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Written by: Me, a.k.a. obsessionbyroswell, a.k.a. sept444
Rating: Don’t know but I don’t think over R
Warning: ok I originally wrote a polar fic called ‘No time left’ and I was thinking hey I could take this idea and make a half way decent dreamer fic. So that’s what I’ve done. It’s not the same story with the name changed because Michael and Max are two different people. But it’s the same idea.
Summary: AU, Liz is an alien hybrid recreated and sent to earth with her protector, a completely non-human created solely for this mission. His only job is to keep her safe and find the others. He’s not one for showing emotions and has no idea who they were in their past life. Things were not progressing fast on Earth and one day Liz finds herself in a world of trouble.

Disclaimer: Not mine nope nope nope

(ok I wasn't sure which board to post this in. I tried in the dreamer board but I think I put it in the wrong place. It's Max/Liz but there are other things that happen other than them getting together. If you think I should keep it here tell me please *happy*

~~~ So it begins ~~~

Liz Parker lifted her arms above her head and sighed enjoying the first stretch of the day. During her 16 years of life she had learned to enjoy the little things life has to offer and her morning stretch was definitely one of them. Looking at the clock she smiled realizing there were still 7 minutes before her ‘father’ would make sure she was awake. Ahh 7 minutes of freedom, 7 minutes where she could just lay there and enjoy the warmth that had surrounded her during the night. Make that 5 minutes, damn free time moves way to fast. She snuggled deeper into her bed and let her mind drift to Zan. Just thinking about him brought a smile to her face; they have grown so much closer in the last year. It was hard going at first Zan wasn’t one to take to strangers, at all, but she managed to make a big enough hole in the wall he had built around himself so she could worm her way into his heart. Now they were basically inseparable.

2 minutes 30 seconds.

Liz’s thoughts then drifted to Ava, her forever sister and best friend. She had only known Ava for about five years but it feels like longer. They can’t really picture their lives going on with out the other person in it. Yep Zan and Ava were more her family then anything, other than her ’father’ Liz didn’t really have family, and she didn’t really make friends. Not that she didn’t want to it’s just that it was easier this way. To be the girl that everybody talked about but no one really knew. She couldn’t help it though a person couldn’t go through everything she has and not build a hard edge around yourself.

1 minute.

Sighing again Liz was about to get up when a feeling of loneliness swept over her, she frowned and her bottom lip began to shiver. Air was pushed out of her lungs and she couldn’t breath, she felt helpless, small and frightened. Tears filled her eyes threatening to fall but before they could the feeling left and Liz slumped down on the bed breathing heavily. Her father’s voice invaded her mind, “Liz it’s time to get up.”
No time left.


Ava Philips sat at her usual bench and lit up her cigarette. Taking a long drag she leaned back getting comfortable and blew out the light colored smoke. She wasn’t a morning person but this was worth getting up for.

“Ava god there you are, WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN!” Ava just raised a pierced eyebrow towards her frantic best friend. Liz knew she was always in the park before school started.

“Ok freak chill for two seconds, I’ve been here having breakfast like I do every morning.” Liz took a deep breath and looked down at Ava’s breakfast.

“I’m not even going to get into it today how a can of Pepsi and a cigarette is not breakfast; we have to find Zan... I got a feeling.” Ava instantly grabbed her backpack and followed Liz to her car.

Zan Philips was lounging comfortably in his favorite red chair enjoy a bowl of Rice Crispys when Liz and Ava burst through the front door. Liz was by his side instantly, she threw herself at him, not even noticing the cold mixture of cereal and milk soaking her pants.

“Oh thank god your ok.” Zan wrapped his arms around Liz’s small waist throwing a confused look towards a relieved Ava.

“She had a feeling.” Understanding filled Zan as he squeezed Liz tighter for a moment before pulling her back and waving a hand over her clothes removing his ruined breakfast.

“Well I’m fine princess, now you wanna tell me about this feeling of yours?” Joining Ava, who was now sitting on the couch Liz told her friends about the feeling of loneliness and fear that consumed her this morning and how she thought something had happened to them.

“Well we’re both fine so what ever you were feeling hasn’t happened yet.” Ava nodded her head in agreement.

“Until we figure out what this feeling is you two aren’t leaving my sight. I’m not losing either of you.” Liz felt Ava’s small hand squeeze hers. Zan nodded his head in agreement knowing that Liz has never been wrong before, he just hoped that they could stop what ever was going to happen.

Liz, and Ava decided to skip school that day and hang out at Zan and Ava’s apartment practicing. That way they were together and they could always use more practice especially if something was coming. It was about 3 in the afternoon when they all decided that they had enough for the day and needed some rest. They all went straight to the kitchen to raid the fridge but found it lacking the basics, like edible food. So three very tired teens decide to head over to Liz’s place knowing that her ’father’ Jacob always kept it well stocked.

“Liz relax there’s nothing more we can do.” Liz barley responded to Ava as she stewed in her helpless feelings. The only problem Liz had with her powers of premonition was she never knew what was going to happen and exactly when. She could tell if something was going to happen very soon like that day or if they had a week or so but she still couldn’t get the what down. It was also the only power she couldn’t practice because the feelings only came when they wanted to.

The group was silent as they made their way up the steps to Liz’s house; they had all been though this before but the waiting and uncertainty never got any easier. Little did they know they didn’t have to wait much longer.

“Liz where is Jacob, shouldn’t he be here helping us, I mean isn’t that his job?” Zan never liked Liz’s guardian Jacob, he refused to call him her father, he was nothing like what Zan pictured a real father would be like.

“He left last night, said he wouldn't be back for a couple of days.”

“I so wish I could do that mental telepathy thing that he does.” Ava grabbed a bottle of Tabasco sauce plopped down on one of the kitchen stools next to Liz.

“He says that we’re getting stronger and should be able to do it soon, at least with each other.” Liz waved her hand over the large bowl of left over Macaroni and Cheese, heating it while Zan grabbed three forks. The three just dug in not bothering with plates. After they had put a sizable dent in the impromptu meal Liz noticed her answering machine had a message. Hitting the play button they all froze as Jacob’s voice filled the silent kitchen.

“Liz you, Zan, and Ava must leave as soon as you get this, I’m sorry I couldn’t get to you quicker but I’m too weak to contact you any other way. The skins attacked me and I doubt I’ll be able to get back to you before they find me again and finish me off. Go to Roswell New Mexico, find the others join them and use your knowledge to get back home. Khivar only has one fear, he knows you’re strong enough to defeat him. Go now, you must hurry.”

The message ended and they just sat their frozen staring blankly at the machine as the information set in. Ava was the first one to find her voice again and she managed to sum up their thoughts perfectly.

“Oh shit.”

~~~~~~~Finding Control~~~~~~~~~

It only took 1 hour to gather everything in Liz’s life that mattered. One solitary hour to gather together all the small pieces of her life, Liz just thought that it should take longer. Though it wasn’t the first time Liz had to pack everything up at the drop of a hat; it was the first time she was doing it alone. Sure Jacob wasn’t the textbook father, he didn’t read her bedtime stories as a child or tuck her in at night. But he always took care of her; she always had food to eat and a nice place to sleep. She didn’t grow up on the streets like Zan or in foster homes like Ava, Jacob was always there, he was there when she hatched, he was there when she first learned she had powers, he was there to answer some questions she had about being what she was. Now he won’t be there, he won’t be there to help her find the others, or to help her face Khivar. She was on her own for the first time and she didn’t know what to do.

As if reading her mind Zan wrapped his strong arms around her and placed a soft kiss on her cheek.

“Hey your not alone here, you have me and Ava and it’ll take more than some fucked up skins to take us away from you.” She took a deep calming breath and nodded, she had her family and she would be strong for them.


“Ava hurry the fuck up.” Ava just rolled her eyes at Zan and grabbed her change from the cashier. Grabbing Liz’s hand she rushed over to the preppy looking flight attendant, growling when he gave her, Liz and Zan a once over. obviously displeased with there style. Zan glared and the poor flight attendant looked like he just wanted to crawl into him self and die. Liz just rolled her eyes and grabbed her friends walking down the ramp to their plane.

As the airplane was taking off Liz sighed and looked over the city that held one of her many homes. She wasn’t really sad because she learned quite some time ago that home is where the people you love are, but she couldn’t help but wonder if they were ready for Roswell, or if Roswell was ready for them.

Ava, Liz and Zan stepped off the plane into the Roswell airport and just took everything in. Outside there was nothing but desert for miles and inside, well the desert was starting to look rather appealing. Zan glared at a few passers by and folded his arms in front of his chest. Giving off warning looks to anyone that might try to do or say anything to his girls.

“Well we sure blend don’t we?” Liz had to agree with Ava that they had managed to draw attention to them selves just by standing there. Looking down at their attire of leather, fishnet, and muscle tee’s they realized their arrival wouldn’t be so discreet. The three could already tell that Roswell really was one of those ‘small towns’ where everybody knew everybody else. They had always lived in big cities finding comfort in the fact that strangers would rather spit on you than know anything about your life; it made it easier to hide.
“Well are we gonna let these fuckers stare at us all day or we gonna get our shit.” Grabbing Zan’s hand Liz ignored his attitude and followed Ava towards the baggage claim. She knew the attitude was a defense mechanism Zan built up living in New York, it was just one of the his little quirks she had gotten used to, it didn’t even faze her anymore. She wondered slightly if she had picked up any of her ‘fuck off attitude’ as Ava put it, from him? Making their way outside they grabbed a cab and told him of the name of the hotel they had managed to get a hold of before they left.

Ava dropped her bags on the floor of the hotel and plopped herself down on the mattress. It was a good size room with two double beds, and a dresser with a TV bolted down on top of it. There was a small bathroom opposite the front door and an open closet across from the bathroom. After sizing up the place Liz joined Ava on the bed while Zan closed the curtains to block out the now setting sun.

“You two hungry? I can see if I can find us something to eat?” Ava and Liz both nodded thankfully, and watched as Zan excited the room.

Ava tried to pry the TV remote off the small bedside table that was spaced in between the two double beds and grunted in frustration when she realized that it too was bolted down. Waving her hand towards the TV she decided to just do it the old fashioned way. Liz laid quietly just staring at the ceiling while Ava channel surfed through the basic stations the hotel had to offer.

Well they were in Roswell but what the hell was she suppose to do now? Jacob usually found who ever it was they were looking for and she would go ’make contact’ but now she didn’t even know who she was looking for. And they were ditched here in Roswell of all places? God the crash was less than 50 miles from here; didn’t they think this would be the first place Khivar would look? A brief flash of Rath and Vilondra’s faces floated across her minds eye, making her blindly reach a hand out to Ava.

“What if we’re too late?” Ava stopped channel surfing and focused her attention on Liz.

“Hey we won’t know until we start looking, so leave the land of ’what if’ before you drive yourself insane. You found me, and Zan, and together we’ll find who ever it is we’re looking for.”

“But that’s the problem, I don’t even know WHO we’re looking for. I mean it could be anybody, and it’s not like their going to just say ’why yes I’m a alien, what do you need?’” Ava watched the look of defeat come across Liz’s eyes before she closed them. Frustration mounted in Ava until she decided she had enough, and smacked Liz upside the head.

“Oww, what the hell was that fo-”

“THAT was because I don’t know who you are but your not my best friend. My best friend has a spine! Damn it, where is the Liz that doesn’t take no for an answer huh? Or how about the Liz that fought against Nicholas? Where’s that girl? Because she is who I need right now, who Zan and I need right now.” Liz just stared at her for a moment then bust up laughing.
“I can’t believe you hit me!”

“Well you needed a good knock to the head.” Liz got off the bed and fished her bathroom stuff out of her bag.

“Your right, this is no time to fall apart, you forgive my absence of a spine?”

“Of coarse, now get in the shower Zan should be back soon with the grub.”

After dinner the three seemed to have a burst of energy so they decided to go looking for jobs and an apartment for all of them. The plan after that was once they were settled Liz and Ava would start school in hopes that one of their schoolmates would be the person they were looking for, while Zan scouted the area for a place to practice their powers.

Same night across town

“I’m telling you Max he had your face!” Isabel was frantically pacing back and forth in the living room of Michael’s apartment. She had called an emergency meeting after following ‘freaky Max’ back to the hotel near the edge of town. Now Michael Guerin, Maria Deluca, Alex Whitman, and Max Evans were all sitting there listening to Isabel talk about ‘freaky Max‘.

“Isabel are you sure it wasn’t someone that just looked a lot like Max?” Alex tried to calm his frantic girlfriend.

“NO it was Max except he was wearing baggy jeans, and a sleeveless undershirt. He had tattoos all over his arms, a pierced eyebrow and lip and short dark dreads that kinda looked like spikes.”

“So basically ‘freaky Max’.” Isabel smiled at Maria and sat down on the couch next to Alex throwing her hands in the air before leaning her tired body on him.


“And you followed him to the hotel at the edge of town?” Isabel nodded and Max sighed.

“I think we should lay low until we know exactly what he wants, Isabel you sure you didn’t see anyone with him?”

“No he was alone.”

“Ok then everybody be on guard and stay in groups until he makes his first move.” Agreeing with the plan everyone got up to go on with their everyday lives. Knowing that until this stranger makes his first move they had nothing to go on.

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~~~~~~~~ Familiar Faces~~~~~~~~~

It only took 5 days for Liz, Ava, and Zan to get settled into their Roswell life. They had managed to find a 3-bedroom condo in what Zan said was the nice part of town, but Liz wasn’t sure if Roswell was big enough to be broken down into parts. Moving in was simple because all they had to do was buy new furniture and have it delivered, and thanks to Alice, a realistate agent who was willing to sell the house and everything in it for a small percentage, they had plenty of money. Enough in fact to pay rent 6 months in advance. Now all they had to do was enroll Liz and Ava in school. Which is why Zan was up so early on this Friday morning.

“LIZ AVA GET UP NOW!” Zan’s voice echoed through the two-story condo and almost scared Liz and Ava to death. So when they came running down the stairs arms up ready for battle they were slightly pissed to find Zan with a cigarette handing from his lips and a plate of pancakes in each hand.

“Morning ladies, I made breakfast.” Liz glared at Zan as she took her plate and sat on one of the kitchen stools. Ava just smiled and plucked the cigarette from his lips.

“Thanks my favorite.” Zan was about to zap her when he realized that he was unable to move his arms. Oh she wants to play huh? Zan then focused a little bit of power towards the bottle of syrup sitting on the counter next to Ava. She didn’t even realize what was happening until the small explosion that covered her in the dark sugary substance. Seconds later they were in all out war with Ava crouched behind the counter at Liz’s feet and Zan squatting on the kitchen side. The walls and counters were covered with food while a sleepy Liz lazily enjoyed her Tabasco and maple syrup pancakes. Looking completely oblivious to the scene around her.

Max was walking down the hall on his way to his first period class, not really looking where he was going. His mind was somewhere else completely. It had been days and no sign of this other him. Was his family in danger, was the idea to wait things out wrong? Sighing he turned the corner and ran smack into someone, two someones’’ actually.

Liz had still managed to get Ava and herself to school early despite the breakfast sneak attack. Now all they had to do was convince the office workers that they needed to be put in the same classes. That way in case of a ‘family’ emergency they could leave quickly. Liz never liked going to school. Learning was always was fun for her but being at school was not her favorite thing to do. Looking to her left she noticed a group of girls huddled around a blond that was sobbing not so quietly.

“I just can’t believe he’s taking HER to the prom. I mean just look at her!” Liz looked to Ava and rolled her eyes. Maybe it was because she saw the big picture or maybe is was an alien thing. But thousands of people back on her home planet depending on her and her friends to save them from the blood thirsty murdering son of a bitch who is currently holding them captive, just seems to out way who is taking who to a dance.

“Don’t you just love school Liz!” Obviously Ava agreed with her.

“Ok so where the office building already!?” Reaching the end of the hall both girls looked left when a tall body plowed into them from the right. Unfortunately for him and his male ego he was the one who landed on his ass.

Kyle sat on the ground and looked to the brick wall he seemed to run into, only to find two very small girls frowning down at him. One was wearing a short red baby tee and dark hip hugger jeans with black boots just peaking out underneath. She was a brunet with hair down to the middle of her back and dark chocolate eyes. Next to her was a blond standing only a inch or two taller than her short friend. She was wearing a short black halter top dress that came about mid thigh. She too had on black boots with purple stockings that matched the streaks in her shoulder length hair. He sat there and stared at the two beauties it took a slight kick from the blond for him to realize she was speaking.

“You should watch where your going. Unless you plow into new students on purpose?” There was an edge to her voice that worried Kyle. Holding up his hands in surrender he got up from the floor and dusted himself off.

“Hey Buddha always said ‘There are no accidents only the great hand of fate guiding us towards our detestation.’ I’m Kyle by the way.” They were both quiet for a few seconds until the brunet burst out laughing and started walking down the hall with the blond following. She looked over her shoulder and shot him a half smile before turning back around.

“See ya Buddha boy.”

Liz and Ava finally found the office and checked in and got their schedule, happy that the counselor agreed to place them together in most of the classes.

“This way we’ll be able to help each other catch up or adjust.” Liz smiled at the older woman sweetly while Ava had to bite back a laugh. After leaving the office the looked down at their schedule, their first class English.

The class went quiet as the girls entered the room. Liz looked over to the teacher and smiled as Ava scanned the student’s faces.
“We’re you new students.” Mr. Hayden looked over the girl’s schedule.

“Yes you seem to be in the right place welcome to English 3. Before you take your seats why don’t you tell the class a little bit about your self.” Ava rolled her eyes and Liz groaned under her breath.

“Well my name is Liz Parker and this is Ava Phillips. We’re both emancipated minors and share a condo with a friend of ours. We’re both 16, and some day hope to take over the world.” Liz smiled sweetly as Ava added her two cents.


“All right, well, you two can sit anywhere. And welcome to Roswell High.” Liz nodded once and started towards the back row where two empty desks were located. She was almost there when she noticed a familiar face, a face that had been engraved on her memory. Her blood ran cold and Ava had to nudge her before she moved again.

Isabel stared at the two girls as they came in and smiled slightly when they told the class about them selves. But as they walked towards the back of the classroom Isabel made eye contact with Liz for the first time. The shorter girl froze for just a moment but Isabel caught it, and for some reason the fire that she saw in Liz’s eyes made her frightened, very frightened.

The bell rang signaling the end of class, Ava grabbed Liz and practically dragged her out of the classroom.

“What was that?” Liz just shook her head telling Ava with her eyes that they would talk about it later.

The rest of the day went by rather quickly, Liz and Ava decided to call Zan during lunch and make sure he was home when they got off school. After that their last two classes breezed by and suddenly school was over.

Michael was walking down the hall looking for the two new girls Isabel told him about this afternoon. When Isabel came to him saying that there were new people in the school and they gave her a bad feeling he was instantly in protector mode. Of coarse he heard all about them from the grapevine, being a new student in Roswell was not something that happened everyday so of coarse all everyone talked about was them. He reached the front of the school and was out of luck he caught sight of the two outside just as a green SUV pulled up along side of them.

“Hey Michael, where you off to in such a hurry?” Michael almost ran over Maria in his haste to follow the new girls.

“New students.” Michael was already half way to his bike when she grabbed him and started towards the little red Jetta.

“God Michael your going all stalker on me and it’s only their first day.” Michael sighed in defeat as the green SUV drove away carried the new girls with it. Looking down at Maria he ran his hand through his hair in frustration.

“Isabel said they totally freaked her out. And you have to agree we don’t have the best record with new people.” Maria sighed and wrapped her arms around Michael placing a small kiss over his heart.

“Michael you can’t go following people around by yourself. It’s not safe and well I don’t know what I would do if anything happened to you.” Michael closed his eyes and placed a kiss on top of her head.

“I know babe lets just forget about it, we’ll call a meeting and find another way.”

The drive back home was silent except for a few comments about the new car Zan had surprised the girls with. But when they got home it was a completely different story. Liz was angry, no Liz was furious.

“I found a shape shifter today in school posing as a student.” Ava scowled and dropped her backpack on the floor.

“Why didn’t you tell me!”

“It wasn’t safe and you know it.” The three made their way into the living room, Ava and Zan sat while Liz paced in front of them, unsure where to start her story.

“How do you know it was a shape shifter Liz?”

“Ok, well I didn’t tell you guys this because Jacob didn’t think it was really necessary, I never really thought to much about why because I was having enough problems dealing with it as it was. Ava wasn’t the first person Jacob and I found. There were two others, Rath and Vilondra. Rath had somehow found Vilondra when they were about 10, we found them when I was about 13, they were the same age and were already very untrusting, but after a month or so of serious talks they decided to come with us. We were going to leave that night, they had everything packed and Jacob sent me over to their place to pick them up. But the skins were already there, seems that we weren’t the only ones who had found them. They were hurt pretty bad but still putting up quite a fight for their age and power. I tried to help but I was still weak and we weren’t enough for them. The only reason I’m still alive is because Rath used his shield to protect me as he threw me out the window. It was only one story, so I tried to get back in to help but I was to late I came back in time to see their faces as they died. I didn’t help, I was so scared so, so I ran. And lost the skins by the time I reached Jacob. I told him what happened and we left immediately.” Liz just sat down on the floor where she was standing and put her head in her hands. “I still don’t know why he saved me and not Vilondra, or himself.” Zan glanced over to Ava and she shook her head. None of them knew who or what they were in their past lives but Zan and Ava both got the feeling Liz was someone important. They don’t know why they were all separated after the crash but they knew that Liz ended up with the protector, she was a born leader, and had a very old soul. Zan knew just from reading her aura that she was meant for great things, and he had a feeling that Rath knew it too, but they both knew that Liz wasn’t ready to face that yet.

Zan stood up and gathered Liz in his arms leading her to the couch. She wasn’t crying but he could tell she had something else to say so he and Ava stayed silent while Liz gathered herself.

“But the reason I’m telling you this now is because I saw Vilondra in our classroom today. They have the nerve to use her face, to hunt down the others. We have to find who ever it is we’re looking for and fast, because I know they don’t travel alone.” Ava nodded remembering her few encounters with the skins since Liz found her.

“Ya but Liz their also weak little rats, if we found this girl we could get some information out of her.”

“Not with out me, what if there are more at that school.” Zan’s face was firm and Liz knew that they wouldn’t be doing this with out him.

“Ok we’ll confront her first thing Monday morning, until now we lay low. I don’t think she knows who we are so at least we have that going for us.” Ava agreed but Zan frowned.

“That might be a problem, I got a job and I start tonight.” Liz bit her lip but smiled.

“No that’s good news, where are you working?”

“It’s a nighttime security job at some place called Meta-Chem.”

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~~~~~~~~~Not Again~~~~~~~~~~

Not wanting the girls to be stranded Zan insisted that Liz drive him to work, and first thing in the morning he would look into getting himself a bike of some kind. He knew it couldn’t be as good as his old motorcycle but he could always fix it up, slowly, using his ‘skills.’

The drive over to Meta-Chem was full of laughter at the expense of Zan ‘work uniform.’ Ava having the most fun out of the three.

“Seriously Zan I never thought YOU of all people would be a security guard, your one step away from a rent-a-cop!”

“You better watch yourself sprite I could pull you in as a suspicious looking character.” Zan look over his shoulder at her from the front seat, wearing his I’m big shit and you know it face. One that probably got him lots of respect back when he was living on the streets, but didn’t nothing to intimidate Ava who’s seen him in his Scooby Doo boxers.

“Please, your just jealous because I still look good!” Ava looked down at her outfit then looked back at Zan doing a sexy pose in her small leather skirt and black see through top that had thicker material to cover the ‘naughty bits’ as Liz puts it. Zan covering his eyes in fake horror, while Liz tried not to laugh. Pulling into the parking lot Liz noticed another security guard pulling in to start his shift. He was tall with shoulder length dirty blond hair, he looked familiar but she couldn’t place it.

“Hey princess something wrong?” Liz squinted in the low lights of the parking lot trying to see the strangers face when he suddenly turned around and revealed himself to her..

“No FUCKING WAY! Zan it’s Rath! It’s a shape shifter with Rath’s face I know it!” Zan didn’t need to ask any questions he just jumped out of the car and walked over to where the shape shifter was getting his stuff together.

“Hey man.” Michael turned around and at first thought Max was calling him, but as the guy got closer he realized it wasn’t Max, but the ‘freaky Max’ that Isabel was talking about. He was instantly put on guard wondering what the guy would do next.

“Hey man, the name’s Zan, I just moved here and I was wondering if you could give my girl back there directions to the nearest late night diner.” Michael looked towards the dark colored SUV and then to the Meta- Chem building.

“Actually man I’m shit with directions why don’t we go inside, I’m sure one of the guys could help you.” Zan took another step towards Michael placing his back to the building so anyone looking wouldn’t see his hand start to glow.

“I don’t think anyone else could help us but you, now get in the fucking car.” Zan was a scary guy when he was with anyone else but Liz and Ava. He grew up in a neighborhood where you either fought or died, and he wasn’t dead yet. Michael tried to do something to fight Zan back but he couldn’t even get his arms to move. He felt like someone wrapped their arms around his waist pinning down his arms and stopping any movement of his hands.

“Don’t even try to fight back, I have friends too.” Fear ran through Michael thinking that they had already gotten to the others, and it was this fear alone that allowed he feet to move, but he wouldn’t let this Zan character know it. They moved towards the car and it hit Michael that it looked like the same SUV that picked up the two new girls that afternoon. They were about three steps away when the doors flew open and Michael saw them, they last thing on his mind before he blacked out was that Maria was going to kick his ass.

Michael awoke unsure of where he was, he could tell that his arms and legs were tied. Keeping his eyes closed he tried to listen to the sounds around him. He could tell by the vibrations that he was still in a car, but where were they taking him.
Liz glanced to the back seat at their cargo. He had been out for an hour and she wondered if Ava had gone to far. If the bastard was in a coma he was of no use to them. Looking back again she noticed his breathing became erratic but he still looked like he was asleep. She wondered if he was faking and decided to just call him out.

“Hey buddy I know your awake you can stop pretending.” Michael opened his eyes and stared into the dark pools of his captures, the power behind those eyes scared him. Liz frowned and her anger doubled.

“Well I will say that you do a good job, you even have his eyes.” Michael was slightly confused but didn’t have time to say anything before she started yelling.

“Change back you bastard, change back into your natural form!” Unsure of what she was talking about Michael hardened his eyes and frowned right back at her.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, and what the fuck is wrong with that guy?” He didn’t think they’d believe the innocent act but it was worth a shot.

“Don’t even try it, we know you’re a shape shifter, and if you know what’s good for you you’d change back to your original form before I blast you back to Antar myself.” Michael wanted to laugh at the irony of it all. Alien hunters finally caught him, but they thought he was a different kind of alien. He knew what a shape shifter was they had a run in with one last year, he didn’t know much about them but he knew that particular one tried to kill Max, so in his eyes they weren’t the good guys. Liz took Michael’s silence the wrong way and lost her temper. She jumped over the seat grabbing the front of his shirt and slamming his head into the car’s wall. Michael’s head went cloudy for a moment and all he could think about was the surprising amount of strength this small girl had in her.

Liz was about to bash him again when she felt the car stop. She didn’t move from her position over Michael and she didn’t release her death grip on him until Zan open the back doors. The next thing Michael knew he was being dragged out of the car and thrown onto the desert floor. Looking around he realized they had brought him out to the middle of know where. ’Great no chance of rescue here.’ Michael watched as the guy, Zan, stood next to the short blond just behind his interrogator. She must be the leader and they’re her hired thugs. Again Michael found a reason to laugh thinking of the short blond as a thug, she didn’t look like much but then again she probably had powers.

“Now you’re going to answer a few of our questions.” Liz got right up in the shape shifter's face as she spoke letting him know who held the power in this situation.

“Who are you here for?” When met with a blank look she signaled Zan who held out his hand and zapped the captive with weak shot. Michael wanted to double over in pain he felt like someone just punched him in the gut.

“How about this, how many more are there?” Michael knew there was no way he let them know about Max and Isabel, but he had to say something or else they’d just zap him again.

“Just me.”

“Your lying, I’ve seen the girl. You really think you’d fool us with these faces? Think we’d think your were them huh? Answer me!”

“YOU STAY AWAY FROM HER!” Liz sent Ava a look; they just found his weak spot.

“Wow I didn’t think your kind had feelings. If you want her to stay safe you’ll tell me what you know.” Michael wasn’t stupid he knew that after they were done with him they’d head straight to Isabel.

“Fuck you I’m not telling you anything.” Liz just stared into Michael eyes never breaking eye contact as she spoke to Ava.

“Ava pick his brain a little for me, and make it hurt.” Michael just glared right back at her as the blond made her way over to him. He felt her place her hand on his head and he tried to pull away but it was no use. Hot searing pain entered Michael’s head but he wouldn’t give them pleasure of hearing him scream, he thought he would pass out from the pain but just as it seemed to be too much it ended. The blond walked back to the brunet grabbing her by the arm and dragging her out of hearing range. All he could think about was the fact that he let the others down.

“So what did you find?” Liz didn’t take her eyes off the shape shifter who stole Rath’s face.

“Liz he isn’t a shape shifter, his name is Michael and he is the one we’re looking for.” Liz stood in shock for a moment and then went pale.

“You’re sure?” Ava nodded sure of what she found but still incredibly confused.

“Oh god what have I done.” Zan watched as Liz went pale and was about to see what was wrong when both girls ran back over to him.

“Oh my god Zan heal him, please. I was wrong, I was wrong.” Liz was nearly hyperventilating as she waved her hand over Michael’s hands and feet trying to release him as soon as possible. Zan automatically placed his hands on Michael’s head to heal him but Michael again fought back, only this time there were no restraints to stop him from using as much force as possible. Zan was taken by surprise and landed with a thud against the side of the SUV. Michael knew that he wouldn’t be able to out run them, and that there was no chance to hide in the desert so he went straight for the leader. Grabbing her by the throat he lifted her off the ground. Placing his free hand on her chest he started to gather enough energy to kill her, at least that would be one less person after his family.

The second Zan hit the ground Ava was by his side, he hit his head pretty hard and was knocked unconscious.
“Zan, ZAN! Oh god don’t die, don’t die.” Ava placed both hands on his head and instantly Zan opened his eyes. And the first thing he saw was Liz’s feet kicking wildly in the air, with out thinking he raised his hand to fire not caring who this guys was all he wanted to do was save Liz.

Liz tried to stop Michael but his hand was over her throat before she even had the chance, and the lack of oxygen stopped her from thinking of anything but getting more air into her lungs. Her hands tried to pry away his fingers but he was to strong for her. Looking over Michael’s shoulder she saw Zan raise his hand to fire at Michael, and even though he was killing her, she just couldn't let him die, not again. So she used the last bit of her strength to create a shield to block the blast before blacking out.

Ava saw Liz’s body go limp and instantly attacked Michael. The pain started in his head and traveled down through his body, it felt like all his nerves were on fire. He dropped Liz’s unmoving body and fell on the desert floor. The pain then stopped but Michael was still unable to move, so he just watched as Zan ran over to the small brunette and healed the damage he had done. Moments later she opened her eyes and Zan cradled her in his arms. Then the strangest thing happened, Liz scurried over to him, and pulled his head into her lap. Then she said something to Zan and he came over to Michael and tried to place his hand on his head, except this time something was stopping him from moving any part of his body. The warm healing glow settled around Michael and for the first time he realized what they were trying to do. Afterwards Michael was laying on the desert floor with his head still in Liz’s lap. Zan had crawled away from him after he finished healing everything they had done and was currently sprawled on his back facing them, and Ava was off to the side leaning against the SUV’s back tire, her eye’s focused only on Michael. Liz was the first one to break the silence.

“Well that went well.”

(I swear this is a M/L fic don't loose hope*wink*)