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All Souls’ Day
Author: Krys
Rating: PG Category: AU-CC
Disclaimer: Don’t own them. Wish I did. No infringement intended.
Summary: An exchange student is staying with the Evans. She is from England and after meeting everyone, she begins getting flashbacks of a previous life. This takes place about a year or so after the shooting, but has nothing what so ever to do with the original story line. It may end up being a partial sequel to Never Meant To Be?

“So what do you think?” Diane Evans asked her daughter. Isabel stared as her for a few minutes in shocked silence. Getting uncomfortable under her daughter’s gaze, she said, “Isabel.”

Finally blinking, Isabel looked down at the cup of tea on the table in front of her and bit back the words that rose in her throat. Have you lost your mind? was not something one says to one’s mother. Instead she asked, “Are you sure this is the right thing to do? I mean Mom, she’s a stranger. How do you know she won’t like kill us in our sleep?”

Diane laughed at the outrageous suggestion and reassured her. “I promise, exchange students are put thru a rigorous screening process. I doubt they would send someone with a criminal record.”

Isabel wasn’t convinced and it showed on her face. Her mother had known this would be a hard sell, so she had already sent in the paperwork and had been approved. Next weekend the exchange student from Wales would be arriving despite Isabel’s misgivings.

“It’s a moot point, really,” Diane stated. “Kymberly Blake of Dowlais, Wales, England will be arriving,” she looked down at the paper in front of her, “Saturday morning on the ten o’clock flight from JFK.”

“Your kidding, right? Please tell me this is a joke,” Iz cried.

“No joke. Your father and I have always wanted to host an exchange student and now that you kids are older, we thought the time was right.”

“I can’t believe you did this,” Isabel exclaimed, pushing away from the table. “How could you have already agreed without asking me? And Max,” she added lamely.

“Izzy, your father and I were exchange students, that’s how we met....”

“Please, not that story again,” she groaned, rolling her eyes.

“Fine,” Diane snapped, losing her temper. “This is our choice, seeing we still own this house. Now I want you to promise me that you will be nice to this girl when she gets here.”

Noting her mother’s rarely used temper, she flipped her hair over her shoulder and gave in. “What ever you say.”


“Let me get this straight,” Michael said around a mouth full of fries, “your going to have a total stranger staying at your house for six weeks and there is nothing you can do to stop it?”

“Correct, sirra,” Max replied trying to sound like Ed McMahn and failing.

Isabel glared at him. “Yes. Mom informed me after they were approved. I can’t believe this is happening.”

“I don’t see what the two of you are getting all worked up about,” Max said. “It’s just a kid from England. She’ll be gone before you know it.”

“See,” Isabel said, waving her hand at her unconcerned brother. “This is what I have to put up with.”

“Maxwell, whether you notice or not, this is a major problem,” Michael explained. “She’s going to be around you and Isabel for a month and a half.”


“So, your not normal Max. What if she sees something?”

“Like what? Me brushing my teeth? Us eating dinner with our parents? It’s no big deal.”

“I just want you aware of the dangers,” Michael retorted. “It’s my life too.”

“Michael listen. Isabel and I are going to act like we always have around our parents, around everyone. It’s been over ten years any the still don’t have clue. Relax,” he said, throwing down his napkin. Taking a last sip from his Coke, he got to his feet.

“Where are you going, like I have to ask,” Isabel said looking up at him.

“Liz and I are going for a drive,” he replied with a far off look in his eyes.

Michael grunted and refused to look at the sickening thing his friend had become. And for what? in the end, he’ll have to go and leave her behind. Better to stay cut of from everyone, so there will be no regrets.


“Isabel we’re leaving!” her mother yelled from the front door.

“Okay, okay. I’ll be there in a minute,” she called back. Putting her brush on the dresser, she said to herself, “I don’t see why I have to go. Max is the one who’s all gung-ho about having this person here, not me.”

Taking one last look in the mirror, Isabel grabbed her bag off the chair next to the bedroom door and stormed down the hallway. Making sure the front door was locked, she walked out to the waiting Durango and got in the back with her brother. He gave her a condescending smile and she flipped him the bird.

“Ready?” came the overly peppy voice of Philip Evans, who was choosing to ignore his daughter’s show of stubbornness. Putting the truck in gear he cried, “We’re off!”


At the airport, Kymberly Blake waited outside of Gate 10 wondering if this had been a good idea. She had noticed on the flight from New York that her itinerary was wrong, stating she would be arriving at ten when in fact she would be there two hours earlier. Now she was stuck waiting for people she had no clue about, in a part of America she never wanted to see.

The Evans had been a replacement family for her original assignment in Boston. At the last minute, they had to back out because of family problems and Kymberly was told she would be going to New Mexico.

All she knew of this family is what they had included in their application. They had two teenage children; a boy named Max and a girl called Isabel. The father was a lawyer with his own firm, where his wife Diane worked part time. The most thrilling part was that they lived in the infamous Roswell, New Mexico. Oh Boy!

It had been her mother who had broken the news to her ten days ago.

“Sweetie, I have some bad news,” she had called out when she returned home that night.

“What Ma?” Kymberly asked, putting in a bookmark to hold her place and laying the novel on the coffee table.

“Your guidance counselor called me this morning and it seems you won’t be going to Boston as planned.”

“I won’t?”

“No the family there had to rescind their invitation,” she explained. “Good news is, they have found you another host family to stay with.”

Kymberly was skeptical. Her mother only acted this sweet when she had bad news. “And?”

“Mr. Myers told me they have two children your age and that Mr. and Mrs. Evans had been exchange students also, so they’ll know how it is to be from somewhere.....”

“Ma! Cut to the case. Where is it?” she asked with a sinking feeling. Her plans slowly going up in smoke.

“New Mexico.”



Kymberly barked out a laugh. “Your pulling my leg, right?” Her mother shook her head. “Bloody hell!” she cursed.

“Now it won’t be that bad,” placated Emma. “I know it’s not Boston, but Sweetie you’ll still be going to the Colonies.”

“Ma, do you even know about Roswell, New Mexico?” Seeing her mother’s blank stare, she sighed. “No I didn’t think so. It’s the alien capital of the world!”

“If that’s the case, you’ll be able to meet people from around the globe,” Mrs. Blake replied innocently.

“Not that kind of aliens, Ma! the ones from outer space.” Shaking her head in disgust at her mother’s ignorance, she asked, “Don’t you ever read the papers? There was an article just last week about the ‘47 crash.”
Was it possible her mother was that clueless?

“You know I don’t read the dailies, Sweetie,” her mother replied. “Outer Space, your say.”

“Forget it! I’ll call Mr. Myers and tell him I’m not going. They can send someone out to the middle of nowhere. I have better things to do.”

“Oh no you don’t, my gel,” Emma declared, her Welsh temper catching fire. “This trip has been paid for and I am not going to let you ruin my vacation.”

Here we go, Kymberly thought. It all comes back to you, doesn’t it?

“I’ve planned this visit to your Grandmother's for three months and I can not cancel it.”

“I’ll go with you,” Kymberly suggested.

“And how do you plan on paying for ticket? Mother only sent enough for one round ticket to Bath.”

“We’ll turn in my one for Bristol and I can pay the extra way to Bath,” she replied, thinking on her feet.

“You will do no such thing. You know how Mother gets when plans change without her approval.”

“Silly me, I must have forgotten! We wouldn’t want to upset Mother. God forbid!” she spat sarcastically. She was well aware of that woman’s feelings for her.

Seventeen years ago, William Blake had swept Emma off her feet and out of the cluches of her overbearing mother. Harrieta Caulfield had told her daughter that William couldn’t possibly love her, he only wanted her for a substitute for his two month old child, who’s own mother had run off and gotten herself killed.

Emma chose William and Harrieta disowned her only child. From the first day of her marriage until William died, Emma herd not a word from the woman who gave her life. Two days after burying her husband, Harrieta waltzed back into Emma's life as if the last twelve years never happened. She offered to bring Emma back into the bosom of her family if she would only get rid of William’s daughter.

For only the second time in her Life, Emma defied her family and told her mother that she would not give up Kymberly and they would have to accept them both or not at all. Reluctantly, Kymberly was allowed to visit with her stepmother when she went for her yearly visit to Harrieta’s.

For two weeks ever summer until she turned fifteen Kymberly endured the scornful glances and thinly veiled insults until she couldn’t stand it any more and refused to go. The first time she stayed home while her Ma went to Bath had been the best fortnight of her life.

Was she willing to go back there just to avoid going to Roswell? Nothing could be worse than going to Grandhag’s house, she had thought objectionably.

So here she sat, waiting to meet people she whom she would be sharing the next six weeks of her life and hoping the time would pass quickly.

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Part 2

“Mom, didn’t you say Kymberly’s plane was due in at ten?” Max asked looking up at the arrival/departure board while his dad parked the car.

“Yes, at Gate 10,” she replied looking at the itinerary in her hand.

“Well the only flights from Kennedy scheduled for today arrived at eight,” he told her pointing at the board. “We’re late.”

“Oh no! Max run over and see if she’s there. I have to wait for your father.” she exclaimed. “Take Izzy with you.”

Max looked around and saw his sister standing in front of the news stand flipping thru a magazine. “Isabel come on,” he called.”

Putting the book back on the rack, she walked over to him. “Aren’t we the eager beaver? What, Liz starting to bore you?”

Ignoring her remarks, he grabbed her hand and pulled her along behind him. “Someone screwed up. Kym has been here for almost two hours. Mom wants us to find her.”

“Great, now we have to play detective,” she complained, lengthening her stride to keep up with him. “How do you suppose we recognize her when we get there, Sherlock?”

“There’s Gate 10” he said, pointing to the sign hanging from the ceiling.

“Nice detection. Figure that out all by yourself?”

Going up to the desk, Max asked the woman if the Kennedy flight had deplaned yet. When she told him it had, he turned back to the crowd and scanned it, not sure what he thought he would find. There hadn’t been a description included in the packet the Exchange Student Committee sent, so he had no idea what she looked like. They had planned on holding up a sign as she came down the ramp.

“Try paging her,” Isabel suggested, laughing at his bewildered expression.

“Good idea.”

With half an ear, Isabel heard him explain the situation to the woman, while she let her eyes wander over the people sitting in front of the plate glass window. Suddenly a girl with jet black hair stood and glared after a boy running down the isle.


Kymberly silently cursed at the brat that slammed into and sent her book flying. Checking to see if it was undamaged, she had the distinct feeling that she she was being watched. No kidding, she said to herself, your in a room with hundreds of people!

The hair rose on the back of her neck and she looked around quickly. Not seeing anything out of the ordinary, she sat back down and buried her nose back in the book. When the feeling wouldn’t subside, she glanced up and came face to face with one of the most beautiful girls she had ever seen. “Can I help you?” she asked.

Isabel looked down at the girl and couldn’t get the impression that she knew her, out of her mind. It was nothing like the recognition she had with her brothers or Tess; this was more like her soul calling out to go and hug this stranger.

“Are you Kymberly Blake?” she finally choked out.

“Yeah, and you are?’"Kymberly replied, shivering.

Isabel couldn't stop staring at her for a few more moments, then said, “Sorry. I’m Isabel. Isabel Evans.”

“As in the Evanses from Roswell?” she asked, trying to figure out why this girl gave her the creeps.

“Yes, that’s us.”

Over the loudspeaker said a voice, ” Would Kymberly Blake please come to the Gate 10 desk. Kymberly Blake to the Gate 10 desk.”

Raising her brow in question, Kymberly looked to where she was being paged. Standing in front of it was a handsome guy with amber eyes. The feeling she experienced with Isabel continued with this guy as well. “That’s Max, isn’t it?” she asked.

Isabel turned to where Kymberly was pointing and wasn’t surprised to see she was correct. “How did you know?”

“Lucky guess,” she whispered, breaking eye contact with Max.

“Kymberly?” Diane called, approaching the pair. “Are you Kymberly Blake?’"

Isabel rolled her eyes and Kymberly had to hide her smile behind her hand. It seemed mothers were mothers wherever one went. Unexpectedly, a flash of a regal looking woman standing next to a gawky blonde haired girl passed thru her mind, then was gone. Before she had a chance to wonder about it, Diane had grabbed her hands in greeting and it was lost in introductions.


Kymberly and Isabel were seated in the back of the Durango with Max lounged out behind them in the third row. “Sorry about my Mother,” Isabel said softly to her. “She can be a bit overwhelming sometimes.”

Max snorted and he and Isabel shared a secret smile. Kymberly watched the exchange and felt a momentary twinge of envy. She had always wanted a sibling but unfortunately, Emma couldn't have kids.

“That’s okay,” she replied. “Ma drives me crazy any time I bring a friend home. She acts like they are a long lost relative or something. Quite embarrassing.”

The silence stretched for a few minutes until Max asked bluntly, “So what made you pick New Mexico?"

Laughing, she turned to look at him. “I hope you don’t get offended, but I didn’t. I wanted to go to Boston.”

“What are you doing here, then?” Isabel asked just as baldly.

“Not my choice, Princess,” Kymberly retorted, then gave her head a shake. Why in the world would I call her princess?

Isabel paled visibly and she shot her brother a startled look. “Kym, why did you call me that?”

“It’s Kymberly.”


“My name is Kymberly, not Kym,” she replied haughtily.

“It seems we have more than one princess in the car,” Max snickered and got identical looks of disgust from the girls.

Isabel and Kymberly looked back at each other and said, “Sorry,” at the same time. ?They both laughed.

“Can anyone say bitch?” Kymberly said using her best Queen Elizabeth imitation.

“Me! Me!” yelped Max.

Turning their backs on him, Kymberly and Isabel shared a knowing smile and each came to the conclusion that the next six weeks might not be as bad as they feared.


A few hours later, after getting settled in her room, Kymberly was sitting out on the porch swing reading her book. The Evanses were truly nice people and made her feel right at home. Before coming outside, Max had informed her that tonight was a special family night in her honor, so he should get prepared. She had smiled and told him she would be on pins and needles until the merriment began.

He had laughed and he couldn't help but like him. If she could have imagined a brother for herself, he would have fit the part nicely. You could see he cared deeply for his sister but didn’t let that get in the way of teasing her every chance he got. Isabel on the other hand, tried to show the world that nothing could effect her, but Kymberly could tell her family meant the world to her and woe is is he who got between them and her.

“Oh, hello,” said a voice from the steps.

Kymberly looked over and saw a petite girl sanding on the top step. She had chocolate brown hair and a complexion Kymberly would have killed for. “Hi,” she replied.

“You must be Kymberly,” she said, walking over. “I’m Liz, Max’s girlfriend,” she added, holding out her hand.

Taking it, Kymberly gave it a quick shake and said, “Nice to meet you.”

Looking over her shoulder, Liz asked, “Is Max at home? I see the Jeep is gone.”

“Isabel took it,” Kymberly supplied. “Max is inside.”

“Great. See you later?”

“Sure,” she replied as Liz backtracked and went into the house. Watching her disappear inside, Kymberly thought, Seems nice enough, and went back to reading her book.


Family night wasn’t as bad as Max made it sound, but all the attention was overwhelming. Most Saturday nights, her mother would pull a double shift at the plant and Kymberly would end up hanging out at home, listening to music or renting a film. Her best friend Gerry had moved a few months ago when her father got transferred, and she seemed to have a hard tome dealing with the air heads at school, so she was alone a lot. The solitude of her room was a welcome relief.

Liz had stayed for diner but left afterward, not wanting to impose on Kymberly’s first night. While clearing the dished, Kymberly had whispered, “Coward,” to her and Liz blushed.

“I have enough of this at home,” she confided before making her retreat.

After a rousing game of Monopoly and popcorn made by the winner, Diane, Kymberly claimed jet lag and begged off the film Isabel had rented while she was out. She could hear them laughing from down the hall and it was a pleasant sound, it reminded her of the wonderful times her family ahd shared before her father passed away.

Snuggling down under the plaid comforter, Kymberly let the merry sound send her off to sleep with a smile on her face.


“So what did you think of Little Miss Scotland?” Maria asked Liz over the phone.

“She’s from Wales, Maria,” Liz corrected.

“Whatever. So is she a dog or what?”

“No, she quite pretty,” Liz admitted. “She has the most amazing jet black hair and bright blue eyes.”

“Is Max in danger?”

“No!," laughed Liz. “I don’t know how to explain it, but she doesn’t seemed interested in him like that. I don’t understand why.”

“Max is cute, I’ll give you that,” conceded Maria, “but not everyone is going to fall at his feet like you do.”

“Thanks a lot Maria!” she cried in mock rage.

“You know what I mean.”

“I would talk! You forget, I’ve seen you with Michael in the eraser room.”

“Truce! Truce!” she laughed, not wanting to change the subject to her not so hot relationship with Michael.

“Kymberly is nice, I like her," Liz continued. “We have a lot in common.”

“She wants to be head of Molecular Biology Research at Harvard, too?”

“No silly. I don’t know what she wants to do, but we like most of the same bands and she admitted she keeps her nose buried in a book any chance she can get.”

"Hmmmm, that does sound familiar. Do I have to keep Michael away from her?” she asked ready to talk about her so called boyfriend.

“Only if he’s into milky white skin and a sexy accent,” Liz teased.

“I’m dead,” Maria groaned and put a pillow over her face.

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Part 3

Kymberly woke Sunday morning to the smell of bacon and fresh brewed coffee. Throwing on the brand new robe Emma had bought her as a going away present, she trudged down to the kitchen and asked, “Coffee?”

“Over there,” Phil said, pointing at the pot with his fork. “Sleep well?”

Mumbling something ineligible, Kymberly filled the largest mug she could find. Adding a dash of cold water from the tap, she took a large sip and moaned in delight. “Oh, I’m going to love America,” she said blissfully.

Mr. Evans laughed and pushed a chair out from the table with his foot. Smiling again, Kymberly sat, hugging the mug to her chest.

“Can’t get good coffee at home?”

“Nothing like this. Ma isn’t a worshiper of the bean like my Dad was.”

“Did he drink his black too?”

Laughing she replied, “Yes. He would shutter at all the cream and sugar Ma would pour into her morning tea. I use to steal sips and Ma would carry on about how it would stunt my growth, but I’m five ten, so it can’t be all bad. Dad use to let me have some of his, I think just to get her going.”

“Good morning Kymberly!” Diane said, coming in from getting the morning paper.

“Morning,” she said with a grimace.

Morning people,” Phil said mockingly. “Can’t stand them, myself.”

Kymberly almost choked on her last sip at his remark and had to put her mug on the table to keep it from spilling. His wife gave him a scathing look and said, “He says that now, but when we were in Spain and he was trying to get a date with me, he was up bright and early.”

Kymberly looked at her in confusion and Diane laughed, continuing, “He found out that I liked to walk in the gardens and watch the sun come up, you see.”

“Not that story again,” Isabel complained, coming into the kitchen. “Let me get to the end: and they lived happily ever after.”

Kymberly tried not to smile, but the disgruntled looks on the Evans’ faces was too much. Ducking her head, she focused on the mug on the table in front of her.

“You wait,” predicted Diane, “when it happens to you, your going to be just like us.”

Isabel got afar away look in her eyes and replied, “I hope your right.” Shaking her head, she poured herself some juice and took a seat in the chair across from Kymberly.

“So Kymberly,” she said, picking up a piece of bacon from the plate on the lazy susan, “are you coming to church with us?”

Raising her eyes from her cup she asked cautiously, “Do I have too?”

“Goodness no!” Diane exclaimed, seeing she was uncomfortable with the subject. “We only make Max go on holidays, so it’s no problem.”

“I have to promise to behave, first,” Max said from the hallway, “or they won’t let me in the building.”

Kymberly raised her brows in question and Isabel said, “It’s true. The Pastor still gives him dirty looks when he sees him.”

“Why, what did Max do?”

Philip launched into a story about how Max had a sneezing fit when the church had changed the incense and he got a nose full. It disrupted what was suppose to be a very serious sermon and the pastor was upset at having all his hard work disregarded because of a boy.

Max pleaded innocence, but Kymberly could see a spark of mischief in his smile and tended to believe he could have stopped any time he wanted too.

“Seeing your going to miss service this morning,” Philip said to his son, “what are your plans for the day?”

“Are you hinting at something, Dad?” Max asked.

“The grass is getting a bit long......”

“Okay,” Max sighed, “I’ll take care of it.”

“Max, are you going to see Liz today?” Kymberly asked and the rest of the family groaned. Looking around, she asked, “Did I say something wrong?”

Patting her hand, Diane replied, “It’s best not to get him started. You’ll end up hearing about everything she does and says; it can get pretty thick.”

Sensing a fate worse than death for giving Max a reason to talk about his favorite subject, Kymberly pushed away from the table and stood. “Well if you do, tell I said hi.” Seeing him open his mouth, she added quickly, “I’m off to get a shower. See you all later.”

Dashing down the hall she heard Isabel call after her, “Thanks Kymberly! Get him started then take off!”


An hour later, Kymberly had finished getting dressed, when she hear the mower stop and Max come back into the house. He knocked at her door and called, “Kymberly?”

“It’s open.”

Poking his head around the door, he said, “I’m going to get cleaned up and then head over to the Crashdown. Wanna come?”

“What’s a Crashdown?”

“Oh, it’s a restaurant in town, “ he explained. “Liz’s parents own it and I usually go and have breakfast there on Sundays.”

“Liz’s parent, huh?” she laughed.

He rubbed the back of his neck and looked down at the floor. Deciding he had suffered enough at the hands of his family she said, “Sounds great! If you don’t mind me tagging along.”

Looking up, she could see he was genuine when he said, “No, not at all. I wanted you to meet the rest of my friends and they have breakfast there too.”

Not sure she was ready to meet his friends enmasse, she said, “If you want to spend time with your friends, I could hang around here until you get back.”

Understanding how she might be nervous meeting a group of strangers, he tried to reassure her. “You already know Liz and her two best friends, Maria and Alex are great, so there is nothing to worry about. The only other person who might be there is Michael and he’s harmless.”

Since when have you been a funk? she berated herself silently. Raising her chin she told him. “I’ll be ready when you are.”


The drive to the cafe was fun. Kymberly and Max got into a fight over what bands were better and they were still laughing when they enter the restaurant. Walking over to the counter a voice rang out over the noise, “Hey Evans! You always bring a back up date?”

Max looked over at the group of guys sitting in a booth along the wall and gave them an icy stare.

Kymberly could tell that the comment dug at Max, but he was too much of a man to reply. The group made a few more rude suggestions and Kymberly lost her temper. Before Max could stop her, she walked over to them and they quieted at her approach. Sizing each with a quick glance, she let out a laugh and said, “At least he’s man enough to handle us at the same time. I can’t say that about any of you sorry lot.”

Spinning on her heel, she returned to the counter and put her hand on Max’s arm, when she saw him clenching on a water glass. A minute later, Kyle Valenti called out, “Well Max, I gotta give you credit, you do know how to pick ‘em.”

Giving his arm a squeeze, Kymberly whispered, “He’s right. You have good taste, very good taste.”

His hand loosened and catching LIz’s eye, he relaxed. “Good morning Liz”

“Hi Max,” she replied just as dreamily and Kymberly let out a moan.

“Your family was right,” she groaned and spun away from them. Her gaze locked with the loud mouth and time froze.

“There was a time when you would have dropped everything for me, Lilyanya. What happened?”

“I grew up, Joral. I have responsibilities now.”

“Is she worth it?”

“More than you can know.”

“Kymberly, are you okay?” Max asked and time resumed.

Blinking, she rubbed her eyes. Turning she replied, “Yeah, I’m fine.”

“I want you to meet Maria and Alex,” he said, indicating the two people standing on the other side of him.

“Uh, hi,’ she said.

“Liz was right,” Maria said sincerely, “your hair is amazing.”

“Thanks,’" she blushed. Giving Liz a look, she wrinkled her nose at her.

“It’s true,” Liz stated. “Coffee?”


“So Kymberly,” Alex said, taking the seat next to her at the counter, “what part of England do you come from?”

“Wales. Dowlais, Wales,’"she replied, shifting her attention to the pleasant young man.

“I bet it’s beautiful,” Liz said, putting down a cup and saucer, filling it to the top.

“It is. Totally different from here. Does it ever rain?”

“Sometimes,” Max supplied.

“Are we going to talk about the weather or get some food?”

At the question, Kymberly felt her heart sink and looked over her shoulder to the tall guy standing behind her. The sunlight streaming thru the window behind him lit his head with a halo and she got the distinct feeing of de ja vu. “Do I know you?” slipped out before she had a chance to clamp her lips closed.

“Oh sure, I’ve been to the UK hundreds of times,” Michael said sarcastically. He moved to stand next to Maria and she could feel the resentment radiating from him.

“Sorry I asked,” she muttered.

“Don’t pay any attention to Michael,” Alex said. “Subtly is not his strong suit.”

“Really? You could have fooled me.” she said frostily.

“Sounds like you’ve been hanging around Isabel too much,” Michael remarked, then yelped as Maria stepped on his foot, “Whacha do that for?”

“Sorry,” Max said quietly. “Michael is an acquired taste.”

“May my tongue fall off first,” she replied.

Alex laughed and said, “We’re going to be friends, you and I.”

Kymberly smiled, but couldn't shake the fact that somehow there was a reason she was suppose to wind up in Roswell, New Mexico. Either that, or along with the visions and queer feelings she was getting from the people around her, she was losing her mind.

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Part 4

The morning passed pleasurably and Max had been right, she did like his and Liz’s friends, even though Michael kept grilling her about her life. Seeing that Max wanted to spend some time with Liz, she said, “I saw a bookstore down the street, I think I’ll go and check it out.”

“Want some company?” Alex asked, ever the gentleman.

“No, thanks. You finish your food,” she said, standing. Digging thru her bag, she pulled out some of the ugliest money she had ever seen and put a ten on the table, hoping it was enough. “I’ll meet you back here later?” she asked Max.

Looking at Liz, he replied, “Sounds good to me.”

Flashing him a smile, she said to the table at large, “It was really nice meeting you all.” Kymberly was grateful for the smiles she got from Maria and Alex, but she was happy to finally get out from under the unrelenting stare of Mr. Michael Gurien.

Walking outside, Kymberly looked up at the bright blue sky and realized she for got her sunglasses. Taking a quick look around, she spied a five and ten across the street. Making a bee line for the sunglasses display, she failed to notice Kyle leaning up against a nearby parking meter.

Slipping a pair off the rack, she placed them on her face and took a glance in the grubby mirror. Grimacing, she pulled them off and put them back. After trying on a few more pairs, she settled on one she could live with and began making her way to the outside cashier.

“I agree, those look nice,” Kyle said, when she pass by him.

Spinning, Kymberly spied the loudmouth from before and groaned. It must be her lot in life, that if there was an asshole with in a fifty mile radius, it was her luck to attract him. “Like I care what you think,” she replied.

“Testy, testy,” he scoffed. “I was only paying you a compliment.”

“And here I was thinking the French were right about you Americans. Uncouth heathens, I think they call you,” she mocked. “But low and behold, I find one with a civilized tongue.”

Kyle stared at her for a moment, then laughed. With her amazing looks and spectacular accent, he was attracted to this girl, even when she was insulting him. “How bout we start again,” he suggested, holding out his hand. “Hi, I’m Kyle Valenti.”

Looking down at his hand, she sniffed and replied, “So?”

Kyle let his hand drop and asked, “Are you still pissed about what I said to Max?”

Removing the glasses, Kymberly put them down on the table next to her leg. “Maybe in the future you should think about what comes spewing from your mouth before opening it.” she said, and walked away, toward the bookstore down the street.


“How’s Isabel taking this?” Alex asked when Kymberly was gone.

Max laughed and replied, “Izzy’s met her match, I think. Right now they seem to be getting along, but if a fight ever breaks out, run for cover.”

“Well, I like her,” Maria said decisively.

“Figures,” Michael replied.

“If you saw the way she put down Kyle and his goons, you would too,” she shot back.

“So she’s got a mouth. I still don’t like the idea of a stranger hanging around. You never know what her real motives are.”

Alex rolled his eyes and Max shook his head at the age old argument.

Michael saw their indifference and warned, “Just wait. This is going to came back and bite us in the ass, you’ll see.”


Kyle watched the raven haired beauty stalk off down the street in shock. Not once, but twice, the girl had put him in his place and he still couldn’t get enough of her. It was the reason he had been watching the entrance to the Crashdown; to get another eyeful of her.

The fire that had flared in her gaze when she stormed over to the table in the cafe had sent tingles up and down his spine; a reaction that had never happened before. There was something about her that sparked his interest and for the life of him, he didn’t know what to do about it.

Realizing he couldn’t leave her with her current impression of himself, he jogged down to the bookstore and opened the door. Walking in, he took a quick look around, baffled. This wasn't here yesterday, was it? he asked himself, then shrugged. Choosing a direction, he set off in search of his quarry.


Kymberly inhaled deeply when she got to the back of the store. All around her were old and worn books and she felt like she had come home. When she walked into the store, she had been expecting the usual display of paperbacks and new hardcovers, and wasn’t disappointed, but a sign on the back wall had brought smile to her face. Quality Old and Used Books it had read and away she went.

Running her hand along the spines, she enjoyed the feel of warm leather under her fingertips. Pulling out a volume, she spied a small mark embossed on the upper left corner of the cover. Bringing it closer, she saw an unusual symbol and wondered at it’s origin. Before she had a chance to open it, a voice said, “There you are.”

Taking deep breath, she turned and tried not to growl in frustration. “What do you want?” she asked sourly.

Kyle could see she wasn’t pleased to see him, so he said quickly, “You were right. My mouth tends to run three steps before my brain. Evans is an all right guy, but he did steal Liz from me, so I kinda have an obligation to bust him, ya know.”

Kymberly couldn’t help but smile at his reasoning and honesty. It took a big man to admit his defeats. “Well, seeing them together,” she said, not unkindly, “ you didn’t stand a chance.”

Stuffing his hands in his jacket pockets, he had to agree. “I know, but it was a hard pill to swallow.”

“I bet.”

“Anyway, I wanted to apologize for being an ass,” he finished and not expecting a response, turned to go.


Looking back, he saw her hand was extended. His mouth quirked at the corners and he turned and grabbed it gently.

An image of a mature looking man superimposed itself over Kyle and Kymberly blinked a few times in confusion. When he came back in focus she smiled. “Hi,” she said, “I’m Kymberly Blake. Nice to meet you.”

“You too,” he replied softly.


The bell on the front door of the cafe rang and Kymberly looked over at the couple emerging from the the building. Max stopped when he saw who she was talking to, but Liz tugged on his arm and he continued forward.

“....okay, bye,” Kyle finished and giving Liz and Max a grin, jogged across the street to his car.

Kymberly watched him roar away before turning toward them and saying “Hi.”

“Hi,” Liz replied, giving her a queer look.

“Make a new friend?” Michael asked, stepping up to the Jeep Kymberly was leaning against.

Looking up at him, she replied, “Something like that.”

Grunting, he glanced over at Max and said, “Later.”

Watching him walk away, Kymberly said, “Nope, not growing on me yet.”

“Don’t feel bad, “Liz laughed. “I’ve know him my whole life and I still don’t know where we stand.”

Giving her a sympathetic look, Kymberly placed her hand on Liz’s arm and said, “You poor thing.”

Max laughed. “Don’t worry, he’ll come around,” he told the girl at his side.

“If you say so,” Liz said doubtfully. “Anyway, Max and I wanted to know what you wanted to do today,” she asked Kymberly.

“Don’t you guys usually spend the day together? I don’t want to intrude.”

“We do, but you won’t,” Liz reassured her. “It’s your first full day in the States so we thought we’d see what you’d like to do.”

Kymberly thought for a moment then asked, “Do you have any stables around here?”

“Like in horses?” Max asked, aghast.

”Yeah, four legs, mane, tail.”

“Max isn’t really the nature type,” Liz teased. “But I love riding.”

“Well if you sure,” Kymberly said, giving them one last out before she got excited about the possible of riding again. It was the only thing she missed about going to Grandhag’s house.

Max saw her hesitation and replied, “Positive.”


Sitting down at the table, Max winced when his butt hit the unpadded seat of the chair. At his grimace, Kymberly burst out laughing. Glaring at her, he growled, “It’s not funny.”

“True,” Isabel said, “but I bet seeing you on a horse was hilarious.”

Ignoring his sister, he said to Kymberly, “Remind me to think twice before letting you pick the next outing.”

Taking pity on him, Kymberly went into the living room and came back with a plump pillow. Laying it on his empty plate, she asked, “Forgive me?”

Getting to his feet, he put the cushion on the chair and lowered himself gingerly back down. “Ahhh,” he groaned. “Your forgiven,” he sighed blissfully.

“Give me a break,” Isabel barked, and Kymberly stuffed a fist into her mouth.

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Part 5

“So Miss Blake, how are you finding our little town?” the principal of West Roswell High asked.

Max and Isabel had abandoned her at the office ten minutes earlier with promises to meet her for lunch and now she was sitting across from this man who was awaiting an answer. “Oh I like it well, sir,” she replied. “It’s a bit warmer than I’m use to this time of year, though.”

He chuckled and said in a confiding tone,” I know what you mean. I’m originally from North Dakota and by know we would be up to our ears in snow.”

She smiled good naturally, but wished for this interview to be over with. “Is there anything that I should know before I go to class?”

Remembering who and what he was, the principal cleared his throat and replied, “No, that about covers it.” Looking down at the schedule in his hand, he continued, “You can report to your first class, it’s right down the hall, room 18.”

Taking the paper from him, Kymberly thanked him and made her exit. Scanning the index, she saw it was only slightly different from the one at home. Here she was required to take American History as opposed to UK and something called English.

Swinging her bag onto her shoulder, she made her way to room 18 and knocked gently before entering. Looking briefly at the class, she was disappointed not to see a face she recognized. Smiling at the teacher, she hoped she had better luck in her other classes.


“Why in the world are you taking Latin?” Maria asked as she looked over Kymberly’s class list.

“Your not required to do so here?” she asked in amazement.

“No, thank God,” Maria replied. “Hey, you have the same gym class as me and Liz.”

“Gym class?” she asked confused.

“Yeah, this highly over rated thing called Physical Education,” Isabel sighed dramatically.

“Oh, I understand,” Kymberly said, clearly still confused.

“It’s nature’s way of sorting the brains from the brawn,” Alex joked.

“Look, your in Bio. with Max and Liz,” Maria exclaimed. “And we have English together.”

Kymberly smiled at the perky blonde with fondness. Never before had she experienced someone like her. She was a controlled tornado, spinning wildly and sucking in everyone in her path. “What, pray tell is English?”

“You know, what we’re speaking,” Maria replied.

Kymberly laughed uproariously. Slowly catching her breath, she wiped the tears from her eyes and apologized. “Sorry. I wasn’t laughing at you Maria.”

Eyeing her funny, Maria asked, “What then?”

“English is definitely not what you speak! American maybe, but not English.”

Alex guffawed at Maria’s puzzled expression. “Would Grammar be a name you recognize?”

“Oh Grammar!” Kymberly said. “Now that I understand.”

“Whatever!” Maria said, flipping her hand at the pair.

Liz put her arm around her friend and put her head against her shoulder. “She’s has Alex’s sense of humor,” she said, as if that explained everything.

Maria gave her a smile in thanks before giving Kymberly back her schedule. “I’ll meet you at your locker and we’ll walk to Grammar together.”

Taking the offered paper, Kymberly was amazed at Maria’s about face. Blink and you would miss something with this girl. “Deal.”

The bell rang then and they each collected their trash. Max placed a kiss on Liz’s cheek, then headed off across the quad after giving everyone a wave of farewell. Kymberly watched him leave and and got another wave of recognition.

“Princess, you have to stay here. Your brother has to practice with the Master-at-Arms.”

“Lilyanya, I want to learn too,” complained the girl next to her. Her eyes never left her brother’s back until he had rounded a corner, out of sight. “I should learn to defend myself, at least.”

Smiling at her friend and mistress, she said, “Don’t worry, I’ll have Joral show you everything you need to know.”

“Kymberly, are you coming?” Alex asked, breaking into her thoughts.

“Uh, yeah, sure,” she replied, and grabbed her bag.


Entering the classroom, Kymberly introduced herself to the last teacher for the day. Taking a seat near the window, she wished for this class to end quickly. Staring out the window, she watched as an eagle rode the thermals looking for prey in the field below.

“Your in my seat.”

“Excuse me?” she said, turning to look at the guy hovering over her and noticed it was one of the jerks from yesterday.

“I said, Your. In. My. Seat.” he repeated slowly. “Don’t you understand English?”

Biting back a laugh, she saw the name Paulie embroidered on his letterman jacket and replied, “I speak English very well, thank you, but I don’t see your name anywhere on this desk, so how am I to know this is your seat?”

“Take my word for it, Blackie,” he sneered and threw her bag at her.

Kymberly was taken aback with this dicks attitude. “What’s your problem, you wanker? I thought this was free country.”

“Yeah, for Americans.”

“Oh please,” she huffed.

“What’s the problem here?” Kyle asked coming up to the glaring pair.

Kymberly flashed him a grin before giving Paulie a withering glance. “Apparently, I’m sitting in his seat. I wasn’t aware there was royalty at this school.”

“Paulie, go find another seat,” Kyle said.

“Valenti, I don’t know who you think you are...” Paulie began, but stopped when Kyle pointed over his shoulder at a buxom blonde on the other side of the room.

“Pam Troy told me last week that she wanted to get to know you better,” he said. “Now is your chance.”

“Really? She said that?” Paulie asked, complete forgetting about Kymberly.

“Oh yeah,” Kyle confirmed. “I think she has the hots for ya.”

Flashing Kyle a leering smile, Paulie strutted over to the the giggling girl.

“Are you okay?” Kyle asked, dropping into the seat next to Kymberly.

“I think I’ll live,” she replied. “Friend of yours?”

“Not really,” he said. “He’s a good football player, though.”

“That’s something, I guess.”

Ignoring her sarcasm, he asked, “How’s your first day been?” Piss anyone else off that I should know about?”

Shaking her head in amusement, Kymberly enjoyed the ease she felt when Kyle was around. “Sure! if I’m not careful, I might end up dissolving the alliance between the Mother country and the colonies.”

“Do you guys still call us that?”

“Oh yes. There are still people who believe that your nothing but a bunch of upstarts with delusions of grandeur.”

Kyle was unable to comment, as the teacher began, “Today we will start with the Declaration of Independence and the Revolution War.....”


”How was school?” Diane asked Kymberly as she, Max and Isabel came through the front door.

Kymberly looked down at the floor and tried not to snicker. Those were the exact same words Isabel had said not two minutes earlier and Kymberly had to admit, Isabel had her mother’s voice down pat.

Composing herself, she replied, “Fine, thanks, Mrs. Evans.”

“Wonderful.” Turning to Max she said, “Milton called. He wanted to know if you could come in early.”

Checking the clock, Max nodded. “Okay, thanks,” he said, pecking Diane on the cheek.

Isabel and Kymberly went down the hall toward their rooms and Kymberly asked, “Who’s Milton?”

Throwing her things on her bed, Iz went into Kymberly’s room and sat at the desk. “Oh, that’s Max’s boss. He owns the UFO Center.”

“Max works there?” she asked, shocked.

“Unfortunately,” Isabel replied.

“He doesn’t believe in aliens, does he?”

Isabel was startled by the question. Kymberly had assimilated with the group so well, Isabel momentarily forgot that she didn’t know their secret. I need to keep better watch over what I say around her, she reminded herself before replying, “I don’t know, I’ve never asked.”

“What about you?”

Kymberly was turned away when she asked and Isabel was glad for small miracles. If she had seen the fear that passed over Izzy’s face at that moment, she might have wondered over it. “I’m not sure.”

Hanging up her unused sweater, Kymberly said, “I know this will sound silly, but I hope there are.”

Watching her intently, Isabel asked, “Why?”

Turning away from the closet, Kymberly blushed and sat on the edge of the bed, picking at her peeling nail polish. “I dunno. I guess when I look out at the stars, I think, evolution on this planet can’t be all that there is. There are trillions of stars in the sky that could have at least one habitable planet where life could have formed.

Can you imagine if we were it? We can’t even stop killing ourselves for God’s sake! There has to be more.”

Isabel saw that Kymberly’s hope was more than visitors from another planet, but a longing to know that we weren’t alone in the vastness of space. Her opinion of her rose a few more notches and she said, “I can only hope your right.”

Kymberly glanced up, expecting to see a expression of mockery on Isabel's’ face, but only found warmth and friendship. “Thanks.”

Isabel smiled and wished Kymberly knew the truth.


“Are you crazy!” Michael yelled at Isabel.

“I didn’t say we should tell her,” she snapped. “I said it’s too bad she doesn’t.”

“God between you and Max, we should put it up on a billboard,” Michael said, disgusted.

“You don’t have to be nasty. There’s just something about her....”

“Just like you felt about Tess?”

Isabel flinched at the barb. She still felt responsible for befriending her and because of it, Liz and Kyle had suffered.

“Izzy, I’m sorry,” Michael said, seeing her reaction to his anger. “You had nothing to do with how Tess acted. She was messed in the head.”

She nodded, but it didn’t help. Tess had been deranged and under the influence of Kivar when she hurt Liz and Kyle. Sighing, she knew that didn’t change the way she felt about Kymberly.

“She’s safe this way,” he said softly. “The less she knows, the easier it will be for her to go back to England and resume her life.”

Crossing her arms across her chest, Isabel leaned back in her chair with another sigh. Were any of them really safe with Kivar still alive?

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TrueLove~ I guess your going to have to wait to find out who Kymberly realy is!*tongue**big* As for Tess, she will be explained away later in the fic but I will tell you her fate is now being written in a story called What the Future May Hold in joyous detail.

This story takes place after Never Meant To Be? which you can find using this link: Never Meant To Be?

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Part 6

September 30, 2000

Dear Ma,

How are you? Are you having a good time at Harrieta's? Things here are different than at home, but I like the change. The Evanses are really nice and I’m getting along with Max and Isabel. They have introduced me to their friends and Isabel, Liz (she’s Max’s girlfriend) and Maria (Liz’s best friend) had me over to Liz’s last night for what they called girl’s night, and I have to tell you, it was like we were twelve year olds playing dress up! They did my hair and makeup and even got me into a dress, if you can imagine.

Later, we went downstairs to the restaurant Liz’s parents own and drove Michael, he’s Maria’s some what boyfriend, crazy. What a blast! I think Michael is a jerk, but Maria likes him, go figure. Love is truly blind.

I do have a question to ask, though. Do you know if my Mother was born in Boston or is that where she was living when she met Dad? I know he told me that she didn’t have contact with her family, but I keep getting this strange feeling of deja vu when I meet new people around here and Dad did tell me she had a touch of the sight, so any info would be helpful.

I’m going to head off to bed now, big day tomorrow. Max said he had something planned for me, but he wouldn't let me know until the morning, so I better get some sleep. I’ll call you on Thursday after school, around 10:00 p.m. your time.

Love you!


Folding the letter, Kymberly put it into the envelope and sealed it shut. She hoped Emma could enlighten her about the origins of her birth mother. These strange vision and feelings of recognition she had been having the past week was getting on her nerves.

Her Father had always been closed mouth about birth mother, saying Emma was her real Mother, but Kymberly had weaseled small tidbits out of him over the years. He let it slip one night after having a few too many at the pub, that it was a shame that Debra hadn't been buried in Boston. Emma had commented that Debra was lucky to have not been put in pauper’s grave and that William did everything he could for his scapegrace of a wife. Her father had become angry at Emma and they didn’t speak for almost a week afterward.

When they had made up, Kymberly had come home earlier than expected and her herd father explaining why he didn’t hate Debra for leaving him and the baby.

“She had a lot going on,” he had explained. “She told me from the beginning that she was never cut out to be a wife and mother, but she loved me, so she tried. It was her legacy, you see. She was from a long line of women who had something they called the sight, and it had always made life miserable for her.”

“That’s no excuse to hide off with no good Barney,” Emma had said. “If she loved you so much, she would have stayed and tried to make things work.”

William had shook his head but remained silent. Kymberly must have made a noise then, because his head had jerked up and he saw her peeing around the door casing. Giving her a sad smile, he held out his arms and she had ran into them. Six months later he was dead of heart failure at the age of forty-eight.

Clicking off the light on the desk, Kymberly climbed into bed and let out a sigh. She had so many unanswered questions and no one able to help he with them. You could ask Kyle, the little voice in her head said. She snorted. Sure, I’ll say, ‘Hey Kyle, my real mother was a raving lunatic, want to come an help me find out more about her?’ That would go over well.

Closing her eyes, she focused on what Max might have planned to get back at her for his sore behind. Putting her pillow over her face to stifle her laughter, she couldn’t get the picture of Liz caressing his behind in sympathy while he groaned in pain.


“You can’t be serious?” Kymberly asked as Max pulled away from the front of the house.

“Dead serious,” he replied, giving her a quick grin.

“And Liz agreed to go along with this?”

“Oh yeah. She said her and her Dad did it last year and it was fantastic.”

“No. I’m not doing it. There is no way your going to make me jump off the side of a perfectly good cliff.”

“We’ll see,” he replied and continued driving into town.


“Where is he taking her?” Michael asked Maria, when she joined him for breakfast at the Crashdown.

“They’re going para gliding,” she replied. “He wants to get back at her for the horse back riding thing.”

“All he had to do was heal himself,” he said.

“Wait, you were the one who told him not to let her see him use his powers,” she chided him. “Kymberly saw that his butt was hurting and if he was miraculously healed, she would wonder about it.”

“I guess,” he conceded. “I still think he’s crazy to spend so much time with her.”

“Why do you find it so hard to see that she’s nice? It was pure chance that she was placed with Evanses, not a conspiracy. Do you have to be suspicious of everyone?”

Closing his eyes, he let out sigh. Opening them he gave her a penetrating stare. “Tess seemed innocent too.”

Maria blinked at him a few times, then lowered her gaze. “I know, but she wasn’t human,” she said softly.

“How do we know Kymberly is?”

“We don’t,” she replied. “But the odds are stacked against her not being.”

“I for one, am not getting caught with my pants down again,” he vowed and left her siting in the booth staring at his retreating back.


“I’m not going,” Kymberly stated, crossing her arms over her chest and hooking her feet around the seat supports of the Jeep’s back seat.

“Come on Kymberly,” cajoled Liz. “It’s fun.”

“Ha! I’d rather not, thank you.”

“Suit yourself,” Max said, zipping up a wind breaker. “I’ve already paid for three, but hey, it’s only money.”

Kymberly sneered at him. How dare he try to make her feel guilty about blowing his money! She didn’t ask to, so it’s his own stupid fault!

Liz shrugged at her stern expression. Grabbing Max’s hand, the couple walked over to a man waiting by a large box truck.

Max said a few words in greeting, then pointed in her direction. Pretending not to notice, she flipped her hair over her shoulders and raised her face to he morning sun. Closing her eyes, she decided to try and analyze her budding feelings for one Kyle Valenti.

He was so not her type that she had to wonder why she found him so fascinating. Unusually she fell for the rebel without a cause type, not that Dowlais had many ot those, but Kyle was just the opposite. Or so she first thought.

His intelligence had surprised her. Granted, it was normally hidden behind his dumb jock demeanor, but when it shone thru, she was delighted. Her few conversations with him had shown a side few ever saw.

She had hoped that he might have asked her out this weekend, but he had an away game last night and wouldn’t be back until late and he had somehow gotten wind of the torture Liz, Maria and Isabel had planned and done on friday night, so the weekend had been a washout in that perspective.

“Hey Kymberly, what are you doing here?” rang a voice in the silent morning air.

Opening her eyes, she turned and saw the object of her musings. “Kyle?” she asked, holding a hand to her brow, shielding her eyes from the glare.

“The one and only,” he laughed.

“Are you going to introduce me to this lovely lady, or will I have to do it myself?” asked a man coming around what Kymberly now noticed was a police vehicle.

“Sure Dad,” Kyle replied, clasping him on the shoulder. “Kymberly, this is my father, Sheriff James Valenti. Dad, this is Kymberly Blake, she’s an exchange student from England.”

“My pleasure,” the sheriff replied, slipping off his mirrored sun glasses.

“Thank you,” she said, hiding her surprise that Kyle was the Sheriff’s son.

“Are you here to go ‘gliding too?” Jim asked, looking toward the waiting truck.

“Max and Liz wanted me to, but I told them God wanted me to keep my feet planted firmly on the the ground,” she explained.

“Nonsense,” Jim scoffed. “this is mine and Kyle’s third trip and I have to say, I’ve been excited all week.”

Kyle flashed his father a grin and asked, “Liz and Max are going?”

“Yeah, Liz’s dad made her do this last year and she actually agreed to do it again, if you can imagine,” she said with a shutter.

Kyle smiled at her response. “If your not planing to fly, you should at least come for the ride. The view from the top is incredible.”

Raising an eyebrow in doubt, she looked over at the large rock formation in distance and could tell from that vantage point, she would be able to see for miles. Grabbing her bag, she jumped over the back rail of the Jeep. Walking toward the awaiting truck, she called over her shoulder, “You guys coming or what?”

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Opps! I posted part 6 twice so I guess I'll put part 7 up now too *happy*

Part 7

The ride up the mesa was tension filled when Liz and Max found out who else would be accompanying them on the excursion. Kymberly tried to make conversation for all of them, but it usually ended up with Max and Liz answering or Kyle and his father. The jerking stop of the truck brought a sense of relief to her and she was the first off the truck when the driver lowered the tailgate.

Awaiting them on the top of the mesa were four men and their equipment. Each person would be tandem gliding with a expert. Guess mine’s going solo, she thought.

“Pretty impressive, huh?” Kyle asked, placing his chin on her shoulder.

Kymberly looked past the waiting men and took in the landscape extending to the horizon. “Bloody hell,” she whispered and grabbed for his hand.

Giving it a squeeze he asked, “Are you sure you don’t want to try para gliding? The view is even better.”

Shaking her head, she replied, “No. It will be fun to watch you guys.”

Pecking her quickly on the check, he stepped back at the approach of the others and said, “I’ll see you at the bottom then.”


Liz was the first to take off and Kymberly had to admit that it was pretty impressive. Liz and her instructor fanned the wing out behind them and on three, started running and before they got to the edge of the cliff, they were airborne and the pilot had them gliding out over the plain below.

Since Kyle and his father had taken the two day course, they were allowed to go solo and Kymberly would always remember the look on Kyle’s face when he took off. She didn’t believe anyone could have been more fervent.

After Jim set off, Max was ready to take the plunge. Snapping on a zoom lens to her camera, Kymberly prepared to catch Max’s expression for posterity. Swallowing hard, Max told his instructor he was ready and off they went. Kymberly’s finger flashed over the shutter button and had to admit, if he was afraid, he hid it well. It wasn’t until he had made a few spirals that he let out a whoop of joy and called to her, “Kymberly, get you butt up here, it’s fantastic!”

“Miss, are you sure you don’t want to join your friends?” asked the last of the trainers.

“No, I’m all set,” she replied. I’ll meet them at the bottom."

Shrugging his shoulders, he put on his helmet and straightened out the lines to his wing. Giving the truck driver a salute, he took a running leap and was pulled up by a thermal rising up the side of the mesa from the rapidly warming plain.

Going to the edge, she finished the roll with scenes of the rolling landscape and of the others spiraling down to the scrub dotted plain below. “If you want to catch them before they land, we should go now,” the driver said and indicated for her to get into front with him for the ride down.

Picking up her bag, Kymberly slipped the lens cover on and place the camera back into it’s bag for safe keeping. Climbing in the cab, she clicked on her seat belt and said. “All set.”

The driver started up the engine and pulled a u-turn to start back down the winding track to the where the cars waited. Half way down, Kymberly noticed that David, the driver, was having trouble keeping the truck from speeding up and making the turns slowly. “Is there something wrong?” she asked, concerned.

Wiping the sweat from his brow, he clamped his hand back on the wheel and replied, “The brakes feel a little squishy. But don’t worry, we’re almost down.”

Looking out her window, Kymberly was facing out over the edge,the ground far beneath them and asked, “Are we going to make it one piece?”

“No problem,” he replied then yelled, “Son of a bitch! The petal’s too the floor. Hang on!”

Throwing her hands against the dashboard, she braced herself against the forward motion of the rapidly speeding vehicle. “Oh my God, we’re going to crash!” she screamed and closed her eyes as the last turn of the switch back rushed toward them.

There was a moment of weightlessness that reminded Kymberly of the feeling you get when your in the last car of a roller coaster and you are just topping the big hill and her stomach turned. Squeezing her eyes tighter, she waited for the impending crash and when they did hit the bottom, her head was flung against the window and smashed thru the glass, sending her into oblivion.


The adrenaline pumping thru Kyle’s veins made his heart race and he felt ready to jump out of his skin. The exhilaration of floating 1200 feet above the ground with birds flying below him was a rush and he wished Kymberly was there with him. Barking out a laugh, he shook his head as an image ot the raven haired beauty flashed thru his skull.

From the first moment he saw her walk into the Crashdown with Max, he hadn’t been able to get her off his mind. She filled every other moment of his day and it was affecting his life dramatically. If it wasn’t for her, he might have actually cared if the football team won or lost last night. His trip with his Dad this morning was suppose to get her out of his thoughts, but there she was, lounging in the back of the Jeep, basking like a lioness in the morning sunlight.

Cutting to the left, he angled his wing to try and get sight of her, but what he saw was the box truck careening down the side of the mesa, out of control. Spinning his head around, he saw his father was off to his right and cried out to him. “DAD! DAD!”

Jim was enjoying his slow decent when he heard his son calling from slightly below him. Ducking to see thru the lines holding him to the florescent orange wing above, he saw his son trying to point at something, without releasing the steering ropes.

“Over there! The truck, the truck!”

Hearing the word truck, Jim scanned the winding track down the side of the hill and watched with horror as the green vehicle picked up speed and shot off the edge of the road. Being top heavy the truck slowly summersaulted twice before slamming into the hard earth.



“Ready to land?” Colin asked from behind Liz’s right ear.

“All set,” she replied and bent her knee’s slightly as they slowly approached the ground.

Dropping to her feet, she took a step and felt Colin plant his feet and lean slightly forward. Looking over her shoulder, she saw their wing drop to the ground. Raising her arms, she let Colin unleash her before she tried to see where Max and his tandem partner Buzz were in the sky.

“Holy Shit!” Colin yelled and Liz spun to see what was the matter.

Because of the helmet and the wind racing past their ears, neither one of them had heard the truck land in a crumpled heap a quarter of a mile away from them at the base of the mesa. Putting her hand over her mouth, Liz held back the scream that was building in her throat and watched as the truck burst into flame.

“Get out of the way!” screamed Kyle and Liz had to duck as he came racing toward them. Landing with a little skip, Kyle released himself from the lines and as he ran, he grappled with the strap holding the helmet to his head.

Jim landed about a hundred yards away and as soon as his feet touched the ground, he raced after his son. Passing Liz he cried, “Get Max!” and was gone.

Turning to Colin she asked, “Can you get Buzz on that radio?” He nodded and she commanded, “Get them down here, now!”

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Part 8

By the time the fire fighters made it out to the burning truck, all that was left was a smoldering shell. Liz and Max sat next to Kyle on the ground, in a daze. How can a day that started out so perfect, end up like shit? Max asked the universe. He didn’t get an answer.

“How you guys doing?” Jim asked, squatting in front of teenagers.

Max raised his gaze from the ground and looked up at the Sheriff. “As well as could be expected,” he replied, giving Liz’s hand a squeeze.

“I’m so sorry about your friend,” Jim began then stopped when he saw the pain flair in Kyle’s eyes.

Standing back up, the Sheriff ran a hand thru his hair and tried to figure out something to say to his son. Despite everything that had happened this past summer, he and Kyle had begun to become friends and he didn’t want that to end. Looking down at his grieving child, he heard his name being called.

“Sheriff! Sheriff over here!” Hanson called and waved both of his hands over his head.

Glad for the reprieve, Jim jogged toward his deputy. When he had almost reached him, Hanson cried, “My God, she alive!”

Jim felt his heart begin to speed up and dashed the last few yards to see what Hanson was looking at. On the ground behind a large rock lay the body of the girl Jim had met only hours before. “Go get the ambulance!” he commanded and dropped to his knees next to Kymberly. Hanson hesitated and Jim screamed, “Get the God damn ambulance!”


“Well, is it true? Has it been confirmed?” Je-An asked her husband as he came down the hall toward her. The sadden look on his face gave her all the answers she needed. “By the Gods,” she whispered in horror.

Collecting his beloved wife into his arms, Thad hugged her tightly. Looking over her head, he saw his last child and only daughter sitting on the floor of the drawing room playing with the doll her eldest brother had brought back for her from his trip to Antar.

“The Texts have collaborated her ‘seeing’. In thirteen years, the House of Molari will fall and Lilyanya will be the catalyst for it’s demise,” he said softly.

“What-what about the Gikar boy she spoke of? Can we find a way to remove him and avert disaster?” Je-An pleaded.

“Mother, you know we can’t do that,” Lilyanya said from behind them.

Looking down at the beaming face of their child, Thad was startled by the acceptance he saw reflected there. “What do you mean?” he asked.

”I’ve had a true seeing,” she replied. “What I saw will come to pass one way or another, but Kivar is the lesser of two evils. If Zan is allowed to rule, the Collective will be destroyed and all our planets, enslaved”

“I don’t understand,” her Mother said. “Prince Zan shall be out greatest hope.”

“Not as he is now. Only Kivar of Gikar will be able to defeat the menace that is coming, though he will bring chaos with his reign. His life is needed and must be protected at all costs.”

Giving her parents another smile, she shrugged one shoulder and walked back to the case of clothes sitting on the floor. Pulling out a new outfit, she began dressing Kymberly for tea.

Whispering to her new toy, Lilyanya said, “I’ll have to see if Mother will make you a new dress when we go and meet Princess Vilandra next month. We must all look our best, if the Queen is to allow us to stay and be the Princess’s friend.”


“Oh my God, Dad, is she alive?” cried Kyle as he ran toward his Father.

It had been Liz who noticed the ambulance circle the burnt truck and she asked, “What’s going on over there.?”

Max had got to his feet and said, “I think someone is over there.”

Liz got up and shielded her eyes from the sun to see better. As she watched, the paramedics slid a board under something then slowly placed it on the stretcher. An errant breeze stirred the person's hair and she saw the black curls clearly. “It’s Kymberly!” she cried.

Hearing Kymberly’s name, Kyle shot up and asked, “Where?” Looking all around, he saw his father and the ambulance and ran off toward them.


“Your Highness,” Lilyanya murmured, making the curtsy her nanny had been drilling into her for the last week.

The pale girl before her looked down at the mop of unruly curls and smiled The Queen had told her about Lilyanya Osis and she had been on pins and needles until her arrival. Finally, Vilandra would have a friend who would be accepted as an equal, unlike the palace servant’s children, who were beneath her, or so she was told. In her eyes, a person was a person, no matter what their station.

“Oh do stand up,” she laughed, grabbing the girls hands. “I have so much to show you!”

Smiling up at her new friend, Lilyanya replied, “I can’t wait. Let’s go!”


“Anything?” Max asked walking into the hospital room.

Liz looked up from her book and shook her head. “I’m beginning to realize what Maria and Alex went thru after I got shot.”

Giving her a sad smile, he pulled up a chair and sat next to her. “The Exchange Student Counsel called this morning. They are still having trouble finding her Mother. They said something about how the address Mrs. Blake gave them doesn’t exists or something.” he remarked bewildered.

“That’s weird. Didn’t they send someone out there to look?” Liz asked.

Shrugging his shoulders, he replied, “Who knows. I just hope for Kymberly’s sake, they can find her.” Holding up an envelope he said, “This came for her today. It’s from her Mother.”

Taking it from him, Liz looked at the postage stamp. “It’s dated two days before the accident.”

“Yeah. Mom thought we could read it to her, it might help.”

“It couldn’t hurt,” Liz said, slitting the envelope and pulling out the sheet of paper. Clearing her throat, she began reading:

My Dearest Daughter,

Oh how I miss you! I know that things haven’t been the best between us lately and I am sorry for it. Ever since your Father past away, it has been tough for me to show emotion like when he was here. It seems that when he died, my heart went with him.

Listen to me! Here I am going on and on and I have yet to ask how you are faring. How are the Colonies? Are the Evans treating you well?

I understand why you haven't telephoned and it is a blessing that you have not. There is something wrong with Mother. Two days into my stay, she got the notion to renovate Daddy’s study. She brought in some workers and had them tear down that beautiful bookcase opposite the windows and behind them a secret door was revealed.

When it was finally opened, we found a small room filled with journals. After reading a few, Mother locked herself in her room and refused to come out. I have begged her to tell me what was wrong, to no avail.

I was at my whit’s end until this morning, when she came to visit me in my room. She had one of the journals clutched to her chest and she had been crying. When I finally got her calmed enough to speak, all she said was that I needed to read the book. Leaving her in the chair by the fireplace, I began.

To say that I was shocked was an understatement. In this journal, my Father had written of his life before meeting Mother and it told a tale filled with treachery and deceit. He apparently was not from the good family he told Mother about, but really from a band of people called the Irish Travelers.

Now in this day and age, no one would care, but you know how Mother is. Reputation is everything and if any of this came to light, she believed would be ruined. She thinks that she will be shunned by her friends and family and become an outcast in society.

Considering what has been happening in the Royal Family, our little secret is child’s play. I know I am the bearer of bad tidings, but I thought you needed to know what was happening and I implore you not to call. I will find some way to leave the house and contact you as soon an I am able.

Please remember that I love you and miss you very much.

Yours truly,


ps. I’m so glad I didn’t send this out with the afternoon post! I have begun reading all of Daddy’s books and found something of interest in the last one. It told of him meeting with William and how your father asked for my hand in marriage! Daddy stated that he was impressed with William and that he readily agreed, even though he had to act outraged for his wife’s benefit.
Also, I found that Father had done a back ground check on Will and his first wife, your Mother. It said that Debra wasn’t born in Boston, like we thought, but was brought there after the death of her mother in NEW MEXICO! Her maiden name was Langly and she was born in Santa Fe. I hope this helps. Love Ma.

Liz finished and slowly lowered the paper to her lap. “Poor Kymberly,” she said.

Max sat for a few minutes before responding. “She’s an orphan, like me,” he said softly.

Liz reached over and took his hand. Together, they sat while the sun lowered slowly in the sky.

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Part 9

”Who’s that?” Lonnie asked in an excited whisper. “He’s so handsome!”

Lilyanya looked up from her embroidery to where her friend’s gaze was riveted and suppressed a smile.
So you’ve finally reared your beautiful head, she thought. It has begun. Aloud she replied, “That your Highness, is Kivar of the House Gikar.”

“Kivar” the Princess said, the name like honey on her lips.

“Have you so readily forgotten Rath?” he friend chided her.

“Oh poo!” she scoffed. “We may be betrothed in the eyes of the court, but to me, he is like another brother. He and I have spoken and we have decided that the marriage could never take place. It would be like me marrying Zan!”

Lilyanya silently thanked the gods for sparing Rath’s heart. Under the tough exterior he showed the world, lay a tender and caring man. One of her biggest fears was that he would be scarred forever to love.

“To tell you the truth,” Vilandra confided, “he told me yesterday that he has met someone. She is from a minor House, but any fool could see he’s smitten.”

“Your are many things that I’m too polite to mention, my friend, but never a fool,” Lilyanya laughed and received a pinch for her jest. “Ow!”

“Will he be at the masque tonight, do you think?” the Princess asked, rubbing Lilyanya’s bruised flesh.

“Undoubtedly,” Lilyanya said. “It’s being thrown in his honor.”

“Oh you!” Vilandra cried and and when Kivar turned to look their way, she hid her smile behind her hand.

Giving the boy a small smile, Lilyanya stood with a shake of her skirts. “Come Princess,” she said in a haughty voice. “We must be away to prepare for tonight's festivities. Your swan costume has arrived and we must check the fit.”

With a slight nod of his head, Kivar accepted the hint and walked toward the other end of the garden. He would have to remember to reward the chit for the discloser of the Princess’ costume.


“Do you think we can find out anything about her mother?” Liz asked Alex as they were sitting down for lunch.

“I don’t know,” he replied. “We don’t have much to go on.”

“I know, but it seemed important to her and I hate just sitting here doing nothing.”

“Believe me, I understand.”

She shot him a smile and replied, “By the way, did I ever thank you for hanging out with me for six weeks?”

“No, but it was a given seeing your one of my best friend,” he said, throwing a napkin at her. “Anyway, Maria wouldn’t have let me get away with it.”

“Thanks a lot!”

“Getting back to the subject at hand, did you talk to Max about this?”

“Do I have to run everything by Max first?”

“No, but since you two are joined at the hip, I wanted to get his view on it.”

Looking down at her lunch, Liz refused to meet his gaze. Picking up a chip, she replied, “I haven’t actually said anything to him about it, but I know when I do, he’s going to think it’s fine.”

“And you plan on telling him when?”

“After we find out about her?”

Sighing, he asked, “I’m going to regret this, aren’t I?”

“Not necessarily,” she replied, “but in the mean time, let’s keep this between the two of us, ‘kay?”


“May I have this dance?” the Hunter asked the Swan before him.

With a quick glance at the Owl beside her, the Swan rose and accepted his outstretched hand.

Leading her to the dance floor, Kivar placed his hands upon the waist of the elegant Swan. “I’ve hunted your kind before,” he said softly.

“So I’ve heard,” she replied.

“Swan’s are an elusive bird. With that gleaming coat of white feathers and slim neck, your species is prized by many.”

Lowering her gaze, Vilandra could see the double meaning of his words glowing in his eyes and it sent a shiver though her. Never before has such a handsome man make her feel so alive.

Being the Princess, she was use to having comments about her beauty brandied about like leaves in the fall, but she knew as well, that those who gave them were trying to gain favor and were not sincere. She was unsure of the man before her.

This Hunter made her feel as her existence was for his enjoyment alone and that the rest of the world was unimportant. Here was a man she could love and he someone who could return that love tenfold. She must remember to speak with her parents about Rath and the betrothal.

“Such deep thoughts,” Kivar said, lifting her chin with his finger. “Have I frightened you with the tools of my trade?”

Flicking the quiver full of swan feathered arrows, Vilandra laughed and replied, “The bow and arrow are one thing, but staffs are much more efficient, don’t you think?”


“Hi Kymberly,” Kyle said as he sat next to the bed and picked up her limp hand.
The doctor told him that he should talk to her, let her hear his his voice, so he had. Everyday since the accident, Kyle could be found by her side every free moment he had.

Coach Parrow wasn’t too happy with his performance over the last three weeks, but he didn’t care. Kymberly was more important to him than football and if that cost him a scholarship, too bad. His guilt for not having spent this much time while Liz was in her coma had surfaced, but Liz had reassured him that it didn't matter, she understood.

“You know you were right,” he told the unmoving girl. “all you had to do is see Max and Liz together to realize they were meant to be. We broke up on good terms, but I still was resentful that she practically ran into Max’s arms like the next day. Not really good for the ego, you understand.”

Running his finger over her pale flesh, he tried to keep the frustration out of his voice. The Doctor told him that Kymberly’s chances of ever waking were fifty-fifty and until she did, they wouldn’t be able to assess the damage her head wound had caused. So much for eight years of collage and med. school, he thought. The weatherman could have made a better prediction. Max was just as useless. He had said there was nothing for him to repair.

“I bet your wondering why I’ve been spending so much time here,” he continued. “To tell you the truth, your guess would be as good as mine. I don’t think I have ever felt this way about a girl before, not even Liz. You just, I don’t know, got under my skin and I can’t get you out. I want to protect you and take care of you. Sounds stupid huh? We’ve only know each other for a month and out of that we’ve only spoken a handful of times, but it doesn’t matter. When I look at you, it’s like we’ve know each other forever.”

Picking up an errant curl, he held it to his nose and inhaled her fresh scent. Please wake up, he implored. Please.


“Who is this most beguiling bird of the night?” Lilyanya heard next to her, but she was hard pressed to remove her gaze from the Swan and the Hunter on the the dance floor.

“And as indifferent as the fowl she portrays,” remarked another voice and Lilyanya knew she could not ignore it’s rich tones.

“My lord,” she replied, bending her head in reverence.

“How many times must I bid you not to call me that!” Prince Zan exclaimed. “I get enough of that from the rest of the fools in court, I do not need it from my sister’s best friend.”

A smile played upon her lips as she said, “As you wish.”

Throwing up his hands, he said to his companion, “Joral, maybe you can tame this wild creature.”

“Joral?” Lilyanya asked, he eyes snapping to the Prince’s friend. “Is it really you?”

“I told you I would hunt you down and find you,” he said seriously, remembering their last meeting.

“But why?” Joral whined, hanging upside down by his legs from a tree branch.

Shaking her head in disgust, she gave him a dirty look and replied, “I’m not going to tell you again. I just have to go and that’s final.”

“Why can’t I come with you? We’ve been best friends since we were born.”

“Don’t you think I want you to come with me? I have begged and begged, but they keep saying no. There’s nothing I can do.”

“I’ll come after you, ya know. No matter where you are in the universe, I’ll find you.”

Giving him a sad smile she replied, “I’m counting on it.”

Throwing her arms out, Lilyanya threw herself into his arms with a cry. Ripping off her mask, she tried to untie his. “Wait a minute, or your going to behead me!” he said and stilled her hands.

Fidgeting, she could hardly wait the five seconds it took him to reveal his darling face. As the mask fell away, Lilyanya saw the man she had glimpsed reflected in his features, when they were children. “Oh Joral!”

“I take it you know each other?” Prince Zan asked humorously.

“Yeah, you could say that,” Joral replied around the squirming figure in his arms.


“Don’t worry my love,” Kivar reassured Vilandra, “we are quite alone.”

Lonnie let out a sigh of relief and threw her arms around him. “I thought I would never loose him,” she complained.

“Your brother picked his watchdog well,” he commented. “Zan doesn’t like me.”

“Nonsense. He doesn’t know you as well as I do.”

Running his tongue across her ear, he had to agree. No man would ever get as close to him as his sweet Vilandra. He had been her first and it had come as a surprise, since she was betrothed to Rath, who was know for his carnal appetites. Her virginity was just another tie to bind his little princess to him.

“As long as you love me, sweet, I have no need for your brother’s approval.”

“’Til the day I die,” she vowed, letting her head fall back and allowing him greater access to her throat.

Grinning, Kivar gave the little slut what she wanted.

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Part 10

“Alex! Hey Alex!” Max called, quickening his pace down the hall.

Alex stopped and looked back at the figure approaching. He let out a groan and hoped he had the balls to lye to Max’s face. He knew that LIz had not talked to him yet about finding Kymberly’s birth mother and he felt like a schmuck for going behind his back.

“Hey Max.”

“Do you have a second?” Max asked. “I wanted to talk to you about something.”

“Uh, sure, what’s up?”

Grabbing his arm, Max pulled him into an empty class room and closed the door. Un-slinging his backpack, Max rifled thru it for a moment and when he found what he was looking for said, “Here it is!”

“Here what is?” Alex asked, feeling relived that he wasn’t going to confront him about his search for Kymberly’s birth mother.

Holding out a book, Max asked, “What do you make of this?”

Taking it, Alex flipped open the small volume and tried to read what was written there. Turning it upside down, the letters made about the same sense. “What is this?”

“I don’t know,” Max admitted. “I found it in Kymberly’s room and thought it was odd.”

“Odd isn’t the word. What language is this?”

“That’s why I wanted you to see this,” Max said. “I was hoping you could tell me.”

“Not off the top of my head,” Alex stated. “Why were you in Kymberly’s room?” he asked, knowing she wouldn’t like the invasion of of her privacy.

“I was hoping to find out something more about her birth mother.”

I should have guessed, Alex thought. They share the same brain! “How about you let me check a few things and get back to you,” he suggested.

“Great, but could you not tell Liz about this. She might not understand.”

Wanna bet? “Sure, no problem,” Alex replied. “I’ll let you know if I find anything.”


“Joral, wait!” Lilyanya called, running to catch up with him.

“Did you see the Princess come this way?” he asked looking down the dim corridor.

“No,” she lied, “I left her in her rooms ten minutes ago.”

Quirking an eyebrow at her, he asked, “And why haven’t you found your bed yet?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” she flirted. “Maybe I was hoping to run into a tall dark stranger in the hallway.”

Growling, he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her against his taunt body. “As long as it’s me,” he said.

“Who else,” she replied before his lips came crushing down on hers.


“Okay, I’m here,” Liz said as she walked into Alex’s bedroom and stopped short when she saw Max and Isabel sitting on the window seat. “What are you guys doing here?”

“Nice to see you too,” Isabel said, softening her words with a grin.

“I didn’t mean...”

“We know what you meant,” Max said, getting up and going over to her. Taking her hand, they sat on the end of Alex’s bed.

“As I was saying,” Alex continued, flashing Liz a smile, “I’ve found out some things and I thought I would be easier if I could tell you all together.”

“Tell us what?” Isabel asked.

“Well you know about the book Max gave me,” he said looking at her, then turned to look at Liz, “and they both know about the letter Kymberly’s mother sent , so I thought you all should know about the different projects I’ve been working on.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Iz asked, totally confused.

“I asked Alex...” Both Liz and Max said at the same time, then laughed.

“You go first,” Max said.

“Okay,” she replied. “About two weeks ago, I asked Alex if he could help me find out about Kymberly’s birth mother. I was sick of not being able to help her, and I thought that if we find out what she was looking for, it would help when she wakes up.”

“And I found a book in her room that was written in a strange language and asked him if he could find out what it meant and hopefully it might lead to her Mom,” Max admitted.

Turning to Alex, Liz said, “You knew we were both trying to find her mother and you didn’t say anything?”

“You asked me not to say anything to the other,” he reminded her and he saw them both look disconcerted. “I thought the time was right to bring everyone together so we could figure out what the hell was going on.”

“You found out what the book said?” Isabel asked, ignoring the sad sight of her brother giving Liz puppy dog eyes.

“It’s weird really,” Alex said. “I faxed a few pages of the book to this professor of dead languages I found on the internet and he told me to try this other guy and after he looked at the writings, he told me to contact the head of the Pueblo Indian Tribal committee who referred me to a guy who told me that the writing is an ancient version of Mescalero Apache.”


“Anya, I need your advice,” Vilandra said, walking into the sitting room. Closing the door behind her, she approached her friend and knelt on the floor at her feet.

Lilyanya had never seen her friend so upset. Dropping her handiwork, she collected Lonnie’s hands in to her own and ask, “Dear heart, what’s the matter?”

Tears spilled down the Princess’s cheeks and she replied, “I’ve just spoken with Mother. She had refused to break off the betrothal with Rath.”

“I thought Rath has a new love?”

“He did, but something happened and now Zan has convinced him that for the good of the Collective, we should be married,” she wailed.

Lilyanya felt her blood begin to boil at Rath’s stupidity. He knew Lonnie was in love with some one else, though not who, so how dare he do this to her friend! “Do you want me to speak with him? Maybe I can get him to see reason.....”

“It’s no use! King Zan has ordered it, so it shall be,” Lonnie sneered, the contempt for her brother obvious. “Just because he married for political reasons, doesn’t mean I should.”

Lilyanya had to agree with her. Queen Ava was nice enough, but all she worried about were her hair and staying in current fashion, the silly little priss. “Have you told Kivar?”

“How can I? This will destroy him!”

I wouldn’t bet my life on that, Lilyanya thought cynically. This will only mean that he has to push his plans ahead. “Would you like me to tell him?” she suggested.

“Would you? Oh, Anya, you are the best friend in the whole world!”


“What is a girl from England doing with a book written in a language that Indians no longer use?” asked Isabel.

“Good question,” Max said. “Oh, by the way, I found this receipt on the floor next to the bed, but forgot to show it to you.” Pulling out his wallet, he handed the piece of paper to Alex.

“Well apparently she bought the book here,” Alex said looking at the time stamp on the top of the receipt. “On September 24, actually. Didn’t she go to a bookstore that day? The one down the street from the Crashdown?”

“Yeah,” Liz said. “That’s where her and Kyle became friends.”

“I’d say they were more than friends,” commented Isabel. “He’s at the hospital every day.”

“The guy from the Tribal committee wanted to the see the book, so I’m going out there on Sunday.” Alex said.

Max and Liz nodded in unison and Liz asked, “What did you find out about Debra?”

“That’s strange too,” Alex replied. “I tried searching everything I could think of and the only reference I could find about a family called Langly in New Mexico is a guy in Ruidoso. I called him and he told me that Debra was his daughter, but she disappeared eighteen years ago.’

“You actually called him?” Isabel asked, shocked at his brashness.

“I told him that I was a private investigator from Boston,” Alex said, proud of his discovery.

“And he bought it?”

Scowling at her, Alex was happy that she loved him, cuz that last remark would have hurt. “Yes. It’s not like he actually saw a seventeen year old in front of his face.”

“True,” she conceded. “Did he tell you anything else?”

“I asked about her mother and he said she was living in a commune outside of Dexter.”

“Wait, didn’t Mrs. Blake say that Debra moved to Boston after the death of her mother? How can she be living on a commune in southeast New Mexico?” Liz pondered.

“I don’t know,” Alex replied, shrugging his shoulders, “but Dexter is only a half an hour away and this commune has a farmer’s market every Sunday. Iz and I will go to the reservation while you and Max look up Kymberly’s grandmother.”

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Part 11

“The King has commanded that she marry Rath,” Lilyanya said to the figure in the shadows.

“There is nothing you can do to change his mind?” he asked.

“What would you have me do?” she spat.

“Spread those milky white thighs for him,” he proposed.

“You bastard!”

Stepping into the gloomy light, Kivar struck her with the back of his hand. Not giving her a moment to recover, he delivered a punch into her belly which sent her to her knees. “I suggest you keep a civil tongue in that head of yours,” he sneered. “I don’t need you anymore. Vilandra will do what ever I say, without your help.”

Groaning, she spit blood from her mouth and said, “Your only the lesser of two evils, Kivar. Remember that.”

Laughing, he gave her a kick to the ribs and replied, “And you remember that it was your doing that put us all here. Didn’t it ever cross your mind to get rid of the Menace, as you call them, before they had a chance to attack? You could have spent the last thirteen years on strategies, but you bet everything on me. One must reap what thy sow, my lady.”

Tipping his hat at her, Kivar walked off into the unlit garden while Lilyanya cried for who she knew not.


“What is it about you that makes me come back here time and time again?” Kyle asked the girl next to him. “I say to myself that today, I’m going to do something with they guys or catch the game on Tv, but somehow, I end up here. What kind of hold do you have over me?”


Lilyanya was walking across the courtyard when she felt someone grab her arm and she cried out in fright. Spinning, she let out a moan when she saw that it was Joral.

“Lilyanya, are you all right?” he asked noticing the dark smudges under her eyes. “You look tired.”

“I-I haven’t been getting much sleep lately,” she said truthfully. With Vilandra crying herself to sleep each night, Lilyanya had spent hers trying to comfort her.”

“You should be taking better care of yourself," he chided.

“There are more important things to be worrying about, Joral,” she snapped. “You’d be better off minding your own business.”

“You are my business! I promised your Mother that I would look after you.”

“Maybe if you stayed at home, they would be still alive,” she cried, the death of her parents still a festering wound after three months.

Joral recoiled at her words. The raid on their home village had been one of may on Srepmap. The only difference had been where the other towns were invaded and taken over, theirs had been burned to the ground with no survivors. “I know and I’m sorry,” he replied turning away.

“Bloody hell,” she spat. “Joral, I didn’t mean that! If you were there, you would have died too.”

Shaking his head, he refused to look at her. Walking over to him, she tilted his chin up with her fingers and said softly, “Don’t you know what you mean to me? I would be lost if you weren't here.”

Throwing her arms around him, she ignored the pain from her broken ribs, and hugged him tightly. Joral was only the latest of loved ones she had added to the list of people she had to betray to insure the survival of Antar.


“What about Michael and Maria?” Max asked.

“Maria knows what Alex and I have been doing and thinks it’s great,” Liz said, “but you know how Michael feels about Kymberly.”

“I know,” Isabel said. “For some reason he really hates her.”

“I’ve never seen Michael this way about a person. If he doesn’t like them he usually ignores them, but he has been bad talking her even while she’s been in the hospital,” Max said, disgusted with his friend.


“Rath, you must let her go,” Lilyanya implored to the stern faced man before her.

“She is to be my wife and that’s final,” he said coldly.

“Even if she’s isn’t a virgin?” she asked, knowing what it would do to him.

“Your lying.”

“I wish to the Gods I were.”

“Who was it?” he demanded. “Who was the bastard that did that to her?”

“She gave herself willingly, Rath. She loves him, can’t you understand that?”

“Love! Does that even exist? I think not.”

“She hurt you badly, that girl Kaylyn, didn’t she?”

Lilyanya saw a flash of pain cross his face before he restored the dispassionate expression he was known for. “She is nothing to me,” he stated.

“But she was,” she said. “What did she do to you to make your heart so cold?”

“Enough of this! You are going to tell me where Vilandra is hiding.”

“I can’t. She isn’t meant for you, my friend.” she said sadly.

“If you were my friend, you would tell me where they are. We’ve shared a lot these last thirteen years, you and I. I’d hate to see all that we’ve meant to each other end.”

“We both know I can’t. I’m sorry.”

“You know what this will do to Zan, don’t you?”

“Believe me, I know.”


“Oh, I didn’t know you would be here,” Michael said, stopping in the doorway when he saw Kyle sitting next to Kymberly’s hospital bed.

Kyle sat up straighter in his chair and replied, “Yeah well I been here more than home lately.”

“How-how is she?” Michael asked, uncomfortable.

“The same. What are you doing here, Michael?”

Running his hand thru his hair Michael flopped into one of the chairs and said, “I have no idea.”

“Alllll righty then.” Standing up, Kyle leaned over and placed a kiss on Kymberly’s cheek. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” he whispered. Giving Michael one last look, he said, “Later.” and left the room.

Leaning forward, Michael placed his arms on his knees and let his head hang. What was he doing there? There was no love lost between him and the girl in the bed and it was no secret that he thought she had something to hide. From the first moment he saw her, he had felt cold chills run down his spine and a burning rage in the pit of his stomach. He just knew that she would cause trouble for them and they needed to be weary of her.

Getting up to stand near the window, he asked the quiet room, “What do you want from us?”


Spinning, he wasn’t surprised to see Maria standing in the doorway. He joked how Liz and Max seemed to share the same brain, but he and Maria weren’t far behind. When ever he was troubled, she would find him and help the best she could. “Yeah?”

Holding up her hands, she replied, “I had a feeling you would be here, so I brought coffee.”

Taking the offered cup, he smiled down at the blonde. With his free hand, he caressed her soft cheek and was pleased when she leaned into his touch. “Where are the others?”

Smiling up at her brutish man, Maria said, “Max and Liz are gone to Dexter of all places and Alex and Isabel are gone out to Ruidoso.”


Seeing that it wouldn't do any good to lie to him, she pulled him over to the chairs and pushed him into one. Settling herself in the other, she took a sip of her coffee before answering, “Long story. It seems Kymberly came to America to track down her birth mother, who she thought was born in Boston, but things got screwed up and she ended up here. Anyway, her stepmother sent a letter a week or so ago and told her that she found out that Kymberly’s real Mom was born out here.

"Then Max found this book in her room and it had strange writing in it and he asked Alex to try to find out what it said. Liz had also asked Alex to see if he could find out anything about Debra Langly, Kymberly’s birth mother, and presto, the magical Alex found out that her grandfather lived in Ruidoso and he told Alex that his ex-wife lived in a commune outside of Dexter, but everyone had thought that she was dead and that was why Debra moved to Boston and met William Blake, Kymberly’s father, and the reason she originally want to go there.”

Sitting back in the chair, Maria tried to catch her breath and waited for the explosion she knew would come. It didn’t.

“And the reason no one wanted to fill me in is because of what I thought about her, right?” At Maria’s nod, he let out a sigh. “This is really screwed up, you know that? In the last five weeks, things have gone to hell and there has been nothing I could do to stop it.”

“Life’s sometimes like that, Michael, Not matter how much you plan, things get get out of control and all you can do is deal or get out of the way.”

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Part 12


Flinching at the sound of her own name, the woman turned from the window to face the man she had loved her entire life. “What is it Joral?” she asked.

Striding into the room, he came to a stop in front of her. “Is it true?”

“Is what true?”

“This is no time to start playing your silly games,” he spat, glaring at her.

“Yes, it’s true,” she replied softly, her eyes never leaving his.

“By all the Gods,” he whispered and turned away from her in disgust.

“I had no choice,” she said lamely.

“No? You of all people have had a choice, Lilyanya,” he retorted.

Shaking her head, she knew he would never understand. “Joral, what was it that you wanted?”

Swallowing his pride for the last time, he faced her and grabbed her hands. “Come away with me,” he pleaded. “It’s not too late. I have a ship waiting, we can be gone before anyone can stop us.”

Lilyanya’s heart thumped loudly in her chest and for a split second, she let herself believe what he was offering could come to pass. The thought of spending the rest of her days in his arms was something she had dreamed of for most of her life, but alas, it was destined to never be.

“Oh Joral, I can’t,” she cried, grasping his hands tightly.

“What power does he have over you?” he asked bitterly. “He was the man responsible for the death of your family, yet you still choose him over me.”

“You think I don’t know that? The very thought of him makes my skin crawl, but I don’t have any alternative. I must finish what I started.”

“He’ll betray her and everything she loves,” he predicted, letting go of her hands. “You’ll never make it out of here alive.”

“That’s why you must leave,” she reasoned. “Take your ship and go. Live the life you deserve.”

“It won’t mean anything without you,” he said softly. Taking a deep breath, he said louder. “I’ll stay with you. Maybe together we can both get out of here in one piece.”

“I knew you would say that,” she said to herself and tugged the bell pull. A moment later two of Joral’s officers came into the room and placed their hands on his arms. He stood still in their grasp.

Walking to him, Lilyanya place her hands on either side of his face and kissed him gently. “Until the next life,” she whispered against his cheek, then took a step back.

She nodded to his men and they began maneuvering him toward the door. “Remove you hands,” he commanded coldly.

The hands fell from his shoulders and he turned toward the doorway. As he reached the threshold, he stopped. Lowering his head, he shook it slowly and walked thru the double doors and out of her life.

Going out onto the balcony, Lilyanya watched Joral cross the courtyard below in that purposeful stride he had, even in childhood. Sensing her eyes on him, he looked up and the despair that he felt for her glowed in his beloved eyes.

Letting her tears fall unheeded, she watched the only man she could ever love step into the transport and shoot off to his waiting ship in the distance. Her hand raised of it’s own accord and she rifled off the salute that she had last used when they were mere children; in an unseen farewell.


“Wendy?” Liz called to a woman who was straightening out a display of eggplants. “Are you Wendy Langly?”

The older woman looked up and tilted her head to the side. “Well there’s a blast from the past,” she said. “I haven’t gone by the name Langly for over twenty years.”

“Are you Debra Langly’s mother,” Max asked, walking up to the cart.

“Your not here about Debbie,” the woman said. “Your here about her daughter.”

“How could you know that?” Liz whispered.

“It’s in the blood,” she replied. “My daughter had it too. Was the reason she ran off all those years ago. She didn’t want to face her legacy.”

“She’s dead,” Max said. “She died in England seventeen years ago.”

“Yes, I know.” she replied, unfazed. “ She knew about it too. From the age of ten, she knew, but she was determined not to let it ruin her life.”

“Couldn’t you stop it? If you knew, she could have stayed here and she could have been fine,” Liz said.

“That's not how it works when it a true seeing, child,” Wendy explained. “Whether she was here or there, the end would have been the same, except my granddaughter would have never been born and that would have been a tragedy.”

“She’s in the hospital in Roswell. She hurt her head and is in a coma,” Liz told her.

“That’s where she needs to be right now,” Wendy said, repositioning one of the eggplants. “She’ll wake up when the time is right and when she does, you’ll have the answers she’ll need to make everything come together.”

“What answers? I’m sorry, but I don’t understand,” Max said.

“Don’t worry, everything will be fine. I'm sorry but I need to get back to work. No lazy bones around here,” she said and went to speak with a customer.

Liz and Max looked at one another and realized that was all she was going to say. Muttering to himself in frustration he took Liz’s hand and started walking back to the car.

From over his shoulder her heard, “Tell Michael to take it easy on her. She did what she had to do, and because of her, he will have his vengeance.”

Spinning, Max looked to where they had left the old woman, but she was nowhere to be seen. Looking back at Liz, she shrugged her shoulders and said, “She’s gone.”


The palace shook again and Lilyanya had to brace herself against the wall to keep from falling again. Her knees and palms were already bloody from previous trips to the rubble covered floor.

One more hall and you’ll be there, she told herself and limped her way slowly down the once elegant thoroughfare. All that was left of the most direct route to the Royal apartments were torn tapestries and slashed portraits of the erstwhile Molari family that had served for a hundred generations as the beloved rulers of Antar.

Coming to a rotunda, she looked in all directions before darting around the fallen chandelier. The palace was again rocked to it’s foundations by a bolt of plasma and this time, there was nothing to stop her from being flung to the floor.

A searing pain shot thru her middle and it took her already ragged breath away. Regaining it slowly, she rolled carefully to her side and ran a hand down to where the pain was the strongest. Protruding from her abdomen was a metal rod that had once served as a decoration for the chandelier. Taking a deep breath, she wrapped her fingers around the cold shaft and tugged.

Her screams, as her blood soaked fingers slipped off the end, reverberated thru the empty hall as the metal resumed it original positing in her gut. Ripping the now tattered bell off her sleeve, she gingerly wrapped it around the bar and prayed for the courage to try again.

With a sickening squelch the metal slid from it’s sheath and slipped to the floor with a clang. Stuffing the piece of fabric in the hole, Lilyanya rolled back on her stomach and proceeded to crawl toward her original destination.


“So as you can see,” Alex finished, “we were hoping you would be able to tell us what this says.” Handing over the small book, Alex gave Isabel a reassuring smile.

Flipping thru a few pages, Robert Stormdancer opened a drawer in his desk and pulled out a sheaf of papers. Discarding the top two he extracted a yellowed sheet and said, “I thought so.”

Going back to the book, he began translating it quickly. Ten minutes later he put down his pen and looked up at his visitors. “When you called, I had to say, I was skeptical that you might have a copy of a book written in our language, since there are only a few in existence, but seeing is believing, as the saying goes.

“In truth, you posses one of the oldest tales in out culture. Briefly, it tells of the story of a woman called Falling Star. She was believed to have the gift of premonition and with it, she saved many people by convincing them to move before an earthquake rocked the valley where our clan once lived. A few days after they were established in a new valley, a scout decided to check out the old encampment and was astonished to see the valley had become a lake. Without Falling Star's warning, they would have perished in the flood.”

“Is that all it says?’ Isabel asked, fascinated.

“No,” Robert replied. “It is also a biography of Falling Star. It has been a debate for years if she was born of the Apache or was adopted into the tribe. According to this book, she was found as a child and brought up in the ways of the Kin. It says her name comes from a large object that fell from the sky the night before her discovery.”

Isabel gabbed onto Alex’s hand and he could feel her anxiety washing over him. Could it be possible that the Apache had alien ancestors? Swallowing, he tried not to show his apprehension and asked, “Does it say what happened to her?”

“In all of the stories I have been told, this one included, she disappears a few years after saving the Kin. Many speculate that she returned to where she came from because the night sky was again filled with lights and no trace of her was found.

Since that day, when she was needed, a woman would be born or adopted into the clan who possessed the same abilities that Falling Star had. It is our belief that the soul never dies, but is sent back to Earth when the time is right.”


The door she was aiming for stood ajar and she was able to slink thru the narrow space. Inside was chaos. The walls were scorched and what was left of the bed was a smoldering heap against the far wall. Whimpering in fear, Lilyanya called out weakly, “Vilandra! Vilandra are you in here?”

Crawling farther into the dim room, her hand came across something cold and clammy on the floor in front of her. Dragging herself forward, she saw that she was touching the lifeless arm of Rath, the king’s second in command and betrothed to Princess Vilandra, King Zan’s sister.

“Oh Rath,” she mewed, caressing his chiseled face. “you didn’t deserve this.”

“None of us did,” said a hoarse voice from the shadows.

The disgust in her voice cut Lilyanya to the quick and she felt the tears well up in her eyes. “Oh Lonnie,” she said, reverting back to the childhood name she had given her, “I’m so sorry.”

“You knew from the beginning, didn’t you?” Lonnie accused, pushing herself shakily from the wall and dragging herself toward the prone body on the floor. “You knew Kivar would take my heart and shred it into a thousand pieces, but you did nothing to stop it. Nothing to stop this,” she spat, swinging her arm around, indicating the desiccated room.

Lilyanya closed her eyes, trying to erase the hatred she saw flaming in her best friend’s stare. The past thirteen years raced across her closed lids and she thought back to the love and friendship this wonderful person had bestowed on her, but it was nothing but a lie. Lilyanya had know from the first how things would turn out and she wasn’t going to deny that now.

“Yes, I knew,” she admitted. “After all we’ve been though, I can’t lie, but I will tell you that it was for a reason, a good reason.”

“Everyone that I love is dead!” Lonnie screamed. “What reason could be good enough for that?”

“The survival of your planet, your race,” she replied.

“Kivar has control of both of them, thanks to you. Do you believe that he will be a better guardian than my brother? Your friend, King Zan?”

“He would have overthrown Zan anyway,” Lilyanya told her. “At least now, Zan will have a chance to return and fulfill his destiny.”

“Your insane. Don’t you understand he’s dead? And by my own hand!”

“Zan will return. Fifty seven years from today, he, Rath, and you will return and take back what was ripped from you this afternoon.”

Lonnie laughed bitterly. “You’re one of those Farseers aren’t you?” she asked. “I’ve been so stupid. I really thought you loved me as much as I did you.”

“I do love you! I would have never done what I did if I didn’t know that one day you would live again.”

Slumping to the floor, Vilandra looked at the woman she considered her sister and said, “Your bleeding.”

Lilyanya looked down and saw the puddle of blood forming around her. Soon all the pain she had endured to bring to pass what she knew was the truth, would be over and for good or ill, she would face her judgment. “He’ll come for you.”

“I know.”

“Don’t kill him.”

“Why in the name of Hell not?”

“Antar needs him until your return.”

“Will there be anything left to return to?”


Lonnie watched the life blood seep from her and knew no matter what happened, she was a better person for having had Lilyanya in her life. “Will you be here when we return?”

“Only if the Gods wish it.”

“Pray your not.”

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Part 13

“Mom, I’m home,” Isabel called out as she walked thru the front door. Not getting a response, she walked back to the kitchen and found her Mother weeping at the table. “Oh my God Mom, what’s the matter?”

Looking up at her daughter, she slid the telegram that had come a few minutes ago across the table. Picking it up, she saw that it was addressed to Kymberly. Slowly dropping in to a chair, Isabel felt tears fill her eyes and the words blurred. “Her Mom is dead?” she asked in disbelief.

Diane Evans nodded. “Your Father’s on the phone trying to find out what happened. Can things get any worse?”


“Sweetie? Sweetie can you here me?”

Kymberly groaned at the sound echoing thru her mind and shrunk from it. If she ignored it, it would go away like all the other voices she had been hearing for what seemed like a lifetime.

“Sweetie, please! I have only a short time,” pleaded the voice and Kymberly thought she recognized it.

Focusing on bringing it closer, Kymberly opened her mind to the sound. “W-who’s there?” she asked, her voice rough from disuse.

“It’s me, Emma,” the voice replied and Kymberly opened her eyes.

The two of them were sitting in the small living room of the flat that had been their home since the death of her Father. All around her, the memories of the life she shared with Emma were thick. “Ma?”

“Yeah sweetie, it’s me,” Emma replied.

“How did we get here?”

“It doesn't matter,” she replied. “I have only a few moments, but I wanted to tell you that I love you as if you were a child of my body. I wanted you to know that if I could have wished for a baby of my own, it would have been just like you.”

Kymberly's eyes filled and tears she had not been able to shed at the death of her father, spilled down her cheeks. “Your leaving me too, aren’t you? Just like he did, just like she did. Why is it that I have to be all alone? Why can’t I have something for myself and not have to sacrifice everything for the greater good?”

Taking he daughter into her arms, Emma Blake cried with her. “Oh my gel,” she crooned, “you are so special. I wished your real mother could have seen the beautiful child she made.”

“You might not have birthed me,” Kymberly said, pulling back, “but you are the only Ma I’ve ever known. You’re my Mother and I’m sorry I went to America to find out about Debra Langly. It must have hurt you terribly.”

“No, sweetie, it didn’t. I couldn’t expect anything less. Your like your father that way. Once you got something in your craw, you wouldn’t let it go until you were satisfied, no matter what anyone else thought.”

Kymberly wiped her eyes with the back of her hands and asked, “Do you really have to go? Isn’t there anything I can do to stop this?”

“We all have a time and this is mine. My only regret is that there isn’t any one to look after you now, not that you need it. Since William died, you have been the parent and I the child.” Looking over her shoulder, Emma said something to someone Kymberly couldn’t see, then turned back to her. “I have to go. They said I could tell you that you wouldn’t be alone. Your friends have all the answers you need and they will be there when your ready to wake up. Trust them, you have before.”

Nodding, Kymberly let her mother go and slowly the room receded into the bright light emanating from behind Emma. “Tell Daddy I love him,” she called.

Emma nodded and with a wave of her hand, disappeared into the ever growing brightness.


Kymberly felt as if a weight had lifted off her chest and with it, she got a sense of relief. Emma was gone and somehow, she couldn’t make herself feel bad about it; she knew that her father would be waiting on the other side and they would be reunited. That only leaves me, she thought sadly, but Ma said I wouldn’t be alone, that I should trust my friends. I wonder what she meant? The smattering she had back in Dowlais weren’t anything more than acquaintances really and the few she had made here were so new, she was still unsure about them.

Wouldn’t it be better to follow in her parent’s footprints and let go of this life in favor of the next one? Somehow that doesn’t seem right. Like it would betray their memories by caving in before even giving it a go first. Now the only problem I face is to find my way back.


“According to the constable I spoke with,” Philip told the group in front of him, “the fire was started during a fight between Kymberly’s mother and Grandmother. Somehow, an over turned candle caught the draperies on fire and since the house was old, it went up like a tinderbox.”

“What’s going to happen to Kymberly?” asked Michael, to everyone's surprise.

“I’m not sure,” Mr. Evens replied. “Mrs. Blake was her only relative.”

“That’s not entirely true,” Alex said. Looking at the others for conformation, he continued. “Emma wasn’t Kymberly’s real mother, but her stepmother. She actually has grandparents living in New Mexico.”

“Your kidding?” Diana asked, astonished.

“No,” Max said. “She has a grandfather in Ruidoso and her Grandmother lives in Dexter.”

“We need to contact them as soon as possible,” Phil said, the wheels turning in his mind. “They need to be apprised of the situation of their granddaughter.”

Alex had thought Isabel’s father would say that and pulled out a slip of paper from his jeans. “Here, this should help.”


The first thing that Kymberly noticed was that she couldn’t move her right hand. The next was that her hair felt like it had a nest of beasties in it and it itched terrible. Concentrating all her strength, she pulled her hand free and started attacking her scalp with a vengeance. When the itching had been somewhat relieved, she let out a long sigh and tried to catch her breath.

A groan next to her made her eyes open and they fell on the sleeping form of Kyle Valenti. He let out a snort and Kymberly giggled.

Slowly opening his eyes, Kyle instinctively looked at Kymberly’s face and was shocked to see her blue eyes looking back at him, amused. “Your awake?”

“Only if your real and not a dream,” she croaked and grimaced at the sound.

Sitting up he exclaimed, “No, no I’m real! I’m real!”

“Great, now do you think you could get me some water or something, my mouth tastes like shit.”


“Kymberly I’m afraid I have some bad news,” Diane said, taking her hand. She had made everyone agree to let her be the one to break the news of her mother’s death, but now found out she didn’t know how to do it.

“You don’t have to tell me,” Kymberly said, seeing the sorrow in Diane’s eyes. “I know my Ma’s dead.”

“How...who... what?” Phil stuttered, totally shocked for the first time in his life.

“I can’t tell you how, but I know she’s gone and it’s okay.” she replied. Kyle laid a hand on her shoulder and she leaned her head against it. I know who you are, she thought up at him, finally recognizing the image she had seen in the bookstore the day they met. and this time I’ll be damned to let you go without a fight.

“We do have some good news,” Alex said by the window. “Your real mother was born in New Mexico and her parents are still here.”

Kymberly raised her brows at his announcement, but it didn’t come as the shock it should have. From the very moment she saw Isabel in the airport, she knew there was a reason for her to be there and now looking at her with Alex, she saw the friend she had so many years ago, looking back at her thought the same eyes. Only this time, she would fight fate and make things right without hurting the ones she loved.

“We should let you get some rest,” Liz said and the rest agreed. Filing out in pairs, Kymberly grabbed Kyle’s hand before he released her shoulder. “Stay,” she said and he nodded.

After the door closed, Kymberly looked up at him and couldn’t get enough of his beloved face. Maria had told her about how he had stayed by her side for the last month and she didn’t know how to tell him that she knew and it had helped her get thought everything she needed to see. “Kyle, I...”

“Ssssh,” he said, placing his finger on her mouth. “You don’t have to say anything. I’ve been waiting a long time, but I’ve found you and there is nothing you could say that could send me away .”

Kissing his finger, tears welled up in her eyes and for the first time in a long while, she felt she was truly home.

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Hello all! Sorry to keep ya waiting for this part. Hope you like.......

Part 14

Max and Isabel walked thru the front doors of the hospital and were startled to see Michael waiting by the elevator. Walking up behind him, Isabel whispered, “Boo!” into his ear then laughed when he jumped.

“Damn it Isabel! you scared the shit out of me,” he screeched. “Are you trying to get yourself killed?”

“I’ll take my chances,” she laughed. “What are you doing here?”

Dropping his gaze to the floor, he replied slowly, “I came to see Kymberly.”

That’s odd,” Max said and held up his hand when Michael scowled at him. “I mean, she called and wanted to see us too.”

“You don’t think.......?” questioned Michael.

Isabel shrugged her shoulders and said, “She knew her stepmother was dead. Look what happened to Liz during her coma; it’s a possibility.”

“True, but I didn’t heal Kymberly like I did Liz,” stated Max.

The elevator door opened and the three plied in. When the door closed, Michael said, “You did tell me you had a feeling about her. Maybe she’s one of us.”

“That could explain why you were so hostile to her,” Max said, sounding way too much like Liz for Michael’s comfort. “You could have instinctually knew she was like us, but with everything that happened with Tess, you tried to force her away.”

“What the hell have you been reading?” Isabel asked giving her brother a hard look.

Ignoring her, Michael nodded his head. “Maybe.”

“Why don’t we wait to hear what she has to say before jumping to any conclusions,” suggested Iz. “We could be worrying for nothing.”

Kymberly was sitting in a chair next to the bed when the trio entered her room. She tried not to laugh at the grim expression their faces, but a smile split her face. They looked at her somberly and she released the giggle she tried to hold back.

“If your finished,” Michael said, not happy that he seemed to be the butt of a joke he knew nothing about.

“Sorry, sorry,” Kymberly apologized, biting her lower lip. “I just wish you could have seen your faces.” Giving herself a mental shake she asked, “Max could you lock the door? There are some things we need to discuss and I don’t want us to be disturbed.”

“There isn’t a lock on the door,” Max replied.

“Since when has that ever stopped you, Your Highness?”

“So much for her not knowing,” Michael mumbled.

“Please Max,” she said and he did what she asked.

Indicating they should find a seat, Kymberly picked up a note pad from the table next to her and flipped to the first page. “Now before you go and get your knickers in a twist,” she began, giving Michael a quick glance, “I want to tell you that your secret is safe with me.”

“Well I feel better,” Michael snorted.

Kymberly closed her eyes at the cynicism she heard in his voice and knew she was the one responsible for putting it there. Actually it was Lilyanya who put it there, but seeing Kymberly was the modern day vessel for that soul, she felt just as accountable.

Her and Kyle had spent three hours last night talking about Karma and the journey a soul had to make before it could reach true enlightenment and she now knew she had a lot to atone for with these people He also admitted that he thought they knew each other in a past life and she sighed with remembrance as his face light up when she told him that yes it was true, but they had never been able to become one. A blush rose to her cheeks as she thought at his solution to that small bugaboo.

Clearing her throat, she said, “First let me begin by telling you that there is nothing I wouldn’t give to change what happened in your past life, but because of what I did, you are here now to face the challenge that is coming.”

Isabel grabbed Max’s hand and asked, “You really know what we are?”

“Not what, who. You are Princess Vilandra of the house Molari of Antar and next to you is King Zan, your brother.” Turning her gaze to Michael, she said, “And you are General Rath, second in command and betrothed to the Princess.”

They stared at her in silent shock. It was only recently they had seen the image of Zan and Vilandra’s mother in the pod chamber and having it reaffirmed by a stranger, was un-daunting. Max was the first to recover and asked, “What makes you think that?”

Kymberly laughed. Leave it to Zan to try and play the fool. “Stick to your true nature, your highness,” she teased. “To do anything else would be a travesty.”

Properly chastised, he returned her grin and said, “Please continue, this is fascinating.”

“While I was asleep, I had what you could call a past life regression,” she said. “I had glimpses of my life as a child and my life as friend and confidante to Vilandra. But unbeknownst to her, I was on Antar for a very different reason that everyone thought.”

“And that would be?” Michael asked.

“To betray the Princess and pave the way for Kivar to usurper the throne of Antar.”

“Sounds like you had a large job,” commented Max.

“Not one that I ever asked for,” she replied. “I or should I say, Lilyanya Osis, was from a race of people called Farseers. The gift of foresight was passed down in my family thru the female side but I was the first in ten generations.”

“So your telling me, our future has already been written and there is nothing we can do bout it?” Michael demanded, not liking the idea that he had no choice.

“No, thank god,” Kymberly replied. “Their belief was that the future was a series of pathways and that with the choices one has to make, things could come out differently from what was predicted.”

“But you were different than the rest of your race, weren’t you?” Max asked. “You knew what was going to happen.”

“Yes, on my world, we had a collection of books written by the first of our race, that told of things that could only be deciphered after what was called a true seeing. With confirmation and past experience, it was up to the ‘Seer to make sure it came to pass.”

“Past experience. That doesn’t sound pleasant,” Isabel said.

“From what I can remember, there were times when the ‘Seer didn’t make sure the proper outcome happened and the consequences were disastrous.”

“Who were you to decide what was true or not?” demanded Michael lurching out of his chair. “Who died and made you God?”

“Michael,” Isabel warned, but Kymberly stopped her.

“No, it’s okay,” she said. “Michael is right. What right did I have to play God? All I can say in my defense is that because of my actions, the Dowager Queen was able to mix your DNA with that of humans and send you here until you were ready to return.

To tell you the truth, Lilyanya saw many versions of what was going to happen. She picked the one that she thought the King and his family would be rather have.”

“To be massacred? Some outcome,” Michael spat.

“Death and rebirth,” she said. “The others were enslavement. The Rath I knew would never have stood for it and he would be just as dead but without a chance to go back and get his revenge and make things right.”

“So now were expected to go back to a planet we have never seen and rescue it from this Kivar?” Isabel asked. “How?”

Kymberly shook her head, not having a n answer. “I don’t know. I’m just as freaked out about this as you guys are. I only came to the States to find out about my birth mother and this is the last thing I expected.”

“Debra Langly,” Max said.

“How do you know her name?”

“Your mother sent a letter to you while you were unconscious and Liz and I read it to you,” Max explained. “You mother told you at the end that your real mom’s last name was Langly,”. He pulled the small book out of his back pocket and took the letter out of the front cover.

Handing it to her, Kymberly set it aside, more interested in the book in his hand. “Is that my book?” she asked, raising one brow.

Chagrined, he nodded and handed it to her. “Yeah, sorry, I was trying to find out more about your birth mother and came across it,” he explained.

Rubbing her hand over the cover, she said, “I remember buying this the first day I was here,” she mused aloud. “I was in that book store across the street from the Crashdown and for some reason, I had to have it. I don’t even know the name.”

“Really?” Isabel asked, stunned. “Didn’t you look inside?”

Kymberly laughed and replied, “No. I was fighting with Kyle at the time and I just brought it up to the counter and bought it. I don’t even know how much it cost!”

“Well I’ll be happy to tell you what it’s about,” Iz said. “It’s about an Apache indian woman who had visions of the future and how she saved her whole tribe from dying in a flood.”

“Your kidding?”

“Honest. Alex and I had it translated and it tell of an old Apache legend that when called for, a woman would be born into the tribe to save it. Could it be possible that you have some Apache in you?”

“Who knows. Wait, didn’t your mother say my grandparents were from around here?”

“Yeah, in Ruidoso,” Max said.

“Maybe they would know,” she said with a shrug, not caring one way or another. All she was certain of was that she was here and she needed to help them face was was coming.

“Is there anything else you can tell us about Antar or Kivar?” Michael asked. If he was expected to fight, he wanted all the info he could get.

“I wrote down everything Lilyanya knew about him and his family,” she replied, indicating the notebook. “I have asked Kyle to help me try to regress and see if there is anything more I can find out.”

“Kyle.” Max said with sigh.

“Is that a problem? I didn’t tell him about the alien thing, but you should know, he was there in that life too. His name was Joral.”

Michael snorted and joked, “Are you going to tell me Maria and Liz were there too?”

Picking at her robe, Kymberly couldn’t meet his eye. She believed that Maria might be the woman that broke Rath’s heart, Kaylyn.


Looking up she said, “Maybe. I’ll know more when I go back.”

“It’s okay if you tell Kyle,” Isabel said. “He knows already.” At Kymberly’s surprised look, she said, “It’s a long story. Let’s just say, Zan’s wife tried to kill him.”

“Ava. I was wondering where she was.”

“Dead,” Michael spat.

Stifling a yawn, Kymberly said, “I’m glad I don’t have to hide it from Kyle. It would make it hard.”

Seeing she was running out of steam, Max stood and said, “We’ll let you rest. They said you could come home on on Halloween. We’ll talk more then.”
Smiling up at him, she yawned again and nodded. “Deal.”