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Title: The Other Us
Author: Karina a.k.a WINDYM
E-mail: Gooobers98⊕
Rating: Pg-13
Category: M/L, M/M, A/I, and T/K.
Disclaimer: If you’ve heard their names on the show, they aren’t mine.
Dedicated to: Kerry, latahart, and DreamerForever. Thanx you guys, for reminding me about this fanfic.
Summary: This is a challenge from Kerry. It’s a Karoswell twist on an episode if the girls and guys characters were switched. Okay, just so u all stay unconfused, in my word, the characters have always had these personalities. It’s not like they really switched. They’ve just always been like that. Get it?

Max will be Tess (interesting) Max Harding
Michael will be Isabel (hilarious) Michael Evans
Alex will be Liz Alex Parker
Kyle will be Maria (too funny) Kyle Deluca

Tess will be Kyle Tess Valenti
Isabel will be Alex Isabel Whitman
Liz will be Michael (hmmm) Liz Guerin
Maria will be Max Maria Parker

The Other Us

Saturday morning came with a rush. Maria could feel it in her bones, in the coffee, in the screams of children waiting to be fed. She half fled, half ran to the order counter.

"Michael, the customers are rioting! Are those burgers ready?" she asked, trying to shout above the voices behind her.

Michael flipped the patties impatiently, seeing it start to sizzle. He turned to face her, swiping sweat and grease off his eyes. "Oh god, I’m sweating here, Maria. I’m sweating!" He grabbed the mayo jar off the counter and started spreading on the crisp buns. "Do you know how disgusting it is to wear this and be sweating?"

The mayo spilled on his chest and Michael uttered a cry of disbelief. He narrowed his eyes angrily. "God! I just bought this yesterday! This is not happening."

Maria smiled, trying not to laugh. "Michael, the burgers."

Michael shot her a look and took a glance at the patties. They were done yet but he didn’t care anymore. Michael waved a hand over the patties, cooking them with his powers. He slapped them onto the buns and shoved the plates to Maria. "There." He pointed to them furiously. "I hope they choke on it."

Maria sighed and walked away, rearranging the burgers to look more presentable. She felt Liz bump into her "accidentally", on purpose.

Liz smirked. "Destiny bite your back, Marianna?"

Maria carefully balanced her way to the cash register. She laid the plates on the table with a smile to the customers then whirled to stare at Liz. "Liz, Michael is," she looked away and caught him cursing the grill. Maria smiled sadly. "He’s just not feeling too well. He just saw his destiny a month ago, Liz. He’s dealing hard with it, harder than I thought he would."

Liz glared at Michael’s from around the soda machine. "Tell him to get over it," she snapped. "We don’t have time for this, Maria. The enemies are coming." She watched Maria’s reaction. "You don’t see me bawling over some crap of a destiny."

"That’s because you don't have anyone," answered Maria forcefully.

Liz flinched, moving back.

Maria could almost kill herself. She hadn’t meant to say that. She looked down at the floor, fidgeting her feet. "Look, I’m sorry, Liz. I didn’t mean . ."

Liz looked away. "I have selected hearing." She dismissed it and grabbed the sodas.

Maria sighed and grabbed the new plates Michael had laid on the counter. She wrinkled her nose. It didn’t smell cooked, not by a grill anyway.

Liz seized the plates and sniffed. "If he did his alien shit on this . ."

"Michael didn’t," answered Maria hurriedly. Too hurriedly.

Liz stared at her and gruffed, walking towards the tables. She was interrupted by Kyle Valenti who had unwittingly found himself blocking her path. They both tried to walk to the side but kept bumping to each other. Maria watched as they had a hate-filled staring contest and sighed with relief as Liz marched away.

Kyle rolled his eyes and slid into the stool. "Whoow. There goes a mental break down waiting to happen."

They both turned as Liz started cussing.

Kyle cocked his head. "Wait. There it is, folks."

Maria tried not to smile as she counted the tips in her hand. "Leave her alone, Kyle."

He put up his hands in surrender. "Okay, okay. Shoot me for telling the truth about Stonewall Parker. Maria, but that hair! And those clothes . ." He made a face.

Maria didn’t bother to look up. "It’s her uniform."

Kyle shook his head solemnly. "It ain’t better when she’s out of it. Bla!"

Maria did look up then. She raised her eyebrows.

Kyle groaned. "Oh please. Like I’d lose my virginity to Creepy Liz. No way are you gonna catch me dating her again. Big humungous, mistake."

Maria smiled. "Blame it on the cedar oil."

Kyle shot her a look. "I blame it on hormones and my weakness to pouty lips."

Maria looked up as the door rang open. She grinned at Kyle. "It’s Tess."

His expression was priceless. Kyle whirled around to see her then immediately whirled back to face Maria. He abruptly stood and checked his package and licked his lips. "Okay, honestly Maria, do I look hot right now?"

Maria smiled. "You look hot, Kyle."

"I have to go to check on my hair." Kyle smiled smugly. "Don’t wait up, babe. If you know what I mean." He smacked his lips together and headed towards the bathroom.

The door rang open again and Alex walked dreamily in. He stood near the counter and grinned. "Hi Maria."

Maria placed the tips in the register and looked up in disbelief. "Alex?" He had been in a sullen mood since the destiny news.

Alex just grinned. "Isn’t life just great?!"

Maria’s eyes shined knowingly. "You and Isabel are back together."

Alex couldn’t help the silly grin as he nodded rapidly. He buried his head in his arms. "Oh god, Maria," he groaned from within his arms, "it feels so good to be with her again." He looked up and grinned. "Okay, so I have a list."

"About what?"

"About the great things about Isabel."

Maria laughed. "Another list, Alex?"

Alex blushed. "Yeah."

Maria laughed as he eagerly started from one.
The two sat quietly in a booth. Max sat nervously in front of her. Tess sat fidgeting in her seat, tapping her fingers on the table. She cleared her throat, tried to look him in the eye, couldn’t.

"So, heh, uh, this is real uncomfortable."

"Tess . ." Max reached out to take her hand.

Kyle walked by swiftly, casting angry glared at the two of them.

Tess’ eyes trailed his fleeing form and realized that Max still held her hand. She carefully took her fingers back from Max. "Touched too soon there, Evans."

Max remained silent, still staring at her retreating hand.

Tess looked nervously away. "Okey dokey. Silence is golden to my karma. It brings peace and clarity." She stood up with a parting smile. "But I’ve got a Stetson calling my name at the Boot Barn and . ."

"Tess," whispered Max brokenly, "I know this is hard for you. I know. But you have to understand. Tess, when are you going to realize that we’re meant to be together?" Tears sprang up to wet his lashes.

Tess winced "Oh boy. There’s crying." She slipped back into her seat. Tess looked at Max guiltily. "Look Evans, you know what I think about this destiny mumbo jumbo."

Max started trembling, his voice shaking. "You can’t pretend that you don’t feel it," he whispered fervently. "You are my wife. We used to be married. We were together. Why can’t you see that, Tess?"

Tess looked down at her boots. "Look, Max," she faced him squarely, "I just don’t see this working out. There’s way too many complications and this intergalactic love fest is seriously creeping me out." She looked up with a grimace. "I don’t remember it."

Max looked at her, straight in her eyes. "But I do."

A shadow fell over the two of them. They both looked up. Liz.

Destiny, destiny, destiny. It is the inevitably ordained. Destiny, fate, lot, portion. Just other words for doom. Seriously, you can look it up. They’re synonyms. How cute. Oh, and another synonym: Tess.

{Within the Lies}

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To Angela35, Thank you for the feedback. I think you'll enjoy this, Angela. I was laughing when I reread it.

To AvengingAngelIQ, Thank you for the feedback. And I will gon on. Thanks for encouragement.


Destiny, destiny, destiny. It is the inevitably ordained. Destiny, fate, lot, portion. Just other words for doom. Seriously, you can look it up. They’re synonyms. How cute. Oh, and another synonym: Tess.

{Within the Lies}
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Part 2
A shadow fell over the two of them. They both looked up. Liz.

She stared down at Max hard.

Max’s throat went dry. "Liz," he mumbled guiltily.

Liz returned the stare icily. "Right." She faced Tess. "We need to talk."

Tess immediately stood. Her tone didn’t give any room for argument.

Liz snapped back around. Max was still staring at her, breathing on her neck. She narrowed her eyes. "Good bye, Max."

Max blinked then slowly got up. He continued staring at Liz then down at Tess.

Liz scowled. He was taking too long. She pushed him roughly aside not caring when he crashed into a couple of customers. She turned all her attention on Tess. "What did you do to Kyle?"

Tess was in shock. Liz didn’t seem the type that cared much about him. Hell, about anyone. "I did nothing. He just spazzed out when ET there tried to hold my hand."

Liz grunted. "Yeah? Well he’s crying now. Thank you, Tess." She smiled sarcastically. "Be sure to thank Maxanalien for me too."

Tess buried her face in her hands. "Where is he?"

Liz jerked her head to the back room. "In there with Alex."

Tess immediately headed to the room aimlessly, trying to think up an apology in 15 seconds.

Liz stared stonily at he other girl for a moment then got up, walking steadily to the front doors. She just stood there, outside; arms crossed and wearing her usual scowl. After a moment, Max walked out of the shadows with a guilty expression.

Liz’s jaw clenched. "I thought I told you to leave, Maxwell," she said sharply.

Max nodded. "I was just waiting."

Her eyes narrowed. "Tess isn’t yours. She’s in love with Kyle."

Max shook his head. "But Liz . ."

"We don’t need you here," said Liz cuttingly. She walked back in the diner, making sure the door clicked shut behind her.

Max watched her retreating figure. "But Liz . . I was waiting for you."

Destiny, destiny, destiny. It is the inevitably ordained. Destiny, fate, lot, portion. Just other words for doom. Seriously, you can look it up. They’re synonyms. How cute. Oh, and another synonym: Tess.

{Within the Lies}