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Anything but ordinary
Author : Maroswellian (Mary)
Disclaimer : Sadly not mine, as you can see!
Distribution : Ask and ya shall receive!
Rating : PG-13 ( I think…)
Summary : What could have been like the year before the shooting for our favorites Roswellians? Maybe like that…*happy*
Category : All CC
A/N : This is my first fanfic, so, if it sucks, please tell
me kindly…! But, if it’s a even just a little tiny bit
good, tell me too! Oh, and very special thanks to Gamma Rho Girl and NewYorker18, you rock gals! I love you very much! Thoughts are between * *. Enjoy!


Sitting at one of the counters of the Crashdown Cafe, Maria Deluca was writing in the little notepad that she’d bought the same morning, waiting for Liz Parker, her best friend, to begin their very first shift as waitresses. * I can’t believe Mr P. agreed to let us wait on tables! Of course, nobody can resist to the puppy pleading eyes of Liz Parker and Maria Deluca, that’s obvious! Hey! Hey! I’m so evil! But, now, now, time to return to my writing before Lizzie comes back.*

Dear diary,
As you already noticed, I’m not beginning this like Lizzie would ( I am sure of it! ), with something
like ‘ Journal entry number 11, August 31st ‘ and all that
date crap that I obviously won’t need to remember when I’ll write all my entries. I begin like you begin when you just begin ( a little mixed up aren’t we huh? ;-) ) to write your feelings down on paper. You’re so excited, thrilled at the idea that nobody is ever going to read it and all… So, here I am, me, Maria Deluca, bubbly, wacky best bud of Liz Parker, good girl extraordinaire, as everybody knows me. Except Liz and Alex, that is. So, tomorrow’ll be my so feared, dreaded first day in High School. But, aside from the usual anxiety that’s supposed to come with that, there’s something else. I can’t shake the feeling that, a day not so far from today, something big, huge is gonna happen and change my life big time. I don’t know, maybe it’s just the lack of cedar oil that has me all stressed out for nothing, but the feeling’s so… persistent. Anyway, I’m sniffing some of my sacred oils right now and all should be fine in one minute. Also, I already have my stupid schedule and guess what? Liz and Alex are in 2 outta 6 classes with me tomorrow, no more, no less! I’m devastated! But, who knows, maybe Michael will be in some other classes with me this year… WAIT. WHERE did THAT came from? I mean, sure, he’s… cute in his own cheeseheaded way
but…forget it. All I tried to say was school sucks greatly
this year, plus, I don’t have a boyfriend, plus /

"Hey! " shouted Maria, startled by the hand that just
closed her improved diary, not knowing exactly whose hand it was. " Oh, it’s you Alex. I’m sorry, I was just so
absorbed in wh… "

"What you were writing, I know " butted in Alex Whitman, Maria’s other best friend. " I figured that you would be writing in that new notepad of yours before your shift starts. Plus, when I opened the door, I didn’t fall on my back with you on top, hugging me for dear life, cuz were not in the same classes 2 times outta 6! "

"Oh! Sorry ‘bout that too, I’ll just have to cover for
this! " Maria said, jumping on Alex and fiercely hugging
him all at once.

"So, " continued Alex, finally being able to sit at a
chair nearby, " have any problems Uncle Alex could help you with? " he said, pointing to her ' journal '. " But, if
it’s cramps… " he added, perfectly remembering the only
time Liz and Maria ever tried to talk to him about that. He
ended up running to the nearer door, screaming like a hyena.

Laughing, Maria said " No! Don’t worry, it’s nothing like
that! It’s just the usual, you know ‘ Alex and Liz aren’t
with me in school, it sucks, I don’t have a boyfriend, it
sucks’ . The list goes on and on. "

As if on cue, Alex slapped himself on the forehead, like he
just found THE solution in the world to Maria’s complain. "How did I forget that " he muttered, before
adding victoriously " Maria, I think I can just solve the
boyfriend issue, and real quick! "

"Really? No joking, right? " Seeing Alex nod his head
frantically, Maria began to jump up and down and hugged
Alex another time, with a little scream of joy. " That’s
great, Alex! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! I love you so much right now! "

"You’re very welcome. That’s what best friends are for,
after all. " said Alex, happy that one of his 'sisters' was
happy. *Well, one down, one to go * he tought, just when Liz Parker, the 'second sister', emerged from the back and greeted Maria and him.

"Hey guys! "Liz said, before joining in the group hug. "Maria, I’m so excited! I mean, our first shift begins
in exactly… " She looked at her watch and said " 21
seconds! "

"It’s already time? Well, my friends, let the adventure of
waitressing a full restaurant begin! And, Alex, you’ll be
our first customer! " Maria said, taking the order pad out
of her alien apron pocket to write down Alex’s command and remplaced it with her own little notepad. " What’ll be, Mr. Whitman? "

"It’ll be the usual, Ms. Deluca. And with a Coke too,
please. " answered Alex with a mock accent.

Shaking her head at the two, Liz took off to serve the
demanding masses, with a big smile plastered in her olive
tanned face.

At the same time, outside the Crashdown Cafe were Max Evans and Michael Guerin, just about to enter the double doors of the restaurant when Michael stopped Max, taking him by the arm, and asked " Maxwell, remind me again why it is that we are unofficially always going to that stupid place to eat? I mean, there’s like many other places that we could go that serves fastfood and where the service is not so quick too. So, why here, of all places? "

A little taken aback, Max answered quickly " Oh, no reason in particular. Just, you know, it’s near the house, it don’t cost a lot and the Men in Blackberry pie has me
completely… addicted, yeah, that’s it." But, even when the lies are perfectly lied, physical language is a true truth teller. So, unaware, Max blushed a little, giving Michael the answer he so wanted to ‘hear’.

So, he said, patting Max on the back, " Max, my man, you’re so completely whipped. " With that, he opened the double doors and went to sit in their usual booth, leaving Max stuck outside with eyes wide open with shock. But, after a minute standing near the door looking dumbstruck, he decided to enter the restaurant and not to let that little detail ruin his mood. He’d just do like nothing happened out here and that his ‘secret’ motive was still VERY secret. *Yeah, * Max thought,* that’s exactly what I’ll do.* But, once inside, he saw the girl of his dreams, wearing the Crashdown uniform, and he could do nothing but stare at the goddess in front of him.

Michael was already sitting at a booth, still patienly
waiting for Max to come out of his daze. So, when he heard to door chimes, he didn’t even needed to turn around to know that it was Max. * Must be the alien side striking again* he thought, thinking about the fact that Max, Isabel and him could without problems sense each other at certain distances, without even looking. But, a minute passed and Max still wasn’t sitting in front of him. So, to be sure that Max wasn’t gone or something, he turned around to see his lifelong bestfriend, just staring off into space, not moving. *What is he freakin’ doing? * Michael tought, but
then, he looked towards where Max was staring, and a
lightbulb lightened up above his head. Surely enough, Liz
Parker was in that general direction, serving a customer
and smiling like crazy. * Wait a minute. Serving customers? When did that happened? Oh right, her father owns the place. But if SHE is serving, that means that Blondie must be too! What a lucky day am I having! * he thought, but then stood up, took Max by the shoulders and led him where he belonged, at their sacred booth.

"Maaaaxweeell? Earth to Max! Houston, we have a problem! He doesn’t wanna return here on Earth! " said Michael with a wide grin, waving his hands wildly in front of Max’s face.

Just then, Max quitted a half second his ‘lovey-dovey looks to Liz’ mode and, taking in the wild hands waving in his face, he straightened up and said " What’s your problem, Michael? Something’s wrong? ", totally not understanding what was going on. He had just been very happily staring at the beauty that was Liz Parker when… Wait. THAT was probably the problem. *Oh no, and if she saw me? If the entire restaurant was laughing at me, without me even acknowledging it? And if…/

"MAX! I just blew something up! The cops are coming!"
Michael interrupted Max’s thoughts, hoping that THAT would finally work and bring Max back on track.

"What?! I don’t even hear sirenes! How could they know? " Max finally answered, sure that the FBI was coming to get them all.

"Relax, Maximilion. It was a joke. It’s all that I found
to bring you back from the almost dead. And, Deluca’s
coming to take our orders, so I didn’t wanted her to think
that you were staring at her and all… "

*Ah, sweet revenge * Max thought, an idea forming in his head. So, when Maria was just two steps away from them, he said more loudly than usual and with a smirk " Well, Michael, tell me more about that CURL fixation of yours. Didn’t you tell me that you totally LOVED girls with curly hair? "

Maria, having heard it all, blushed just a little, thinking
about her own long blonde curls, smiled widely and turned
towards Michael. " So, that’s where all the nicknames came from! I was always wonderin’ you know, what ‘Hey
cheesecurl’ was all about. I always KNEW that you loved me! Oh, that’s sweet! " she said, hoping to get an interesting answer from her favorite Spikehead.

"What? WHAT?! ME loving YOUR curls? And YOU? No sense! I’d say that I’M not the one always fantazising about spikes, if you know what I mean " Michael answered her with a smirk of his own.

"ME fantazising about YOU? It would take a nut case to
accomplish that task, really. And we were talking about YOU in the beginning. YOU returned that awful situation towards ME when you have absolutely NO RIGHT TO! " Maria said, angered but flustered by the constant bickering that she and Michael were always going at. * That sounded strange… * She thought with an inside snicker.

"No right to? Who the hell said that there was rules
applying in that case? " said Michael, more and more
annoyed by the blond cute girl beside him. *Cute? Well,
I’ll have to contemplate that train of thought later… Hey,
that gives me an idea… *

"‘I’ said it. And, being the cool, beautiful and brilliant
girl that I am, what I say IS what applies! " Maria added,
turning redder by the second.

Then, what Michael said completely set her off " You
know Maria, you’re so cute when you’re angry! " he said
victoriously, but more meaning it then even he himself
could know…

"Cute? CUTE?! I, er you.. hum… Argh! " Maria stuttered
out, bolting out of the room, leaving Michael there,
grinning like an idiot.

"You know Michael, I think I’m not the only one with a
crush at the moment… " Max told him, grinning widely.

"Huh? Me and Delu/ "

"Hey guys! " a feminine voice cutted in. " By the way,
sorry for Maria. You know how she gets sometimes.. " Liz
said, smiling knowingly. " So, what can I get you two?
Max? "

Seeing the lack of answer coming from Max, Michael kicked him under the table, causing him to finally come to his senses.

"Oh, " Max said " I’ll um, take um, a Will Smith burger
with a cherry coke and a piece of Men in Backberry pie
afterwards please. " Max was in heaven! Liz Parker was
actually speaking to him, and bonus to that, she would
serve at the Crashdown for the rest of the year! Yeah, he was really in heaven!

"For you it’ll be? " Liz said, speaking to Michael, but
more looking at Max.

"It’ll be the same. And, could you bring us a bottle of
Tabasco sauce with that? " Michael asked her.

"Coming right up! I’ll be back in a few with your meals! "
said Liz, still very enthusiastic to work and be payed for
the first time, aside from babysitting, and she took off.

Michael took this opportunity to change the subject. " So
Max, what was Izzy’s doing for her not to come join us? "

Isabel Evans was bored. Bored out of her mind since this
stupid ‘meeting’ had begun, exactly 1 hour and 47 minutes ago. Her ‘friends’, all cheerleaders wannabes with half a brain, had decided to call this ‘very important’ reunion to talk about what they should and shouldn’t do for their very first day in High School. As far as Isabel was concerned, this was at least a little interesting, considering that SHE was the one that habitually decided what was cool and what wasn’t. But, to rant about it for almost two hours wasn’t exactly her idea of fun. So, that was why she almost didn’t speak and was searching for a good excuse to leave at the moment, when…

"Isabel? Isabel? You going to answer when we talk to you? You really should, since you’re being given a privilege and all… " began Maggie Braddock, one of the first girl to ever dare and talk to Isabel Evans in the first place.

"Dear Maggie, may I remind you that ‘I’ brought you in
this group and not the contrary? So, please, keep your lame comments for yourself if you don’t want me to do something regrettable to your rep. " threatened Isabel, very pleased with the look of fear on Maggie’s face afterwards. " But, just for the record, what were you so gracefully asking me? "

"Well, Isabel " Gracie Cook, another one of the ‘popular’
crowd, said for Maggie, " we were wondering if you would be at Pam’s party tonight, considering that almost everyone between the age of 15 and 18 in this town was going to be there as well. So, ya going to come with us? "

As tempting as it was to go to the bitch’s party and make fun of her, Isabel had other plans for the night. " Sorry, Gracie but I already have other plans for tonight. "
*Hopefully! * she tought to herself.

"Oh, and may I ask what exactly are those ‘other plans’? " asked Gracie, very curious all of a sudden.

"None of your business. " answered Isabel in an icy tone.

"Oh, I understand you know. I wouldn’t want everyone to know it too if I was to stay with my brother and his best friend instead of going to one of THE parties of the year " said Gracie, full of venom. That caused the other girls to begin to whisper, wondering if what Gracie just said was true. Isabel was indeed looking ready to kill. And, when Isabel Evans had that look in her eyes, you knew not to mess with her, or regret it very very much. So, when all the girls looked at Isabel, the whispering magically stopped, letting her speak her word. " You dare and insult me or my brothers again, and you won’t know what hit you tomorrow, at your VERY first day in High School, when everyone is going to laugh at you just because I asked them to. Understood? " finished Isabel, much more icily, if that was even possible, this time.

And then, she left, leaving Gracie with eyes wide open with stupor and the other girls, jaws hitting the floor.

At the Crashdown, Alex, Liz and Maria were in the back,
just finishing to close up the restaurant. Max and Michael
were long gone, but Maria was still in a state of shock.
The word ‘cute’ still echoing in her mind, almost
endlessly. She just couldn’t believe that Dorkbutt had had the nerve to say what he had said to her, but that wasn’t all. After the little incident, like she decided to call
it, she had asked Liz to ‘pretty, pretty please with a
little alien on top’ take her side of the restaurant for
the rest of the shift. She just couldn’t work up enough
courage to look at Michael Guerin in the eye at the moment. So, she avoided to even look in his general direction for the rest of the evening, even when she swore that she could sense his intense gaze in her back. She was just completely confused : did he really meant that she was (no, she couldn’t bring herself to even think the word on her full consentment) PRETTY? Or was it just to completely set her off balance, to annoy her or whatever? She knew the answer was not supposed to matter in either cases, but… she kinda sorta had… feelings for her Dorkbutt. Not that she’d admit it publically, of course. But, it was there and she just
couldn’t ignore it. But, her inner battle was interrupted
by Liz, asking her if she was okay.

"Oh, yeah! I’m absolutely, totally okay! I’m fine, I’m
wonderful, I’m… "

"So, you’re not? " cut off Alex, having the sacred
Maria filter put ‘on’ full force. " Sorry Maria, but
something’s telling me that you changing section with Liz
at the beginning of your shift and not complaining about
your usual worries for the rest of the evening is not
exactly right. So, wanna talk ‘bout it over a delightful
tub of ice cream? " asked Alex, a wide grin forming on his

"Oh, Alex! You know me so well! And, I’m not the only one that has, I’m sure of it, issues that need to be bonded over ice cream… " Maria said with an evil grin, which was duplicated on Alex’s face, looking not-so-subtely at Liz.

"Why are you looking at me like that? It’s not like I have
a secret crush or that I’m totally scared because of
tomorrow or… " Liz was at a loss here. But, seeing as the
battle was one soon-to-be losed, she gave up and finally
said " Okay! I give up! Oh, you know me so well guys! "

And with that, they were off to find ice cream as soon as
possible, and ready to begin their ‘the night before the
first day of school’ ritual.

Also, across town were three teenage aliens, sitting
together and beginning their very own ritual for that very
special time of the year too.

Hope you liked it! Next part’ll be about their famous ritual, and their so dreaded first day as High Schoolers! Stay tuned for the first part of " Anything but ordinary ", my take on the year before the shooting! And, don’t forget to leave fb!

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