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Chapter 1


As King Gyr looking over bodies of the warriors that die in battle, he knew that the war had to stop. The leaders made plans to meet on the moon (Landis) of Antar and find away to stop the fighting. The conflict between the five worlds was causing great distress and people were dieing. Gyr knew that he had to make a stand.
In history it was always said that King Gyr made possible for everyone to live in harmony. Gyr held his new grandson Zan and knew possible for this boy. King Gyr died and throne was turn over to his son Tecum, then grandson Zan. That is when things started to fall apart.

Krivar made a promise to Valindra that there would be a peaceful solution to the conflict. Krivar,”You are the woman that I love.” He smiles. Valindra put her arms around him and smile. She realizes that her betrothal to Rath would help to bring two powerful families together, but the heart says something different. He comes from a great family. She though about Rath, a man who stood honor and warrior at heart, any woman would love. One thing that stood out about Rath was his artwork that hung on the walls of the palace. When people come for visits first thing that notice was artworks. They would describe the shapes, colors and images inside the paintings. The warrior side was an aggressive, conflicting man who took his position serious but the artist side was a man who looks at the world in a way that through his work that many were surprise that he a solider. Growing up together, she though of Rath as a brother.
She heard the signal that someone was coming and walks to her best friend Kendra. Valindra was asking a lot from her friend Kendra. Because Kendra is Rath’s baby sister and she understood about love. Two years before, Kendra married Larek from the world of Ankara. Zan introduce then at a party. Larek always had a crush on Kendra and admired her from afar. When Larek would come and visit his friend Zan, he would find Kendra visiting the palace. He would shy away. Zan realize that the feels were mutual. Kendra made plans to visit during Larek visit. Zan play the matchmaker and plan a party to introduce them. They were married and have a daughter name Serena. On a visit to Antar, Valindra told everything to Kendra and ask for her help. She turn around quick to find that Krivar gone. Their secret rendezvous getting more dangerous every time and almost got caught.
King Zan stood by the window watching the fighting daily. Each passing day Antar fell more into the conflict and the fighting getting closer to the royal house. Zan look around his office and knew somehow that the end was coming. Ava walks through the door and slowly bows her head. Zan walks to his wife. He puts his hand on her chin and lifts her head. He kisses her forehead and look at his wife, “I told you many times you do not have to do this. You are my queen.” Then suddenly they hear a loud explosion. He held Ava. The palace guard came to his chambers and following behind was Rath. Rath slowly walks toward the window and saw the gate dent in. Rath,”My King it is time that we leave the Antar as plan.” Zan look at his future brother in law and his wife trying to make a choice that would be safe for his family and his subjects. Zan,” We stay.”


As Kyle started to seat in the chair face toward the person setting up the camera, Kyle, “ Mom hurry up we does not have enough time. The granolith is about ready to take off soon.” Sara,” I know sweet heart this will only take few more moment.” As she places a sliver device on the stool, Kyle wonders where was the video digital camera. Kyle,” Mom where the video camera.” Sara,” We were afraid that the information would not last, so we decided to use one of the orbs from the first mission. Kyle pick up the orb and place his hand over the engraved swirl. A blue glowing light came up showing different messages left in the orb over last two hundred years. The communications from the orb: the aliens’ species, a woman with long blond hair, Max giving orders to his troops, and then Michael.
Kyle remembers the last 20 years of life dedicate to the war. He remember the first time that he saw his mother after ten years, then the death of his two closest friends, and the great war. He learned from his mother about what he was truly and the reason that his powers and abilities were hidden. Sara, “ Kyle we do not have time. You need start with the message. Time is running out.” With the wave of Sara hand, the blue glowing light turn on and Kyle began his message. When Kyle was done with the message, Sara took the orb to the location that the children would receive the message. Kyle and Sara began to walk toward the last granolith in the sanctuary.
The sanctuary held the scarce granoliths of the five worlds in the Antarian system. Kyle and the others walk toward the granolith each person in the person place their hand on the light and transport inside. Jimmy, Laurie, and Danny were inside waiting for the other two come. Kyle, “ Mom, what if the children can not find the message.” Sara, “I know that they will, we can not wait Antar need us, all of us. The royal families of Antar need to return home to bring peace back to the system. They will get the message.” Sara places her hand on the light and was transported inside. Kyle looking back at everything in life on earth and realizes that he might never come home again. He said a slightly pray and place his hand on the light and was transported inside. As the clock on the wall start to count down, the energy core started to melt on the corner of the fourth granolith. The granolith doors close and shot up into the air on their way home to Antar.

20 Years Early

As the war began to turn to their side the human friends were meet with own challenges, they took time away from the alien life and try to pursue their own life. Liz left Roswell when her powers started to emerge from the time that Max save her life. She felt that she had no control over who she was anymore that her life was going out of control. She decided to go to Vermont boarding school where she finial felt like her old self.
Maria’s dreams finally came true, she received a contract to sing and write songs for a record companies in New York. Upon arrive to New York; Maria met with her friend Matt. They arrive at the recording studios to begin the recording of her songs. After talking with the agent, Maria slowly realizes that her dreams were starting to fall apart. The new recording of the song that the agent gave Maria was not going well. Matt look uncomforted. Maria explained that this was not her music that she explains that it was agree that it would be her music and writing. The agent kept her cool said that her song would not work that Maria had the style, look and the voice. She knew what the public wanted and producer was paying the cost. If she did not want to follow the advice of the producer and agent then she could always go back home to Roswell. As the agent waited for Maria answer, she knew that Maria would stay. As Maria stood there she realize that something dreams come at a cost you have to give up on something to gain something more. As Maria stared at John for support, he just gave a smile and nod. She had a blank look on her face. You realize at certain moments in life that choices that you make can affect the rest of your life. As she started take off the earphone she let out a sigh, I though when we agree that we would work with my stuff. The agent again said it there way or back home to Roswell. Maria,” I guess this is not going to work.” With John help they both left the studios and to catch one last ride in the limo.
In Roswell, Kyle working in the car shop, he would have never though that his life would come to this point fixing cars. He was lucky to be alive today, when Max healed him he change his life in more ways that he could ever possible though. He always knew that there was more to life then Roswell and the things that were around him. The day that his mother walk out it felt like apart of him had die. When he found out the truth of what his father and aliens friends were, he felt like he woke from a deep sleep. The last couple of week with Liz new power emerging, he became scare that something like this going to happen to him in less than a year. But he did keep something to himself that he has not told anyone yet the dreams that he was having not of his friends or dad, but of his mother. The dreams start out slow, unfamiliar but over time they became clearer as the time went on he felt they were real. The dreams were something of a science fiction novel. He dreams that he had powers at a young age and his mother had some kind of glow. As he push the though of his head, he though that it was just any bad dream, but he had this sudden feeling that he was going to see his mother again with painfully regret.
Driving in old, blue 1970’s convertible, Sara look around the desert of New Mexico. She remembers her brother and friends would come out here camping, hanging out at the Kenton’s Restaurant and the high school years. She picks up her coffee that had been sitting there for hours and took a sip. The taste was cold and bitter, holding the cup in her hand a warm red glow emit. She took another sip. Sara, “ Mmmm, much better.” For the past couple of years, she had lived under different alias while traveling to different countries; as she was trying to escape from the enemy. She knew that coming home was dangerous, but they all agree to come home. Just a few miles from Roswell, Sara Ann Valenti was heading home after 10 years.

After the third signal was received from Earth, the Antar queen was looking at the message that was relay to her children. She remembers the day that her planet was taken over and her children were killed. The bodies were account for and place in the royal tomb chamber near the palace. Queen walk into empty room – The Sanctuary, which held the granolith. Every day the conflicts between the five planets were intensifying to the point that a war broke out. The queen was made a prisoner in her castle and force to watch the misery. Krivar’s father Rach would come to her room and would gloat. Krivar was place on the throne.

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the character that I created through the story.
Chapter 2-Coming Home


Gyr held his tongue. Each from the five worlds argues. It end so badly that day, the four men left the table. Gyr watch the arguing and try to say some words. Nothing work. As Gyr always said there will always be another day.

As the others coming into throne room, Kendra and Jaren ran to their brother Rath. Kendra trying to contact her husband Larek. They walk toward the throne and looking to the king for the next move. Zan receive information from their enemy that a peace could be attained. Larek always warn Zan to slow done that progress takes time, but he knew that his plans would work. Larek, “Patience my friend. Patience.” Zan wish that he listened he had listen to Larek. Valindra and Kendra started to argue. Kendra,” What is going on Valindra?” Valindra was not sure what to say but felt that Krivar would come through for her. Valindra, “I trust Krivar. He will come through. I know he will.” Their argument became louder overtime and started to fight. Rath and Zan pull their sisters apart. Kendra,” Why did I help you?” Valindra stood their speechless. The truth came out that Kendra help Valindra visits with Krivar. Rath just look at his sister.
Brother and sister’s fighting was intensifying, Rath kept watch at the door. Zan,” I cannot believe that you went behind the back of your family. You know what you have done.” Now Zan knew where some of the problems were coming from and who was to blame. Valindra try to explain her side and felt. It fell on deaf ears. She looks over to Rath for support, but all she saw pain. Valindra, “I receive a message from Krivar that we can make a peaceful solution to the conflict. I know Krivar. He is a man of his word.” Zan look at Rath for an answer. Rath just stood there not sure what to say to his King.
Ava sat down on her throne and wait for her husband to make the next decisions for their escape. She is getting nervous. She heard explosion and thumbing noises near the doors. Ava was raised on the world of Ankara, but her family was original from Antar. She never ask why her family move. She was raised to be of serious mind, and follow order of life, never ask questions. She is a kind person. When she first visited Antar, she fell in love with this planet. It was her last visit that she met Zan. She was swimming near the lake when first notice two men coming her way. She notices a man walking behind his friend. Larek introduce himself and Zan. Larek lightly push his friend Zan toward her and he just smile. She realizes that Zan was a shy man. Larek swimming. She and Zan talk. Zan invited her to a party at the palace.
When Ava attend the party. She dance all night with Zan. During the party, the queen calls for everyone attention. She stood before her people and announces the future king and look at her son Zan. Everyone bow, she look up and saw Zan smiling at her. Queen place a crown on her son’s head and gave him a stick. He held up the stick and presents himself as king of Antar. Zan sat down on the throne. Zan watch his people dance and talk with him. Later that night, he instructed his servant to give Ava a note. In the note, he asks her to meet on the balcony in the drawing room. Ava walk through the door and bow her head to the king. Zan puts his hand on her chin and lift her head. He kisses her forehead. They talk. Before the night was over, Zan ask Ava for a kiss. That night they shared their first kiss. He courted her. She remembers their wedding, when she a heard explosion and doors suddenly open.
Rath turn around saw Rach and his army walk in. Rach sent a message from Krivar to Valindra that going to find away for peace. He set the trap and would never dream that all the royal children would be in one place. They fell for the trap. He raises his hand and slowly moves his hand down yell “Fire!!!” His army began to fire.
Ava ran across to husband and first to be killed. Dying in her husband arms, she smiles and her light was gone. Rath instructed the four guardians to protect. Each guard took their position and began to fire. Two guardians fell to their death immediately. Valindra and Jaren were next as they try to flee and the other. One guardian trying to protect Jaren was kill and fell against Jaren. Jaren push his sister out of the way caught the shot and die. Valindra ran toward Krivar but was shot and kill. Krivar try to run to her but his father held him. The other children were fleeing in different direction but shot and kill. Kendra holding her brother watch as his light disappear. Rath grab his sister and start to run with Zan. Left standing was Rath, Kendra and Zan trying to fight way out. They found away to escape, but other half of the army came through doorway. The three were encircle by the army. Rach came to the front of the crowd and ask for Zan surrender. Zan looking at his two friends knew what he had to say,” NO!!” Rach took his gun and shot Kendra as she try to make a move. She looks up at her brother forgiveness before he could say anything she died in his arms. Zan went after Rach and army shot the King dead. The last to stand was Rath as he stood before Rach and took out a gun, but never was able to get a shot was killed. He lay dying he saw Rach walking toward the throne and sitting down. He tries to move but he was getting cold. He knew that he was slipping way. His last thoughts were of his sister wedding and their last dance as his brother taps his shoulder for his turn.

The queen hearing the news of her children Zan and Valindra die in the fighting at the palace. She walks up to the guard Rax,”and the other children”. Rax, “All die fighting.” He held the queen as she wept.


Isabelle woke up the next morning she still felt a little pain from the gunshot wound from yesterday. Her temperature went down to 100°C and she was getting stronger. The morning looked very bright with the sunlight coming threw Kyle’s room. Isabelle moved slowly from the bed and open the door, she saw five men sleeping on the couch, armchair and the floor. She kisses Jesse on the forehead and moves over to Michael to straighten his blanket. Isabelle notices the mess around the living room and begins to remember small fragments of what happen the night before. She remember one of the most important people in the world that was now gone –Max.
The night before, she remembers that her and Michael were coming down the hallway toward the burning laboratory, where they were calling for Max and Valenti. Valenti came out of the lab with burns and coughing, Isabella asks where was Max. Jimmy told them that Max was dead. That he tried to reach out for Max, but his body went to ashes. She was about ready to go into the lab, when Jimmy grab her and drag her out of the building, as she kept repeating Max’s name. Then outside of the building, Old Man Wheeler and his wife were getting into the limousine, she order the men to shoot. Michael and Isabella held the bullet back, when Chemlab suddenly blew up and everyone ran for cover. The two men were running away, one of them shot one last bullet, which struck Isabella. She fell to the ground. She remembered hearing Jesse voice from the distance and burning sensation inside her body. She begins to cry.
When she felt a tap on her shoulder, Dr. Richards with smile ask, “What are you doing up without permission? She remember this man vaguely from the night before and smile back. The four men woke up and hugging Isabella. She felt some pain in her stomach and the doctor check her stomach. He was amazing by her recover, but did not ask any questions. Dr. Richards, “You will be in good shape very soon.” She thanks the doctor. Jesse help Isabella very slowly back to Kyle’s bed. She falls asleep through rest of the day.
In Vermont, Max, Liz and Maria standing in line to get the tickets, when they start to add up the money between the three of them. They realize that it would not be enough to get them home. Max went to each airline to see the seats that were open. There was only one plane that was heading to Roswell, New Mexico. He saw seats available on the over night flight. He bumps into one of the passenger that was about ready to board the plane. He left the girls by the men washroom door. He walks in and brought back three towels with him. Max took each of the towels and changes them into the tickets for the flight. They give the tickets to agent at the counter, and then board the plane. The stewardess shows the girls to the two seats by the window, and then Max seat right behind them. He could hear the girls’ giggle and then silence. Then he fell to sleep. During the night, Liz changes seats with the empty one behind her and slept in Max’s arms for the rest of the flight.
Later that night in the kitchen, Dr. Richards writing up a list for Jesse to follow in the next couple of days. Jesse walks in and went to the refrigerator to get something to eat. He sat down and Dr Richards gives him the list. Dr Richards,” How did you get involve with these people.” Jesse smile, “It is a very long story”. Richards, “You don’t belong here, these people are not honest. You are.” Jesse wanted to tell him more about what was going on, but knew that it could not be done. Jesse, “Richards, you do not know the whole story.” Dr Richards gave him the list and said that if he needs any more help questions just call. Jesse remember something from his honeymoon, when he was lock in the closet or when he saw her out side by the veranda. Jesse had many question about everything, but one thing could he trust her again.
A woman voice came on the speaker, Max slowly waking from a very deep dream holding Liz. The stewardess announce that there plane would be arriving at the Roswell International Airport, please buck your seat belts and get ready for the landing, Thank you again for riding Air Express. In the next row, Maria begins to wake up from a weird dream. She had a dream that after the fall from the room Liz said, “It as time to go home.” She was on her way home to Roswell and was holding something that was moving in her hands. Maria noticed the seat next to her was empty. She calls out for Liz, when Liz heard a voice from the next row. Liz gave a kiss on the Max’s cheek and move next to Maria. The plane was descending and stop at the ramp number three. Three friends leaving the plane and start there journey home to Roswell. Max just realize that his family and friends believe that he was now dead. How was he going to explain this one?
At the Crash Down Café, Michael is working in the kitchen cooking for the Saturday morning rush hour. The work was helping to cope with everything happen in the last two days. Around 10:30 am, Kyle, Jesse and Isabelle coming in for breakfast. They order. A little later Liz and Maria come walking into the café happy and giggling. Max went home to changes into his different clothes and walk through the door. The whole group gave each other a big hug.
Across the street, Sara was watching the group hug. She started to walk over to the group when a hand held into place. As she turn around, Danny was holding her telling that it was not time yet that there was still much work to do. Sara watches her son with the other group. Sara, “He must know about the them, the aliens. I want to see my son. It has been so long. Only time that I have seen him is when I dream walk.” Please Danny. Michael looks so happy and very much in love. Looking at Maria. The last time that we saw our brother was when were fighting for him against Nasado. She took a step told the café when Jimmy walking in. Danny and Sara astonish by what they saw at this man, he became apart of the group hug. They knew him years ago “Jimmy”, the man who hates aliens and now what they looking at. Sara,” Did you see that Danny?” Danny,” Yes!” They slowly walk away.

One year ago

Sleeping on the couch, Kyle woke up suddenly when he felt something on his arm. Jimmy lean over to his son and said Happy Birthday. Today was Kyle 17th birthday. Jimmy continue, “This accident did not happen today but yesterday remember that Kyle.” Jimmy walks away. Kyle lies on the couch and remember everything that happen the night before with Alex. Kyle,” I am 17th years old”. He realizes that Alex would never see his 18th or any other birthday after this day. He slowly got up and glances at the cup of water. He notices that the plastic cup was melted down to the coffee table. He though that Tess, anger about what happen with melted cup, but didn’t even give it a second thought.
The night before, Kyle fell asleep on the couch. He began to dream. He was on a desert island and the girls were feeding grapes and fanning with feathers. He was happy and alive. Suddenly the dream change, the sky was a darker blue with three moons and jelly like lake and instead of the girls there was his mother. Sometimes his mother would come into dreams fro no apparent reason.
This time the dream was different, Kyle started to look around at this world was something that he never saw before. But it felt familiar. His mother walks toward him and taking his hand. Sara,” Remember this place Kyle. You, Laura, Serena and I used to take walks here when you were younger.” Kyle looking around saying No! Sara,” You will remember in time who you really are Kyle, we had to protect you from your father and the others.” He began to walk toward a bright city with his mother. He saw buildings in geometry shapes that were not like anything the he ever saw before. In the distance, he saw a building that stood above other builds. Kyle, “What is that building over there?” Sara taking a look saying that is where the royal family lives, just right over there is where I used to live with my family. Kyle though that this was the strangest dreams. Kyle,” what family, you were born here on earth with Uncle Danny.” Sara look at her son,” You know the truth and over time you will remember everything.” Kyle, “Who is Laura?” Sara, “You’re sister.” As Kyle looks at the world, he taking in the fresh air and surrounding. He asks his mother what this planet was called. Sara,”Antar”. He remembered hearing those words before from Max and his father. Antar, that is the home from which my friends are from mom. He turns around to find that his mother disappears. He looks around for a moment to memorize this dream, suddenly awake.
In Australia, Sara woke up from her dream walk with her son Kyle. She hopes that everything that her son was going to experience would turn out all right. When she saw the enemy the skins around the hotel yesterday. She made arrangement to move to a safer location. Sara left the hotel room and to find a taxi. As she was leaving the hotel, the skins saw her leaving through the door. Sara began to run to the tour bus and sat in the back looking back at the enemy-skins. She decides to stay on the tour bus, until stop at the next site. She got off the bus. Instead of taking the regular route (airplane), she walks through a blue light. Sara walks out to the other side of the blue light at a street corner in London, England. Sara knew that she would be safe here for a while.


As the bodies were collect and place in the coffins, Rach took his son’s hands and walk him over to the throne. He places the crown on his head and gave him the stick. He realizes the significant of this moment and would never forget. In shock, Krivar remember everything that happen. Along with everyone else, the love of his life dead. Just sat on the throne. Just for a moment Rach stood and look around, his father almost took over but fail with his life. That day Rach vow to get even and succeed. A few moments later, the queen and Rax walk through the doors. Rach look at the queen and smile.
In the corner, a voice came through one of the communicator. Larek try to reach his wife. He heard the message left by her. Kendra,” We are under attack and not sure what going to happen. Jaren dead. Rath, Zan and I trying to escape from the palace. I love you Larek. Tell our daughter Serena that I lo……….” Message went silent. In the background, Larek heard gunfire and screaming.
He held the communicator and spoke. Rax went over to the pick up and gave it to the queen. She held the device for a moment and trying to speak. Rax took communicator and start to speak. Rax, “Hello”. With some relief Larek began to speak. Larek, “Who’s there?” Rax recognize the voice. Rax,” Hello Larek.” Larek over joy and ask about his wife Kendra. Larek,” Have you seen my wife.” Rax look over at the coffin and look at the communicator. Rax,” Yes.” Larek wondering why the wait. Larek,” Rax, Where is my wife? Where is everyone?” The queen took the device and began to speak. Queen,” They are all dead, Larek. All dead.” She wept. Larek look at his daughter across the room and wept in silence.