Spoilers: Ok. This story Is taking place after school break. What happened before school break is , Max and Tess got together and I don?t mean as study budies! As did Michael and Isabel. They of course did it behind the humans back and each of their respective partners caught them.

Not sure of the rating. Maybe R. And puh-lease take it easy on me. This is my first fic*shy*

Scene takes place in the Crashdown, 2 days before school starts up. Max Michael Isabel and Tess are all sitting in their usual booth.

?Well, all I know is that when school starts back up we?re all gonna have to try and act?.?
?Normal, yes we know Maxwell, you?ve been saying that all freakin summer.? Michael snaps while rubbing his eyes, he knew it wasn?t going to be easy and he sure as hell wasn?t looking forward to their return, but he didn?t need it repeated over and over again.
?I know,? Max says almost apologetically looking at them ? but now that its getting closer to their returning?I mean we haven?t seen them all summer, all im saying is its going to be hard.? Max didn?t like playing mother hen, to be the leader of the group, the only one to really take responsibility of the four, after all in his past life he was the leader, no matter how much he tried to shy away from the fact.
?Don?t worry baby, we have each other , you have me, you?ll always have me.? Tess looked lovingly into max?s eyes, slowly but surely down came her hand and started rubbing his thigh.
Isabel rolls her eyes and her and Micheal share a look of pure disgust. ?poor max.? thought isabel no one deserved that. Makes looks at tess trying to figure out exactly what is going on in her head, all summer he had tried to make a go of it. And before summer as well. He hated himself for letting liz catch him and tess fucking. Fucking. That?s what it was there was no emotional attatchment. He didn?t know how he was going to face Liz, last time he saw her was when she caught him. His thoughts were interrupted by a pair of lips on his.
?What the ****!? max yelled while pushing the attacker off him. ?tess, you don?t just kiss someone?. ummm without umm their permission!? ok he knew he was grasping but his mind wasn?t exactly clear right now. Michael let out a chuckle and Isabel tried to contain the laughter while Tess just stared at him and cocked her head to one side, ?I?m sorry max. I think I might go to the ladies and freshen up, and when I come back I?ll ask for that kiss!? she pushes out of the booth, and stands there looking at Isabel with her hands on her hips. Max Michael and Isabel just stare at her. ?Isabel?!?
Sighing Isabel stand up, ?Fine! But you are really going to have to look into getting someone else to go with you, someone that isn?t thinking about flushig your head in the toilet.? The later part went unnoticed by tess who was already on her way to the bathroom, Isabel follows while max and Michael share a smile.
Michael lets out a chuckle Max looks at him like he just fell out of the sky ?What?!?
? that?s was a real smooth answer max, you shouldn?t kiss someone without their permission.? Michael couldn?t help it , he was really laughing now. People were now looking at the pair and max was feeling somewhat embarrassed at the sudden attention they, no correction the sudden attention Michael was drawing.
?yeah laugh it up space boy?.? Max didn?t finish the sentence. Something in the background caught his eye. ?They?re back.? He whispered trying not to make eye contact with the two that just walked in the door. Of course the other alien wasn?t as subtle and swung his head around to get a better look at who exactly was back. But it wasn?t the one he wanted. ?Alex and Kyle, just who I?ve been waiting for.? Michael rolled his eyes, why did they have to come back, and where the hell was she?! ?Great, we just get back and we see them. Roswell isn?t that big I thought we wouldn?t actually see them until school.?
?Kyle just forget about it.? Oh god please don?t let them come over here. Alex had a very strong feeling that they would but he could always hope.
?I?m going to talk to them.? Standing up and preparing himself max let out a deep breath before a hand grabbed him and pulled him back down. ?What?! What exactly are you going to say to them??
?What do you think im going to say to them? The same thing you want to ask them! Where is she! Is she alright?! Max had enough of not knowing, not seeing her for the whole summer was driving hime insane! ?Do you even remember the speech you gave us all about 10 minutes ago??
?are you telling me you don?t want to know? We haven?t heard from them in months! Not one single word! So don?t sit there and tell me it isn?t eating you up!!? The discussion was getting louder by the second and a lot of eyes were on them. Max knew this ?WHAT?!? giving them all a glare. ?What the hell has gotten into you max, im supposed to be the hostile one.? Letting out a long sigh and cradelling his head in his hands ?Of course I want to know?. God maxwell I want to know more then anything, but what?s the point ? We ..can?tget ?attatched.? The last comment was a lie, and besides it was to late, they both knew it. They don?t know what their lives would be without their earthgirls. Max ignored the last comment, that was just Michael tryig to put up what was left of the wall that Maria tore down.?I?m going to talk to them!?
?Yeah well, looks like its gonna have to wait till your wife isn?t hanging around.? Smirking Michael took another sip of his cherry coke.
?Ok so she decided we should start bonding, in the bathroom of all places!? Isabel had her princess tone down pat. But max an Mcihael didn?t seem to be taking any notice of her or tess but were obviously trying not to look over the otherside of the room. ?What the hell are you guys?oh my god alex.? Her voice was barely audiable but they all knew what she said. ?What?!? Tess turns to where the others are looking rolling her eyes she simply shrugs her shoulders?Oh, that. Undoubtedly the rest will be returning.? Isabel starts to feel tears well up in her eyes, the one mn that she never wanted to hurt, the one that she loved was sitting across the room from her and looked broken. He wasn?t even looking in her direction. He probably knew she was there. That they all were. The thing that he witnessed between her and Michael didn?t have anything to do with love, it was a moment of. Actually she didn?t know what it was. I t was like she wasn?t really there, like she was taken over by some darker force. ?God tess just shut up will you.?
?All im saying is?excuse me?! Don?t tell me to shut up, I didn?t do anything wrong, what we did was meant to happen, it?s meant to happen. We can?t pretend that what we do doesn?t matter, that who we are with won?t have an effect on our world. Because it will!? Tess spat the last sentence out, she didn?t know why they kept denying what was obviously there destiny. Besides why was max acting all high and mighty now, he?d been fucking her like made all summer, and now she didn?t seem to be good enough for him.
?Shut up tess!? Max had enough of her constant whinning, and the whole destiny speech.
Letting out an exhausted groan and trowing her hands up? Fine, I give up. Isabel, I need you to give me a ride.?
?if it will get you away from me quicker.? Mumbling so it wouldn?t start up another tess enduced headache.
?bye max.? leaning into kiss him he turns his ead so she kisses his cheek. Looking a bit upet tess picks up her bags and heads out the door. ?are you sure you?re going to be ok? You can stay if you want, and she can hitch.? Grinning at the idea, max really did feel sorry for is, just asshe started to get close to the other two girls this messed up shit has to happen.Isabel looked at max with tear filled eyes and shock her head slightly? What good is it going to do/ It?s too hard max. He hates me??It?s going to be fun to see how how school goes.
?This sucks!? Max and Isabel look at Michael, he?d been quite for sometime and they almost forgot he was there.
?we?re going to have to ask them where the hell Maria and Liz are!? Michael was losing it. The thought that Maria could be here already made him shake.
?well we can?t do thatm till tess is gone so?.? Max let the comment hang in the air.
?Yeah, I know I?ll get her outta here before they have a chance to leave.? She starts to head out but then turns around looking warily at max ?Tell alex I said hi.? And then turning on her heel she walks quickly out the door before she lets any tears hit the ground. Max and Michael exchange looks, get up and head towards Alex and Kyle.