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Amy enters her home loaded down with a bag of groceries. She throws her keys on the counter and peeks out from behind the bag to get her bearings before walking toward the counter.

“Maria, I’m home. Maria,” she yells out into the barren kitchen.
“Hi Mom,” Maria yells in response from the living room.
“Hi Honey. Could you give me a hand in here?”
“Sure.” Maria walks into the kitchen, grabs a bag of groceries and lifts them onto the counter.
“I can’t believe how much I spent on groceries today.”
“I can. Shawn is a human vacuum,” Maria sarcastically replies.
“I resemble that remark,” Maria’s cousin Shawn adds, as he grabs an apple from the counter and starts to eat it.

Maria glares at him as she continues to unload the bag and put the food away. Shawn leans up against the kitchen counter and munches on his apple, not lifting a finger to help. She almost hits him opening up the refrigerator door. Of course she was trying, but only the soft curse under her breath would have indicated that to someone listening.

“You need a hand there Amy?” Shawn asks.
“How nice of you to offer. Actually there is nothing left to do. Jim should be in any minute with the rest.”
“I’ll go check and see if he needs a hand.”

Shawn exits wiping his apple juiced mouth with the back of his hand before opening the kitchen door.

“What a kiss ass,” Maria remarks, closing the refrigerator door.
“Maria. What did we talk about? You need to give him a chance. Remember? All he needs…”
“…needs to have a stable environment so that he can grow past this stage in his life, “ Maria interrupts. She rolls her eyes, trying not to think about the amount of times she has heard these words, as she pulls out the lettuce and tomatoes from the bag and returns to the refrigerator.

“I will never understand why that environment has to be here.”

Maria yanks open the vegetable drawer and throws in the head of lettuce and the tomatoes. She then slams the door shut.

“Maria. Don’t do that. You’re going to break something. Maybe what the both of you need is a little discipline.”
“Mom please,” Maria says exasperated at the thought of yet another conversation with her Mom about recent events.
“No I think after your recent jaunts I am going to have to keep an eye on both of you.
“Don’t you dare put me in the same group as that deviant.”
“Well, I don’t remember Shawn taking any little road trips across state lines without telling me.”
“Are you ever going to let me live that down?”
“Let me think,” Amy stops pulling groceries out of the bag for a moment looks up in the air as if really contemplating and continues, ”No.”
“Fine. I have to go.”
“Where are you going?”
“Work. Would you like me to leave the number or would you like to hijack Liz’s cell phone again?”
“Ha, ha. Very funny.”

Maria wanders off into the Living room wondering what she was going to have to do to regain her mother’s trust. Give up her car? Stop seeing Michael? Join a convent? No. Her mom would never go that far. Or would she?

She returns to the kitchen a moment later with her purse still contemplating how long it was going to take for her to get out of the hot seat. Maria took momentary comfort I the fact that Shawn would soon do something terrible enough to refocus her mother’s attention. She starts toward the door, a devilish smile now playing across her face, but just as she opens it her mother calls to her.

“Oh, wait I almost forgot. I hired a new girl at the store. You should come by and meet her.”
“Well, she’s new in town, and I thought she might want to meet some people.”
“And you’re volunteering me?”
“When did I become the welcoming committee?”
“Since you ran off without telling me and…,” Amy says continuing the rest of the sentence in unison with Maria, “…crossed state lines in my car.”
“Got it. What time?” Maria asks.
“She works today from three to closing.”
“Darn,” Maria sighs, trying desperately to think of some excuse, any excuse, “I’m pulling a double shift tonight with the festival and all.”

Amy simply glares at her.

“Okay. I’ll try to swing by, but no promises,” Maria tries again. Amy merely continues staring her down. “Okay. Okay,” concedes Maria. “I will meet her.”
“Good. I’ll see you there.”

Sheriff Jim Valenti and Shawn walk slowly into the house turning their bodies sideways to allow Maria to leave.

“Hey Maria,” says Valenti cheerfully.
Maria replies in kind, “Hi Sheriff.”
“Bye,” Shawn utters mockingly.
“Bye scum.”

NEXT TIME on "Roswell: The Guardian"...

Things get busy in the land of Roswell, and I don't just mean between Michael and Maria. Sparks fly as the alien festival approaches.

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The Crashdown is packed with customers in town for the upcoming Alien Festival.. Maria and Liz are furiously waiting on the tables and Michael is cooking. Max is sitting at the counter waiting for his food and watching or talking to Liz every chance he gets.

“Wow. I haven’t seen it this busy in years. Looks like there are even more people here than last year’s festival,” Liz remarks to Maria while picking up her order from the grill.

“You’re right,” Maria replies. Liz walks away carrying a large filled up food. “Where’s that order of Saturn Fries with the Lunar Burger?” Maria shouts to Michael.

“I’m going as fast as I can here. Keep your shorts on.”

“You weren’t saying that last night,” Maria whispers with a sly grin creeping across her face. Michael flips another burger on the grill, then grabs a basket, and throws in the food.

“Order up!” He yells without acknowledging her presence.

Liz returns with the empty platter. “Please. People are trying to eat here.” Liz grabs a ketchup bottle and returns to the counter area with Maria in tow.

“Jealous?” Maria asks.

“No. Just concerned about the customers.”


“Right,” Liz states, dropping off the ketchup bottle and making a point of smiling at the cute, male customer. Max pretends not to notice the look and continues to read his menu. Liz returns with Maria to the grill counter. She picks up another large tray of food and turns to leave. She stops suddenly and swings back around. Maria has to duck out of the way to avoid being hit.

“Hey!” Maria yelps.

“Sorry. I just remembered…”

“Order up!” Michael yells again from the grill.

“Hold that thought,” Maria says ducking under the tray again to reach the food order. Maria picks up the tray that Michael puts down and gives him a little smile.

”It’s getting cold.”

“So am I,” Maria replies. Disgusted with Michael’s lack of interest, she and Liz start off to the tables.

“Hello. Earth to Maria.” Liz calls from behind.

“Sorry, just thinking about what a fool I am.” Maria tells her, while dropping off her order to the table of voraciously hungry customers.

“I second that,” Liz adds with a chuckle.

Liz and Maria finish waiting on their tables and return behind the counter. Maria grabs a glass of water and leans against the counter, giving her feet a short break. Liz grabs yet another order from Michael and delivers it to Max.

“Is there anything else I can get you?” Liz asks pulling out her order pad deliberately not making eye contact.

“No thanks. This is fine,” he replies.

Before Liz can leave the awkward situation, an old lady sits down on the stool next to Max.

“Hello Mrs. Stanton,” Liz says cheerfully. “The usual apple pie?”

“That would be wonderful, Lizzie. What a sweet girl to remember my favorites. You were always such a sweet little girl even when you were little. Well I remember when you used to baby-sit you when you’re parents were busy, and you used to say the cutest little things.”

Maria’s ears perk up at the thought Mrs. Stanton is about to offer more embarrassing stories of Liz’s youth. She walks up to the counter and leans in to hear. Mrs. Stanton doesn’t disappoint and even turns to the couple sitting next to her to continue her story.

“She used to say, Can I have some gapes? What she meant to say was grapes, but she could never get that R out. She looked so cute in that little dress with the puppies on it,” Mrs. Stanton reminisces. Liz blushes slightly. Mrs. Stanton continues with the group around her now entranced, “You know she used to go up to each of the boys and…”

“Can I get you anything else, Mrs. Stanton?” Liz interrupts quickly, but it is too late. Max leans in, as does Maria, and the couple next to them. Mrs. Stanton waits a few seconds until she can tell everyone can’t bear to wait any longer.

“What did she do to each of the boys?” Maria prods.

“She kissed each one!” Mrs. Stanton cries out, delivering her punch line. The group laughs as Liz’s blush increases.

“Okay. I’m going to get your pie now,” Liz says trying desperately not to let her embarrassment get the better of her. “Please don’t tell any more stories while I’m gone. Please,” she pleads.

“Okay angel. I promise. No more stories while you’re gone.”

Liz sets off to get the pie. The couple sitting next to Mrs. Stanton, get up and leave without leaving a tip.

Once Liz is out of earshot, Maria leans further over the counter and asks, “So there are more stories? Come on Mrs. Stanton. You can tell us.”

“No I can’t. I gave my word and that is as good as gold. Now what’s this?” she remarks, deftly changing the subject, “Those people didn’t leave my Lizzie a tip. Out of towners. You know you just can’t trust them. They ain’t decent folks. Well now let me see if I can fix that.” She digs into her old faded purse and pulls out a beat up leather wallet. “Oh, now let’s see here.” Suddenly, her purse falls to the floor and the contents spill out. Max immediately leans over to pick it up.

“Here you are ma’am,” Max says handing Mrs. Stanton her belongings.

“What a sweet boy you are. Thank you.” Max sits back down on his stool and Mrs. Stanton watches the smile on his face grow as Liz returns with the pie.

“Here you are, one apple pie to go.”

“Thank you dear. How much do I owe you?”

“Nothing,” Liz replies.

“Now that’s not right,” Mrs. Stanton says reaching into her wallet.

“I saw you put down the tip for those other people. You shouldn’t pay for the pie too.”

“Well hard working girls like yourselves deserve it. Besides you are a teenager now, and you need money to go out with your beaus, now don’t ya’? I’m sure the boys are just lined up at your door,”

“Not really.”

“Well then there is just somethin’ wrong with them. What about this nice boy?” Mrs. Stanton asks putting an arm around Max.

“Yeah, Liz. What about me?” Max adds.


Mrs. Stanton doesn’t give Liz a chance to make an excuse and interrupts her train of thought, “While you take your time decidin’, I have to be goin’. Now here’s some extra for you, Lizzie. Don’t you wait to long or some other girl might snatch him up. Maria, tell your mother I said hi and tell her these pies are a reason to live.” Mrs. Stanton grabs her pie and purse steps down from her stool and heads for the door.

“Thanks, Mrs. Stanton, “ the girls respond together.

“Bye girls,” she yells back waving to them as she leaves.

“I like her so much,” Maria remarks waving back to Mrs. Stanton. After Mrs. Stanton leaves Maria turns to Liz, “So how much did she give you? Liz?”

“Huh? Oh, um, I didn’t look yet.”

“I wonder why,” Maria sarcastically adds breaking the stare between Max and Liz. Liz looks down at the bill in her hand.

“It’s fifty dollars!” Liz exclaims.


“I can’t take this,” Liz continues.

“Yes you can. You can definitely take it!”

“No, Maria. She doesn’t have a lot of money.”

“All evidence to the contrary,” Max remarks.

“You can get the coolest costume for the party tomorrow!” Maria shrieks, calling the attention of the entire café. Liz looks up at her apologetically. “You’re still going? Aren’t you?”

Liz glances back to Max and answers with, “I don’t know.”

Just then, Shawn enters the Crashdown and sits at an open booth. He spots Liz and shoots her a big smile. She smiles back and walks away to join him.

“What party?” Max asks.

“Oops. Silly me. The cat’s out of the bag.” Maria waits until Liz is out of range again and whispers to Max, “There’s a party at the old mill again at eight o’clock. It’s a costume party.”

“I got that much.”

“You really need to come.”


“You just need to,” Maria says grabbing his hand and giving a nod in Shawn’s direction.

They both watch as Liz has takes up residence at the booth with Shawn. Shawn feeling the attention shoots a quick look to Max and Maria, but they look away in time. Shawn smirks and turns his attention back to Liz. Max turns back around in his seat for a few seconds, helplessly watching as Liz and Shawn fawn over each other. His heart sinks at the sight and he returns to his food.

A few minutes pass and Max’s food hasn’t been touched. Except for the French fry mountain sculpture that has taken form on his plate. Maria is busy helping her customers and the others that Liz has abandoned to spend time with Shawn. Just as Max has had enough of listening to the flirtatious laughter behind him and grabs his coat to leave, Liz walks up behind him. Maria is standing in front of Max and behind the counter removing up his French fry creation. She quickly turns to leave the two of them alone when Liz calls out to her, “Maria. Wait,” Liz says, “I need to talk to you.”

“I’m all ears.”

“We’re running out of those little alien straws from your mother’s store and I forgot to put in a new order. Do you think you could run over there and grab some?”

“Oh please no, Liz” she begs, “Anything but that.”


“Because there is this new girl at the store and Mom wants me to…I don’t know be the Roswell welcome wagon or something. Besides, I can’t leave right now. Things are so busy with you not working and all.”

“I can handle it by myself for a while.”

“No you can’t. It’s a zoo in here.”

“Miss? Miss,” a customer calls from across the room.

“Coming,” Maria answers and jumps at the opportunity to leave.

“Maria,” Liz calls off after her, “This is really important.”

“Straws are more important than our customers? Liz Parker how could you say that.” Maria declares sarcastically.

“I could go.” Max interjects.

“See? Problem solved. Max can go.”

“You don’t mind?” Liz asks

“Not at all. I was leaving anyway.”

“Thanks. You are a real life saver,” Liz remarks before realizing her mistake and smiling coyly, “You know what I mean.”

Max rises from his seat, and Liz kisses him on the cheek. “Thanks again,” she adds and walks off toward the grill. Max watches walk away a bit of hope blossoming inside. He notices Shawn’s arrogant stare as he walks by on his way out the door.

After Max has left the restaurant, Shawn moves up to the same stool at the counter.

Outside the café, Max is elated. Not only did Liz kiss him on the cheek, but she did it in front of Shawn. Maybe, just maybe, he thought, they had a chance of getting back together. He smiled thinking of the look on Shawn’s face as he left. The hatred. The loathing. The exact same feelings he had about Shawn.

Max walks over to his car, and opens the door. He pauses a few moments then slams the door shut and walks down the street. He is too giddy to drive. He feels like he could walk on air, but at the same time he can’t figure out why Liz kissed him. He needs to walk. He needs to settle down a little.

Across the street, a young lady walks out of a store. She throws her shopping bags in a car and starts to walk down the street the same way as Max. Just as Max looks back, she enters one of the shops. A few steps later, Max feels a compulsion to look behind him again. This time a slightly older, blonde hair woman exits the shop and walks down the opposite side of the street. Max keeps walking, shaking off the feeling as nothing more than a side affect of his moment in the Crashdown. He continues walking; the woman follows.

Again, the feeling of danger returns and he quickly looks to the opposite side of the street. The blonde woman is no longer there, but before he turns back around he notices a stumpy, brunette with the exact same purse looking in a store window. “It has to be a coincidence,” he tells himself and once again sets off in the direction of Amy DeLuca’s shop. When he spots yet another woman walking in the crowd of people behind him and carrying the same bag, he knows this is no delusion and picks up his pace.

Max rounds the corner of the last building on the block, and stops, just out of sight to try to take the person off guard. A few people pass him, yet not the woman who was following him. After a while, he peeks around the corner for the woman, but she is gone. He starts off again in the same direction hoping that she will emerge from her hiding place, but to no avail. What he missed was the man watching him at the bus stop across the street.

NEXT TIME on "Roswell: The Guardian"...

Is Max's imagination getting the best of him or is there real danger in Roswell? Will Liz wait too long to forgive Max? The answer to these questions and more will be... time.

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Thanks sooo much for all your feedbacK! You guys are awesome! Here's the next part of the story I hope you like it, and if you do please tell your friends and neighbors. (Okay, maybe not your neighbors.)*big*

Amy DeLuca's store is covered from top to bottom with alien merchandising. There are books, t-shirts, mugs with matching coasters, and of course alien toys of all shapes and sizes. Max enters the store and a small bell in the shape of an alien head rings above him. He can't help but chuckle a little.

Wading through the people and the racks of t-shirts one catches his eye. He pulls it off the rack and holds it up. It is a very tacky green color with a large cartoon alien spacecraft on it. Coming out of the top are four little green aliens with four eyes, waving. It says, "The Home World or Bust." Someone laughs in the background very loud and there is a little bit of a commotion. Max looks up only briefly to see an older couple and a young woman being entertained by an sticky green alien figure climbing down a wall. He pulls his attention back to the shirt. He can't help it when his mind wanders to what his home world might be like and if he would truly want to go home. Suddenly a soft, melodic voice breaks his focus.

"We also have that in blue if you like."

"Excuse me?" he says turning around to find the source of the voice. A young woman steps out from behind another rack of t-shirts. He can tell immediately that she is part American Indian, from his encounters on the reservation and with River Dog. She has lightly tanned skin yet big, blue eyes, that seem to immediately put him on ease.

"The shirt. It's right over here," she adds moving up next to him and pushing aside a few shirts to reveal the blue colored shirt she is referring to.

"Oh. Right."

"If you tell me your size I can grab one for you."

"No. No, thanks," Max says with a charming smile, "I'm just here to see Mrs. DeLuca."

Slightly disappointed by her lack of a sale, her smile and the soft lilt in her voice fades. "She's in the back. I'll get her for you," she says. Before she turns around, Amy comes up behind her and puts a hand on her shoulder.

"Max. Hi."

"Hi Ms. DeLuca."

"Amy please. Maria just called and said you were coming by."

"Yeah. They needed some of those straws with the aliens on them?"

"I know which ones they are. I'll go and grab some. Did Liz say how many she needed?"

"No sorry. But it was really crowded over there."

"Well, I'll take a guess," Amy heads for the backroom, but abruptly stops and turns back to Max. "Oh. I'm sorry. Where are my manners? Max, this is Serena Hallow. She is my new top sales girl."

Serena puts out her hand with enthusiasm and a big smile. She and Max shake hands.
"Stop. You're embarrassing me," Serena replies with a hint of false modesty, "Besides it's not that hard. I'm the only one here," she whispers to Max. Max laughs.

"Why don't you two talk some more while I disappear in the back?" Amy leaves.
"Really she makes it out like I am the Bill Gates of alien merchandising." Serena holds out her hand to Max. Realizing she wants the shirt back to put it on the rack, he hands it over. "Besides it's easy," she continues, "Have you seen some of the stuff here? I mean it is the coolest! Look at this shirt." She pulls out another logo t-shirt that has a husband talking to an alien who is standing in front of his spacecraft. It says, "Take my wife. Please!"

"Isn't that the best?" Serena asks, with the humor she feels resonating in her voice again.
"It's pretty funny," Max calmly answers. As she puts back the second shirt, a wave of déjà vu sweeps over him. He can't place her face, but she seems so familiar.

"What?" she asks sarcastically.

"Huh?" Max blurts out, only now realizing that he has been intently staring at her for the past few moments.

"You were staring."

"Was I? Sorry," he says sheepishly.

"Let me guess. You've never seen an American Indian before."

"Actually, I have."

"Really. That's usually why I get the most stares, and the most questions. Stupid stuff, like, 'Did you see the crash? It was on the reservation right?'" she says impersonating the people asking the questions. "Of course I always come back with, "Yeah, in fact, I'm an alien. That's how I have stayed so young considering the crash happened almost 50 years ago. Duh."

"So where are you from?" Max's voice cracks, giving away his tension at her 'I'm an alien' remark.

"Well the reservation part is true," Serena adds moving across the room to straighten more of the clothing racks. "I was born there. Then I moved away for a while, and then low and behold came right back here. Besides I like Roswell. There are all kinds of cool things to do here."

"Tell that to my daughter," Amy interrupts, a smile playing across her face. "Okay Max. Here are 1000 straws. Liz should never run out again."

"Oh wow! Those are great," Serena shouts spying the green straws with a huge, plastic alien face emblem on the front, "I didn't know we carried these."

"They are just for the Crash Down," Amy informs her.

"The Crash Down?"

"It's a restaurant over on 5th and Main," Max explains, "It's an alien theme," he says raising the box slightly to push the point home. "Thanks, Ms. DeLuca, "he corrects himself, "Amy. It was nice meeting you Serena," he continues putting out his hand to shake hers again.

"Like wise."

Max heads for the door straws in hand when Amy calls out to him.

"Oh and Max, tell my daughter she can't get out of this that easily."

Max nods to Amy and then exits, causing the little alien bell to chime again.

"What was that about?" Serena asks.

"I'll tell you later," Amy answers as the bell rings again. A group of people about Serena's age enter the store. "You have customers now."

Next time on "The Guardian"...
The festival is coming, but so is something else.*shy* *cue spooky music*
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Chapter 4

As Max leaves Amy DeLuca’s store the sense of dread from before returns and the hairs on the back of his neck perk up. “Am I just being paranoid?” Max thinks to himself as he crosses the street. A quick look around belays his fears, but only slightly. He picks up his pace as he continues his journey back to the Crash Down.

When he reaches the door a wave a relief comes over him. Although the Crash Down is no safe haven, he knows the thought of a swarm of alien fanatics would avert even the most daring Skin from an attack. Max quickly enters the building taking one last look around. He immediately spots Liz working behind the counter. He weaves his way through the throngs of customers and spots an opening at the counter. He slides into the place, and calls out, “Liz,” as loud as he can to be heard over the din.

Liz perks up and deftly leaves the customer who had her trapped in a never-ending discussion of how the government tries to cover up the existence of aliens on Earth. When she reaches the end of the counter, she leans over, resting her arms on the counter. Max puts the boxes of straws on the counter.

“Thanks Max. You are a life saver,” she quickly kisses him on the cheek, grabs the boxes and rushes to the back room.

Softly to himself Max says, “I know.” He turns from the counter a new skip apparent in his step as he leaves the Crash Down.

The next day Max enters the school grounds with a purpose. He couldn’t track down Michael yesterday to tell him about the eerie encounter on the street, no doubt he was at the pre-festival party Maria had referred to yesterday. Max walks down the corridor and spots Michael retrieving books from his locker. He walks up next to him.

“Maxwell. I didn’t see you at the party last night. What happened?”

“Didn’t feel like going. Michael, I need to talk to you.”

“What about? Class?” Max just cocks his head to the side. “I didn’t think so,” Michael continues with a hint of sarcasm. He closes his locker door and starts off down the hall with Max.

“I think there was someone following me,” Max utters softly.


“Yesterday, outside the Crashdown.”

“Do you think it was a Skin?”

“I don’t know.”

“What did it look like?”

“I can’t really describe it. It was more of a feeling.”
Michael and Max stop at Michael’s classroom door. “Maxwell,” Michael says putting his hand on Max’s shoulder, “I think you need to get some rest.”

“Just keep your eyes open.”

“What are you talking about?” Isabelle asks from over Michael’s shoulder. Max jumps slightly at her voice.

“Max is being paranoid again. He thinks there was someone following him.”

“A skin?” Isabelle asks with a tremor creeping into her voice.

“I don’t know,” Max replies moving off to the side of the doorway bringing the others in tow. Other students walk into the classroom behind them. Max catches himself looking over each one trying to spot a glimpse of the person from yesterday.

“Well it couldn’t be a skin. Tess vaporized them all.”

“We don’t know that for sure.”

“Is there anything you do know?” Michael asks, his annoyance with the situation coming to full bore.



“That your sarcasm isn’t helping,” Max quickly retorts. A frown crosses his face as he realizes that Michael was not the one to come to with his suspicions. As far as Michael was concerned the world was black and white. The Skins were there; then they weren’t. So obviously their entire civilization was killed.

Isabelle soft voice interrupts his thoughts, “Max you were there, you saw the same thing we did. They were all killed.”

“Who was?” Maria asks from behind Isabelle. She slides up to Michael who puts his arm over her shoulder. She leans in but no other show of affection occurs. “Maybe next time,” she thinks to herself.

Now it is Isabelle’s turn to be annoyed. “The Skins.”

“But are we sure it was all of them?” Liz chimes in.

Max takes a moment to realize that he had been so wrapped up in the conversation he hadn’t seen Liz approach either. Maybe he did need to relax.

“Yes!” Isabelle and Michael exclaim together.

“Then everything’s going to be okay,” Maria states at the same level as Michael’s outburst. When she sees the attention of some of the other students in the hall she lowers her voice again, “There’s no more alien hunter, no more wacko Senator, and no more skins. It’s all over, so things can get back to normal.

“Not exactly.”

“Someone was following Max yesterday,” Tess interjects as she slips up next to Max. Liz takes notice of the maneuver but keeps her reaction lowkey. Max doesn’t seem to respond at all.

“He doesn’t know that for sure,” Isabelle shoots back at Tess.

Before Tess can fight back Max adds, “I just don’t think we should let our guard down.

“I agree with Max,” Tess adds.

“There’s a shock,” Maria mutters under her breath.

Michael smiles at Maria’s comment before he turns to Max, “Maxwell. They’re dead. We don’t have to worry anymore.” Michael kisses Maria on the cheek and enters his classroom.

The bell rings. The rest of the group quickly dissipates and rushes to their classrooms. Max doesn’t move. He stands motionless watching the other kids run down the hall to their class. He doesn’t notice Isabelle watching him and Tess’s arm wrap around his.

“Max?” Isabelle asks.


“I’ll see you at home later,” she says. Max nods in reply as she turns and walks away to her class.

“Isabelle wait.” Max calls out to her, “I would prefer if you walk home with me.”
Isabelle stops and turns around to her brother, “I have a Crashdown Festival meeting after school. I’m volunteering.”

“To do what, be an alien?” Tess yells out, immediately evoking a stern look from Max. He leaves her side, removing his arm from her grasp and walks over to Isabelle.

“Isabelle, it’s not safe.”

“How could it not be safe? I will be in a crowd of hundreds of people. Nothing is going to happen. Michael’s right, we can take it easy now, and I intend to have fun.” Isabelle turns back around and enters her classroom.


Tess slowly approaches Max. She moves her hand up his back and onto his shoulder. “Are you going to be all right Max?” Tess asks. “Really, Michael’s right. There’s no need to worry.” She slides her hand down his arm and takes his hand in hers. She pulls him in close and kisses him on the cheek. “Come on we are going to be late for class.”

When Max and Tess enter the room hand in hand, Liz takes immediate notice, as does Maria. Maria makes a quick stride to distract Liz by pointing to an example in her book, but it is no use. She notices Liz’s smile fade and it looks as though she has just had the wind knocked out of her. Maria wishes she could do the same to Tess.

“Look at that little slut,” she says trying to make her friend fell a little better.

“Maria,” Liz sighs.

“I think it’s gross how she just hangs all over him like a little lost puppy. I mean please.”

Tess and Max sit down at a table and Liz keeps staring, waiting for Max to look back at her. He never does.

“Thank you for joining us today,” the teacher says looking to Max and Tess, “While the galaxy may have the time to wait, I do not. Next time it will be detention,” the teacher states brusquely staring down at them over the top of his wire rimmed glasses.
“Yes sir,” they reply in unison.
“Serves her right,” Maria whispers to Liz.
“Do you have something to add Miss Deluca?”

“No sir,” Maria answers sheepishly.

“I didn’t think so.”

“Good then we can get on with our discussions of our solar system. In the cosmic scheme of things it wasn’t that long ago when people thought the Sun revolved around the Earth. Can anyone tell me who first proposed the theory that the Earth revolved around the Sun? Miss Parker.”

“ Copernicus.”

“Correct. Can anyone tell me why people believed the Earth was flat?” the teacher asked again looking for hands to go up, “Mr. Evans.”

“Because when they looked out on the horizon it looked like it ended,” Max answers confidently.

“Why did they think the atom was the smallest piece of what makes up everything in the universe? Because that was all they could see with their equipment at the time. Then lo and behold the equipment got better and suddenly there was the quark an even smaller particle. Both of these examples have one thing in common. What is it?” the teacher asks. The room falls silent.

“Mr. Evans could you step up here for a minute,” the teacher asks. Max gets up and goes to the front of the class. The teacher hands him a pencil. “Bend this pencil.” Max stands in shock for a moment thinking, “Could he know who I am?”

“Go ahead,” the teacher continues.

“I can’t.”


“Because it will break,” Max replies.

“You have tried to bend a pencil before and it broke in half. Correct?”


“Watch and learn. Take a seat, Mr. Evans.” Max goes back to seat and sits down.

The teacher proceeds to do the optical illusion trick, waving the pencil up and down rapidly to give it the illusion it is bending. There aren’t many oohs and aahs, but the teacher brushes it off. Some kids laugh. “You see the amazing bending pencil. So what did we learn from this?”

“You want another job?” a jock type student sitting in the back of the class shouts out.

“Ha, ha. Anyone else?”

“Don’t trust what you see,” Liz calls out.

“Precisely. Nothing is absolute, most of all science. Some of the greatest scientists were dreamers. The ones who looked beyond what they were told was true to find the real truth.”

“So that means anything I put on my test was right?” the jock yells out, “All right A’s all around!”

“Not so fast Mr. West,” the teacher says, “You would have to prove that what I told you was wrong. Until then,” he adds picking out the jocks test paper out of the stack in his hand, “since Fat Albert was not the founder of Modern physics, you are going to have to do better next time.”

The bell rings and the students rise quickly from their seats. They pack up their bags and conversation start throughout the room. A commotion builds as the classroom door is opened.

“Everyone pick up your tests on the way out and have a nice weekend,” the teacher calls out to them over the din.

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