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Hey guys!I've decided to try to write a fanfic about Izzy and Alex.Don't worry!It includes everyone else too!This is my first time writing a fanfic since here,I either read the fics or roleplay,so go easy on me!

Title:Time of Your Life
Disclaimer:I don't own any of these characters...I wish I owned Alex though!
Description:This takes place after the last episode of the third season.Isabel misses Alex and when she is offered a chance to go back in time to be with Alex,she jumps at it.But after living the future,how will her life change?

Isabel sat her bed,looking up at the cracks on the ceiling.Over the last few months,her life had begun a nightmare.They had driven for weeks in the stuffy old van,stopping at broken down motels with broken beds and ripped blankets.Then they had stopped in Kerrington,Kansas and bought a small broken down shack.Max had fixed it up nicely,not by hand,but it looked good.Good enough.She missed Roswell.She missed her parents.She missed Alex.And then at night when she cried about her losses,she tried to convince herself that she missed Jesse.She thought she loved him.She had loved him,but something had disapeared.The love they shared hadn't been real love yet she had married him.She had shared real love with only one person.Alex Whitman.She had loved him more then anything.He had showed her how to be happy.How to trust and love.He had changed her.On nights like this one,she would replay the memories in her mind.Over and over again until she was too tired to keep her eyes open.But as much as she cried,she knew he would never come back.He was dead.Gone forever.Sometimes Isabel wondered what would've happened if she had known about Tess and protected Alex.Would she and Alex have been together?Would they have married like Max and Liz? Would they have had children and grown old together? Her heart told her that all of that would've happened and that was why she was so sad.Sometimes,she would picture her wedding to Alex.The vows.The music.Their first kiss as a married couple.She would be Mrs.Isabel Whitman and she would be happy.Happier then this.Suddenly,she heard a knock on the door.

"Iz...are you okay?"she heard a voice yell.

Kyle.He had tried to be there for her.Max and Liz and Micheal and Maria had all been involved with each other.Kyle had tried to be there for her,but he had problems too.She knew that he missed his dad and his life.She knew he had loved Tess and that when she had betrayed all of them,it had hurt him the most.

Isabel wiped her tears away and yelled back,"Yeah,Kyle,I'm fine! Just about to go to sleep."

"Okay...good night!"

Isabel fluffed her pillows and layed down on them.She closed her eyes and tried to go to sleep.'I wish I were with Alex.I wish I could go back and save him.I wish that I could save his life'she wished to herself.She closed her eyes in sadness and drifted off into a peaceful sleep.
I want to continue this....maybe I'll post the next part tomorrow.It'll have everyone in it..I promise!

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You guys are way too nice!Thanks for reading!The next part will be up tonight!Thanks again!
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Next part is up!

Part 2
Beep Beep...Beep Beep...Beep Beep

Isabel tossed in her bed.The sound of the alarm clock blared in her ears.It was the most annoying sound that she had heard in a long time.

"Stupid alarm clock..,"she muttered as she reached her hand towards her bedside table.Suddenly,she shot up in bed.She didn't have an alarm clock.Max had said that the one she had bought was too loud so she had returned it.Isabel slowly opened her eyes and looked around.She was in her old room.Her room in her parents' house.Her room in Roswell,New Mexico.

*It can't be*

Isabel decided to dismiss the idea that she was actully back in Roswell.It was impossible.She was probably just dreaming again like she always was.She layed her head back down on her purple fluffy pillows and started to drift off into a deep sleep.

"Isabel!Get up!You're gonna be late for school!"

A voice lured her out of bed.It was her mother's.It had to be a dream,but the voice sounded so real.Isabel wanted the voice to be real.She had missed her mother so much and she hadn't gotten any time to spend with her after her mom had found out the truth.The truth about who she really was.

"Iz...let's get moving!"

It couldn't be a dream.It felt too real.A tear dropped on her cheek,but she wiped it away before he could hit her chin.She opened her closet quickly and pulled out a pair of leather pants and a cute t shirt.Her favorite outfit.She walked slowly out of her room,just hoping,that if all of it was a dream,she wouldn't wake up before she got to see her parents.

"There you are!I thought I was gonna have to pull you out of bed,"her mother said to her as she offered her a glass of orange juice.

Isabel smiled.","he said.She ran to her and hugged her,instantly starting to cry.

Her father sat at the table in confusion."What's wrong with her?"he whispered to her mother.

Isabel could hear him,but she chose not to let go of her mother.

"I think it's one of those...mood swings.You know how teenagers get sometimes,"she heard her mother respond.Isabel wiped away her tears and sat down next to her father.

"I'm fine..,"she assured him.

That was her dad.Always worrying.She had missed them so much.She had missed their jokes and laughter and how they always worried about her.She wished she wasn't dreaming them up.Her eyes scanned the room until they fell on a calender.Roswell's Nature Society.Her mother had picked it up one day while the Nature Society was protesting.But that wasn't the thing that caught her eye.It was more like the date.October 11th,2000.Isabel knew he couldn't have been a dream.Her dreams were never that detailed.Never.Most nights,she would dream just of hugging her parents or kissing Alex or sitting with someone.It all seemed too real to be a dream.

"We better get going,"she heard someone say.

Isabel spun around to see her brother.Max.He didn't look as happy as he had when she had last seen him.He looked sad,heartbroken.That's when she remembered what had happened in the summer of 2000.It had been "destiny".Their mother had appeared and told them of a destiny where Micheal and Isabel were to be married and Max and Tess had been together.Liz had been there,if she remembered right.Liz had run off when she had heard the destiny.Micheal had stopped Max from following her.It made sense.But could she have been back in 2000?Was she really back with her friends 3 years ago.Before Alex had died,and Tess had turned into Ms.Villian,and she had graduated?Had she somehow traveled back 3 years?

"Yeah...Max is right.Bye,"Isabel heard herself say.If her theory was true,then she had to act like nothing had happened.She had seen all those movies.Max had made her watch the Back to the Future trilogy over a zillion times when they had been kids.If she mentioned anything then the effects of it wcould be endless.Isabel laughed to herself.Max's favorite quote from Back to the Future.

Isabel followed Max outside to the jeep.Their good old jeep.She had missed it too.Bob.Micheal had given it its name.He had said that it looked like a Bob and the name had stuck.Max got in the drivers seat and Isabel got in next to him as he sped off.

"Are you okay?"she asked.He seemed so quiet and sad.If only she could tell him that he and Liz would end up marrying in two years.

"I'm fine...just alittle tired.That's all,"he responded,not taking his eyes off the road.Isabel nodded,but still felt the need to say something.They made their way,shortly,to Roswell High.The place she had been happy to leave.It looked the same.Exactly like it had been.Max stopped the car and opened his door to get out.Isabel stopped him.

"Don't give up on her,Max..,"she said,trying to be a nice sister.She remembered how she had been before being with Alex.She had been Roswell High's most popular Ice Queen.Boys had loved her.She had hated everyone who wasn't in her popular group of friends or an alien.God...she had been a real bitch.She saw Max smile alittle at her.She felt bad that her words couldn't help him at all.

As she walked along the hallsof her old high school,she scouted the hallways for signs of people she actully had liked.She saw Amy Pastor,the first girl she had made cry.Derek North,her date to the Roswell Middle School Fall Ball.Then she saw her locker.She stopped by it and looked over the old rusty locker for a minute.She could feel a smile come over her face.Wow,she was getting alittle too sentimental.Or maybe crazy? An old locker she barely used while living out her years at Roswell High,made her feel happy.She reached out to her lock to open it when suddenly,a problem hit her.She didn't remember her locker combination.She looked around the halls and then quickly used her powers to open the lock.She felt Max's eyes on her and as soon as she closed the locker,she looked up at him.

"What?I was lazy...,"she remarked.

She saw Micheal heading down the hall towards them with Maria.She was yelling at always.Some things never changed.

"Hey...Iz..Max..,"Micheal said in his usaul 'Get me out of this place I like ot refer to as hell' voice.Maria smiled at them.Her face lit up.

But then she saw someone behind them.Her heart stopped.Alex.Seeing his face made her feel like crying.Alex.She had been so lost without him.She had felt so terrible.He had been killed because of his involvment with "them".He approached them quickly.

"Alex!"she shouted to him.Her face was glowing.

"Hey...guys...Iz...,"he said to them as he reached in to give her a kiss.That's right.They were still together.She had showed some interest in Grant,but they were still together.Isabel turned his light kiss into one of the best kisses of her life.It was from him.Alex Whitman.The man she loved.

"Wow...what was that for?"he said with a smile.She laughed at him,not being able to tear the smile off her face.

"Can't a girlfriend want to passionatly kiss her boyfriend or is that against the "dating laws"?"she said with a smirk.

"Hey!I don't have a problem with that!"

And then Isabel's smile dropped suddenly.There was only one person who could do that to her.Tess.She bounced along towards them,her blond ringlets bouncing.She looked so innocent,but she wasn't.She looked around at everyone else.They would believe every word she said.Trust her like she had been there forever.They wouldn't know the truth until it was too late.

"Hey guys!"she chirped,her voice perky and upbeat.

Isabel looked into her eyes for a second and she knew there was one thing she had to do.She couldn't relive the same tragedy twice.She had to stop Tess before it was too late.
Hey..guys!Tell me if you like this part.Sorry about the constant "Is this a dream or not?" stuff in the beginning,but I felt it was needed.Oh and by the way,I decided that Micheal and Maria weren't really on a "break" between season one and two.It just makes it easier.Next part will be up soon and it will include Liz...I promise!!
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I'm glad you guys liked it!Next part will probably be out tomorrow night!Thanks for reading!
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Next Part is up!I'm having writer's block so it probably sucks!It's alittle short too!I've written the next part though and it is really cool so it should be posted tomorrow and alot better.Also,this isn't the last you've seen of Grant so I'll do something bigger(Isabel telling him off in a big way) later.
Part 3

Isabel sat at the Crashdown after school.It had been a long day.Tess had decided not to leave her side and she was forced to deal with Tess for 8 hours straight.She had avoided Tess after school and made it to the Crashdown alone to meet Alex.Isabel's eyes shifted towards the door and stayed there for a minute.

"Uh..Isabel,can I get you something?"a small voice said.

She turned her head towards the voice and saw the Liz was standing infront of the table,in Crashdown waitressing gear.Liz looked different.Something about her eyes.Isabel could see the pain Liz felt.She felt bad that she hadn't really noticed how much pain Liz was in at the time.Isabel thought back in her mind to that time.Liz and Max had been off and on and off and on.They hadn't really been back together until after Tess had been "sent off".

It had all been because of Tess.Tess had gotten Max to sleep with her and get her pregnant and then had gone on and on about how the baby couldn't survive on Earth.Maybe this time,Isabel could stop that from happening.Find a way around it.

*You can't do that,Iz.If you do that,then everything could fall apart.You could destroy people's lives*she thought to herself

But a huge part of her wanted to save Max from having to worry about his son.Save Liz was having her heart broken when she found out Tess was pregnant with Max's son.It was just one little tiny thing.It couldn't make that much of a difference.

" you alright?You haven't said anything to me and I've been standing here for 5 minutes,"Liz said,as she avoided Isabel's glance.

Maybe she could talk to Liz.Get her to somehow get back with Max before Tess tried to get with him.Then she could expose Tess and everything would be fine.

" you think we could know...about something important,"Isabel asked.

Liz looked to Isabel to a second and then sat down in the booth."What's up?"she asked,her voice not with it's usual happiness.

"Listen,I know you probably don't want a lecture about Max and all the crap,but I'm his sister.I need to give that to you.I know you don't want to come in the way of his so called 'destiny',but you have to know that he loves you more then anything.And that destiny is bullshit.He and Tess aren't meant to be together!They don't even belong in the same sentance!When Max sees himself getting married,Tess isn't walking down the aisle.It's you,Liz.In your white wedding dress,holding roses and saying the most beautiful vows ever known to man kind.You can't give up on him!"Isabel said,partly thinking about Max and Liz's wedding.

Isabel could see the tear forming in Liz's eye,but instead Liz looked at her,coldly and just said,"Isabel...I'm not getting back together with Max...I'm sorry..."

Liz rose from the booth and walked away slowly.Isabel wished she could tell her about her wedding to Max.About the way he had proposed and the first time they had kissed as a married couple,but she couldn't.She watched Liz walk into the backroom in sadness.

"Hey...Isabel,right?Is this seat taken?"she heard a man's voice say.

She smiled to herself.Alex.Now,they could finally be alone.Kind of.Isabel looked up,but her smile faded when she saw Grant.No...he wasn't supposed to be there.He was supposed to not want to sit with her.He was supposed to leave her alone because she had a boyfriend.

"Ummm...hi Grant...,"she said in a small voice.

He sat down across from her before she could stop him."You look beautiful,Isabel....must be the water here or something,"he said as he flashed a warm smile.

The old Isabel would've fallen for that.She would've flirted with him and waited until he asked her out and then went.But she had changed and she didn't want Grant.She didn't care about him at all.

"'re really sweet,but I....,"she started,looking back towards the door.

"Wait...stop....would you like to go out on a date with me tonight?"he asked her,reaching for her hand slowly.

Isabel's hand snapped back away from him."Listen...Grant,you're a great guy and everything,but I have a boyfriend...Alex really love him so I don't think it's gonna work out...,"Isabel said.Her tone coming out rather annoyed and mean.

Grant stood up."Well...when you break up with him,give me a call,"he told her as he walked towards the door.

Isabel let out a sigh of relief that he was gone when suddenly Alex appeared in front of her."Alex!Hey...I've been waiting for you...,"she said with excitement as she kissed him lightly.

"What was HE doing here?Wasn't he that guy we saw before?Sam or Ken or Grant or something?Why was he sitting here?"Alex asked with jealousy.

Isabel smiled."Jerk...he asked me out....but of course I said no...because you're the only guy for me,"she said lightly as she kissed him again and caressed his hand.

Alex looked up towards the door and then back at Isabel.He smiled as sat down across from her."So,I was thinking tomorrow night...they're showing One Flew Over the Cukoos Nest at the Roundabout,want to go?"he asked.

"I'd love to!I heard it was really good..."

Alex smiled at her."Great....,"he said.

Then Isabel heard footsteps coming up to them."Hey guys!"

Tess.She was probably plotting even now when to brainwash Alex.How to get him to what she wanted without anyone suspected anything."Tess...,"she muttered.She had to get rid of Tess soon.She couldn't put up with her.

Alex looked at the two and stood up."I gotta go.Said I'd pick something up for my dad before I got home..,"he commented as he smiled to Isabel and then walked towards the door.

Isabel wanted to stop him.She didn't want to be alone with her enemy.She wanted to cut head off with a knife.She wanted ot punish her fore everything she had done to Alex and to Max and to Liz and to her.But Isabel knew that she had to make a plan.A plan to expose Tess before she killed Alex.

"Hey...can I come over tonight?"Tess asked in her normal bubbly voice.

Isabel knew she had to lead Tess on.She had to put up with Tess and act like everything was normal.Because she knew how the saying went.Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.And this time around,Tess was an enemy and she had to be eliminated.

"Sure thing...I'll pick up some popcorn and a movie tonight,ok?"Isabel said,flashing Tess a fake,but believable smile

"Great!Get something with Brad Pitt,ok?"

"Ok...maybe Thelma and Louise?"

"I'll see you at 7,ok?"Tess answered as she walked out of the Crashdown,leaving Isabel alone.

This time,Tess had no where to hide.No one to frame it on.She wasn't going to suceed.Isabel was going to see to it that she didn't,if it took her all year.
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Next part is up!

Part 4
"Iz...can you get some more popcorn?"Isabel heard Tess's chirpy voice call from the living room.

"Sure...this time no extra butter!"Isabel called back.Getting revenge was even harder then Isabel had thought.On the one hand,she wanted to kill Tess at that one moment.Make her pay for everything,but on the other hand,if Isabel killed or even went all pyscho on Tess then she'd never make her plan work.She had to just play along for now.She put her hand over the kernels and in a second it was again popcorn.Isabel poured two glasses of diet coke and brought everything out.

"Hey..popcorn..,"Tess greeted her as she grabbed popcorn and started eating as Isabel sat down.

*Choke on a kernel,you bitch*Isabel thought to herself.

" parents are gonna be out until 10...we have the house to ourselves finally!"Isabel said.

Tess stopped eating for a minute and looked up at Isabel."So...when's Max coming home?"

That's right.All she cared about was Max.Max that and Max this.Isabel hadn't cared two years ago because although she had liked Liz,she had liked the fact of her best friend,Tess getting together with her brother.Well...not entirly,but she hadn't minded it.

"I don't know.He'll probably be out with Micheal for some you want him to get home so you can ditch me for him...,"Isabel heard herself say.

That was bad.She had to think before she said these things.If Tess even suspected that Isabel knew something,the plan would go down the drain.

Tess looked alittle hurt or maybe the look was just confusion."You know I'd never do anything like that!You're like my best friend!"Tess assured Isabel.

Right....she'd never do that,but she'd kill Alex and make Max get her pregnant so that they all had to go back to Antar.

"I know...that's not what I meant...really...I just meant that sometimes you just seem to be alittle too into Max!"Isabel explained.

"I really like your brother,Iz....I just...I don't know...want him to like me too..,"Tess said,her face looking to Isabel,innocent and truthful.

Isabel knew better then to believe Tess's 'innocent and truthful face'.She had learned that hard way that there was no exception to Tess.She was evil.

Suddenly,the phone rang.Isabel jumped alittle and then picked it up.

"Hello?"she asked,alittle annoyed,after being interupted in her manipulation of Tess.

"'s me."

Alex.Her anger immeaditaly want away and she smiled.

"Hey....I'm just here with know a girl's night out."

"oh..I get no boyfriends allowed,"he said with a laugh.

"You have learned alot from Maria and Liz,haven't you?"

"Well...I was just calling to hear your voice...I'll go back to my homework now..,"Alex said,his voice getting quieter.

"I love you...bye..,"Isabel made herself say.She want to spend the whole night with Alex.Laugh with him and smile.But she had a plan to follow.

"You're so lucky you have Alex!"she heard Tess say.

Isabel turned around suddenly,phone still in hand to look at Tess.Tess had never said that before.At least Isabel had never remembered Tess saying that.It sounded so nice.Taht was the way it sounded,but Isabel didn't believe it.She tried to fight the part of her tht did want to believe it.There was still the tiny part of her that always wanted to believe that Tess was....good.That this time around,Tess wouldn't kill Alex,even if Isabel didn't stop her.

"Thanks..I's nice having someone around...I know a boyfriend,"Isabel said as she sat down ,putting the phone on a table.

"I would love to have that type of boy who would just call me when he felt like it or tell me he loved me everytime I saw him...,"Tess went on.

Isabel tried to not look directly into Tess's eyes.She couldn't.She would be drawn into Tess's innocent charm and then she would be right back where she started.In a small town,living with two couples.

"Really?I mean I never thought you wanted that Alex type of guy.You never seemed to like him...I mean...that type,"Isabel said,trying to not to flat out yell at Tess for killing Alex.No...she had to remember that that had never happened.It hadn't happened yet.

"Well...I mean Alex isn't my type of guy,but you're lucky that you have someone like that."

Isabel coyldn't stand it.She was getting tired of beating around the bush." know I had that strangest dream last night!I dreamt that everything was normal until she evil alien who was pretending to be a student,killed Alex by mindwarping him.....,"Isabel said,trying to watch Tess's reaction.

There was a long silence.Tess sat there for a minute.Almost in a daze.Or maybe the long silence was Isabel's imagination.But it seemed like the silence lasted for a minute or so.And there was the reaction.It was just a little eye movement.Her eyes turned away from Isabel's quickly.Isabel smiled to herself alittle.Reaction.

"That's strange....I you think it's more then a dream?I mean...I guess it couldn't be...,"Tess said,her voice now mroe serious.

"I guess it's just a dream.I mean I guess those who dreamwalk,have stranger dreams..,"Isabel said as her eyes tried to catch Tess's.

"Right...,"Tess said.She looked at Isabel for a minute."I'm gonna get more popcorn,"Tess commented as she got up.

Isabel's mind for a second felt strange.She put her hand to her head.She felt dizzy for a second,but then it went away.Isabel's fingers started tapping against the dvd in her hands.It was strange,but Isabel then thought of what it could be.Tess had mindwarped her.She couldn't exactly remember what she had just been saying.Something about Alex?It was very unclear.And for that moment,the tiny part of Isabel that wanted to believe Tess wouldn't murder Alex this time around,disapeared.Tess would mindwarp Alex to death if Isabel didn't stop her.She had always been evil.

Isabel saw the door open.She turned her head alittle to see Max walk in.

"Hey..,"he said,his voice stiff and alittle unhappy.

She smiled at him.Just then she saw Tess almost zoom out of the kitchen.

"Hey Max!"she chirped.It made her sick how obsessed with Max,Tess had been.She turned away,still trying to remember what she had said that had made Tess mindwarp her.

"Hi....Tess...,"Max said,trying to avoid her by walking towards his bedroom.

"Want some popcorn?"

"I think I'll pass...,"Max said,uneasily.

Tess frowned."Ok....,"she quietly said as she watched Max walk away.

Isabel met her eyes for a moment,but Tess walked towards the Isabel quickly.

"I think I should go.You's tomorrow and everything...,"Tess started.

"It's only 9:00."

Tess put down the popcorn slowly and got her coat.

"Homework to do."

She opened the door with tremendious speed and said,"Bye."Then the door slammed shut.

Isabel looked down at the popcorn.She had definately gotten the reaction she wanted.Isabel would let the truth out soon enough.She just had to find a way that she didn't get herself mindwarped and killed along the way.
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Hey guys!REALLY REALLY sorry for the lack of updates....very very busy right now!Too many tests!Ahh!Anyway,here's the new part.I decided to keep my idea,but in this part you won't find out what it is exactly yet.
Part 5

Isabel walked into the Crashdown in anger.It had been weeks and she still hadn't found out much about Tess.She had felt strange a few times.She was sure that Tess had mindwarpered her at least thrice.Now she knew how Alex had felt.Everytime she couldn't remember what she had last said or done.It was like a small part od her memory had been erased.Isabel collapsed in one of the booths with a sigh.Time was running out quickly and she had to do something.She opened the book she had in her hands.It was for school.The whole school thing wasn't wonderful either.Repeating school at Roswell High was like doing time in jail.Crap.


Isabel looked up to see her brother.He had been acting all secretive lately.Hiding something.She hadn't remembered him being that way.She had dismissed it as probably Max still sulking over Liz.He loved Liz so much.He hurt even Isabel to see the two apart.Sometimes,she would catch Max staring at Liz or Liz peeking at Max.It was a shame that they wouldn't get their problems worked out until Tess was exposed.That made Isabel want to foil Tess's plan even faster.If only she could get evidence proving that Tess would go on to kill Alex.That Tess was going to betray them.That was the key word.Evidence.

"Hey...Max...join me..I'm just finishing up a chapter for school,"Isabel replied,trying to act like nothing was wrong.She put down the book and looked at Max slowly.He was thinking about something.She wished she could read minds.That would help her alot more.

"What's up?You seem to have the staring thing down pretty much...,"Isabel joked.

Max's eyes patrolled the Crashdown.Maybe looking for Liz.He then looked back at Isabel with a smile."Not much....just thinking about things,"Max replied.

Isabel nodded slowly.She saw Max shift his weight and she knew something was up.She wanted to tell him that Tess was evil.That he could forget about this so called "destiny".If only it were that simple.

"Max..,"Isabel started.

He avoided looking her straight in her eyes,but she could tell she had gotten his attention.

"What if I told you that something bad was going to happen.....would you trust me....I mean would you trust that the bad thing was going to happen even if I didn't have evidence...,"Isabel asked.

Max suddenly seem to pay more attention.His eyes met hers and she could tell he was confused.

"Is something wrong Isabel?I mean...did you see something or...,"Max asked with fear.

Isabel sighed." all,"Isabel said as she picked up her book again.

Max stood up and was about to turn to walk out of the Crashdown.

"Max!"Isabel stopped him."Just...don''t trust everyone you normally would...don' everyone so easily,"Isabel tried to warn him.

He smiled at her and said he would do as she said then left the Crashdown,letting the door smack shut after he left.
Isabel reached home late.Liz had told her they were closing up so Isabel had left suddenly.It was late.She was sure her parents were probably asleep.Isabel quietly opened the door and slipped into the Evans' house.She slowly walked into her bedroom and changed into a pair of blue pajamas.She slid into her bed and laid down.This was usually the time she dreamwalked Tess.She had been doing it for awhile,but had had no luck at all.Apparently,Tess didn't dream much.Apparently,the one person who didn't dream....ever....was Tess Harding.Isabel picked up the picture of Tess she had by her bedside.She had been tempted to draw a mustache and beard on Tess's face and write 'Killer',but she hadn't gotten around to it.

Isabel put her hand on the picture and closed her eyes.Hopefully,Tess would dream about something that would help Isabel.Suddenly,Isabel opened her eyes.She was on a street.It was dark and cold.Isabel wished she had worn thicker pajamas.She scanned the area for any sign of life.Isabel sighed.Again dreamwalking didn't help her.Suddenly,she heard footsteps.Isabel spun around to see whoelse,but Tess.She smiled to herself and watched.Tess looked scared.She was breathing deeply and she had a scar on her arm.She looked around carefully and then sighed.Isabel watched Tess.For a moment,she thought that again she would be left with nothing.No evidence.Nothing for prove her point.

Suddenly,she saw a man.She couldn't see him well at first.He had a black long jacket on and he was taller then Isabel.He approached Tess quietly.For some reason,Isabel felt like yelling out to Tess.But she didn't.She kept her mouth shut and watched everything.The man slapped his hand down on Tess's shoulder.Isabel jumped.

"Why are you doing this to me?"Tess yelled.Her voice sounded honest.Somehow Isabel wanted to help her.

"I just want one thing..,"the man said.His voice was low.Isabel still couldn't see his face.

"Please just leave me alone!"Tess yelled.Her voice reminded Isabel of Brittany Murphey's in one of the strangest movies Isabel had ever seen,"Don't Say a Word"

The man held out his hand.He wrapped his hand around Tess's neck as she struggled and there was a green flash.Then she fell to the ground.

Isabel was horrified.Tess wasn't supposed to dream of dying.The man fell to the ground and put his hand on Tess's body.But before he did anything else he looked at Isabel.Straight in the eyes.She could see his face now.He had blue piercing eyes and dark brown hair.His glance made her shiver.

"Don't dreamwalk Tess anymore,Isabel,"he said,his voice strangely cocky.

Isabel took her hand off the picture quickly and it fell to the ground,the picture frame shattering.Isabel breathed quickly.

The man had seen her.He had talked to her.He had known she was there.He was killed Tess.But the thing that bothered her most was that he looked so familiar.He knew her.But somehow she couldn't remember him.She tried to calm herself down quickly.It was just a dream,right? Suddenly,she wished she hadn't have dreamwalked Tess.
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Part 6

"Come guys haven't talked in awhile.I mean I think I've heard you guys utter two words to each other.Hi and Bye and those only kind of count,"Maria almost yelled at her friend

Liz sat across from Maria in the Crashdown,in one of the booths farthest from the door.

"It's simple.It's destined to be with Tess.Not me.It ends there,"she said,watching the door.She wasn't really watching for Max.She tried to tell herself she wasn't.

"No.It doesn't end there.He loves you and you love him.This is like a bad teen movie,"Maria argued.

"I thought you said all teen movies were good."

Maria sighed."Besides the point,Lizzie.Let's focus now!"

Liz looked away."There's nothing to focus on.You know Tess likes him.He was meant to be with her and I don't wanna be the person who ruins that,"Liz explained.

Maria rose from the booth."You're making a big mistake,Liz.I'm serious!"she said simply as she straightened out her uniform and went back to work.

Liz knew Maria was right.Deep in her heart she wanted to be with Max,but her mind told her no.Her brain was the part she listened to.Not her heart.Her heart just got her into trouble.

Liz slowly rose from the booth and then heard the door open.She looked up to see Isabel.Liz had avoided many of the aliens.It was just strange being around them.Isabel sat down at a booth.She looked strange.Tired.Scared.Liz tried not to look inot any of that.

Isabel sat down in the booth quickly.All she could think about was the dreamwalking.The man.It had seemed so odd.Who was he?Why was he in Tess's dream?She had so many questions.She had barely gotten any sleep that night.She had gone over many theories in her mind,but nothing made sense.

Unless,Tess knew about her knowing about Tess.What if Tess was trying to scare Isabel away?Isabel still didn't know about that.Tess was smart,but how could she know about Isabel?

Isabel watched as Liz walked over to her.Liz straightened her ponytail and took a depe breath and then walked over."What can I get you? A Blastoff Burger or a cosmic cola?"Liz asked,her voice trailing off as the door opened again.

It was Max.Isabel saw the two exchange glances quickly.She sighed.Why couldn't these two just work it out? Would it help them if Isabel told them about their wedding?About how Max proposed or how Liz had supported Max when giving up Zan.

Isabel laid back in the booth.It was annoying watching them play this little 'We can't be together because of Destiny' game.Total crap.They stared at each other for a moment.

"Could I just get some fries?"Isabel asked.Liz's eyes jumped to Isabel and she nodded quickly then almost ran off into the backroom.Max slid into the booth,across from her.

"Wow...I'm surprised.You haven't even mentioned anything you want to Mom and Dad?"Max said,lightly.

Isabel looked to Max in confusion."What are you talking about?"

Max laughed."Don't tell me you forgot your own birthday? I didn't think that was possible!"Max said.

Isabel's eyes widened.Her birthday.She had completely forgotten.How could she have forgotten her own birthday!"I didn't forget....I just......,"Isabel defended herself,but trailed off.

All this Tess thinking was taking away from Isabel's actual life.She had to remember that she couldn't go back.She was living in the past.She had to live her life also.Tess was destroying that too.

Isabel sighed and Max got up and walked into the backroom.Isabel sighed.Great.Now there was gonna be Liz/Max drama.That was just one more thing she needed.

Max pushed the door open quickly.Liz was leaning on the lockers.As he came in,she jumped up and wiped her face.Had she been crying?Liz bit her bottom lip.Everytime she looked at him,he could see pain in her face.Did she hate him?He still loved her.He would never stop loving her.

"Max,what are you doing bac here?"Liz asked,keeping her distance from Max.

Max took a step closer to her but she continued to move back.He felt bad."Um...I just wanted to make sure that we're still on for know the surprise birthday party? I should bring Iz over at 6,right?"he said.He wanted to tell her he loved her.He wanted to hug her and kiss her and tell her that she was the only person that made him feel happy,but he couldn't.

Liz took a deep breath.Did it even hurt her to talk to him?"Right!6 on the dot,"she answered,moving towards the door.She past by Max,but he grabbed her hand.Her head snapped back to look at him.

"Liz..,"he started as his grip loosened around her wrist.

Liz pulled away."No...Max...,"she simply said and pushed the door open and walked out.

Isabel watched as Liz came out.Five minutes later,she watched as Max followed.Watching tose two was like watching Days of our Lives.She sighed.Max passed by her and said,"I'll see you at home,"as he walked out the door.Isabel nodded as he left.She was losing everyone because of Tess.She was sure she had pretty much ignored everyone since she had gotten there because she was trying to get rid of Tess.That damn blonde.She messed up everything.

Isabel found herself smile as Alex walked in.He smiled at her.His smile was so nice.It made her forget about everything else.She wondered why she had broken it off with him before.Why she hadn't seen how much he was to her.She had been blind.

"Hey..,"she said sweetly as she sat down.She lightly kissed him." wanna go out on Thursday know it's my birthday and I was thinking we could do something special alone.Just the two of us,"she said.

Alex seemed like he was hiding something.He looked up at her quickly."Oh....I'm...I'm really sorry.Dad wants me to do something with him.You know how parents are,"he answered in a sorry tone.

Isabel looked hurt."Oh......I....understand,"she lied.She felt almost as hurt as Liz.But not quite that much pain.

Alex reached for her hand."Listen,I promise we'll go out some other time,ok?"he tried to comfort her.

She nodded."Right...sure."Isabel looked down and away from him.

"I'll be right back,"he added as he shot up from the booth and walked towards the backroom.

Isabel didn't look up at him as he left.If she wasn't careful,she would lose everything because of Tess.She was already starting to lose the one person she cared about more then anything.Alex.

Tess had made her lose everything the first time.She wasn't gonna do it this time.Isabel thought she deserved happiness,but she knew she wouldn't be happy until that blonde perky bitch was gone.

Dead or Alive.

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