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Author: NewYorker18 (Kylee or Kylie, whichever)
Title: Professions of Love
Disclaimer: Can't you guess?
Rating: G
Summary: One parter~Just read it, can't explain it
A/N: I wrote this late last night when I was up sick and couldn't sleep. I hope you guys like it. FB is greatly appreciated!! *hint hint*

You never know how much you love someone until they are gone. You take love for granted. Then, poof, they are gone, when you least expect it.

I lost you Alex, I didn't let you in, I was cold, and mean, not because I hated you, but because I loved you and I didn't want you to see.

I wish we could begin again. Just start over. Let go of the past, and start again. We'll have fun times. The time of our lives. Together, you and me. Things would be different. I'd let you in, to see me, the real me, not Ice Princess Isabel! I feel so stupid for not seeing what I had before. Your love for me was so great you'd have given your life for me.

you are all I ever think about. You are ijn my dreams. Funny, crazy, geeky Alex, all of you. You fill me, with out you I'm an empty shell. I always see you. You are a shining light in everything I do.

I thought I had nothing to give. I was wrong. All you wanted was my love. Each day another bit of my heart dies. Love--that's all you wanted! And I refused to give it. I hope, with all my heart Alex, that you can forgive me for that. For being blind to you, and to my heart.

You left me, no goodbye, or I love you, or any last meeting. And I'm sorry you left that yat. I want to join you so badly. I have nothing to live for anymore. My world is gone. Now I know what love is. Its you Alex, all you. Your eyes, your smile, all of it. Now its gone and so are you.

Nothing turns out the way you think it ought to. That's life. I can't wait to see you again. I'll never leave your side. Help me make this right. Help me fix the wrong. What do I do? Max tried to bring you back. If he couldn't, then nobody could. Not even me.

I love you so much Alex Whitman. I am sorry I couldn't show you that. Sorry that our love didn't blossom.

I won't ever love anyone as much as you. Come back to me Alex!! I need you so much. My world is gone. I can't do anything until you are resting with me. I hope you can get to read this. This is the hardest thing I've ever written.

Heart, body and soul,
Love Isabel

Oh! Isabel. I'm sorry! I always knew you loved me. None, NONE of this is your fault. There's nothing to forgive. You couldn't save me if you tried. I died long before Tess killed me. Every mindwarp, a piece of me died. I love you too, always. I'm sorry you suffer like that. It hurts to see it. I'm glad I'll always be in your memory though. I'll rest with you like you wanted. Be whole again Izzy!

Will love you forever!


He wrote on her letter after reading it.

"Iz, sweetheart. I love you!" he whispers as he lays beside her in bed. He holds her tight, she stirs, smiles and goes back to sleep.

Finally, he gets up. He places a kiss on her forehead before he walks toward the window. With Isabel watching, not believing what she sees, He goes to the window and disappears before reaching it. Isabel shakes her head and returns to sleep.

I Was crying the whole time I wrote this. Hope you enjoyed!!

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Thanks guys for all your support! My other fics are "A New Day" and "I Don't Believe in Aliens". I'm going to be starting another soon, but I don't know what to call it, so just hang in there and look for me!!*angel*