to try to help her now, we all just have to calm down first and get out of danger,” Tess said trying to calm Kyle down and dodging another unidentifiable object.

Kyle looked at her helplessly and defeated, then he looked to Maria. Tess took his hand and led him out.

Michael walked up to Maria and as Kyle passed Michael Kyle gave Michael a wild look.

“Michael, you’re the only one who can help her now,” Kyle said hysterically, pleading him with his watery eyes.

Michael looked at Kyle, then back at Maria and slowly nodded.

Michael approached Maria and he could see her eyes wide open and her mouth still screaming that high pitched scream. Michael lightly touched her flailing hands. Suddenly she stopped screaming. Objects were still flying around and her once green eyes were now of a blood red color. Michael caressed her cheek with the back of his hand. He suddenly had the urge to sing or at least hum something calming.

“There must be something in the way I feel, that she don’t want me to feel...” Michael sang in a whispered voice, “the stare she bares cut me, I don’t care, you see so what if I bleed.”

Michael slid into her bed, gently pushing the floating Maria back into the bed. Maria closed her mouth and blinked. Things were still flying around even faster now hitting the wall and breaking at impact.

“I could never change just what I feel my face will never show what is not real,” Michael slipped his strong built arms around her, Maria was tense and still shaking. “I could have lied I’m such a fool, My eyes could never never never keep their cool, showed her and told her how, she struck me but I’m fucked up now.”

Maria stopped convulsing and her eyes were closed.

“But now she’s gone away a soulful song that would not stay,” Michael could feel her calming in his arms as he closed his eyes, “You see she hides ‘cause she is scared but I don’t care, I won’t be spared.”

Maria had completely calmed in Michael’s protective arms. The objects that were flying in the air suddenly stopped and dropped to the floor as sleep overcame Michael.

~*~Liz’s Room~*~

Max placed Liz softly on her bed and lightly kissed her on the forehead. He stared at her for a second, playing with her chocolate brown hair. As soon as she calmed down he got up to leave.

She quickly grabbed his arm. “Max, wait,” Liz said softly and a little too desperately.

Max turned and held Liz’s hand.

“Stay with me. Please? Just for a little bit?” Liz asked and pleaded with her eyes.

Max looked into her sad brown eyes. How could he say no?

“Yeah, sure,” Max replied.

Max got in the bed with Liz and they onto each other. Liz looked up at Max. And as they looked into each others’ eyes the got closer and closer. Max dipped his head down and kissed Liz.

They were deep in the kiss.

***flash*** Max, Isabel, and Michael getting out of pods ***flash***

Max held Liz closer to him.

***flash*** “Hi, I’m Liz,” a little brown hair girl said.

“I’m Maria,” the blond girl with bouncy curls said.

“Do you wanna be friends?” ***flash***

Liz’s fingers were tangled in his hair.

***flash*** “Hi, I’m Tess, I’m new around here,” Tess said. She’s an alien whispered across the air in what sounded like Isabel’s voice. ***flash***

His hands were in her hair.

***flash*** “Max at 10 o’ clock and he’s coming your way,” Maria whispered to Liz excitedly.

“Maria!” Liz said, “Oh, hi Max.” Liz blushed. ***flash***

Their tongues doing the age-old dance.

***flash*** “Maxwell, no connections, so don’t even try,” Michael said following Max’s gaze to Liz waitressing at another table.

“You shouldn’t even be talking Michael,” Max shot back.

Michael gave him a look as if he didn’t know what Max was talking about.

“Maria?” Max said to him. ***flash***

Max pushed Liz into the bed.

***flash*** “Oh c’mon, Alex,” Liz said to one of her best friends, “You don’t have anything to lose if you just try to ask her out.”

“Yeah, nothing but my dignity and pride,” Alex said.

“Isabel doesn’t see THAT mean, it doesn’t hurt to try, Alex,” Maria said encouraging him on. ***flash***

Max’s hands slid down to Liz’s waist.

***flash*** Max and Liz kissing in the same exact room being turned into something more intimate ***flash***

~*~Next Morning~*~

Maria woke up to a pair of warm comforting arms. She snuggled in closer to Michael.

Maria’s eyes snapped open and sat up.

“Michael? What... what happened? Why...” Maria was confused and stuttering.

Michael sat up in the bed, groggy and full of sleep. He grinned at her confusion.

“You had an episode, Maria,” Michael replied calmly to her.

“An episode?! What kind of episode?! What are you talking about?!” Maria started to freak out while pacing the floor

Michael walked up to her and cupped her chin with his hand.

“Michael, wha...” Maria was cut off by Michael kissing her.

Maria kissed back without even really fighting him off. Michael ended the kiss with a soft gentle kiss to her lips.

“That was to calm you down,” Michael whispered into her mouth.

Maria opened her eyes and peered into his. Her mouth formed a small shy smile.

~*~Liz’s Room~*~

Max opened his eyes and realized that he wasn’t in his room, and that he was holding a brown hair girl in his arms.

He smiled and stroke her long brown hair, remembering and savoring every moment.

Liz started to stir.

“Morning sleep head,” Max said as Liz looked up at him.

“OH MY GOD!” Liz realized what they had done, “It wasn’t a dream!”

Max’s brow furrowed, “Was it that bad?”

Liz looked at him and realized the tone of her voice, “Oh, no, it wasn’t bad, it was great... I mean... well, it was great, but...” Liz’s tone started to sadden, “What’s going to happen now?”

Max just smiled at Liz, “Well, I guess, we’ll be together now... that is, of course, if you want to.”

“I want to, God, I want to,” Liz said.

Max chuckled at her quick response.

“Okay then we’re together then, right?” Max asked hopefully.

“Yeah, we are,” Liz said.

Max held her tight, “Good.”

~*~Back to Maria’s room~*~

“Cheese head!” Michael insulted her.

“Booger breath!” Maria shot back.

“Butt brain!” Michael said.

“UGH! You’re so... so... STUPID!” Maria screamed.

“I know you are but what am I?” Michael said.

They had got into an argument about how in the 5th grade Michael had tripped Maria, and, well, it resulted to childish name calling.

“I’m rubber you’re glue, anything you say goes back to you,” Maria said.

Michael kissed Maria and caught her off guard once again.

Maria smiled at Michael.

“So, you wanna play it that way, huh?” Maria teased Michael.

“mmhmmm,” Michael said encaptured by Maria’s sultry voice and soft pouty reddish lips.

Maria gave him a soft gentle kiss on his lips that sent chills down Michael back to his legs and through his arms.

Maria kissed him softly again and pulled away, teasing Michael.

Michael couldn’t handle it anymore, so he pulled her close and caught her lips with his. They kissed passionately and Michael pushed Maria onto the bed. Maria’s hand on his back. Michael’s hands sliding up and down her waist to her legs. Maria could feel chills down her spine at the feeling of Michael’s hand touching, caressing her soft flesh. Maria moaned beneath him.

“GET OFF MY SISTER!!!” Kyle screamed.

They were so deep into the kiss that they didn’t even hear the door open. Michael fell off the bed and Maria had a horrified look on her face.

“What the hell?” Michael said, “You almost gave me a heart attack.”

“Don’t you ever EVER touch my sister again,” Kyle got in Michael’s face.

“Kyle, leave him alone,” Maria said, “I wanted to do it, too. He’s not to blame.”

“No, no,” Kyle said obviously in denial, “My little sister wants nothing of the sort, you are clean and innocent, you could never want something like that.”

Maria took offense to that.


Kyle’s face went white.

“I did not just hear that you wanted to have sex,” Kyle said as he blinked.

Maria rolled her eyes at her brother, “Oh, puh-lease, it’s not like you didn’t want to when you were 19.”

Tess walked in at that point.

“Hey guys, what’s going on?” Tess said cheerfully looking at everyone’s faces.

“I can’t believe this,” Kyle said and walked out of the room.

“What’s up his ass?” Tess asked as he walked out.


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~*~Chapter Six~*~

Alex was walking by when he heard the four aliens talking.

“Do you think that they can go through with it?” The voice belonged to Tess.

“Of course I think they can,” Isabel said.

“This is Kivar, we’re talking about, Isabel, we can’t even beat them, how do you think they can,” Tess said.

“Well, obviously they’ve been doing their homework, Tess, Maria knew what she was talking about when she was relaying her plans out to us,” Isabel shot back.

“You both have points, and I think that’s why we have to go with them,” Max said trying to diffuse the war that was going to break out between the two girls.

“I’m not going to let them risk their lives doing this, and I refuse to let all of us die for this,” Tess said.

“We’re not just doing it for revenge, Tess,” Michael said.

“We’re doing it because we have to stop him from getting the ring,” Isabel cut in.

“I just found Kyle, and I refuse, REFUSE, to let him go now,” Tess said, letting the truth come out. “I just won’t go through my life without ever knowing what love is like.”

The other’s almost flew back from the frankness that Tess had just exposed.

“We’re in love, too, Tess, but I can’t hold Alex back from what he wants to do, I won’t be able to live with myself if I did that to him,” Isabel said softly, tears threatening to spill out of her eyes.

Love? Did she just say love? Alex thought, Oh my God, she did say love.

Alex chose that moment to walk out from where he was hiding.

“I love you, too, Isabel,” Alex said as he walked out.

Isabel’s head snapped to look at who said that.

“How long have you been there?” Michael asked.

“Long enough to assure you that we’ll be fine, we’ve trained for practically 3 years for this,” Alex said, “The most important thing right now is making sure he doesn’t get his hands on that ring, to save your people, mine and all the others who have no idea that their lives are in grave danger.”

~*~Lunch Time~*~

“Before we go to lunch I just wanted to tell you that the ships are ready for you, and just to let you know, all of us are going with you,” Max said to Maria.

Maria smiled at Max, “Thank you, Max, but you don’t have to come with us, we can take care of ourselves.”

“No, we’re going to go with you, it’s extra protection...” Max said, “besides, I think Michael will sleep better knowing he’s there to protect you.”

Maria smiled. “Just because you want some more nookie with Lizzie, Max. Would you stop being so selfish?!” Maria joked.

Max’s face turned white. “You know about that?”

Maria rolled her eyes, “Hello? who’s her best friend? Who tells me everything?”

Max chuckled. “So did she say how I was?”

“like finding her soul mate at last, it was sooooooo amazing, and the flashes, oh the flashes,” Maria said batting her eyelashes. “God, Max, according to her, your a friggin’ sex god.”

Max laughed. “It’s nice to see that you still have a sense of humor, Maria, you haven’t showed much emotion since you came back.”

Maria shrugged as they walked closer to the eating room (I have no idea what to call this).

They walked into a massive war.

Food was being thrown everywhere, and a loud shriek was heard when what looked like a cake hit someone. Max made a quick shield with his powers in order to save himself and Maria from being attacked.

“What the hell’s going on?” Max said as a head of lettuce hit the shield.

Maria started laughing when she saw Liz’s face covered with cream.

“What are you laughing at?” Max asked grinning at Maria.

Maria pointed at Liz.

Max started to laugh as he saw Liz throw a bowl of what looked like chocolate pudding. Suddenly Max couldn’t seem to hold his shield as he laughed. The blue shield started to fade and blink uncontrollably.

“Oh no! Max! Shit!” Maria said as she realized that she wasn’t going to be protected any longer.

The shield blanked out and Maria shrieked.

Just as a purple piece of food started to fly at them, Maria and Max covered themselves with their arms, bracing themselves for impact, then out of no where a purple bubble came around Max and Maria and the purple food bounced right off.

Max stared wide eyed as he touched the bubble, it sucked in his finger and bounced it right out.

“This isn’t me,” Max said under his breath.

Maria peeked out of her arms when she realized that she was alright. She frowned at the bubble and when she touched it with her finger, it burst. Maria jumped back.

“What the...? Max, isn’t your shield usually blue?” Maria asked.

“This isn’t me,” Max just said.

“Well, whoever it is, I’m sure damn grateful,” Maria said. Then a creme filled pie hit her arm.

And a tomato hit Max’s leg.

They looked at each other wide eyed as they realized they were standing in the middle of it all.

Just as everyone was taking their aim at the two people Kiya walked in.

“What is going on in here?!” Kiya exclaimed.

Everyone froze in their tracks. Isabel, Tess, Michael, Liz, Alex, and Kyle all looked like deer in headlights.

~*~After they cleaned up~*~

“That was so fun, I haven’t done something like that since, well, since never,” Isabel said.

“How did it start anyway?” Maria asked.

“It was really funny actually,” Isabel said giggling, “You know how Michael is right? Always brooding and serious.”

“I threw the first pie,” Tess said quickly telling Maria and laughing all the way.

Maria laughed so hard.

“You should have seen Michael’s face, Maria,” Liz said.

“Yeah, well it wasn’t funny when Michael thought it was me,” Isabel said. “So he threw a tomato at me.”

“That’s when the girls sided on one side and the boys on the other,” Liz said.

“Boy, was Kiya pissed,” Maria said, reminiscing how Kiya’s face looked when he walked in on royalty doing such childish things.

The guys then came in sitting in their seats. Michael glaring at Tess.

Michael then surveyed the room finding Maria looking at him. He smiled at her and she smiled back at him, blushing.

“Alright, well, since tonight is our last night here before we go to Kanta I say that we should spend it all really happy,” Max said, “Umm... if you know what I mean.”

Everyone just looked at each other in silence. A silent understanding was heard throughout the group.

The servants then came in with the food. And everyone dug in.


Isabel was teaching Alex to play an Antarian game. They were laughing with each other and touching each other whenever they could.

Tess and Kyle watched them.

“I don’t want to lose you, Kyle,” Tess said suddenly.

Kyle gave her a weird look.

“What makes you think you’re going to lose me?” Kyle asked.

“This trip that were making, it’s very dangerous, I don’t want to lose you, especially not in the satisfaction of Kivar,” Tess said.

“You’re not going to lose me, Tess,” Kyle said, comforting Tess.

“Do you promise?” Tess asked.

“I promise,” Kyle said holding her close and reassuring her.

~*~Later on at night~*~

Maria got up from bed and gazed at the sleeping Michael for a short while. She kissed him lightly on the forehead.

She walked into the hallway quietly, making sure no one heard her. She slipped into her room. She found her clothes that she originally came to this planet with on the chair and quickly put everything on. She walked out of her room and looked both ways checking if the hallway was clear.

She ran to the chamber where they had kept all of the ships. Max had shown her earlier which one they had gotten ready for the trek.

Maria ran to the ship and hit a button, pressing the Antarian symbol. She pressed her palm to an unmarked area on the ship and a silver handprint glowed. The doors started to open as the ground shook.

“Yes,” she whispered to herself, she didn’t think it would work. She had saw Max in there hours earlier checking up on things and seeing if the ship was ready.


Michael woke when he felt the ground shake. He opened his eyes and turned over to hold Maria.

No one was there.

“Maria?” Michael said, his voice still hoarse from not speaking.

Michael’s eyes grew wide as he stumbled out of bed screaming Maria’s name. He threw on his pants and ran to her room, waking everyone on his way by screaming her name.


Maria walked onto the ship and pressed a button with an Antarian symbol on it. The door began to close.


Max felt the floor rumble and shake again as he looked at Michael while rubbing his eyes, and letting it become adjusted to the light.

Michael was bewildered. His face paled as he ran to the ship chamber, feeling the floor rumble beneath his feet.

Tess bent down to the floor to pick a piece of paper up and she read it as she followed them in a slow pace.


Maria got the ship to hover.


Michael ran into the room with the group following closely. He saw Maria through the ship window.

Maria looked up and made eye contact.

Maria mouthed I love you to him and with that the ship was gone.

Michael couldn’t move.

Tess just then walked in with a piece of paper in her hand.

“Kyle, you never told me you were adopted,” Tess said while yawning.

“What are you talking about? I wasn’t adopted,” Kyle said still confused about what just happened.


“That’s impossible,” Max said to no one.

“What do you mean that’s impossible, Max, what are you talking about?” Liz asked.

“Listen, there’s four ships on Antar that can be opened only by royalty,” Max said to Liz quietly, “Maria just took off in one of them.”

Liz looked at him with a blank look in her eyes, her brain was obviously still trying to wake up, “So?”

“How did Maria open it?” Max asked. “I know everything was closed, I checked on it myself.”

Liz’s eyes went wide as the realization hit her and her mouth formed the shape of an “o.”


“Everybody, get dressed were going, right now,” Michael commanded.

Max looked at Michael, he looked panicked, like he didn’t know what else to do. Max would have felt the same way if Liz did the same thing.

As everyone rushed to get ready, Max walked up to Michael and put his hand on his shoulder.

“I can’t believe how stupid she is,” Michael said putting his hand up to his head to rub his forehead. “How could she do this?”


Meanwhile, Maria was already out in space, another hour and she would be in Kantan space.

Something beeped as she watched the stars. Maria hit a button.

“Hey Alex,” Maria said.

“How’d you know it was me?” Alex asked.

“Cuz only you would remember that you can contact me this way,” Maria said.

“Everyone else is here,” Alex said.

“How can you be so stupid, Maria?” the voice belonged to her brother.

“Because, Kyle, it’s not your fight,” Maria said, “In fact, everyone, it’s not any of your fights.”

“How can you say that, Maria?” Kyle said. He was about to say that they were his parents, too, but then the realization hit him that they weren’t his parents.

“Turn the ship around, Maria,” Michael said.

“Don’t tell me what to do, Michael,” Maria said.

“How long have you known, Maria?” Kyle asked.

It caught Maria off guard, until she realized what he was talking about.

“Ever since I started the search,” Maria said softly, “But you’re still my brother, Kyle, and I still love you.”

There was a short pause.

“Don’t follow me, and Michael?” Maria said.

“Yeah,” Michael responded.

“I meant what I said,” Maria said and she cut the connection off.


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~*~Chapter Seven~*~

Maria sucked in her breath as she entered the Kantan atmosphere. The Kantan earth was of a purple-ish color.

As she landed she let out her breath and got everything together to get ready for her long walk to the palace.

~*~Back on Antar~*~

Everyone rushed into the ship as Max got it to hover.

“Are you guys ready to save Maria’s ass?” Max asked the group.

Everyone gave him the thumbs up sign as they strapped themselves in.


Maria walked along the vast purple desert and finally found what she was looking for, the Kantan Palace.

The rest of the group had landed as Maria slipped into an undetected part of the palace.

Inside girls in barely anything was everywhere. Maria thought quickly... disgusted, she tore off her clothes and grabbed some clothes from a bin that she saw.

Most of the girls were going into a certain room and she followed them, blending in to the palace commoners.

Maria peeked into each room as they passed it. No Kivar.

They approached a huge golden door with beautiful jewels decorating it. Maria frowned, how could such a horrible man possess such a beautiful thing.

This must be where Kivar is, Maria thought.

The beautiful door opened and inside there sat a man in a chair while some guards where by his side.


Thank God, Maria was wearing something over her face otherwise she would have been recognized.

The girls automatically went to Kivar, doing whatever he pleased. Maria decided this was the time. She made eye contact with him through her fiery eyes. As she came closer the guard were stopped her.

Kivar waved his guards away.

“I want this one, she has passionate eyes... leave her with me,” Kivar boomed as he dismissed his guards and all the other girls.


The whole group had just gotten into the palace. Thanks to Alex, they had gotten the ship to zip through space at a faster speed, they had gotten there hours earlier than expected.

No one was there.

“Is it just me... or does something not feel right here?” Alex asked.

The group just looked at him and they cautiously walked on.

Then they heard voices and they ran to a closed space as Tess mindwarped them to thinking that there was no one there.

“Who was that girl?” one of the almost nude girls said.

“I don’t know, but I think Kivar likes her,” the red head said.

“Has he ever told everyone to leave before?” the blond asked.

“Once, I think, I heard she ended up dead and in the trash,” the red head replied.

The girls laughed.

“Well, good luck to that girl, he’s gonna screw her senseless,” the red head said.

They laughed again.

Michael was seeing red. His Maria was in there with Kivar!


Kivar smirked at Maria and waved her to him.

Her eyes narrowed as she saw the bracelet dangle on his wrist.

Maria looked at him and walked seductively towards Kivar as Kivar looked Maria up and down.

She put her left hand to the cloth and her right hand to her back, where the gun was.

She slid the cloth slowly down.

“So you think you’re the shit,” Maria said as she revealed herself.

Kivar’s eyes nearly popped open but he regained himself.

“Maria... so good to see you...” Kivar smirked.

Maria quickly pulled out her gun and shot him before he could react. It hit his chest with a puff and he was startled.

Kivar laughed when he realized that he wasn’t hurt.

Maria shot him four more times.

Kivar just laughed.

Maria smiled at him as she ran out of ammo.

“I wouldn’t be laughing if I were you,” Maria said with a sly smirk on her face.

Kivar suddenly felt like he was suffocating.

“Gaurds,” he croaked out quietly.

Kivar raised his hands as Maria just quietly watched Kivar suffer.

Kivar released a ball of energy.

Maria screamed as the she was thrown back and she hit the wall hard.

She heard her name before she saw blackness.


Michael blasted the guard quickly as he made his way through to the giant golden doors. He looked around as he saw everyone fighting.

The aliens had their powers.

Liz had a knife in her hand slashing her way through.

Alex kicked and chomped and dodged energy balls that came his way.

Kyle had a gun and aimed for the heads for a direct kill.

Blood was scattered everywhere...

All the girls had already gone off screaming their whorish little heads off.

Michael had finally gotten to the doors and as he opened them. He heard Maria scream and saw her hit the wall.


Michael heard Kivar’s evil chuckle before he fell to the ground... dead. He ran to Maria as the rest of the group followed.


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~*~Chapter Eight~*~

Michael sobbed over Maria’s still form.

“C’mon, Maria, I can’t heal you if you don’t look at me and connect.” Michael said over his tears and his hand over her stomach.

There was no response.

Max, Isabel, and Tess just stared at Maria, she had killed him, she killed Kivar.

After all those years, Tess thought, just a measly little human...

Liz and Alex were in the back, their hands over their mouths, tears glistening in their eyes. They couldn’t believe it, their best friend, dead?

Kyle snapped out of his stance when the realization hit him.

“Ria!” The tears that threatened to spill over his eyes began to flow freely from his brown eyes. He pushed Michael out of the way, grabbed her shoulders and started to shake her. “Ria! No! Wake up, Maria, you have to wake up!” He continued to shake her, Maria’s head bobbing back and forth.

Tess lightly touched Kyle’s shoulder, a soft gesture to calm him down.

Kyle hung his head, defeated, as he stopped shaking Maria. Her head just lolled of to the side.

Michael sat there on the floor just staring.

The whole entire room quiet except for Kyle’s sobs, as they all just stared at Maria’s lifeless body.

All still in shock.

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~*~Chapter Nine~*~

~A couple hours later~

The guys were just about to load Maria’s body on the ship. They were going to go back to earth for a proper burial, right next to her parents. But before they were going to pass by Antar so they could pay their respects to the one person that killed their most feared enemy, Kivar.

Kyle kissed Maria on the forehead “Good-bye little sister, I miss you so much,” Kyle said looking at Mar’a peaceful form.

They all had done their best to clean her up, but the wounds wouldn’t heal, they couldn’t find any clothes either, so she was stuck in the whore clothes till they reached Antar.

“Wait!” Liz screamed running after them. All the boys looked up.

Liz ran up to them, gasping for air as Isabel and Tess approached them.

“She would have wanted this,” Liz, still breathing heavily, produced the necklace and bracelet from her pockets.

“I took it from him,” Liz explained.

Michael nodded his head as he took the necklace and bracelet from Liz.

He turned to Maria. First he put the bracelet on her wrist. Then he looked at the simple yet beautiful necklace and he placed it around her neck. The pendant resting on her heart.

Michael put his hand over the pendant and her heart and he closed his eyes.

“I love you, Maria,” Michael said with his voice hoarse, those were the first words he said since Kyle had pushed him away.

Suddenly a glow started to appear between his hand and her heart.

***flash*** Maria as a young girl healing her mouse ***flash***

***flash*** Little Maria walking away from Alex and Liz observing 3 other children who Michael recognized as himself, Max, and Isabel. ***flash***

***flash*** Little Maria blowing out her birthday candles with her mom, dad, Kyle, Alex, and Liz beside her ***flash***

***flash*** “Noodle brain” a smaller version of Michael said nastily to Mara.

“Fish brain,” Little Maria retorted back ***flash***

***flash*** Amy and Jim lying there on the floor bloody. ***flash***

***flash*** “Pity, I could actually tolerate you two humans,” Kivar said. ***flash***

***flash*** Maria hearing the news about the aliens dying in a car crash ***flash***

The flashes hit Michael so fast and hard that he flew back.

The wind started to go berserk things were flying everywhere.

The glow that had started at her heart and the pendant spread out throughout her body.

Maria lifted up from where she was lying wind still going crazy.

Maria was flying about everybody when suddenly....

her eyes opened.

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and here's the last part...

Previously on Revenge:

The glow that had started at her heart and the pendant spread out throughout her body.

Maria lifted up from where she was lying wind still going crazy.

Maria was flying above everybody when suddenly....

her eyes opened.

~*~Chapter Ten~*~

The glow radiated off of her body, her hair was flailing in the air.

“I am Seria, true royalty of Kanta...” Maria said, her eyes black and unblinking. “...and since Kivar killed my parents, the queen and king of Kanta, I am now the true queen of Kanta.”

Everyone had a look of shock on their faces.

Seria’s eyes had turned into a red color. “Thank you for guiding her into her true form. Maria will return to you with her and my memories intertwined.”

Seria faced Max as she descended back onto the floor her toes lightly touching the cold floor. “I bow to you King Zan,” Seria curtsied. “I hope we can come to that peace treaty, Maria trusts you with her life and as will I.”

“Princess Vilandra,” Seria did a curtsy, “I hope we become the friends that we were in our past life.”

“Your parents would have been proud to see that their children came to be such trustworthy and beautiful people,” Seria said. Isabel began to cry.

Seria turned to Tess and Michael “Princess Ava and Prince Rath,” Seria shook her head, “What lies they have told all of you...” Tess and Michael looked at each other then at Seria. “It’s your home planet and your mind warping abilities that’s got you all tied up in lies...” Seria lightly touched Tess’ face.

“Ahhh... the dolt, Nacedo.” Seria said slightly reminiscing about the past.

“I have to correct this confusion before I bring Maria’s consciousness back.” Seria said as she waved them forth.

An invisible force pulled Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess towards her. “That damn Nacedo like to mess with everybody I wouldn’t be surprised if he had the whole entire damn planet mind warped.”

Seria waved her hand across all of their faces clearing their minds.

“What I am about to do may scare you but please, don’t be frightened I must restore your memories of your past lives before you make the same mistakes and to clear up certain lies you were exposed to.” Seria explained to them.

Seria touched them all one by one, each for a couple of seconds at a time.

Tears were flowing freely down Isabel and Tess’ eyes.

Seria waved her hand in the air and a hologram of a planet appeared. “Princess Ava, Prince Rath, this,” She said as she pointed to the planet, “is your home planet.”

Seria turned around to let them bask in the glory of remembrance.

Alex, Liz, and Kyle stood there still in shock.

“Now, don’t think I forgot all about you special humans,” Seria said.

“Liz, Alex, you both were all she was hanging on to outside of her family, the brains of everything and the ones who led her to fulfill her destiny, to this we both are truly and utterly grateful, Maria is lucky to have friends like you,” Seria said to the two humans who had gone through so much with Maria.

“Kyle, my beloved brother, though not by blood, but still an overprotective brother, I should do some explaining,” Seria said waving her hand across the air as she did the other times. This time the hologram was of a spaceship with Jim and Amy inside.

“You see our parents Jim and Amy... or rather Yahri and Reona (a/n: aren’t those names weird... I just typed whatever and that’s what came out okay back to the fic now) were escaping Khivar’s reign over our planet so they went to Earth, the safest planet possible.”

The hologram showed them crash landing in Roswell.

“Mom and Dad were incubated in the pods but not as long,” Seria continued, “And when they got out they knew they needed a normal life... so they went on pretending to be normal human teenagers, and when they looked old enough to be married they did.”

The hologram showed Jim and Amy’s wedding.

“Mom and Dad decided to adopt you,” Seria said.

The hologram showed Jim and Amy smiling down at a baby.

“Now don’t get me wrong big brother, they still loved you very much, like their own son,” Seria said.

“You see they knew that Khivar would eventually come to Earth looking for anything, and Khivar being the stupid dolt that he is couldn’t figure out that our parents were actually aliens,” Seria said.

“You see, Mom and Dad thought that the safest way to see what Earth had on the aliens was to be involved with the government,” Seria said.

The hologram changed to Amy and Jim working with other people in an underground base.

“Now Mom and Dad had originally owned the necklace, the bracelet and the ring. But they had lost it somewhere in between the crash and the getting out of the pods,” Seria continued, “They had found it in one of the facilities, some scientists were just observing it and found no use for it and when it was being filed away Mom and Dad took it.”

The hologram showed Amy and Jim putting on the necklace and bracelet and the ring.

“Then Maria was born,” Seria said, “and I reincarnated.”

The hologram now showed Amy and Jim and Kyle looking down at a baby.

“So they decide to put the ring in me,” Seria said staring off into space.

“Khivar had seen Mom and Dad digging around the files and therefore, he thought that they were just stupid humans putting their noses where they don’t belong,” Seria said.

The hologram showed Khivar, Amy and Jim interacting with each other.

“I don’t think Mom and Dad knew that it was Khivar, they lived such a normal life that they probably left that shield up way too long, Khivar couldn’t sense them, they couldn’t sense him,” Seria closed his eyes.

The hologram disappeared.

“He attacked before they even had a chance to defend themselves,” Seria said painfully eyes still closed, tears threatening to spill over her eyes.

“Dad tried to warn Mom,” Seria said flashes of the scene hitting her, a tear left a trail down her cheek and it dripped to the floor.

“Khivar got to Mom before she saw dad,” Seria shook her head.

“But all of that is over with now, Khivar is dead and I am in my rightful place as Queen of Kanta,” Seria said brightly.

Seria walked up to Michael, “We were lovers in our past life and lovers again now, it’s funny how fate works doesn’t it?”

“Maria loves you Michael, the way that I loved Rath,” Seria said. “Don’t deny what you feel for each other it only wastes our precious time together, don’t let it be like last time,” Seria kissed Michael lightly on the lips.

“I will now returned Maria to all of you,” Seria said to everyone as she was suddenly lifted into the air by the wind and her eyes returned to her normal emerald green color.

As she lightly landed on the floor she tipped over.

Michael rushed to aid her. He caught her just in the nick of time.

Maria gave a small gasp. “Hi,” she said in a small voice.

Michael smiled at her “Hello.”

“She had to tell you everything didn’t she?” Maria smiled.

“I would have it no other way,” Michael said as all their friends came in to hug the little pixie.


To continue or not to continue... so do you guys thing I should have a sequel?
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