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Hi Everyone…This is Gamma (Once Upon A Fanfiction) And this is the story that I_LOVE_NICK so graciously asked me to write with her. It is based on a body switching challenge from this board. We are going to be alternating writing parts, which is why we are using the new posting name Kyles_Babes *g* . I have written the first part and then I_LOVE_NICK will post the next part. Hope you all enjoy our little joint venture.


PS – This is set after VLV. Everyone is together. Alex is safe and Tess has no bad intentions. It’s a happy little Roswell Universe.

Pairing – CC
Rating – PG (for now, not sure about later parts)
Disclaimer – We don’t own Roswell or the characters (thankfully………or else we would probably be fighting over Kyle all the time)
Thank You - Annie, your banner is usual.

The Switch Begins - Chapter 1

Max Evans walked into the UFO museum, decked out in his spiffy Mustard-colored vest eagerly awaiting another day of meeting and assisting alien fanatics from around the country.

Or at least that’s what he kept telling himself. In reality, Max hated his job, hated the vest, and was more interested in keeping the real alien details a secret from the general public rather than sharing them.

After all, Max, his sister Isabel, and their friends Michael Guerin and Tess Harding actually were the aliens. The famous aliens from the ’47 crash just outside of Roswell.

Max knew from experience that their secret had to be kept under strict wraps for the safety of his family and friends. In fact, only five other people knew of their existence. Max’s girlfriend Liz Parker, her best friend and Michael’s girlfriend Maria Deluca, Isabel’s boyfriend Alex Whitman, and Tess’s boyfriend Kyle Valenti. Along with them, Roswell’s sheriff, who happened to be Kyle’s dad, also knew the secret.

Max walked into the back office to find his boss, Brody Davis, hovering over a silver box. He seemed very intent in examining it.

“Morning, Brody.” Max called out.

Brody’s head jerked up. “Ah, Max. Just the person I was waiting for. I just received this last night. I was wondering if I could get your opinion on it.”

Max approached the desk. The object was a rectangular box made out of a tarnished silver-like substance. He immediately noticed the symbol of the royal seal of Antar on the top.

“That’s an interesting symbol there”. Max said nonchalantly.

“I know.” Answered Brody. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“Where did you get it?” Asked Max, getting more anxious by the minute.

“Well, actually a friend of mine located it and notified me. I bought it off of E-bay last week.”

Max’s eyes grew wide. “E-bay?” He voice was raised in concern. How could something from their home planet wind up on E-bay?

Trying to think of a way to examine the device without Brody’s close scrutiny, Max turned to him. “So, you’ve been here all day studying it?”

“Yes I have.” Answered Brody. “But I’ve come up with nothing. It seems to be sealed shut, if it even opens at all. I’m beginning to think it may be a fake.” Brody looked crestfallen at the thought.

“Look, Brody. You look like you could get some rest. Why don’t you go home and I’ll put this in the safe. If it hasn’t done anything yet, I’m sure it’ll be fine till the morning.” Max silently prayed that Brody would take the hint and go.

“I do believe you have a point there, Max.” Brody turned off his computer and grabbed his coat. “I think I will take the rest of the evening off. Are you sure you’ll be able to handle things by yourself?”

“No problem.” Answered Max, a fake smile of confidence plastered on his face.

Chapter 2

As soon as Brody was well on his way home, Max put a call into the CrashDown. He had to alert Liz and get in touch with the others. This was definitely cause for yet another “top secret I-know-an-alien-meeting”. Max felt that was all he had been doing for the last two years. But a person, or in his case, an alien, can never be too cautious. Max liked to think their lives depended on it.

Liz picked up the phone on the third ring.

“CrashDown Café, this is Liz, how may I help you?”

“Liz, its Max.”

“Oh, hi Max.” A smile crept over Liz’s face. “I though you had to work tonight? Did you want to order some dinner?”

“Actually Liz, I wish it was as simple as that. Brody got his hands on something. Something from Antar. I don’t know what it is yet, but I think we need to get everyone down here as soon as the museum closes. I think we all should take a look and try to figure out what it is.

Liz’s brown eyes had been growing wide as Max talked. She moved with the phone to the back room. “Do you have any idea what it is Max?” She asked.

“No. That’s why I want to get every one together. Do you know where they are?”

“Yeah, actually I think everyone was having a movie night at Michael’s.”

“Okay, Liz, can you call over there and ask them to meet here at nine? Everyone should be gone by then, and I know you get off at 8, right?” Max asked.

“Yeah, I’ll be off by then. I’ll call them right now.” Then, a little tepidly, “Max, do you think it could be dangerous?”

“I don’t know Liz, but we need to find out.”

“Okay, I’ll see you at 9 then. I’ll call the others now.”

Hanging up the phone, Liz rested her forehead against the wall. She knew things had been going too well. The group had just returned home from Vegas. And most of them were finally off restriction for their little trip. There hadn’t been any odd occurrences since Grant and the Gandarium crystals.

Sighing out loud, she picked up the phone and dialed Michael’s number. She prayed that Maria made sure that Michael had paid his phone bill this month.

“Hello?” Maria answered the phone. Liz could hear the others and the television loudly in the background.

“Maria it’s Liz. Max found something.”

“What do you mean found something? Found something as in a missing CD? Or found something as in we’re getting sucked back into the alien abyss found something?” Maria was less than thrilled. Not only was her evening with Michael and her friends interrupted, but now they more than likely had to go to one of Max’s boring meetings. AGAIN!

“What time and where?” Maria sighed loudly into the phone. By now the others had overheard her and had turned down the TV to listen to Maria’s end of the conversation.

“9 o’clock at the UFO Center.”

“Okay, Liz, I’ll tell the others. We’ll be there.” Maria hung up the phone and headed back into the room.

Kyle was the first one to speak. “Let me guess. Something is amiss and His Majesty has demanded our presence.”

Tess elbowed him lightly in the gut. “Kyle, it could be important.”

Kyle snorted softly. “Tess, it’s always important with King Max. Why can’t we have one night of fun without being interrupted?”

“Kyle, I don’t think watching Independence Day can be mistaken for fun. I for one found it kind of offensive.” Isabel huffed and crossed her arms over her chest. She wasn’t eager to get to Max’s meeting any more than the rest; but the movie was, well, it was just disturbing.

“When do we need to meet?” Asked Alex. He leaned forward and lightly started rubbing Isabel’s back until she relaxed and leaned back into him, a small smile on her lips.

“9 at the UFO Center.” Maria answered.

“Well, at least we have enough time left to watch ET.” Kyle eagerly jumped up to grab the DVD off the shelf. Isabel groaned at the choice of the next movie, but Tess, and surprisingly Michael, were excited.

“I’ve never seen this. But I think ET is so cute.” Tess settled back into the sofa and waited for Kyle to set up the movie and join her.

As the opening credits began to roll, most of the anxiety about the meeting was temporarily forgotten.

Chapter 3

It was nearly 9 o’clock and Max was pacing the floor in Brody’s office. So far only Liz had arrived and Max was getting impatient. “Where are they? You did tell them 9, right?”

Liz nodded.

Max turned away again. “I can’t believe they would just ignore something this important.”

“Don’t get your panties in a wad, Maximillion, we’re here.” Michael and the others walked down the stairs and joined Max and Liz.

“So what do you have Max?” Isabel had slowly grown more interested on the way over.

“Well, Brody bought this and it had the royal seal on it. I think it’s from out home planet.”

“You think?” Asked Michael, a bit sarcastically.

“Michael, get serious. We have no idea what this is or what it does.” Huffed Max.

“Maybe it’s just a box.” Alex tried to lighten the tension that had started to grow in the office. “Maybe it doesn’t do anything.”

“Yeah, you know, Isabel found the pendant and it didn’t do anything.” Maria added trying to be helpful.

“I don’t think so Maria.” Answered Max. “Watch this.” Max held out his hand and a small light shot out aimed at the box. The box glowed a light blue as the small blast passed right through it.

“What are you trying to do destroy it? Then you’ll never know what it does.” Kyle said as he walked closer to the object.

“I wasn’t trying to break it. I just tried to move it. But my powers don’t work on it.” Max backed away.

“Let me try.” Tess came to stand near Max. She focused on the box and sent out a blast similar to Max’s. Again the silver box just glowed and the beam went right past it.

With that, the tension in the room heightened considerably. Everyone was staring at the box, each trying to come up with an explanation of what it was and what it could do.

“Maybe if we all held onto it and concentrated it would do something.” Tess suggested. “You know, like we did in the cave?”

“Yeah, that turned out real well.” Alex muttered under his breath. But Isabel still heard him.

“Relax, Alex. I think we are all finally and happily past that.” She smiled sweetly at him and joined Tess and Max.

Michael held back. “I don’t know Maxwell. Do you really want to risk something happening?”

“Do you have a better idea?” Shot back Max. He wasn’t angry, just very unsettled by the whole thing. “Let’s just give it a try.”

Michael shrugged his shoulders and walked up to the others.

Isabel picked up the box in her hands and moved it to a cleared table. The other aliens stood around it, holing out their hands to the box.

The humans hung back their expressions ranging from curiosity to fear to boredom.

As soon as all four had their hands on it the blue light began to emanate from the box again. Slowly it grew brighter and brighter. All of a sudden a blue blast shot throughout the office. A second later all four aliens pulled their hands off the box and the light dimmed and disappeared.

Maria ran over to Michael. “What happened?” She reached for his hand and noticed the royal seal seamed to be burned into his palm. Just as quickly it faded.

“It was strange.” Tess answered. “First it felt warm and soft and then all of a sudden it shot out a burning sensation.” She looked down at her hand and noticed her mark had vanished as well.

“Max?” Isabel moved away from Alex to take a seat near where Max was standing. “What was that?”

“I don’t know Isabel. Is everyone okay? Did anything else happen to anyone?” Max was entering his protective mode again, but this time with good reason. What had just happened not only got the attention of the aliens, but the humans as well. All were worried to some degree at this point.

Kyle was the first one to answer. “Why don’t we try something again tomorrow. It’s Sunday and the Museum won’t open till at least one. We can check this out some more then. Plus, Tess and I still have a curfew; thanks to the impromptu trip to Vegas. My dad is still steaming over it.”

“Yeah, and he was a great influence on my mom. I’ve got curfew too.” Maria added.

“Okay.” Said Max. “Let’s meet back here early tomorrow and see if we can figure this out any more.

“Fine with me, Maxwell.” Michael gathered up his coat, ready to go home. If he was lucky he could catch the end of the Rangers-Cannucks game.

Okay guys....hope you enjoyed the set-up. Now the real fun will begin with I_LOVE_NICK's part.


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Hey there Boys and Girls!!!

I_LOVE_NICK here and I brought with me the new part!!!

I hope you all enjoy it...

And THANK YOU for all the wonderful feedback! You guys are awesome!!!!

I would just like to warn you that this is the first fic that I have written, so be!!!!



Kyle awoke to the annoying sound of a lawn mower.

He lay in bed with his eyes closed and came to the conclusion that one of his neighbors must be mowing their lawn because his dad would already be a work and there was no way in hell that Tess would be out mowing the lawn.

Kyle had already tried to insist that Tess mow the lawn, because after all; she was staying at his house expense free.

Unfortunately for him, Kyle was rewarded with a long and detailed explanation about how severed grass blades gave Tess a rash.

Kyle smiled, with his eyes closed remembering how cute Tess had looked; hands on her hips and looking disgusted at the thought of herself out mowing the lawn.

The sound of the mower became louder and Kyle sighed knowing that he would now never be able to get back to sleep.

Besides, he had another ‘I know an Alien’ meeting to attend to.

Not breaking a long time habit, Kyle rolled out of bed onto the floor and began to do his push-ups.

Eyes closed he fell into rhythm. Up and down, up and down. His arms lifting and releasing his weight.

By his fifth push up, he knew that something was wrong. He felt his upper arms begin to tremble, a sign that he was tired.

Kyle opened his eyes in a state of somewhat shock because he could do well more than five push-ups.

So Kyle opened his eyes and saw something that made him cry out.

Directly in front of him, holding up his body weight were two hands. Hands that were supposed to be his, but instead were longer, thinner and sleeker and had perfectly manicured finger nails.

“What the hell?” He wondered aloud and scrambled to his feet, hands held out in front of him.

He turned them over in bewilderment. This makes no sense he thought.

Kyle was speechless. As he looked his hands over a thought occurred to him.

Kyle held his breath and then looked down.

“I have boobs.” He whispered in astonishment.

Kyle sucked in a deep breath and let it out slowly.

I must be dreaming. He told himself and frantically glanced around his room.

Only it wasn’t his room. The bed was in different place, the walls had flowered wallpaper and all of his furniture was gone and replaced with nicer looking things. Girlie things.

“It’s just a dream.” He said aloud frantically because it didn’t feel like a dream.

It felt real. Very real.

Kyle looked around the room again. It wasn’t his room, but it looked familiar.

That’s when he noticed the mirror. It was across the room and off to the right beside the door.

Kyle approached the mirror with apprehension.

He stopped closer to the mirror, but still not directly in front of it.

All in one motion, Kyle pulled in a deep breath and jumped in front of the mirror.

“Isabel!” Kyle shouted in relief and spun around. Only, no one was there.

He turned back around and realized that Isabel wasn’t behind him; she was staring back at him from the mirror.

He was looking at himself, but it was Isabel’s body staring back at him.

He raised his hand and touched his face, the reflection did the same.

Big surprise.

“This is not happening.” He stated and watched as his lips moved in the mirror.

It was impossible. He was standing right there, but it was Isabel’s face looking back at him.

He was Isabel!

It wasn’t humanly possible.

Humanly possible.

And that’s when he realized what was going on.


Tess was mind warping him. Just like when she made him believe that he had alien powers and could turn on the TV. without the remote.

“Tess!” Kyle yelled as he flung the bedroom door open.

Wow, she was doing a great job. Kyle thought as he walked down the hall. Everything looked just like the Evans’ house.

“Tess! I already said that I was sorry for dropping your toothbrush in the toilet. So you can cut it out, I’ve learned my lesson.” He called and couldn’t help but notice the goose bumps that formed on his body from hearing Isabel’s come out of him.

TESS!” Kyle yelled louder, getting slightly annoyed as he made his way down the stairs.

“Isabel, what’s the matter?”

Kyle stopped at the bottom of the stairs and stood face to face with a slightly shocked Diane Evans.

“Huh-!?” Kyle spat out.

Tess wouldn’t go this far, would she?

“Honey, what’s wrong?” Diane asked him looking concerned.

No, she wouldn’t go this far. Kyle thought with dread.

“Um…nothing MOM.” Kyle said uncertainly. “I just thought that I heard Tess.”

Diane glanced at him. “Um…no, honey. I’m the only one here. Your father left for work and Max is still upstairs asleep.”

Max! He would know what to do!

There was no doubt in his mind now that this was alien related and who better to talk to…
Why, the alien King himself, of course.

“Okay, mom. I’m just gonna go get dressed.” Kyle said and ran up the stairs before Diane could say anything.

Kyle reached the top of the stairs and ran down to Max’s room.

“Max!” He cried as he flung the bedroom door open.


Maria was dreaming.

She was sitting in the cafeteria at school with all of her friends, except Michael. They were eating their lunch and laughing at something that Kyle and Alex were saying.

What they were saying, she wasn’t sure.

But, that wasn’t her biggest concern. Her biggest concern was wondering where Michael was.

She was just about to ask, when the sounds of the cafeteria became silent.

Maria looked at the cafeteria doors, to see what everyone was looking at.

They were all looking at Michael Guerin.

He stood at the cafeteria doors with a dozen red roses in one hand and a box of chocolates in the other.

Maria smiled and all her friends glanced back her. She noticed pleasurably that Liz, Isabel and Tess all looked envious.

“He’s so romantic.” She sighed.

They all turned their attention back to Michael.

They watched as he jumped onto the nearest table top and walked from table to table approaching Maria’s table.

He was singing.

Yes, singing! It was her dream after all.

“I’ve got sunshine…on a cloudy day…”

Maria beamed as he came closer.

“…When it’s cold outside…I’ve got the month of May…”

Michael finally made it to their table and stood above Maria.

“…What can make me feel this way?....My Girl!...My Girl!....My Girl!!!!!”

He reached out and Maria took his hand and he lifted her onto the table top.

“I love you Maria DeLuca!” He shouted for everyone to hear.

He handed her the flowers and chocolate.

Maria threw her arms around him and kissed him one of those ‘romantic movie’ kisses. The one’s where everyone is silent and there is only the sound of the tear forming music in the background.

Maria turned and addressed the crowd that ‘ooohed’ and ‘ahhhed’ at them.

“Who’s the best boyfriend in the world?” She asked loudly.

“Michael!” They shouted in response. “Michael! Michael! Michael! Max! Max! MAX! WAKE UP!!!!!!

“Max?” Maria mumbled in confusion waking up from her dream.

She sat up straight when she saw a frantic looking Isabel standing in front of her.

“Isabel….”She started and then cleared her throat because it sounded kind of funny.

Isabel shook her head frantically.

“I’m not Isabel. Well…I am, but not really.”

Maria narrowed her eyebrows in confusion.

“See…I’m really Kyle. I just woke up in Isabel’s body, but it’s really me. IT’S KYLE!” She nearly yelled.

Maria jumped up on the bed not noticing her surroundings.

“Look Isabel. This isn’t funny..” Maria started to say and then noticed that her voice still sounded funny.

She turned her head to clear her throat and noticed the mirror and that this wasn’t her bedroom all at the same time. She also caught sight of herself in the mirror.

Well, not herself.

“Max?” She chocked out in shock and spun around to see if he was behind her.

“Ow!” She cried out because she spun so fast that she fell out of the bed and onto the floor in a tangle of blankets.

“Max?” She heard Isabel say cautiously.

Maria jumped up and ran to the mirror.

“I am having a nervous breakdown.” Maria said slowly as she watched Max’s lips move in sync with her words.

“M-M-ax?” Isabel said from behind her again.

Maria spun around to face her and threw her hands up in self defense as she had seen on all those stupid kung-fu movies that Michael had forced her to watch.

“Look! I don’t know how you are, or what you did to me, but you better back up! My boyfriend has a black belt in karate and he taught me all he knows.” She warned.

“Boyfriend?...Max what are you talking about?” Isabel asked her.

“I am NOT Max!” Stop calling me that!” She yelled jabbing her finger onto her naked chest, well Max’s chest, to emphasize.

“Maria?!” Isabel said, her eyes wide in shock.

“Yes! Now who the hell are you and what did you do to me?” She demanded.

Isabel stepped closer to Maria and she instinctively took a step backwards.

“It’s me…Kyle.” Isabel told her.

“Oh, man.” Maria said putting her hand over her face. Manly hands.

She quickly removed them and put her hands to the side.

“Am I dreaming?” She asked.

“Afraid not.” Isabel, well rather…Kyle told her

“What is going on?” She asked.

“I don’t know. But, I have a feeling its alien related.” Came the response.

Maria looked down and noticed that she was only wearing boxers.

She blushed and grabbed a sheet and wrapped it around her middle.

Kyle broke out into laughter. ‘You look ridiculous.”

Maria looked down and began to laugh as well. “Yeah, well you’re a girl.”

They both doubled over with laughter. ‘On-the-verge-of-hysteria’ laughter, but laughter all the same.

“So what are we going to do?” Maria asked him.

“I guess we should just go to the UFO Centre as planned.” He replied standing up.

“Should we call someone?” She asked him.

“Well, if it’s only happened to us, do you think that they would believe it?” he asked her.

She hesitated. “I wouldn’t.”

“So the UFO Center it is.” He said.

“You’re going like that?” She asked gesturing towards his red silk pajamas.

“Are you suggesting that I get changed?” He asked grinning.

“You’re a pervert.” She replied pulling one of Max’s shirts over her head.

“And you’re a liar.” Kyle told her.

“I am not.” She protested.

“Michael does not take karate.” He said ginning.

“Piss off!” She said and they both began to laugh.


Oh, and is if you didn't guess, I do not own the song "My Girl"


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Hello people....It's Gamma and I have the next part of the story. I wish I could do individual feedback, but I want all of you to know how much it means to us that you like our story. I know I'm having a blast writing and I hope you are enjoying it just as much.

Hugs to Mary for her support and Bumpage, and I_LOVE_NICK, well....without you, I wouldn't be here.
Oh, and a shout out to my sis!!!!!! Gammas Rock!!!!!!!!!

The Wackiness Ensues

Alex was in a dream. He knew it, and he embraced it. Or rather, he embraced Isabel.

It was prom, and they were there, slow dancing together to the song being played by the band.

Suddenly the band on the stage turned into *NSYNC, singing “Bye Bye Bye”. What the hell? *Why am I dreaming about Justin and Lance?”* Wondered Alex.

Rolling over, he slowly awoke and realized it was the radio alarm.

*Odd.* He thought. *When did they start playing boybands on the University’s alternative rock station?*

Sitting up and slowly wiping the sleep from his eyes, Alex leaned down and reached to pull on his slippers. Only after he had pulled on the second one did a certain thought occur to him. *Since when are my slippers furry?*

Opening his eyes, Alex looked down toward his feet. His head quickly shot back up and he rubbed his eyes again. He counted to from one to ten and then looked back down towards his feet again. No change. His eyes began to slowly travel up his legs. His very toned, very shaven, and, frighteningly, very feminine legs.

*I must still be dreaming.* He thought to himself.

He reached his one arm over across his chest to pinch himself on the other.

*Owww. What the?*

Looking back down, he continued his upward appraisal, although his perusal stopped dead when his line of vision reached a pair of small white panties with little hearts all over them.

“Ahhhhhhhh!!!!” Alex’s scream could be heard down the block.

Almost tripping as he got up from the bed, Alex spun around in a circle and looked around. What the hell was he doing in Kyle’s room? What the hell was going on here?

Alex quickly tried to make his way to the door, but stopped short when he got a look in the dresser mirror. For some reason, one that Alex couldn’t fathom, Tess was staring back at him.

Screaming once more, Alex ran out of Kyle’s room into the living room to see Kyle sitting up on the sofa glaring at him.

“What the hell is the matter with you, Tess? He asked. Then he frowned. “Tess?” What are you doing here?” Looking around, he rephrased his questioned. “No, wait, what am I doing here? And what the hell is wrong with my voice?”

Standing up and putting his hands on his hips, Kyle started tapping his foot. “Tess, what’s going on? Why am I at your house?”

Alex just screamed again.

“You…you aren’t Kyle are you? I’d know that look anywhere.” Face growing paler, if that was even possible, Alex whispered, “Isabel?”

“Tess, what’s the matter with you, of course it’s me. And I’m still waiting for an answer to my question. Why am I here? And why does my voice sound funny?”

Alex just stared some more. He slowly raised his hand and pointed at Kyle’s bare chest.

“Tess, what are you…” Looking down at the bare, obviously male chest, Isabel let out a scream herself.

“Tess, this isn’t funny, you change me back right now.” Isabel was growing increasingly more agitated.

“I’m not Tess.” Came from the smaller blonde in a shaky, mere whisper. “It’s me, Alex.”

“Come on Tess, enough with the games.”

“Isabel, I’m not kidding. I’m Alex.” Trying to think of something that would convince her, he looked back up. “You dreamwalked me. During the heatwave last December. Remember? I told you how much I liked it when you wore red. And we danced. Isabel…’s me.” Alex was almost pleading with her.

A look of pure shock came over Kyle’s face and Alex had to jump back to keep from being caught under Kyle’s weight as Isabel fainted and landed on the floor.

“Great, just what I need.” Alex bent over to try to lift Isabel onto the sofa, but quickly realized he could barely move Kyle’s body, being stuck himself in Tess’s small form.

*Damn.* He thought. *I never realized how diesel Kyle is. Tess definitely needs to work out more.* He made one last attempt to move the body, when he decided he needed a new course of action.

Spotting a half empty glass of water on the coffee table, Alex picked it up in his hands. Knowing Isabel would kill him, but not knowing what else to do he emptied the glass of water over Kyle’s head.

Sputtering as she came to, Isabel looked up into Alex’s worried face. “Alex?” She whispered as she got up off the floor, pushing a lock of short, wet brown hair back from her forehead.

“Still me, although I wish it wasn’t”

“Okay, I don’t know who did this, but I think we’ve had enough “fun.” She emphasized the word with an icy tone.

Isabel waved her hand in front of Alex, intending on changing him back to his normal body, but when she moved her hand, nothing happened.

A look of confusion spread across Kyle’s face and Isabel waved her, well Kyle’s, hand in front of Alex again. Still nothing. “Oh my god.” She whispered. “My powers aren’t changing you back.”

She quickly looked around and noticed the wet spot on the carpet where Alex had spilled the water. Crouching down, she waved her hand over it, intending to dry it. Again, nothing happened. “I don’t even have my basic powers anymore.”

This set Alex off into another of his screaming sessions complete with flailing his arms around.

“Alex, would you knock it off? Look, you need to calm down. You’re acting like a girl.”

Pointing down to the frilly top and matching panties he was wearing, Alex practically screamed back. “Isabel, look at me. I’m wearing a nightie and pink Bunny Slippers. I AM A GIRL!!!!! And THAT would be the problem.”

“Let’s just go find Max and figure this out.”

Alex still looked unhappy and distressed. “Actually, I think Max is the one who got us into this mess.”

“What are you talking about?” Asked Isabel. She had put on one of Kyle’s brown checkered shirts, and was snapping it up, a look of distaste evident on her face.

“That box thing….the blue lights shooting out….I told you not to do anything. I warned you something bad would happen, just like when you activated the stones.”

“You think that box had something to do with us changing like this?” Asked Isabel?

“Have you got a better solution?”

“I think we’d better try to find the others and see if anything else has happened, then get to the Museum and get us changed back” Isabel started walking around, a determined look on Kyle’s face.

Alex had a similar look spread over Tess’s face. “My sentiments exactly. I’m gonna go change.” He turned to leave the living room when all of a sudden he paused in his tracks. He slowly turned around. “Uh, Isabel?”

“Yeah?” She answered, still a bit unsteady.

“Well, seeing as how I don’t…..uh, what I mean is that I haven’t…well, you see.”

“Spit it out, Alex” Isabel was worried, and getting just a tad impatient to remedy the fix they had found themselves in.

“It’s just that…..I have no idea what to wear.” Alex blurted out.

Well, I hope you liked it. I_LOVE_NICK will have the next part... What will happen???? Who will be who????? What caused the switch???? Hey, don't ask me.....I'm just one of the writers *big**big**big**big**big**big**big*

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Hi everyone!!!!!! Here is the next part, written by I_LOVE_NICK. And it rocks......Enjoy.

And So The Plot Thickens

Max was on the verge of waking up when he stretched in his bed and the smell hit his nose.

He breathed deeply and the aroma filled his nostrils. It was a sweet smell. Almost as if it were a mixture of aroma’s all blended together.

Max was still half asleep when his brain registered the fact that his bedroom did not smell like this.

But, he knew the smell from somewhere.

But where? He thought to himself.

The answer followed almost immediately.

It was the sweet smell of all the oils that Maria always carried with her and tried to make him and all of his friends try at least once.

And as Max opened his eyes for the first time that morning he wondered why his room smelt like Maria.

Max stared up at the ceiling and an uneasy feeling came over him.

The light above his head was not on but Max could clearly see that that light was not a light from his room.

“What?!” He whispered and sat up.

His mouth dropped open as he took in his surroundings.

It was Maria’s room. He knew this for sure because he had been her with Liz and the other’s to study on more than one occasion.

He looked around and saw her computer in the corner near her closet. The dresser was on the other side of the room. On it were Maria’s vials of oil some pictures and a vanity mirror.

So, if this is Maria’s room, where is Maria? He wondered confused.

Max then realized that he was still in Maria’s bed.

Maria’s bed! What am I doing in Maria’s bed? Max thought frantically and jumped out of the bed.

At that moment Amy DeLuca opened the bedroom door and came inside.

Max stood frozen in the middle of Maria’s room with his eyes wide.

Oh God, Mrs. DeLuca is gonna kill me. I’m in her daughter’s bedroom and I just woke up and Maria is not even here. Max thought frantically as he glanced around the room for some kind of escape.

“Maria, I’m glad that you’re awake. I want to borrow your new cute little black skirt.” Amy said and Max spun around at the mention of Maria’s name.

She wasn’t behind him, so was Amy talking to her?

When Max turned back around to face Mrs. DeLuca she was staring at him and looked very concerned.

“Honey, are you okay?” Amy said but her voice sounded very far away to Max because it was at that moment that he realized that Amy DeLuca was talking to HIM.

Max’s mind went blank.

“Why do you look so…guilty?” Amy said finding the right word and looking just as confused as Max, then her face lit up in realization.

“He’s here isn’t he?” Amy demanded.

But before Max could even ask who or what she was talking about anger spread across Amy’s face.

“Where is he? Where are you hiding him?” Amy nearly shouted and dropped down to the floor and looked under the bed.

“Michael! I know you’re here!...Come out and show yourself!” Amy called and then stood up.

Max then realized that Amy must think that Michael was hiding in the room somewhere. He remembered Maria telling him how mad Amy had got when she caught Michael and Maria in bed together after Hank had hit Michael.

But, why would Amy think that Michael was in here in the first place and more importantly why isn’t she mad that I am here?

He watched in the utmost confusion as Amy made her way to the closet ranting and raving about how she would not let her daughter ruin her life by becoming a teenaged mother.

Amy threw the closet door open with a triumphant “AH HA!” Max caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror.

Only it was Maria’s reflection staring back at him.

It was the first time that morning that Max saw himself and he almost passed out.

“Wh-ha-at?!” Max exclaimed and made his way to the mirror.

He stopped in front of it and gingerly touched his face.

This is NOT happening. He thought to himself as he watched ‘Maria’ touch ‘her’ face in the mirror.

He thought at first that he must be dreaming, but deep down he that it wasn’t true.

It’s something alien. He told himself. Hell, he should be used to strange stuff by now, after all he was an alien King, but this was down right creepy.

He convinced himself to calm down and act like the King he once was by remaining in control of the situation so he would not jeopardize his life or the life of his friends. You could never be too careful.

He had to get Amy out of the room so he could figure this all out.

“Well, he’s not here.” Amy stated coming up behind him and making him jump.

He spun around at a loss for words.

Amy studied him closely.

“Maria, are you on drugs?” Amy asked gently grabbing his hand.

“What?! NO!” He stated and felt a chill as he heard Maria’s voice some out of his body.

“Then what’s wrong honey?” Amy asked him.

Think fast. Don’t let her get suspicious.

“Um…It’s just that…” Max trailed off unable to think of what to say.

“The skirt!” HE nearly shouted and then regained control of himself. “The skirt, you wanted to borrow, I lent it to Liz.”

“Oh Honey! That’s okay.” Amy said and laughed. “I’ll just find something else.”

Max watched as she began to go through the drawers of the dresser to find something to wear.

HE glanced back at the mirror still in disbelief.

“Oh, these are cute.” He heard Amy say.

He turned to see Amy holding up a pair of Maria’s panties.

Max blushed immediately and turned away.

“Oh, Maria, I don’t want to borrow them silly.” Amy stated laughing.

“Well, I think that I am just going to go out and maybe do a little shopping.” Amy declared after a moment and shut the drawers. “Do you want to come?”

“Uh, no thanks.” Max replied. Amy smiled and kissed his forehead.

She made her way to the door and then turned back.

“Those pajamas are cute too.” Amy said and then left the room.

Max glanced down for the first time and saw what he was wearing.

When Maria had gone to bed the night before she had put on a pair of short shorts and a small tank top that showed off a lot of skin.

Max blushed deeply and looked away.

“This is bad.” He muttered to himself.

He went to the dresser to look for something else to put on.

Without realizing it, he opened the drawer that Maria kept all her panties and bras in. He slammed it shut immediately.

He went through the rest of the drawers and pulled out a pair of jeans and a sweater.

That’s better. He thought.

He put them on over what he was already wearing and then sat on the bed.

He had to call someone.

His first instinct was to call Liz but he didn’t want to freak her out.

Michael. He thought and picked up the phone and dialed the number.

Liz woke up to the sound of her phone ringing.

After leaving the UFO Centre the night before Liz had stayed up late night working on her science project.

She groggily reached for the phone still half-asleep.

She put the phone to her ear and heard Maria’s voice.

“Michael? Hello?”

Michael? Liz thought confused.

“Wrong number Maria. It’s me Liz.” Liz told her and then cleared her throat because it was all deep and throaty for some reason.

“Michael! It’s not funny.” Liz heard Maria say angrily. “Something happened. I know that I may sound like Maria, but it’s me. Max!”

“Quit it Maria, it’s too early.” Liz complained and cleared her throat again.

Still holding the phone to her ear she sat up in her bed an opened her eyes.

“What?” Liz exclaimed as her eyes took in her surroundings.

She was not in her bed. In fact she was in Michael’s apartment on his couch.

“Michael are you there?” Liz heard Maria demand.

“I’m not Michael.” Liz told her and then for the first time realized that she sounded like Michael.

A lot like Michael.

Liz’s jumped up off the couch so fast she fell onto the floor and dropped the phone.

She stood back up immediately and looked down.

What she saw made her cry out.

She was only wearing jeans and her chest was bare.

But, that wasn’t the worst part.

The worst part was she was looking down at a male chest.
“Oh my God.” She whispered and ran down the hall to Michael’s bathroom.

She flicked the light switch and screamed when she saw Michael staring back t her.

“M-M-ichael?” She choked out and took a step back when she saw Michael’s lips move in the reflection.

She looked down at her hands. Manly hands.

Calm down Liz. She scolded herself. There has to be a reasonable explanation for this.

“But there can’t be. It’s not possible.” She said aloud to herself.

She brushed back Michael’s hair which was hanging in her face.

“This is alien.” She declared knowing that there was no other explanation and then she remembered the person on the phone.

She knew that she had to remain calm and in control. But what if the person on the phone was a shape shifter or something?

It’s not like weird things had never happened to her before. She thought back to when Future Max had visited her.

She took a tentative step back towards the phone that was still lying on the floor.

She had to be cautious.

“Hello?” She said into the mouth piece wondering if the person was still there.

“What happened?” Liz heard Maria’s voice ask.

“Who is this?” Liz demanded.

“Look Michael. Something weird is going on. It’s Max. I know that I sound like Maria, but it’s me…Max. Somehow I woke up in Maria’s body.”

Liz’s hand tightened on the phone as she listened.

“How am I supposed to believe you?” Liz demanded again in Michael’s gruff voice.

“Is this you Liz?” She head Maria ask. “You said that you were Liz before.”

“Look, I don’t know who you are, or what you’re trying to pull but you better leave me alone. What is wrong with you? This isn’t normal.” Liz shouted. She didn’t know what to say to this person and she didn’t know if she could believe them.
“Liz…” She heard Maria say quietly.

Liz remained silent.

“Liz, what’s so great about normal?”

Liz felt her heart skip a beat.

“Max? It’s really you?” She nearly cried into the phone.

“Yes. It’s me.”

“Max, what is going on?” Liz asked and sat back down on Michael’s couch.

“I don’t know but we have to find out. I’m going to come and pick you up and we are going to go to the UFO Centre.”

“Okay.” She said.

“I love you Liz.”

Liz began to laugh.


“It just sounds so weird. You say it with so much feeling, but you sound just like Maria.”

Max was silent for a moment.

“Tell me that you love me.” He finally said to her.

“I love you Max.” She said meaning it with all her heart.

“I think it’s weirder for me.” He said and began to laugh as well.

“I can imagine.” Liz replied.

“Okay, I’ll be there in fifteen minutes.”

“All right.” Liz said and hung up.

She looked down at her bare chest and made her way into Michael’s bedroom.

She grabbed a Metallica shirt off his bed and threw it on.

Now I know why Maria always wants to take Michael shopping. She thought to herself as she made her way outside to wait for Max.

PS - I want to reiterate the Thanks for the Feedback, from my co-author, I_LOVE_NICK. It means so much to us. We are so happy you guys enjoy this, cause you keep us in business. writing fan fic a business?
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Hi peoples *big**big**big**big*

Gamma here, and I have the last of the switches. Then we get into the really fun territory. *wink**wink**wink*

I can't tell you how much your feedback means to both of us. It keeps us going and makes us try even harder to put out a good story. We love you all!!!!!!

And now.....on with the show.*happy**happy**happy**happy**happy* Hope you enjoy!!!!!!

PS - I want to dedicate this part to Maroswellian. I hope things start to look up. I totally luv ya and hopefully this will bring a smile to you.... hugs hugs hugs!!!!!!!!

~And So It Goes~

Tess turned over in bed, desperately trying to ignore the sounds of Incubus coming from the radio alarm clock. She wasn’t ready yet to wake up from her wonderful dream about Kyle. In it they had been relaxing in the hotel suite in Vegas and he was holding her close. And then he was kissing her.

It took her all of five seconds to realize she wasn’t sleeping anymore and Kyle was, in fact, kissing her. It took her only two more seconds to register the fact that his breath smelled, oddly, like bad chicken leftovers and his tongue was, more often than not, missing her lips and hitting her nose.

*We’ll definitely have to work on his technique.* She thought. *And his breath. God, no wonder Liz dumped him.* Tess opened her eyes and looked up, expecting to see Kyle’s hazel ones. She was rewarded with beady black eyes that were peering down at her happily from a furry black and white head.

“EEEEEEEEE.” Tess shrieked and backed up against the headboard. The once happy little terrier was now a squirming, tangled up bundle underneath the blankets, growling and barking.

“Kyle!” Tess yelled, convinced that he had let this, this animal into her room as a cruel joke.

“Kyle, get your Buddha butt in here now!” She yelled again when the dog finally disentangled itself from the blankets and was now, she was quite certain, giving her an evil doggie stare.

The door to the room was suddenly thrown open. A tall, lanky, slightly balding man entered the room. Tess immediately held up her hand ready to blast the vaguely familiar looking intruder.

“Alex, what’s wrong?” Tall man asked.

“Huh? Alex? Where?” Tess finally recognized the man as Alex’s father. She lowered her hand and looked around the room. Where was Alex? More importantly, where was her room?

“Son, what’s the matter? What’s wrong with Fender?” The little dog decided to take the opportunity to bound off the bed and make a bee-line for safer pastures.

“What are you talking about? And what’s going on with my room?” Tess was so panicked, she didn’t even realize yet that her voice had taken on a much deeper sound.

She was still backed up against the headboard as Alex’s dad came fully into the room and sat on the side of the bed. “Is it Isabel, son? Did you guys fight or something?”

“Isabel? Is she here too? What’s going on Mr. Whitman?”

“Mr. Whitman? Alex, no need to get so formal, although I could get used the sound of that.” A smile lit the older man’s face. “I don’t know what’s up with you this morning, but you’d best get up and get ready. Your mom’s finishing up her special Sunday breakfast, and you know the rules. First come, first serve.”

He stood up, smiled down at Tess and patted her on the shoulder. Then he turned and walked out of the room, pulling the door shut behind him.

Tess was now not only panicked, but 100% confused as well. She looked around the room again, noticing the guitars in the corner and the pictures of Liz, Maria, and Isabel attached to a small mirror over the dresser near the door.

Tess slowly got up off the bed. She was now sure she had somehow gotten into Alex’s room during the night. But how? She narrowed her eyes as the logical solution came to her. KYLE!

“When I get home, he is sooooo gonna get it. This time I really will slag him with my death ray eyes.”

Tess was now pacing back and forth, plotting her revenge on the guy she was dreaming about not even 10 minutes ago.

During her one of her paces her eyes landed directly on the mirror she had spotted earlier.

“Oh my…” Tess blinked and looked again. The same reflection stared back at her.


She moved towards the mirror, her eyes never wavering.

“Oh my…” She repeated and backed up a step.

Her eyes grew wide as a thought occurred to her. “It’s finally happened.” She whispered. “I’ve mindwarped myself.”

Turning back to face the room she looked for the phone. Max. Max would surely know how to fix this.

She spotted the phone and quickly dialed the Evans’ number. After 6 rings, she placed the receiver back.

*Now what?* She thought.

Kyle! She grabbed the phone again and dialed the number for the Valenti house. Again, there was no answer.

*Damn.* She thought slamming the phone back down.

*I guess I’d better get to the Museum.* Looking down, she noticed she was wearing a baggy tee and grey sweats.

“This’ll have to do.” She mumbled. Spotting a pair of sneakers she quickly laced them on.

“Hurry up Alex. Your mother is eating all the pancakes.” The voice wafted up the stairs, accompanied by a woman’s warm laughter.

*I guess the Museum will have to wait till after the fun family breakfast* Thought Tess.

“Uh, yeah….okay….I’ll, ah….be down in a sec….okay…um, Pop?”

Tess shook her head and headed downstairs, desperately wishing she had paid more attention to Alex over the past year. She had no idea what a family breakfast consisted of. Nacedo certainly wasn’t big on them, and the Sheriff and Kyle? Their idea of breakfast was Lucky Charms and ESPN’s Sports Center playing in the living room.

“Please, Buddha…let me get through this.” She prayed as she walked into the kitchen to the two smiling parents.


Michael was definitely not having a good morning. He wasn’t fully awake yet, but could already tell that his neck was going to be sore. Most likely from falling asleep on the couch in front of the TV. On top of that, the odor of the CrashDown’s kitchen seemed to be invading his sense of smell.

*Damn.* He thought. *I better do laundry soon. Those shirts are starting to really reek.*

He slowly stretched his arms over his head until they hit the wall. Hold on…. What wall? Michael didn’t have a wall near his couch.

His eyes popped open and he looked up to the ceiling. Why were there little glow in the dark stars on his ceiling? His eyes drifted down to the far wall and he was rewarded with looking at a poster of Albert Einstein. Huh?

Michael sat upright in the bed and noticed two things straight away. The first was that he was no longer on the couch in his living room; and the second that he was, for reasons he couldn’t explain, waking up in Liz Parker’s bed.

“Oh God.” He whispered, and looked around the room again. How did he get here? And more importantly, how was he going to explain this to Maria. He had no idea what was going on.

He pushed the covers off and jumped up out of the bed. As he started to the door, something caught his attention. He wasn’t wearing his usual clothes. He looked down in to notice that he was wearing a long nightshirt with a large green alien head on it.

He looked down a bit farther and noticed something else. His toenails were painted a soft pink color. He shook his head to clear his mind and refocused on his? feet.

*I’ve got to still be asleep and having some weird ass dream.* He thought, running a hand through his hair, pushing it off of his face.

He stopped in mid stroke. Where his hair should have ended.

“What the hell is going on here?” Michael asked out loud now.

He walked into the connecting bathroom and gazed into the mirror.

“Shit.” The expletive came out of Michael’s mouth before he could stop it.

Liz Parker’s face was staring back at him, but now complete with a look that was pure Michael.
Although the situation was sick, crazy, and quite demented, Michael was surprisingly more mad than shocked.

*I’m gonna kill Maxwell.* Michael stormed back into the bedroom. He was immediately convinced that the device from the previous evening was the cause of his present state.

Grabbing what he assumed was a bathrobe, he headed back into the bathroom already for a shower. He wanted to be clean when he beat up Max. And Brody.

*What kind of nut buys alien merchandise on Ebay anyway?*

He stopped when he looked at his (Liz’s) reflection in the mirror.

*Maybe I’ll just skip the shower after all.* He walked back into the bedroom and spotted a pair of jeans tossed over the back of the desk chair.

Quickly pulling them on, and tucking in the long nightshirt, he then looked around for a pair of shoes. All he saw was a small pair of high heeled sandals.

“This just gets better and better.” He seethed.

Pulling on the shoes he headed out the door ready to go wait for Max and the others to show at the Museum. He only tripped twice on his way down the stairs.

*On top of everything, it figures that I’d turn into Liz.* Michael figured with a frown, as he barely caught his balance once more. *Max’ll probably make moon eyes at me all day.*

Okay....well now what????? Well, it's time to get everyone together and see what happens. I_LOVE_NICK will be back with that part. Stick around.....things get better from here.*big**big**big**big**big*

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Hi everyone!!!!! Well, I have I_LOVE_NICK's part of the story.....and let me tell you, it is really good. And FUNNY as hell. It does get a bit confusing, cause now everyone has switched bodies. So, in case you've forgotten, here is the summary :

Thanks so much for the wonderful feedback and the patience....this is such a fun story to write, but it takes even us authors awhile to come up with what happens. Especially since we don't know what the other is going to do ;). So, enjoy this next part, and have a very Happy Holiday season. The next part will be along as soon as it pops into my head.

~The Meeting~

“Watch that car!” Kyle shouted from the passenger seat.

Maria turned and glared at Kyle; who was, of course, still in Isabel’s body.

“Would you shut up?!” Maria yelled as she threw Max’s jeep into reverse and backed up.

Kyle winced as Maria yelled at him and Max’s voice bellowed out.

“Maria, you almost hit that car. What’s wrong with you? It’s not like you never parallel parked before.” Kyle insisted as Maria stopped the car and pulled the keys out of the ignition.

She turned to face him. “Look WOMAN! I drive a Jetta! In case you hadn’t noticed this is a jeep. Max’s jeep. And while you have been enjoying the scenery on the way over here I have been trying to concentrate on driving while praying that I don’t fall out of the freaking car! Oh and the jeep is just a little bigger than my car, so excuse me if I am not going to be passing your driving test!”

Maria paused to catch her breath as Kyle stared at her speechless.

“You are so overdramatic!” Kyle finally exclaimed and got out of the jeep.

Maria also got out and joined him on the side walk.

“I think that you’re enjoying this a little too much.” She told him referring to his loose term of the word ‘So.’

He stuck his tongue out at her, just adding more confirmation to her last statement.

She shook her head and they both approached the doors to the UFO Centre.

“Do you think anyone is here?” Kyle asked her.

Maria tried the door and it opened.

“Well, someone’s here.” She said and they made their way inside.

They walked down the stairs to find ‘Maria’ and ‘Michael’ sitting on the couch in silence.

Maria slowed her pace as caught sight of ‘herself’ sitting on the couch. It was too weird.

Kyle began to laugh.

“This is freaky. I mean, I know I came here with Maria, but there you are…” Kyle trailed off with awe in his voice.

Maria ignored him and continued to make her way over to the couch.

She watched as ‘herself’ got up and moved towards them.

“I don’t believe this.” Maria said looking at herself.

“Maria?” She watched her own lips form the words right in front of her.

“Yeah…Is that you Max?” Maria asked curious.


“This is SO freaky!” Kyle exclaimed.

Maria tore her gaze away from herself and looked towards ‘Michael.’

“And you are…”She trailed off as Michael stood up with a goofy grin on his face.

“Only your best friend.” ‘Michael’ told her.

“LIZ?!” Maria exclaimed and Liz nodded.

“This just gets better and better!” Kyle said laughing and rubbing his hands together.

“Let me guess…Kyle?” Max asked.

“Hey! How did you know?” Kyle demanded hoping he would get to have them guess who he was.

“Only you would be enjoying this.” Liz said laughing and when everyone stared at her, she stopped immediately.

“What?” Liz asked concerned.

“It’s just weird hearing actual laughter coming from Michael.” Maria said and then they all laughed at the truth of the matter.

Then they heard the door open upstairs.

“Alex! You look fine. There’s not much you can do when you have to put clothes on over your pajamas.” They all heard Kyle’s voice say from the top of the stairs.

A moment later ‘Kyle’ and ‘Tess’ appeared at the top of the stairs.

They both stopped as they saw their four friends standing at the bottom looking up at them.

Isabel opened her moth in shock as she saw herself at the bottom of the stairs.

Kyle also looked up at himself in shock.

“Whoa!” He said as he watched ‘himself’ run down the stairs towards him.

“I don’t BELIEVE this! You wore my pajamas outside! Did anyone see you?” Isabel screamed at herself in shock.

“Umm…Well…” Kyle trailed off not knowing what to say.

“And look at my hair! Did you even brush it?” Isabel yelled reaching out to lightly touch ‘her’ hair.

“Okay! Calm down Isabel.” Max said walking over to her.

She spun on her heel to see Maria approaching her. “So, I’m guessing you’re Max.”

He nodded his head.

She spun around and looked at herself questioningly.

“Kyle.” He offered nervously under the glare of his ‘own’ gaze.

“Figures!” Isabel muttered and turned around.

‘Max’ raised his hand slightly. “Maria.”

Isabel shook her head in disbelief as ‘Michael’ raised his hand as well and she heard him say that he was Liz.

“This is unbelievable.” Isabel muttered.

“Alex here.” Alex told them and the watched as ‘Tess’ waved at them.

“What are we going to do?” Maria moaned.

But before anyone could answer, they heard the door upstairs fling open and slam shut.

“Michael.” Max and the rest of them nodded.

“MAXWELL! You better fix this or I SWEAR…”

They all could not help the weird feeling they got as they heard Liz’s voice yelling at Max.

A second later ‘Liz’ appeared at the top of the stairs. No one could deny the pissed off look on her face.

“Do you believe this crap?!” Michael shouted to all of them and began to descend down the stairs.

And that’s when the rest of them began to laugh.

They laughed because ‘Liz’ was coming down the stairs side ways.

“OH! You think this is funny?!” Michael spat out as he came down the stairs slowly. “It’s not my fault that Liz doesn’t have any normal shoes.”

He got to the bottom of the stairs and crossed this arms over his chest and glared at all of them.

Although it was actually Liz’s face, they could all see ‘Michael’s’ death-look in her eyes.

The rest of them tried to hold in their laugh.

“Change me back!” Michael demanded not caring if he sounded like a child.

“Don’t you think that we would have already if we knew how, Einstein?” Maria told him.

But, to Michael, it was actually Max who spoke the words.

“EINSTEIN?! How convenient Maxwell! Because I just woke up with a picture of that ugly guy staring at me! Now, you’re the one who found the stupid box and called the stupid meeting! So, YOU get me out of this stupid body!” Michael yelled while advancing towards who he thought was Max.

And as an after thought he called over his shoulder. “No offense Liz!”

“None taken!” He heard her yell back, only it was his own voice.

He spun around unsteadily on his heels and for the first time registered that ‘he’ was also in the room.

“LIZ?!” He exclaimed in shock.

“Don’t seem so surprised Space Boy. You think this only happened to you?” Maria asked him laughing.

Michael spun back around to look at ‘Max.’

“Maria?” He asked and shuddered inside when Max nodded his head.
“You mean…this happened to everyone?” He asked shocked and Maria nodded again.

“There’s Max, and Isabel and that’s Alex…and well, you already figured out that that is Liz” Maria told him pointing to everyone in turn.

“Well, that makes me feel a little bit better.” Michael said and they all looked at him confused, so he continued. “I thought that it only happened to me.”

“Yeah, it happened to everyone.” Isabel grumbled.

“Well, Alex’s body hasn’t shown up yet, but I can guarantee that Tess is inside of it.” Maria told him.

Almost on cue, they heard the door open and a moment later, a smiling Alex stood at the top of the stairs.

“Morning everyone!” Tess called and made her way down to join the rest of them.

“Tess?” Alex asked as he saw himself join them.

“Yep.” She replied and the smile never left her face.

“Why are you so happy?” Maria asked.

“No reason…” She trailed off with a sly smile.

“Tess…” Isabel pressed.

“What? It’s nothing. I just had a nice healthy family breakfast with the Whitman’s.” She told them.

“So what’s the big deal?” Max asked.

“HA! You try actually having a breakfast living with Kyle and his dad.” Tess said rolling her eyes.

“McDonald’s counts as a healthy breakfast. Maria and I stopped there this morning.” Kyle insisted and wished he hadn’t when Isabel spun around to face him again.

“You ate McDonald’s!” Isabel sighed. “Okay, that’s it. I want back in my own damn body!”

“Me too!” Maria grumbled staring down at Max’s body.

“Oh who’s who?” Tess asked giggling because she had missed the introductions.

So everyone grumbled who they were, except for Kyle who wanted to make her guess, not realizing that he was the last to introduce himself, so guessing proved not to be a problem for Tess.

“Okay, so I think that most of us agree that this ‘switch’ or whatever it is has to do with that box from last night.” Michael said.

“Nice work, Einst-…Michael.” Maria said correcting herself.

Michael glared at her and then grabbed the box that was sitting on the table.

“So, I think that we should just do what we did last night and hope that it reverse’s it.” Michael told them.

“Umm…guys, this morning I tried to use my powers but they didn’t work.” Isabel informed them.

“You’re lying.” Michael said and waved his hand and nothing happened.

“Satisfied?” Isabel asked as Tess and Max did the same and the results were the same.

“This is great!” Maria yelled pissed.

Michael turned to face her and almost fell on his face. He ripped the shoes off his feet and threw them across the room. “So, we’re going to be like this forever.”

“Oh NO!” Maria yelled. “Look at me! I’m all bloated!” She yelled gesturing toward her chiseled chest.

And they all watched in amazement as she threw her arm out randomly and the glass on one of the display cases shattered.

“I didn’t do it!” Maria exclaimed with her eyes wide.

“Yes…you did.” Max said softly.

“No…I didn’t.” She insisted staring at the broken glass in shock.

They all looked at the glass and gasped when the glass rose off the floor and went back into the display case, as if nothing happened.

They all turned to see Michael holding his hand up.

“I did that.” Liz said quietly.

“So, this is great…all you human’s have our power’s.” Michael muttered.

“Oh shut up!” Maria said and slapped him.

“Ow…” Michael trailed off rubbing Liz’s arm.

“Okay, so Maria, Alex, Kyle and I will use your guy’s power’s to try and reverse what happened last night.” Liz said placing the box back on the table.

“Might as well give it a shot.” Alex said and made his way over to stand next to the rest of them.

“Okay, so just stare at the box and concentrate on sending a little bit of energy into it.” Max instructed off to the side.

The humans, who were in their alien friend bodies, all stuck out their right hand and concentrated on the box.

A moment later, a blue light emerged from each of their hands, but passed right through the box, leaving it untouched.

“It’s not working.” Maria complained turning back to the rest of them.

“Maybe, it has to re-charge or something.” Kyle said and they all stared at him. “What?!”

“Well…” Liz said. “That could make sense. It would have taken a lot of energy to switch all of us, so what if we drained all of its power last night and it just needs time to re-charge.”

“Well, that would be great.” Tess said. “But how long is it going to take?”

“I don’t know.” Liz said falling onto the couch.

“So now what are we going to do?” Isabel moaned thinking of the awful things that her body was going to go through with Kyle inside of it.

~~~~~Hope you enjoyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to I_LOVE_NICK for yet another hilarious part....I don't know where to even begin to try to follow this........

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Hey everyone *waving* It's Gamma....and I have the next part of the story for you. Well, most of the next part. I've been sick (pnuemonia, yuck) and it's been tough to get the inspiration to write, but I felt bad putting off posting at all, so I've split my section into 2 parts, and the I_LOVE_NICK will be back with the next....Confused yet? If not, you will be after reading this part.....*big**big**big**big*. Things are getting weird, but hopefully funny enough to keep you all interested. Your feedback is so wonderful, it's what gets people like me off my sick butt and write. Thanks so much and here is the next part (section 1) *wink*


*Invasion of the Body-Switched*

Stomping over to Kyle and reaching into her purse Isabel pulled out her cell phone. She hit the speed dial and held it up to Kyle’s ear.

“Tell them you’re me and cancel your appointments for today. I obviously can’t go like that.” She motioned to him, standing there in her pajamas, and she began to tap her foot impatiently.

“Isabel, what are you….” Kyle stopped when a voice interrupted him.

“Desert Rose Salon, how may I help you?” A voice answered on the other end.

“Um, hi there. This is I-Isabel Evans. And I, uh, need to cancel my appointments for today?” Kyle stammered into the phone, receiving a glare from Isabel, which was very unsettling, considering it was coming out of his own body.

The voice on the phone interrupted his thoughts.

“Okay, Miss Evans, we’ll cancel you for the manicure, pedicure and leg wax. Would you like to reschedule now?”

“Um, no, thank you. Bye.” Kyle pulled the phone out of Isabel’s hand and shut it off. “Can we not do that again, Isabel? A little notice next time would be helpful.”

“I think Kyle is right. We need to be careful about this. We can’t do anything that might alert people that something is wrong.” Liz stood up and started to pace. “I think that until we can reverse this, we need to keep our heads and try to act as normal as possible.” She turned her head when she heard Max snickering in the corner.


“It’s just kinda funny, Liz.” Max’s voice rang out Maria’s thoughts. “Even though I know it’s you in there, it’s kinda funny to see Spaceboy pacing back and forth giving us a lecture on rational behavior.” Maria started laughing again when Michael shot her a very un-Liz like look.

Alex stood up and scratched at Tess’ blonde ponytail in a thoughtful manner. “Okay, so if we have to just sit around and wait for this thing to recharge, what are we gonna do till then? I mean, we have school, we have lives, we have parents! I think they are going to notice something is wrong.”

He shifted his weight back and forth from one foot to another. “Plus, I’m not too keen on the idea of taking a shower in Tess’ body.”

The last sentence put a look of horror on all the guy’s faces, but managed to garner a grin and a raised eyebrow on Isabel.

Maria stood up and Max once again took charge of the meeting. “Okay, it’s obvious we can’t do any more here. I think the only logical thing to do now is damage control.”

“What do you mean by that?” Max heard a voice but was too confused to know whose it was, or even whose body it came from.

“I mean, what we need to do is split up and learn each other’s routines. I think we’re at least lucky in that we seemed to have split into pairs. So, I say for the rest of today, we split into those pairs and memorize each other’s routines. We have to know enough about each other so that until we switch back, no one is the wiser. Does everyone agree?” Maria turned around to the sounds of agreement and nodding.

“Okay then, let’s get into our teams and plan our strategy.” Maria spoke and then went to stand next to herself, also known as Max.

Kyle and Isabel moved together, as did Michael and Liz, and on the sofa were Alex and Tess.

Alex was the first to speak. “Well, I guess there’s nothing left but to get to it.” Tess gave a dramatic wave towards the exit. “Ladies and gentlemen…or gentlemen and ladies, as the case may now be. Shall we proceed with saving the secret as well as our dignity?”

***2 hours later***

Kyle was sitting on the edge of the bathtub, trying desperately to think of a way out of his present situation. Being trapped in a girl’s body, even one as pretty as Isabel, was bad enough, but this was starting to wear on his nerves.

“Isabel, how much longer do we have to go over this?”

“Until you get it right, Kyle. I may not have control over my body right now…but I’ll be damned if I let you ruin my reputation on top of it all.” She went back to work. “Okay, now the most important thing you have to remember is to use an upward……”

As Isabel leaned down to eye level with him to continue her task, the unlocked door swung open.

Jim Valenti stopped dead in his tracks. There, in his bathroom, was his son leaning over, with a small brush in his hand…..applying eye-makeup to Isabel Evans.

He blinked and looked again. The scene was the same. Both Kyle and Isabel had turned to look at him when he entered the bathroom. They exchanged nervous looks and Isabel quickly put the compact and brush back on the counter.

“Dad. You’re, uh, home early.” Isabel spoke the words carefully, hoping that the Sheriff wouldn’t get suspicious. They had discussed letting him in on their present situation, but the embarrassment factor proved too high for the majority to vote to let anyone else in on the secret. Although Max and Liz had insisted that Valenti could maybe help, Kyle, Isabel, and Tess were adamant about keeping it a secret for the time being. ‘The less people that knew the better’, was Isabel’s argument. Kyle just kept looking aghast anytime he even thought of his father knowing he was trapped in a girl’s body.

“Actually, I just came home to…Son, what are you doing?” Jim pointed to the compact and brush on the counter.

Kyle just stood there and blushed.

Isabel jumped up from her perch on the tub and answered him. “Well, da….uh, Sheriff, the thing is. The thing is….that, well. The thing is…”

“The thing is that I needed a humanities credit for this semester, so I have to help out with the next drama production, and well, make-up was the only position they had left. Isabel was nice enough to help me learn the finer art of make-up application. Yeah, that’s it.” Kyle’s head nodded as Isabel finished her speech.

“Oh, okay. Well, I’ll just leave you two to….well, I’ll just leave you two alone, then. Uh, have fun kids.” He walked out of the bathroom, but before shutting the door behind him, popped his head back in. “Kyle?”

“Yeah, dad?”

“Next time, son, sign up earlier. I’m always here to help you with the ‘finer art’ of woodworking, or set design, or any other position.”

“I will dad.” Isabel answered him and turned back to the counter.

The Sheriff left and headed towards the kitchen.

As he walked down the hall intent on finding some aspirin for his newly formed headache, he heard music coming from Kyle’s old bedroom, which had been used by Tess since she moved in with them after Nacedo’s death. The door was slightly ajar and Jim peered inside.

For the second time in less than five minutes, Jim was startled by the sight he saw. Tess was sitting on the edge of the bed, biting her nails while totally engrossed in “Rolling Stone”, while Alex was bustling around in the closet pulling out Tess’ clothes and organizing them into small piles.

“Okay, I think all of these will work best. Now, I’ve organized them into groups according to color. Everything can be worn with either flat shoes or sneakers. Although if you wear the navy top and jeans, DO NOT wear the black sandals. Be sure to go with the tan mules….are you even paying attention?” At Tess’ nod, he continued. “Good. Now, if it’s raining, I would suggest…..” Alex droned on and Jim once again backed away from the scene, more than a bit concerned.

Deciding he needed something stronger than aspirin, he walked back down the hall, grabbed his jacket and headed out. If he was lucky, he could catch the Happy Hour down at the Roadhouse Lounge. He wasn’t a drinking man, but even he had his limits.

Well, hope you liked it.....part 2 should be done later this week, I'll get rid of this writer's block if I have to beat it out of my head. *happy**happy**happy**happy**happy*

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Okay everyone.....Gamma here with the 2nd section of my part. I'm sorry it took so long to get out and I'm sorry if it sucks, but things decided to go crazy for me this year. I spend most of my time just trying to stay out of trouble....*g* But, here is another part, and I_LOVE_NICK will be working on her next part and we'll all get to see what kind of crazy hijinks will befall our favorite Roswellians. *happy*

What The Hell Is Going On?????

Jim walked out to his truck and got in, still not quite believing what he had just seen. Putting his hat on the seat next to him, he noticed his tool box. Amy had asked him if he could stop by and fix her doorbell. Deciding to put his drink on hold and maybe get his mind off things with Amy, he started the truck.

Pulling up into the Deluca driveway, the first thing Jim noticed was that Amy’s car wasn’t there. He glanced down at his watch and noticed he had about 15 minutes till he had said he would be there. The Jetta was out by the curb, along with the Evans’ jeep, so he decided to go ahead and wait inside with Maria and Max. Maybe they had some information about why his son was getting make-up tips and Alex was now using Tess as a dress-up Barbie doll.

He walked up to the door and rang the bell. Less than a minute later, he was greeted by a surprised Maria.

“Uh, Sheriff. What are you doing here?” Maria asked.

“I came by to fix the doorbell, your mom told me to drop by about 6. Didn’t she mention it?”

“Um, no, or I, uh, guess it must have just slipped my mind. I’m sure she must have said something about it being broken.” Maria answered still standing in the doorway.

“So, do you mind if I come inside, or should I stand here and wait?”

Maria looked taken aback for a moment then quickly recovered. “Sure, Sheriff. I think Mar…Max is in the living room watching television. I was just finishing up a biology project.”

“Biology project? Kyle didn’t mention anything to me about biology. You both are still in the same Science class, right?” Jim looked down at Maria’s small frame and noticed that her eyes were conveniently missing his.

“Oh, well, this is extra credit I asked to do. You know, just making a model of the Citric Acid Cycle…really boring stuff.” Moving aside to let him pass, Maria took off back towards her bedroom.

*Strange.* Thought Jim. *If Maria had such an interest in Science, then why was she in the same remedial class as Kyle?*

Pushing his thoughts aside, he headed to the living room where he heard Max’s voice arguing with whatever program he was watching on the television.

“Oh My God, Hildy!!! What the hell are you thinking? Cheesy flowers all over the bathroom? Girl, you have absolutely no taste what so ever. Even Doug could have done a better job than that crap.”

Jim walked up behind the sofa and looked at the television program that seemed to have Max all agitated. He was greeted with the sight of a bathroom, covered floor to ceiling with purple, red, and orange flowers. A guys wearing a shirt emblazed with the words “Trading Spaces” was carrying a ladder out of the room.

“Max?” The sheriff asked, and was rewarded with a squeal by the boy on the sofa as he jumped at the sound of his voice.

“Sheriff, I didn’t hear you come in.” Max moved to turn off the television, then stood there looking down at his hands, playing with a hangnail.

“Did Ma...aaria let you in? Cause Mom isn’t home yet.”


Max’s brown eyes jerked up to meet the sheriff’s hazel ones.

“Uh, yeah, Amy….Mom….it’s all the same person, right?” Max looked back down, this time picking at imaginary lint on his shirt.

For the third time that night, Jim was in a state of confusion. What was going on with everyone? Why was Max sitting on the sofa, watching a decorating show and waving his arms while yelling at the tv.

“OK, well, I’m gonna go get my toolbox, so if ‘Mom’, or ‘Amy’ or whatever you’re calling her comes home can you tell her I’m in the garage looking at the doorbell?” Jim turned to head back out to his truck.

“Thank God, that thing has been out for, like 6 days now.” Max started heading toward the kitchen. “Can I get you a beer out of the fridge? You look like you could use a drink.”

Jim just shook his head as he went out the door, more confused than ever.

Across town a small battle was waging. A petite brunette was sitting on a worn sofa angrily trying to wrestle the remote away from a very tall, very frustrated guy.

“Liz, I want to watch the hockey game. The Rangers are playing the Flyers tonight. I got a bet with Kyle that Lindros and Primeau get into at least one fight. Come on, we’ve been over the damn Citrus Fruit Cycle ten times. I got it.” The brunette gave up the fight for the remote, lacking the strength to get a hold of it.

Crossing her arms over her chest, she sat back into the sofa and sulked.

“Oh, that’s real mature, Michael.” Liz said looming above. “And it’s the CITRIC ACID Cycle, and I’ll be darned if I get anything less than an A on this. I’ve worked too hard. This is the last big project of the semester and….hello!!! Pay attention to me. Now let’s go over it once more.”

“Liz, if you don’t get off my case about this, I swear to God, tomorrow I will go out, get a tattoo, get something pierced, and perm your hair.” Michael yelled and stood up, hands out for the remote.

Sighing and knowing she’s get no more out of him tonight, Liz gave up the fight and handed it over.

“Fine, I’ll make note cards, but you better follow them. I’m not going to fail just because we got stuck in each other’s bodies.” She went and sat down at the counter in the kitchen and began to organize the cards according to color.

Michael sat back down and returned to watching the game. Looking over his shoulder, he asked, “Can you grab me a Snapple while you’re in there?”

The next thing he saw was himself, repeatedly banging his head down on the counter.

Hope you enjoyed....not my best, but I tried.

PS.....In case you haven't noticed....WE LIVE 4 FB!!!!!!!