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Title: Tired of Reality
Rating: PG-13
Category: A&I but does include other CC couples
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Summary: This is basically a Roswell rewrite, with a twist.
Author's Note: My first fic for awhile. Input would be nice.



I tried to think of the days when thing were normal. When I didn’t have to lie to my friends everyday about what’s really going on in my life. When I didn’t have to avoid everyone I knew. But, I left normal awhile ago, and believe it or not, I like it here. What’s so great about normal anyways?

“Can you explain to me why we have to run the mile today? Maybe, instead, we can-“

“Play dodgeball? Come on, Whitman. Get over yourself!” Evan and his friends laughed at Alex, causing others to do the same. But, he ignored them. Alex never understood popular people anyways. Wow, just because you’re the quarterback of the football team, you can get all the attention? Actually, Alex didn’t mind that part too much. But what did tick Alex off was that it wasn’t enough for people like Evan to be popular. But that fact that they have to make fun of people just really pissed him off.

“Idiots,” Alex mumbled to himself.

“What did you say?” Coach Mayer glared at him, with those dark, intimidating eyes. They always gave Alex the wiggins, but something always calmed him down: his face. From the first time he saw him, Mr. Mayer always reminded him of a pig. He could never remember why though…

“WHITMAN!” he yelled, but snorted at the same time.

Ahh. There you go. Whenever Mr. Mayer got mad, he would snort, exactly like a pig.

“Coach,” Evan announced to him. “He called you an idiot.”

Evan had just crossed the line. He can make fun of me all he wants, but Mr. Mayer is snorting like crazy. I would get a detention for sure.

“Coach Mayer, look, I said ‘idiots.’ S! That would mean that it’s plural. And you’re not plural. Well, you are twice the size of me. So you can be plural. But you’re not!”

Coach Mayer threw Alex a detention slip in frustration, and pushed Alex out of his office, slamming the door closed. I probably just confused him, Alex thought, as he walked onto the track.

Changing had taken Alex forever. He had been trying to catch his breathe from running the mile. Well, more like miles. Evan had gotten him in more trouble with the coach, and Alex had to run two or three miles.

“Still changing, Whitman?” Evan and his groupies said in unison. “Maybe I can help you speed that up a bit.” He slammed Alex’s locker closed, and ran away laughing like a bunch of immature five year olds. And as Alex thought about it, that’s exactly what they were.

But as Alex tried to get his locker open again, he had a hard time doing so. His mind was blanking out, and he just couldn’t remember his locker combination. He kicked his feet against his locker, and soon after, he started screaming in pain.

“Anyone in there?” a familiar voice spread throughout the locker room.

”Uhh, who is it?”

He had heard someone walk inside the locker room, and quickly ran around, looking for something to cover his body up. But as he was running around the locker room, he bumped into someone he didn’t expect to see.

Isabel Evans.


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I have decided to continue writing this fic. Chapter One is coming soon. I might get some time to work on it at school, but if not, I will definitely work on it when I get home tomorrow.
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Thanks to whoever voted for me.
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Wow, thanks for the wonderful response. I finished a lot of Crash, so maybe Wednesday *happy*
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“Yeah, Michael. I’ll get your stuff. Just…I’ll meet you at the Crash, okay?”

“Thanks, Iz. Locker 102, okay?”

I nodded at him as he walked out of the halls of West Roswell High into the Jeep with Maxwell.

“Looking good, Isabel!” Evan and his friends called over to me. He crept over towards me as his lackeys cheered him on. All I did was roll my eyes, making sure he could tell I was annoyed.

“Aww, don’t be shy.” He wrapped his arms around my waist.

”Who said I was shy?” I ran my fingers up his arm, leaning in closer to him. He licked his lips, while staring at mine. “Now…why don’t you tell your little sidekicks-“

“We are not sidekicks!” One of them yelled over.

I coughed, clearing my throat. “As I was saying, tell them to go, and maybe we’ll get a little time alone?”

“Go! Go! Come on, you heard the girl. Just leave.” The Evan-nettes left at command, as I smiled seductively at Evan.

I pushed him against the door of the eraser room, as the impact of his body pushed it open.

“Mm-hmm. Me and you in the eraser room? Sounds good.” His hands slid up my blouse.

“Correction. Take the me part out of the sentence.” I pushed him further in the room, and closed it tight.

I waved my hand over the knob, welding it together. “Have fun…alone,” I muttered. “Guys.”

I walked down the hall, and opened the door to the boys’ locker room, peaking in. “Anyone in here?”

“Umm, who is it?”

As surprised as I was that someone was still there after school, I slipped through the door, covering my eyes with my hand.

Since I heard some noise, I peaked through the open slit between my fingers, and saw Alex Whitman, half naked. I quickly closed my eyes once again.


“Y-Yeah! Hold on!” He quickly got his locker open. “Wow, it finally worked.”

“Alex… can you hurry?”

”Oh, yeah. Sorry.” He threw on his boxers in a hurry. “You can open your eyes now.”

My hands slid into the pockets of my jeans, but when I saw him, I was surprised to see how well built Alex was.

Alex had obviously caught me staring, and was turning red. A bead of sweat rolled down his cheek. “Am I making you feel-“

“Uncomfortable? Not really. Just ignore me here. I’m just…getting something for Michael.” I walked around, looking for locker 102.

Why did I just lie to him? I was uncomfortable, in a good way. And why was I staring? He probably thinks I’m some slut now.

“It’s right across from mine,” Alex told me, pointing towards it.

“How’d you know where his locker was?”

“I just guessed. I mean, that is the one that’s never used.”

I smiled, noticing how Alex paid attention to every little detail. How he had thought about everyone, and not just about himself. Two qualities every girl looks for in a guy, but can never find. Except for Alex.

I looked at the locker, and suddenly realized I had no idea what his locker combination was. I gulped, and turned around to Alex. My smile had turned into a nervous glare.

He was already dressed, and had met my stare with a smile. I kept looking at him, wondering what I should do. And a thought came to my mind. I could use my powers.

Alex’s smile had remained, but I could tell the awkwardness was getting to him. So I decided to take a risk.

“So where are you going after this?” I asked, hoping that if I kept him busy by talking to him, he wouldn’t notice me messing with the lock.

“Well, Maria and Liz just told me to meet them at the Crashdown. I’m just so popular with the girls, you know. Anyways, what about you?” I had just finished getting the locker open, quickly pulling it open. “Same. Meeting Michael and Max there.”

My hand reached inside the locker, but found nothing. “What the…”’

“He hasn’t used his locker since…well, never. I had thought it would be empty.”

“I’m not surprised. I guess… I’ll just go. See you there.” I gave Alex a smile, hiding how annoyed I was at Michael. But, I was happy it was Alex there. If it wasn’t, I would’ve killed Michael by now.

I walked out of the locker room, not noticing how Alex had been staring at the locker, and it’s silver-ish glow.

”Hey,” he said as he caught up to me, with a weird look on his face. “Since we’re going to the same place, why not go together?”

”As friends?”

”As friends,” he said to me reassuringly. “Plus, we’re just going to be walking. Nothing more.”

I nodded at him.

“Does it always have that…stench?”

”The one that smells like a mix of sweat, rotten eggs, and dirty socks? Yeah, it does. It’s one of the miracles of hormones. You sound oddly surprised.”

I chuckled. That was another specialty of Alex. His twisted sense of humor.

As we walked past the eraser room, we heard a muffled scream and a loud tapping. Alex stared at it oddly.

”Did you just hear that?”

“Hear what? It was nothing.” I walked faster, hoping he would follow my lead.

”Never mind. Guess I’m hearing things. Doctors have told me I was crazy before, you know that?”

“Really?” I laughed a little. “Well, they must’ve been lying.”

“Why do you say that? Is there some reason I should believe you,” Alex said with a hint of sarcasm, “rather than a professional doctor I had to pay big bucks to see?”

“Well, I don’t talk to crazy people.” I winked at him.

And just then, Alex asked me an unexpected question, even though he never got the chance to finish it.

”Why are you talking to me, anyways?” he smirked.

I looked at him, confused why he asked that. “What do you mean?”

”Well, look. You’re popular. You’re likable. Guys drool over you, and girls want to be you. And you’re beautiful. So why are you hanging with a guy like me?”

We had kept walking. Well, Alex did anyways. But after he had said those words, I had stood there, stunned. No one ever called me beautiful. And then, I saw a flash of light at the corner of my eye, but I ignored it. “What did you say?”

“I said, you’re beau- Isabel!” I felt his hands brush on mine, as I was pushed down to the ground.

Right then, I had no idea what was going on. Had Alex pushed me for the heck of it? I shook my head, but soon, I heard the roaring of a car engine zoom past us. Getting up slowly, I asked Alex if he was alright. But, I didn’t get a response. And then, I saw him, on the ground, blood all over him. “No. No! Alex!” And then, I had to make the toughest decision of my life. Ever.


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Guys, don't worry. Chapter Two will come soon. I don't think you're suppose to just 'bump.' You're not supposed to at other message boards. So just calm down, and I'll make sure you all hear of it when I post it ;)
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I'm going to write more soon tonight. Expect chapter two within the next two or three days.
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Chapter Two

Blood. There’s so much blood, Isabel thought, staring down at the body. No one had saw Alex get hit. The driver just sped off into the distance, so he didn’t see anything either. Isabel looked around, while her hand still laid on Alex’s stomach.

But during all this time, Isabel still hasn’t had the guts to look in Alex’s eyes. She didn’t know why, but, Isabel assumed it was guilt. Hearing another sound, she grabbed Alex, and ran for the alley by the Crashdown Café. Taking a peak at who it had been, Isabel saw it was just Liz.

”We can’t risk letting anyone know. We have to promise that we’ll never tell anyone about us.”

The words ran through Isabel’s head. It had been the pact between the three of them. Michael, Max, and her, but why had she been thinking about it now?

Heal him.

Taking a look at Alex, she could see his life being drained from him. And then, she saw them. Alex’s radiant, green eyes. The ones that had made her smile everytime. And then, Isabel realized, she couldn’t risk losing him.

Her hands rested on the wound, as she connected with Alex. Isabel had done it once before, and that wasn’t hard. Usually though, dream walking isn’t hard. Healing is, for her anyways. But then, she began to see flashes of Alex. It was working.


Alex walked down the steps quietly, moving closer to the Christmas tree. But, the thing he was looking for was under it. Alex had hoped his mom finally picked up his hints, and had gotten him a Game Boy. But, Alex groaned as he saw nothing that looked small enough to be a Game Boy. However, one thing that was for Alex had lied in front of him. Alex just stared at it, like it was some monster from outer space. It was shaped weird, but it was so big. That was a plus.

Alex grabbed out the Swiss Army knife that he ‘borrowed’ from his dad awhile ago, and cut open the wrapping, making sure his fingerprint didn’t get on the surface. He had learned that from watching all those spy movies.

Alex felt his heart beating faster. Big things were always good. But, his excitement fell immediately as he saw this brown thing in front of him.

“A guitar?! Parents are so dumb.”

Plus, it was too big for him. As he picked it up, a yawn came over him, as he felt his eyes get heavy. Taking a seat on the couch, he slowly closed his eyes, until he fell into deep sleep.

The Next Morning

“Aww, look! He loves it!”

Alex’s eyes opened slowly, but he quickly closed it again due to the light. “Merry Christmas, son! I see you’ve already gotten your present, eh? You just couldn’t wait to start playing it, I bet.”

”Yeah, dad. You know I just love this guitar! It’s way better, than let’s say, a Game Boy!” Normally, Alex knew his dad would’ve been really mad if he had opened his presents before everyone else, but today, was an exception.

“Well of course. That guitar has been passed down since the days of your great grandfather!”

”I never see you play it,” Alex mumbled.

“The music genes skipped a generation. But I know you’ll make good use of this guitar.” Mr. Whitman told Alex with a proud smile.

“Yeah, thanks dad. Merry Christmas,” Alex grabbed the guitar, and walked towards the stairs. “Your presents are under the tree.”

Alex stormed into his room, placing the guitar on the floor. He wanted to slam it, but he had better things to do. Climbing onto his bed, he reached under his bed for a magazine. And not just any magazine. It was the Toys ‘R Us Christmas catalogue, with the good old Game Boy on the front page. And all Alex did was stare at it, knowing that there was nothing better than owning a Game Boy. Not even girls.


“Dad, what’s going on? We never have family meetings- ever. Is something wrong?”

”Alexander….” Mrs. Whitman said sincerely.

“Alex would be fine, mom. Thanks.”

”Alex, we know you’re kind of shy, but that shouldn’t stop you from living your dreams. I mean, me and your dad, we never hear you say anything about your friends other than Liz and Maria.”

“Is there something wrong with them?” Alex asked them, sensing he was in some kind of trouble. He always was when they had a family meeting.

”Well, Alex. We just think that you should, you know, make some guy friends.”

“How am I suppose to do that?” Alex striked back at his mom.

“It’s simple. Try out for sports.” Mr. Whitman said sternly.

“Hey! If there was a dodgeball team-“

”This has nothing to do with dodgeball, honey,” Mrs. Whitman told Alex, noticing his severe change in tone.

“What I am trying to say is…” Mr. Whitman’s voice faded, as Alex took over.

”What?! You’re worried I’m spending that if I spend too much time with girls that I’ll be too feminine? That I’ll turn gay? Is that it?!”

“Don’t you yell at me, Alexander Whitman!”

”Just tell them what you want to say, dear,” Alex’s mom told her outraged husband, trying to calm him down.

“We want you to get new friends, Alex. Spend less time with Liz and Amelia.”

”Dad, her name is Maria, and guess what? You don’t control my life. Only I can do that!”

”This has nothing to do with you. Nothing!”

Alex stared at his dad, and stormed into his room. He threw himself onto his bed, picking up his guitar. But a smile spread across his face as thoughts of Isabel came across his mind.

And then, the connection was stopped.

Alex had pulled apart from Isabel, which was a good sign. He was alive. Isabel was successful, but she had ran away before she had saw anything.


Woah. I got up slowly. A massive headache was running through my head. Pain. So much pain!

As I finally got enough balance to walk, I started to wonder what I was doing in an alley. The last thing I remembered was walking with Isabel Evans to the Crashdown. Where was she, anyways?

I walked into the Café, still a little wobbly. The usually soft Twilight Zone theme that rang whenever someone walked in sounded like a foghorn siren right now.

”Ok, either I’m having a hangover, or I got hit by a car.”

Isabel looked straight up at me, but as I walked over, she gave an odd look at Max and Michael, as they got up and walked away quickly. What was that about?

“Intimidation doesn’t work these days, Alex,” Maria said teasingly. She had come by to pick up the tip, but had found nothing.

”All that extra work, gone to waste. I was being so nice to them too.”

“Ria, the whole point of being a waitress is to be nice. All the time too.”

”Yeah, yeah. But now I don’t have enough money to buy a better costume for the Crash Festival. Anyways, what were you saying?”

”Nothing. There’s just a huge war going on in my head. One side is saying ‘Let’s kill Alex with a headache!’ and the other is saying ‘No! Let’s torture him first, and then kill him. It’s very blah.”

Liz finally walked over, and grabbed a towel, as she started wiping down the table.

”So what’s up. Anything new?” Liz asked with a warm smile.

“Not really. Alex is just telling me the interesting and exciting story of his headache,” Maria told Liz in a sarcastic tone.

“Want me to get Courtney to cover for you?” Liz asked her.

”Ugh. Courtney. That girl has been flirting with Michael Guerin every single day. Does she not realize he thinks she’s a slut!”

“Maria, since when did you care about who flirts with Michael?” I asked, wondering if there was something going on between the two.

“Alex, you know very well that I hate him, with a fiery passion.”

She stared at me, making sure I got her point.

”Yeah, yeah. Now Liz, can you do be a big favor?”


”Make me a chocolate shake. No whip cream. Extra cherry, or two.”

“Hmm, a chocolate shake. Sounds very hard to make though.”

”I know, but, I hope you are up to it, because I am willing to pay you for it.”

”You better. I’ll get fired if I start handing out free shakes.” Liz walked back into the kitchen, getting ready to make my drink.

”So what are you wearing for the Crash Festival?”

”I was going to go as that dog from MIB, but with this headache, I think I’m going to stay home.”

”Stay home?! On the night of the Crash Festival! Say it ain’t so, Alex.” Maria complained.

”Uhh, don’t you think you are exaggerating?” I pointed out.

”Yeah, just a little. But still. Go, for me?”

”Plus,” Liz added, while handing me my drink, “I went on the endeavor of making you a chocolate shake. Just go. Invite Isabel or something.”

When Liz mentioned Isabel, my eye’s sprung open. Images of her popped through my head. When Isabel looked at me, she looked guilty. Worried. Something was up.

“I’m going to go. If you want, we can watch a movie later tonight or something. Bye!”

”Alex, what’s wrong?” Liz asked me.

”Nothing. I just..need to rest. You know, evil headache. Bye, guys.”

Maria tried to stop me from leaving, but I got out before she reached me.

Why was Isabel staring at me like that?

I hadn’t remembered anything after reaching the Crashdown, and the next thing I know, I’m in an alley. This wasn’t right.

”Kid, get out of my way!”

”Oh, I’m blocking you, aren’t I?” I said to the man driving the BMW. I was standing in the middle of the street. The guy just kept honking the horn.

As I walked across the street, however, I kept making up scenerios of what might be wrong. Maybe I was just imagining things. I didn’t spend the afternoon with her after all. But that still doesn’t explain why I was in an alley.

And then, I reached the Evan’s residence. I rang the doorbell, but no one had answered. And then, my curiousity got the best of me. I twisted the doorknob, and walked in, surprised it wasn’t locked. I saw Max and Michael watching TV, but Isabel was no where in sight. “Hey, is Isabel home?”

”Usually people ring the doorbell,” Michael said, his eyes still focusing on the football game that was on.

”I did…”

”She’s upstairs. First room to your right,” Max told me. I nodded at both of them, and headed for her room. But when I got there, it was locked. “Isabel?”

I didn’t get an answer. I get twisting the knob until I finally heard a click. It opened up, When I walked in, I saw Isabel sleeping, holding our year book in her hand.

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I am so, so, so sorry for not updating. But I promise you! I won't give up on this fic.
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I'll try to finish Chapter 3 soon. Sorry for lack of updates, everyone.

And yes, I've been meaning to ask a question for you guys: Am I bad at writing?

Personally, I like my story ideas, but I think I suck at writing. Any thoughts?

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*cough*I forsee tension between A&I in Ch. 3. For a few minutos anyways.*cough*

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You'll see. By the way, would you guys mind if this one is a little shorter? I want to post it so I don't leave you guys hanging.
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I'll post soon. Sorry for the long wait!
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Typing it up right now. :D
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Part 3

”Okay, either I’m having a hangover, or I got hit by a car.”

No, don’t say that. My head shot up at Alex, as I stared up at him. No one could ever know what I did. Not Max, not Michael. Not even Alex.

I glanced over at Max and Michael, and then I got up immediately and walked out of the café.

“This can’t happen. Not now.” I walked down the street as fast as I could, trying not to look too suspicious.

“Iz, wait up.” Michael caught up with me, blocking my way.

“Michael, please. I don’t need this right now.”

“Need what?” Max asked me, as if I was some sort of criminal.

“He’s right Isabel. Something’s wrong. Is that Alex kid freaking you out or something?” Michael asked me.

“Oh, yeah. I’m intimidated by a guy. Come on, Michael. Just get out of the way.”

And that’s what he did. I kept walking, smiling to myself. Michael always treated me better than Max. Max, well, he was just Max.

“Michael,” Max told him. “She actually listens to you. Go ask her what’s wrong.” Max commanded Michael.

“Maxwell, I heard you.” I yelled to him.

“Yeah, well, Isabel. If you just tell us what’s wrong, maybe we can help.”

”No one can help, Max. No one.” I stopped right as we reached our lawn.

“Stop being the ice princess. Not with us,” Michael pleaded loudly. “We know the real you. Now please, just tell us what’s wrong.”

“I can’t, Michael. This is how I handle my stress. If you can’t deal…” Then, Michael walked up to me, putting his hand around me.

“It’s ok,” he whispered in my ear. “You don’t have to tell us what’s wrong. We care ‘bout you though. Sure, Max yells. But he cares more about you than anyone I know. Get that in your head.”

I nodded, and broke apart from him. I then turned back to Max and gave him a smile before I went back into my room. No matter what, Max was my brother.

Locking my door behind me, I grabbed our school yearbook from my desk, and flipped through the pages. Tori Johnston. Class A b*tch. She’s probably just dreaming about some guy.

Kyle Valenti. Football star. Dating Liz Parker. This could be interesting. I rubbed my finger of his picture, as I drifted of into a dream.

Kyle sat at the couch, staring at the TV screen. But, it wasn’t just TV. For one thing, it was scrambled.


His fingers ran for the off switch. He couldn’t be caught doing this.

“Who is it?” he groaned, annoyed that someone had bothered him while he was trying to watch porn.

He walked to the door, but felt somewhat better as he saw that it was a girl. And not just any girl. It was Isabel Evans.

“Hello, hooters,” Kyle blurted out. “I mean, hi Isabel.”

“Good to see you too.” Isabel pushed Kyle out of the way. “So why are you dreaming about me, Kyle?”

“Well, it is my mission to dream about ever girl in the school. Don’t you know?” Isabel could not tell if he was being sarcastic or not.

“And I’m guessing you’ve already dreamt about Liz?” Isabel said to Kyle with a smirk.

“Ha. Now won’t you like to know what I do in those dreams.” Kyle moved towards Isabel, his hands just about to touch hers. However, Isabel stopped him. A force of energy shot out of her hands, and sent him to the wall.

Isabel smiled proudly and walked over to the couch.

“Oh yeah. Just invite yourself in and sit on my warm, fuzzy couch.” Kyle said sarcastically, rubbing his head.

“Not fuzzy. Just warm. And seeing scrambled porn on TV is really making me regret this.”

Kyle stood in front of the television screen, his face turning red. “You know what? If you’re not going to help-“

“Oh, I’ll help.” Isabel signaled Kyle to come over, and he did so, like a sick little puppy.

She set her hands on the remote and set it into Kyle’s palm.

She wrapped her hand around his, making little circles with her finger. A smirk spread across Kyle’s face. “If you want me to kiss you, just ask.”

“You know when I slammed you against the wall?”

Kyle nodded nervously.

“Well, I can do it again. Easily. Now shut up and let me do my thing.” Isabel replied to Kyle.

“Your thing?”

“Yes. My thing.” Isabel tapped Kyle’s hand lightly, and suddenly, the TV unscrambled itself. Kyle ran up to the screen, not believing what just happened.

“How did you- You unscrambled my porn!”

“Yeah. Your welcome.” Isabel watched Kyle, as if she was waiting for something.

“Oh, uh, thanks.” His eyes were locked on the screen once again.

“Now is there something you can do to… keep my dad away?”


She looked around, wondering where the familiar voice had some from.

“Did you-“

“Shh. It’s getting good. Don’t ever interrupt a man while-“

Isabel felt something, no, someone brush her hair. “What’s going on?” She stared at her surroundings, and then focused in on the door. “Yeah, leave. Just… get my dad away, ok?”

”For a guy drooling over naked women, you’re pretty attentive.”

Kyle looked over at Isabel, but still managed to keep one eye on the screen.

“I’ll look the door on my way out.” Isabel picked up her stuff, as Kyle’s house began to fade away. He soon disappeared, and the next thing she knew, Alex appeared in front of her, sitting on her bed.

“”Ok, normally, I don’t expect some random guy being the first thing I see when I get up.” She moved off the bed.

“Yeah, sorry about that. Sorry.” Alex smiled nervously, and stuffed his hands into his pocket.

So it was him that was brushing my hair.

“So what’s up? Must’ve been pretty important for you to break into my room. Spill, Alex.”

“Well…” Alex tried to think of the right words to say. “You seemed kinda out of it back at the Crash. Is everything-“

”Okay?” Isabel finished for him. “Yes, it’s fine. Thanks.”

“Well, being surrounded by two teenage girls drooling over Leonardo DiCaprio all day, I pick up a few skills. One of the is the ability to sense a lie. They call me… the Whit-man.”

“Whit-man. Nice name.”

“Yes,” Alex agreed. “Batman is very envious of my amazing skills. And Superman too. Now tell me what you’re all blahed out about.”

“Nothing is ‘blahing’ me out, Alex. It’s just… I’m worried about what I’m going to wear to the Crash Festival.” As she said that, Isabel felt guilt flow through her, but she didn’t show it.

“Well, you know. I have a costume you can borrow. Ever seen Men in Black?” Alex cocked an eyebrow.

“I’m not going as an alien hunter, Alex. No matter what.”

“Isabel, I’m not going to make you go as a guy in a black suit with wacked out sun glasses. I was actually talking about the dog.”

“Do you really think I would look good as a small, hairless dog with short legs. Because if you do…” Isabel laughed softly. “If you want to see what I have in mind, I’ll go change into it.” She stood up, and walked towards the bathroom.

“Even though I highly doubt it’ll look better than my dog costume, let’s see it.” Alex chuckled, and watched Isabel go change.

He stood up, looking around the room. Everything looked different though, for a highschool cheerleader anyways. First of all, no Nsync posters. No pictures of jocks from school. Not that he was complaining, but one thing did strike out at him. The yearbook thing.

Alex sat down on the bed again, and snatched the yearbook from the floor. It was opened to the page with Kyle Valenti.

“Jocks, jocks, jocks. Every girl wants them, every guy wants to be them. Except-“

“You? The wonderful Alexander Charles Whitman who is surprisingly good at the guitar?”

Alex’s head shot towards Isabel, and dropped the yearbook back on the floor. “How’d you know that?” Alex said, surprised.

“If you can spy on my, why can’t I? So my costume. Tell me it’s better than the dog.”

“Nice…cones.” Alex smiled nervously, trying to restrain himself from drooling. But how could he not? There she was, head cheerleader of West Roswell High. In a leather, skintight outfit with these…amazing cones. Her hair was wet, which made her even sexier.

Isabel smiled at Alex’s comment. “Too bad you don’t have have your costume with you. I’d like to see it. Plus, if you did, maybe we could go together.”

posted on 9-Dec-2002 11:12:41 PM
Can't forget the cones.
posted on 10-Dec-2002 7:07:15 PM
You'll have to see.

posted on 11-Dec-2002 10:44:07 PM
Am writing :D
posted on 14-Dec-2002 11:47:46 PM
Didn't get time to write this weekend :(
posted on 15-Dec-2002 8:53:39 PM
Hey, everyone.

I won't be writing for awhile, because I want to finish my website. But, when I get time again, I'll be back.

posted on 2-Jan-2003 3:49:38 AM
Man, I haven't written in awhile. But I will. I doubt anyone will care, but it'll be up at my site.

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