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Roswell belongs to UPN, Jason Katims and Melinda Metz. I'm just borrowing them. This is an alternate universe fic.
Nothing should go above R. Please leave feedback. Good or bad.

Part 1:

For those of you who want to learn the real story, here it is. Hiding in plain site for anyone to see. We couldn’t exactly sell our ‘true’ story to the media. It would have been selling ourselves out to every Tom, Dick, Harry and Sally. But here’s the true story, for those of you that really care.

The Liz character is based on me. I swear I’m nothing like her but Ria and Zan say I am.
The major difference between me and Liz is that I’m an alien. And I don’t sit around and cry as much as her either. As for my real name, I don’t have one. I change it pretty often. Maybe when we get home I can have a name for keeps. For the sake of this story I’ll call myself Liz.

The Max character is based on Zan. Zan is not the name of his previous self though and we do not have dupes. And as far as I know this our first time around being alive. As for Zan and I, well I wouldn’t call us soul mates. More like best friends with benefits.

Maria is based on our Ria. Of all of us, Ria is the one that best matches her character. This is not exactly a good thing when you are trying to remain in hiding.

I know what you’re probably thinking know, what about Isabel and Alex? How about Kyle?
Sorry guys but they are all purely fictional.

As for Michael. He’s sort of based on truth. After the Crash there were four of us kids that ran into the cave to hide. We sat in that cave for hours while we listened to our parents being killed and then carried away for dissection. Nice memories for 4 years olds to have. We weren’t green and slimy though, at least not after we were exposed to the environment for several days. Our bodies just adapted to look exactly like humans. Neat trick that was. Well as I was saying there were four of us and we just kind of lost him along the way. Ria’s convinced that we will find him eventually. I think’s she expects to fall in love with the guy. Last single alien on Earth kind of routine.

So it’s just the three of us. Zan, Ria and me. Our ship crash-landed and we scurried to safety while our parents were killed. No destiny, no dupes, no adoptive parents. But we do have powers. Nothing too fancy but they come in handy. Zan can heal, Ria can hypnotize with a glance and I can move objects with my mind.

Where do we live? That’s not an easy question to answer. Basically we just wander around and sleep somewhere when we’re tired and eat something when we’re hungry. Zan wants to put down roots but Ria won’t let him. She thinks that if we keep wondering we’ll have a better chance of finding him. Ever since me and Zan became involved Ria’s been even worse about finding Michael. Or whatever his real name is.

I know that ‘Liz’ and ‘Maria’ as you call them would be murder me if they knew I was telling you this but I have to get it off my chest. You watch the show and you think that’s all it is, but I live the real life that it’s based on. We all agreed that if we gave our story to the masses as fiction then it would be less believable. Sort of like the hiding in plain site plan. We got Ria to plant the idea for the story in a few people’s heads. That way if anyone starts ranting about aliens we can just say they’re obsessed with the show.

My name is Zan, but I’m not King or dupe Zan. Max is modelled after me though. And I am in love with ‘Liz’. I love her more than anything. She’s the most amazing thing in the universe. I just don’t know if she feels the same for me or if I’m just the only alternative.

Maria’s real name is Ria. Yeah, we did a real good job covering up her identity. Maria and Ria’are almost exactly the same so I don’t have to describe her for you. 'Liz’ was really pissed when she found out how close Ria made Maria to herself. (Confused yet?) Liz’s so uptight about being found out that she changes her name at least once a month.

Hi. If you watch T.V I’m actually Maria from Roswell! That is, she is based on me. Only I’m an alien and she isn’t. And she has a boyfriend and I don’t. See we are really not that much alike. I really think ‘Liz’ was overacting about that. I made the stories different enough.

I even added Isabel and Alex and Tess. I made Michael into what I wanted him to be. I really wish he hadn’t of wandered off. But we’ll find him eventually. We have to.


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I figured this would be confusing....So here's a little explanation that might help, or it might make things worse....

Zan, Liz and Ria are telling their real life stories that "Roswell" is based on. Ria hynotized several people into creating Roswell so that if anyone heard of aliens healing people and such they would think it was just a crazy fan. But the life of an alien is very stressful and the three of them need an outlet with which they can tell their true story. Hence this story.

I will be dealing mostly with Zan, Liz, Ria and their quest and then it should be less confusing. I'm just trying to begin it from a different angle.

Hope that helped........
And if you're not confused then maybe you have missed something. *happy*

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