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Just another weekend.

Author: StargazerUK.

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Category: A/I, with M/L & M/M .

Rating: PG 13

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these Roswell characters, I have borrowed them.( If I did Alex & Isabel would be living happily ever after. )

Author's Note: This is my first attempt at fiction so please be gentle. This story is set around the first season with no sign of Tess, meaning Max & Liz are as happy as they should always have been.
There isn’t too much Stargazer-fiction out there and as I am a big Alex & Isabel fan I thought I would give this a go.
Finally I would like to dedicate this story to Kath and Stacey who have been nothing but supportive and good friends to me.

Chapter 1

Isabel sat in her room contemplating her options. It was a thought process she had been through many times before but she didn’t seem to get any nearer making a decision. It wasn’t that difficult a decision to make was it? Continue to keep everyone but Max & Michael at arms length or to let someone in, more to the point, let him in.

It wasn’t that she didn’t have feelings for him. In fact that was the thing that was so difficult about this whole situation. She had never felt for anyone the way she felt for him. She loved Max & Michael, obviously, but she wanted more than brotherly love, she wanted to be able to hold someone and to be held in return. The decision that had to be made was simple, was it worth the trouble that would come along with the breaking down of walls or should she keep herself to herself? She had seen both sides of the coin with the Max/Liz & Michael/Maria pairings. The way they looked at each other, the way they held each other and most definitely the way they kissed each other. But she had also seen the hurt that came too. It wasn’t the bickering between Michael and Maria that worried her, that was how they were. It wasn’t the will they won’t they aspect of Max & Liz’ relationship, if there was ever a couple that was meant to be together they were it and they would realise it soon enough. No! The problem she had was once she let Alex in she wasn’t sure she could survive without him should it not work out. He had spent many years chasing round after her like the good puppy dog she wanted but after her constant put downs and refusals he was beginning to lose heart, to lose interest. Isabel never doubted he would always love her, want her but would he always pursue her?

It was at this point the phone rang and jolted Isabel out of her mental argument.

A few moments later Max appeared at her door.

“Hey Isabel, Whatcha doing?”

“Hey Max, not much why?” Isabel could she Max was hyped up so she could guess that it had been Liz on the phone.

“Liz just called and wondered if we’d like to go to the Crashdown when it closes this evening? Her parent are out of town and as it’s Friday we don’t have to be up for school in the morning”

Seeing her trying to decide Max decided now was the time to play his trump card. “Alex will be there”.

“What the hell do you mean by that?” Isabel said leaping off the bed and giving Max her patented Ice Princess glare.

“I just thought you and Alex have been good friends for awhile now and I know you enjoy his company and I…….Wait a minute, what do you mean? What do I mean by that! Why are you being so defensive? I just thought you might like to join us at the Crashdown and it wouldn’t be fun for you without Alex because the rest of us are always paired up and leaving you on your own”. Max turned to leave “If you don’t want to come Iz no worries but you don’t have to bite my head off”.

“Max I’m sorry” Isabel said, barely above a whisper.. “It’s just….”,

“Just what Iz?” Max came back into the room and sat on the bed looking up at Isabel as she stared out of the window. “If there is something you want to speak about you know I am here for you”.

“You being here for me isn’t in question Max” she said turning to look at him “But having this type of conversation with my brother is”. With a sigh Isabel came to join Max on the bed. Max reached out his hand to cover Isabels and looked into her big, brown eyes.

“Isabel if you have feelings for Alex I think you should tell him” Max said.

“It’s not that simple Max and you know it”

“Yes I know Isabel, me of all people knows how difficult it can be to be with someone you love but if you ask me if I would give up one moment with Liz I would say NO! Straight away, without hesitation”.

Max though for a moment and took in a deep breath “Isabel, as your brother my duties include looking out for your well being, making sure you don’t fall for the wrong type of guy. All I can say is Alex is a great guy I know it, you know it and most importantly Liz & Maria who have been his best friends forever know it. I can’t say I would ever throw my sister into a relationship but if I am honest, if you decide you want to move on with Alex I wouldn’t stand in your way”.

Before Isabel could launch into a tirade at her brother for him giving permission for her to see Alex, Max threw his hands up in mock surrender.

“Iz I am not giving you permission to see Alex I am simply saying he’s a great guy and I think you have a great chance of having a long lasting relationship with…..”

The pillow hit Max square in the face stopping him from putting his feet any further into his mouth. The one thing he did remember as Isabel shoved him out into the hallway to slam the door was the smile on her face. Isabel was actually smiling at his comments which meant he may not have been saying the right things but he had a feeling his sister had come to a decision…..One that Alex was going to like.

The Crashdown was still open as the jeep pulled up. It was nearly 11pm so Max knew it would be closing any minute now. He stepped out of the car and walked round the front to join Isabel on the sidewalk. He followed her gaze and realised she was looking back down the street at Alex’ car that was parked further down on the opposite side of the road. As they pushed through the door they both saw Liz & Maria standing over the remaining customer trying to intimidate him into finishing the piece of pie he was pushing round his plate.
As soon as the door opened both girls looked towards the noise and both broke out into a smile when they saw Max & Isabel. Noticeably Liz continued to smile at Max while Maria went back to her customer watching. There isn’t a man born who can withstand the Deluca stare so quickly the man finished with his pie, left money to cover the bill that had already been totalled and put on his table and made his way out the door.

Liz, while hardly taking her eyes off of Max followed the man to the door, flipped the sign to closed and locked and bolted the doors.

By this time Max had already kicked into Liz gazing mode. After all of the on –off, on –off they were definitely in an ON phase which had been running for a few weeks now. Most of the time you could just about fit a sheet of paper between them and that was on a good day. The rest of the time you couldn’t see where one ended and the other one began.

As Isabel made her way to the back booth where Alex was sitting Maria headed towards the kitchen where Michael was cleaning the grill leaving Max & Liz in a lip lock which would stop traffic.

“Hey Alex” Isabel said as she sat down opposite him having taken off her coat and scarf. She couldn’t tell if he had noticed she was wearing the red sweater he had bought her last Christmas but she was pleased all the same for wearing it. It always made her feel comfortable and she often though of Alex when she wore it.

Alex, on the other hand, was anything but comfortable. He was pleased when Liz had invited him over and he was even more pleased when he heard Isabel was coming but he was still trying his best to keep his feelings for Isabel under control. He knew, as did everyone else at West Roswell High, that he had spent too much time running round after Isabel, trying to get her attention but any man could only take so much and he had reached his limit. If the truth be told he had reached his limit about six months ago but he had kept on trying in spite of himself.

“Hey Isabel, nice sweater”

Alex silently berated himself for leaping straight into a compliment, he was meant to be playing it cool. Isabel on the other hand was beaming.

After a little idle chatter Alex looked around for the four missing friends. Liz had turned most of the lights out in the café so things were quite dark and quite romantic. Liz was sitting on Max’ lap in one of the booths further down, near the front whereas
Michael & Maria were nowhere to be seen. Looking for a reason to get away from Isabels intoxicating presents Alex grasped at any excuse.

“Isabel would you like a drink?” He asked.

“No but I won’t say no to some fries, we had salad for dinner which never goes down well in our house” Isabel said smiling her brightest smile.

Alex could feel the temperature rising so he decided he should make a bolt for the kitchen to get those fries “One plate of fries coming right up”.

As Alex tried to make his way into the kitchen he found the door appeared to be stuck so he couldn’t get in. With one hefty shove he managed to remove whatever was blocking the door and made his way inside only to be confronted by a blatantly displeased Michael and an equal unhappy Maria.

“What the hell are you doing?” Michael asked, not attempting to hide his displeasure.

Maria, offering a little more tact asked “Can we get you something Alex?”

It was at this point that Alex noticed a couple of buttons undone on both Michael’s shirt and also on Maria’s uniform. The temperature was obviously rising in her as well

“I came to get Isabel some fries” Alex choked out trying not to be embarrassed about what he had obviously stumbled into.

Michael grabbed a plate of fries that had been sitting by the cooker and shoved them at Alex. “Take these, on the house”

Alex picked one up and noticed they were cold “These are stone cold how am I supposed to…..”

Before he had finished his sentence Michael’s hand was inches above the plate doing his alien impression of a microwave

“There”. Michael said. “Lovely and hot now get out of here while I continue to clean the grill”.

Without even waiting for him to leave Michael turned back to Maria and swept her up into his arms and planted the biggest kiss Maria had ever received on her rosey red lips. Maria could swear she was hearing bells but she wasn’t going to let that stop her, she was having too much fun.

Alex could feel the blush of his skin creeping up his face and the thought of what he had just witnessed in the kitchen. He was just thinking there are some things a best friend shouldn’t see when he noticed Max & Liz still entwined in their booth by the front, not paying the slightest bit of attention to what was going on in the world.

As Alex swung round to sit back down with Isabel’s plate of fries he noticed she was gone. He assumed she was in the restroom so he amused himself eating Isabel’s fries until she came back. As he waited he practised his new mantra which was designed to help counter act the Isabel effect as he called it.

After five minutes of chanting “We are only friends, we are only friends” be realised maybe she wasn’t in the restroom.

He called to Max & Liz “Have you seen Isabel?” to which he got no reply. Realising nothing short of an atomic bomb would catch their attention he strode down to the front door and found it was still locked the way Liz had left it. This time he march up the restaurant into the back and it was then that he noticed the back door was open. Moving forward cautiously he peaked out into the cold night and spotted Isabel standing in the alley with her arms drawn close around herself.

“Hey Iz” Alex called, he could see he made her jump

“Hey Alex, what brings you out here?”

“My conscience wouldn’t let me eat all your fries on my own so I came looking for you” Alex came to a halt beside Isabel, she still hadn’t looked at him directly. “More to the point Iz what brings you out here it’s freezing” Alex said while watching his breath mist and then dissipate into the cold New Mexico night.

“I’m thinking” Isabel replied

“Oh yeah, what about?” Alex’ curiosity getting the better of him.

Finally Isabel turned to Alex and it was at this point he realised she was crying

“About how I have treated you so bad when you have done nothing but shown love and concern for me and my brothers. How I have gone out of my way to be spiteful to you despite everything we have gone through as a group and about how I could have the nerve to think you would still want to be with me after all I have put you through”.

In that one instance Alex was hit by so many emotions at once he was amazed that he managed to remain standing. He felt the heartbreak of seeing the woman he loved in tears. The anger at himself for having put up with so much over the last couple of years. The pride of having help take on the responsibility of knowing their secret but above all of that there was the emotion that was always there, had been since the first time he had laid eyes on her, Love, pure and simple. It was now and always would be the one emotion he would have for his Isabel.

“Do you think for one second I would not be here for you?” He placed his hand on her shoulder and gently turned her towards him, “Do you think I would regret one second of our time together both good and bad?”

Isabel tried to control her tears Alex’ hand on her shoulder sent heat coursing through her body. Before she thought about any consequences and before he could react Isabel threw herself at him heart, mind and most effectively body.

Alex felt Isabel’s arms around him and he felt the ground disappear beneath his feet. If you had asked him at that second he would have sworn on a stack of bibles that he was actually floating. This was just at the thought of her arms around him, when her lips met his he was sure he had died and gone to heaven.

Isabel felt the connection immediately and with the connection came the flashes. She saw the first time he saw her in 3rd grade, the way he would do all that he could just to get a glimpse of her at anytime and anyplace. She saw the dance in the gym, again, which would always be her favourite memory but most importantly for her wasn’t what she saw it was what she felt. The love that came rushing through the connection was everything she had hoped and dreamed of and more, much more. She may have come from another planet but there wasn’t enough love on two worlds to equal the way he felt about her. With this Isabel used every ounce of her being to send as much love back towards Alex. she knew it was having the desired effect because Alex broke the kiss. Not because he wanted to but simply he couldn’t stop himself from grinning the widest grin, in his arms was all he had ever wanted, all he would ever want. If he died now he would die a happy man, not that he intended dying for some time yet.

“Alex I don’t want this if you are just feeling sorry for me” Isabel looked deep into his eyes and got her reply before he had even opened his mouth.

“Isabel you are all I have ever wanted. If it meant giving you time to adjust or giving you breathing space fine as long as I have you I will do whatever is required. Without you my life is meaningless and isn’t worth living. I would kill or die for you Isabel and I would travel to the far corners of the universe to be with you”

Isabel placed a finger to his lips “Shh, don’t say that we may end up having to do that very thing”

She giggled and Alex realised it had been too long since he had heard her laugh. It was something he was definitely going to encourage in the future. With their arms still wrapped around each other and there bodies pressed again one another neither felt the cold night air nor did either notice the crowd that had gathered.

Max gave a discreet “Ahem” to catch their attention. As they turned they noticed Max, Liz Michael & Maria all standing by the back door of the Crashdown.

“How much did you hear?” Alex asked feeling a little uncomfortable.

“Enough” Max replied.

It was at this point both Alex & Isabel noticed that the little group of spectators all seemed a little too cheerful for their liking.

Maria was grinning while jumping from foot to foot like the nervous ball of energy she always became when excited. Amazingly Michael appeared to have a slight smile threatening to breakout on his normally pursed lips. Liz was simply smiling, happy the two had finally gotten over there differences and realised how good they would be for each other and Max, well Max was being the consummate leader. He was blatantly happy for them both but the fact remained that a teenage boy had his hands on his sister.

Liz knowing Max better than he knew himself sensed this and gave his hand a squeeze. With this Max finally let his guard down and allowed a smile to breakout on his face.

“It’s cold out here for those of us without raging hormones keeping us warm” Max said “Let’s get our butts back into the warm and we can discuss sleeping arrangements”.

Both Alex & Isabel could see the redness of each other’s faces. Isabel looked at Alex. She released her grip from around him but still managed to link her fingers with his as the headed back into the Crashdown.

Alex closed the door he looked at Isabel and said “Have I told you lately how good you look in red? Whoever bought you that has very good taste and must love you very much”

“They do” Isabel replied, letting go of his hand “That’s why the lucky young man who bought it for me is going to see what a girl wears under her favourite sweater”.

When Alex came round he realised he was lying flat on the couch at the back of the Crashdown. He would have thought he had dreamt the whole episode but for the fact that Isabel was leaning over him looking worried.

“Oh thank God, What happened?” Maria called.

When Alex saw Isabel go red he realised Isabel had said exactly what he though she said. “I think I got caught by the heat when I came back in from the cold and fainted” Alex said while sitting up. ”I’m fine now honest” he lied while shakily getting to his feet.

“I think I should take him home” Max said looking concerned.

“No!” Isabel almost shouted “No I will take him, you guys stay here and enjoy yourselves I will make sure he gets home safely”. Isabel chose to ignore the furtive glances being passed amongst the amused group.

She took Alex’ hand and linked fingers once again. “I will take him home but thank you for your concern” and with that she headed for the front door and the jeep with Alex in tow who was grinning the widest grin..

To be continued…..

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Chapter 2

As Isabel drove Alex back to his home she couldn’t help but feel happy with herself. She had spent so many years keeping everyone at arms length, making sure no one could get too close but now that she had taken the decision to allow Alex in it felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from her shoulders. Now that she had taken that most difficult first step everything seemed to be falling into place with regards her feelings towards Alex and now the decision she had made was most definitely the correct one.
She’d known of Alex’ feelings towards her for a couple of years and she had known how deep those feelings ran when she had dream walked him all those months ago. Now she was warming to the idea of having her own “Significant other” she wondered why it had taken so long. She knew Alex would never hurt her and equally as important was the fact that Alex would never allow anyone else to hurt her, he would truly give up his life for her and Isabel was beginning to realise there was no greater love than that.

As they neared Alex’ home Isabel glanced over at her boyfriend and realised that he was lost, deep in his own thoughts.

Alex had quite simply never been happier. It seemed that all his patience and hard work with regards his pursuit of Isabel had finally paid off. He was a nice guy, he knew he had his plus points but this was Isabel Evans we were talking about, the girl that every boy in West Roswell high wanted and dreamed about but she was his, all his. He was going to have to tread very carefully when it came to what happens now. He had waited so long and the reward was so great he didn’t want to mess things up but he also wanted to be an equal partner in this relationship. He was sure Isabel found him cute but he was also sure she wouldn’t want some whipping boy that she could simply walk over. Having given it some thought he decided it would be best to be the man that he was with Liz & Maria, just more so. He would be a friend and protector, a shoulder to cry on and a person to celebrate with. He could do this, he could be there for Isabel in every way, shape & form that Isabel needed and he knew she would be there for him. Life was great!

As Isabel pulled onto the Whitman drive she noticed there weren’t any lights on which meant either Alex’ parents were in bed or away on one of their many road trips. Since Alex had turned eighteen his MOM had taken to going with his father on his many road trips. It meant she wasn’t tied to the house anymore and gave her husband some much-needed company on his frequent trips away from home.

Alex turned to Isabel, “Would you like to come in for a drink?” he asked trying to hide the huge grin that kept appearing every time me looked at the gorgeous blonde.

“Won’t your parents mind?” Isabel asked hoping to get the reply she desired.

“My parents are away over the weekend and won’t be back until Monday evening” Alex informed Isabel “If you’d rather leave it until tomorrow….”

“No!” Isabel almost leapt at Alex and the force of her reply caught her by surprise,
“I’d love to come in thank you”.

As they climbed out of the car they made their way towards the house, finding time to link hands during the walk up the path. Alex was amazed to discover that with that simply show of affection he would never need any more from Isabel. He may want more in future but he was quickly realising that all he would need was a physical connection to Isabel and the nearness of her body to make him happy.

When the couple reached the front door Alex realised that the porch light wasn’t working which was strange as it was on a timer.

“I think the bulb has gone,” he said pointing to the light fixture “I’ll hunt out a replacement from the garage when I get a chance”

Alex moved on into the hallway, still holding Isabel’s hand. When he flicked the light switch nothing happened.

“Damn! The fuse must have blown, Wait here Iz while I get a flashlight”

As Alex moved down the darkened hallway towards the kitchen he had a feeling things weren’t quite right. Despite his parents being away he couldn’t help but call out to them. “MOM…Dad, Are you home?”

As Alex walked into the kitchen he was suddenly hit by a blinding light as all the lights in the house came on at once forcing his eyes to readjust from the complete darkness to the over powering light. Almost immediately Alex realised a figure was moving towards him at breakneck speed, he managed to call out to Isabel as he felt an impact in the middle of his chest as someone ploughed into him knocking both himself and his assailant to the floor. As the impact of hitting the floor washed over him Alex also noticed an odd sensation emanating from the centre of his chest.

As Isabel entered the room she just had enough time to take in Alex on the floor with a hooded man wrestling on top of him before she felt a vicious blow to the back of her head which sent her crashing to the floor. Just as she was struggling to regain her composure she heard her attacker screaming at his accomplice as he dragged him off of Alex. She though she heard the words “Killed him!” As she glanced at Alex and that was when her worst possible fears were realised, a knife was sticking out of Alex’ chest and the blood was seeping through his shirt onto the floor, at this point Isabel lost consciousness.

As Isabel started to wake she immediately remembered the blow to the back of the head she received which was causing her intense pain. It was another moment or two before she began to piece together what had caused her to wake up lying on the floor. In an instant it all came rushing back to her and she immediately kicked into action. Bring herself to her feet her heart almost stopped beating at the sight of Alex laid flat on the kitchen floor surrounded by his own blood, his skin colour a sicken white which made Isabel even more scared than she already was. She rushed to his side and kneeled by his head, without hesitation she clasped her hands either side of his face and the connection was instant. What she found made her spirits lift, he was alive, barely, but he was alive. Breaking the connection she rushed for the phone hanging on the wall, she had to find Max. Without thinking she dialled Liz’ number.

Max couldn’t remember a more contented time. He was sitting out on Liz’ balcony, sitting on one of the lawn chairs that had made their way up to the flat roof some years before. That wasn’t what was making Max happy, it was the 18 year old, dark hared beauty that sat in his lap, whispering sweet nothings in his ear that made him ecstatic.

As Liz continued her one-woman assault on all of Max’ senses she heard her phone ring.

“Can you believe it! It’s almost midnight and we still can’t have any peace” Liz said while trying to build up the will to leave the warmth and comfort of Max’ lap.

Max was less forgiving “Leave it Liz they can call back in the morning” but Liz had already lifted herself out of her comfort zone and was making her way to the window.

As she climbed through she looked back at Max “I should get it, it might be something important if someone is willing to face my wrath by phoning this late”

Max smiled, Liz was without doubt the most generous, caring and giving person he knew but the one thing he always tried to avoid was making her angry. Liz more than punched her weight when it came to giving people a piece of her mind. And he already felt sorry for the person on the other end of the phone.

Max didn’t have to hear what was being said on the phone to know something was dreadfully wrong. The smile had disappeared from Liz’ face and her hand automatically lifted to her mouth in horror.

Max was climbing back through the window as Liz turned to him and he could already she the tears running down her face. “Liz, what’s wrong?”.

Liz couldn’t bring herself to speak, she handed the phone to Max and dropped to the bed with her head in her hands, sobs beginning to filter through her fingers.
As Max moved the phone to his ear he could hear Isabel crying and blurting out random bits of information that he couldn’t piece together.

“Isabel it’s Max, tell me what’s happened”.

After the phone hadn’t been picked up after the first couple of rings Isabel had to fight the urge to hang up and try another number. Every second could prove the difference between life and death for Alex and she wasn’t prepared to lose him since she had realised what he meant to her. She wouldn’t want anyone to die due to incorrect action on her part but when it came to Alex there simply wasn’t anyone more important to her in the world, she would save him!

When the phone finally was answered on the fifth or sixth ring she heard Liz’ voice. She had only intended to ask for Max but when she heard the familiar, friendly voice she tried to tell her friend everything at once.

She wasn’t sure what information she was getting across but when she heard Liz starting to sob Isabel realised she had imparted the most important fact, her boyfriend, Liz’ best friend, had been stabbed and was dying. When Max’ voice came on the line it snapped Isabel out of her panic and she knew she had to focus.

“Max we have been attacked in Alex’ house. The two men have run off but when Alex fought with one of the men had got stabbed in the chest. You have to help me Max I think I’m losing him, he’s lost so much blood”.

Without a second thought Max’ mind kicked into action. They had to save Alex, get the group together to make sure everyone was safe and then and only then would they sort out what exactly happened at the Whitman house. Now was not the time to decide if this was alien related, Alex was top priority.

“Isabel we’ll make our way over to you but I don’t have the car, you took it to take Alex home”

That comment hit Isabel like an arrow striking its target. The one person she was convinced could save Alex was on the other side of town without a car. It would take precious minutes to get Michael or Valenti to pick up Max and Liz and that was time she wasn’t sure she had.

The next words that came from Max shook her to the core. “Isabel you are going to have to heal Alex, we’ll make our way to you but if things are as bad as you say you’re the only one who can save him”

Isabel started shaking her head causing her hair to shake round her face “I can’t do it Max, I’ve never tried anything so involved before, what if I can’t save him”

Max knew he was losing time and losing Isabel “Listen to me Isabel every second you take means less hope for Alex, we’re leaving now and we will get Michael and Maria to pick us up. There’s nothing else I can do here but you can do this, it’s Alex, if anyone can connect to him and make him right it’s you”

Max knew he was getting through to her “You can do this Iz, you can heal him just show him how much you love him!” With that Max hung up the phone on Isabel and immediately called Michael’s

“Michael, no questions grab Maria and get over to the Crashdown, Isabel & Alex have been attacked, we need to get to the Whitman house, Now!”

Michael didn’t need any more than he had been told. He replaced the receiver on its cradle and turned to Maria

“We need to go!”

Isabel turned and stared at Alex, what was it she had told herself earlier? “She wouldn’t let him die, she couldn’t be without him”. That was all the incentive she needed, she realised that she had nothing to lose but absolutely everything to gain by trying to save Alex

She rushed back to his side. As well as his pallid colour she now noticed he was having trouble breathing. The first thing that Isabel realised was that she was going to have to pull the knife out of Alex’ chest. The thought caused her to start sobbing but she knew it had to be done, it was the only way to save Alex. She also knew that by pulling the knife out of Alex she was going to make a bad situation worse.

For a second she thought about leaving the knife where it was and waiting for Max but they were still at least five or six minutes away and that may be five or six minutes they didn’t have. Thinking only of Alex she placed her hand on the handle of the knife. It was at this point she realised how big the knife was, she could see part of the blade showing and it was one of those with the serrated edges but she couldn’t dwell on that she just had to think of Alex and what she could do for him. With one mighty pull Isabel removed the knife from Alex and let it fall to the side, the feeling of nausea swept over her but now was not the time, she could faint later. As before Isabel gently placed her hands on Alex, this time she place one hand on the side of his face and one over the now opened wound.

“Alex you need to look at me, Alex can you hear me? I need for you to look at me”

As before the connection was instant and as before she could feel the pain and suffering Alex’ body was going through.

Max and Liz were waiting outside the Crashdown as Maria’ jetta pulled up to the sidewalk.

As soon as Maria saw Liz’ face she knew things were desperately wrong. As Max & Liz got into the back seat Michael tore away from the Crashdown heading towards the Whitman residence. Maria immediately began to bombard Max with questions as it was apparent that Liz was in no position to talk. As Max explained what had happened and what Isabel was trying to do Maria reached her hand into the back and clasped Liz’ hand, she felt comfort as Liz’ other hand came to rest on top of hers, both girls trying to draw strength from one another.

Isabel searched Alex’ body for any damage, she had to make sure she didn’t overlook the slightest injury in case it caused problems later on. At first Isabel concentrated on the damage done by the knife itself , she began to push the torn vessels and muscle back together, preventing any more blood loss. She helped repair the damage to Alex’ left lung which had been punctured as the knife had gone in at a slight angle.

At first she was concerned as to whether she would know what to do, she had only ever healed small cuts or blemishes before but she found it surprisingly easy to get on with the job in hand. She would later realise that her new found healing abilities were as much to do with who she was healing as opposed to how good she was at healing. As it was Alex everything was coming naturally to her, she found she didn’t have to think about anything other than the healing process the connection was just….there!

Once she had fixed all the damage she could find Isabel finally began work on helping Alex’ repairing body recreate it’s lost blood. Still staring down at him she could hear his breathing return to normal and the colour returning to his cheeks. While Isabel was doing all she could do to help Alex she was fighting the battle of her life with her own body as it tried to shutdown due to all the effort Isabel was putting into helping Alex. The one thought running through Isabel’s mind was if she allowed her body to give up before she could heal Alex completely she would wake up only to find she hadn’t done enough to save Alex and he would be gone forever. Once she was sure she had done all she could do for Alex Isabel collapsed and allowed herself to drift off, as she faded into darkness she felt Alex’ arm close around her, pulling her to him. That was all the reward she needed as she finally succumbed to her own body and passed out.

To be continued……..

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Chapter 3

When the jetta pulled up outside the Whitman house all appeared calm, giving little indication of the turmoil that had taken place inside within the last twenty minutes.
All four occupants leapt from the car and ran up the path, when they reached the open door Max ran through while Michael attempted to keep the girls back.

It soon became apparent to Michael that he wouldn’t manage to keep them out so he ushered them in while he checked around the house for any remaining intruders.

When Max reached the kitchen his heart went into his mouth as he saw the scene in front of him unfold. Alex was lying on his back in the centre of the kitchen floor, Isabel lay partially on top of him and there was blood everywhere. Just as panic threatened to wash over him Max realised that Alex’ arm was wrapped round Isabel drawing her to him. He then realised that despite the terrible goings on that had occurred in this room things were, for whatever reason, peaceful.

Liz & Maria made it to the doorway of the kitchen and froze, they were both desperately worried for Alex & Isabel but they knew that if something had to be done then Max was going to have to do it. Max crouched down by Isabel and lay a hand on her neck and face. He connected immediately and was able to calm himself once he realised there was nothing outwardly wrong with Isabel other than exhaustion. He glanced to the girls and they could tell by his expression that she was fine.

He moved round the floor to get closer to Alex and it was then that he noticed the tear in Alex’s shift but where the cut had occurred there was just clear, untarnished skin with a slight silver hew. Whatever Isabel had done, outwardly it looked like she had managed to heal Alex. Max reached down and placed his hand on Alex’ chest. It took him just a moment or two to connect with him but the feeling of relief that flowed through him when he found that Alex was also well took the air from his lungs.

As Max rose he turned to the girls in time to see Michael come up to join the group. “Well despite all appearances they’re both fine. Isabel must have passed out from her attempts to heal Alex and Alex must have passed out due to what he’s just been through”.

“What should we do?” Maria asked, concern etched on her face.

“ I think the easiest thing to do would be to stay here tonight. Liz mentioned that Alex’ parents are away for the weekend so it allows us to watch over the two of them while they recuperate. We can also tidy up this mess and see if we can work out what those guys were doing breaking into the Whitman’s house” Max said, finding things a lot easier to handle now that he knew both Alex & Isabel were safe.

With some difficulty the four managed to get Alex & Isabel up to Alex’ room and put them to bed. Max had grumbled a bit when it came to leaving his sister in the same bed as an eighteen-year-old boy even if it was Alex. However Liz calmed his fears when she pointed out that after what the two had been through it wouldn’t be right to separate them now. Plus they were both dead to the world so it wasn’t like Alex would suddenly wake up and start ravaging his sister.

The boys had changed Alex into clean sweats and a T-shirt while the girls had done the same for Isabel. She would not be too happy with how she looked in Alex’ baggy clothes but it was better than leaving her in her blood soaked outfit. Max said he would go back home for clean clothes for himself and Isabel in the morning. Once in their new, clean bed clothes the girls made a point of arranging the pair of sleeping beauties so that Isabel lay in Alex’ arms. Again Max wasn’t impressed but Liz knew the hold she had over him and again she managed to calm him down and explain the reasoning behind it. Whether Max liked it or not after Isabel had healed Alex they now had a bond as strong as the bond between he & Liz.

As the Whitman’s have four sons, three of which were almost permanently away with the armed forces it meant there were several spare rooms for the other two couples to crash out in.

After some special attention to all the locks and windows by Max & Michael and a good cleaning of the kitchen everyone said their goodnights and people headed off to try and get some sleep as they all knew they had a very long day ahead.

As Max finally woke he turned to notice Liz looking at him with a contented smile.

“Morning sleepy head” Liz said as she leaned forward and placed a kiss on Max’ lips “I was wondering when you would join the land of the living”

Max was slightly confused by her comments until he looked at the clock beside the bed and realised it as almost 10:30.

As Liz got off the bed she continued to fill Max in on what he had missed. “As you were in such a sound sleep we decided to leave you where you were” Liz came back from the bathroom carrying what suspiciously looked like some of his clean clothes.

“We managed to get some sleep but I discovered Michael had been up from time to time throughout the night checking the windows and doors and also checking on our sleeping beauties”.

Before Max could ask Liz answered his next question,

“ Both are still fine and look like they may be stirring soon. As we were all up a while ago Maria took Michael over to your place and he sneaked in through your bedroom window and grabbed some clothes for both you and Isabel. They also found time to go to Michael’ apartment and Maria’ to get showered and changed before returning here with all we need for a hearty breakfast. I can’t believe those two are having such a good effect on one another”.

Max couldn’t believe it. Less than eleven hours ago their world was in uproar and a friends life had been in the balance but now here he lay, his most beautiful girlfriend telling him all was right with the world. He knew it was possible their problems had only just begun but he would much rather start at this point than the turmoil that had threatened to engulf them all last night.

After a quick kiss Max headed for the shower, as Liz was already showered and dressed she headed for the kitchen to join Maria & Michael.

As Alex woke he knew things were very different than they usually were. He hadn’t even opened his eyes yet but he felt this warm sensation coursing through his body and he knew he was in for a good day. As he slowly opened his eyes he realised that something was pushing down on his right hand side. The old Alex would have immediately though he had had a stroke but he was a different man nowadays and he was less likely to reach for the knee jerk reason rather he would take a moment to think things through. It was then that he found the most beautiful smell was totally engulfing him as he lay on the bed, as he looked to his right he realised he was actually in bed with Isabel wrapped comfortably around him.

After the initial shock and the several attempts to stop a grin spreading across his face Alex started to remember the events of the night before. He remembered coming into the house and finding the lights weren’t working. He also remembered the man attacking him and the blood all over his shirt. He was immediately concerned for Isabel but realised that all must be well as they were wrapped in each others arms, laying in his bed. As a reaction to what had gone on the previous night Alex lifted Isabel’s hand from where it lay on his chest and placed it on her side so as not to disturb her when he lifted the collar to his T-shirt and looked down at his chest. There smack in the middle of his chest was a silver hand print, he had been healed. Again, almost without thinking, Alex lifted the bottom of the T-shirt and drew it up towards his neck then he took Isabel’s hand from by her side and placed it back on his chest, directly over where the silver hand print lay…….it was a perfect match. Not only had Isabel saved him from the intruders last night but more than that she had healed his wounds. As he looked at her with nothing more than love and admiration Alex found that Isabel was waking up.

Isabel woke with an intense feeling of happiness. She couldn’t quite work it out as she had remembered, completely, the events of the previous night but when she look at the grinning face beside her she knew why she was happy.

It was at this point she realised that she was wearing a change of clothes and that she was in bed with Alex.

From her expression Alex must have read her mind because before she managed to utter a word Alex explained his version of events. When it became apparent that the others must have moved them from the kitchen and changed their clothes Isabel relaxed a little. It wasn’t so much that she was concerned about Alex seeing her naked or being in the same bed as he was, more that she wanted to make sure she remembered when events like that took place.

Isabel looked down at Alex’ exposed chest and noticed the hand print. She looked up at Alex and to her surprise saw him smiling contentedly at her. “What have you to smile about Alex? You were very nearly killed last night”.

Alex looked deep into Isabel’s eyes “ I may have been near death but my beautiful girlfriend saved me”.

Isabel started to blush

“But more than that I made a special connection to you. I may have been close to passing out last night when you healed me but I can still remember the images that passed from you to me”.

Alex leaned forward and kissed Isabel softly on the lips.

“Yes but the one thing you are forgetting Mr.Whitman is that I also got flashes from you so just as you know my secrets I know yours”.

It was Alex’ turn to blush and this time Isabel leaned in to him and returned the soft kiss. As this point there came a knock at the door which brought them both out of their little blush fest.

“Are you decent?” asked Liz as she waited for a reply

“Yes, you can come in Liz” Isabel replied.

Liz poked her head round the door and was pleased to see her two friends looking bright and alert after what they had been through in the last eleven hours.

“Iz, I have some clean clothes for you in one of the spare rooms, you can shower there if you like”

Alex’ face became crest fallen which caused Liz to round on him

“Listen to me mister, I had to talk your girlfriends brother into letting the two of you stay together last night. The last thing I want to try and do now is to allow you two to shower together so Alex get yourself in that shower Isabel get yourself out of that bed and into the spare room” and with that Liz was gone.

Alex & Isabel looked at one another in amazement.

“I think you may have been pushing your luck” Isabel offered as she got out of bed. She leaned over, gave Alex a kiss and headed for the door as instructed. As she left the room she popped her head back round the door with a broad grin

“See you for breakfast in fifteen minutes, don’t be late”.

“Yes Mam!” came the reply from Alex with his mock salute.

With that Isabel headed for the spare room and Alex headed for the shower, he knew he was going to have to spend all day convincing his two best girls that in spite of what he had been through the night before he honestly believe he had never felt better.

As Alex made his way into the kitchen he was pleased to see the three girls all in deep conversation round the kitchen table but as he went to join them he felt a hand grab him from behind and drag him in to his fathers study. As the door slammed behind him he found himself confronted by Max & Michael and they both looked pretty pissed

“We’d like a quiet word Whitman” said Michael

“It’s to do with our sister” said Max.

Little did Alex realise that he may have over come one danger but he was now facing a problem that could be equally as perilous, his girlfriends brothers!

To be continued…….

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Chapter 4

Isabel knew something was wrong! Max and Michael had disappeared a few minutes ago without explanation and she could have sworn she just saw Alex heading towards the kitchen but now she couldn’t see him either. Then it dawned on her, Max and Michael were going to give Alex the big brother speech that all her possible suitors were subjected to. Well she was not going to stand for that! If they could pick and choose who was suitable for them without any input from her then she could pick whom she wanted without any input from them.

Alex wasn’t sure which way to take this situation. On one hand he had known Max & Michael for quite a while now and they had all been in some tricky situations together. He would have said they were becoming firm friends, even he and Michael, but on the other hand he had just spent the night with their sister and they both possessed life threatening alien powers.

Just as Michael began to advance on Alex the study door burst open and in walked the three girls, all of whom look incredibly annoyed.

“I told you this wasn’t a good idea” Max said looking at Michael as he backed away so he could avoid looking at Isabel who had a face that would curdle milk.

“Max, Michael what the hell do you think you’re doing?” Isabel had been through a lot in the past 24 hours and she didn’t need her brothers giving her cause to have another panic attack when it came to Alex’ well being. “I appreciate the sentiment
but after what Alex and I have been through since last night I don’t think you need to doubt his intentions towards me”

Isabel knew she had struck home with that comment as both boys were now staring at their feet. Liz moved to join Max and Maria wrapped an arm around Michael’s back to let him know she wasn’t too angry with him despite the fact that he was just about to threaten her life long friend.

“I know you two are just looking out for me and I love you all the more for that but just as I have had to get used to you being in couples you are going to have to get used to Alex and I being a couple”

“We know Iz and we weren’t going to do anything to Alex just give him one or two pointers” As soon as Michael said it he knew he had made a mistake.


Michael hadn’t realised it was actually Maria he had upset with that comment.

“If anyone round here needs pointers it’s you!”

He was in for it now.

“I think you should be asking Alex for a few tips on how to treat a lady”

“Maria that’s not what I meant I…..” But Michael was cut off mid-sentence.

“Maria’s right Michael, you need to be a bit more sensitive” Max knew before he opened his mouth he should keep out of this but he couldn’t help himself. He should have known that now that Alex & Isabel were a couple Alex now had all three girls mothering him.

“Max, I think that the less you say on the subject the better”

Liz knew that she was luckier than Maria was when it came to a romantic boyfriend but she was sure he wasn’t in a position to give Alex pointers. Alex had been nothing but a perfect gentleman to Liz and Maria since they had met. He never forgot a birthday, he was always willing to offer a shoulder to cry on and he would never intentionally hurt either of them. Not that Liz ever thought of Alex in the romantic sense but she always knew which ever lucky girl found herself with Alex was never going to go short on Valentines day.

Alex was beginning to see the funny side of what was going on. He knew the boys were just concerned for Isabel but he was confident that, if pressed, both would be happy that of all the people Isabel could have picked she picked him.

“I think it’s time we all sat down for a nice, quiet breakfast and we cam decide what we do from here” As Alex said that he took Isabel’s hand and as he noticed the smile break out on her face he headed towards the kitchen.

“Alex I never knew you were such a take charge kind of guy” Isabel was impressed
“This is a new side to you which I like” Isabel said as they sat at the table.

“Well don’t get used to it Isabel, I’m just high on life at the moment but no doubt something will come our way to put a halt to my good mood but until that happens I intend to make the most of every moment”. And with that he took Isabels hand and gave it a gentle kiss that made her giggle..

Everyone made themselves comfortable round the table while Michael and Maria got busy in the kitchen preparing food. Isabel recounted her actions of the previous night while making sure she held Alex’ hand as though her life depended on it. There were a few tears but more out of happiness and relief than anything else but by the time the food had been eaten and the dishwasher filled everyone was happy to be feeling back to normal.

As Liz, Maria & Michael had the early afternoon shift at the Crashdown Max, Isabel & Alex would pay the sheriff a visit to see if he could help them find out a possible reason for the break in the previous night. When Alex had taken a look round he couldn’t see anything missing but they had been rifling through draws and cupboards so may be they were just burglars that had been disturbed before they had a chance to steal anything.

Maria drove Liz, Michael and Alex to the Crashdown while Max & Isabel took a short walk home to check in with their parents. As Alex had to pick up his car outside the Crashdown he arranged to go back and pick up Max & Isabel once he had collected his car so they could visit the sheriffs office later that afternoon and see if there had been any other break-ins in town.

As Alex left in his car the three workers headed on into the café ready for a joyous afternoon of cooking and waiting tables.

As Liz walked in she saw Mary the senior waitress who had opened up the Crashdown that morning hurrying towards her.

“Liz you’re here?” Mary questioned taking Liz by surprise.

“Of course where else would I be?” Liz was a bit confused.

“Well the workman I spoke to this morning said you had gone out for the day and I was to ignore any noises coming from upstairs in your apartment”

Liz looked and Michael and without a word being said Michael headed off towards the stairs in the back, Liz turned to Maria. “Phone Max and Isabel and tell them when Alex gets to them to come straight here”

As Maria picked up the phone she turned to Liz “What are you going to do?”

Liz picked up a knife which her dad used to cut open the deliveries “I’m going to check Michael is OK” and with that she headed towards the back door.

“What shall I do?” Mary asked nervously

“Table number seven looks like it could use some refills” Maria said trying to project a calm exterior to hide her concern for Michael. She would have normally gone with him but she was beginning to understand that when ever a crisis arose they all had their part to play and in this instance hers was to get the others here fast.

As Michael moved up the staircase he held his hand out ready for anything that might come his way. Alex had told him that his attacker had appeared out of nowhere and was on him like a flash and Michael had no intentions of letting that happen to him.

When Michael reached the landing he could see each of the doors to every room had been left open which came as a relief as he didn’t want to have to open each door wondering what might be in store for him behind each one.

Just as Michael went to enter the first room he heard someone slowly coming up the stairs, he turned to see Liz brandishing a large knife that Michael had often used for opening deliveries with Mr.Parker.

Michael placed one finger to his lips to make sure Liz kept quiet and she gently nodded her compliance. Now that Liz was watching his back Michael could concentrate all his efforts on moving forward.

As they slowly moved from room to room it became apparent that whoever had been there was long gone That though struck a nerve with Michael. What if they had come in and found Liz on her own, would they have done to her what they had done to Alex. It didn’t bear thinking about so Michael tried to collect his thoughts.

Liz was close to tears but she wouldn’t give them the satisfaction of getting the better of her even if they weren’t there to see.

Suddenly there were the sound of many footsteps on the stairs and Liz realised the cavalry had arrived. The sight of Max coming towards her with his arms ready to envelop her was all Liz could stand and she broke her earlier stance and let the tears flow.

A short while later Liz was pleased to see things look like they were back to normal. As with Alex’ search of his house she couldn’t see anything specific missing which was beginning to point to something alien related. Alex & Liz lived in different parts of town and they had both been broken into within 24hrs. In both cases draws and cupboards had been turned out but nothing appeared to have been taken so whoever had been in both homes was looking for something specific.

Then a though hit Liz that sent a shiver down her spine. She turned to Maria and was just about to ask a question when Maria stopped her.

“Before you ask Liz I just called my MOM while I was waiting for the others to get here. She’s fine plus Michael and I have already been to my house this morning so I could get showered and changed, remember?”

“Thank God Maria, the though ran through my mind but I didn’t know how I was going to bring it up”

“So,,,” Max said catching every ones attention “It would seem we have someone watching our parents and their movements”

Max could see some confusion on peoples faces so he continued “I find it a little too strange that the two homes that had both sets of parent away for the weekend were the ones that have been broken into. If you were to ask any locals they would be able to tell you that both the Whitman’s and the Parker’s are frequently away at weekends due to work commitments”.

“So what do you suggest” Alex asked still not quite getting Max’ point.

“Well I heard Maria telling Liz yesterday that Sheriff Valenti was going to be taking her mother out for dinner Saturday, tonight” Max turned to Isabel “And our parents have a presentation to attend which means they are also out tonight.”

Faces were beginning to show the signs of recognition.

“So we stake out the houses and see who pays us a visit” Michael filled in as he caught on to Max’ plan.

“How do you intend us to split as we have to watch two houses” Maria asked holding tightly onto Michael’s hand. The though that someone might be intent on breaking into her home didn’t exactly fill her with the joys of spring.

“As we don’t know what state Isabels powers are in after all her efforts last night I suggest Liz & I cover my house. Michael & Maria watch Maria’s house while Isabel and Alex wait in Alex’ car at a halfway point so that in the event of trouble. They can come to our rescue” Max said with a smile.

“What if they don’t show?” asked Alex who was a little apprehensive about running into the guy who almost killed him last night

Max looked at each person in turn “We don’t have much else to go on but as it’s our homes they are invading and our loved ones who are being put in danger I am willing to try everything and anything to put this to an end.

Max was pleased to see everyone nodding in agreement. The plan had been set.
as Michael, Maria & Liz prepared to start their shift, albeit later than intended
Max, Isabel & Alex settled down in one of the back booths to prepare themselves for the night ahead. With all that had being going on in the last 24hrs everyone felt happier being able to keep their friends in sight at all times.

As Max sat with Alex & Isabel he was happy to see that the new couple were keeping themselves occupied as it gave him time to think. He had never been so happy and he had never seen Michael or Isabel so happy. It didn’t take him long to conclude that he would do anything to keep this family and friends safe, anything.

Tonight could be the night that Max had dreaded for most of his life. Would he be able to take a human life to protect his family? As they had grown up always feeling hunted it was something that had passed through his mind countless times but it had never been so real as it was now.

If it came to it he could kill, to protect Liz and the others, he was sure of it!

To be continued…….

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Chapter 5

“What time is it?” Michael asked mid-yawn.

“10:30pm now stop asking me the time every couple of minutes!”

Maria knew she was vastly experienced when it came to spending time with Michael. A year ago she would never have dreamt of being able to think such a thought but with all that they had been through and the blossoming feels between her and Michael meant that as of late they had been spending all their free time together. Even their not-so-free time was spent together because Maria made sure that, whenever possible, Liz placed Michael and herself on the same work rota , being the best friend of the bosses daughter had it perks.

“I knew when Max suggested the pairings that I should have gone with Liz. When you’re worried you get irritable and that means that every time I open my mouth you are going to jump down my throat”. Michael reached over and turned up the volume on the radio that had been playing in the background in the car.

Maria reached over and turned the music back down. “Are you trying to be stupid or does it come naturally?”

“What the hell does that mean?”

Maria was pleased to have the argument to take her mind of what might happen at her house tonight. “It means we are supposed to be on a stakeout, watching for possible intruders but you are too busy trying to avoid a conversation, as usual, to know what is going on right in front of your nose”

As Maria went to continue she suddenly felt one of Michael’s large hands reach up and cover the lower half of her face, stopping her in mid-sentence. Just as Maria was about to go into orbit at the sheer rudeness of Michael’s actions she noticed that he was no longer even looking at her but was gazing off out the front of the car towards the back of her house. As the realisation of what was taking place hit her Maria found that not only had she lost the desire to speak but she whole honestly felt that if she had tried to speak she would find she was no longer able due to being stricken with fear.

Michael lowered his hand as he turned back to Maria.

“Call Isabel and tell her they are here, then call Max and let him know what’s going on”

“Wait, where are you going” Maria asked, grasping at Michael’s arm.

“I’m going to give our friends a warm welcome” And with that Michael was out the door and heading towards the garden at the rear of Maria’s home.

As Liz gazed at Max she knew that these were the times that she both loved and hated at the same time. She loved them because in times of trouble she was able to see Max doing what he was born to do….Lead, he was always at his best. Liz also knew that if it was a time for Max to lead it meant that they were in trouble which she could quite happily do without but she understood why they were where they were, sitting across from Max’ house in a secluded ally. They had chatted affectionately enough to start with but they had been sitting in the jeep with the top up for several hours now and they had settled into a comfortable silence. They had spoken about what they would do if they actually caught someone but they decided that they would be unable to come up with an answer to that question until, if and when, they were faced with the reality of such an event. The one thing they were sure of was that they would keep everyone safe first and then let the other details sort themselves out.

As Liz held Max’ hand she nearly jumped out of her seat when her mobile phone rang as it sat on the dash board. The deafening silence was broken by the normally subdued ring, which knocked them both out of their silent thoughts. Max reached over and picked up the phone and answered.

“It’s Max, what up”

Maria’s voice was a whisper “Max I think they are here, Michael’s gone after them and I am not sure what to do”

Max started the Jeeps engine while still holding the phone. “Maria stay exactly where you are, we’re coming. I’m going to hand the phone to Liz and we will be on our way”

With that Max passed the phone to Liz, turned on the Jeeps lights and headed of towards Maria’s home trying not to draw attention to them.

Liz tried to reassure Maria. “Everything will be fine Maria, have you spoken to Alex or Isabel?"

“Yes, Michael told me to call them first and they should be here any minute”

Liz could still hear the fear in Maria’s voice but there wasn’t much she could do for her friend.

“Liz” Maria choked out “I have to go to Michael, I can’t leave him to face them on his own”

As Liz cried her objections to such an action she could here the phone line go dead as Maria switched off the phone and headed off towards Michael.

Alex never knew his car was capable of such speed as he and Isabel thundered along
the quiet residential streets of Roswell on their way to Maria’s home. He was beginning to have all kinds of regrets over their little plan not least of which was having Michael tackle a couple of intruders who were armed and dangerous. The fact that they had used a knife on Alex didn’t mean that they didn’t have a gun or any other deadly weapon so even if Michael did have alien know how on his side it didn’t
make him invincible. One quick glance at Isabel told Alex everything he needed to know. She may well have been scared but he could also tell she was ready for what ever was coming. Max had expressed his concern for Isabel earlier in the day saying he didn’t know what state her powers would be in after saving Alex. Even without the use of his new found connection to Isabel Alex could feel the energy radiating off of her as though she was about to explode. Alex knew Isabel loved him and would do anything for him but they had only been an item for two days and they had danced around each other for a year or more. However one of Isabel’s brothers was in danger which meant a connection which Alex would eventually surpass, but not in two days, was under threat. The siege mentality that the three aliens had to grow up with meant that no matter what they would encounter at Maria’ she was ready to defend her own.

As Alex slowed the car and dimmed the lights both he and Isabel could make out the figure of Maria just about to enter the garden via the back gate.

Maria saw the car approach and felt the relief wash over her. Maria would have gone in to make sure Michael didn’t face this unknown danger alone but it didn’t stop her being thankful for the arrival of her friends.

As Alex and Isabel stepped out of the car Alex already knew his part in what was unfolding. Alex liked to think of himself as a new man, he had no problem with Isabel taking the leading in certain aspects of their relationship. He already knew that when it came to alien matters all he could ever do was give his support to Isabel and try to stop her doing anything stupid. Alex did feel a small twinge of guilt that when it came to who was more capable in a fight he would have to take a back seat to his stunning princess. Isabel happened to pack a punch that would stop a charging rhino but he took pride in the fact that he would always be there if and when she needed him.

As Alex reached Maria he took her in his arms and the feeling of her trembling body against his made his heart sink. As he held Maria he felt Isabel’s hand on his shoulder. As he turned he saw her look directly at him and with that one look everything that she felt needed to be said was said. Alex knew she loved him but she needed to help Michael and in return Isabel knew that Alex understood what she had to do but he would want her to return to him, safe.

With that last look she was gone.

It was at times like these that Michael wished that he could remember more about the General he once was back on Antar. He was sure that if he had reached such a high rank in the armed forces of his home planet he would surely know what to do in a situation like this. As it was he had watched the two hooded men man make their way to the back of the house and within minutes they were in side. Michael decided that as he didn’t know who they were and more to the point whether they were armed he would take his time. He might like to give off the appearance of being unstoppable but Michael was aware of what Alex had been through and if he was to get a serious injury he would need Max or Isabel to help him and they weren’t here just yet. He reminded himself to spend less time with Max as he decided that his more cautious
brother was rubbing off on him. There was a time, not so long ago, when he would have gone straight in, head first and confronted the two men but he could see the logic in taking his time and waiting for reinforcements.

As Michael moved slowly into the kitchen he was sure he could hear the two men moving around up stairs which allowed him to stop and allow his heart rate to drop. He realised that since he had seen the men enter through the back of the house his heart had been racing with a mixture of fear and determination. It suddenly entered Michael’s mind that he would not be surprised to hear Maria come creeping in behind him. That girl would never do as she was told and he wasn’t sure if he loved her because of that or in spite of it, either way he was sure he loved her which was all that mattered to him.

Sure enough as Michael was about to move forward he heard movement outside the back door, just as he was set to admonish Maria for not waiting in the car he was surprised and relieved to see Isabel’s face appear to him out of the dark.

“Where are they?” Isabel asked in a whisper.

“Up stairs somewhere, I guess they are going through the bedrooms”

“Max should be here any minute and we will be more than a match for whoever these guys are, where’s Alex?” Michael asked.

“Outside, we got here just in time Maria was just about to come in”

“I knew it” Michael replied “I can’t leave her anywhere”

As Michael turned to continue facing the door from the kitchen to the hallway he couldn’t help but smirk at the thought of his girlfriend willing to risk life and limb just to be by his side, he knew it.

Just then both Michael and Isabel heard footsteps coming down the stairs, this was it they were going to have to confront the two intruders. As the men came down the stairs Michael moved him self to the entrance to the hallway and he felt Isabel’s hand on his back letting him know she was right behind him, ready

As the lights were still off Michael knew that as he crouched by the door the two men couldn’t see him as they came off the staircase and headed back towards the kitchen.
At that point he had an idea.

Michael turned to Isabel and said, “Close your eyes”

As Michael turned back to the men he rose and they became aware that they weren’t the only ones in the house. Before either could react Michael raised his hands towards the intruders and closed his eyes. In an instant the whole of the hallway burst into the most stunning light causing both men to recoil in agony at the searing pain they felt as there eyes were hit by a blinding flash and then it was gone.

As Max pulled up outside Maria’ he could see both Maria and Alex standing by the gate so he knew Michael and Isabel must be inside with the intruders. As Max and Liz approached a flash of over powering light came shining through the kitchen window and open back door with briefly lit up the whole area. As quickly as the light appeared it was gone and it was then that Max heard muffled calls coming from inside the house. With that all four friends who were waiting outside made there way into the garden with Max leading the way.

As they made their way to the back door thoughts of what might lay before them raced through every ones mind but they were all soon put to rest when they entered the kitchen to find both Isabel & Michael standing by the doorway to the hall. Looking past their two friends they could see two bodies writhing round on the floor, still making moaning noises but this appeared to be quietening down.

The sense of relief that everyone felt when the realised that all the friends were accounted for and unharmed with palpable.

Alex and Michael helped the two dazed men to their feet while Max, with the aid of Maria, got some twine to help tie the hands of their two captives. Both men had their hands tied behind their backs and were each placed on a chair in the kitchen while the friends tried to gather their thoughts.

Everyone was slightly taken aback when one of the two bound men began to talk.

“Look we didn’t mean to hurt anyone we were just looking for a way to make some fast money and when we found that ladies brief case we thought we had found the answer to our prayers”

“What do you mean ladies brief case, what does that have to do with us” Max asked.

“We found a brief case in one of the dumpsters at a local motel. It looked a little too good to have been just thrown away so we opened it. We found a load of reports and stuff which didn’t make an sense to us until we discovered a picture of some grey thing which looked like a paperweight with a pattern on it”

The six friends started to look at one another, understanding beginning to dawn on all of their faces.

“Go on” Liz insisted.

“Once we realised that this thing was worth something we sat down and read some of the reports that were also in the case. There were pictures of these six kids with all their details including where they lived. The report said something about staying within the law and doing nothing illegal which gave us our opening. If they were unwilling to go breaking into peoples houses, we weren’t. We spent a couple of weeks checking out the houses and the families that lived in them and found that all of the parents were away more than they were at home”.

“What about Alex “ Isabel asked.

“Whose Alex?” replied the man who had been doing all the talking.

“The Boy you almost killed” Isabel replied, emotion welling up in her at the thought.

“That was a terrible accident. Joe here may be a gifted burglar but he isn’t blessed with a great deal of common sense. When we broke into that house we were sure everyone was away so when this lanky kid came in he took us both by surprise. I promise you Joe didn’t mean any harm but when they fell to the ground he was still holding the knife he had used to lever open the window so we could get in. There was nothing we could do for him, there was blood every where so we ran”

Isabel reached out a hand and took Alex’ free hand in hers. His other hand was at his mouth as he had nervously taken to biting his nails when the captive had recounted his story.

“What the hell did you use on us, I’m still can’t see” said the younger man

“Good” came Maria’s reply “After what you have done you don’t deserve to see, you nearly killed my friend”.

Michael moved quickly and took Maria’s hand and led her from the room, out into the hall.

“We used a flash grenade on you” everyone turned towards Alex who continued “The effects will wear off soon but try not to rub your eyes”

With everyone staring at Alex he just shrugged and headed out the door to the hallway where Michael and Maria had gone while still holding Isabel’s hand.

Liz leaned into Max and whispered “I’ll stay here and keep and eye on them, you speak to the others and see what’s got to be done.”

Max nodded, leaned forward to kiss Liz on the forehead and headed out into the hall.

“I can’t believe this” Michael began “All this because they found Topolsky’s brief case and they were out for a fast buck.

“I for one am very pleased” Alex offered “The fact that they aren’t hunting alien’s comes as a great relief to me “ He turned and smiled at Isabel

Max had been thinking all the time while the two intruders had been recounting their story and a cold hard truth had hit him, they were going to have to let them go. They were petty criminals who had no real interest in them but if he got Valenti involved the whole story about the brief case and a description of an alien communicator may make it’s way to court so that not even the sheriff could help them cover it up.

As Max looked up from his thoughts he could guess that everyone standing in the hall was having the same or similar thoughts. Max was also sure that even though Liz was in the kitchen watching their captives he would bet his last dollar on the fact that Liz would be thinking the same.

Max looked to each person in turn that, in reply to his unspoken question, nodded his or her compliance. Then they all turned and made their way back into the kitchen where Liz was standing guard.

Both men were sitting quietly with their heads slightly tilted downwards. As their captors re-entered the room they both sat up straight and waited.

“Would you agree that there appears to have been some kind of misunderstanding?” Max asked.

“Definitely” Replied the older man “We didn’t mean to hurt anyone and we were only after that strange rock”

“If we let you go are we going to see you again?” Max continued.

“Let us go?” the man questioned “Oh trust me we have had more than enough of Roswell, the sooner we can get out of this one horse town the happier we will be. Believe me when I say we want nothing more than to get away from here and forget everything that’s happened”

Max stepped forward until he was in front of the two men. With one sweep of his two hands across the men’s faces their eyes returned to normal and the two men lowered their heads while the readjusted to being able to see again.

Michael stepped round and removed the twine that had bound the men. “We have more of those stun grenades so make sure you don’t come back or we may be forced to use them”

With that both men rose from their chairs and started towards the back door. The younger man stopped when he came face to face with Alex, his face took on a look of horror.

“But I…..” stammered the young man.

“Yes you did” replied Alex “And if you ever hurt anyone again the fairy princess who saved me will come back and make you sorry”

“VERY SORRY!” interjected Isabel with as much venom as she could muster.

As the terrified young man left Alex & Isabel afford each other a little smile at the though of having sacred the young man into going straight rather than continue in a life of crime.
As Max looked around at his friends he could see the relief that this problem was over but he could also see that everyone was out on their feet. Had it really only been 24hrs since all these troubles began. Max could tell that everyone was fit to drop and now may not be the best time for a team meeting.

Max looked at his watch “It’s after eleven, should we meet up for breakfast in the morning?” he asked.

Everyone agreed and it was decided to meet for breakfast at 10am.

As everyone made their way outside Maria and Michael said goodbye to everyone as Maria didn’t want to be in the house on her own so Michael had volunteered to stay and keep her company until her MOM returned from her date with the sheriff.

It was decided that Alex would drop Liz back as both Max & Liz were dead tired but realised that if they were left alone they wouldn’t want to part so it would turn into a long night.

Alex & Isabel had a quiet cuddle as Max & Liz said farewell and then the remaining four friends split and made their separate ways home.


Alex resisted the urge to phone Isabel the instant he woke Sunday morning. He was very happy to find that she was the last thing he thought of as he drifted off to sleep and she was the first thing he thought of when he woke up. The thought that he would spend most of his future waking hours second-guessing himself where Isabel was concerned soon subsided when he realised he had the girl he had always dreamed about and everything else paled into insignificance.

Alex’ phone rang which brought him back to the present. What if it was Isabel! They had only been going out for two days and already he was a bad boyfriend. While he was deciding whether or not to phone Isabel, she was secure enough to just phone!

“Hello” Alex’ mind was racing a mile a minute.

“Hi Alex, its Liz. How are you?”

The relief that swept over Alex was only outdone by how silly he was now feeling.

“I’m fine thanks Liz how are you?”

“I’m waiting for you to join me and the rest of our friends for breakfast. There’s a certain tall beauty who is waiting impatiently for you”

Alex looked at his clock and to his horror it was 10:15.

“Sorry Liz! I’m on my way” Alex replaced the phone and dashed to the bathroom, not a good start to the day.
Nineteen minutes later Alex was pulling up out side the Crashdown. He had definitely beaten his personal best with the worlds quickest shower and dash to meet his friends.

As he entered he could see his friends taking up their now usual spot in the booth at the back. From the instant he walked in he could see the smiles and hear the laughter of his friends as he moved towards them which made him smile contentedly to himself. He was a lucky man and he knew it. Not just because of the near death experience he had encountered and survived on Friday night. Nor the fact that he was officially going out with the most beautiful girl in school who loved him. It was all the events of the weekend which made him realise he had so many reasons to be thankful. His life was good and he could only see things getting better. Sure his girlfriend and close friends were living in constant fear of having their true origins being discovered or their lives placed in danger but he realised something he should have known quite some time ago, together they could achieve anything. The fact that Liz, Maria and he were only human didn’t mean they couldn't contribute to the fight and success of any further adventures that befell them. The fact that he didn’t know what the future held for the group no longer caused him the concern it once did. At this moment in time he could only see that whatever came their way they would face it together which filled him with joy and satisfaction.

Alex sat in the booth next to Isabel who had obviously saved him a seat. After a light kiss on the lips the two of them turned to witness the conversation that was going on between the group. It didn’t take long for Alex to settle into the group, with his arm around Isabel he was home.

Isabel was amazed by how pleased she was to see Alex as he entered the Crashdown. She was even more taken aback by how happy she felt when he came and sat next to her at the booth with their friends. When Alex placed his arm around her she could feel the warmth coursing through her as it had done on Friday night. Isabel glanced over at Max & Liz who were taking part in the group conversation while still finding time to thumb wrestle so they could continue their need for constant physical contact.

As the friends chatted Isabel thought back at how things were before Liz got shot and she found herself realising what a blessing in disguise it had been. She was sure Liz wouldn’t have looked at it that way at the time but as she looked at her friends now and the changes that had taken place in all their lives, it was beyond description. The one thing Isabel was now convinced of was that all of their lives had changed for the better.

As Alex’ breakfast was brought to him he stepped up from where he was sitting and picked up a glass of orange juice. When the waitress left the gang to their breakfast Alex called every ones attention to him and began his speech.

“Unaccustomed to public speaking as I am” at which point everyone groaned and Maria started to throw bits of toast at Alex as he tried to duck and cover.

Despite the barrage Alex continued “I feel the need to raise a glass to my friends and to toast how lucky I am to have you all in my life”

With the sudden seriousness of Alex’ words the banter stopped and all eyes were once again on Alex.

“I don’t want to stop the party atmosphere but I just felt like saying I am honoured and glad to know you and I look forward to spending many years…..”

“Doing what Isabel tells you” Michael cut in, much to the amusement of the others.

Isabel was not impressed but decided to see the funny side, she would get Michael later.

“Don’t let Michael stop you, carry on” Isabel said while reaching up and taking Alex’ hand.

“That was it really” Alex said feeling rather sheepish now.

“Well said Alex” Max offered as way of support as Alex sat back down.

“How about everyone comes over to my house this evening and we have a night in?” Maria offered “We can get some snacks and videos and make a night of it”

“Only if we men get to pick the film, I have had more than my fair share of Chick Flicks” Michael said as his mind rushed through the many girlie films Maria had forced him to sit through. Sometimes the price a guy paid to be near the woman he loved was a dear one but as he looked at Maria he was sure it was a price worth paying but he wasn’t going to tell her that.

With their plans set the three couple’s split to do their own thing for the next few hours. Max headed up stairs with Liz to work on their chemistry project but no one thought much work would get done up there. Michael headed out with Maria as she had some errands to run for her MOM and she would enjoy the company if the two could stop arguing for 5 minutes. Finally Isabel decided to join Alex as he headed home to make sure the house was set for his parents return tomorrow. No doubt she had one or two things to check out herself but that would be best left for the privacy of Alex’ room which she was sure she was going to be seeing a lot of in the coming weeks and months.

Life was good.

The End.

As this is my first fiction I didn't want to make it too long in case I got swamped but I hope you enjoyed it.
( I may have to go and write another Alex & Isabel story, just to be sociable )

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