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Title: As Storm Clouds Overcast
Author: Krazykitti
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell and if I did....Alex and Isabel would be together and happy! I do own the characters I make up though!
Rating: PG-13/R
Couples: A/I with CC couples and new characters
Summary: Two teenagers who have been good friends most of their lives go looking for their parents and their past. In the mean time,it has been 17 years since the Pod Squad left Roswell but when unknown pasts have come up and certain people and enemies have returned, what happens now?
Author's Note: This is also the rewrite to The Prophecy if you have read it. It's a lot different then the original, I can tell you that! Also this is my first future fic so feedback is greatly appreciated! Also I will be reposting Love vs. Infatuation later this week with part 3 Hopefully! So be looking for it!
Part 1
(On a front porch somewhere in Maine)

"So do you remember anything about your parents Zach?" Charlie asks as she cleans her nails with her pocket knife.
"Nothing really except some vague memories." Zach says while looking at the sky.
"Like what?"
"Well...the one that comes most clearly to me is one of when I was a baby....I was in the arms of a man and he had dark hair and light eyes. The other one I remember is a memory of my mother. Blue, Satan-ridden eyes and light blonde ringlets of hair. I got bad vibes from that memory. Do I have 'Satan-ridden' blue eyes?" Zach asks Charlie as he looks at her.

Charlie looks up from her nails and stares deeply into her good friend's eyes. "No. They look more perplexed than cold." She says flashing a smile.
He smacks her lightly on the arm and laughs. "Like that is any better. Anyway, what do you remember about your parents?"
"My memories are probably more vague than yours dude. They aren't really like memories, but more like flashes of a dream. In these dream like memories I see a man. He has black hair, blue eyes, and he's a little on the scrawny side. I see him holding me up as if for someone to look at me, which he was, he was holding me up for my mother to see. She is beautiful. Long, blonde hair and brown eyes. That's all I see usually. The flash is of my own birth." Charlie finishes up looking distant.
"That's all? You mean there's nothing else that you noticed?" Zach asks surprised.
"Well now that I think about it....there is something else!" Charlie says as her blue eyes light up and she starts looking through her purse.
"What, might I ask, are you looking for?" Zach wonders.
"This!," she says as she holds up a gold locket, "I do not know why I did not notice this before!"
"This locket. It was around my mother's neck and she must have left it with me when I was born." Charlie says looking at the sparkling locket carefully.
"Have you ever opened it?"
"No." She says sadly.
"Why not?" Zach asks surprised.
"I have never been able to."
"Try again then." He says reassuringly.
"I doubt it will open, but I will try." Charlie says with false hope.
"Just try it."
Charlie then tries to open it, but it does not budge. She keeps trying for a while, but it still will not open.

"Charlotte! Dinner's ready!" Charlie's foster mother yells down the street.
"Could not she have just called my cell?" Charlie says as she gets up off the steps.
"I don't know, but I have to go in too. It's starting to get dark and it's almost dinner time for me too." Zach says as he stands up also.
"Well, I’ll see ya tomorrow. You better be ready tomorrow when I come pick you up in the morning!" Charlie yells as she runs down to her house.
"I will!" Zach says as he goes inside.

(Later that night at Charlie's House) {AN: POV Change to First Person}

Charlie's P.O.V.

After I take a shower, brush my hair and teeth, and put my pajamas on (which might I say are wicked awesome because they are black with red and orange flames), I lay down in bed and start to write in my journal.

~June.12.2019 10:27 p.m.

I cannot believe that in 3 days I will be graduated from Augustus High, in 15 days I will be 18 and legally an adult, and recently I just got my acceptance letter to Harvard University (my dream since I was 6!). If only everything were good news like that.

Lately there have been many things I have been contemplating. The one thing that has annoying me the most besides the anonymity of my parents is why I cannot get this stupid LOCKET OPEN! I have had this locket since I could remember, but today was really the first day I thought about the significance it holds to my past. After that conversation I had with mi amigo earlier, I have been INCESSANTLY THINKING ABOUT WHO MY PARENTS ARE! I wish I knew....

I close my journal as tears start to tread down my cheeks. I put my journal in the top drawer of my nightstand and take out my locket.
"Why can't I open you?" I say as I try again for about 3 minutes. I then get really angry and throw it across the room against the wall.

As I sob, I look up and my locket is all of a sudden floating in mid-air.
"What in the hell?" I whisper to myself. As I am about to get up it starts to levitate towards me. It is now right above my head that's when I notice that....It's opened! I cannot believe my eyes at what I am seeing! With caution I grab it out of the air and read the engraving inside it carefully:

"I Love You Isabel Amanda Evans"
Eternally Yours,
Alexander Charles Whitman

"Oh my god."

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Part 2

(The next morning) Charlie’s P.O.V.

I get up out of bed, get dressed, and run down the stairs to the kitchen. “Hey Cheryl, hey Greg, hey Pat.”
“Hey Charlie.” My foster brother, Pat says to me.
“Why are you in such a hurry honey?” Cheryl asks me as I put a poptart in the toaster.
“I need to talk to Zach.” I say getting impatient with the toaster.
“You see him everyday, before, during, and afterschool. So I don’t really see why you are in such a hurry.” Greg says to me.
“It’s really important that I talk to him.” I start to tap my foot getting fed up with waiting. “Hurry up!” I yell at the toaster.
“I don’t think that will make the toaster cook any faster.”
“Who asked you Pat?”
“Watch your attitude young lady.”
“Sorry Greg.” That’s when my poptart finally pops out of the stupid toaster. “Finally!” I say as I grab it out of the air. “Bye Greg, Pat, Cheryl.” I yell as I run out the door and to my car.

“Bye mom and dad. See ya later.” I hear Zach say as he comes out of his front door.
“Zach come on!” I say hurriedly.
He gets in the car, “What’s the rush? It’s just school.”
“No. It’s not that. I just really need to talk to you.”
“Well I’m here. So talk.”
“Okay...well last night I was writing in my journal after I went to bed and I decided to try and open my locket again...”
“And I got angry because I couldn’t open and I threw it across the room.”
“But then something else happened.”
“What?” Zach asks wonderingly.
“My locket levitated to me.”
“It levitated to me and it was opened...and....and...” I say as I can feel the tears welling in my eyes.
“What is it?” He says putting a comforting hand on my shoulder.
I stop the car on the side of the road, take my locket out, and open it with great ease. “You see this picture?”
“It’s a picture of my parents at their Prom and my father gave my mother this locket that same night. It was also the same night I was conceived.”
“Whoa! How do you know all of this just from opening the locket?” He asks perplexed.
“I got a flash after reading this engraving,” I say brushing the inside of the locket, “I saw so many different things. I saw my mom and dad dancing, I saw them being happy, I saw who I was, I saw the love they had for me when I was born and the sadness they had when they had to give me up.” I say now sobbing.

Zach embraces me. I pull away. “What do you think about these new revelations?” He asks me looking me straight in my eyes.
“I think it is time I find my parents. I have gone too long without answers. I need answers. I need my mother and father. I would be with people that have my personality. I need to do this. After I graduate I’m leaving this town, this state to find my past and I want to know....will you come with me?”
“That’s a lot to ask, but.....since you have always been there for me and taught me things that I thought I would never find answers to, I will go with you. After our conversation yesterday on my stoop, I have been thinking....that maybe it was time I find my past too.”
“Thank you!” I say as I hug him.
“Well we better go before we’re late to school.”
“You’re right!” I restart the car and peel out onto the road.

(Later that during lunch)

“Hey Charlie! Looking good!” Ryan Thompson yells to me as I’m jogging down the hall.
“Hey Ryan!” I yell as I reach room 119. I open the door and go in. My English teacher looks up and sees me and puts down the assignment he was grading.
“Why hello Ms. Whitman. What can I do for you today?” He says cheerily.
“Well, Mr. Lambert I was wondering if you could read my speech over and see if I need to make any last corrections before I have to read it on Thursday?”
“Sure. Anything for one of my best students.” Mr. Lambert says as he takes it.

I watch him read it over and make a few corrections with his red pen. I watch him put it down and take his glasses off.
“Well Charlie, I must say that you have put your heart and soul into this speech.
“Why yes I did. I have been working on it for the past 2 weeks.”
“I only saw a few minor errors that are very easy to correct. I can tell you have been taking English seriously these past four years.” We both laugh at that.
“Yeah well, I live to please and these past four years of English Honors’ classes have been hell, but it has been worth it!” I say.
“Here you go,” He hands my 3 and 1/2 page speech back to me, “3 days....just 3 more days and you will be out of here. Oh! Congrats on getting the full paid scholarship to Harvard!”
“Thank you!”
“I’m going to miss you Whitman. I think the whole school will.”
“Well I’m not gone yet, but 3 days isn’t really that long.”
“No it isn’t.”
“Well I have to go and see some other teachers about a whole bunch of other different things. See ya Mr. Lambert!” I say as I jog out the door.
So much to do in so little time!

“Hey Zan!” I say as I sit down. A little out of breath from going all over the school.
“Hey! Where have you been?” Zach says as he eats his salad.
“Running around doing the last few preparations for Graduation.”
“3 days Charlie....3 days.”
“I know and it makes me sad, but happy. It makes me sad that I’m leaving this school and all the teachers I love and torture, but it makes me happy that a whole new journey will be starting.”
“I will be going through the same thing when I’m a senior. Even though that will be next year at who knows what school. It’s also my last few days here too so I know how you feel.”
“Yep. Going on a search to find our parents.” Charlie says now contemplating about when it’s time to leave.

(Somewhere in an apartment in San Diego, California)

After driving her kids to school, Isabel comes home to find her husband in his home office typing away on his computer.
“Hey honey.” She says as she wraps her arms around him.
“Hey.” He says. Sounding like he had something else on his mind.

She sits down across from him and asks him, “What’s bothering you?”
“I don’t think you want to know even though you need to.”
“Tell me Alex.”
“Well after you left, the phone started to ring and I answered it. Guess who it was?”
“Who?” Isabel says fearful of who it might have been.
“It was Max.”
“What? How did he...”
“I don’t know, but something has....come up...” Alex says taking her hand in his.
“What?” Her voice trembling.
“It seems that....Tess is alive and that they found a piece of shedded skin.” Alex says feeling his hand starting to get crushed by Isabel’s intense grip.
“No. NO! I won’t believe it!” Isabel says now running out of the office.
“Isabel!” Alex catches up with her.
“Say it isn’t so!” She says. Sobs wracking her body.
“I’m sorry but it is and there’s more.”
“We have to go back.” Alex says ready for her to run again.
“No! I don’t want to go back! I can’t go back! We have a family! Our lives were perfect and now this!”
“Isabel! You had to have expected this sometime or another!”
“I know that, but I didn’t want it now!” Isabel yells.
“I know and neither did I. I mean how do you think I feel! That don’t even know that I’m alive!”
“I know that! It’s just that...”
“It’s just that what?”
“There’s more on my mind than just what you told me.”
“What?” He says coming closer to her.
“Charlotte.” She says as she starts to fall to her knees.
Before she hits the floor, Alex catches her and embraces her as he starts to cry with her.

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