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Title: Why Me? CC M/L M/M A/I My Season 3

Summary: Liz’s cousins come to town carrying a secret. They find out what one of the podsters is hiding. And finally a burden is lifted and questions are finally answered.

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything of Roswell though I wish I owned Kyle, but thankfully I don’t it because Jason Katims killed it so he and Melinda Metz own it. The only things I Do own are my characters Natalie, Jeremy, Matt, Alexis, Tiffany, and Nadine Parker.

Okay you guys I wrote this story with my best friend because we kinda think what could be so we made up these characters to make Roswell better. This takes place as what we think Season 3 would be. I hope you like and Here’s part 1! And please give feedback cuz if it sucks I'll stop writing it!

Part 1

Dear Journal,

I’m Natalie Parker and my life is hell, if you think yours is well your wrong. I live in Roshell, I mean Roswell. Actually I lived in Miami all my life until my mom died but we’ll get to that. Let’s start with me when I was younger. My mom Nadine Parker sister of Geoff Parker adopted me. She was told that she could never have kids and was heartbroken. That is my brother Jeremy and me were abandoned and left on a doorstep telling to whoever found us to bring us up right and what our names were. Mom was so happy that god had put my brother and me on her doorstep. She went to social services and we were in immediate custody of her. We grew up as normal teenagers but to tell you the truth we’re not really that normal…


Miami, Florida 1999

Natalie, Jeremy, Lexy, Matt, and Tiffany are all on the beach getting a tan until Matt takes Natalie headphones off her head while she was listen to her CD player.

Natalie: Hey give those back!

Matt: I wanna know what you’re listening to!

Natalie: God Matt you could have just asked me.

Matt: Like that would have helped me.

Lexy: Just give them back.

Matt starts to hand them back and as Natalie goes to grab them he quickly pulls them back and starts running. Natalie starts running after him.

Natalie: Give them back you Dork!

Matt: I’m a dork? I’ll show you who you thinks a dork!

Natalie: Or maybe I’ll just show you!

Natalie waves her hand and Matt quickly falls on the sand. She then waves her hand again and the CD player floats back to her.

Natalie: Ha!

Natalie runs back down to her towel lays down and her headphones are snatched off again but not by Matt.

Jeremy: Are you stupid? Using your powers in a public place let alone outside! Are you crazy?

Natalie: What? It was only to get him back.

Jeremy: But someone could have been watching and being who we are not many people are going to think that a floating CD player is normal.

Natalie: Geez, lighten up, I promise I’ll never do it.

Jeremy: You promise?

Natalie: Yes!

Jeremy: Do you really promise?

Lexy & Tiffany: She promises already!

Jeremy: Okay, okay!

~End of Flashback~

But the thing that we always had was a friend that we could talk to and knew who we really were.

Miami 2000

Natalie: I can’t believe this is happening, this can’t be happening, it just can’t be!

Natalie was crying on her bed rocking back and forth. Holding a picture in her hand,

Natalie: Why! Oh god why! You only were at the wrong place at the wrong time!

Natalie was still crying but harder now then Lexy came into the room. Tears streaming down her face.

Lexy: Natalie… I’m…. I’m… sorry. I can’t believe this is happening she didn’t deserve to die.

Natalie stops rocking and looks at Lexy and hands her the picture she clutched in her hand.

Natalie: I can’t believe she’s gone; she’s been her since I was little, since I could even remember she was there.

Lexy was staring down at the picture of herself, Natalie, and their late friend Tiffany.

Lexy: Nicholas is a bastard you know that. She was trying to save you she knew you were important. She died a hero and …and… she’s in heaven and she’s gonna be an angel. She’s gonna be your angel.

Natalie is now looking out her window and into the night sky.

Natalie: You think?

Lexy: I know.

Natalie: How long are you staying?

Lexy: I have to back in Roswell by tomorrow, my parents won’t be home till Friday so I need a day to rest so they don’t think I was here.

Natalie: Will you promise me something?

Lexy: Anything we’re best buds and always will be so shoot.

Natalie: Promise me no matter what happens to me or Jeremy or you , where ever we might all end up someday you’ll be my go to person and my best friend.

Lexy: You got it. And it goes for me.

Natalie cracks a smile that she hasn’t been able to do all day.

Natalie: Course.

~End of Flashback~

The thing that was the hardest was when my best friend died then my mother it happened so quickly I didn’t think it was real, all I could think is that it was all a dream.


May 3rd 2001 Roswell New Mexico

Behind the tree in the Cemetery Matt, Lexy, Natalie and Jeremy stood watching the burial of their close friend Alex Whitman.

Natalie: I hate this, why is everyone dying?

Jeremy: It’ll be okay.

Natalie: Okay? Okay? How will this ever be okay? Tiffany one of best friends died last year because of this alien psycho, Now Alex is dead and probably by what! Yes an alien psycho! Who knows maybe it was Tess, Liz says she’s a sneaky conniving bitch maybe she did it!

Natalie storms off the Silver Jeep in the street.

Lexy: Jeremy do you think she’ll be okay?

Jeremy: I don’t know, but what I do know is she needs you now.

Matt: Maybe we should head home now. I mean when Natalie’s like this there’s no telling what she’ll do.

Lexy: Tell me when you get back and make sure you call this time!

~End of Flashback~

But the hardest was when Mom died that was so unexpected.

September 7th 2001 Miami School Quad

Natalie: And then she tells me th-

Jeremy: Somethings happened to mom.

Natalie looks at Jeremy straight in the eye and starts to move back shaking her head.

Natalie: No, no, no, no, NO!

Jeremy: She was in the Diner making the last arrangements before the opening when some punks were…. a tear rolls down his cheek… were throwing beer bottles with lit fire in them in the windows. She didn’t know what was going on until it was too late.

Natalie: Liar, LIAR!

Natalie then starts running into the school heading for the office when she saw Mrs. Heinis standing there with a sympathy look on her face. Jeremy was right behind her.

Natalie: No….. She was crying.

Jeremy: Wipes the tears from his eyes. We have to head home and pack our things, Mom has that if anything were to happen to her we are to go straight to Roswell.

Natalie: Great… wipes a tear from her eye. Well I guess we’ll just have to go there and kill all the family we have left since that’s what we are so good at.

Jeremy just stands there as Natalie walks off into the distance wondering when he’ll get his sister back, the one that sing every song that came on the radio, the one who smiled a bright smile. Maybe Roswell was the place where he would find her once more.

~End of Flashback~

Now Jeremy and I live in the attic of the apartment above the Crashdown. Two 16 year olds of the opposite sex living together in a cramped space. Boy this was gonna be one helluva year.


~Mg_Ros *big**tongue*

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Thanx! *happy* Working on the new part as of now! Post in maybe a couple hours!!! Oh and sorry for all the people dying, it's just this emotional stuff I'm building up for my characters!

~Mg_Ros *tongue**big*
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Okay here's Part 2.

Part 2

‘Beep… Beep… Beep’

Natalie pops one eye open to see that it’s 6:45 and her alarm is going off.

Natalie: Oh joy our first day of school, maybe after we can go to Malt Shop and get a shake! Wouldn’t that be neato!

Natalie already to been in her sarcastic mood for school to make a good impression for everybody but Jeremy, Lexy, and hopefully Matt if he could get there to leave her alone.
Natalie then gets up to open her closet and finds everything on the floor and stack to the top. Jeremy starts to sit up and head for his dresser.

Jeremy: Natalie can’t you ever, just for one day, not be sarcastic? I mean I’ve been stuck everyday with you being like this. Please just for today be a normal, quiet, kind girl.

Natalie turned to Jeremy, her eyes looking as she was defeated and about to consider the idea when…

Natalie: No.

Jeremy slaps his forehead with his hand.

Jeremy: I shouldn’t even have asked. I knew this would be the answer.

Jeremy with jeans and a gray button up shirt with a black stripe with white outlining it in his hands heads for the door so he can get to the bathroom and change.

Natalie sees that today isn't gonna be a good day to do this and to please her brother and make him happy, she'd do anything to do that. And if it means pretending to be 'Happy Go Lucky, Everything In the World is Great' Natalie so be it. For her brother...

Natalie: Okay.

Jeremy turns around.

Jeremy: Okay what?

Natalie: Okay and I’ll be the normal, quiet ,kind girl.

Jeremy: You mean it?

Natalie: Yeah, I’ll only do it for you though.

Jeremy: Thank you.

And with that said and done Jeremy heads down the stairs to the bathroom to change for school.

Liz wakes up cold to find out that someone has opened her window.

Liz: I didn’t open that.

Then all of a sudden Max appears in the window with a single white rose in his hand.

Max: A beautiful rose, for a beautiful lady.

Max then climbs in and hands Liz the rose.
Liz sits up in her bed wearing her pajamas a Roswell High t-shirt and shorts.

Liz: Thank you.

Liz kisses Max on the cheek.

Max: Your welcome.

Liz: Max you really shouldn’t be here, since Natalie and Jeremy are here and all. One of them might hear you and tell my parents or something. You should go.

Max: When can I meet them?

Liz: After school I promise.

Liz kisses Max on the lips in a passionate kiss. She puts her hands around his neck. She then breaks the kiss and presses her forehead against his.

Liz: I’ll see you at school.

Max: Not if I see you first.

Max backs up and climbs out the window and blows Liz a kiss.
Liz falls on her bed smiling and laughing holding the rose in her hand twirling it and as an instinct calls Maria.


Nicholas: Do you think she’s gonna come around?

Max: Yeah she’ll come around.

Max smiles at Nicholas and Nicholas smiles back.

~Mg_Ros *tongue*

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Okay since this is my first time writing a fan fic I need help with something. I notice that when people write a new part they update their subject. How do I do that. Stupid question, probably and easy answer but this is me, so Help
Oh and thanks for the feedback glad you like it.!

~Mg_Ros *tongue*
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It's not alot but enough to post. *happy* Edited to Write Thank you to Darth Maul 214! Never would have known! Thanx again. Now I present again Part 3.

Part 3


Maria is asleep.


Michael: Maria please pick up the damn phone.


Maria picks up the phone being half asleep.

Maria: Whoever it is it better be good cuz I want my beauty sleep!

Liz: Maria, you will never guess who was at my window before.

Maria: Freddie Prinze Jr., no wait he was at my window. Oh well I give up who?

Liz: Max!

Maria is full awake now and angry!

Maria: What!

Apparently Michael is now too. Well from Maria’s screaming.

Maria: What did he want!

Liz: Maria calm down.

Maria: No, I will not calm down. I hate his guts for what he did to you. You know to me he used the quiet guy from school that drooled over you then he was the quiet alien guy from school that drooled over you. Now he’s the creep that who knows anymore. All I want to know is where quiet Max Evans went and how bastard Max-

Liz: Maria STOP IT!

Michael: Maria, I think you’re over reacting a tiny bit.

Maria: Shut up Michael who asked you.

Michael: Maxwell is my friend and he made a major mistake we all do human or non-human.

Maria: Mistake? Mistake? You call that! a mistake! I know you come from a different planet but here on earth that’s not a mistake it’s called Cheating!

Liz: I’m not going to listen to anymore of this!


Maria: Liz? Liz? Damn It!

Maria gets out of bed in search of clothes to put on.

Michael: What are you doing?

Maria: I have to go to Liz’s. Ah ha!

Maria finds a pair of sweat pants and a sweat shirt and quickly puts it on.

Maria: I’ll be back, sleep.

Maria quickly kisses Michael and is out of the door in a flash.

Michael: As you wish.

Michael quickly pushes his face into his pillow returning to his sleep.


Jeremy hears voices then yelling coming from Liz’s room.

’Knock …Knock…Knock…

Liz: Who is it?

Jeremy: Jeremy.

Liz: Oh, come on in.

Door opens and Jeremy pops in.

Jeremy: Everything all right in here?

Liz: Yeah why shouldn’t be?

Jeremy: No reason I just heard voices coming from in here then yelling and was wondering what all the commotion was about.

Liz: Oh I was talking to Maria and we got into an argument.

Jeremy sits on Liz’s bed.

Jeremy: And before that.

Liz: Before what?

Jeremy: Liz, I’m 16, I’m a guy, I have a sister, come on.

Liz: My … My boy- friend- person was in here.

Jeremy: Boy –Friend- Person?

Liz: I don’t know , he’s not my boyfriend and he’s my friend and it’s complicated. That was the argument I had with Maria.

Jeremy: Oh so the ‘boy- friend- person’ is Max.

Liz: How did you know?

Jeremy: Natalie, she uh told me about the you know.

Liz: Oh.

Jeremy: Sorry. I think I’m just gonna go and see what’s going on up stairs.

Liz: K.

Jeremy: You okay?

Liz: Yeah just need to think, you know.

Jeremy: Well if you need to talk, me and Nat are here soo, okay.

Jeremy opens the door.

Liz: Thanks.

Jeremy smiles and leaves and closes the door.

Liz sighs and realizes something strange. When she looked Jeremy when he sat on her bed she looked at his eyes and they were Brown with Gold flecks in them like Max has- used to have. And his smile it all reminded her of Max. Not the Max that was at her window but the Max that Maria was talking about.

Liz: It just keeps getting stranger and stranger….

~Mg_Ros *tongue*

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Don't know when I'll have a new part working on a research report and have a big science test tomorrow so if you really want a new part you'll have to ask politely!

~Mg_Ros *tongue*
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Part 4

Isabel awoke hearing voices coming out of her brother’s bedroom. So she got up to see what was going on, but what she saw she couldn’t believe.

Isabel: Max could you please… Oh My God Nicholas!
Max what’s Nicholas doing here, in your bedroom!

Max: Isabel calm down.

Isabel: Max…… Isabel was very scared to see her enemy in her house let alone in the room next to her own and her brother’s room none the less

Max: Isabel look at me.

And she did and when she did her body froze completely, unable to move like her mind had been taken over.

Max: You’re having a dream, a nightmare, now you’re going to go back in your room and go in your bed and sleep. You’ll wake up in 10 minutes.

Isabel followed the command and went right back into her room, got right back in her bed, and went right to sleep.

Nicholas: This better not happen again!

Max: I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.

Max then bowed down in front of Nicholas.

Nicholas: Okay, now back to business.


As Jeremy made his way back up to his room he heard the CD player blasting ‘Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel’ Natalie’s Favorite song. He had expected her to be ready to go but when he opened the door boy was he wrong.

Natalie singing and dancing : Heaven… must be missing an angel , missing one angel child cause you’re here with me right now….

Jeremy went over to the CD player and shut it off.

Natalie: Hey, what did you do that for?

Jeremy: You have to get ready; I don’t want to be late on the first day.
Natalie: Okay, okay.

Natalie was already wearing a dark jean skirt, a short sleeve Light blue shirt with a silver star on it, turquoise gem necklace, and platform tan sandals.

Natalie: But I have a problem.

Jeremy: What is it?

Natalie turns to the mirror on her dresser.

Natalie: Should I wear my hair up or down?

Jeremy: Uhhh… up I guess in one of those clip things.

Natalie: Thank you, I was thinking that too.

Natalie reached for her silver clip and picked up her long chocolate brown hair and clipped it up.

Natalie: Okay now I’m ready.

Jeremy: Finally!


As Liz was in the bathroom brushing her hair she heard a knocking come from her window.

Liz thinking: Max?

So she went out to see that it was Maria in a sweat shirt and sweat pants. Liz open the window for her.

Maria: can I come in?

Liz: Yeah I guess.

Liz went to her nightstand and picked up a scrunchie and started to pull her hair up.

Maria: I just came over here to say that… that I’m sorry.
And that I did mean what I said , but if you’re happy with him I can’t stop you. But I won’t be happy with it , but I’ll try to be happy for you.

Liz: Thank you. You do know that you’re entitled to your own opinion it’s just that I love him and … and … that means that I have to put all the negative things aside and focus on the positive.

Maria: I know, but I don’t want you to ruin your life for someone you care about when they might not care as much about you.

Liz: Maria, how can you say that?

But Liz knew what Maria was saying and was starting to wonder that herself but now she wasn’t about to give her that satisfaction.

Maria: Liz, I love you, you’re my best friend in this whole entire universe, and I don’t want to see you hurt like you have before. Cause it hurts me too. To see you like that and when he was with Tess and you told me and I knew how much it hurt you I just wanted to kill Max for what he did.

Liz: Maria, how about we make a deal.

Maria: Okay, what’s the deal?

Maria sat down on Liz’s bed and patted the seat next to her for Liz to sit down and she did and looked at Maria.

Liz: The deal is until you and I both feel that is someone we can both trust again , that’s when I’ll start thinking about having a relationship with him, okay?

Maria: Okay, sounds good to me. So you forgive me of my anger on the phone this morning?

Liz: Yeah.

Liz smiles at Maria and gives her a big hug. But what to girls didn’t know was that someone was outside Liz’s window listening to their whole conversation.

Max: This is gonna be harder than I thought.


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Part 5

Liz: Maria can I ask you something?

Maria looks at Liz.

Maria: Sure, anything.

Liz: What do you see when you look at Natalie and Jeremy?

Maria thinks about the question that was just asked to her.

Maria: Well, when I look at Natalie I see you, the spitting image of you. I mean her figure, her hair, eyes, everything. It’s weird they aren’t even related to you by blood, but they look and act like you. And Jeremy, well he, he has your … your… well, I don’t know. He acts like you know, you. He’s the science guy and wants to be what you’ve always wanted to be. Natalie has your looks and Jeremy has your personality.

Liz processes this and is spooked. It was weird that Natalie always had Liz’s look, people even mistaken them as sisters or mother and daughter which made her laugh, a mother! Her? No way.

Liz: Yeah, you wanna know something weird. Jeremy came into my room this morning after our fight cause he heard yelling and when I looked at him. God, his eyes. Maria they looked like Max’s eyes, chocolate brown and those gold flecks that make you melt and Maria when he smiled he, it’s just, I don’t even know what I’m thinking. I’m crazy.

Liz plops down on her back on the bed and puts a pillow in her face. Maria quickly takes it away so she can look at her a talk to her.

Maria: That is weird. Well I mean stranger things have happen, but that definitely makes the list. I would question the whole eyes, smile thing but I know what it takes to do this to you and I’ll take your word for it.

Maria glances at the clock and notices it’s 7:30.

Maria: Damn, I’d love to stay and chat chica, but I gotta run, I’ll see you at school and we’ll talk okay?

Liz: Yeah. Bye.

Maria climbs out the window and waves.

Natalie and Jeremy are running down the hall when she forgets something.

Natalie: Jeremy wait, I need something.

Natalie quickly runs up the stairs in the room and get a necklace behind her bed. She then runs back down stairs beside Jeremy.

Jeremy: What did you forget?

Natalie: My pendant. Never leave home without it!
Where’s yours?

Jeremy finds the dark black string and pulls it up from under his shirt to show Natalie.

Jeremy: I to never leave home without it.

Natalie: I wonder why we have these anyway. I mean you, Matt, and me.

Jeremy looks at his pendant then at Natalie.

Jeremy: Well Serena told us when she gave them to us that they meant Bravery. So I guess it was either our parent’s necklaces or we did something brave and we don’t even know about it.

Natalie: Yeah, oh and another question for you dear brother, why are we going so early? I mean it’s checks watch 7:35. What’s the rush?

Jeremy: Well I thought maybe before school you, Lexy, matt, and me could hang out together.

Natalie eyes pop out of her head when she heard her brother say that Matt was there!

Natalie: Are you kidding? Matt here?

Jeremy: Yeah he has this twisted idea that he has family here. You think it’s true?

Natalie: Well if someone in this town also has the last name Guerin then anything is possible.


Maria walks into her room to see that Michael has gotten dressed and looks quite hot.

Maria: So what’s with the look? Is it a new one for school?

Michael: Nope got job interview.

Maria mouths practically drops to the floor when she heard that one.

Maria: Really?

Michael: Yes, really.

Maria: Where?

Michael: A place called Meta Chem. I need the money. Extra hours means extra cash.

Maria: And what will this extra cash go to.

Michael: Don’t think I’m gonna spend it on you.

Maria gives him a nasty look. Michael grins.

Michael: Well not all of it.

Maria smiles.

Maria: Okay well good luck.

Maria kisses him and he leaves for his interview.


Karl: so, Mr.. Gweerin--

Michael: Guerin.

Karl: It says here you've been an emancipated minor for the last 2 years.

Michael: Yeah.

Karl: A lot of responsibility for someone your age. You like responsibility?

Michael: Yeah, sure. I like to stay on top of things.

[Michael's memories of his recent "staying on top of things">

Michael: I only got 4 notices! How can you cut off my power?

Michael: I'm a big believer in self-discipline.

Michael: I'll take it. [Michael buying a TV]

Karl: What about school? Aren't you worried that a second job might interfere with your studies?

Michael: I think I can handle it.

Karl: Ok. Let's cut to the chase, Guerin. You already have a job flipping burgers. Why do you want a second job?

Michael: Well, there are many reasons. Uh... But I think the primary one is...

More memories of the last date with Maria

Maria: Please don't tell me that the words, "Maria, can you pick up the check?" Are going to come floating out of your mouth once again, because if so, I swear to god, Michael...

Michael: Financial.

Karl: I see.

Michael: And I guess I sort of want to see what it's like out there in the world.

Karl: Congratulations. You are now Meta-Chem pharmaceutical's newest security guard.

Michael: When do I start?

Karl: Orientation's tomorrow night.

Michael: I'm not going to be done at the Crashdown until 10:00. Is that too late?

Karl: We don't need you till 0200.

Michael: 0-2... That's 2 am.

Karl: That's right. 2 to 7 every night. You're working the graveyard. I'll see you then.

Jeremy ‘s Silver jeep pulls up in front of West Roswell High. Lexy and Matt are there waiting for them.
Natalie quickly jumps out of the car a hugs Matt almost making him trip over his duffle bag. Natalie kisses him on the cheek. Then hits him in the arm.

Natalie: I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you were coming!

Matt: Hey Nat it’s what we call a surprise.

Natalie: So I hear you’re here to find family how’d you pull that one off under Earl’s nose? Didn’t he even notice you were gone?

Matt: don’t know, he hasn’t been around, easy getting away. I heard him talk about a brother here maybe I can stay with him, get a job, and go to school.

Jeremy: Matt I know what lengths your going to, but I mean what if his brothers the same way a drunk in a trailer?

Lexy touches his shoulder and Matt looks at her.

Lexy: You know he’s right. It’s not fair to put you in that situation again.

Lexy knew what Matt had gone through. And she wasn’t going to let him be in that kind of environment again, it hurt her to see him that way.

Matt: I know all of you are concerned, but let me find out okay. I owe my-self this to make a clean start like the two of you.

Jeremy, Natalie, and Lexy all nod to Matt’s decision.

Matt: So, I guess I should start looking. Anyone know where a phonebook is?


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I'm on spring Break so maybe I'll right a few parts and post but I doubt anyone likes this story anyway so I think that maybe that was my last chapter.

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Well the people at RAMS wanted a new part so I wrote one.It's kinda short but trust me I think you'll like it. the ' ' mean the person is thinking in their head. okay so here it goes...

Part 6

In an alley in Roswell there are dark figures talking with each other.

Figure #1: They don’t know I’m here, but I just need to know that they’ll be okay.

Figure #2: They will be, I’ve taken good care of them. I’ve protected them with my life.

Figure #1: I know you have and thank you. For what you’ve done for my family and me. You are one great warrior Serena.

Figure #2: Thank you. I will continue to protect them until I take my last breath. Tell the others that the mission that you sent them on will be soon complete. I’ll make sure of that. No worries of yours are needed. The princesses and princess will be looked after.

Figure #1: Thank you again. Tell them their mother’s say she loves them and their father’s to. And tell Natalie and Jeremy that they will home again with their father and me and give them an extra hug and kiss.

She takes out a controller of some sort and presses a button and a flash appears in the alley and she’s gone.

Serena shielded her eyes and looked at where her figure stood.

Serena: Good Luck…..


Liz was on her balcony when she saw a flash come form the alley.

‘Oh my god, the last time I saw a flash like that Future Max came to me. God please, please don’t be another thing like that, please’

Liz waited and looked and nothing emerged from the alley.

‘Whew! Thank you’

Liz then climbed back into her room. She rummaged through her closet. She picked a hanger and looked at the clothes.

Liz: Nope

She then picked another hanger and it had this Red tank top on it and a short sleeves red plaid button up over it. She then placed it on the bed and went to her drawer.

Liz: Where did I put those pants?

Liz opened her bottom drawer and pulled out a pair of low-rise hip huggers that she had bought with Natalie the day before. Liz smiled at the ensemble she had picked out and headed straight for the bathroom to change.


Isabel woke up in her bed.

‘Boy, that was one helluva nightmare’

Isabel saw something in her bedroom move. But she was still kind of asleep.

Isabel: Max?

Since Isabel was still half asleep she couldn’t really see that clearly and she couldn’t reach the light. She had been so tired because last night she could have sworn she had seen Alex. How she missed him. She looked and looked until she realized that it was 3AM in the morning and she headed home. Then there was her nightmare of Nicholas in her brother’s room. She had a hard night. Then she heard footsteps coming toward her. Then she felt a heavy weight sit at the edge of the bed. She couldn’t see a face and she wished that she could.

Voice: Isabel, I need you to help me. I saw you last night looking around town and I was wondering what you were doing. The it hit me, I realized what you were doing.

‘ That voice, that sweet voice that I've longed to here for all these months, the voice that only came to me in dreams. Was that what this was , a dream? It had to be. He was dead.’

The voice chuckled.

Voice: No it’s not a dream and I’m not dead. So surprise. Isabel I need your help.

He gently put his soft over Isabel’s eyes and she could see clearly.

‘How I’ve wanted you Isabel. I’ve watched you cry and be miserable. Now I’m here to take that away. I’m here to heal you.’

‘It’s him, how…how can this be. I don’t care, he’s here that’s all that matters. He can’t be a shape shifter, I would know. I would know by his touch, by his eyes. Oh his eyes they shined out in my room. All I see is blue. God how I missed him. Thank you god, thank you for bringing Alex back!’

Alex: I’ve missed you too.

Isabel looked at him she felt his hands still on her face and she cupped hers over them.
Alex leaned down. There faces brushing against each other. Then it happened. They kissed. A deep loving kiss that was yearned by the both of them. Feelings were unfolding and both were hit with waves of love, how they missed each other, how each one worried about the other, how they wept when they thought they would never be again. But it was wrong, Alex knew. He knew he and Isabel were meant to be like Max knew about him and Liz. Max … that was also why he was here, his number one reason being Isabel but Max…

‘I never want this to end my love, but there are more important things like your life and the lives of our closest friends.’

Alex broke away slowly wanted this moment to never end, but knowing it had to.

Alex: Isabel, I need to tell you something. It’s important.

Isabel looked into his eyes and knew something was wrong.

Isabel: What is it?

Alex: We’re are all in danger. Someone is here to make sure that .. well I don’t know what, but I know it consists of you and everyone else. But we have to stop them.

Isabel was scared. No one was going to take away her family or Alex. Not again she needed to know who ‘them’ were.

Isabel: Whose ‘them’?

Alex knew she wasn’t going to like this but it was his duty to protect her, He had orders. He laughed in his head. ‘Orders! Ha god I’m like one of those soldier guys. Cool, all I need is the uniform. I bet Isabel would love a man in uni- wait I have to tell her, first news then we go back to adoring Isabel Evans’

Alex: Are you sure you want to know who ‘them’ are?

Isabel nodded.

Alex: Okay, ‘Them’ are ------------------

If you want to know who else is there you'll have to wait until I write the next chapter!

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Well you are so eager to read it I guess I'll just have to post it!

b]Part 7

First day of School

Natalie and Jeremy walk to the Attendance Office to receive their schedules. Lexy (who at school is referred to Alexis aka “The Ice Queen” Wheavens is waiting to compare her own schedule.

Lady: Hi! I’m Mrs. Smith; I’m the secretary here at West Roswell High. Anything you need I’m here and so is Principal Forrester.

Natalie: Thanks…. Ummm we came to get our schedules.

Mrs. Smith: Oh! Right sorry. Here you two go Hands Jeremy and Natalie their schedules

Jeremy: Thank you.

Natalie: Yeah thanks.

Jeremy grabs Natalie’s schedule to see what they have together.

Jeremy: Damn! We have lunch together 4th but 3rd period and 7th and 6th period 1st periods we don’t have together.

Natalie: We can change that.

Natalie waves her hand over the schedule and they are identical.

Natalie: Problem solved.

Lexy: Do it to mine, Do it to mine. I wish I had powers! I mean that is so kick…

Bell Rings Ring…… Ring…..

Lexy: Nat quick.

Natalie: Okay, okay.

Natalie waves her hand over Lexy’s schedule and it changes to Natalie and Jeremy’s schedule.

Lexy: Now I guess we are heading to …… Yes! We are heading to English. My fav subject.
Natalie rolls her eyes.

Natalie: Yes I see it now, prize-winning author Alexis Wheavens.

Lexy: You better believe it! Mr. Campbell told me that I was way above the writing skills of my normal level. I’m gonna make it big you’ll see.

Natalie: Sure, you the prize winning author, me the artist, and Jeremy the Molecular Biologist. Geez, we’re gonna be rich!

They all laugh and walk down the hall towards their homeroom class. The first day. All they have to do is pray that they know what they’re doing and go through the motions.

Jeremy: Yeah, now lets get to class.

Jeremy points to the classroom and all three friends walk in and take theirs seats praying that the day goes fast.


4th Period

Natalie sits down at the table Lexy reserved for her, Jeremy and couple friends.
A girl sits down across from Natalie. Her hair was a golden brown with highlights and was past her shoulders. She had a black t-shirt on with a silver star almost exact to Natalie’s and also had jean hip hugger pants on. She places her tray down and sits.

Girl: Hi, I’m Taneil.

Taneil puts out her hand and Natalie firmly shakes it.

Natalie: Hi, I’m Natalie.

Taneil: So, how you like it here so far?

Taneil takes out her lunch bag, as does Natalie. They start to eat before everyone else comes.

Natalie: It was overwhelming at first, but I’ve been here before . Know most of the people so no biggie.

Taneil takes a bite out her sandwich and puts some Tabasco in it. Natalie does the same.

Taneil: Yeah I know what you mean. I just got here a year ago from New York. I wish I could have met you last year . I met Lexy and she’s always talking about you and I think all of us will really hit it off.

Natalie: Yeah I think that too. The reason probably why you didn’t see me last year was that I usually visit my cousin here but she came to me instead so I missed out. But I’d like it if we could all be really good friends.

Taneil Yeah me t---

A girl wearing a skanky outfit rudely and loudly drops her lunch tray on the table as Taneil and Natalie are talking and interrupts them.

Girl: Gee Taneil I thought you were cooler than that. I mean your hanging out at “The Ice Princess’s” table?

The girl sees Natalie sitting there, getting pretty annoyed.

Girl: Hi I’m Christy Troy.

Natalie: Natalie Parker.

Christy: I know who you are Parker. I’m just here to warn you to stay out of my way.

Natalie: Well no need to warn me. I’ll know when ever I hear the Mickey Mouse voice coming my way to go in the opposite direction.

Natalie smiles at her and Taneil smiles and starts to giggle. Lexy is coming up to them and hears this and starts to laugh.

Lexy: Whoa! She told you Troy. Couldn’t have said it better my self.

Natalie sees Lexy and starts to get up to talk to her but Christy gets in her way.

Natalie: You see in order for me to get out of way you’ll have to get out of mine.

Now the whole cafeteria is enticed by the tension between her and Christy.

‘God, can’t people in Roswell get a life?’

Lexy walks up to them.

Christy: Hold it there Alexis, I’m not done yet with Parker here .

Natalie: Oh I think we’re done.

Christy: Well I don’t. I know your trouble. I can sense these things.

Natalie: Oh well I did hear that mice have a good sense of smell.

People in the cafeteria start to “ooooooo” and “ouch”

Natalie goes to move again but Christy moves in front again.

Jeremy is walking in to see everybody’s eyes on something across the room. As his eyes drift he sees Natalie having it out with some girl.

‘Damn it Natalie!’


Christy: You know I’ve heard a lot about you and your family.

Natalie is starting to get angry.

‘She better not bring my family into this otherwise there’s gonna be a smackdown right here’

Christy: I mean I heard that a lot people die when they are around you. I mean look at your mom and Alex Whitman.

Lexy: Christy stay out of this. You don’t know what your talking about.

Christy looks at Lexy then turns to get right back in Nat’s face.

Christy: So who’s next? Your aunt? Uncle? Liz?

Natalie is mad. Her tone is not to be messed with.

Natalie: You know you look like a sma—I mean you like a person who can make sense sometime. I think you should stay away from the fire. Cause if your not careful you might get burned…Natalie gets right up in Christy’s face… very badly.

Natalie storms out. Leaving Christy scared, Lexy surprised, Jeremy worried, and Taneil impressed.


Natalie is running down the hallway to the Girl’s bathroom. She’s sobbing at the sink. Liz is walking with Maria and sees her running. They both dash into the bathroom.

The door opens and Natalie quickly wipes her eyes. Liz and Maria crouch down. Lexy walks in.

Maria is stroking Nat’s hair trying to calm her down.

To Maria Natalie was always a little sister. They would go to the mall and borrow clothes from each other. And when Natalie would visit her, Natalie and Liz would have a girl’s night and eat ice cream and just talk. She hated to see her hurting. She’s had it so rough that all she wanted to do was take the pain away.

Maria: Babe, what’s wrong?

Liz is looking at Natalie.

Liz: What happened? What’s wrong? Are you okay?

Natalie nods her head.

Liz looks up at Lexy.

Liz: What happened?

Lexy crouches down beside Liz.

Lexy: Natalie had a run in with Pam Troy’s brat sister Christy.

Maria rolls her eyes and scoffs.

Lexy: She said something that got to Nat, but not before shecam e with a good comeback. Damn, you left that girl shaking in her Candies!

Maria hugs Natalie tighter.

Maria: That’s my girl.

Natalie manages a smile. She looks up at Liz.

Natalie: She said that anyone who’s close to me dies. And…. And…. She probably right. sniffle

Liz: No! I’m here; I’m not going anywhere.

Maria makes Natalie look up at her.

Maria: I’m not going anywhere either.

Natalie looks both at Maria and Liz.

Natalie: You don’t know that.

Liz: Yes we do, now let’s get you cleared up.

Natalie get up with Maria’s help and looks in the mirror. She waves her hand in front of her to clean the streaks of dried tears.

Maria looks as Natalie does that.

Maria: I wish I could do that you Czechs are so lucky.

Natalie laughs and smiles.

Liz: Good as new, and just as beautiful.

Liz looks in the mirror at her so called “twin”.

‘God, we look so much alike’

Maria: Hey Liz we gotta get out here. Sorry chica.

Natalie looks at her.

Natalie: Will I see you later.

Maria hugs her and kisses her on the head.

Maria: You bet.

Lexy: Don’t worry guys, Natalie changed my schedule so we have the same classes, I’ll take care of her.

Liz: Thanks Lexy. Everything will be okay, promise. Love you.

Natalie: Love you too.

Liz and Maria leave but Liz bumps into someone who looked like they were listening against the door.

Liz: Sorry.

Liz doesn’t get a chance to look at who she hit cause Maria grabbed hand and started running down the hall.


Natalie and Lexy are getting stuff ready. As Natalie pushes the door open she hits the same person. The they bump into her and she hits the ground making a connection with the person.


Lights Flashing

Las Vegas


A storm , dark and cloudy




Natalie, Jeremy, and Matt being watched

Natalie shakes her head and regains her thought but doesn’t want to look suspicious.

Natalie: Walk Much?

Lexy helps her up and gather’s her stuff for her.

Guy: Sorry I’m so clumsy, names Max Evans. I haven’t seen you around you new?

Natalie: Yeah hi, I’m….I’m late for class.

Natalie takes her things and signals to Lexy using her eyes to help her out.

Lexy: Yeah , don’t want to be late.

Lexy and Natalie speed walk down the hall.

‘Don’t worry I already know who you are….. All I need to know is how to get rid of you’

Part 8 a

Alex: ‘Them’ are Max, Nicholas, and someone that I’ve never seen before. Sorry not much help.

Isabel is freaking out she gets up from her bed and starts pacing.
Her hands are flying in the air as she’s talking.

Isabel: This can’t be… This can’t be. Alex your wrong. Max….Max would never work for the enemy. I think I had a premonition before with---

Alex gets up and tries to calm her down , but he knows what he’s about to say won’t exactly do that….

Alex: Uhhh Isabel, that actually did happen this morning Max mindwarped you to forget.

Isabel is now off the rocker.

Isabel: WHAT?

Alex: Isabel, honey, calm down, please we need you sane.

Isabel: Alex…. She begins to sob Why? Alex why? I….I… why Max?

Alex uses his thumb to wipe away a tear on her face.

Alex: We’re not sure he is Max.

Isabel: We’re?


Meanwhile Back At School

Alexis and Natalie are practically running down the hallway. They start to slow down.

Natalie: Was that ‘the’ Max Evans?

Lexy: I think so. I mean. Well I don’t know what I mean.

Natalie: But he looked so makes a disgusted face NOT clean. I mean he looks like he’s a heroin addict. Liz does not go for those kind of guys.

Lexy: I never saw him like this. He looks like trouble.

Natalie: I know he’s trouble.

Lexy: Say what?

Natalie: When I fell, I made a connection. I saw things. Bad things. Lexy, I thinks he’s after me, Jeremy , and Matt.

Lexy: Damn.

Natalie: WE have to stay away from him. Got that?

Lexy: Got it.

Natalie and Lexy start running down the hall again when Natalie accidentally bumps into Taneil Pushing her over.

Natalie: Sorry Taneil.

Taneil: It’s okay.

Natalie sees a silver necklace on the ground and picks it up. She turns it over and it has the alien symbol on it.

Natalie: Where did you get this?

Taneil: I got it from…

Natalie shows her own Necklace

Taneil: An alien friend…….

Natalie: Your an-a-alien?

Taneil: Well duh you are too.

Natalie hugs Taneil.

Natalie: Now it's simple. We stick together.

Lexy: Like Charlie's Angels?

Natalie: Exactly.

Taneil: I know what you were talking about when you came down the hall. About Max Evans.

Natalie: You know what about him?

Taneil: Let's all go somewhere we can talk.............privately.

Part 8 b

Liz and Maria are in the library.

Liz: I can’t work like this.

She flings her pencil across the table.

Maria: She’ll be okay, remember she’s super chick! She told us that, her powers are no match for anyone.

Liz smiles at that.

Liz: Yeah I remember but I just have this terrible feeling, like she’s in danger.


Jeremy is running down the halls looking for Natalie.
She and him have been trying to talk telepathically with each other .

‘Here goes nothing’



Lexy, Taneil, and Natalie are all seated on a bench in the Quary when all of a sudden Natalie holds her head.

Taneil puts her hand on Natalie’s head when they connect on the dream plain.

Taneil: Whoa!

Jeremy: What’s she doing her?

Taneil: I’m one of you.

Jeremy: One of who?

Natalie: One of us. You know the whole I’m an alien thing. She has it going too.

Jeremy looks at Taneil. She smiles and holds up her pendent.

Taneil: I wasn’t sure. But it was like me and Natalie just connected when we met. Now I know it’s because we’re the .…same.

Natalie: But we have a big problem.

Jeremy: Wait you hear that…..

Taneil: Yeah….

They look up.


Lexy is freaking out.

Lexy: Oh my Buddha! Taneil!!!!! Natalie!!!! TANEIL!!!!! NATALIE!!!!!!



Natalie and Taneil know the voice.

Natalie&Taneil: Lexy!

Natalie: Meet us in the Quary.

Jeremy nods


Taneil: Whoa!!!

Natalie: Heheheheh! Whooo!

Lexy: What happened?

Taneil: We were on the dream plain.

Lexy: Oh.

Jeremy runs up to them.

Jeremy: I saw what you saw.

Natalie: You mean the flashes?

Jeremy: Yeah and I saw something else……

Part 9

Natalie: What do you mean you saw something else?

Jeremy: Well… I didn’t actually see anything; I just heard what he was thinking.

Lexy: And that was???

Jeremy: Well… He knows who we are, and he wants us dead, or at least right now you Natalie.

Natalie eyes turned dark. She knew it. ‘That bastard is evil. I swear if he lays one hand on Liz…..’ Natalie’s thoughts were interrupted when Taneil began to speak.

Taneil: I have to tell you guys something. Ummm… Well…

Lexy can’t take her stopping; she needs to protect her friends. Or it could mean their lives.

Lexy: Spit it out already!

Taneil: Okay well, you see, Taneil takes a deep breath Well Max he used to be different. Well you already know that, but you see he used to help me out. I would say hi to him in the hallways and after school when I went to my car, but after that one day last year when the whole group skipped school…

Natalie realizes where they went and says it in a whisper.

Natalie: Las Vegas…

Taneil: Yeah, when they went there the next day he was … different like he didn’t even remember me. Then all the strange things happened. Alex dies and he didn’t care, he was hanging around Tess more, I even saw him in the hall become violent with Liz because she believed Alex was murdered. Which he was but I mean the old Max would have been there for Liz and told Tess take a friggin hike off a cliff. Then I just didn’t get it.

Natalie: So your theory is something happened in Las Vegas.

Taneil: I wasn’t there, but Liz was, I think we need to ask questions to figure out what’s going on.

Jeremy: Well the plan is, for right now, no one, I MEAN NO ONE, goes near Max. And for right now no questions to anyone. Do I make my self-clear?

Everybody nodded and headed to their 8th period class.


Alex: Uhh well, you see you know how I’m alive?

Isabel nodded.

Alex: Well I was dead but I was brought back by an alien.

Isabel gasps. Then she hears a knock at the door.

Mrs. Evans is on the other side talking to Isabel through the door.

Mrs. Evans: Honey you okay?

Isabel yells back to her mom.

Isabel: Yeah Mom, I just… I just found something that I’ve been looking for… for a long time.

Alex smiles at her and she smiles back.

‘God it’s great to be home’

Mrs. Evans: Okay honey, I’m glad you found it.

Isabel: I am too.

Mrs. Evans leaves and Alex and Isabel are once again alone.

Isabel: So as you were saying… Brought back by an alien….

Alex: Oh yeah, well I was brought back cause Tess really screwed up my head and they told me I was important.

Isabel: Who brought you back?

Alex: These two girls…. Serena and Ava.


8th Period

Mr. Foxhole: Now I’m giving you these assignments and I expect them back 3 weeks from now. Now here in Roswell, many things tell a story… have history… it is your job to be the historian and figure out why the landmark is special. I expect a 6-page report on this, and yes you will have a partner.
All the students ‘yes’ in their seats.

Mr. Foxhole: Now lets see Kat with Felicia, Melissa with Jenny, Katherine with Colin, Natalie with Alexis, Jeremy with Taneil…

Natalie starts to move to her right where Taneil is seated to talk to her.

Natalie: Wow! That’s amazing, me and Alexis, Jeremy and you.

Taneil: I know I made him do that.

Natalie has a perplexed look on her face.

Natalie: What do you mean?

Taneil: I mean I have to power to plant thoughts into people’s heads and I told him that me and Jeremy, and you and Lexy would be partners.

Natalie looks at Taneil.

Natalie: Cool.

Taneil: I know.

Mr. Foxhole: Now here are your assignments.

He starts to hand papers out to the different groups. Natalie moves her seat next to Lexy and they look at the piece of paper.

Lexy stares at the paper and says sarcastically.

Lexy: Oh yay! Meta-Chem Pharmaceuticals.

Natalie: Doesn’t sound that bad to me.

Lexy: I guess not, but I swear they have something in there that creeps me out.

Natalie: Maybe dead bodies. Natalie starts to make spooky sounds Oooooo ohhhh ouuuuuu!

Lexy hit Natalie in the arm.

Lexy: Shut up.

On the other side of the room Taneil and Jeremy are looking at their sheet of paper.

Jeremy: Oh my god. This is gonna be so easy! It’s the Crashdown. We’ll be done with this in no time.

Taneil: Yeah, I hate these assignments, the faster their done, the more time I have for more important things.

Jeremy looks at Taneil and smiles.

Jeremy: Yeah I know what you mean.

The bell rings and everyone gets up and gathers their stuff and leaves.


Parking Lot

Jeremy stops Natalie and Alexis.

Jeremy: I want you two to go straight to Meta-Chem and start your project. It will give us some time to buy so you don’t have to see Max.

Natalie: Okay, well we’ll be home around 7:30. Sound good?

Jeremy: Sounds perfect.

Part 10 a

Meta – Chem

Natalie: God this place is huge!

Lexy: I know!

Natalie: You got the camera?

Lexy holds up the Polaroid camera and Natalie nods her head and they start to move on down the long hallways.

Lexy: Do these things never end or something?

Natalie: Tell me about it. Don’t they have a service desk or something?

Lexy: Wait isn’t that the security desk. I’m sure they can help us.

Natalie: Your right.

When Natalie gets close enough to the window she sees who’s in there and it’s MAX!

Natalie slams her back against the wall and looks at Lexy.

Natalie: What’s he doing here? Pointing to the window

Lexy peers to the side and takes a picture.
It comes out and Natalie waves her hand over it to make the process quicker.

Lexy: It’s done.

Natalie: Okay, give me it.

Natalie takes the photograph and her mouth drops.

Lexy: What? What? Let me look.

Lexy looks over and her face drops too.

Natalie: That’s not the Max we saw at school. I mean this one is cute and clean, the total opposite of the other thing.

Lexy: I know. What do you think this means?

Natalie: I don’t know. But we have to figure this out.

The door to the security room slams shut and Max is standing right in front of them.

Max: Can I help you?

10 b

Max: Can I help you with something?

Natalie stared at him. She just kept looking at his face, his eyes, and his hair. He was exactly as Liz had described. ‘Man I hope this guy is Max, he is so handsome and seems so kind and sweet’

Natalie: N..No. Um we were just wondering if we could have some help.

Lexy interjected knowing that Natalie was in need of some help, a real good dosage of it. She rolled her eyes and began to speak.

Lexy: Yeah we have this report on Meta-Chem and we were wondering on what you could tell us about it. You know, the history of this place.

Max: Yeah, sure. Let me get something and I’ll be right back.

Natalie just kept staring at him as he left.

Lexy: God, now that is Max Evans.

Natalie: Tell me about it.


Max turned the corner and slammed his body against it.

‘God, I’ve seen her before. No wait not her someone else. God, both of them.’ He knew he had seen the one with the brown hair and brown before. In his dreams. He’s dreamt about her. And the one with the long dirty blond hair and shiny blue eyes, he’s seen her too. ‘Man, if I knew her name.’

Max: Who are they? They seem so familiar. Man, I wish I could remember.

Max went and got a book that told the history of Meta-Chem and walked back to where the two girls were.

Max handed the blond the book.

Max: Here you go.

Lexy: Thanks, you don’t mind if we take pictures do you?

Max: No, not at all.
Lexy aimed at her side for Max’s face and she presses the button. It flashed in Max’s eyes.

Lexy: Sorry, slipped.

Max rubbed his eyes.

Max: It’s okay.

Lexy: Thanks for the book.

Lexy pulled Natalie towards her and whispered in her ear.

Lexy: We better get out of here. Who knows maybe he’s a clone of Max. What if they have clones of us walking around here?

Natalie giggled.

Natalie: Ummm thanks for the book, we’d love to stick around but we have a curfew. Thanks.

Max: No problem.

Natalie and Lexy walked off and Max still stared at them until they officially left.


Lexy: Curfew. Ha!

Natalie: Well I was starting to get spooked out to. Sooo…. What’s next? We have at least 3 hours left until 7:30.

Lexy: UFOnics?

Natalie: Defiantly!

They walked to Lexy’s silver Jetta and got in. they drove until they stopped in front of a big building with a UFO sticking out of it , different colored lasers shooting out of it, and loud music and people coming form inside the building.

Natalie and Lexy got out of the car and walked in with a crowd. The place was packed. No Doubt’s ‘Hey Baby’ was playing and Natalie pulled Lexy with her on the dance floor. They danced for a good hour when Natalie got thirsty and went to the counter.

Natalie: Cherry Coke please, thanks.

The guy handed her the drink and Natalie took a sip. She put it down and a man with a vial of powder poured the contents into the drink and left. Natalie saw the man and he looked familiar. ‘Max?’ She brushed away the thought and took a big sip of her drink when she finished it she suddenly had this burst of energy. She started to dance like crazy. It was like she was hyper. Alexis noticed something was wrong and dragged Natalie out of the place and to the car.

Natalie: Now why…would….you…do a thing…like…that?

Lexy: What’s wrong with you?

Natalie: Alex! Nothing. I feel…GREAT!

She gave Lexy a big hug

Natalie: I Love you!

Lexy was worried; Natalie never acted this way before. Never!

She pushed Natalie in the car.

Lexy: I’m taking you home.

Natalie slupped in the seat and pouted.

Natalie: You’re no fun!

Lexy drove as fast as she could to get to the Crashdown. She stopped in front of the Crashdown with a screech.She ran out of the car and pulled Natalie out. Natalie started to walk normally into the Crashdown and head for the Backroom.
Jeremy saw her come in and he knew she didn’t look right.
Then Lexy came in running behind her.

Jeremy went up to her.

Jeremy: What happned?

Lexy: I…I .. don’t kow. One minute she’s fine, the next she’s Barney on Prozac!

Jeremy turned to Natalie who was fiddling with the pots and pans making bong noises.

Jeremy: Natalie?

Natalie looked at him then she collapsed.

~Mg_Ros fbp

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Part 11

Jeremy kneeled down next to her.

Jeremy: Natalie? Natalie?

Liz heard screaming coming form the Backroom and went to go check Michael did the same; he had been coming in for work when he heard it.

Liz: Oh My God!

She kneeled down next to Natalie.

Liz: Natalie, can you hear me?

She nodded slightly.

Liz: Good.

The door busted open and Michael looked and saw a girl that looked like Liz on the floor. A boy that looked strangely like Max and another girl who looked like Isabel except she had blue eyes.

Michael: What’s going on?

Liz: Natalie, she collapsed I guess, Lexy what happened?

Lexy: I don’t know. We went to UFOnics. We danced. Natalie went to get a drink… drink; she got a drink some one must have put something in it. Don’t aliens have a weird effect on that stuff?

Michael: Aliens?

Jeremy looked up at him.

Jeremy: Yeah, we’re aliens, and we know you’re one too, so help us.

Natalie was starting to burn up and she started to murmur words.

Natalie: drink…. powder…Max…drink…

Liz: Max? What does Max have to do with this?

Natalie kept murmuring.

Natalie: Meta-Chem…Max…photo…Lexy

Lexy: Oh my god she’s right!

Lexy took the photographs out of her pocket and showed them to everyone.

Lexy: Natalie and I went to Meta-Chem after school for research on a project. We saw him there, Max, we saw him!

Michael: But Max doesn’t work at Meta-Chem, actually I don’t think he works at all.

Lexy: Well he’s there, and he’s different, he looks healthier. So we don’t think it’s the Max that goes to WRH. WE think that this Max, the one in the photo, is the real Max. And I think he’s the only one that can save her.


Alex and Isabel lay on her bed. They had stayed in her room the whole day just talking and being with each other. Alex had explained about Serena and Ava. How Serena is an advanced human and can do things other’s dream. Ava as they know is Tess’s dupe, only that she’s the real Tess. It happened before they hatched. That’s why their moods and feelings are different. The NY aliens didn’t care about killing, but the Roswell aliens did. That’s how Tess and Ava differed. Tess just didn’t care. And that’s when they came to the conclusive evidence. Since Ava left she wanted to come and help the Royal 4 of Roswell, and she found Serena. When Alex supposedly died they healed him, but like Liz and Kyle will later find out they will get powers. That’s how Alex answered Isabel’s thoughts. Now they were exhausted. Sound asleep in the bed until….

Mrs. Evans opened the door and had a handful laundry in her hand.

Mrs. Evans: Isabel honey I just thought you might need---

Mrs. Evans was stunned when she saw her daughter in bed with a man. Not only a man, but a man that looked like Alex Whitman. Or maybe he WAS Alex Whitman!

Mrs. Evans: Hon…hon..honey?

Isabel: Huh what mom? MOM!?

Isabel got up and noticed that her mother had seen Alex.
Alex sat up and looked at Mrs. Evans.

Alex: Hey Mrs. Evans.

Mrs. Evans screamed then fainted.

Michael, Jeremy, Lexy, and Natalie got in the Jeep and headed for Meta Chem. Liz was right behind them in her parent’s car. She had grabbed a few things for herself, Michael, Jeremy, Natalie, and Lexy. Incase this took all night they had to have the essential things. Jeremy had tried to call Matt but couldn’t get in touch with him.

The Jeep stopped and all three of them got out of the car and Michael got Natalie and carried her to the entrance. They ran in running down halls. Lexy couldn’t figure out which hall they went down earlier. All of them were alike and long. They picked one and ran down it. There was a room to Michael’s left and he used his powers to open it. There was a table in there so he laid Natalie on it. Jeremy and Lexy ran into the room.

Jeremy: What are you doing?

Michael turned and looked at Jeremy.

Michael: You’re an alien. Heal her.

Jeremy looked down.

Jeremy: I can’t.

Michael: Why not? Come on I’m sure you can do it. I can but it wouldn’t be enough.

Jeremy: You think I can? I can only do easy things. Like paper cuts or bruises. Not gun shot wounds and broken limbs or this! I can’t do it!

Michael: TRY!

Jeremy: Why? So I can just see myself fail again? No.

Lexy remembered that. He had tried to Tiffany when Nicholas got her with his powers. He tried so hard but failed to heal her, and she died. She understood why he wouldn’t want to try again. Footsteps came towards the door of the room.

Max: What are you guys doing in here?

Michael looked at Max. ‘Man, they weren’t kidding. He looks healthier and better!’

Max: I said what are you doing in here?

Then Max saw Natalie on the table. Sweat going down her face. She was tossing and turning and holding on to a piece of Michael’s shirt. She looked so sick.

Max: What’s wrong with her?

Michael: She was drugged. We need you to heal her, or she’ll die.
Max: What do you mean heal?

Michael: I mean put your hands on her make a connection and work your magic.

Max was confused. ‘What’s this guy talking about?’

Max: What are you talking about?

Jeremy then noticed something in the corner. A camera. They were being filmed. If Max even healed her here, he would be exposed.

Jeremy: Michael, we can’t do it here. There’s a camera. If he does it, he’s exposed.

Michael turned to Max.

Michael: She needs help. You’re the only one who can help her! Now we can’t do it here so we have to find another place that’s close to here.

Max: My apartment is a couple blocks away. Get her there.

They all ran outside to the parking lot. Max stopped Jeremy.

Max: What exactly were you talking about when you said heal her?

Jeremy could see that he doesn’t remember anything about his life here or that he’s an alien ‘I wonder what happened in Las Vegas’

Jeremy: Well you see, you’re an alien and you can heal people. My sister needs you to heal her. Someone is after her and they drugged her. I don’t know what they did but I think, I know she’s dying. I made a promise that I would protect her with my life. So we need your help. You’re the only one who can help.

Max was stunned. Him? An alien? Well some strange things have happened with him. Like when he was on the road and his car broke down. He popped the hood and he waved his hand over the parts trying to find out where the problem was and the steam cleared and everything was fine. He didn’t know what happened. Maybe he was. An alien. So that meant he had the power to heal. And he needed to heal this girl.

Max: Okay, We have to get there fast, and your gonna have to help me.

Jeremy: Any way I can.

Max: Okay you’re gonna go with who you came with.

Jeremy: You mean Michael, Lexy, and Natalie.

Max: Yeah then meet me at my place. 26 K Street Apt. B.

Jeremy: Got it.

Jeremy ran back to the Jeep and Called Liz.


Liz’s cell phone began to ring. She picked it up as fast as she could.

Liz: What’s wrong?

Jeremy: Nothing is. You have to meet us at 26 K Street Apt. B. Got it?

Liz: Yeah but why?

Jeremy: Cause that’s where Max is going to heal her. We would have done it at Meta-Chem but they have cameras everywhere.

Liz still couldn’t believe it. Max. Here. Real Max. That’s why she didn’t feel all the things she felt with the Max that was here. For now she would refer to him as Evil Max. Great now she’ll have nightmares. She’d look up and he’ll be standing over her. She’ll be running down the hallway and he’ll be running after her, but maybe it would stop and the real Max would rescue her. She smiled and turned onto K Street.


Max opened the door and Michael pushed inside. Her put Natalie on the couch that was by the door. When he tried to pull away she grabbed on him tightly. He understood she didn’t want to be left alone. So he crouched down beside her and let her hold on to his shirt as might as she needed to.

Max came over and crouched next to Michael.

Max: How do I…heal her?

Michael looked at him. ‘He’s scared. Man, if he only knew how scared I am too.’

Michael: I don’t really know how to heal. I manly can just blow stuff up.

Max took a deep breath and placed his hands on Natalie. He concentrated and nothing happened.
Then he heard footsteps running up the stairs towards his apartment. Then he saw her, the girl from his dreams. It had started to rain when they got here but know it was pouring and she was soaking wet. She stood in the doorway just looking at him. Tears were in her eyes.

Liz: Max?

Max: Liz…

Max got up and looked at her. Suddenly everything about just came to him when she came over and touched his hand and looked in his eyes.


Max healing Liz.

Max: You’re all right now… you’re all right. Don’t say anything please?


Max: I’d have to touch your hair because it’s so soft.

Liz: And then?

Max: And then I’d have to tell you that no matter what happens. As long as you’re with me it’s all worthwhile.

Liz: And then?

Max: And then I’d have to do this.

Max leaned in and kissed her softly.


Liz: Did you really mean everything you said when we were…alone tonight?

Max: I…I don’t remember. What did I say? ….I didn’t mean to ruin your night.

Liz: You didn’t.


MAX: Hey.

LIZ: Hey.

MAX: I hope this isn't my fault.

LIZ: Why would this be your fault?

MAX: If I startled you.

LIZ: No. You know, I always knock over strawberries this time of day. Always. I'm just gonna go get more berries from...

MAX: Well, wait. Here's another one.

(Liz goes into the kitchen area and Max follows her)

LIZ: What are you doin' here, Max?

MAX: Well, I have orders from my planet to take over the Earth.

LIZ: Besides that.

MAX: I want to make sure we can still be friends.

LIZ: Yeah. I mean, we are.

MAX: Good.

LIZ: Why wouldn't we be?

MAX: We really haven't been able to talk since...that night.

LIZ: Max, people do a lot of dumb things when they're drunk. Anyway, I understand.

MAX: And we're friends?

LIZ: Yeah. We're friends.

MAX: Just friends?

LIZ: Yeah. We're just friends.

Liz turns around and starts to leave and Max grabs her and they start making out.

LIZ: So everything Nasedo told me was true. You and Tess were meant to be together.

MAX: Liz.

LIZ: I mean, it's your destiny, right?

MAX: I wish I could go back Liz. Back to when things were normal.

LIZ: Me, too. I just wish that I could have stopped you from saving my life that day in the CrashDown.

MAX: Don't say that.

LIZ: Max, the day that you saved my life, your life just ended.

MAX: No, that was the day my life began. Liz, when I was in that room, and they did what they did to me. You're what kept me alive. The thought of you. The way your eyes look into mine. Your smile. The touch of your skin. Your lips. Knowing you has made me human. Whether I die tomorrow or fifty years from now, my destiny is the same: it's you. I want to be with you, Liz. I love you.

LIZ: I love you.

They kiss.
Liz is looking into Max’s eyes. What she had just seen brought so many feelings to her that she lost were lost forever.
Max remembered everything he just saw. Even if they hadn’t made a connection he still would have known it. Everything about her he knows. That her favorite ice cream is Vanilla and that… his thoughts were taken away when Liz looked at Natalie.
He turned to her.

Max: I don’t know how to heal her. I don’t remember.

She led him over to Natalie. Michael got up and Natalie let go of him. She knelt down before Natalie and pulled Max with her. She took his hands in her own and placed them on Natalie.

Liz: Natalie look at me. You have to look at me.

Natalie tried to open her eyes and only succeeded in opening them just enough to make a connection. Max and Liz concentrated and were in. They saw so many things: Memories, feelings. The weird thing was a big white flash flashed they saw things that didn’t make sense. People they knew but looked so different, older. It was something so familiar yet so strange. Then they were standing in a room that was dark, Natalie was standing there looking in the other direction then turned around and looked at them. Then it ended. They were back in front of Natalie. Her eyes opened and she looked around the room: from Jeremy, Lexy, Michael, then to Max and Liz. They stared at her with concern. She began to cry. Then she shot up and hugged them both so tight. They responded immediately, holding her just as tight. Michael came and sat on the chair of the couch.

Michael: You gave us quite a scare there.

Natalie looked up at him, tears still rolling down her face. Max and Liz go up and walked over to the bedroom where they needed to talk. Michael stood up and Natalie tried to sit up.

Natalie: Thank you. Michael. You didn’t have come… but I’m just glad you did. I felt protected even more with you here. I’m sorry I held on to you, I just…

Michael: Felt scared. I know. And I’d do it again in a second. I just hope it doesn’t happen again.

Jeremy: Me too. I got scared Nat. I thought I was going to lose you. I wanted to heal you but I was scared. Just as scared as Max probably was. I feel like a coward.

Natalie: You are not a coward. You were scared that if you tried it would end the way it did with Tiffany. I don’t blame you. I’ll never blame. You were scared, so was I. And you’re the bravest guy I know; you’ll always be that.

Lexy came from the chair she was sitting crying she came over and hugged Natalie.

Lexy: I thought…. I thought…we…lost you. I was…so...Scared…I thought I lost….my… my best friend.

Natalie held on to her tight.

Natalie: You’ll never lose me. I’m with you always. Whether I die right now or 50…60 years from now. I’ll always be with you. I’ll be with all of you. I’m never gonna leave. I kept fighting and fighting, until I couldn’t fight anymore … I was gonna try to fight again when Max and Liz healed me. Then I didn’t have to fight. I was free. They freed me. Now I’m okay. But I still have to fight. We all do. We have to fight that Evil Max clone. What ever he is. If we don’t, I don’t think we’ll be safe anymore. Cause I know, that he knows, that I know the truth about him.

Max closed the door behind him and Liz sat down on the bed.

Liz: Sooo… What do you remember, about here, about Roswell?

Max: You.

Liz looked at him and smiled.

Liz: That’s it? Me? Just me?

Max sat down next to Liz.

Max: That’s it.

Liz: What about Michael, and your family? How did you know to come to Roswell?

Max: Well I don’t know. I guess I have amnesia or something. I remember walking out of a casino and getting into a cab when I saw this vision of you and me, like we had just been married. I got into the cab and I don’t know. I knew it wasn’t the place I was supposed to be. They knew who I was though. When I got out there was a guy maybe Jeremy’s age and a guy that looked just like me but different somehow. The next thing I remember is getting hit in the head and waking up there. The only thing I found was a card with the U.F.O. museum on it. It had my name on it and Roswell New Mexico. I got a job made enough money to come here and start my life over.

Liz: Max.

Max: I remember you, everything about you. I’ve had dreams about you, night after night. When I saw Natalie today I saw you.

Liz looked at him with love in her eyes. She had missed this guy so much. He was the only one that told her everything. The only one that made her feel the things she only felt for him. He was the only one that made her feel safe in this world. She hadn’t felt those things since…well since Las Vegas.

Liz: I’m sorry, I’m sorry we didn’t find you sooner. That we didn’t know. That—

Max put his finger up to her mouth. She kissed it. She came closer to him. They in to each other’s eyes for a moment. They moved in closer, closer, until there was a knock at the door. The door opened and Michael’s head popped in.

Michael: Hey, I don’t think Natalie is well enough to go home. She still stiff and can hardly sit up. I don’t think she can go.

Max: She can stay here, as long as she needs. All of you can.

Michael: Jeremy’s gonna take Alexis home and I’m gonna stay here. Is that okay?

Max: Of course. Is she okay?

Michael: Yeah, she’s okay. She’s just a little scared that Evil Canevil will try something else. She doesn’t want you guys to get hurt like she did.

Liz: We won’t. We know a lot now. He probably thinks she’s dead. So that will buy us time.

Michael: Okay, I’ll tell them.

Michael closed the door and Liz fell on the bed.

Liz: God, I’m so tired.

Max: You can sleep in here if you want to. I’ll sleep on the ground.

Liz looked up at him and smiled.

Liz: I couldn’t do that to you, how about we…. We spilt the bed. This is my side that is your side.

Max thought about this plan in his head and smiled.

Max: Okay, but no funny stuff.

Liz laughed. ‘Where has he been the last couple months of my life?’

Liz: Well I’ll try and be on my best behavior.

Max: I’ll be right back; I’ll get you a blanket.

Liz nodded and fell on the pillow. It was so soft that it felt like a cloud. This whole place was a dream. It had to be, his room was the size of hers at home and looked like it too. It had a big queen sized bed in it, a TV, a chest of drawers and a window with a balcony. ‘Maybe this is why he bought it.’ This whole place was huge. It had another room that seemed to be big enough for another bedroom but she didn’t get a good enough look at it. From the living room there was a door that led to the kitchen and that was pretty much the whole place.
By the time Max had come back from getting the blanket Liz was already asleep. ’She’s look like an angel’ He covered her in the blanket and went to his side of the bed and fell asleep just as fast.

Everyone was asleep it was about 2am and Liz shivered in her sleep. During the night body inched closer and closer to Max without her even knowing it. Then she finally made it to him. Almost instantly she tucked her head under his chin and his arm came over her waist. Her head lay on his arm, which was stretched out. They both faced the wall and got a flash of the last time they had slept the same way…The night in the desert. All of a sudden since they were connected together they were in each others dream which now was one dream.

Liz was swinging on a swing in the park watching all the kids play when Max came up behind her.

Max: Hey.

Liz twisted her head around and smiled.

Liz: Hey.

Max moved over and sat on the swing next to Liz.

Max: So is this one of my powers? Going into people’s dreams?

Liz: Well your sister Isabel is the one who usually does it, but yeah you can do it too.

Max looked at Liz. She was so beautiful. He wished that he could kiss her. Before he knew she so close to him he could. He lowered his head just about to kiss her lips when an alarm went off. Both there heads shot up and looked around, then it hit him it was his alarm clock. Then he was awake. It was 6:30. He felt something next to him. He looked down and saw Liz. She looked up and their eyes met.

Liz: I must have rolled over here during the night. I guess I didn’t stick to the plan.

Max: It’s okay; I like it this way better.

Liz smiled at him.

Liz: You know, there was something I wanted to tell you --

Liz was cut off when the door opened.

Natalie popped in. She saw Max and Liz tangled in each other’s arms. A smirk came across her face. She started to laugh.

Natalie: Sorry. You really should put up a sign that says ‘Do Not Disturb’ on it.

Max: Yeah, I’ll think about it.

Natalie came over and sat on the edge of the bed.

Natalie: I just came in here to tell you thank you. Ummm the thing is I was dead. And now I’m alive.

Liz shot up from Max’s arms and sat by Natalie and looked at her.

Liz: You were what?

Max got up and walked towards the both of them curious to know how he brought her back if she was dead.

Natalie: I don’t know. I was dead. There was a bright light and a tunnel and I didn’t want to go but something in me said that I had to. So I started to walk and I made it through. Then there was blackness, and then you guys.

Max: That’s why it was so dark. You were….dead.

Max couldn’t believe it. He had brought someone back from another world. Heaven maybe. But saying the word ‘dead’ made his mouth have a bad taste in it.

Natalie: I was so scared. I thought now I could watch over you but I wouldn’t be able to protect you. Then you came and I was out. I was out and I was free. You freed me and I don’t know what to say.

Liz: You say nothing. We’re just glad you’re all right. The only thing I don’t understand is how you were dead. I mean Max can’t bring back the dead.

Natalie: Liz you connected with him. I think you helped him do it. I felt this strong power and now I know it was the both of you. Well that’s all I came in here to say.

Natalie went to the door and turned around.

Natalie: Oh and one last thing… don’t come home too late Liz.

Liz gave her a look to kill and Natalie left closing the door behind her.

Max: She’s right you know. You don’t want to be home late.

Liz sat closer to him and he held her in his arms.

Liz: Can’t I just stay here forever?

Max: You can but we’d have to leave sometime. And plus, would really want to stay here with Me?

She looked up at him and playfully hit him. And they smiled at each other.

Max: Ouch that hurt.

Liz: It did not. And I’d stay anywhere if it meant I could be with you for your information.

Max: Oh so anywhere?

Liz nodded.

Max: Well that’s good to know. Oh well you know what since it’s morning you want breakfast.

Liz: Sure.

Max stood up and pulled Liz up with him and held her in his arms and they left his room for the kitchen.
Before Michael, Jeremy, and Natalie all went to sleep and talked about their powers and their lives. Natalie mentioned Matt then she found out that Michael was the Michael Guerin they were searching for. Now they were on the couch just hanging out.

Michael: So where does Maxwell keep the remote control for the TV?

Natalie was lying down with her face in her pillow. She had an enormous headache. When she was talking Max and Liz before it didn’t hurt but now it was pounding.

Natalie: It’s always on top of the TV.

She turned and sunk her head deeper in the pillow.

Michael looked at Natalie then stood up and went to the top of the TV. There it was the remote control. Right where she said it was.

Michael: How did you know that it was up there Natalie?

Natalie turned and help her head.

Natalie: Know where what was?

Michael: The remote control.

Natalie: How would I know where it was?

Michael: You just told me.

Natalie looked at him with a weird look on her face.

Natalie: I did?

Michael: Yeah, and why do you keep holding your head?

Natalie: Because it hurts.

Just then Max and Liz came out holding on to each other.

Michael: Maxwell, we need your help.

Max and Liz came over and looked at Michael.

Max: What’s wrong.

Michael: You need to heal Natalie’s head. It’s hurting her.

Max crouched down and placed his hand on her head and her headache was gone.

Natalie sighed.

Natalie: Thanks. I feel a lot better.

Max: So who wants breakfast?


After breakfast Michael went home to see if Matt was there since they couldn’t get in touch with him last night.
Max and Liz laid down on the couch together while Natalie and Jeremy sat down in the big chair and they all watched TV together. Natalie got this rush of feelings. It was like they were a family it was all so familiar. It always seemed like a family. Now it was even bigger with Max, and Michael, and Isabel in it. She hadn’t even meant Isabel yet but she knew she was apart of her family as well. Then Liz’s cell phone rang. She groaned and picked it up.

Liz: Hello?

Isabel: Liz, hey, it’s me.

Liz: Hey Isabel.

Max sat up. Jeremy and Natalie leaned closer.

Isabel: Listen Liz there’s something important I have to tell you and someone I want you to meet.

Liz: Me too, come by the Crashdown.

Isabel: You got, how’s in about 30 min.

Liz: You got it.

Liz hung up her phone and looked at everyone.

Liz: That was Isabel, she has something important to tell us and someone she wants us to meet. And now your all gonna meet her.

Liz turned to Max.

Liz: Your finally gonna meet your sister.

Max smiled at Liz.

Max: I can’t wait. How long?

Liz: We have thirty minutes.

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