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Title – One Late Night
Author – Melissa, a.k.a. True Blue Healer
Email – TrueBlueHealer⊕
Disclaimer – As much as I’d like to claim the otherwise, I will admit that I do not own Roswell or any of it’s characters. I’m just taking them for a little spin through my twisted little mind and I will return them safe and sound and in time to film a new ep before the end of this terrific show that, sadly, went to hell after the fabulous first season. All we have left is S3…(which will probably put another dent in my Dreamer Heart before it goes off the air – does anyone on that writing staff even remember the first season??!!! I’m surviving on faith and hope alone here people – we need S1 back before the end!!!)
Anyway, don’t own ‘em, so don’t sue.
Category – AU, CC, all couples.
Rating – Um…mostly R…who knows when I start the flash-back…
Summary – Oh, where do I begin? Lets see…Max and Liz don’t know each other. In fact, Max, Isabel, and Michael don’t know any of the others considering that they live in another town. Anyway, Max and Liz meet one night and something happens that’s gonna change it all…
Author’s Notes – Well, of course, Annie gets props. I don’t know what I’d do without her. The title of this fic comes from the song below, which is by Default – one of me fave bands!!!! I’ve been looking over their songs and I have a feeling that they may dominate the ‘soundtrack’ to this fic…
Anyway, read and leave feedback! I’m not gonna worry with continuing this fic if no one’s reading it…
And btw, yes, I’m still working on ‘True Conception’, ‘What About That’, and ‘Blurring The Lines’ – which is getting a NEW part soon!!!!!
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I’ve been to the edge and back again
And I know all there is to know
It’s a dead end…
Late at night
I’ll come walking by
Just to see what went wrong
Late at night
You’ll come crawling back
Just to steal a piece of me…
I know what the world is made of
I’ve seen it
You don’t have all the answers
Keep dreaming…
Late at night
I’ll come walking by
Just to see what went wrong
Late at night
You’ll come crawling back
Just to steal a piece of me…
Lay down now…
Lay down now…
Late at night
I’ll come walking by…

Slowly floating away from the sleeping realm, Liz licked her lips and moaned softly, not welcoming the intrusion of consciousness. The silk sheets under her hot body felt wonderful and she buried herself deeper into the bed, refusing to fully let go of her hold on the dream-plane. A soft melody of music danced around her mind, pulling at her also.

Trying to roll onto her back, Liz moaned again when she felt the prickle start on her legs and make her squirm even more. Realizing that she couldn’t roll over and that something heavy was tangled up in her legs, which was probably she same reason that had fallen asleep, she was about to open her eyes something suddenly draped over her stomach.

Something that felt very arm-like.

Freezing immediately, Liz had to resist the urge to jump out of the bed and her legs continued to tingle and prick. Feeling the bed move under her and the ‘person’ next to her moan softly while their hand rubbed gently at her stomach, she also realized something else at the same time.

She wasn’t wearing a shirt.

Or anything else…

Liz’s eyes flew open and she quickly glanced over and saw the top of a head of dark hair, which looked messy and unruly in the early dawning light. Getting a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach, she held back another moan and closed her hand over her mouth.

Instantly the events if the past night flew past her eyes and Liz could feel the pit in her stomach start to churn and boil. What had she done?

You know exactly what you did, a voice in her head replied.

Feeling sick, Liz knew she had to get out of the bed. Not wanting to wake him up, she slowly started to slid out of his grip, trying to ignore what she felt brush up against her thigh as she untangled her legs from his. All she had left to do was move his hand off of her stomach when he suddenly groaned and yawned, rolling his body away from hers and, thankfully, not waking up.

Refusing to even look at his face, Liz’s guilt soared to new highs and she went to stand up, but quickly changed her mind when her nakedness came into play. Swallowing, she wrapped a thin sheet around her body and slid down to the floor, noticing her underwear a few feet away.

Snatching them up, Liz realized they were lying right on top of a pair of boxes and her face flushed, her cheeks blazing hotly now. Retrieving the rest of her clothes quickly and getting dressed as quietly as possible in the dimly lit room, she let the sheet go and went about finding her car keys. The radio off to the side continued to play softly and she tried her best to ignore it.

Hearing the bed screech slightly, Liz instantly flattened her body out onto the floor and sealed her eyes shut. The last thing she wanted was to have to see him now. Hearing his feet hit the floor and walk away from her, she opened her eyes and watched from under the bed as she went into a door, which she thought was a single bathroom.

Noticing her keys under the bed, Liz reached out and grabbed them up as the door shut and a light shone out from under it. Taking the opportunity, she quickly jumped up and, making as less noise as possible, exited the room and flew down the hallway, leaving his bedroom door wide open.

Going out the front door, Liz shivered as she chilly air hit her warm skin. Wrapping her arms around herself, she looked out toward the road and headed for her car, which was parked behind a dark jeep.

Climbing behind her wheel, Liz started the engine and started there for a second, staring down at her lap. Running her hands through her hair, she leaned back and closed her eyes, taking in a deep breath. Hearing a slight chirp from the floor of her car, Liz peeked open an eye and looked downward.

Her cell phone was down there, right where it had been discarded last night during all the ‘commotion’. Wiping at her face, Liz reached down at retrieved the device, looking at the caller id.


Lifting the phone up to her ear and getting ready to answer it, Liz changed her mind and tossed in onto the passenger seat and threw her car into drive and pulled off, starting the 2-hour drive to her home. Which gave her plenty of time to think about what she had happened the night before.

Liz Parker, a straight A, shy, goody girl, had lost her virginity at age 17 to a guy in a one-night stand.

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Boy, I have questions already on this fic!! *big* I'm loving it! Keep 'em coming! *bounce*

leaving normal - yeah, it was Max. I was thinking about having it be Micheal, but that woulda caused too many problems later on in the fic with the story-line I wanna use.

Chrissy - I don't wanna give away my plot here, but you'll find out how Max and Liz 'came to be' in the next part as I do some flashbacks to the previous night *wink* And, Max is around 17 too. His parents were outta town that weekend, so he was home alone. Also...Maria's gonna flip out on Liz when Liz gets home, but we all know that she calms down after a while, so it's gonna be cool.

roswellluver - Um...I don't really know what Max wants yet *big* but I have a feeling that it'll be more than just one night... *big*

Thanks for the fb guys!!! *bounce*
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mara is a dreamer, thanks for the fb! I'm so glad that my name alone is drawing people in to my fics! You don't know how happy that statement made me!!! *happy*

So, you read 'Blurring The Lines' too? I wasn't sure if anyone would even remember the fic! Give me about another week then part 37 will be posted. I've gotta put the back parts up on the repost board for people to catch up on first! *big*

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I love fb! *happy* You guys are being great with this fic! Thanks a bunch to everyone who's replied so far!

Anna -- I know it's pretty confusing right now, but I'm working on part 1 (this is the prologue), which is gonna explain alot about what happened and how Liz ended up in Max's bed!!

Bex -- I know it's been forever since I worked on BTL, but I've been sitting down and going back over older parts all week and been writting on it! *big* I can't guarentee a date, but I'm hoping to post more on it within a week -- give or take a few days. And I'm already working on the next part to this fic.

Tim -- You actually mentioned the silk sheets! *big* There's a story behind that actually! Liz wasn't hung over and neither was Max, and she does remember his name, I just didn't use it in the fic yet -- I wanted some mystery *wink* Also, and trust me here, Max remembers what happened also, he was just sleepy -- it was like, 5 am! Plus, I don't really think Liz wanted it to be a 'one night stand' but, I mean, it was awkward and she just didn't wanna face him yet...

Rapunzel -- First time reader, huh? Glad to have ya with us! *big* LOL (I can be so corny sometimes - just ignore me) I'm happy ya like the fic!

Anniepoo98 -- Annie, are you teasing the other readers? What am I gonna do with you?
:::holds straight face for about 2 seconds:::
You are so evil -- I love it! *big* Now, just remember that I'm a slow writter, so you may bet getting threatened for a while *tongue* LOL

tajaz -- I'm glad you liked the fic! Reading your reply made me feel hyper! *big*

frenchkiss70 -- I'm gald I made your day brighter *happy* I'm seeing that people haven't forgotten about BTL!

Andy -- I made you gasp? Cool *happy* BTW, I love your sig *bounce*

Robyn -- Hmm...I never tought of her leaving anything at Max's place! Bu don't worry, I've got plenty of ways for them to be thrown back together... *big*

BLS40 -- I'm glad you like this fic and BTL -- more will be posted on both soon *big*

alienchica -- All will be revealed in the next part -- and as for Max wanting more...I think we can guarentee something along those lines... *wink*

SpAcEgUrL370 -- Of course it's Max!! *happy*

Hope that answered some of your questions!!

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I go away for 2 hours and come back to find so many more guys made my night! *happy*

Sherisse652 -- Another Nicholas Sparks fan? I loved his book 'A Walk To Remember'!! BTW, where's the saying in your sig from?

zannyb -- Max and Liz do live in diff towns, but met by'll have to wait for the next part to find out how... *tongue*

Mariana -- *happy* I'm working on the next part now -- you only have to hold out a little longer! lol

roswell chick101 *angel**bounce**angel*
That was too cute! *big*
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Lelea -- Max and Liz's first face-to-face encounter after that 'night' is in a public place (I don't wanna give too away) so they can't freak out too much.
Although...hmm...well, you'll just have to wait to find out *bounce*
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Alien614 -- You're the first person to ask that!!!
Actually, I haven't decided yet if Max will have powers or not. It'll make things more interesting if he does, but also complicate them greatly...
Ok, since this was brought up, and I have no clue, I'm starting a poll:

*bounce* Should Max have powers? *bounce*

Let me know what you guys think! It's totally up to you!!

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Hey guys! I just wanna say first off, thanks so much to everyone who's left feedback!! Also, a few of you asked some good questions, so here's some answers *happy*

Micha -- I don't want you to be left needing *big* Don't worry, A new part will be up within a week, if not sooner!

mermaidgirl -- Gee...I wish S2 was like 'Dallas' too!! happy I woulda been to wake up from that dream! *happy*

Moonlie Jade -- Thanks for helping with the 'poll' *big* I kinda agree with ya -- it's nice to have an all human fic once in a while...I'm still undecided though! *sad*

Alien614 -- I was thinking about maybe doing that -- making him be different some other way...I don't know how I would do that yet though, if I chose to!! I have a problem with making decisions! *big* LOL

SciFiNut111 -- *tongue* I loved your reply! *bounce*

Tim -- reply has really caught my attention -- I liked the idea about no powers until later drive a good arguement!! *big* BTW, I don't remember the names in 'Romeo & Juliet' either! It's been too long since I've read the book or even saw the movie...

Lucky Star -- I know, Liz is outta her mind for leaving a naked Max!! *big* LOL
But, embaressment and guilt woulda insued, so it worked better this way. Plus...this way, Maria and a few others will know about it and they can join in -- you know that Maria is gonna push for Max and Liz *big*

alienchica -- I gotta agree with you about Max's alien status being what makes him, you know, Max...and the soulmates 'argument' really pulled at guys argue too good! *big* LOL

woodwinds -- I know, I know, a whole month is long between parts, but I'm kinda slow writer. I always start out fast, typing whole parts in just one setting, but the energy doesn't last very long... *sad*
I'll try to work faster, plus...I don't want anyone coming after me! *tongue* *big*
Also, Liz and Max weren't drunk. Plus, no history -- they had never met before. They just happened to run into each other one'll have to wait to find out the rest! *wink*

aliendreamer -- another good arguement for Max having powers...I think you guys are starting to win me over...

jendansuer -- *happy* I thought it was only fair to have a girl hidding out and running away for once -- guys do that too ofter! *big* I'm also looking into the idea that the powers only show up after 'bonding' or something...that way, we get a human and alien Max!! Or at least, his powers incress after that -- there's gotta be something before hand to make him think he was different...

Ok, I know there were lost of other who replied, but I'm on a tight scheldule right now -- I'm going out tonight and need to get ready! It take me forever! LOL
Plus, I still gotta watch 'DC' and 'Glory Days' from last night -- I love my VCR, it means I don't have to stay home every night!
Anyway, it looks like more people want Max to be an alien...5 to 3 so far. I'm still undecided, and I wanna make everyone happy...just make sure you guys let me know your opinion!
Later *bounce*
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Jules -- *happy* I'm glad you liked BTL - that fic has just been hard for me to write for some reason. But don't worry...I love challenges... *wink*

Jen -- Another vote for all human, huh? Now it's 5 to 4 in favor of the 'aliens' still...thanks for voting! *bounce*

Rilawik -- *big* I'm so happy you thought this part was interesting even tough no one spoke! I was kinda hoping everyone wouldn't be like 'why didn't she/he say anything???' You just made my day *angel*
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Hey people *happy* More feedback -- I'm in Roswell Heaven!! You guys rock!

Lelea -- Another 'yes'...hmm...I think the powers are winning...thanks for replying! *big*

BelevnDreamsToo *big* -- Yes, Max and Liz will be deeply, madly, and yes, even passionately in love with each other. See, ask and thou shall recieve. numbers exchanged, but names were said...

maxzhot -- I am soooooo gonna continue *happy* Also, thanks for giving your vote!

Strawbehrry Shortcake -- Thanks so much for leaving feedback! I think I may just go with the version of Max's powers 'awakening' after him and Liz bond...

Ok, I'd answer more questions, but I'm trying to watch DC here *tongue*
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Author’s Notes – Hey guys! *big* I finally finished this part over at my sis’s house – it seemed to take forever for some reason…
Anyway, hope ya like it – and remember, leave feedback!!!

PART 01 ~
Wincing when her bedroom door squeaked, Liz shut it the rest of the way and leaned against it, sighing deeply with her eyes closed. Her father would ground her for the rest of her life if he knew she was just now getting home.

“Where the hell have you been?!”

Jumping, Liz barely kept from screaming out loud. Maria was standing in front of her, hands on hips and her eyes in slits. Tapping her foot, she added, “It’s 7 am!”

“Maria—“ Liz tried, hoping to calm her friend down before her parents got woken up.

“And you’ve been missing—“


“Since 1 am!!” she finished finally.

“Maria,” Liz tried once more, ignoring the annoyed and angry look on her best friend’s face. “My mom and dad—“

“Aren’t here,” Maria filled in. “Which you better be grateful for. Hey,” she exclaimed, pointing upward and thinking, “know what I’m grateful for?”

“Um…rainbows?” Liz asked hesitantly, already sensing where the conversation was going.

“Well, it sure ain’t friends who ditch me in another town without one word!!”

“I’m so soooooo sorry Ria,” Liz said emotionally, coming forward to steer her friend over to the bed. “I just got-got…held up…”

Rolling her eyes, Maria crossed her arms and legs and repeated, “You got held up? Of all the excuses—“

Hanging her head, Liz groaned and fell backwards onto the bed. “Ria…I really don’t need a lecture from you – not now, anyways.” Closing her eyes, she took in a deep breath and moved over slightly to give Maria more room when she laid down also.

“I got ditched for a guy, didn’t I?” she asked finally. When Liz nodded, she added, “the tall, dark, gorgeous hottie?”

Again, a nod.

“And he tried to take it to far…I should’ve known it.”

Swallowing, Liz bit her lower lip and turned her head away. How was she gonna explain to Maria, who probably knew her better then she knew herself, that she willingly gave it up to some stranger?

“Lizzie…did he force you do to anything?” Maria asked softly, her voice fearful and apprehensive.

Licking her lips, Liz cleared her throat and said finally, “nothing happened that I didn’t want to happen – then, at least.”

“Good,” Maria said automatically. “Cause I woulda--…” With widened eyes, she slowly sat up and looked downward at her friend. “Liz?”

Covering her face, Liz whined and added, “it was like this primal force came over me and…and I just wanted him – I had to have him.” Letting her hands fall away, she wiped at her face and sighed. “And I did.”

Blinking, Maria opened her mouth to speak then closed it again before clearing her throat. “Um, well, ok…”

“Aren’t you shocked?” she asked finally.

“I’m shocked that you lost your virginity before me,” Maria commented finally.

Rolling over to face her, Liz exclaimed, “out of everything that I told you, you’re upset that I had sex before you? Did you not hear what I told you?!”

“I heard it,” Maria told her.

“With a complete stranger,” Liz added, sitting up. “Shouldn’t you be, like, berating me or something?!”

Sighing, she looked at her and said, “why? You seem to be doing a good enough job on your own.” When Liz just groaned, Maria added, “I think I’m in shock still. Lizzie, I don’t know what happened last night, so why don’t you explain it to me – in details.”

Staring down at her lap, Liz took a deep breath and closed her eyes, letting the memories of the past day fly by.

“It all started here…”

12 hours before
“This is too--…I can’t wear this Maria!”

Rolling her eyes, Maria walked over to the private bathroom and looked in. “what’s the problem?”

“This isn’t me!” Liz added, looking back into the mirror.

Looking over the snug, muscle shirt and tight, black mini-skirt, Maria said, “You look cute.”

“I can’t wear these shoes – I’m gonna break my neck. Plus, this skirt is too short.” Walking past her, Liz kicked off the heels and went to her closet. Pulling out a pair of black hip-huggers, she quickly exchanged the skirt for them. Coming back into the bathroom, she glanced in the mirror and nodded. “Better.”

“And the shirt? I really like the shirt,” Maria commented.

Cocking her head to the side, Liz looked over the black shirt. It had red strings up the sides holding it together and heart made of flames on the front.

“I kinda like the shirt too.”

“Good – now what about me?” Maria questioned, striking a pose.
Looking at the bright yellow mini-skirt and white shirt with only one shoulder on it, Liz said, “I like the cherries,” pointing to the red cherries outlined with yellow and orange on the front of the shirt.

“That’s all I needed to hear. So, we ready?”

Biting at her lip, Liz glanced back into the mirror. “What about my make-up?”

“What about it?” Maria whined. “You look cute!”


“But nothing! Stop delaying it and come on!”

“Maybe this isn’t such a good idea,” Liz said suddenly, flopping down onto the edge of the bed.

Groaning, Maria looked around the room. “Ok, he deserves this. The guy made out with Pam Troy! Pam Troy Liz!”

“I know…but he was drunk…”

“He’s a cheater!” Maria amended. Seeking out one of Liz’s shoes, she tossed it to her while grabbing up the other one. “Now, put your shoes on and lets go flash what he lost in front of him then book-it to the club!!”

Taking in a deep breath, Liz stood back up and regarded herself in the mirror once more. Giving a small smile, she said finally, “lets go.”

Sipping at the cheery coke in her hands, Liz looked around the crowded club and sighed, twirling the straw in her drink. Maria had decided to dance the second she entered the club, which only left Liz with the option to either dance also, or sit a table alone.

Looking at the empty seats around her, Liz groaned and crossed her arms, feeling totally disgusted with herself. When she glanced in the mirror at her house, she had felt like a completely different person. No longer was she Elizabeth Parker, shy goody girl. She coulda been anyone she wanted.

And yet here she was, still playing the Elizabeth role.

Taking a sip of her drink and tasting nothing but watered down soda, Liz stood up and headed for the bar, figuring that getting a new drink would at least get her away from the table. Standing in what she figured to be a line, she glanced around and sighed, feeling bored and annoyed.

Something needed to happen soon.

Feeling someone push her from behind, Liz, caught off guard, leaned forward and reached out, grabbing onto the closest thing to catch herself. She realized too late that the only thing in front of her was another person and she fell into them.

Feeling a pair of strong hands grab her elbows and straighten her up, Liz felt her face blush and looked up, intending to thank her savior but froze, finding herself staring up into a set of deep honey-colored eyes.

“Are you ok?” he asked, having felt her falling and spun around in time to catch her. His dark bangs fell down over his forehead and Liz swallowed, trying to find her voice and ignore his hands, which were still on her.

Her arms radiated heat and she looked down, absent mindley wondering if he felt how hot she was.

“Sorry,” he said quickly, pulling his hands away finally.

“Um, I should be saying that too you,” Liz told him finally, trying to gain some composer. “Someone pushed me…sorry.”

Smiling softly, he nodded and added, “That’s ok.” Noticing the drink she had dropped onto the floor, he pointed over his shoulder and asked, “Were you heading for the bar?”

“Bar?” she questioned, getting lost in his eyes once more. “Bar? Oh, yes – I was.”

“Allow me – what’s your poison?”

“My poison?” she repeated, giving a little laugh. Her father used to ask her that all the time at the café when she younger.

Smiling sheepishly, he added, “my friend…he likes to watch old movies…”

Smiling back, Liz told him, “cherry cola.” A second late he returned, drink in hand. Taking it, she took a sip and smiled once more.


Feeling a flutter in her stomach as he shifted on his feet and glanced at her, Liz suddenly felt guilty and stammered out, “I should um, get back. My friend is-is waiting for me…”

It wasn’t like she was cheating on Kyle by just talking to some guy, and he did make out with Pam Troy while they were dating, but it still didn’t feel right – now matter how nice it had felt when he touched her.

“Yeah, my friends are waiting too,” he added suddenly.

Nodding, Liz turned to leave, but spun back around to tell him, “thank you for the drink,” then she walked away, feeling his eyes on her the whole time.

“Hottie number 12 is staring at you.”

Looking up at Maria, Liz greeted her then asked, “hottie number 12?”

Taking a seat at the table and a quick sip from her friends’ drink Maria explained, “I’ve numbered all the cute guys I’ve seen tonight. I saw him 12th.”

“And he’s looking at me?”

Trying to act nonchalant, Maria leaned back and slightly pointed. “By the bar – with hottie number 11.”

Looking, Liz stopped when she found herself staring into those same honey eyes again. Feeling her face flush, Liz smiled and looked away, trying to hide it from Maria.

“Oh…spill!!” she squealed, seeing the look.


“I saw that!”

Sighing, Liz tried to look annoyed, but couldn’t stop a little bit of excitement from bubbling in her as she thought back. “I ran into him, literally, at the bar earlier and he bought me a drink.”

“Go dance with him!” Maria added. “I swear, I am tired, but having a blast! Just ask him!”

“Maria, he probably just thinks I’m some klutz who can’t walk,” Liz commented.

Looking back over at him, Maria added, “His friend is really cute…got that whole rugged slash don’t-give-a-shit look going for him…”

“You’re bad,” Liz joked, laughing softly.

Licking her lips and staring over at them, Maria smiled finally and told Liz, “here’s your chance…me and the friend will leave you two be.”

Confused, Liz looked up and watched as the friend headed over and he hung back a few feet, looking at her then down, like he wasn’t sure if he should come over or not.

“You rang?” he guy asked Maria, looking down at her.

Standing up, Maria raised her eyebrow and said, “you answering?” They looked at each other for a moment before Maria added to Liz, “I’ll be back,” and let him lead her off.

Staring in shock after her friend, Liz scoffed and slumped down into her seat, cursing herself for even coming.

“Hey…I realized something.”

Hearing the deep rumble of his voice, Liz looked up and smiled softly, trying to hide her enthusiasm at talking to him again. “And what was that?”

“I never got your name,” he finished, smiling shyly down at her. “I’m Max, by the way.”

Biting her lower lip, Liz thought about it for a second before smiling widely. She had wanted to start over again tonight and become someone else, and here was her chance.

“Just call me Lizzie.”

“Ok Liz, I know all this!” Maria exclaimed suddenly, cutting of the story.

You asked what happened,” Liz argued.

“I meant, what happened later – like how you ended up in the same bed.” Thinking about it for beat, she added skeptically, “you did end up in a bed, right?”

“Maria!” Liz squealed, her face turning red.

“I’m just asking!”

“Yes, ok, yes – bed.”

“Ok, then lets get to that part.”

“Who’s telling this story,” Liz asked, giving Maria a pointed look.

Waving her hands, Maria rolled her eyes. “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Lets get on with it then – and hopefully get to nookie parts soon!”

Rolling her eyes, Liz tried to hold back a smile. “Anyway, so, here me and Max were…”

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I know I'm evil...but, hey, it works! *big*

I know I've been MIA a little too, Annie -- I've been getting up early every day (except for weekends -- they're sacred!) for a month and going to the gym! And sorry about not sending you this part. I just finished it right before I posted! I promise to send you more soon!!

Talk to ya soon!

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Wow...sooooooo many replies!! I don't have time to repsond to all the questions -- plus, I don't wanna give anything away that's gonna be said in the next part! *happy*

But I gotta thank everyone who posted!!

Allie 1031
-- your posts always make me smile! *big*
Roswell Butterfly
-- Tim, yes, it was Michael. And there's also a reason he was so bold...
Snow White
aZNroSweLl anglgrl

So, thanks all you guy!! And I'm sorry that I couldn't repsond to you all, but I'm short on time!!

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Wow...even more feedback! You guys are totally spoiling me! But don't you dare stop -- you know, once ya get a taste of something, you just want more and more...

Sorta how Liz and Max feel about each other in this fic -- one taste is never enough... *bounce*

Lucky Star -- I know, cliffhangers can be cruel...but hey, it gives the story more 'umph!' Plus, all the feedback from you guys makes me wanna write the next part even quicker!! *happy*

Ally -- 25 posts? Really? Gee...I better get writting!! I could have a mob coming after me if I don't! *wink*

alienchica -- What does Max's actually very interesting...and you guys will find out soon enough -- And, also, I haven't given much thought to the whole 'Michael and Maria' thing, but they're gonna be getting to know each other better, don't worry *tongue*

zannyb -- Everyone liked Liz's 'Rainbow' talk! *big* Actually, yes, it was Michael who took our little Maria away, which left Liz and Max alone, so he's my new fav person in this fic! *tongue* I mean...some things might not have happened if Michael and Maria were around...

AvengingAngelIQ -- Hi! Glad ya joined us! *happy* My fic gave ya goosebumps, huh? That makes me so giddy! LOL *big*

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I hope you guys keep coming back for more parts -- trust me, my mind has got all kinds of little sceniors dreamed up for our passionate couple...
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Author’s Notes – ok, first off, I gotta give big, big, BIG thanks to Annie for this part!!! Without her, well, this part wouldn’t be getting posted anytime soon!! She’s always there to help me with my fics and she’s always giving me sneak-peaks on new parts to hers – the girl just rocks! *big*

Also, the song used later on in this part is called ‘Impressive Instant’ and is by Madonna, off of her ‘Music’ cd. It just has this techno slash dance club beat and the lyrics just screamed out to me…I think they really fit.

And, just to let ya know, the flashbacks in this part get kinda hot – not to mention some of the scene for ‘now’ (…only a towel…LoL) Anyway, I’m not putting an NC17 label on it, cause nothing really happens, but thought I’d just let it be known for some of you guys who don’t like to read anything like that…

So, enjoy!! And be sure to leave lots and lots of feedback!!!

PART 02 ~
Previous Night

“…So, we ended up having to do every chore in the house for a month. And when I say every chore, I mean every chore. Cleaning, shopping, cooking – it was like an extension to my parents vacation.”

“Hey, that’s what you get for trying to pull that off,” Liz told him. “I mean, you knew your parents were due back and you still threw the party.”

“Yeah…but for the record, we still blame Mike,” Max offered.

“Sure, blame it on the friend,” Liz added, giving him a smile. “It’s never your fault…”

“Not when you have someone who can take the blame!”

Laughing, Liz shook her head. Thinking about it for a moment, she commented, “I could never pull something off like that. And my house is perfect for it too.”

“How so?” Max asked, seeming very interested as he settled back onto the sofa some. They had moved from the table some while ago and had entered the lounge, where the atmosphere was more comfortable and relaxed.

Letting her finger trace the top of her glass, Liz admitted, “my parents own a café and we live right above it. The place is basically the hang-out of all the high school kids, so it’d be great for a party.”

“That’s cool – what’s the place called?”

Giving him a look and slight smile, Liz said, “I thought we had an agreement: nothing personal.”

“How is that personal?” he questioned, taking a sip of his drink before sitting it down on a nearby stand. He shifted on the couch some more and fixed his gaze on her.

Shrugging, Liz looked down at her drink. She was suddenly aware of his close they were on the small loveseat and leaned forward some, hoping to put a little distance between them. She was finding it harder and harder not to let herself be drawn to him, and her resistance was crumbling quickly.

It was just so easy to talk to him – and Max was making it very hard to keep him an arms length away and Liz wanted to curse him for it, but she knew that if she really wanted to get away, she could.

Clearing her throat, Liz answered finally, “I think me telling you where I live is personal.”

She could feel the furniture shift again and when Max spoke this time, his voice was right behind her ear and his breath was warm on her neck.

“I’m just finding it so easy to talk to you…do you feel it?”

Closing her eyes, Liz took in a deep and shaky breath before letting it out slowly. God…what was he doing to her?!

“Yes…” Whispering her answer, Liz knew that she should’ve been more worried about what she was admitting and thinking about Kyle, but those two thoughts were the furthest things from her mind.

Feelings his fingers trailing down her bare arm and stopping at her hand, Liz opened her eyes, staring at his hand like it was the most interesting thing on the planet. Standing up, he took her hand and gently pulled her up beside him.

“Dance with me?”

Licking her lips, Liz looked up into Max’s eyes and paused, feeling herself being drown in the dark pools of emotions flashing through them. Smiling, she linked her hands in his.

“You didn’t have to ask.”

The pounding music blaring around the small dance floor seemed to be alive, pulsing with their heartbeats and urging them higher and higher, feeding them energy and life.

Universe is full of stars
Nothing out there looks the same
The same
You’re the one that I’ve been waiting for
I don’t even know your name

Letting the music fill her senses, Liz rocked her hips back and forth, moving to dance closer to Max than she had been. She saw his eyes widen some by her action. His hands stilled where they had been on her back before they moved upward, caressing her arms.

I’m in a trance
I’m in a trance

Turning around, Liz placed her back up against Max’s chest, feeling his heart beat fluttering quickly. Closing her eyes, she continued to move to the music, letting her hands reach upward as she let the music move her.

Cosmic systems intertwine
Astral bodies drip like wine
All of nature ebbs and flows

Feeling his hands trail down her arms and then her sides, Liz smiled and moved closer into him, letting her backside just barely brush against him. The sensation made him stop and Liz did it again, noting how his hands were clenching her shirt.

Comets shoot across the sky
Can’t explain the reasons why
This is how creation goes

Max’s hands suddenly landed on her hips, pulling her more snugly into his embrace. Liz paused her movements briefly, her eyes coming back open slowly. Her own heart started to pound hard as she started to dance again, this time with Max meeting all of her moves with his own hips. There was just a small fraction of air between them and the sexual tension between them was thick enough to cut with a knife.

I don’t want nobody else
Nobody else
All the others look the same
The same
Galaxies are sliding into view
I don’t even know your name

Reaching her arm up, Liz linked her hand around Max’s neck, pulling him closer to her back. Closing her eyes once again, she let her body just feel, letting the senses just roll over her.

I’m in a trance
And the world is spinning
Spinning baby out of control
I’m in a trance
I let the music take me
Take me where my heart wants to go

Max’s presence surrounded her and it felt like she could feel him everywhere – his hands were touching her whole body while they stayed in one place. It was as if her whole form was aching for him.

I’m in a trance
And the world is spinning
Spinning baby out of control
I’m in a trance
I let the music take me
Take me where my heart wants to go

Feeling his hand move back up her side, achingly slow, and then up her arm, Liz was more then happy to turn in his arms when he took her hand and spun her body around. He quickly crushed her body to his and Liz matched her movements to his once more, letting her hips brush against his as they danced.

Kiss me…

Opening her eyes, Liz looked up into his and swallowed, seeing how dark they looked as he drank her in. it was as if he was caressing her skin with his eyes and Liz tilt her head back, letting him dip her lower.

Kiss me…

Their bodies were completely matched when they came back up and Liz moaned softly, feeling her body heat up as Max continued to stare at her. Closing her eyes once more, she licked her lips again, slowly, hoping Max got the message.

Kiss me…

When his lips finally touched hers, Liz reached up and cupped his face, holding him close when he went to pull away. The kiss had been gentle and innocent, but she wanted more – needed more.

Kiss me…


Instantly his lips were fused to hers, probing and seeking admittance. Opening to him completely, Liz heard Max groan as their tongues dueled, each wanting to get as close as possible.

I like to singy, singy, singy
Like a bird on the wingy, wingy, wingy
I like to rhumba, rhumba, rhumba
Dance to a samba, samba, samba…

Finally coming up for air, Liz whimpered slightly when Max’s mouth left hers. Somewhere along the line their dancing had stopped and he pulled her hips against his once more, rocking them back and forth to the music as he leaned forward and gently nipped at her neck.

I’m in a trance
And the world is spinning
Spinning baby out of control
I’m in a trance
I let the music take me
Take me where my heart wants to go

Reaching up and burying her hand in Max’s hair, Liz closed her eyes and tilted her head to the side, giving him better access to her bare skin. Lopping her other fingers in his belt loop, she held him close, refusing to let an inch of air in between them.

I’m in a trance
And the world is spinning
Spinning baby out of control

Feeling like she was indeed in a trance, Liz was barely aware of the fact that her and Max had somehow maneuvered themselves away from the crowd and back into a dark corner. Feeling the wall pressed up against her back, she arched into it, smiling when she felt Max groan against her neck.

I’m in a trance
I let the music take me
Take me where my heart wants to go

“I can’t--…god, I want you Lizzie,” Max moaned, coming back up to recapture her lips while one of his hands lingered downward to caress her thigh, and, dangerously close to her backside.

I’m in a trance

Empowered by his words, Liz reached downward herself and actually grabbed his butt, thrusting his hips into hers. Opening her eyes and looking into his passionate ones, she figured hers mirrored his and grinned.

“Wanna go..?”

Letting the question hang, Liz bit her lower lip and tilted her head, looking at him from under her lashes. She felt his hand latch onto hers and then they were moving through the crowd, her laugh trailing behind them as Max maneuvered them to the closest exit.

Universe is full of stars
Nothing out there looks the same
You’re the one that I’ve been looking for
I don’t even know your name



“Finally – the good parts!” Maria said, leaning back onto her elbows. “So, I take it you guys went to his house?”

“No, Ria, we did it on a park bench a few blocks down,” Liz deadpanned, standing up and going to sit down at her desk.


Rolling her eyes, Liz picked up a pillow from the floor and tossed it at her friend, laughing when it hit her squarely on the head. Dodging as the pillow flew back at her, Liz let herself fall down onto the floor, still laughing. A second later Maria joined her and they stared up at the ceiling.

“You like him, don’t you?” she questioned after a long silence.

Looking away, Liz sighed before answering. “It doesn’t matter.”

“How can it not matter? You like him, he likes you – and it’s not like you gotta fret over when you’re gonna do it cause ya already did. I see a perfect relationship here.”

Shaking her head, Liz looked back at her friend. “Only you would see a perfect relationship out of a one night stand!”

“Hey – who said it was a one night stand?” Maria asked.

“Some things are just assumed.”

“By my point of view, it’s only a one night stand if ya ditch the guy in the morning and don’t call.” When Liz didn’t argue, or say anything at all, Maria scoffed and sat up. “You just ran out on him?”

“I was confused, ok!” Liz defended. “I had just had sex with a perfect stranger—“

“Lets keep in mind that you said ‘perfect’,” Maria added.

“Whatever, a stranger, and I didn’t know what to do!”

“So ya just leave?! Lizzie…haven’t I taught you anything!”

Sighing, Liz got up off of the floor and muttered, “You’re a big help.”

“How can I help when I don’t even know the whole story, huh?”

Throwing her a look, Liz just said, “I’m getting a bath.”

“And I’ll be waiting here for the details when you get out,” Maria added cheerfully, climbing back up onto the bed and pulling out a magazine.

“Whatever,” Liz said, going into her bathroom.

“And when I say details, I mean details,” Maria called out to her. “He looked to have big hands and big feet, which means he must’ve had a big—“

“Maria!” Liz exclaimed from inside the bathroom.

Opening up the bathroom door, Max let the slight steam filter out as he took in a deep breath. He had taken a longer bath than usual; mostly just letting his head hang under the water. Thought after thought had bombarded his brain and he had just wanted to go down the drain with the rest of the water.

Wrapping a towel around his hips, Max walked out into his bedroom, not even bothering to dry his hair. Heading for his dresser, he paused, turning to look at his bed.

One look was all it took.

One look at the bed where she had slept in his arms, where she had kissed him, held him, made love to him – one look was all it took for him to completely lose himself in her memory.

What was she doing to him? He had just meet her less than 24 hours before and he already couldn’t get her off of his mind. Everything in his room reminded him of her and what had happened between them.

“I’ve lost it,” he muttered, setting down on the bed. Reaching over, he picked up the pillow she had slept on and placed it behind his head and leaned back, taking in a deep breath.

He could still smell her; still feel her all around him.

It was almost as if she was still with him…


Previous Night

Pressing Liz up against her car, Max ran his hands down her sides, caressing her skin through the open sides of her shirt. Her body was so warm and inviting, making it harder and harder for him to keep himself in control.

Liz leaned forward and nipped at his lips, never taking them fully and just plain driving Max insane as he tried to deepen the kiss.

“We can…um…if you wanted we could…” Her voice kept catching and Max smiled, taking the opportunity to kiss her while she was distracted with trying to talk.

“Could what?” he asked, reaching down and hooking his hand under her knee. Pulling it up, he eagerly moved closer to her, stepping in between her legs.

Leaning her head back onto the car, Liz pulled Max’s lips down to hers and kissed him soundly and passionately, making him thrust his hips into hers. The added contact made Max’s head swarm and he pulled back, dragging in some much needed air.

He also needed some serious control.


“Is there somewhere we could go to be alone?”

And the control went right out the window.

Staring down at Liz, her hair tousled from his hands and her lips puffy from their kissing, Max swallowed and glanced at her car. They could easily go to his place, which would be empty for the night. Isabel and Michael where here and his parents were outta town arranging things for the new practice.

Feeling Liz’s hand slide up his back, under the shirt, and her other hand tracing his ear while she kissed on his neck, Max moaned softly and pressed into her again.

“My house is free…” he admitted.

Liz, reaching behind her back, opened the car door. Climbing in, she told him, “You can drive,” and slid over to the passenger side.

Taking in a deep breath, Max climbed behind the wheel and tried to remain calm as he started the car. All he had to do was drive them to his house. It wasn’t a hard task – it was actually fairly easy.

Max put the car into the gear and was getting ready to pull away when Liz leaned over and placed her hand high up on his thigh while her tongue traced his ear.

He was positive there would be tire tracks from where he pulled away.

The 10 minute drive to his house took way too long and Max barely had the car into park before he pulled Liz onto his lap, his hands wondering her body like hers had his while he had tried to drive.

Caressing the back of her thighs, Max pulled his hands up some and clenched her butt, making her grind up against his lap.

“Max…” she moaned out, breaking their kiss. “I want…”

“What do you want?” he asked, repeating the move.

“I want more,” she got out. “I want you…all of you.”

Her words hit him like a bucket of cold water and Max tilted his head back, taking in a deep breath of air. His body was more the willing to let her have him, right here in the car, but Max wasn’t about to let that happen.

“Lets go inside,” he managed to say, reaching over to open the car door. He held his breath as Liz slide her body off of his and the chilly night air greeted his hot skin. Climbing out of the car also, he led her up the walk and onto the porch, astutely aware of how close she was to him.

Pulling out his keys, Max was about to unlock the door when Liz’s hands came around his waist and went under his shirt, her fingers edging under the top of his jeans.

Closing his eyes, Max placed his hands on the door and swallowed, his heart thundering in his chest when her hand dipped under his jeans again, just inching their way downward before she would pull them back out.

When her other hand ended up on his thigh, her fingers massaging the inside of his leg, Max knew he couldn’t take much more.

“Liz,” he hissed out, grabbing her wrist to make her stop. She looked up at him and moved in between him and door, reaching over with her free hand to push it open.

“Shall we?” she asked, leaning upward and just letting her tongue dip in his mouth, licking the inside of his upper lip.

In one fell swoop Max captured her mouth and drug her up his body, his hands clutching her backside in his palms and making her wrap her legs around his hips.

Carrying her into the house, Max kicked the door closed, Liz’s giggles echoing throughout the dark house.

Ok, so…what did you guys think? I’m not sure if I made Liz come off too pushy or not…but if it was me, and I had Max and could do anything I wanted to him…hmm…hmm…hmm…Liz would look tame compared to me!! *big* LoL!!
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Also, I just wrote a scene where Liz is talking to Maria (still *happy*) and she's explaining how she acted 'out of character' and all that, so she does have some shock in the cold morning light *wink* LoL
Now, on to your theory *big* I actually was gonna go with something along those lines. Mine was that Max's other side, the alien part of him, would only awaken when he meet someone that attracted it -- I'm not saying that none of the alien characteristics were there before, cause they were, just not as strong. Well, along comes Liz and bam, she pulled at it and, in reaction, it pulled her to him.
I know that doesn't really explain anything, but I'm still working the kinks out here *tongue* It's like, their alien halves are looking for a certain something in everyone and they find it in our little bunch from Roswell.
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I was trying to think of a way to connect Max and Liz's, um, bonding and his powers. I've also been giving thought to maybe gving Liz some powers -- nothing big, just basically like a line-in to Max's. Like, she'll have a deep connection to him and share a few of his powers, but with a twist (I'm not sure what the twist will be yet, but I'm working on it *happy*)
I'm trying to make it where Max was drawn to Liz for a special reason, like she's already showing some of these 'powers' but on a lower level -- low enough that she doesn't notice them yet. I'm gonna use the same theory on the other couples too (I mean, Michael and Maria were pulled together too)
Anyway, I love reading you replies Tim!!

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frenchkiss70 -- I'll be back soon, don't worry! *bounce*

rattlebox -- How do you do it? I can be thinking of an idea for this fic, but not be able to come up with how to pull it off, explain it, and then I come and see your reply and it's all right there!
I was trying to think of a way to connect Max and Liz's, um, bonding and his powers. I've also been giving thought to maybe gving Liz some powers -- nothing big, just basically like a line-in to Max's. Like, she'll have a deep connection to him and share a few of his powers, but with a twist (I'm not sure what the twist will be yet, but I'm working on it *happy*)
I'm trying to make it where Max was drawn to Liz for a special reason, like she's already showing some of these 'powers' but on a lower level -- low enough that she doesn't notice them yet. I'm gonna use the same theory on the other couples too (I mean, Michael and Maria were pulled together too)
Anyway, I love reading your replies Tim!!

Strawbehrry Shortcake -- I know I'm a tease -- but hey, atleast I give you something... *tongue* LoL
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Author’s Notes – Ok…first off, of course, Annie deserves some props. She helped me with this part and also said I could blame it on her, but I’m not that mean. I wouldn’t do that…I don’t think…unless you guys don’t like the part – then it’s all her fault! LoL *tongue*
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Also, just so ya know, not a lot of ‘flashbacks’ in this part cause I’m trying to set the stage for ‘now’ and their next meeting – but don’t worry, the rest of that night and Max’s POV on the morning will be coming soon.
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Part 03 ~

Hearing the hurried knock at his bedroom door, Max groaned and lifted his head, looking over his shoulder toward the door from his spot sprawled out on his stomach. Glancing at the clock, he saw he’d been lying there for over 40 minutes.

The knock came again.


“What?” he called out, hearing the door coming open. “Did I say come in?” Sitting up, he tried to keep the towel in place. There were some things that siblings did not need to see.

“I just thought you should know that Dracula called – twice,” Isabel informed him. Pointing toward his phone, she asked, “Didn’t you hear it ringing?”

“Um…I guess not,” Max admitted, standing up. Walking over to his dresser, he ran a hand over his face and sighed. “What time are mom and dad coming back?”

“In a little while – dad wants to get an early start today.”

Grunting in response, Max dug through his dresser for some clothes then turned around, looking at his sister. “You know, there’s this thing called ‘privacy’ and most people want it for when they get dressed.”

Crossing her arms, Isabel just smirked and asked, “Who’s car was that parked outside last night?”

Freezing, Max swallowed and finally forced his gaze away from his sisters’ face. Clearing his throat, he got out finally, “what car?”

“The little blue one that was behind the jeep…it’s gone now,” she added.

Refusing to meet her gaze, Max continued to pick out something to wear for the day. That last comment hit home and he nearly snapped out ‘don’t I know it’ before he stopped himself.

The last thing he wanted to do was bring Isabel into it.

“Guess they were at the neighbors house,” he told her finally. Taking in a deep breath and pushing his dresser drawer closed, he added, “I gotta get dressed, so could ya…”

“Sure.” Isabel was half-way out the door before she turned around and exclaimed, “oh, almost forgot – these were on the porch.”

Hearing something land on his bed, Max looked over to see his keys lying there.

“It doesn’t help to lock the door if you leave the keys that open it right there on the front steps.”

“Hey Iz,” he called out, catching her right before she shut the door.


“Was um…” Thinking back over his night, he asked finally, “Was the door locked when you found them?”

“Yeah, why?”

“No reason,” he muttered, lost in thought. Giving him a weird look, Isabel finally left the room.

Sitting down on the edge of the bed, Max knew for a fact that he hadn’t locked the door last night. As a matter of fact, he didn’t even remember actually unlocking the door to get inside. The keys had been in his hand, but then Liz had started explore his body and well, he got a little sidetracked then.

The next thing he knew, he had been carrying Liz into house while practically trying to swallow her face – hell, he didn’t even remember shutting the front door!

Shaking his head, Max muttered bitterly, “of course you opened and shut the door, idiot. How else do you explain it? Your sexual arousal by Liz gave you magical powers and then you unlocked the door by thoughts?”

Pulling on a pair of boxers, Max looked down and noticed a reddish spot right above the waistband of the shorts. Realizing what it was, he grinned and continued to get dressed, the smile staying there the whole time.

If there were ‘love bites’ on him, he could only imagine what Liz looked like.

Lightly tracing the area outside of the hickey, Liz stared at it in her bathroom mirror, transfixed by the sight. The red blemish was about the size of a half-dollar coin and she could still remember how it felt when Max had been, for no other better word, branding it onto her skin.

It was almost as if he was claiming her as his.

Tilting her head to the side, Liz continued to stare at it, her finger finally brushing over the mark this time.

Feeling as if someone had just lit her body in fire, Liz gasped and leaned over, gripping the side of her sink for balance. She rolled her head down and moaned softly, her whole form humming and tingling with desire.

As if her body was having a ‘flashback’ to the previous night, Liz could almost feel Max’s hands on her, touching and caressing her in ways never done before – taking her new heights and awakening sensations from deep within.

“Oh…” Liz said breathlessly, lowering herself onto the toilet with effort. Her knees felt weak and she was positive that her heart could be heard from out in the bedroom.

Reaching over with a shaky hand and turning on the faucet, Liz let her hand get covered with ice-cold water before running it over her face and down her chest, which were scolding hot.

Trying to catch her breath, she continued to sit there, wondering what had just happened.

“Shit,” Max cursed, closing his eyes and leaning against the wall in the hallway. His whole body was shaking, his skin felt too tight, and he was positive that his appearance totally gave away what he was feeling.

Desire and pure lust pumped through his veins and Max had to bite his lips to suppress a moan. He had simply been walking out of his bedroom when he got a dizzy feeling and the world around grew fuzzy.

Closing his eyes on instinct, Max was more than surprised when, with his eyes closed, he could clearly see Liz standing in front of him, wearing nothing but a little red, silky bra and matching underwear, and her head was tossed back while her finger delicately traced a hickey adorning her neck.

The whole scene was erotic and sexy – Liz in nothing but red lace and her dark hair still damp and even a few water droplets on her skin – and Max couldn’t even catch his breath.

It was like his body was recalling how Liz had made him feel last night and wanted to do an encore.

“Not now,” he pleaded, glancing around the hallway. But his body wouldn’t listen and Max knew he only had once choice: cold shower. Quickly making a dash for his room before someone saw him, he had just gotten in the doorway when Isabel yelled, “where are you going?”


Bobbing her foot back and forth, Maria looked up over the rim of the magazine and glanced at the clock, noticing the time. Flipping through a few more pages, she finally put it down and sighed, turning to look at the bathroom door.



“Whatcha doing?”

“Well, considering that I just got out of the shower, I would like to think that I’m getting dressed and what not,” her friend replied.

“No, honey, you got out of the shower over 20 minutes ago -- ‘getting dressed and what not’ has now wondered over into the ‘avoiding Maria and making flimsy excuses’ territory.”

There was a slight scuffle then the door opened. Liz walked out, dressed and looking ready to go.

Eyeing her, Maria just smiled. Watching her friend walk around the room and go about getting things ready to go downstairs and work, she continued to stare.

Sighing, Liz suddenly spun around. “What? You want more of the story or you want us to be on time for work? Cause we’ll be late if I keep going.”

“No, it’s not that,” Maria told her quickly.

“Then what?”

Trying to figure it out, Maria shrugged. “I don’t know…you look different…”

Rolling her eyes, Liz said sarcastically, “yes – I have the morning after glow. Please.” Leaning over to pick up her antennae’s, she pushed her hair back off of her face.

“That’s it!” Maria exclaimed, jumping up from the bed.

“What’s what?” Liz asked.

“You hair – you never wear it down when you work,” she pointed out.

Shrugging, Liz continued walking around the room, not looking right at her friend. “I felt like wearing it a little different today. You ready?”

“You’re acting weird…” Eyeing Liz up and down, Maria tilted her head and asked playfully, “what, you trying to hide a hickey or something?” Laughing it off, she went to the door. “Come on, let’s get downstairs before your dad comes looking for us!”

Walking out of the door, she missed Liz’s hurried look in the mirror to make sure that her neck was covered.

“That’s the second shower you’ve taken today,” Isabel commented when Max walked into the kitchen.

“Whatever,” he muttered, getting out a glass and going over to the fridge. Looking in, he sighed and asked, “Where’s all the juice?”

“My bad – last cup,” Isabel said, taking a sip of her orange juice. Watching as Max flung the refrigerator door shut, she added, “its just juice Max.”

Filling the cup up with water and take a long swig, he finally walked over and sat down at the table across from her. “Where’s Mike?”

“His home – as opposed to here, like he usually is.” Picking up her cereal bowl and taking it to the sink, Isabel asked, “So, how long did it take for you to decide to ditch us last night? You know, just out of curiosity – me and Michael have a bet going.”


Turning around and leaning her hip against the counter, she continued. “I mean, it wasn’t like we had planned that night and even went through the trouble of talking Michael into going, who just ended up getting drunk and I was the only one left to take care of his ass, by the way; it wasn’t like we planed that night for us.”

Hanging his head some, Max blew out all of his breath. “Look, I’m sorry about just leaving you guys.”

“Don’t be sorry to me Max,” she muttered, finally coming back over and sitting down at the table.

Sighing, Max sat back and asked, “He got drunk?”

She nodded. “I don’t even remember him drinking a lot…I saw one freaking glass in his hand and that was it – and I don’t even think it had alcohol in it.” Thinking about it for a second, she added, “I had to practically pry him off of some blonde, who he had glued himself too.”

“Yeah…I remember him dancing with her.”

“Max, you do realize you have to go talk to him, right?”


“He’s your best friend Max and he’s losing you!”

“He’s not losing me!”

“You’re moving away, of course it feels like he’s losing you,” she stressed. “Michael doesn’t open up to a lot of people and now one of the few people that he does trust is leaving. This is gonna be the whole T-slut incident all over again.”

Giving Isabel a pointed look, Max stood up. “First off, no it’s not. And secondly, I’ve taken care of the whole…T-slut…incident, as you so eloquently put it.”

Laughing, Isabel nodded. “Of course – you’ve taken care of it.”

“What does that mean?” he demanded.

Smiling, Isabel patted his arm and stood up, spouting out, “doesn’t mean anything little brother,” before she walked out of the room, still laughing softly.

Handing Jose her order slip, Liz sighed and leaned against the wall, taking a short little break while the commotion in the café cooled down some.

“So, while there’s nothing for us to do,” Maria started, coming up and placing an order also, “why don’t you tell me some more about your first little jaunt into womanhood.”

“You want me to talk about it with my father just a few feet away?” Liz asked, astonished.

Waving her hand dismissively, Maria countered, “He won’t know what we’re talking about. So, was any he good in the sack?”

“Oh, I’m sure he won’t know what we’re talking about if you ask that in a louder voice.”

“I don’t like the tone of your voice little missy. I could be wrong, but you almost seem embarrassed by your adventures last night.”

“Really? Wonder why it seems that way!” Grabbing up the order, she stalked off, delivering it to the older couple near the window.

“Lizzie…sex is nothing to be embarrassed about,” Maria added, walking to meet her halfway by the counter. “It’s a lovely thing of beauty.”

“Yeah, beauty, lust – same diff.” Going around the counter, Liz sighed and realized that Maria was still waiting, now leaning on her elbows and staring. Glancing away in nervousness and checking to see how close her father was, she finally admitted, “you know how Pam Troy and all her little crones at school act? All over the guys, I mean, it’s just an inch away from actually writing ‘slut’ on their foreheads.”

“I know – it’s disgusting,” Maria agreed. “They should have some dignity.”

Suddenly very interested in the tabletop, Liz practically whispered, “I coulda used some last night. God, I was all over him – I kept brushing up against him and touching him…”

“What’s your point? You kinda need to touch someone if you’re planning on sleeping with them.”

“No, you don’t get it Maria,” Liz stressed. “I made the first move, I suggested going somewhere; I grabbed his ass while we were on the dance floor at the club, ok? I don’t do stuff like that. In the whole two years that Kyle and me dated, never once did my hands go past his waist. Nor did I put my hands down his pants outside – where anyone coulda seen us!”

“Ok…um…you really went all out last night, didn’t ya?” Maria asked finally. Noticing something over Liz’s shoulder, she added, “Hold on.” Rushing about delivering the order, she came back and sat down on one of the stools.

“Ria…shouldn’t you be lecturing me right now?” Liz questioned, placing her head down on the cold countertop.

“Honey, why is it so important that I lecture you?”

“Because…because I did something last night that was completely out of my character and I had no reason to do it – it was reckless and stupid and, quite frankly, dangerous to leave a club with some guy I knew nothing about except that he took the risk to throw a party when he knew his parents were coming home and seems very protective of his sister and friends.”

“Liz…” Making her friend look up at her, Maria licked her lips and sighed. “I’m gonna tell you about my night now, ok? After being at the club for over an hour, I meet this guy: tall, dark, unruly hair, surely attitude, and a stubborn streak like you wouldn’t believe. We danced and flirted, boy did we flirt, and ended up making out in a corner back near the fire exit.”

“You made out with him?” Liz questioned. “I thought you decided guys weren’t worth it after Johnny Harris used you just to cop a cheap feel?”

“Yeah, well, like you, I acted out of character. The guy had these full lips and…” Groaning, Maria smiled. “His hands – don’t even get me started on his hands!”

“How far did you guys go?” Liz asked.

“No as far as you did with his friend—“

“You made out with Michael?!” Laughing, Liz shook her head.

“Yeah, Michael. We made out until his other friend came and dragged him off. She seemed really mad about something,” she added. “Anyway, like you, I did something last night that I wouldn’t normally do, so we’re even.”

“Even?” Liz questioned. “I don’t care about being ‘even’ Ria!”

“Then what do you care about? Cause I don’t understand you right now,” Maria commented. When Liz sighed and seemed to mope even more, she added, “Sweetie…you did something last night that you wouldn’t normally do, right?”


“Ok, now, if you had the chance, would you do it again?”

Pausing, Liz thought about Maria’s question and stared down at the counter top. Guilt and embarrassment instantly filled her and she balked, suddenly realizing that while she felt that, she was also being pumped full of excitement and arousal.

Max had touched her in more ways than one – she was already hoping to see him again even though her stomach dropped at the thought.


Looking back up, Liz sighed deeply and opened her mouth to answer Maria. “Ria, I—“

“Liz, Maria, are we working today or just looking pretty in your outfits?” Jeff Parker asked jokingly, walking past them.

Feeling her cheeks blazing, Liz instantly ducked away and mumbled to her friend, “we should get back to work.”

“But, Liz—“ Sighing, Maria watched her friend walk off.

Walking through the door without even knocking, Max flopped down onto the couch and sighed, looking around. “You clean?”


“Guess she got tired of the smell.”

“Yeah, well, it ain’t like me or Hank were ever gonna.”

“It was kinda growing on me,” Max commented. Waiting another beat, he finally said, “I’m sorry, ok?”

Picking up the remote and changing the channel on the TV, where his eyes were aimed, Michael muttered, “Oh, did you leave us last night – I hadn’t noticed.”

Rolling his eyes, Max added, “come on, Mike. Don’t be like this.”

“Be like what?” he asked with a shrug and another few channel changes.

“Like this!” Max exclaimed. “Look, Isabel told me you got drunk last night and I know you did it cause I—“

“Hey, I hate to break it to ya, but not everything is about you Maxwell,” Michael snapped.

“Then why did you drink last night?” he demanded. When Michael just kept on changing the channels, Max snagged the remote of his hand. “Why?”

“I didn’t, ok? I didn’t drink!” Michael exploded, standing up and going to the other side of the room.

“Isabel said you were drunk,” he pointed out.

Walking around the small trailer, Michael huffed and muttered, “Gee, I don’t really remember considering the haze I was in last night.”

Confused, Max remained on the couch, following his friend with his eyes. “Wait – you didn’t drink, but you were drunk?”

“Yep,” Michael answered.

“But you didn’t drink – not one drop?”


“How is that possible?”

“If I had an answer, I’d know it, ok!” Michael sighed and wondered back over to the couch and sat down. “I was just making out with that blonde and bam, it hit me – everything was fuzzy and all I wanted to do was kiss her more.”

“I know the feeling,” Max muttered, recalling his ‘obsession’ with Liz the night before. All he wanted was to have her body pressed up against his – he had to touch her constantly. He could vividly remember how soft and warm her body had been while they laid in his bed.

“I was so wasted.”

Shaking his head and refocusing on his friend while pushing all his ‘Liz thoughts’ down, Max said finally, “Are you sure? I mean, maybe you were just getting, ya know, worked up over—“

“Maria,” Michael told him.

“Maria. It’s totally considerable that the feeling you was having was because of what you guys were doing.”

Thinking about it for a beat, Michael finally shook his head. “No – now, don’t get me wrong, cause she was making me and my body feel quite a few things, but not something like that.”

“Maybe someone slipped something into your drink,” Max thought out loud.

Thinking about it, Michael finally shrugged. “I guess – whatever it was, it’s gone now and I’m fine. Guess it’s just something else to add to the list.”

Tensing some, Max nodded and stood up. “Yeah, whatever. Listen, about last night—“

“Forget last night,” he stated. “You went off with your girl and I went off with mine.”

“So, we’re cool?” Max asked.

“When aren’t we cool?” Michael threw back at him.

Smiling softly and agreeing, Max added, “later,” and headed for the front door.

“Hey,” Michael called out.

Looking back at him, Max saw his grin and hesitated for a beat. “What?”

If it was possible, his smile got bigger and Michael asked, “what happened between you and the brunette?”

Trying to mask his expression, Max just said, “later Mike,” and left, ignoring his further comments.

Placing her foot up onto the counter, Liz stretched it straight and pushed downward, pulling on the muscle. Doing the same with the other leg, she started to repeat the movements again when her mother walked into the kitchen.

“Hey, feet down,” she demanded, smacking her sneaker in the process.

Obeying, Liz took in a deep breath and started to pull her hair up into a ponytail.

“You gotta be to work in an hour.”

“I know.”

“Just reminding you.”

Sighing, Liz finished her hair and reached for her jacket. “I won’t be long,” she told her mother, trying to hide her frustration. Pulling on the thin jacket and zipping it up until it meet her sports bra, she headed for the door.

“Honey, is everything ok?” Nancy asked, noticing how tense her daughter looked.

“I’m fine!” Liz stressed, slamming the door behind her and heading down the steps into the back of the café.

“For someone’s who’s fine, you sure have been bitchy lately.”

Stopping to eye her friend, Liz crossed her arms and asked, “Will you be joining me today?”

“Might as well – I was thinking about going out for track this year.”

Laughing softly, Liz finished coming down the steps and walked up to his side. “Alex, babe, don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re not the team type.”

Pretending to be offended, Alex Whitman scoffed and headed for the door. “Ok, I’m gonna prove you wrong right now,” he announced.

Smiling, Liz nodded and followed after him.

“And try to keep up with me,” he added.

“Ok, slow and steady,” Liz encouraged Alex, letting him lean on her shoulder as he wobbled through the back door. “Let me get you to the couch and—“

“I think I can walk now,” Alex interjected, putting his foot down. Instantly he winced and pulled it back up, nearly making Liz fall over.

“Alex! I told you keep off of it!”

Leaving the door open, she escorted him over toward the couch, wobbling along the way. “Alex…Alex – oof!” Falling down onto the sofa, Liz laughed when Alex landed beside her, their legs tangled up together.

“Ow, ankle, ankle!” he exclaimed, pulling his leg back and holding it up in the air some.

Climbing up, Liz nodded and added, “You need ice.” Going over to the refrigerator and getting some, she got down a cloth and started to wrap it up.

“Alex? I thought I heard – Whoa! Your ankle look like a watermelon!” Maria exclaimed, coming into the back.

“Thanks,” he muttered, propping it up onto the couch slowly.

After shutting the back door and walking over to gently put the ice on it, Liz said, “Maybe you should go to the hospital.”

“No hospital,” Alex said loudly and nervously.

“What happened?” Maria questioned coming over and sitting on the arm behind Alex.

“I was simply trying to show Liz that I had some athletic ability when I had a…misfortunate accident,” Alex said vaguely.

“He tripped over a fire hydrant when he tried to jump it to pass me,” Liz amended.

“Oh…sweetie,” Maria cooed, leaning over and rubbing his arms. “Did you hurt anything else?”

“Only my pride,” he muttered, shrugging her off. “And besides, I can kick all of your Asses at Dodge ball, so I’ve proved my point.”

“Point proven,” Liz agreed. Picking up the ice and looking down, she sighed. “It’s getting bigger.”

Looking also, Maria winced. “Alex, hon, we better get you to the hospital – it could be broken.”

“No, look, it’s fine now,” Alex told them.

“Are you sure?” Liz asked skeptically.

“It’s fine,” he stressed, making his way to his feet. Placing the foot down on the floor, he gave them a pointed look. “See?”

“Yeah – ok, now put your weight on it,” Maria said suddenly.

“…I will…in a minute…” Swallowing, Alex pushed down on the ankle and clamped his mouth shut, muffling his moan.

“Lets go,” Liz exclaimed, taking his arm.

“No, I’m fine—“

“You can’t walk!” Maria told him. “You’re going to see someone.” Taking his other arm, they both escorted him out of the café.

Walking through his front door, Max paused for a brief second before shaking his head. It was like he could still see Liz and feel her hands on him everything he walked through it. He needed to just forget about that night – it had been almost 2 weeks and hadn’t heard one thing from Liz.

She knew where he lived and he knew squat about her.

He never got her phone number, her address, not even her last name!


Hearing Isabel’s soft voice, Max looked over and saw her creeping out of the kitchen while glancing into the living room.

“Iz?” he asked, shutting the door and taking off his coat.

“If I was you, I would have stayed out longer…”

Confused, Max was about to open his mouth when he was suddenly ‘jumped’ by a person.

“Maxie! I’ve missed you honey,” the girl exclaimed, wrapping her arms tight around his waist.

“T-Tess,” he stumbled out, gently pulling back some while sharing a look with Isabel, who raised an eyebrow before walking away.

“I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever,” Tess pouted, twirling one of her blonde curls around her finger. “Well…don’t you have a kiss for your girlfriend?”

Thought I should add this here: Don’t kill me!! I know this ending is sorta bad for Max and Liz, but just keep in mind that this is a M/L fic, not a M/T fic!!!

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Of course there’s more coming on that night!! We still have to find out how Max felt when Liz just up and left. And Liz’s car got there cause that’s what they drove to his house – they left the club in her car.
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PART 04 ~

“Tess…” Fighting off an impromptu kiss, Max pulled away once again and took a step back. “Tess—“

“Why are you being so distant?” she questioned, crossing her arms and giving him a look.

Sighing, Max suddenly felt very tired. “We already talked about this Tess.”

“Talked about what?” she asked, cuddling up against him again, instantly changing her attitude.

Instantly his mind envisioned how Liz had done the same exact thing as she had drifted off to sleep in his bed – she had curled up right against him, her head on his chest and her hair sprayed over his shoulder.

Suddenly angry, Tess sighed and pushed away from him, crossing her arms once again. “What’s is up with you? I mean, I come over here only to be treated like crap? I don’t think so!”

Hearing a door shut down the hallway, Max sighed and took Tess’s hand, noticing her smile and cringing on the inside – he didn’t want to lead her on – while he escorted her out onto the porch.

“Tess, why are you here?” he asked finally.

“I’m your girlfriend Max,” she stressed. “Why shouldn’t I be here?”

“Not anymore Tess…” Max answered, not liking the look that crossed her face. It was as if she didn’t even care what he said.

“That again?” Smiling sweetly, Tess tilted her head and added, “honey, everyone plays the ‘long-distance-relationships are hard’ card. I know we’ll be back together, so why are we kidding ourselves?”

Shocked, Max commented, “You know? Tess, we broke up. We both agreed that it was for the best.”

“I know I said that – and I really thought it was at that time,” she admitted. “But I’ve thought about it and I was wrong. We belong together Maxie. And a few measly miles isn’t gonna change that.”

Running a hand through his hair, Max blew all the air out of his lungs and stated finally, “it’s not just because I’m moving…”

“What are you talking about honey?” Tess asked.

Trying to be gentle, he added, “We had other problems.”

“No we didn’t,” she told him, keeping a smile in place even though her voice was strained.

“Yeah, we did.” Trying to keep his cool, Max took in a deep breath.

Dropping the smile, Tess suddenly demanded, “are you cheating on me?!”

“We’re not together!” Max exclaimed, getting frustrated. Knowing that getting mad wasn’t going to help him deal with her, he tried once again to calm himself down. “we broke up and—“

“There’s someone else,” Tess said to herself out loud, completely ignoring his outburst. “I can’t believe it! Who is she?!”

Running his hands down his face, Max groaned and muttered, “see this? This is why we’re over.”

“Who is she Max?!”

“There isn’t anybody else, Tess,” he stressed, instantly feeling guilty. Of course there was someone else, but Max didn’t even know if that someone else wanted to be his ‘someone else’. And he couldn’t just blurt out to Tess that he had slept with someone when he had been, basically, avoiding sleeping with her.

“Is this because we didn’t have sex?” she asked. “Cause we coulda had sex! I suggested us sleeping together quite a few times!”

Groaning, Max tilted his head back and sighed. “I’m going inside.”

“Are you breaking up with me for real?!” Tess exclaimed, her voice full of shock. “Cause if you are, you’ll regret it!”

Opening and slamming the door, Max nearly yelled out in frustration when he heard her add, “call me when you get settled in!”

“About damn time,” Isabel told him, walking over to look out the window by the door. “Took you forever to dump her ass.”

“What can I say? It suddenly hit me one night that she wasn’t what I was looking for,” Max muttered.

“And what are you looking for?”

Shrugging, Max looked around and sighed. “I’ll know when I find it.” He suddenly felt like he had a sign over his head flashing ‘he found it’.

Liz was everything that he wanted and even some things he never knew he did. She was beautiful, smart, sweet, funny, sexy – she was perfect.

And no where to be seen, he mind added resentfully,

“She’s not even crying…maybe you should’ve been harsher,” Isabel added, still looking out the window. “You coulda called her selfish or a slut – skank woulda worked too. Pretty much any word starting with an ‘S’ is good.”

“Been nice talking to ya Isabel,” Max said tiredly, walking down the hallway and going into his bedroom. Shutting the door and letting his body fall back onto the bed, he stared up at the ceiling for a moment before closing his eyes.

He felt guilty.

Guilty for leading Tess on for 2 years, for letting her think he was in love with her when he just tolerated her because he felt he had to out of obligation, for using his move as an excuse to break things off.

But most of all, he felt guilty for sleeping with Liz so soon after breaking up with Tess.

It’s not that he regretted it – nothing was going to make him regret meeting Liz and sharing what they had. That was the best night of his life and even if he never got to see her again – god forbid – he would always cherish that night.

But he did regret the role Tess played in it all.

They had dated for 2 years and she did mean something to him at one point.

“Don’t tell me you’re mourning your loss, cause I gotta tell ya: you didn’t lose much.”

“Do you even know the word ‘privacy’? Is there a reason you so interested in me suddenly?”

“It’s boring since everything’s packed up for the move.”

“I believe there’s a pack of cards in the kitchen.”

Ignoring him, Isabel sat down on the bed and added, “seriously Max…you and Tess weren’t right for each other. She was selfish and spoiled and too fake.”

“I’m well aware of how Tess is,” Max told her.

“Then why did you date her for so long?” his sister asked, clearly confused.

“Because…I was used to it.” Trying to find the right words, he sighed. “Me and Tess…I kept saying I would break it off, but it was second nature to just keep it up – I didn’t really have any reasons to stay, but I didn’t really have any to leave either.”

Thinking about it for a beat, Isabel finally questioned, “so what did it in?”

Looking at her, Max paused, “what do you mean? We’re moving and—“

“Yeah, yeah, that’s why you broke it off at first, but I’m talking about today,” she clarified. “I mean, I heard her mouthing off about another girl, but what is it really?”

Keeping silent, Max licked his lips and turned his head, placing his cheek down onto the pillow. He could still faintly sense her scent and he pulled it in deep. He had even went as far as telling his mom not to wash the pillowcase a few days ago so he would still be able to have some kind of memento of Liz.

“Do you believe in love at first sight?” Max asked his sister finally, speaking softly.

Caught off guard, Isabel paused before admitting, “I’d like to…though I’ve never experienced it. Why do you ask?”

“No reason,” he said, looking back toward the ceiling.

“Ok…I’ll leave you to your misery,” Isabel commented, standing up. “But I’m warning you, if I hear one Counting Crows song, the cd will get burned.”

Waiting for her to leave, Max reached over and turned on the small cd player beside his bed. It was pretty much all that was left in the room that wasn’t considered ‘furniture’ – all of the counter tops were bare. Tempted to put in his Counting Crow’s cd just to annoy Isabel, he thought better of it and stuck in another one of his favorites, listening to the guitar riff start up on track 01.

I feel it
This tension inside of me
Pressure that's presently pushing down on me
The first time
It starts with just you and I
Repeating myself but you don't hear me

Realizing how close this was to his ‘situation’ Max shook his head and laid back down, listening to the song.

I can see what you see
But is it worth it to me?
The same old conversation
Over and over and over

I'm just sick and tired
Of all those lies you tell me
You say those same things to me
Over and over and over
It's safe to say you're surprised
I see right through you this time
But I keep telling you
It's over it's over it's over

You've taken
These things that belong to me
Twisted so tightly and torn so carefully
The last time
It ends with just you and I
Alone in a room with these torn bed sheets

I can see what you see
And it ain't worth it to me
The same old conversation
Over and over and over

I'm just sick and tired
Of those lies you tell me
You say those same things to me
Over and over and over
It's safe to say you're surprised
I see right through you this time
But I keep telling you
It's over it's over it's over

You swore I'd regret it
Now thanks to you I can't forget it
Cost of this constant battle
Won't even miss you at all
Free from this life that you call

I'm just sick and tired
Of those lies you tell me
You say those same things to me
Over and over and over
It's safe to say you're surprised,
I see right through you this time
But I keep telling you
It's over it's over it's over

“This sucks.”

“It doesn’t suck,” Maria amended, fluffing the pillow on the couch.

“I’m on crutches!” Alex exclaimed. “It sucks.” Slowly placing his bandaged limb on the pillow, he sighed.

“Ok, maybe this is a setback,” Liz admitted. “But it’s only for a week – 2 at the most.” Placing the crutches within his reach, she added, “remember, don’t put any weight on your ankle or it’ll take longer.”

“Whatever,” he drawled out, crossing his arms.

Playfully slapping him on the back of the head, Liz told him, “doesn’t be a smart-ass.” Alex, in reply, stuck his tongue out and she laughed, sitting down on the couch also.

“Babe, just be happy that it’s only sprained and not broken,” Maria said.

“I know, I know – everyone told me that,” Alex answered.

“Just get some rest – watch tv, lounge out, ok?” Liz asked, patting his leg and standing up.

“Yeah, be good,” Maria added, kissing him on the cheek.

“Wait, you guys are leaving?” he asked, looking heartbroken.

“We gotta work – my dad let us have half the day off already. We can’t miss the late shift.”

“But…but how will I get around?”

“That’s what the crutches are for,” Maria told him.

“Yeah…but…” Trying to think something up, he admitted, “I don’t wanna be stuck home alone.”

Coming back over to sit down beside him, Liz smiled. Alex could be so dramatic sometimes. Thinking up a possible answer, she pondered out loud, “Ok, how about we have a sleep over Friday night?”

“A sleep over?” he repeated, looking skeptical. “Aren’t we a little too old for that?”

“No, that’s a great idea,” Maria added, liking the plan. “We can rent a ton of movies and binge out on pizza and ice cream and pop corn and candy and—“

“And gain a million pounds,” Liz threw in playfully. “It’ll be a blast. What do ya say?”

“You won’t be alone, and together, we can pry some deep, dark secrets out of Liz,” Maria added to Alex.

Getting the secret meaning in her words, Liz threw her friend a look before saying to Alex, “we on?”

“Sure – besides, what guy in their right mind would turn down the invite to spend the night with two gorgeous women?” Alex questioned, grinning.

“This is gonna be so much fun! Just like old times!” Maria gushed.

“No pixie sticks for her,” Alex added.

“Agreed,” Liz said quickly.

Smacking them both playfully, Maria pretended to be offended. “I guess that means I’ll have to bogart all the Nerds until one of you surrenders.”

“Those are my fave and you know it!”

“Sorry Alex.”

Laughing as her friends continued to mock-fight, Liz took in a deep breath and smiled, feeling at ease for once since the past week and a half.

Hearing the knock at his bedroom door, Max looked up from his packing and acknowledged his sister with a nod. Looking back down into the box, he asked, “explain to me again why I let you talk me into silk sheets?”

“They feel good against your skin,” Isabel said matter-of-factly.

“You just about done packing?”

Shrugging, she eluded, “I’m not too far behind where I won’t catch up.”

“Iz…” Max warned, “mom and dad are gonna have a fit if you’re not ready.”

“I know, I know,” she groaned, rolling her eyes. “I’m on it.”

Placing the last set into the box, Max realized they were the ones that had been on his bed the night Liz stayed over and he paused, staring down at them.

“So, it’s close now? We’re packing up the last of our stuff…clothes, bed sheets…” Walking over to his dresser, Isabel ran her finger along the bare top.

“Yep – close now,” he added, coming back to and packing the sheets.


Looking up at his sister, Max questioned, “What’s wrong Isabel?”

Shrugging, she wondered more into the room and admitted, “I’m gonna miss Michael.”

“I am too. But we can visit him on the weekends and he can visit us.”

“But it won’t be the same,” she said softly. Sitting down on the bed, she sighed deeply and added, “we’ve known him our whole lives Max – he was there with us, like us. I can’t just cut him out of my life.”

Nodding, Max said, “I know it’s gonna be weird without him around but—“

“It doesn’t just feel weird, it feels wrong Max,” Isabel exclaimed, standing up. “Don’t you feel it?”

Looking downward, Max sat down heavily on the bed. Just thinking about Michael was enough to make a pit form in his stomach and dread consume his whole body.

“Yeah…I feel it,” he admitted softly.

“I…I don’t think we should leave him Max,” Isabel whispered. “I think something bad is gonna happen if we do.”

Looking up at her, Max stated, “It’s just a feeling Isabel. Michael’s gonna be fine.”

“And you know how our feelings are Max!” Getting frustrated, Isabel grunted and tried again. “Max, we’ve just ignored and brushed it aside, but me, you and Mike, we have some kind of-of connection and we can’t break it – I know something’s gonna happen if we do!”

“What do you want me to do? Huh? Go to mom and dad and tell them we can’t move cause us and Michael are weird and won’t be split apart?!”

“No, I mean, maybe! I-I don’t know, ok? But would you just do something?” Letting her tone soften, she added, “I can’t just ignore how I feel Max…I won’t do it.”

Standing up, she left the room on that note.

2 weeks.

It had been exactly 2 weeks since that night.

2 weeks since she had experienced something so raw and sexual – something that took her to new heights.

It had been 2 weeks of torture.

Her mind constantly replayed it all over again. Sometimes the same exact way; sometimes the ending would change some and they would exchange phone numbers.

And, once, in a dream, it even went as far as Max asking her to stay that morning and they shared a romantic breakfast and a shower also…

Complete torture.

And, to top off her 2 weeks of torture, she had to close the café on a Friday night – she same night she had plans with her friends.

Alex had done called twice, wondering where she and Maria were. Maria, apologizing passionately, admitted that they got stuck working till closing and couldn’t make over to his house till late.

Real late.

It was finally 12 and the doors were locked, chairs were upside down on the tables, and Liz was almost done moping the main floor.

Wiping off her brow, she stopped and looked over at the jukebox, annoyed with the endless pop tunes coming out of it. Walking over, she tapped her finger on the side and looked over the song list, seeing the same songs she had for the past 2 years.

They really needed to update this thing.

“Ria, I’m turning on the radio,” Liz called out, hoping her friend heard her. Maria was in the back refilling the shelves, and endless task that she had been putting off for days now. Pulling out the small radio out from behind the counter, the one her father used sometimes when he did the books and wanted to listen to his own personal collection, she plugged it up and surfed through some stations, moving the antenna around.

Finding something with a good tune, she smiled and went back to grab the mop, using the accessory to ring it out. Hearing a new beat pumping out of the speakers, Liz bobbed her head to it and turned around, intending to re-mop the same area once more, but stopped cold in her tracks.

Someone was standing right outside the café doors.

But not just anyone…it was Max.

Freezing, Liz stared hard at him, shocked and confused on how and why he was even there. Opening her mouth to speak, she realized he couldn’t hear her and moved toward the door slowly, peeking over her shoulder for any signs of Maria.

They were still alone when Liz finally reached the door, and once again, she paused. Looking up at him, she saw the same clueless expression, yet his eyes seemed to churn and boil with intensity and desire.

Feeling her cheeks blaze, she reached up and turned the key hanging in the lock, the ‘click’ seeming to vibrate through the whole café. Opening the glass door, she stepped back and silently invited him in, her heart beating on double time as he entered, his eyes never once leaving her face.

Tell ya what I did last night
I came home, say, around a quarter till 3
Still so high, hypnotized, in a trance
From his body
So buttery brown and tantalizing

Meeting Max’s gaze, Liz slowly made her fingers let go of the door, the small thump of it closing being the only sound in the room besides the pounding music, and her heart, which was pounding just as fast.

His eyes seemed to caress her skin and body all over, and Liz literally had to make herself take in a gulp of air before she got any dizzier.

You woulda thought I needed help
From this feeling that I felt
So shook I had to catch my breath

“Max…” she whispered finally, her voice shaky and breathless from the emotions tearing through her body. Just being in close proximately of his body was enough to make her feel high and lightheaded.

“I can’t--…” he whispered back, his voice low and gravely. “I just…need…”

Before Liz could react or make a move herself, Max’s lips captured hers in a searing and passionate kiss.

Oops, there goes my shirt
Up over my head
Oh my
Oops, there goes my skirt
Dropping to my feet
Oh my
Ooh, some kind of touch
Caressing my legs
Oh my
Ooh, I’m turning red
Who could this be?

Sighing at the contact, Liz instantly opened up to Max, giving in to the feelings that she had been trying to repress lately. Reaching up and clutching the front of his jacket, she pulled him closer, making his arms go around her waist. She suddenly couldn’t get close enough.

Turning her head to allow Max a better access to her, Liz pulled his bottom lip into her mouth and sucked on it, grinning wickedly when she felt him shudder.

A second later his hands landed on her hips and pulled her into him, making her own body shudder this time.

I tried and I tried to avoid
But this thing was happening

Feeling Max start to steer them toward the counter, Liz matched his steps and walked backwards, knowing the table arrangements and maneuvering them safely to the bar without breaking contact.

Feeling a stool bump the back of her legs, Liz reached backwards and carelessly shoved it out of the way, barely registering the loud clatter it made falling to the floor.

Max’s hands traveled downward and grabbed her backside; making Liz break the kiss and take in some much needed air. Her whole body burned with sexual desire and she had to bite her lips to suppress another groan when Max thrust his hips into hers.

Swallow my pride, let it ride, and parted
But this body
Felt just like mines, I got worried

Breathing rapidly now, Liz eagerly jumped into Max’s arms when he lifted her and placed her up onto the counter top, his mouth latching onto her neck while his hands caressed her back and thighs. Running his one hand up and combing it through her hair, Max felt her antennas and plucked them out, tossing it away.

Wrapping her arms around his neck tightly, she urged him closer and locked her legs around his hips. Max’s lips continued to explore all the skin available to him and Liz let out a breathless cry of surprise when she felt his teeth gently bite down on her pulse point.

I looked over to the left
A reflection of myself
That’s why I couldn’t catch my breath

Somewhere along the lines Max had gotten a few buttons on her outfit open and he reached in, caressing her bare sides and back expertly. Through her muddled and very stimulated brain, Liz acknowledged this and reached downward herself, undoing some buttons on his shirt and pulling it out of his jeans so that her hands could slide under it.

Running her fingernails down his chest, Liz let them scrape over his muscles and smiled when she realized his own explorations had stopped. Looking at his face, she took in his aroused and desired features and started to bring her fingers back up, hearing the catch in his throat and feeling his muscles flinch.

Oops, there goes my shirt
Up over my head
Oh my
Oops, there goes my skirt
Dropping to my feet
Oh my

Throwing all her inhibitions out the window, Liz leaned down and kissed his exposed neck, glancing up under her eye lids to watch as Max let his head fall backwards. Raining open-mouthed kisses down his collarbone, she brushed his opened shirt aside and continued downward, letting her tongue trace the outline of his muscles.

Reaching her destination, Liz paused and glanced back up at Max again when she felt one of his hands cup the back of her head. His eyes were sealed shut and his mouth hung open just a little, as if he was trying to speak but couldn’t find the words.

Taking the plunge, Liz covered his nipple and sucked it into her mouth, circling it with her tongue. She heard Max’s shocked moan and did it again, this time using her teeth, raking them over it before using her tongue once more.

Ooh, some kind of touch
Caressing my legs
Oh my
Ooh, I’m turning red
Who could this be?

Max shuddered and instantly pulled her mouth back up his, upping the intensity of the kiss. Liz could barely tell where his mouth ended and hers began as their tongues dueled.

Feeling his hands on her bare back again, Liz arched her chest and let Max push her forward onto the edge of the counter, her legs wrapping tighter around him.

Groaning deeply when Max thrust his hips forward and grinded up against her, Liz arched her back even more and sighed breathlessly. Max, his breathing rapid and shallow too, continued to kiss down her neck and chest.

I looked over to the left
Hmm…I was looking so good I couldn’t reject myself

Turning her head, Liz gazed out through her heavy eyelids and caught a glimpse of herself and Max in the mirror, suddenly transfixed by the sight. Watching as his back flexed each time he grinded against her, Liz reached around and ran her hands up his spine, making him bite down some on her neck.

I looked over to the left
Hmm…I was feeling so good I had to touch myself

Leaning backwards, Liz let her body go and gave in totally to Max, watching in the mirror as he pushed her skirt up higher on her hips. Locking her eyes onto his hands, her breath caught in her throat as she felt his fingers slip under her panties and teasingly caress her hip.

I looked over to the left
Hmm…I was eyeing my thighs, butter-pecan pride

Moaning breathlessly, Liz pushed forward into his hand, her body aching for him to give her something, anything. Feeling and watching at the same time as the hand was removed from her hip, she whimpered helplessly and nearly started to cry in frustration.

Desire and lust pumped through her veins like fire and she intensely needed a release. Leaning backwards, Liz pulled Max with her, making him lean over the counter to keep their bodies close.

I looked over to the left
Hmm…coming out of my shirt and then my skirt came down

Pushing his jacket and opened shirt off of his shoulders, Liz tossed it aside and ran her hands over all of his newly exposed skin, her eyes following their movements through the mirror.

Being pushed backwards even more, Liz looked away from the mirror and kissed Max deeply, laying down on the counter while he climbed up on it with her, his body looming over hers.

Oops, there goes my shirt
Up over my head
Oh my
Oops, there goes my skirt
Dropping to my feet
Oh my
Ooh, some kind of touch
Caressing my legs
Oh my
Ooh, I’m turning red
Who could this be?

“Hmm…oh…Max,” she exclaimed, feeling her whole body shudder when he was finally laying on top of her, their bodies touching everywhere possible. His hands had already undone the rest of her outfit and he was pushing it aside, trailing kisses down her chest.

Oh my…


Instantly being shocked into opening her eyes, Liz whipped her head around and saw Maria standing in the doorway, the forgotten mop in her hands. “What about Max?”

Looking at the empty counter, Liz could feel her cheeks turning red and she locked her eyes onto the floor, trying to get control of her emotions.

Her body was still reacting to the intense fantasy – her heart thundering in her chest and her pulse racing. Swallowing deeply, she closed her eyes and took in a deep, shaky breath, trying to make it come out more steadily.

“Liz? What’s wrong girl?” Maria asked, noticing her strange behavior.

“Noth-“ Clearing her throat when her voice came out scratchy, Liz tried again and said, “nothing. I just spaced some.”

Seeming to finally buy it, Maria nodded and indicated the mop, adding, “you just about done? Alex is probably going stir crazy by now.”

Nodding herself, Liz asked, “You got the movies?” trying to make her voice come off casual.

“Yep.” Beaming, Maria started into the back, waiting for her to follow. “I got Idle Hands for Devon Sawa, The Fast and The Furious for Paul Walker and Vin Diesel, A Knights Tale for Heath Ledger, and Dirty Dancing] cause you can’t have a sleepover without watching Patrick Swayze shake his ass.”

Making herself actually pay attention to what Maria was saying, Liz nodded and added finally, “um, yeah, good choices. Cute guys for us and enough action to satisfy Alex. Good.”

“If it’s even possible, you’re acting even more weirder now,” Maria commented as they opened their work lockers. “You wanna talk about it?”

Feeling her cheeks blaze again, Liz shook her head and muttered, “no,” hinting at her friend to drop it.

“Ok, fine, but I’m telling you this – if you have any feelings for this Maxie-boy, any what-so-ever, you better do something about ‘em before you regret it.” Leaving her with that information, Maria headed for the backdoor.

Springing up in his bed, Max panted and scanned the room quickly, recognizing the familiar setting. Closing his eyes and falling backwards in exhaustion, he laid limp, trying to ignore how the silk sheets stuck to his sticky body.

Covered in sweat and trying to catch his breath, Max lazily reached over and flicked off his radio, annoyed with the hauntingly familiar beat drumming out of the speakers. He didn’t know where he had heard the song, but it wasn’t helping.

Lying in the silent room, he stared at the ceiling, feeling as if his heart was about to jump out of his chest. Taking in a deep breath, he finally sat up and swung his legs over the side of the bed, leaning down and taking in another deep breath.

God…that dream…

He could still feel Liz’s body, still feel her lips and hands on him, and still hear her breathless cries of pleasure. And, god, when they climbed up onto that counter and he started to explore her body…

Moaning, Max hung his head even more and cursed.

He really shouldn’t think about the dream. Cause it was just that: a dream. He didn’t need that and the real thing both plaguing his mind. Nor did he need all the other fantasies he had cooked up the last 2 weeks.

It was bad enough that he couldn’t escape her memory when he was awake – he daydreamed about her in the shower, her and him in the shower together – but he really didn’t need it coming after him in his sleep also.

But there was something about this dream that kept nagging at his mind, even when he stood up and started to pace. All the other ones, the shower, eating breakfast together, her not running off before he got her phone number, they all happened at his house; in familiar settings.

But tonight’s…where the hell were they? And what was Liz wearing? Some little green dress and antennas? Where do you dress like that? And what about the drawings all over the walls?

Granted, he hadn’t looked that close, but there had been little men and space ships and stuff like that all over them.

“A restaurant…” Max murmured out loud, the answer just coming to him. They had been in some kind of a restaurant somewhere. But where? It wasn’t from around here and he’d never seen anything like it.

Where could it be from? He’d never traveled much – his mom and dad were always busy with some case or another, which limited their vacation options. The only place they ever visited was their grandparents place in West Virginia, but he didn’t remember ever seeing anything like that there.

Stopping in mid pace and sighing disgustedly, Max ran his hands over his head and pulled on his hair, hoping the pain would snap him out of the thoughts. When it didn’t work, he grunted and left his bedroom, going down the hallway and heading for the stairs.

Seeing a light coming out from under Isabel’s door, he stopped and backtracked, hesitating before knocking.


Opening the door, Max poked his head in and froze, his eyes bulging. “You’re dead.”

“I am not dead,” she exploded, carrying an armload of clothes over to her bed and dropping them hastily into an open box.

“6 feet under.” Looking around the cluttered and messy room, Max shook his head. Clothes, books, cd’s, knick-knacks – all of Isabel’s personal things were thrown about the room.

“Look, either help me pack or leave me be. Which is it?” she snapped, going back over to the closet for another armload.

Weighing his options, Max muttered, “help,” and shut the door behind him. Glancing around, he pointed toward her desk and added, “I’ll pack up the computer.”

“Oh! Make sure you secure my files first!”

Pausing halfway down to the seat, he asked, “You haven’t did that yet?”

“I wasn’t gonna do it until I had to.”

“We’re leaving tomorrow at 10 am!”

Waving him off, Isabel went back to packing.

Going about the task of securing her computer files, Max could feel his mind start to wonder and asked his sister quickly, “How did you let this happen? You’re usually so organized.”

Huffing, Isabel explained, “well, while you have been packing and basically in-folding into your own little world the past few weeks, I’ve been visiting Michael and trying to deal with the things happening to us. Unlike you, who wants to pretend everything’s fine and dandy.”

“I’m not just pretending everything’s ‘fine and dandy’, ok?”

“So how’d you react to Michael’s revelation?” she questioned.

Not answering her question, Max kept on working on the computer, his eyes glued onto the screen. Listening to Isabel moving about behind him, he sighed and rubbed at his temple.

Well, at least he wasn’t thinking about Liz.

Grunting in frustration, Liz flopped onto her back and scanned Alex’s room for his clock, seeing that it was only 6:10 in the morning. She had been tossing and turning for 2 hours now.

Sitting up, Liz noticed the sun was starting to come up through the window and she winced, wondering how big the bags under her eyes were going to be. Hearing a snort and muttered mumbling, she eyed Maria, who was zonked out on the floor a few feet away.

This was all her fault; Maria and her stupid comments.

She had hinted all night long to Alex about something, never once actually saying it, but hinting that Liz had something she was keeping a secret.

Crawling passed the bed, where Alex was soundly sleeping, Liz nudged her on the shoulder.

“5 more minutes mom,” Maria mumbled, rolling over onto her stomach.

Snorting, Liz pounded on her back, making her friend cry out, “what do you want?”

“This is all your fault,” Liz hissed, not wanting to wake up Alex.

“Lizzie…we just went to bed a few hours ago,” she moaned. “I can’t decipher your crap right now.”

“Maria, you told me to do about Max, so I am!”

Huffing, Maria rolled over and cracked open an eye to check the time. “Yeah, ok, I told ya to do something, but not at 6 am!”

“I’ve been thinking all night and I’ve come to a solution,” Liz added firmly.

Wiping at her eyes, Maria nodded. “Fine, you’ve come to a solution.”

“And I need your help.”

“How can I help?”

Standing up, Liz started to pull on a pair of pants. “I need your car keys.”

Sitting up herself, Maria asked, “why?”

Throwing on her thin jacket and zipping it up, Liz turned to Maria and stated, “I’m going to Max’s house.”

Hope you guys liked it!! Now, go leave feedback!!!! *bounce*

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SpAcEgUrL370 -- Of course, dreams like those are always good... *bounce*

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And, yeah, Isabel is acting kinda childish in this fic, like in S1, but it starts to change when they move. And, no, I'm not gonna make anything happen to Michael -- at least, I hadn't thought about it...
I'm trying to make Max and Liz's connection seem as real as possible with the fantasies and stuff, making them start to wonder what's happening, which makes them both start to act weird, which everyone notices -- especially Maria. And yeah, she does kinda think Liz lost it! *big* But she starts to back her in the next part, when Liz makes a decision concerning Max...
Actually, the whole 'Isabel-being-late-with-her-packing' thing had nothing to do with making time for Liz to arrive. I was trying to show how shook up she was about leaving Michael -- their powers are being activted and everything is a lot to take in.
Actually, I tried writting Tess nice, but I couldn't do it!! LoL
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Ok, back to Roswell and this fic – the song in this part is ‘Caught In The Sun’ by Course Of Nature. I adore this song and had to use it! Just so ya know, and can get a better feel for the lyrics in case you’ve never heard the song, it’s kinda slow (think ‘Lifehouse’ and ‘The Calling’) Anyway, it’s a great song!
So, ok, you can go read the fic now *big*
Enjoy! *bounce*

PART 05 ~

Jogging down the steps on Alex’s front porch, Liz had just about reached the ground when Maria came running out the front door, her robe swung around her carelessly.

“Liz, hold up,” she called out.

“I’ve made up my mind – I gotta see Max,” Liz announced, going across the lawn.

“Ok, and I agree, seeing Max is good, but not at 6 am!” Wincing when the cold ground hit her feet, she added quickly, “he might not be a morning person! Lord knows I ain’t!” Pulling the robe closer to her body, she huffed and rubbed her hands together. “It’s freezing! Why is it freezing?! This is freakin’ New Mexico!”

Reaching the little Jetta, Liz sighed and turned around, looking at her friend, “look, it takes 2 hours to get to Clovis – it’ll be almost 9 when I get there.” Giving her a pointed look, Liz opened the car door and got behind the wheel. “And, also, it’s 6 am and the sun is barely up – it’s gonna be cold!”

“Lizzie, Liz!” Maria whined, racing over and climbing in the passenger side, rubbing her cold feet on the floor. “Just think rationally here.”

Laying her head back, Liz moaned. “Maria…I can’t take it any more. He’s-he’s driving me insane! I gotta see Max again; even if it’s just to say sorry for running out on him then never see him again. I need some kind of closure.”

Thinking about it for a second, Maria finally relented and nodded. “Fine…but promise me one thing.”


“Go home and change first,” she said, smiling. “You have that whole, ‘slept-in’ look.”

Laughing softly, Liz promised.

“Good luck, chica,” Maria added, reaching over and rubbing her arm reassuringly, then climbed out of the car, waving slightly when Liz pulled off.

Rubbing her cold arms, Maria started to wander back toward Alex’s house, pondering out loud, “She has got it so bad…”

“Watch the corner…” Phillip Evans advised, hovering close by as the movers carried his cherry red desk out the front door. “This was very expensive…”

Seeing the scene at the door, Diane sighed and walked over, placing a hand on her husbands arm. “Phillip, leave the men be and go see to your children.”

Mumbling a reply, he gave the movers one last look the obliged, heading toward the steps. “Kids, how’s it coming?!” he called out.

“We’ve got the last of it,” Max answered, coming out of the hallway and starting down the staircase, walking backwards. Him and Isabel each had different ends of her vanity, trying to keep it balanced between them.

“Here, let me help,” Phillip offered, taking Isabel’s side when he reached them.

“Thanks a bunch dad,” she said. “My hands were starting to slip.”

Grunting with the weight, he got out, “how did you guys carry this that far?”

“It’s not that heavy,” Max told him, seeming to easily lift the object.

“Yeah, you’re just outta shape daddy,” Isabel teased.

“Whoa, watch out guys,” Diane advised lightly, moving out of the way as Max and Phillip headed for the front door. Turning to her daughter, she asked, “Was that it from upstairs?”

“Yeah, the last of it.”

“Good. Then that only leaves the living room suit.”

“Which the movers are gonna take care of on the second trip, so we’re free to go,” Phillip announced, coming back through the front door, wiping at his brow. “I’m assuming they’ll be able to handle it…without breaking or damaging anything,” he muttered, eyeing them wearily, which made Diane sighed deeply.

“Already?” Max questioned, having followed him back inside.

“Yeah, it’s not even 8 yet,” Isabel added, checking the clock.

“Then we’ll get a better head-start.”

“But dad…Michael…”

“We told him we weren’t leaving till 10,” Max explained.

Diane, looking between her children then at her husband, said finally, “I guess we can wait some Phillip…”

“I’ll call him,” Isabel offered hopefully, going for the phone. “I’ll tell him to hurry up.”

Sharing a look with Diane, Phillip sighed and walked off, signaling for her to follow. Starting to walk away, she paused and told her son, “We’ll wait for him.”

Nodding, Max crossed his arms and smiled softly, not being able to stop a pit from forming in his stomach.

Pulling down the visor to keep the morning sun out of her eyes, Liz sighed and leaned her elbow on the windowsill, trying in vain to keep herself occupied.

Glancing at the clock radio, she saw it was already 8:30.

Pressing her foot down harder on the gas, Liz flew down the bypass.

“Ok guys, we waited long enough.”

“But dad…” Glancing at Max for help, Isabel added, “I don’t know where he is but he’ll be here soon – he knows we’re leaving today.”

“Michael’s just running a little late,” Max said. “I know he’ll come…”

Checking his watch, Phillip sighed. “Ok, 15 more minutes, then we’re gone.”

“He’ll…” Trailing off, Isabel smiled and headed down toward the road.

Looking also, Max chuckled and jogged after her, waiting for the motorcycle to pull up.

Taking off his helmet, Michael looked around. “Looks like you guys were about to blast off.”

“But not without seeing you,” Isabel added, pulling him into a hug.

Seeing the off-ramp for Clovis, Liz sat up straighter and took it, feeling very nervous suddenly. She had stopped at home first to take a quick shower and change, but she still felt completely blah. It was as if nothing in her closet seemed right.

She finally decided on her low-rise jeans and a red off-the-shoulder top, trying to look casual yet sexy.

“Here goes nothing,” she mused out loud, heading into the town.

“Take care. I hear Roswell’s pretty exciting and fast,” Michael drawled out.

“We will.” Giving him one last hug and a kiss on the cheek, Isabel finally climbed behind the wheel of the jeep, giving the two boys some time alone to say goodbye.

Smiling, Max walked over and looked at his best friend. “So…I’m moving…”

“I guess so.” Shrugging, Michael looked around and sighed. “It’s gonna be weird without you guys being so close.”

“I’m always just a phone call away. Plus, we’ll visit on weekends. And you can come and see Roswell.”

“Oh yeah, can we please go to the alien museum?” Michael cracked. “That place is so lame.”

“Oh, just admit it: you’d love it.”

Rolling his eyes, Michael looked away once again.

Getting serious, Max cleared his throat and said finally, “we gotta go…”

“Yeah, you might be late.”

Reaching out, Max pulled Michael into a quick embrace. “You know I’ll miss ya buddy.” Patting him on the back, Max pulled back and headed for the jeep.

“Bye Michael! We’ll call as soon as we get there!” Isabel added, starting the jeep and waving at him. Nodding, Michael climbed on his bike and put on his helmet before skidding off.

“I guess this is it…” Isabel said softly, letting the jeep idle in the driveway.

“Yeah…” Looking up at his old bedroom window, Max sighed, letting old memories roll around his brain. Glancing around at all the other houses and front lawns, he nodded at his sister, indicating for to her pull away.

It was gonna be a long drive.

You’re my distance
Destination of choice
I’d give anything
Just to hear your voice
I could have passed you on the street
Without saying a word
Most times, I miss the voice
That goes unheard

Turning down a semi familiar street, Liz sat up straighter and glanced out both sides of the windows, trying to spot the turn to the lane his house was on. Hearing the engine of a motorcycle, she watched interestedly as it roared past her.

This didn’t seem like the kind of development to have motorcycles in it, but hey, whatever. Looking back forward again, Liz spotted a turn that looked familiar and she took it, making yet another one a few moments later. Glancing around again, she realized it was indeed his street and nearly stopped right in the middle of the road.

Two houses up and on the left, sat Max’s home.

What if I missed you
You got caught in the sun
What if I did something
Never to be undone

Pulling into the empty driveway, Liz turned off the car finally, but still remained in the seat. Staring up at the house, she studied the bare windows and felt a tingle go down her spine.

Ignoring the small inkling in her mind that something had happened, she blamed it on her nerves and slowly climbed out of the car, taking in a deep breath once the door was shut.

People everywhere
How could I be sure
If it’s you that I
Have been looking for

Pausing, Liz suddenly freaked. What was she doing exactly? Coming all the way back here just to say, “sorry I ran out on you,” and then do it again?! Was she just gonna tell him that and leave, or actually stay and talk to him?!

Why hadn’t she thought about this on the drive?! It had taken over 2 hours! She’d had plenty of time!!

What would it take for me
To be comfortable
With you, with me
You’re the chosen one

Shaking her head, Liz muttered, “stop thinking and just do it!”

Taking in yet another deep breath, she finally started to walk across the lawn, eyeing the tire tracks in the grass. It looked like a pretty huge truck had been pulled right up to the door.

Ignoring that too, she climbed up the steps and onto the porch.

What if I missed you
You got caught in the sun
What if I did something
Never to be undone

Standing in front of the door, she paused yet again. Getting frustrated, she nearly yelled out, “just do it already!”

Straightening her back, Liz reached out and rapped her knuckles determinedly on the door, giving it three hard knocks before pulling her hand back down. After standing there for a minute and no one answered, she knocked again, this time less determined than before.

You are there for me
This I hope and pray
You are there for me
I won’t be too late

As if the door was opened a slight bit and just needed a push, it swung free suddenly, making her jump back. Realizing that no one was behind it, she stepped forward again, calling out softly, “hello…anyone home?

Glancing around the area then back at the house, Liz pushed the door open some, going into the house. Shocked at what she saw, Liz walked into the home a little bit further, her eyes taking in everything.

It was completely bare. Everything was gone.

What if I missed you
You got caught in the sun
What if I did something
Never to be undone

Swallowing the lump forming in her throat, Liz quickly headed for the stairs, taking them 2 at a time as she raced up them. Jogging down the hallway, she reached his bedroom door and yanked it open, her face falling when she found it completely empty also.

Walking in slowly, she left the door open behind her, going to the middle of the bare room.

Max had moved.

And she missed him.

Will you wait for me
Or will I be too late this time
You are there for me
This I hope and pray…

Hearing someone in the doorway behind her, Liz felt her heart jump up into her throat. Spinning around, she looked at who it was and froze, completely caught off guard and nervous for being found inside their house.


Feeling a tingle at the base of his neck, Max sat up some. Realizing that something was off, he thought some and glanced around quickly before looking at Isabel and saying, “I think I forgot something.”

“forgot what?”

Looking to see if anything was missing, he indeed found something. “my cd’s – I put ‘em on the counter to bring for the ride.”

“so?” she questioned, not seeing the problem.

“so? so, forgot them.” And I really wanna go back for some reason, he added silently. He wasn’t sure why, but something was telling him to turn around.


Shrugging, Isabel told him, “I’m sure the movers will pick ‘em up. Dad told them to get everything that was left in the house.”

“but I wanted to bring them for the ride,” Max added, trying to convince her to turn around.

“we’ll deal – there is a radio.”

“but I wanted to listen to them…” Practically whining, he eyed her.

Looking at him quickly, she asked, “You want me to go back?”

“yes.” Looking over his shoulder, toward the direction of his house, he stated, “Just turn around.”

“I’m not going back just for your cd’s!”


“Max, why is it so important that we go back?” she demanded. “dad’s been rushing us all morning – we’re late enough as it is by his time.”

Thinking for a second, he said, “I don’t wanna lose them.”

“and I told you that the movers will get your damn cd’s.”

“well…I…” Trailing off, Max sighed in frustration and finally admitted, “Look, I just wanna go back.”

“why?” Isabel asked again.

“because…” Not knowing the answer, Max racked his mind for the reason why he felt that way, but he was still just as clueless a few moments later, and now had a headache for his effort.

Isabel, stopping for a red light, looked over and eyed him, still waiting for the answer. Seeing the bypass exit up ahead, Max licked his lips and looked back at her.

Sighing, Isabel rolled her eyes and muttered, “it’ll take us at least 10 minutes there and back,” before making a u-turn.


Eyeing her in shock, he asked finally, “what are you doing here?”

Licking her lips, Liz fidgeted with her hands and answered finally, “I um, I was…the door was open and…” Realizing that she sounded stupid, she paused and made herself say calmly, “I’m looking for Max.”

As an after thought, she asked, “there was a Max living here, right?”

“He moved,” the guy said courtly, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Oh…I kinda figured, ya know, since everything is…gone,” Liz added. The guy continued to stare at her and she paused, taking in his dark, kinda spiky hair and dark eyes, recalling something Max had told her. Timidly, she asked, “um, are-are you Michael?”

Surprised, he let his arms fall and threw back at her, “and you are..?”

“Liz. Liz Parker.” When Michael just continued to stare at her, she shifted and added, “he hasn’t mentioned me to you?” If what Max had told her was true, then this was his best friend here. And didn’t guys usually share things with their best friends? It definitely didn’t look good if he was in the dark about her.

“Max’s never mentioned a ‘Liz’ before.”

Having her fear confirmed, Liz mumbled softly, “oh…” before heading for the door. “I should, um…I should go…” Not waiting for his response, she started down the stairs.

“Hey, um, Liz,” Michael called out, following her some.

Halfway down the steps, she stopped and finally turned around. “yeah?”

“2 weeks ago. The club,” he told her, coming down the steps.

“Yeah,” Liz repeated, going down the last few steps to the bottom level of the house. Maybe Max had said something after all…

“You were with Maria.”

Remembering that Michael was indeed the guy Maria made out with, Liz looked at him and nodded. “yeah…that’s right – Maria.” Getting that Max hadn’t even mentioned her to his best friend, she felt her face go red and headed for the door again. “I gotta go.”

Walking briskly to Maria’s Jetta and climbing behind the wheel, Liz started it and pulled out of the driveway, refusing to look in the rear-view mirror. If Max had put her in the past, she was going to put him there too.

Pulling up to the curb in front of his house, Max climbed out of the jeep and paused, stopping to watch a little red car turn the corner down the street.

Will you wait for me
Or will I be too late this time
You are there for me
This I hope and pray…

“I love that song,” Isabel gushed, finally turning the car off.

Finding Max still staring down the road, she looked also and asked, “What are you looking at?”

Finally looking away, he said softly, “nothing…I guess.”

Climbing out of the jeep also, Isabel walked around to join him and exclaimed, “Hey, Michael’s here!” spotting his motorcycle.

Sharing a look, they both headed for the porch, reaching it just as Michael came out of the house.

“What are you doing here?” Isabel asked, happy yet confused.

“I was about to ask you guys the same thing.”

“Max forgot his cd’s,” she added when Max kept quiet, still glancing down at the road occasionally. Isabel motioned toward the lock. “how did you get in?”

“It was open.” Scratching at his head, Michael looked at Max before admitting, “there was someone else here too…”


“She was looking for Max.”

Giving Michael his full attention, Max questioned, “There was girl looking for me?”

Michael nodded. “yeah. She said her name was Liz and—“

“Liz was here?” Max all but shouted. “at the house, looking for me?”

Confused even more, Isabel turned to her brother. “who’s Liz?”

“Did she tell you anything?” Max questioned Michael, ignoring her. “did she leave a number? Address? A last name?”

“Uh…’something-or-other’? I don’t remember it,” he admitted, eyeing Max suspiciously.

“Damn,” Max cursed, throwing his hands up and running them through his hair. “She didn’t tell you anything?”

“What did you want him to do Max? Play 20 questions with whoever it was?” Isabel added.

“No…no, of course not,” he relented, sighing deeply. “I can’t believe I missed her…”

“Just barely. She left it that red Jetta.”

Spinning to look down the at the empty road and half expecting to see her, Max told them, “but Liz doesn’t drive a Jetta.”

Shaking her head, Isabel looked between both guys and demanded, “Someone wanna fill me in?”

“No,” Max exclaimed, turning red. “We gotta go, come on.” Heading back toward the jeep, he left Isabel and Michael alone on the porch.

“What the hell has gotten into him?”
Turning toward her, Michael deadpanned, “I think Liz ‘whats-her-name’ has.”

Suddenly the jeep’s horn sounded shrilly.

Rolling her eyes, Isabel shook her head and told Michael, “I’ll call you later,” before heading down the steps.

Pulling into Alex’s driveway, Liz killed the engine and sat there, staring at his garage door.

What had she been thinking? She’d show up at Max’s, 2 weeks after spending the most magical night together, which she ruined by running out on, and he’d be all ecstatic to see her? That he would just pull her close and rain kisses all over her body, vowing to never let her leave his side again?

Not that she wanted that to happen.


But it woulda beat showing up there only to find out that he had moved to god only knows where, and he hadn’t even told his best friend about her! Did their experience mean that little to him?

Even she had told somebody!

She lost her virginity to him, and she took his. They now shared a special bond that could happen only once in a lifetime, something that no else on the face of the earth could claim to have with her.

But, Liz thought bitterly, I guess that doesn’t matter since all I am to him is a fading memory.

Disgusted with herself, Liz reached up to rub her face, only to find her cheeks wet. Looking in the mirror, she was shocked to see she was crying. She was sitting in Maria’s mothers’ Jetta, in Alex’s driveway, crying cause Max didn’t tell his friend about her.

Disgust suddenly turned to pity and Liz laughed bitterly, wiping the few tears away. Climbing out the car, she shut the door and folded her hands across her chest, making her way toward the house. Looking up to see Maria standing on the porch, no longer in her nightgown, she stopped.

Maria’s smile, which seemed to be just begging to ask, ‘so, how’d it go’ slowly started to fall when she got a good look at Liz’s face, the answer evident. “I’m so sorry honey,” she said softly, coming down the steps to embrace her. “I know you liked him…”

Even though she wanted to strongly deny it, Liz swallowed and realized, that for the brief moment she had been walking back across Max’s lawn and reliving everything that she was experience with him, she did feel for him. She had convinced herself on the way there that she was only going to get some closure, when, deep down, she really wanted to see Max again and get lost in him like before.

Laying her head down onto Maria’s shoulder, Liz sealed her eyes shut, trying to hold her tears in, even though they still coursed down her cheeks. she knew she was sobbing loudly, especially when she heard Alex call out, “Liz? what’s wrong?” from his spot wobbling in front of the door.

All the while, in her head, Liz could faintly hear Max’s voice, stating the last words he had said to her, right before she had drifted off to sleep in his arms.

promise me you’ll never forget, cause this nights means more to me than you’ll ever know…”

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I know you guys really wanted Max and Liz to see each other again in this part, but I do have a plan, so don't worry -- they will be together again soon!! And I know a lot of you asked why Max never told Micheal about Liz, and I didn't have him do that cause I can see Max as being the kind of guy who doesn't go around bragging about his 'conquests' and things like that -- he seems like a kinda personal person.

BTW, rattlebox, I didn't even notice all those typo's until I had posted the part!! I used my spellchecker, but I somehow made it ignore the rule about capalizing words -- I'm not sure exactly what happened, but it skipped all that and I didn't realize it! I fixed them all on my Microsoft Word file, so I'm taken care of; I'm not too worried about them being posted with mistakes. It's not like no one else has mistakes in their stories *big*

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It's really starting to bug me!! Anyway, I'm sorry I'm taking so long with this part. I've been trying to work on this, but my mind is just goo, and I also found some Dark Angel fanfic, and I've been losing myself in a world where Max and Alec are a couple! No offense to all you Logan fans out there, but Max and Alec are too perfect for each other!! Plus, I also found some Gilmore Girls fic, and well, Rory and Jess are just too cute!!

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JDreamer -- I've finally decided on how I'm gonna let them meet, but I'm not gonna give it away...I will say this though: their meeting gives Max the 'upper hand' in their little relationship!!!

the better twin -- I'm gad your father was able to fix your computer!! Luckily for me, mine didn't crash (I'd be pulling my hair out strand by strand in a padded room if it had and completely lost all my fics!!!!) it's just being a bitch and not letting me open any Microsoft Word files, so my fics are still there, I just can't get to them.

But I've been trying to work on them on my laptop, but it's coming slow. I must just be picky cause it's just so diff from my regular desk-top and I can't get in the right...I don't know, writting mood I guess. I have good news though: I wrote another scene this morning, so it should be done in a few days!!!!!

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It's kinda funny cause there's a Max on that show, but she's a girl, and there's an Alec instead of Alex. Now that I think about it, Max G (on DA) does kinda remind me of Max Evans. They both try and protect the others and act like they always know what's best.
But Alec is nothing like our Alex. So different, but I love 'em both! *bounce*

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It may not seem like much, but what happens because of this scene is the best part!! I don't wanna give it away, though some of you might know what I'm planning, cause I kinda have a big mouth and I remember telling a few peope already, anyway, you're gonna have to wait for me to post it to find out!!!!!! *tongue*


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I'm sorry, but I am highly upset over the season finale for 'Dark Angel'! Don't get it wrong, it was good, great even, but there was no love for us Max/Alec shippers. It was like he dissapeared after his first big 'hostage' sceen, and all we saw of him after that were snippets of him milling around in the background untill they decided to let him get his ass kicked!! And, please, I refuse to believe that Logan fought better than him!! Exo-skeleton or not, there was no way that stupid thing made someone, with no prier training, fight better than an X5, whose had years and years of military training!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry about that...I just feel very strongly that Alec shoulda been giving more scenes and credit in 'Freak Nation'. And, hello, weren't him and Max supossed to be 'together' in front of Logan???? What happened to that?? I mean, they'd spent the last few eps building this great relationship between the two, only to have it all fall down because Logan finally realized that he could touch Max if he put in a pair of gloves! Well, duh!! I've been thinking that since 'Designate This'! 'Just put on gloves or something' -- but I don't want that now!! Why did he have to realize this now, after I've been lost to the Alec side? *sad*

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I'm glad Max is the leader -- she'll be good at it. Plus, she's got Alec and Joshua as her 'seconds-in-command', so she can't go wrong. Plus, even though I'm not wanting to admitt this, she's got Logan too, who might be able to help...he might know a thing or two...

Quick questions guys, don't ya think Zack has seen all the news reports on the transgenics by now? I mean, he isn't that far away. Wouldn't ya think they would spark his memory or something? And what about Max's other brother and sisters? I mean, where's Krit and Syl? Why haven't they come back yet? And what Brin -- they aren't dead, are they? I can't remember. My mind only seems to wanna remember the big things between the main characters for some reason today!

As you see, since I'm replying, I have snuck upstairs to my internet connection -- I'm sorry, but Corbin is asleep and my inner-self couldn't resist the temptation! It would be like putting me infront of Jensen Ackles or Nicholas Brendon and saying "don't touch!!!!" I couldn't not touch!!

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AN: Ok, I’m sooooooooooooo sorry this part took so long to get up, and it’s not even very big *sad* I promise some more M/L action in the next part, ok?

PART 06a ~

Maria poured the herbal tea into the mug, taking in a deep breath from the vapors. Placing the pot back on the counter, she picked up the mug and went into the Whitman’s living room, pausing to look at Liz, who was sitting on the couch, staring down at her knees.

She looks so lost, Maria thought sadly, heading over slowly.
”Here honey, this should make you feel better,” she told her gently, holding out the tea.

“Thanks,” Liz said automatically, taking the mug and sitting it right down on the coffee stand, not bothering to take a sip of the steaming liquid.

“You know, um, it’s lavender tea - might help,” Maria offered, taking a seat in the chair closest to Liz.

“I know…” Liz said finally, her face apologetic. “I’ll drink it, I promise.”

“It’s no good later, try it now,” Maria coaxed her, waiting to see if Liz was gonna re-act like she usually did when she pleaded with her to try some new remedy she had found. Liz and Alex both thought her ‘remedies’ and beliefs were out there and teased her about it constantly. It was like a running joke to them.

When Liz just continued to look down, Maria sighed and admitted, “I don’t care if you drink the stupid tea, ok? I just wanna make sure you’re ok and-“

“I’m fine, Maria.” Taking in a deep breath, Liz smiled slightly and told her, “and thanks, but you don’t have to do this. I know you’re trying to help, but, um, lavender tea isn’t really my favorite.”

“I coulda made mint,” Maria mumbled. Taking in how Liz’s smile didn’t even reach her eyes, she asked, “You wanna tell me what happened?”

Pulling her legs up to her chest, Liz pretended to pick imaginary lint-balls off of her jeans. “No, not really.”

“Wanna tell me why you don’t wanna tell me?”

“Cause there’s nothing to tell.”

“Really?” Maria added, not believing her. “So it was ‘nothing’ that made you burst into tears when you showed up here?”

Sighing, Liz tilted her head back and exclaimed, “I’m fine! I just had a temporary…I don’t know, temporary mind melt-down.”

“And this was caused by..?” Letting her question trail off, Maria watched as Liz made her face go blank and looked off toward the hallway.

“What’s taking Alex so long? Maybe we should check on him.”

Letting her friend get away with the subject change for a second, Maria said, “Alex is fine - we told him to yell if he needed help, though I don’t really wanna see him…all commando.”

“But maybe-“

“Liz, I think Alex is old enough to take a shower by himself…unless you wanna join him.”

Liz’s eyes flashed and she seemed shocked at even the suggestion. “Maria! God, I would never--…Alex is just a friend and you know that!!”

Liz’s cheeks were bright red and Maria watched closely as she seemed to think about something. Convinced that there was something there, though she was also sure that it didn’t involve Alex but someone else, she put that tidbit into the back of her mind for later. Liz had a lot to spill and Maria was determined to get it all out.

“Ok, so since we’re done talking about Alex, lets get back to you.”

Rolling her eyes, Liz announced, “am I the only one who cares enough about Alex to wanna make sure he doesn’t put any weight on that ankle?”

“Hey - stop stalling,” Maria snapped, calling her on it. “Now…tell me what has you so upset and acting like a true bitc-“

“Don’t you dare finish that sentence,” Liz warned, her eyes blazing.

“Well, it’s true. I’m don’t wanna put up with your attitude today and I’m sure Alex won’t wanna either, so cut it out and fess up.”

Turning away from Maria’s gaze, Liz huffed and crossed her arms before finally stating, “he wasn’t there.”

“Let me get this straight: you’re all huffy cause the boy wasn’t home?” Maria asked, slightly annoyed. “Liz, there is a simple answer to your problem - you go back another time!”

“I can’t.”


“You don’t get it Maria,” Liz stressed.

“Then explain it to me.”

“He moved!” Standing up from the couch, Liz ranted, “I went all the way up there only to find out that he moved and he never even told anyone about us! I mean, I took this big chance and went back to see him cause my unstable mind actually thought for a second that there might have been something between us, but did he think that? Oh, no, the guy didn’t even tell his best friend about me, not even my name!”

Stopping to take in a deep breath, Liz turned back to Maria and demanded, “What are you grinning about?!”

Trying to stop smiling, Maria gave up and announced, “You just admitted to liking Max.”

“No I didn’t,” she snapped quickly.

“Yes, you did. I heard you,” Maria taunted.

Huffing, Liz moaned then added, in a calmer voice, “Fine, whatever - I’ll admit that I thought, as in past tense, that maybe…there might have been something there between me and Max. But it’s gone now.”

“Something like…love?”

“No, something like lust,” Liz amended quickly.

Rolling her eyes, Maria told her, “Lizzie, lust, passion, love - whatever it was between you and Max, it isn’t just gonna go away.”

“It has to,” Liz said simply, turning away again, all the anger gone from her stance and voice.

“Why?” Maria asked, confused. “Just because he moved? So what. You just find out where he moved to.”

“It’s not that simple.”

Make it that simple.” Watching as Liz shook her head and hung it down, Maria finally caught on to what she was talking about. “Sweetie…don’t do this to yourself.”

“I cheated. Who kind of girl does that make me?” Liz asked softly.

“Like the kind of girl that over-reacts. You did not cheat on Kyle, ok? He cheated on you with Pam Troy then you broke up with him.”

“Oh yeah, I did break up with him! It was, what, about 12 hours before I went and slept with some guy I barely know,” she replied sarcastically. “No guilt in that.”

“You’re right, there is none,” Maria told her sternly. “You acted on your feelings at that moment. You were attracted to Max and, for whatever reason, you slept with him; and it doesn’t matter what you call it, lust or whatever, but there were feelings there and you can’t just turn them off like they never existed.”

Turning around, Liz demanded, “can you stand there and tell me, truthfully, that if you broke up with a guy then he went and slept with some girl he barley knew only hours later, that you wouldn’t be hurt?”

“Yes…I would be hurt,” Maria admitted after a pause. “But I would also know that if I was the reason for the break-up, due to some cheating on my own behalf, I would know that I deserved whatever I got.”

Shaking her head, Liz turned back to the window. “You have some messed up rationalizations.”

“So do you,” Maria tossed back. “You’re standing here, denying what you feel for Max yet it’s plainly clear in you eyes that you wanna do the exact opposite, but won’t just because you moved on after dumping your ex-boyfriend. And you still won’t even tell me the truth.”

“The truth,” Liz exclaimed. “I told you what happened!”

“No, you told me that you found out Max moved, but you didn’t tell me why it upset you so much if you don’t even ‘feel’ for him anymore.”

Staring blindly out the window, Liz didn’t say anything for a few minutes. Maria was just about to add something else when she took in a deep breath and said finally, “you’ll think it’s stupid.”

Walking over a few feet, Maria heard the uncertainly in her friends voice and told her, “try me.”

Placing her forehead up against the glass, Liz seemed to deflate as she let out what was really bothering her. “I got there and the door was open, so I went in, seeing that everything was pretty much gone. And, I don’t even know why, but I went up to his room. All logic was pointing to the fact that I was gonna find the room to be empty. I mean it’s unlikely that everything else was gone and his stuff was still there, but ya know…” Shrugging, she sent Maria a quick look before continuing.

“So, I get to his room and, of course, it was completely empty. It was…it was like he never even lived there.” Pausing to take in another deep breath, Liz seemed to be talking herself as she added softly, “I know it shouldn’t matter, cause he did live there and I remember perfectly well what happened that night; I can still feel his lips and hands on me like it’s happening right now and it was real and nothing can or probably will ever erase that memory from my mind, but seeing his room all empty, it just…it just made it feel less real.”

“Sweetie…” Waiting for Liz to finally look up at her, Maria smiled softly and admitted, “That’s not stupid. It would be stupid if you didn’t feel that way.”

Laughing softly, Liz wiped at her eyes, which had gotten slightly misty during her ramblings, and she told Maria, “I’ll say it again: you have some messed up rationalizations.”

“Yeah, but ya love me for that.”

“Yeah…and thanks.”

“For what? This is what friends are for,” Maria said, reaching to give Liz a hug. “And besides, now that we’ve worked some of this out, we can start looking for your boy.”

Pulling back, Liz seemed unsure and Maria added quickly, “just forget about Kyle and ask yourself this: if there was no ex, would you wanna be with Max?”

Placing her hands in her pockets, Liz shook her head and commented, “It doesn’t matter anyway cause I don’t even know if Max feels-“

“And forget that Max has a say in this,” Maria exclaimed. “This is just about you - do you want him?”

Sighing, Liz thought about it for a minute. “If there was no Kyle and I knew Max feels the same way I did, then…” Seeming to pause to gain some courage, she finally admitted, “Yeah…I’d want Max.”

“That’s all I needed to hear.” Taking Liz’s hand, she pulled her toward the hallway and back into Alex’s bedroom.

“What does that mean?” Liz demanded, her voice coming out nervously. When Maria just gave her a wicked grin, it didn’t help any. “Maria!”

“We’re gonna do some research and find your dream guy.”

“No, we’re not.”

“Yes, we are. You admitted you wanted him, so I’m gonna make it happen,” Maria said, sitting down at Alex’s desk and turning on his computer.

“And I only did that after saying there had to be no Kyle and he had to feel the same about me!”

Waving that off, Maria added, “pesky details.”

“Maria!” Liz nearly screamed. “Why are you doing this?!”

Turning away from the computer screen, Maria looked at her friend and stated calmly, “because I know that, deep down, this is what you want but you’ll never do it yourself.” When Liz opened her mouth to protest, Maria added quickly, “for there to be no Kyle, and for Max to feel the same way about you, we would have to be in a perfect world and, well, our world sucks, so live with it - or, well, in it.”

Seeming to give in to defeat, Liz fell back onto Alex’s bed and groaned. “Ria…this is useless. We don’t know where he moved - I didn’t even think to ask him. I was still upset that he didn’t even mention me.”

“Who didn’t you ask?” Maria questioned, turning back to the computer and signing online.

“Michael. He showed up while I was there.”

Nearly snapping her neck, Maria spun in the chair and demanded, “You talked to Michael? My Michael?”

Smiling, Liz replied, “yes, I talked to Michael; your Michael.”

Realizing what she had said, Maria felt her cheeks turn red but continued. “What, um…what did he have to say?”

Seeming to fall back into her despair, Liz said, “not much…” Brightening some, she added, “but he did mention you.”

“Really?” Maria nearly squealed, her grin so big that it hurt to look at.

“I knew you liked him!” Liz exclaimed.

“Ok, I’ll admit it, Michael Guerin has caught my eye. Now all we gotta do is find your Max and we’ll be good to go.”


“No buts,” she stated. “Now,” turning back to the computer, she asked, “what was his last name?”

“Last name?”

Hearing the hesitation in her friends’ voice, Maria turned to look at her once again. “Yes, his name; as in full.”

Liz, pushing her hand behind her ear, said softly, “I don’t know it.”

“You don’t know it,” Maria repeated, shock written all over her face. “You didn’t even ask for his last name?!”

“We made a promise to keep things non-personal and-“

“I hate to break it to you, but things got very personal when you slept with him!” As an after thought, Maria added, “which is still a mystery to me considering that I still don’t even know how it happened - you never even finished the story.”

Lying back down on the bed, Liz sighed deeply and ran her hands over her face. “Ria-“ Hearing the bathroom door open, they both turned to watch Alex wobble out, hoping on one foot as he came into the room.

Noticing the tension in the room, he paused and said uncomfortably, “hey…”

“Hey Alex. I have a question - how do you find out where someone lives on the Internet?”

Shooting Maria look, Liz added, “It’s not important.”

“Yes it is. How do we do it Alex?” Maria asked again, ignoring Liz’s glare.

“Don’t tell her that,” Liz told him suddenly.

“I’m gonna do it Liz.”

“You don’t know his last name.”

Thinking, Maria suddenly smiled and announced, “Michael Guerin. I can look for him. And I’ve already got it narrowed down some: Clovis.”

Holding up his hands, Alex, who had been watching this silently, exclaimed suddenly, “Hold it - who wants to tell me what’s going on?” Looking between his two best friends, he added, “I’m waiting,” and sat down on the bed.

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