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This actually started out as just one story, but then I decided to write alternative A/I versions of all last S2 episodes – with the exception of “Off The Menu”.
And since I didn’t find a better title than Alternative Stargazer S2 Ending this will have to do. Feel free to tell me better titles. *happy*

Thanks to everyone who feedbacked “Won’t Forget Tonight”!

Hope you enjoy it!

Laugh Your Name

by Trude
e-mail: marti_ms⊕
Disclaimer: Oh please, as if I could own something Roswell related!
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: CYN
Summary: How the real script for CYN was (at least in my head).
Category: A/I
AN: Inspired by Brian’s “Staying Home”

Liz was going through the bills while Maria was carrying the dirty dishes to the backroom. Max and Michael were currently involved in an important discussion about “Tiger & Dragon” and “The Matrix”. Isabel, Kyle and Tess were looking through the prom pictures, constantly breaking into a fit of giggles. Well, Kyle and Tess were, Isabel was more preoccupied with looking at the pictures, then the Crashdown door and the watch. Again and again. Pictures, door, watch.

After sharing an amused look with her ‘brother’ (unknowing that some members of the group were already betting money on how long that sister-brother thing would last), Tess asked innocently, “Uh, Isabel. .... Isabel!” Jerking away from her daydream, Isabel looked at Tess, trying to appear calm and collected. “Yes Tess?”, Isabel asked and looked at her watch again. “Are you waiting for someone?”, Kyle asked now, not hiding his amusement anymore. “No! What makes you think that?”, Isabel asked distracted and while looking to the door. “Oh, just the fact that since we came here two hours ago, you constantly were looking at your watch and the door. As if you either really want to leave or are waiting for someone.” Tess explained casually. “Yeah”, Kyle piped up, “and since Alex is the only one missing from the group ... well, we thought that maybe you are waiting for ...him!” The ‘siblings’ both looked expectantly at the tall, now squirming, alien.

“Well, I ... I was just thinking that if he came tonight ... than uh, he ... would maybe ... want to uh”, Isabel thought for a moment, “... see the pictures to before we leave again.”, she finished in a rush. Kyle nodded calmly, “So, you are just waiting for Alex so you can show him these pictures?” Next to him, Tess tried to stifle a giggle. After shooting the shorter alien a death glare, Isabel said in her ‘Ice Princess’ tone, “No, not really. I am waiting also for Alex so we can ...”, Kyle could have sworn that Isabel was blushing and he was sure that this never happened before, “ .... so we can hang out and talk about prom. We, or at least I, had fun there.” Isabel smiled, yeah, that was a good response.

“I bet.” Kyle grinned – and stopped quickly after receiving an icy death glare himself. “What do you mean with that Kyle?” Isabel asked seriously. “Well,” Tess said smiling, “maybe the fact that since prom Kyle and I heard from seven different sources that Alex Whitman and Isabel Evans were spotted sucking faces during prom on the dance floor AND in the Eraser Room.” Seeing Isabel blushing further (now he was sure that it was a blush), Kyle quickly added, “Relax Evans! You two looked really cute together when you tried to sneak out of the gym after that dance.”

Isabel just stared at them for a moment. “Seven sources?”, she asked after a silent minute. “Yeah, seven who told us about both locations, then there were about nine who just said something about the Eraser Room and a few dozen who saw the dance.” Kyle told her, enjoying this a little too much he thought in fear of his Karma. “Do the others already know?” Isabel asked beyond hope. “Mhm, Michael and Maria are one of the seven sources while Max and Liz belong to the few dozens.” Isabel just closed her eyes in embarrassment and let her head fall back.

Maria was in the back, humming softly to herself, then she looked up, “Oh My God!”, she stared at the person in front of her in shock. “Don’t you ever dare scaring me like this again Alexander Charles Whitman! You just cost me five years of my precious life!” “Sorry Maria. I didn’t want to, but the front door was already closed so I decided to use the back one.” Alex grinned sheepishly at one of his best friends. “You okay now?” He asked, already moving towards the door, knowing that Isabel was in the other room. “Yeah, yeah, I am fine,” Maria said distracted before looking at Alex again. “Oh no! You don’t go in there!” Jumping in his way, she opened the door slightly. “Liz! Could you come here for minute, I really need your help!”

Liz looked up in surprise. ‘What’s wrong? With what would she need my help?’ Seeing who was standing behind Maria she already knew what was wrong. Quickly standing up, she walked to the duo. Seeing Liz coming their way, Alex couldn’t help but whine a bit, “Oh come on girls! Please, let me out there!” Shaking her head sternly, Liz replied, “No Alex! We need to talk with you before!”

Isabel’s head shot up from her seat when she heard Alex’s name. Ignoring Kyle and Tess’ giggles at that, she turned to where Liz was closing the door – but not before Isabel could catch a small glimpse of Alex. Smiling, without realizing it, she turned back to Kyle and Tess who were both grinning at her. “What?”, Isabel asked confused and still smiling. “Nothing!” both Kyle and Tess answered and looked back down to the pictures again. Smiling, Isabel shook her head at those two. ‘They are sometimes really strange.’, she thought to herself and looked over to the door where Liz disappeared a minute ago.

“... and just this afternoon we thought that you got it! You need to be strong Alex! You need to show her that you won’t follow here anywhere and ...” Maria had been ranting for almost ten minutes now, only stopping so that Liz could add something about “her running after him” and “showing strength”. Both girls were pacing in front of Alex, both flexing their arms from time to time and pointing at their ... well, ... non existing biceps as if to tell him what they meant with strength.

Luckily for Alex neither girl noticed that he had zoomed out after a minute. He would probably have listened to them and said more than his occasional “mhmm” or “yeah, but ...”. He would have. Really. But since he had caught Isabel’s gaze before the door was shut - well slammed into his face, he was totally focused on her again. ‘I hope she is still out when this is finished’, he thought hopefully and nodded distractedly at Maria who was, together with Liz, looking at him sternly. ‘Hm, maybe Isabel wants to go stargazing tomorrow or something else?’ His thoughts were interrupted by Maria who was grabbing him by the shoulders.

“Well Alex, what do you say?” Alex looked uncertainly from Maria to Liz who was towering behind Maria. Alex got the strange feeling that a wrong answer could be very bad for him. “Well, Maria, ... Liz ...” he looked at both girls for a moment in an attempt to steal some time. ‘Oh god, what were they talking about? They will kill me when they notice that I didn’t listen to them. Especially since they are just *worried* about me. Ha! Worried, my ass!’ He opened his mouth slowly and was about to say something, when a voice behind them asked, “Uh, am I interrupting something?”

All three spun around and Alex heaved a sigh of relief when he saw who it was. “No!”, he said a bit too fast and too loud. Three pairs of eyes settled on him. Trying to ignore the two pairs next to him, he turned to the third, “Do you wanna go for a walk Iz?” “Of course!”, Isabel answered quickly, a bit too quickly for Liz and Maria’s liking. Doing a happy dance in his mind, Alex quickly maneuvered himself away from Liz and Maria, grinning – he hopped apologetically – at them, “Well, it was ... uh, nice to talk to you ladies, but if you would excuse me now. See you tomorrow!” With that he took Isabel’s hand and walked them out of the back door.

“I have the feeling that something went very wrong here Liz!” Maria told her best friend seriously. “I know what you mean, but I have no idea what.” Liz confirmed. They both scolded at the door through which Alex and Isabel vanished seconds ago. They jumped when they heard glass shattering from the cafe and Kyle shouting, “Don’t worry – I am fine!” Sighing Liz walked to the others, “Okay, can’t I even leave you alone for ten minutes?” Shrugging Maria turned back to the empty dishes. “God, those are really dirty! I don’t even want to touch them!” A smile formed on her face as an idea came to her. Walking to the door she shouted, “Michael, get your lazy butt in here! I need you!”

“What was that about?” Isabel asked when she and Alex walked across the parking lot, ignoring the hair that stood up on the arm which Alex held. “Uh, you don’t want to know. *I* wish I wouldn’t know.” When the teens reached the jeep they stopped. “Max will come soon to get home.” Isabel sad sadly and leaned against the jeep. Standing in front of her, Alex nodded a bit uncomfortable. ‘Should I just kiss her now? Or should I wait a bit?’

“So, how was your day?”, he asked her, bringing his arms around her waist. Smiling, Isabel put hers around his neck, “Lonely.” she just said, enjoying their closeness. Alex had trouble with breathing for a few seconds after what she said and, so he thought, the fact that he could smell her shampoo was also a reason for that. “How was your learning going?”, Isabel asked and nibbled softly on his neck. “Learning?” Alex echoed. ‘What learning? What’s she talking about? God, this feels good!’ He sighed and pulled her closer when her lips caressed a very sensible part of his throat.

“Mhm, learning. You said you needed to learn for a test.” She explained against his skin, enjoying what she was doing to him. “Well, I .. mhm, I couldn’t concentrate anymore after you called. So it ... didn’t go good.” With that said, he pulled her head up and finally kissed her on the lips. It started softly but quickly grew into something more. The two grabbed each other tighter and tried to get even closer. Considering the fact that they were both at the parking lot in front of the Crashdown where everybody could see them and their activities, it was a good thing that they were interrupted. Well, maybe not.

“Hey Iz! Glad that you are already waiting at the jeep.” Alex and Isabel jumped apart in surprise. Looking around, they saw Max coming towards them. He didn’t look very amused, especially not when looking at Alex. “Oh, Max. I didn’t hear you coming.” Isabel said, smoothing her hair with one hand and holding Alex’s with the other. “I bet.” Max said, looking at Alex challenging. “Oh please! Don’t even dare to act pissed Max.!” Isabel said in her Ice Princess mode, giving Alex’s hand a little squeeze. “After all, you are the one who started this mooning over humans." Seeing Max’ look, she wished that she hadn’t said that – even though he denied it, he was still head over heels in love with Liz Parker. “Yeah, well, sorry guys. But I really want to get home, before I start arguing with Michael again.” Max explained while walking to the other side of the jeep. “Alex?”; he called to the other boy, “what do you think is better – Matrix or Tiger & Dragon?” Alex answered automatically, “Tiger & Dragon, of course.” Grinning in satisfaction Max got into the jeep.

Turning around, Isabel flashed Alex a sad smile. “I guess that’s my clue to leave then.”, she told him regretfully. “Yeah, I guess so.” Alex said smiling at her. Looking past her at Max, who was looking into the opposite direction, he took a step closer to her. “I am gonna miss you.” he said earnestly. Isabel felt her pulse speed up at his words. “Well, I could visit you tonight. Make sure that you have sweet dreams.” She smiled when he raised his eyebrows in surprise. Alex lifted the hand he was holding up to his lips and pressed a soft kiss on her knuckles. “You do that Iz. I’ll be waiting for you.”, he told her quietly, turning her hand over he kissed her palm, never breaking eye contact. “I’ll better let you go before Max loses his patience. Till later.” He kissed her quickly on the lips and wanted to turn away, when Isabel pulled him back and kissed him deeper. “See you.”, she whispered before also getting into the jeep.

Waving at her one more time, Alex turned back and walked into the Crashdown again, ready to face another lecture from Maria and Liz. At least he hoped that he was ready to pretend to listen to another one while his thoughts where on Isabel once more.

“You had a good time?” Max asked his sister who was gazing out the window. “Yes I had. The best ever.”, Isabel replied while gazing up at the stars.

The End

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I still haven't thought of a better title yet, sorry. *sad*

so, here's part 2:

It’s Never Too Bad And It’s Never Too Late (AU ITLITB version)

by Trude
email: marti_ms⊕
Disclaimer: Aside from Roswell I also own everything concerning Star Wars, Star Trek and Disney! And if someone really believes that – your fault!
Pairing: A/I
Rating: PG-13
Summary: How It’s Too Late And It’s Too Bad could have been with Alex. Can work as a stand alone story or as sequel to “Laugh Your Name”.
AN: I know that if Alex would have stayed alive, then there would never have been an episode called ITLITB, but who cares?
AN #2: This isn’t very long and since I had to (I was almost forced!) to drink tequila with a friend before writing, it won’t probably be very good. And if you ask now, why I wrote it after drinking alcohol: well, if the muse strikes, she wants to see results! AND if you are also asking why I was forced to drink it – when someone is angry about her boyfriend (like Maria angry – just ten times worse) then it is smarter to drink than to question the reason of broken hearts and alcohol!!! (Trust me – I know that)
Dedicated to everyone who liked “Laugh Your Name”.

“Isabel?” Alex called softly at his girlfriend, who was sitting in a empty classroom with her head in her hands. Seeing the expression on her face, he quickly gathered her in his arms, pulling her close. “What is it Isabel? What happened?” Smiling a bit at his open concern for her, Isabel said, “It’s Max. I told him yesterday about taking that extra class to graduate sooner and he got so angry! I’ve never seen him like this before. He practically forbid me to go to any college!” “What?” Alex asked angrily. As soon as he found the ‘king’ he would tell him what an ass he is for making his Isabel cry. “Maybe Max was just ... “ an idiot Alex thought but didn’t say loud, “... surprised and he will change his mind?” Alex said softly, not believing his own words.

“No he won’t!” Isabel cried out. “He already told me that if I tried to leave Roswell then he would tell Mom and Dad that I have a drug problem! He will do anything to keep me here forever.”, she ended sobbing a bit. Alex hold her even tighter. In a way he was so angry at Max, he felt like beating him up, but he also felt gratitude towards the other boy and for that he was very ashamed. The truth was that he also didn’t want Isabel to leave, but he would never tell her that openly. He wanted her to be happy and if being happy meant going to college somewhere ... he would deal with that.

“Max didn’t even let me talk!” Isabel continued softly, “and during lunch break, he sent Michael to talk with me. The funny thing was that Michael was a lot more rational than Max was.” “Michael? Our Michael? As in, Michael the cook at the CrashDown, the Michael who constantly fights with Maria? That Michael?” Alex asked in surprise. Michael and rational weren’t words that he would normally use in one sentence. “Yeah,” Isabel laughed a bit, “believe it or not.” “Good,” Alex said, “then I choose to not believe it! Au!” he yelped as Isabel playfully hit him on the arm.

Isabel just rolled her eyes at him. “But it hurts!” Alex pointed out! “Baby!” was the response he got. Grinning, Alex leaned closer, “Sooo, you won’t make the pain go away?”, he looked innocent at Isabel. She shook her head slightly at him and leaned closer, giving him a kiss that made him forget that he ever had felt pain before.
Coming up for air, Alex gasped, “Yeah, I don’t feel it anymore. .... Well, maybe a little bit?” He raised his eyebrows suggestively. “Dream on Alex!”, Isabel laughed, but gave him a quick kiss anyway. “Oh, don’t worry, I will!” Alex told her smiling.

Isabel grinned back for a moment but then her eyes turned sad again. Sighing Alex pulled her closer again, resting his chin on her head. “Max will surely apologize for those extremely awful things he said to you and he will also ... let you go. I promise.” Alex told her gently, running his hand up and down her spine. “I am not going anyway, so he doesn’t have to let me go, but he didn’t even let me tell him that I am staying. He stormed away before I could say anything. And that hurt. A lot.”

Alex pulled back so he could look into her eyes. “You are staying? When did you decide that? I mean five days ago, you were still unsure about what to do. What changed?”

Smiling, Isabel brushed some hair out of his face, “We changed.” she told him seriously, blushing a bit. Seeing his confused look, she added, “Well, you see Alex, before prom, you were a very important person for me – even though I didn’t show that very often and I am very sorry for that! You were my best friend – you just accepted me how I am, never tried to change or judge me. You have no idea how grateful I am for that!” She leaned in and kissed him for a few seconds before pulling away again. “But at prom, when we kissed on the dance floor, I realized that I needed you – more than I ever needed Michael or Max, more than I need a home that’s far away. It took me almost two years to let you finally in and I can’t just walk away now. I can graduate next year with you and the others, maybe go to college with you then. Next year is definitely soon enough to go away from Roswell, especially if you are with me. I don’t want to be alone anymore, I don’t want to be without you.”

They stared at each other for a long moment and later, they couldn’t tell who moved first but suddenly they were kissing and not really caring if the whole school saw them – again. Hearing the bell that announced the end of the break (it was actually the second time that it rang, but the two were too occupied to hear the first one) they two broke apart, breathing heavily. Hearing whistles and applause, they quickly turned their heads to the door where about a dozen students stood and were watching them with open curiosity.

Blushing, Isabel quickly grabbed her things and pulled Alex out of the class, ignoring the laughs and calls like “Is it hot in here or what?”, “Some like it hot!”, “Don’t stop because of us – we’ll be quiet!” or “First prom and the eraser room, now this – what’s next? The supermarket?”.

Pausing in the empty hall room, Alex asked, “Can’t they knock?”, causing both him and Isabel to break out into laughter. Turning serious again, he asked, “You are staying because of me?”. He somehow couldn’t believe that Isabel Evans was not graduating early because of him. Putting her arms around his neck, she whispered, “Yeah, because of you. And also because of my parents, the gang and my stupid brother.” “He’ll come around.” Alex said again. “I know.”, Isabel said and kissed him again. Breaking away for a moment she added, “Thank you, for everything!” Stroking her cheek, Alex answered, “No problem, anything for you.” Giving her brief kiss, he told her regretfully, “We better go, before we get detention. Can I drive you home?”

“Of course! And now run! I think I see Mrs. Ragsdale coming!” Sharing another quick kiss the two parted and promptly ran to their classes before they got caught – again.

The End!


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Here's part three - hope you enjoy.


Baby It’s Over

by Trude
Email: marti_ms⊕
Disclaimer: If I really own something – anything – then it is time that somebody tells me!
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Baby It’s You
Summary: AU, a BIY episode with Alex (an alive Alex!).
AN: ... hm, some people actually wanted me to write this, so I did it.

Isabel walked slowly over to the rock on which Alex was sitting. Standing behind him, she softly said, “Baby ...”, she almost smiled when she saw him jump up in surprise, but before Alex could say a word, Isabel told him seriously, “... it’s over!” Alex looked at her in total shock and disbelieve. ‘This can’t be happening! I just found her a week ago and now it is already over? She just told me two days ago that ...’ Alex thought miserably, but then he noticed the evil gleam in her eyes and narrowed his in suspicion.

“You are not talking about us, are you?”, he asked sternly and hopefully at the same time. “No.” Isabel replied and then launched herself into his arms and kissed him as if there was no tomorrow. Breaking apart, Alex told her in a soft whisper, ”Please, don’t do that again Iz. I felt as if my worst nightmare became true.” Squeezing him tightly, Isabel whispered into his neck, “I am sorry, I didn’t realize how this would affect you. I didn’t mean to scare you. Forgive me, please?”

Alex had already forgiven her and was about to make a joke about it, when he realized that she had tears in her eyes. She really was sorry for what she did and afraid that he would turn away from her now! “Hey! Don’t cry okay. Ice Princesses don’t cry.” he joked, relieved when he saw a small smile on her face, “Of course I’ll forgive you! I already forgave you five minutes ago. Just don’t do something like that again – unless you mean it.” He wiped away the tear that was rolling down her cheek softly and gave her a quick kiss on the nose to emphasize his words.

“Don’t worry, I won’t ever say those words again!”, Isabel promised and leaned her head on his shoulder, sighing happily. “Good.”, Alex said as he sat down on their rock again, pulling Isabel so close that she was almost sitting in his lap.

“So, what were you talking about before?”, Alex asked, running his hand through her hair and holding her tightly with the other. “I was talking about Max and Tess – they broke up today.” Isabel explained, watching the stars with her head on Alex’s shoulder. “They did?” Alex asked surprised. Even though he was always sure that it wouldn’t last for very long, he was surprised that it had already ended between the two Czechs. “Why did it end?” “I am not sure, Max said something about different interests and so ...”, Isabel told him shrugging. “You do know what that means Iz?” Alex asked his girlfriend. “No not really. Why don’t you tell me?”, Isabel teased.

“Well,” Alex explained and placed a kiss on her head, “it means that we have a winner concerning our Max/Tess bet!” “And that winner would be ...” Isabel asked thinking, ‘No, I tipped that they would last for a month.’. “Liz!”, Alex said smiling. Isabel said up a bit at that. “Liz? Liz Parker was also betting? Liz “I am perfect” Parker? And she guessed a week? And ... won? What did she do – give Max soulmate-stares that lasted for hours?”, she asked surprised. ‘Liz Parker the gambler, who would have thought that?’ Chuckling, Alex pulled her back to him, “Wellllllll, she didn’t really bet, I mean, she didn’t know that we were having a bet about this. She muttered something like, ‘You are really betting on their love life? I was just in a bad mood when saying “one week”, Alex explained, adding, “She will take the money we have in the pot nonetheless.”

Isabel laughed at this, “And I was sure that I would win. Beaten by Liz Parker, will wonders ever stop?” Alex smiled at her, “Well, you have still some chances to win money.” Isabel looked surprised, so he quickly went on, “There is still the sibling bet about Kyle and Tess, not to forget the new one.” “New one?”, Isabel echoed. “Yeah, how long it takes till Max and Liz are over each other again. I am sure that there will be a bet like this one.” Shaking her head, Isabel said, “You and Maria have way too much free time!” Alex tried to look hurt at this, “Why do you think that Maria and I have something to do with that?” Seeing her raise an eyebrow at him, he quickly said, “Okay, it probably will be our idea, but that doesn’t prove anything!”

Laughing a bit, she kissed him deeply to show him that she wasn’t making fun of him. Breaking apart, she asked breathlessly, “What do you think – are there any bets on us?” Alex shook his head, “No. What would they bet about anyway?” They looked at each other for a few seconds, before Isabel put her head in her hands and Alex let his fall back. “Oh my god!”, Isabel exclaimed, “What do you think they are betting? And who?” “Would you really want to know?” Alex asked back. Each teen was pondering the thought for a moment, before they both said, “No!”

Changing the subject, Alex asked softly, “So, ... is everything between you and Max okay again?” Relaxing in his arms, Isabel said, “Yeah, we are fine again. He apologized today and admitted that he was wrong and acting like a total jerk. He said that he was just so stressed because of Tess and Liz and then hearing me say something about college ... He was just letting his whole frustration out on me and he would understand if I never wanted to talk to him again. But since he’s my brother and I am a forgiving person ...” she stopped for a moment, challenging him to laugh or chuckle – which he didn’t, before continuing, “I have forgiven him and we both promised that we will try to not fight again soon.”

Kissing her neck, Alex said, “I am so glad for you. I know that this hurt you a lot.” The two sat in silence for some minutes, then Alex asked, “What stress with Tess did Max mean?”

“Well,” Isabel shifted closer to Alex, “he told me today that Tess translated the Destiny Book in Las Cruces!” Feeling Alex stiffen next to her, she leaned more into their embrace trying to sooth his worries.

“She did? When? And how?”, Alex asked.

“She started last summer, she found out that a computer in Las Cruces was very good in translating old languages and somehow, over the last year, she managed to translate it. I don’t know much details, Max didn’t tell me much. He knew about it for two days and wasn’t really sure how to tell it everyone else.” Alex nodded a bit.

“She didn’t tell you about this? Just did it all alone?” Alex asked. “Yeah, she said that she realized that none of us were interested in it and so she did it alone.” Isabel explained. “So,” Alex asked softly, “what’s it saying?” “No idea Alex, Michael has it at the moment. I didn’t look into it yet.” Alex looked at her surprised, “You didn’t even look into it? You were searching for a clue about your home all you life and you didn’t even look into it?”

Sighing, Isabel told him, “No Alex. Michael was always looking for clues, Max also from time to time, but I[/] never did. I mean, here, on Earth, is my home. Here I have a family, friends, ideas about my future and on Antar ... all I know are some stories, told from the Skins and the Dupes – and what they told me wasn’t something to be proud of. And even though, my real mother is on Antar, I always thought of Diane Evans as my mom. Whatever is standing in the book can’t be more important than the things that I already have here!”

“There is probably something about Destiny in the book.” Alex said darkly. Isabel snorted at that, “Yeah, I am sure there is.” Noticing his quietness, she turned around and saw a strange look on his face. “Wait a minute.”, she started, “You think that just because we can now actually read about our destiny, I will run straight to Michael, don’t you?”

Alex shifted a bit uncomfortable. “Well, no, ... yes ... I don’t know what to think about it. I mean, destiny is such a ... strong word ... I would understand if you four start questioning it again.”

“Alex, I don’t believe in destiny!” Seeing him open his mouth, she quickly kissed him. “Let me finish first, please?” she asked when they broke apart. When he nodded, she continued, “I mean, Alex, if destiny really is so important like Tess always says then I would already be with Michael for years, because we would have felt something for each other – something that isn’t a brother-sister-love. And destiny would surely have chosen an easier way for us.”

“What do you mean?” Alex asked confused.

“Well,” Isabel said, “if destiny really is as strong as Tess says, then we wouldn’t have crashed I think. The ship would have landed somewhere safe and nobody would have noticed us. And, if destiny is so strong – why didn’t we wait for Tess when we hatched? Why did we lose Michael? Why is Michael like a brother for me and I am like a sister to him? I am sure that destiny exists in some way, but not strong enough to direct a whole life!”

“I guess you are right.” Alex said smiling, kissing her on the forehead. “And I have the feeling that you thought about this longer than five minutes.”, he teased her. “Well, maybe an hour or so.” Isabel grinned. Giving him a kiss she told him seriously, “Alex, I won’t turn to Michael. He will forever be my brother! Come on, you know that we two would kill each other just because we wouldn’t even be able to form a decision on something simple as furniture for god’s sake.” Chuckling softly, he pulled her close, “Yeah, that’s likely to happen.”

“My words.”, Isabel said. “So, don’t think that you will get rid off me that easily!” Leaning his face closer to hers, he murmured, “I guess I can live with the thought of having you around for a while longer.”

Then their lips met and all thoughts about destiny and other unpleasant things were gone from their minds, their minds focused on the kiss and the person they were kissing.

The End?

AN: Was anybody scarred about the title?

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End and Beginning

by Trude
Email: marti_ms⊕
Disclaimer: I own nothing and whoever owns them has done some terrible mistakes!
Spoilers: up to Departure, I guess
Summary: in AU, Isabel tells Alex (yes! Alex) about her decision of leaving or not leaving Earth.

Dedicated to my Silly Sisters Roselle, Kitty, Haylay, Jenna, and Cheri.

Alex was playing the new song of the Whits on his guitar when he heard a knock on his window. Opening the curtains, he smiled when he saw Isabel. {I]‘And I always thought that Michael is the one using the windows.’, he thought to himself. Quickly opening the window, he helped her into his room.

“Hey!”, he smiled down at her and kissed her on the lips. “Why are you here at this time?” Alex asked Isabel, quickly adding, “Not that I mind.” Seeing the sad look on Isabel’s face, Alex got concerned. “What’s wrong Isabel?” he asked her after he led them to his bed. Holding Alex tightly, Isabel choked out, “In the Destiny Book, there ... it explains a way for us to go home. We just ... just have to use the Granolith. It can bring us home.”

They were both silent for a minute, then Alex said, “So, ... you are using it, I suppose.” Isabel nodded, “The Granolith needs 24 hours to ... I don’t know ... gather energy before it can be used, I guess. Michael and Max activated it today which means ... that we could leave tomorrow.” Alex looked at Isabel in shock. ‘Leave?’, he thought miserably, ‘Tomorrow? This can’t be true! She HAS to be joking! She has to!’ Trying to calm down, he asked her, “What do you mean with ‘could’?”

Isabel, who hadn’t said a word in minutes, turned to him and said calmly, “I am not going. I stay here!” Alex just stared at her, not believing what he just heard. “You ... you are ... staying? Here ... on Earth? Why? I ...“ Isabel smiled at him, stroking his cheek softly, “Max said that everyone has to decide whether he or she wants to stay or leave. I already decided to stay.” Alex took Isabel’s hands in his, holding them tightly, “Why?”, even though he was glad that she wanted to stay, he didn’t understand it.

“I already told you last week that for me, home is here in Roswell with the Evans and you. I ... I don’t need to go to Antar so I can be home – I am already home. Besides, if I go there, I would constantly be reminded of Vilandra and what she did, and that’s something that I don’t want to think about. I still need to accept what she did and when I go to Antar ... I wouldn’t be able ... I admit that I am curious about Antar, but I have no desire to leave. Everything I ever wanted ... a loving family, friends, love, happiness, something worth living for ... I already have this here. I don’t to go and play princess and fight a war which might already have ended. You said it yourself once: I am not Vilandra, I am Isabel Evans, and Isabel Evans belongs here, to Earth, to you, to me and not to a planet far away!”

They were both silent, both thinking about Isabel’s words for a minute. “Looks like you already made up your mind.” Alex said smiling a bit. “I am glad that you are staying, it would have been awful to loose you again.”, he told her quietly. “You won’t loose me again!”, Isabel promised, wrapping her arms around him. “Do the others already know?”, Alex asked. “I only told Max. Michael and Tess will learn about it tomorrow. We are meeting at the Pod Chamber in the afternoon, when the Granolith is ready.”

“Are you sure?”, Alex asked her again. “Yeah,”, Isabel replied, kissing him softly, “I am staying.” “Thank God!”, Alex sighed, holding her close, never wanting to let her go again. “I am so glad that you aren’t leaving.” “Me too” Isabel said, “me too.”

She pulled away a bit, looking into his eyes as if searching for something. Alex looked confused at her, “What?”, he asked, feeling suddenly very shy under her close observation. Isabel smiled at him, leaned in and kissed him briefly. Looking into Alex’s eyes again, she said, “I love you Alexander Charles Whitman!”, then she kissed him again, longer and more passionate than before.

When they came up for air again, Alex looked deeply into her eyes, “I love you too, Isabel. Forever. I think I loved you since I first saw you so many years ago in Elementary School. And I was so sure that I would never hear you say those words to me. You can’t believe how ...” His ramblings were cut short by Isabel’s lips on his as she launched herself on him, straddling his lap. Holding her tightly, Alex let his hands run through her hair, helping her pulling off her jacket, before he was pushed back onto his bed.

Next morning

“Alex?”, Mr. Whitman called at the door, while also knocking on his son’s bedroom door. “Alex? Are you in there?” Mr. Whitman tried to open the door but found it locked. “One minute Dad!”, he heard Alex saying. ‘Strange.’, Mr. Whitman thought, ‘since when does Alex lock his door?’ He could hear his son shuffling around through his room and then the door opened.

“You wanted to talk to me, dad?”, Alex asked, grinning nervously at his dad. “Yeah, I wanted to tell you that your mother and I have to go to a weekend-meeting in Albuquerque. I know it is short notice, but our boss just called us half an hour ago. But I am sure that you won’t miss me and your mom that much.” Mr. Whitman smiled at his son, then he frowned. “You okay, son? You look kind of tired.” Mr. Whitman asked worriedly, seeing how he was standing there just in his briefs, his hair totally mussed and ... was that a hickey on his neck? And there, on his shoulder seemed to be another one! ‘He is growing up way to fast.’, Mr. Whitman thought a bit sadly.

Alex blushed a bit, “Oh, I ... uh, I didn’t get much sleep last night. You know, the ... uh, finals and so are coming closer and ... yeah, well.” Mr. Whitman nodded, “I see, but school really shouldn’t be such a problem for you. You’ve always been good in school.” Alex grinned a bit more at his dad, “Thanks. But uh, could you ...” he asked awkwardly, closing the door a bit more and casting a glance to his right, “I ... uh, still need to do ... some homework before I ... go to school.” Alex told his dad nervously, already closing the door.

“Uhm, okay son.” Mr. Whitman told the door. “Mom and I will leave in twenty minutes and we’ll be back Sunday evening. Uh, bye!” With that Mr. Whitman went back into the kitchen, getting the distinct feeling that there were things going on in his son’s life that he had no idea about. It wasn’t a very up-lifting feeling.

“God that was close!”, Alex said, looking at Isabel who had been hiding behind the door. “Yeah, for a moment I thought he would come in and see me.”, Isabel replied, wrapping the blanket tighter around her shoulders. “But that would have been better as if your dad would have ... oh god! Your parents! They’ll be missing you and ...” Isabel quickly put a finger on his lips, “Don’t worry. I told them that I am having a sleepover with Tess.” Sighing in relief, Alex pulled her into his arms. “Good. For a moment I saw your father finding out about last night and trying to kill me.”

Isabel laughed at that, “He wouldn’t kill you! At least not when I don’t allow it!” “So, I am at your mercy?”, Alex asked her teasingly while bending down to nibble on her throat. “Yep, you are! And you better not forget it!”, Isabel warned him jokingly. “I try to keep that in mind.”, he promised as he picked her up and carried her back to his bed.


Holding each other tightly, Isabel and Alex made their way over to the others, who where already waiting in the Pod Chamber. Maria and Michael were holding hands, like Max and Liz while Kyle and Tess stood close to each other. Coming to stand beside them, Alex and Isabel turned towards the Granolith, Alex seeing it for the first time.

“Isabel?” Max asked his sister, “Your decision is still the same?” Squeezing Alex’s hand, Isabel told him and the others, “Yeah, I am staying here.” She quickly wiped away a tear at the thought of Max and Michael leaving. Alex pulled her into his arms, running his hand up and down her back, knowing how hard this was for her.

“Max and I came to the same decision!” Michael told her softly. Isabel whipped her head around to look at her two ‘brothers’. “You are also staying?”, she asked unbelievingly, not caring anymore if tears were running down her face. Alex couldn’t help but grin at Maria and Liz after hearing Michael’s words.

“You all want to stay?”, Tess asked very surprised. Everyone turned to her, the Aliens hoping that she would understand and the Humans curious about her decision. “Wow,” Tess continued, “that’s actually a surprise. I thought that at least one of you would want to go.”, she said, turning briefly to Michael, who pulled Maria tighter to him. “What about you?”, Max asked quietly. “We can understand if you want to leave and we would respect your decision if you do, but you are also welcome to stay with us.”

Looking at everyone, especially Kyle, Tess sighed. “I’ll stay too. I don’t want to go alone and,” she paused for a moment, looking at Kyle and then the other Aliens, “you will need me anyway. Who would save you all from the dangers you are constantly faced with when I am gone?”

The last she said mockingly, causing everyone to chuckle and Kyle to give her a quick kiss on the cheek. Not wanting to break the ‘eye-staring’ moment between Tess and Kyle, Michael deactivated the Granolith with a wave of his hand.

“I can’t believe that everything worked out perfect.” Isabel whispered in Alex’s ear. “Me neither, but I am glad that it did for once.” he whispered back, pulling her close and giving her a kiss that took their breaths away.

The End![b/]

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