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A/N: I based this story kinda on the movie American Outlaws but it’s also in a way different okay?

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Roswellian Outlaws
by: me

cc / au

The First Time

“Alright nobody move. This. Is a robbery.” Max Evans grinned ear-to-ear, holding his pistol in hand and directing the barrel in the bankers face.

“You heard the man this is a ROBBERY!” His partner in crime, Michael Guerin, shouted to everyone else, “Get down on the floor with your hands behind ya heads!”

“Whitman.” Max turned to his other companion.

The tall gawky subordinate was at his side at once, “Yea?”

Max motioned to the teller, “As soon as this guy here has the bag filled I want you to grab it and let me know.” Max said, his aim still at the teller. Alex replaced his position and Max walked to the rear of the bank. “Okay, so who in here knows where the safe is?” Max smiled to all the astonished bankers in the back.

“Lets make this transaction a quick one okay fellas?” Kyle Valenti responded suddenly from behind Max.

“Wh-who are y-you?” One of the workers dared ask.

“The Evans boys.” Max replied calmly. “You gonna cooperate or are we going to have to kill some people in here to get a little teamwork?” Max waved his gun around.

“I got it from here Max.” Kyle nodded, “Sean!” He yelled.

“Right here, right here no need ta be shoutin’ now.” Sean came to Kyle’s aide.

“Sean where’s your brother, Nicholas?” Max said looking to Sean.

“Out front with Zan and Rath.” Sean answered.

Max walked back to the front just in time to see Alex grab the bag full of cash. “Max.” Alex said rising the bag in the air, when he caught sight of his leader.

“Very good.” Max took the sack full of cash and nodded to Michael, telling him it was almost time to leave the scene of the crime.

“Okay, naw!” Michael shouted, his thick southern accent booming against the walls, “What ya’ll got in ya pockets to share with the rest of us?” Michael moved his rifle to a man in his late forties, “What you got pop’s?”

The man dished out thirty bucks and Michael wailed in laughter, “Just kidding old man, keep your change.” Michael kicked the money back to the shaking man.

“Guerin.” Max said in warning. “Go check on Rath and Zan.”

Michael nodded and apologized to the man on the floor.

“Got it, let’s ride.” Kyle said coming out from the back, him and Sean carrying a bag apiece.

“Nice doin’ business with you boys.” Max tilted his hat and exited the bank.

“Ya’ll have a nice day naw.” Michael winked before swiftly pushing open the swinging doors and jumping up on his horse beside Max.

“YaaaaaaaHoooooooo!” They all shouted gleefully.

It was their first bank robbery… And it was a success.

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I agree that Jesse James's brother is a hottie! lol I also think that Jesse James himself is whoooo hooo H-O-T!!!

lol okay here is the new ch. but I dont like it so I'll work extra hard to make the next one a winner!

Roswellian Outlaws

Ch. 1
Count ‘Em Up

“Twenty Thousand Maxwell.” Alex grinned as counted the very last bill.

“How much is that a piece for us?” Michael said sitting down next Alex by the open fire, they currently were hiding out in the outdoors of Fraser Woods.

“Let’s see, out of eight of us…” Alex looked up to the sky counting.

“Hurry up, c’mon naw Al, I ain’t got all day.” Michael pushed Alex playfully.

“Actually you DO have all day, we can’t go back into town for another two days at least.” Alex smirked and continued to count inside his head.

“He’s right.” Max came into the conversation. “We can’t go back for a while now.”

“But the town we hit is clear across Roswell, it’s in Arizona Max. C’mon naw, you can’t tell me that word is gonna spread all the way to Roswell.” Zan scowled.

“He’s got a point there Max.” Kyle said from his place on the floor.

“Two thousand five hundred a piece.” Alex whispered, “Holy lord! Two Thousand five hundred a piece!” Alex jumped up and shouted.

“Do you have any idea what this means?” Michael shouted excited.

“It means that each of us gives up a fair share and gives it to Roswell.” Max stood up straight.

“Excuse me? Do I look like a man who is gonna give up some damned dollars over to a town that I’m about to move out of?” Michael snapped.

Max looked daggers at Michael, “I’m not asking you, I’m tellin’ you.” He growled.

“Since when are you the leader of this gang? And who said that you could call it the Evan’s Boys huh? Why not the Guerin Boys?” Michael shot.

“Hey, hey, calm down before this gets outta hand here naw. Just compromise or sumthin’ sheesh, we did this to benefit our selves after Khivar had some factories torn down and people lost their jobs for the new railroads. Remember why we’re here boys.” Rath came up in between the two hotheaded boys.

“Yea Guerin, remember why we’re here.” Max grimaced, “Because I had the idea to go and rob Khivar’s bank.”

“Yea, yea, whatever, that don’t make you any more important than the rest of us.” Michael spat and walked away.

“Rath.” Max said.

“Yea?” Rath answered looking up from his hands.

“Go check on your brother.” Max nodded him away.

“Uh… Max?” Alex slowly made his way to Max.

“Yea Al, what is it?” Max grimaced and rubbed his eyes with the heels of his strong hands.

“Well, uh… You see… Uh…” Alex babbled.

“Out with it Whitman.” Max growled becoming annoyed.

“I need all the money I can get Maxwell, I have two sisters, a cousin, and a mother-to-be at home waiting for me. They think I’m off working my ass off to earn money –butt I can’t go home without my fair share, I know the town’s sheriff. Sheriff Valenti-“

“Valenti? Isn’t Kyle’s last name-“

“Valenti yes; that’s his dad,” Alex nodded, “But you see, he was telling me a coupla weeks ago that Khivar was planning on not only demolishin’ our homes… But whoever else was in his way.” Alex whispered.

“And what does this have to do with your share?” Max raised an interested eyebrow.

“Listen, I’ve got a baby on the way and two sisters, I also promised money to the Sutherlands next door Max, I need this money just as much as Roswell does. I-I know-“

Max silenced him with a hand, “Relax Whitman. You can have your whole share. But not before you tell me about this mother ta be.” Max grinned, his upbeat attitude returning slowly. They sat down and began to chat a while.

“Well,” Alex blushed, “Her name is Isabel and I’m goin’ ta make her my wife as soon as we get back home.” Alex smiled happy.

“Is-Isabel!” Max rose up on his feet. “Isabel is my sister Whitman! Since when is mah sister pregnant?!” Max bellowed angry.

“I-I didn’t know Isabel was your sister Max, but we’ve been together for two years naw and I-I love her v-very m-much.” Alex stuttered.

“Relax naw ol’ Whitman,” Zan came over chuckling, “Max, you haven’t been home in haw long naw? Going on a year and a half maybe more? You, Valenti, Deluca and the Guerin’s have been out in that there damn Yankee war for god knows how long and naw that you done come home things have changed a bit.” Zan patted his brother on the shoulder; “Izzy is well taken care of by Whitman.” Zan put his other hand on Alex’s shoulder, “Damn fine boy for Iz. Wish I could say Lonnie was on that same track but she is as stubborn as an ox.” Zan shook his head and chuckled.

Max still gave Alex death glares but seemed to cool down, “You break her heart and I break your neck.” Max growled harshly.

Alex swallowed loud and nodded vigorously.

“How’s ma?” Max turned to his brother.

Zan shrugged, “Not to good since pa died but she’s doin’ well for her self. She can’t wait ta see you. You should have said hi before roundin’ us all up and takin’ us out on this scam so soon.”

“Yea well I don’t see how you can just sit there and not get up and do something about what is happening in town.” Max said.

“We’re not as quick thinking as you little brother.” Zan messed up his brother’s hair.

“Yea, well that’s all gonna change.” Max said raising a defiant chin up in the air.

“How’s that?” Zan asked curious.

“Because I’m here now.” Max answered fearless.

“That look there is trouble.” Michael said sitting beside Max.

“Cousin.” Max nodded.

“You’re my blood, what can I say? We can’t be fightin’ if we family naw can we?” Michael smirked.

“Did you know that Alex here has gotten Isabel pregnant?” Max said motioning to Alex with his chin.

Alex looked as if he were ready to faint.

“Really naw is that a fact?” Michael smiled cracking his knuckles.

“I-uh, oh…” Alex fainted.

They all shared laughs that night, and as they slept they dreamt of pleasant dreams.

But Max…

Dreamt of revenge.


“So Alex…” Michael said as they all sat a top their horses and lightly galloped their way home.

“Uh, y-yea?” He said still a bit weary of things.

“You said you got yourself two sisters huh? AND a cousin?” Michael asked.

“Uh… Yea?” Alex said not catching on.

Michael rolled his eyes, “Are any of them within age of datin’ someone like me?”

“Oh! Oh… Well, Maria. She’s actually Sean’s sister and my cousin… She’s the same age as us. Um… Elizabeth, she’s my sister; same age as us –hands off.” Alex added as fierce as he could, “And well, my other sister is Courtney but she doesn’t seem to ever have any luck with the men, I don’t see why she’s a very beautiful girl. I suppose maybe it’s the fact that she’s just so bossy but-“

“So tell me of this Maria, since your dear Elizabeth is off limits to the likes of me.” Michael butted in, interrupting Alex’s rambling.

“I’d ask Sean, I’ve known Maria all my life but if you want to ask her out you have to go through Sean.” Alex tilted his hat in Sean’s direction.

“Seanie boy!” Michael galloped his way over to Sean.

“So why is Elizabeth off limits to Guerin?” Max rode up and laughed.

Alex shrugged, “She’s such a well educated young woman, I just want the best for her.”

“Hmmm, sounds like something I’d say about Isabel and Lonnie.” Max nodded, “I like you Whitman, take care of my sister.”

“Thank you Max.” Alex nodded happy.

“Yyyyaaaaaaaaaaaa Hoooooooooo!!!!!” Michael yelled out loud suddenly.

“What is it?” Max came up beside Michael.

“I got money in my pocket, I’ve got a date with Maria and we’re almost home so I can have a fine momma Evan’s home made cookin’! What could be better?” Michael bellowed.

Max couldn’t keep the smile from his lips, “Lets ride! Everyone’s having dinner at my house!” he shouted loud for everyone to hear.

They all raced back home.


Alexander Charles Whitman! “ Isabel screamed and slapped Alex across the face; shoving a wanted poster in his hands, “Haw dare you lie ta me by sayin’ you were gonna earn you some money!” She went for his face again but was held back by Liz and Maria.

“She’s just having another one of her mood swings Al,” Liz intercepted the hit, “Nothin’ ta worry ‘bout.” She winked, taking Isabel back inside; but not before glancing back to have another look at Max Evans, she smiled and went inside.

“But darlin’ I did it for the baby!” Alex tried, following Isabel inside the house.

“I don’t wish ta speak with you!” Isabel screamed followed by a door slamming somewhere within the house.

Max, Michael, Zan, Rath, Kyle, Sean, and Nicholas stood with their mouths wide open and theirs eyes bulging in shock. They expected to come home to Max and Zan’s home with loving open arms, but instead witnessed a brawl.

“Max! Is that my Max!” Mrs. Evans ran out the door and rushed into her son’s arms.

“Yea, momma, it’s me.” Max said in her hair holding her close. “I love you momma. I missed you.” He kissed her head and hugged her tight.

“Oh my boy, my boy is home. Did you kill any Yankee’s?” She asked looking up into his eyes.

“Uh… Yea momma, a lot in fact.” Max answered looking to Zan.

“Good, did you say your prayers?” She added looking at him sternly.

“Of course!” Max quickly answered his mother.

“Well come in, come in, I’ll have supper ready soon, the girls and I will have to be in the kitchen for a while longer than expected but the more the merrier!” Mrs. Evans hugged each and every boy.

“Max.” Michael came over and whispered in his cousin’s ear.

“Yea?” Max replied.

“You see that Maria, I’m gonna marry that girl.” Michael looked off dazed.

“Back ta earth naw Guerin.” Max chuckled.

“You see the way that Elizabeth was lookin’ at you? Hmmm?” Michael elbowed Max's ribs.

“I have no idea what ya talkin’ ‘bout.” Max played it off and walked inside with the others.

“Oh you know exactly what I’m talkin’ about Maxwell. Exactly…” Michael chuckled walking in the house.


“I tell ya one thing…” Max huffed, “I sure as hell don’t miss this Roswell heat.” Max wiped the sweat from his brow.

“Take off that damn long sleeved shirt than.” Zan chuckled stripping himself shirtless.

“Yea, I see your point.” Max removed his sweat soaked shirt and tossed it.

“So where are we gonna put these stacks of hay?” Max replied lifting a stack up on his shoulder.

“Over to the barn.” Zan said leading the way, “It’s tiring but it has ta be done.”

Max followed his brother to the barn and plopped his hay down next to Zan’s, they were working on the farm since their mother asked them to clean things up now that it was summer. Max sensed that Zan was trying to fill their father’s place now that he was gone. Zan always was the one to play the role of the father. He always was the one to scold and correct Max as a child.

“I swear it, that Maria Deluca is one feisty challenge.” Michael said walking into the barn, his suspenders on but he was indeed shirtless as well.

“She givin’ you a hard time for arranging a date without her consent?” Zan said walking out the barn with Max at his side and Michael soon trailing along.

“Yea, how’d you know?” Michael said.

“Because she’s been hangin’ out with Lonnie, that’s how I know.” Zan laughed.

“So what about that Elizabeth girl?” Michael smiled at Max, “I think Max may have a thing for ‘er.” Michael nudged Max.

“I said nothing of the sort.” Max washed his face in a bucket of clean water he hosed from the well.

“So you have no interest in Elizabeth Whitman?” Michael said in disbelief.

“I said nothing of the sort.” Max repeated, with a sly side smile.

Zan and Michael wailed in laughter.

“What? What is it?” Max angered.

“Am I supposed to feel privileged because –gasp Max Evans may have an interest in little ‘ol me?” Elizabeth said from behind Max.

Max's eyes widen in surprise and he gave Zan and Michael a “you set me up” look before turning around.

Still bare chest, Max turned around to face Elizabeth, “And I am supposed to feel privileged because –gasp Elizabeth Whitman is in my very presence as of naw?” Max shot back.

Elizabeth was not shaken, “Liz.” She replied.

“Ah... What?” Max said confused.

“Liz, don’t call me Elizabeth, call me Liz. I don’t like to be called Elizabeth.” She smiled sweet and curtsy’d sarcastically.

“Well, Liz to what do I owe the pleasure?” He grinned, sticking his well-muscled chest out.

Liz had to use all will power to keep her eyes from drifting down to his body, “Your momma wishes ta have a word with you.” Liz responded cool.

“Well, tell her I’ll be there in a minute.” Max said wiping the back of his head.

“I’m not your messenger, you got something ta say go tell ‘er yourself.” Liz strolled off with attitude, shaking her behind all the way back to the house.

Max splashed his face again and again. Damn that Liz Whitman. She was getting to him, and no woman ever got to him, he had no time for women.

“Ma?” Max shouted walking into the house.

“Excuse me, Mr. Evans?” A male voice said from behind Max.

“Yea?” Max turned, “What you want?” He said eyeing the man’s suit. Suit’s meant trouble and trouble meant he’d get to use his gun. His hand lightly touched his pistol.

Mrs. Evans came out just then, “Yes may we help you?”

Zan and Michael were at Max's side in a heartbeat.

“Who are ya?” Zan questioned the suit.

“We’re here on behalf of Khivar, we’d like to buy your land here for fifty dollars an acre.” The suit said holding a suitcase, as his partner walked up beside him.

“Nothing of Khivar’s is welcomed here, so I suggest you get going’ before I turn violent here.” Max snapped, his hand firmly on his weapon.

“I don’t think you understand, we’re offering you money, either way you will sell your property but if you don’t take this deal naw, the value goes down.” The man with the case said shaking his head.

“And I don’t think you understand me when I say your not welcome here.” Max spat.

“Max, calm down.” Mrs. Evans shushed him, “I’m sorry but my land is not for sale, it was my husbands, god rest his soul, and I’m never parting with it.”

The man with the case stepped forward angry, “Now you listen here Mrs. Evans-“ He shoved a finger in her face.

The man was interrupted by three pistols in his face, “I think this conversation is naw over.” Max replied scowling, “Get on your horse both of ya and tell Khivar that he will NOT be takin’ our land and if he tries he’s gonna find a bullet in him.” Max sneered.

“Three bullets.” Michael added as he and Zan pressed their barrels closer.

“You just made a big mistake boy.” The man said to Max, walking away with his partner.

“Can we kill them momma?” Max said, him, Zan and Michael’s aims still on the suits.

“Let me ask god…” Mrs. Evans said closing her eyes and praying. After a couple seconds she looked up smiling, “We got fresh soil out back; no one will ever find the bodies.” She grinned.

Max smiled, “You gonna leave or stay for supper?” He teased.

“We’ll be back.” The man with the case scowled.

Max's temper got the best of him and he shot the hat off the man’s head, “Another smart remark and I’ll aim for your head.” He growled, “Leave both of ya, naw!” Max shot the other’s guys hat off and twirled his pistol between his fingers expertly as he proficiently set his pistol back in the hoister.

Both men said not another word and left, scared shitless.

“I see you haven’t lost ya aim there Maxwell.” Lonnie said from the porch.

“I see you still wearing men’s clothes and tying your beautiful hair back in a bun.” Max shot back, “No wonder no man has asked me for your hand.”

Lonnie rolled her eyes, “Ma, Isabel needs you, she can’t find her knitting needles and she’s cryin’ again.” Lonnie rolled her eyes, “Can I please shut her up with a gag?”

“Naw Lonnie, your sister has a lot ta put up with, after she’s had the baby you can get back at her all you want.” Mrs. Evans smiled and walked with her daughter to Isabel’s aide.


“You think Liz would ever go out with meh?” Max asked his brother as they walked through town side by side.

Zan suppressed a grin, “I’d say you got a better chance training a wild stallion tame.”

Max looked to his brother, “Haw little faith you have in meh big brother.” Max smiled.

“I don’t like the look you givin’ me little brother.” Zan said skeptic.

Max's grin widened, “Anyway, so what about you? Any lady in your life?”

Zan sighed, “Her father won’t let me see her.” He looked away.

“What? Whay?” Max angered, if anyone deserved a ladies hand it was his brother Zan.

“He think that I’m trouble.” Zan shrugged, “And maybe I am, she too good for me anyways.”

Max shook his head, “No, no way. Who is it?”

“Her name is Mia. She’s damn fine, but her daddy strict as ever. He won’t let her within lookin’ distance of me.” Zan said sadly.

“Don’t worry brother, he’ll come around, once you wave some cold hard cash in his face.” Max chuckled ushering his brother inside a saloon.

“Two beers Fisher.” Max said sitting at the bar.

Fisher nodded his head and slid to beers down the bar towards Zan and Max.

“Cheers.” Max said hitting his bottle with Zan’s.

They were enjoying their beers and chatting of nothing in particular when Kyle and Sean frantically ran in the saloon.

“Max!” Kyle said breathless.

“Max!” Sean replied breathless as well.

Max stood up cautious, “What is it? What happen?” He replied.

“It’s Michael.” Sean said, “Those men came to his hause too and well, Michael got violent, and a fight broke out.”

“What happen?” Max repeated.

Zan stood up now, “Where’s Rath?”

“He and uh… a lady are out,” Kyle looked away, “But let’s get back to the situation here.”

“Haw many did Michael kill?” Max said.

“He shot two suits Max, the towns having a meeting soon about it.” Sean answered.

“C’mon, we gotta figure out wha happen before we jump to any conclusions, they may just let Michael out.” Zan said holding his brother back.

“Mah ass they gonna let him go, we gotta save him.” Max pushed his brother away.

“The meeting, lets go there first.” Kyle suggested.

Max gave in, “Fine, go get the others.”

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Roswellian Outlaws

Ch. 3
Wild Horses

Max's POV

“Quiet down nah. C’mon all ya!” Sheriff Jim Valenti tried to shush the commotion.

Max sat frigid next to his brother Zan. Rath was still nowhere to be found, and Nicholas, the Guerin’s youngest brother, was sitting silently to Max's left. Kyle and Sean stood silent as well in the back by the entrance. Alex was next to Nicholas; he had come a bit late in his attempts to calm the girl’s fears. It was Isabel who needed the most comfort, after all she and Michael were like brother and sister; the Guerin’s and the Evans were a tight nit group.

“My wife ran off with one of them men that came to the house the other day!” One man stood up and bellowed, “The bastards… They took mah dog!” He wept.

Zan and Max shared a look of humor.

The sheriff shook his head, “I’m sorry for ya loss Mr. Hubble.” He said, you could tell it was all he could do to keep from laughing out loud, he cleared his throat, “Okay. Naw down ta business. The Guerin’s boy, Michael, is set ta hang tamarraw evenin’. What we gonna do when they start comin’ to our houses and threatnin us? Are they gonna hang us when we protest?”

The crowd was in an uproar, some drew their guns and threatened the suits to come to their houses. Max and his gang sat silent the whole time. It wasn’t until almost closing time that Max stood up and spoke powerful words.

“Gentleman,” He nodded to all the men in the room, “Michael Guerin is my cousin… N, I ain’t gonna let him go down like that. I ain’t gonna live in fear cuz those damn suits want my land. They ain’t gonna get it!” Max swore aloud and the crowd cheered.

Then Elizabeth Whitman burst through the door, “Max!” She screamed.

Max whirled around ready to shoot, his pistol in hand. He swirled it back in it’s holster when he saw Liz. “Liz!” He rushed to her side.

“Max.” She was out of breath from running, “I was… Out for a walk…” She tried to catch her breath, “When I over heard Khivar and the rest talking about Michael. They say they are going to make an example outta him, they moved the hanging up to mornin.” She said looking around to lock with her brother, “Isabel’s going crazy. Mrs. Evans’ scared she’ll go into premature labor with all the stress and she says that ain’t good.” She shook her head.

Max remained in front of Liz protectively, “Don’t worry, take Nicholas home, I’ma take care of everything.” Max said to Liz.

Liz looked hesitant but held out a hand for Nicholas.

“No, wait a minute Max, you got sumthin’ planned, and I want in on it. He’s mah brother dammit.” Nicholas spoke defiant.

“I don’t have time for this right nah Nick. C’mon nah, you know I’m only looking out for ya!” Max protested.

“Nicholas do as Max says, go home.” Rath walked in the room.

“Rath!” The others said surprised of his sudden entrance.

Liz grabbed hold of Nicholas’s neck and pulled him out the door. Nicholas, defeated, followed without much objection. Before entirely leaving the seen Liz turned around, “Take care of yourself Max.” She said softly.

Max's angry manner lightened and he nodded, “I’m gonna have ta ask you out after this is all sort out.” He grinned.

“I might just have ta say yes.” She smiled and left the scene.

Max stared at the closed door for a second longer before he turned back to everyone else, “Ya’ll might wanna leave right nah, cuz when the suits come and ask if you knew anything of whats gonna happen I want ya’ll to answer truthfully that you didn’t.” He said loud enough for everyone to hear. “As for the rest of you,“ He turn to Zan, Rath, Kyle, Sean, and Alex. “I’ve gotta plan.”

“Oh Lord.” They said.

Max grinned.


“What do you think Pierce.” Khivar asked as he stood by the platform that would hang Michael Guerin and hopefully frighten everyone else into agreeing with his terms.

Pierce looked skeptic, “Someone’s going to save him, I just want to know how they plan to do it.” Pierce said nodded to a sharp shooter up head over everything.

The sharp shooter tipped his hat. But unbeknown to Khivar and Pierce, the REAL sharp shoot was unconscious lying on the floor. Zan stood overlooking everything, taking in the scenery, Max would be coming in soon. Zan almost laughed at Khivar’s stupidity.

“They think they have all aspects under control,” Pierce scowled, “Well they don’t have everything.” He assured Khivar.

“Very clever Pierce, the sharp shoot up there. They wont know what hit ‘em.” Khivar grinned.

“I must agree, good job Pierce.” Nasedo, Khivar’s right hand man, replied with a smirk.

“I still feel wary…” Pierce said.


Alex’s POV

Alex didn’t know if he was going to faint or puke he was so nervous. He wasn’t used to such predicaments such as these!

“Quit lookin sick you’ll give us away!” Sean elbowed Alex.

Michael was lead a top the platform and was handled horribly. The noose was tied around his neck, the guard tied Michael’s hands behind his back and Michael stood brave. Jutting his chin out he awaited his fate.

Alex swallowed nervously; he wasn’t one to be well under pressure. Alex admired Michael’s courage, Alex would have fainted had it been himself up on that platform, thus hanging his own self! But Michael stood fearless; it was as if he knew he wasn’t to die today.

The guard offered Michael a black cloth that would cover his head, so the people couldn’t see his face as he strangled to death. Michael spat in the guards face. The guard, angrily retaliated with a slap across Michael’s face.

Alex flinched and put a sweaty palm to his holster, it wouldn’t be long now.


“Let this all be a lesson to ya’s!” Nasedo called out for the crowd to hear. “This boys stupidity of refusin’ a simple request! Look at ‘em naw! You wanna be in his place next?” He yelled again out to the astonished crowd. Nasedo nodded to the guard and the platform under Michael dropped.

The crowd gasp.

“You think this will go smoothly?” Khivar said to Pierce.

Pierce stood tall and fixed his collar, “So far everything’s going well.”

Just then a loud thundering was heard. Horses cries and hoof prints were loudly crashing in from the east side of the crowd. Khivar ran off away from the commotion, Pierce ran forth to see what was happening. A wild gang of horses was coming full speed towards the crowd and uproar of frightened people scattered everywhere.

The guard on the platform was shot and the shrill sound of a gunshot was heard overhead, Pierce glanced up astonished. His own sharp shooter was one of THEM! Max Evans rode in on one of the wild horses and passing at the platform he swiftly shot the noose down and a gasping Michael Guerin desperately caught his breath.

“Sorry I took so long cousin!” Max threw down a knife grinning; it landed in the wood handle up, with a thud in front Michael.

“No problem.” Michael coughed; he quickly cut his hands loose and ran off.

“NOOOO!!!!” Pierce angrily screamed, he wouldn’t let Max take away what he has successfully planned! He flipped his gun out and shot at Max, he missed, he shot again. He missed again, he ran out towards Max and cursed.

Shot were fired everywhere, Max had managed to duck everyone.

Pierce had finally met his match.


Max's POV

“Alex! Where the hell is Alex?” Max hollered, “C’mon we gotta get the hell outta here!”

Michael rode up beside Max just then, “Thank you cousin.” He grinned.

Max grinned back triumphantly. “Any time.” He said, “Zan! Rath! C’mon!” He called, “ALEX!”

“Here! I’m here!” Alex ran towards them desperately trying to hold his hat atop his head.

“Alex you idiot! Get on a horse dammit!” Kyle spat as he slowed his horse to catch up with Alex, who jumped atop another horse and followed the rest. Sean laughed it up as Alex struggled with his wild stallion.

Max looked back to see his men following, “MAX!” Someone yelled in front of him, a man with an upheld pistol. Max dodged the bullet and side swiped the man with his horse. The man went down with a broken leg.

But Pierce wasn’t one to go down and not take his rival with him, he aimed his pistol, and shot.

“Ah!” Max cried out in pain.

His back felt as if it were on fire, his arms went numb and he slumped down.

Sean was closest to him; he slowed and pulled Max on his horse and they rode away. “Shit Max you’re hit!” Sean yelled out.

They rode off, away from the scene of the crime…


“You okay?“ Khivar was suddenly back.

“They got away.” Nasedo rushed over huffing and puffing.

Pierce slapped helpful hands away, “Not without me destroying the brain of the operation.” He grinned, getting up using every last ounce of energy he had left.

A/N: How was that?
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Short but effective!

Ch. 3
Helpful Hands…
Liz’s POV

Liz was pacing back and forth in her room while Isabel cried relentlessly. Lonnie tried her best to comfort her sister; Maria ran back and forth obeying every one of Mrs. Evans commands.

“Ma! I can’t take Isabel any longer! Can we PLEASE gag ‘er?!” Lonnie complained for the hundredth time.

“I don’t know wha is taken’ so damn long!” Nicholas cursed.

Liz stopped dead in her pace and smacked Nicholas upside the head, “Don’t swear.”

Nicholas sat down with a pout and looked out the window, “Here they come!” he yelled jumping up and pointing out the window.

“Is Alex with ‘em? Please tell me Alex is there too!” Isabel tried her hardest to get up but was pulled back down my Lonnie.

“You ain’t goin’ no where sister.” Lonnie said sternly.

Liz strained her eyes, “Alex! I see Ally Iz!” Liz assured Isabel who sighed deeply and rested her sweating forehead against Lonnie’s breast.

“Good.” Isabel whispered closing here yes.

“Liz!” Maria cried out.

Liz spun around and looked to where Maria’s large doe eyes stared.

“Oh god Max!” Liz ran out the front door, Nicholas, Maria and Mrs. Evans following right behind.

“What happen?” Mrs. Evans cried out painfully as she watched Zan and Michael pull Max's wounded body down from Sean’s horse.

“Max was hit just as we were leavin’, shit Max you’re bleeding everywhere!” Zan explained and then cursed. “We need to get him inside quickly, they’re gonna be looking for ‘em soon ma.” Zan pulled Max's top half through the door.

Liz stood outside in a daze; she didn’t know what to do. Max was hurt and she didn’t know what to do!

“Stop standing there being useless silly gurl! Get on in here and help Maria rip sheets for bandages!” Mrs. Evans stuck her head outside and yelled at Liz.

Liz ran inside without so much as a thought, immediate reaction took control.

“Okay Maria go out back and take down the two white sheets I have hanging to dry. Lonnie, you go and get warm water in two buckets. Michael, you go and get me as many bandages as you can find. Alex go help Isabel calm down. Zan, Rath and Sean… Get out of the way.” Liz pushed passed them and went to Mrs. Evans aide. “Has the bullet gone all the way through or do we need a doctor?” Liz said to Mrs. Evans.

Mrs. Evans shook her head, “No, no it hasn’t gone all the way through. We will need a doctor.”

Liz turned to Zan and it was immediately known what he and the rest were to do. They left immediately.

20 minutes later a doctor had looked at Max's wounds, “You all did mighty fine without my help.” He snickered.

Max lay silently unconscious in Liz’s bed. She would have to sleep with Maria tonight. Everyone had already left for home.

The doctor sighed, “He should be well in a couple of days. The bullet grazed his left back rib but I see no paralysis or damaged nerves.” He rubbed his chin, “Is there anything else?”

“No Mr. Larsen. Thank you kindly. Thank you very much. God Bless.” She escorted him out the door.

Liz look back to Max's frail body and smiled, he looked so peaceful. Who knew what a mouth that boy had on him, what an arrogant son of a-

“Liz?” Maria called.

“Coming!” Liz hollered back and tip toed out the door.

She got no more than two feet when she stopped dead. Outside the door were two armed guards and Khivar himself.

“We’d like to take a peek aroun’ if you don’t mind Mrs. Evans.” Khivar smugly smirked.

“MY boys are not here I tell you. And I haven’t seen my nephews either! Now shoo!” She tried to push the men back out the door.

“Is there a problem?” Alex came into the picture.

Liz stood silently by her bedroom door. If they were to come in and search they would without a doubt take Max away. Max was far too weak to even get out of bed let alone escape these men. Maria looked warily over at Liz and snuck back into her own room silently shutting the door. Isabel laid spread out in a deep sleep on the living room floor with lots of blankets and pillows, Lonnie soothingly running her fingers through Isabel’s hair. Lonnie didn’t seem to worry about the men at all. Liz looked questionably at her.

“Hide him.” Lonnie mouthed to Liz.

”How?” Liz quietly mouthed back.

But Lonnie didn’t answer, there was a loud commotion at the front door and Liz ran back into her room. She searched around for somewhere –anywhere! To hide Max. She couldn’t find a single empty spot to fit him in. So she did the next best thing.

She tore off her evening dress and stumbled over to where Max lay. In her under garments she jumped in bed beside Max and covered his body with the sheets to hide his frame. She held the blankets up to her chest and sat covering Max's body from view.

The men burst through her door, “OH!” Liz screamed.

“Sorry ma’am.” One of them said tipping his heat.

“Well I should say SO!” Liz snapped.

The men still stood there staring at her.

“Go on! GO!” She yelled, they seemed to snap out of their daze and shut the door.

“Whew.” Liz sighed in relief. “That was close.” She whispered and ran nervous fingers through her hair. She sat there thinking until she felt something slid up her leg all the way towards no return. “Max.” Liz said wary, “Is that your hand?” She said smiling and looking at his closed eyes.

A single smirk from him and she knew all too well.

“Liz!” Mrs. Evans ran in through the door, “How’d you hide him-“ She stopped and looked at them in the bed, “Well, isn’t this quite the predicament!” She scolded.

“NO!” Liz shook her head, “It’s not what you think!” Liz shook her head vigorously back and forth, “I was hiding him!” Liz shouted.

“Okay honey… Okay…” Mrs. Evans grinned and slowly shut the door.

“I Was!” Liz shouted to the closed door.

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I felt so bad bcuz my internet was down and I promised you all an update! But here you go I just wrote it right now so it sux and its short...

Ch. 4
You Stink

“Tightly –but not TOO tight, lightly –but not TOO light.” Liz guided her sister Courtney in helping her rewrap Max’s bandages.

Courtney flipped her blonde hair back and rolled her deep blue eyes, “Whay I gotta do this anyway? What are you doin?” She scowled.

“I’m getting the water ready for his bath!” Liz protested.

Courtney smirked, “Oh… I see,” She snickered, “Mrs. Evans told meh ‘bout tha other day. Sheesh Lizzie where is ya self respect?” She teased.

Liz immediately blushed, “Well wha was I supposed ta do? I hadn’t the slightest idea where ta hide him!” She came up and got in her sister’s face.

Courtney laughed, “Look at you! Your getting’ all bent outta shape over this! Wow Liz I was only jokin’ with yas.” Courtney left the room hurt.

“Oh Court I didn’t mean!” Liz stopped short and turned on her heels angrily walking back into the room with Max and slamming the door.

Max flinched waking up abruptedly, “Ah.” He groaned holding his wound.

Liz gaped at his naked upper body, “Uh… Uh… Can you like, put a shirt on or something?” She stuttered.

Max looked up at her and smirked, “A bit shy of skin are we Liz?”

Liz stood tall, “NO.” She snapped. “As a matter of fact I was just getting you ready for your bath.”

“Bath?” Max's eyes widened.

It was Liz’s turn to smirk, “Why Max Evans, you didn’t expect to sleep in my bed for as long as you have and not expect to be bathed? Cuz frankly… You smell like a barn.” Liz grinned.

Max blushed, “How long have I been here?”

Liz looked at the ceiling in thought, “Uh… three days?” She brought her deep brown eyes back down to his warm amber ones.

“Wow.” Max looked at his hands.

Liz nod sympathetically and sat down on the bed next to him, “I’m sorry this happen to you Max.” She put a delicate hand in his.

Max squeezed it and looked deep into her eyes, “And you’ve been here this whole time? Taking care of me?” He asked.

Liz nod, “Yea.”

“Did I get a chance to thank you?” He asked.

“No.” Liz shook her head.

“I will.” He smiled.

“Okay.” Liz said looking straight at his luscious lips as she licked her own.

“Okay.” Max echoed coming closer.

“Uh…” Liz was unable to respond with intelligent words, she couldn’t get her mind to function on anything but Max's lips.

“Yea?” Max said staring at her mouth, moving a hand to touch her cheek.

“Max…” Liz whispered still staring at his bottom lip.

“Liz.” Max said centimeters in front of Liz’s lips.

Liz smiled, “You stink.” She said getting up.

Max groan.

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I need an update soon!!!! I love this fic. You can't keep me waiting...I promise you that if you post a new part soon I'll post a new part for 'All Because of That Girl'. I promise.

Cross my heart- Hope to die- Poke a needle in Pierce's, Nasedo's and Khivar's eyes.

I already written half of it I just need to type it up and finish the rest of that part. It won't take me that long.

Pretty Please...


Well anyway, BUMP!

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I'm still working on the update I don't want it to be short thats why its taking a while but I;m working on it!!!! I'm doing it right now! Sadly I'm only at a page cuz remember I said I lost the other part? I really can hate computers sometimes... *sigh*

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Thanks Oodles and Oodles for the demands and I'm sorry but here is the next part. It's short but I hope you still like it!!! lol

Ch. 6

Liz sat quietly reading a book on the porch in front of the house, she found that she had not gone as far as the first sentence of the novel. This was majorly because every time she tried to read, Max would cloud her thoughts and she would remember that passionate kiss they shared.

“Errr! Stop it!” Liz scolded herself and rest her face in her hands. She was so caught up in her thoughts she didn’t even hear the front door open. She couldn’t even sense Max’s approaching footsteps, nor did she notice that he had plopped down right beside her on the bench.

“Penny for your thoughts?” He whispered huskily in her ear.

“OH!” Liz jumped up in fright clutching her book to her chest, “DON’T DO THAT!” She screamed.

Max hooted in laughter.

“Max what are you doing up?” Liz questioned him in spite of her thundering heart.

“I’m tiared ‘f lyin’ ‘round. I need ta get outta here.” He replied stretching.

“I hope it’s not my company you tire of.” Liz acted hurt.

“NO!” max was quick to react. “NO! You’re GREAT company!”

“Joking Max, I was only fooling.” Liz playfully shoved him.

“Oh.” He slightly blushed.

Just then Zan pulled up in a carriage, “Well lookie here. Looks like lil ‘ol Maxie pooh decided to grace us with his presence.”

“Ha. Ha.” Max rolled his eyes.

“Well get your lay-zay ass on up here and lets get goin!” Zan slapped the seat next to him.

“Goin? Whare? Whay?” Max frowned.

“Will you stop your yappin and jus get on over here? The coast seems ta be clear and Michael’s gonna come down from hidin in them hills. We’re all gonna celebrate at his house ta night.” Zan explained.

“Oh.” Max said just as Alex walked outside.

“Liz. Isabel needs you. Something about needing your assistance in executing her womanhood?” Alex said scratching his brow.

“Oh boy.” Liz sighed, “This outta be good.” Liz stood up and went to the door, “Bye Max.” She replied before entering the house.

“Bye… Liz.” Max responded dreamily.

“Ey!” Zan smacked Max on the back of the head, “Back to earth boy!”

“Wha? Hey! Ow!” Max cried out and rubbed the back of his head, “S-s-s-so A-A-Alex? I-I-“

“Spit it out Evans.” Alex crossed his arms across his chest.

“Out. Yea. Exactly what I wanna ask you?”

“EW! Max! You wanna ask Alex out!” Zan teased Max.

Max scowled at him and continued, “Well. See we’re in. And well we need to be out. You are in. I am in. Zan is in. Liz is in. And well I wanna take her uh… Out? Out to that thing tonight for Michael?” Max asked/pleaded.

Alex continued to give max a hard time, “I don’t know…”

“Ahh C’mon naw Alex, you have our sister with child. Whay can’t Max take Liz out?” Zan said.

Alex’s face immediately paled, “I-I-I uh… You may take Liz out. On one condition. You break her heart… And I’ll break your neck. No matter what the cost.” Alex replied confidant.

“Agreed.” Max nodded, caring less of Alex’s threat. He knew Alex loved his sister –hell Max loved his sister’s more than anything. But hurting Liz was the LAST thing he wanted.

“Thanks Al. I’ll be back around sunset. See ya!” Max hoped up next to his brother and they rode off with the crack of a whip in the air.

“HA!” Zan yelled to the horses.



“Hope ya got ya dancin’ shoes all cleaned up Lizzy.” Alex teased walking in the door and tossing his hat aside.

Liz was distracted cleaning pots and pans when she she looked sideways, “Wha? Dancin’?” She asked confused.

“Yea. Dancin Max is taken you out to that welcome back thing for Michael.” Alex said coming up beside his sister to help.

Liz was quiet and continued to wash dishes when she suddenly lashed out, “What exactly do you mean by Max is takin ya out? I mean, Aly, I’d rather die than ta think that mah brother set me up.” Liz wiped her brow and left bubbles on her face in the process.

Alex affectionately rubbed it away and smiled, “Naw Liz Whitman. I would NEVER have to set you up. You know you’re one of the prettiest gals around!”

“I beg to differ Al. I mean look at everyone. They’re all shacked up. Maria and Michael, you and Iz, Lonnie and… her special someone who will remain nameless and Courtney and Sean and-“

“COURTNEY AND SEAN!?” Alex bellowed.

Liz rolled her eyes, “You mean ta tell me that you didn’t know they wuz seein’ each other?” Liz replied hands on hips.

“NAH!” Alex shook his head, “Nah! Nuh uh! Noooooway! COURTNEY!!!” He hollered and left the kitchen in search of his sister.

“Men.” Liz shook her head sadly.

She knew she WANTED to go to the party with Max. She wanted it more than anything. The past few weeks with him were wonderful. She never knew what a kind and gentle person he could be. Who knew that underneath that cocky debonair asshole there lay a romantic? Liz sighed and remembered last week….

*last week*

“Max.” Liz shook Max's sleeping form.

“Mmmmm…” He groaned.

“Maaaax!” Liz shouted in his ear.

“Hey! Wha? Huh? Hats goin’ on here ah?” He jumped up and then cringed, “Ahhh shit.” He cursed holding his side.

“Oh Max I’m so sorray!” Liz immediately apologized and leaned in to check his wound. Max pulled her into his arms quickly catching Liz by surprise, “Max! Wha are ya doin’?” Liz gasp.

“Shhh. Close your eyes.” He whispered.

Liz obeyed and closed them tight.

Max embraced her gently and whispered in her ear, “No one has ever treated me as good as you do. And I thank you for that Liz… Thank you.” He said. “And…”

“And?” Liz smiled, eyes still shut.

Max ran his fingers through her silky dark hair, “…And that’s it.” He hesitated, as if holding in what he really wanted to say.

Liz opened her eyes, “Max…”


“Shhh…” She touched his lips with hers…

Liz smiled at the memory of that kiss. Days after she has thrown him in the bath. Days since they had shared that HOT and passionate kiss. Which lead to OTHER sweet little ones… Ones that Liz did not mind one single bit. Though she would never let Max know that.

“You’re smiling.” Maria walked in the room.

Liz shook her head, “I am not.”

“You are too and that means you like a boy. You like Max don’t ya?” Maria grinned triumphant.

Just then Sean walked in the room, “Michael’s back.” He said.

“So?” Maria shrugged.

“So… I reckon you ought to attend his lil welcome back and well… Welcome him back.” He shrugged in confusion.

Maria rolled her deep green eyes and sighed, “Sean. Will ya ever stop?”

“Stop wha?” He scratched his head worried.

“Stop being such a jackass pansy!” She stormed over to him, “Just because Michael’s BACK does not mean I have to entertain him! ARRRRRRGH!”

“Does that mean you ain’t gonna be his date?” Sean asked.

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!” Maria shrilled her glass breaking shriek.

Liz covered her ears and went to her room. If she was gonna go out with Max tonight, she sure as hell wanted to go in one piece!

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