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Title: A Strange Situation: Previously tittled Your My Baby's Daddy
Category: AU/ Michael and Maria UCish as well
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Nope I don’t own them unfortunately.
Summary: Michael impregnates Maria, but he doesn’t know about it. I know you’re thinking what? But just read it. The story is based on a book called His Child by Delores Fosssen.
Authors Note: I'm going to continue this story, but I'm also rewritting some of the parts that I have written already.

part 1

The young blonde girl didn’t know for sure what she was doing, but Maria Deluca was on a mission. She needed answers to questions that only one man could answer, and that man was Michael Guerin. Maria knew he was responsible for what happened to her; some how and for some reason he was the one to blame. Now she just hoped that she didn’t die
in her request to find the answers for more than just her sake. There was a lot at stake and it wasn’t just her life that was on the line.

Maria stood behind the large moron curtain that was bulky enough to give her some invisibility. Supposedly he was in town visiting his family. Maria thought he was in town to finish the job of killing her himself.

The tired young woman was holding on by a string. It’s been awhile since she had freedom. For what seemed like an eternity some men held her captive. These men she came to learn were connected to Michael Guerin. Why did he choose
her? What the hell did she do? She was just an ordinary early twenty something young woman. To her there was nothing special sure she had ties to the community, her stepfather was the local town sheriff, but that wasn’t cause for her to be kidnapped by Gueirn. From what she’d gathered he had no trouble with the law, at least here in Roswell. Elsewhere was another story. She had read in a local newspaper where he was questioned about the death of his wife Isabel.

Her train of thought was broken by the sound of voices coming from outside the hotel room. One voice she was certain belonged to Michael Guerin. She knew who he was, infact, she went to school with him. He was a senor when she started her freshman year. She knew that all the girls wanted him but he only had eyes for his longtime girlfriend Isabel Evans. They moved to New York where he attended an art institute and she attended a fashion institute. They were happily married their freshman year of college, but unfortunately it was a short-lived marriage. Isabel was killed in a car accident and that’s when he seemingly disappeared off the earth.

It was interesting she remembered that there was some news of his mysterious disappearance. He was gone for almost a year with no contact. His employees became worried and it was leaked to the press that he had disappeared.
Nearly a year later he was back in New York with a story about needing a break from it all after his wife’s death.

Maria couldn’t imagine what it would be like to lose someone you love after spending so little time together. Actually she could, her dad left when she was seven and her mom died recently of cancer, but she knew there was a difference between parents and a spouse. Either way she scolded herself for feeling sorry for Michael Guiern. He was the one who got her in this situation after all.

The other voice belonged to Max Evans, the man’s brother-in-law. Maria could hear him telling Michael that he needed to stay with him and his wife, but Michael refused. There was almost urgency in Max’s voice when he told Michael that he would be safer there. Safer? What did he have to be safe against? This was starting to make her wonder if Max was involved in her kidnapping as well.

After a few minutes Max left and she was left alone with the cause of her troubles. She could hear Michael as he walked over to the bed and took off shoes one clunking sound at a time. He let out a sigh and nearly gave her a heart attack with what he did next, “Are you going to come out, or do I have to go ahead and call the police?”

“How the hell did he know that she was there?” Never once did he give an indication when Max was there that he knew about here being in the room. He walked over to her and pulled back the curtain. He seemed too surprised at
first to see that she had a gun in her hand then he just smirked at her as if he was saying ‘yeah right like that’s going to hurt me.’

“Who are you and what do you want?” Michael asked the frail blonde woman in front of him. He was curious as to what she wanted he knew he had enemies but none of them would actually try to use a gun to kill him. They had their
own methods and none of them involved a pistol.

“Who am I? Who am I? What the hell kind of question is that? You know who I am! You’re the one that had the people do those experiments on me.” She told slowly losing her never at what a pompous ass this guy was. How dare he ask
who she is!

“Look lady I’ ve never seen you before in my life.” Michael wondered if this girl was on drugs or something. He looked into her wild green emerald eyes there was something there that told him different. And what was she talking about experiments? It made him remember that time he was taken by the FBI. All those experiments that were done on him and such, but Nasedo, Max and Tess rescued him and Nasedo destroyed everything.

“Yes, you have! You’re the reason that they did those things to me. You’re the reason I’m pregnant! She screamed and Michael looked at her shocked now that was a twist in this plot that he was sure he didn’t do.

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Thanks for the feedback. Things will be explained latter on in the story. Plus other characters will be introduced. And it will have some CC element as well as UC.

Part 2

“Look Blondie, I’ve never seen you before in my life, so how could I have gotten you pregnant? I mean that’s kind of hard since I’ve never laid eyes on you or anything else for that matter.” Michael couldn’t believe that this crazy person would come in and accuse him of getting her pregnant when it was obvious that he didn’t. He hadn’t even had sex since Isabel’s death and
that was nearly two years ago

“Look, pal ever heard of artificial insemination? That is exactly how you had them do it. I mean your name was written on the vial that they used so that proves that it was your sperm that got me pregnant!” Maria was so
pissed at him, plus it didn’t help that he looked really good in ways with his chocolate brown eyes and his lush lips that looked so kissable.

Michael was taking back by the insemination comment. It could be true he thought for a second,but then he realized that it was impossible. Nasedo said that it was impossible for humans and aliens to mix, plus Nasedo destroyed any sperm that was collected. It was impossible for any Michael Jr.’s to be out there unless he caused them himself, and he knew he didn’t because he was only with Isabel.

“And now your trying to have me killed and for what reason? I just want to know why I was chosen for this sick experiment and why you would have a
child created and then put a hit out on Me.?” Maria was on the verge of tears yet she told herself not to cry in front of this man. She didn’t want him to see how vulnerable she was.

“Yes, I would like to know the same thing. I mean do you seriously think that I would kill my own child if I had one? No matter who the mother is I wouldn’t kill her and my child I’m not that kind of man.” He couldn’t
believe what she was accusing him of. No way would he kill a child of his or any child for that matter. He would kill to protect the people he loved, but that was only in an extreme circumstance.

“I don’t know maybe you changed your mine. Maybe someone told you that I saw your name. I don’t know! That’s why I’m here I want answers. “ She let out a
ragged breath. She was physically exhausted she knew that she probably looked like she was on drugs because of the dark circles under her eyes and redness that had over taken her blood shot eyeballs. She hadn’t had a
moments rest since she escaped the warehouse that she was being held at and even before then with all the testing and prodding that was done caused her
numerous restless nights.

Michael took in her appearance despite her puny state she still looked good. He saw curves where her sweat pants were kind of hanging from being a size
to big. The strawberry blonde hair was cut short, but in a cute way cropped to her chin. Wait a minute did he just think some human was ‘cute’. Michael
could see the depth ness in her emerald green eyes.

“Look there’s no way that you could be pregnant with my child, I’m sterile I can’t have children.” Michael kind of lied to her with the last statement; he knew he could have children, but not with a human it wasn’t possible, was it?

Maria was taken back by the last comment she didn’t think of that possibility in this crazy situation. “Well, I know what I saw, and I saw you name on that vial. I’m not crazy!” She knew he was involved. He just had to be! Maria was beginning to think that this was a bad idea. She didn’t think that her baby’s father would be such an asshole; a cute asshole, but an asshole any way. She couldn’t believe that with the evidence she had he was still denying it.

“If you’re asking for money,” the fiery blonde interrupted him before he could finish.

“I don’t want any of your damn money. I just want answers you jackass!” Maria was furious to think that she would want money from him of all people.
She didn’t need anyone’s money she was doing fine on her own. She didn’t intend on him having any thing to do with this child. After she got her answers her plan was to go as far away from him as possible. Hopefully he
wouldn’t kill her before she could leave town. Obviously the gun didn’t scare him that much and was probably going to be useless.

“Well so do I? Who do you work for? And why are you here?" Michael saw the fire and her eyes she was very pissed off at the mention of money, so it wasn’t really money that she was after, but who the hell was she. How did she find him?

“Oh no, you’re not going to turn this thing around buddy! I’m here to ask the questions and your here to give me the answers.” No way was he going to make it look like she was out to get him. No way in hell was she going to let him play innocent in this.

”I don’t have any answers to the questions you’re asking, but I do have a few ones to ask you. First off, if this little scheme of yours isn’t just a scheme where was it that they had taken you to do these experiments?”
Michael figured he could get the answers he needed if played up to her by making her believe that he believed her. But he didn’t because there was no way that what this crazy woman was saying was true.

“They took me to a place that looked like a run down military base. I don’t know exactly the name, but I think the sign said Eagle something.” Maria looked at him and saw the shocked expression on his face when she told him about the base. Guerin obviously knew what she was talking about.

“Can you take me there?” Michael asked his accuser.

“No, no way am I going any where with you alone.” She told him shaking her head violently but stopped when she felt dizzy. Her head began to spin and
she knew that she shouldn’t have done that with all the dizzy spells she’s had lately. Maria had to sit down so the room would stop spinning. She squatted down to the floor and held her head between her legs.

“What’s wrong?” Michael asked trying not to sound concern. All he needed was for her to pass out on him.

“Nothing, I’m just dizzy. I guess its part of my condition.” Maria told him flat out. She was glad his voice wasn’t to concerning it was something she
didn’t want of him. She didn’t need him to feel sorry for her.

Just then the phone rang and Michael went to pick it up in the bedroom. He didn't want anyone coming up here getting all worried and stuff if he didn't answer. He kept his eyes on the woman and saw how weak she looked.

Maria knew Michael was keeping an eye on her, but she was doing the same to him, because as soon as she had an opportunity she would escape. There was no way she was going to let him take her back to that place. And she got the opportunity because he did look away and she fled the room before he could stop her.

Michael heard the door open and shut he quickly hung up the phone and ran after the blonde woman. He figured she couldn't get that far since she seemed to be too weak to travel that far on foot. But to his surprise she was nowhere in sight and he checked ever where around the hotel lobby and street. ‘Where the hell is she?’

Michael went back up to his hotel room and called the only person he knew that could help him in find the woman. “Hello, Nasedo, I need your help. There's a problem, but I can’t discuss it over the phone. Can you come here? Okay, see you then.”

Michael hung up the phone. If the woman wouldn’t give him answers then he would find them on his own. And then he would confront her and figure out who exactly she was. No way was the baby his and he wasn’t about to be responsible for someone else’s mistake.


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Thanks, for the feedback. I forgot to post this yesterday. I'll post part 4 latter on today.

Part 3

Nasedo was a big help. He found out who the woman was. Her name was Maria DeLuca and she was staying at this sleazy hotel on 285 South going towards Texas. He actually remembered her now; well at least he remembered the name. She was in school with them for a while; she was a freshman and he was a Senor at West Roswell high. Max lent him a copy of his High School yearbook and Michael found a picture of her sitting next to a geeky looking guy. She had long blonde hair that was curly and her green eyes were shining with mischief. It was hardly the look of the woman that he saw earlier in his hotel room.

Michael was able to find the hotel easily and was there the next morning. Luckily he got there just as Maria pulled up in her little red Jetta, She got out and went to the trunk, she picked up three bags and tried to balance them in her arms. She could barely get the door open without dropping the bags.

Michael got out of his SUV and casually walked up to the room. To his luck she hadn’t yet locked the door. He barged in on her as she was putting down the bag on the old wooden table by the door and pulled a long small box out of the brown paper bag.

“Don’t scream.” He hurriedly placed his hand over her mouth. It seemed that she grew tenser at the sound of his voice. He could feel her shoulder muscles’ tightening up and her breath below his hand was becoming more erratic. She was afraid of him and he felt that maybe he could use it at his advantage.

”So you got something to tell me?” Michael asked her hoping that she would cave in and just tell him that this was some scam. He removed his hand so
she could answer him.

“Like what? I already told you that your,” He cut her off before she could finish the sentence.

No way was he going through this line of bull again, “No, I want the real truth.”

“Fine, you’re right it’s a scam. Are you happy now?” Maria asked hoping that he would leave soon she had things to do, like find out if she was really pregnant or not. She felt like she was but she didn’t know for sure. In one of the bags that she had brought in was a home pregnancy kit.

Michael shook his head, “No I need answers. I want to know who you are and who you work for.’

“Listen, I’ve had a long day. I just want to find out weather, or not I’m going to be a single parent any time soon, so will you please leave me alone.” Maria took the long thin rectangular shaped box out of the brown
paper bag.

”Wait a minute; you don’t know if you’re pregnant or not; yet you accuse me of being the father, how rich.” Michael couldn’t believe her crazy woman didn’t even know if she was pregnant or not but yet she goes off trying to convince him that he’s fixing to be a father. He wanted to know the results of that test so he just crossed his arms and waited. He would deal with her

“I asked you to leave!” Maria yelled at him with fire. She didn’t want to have a show of finding out if she was going to have to take care of someone else for the next eighteen years alone.

“I’m not leaving until I know the results!” Michael countered he could be just as stubborn as she can.

”Why do you care? You’re not the father anyway.” She asked him in a quieter tone as she headed to the bathroom and locked the door.

“I just wanted to know why you’re pinning this on me. Who do you work for?” Michael asked through the door.

“Would you go away? I’m kind of busy right now!” Maria didn’t need him to be hounding her right now. God, why did he have to be so difficult? If she is pregnant then she definitely hoped her baby didn’t turn out to like him.

She read the instructions on the test, and followed them ignoring the man outside the bathroom door. The instructions said that she would get the results in a minute. She watched her watch for what seemed like the longest minute of her life to see the results.

Maria walked over to the stick to see what the results were. She picked it up and received the shock of her life.

”What the hell?” she screamed as she looked at the results.

Michael was waiting patiently on the other side of the door. He didn’t know what was going on. Exactly how long did these things take? He was startled
when he heard her scream. He didn’t know what was wrong and he started getting a little concerned.

”Open the door.” He demanded.

When she didn’t open the door he decided to do it himself. He wasn’t waiting any longer but instead of using his alien powers he stepped back and ran
into the door. It wasn’t that hard to break loose.

When he got inside he saw a very shocked Maria just staring at the pregnancy test results. He wondered what was wrong. Was she not pregnant or was she?

The tall brooding alien walked up to the stubborn blonde haired woman slowly not wanting to startle her.

”What’s wrong?” he calmly asked but as soon as he got up close enough to see the results he knew what was wrong with her.

“Why is it glowing?” She asked him in a detached voice.


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thanks again for the feedback. Here's part 4...

Part 4

“Look I don’t know why it’s glowing,” Michael lied. Actually he had a pretty good idea why it was glowing but he wasn’t planning on telling her that he was from outer space.

“Yes, you do!" Maria screamed at him tears in her eyes. She saw the look on his face it was obvious that he knew why, but for some reason he wasn’t going to tell her. She slowly backed away from him a little afraid to know the reason why. Part of her was afraid that she or her baby was going to die. Was she poisoned? Did something radioactive get in her system this was?
What did he do?

“What did you do to me? Will my baby die? What kind of freak are you to do this?” Maria wrapped her arms around her stomach she was concerned about
her baby’s health. She was sure she was pregnant by the result of the test but she wasn’t as sure as to why it was glowing.

“Look you need to calm down. It won’t be healthy for you or the baby if you get all hysterical and crazy.” Michael told the frightened woman.

“What do you care you want to kill me any way?” Maria sunk down to the floor and leaned against the bathtub. She didn’t know what to do, she was scared, and she needed Alex. Alex always knew how to make her feel better. Ever since they were little kids Alex always had an ability to make her smile. She guessed that was why he was her best friend, but actually he was more he
was like a brother to her. But as much as she needed Alex she couldn’t get him involved in this mess.

“Not with that again. Look if I wanted to kill you don’t you think I would’ve by now?” He questioned her. What made him think that he was going to kill her? Yeah he was pissed off at her for accusing him of this, but he
wouldn’t kill her.

“Ever since I escaped someone has been trying to kill me and I’m pretty sure it’s the people who kidnapped me so that means it’s you.” Maria explained to him in a matter of fact tone.

“And as I told you before I don’t want you dead. Will you just go with me so I can prove to you that I had nothing to do with this, and maybe I can figure out
what exactly is going on.” Michael told her impatiently. He wasn’t ever known for his patience.

“Maria, please I promise I want hurt you just come with me.” Michael hoped that he sounded sincere enough for her to believe that he wouldn’t hurt her,
which he wouldn’t.

“Fine, but if you try in thing so help me,” Maria didn’t know what she would do, but she was really at a lost here. Maybe the only way she could get him to believe her was to show him the warehouse. She still wasn’t sure if he was guilty or not at first she thought he was behind it, but now she had some doubt, just a little though.

“I won’t. Can we just go please?” Michael reached out his hand to help her up.

Maria got up from the floor, went to the sink and quickly splashed some water on her face and tried to compose herself. Both she and Michael then proceeded to Michael’s black mustang. Before they got into the mustang a black sedan slowly drove into the parking lot. The window rolled down and Maria could see a gun pointed at them. “Get down!” she hollered.

Before Michael had time to react bullets started spraying across the parking lot. Michael dropped to the grown quickly and looked around for Maria. She was right someone was trying to kill her and maybe him too.

Michael scooted with his elbows over to check on Maria as the bullets bounced off the car. “Maria, are you okay?”

Maria had her face to the pavement and her arms were covering her head. “No, I’m being shot at.” She stated in a muffled voice.

As another ray of bullets came rushing towards them Michael quickly moved on top of Maria. He didn’t want her to get hit and something to happen to the baby because, well what if it was his.

Maria felt Michael moved on top of her, “What are you doing?”

“Trying to keep you and the baby alive, remember the baby.” Michael explained to her. He guessed the pregnancy hasn’t really sunk in.

The baby was something that Maria didn’t want to remember because that meant that what ever happened to her, happened to her baby. She tried so much not
to think of the baby growing inside of her as another life but she couldn’t. It was her baby and she was going to do ever thing to make sure that he or she was born.

“Look before they come around again I want you to get into the car and stay down on the floor.” Maria just nodded in response she wasn’t going to argue.

Michael rose up to open the passenger door to the mustang. Just as soon as he got it open Maria hurriedly crawled in with a new adrenaline rush.

Michael shut the door and hurriedly crawled to the other side on his knees. When he was around the rear of the car the black sedan came back around and started another round of fire. Michael was hit in the arm. “Shit!”

Michael felled to the ground and tried his best to get to the car staying as low as possible. His shoulder was in a lot of pain he knew he would need Max to heal it. He made it to the door after dodging a few more bullets and
hurriedly climbed in.

“Shit,” he complained as he winced in pain from trying to reach for the keys that he dropped.

Maria heard him and looked up and saw the blood, “Oh my god, you were hit!”

“No shit Sherlock.” Michael said through gritted teeth. “Just keep down. I’m going to try to get us out of here. I need to go see my brother-in-law before we go to the warehouse."

All of the sudden it got quite there were no more bullets being fired. Michael checked in his rearview mirror the black sedan was driving off. Michael put the keys in the ignition and drove out of the parking lot like a bat out of hell. He was about to wait and see if they came back.

“Keep down until we get to my brother-in-law's house.” Michael told Maria as he sped down the streets of Roswell breaking a lot of traffic law in the process.

“Sure,” Maria now had a great amount of doubt that Michael was behind this. She stared at his wound. Who would try to kill their boss anyway? Maybe Michael wasn’t paying them enough so they got pissed? She didn’t know but she felt that maybe just maybe someone she could trust with her life.

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Part 5

Maria felt kind of sick by the time they reached Max’s house. It wasn’t that she was regretting seeing Max, but between not eating, the pregnancy, and Michael’s driving her stomach couldn’t take it. Plus she kept glancing at Michael’s shoulder the blood there was making queasy.

“Shouldn’t you go to the hospital?” Maria asked him with concern.

“No, no hospitals. Max will fix it.” Michael told her in short breaths trying to hide the pain. He had never been shot before so this was a new experience for him.

“Since when was Max a doctor, last time she saw him he was a lawyer, Michael you need to see one you lost a lot of blood.” She didn’t want him passing out on the road and killing her, her baby, and himself in the process.

“Look no hospital okay. You don’t understand.” Michael told her he wasn’t quite ready to say hey I’m an alien.

“Oh don’t understand what? That the hospital can turn you over to the police, or that you won’t be able to keep an eye on me if your sedated yah sure I understand. What if I promise I won’t run?” Maria didn’t want him dying on her from blood loss.

She was really pushing it maybe he should tell her that he’s an alien. At least then she would shut up. “Look I can’t go to the hospital, and I’m worried about other people besides the local police.”

“Like who?” Maria questioned.

“Well lets see the guys that are trying to kill us remember them.” Michael said sarcastically.

Maria forgot about those guys for a moment. She placed a protective hand over her stomach she wasn’t going to let anything happen to her baby. It still seems so unreal that she was going to be a mom but lately especially after the last shoot out all she could think about was protecting her child whether this man cared about it or not.

Finally they arrived at Max’s house. Max and a curly blonde headed woman came out. Maria assumed that it was Tess Max’s wife. She hadn’t really met her but she had seen their wedding photo in the newspaper.

“Michael, what happened?” Tess questioned worried about her brother. He looked like he was really weak and blood covered his shirt.

“Max can you help me?” Michael asked. He hated asking Max for help, but he couldn’t quite heal himself fast enough for some reason.

“Sure come on inside.” Max told him and helped him inside the house.

Maria was left outside with Tess and it was awkward. “Hey, I’m Maria.”

“I’m Tess. Are you a friend of Michael’s?” Tess asked not sure what to think about the blonde standing before her. Tess wondered if Michael saw Isabel when he looked at Maria.

“Friends? That’s an understatement.” Maria said under her breath.

“Well why don’t you come on inside while Max’s is helping Michael. I just cooked, if your hungry you’re welcome to eat.” Tess said to her as she led her in to the house. It was a big huge light blue house that looked very welcoming.

Maria was glad that Tess offered food she was really hungry and the lasagna smelled delicious.

“You can sit down here.” Tess pulled out a chair for Maria. Then she went to get a plate for her.

“So how did you meet Michael?” Tess asked Maria as she dished out some of the lasagna and placed two garlic bread sticks on the plate.

“That’s a tough one. You might want to let Michael explain that too you.” Maria told her. Tess just nodded, and sat the plate down.

“What would you like to drink?” Tess asked her.

“Milk if you have any.” Maria told her diving in to the lasagna.

“Here you go.” Tess set the milk down and then went to finish her dinner.

“Thanks, this is really delicious.” Maria complemented Tess on her cooking and Tess smiled. The rest of the meal was silent.

About fifteen minutes latter they heard Michael and Max talking as they headed towards the dining room. Max had put Michael’s arm in a sling. Technically he healed it, but they didn’t want Maria getting to suspicious just yet.

“Sit down Michael; I’ll fix you a plate.” Tess said and got up to get Michael a plate of food.

“How’s your arm?” Maria asked Michael tempted to reach out and touch him.

“It’s okay. Max helped fix it. He used to be a Paramedic.” Michael explained. Then he dug into the plate that was sat down before him.

Maria smirked at his eating habits.

Max looked at Maria with a grin and said, “Don’t worry you’ll get used to his table manners, I know we did.”

Maria didn’t know if she wanted to get used to his habits. Michael on the other hand just stared at Max when he shoveled another big bite of lasagna in his mouth.


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Hey, thanks so much for the feedback. Here's the next part I'm a little unsure of it. I wanted to introduce Max and Tess more into the fic. Other characters will be seen latter on like around part 8.

Maria doesn't find out about Michael until part 7 which I'm going to write tomorrow.

Part 6

“Why don’t you guys stay here tonight? I don’t think Michael should drive with his shoulder and Maria well you look like you’re about to drop.” Tess suggested to her brother and his new, friend, just the idea of Michael being involved with a human confused the hell out of her. Who was she and what did she want? Maria seemed nice, but looks could be deceiving.

Michael looked at Maria and saw how exhausted she looked and truth be told he couldn’t move another muscle if he wanted. There was no way that he could protect her or himself until he gained more strength, plus he figured that his family’s place would be the safest place to be right now.

“I guess that will be okay sis as long as it’s okay with Maria.” Michael looked at her for approval and hoped she didn’t fight it.

Maria was surprised when Michael called Tess sis. She had never known of him to have a sibling, at least not a younger sibling she would of remembered him or her. This was something she would have to ask latter about. “ That’s nice of you but I wouldn’t want to impose I know Michael’s family but…” before she could finish she was interrupted by Tess.

“ I won’t take no for an answer, now come with me and I’ll show you where the guest bathroom and after you’ve freshened up will see about finding you something to sleep in.” Tess told her as she sat up motioning and motioned for her to follow.

Maria nodded reluctantly and glanced one last time at Michael before she headed up the stairs with Tess.

“Well, I guess that leaves us to clean up.” Max told Michael picking up some of the dishes on the table.

“Like that will be hard.” Michael said picking up a couple of bowls and plates as well. That’s one thing he liked about alien, cleaning was easy.
Once they got into the kitchen Max started bombarding Michael with questions, “ Okay what the hell is going on? You wouldn’t tell me awhile ago.”

“That’s because it’s none of your business.” Michael spitted the words out a little hatefully. He hated how Max always thought he had some control over his life.

“It is my business if she finds out that we are,” Max yelled, but then calmed down when he realized she would hear him.

“ That may be inevitable. She’s pregnant and the baby’s more than likely alien and she thinks it’s mine.”

“Pregnant, Michael how could you? You told me you could never get involved with a human, but all of the sudden you knocked up a human girl and endanger our lives in the process. Does Nasedo know about this?”

“Yes, he does. She came into my hotel room hysterical, with a gun, and gave me the story about her being pregnant with my baby. Oh, she also wanted to know why I was trying to kill her. Things got headed up I let my guard down and she left. I had to figure out who she was. I didn’t tell him everything but he helped me find out who she was and then told me to handle it.”

“ Wait a minute someone wants her dead?” Max asked wondering what exactly did his brother-in-law get involved in.

“ Yeah, they were shooting at us and that’s how I got the bullet threw my shoulder. I think it’s the FBI although I don’t know why they would kill her with her being pregnant with a highbred. I do know that she’s pregnant, and with an alien child. I just don’t know if it’s mine.”

“What if it is yours? What are you going to do?” Max asked still confused about this whole situation.

“I don’t know,” Michael told him with a sigh, he no longer wanted to talk to Max about this, so without saying a word he left Max with the rest of the cleaning and headed up stairs to find Tess and Maria.

When he reached the top of the stairs he saw Tess gently closing the last door on the right.. She looked up, saw him, and whispered, “She’s a sleep.”

Tess motioned for him to go in the next room beside Maria’s, which was the second guest room.

“Michael, who is she?” Tess looked at him for answers as to who this stranger was.

“Not now Tess please, I’ll explain things latter once I find out more info, but I highly doubt that she’s a bad person. I think she just got pushed in our lives without her consent.”

Tess looked gave him a confused look and sighed, “ For now I’m going to pretend to understand what you just said. I’ve missed you Michael things have been difficult around here. I feel so alone. ”

Michael could see that there was something Tess wasn’t saying and he could also see the hurt in her eyes, “ Tess what’s wrong? And your not alone you have Max?” Michael watched as the tears rolled off her checks.

“ No, I don’t, ever since Isabel’s death he’s changed. Michael, he’s been cheating on me I know it. He’s just going through the motions. I thought he loved me like he did on Antar; he told me he loved me, but now he wants more. I think he thinks that since Isabel died destiny died, which means he has no ties to me any more.”

Michael walked over to his sister and held her tight while she cried. He hated seeing her like this she’s always so strong. He’s definitely going to have to have a long talk with Maxwell if he is cheating he’s not going to get away with it.

“I’ll see what I can find out sweetie. Now if you don’t mind, I’m tired and tomorrow’s going to be along day. We can talk more about this tomorrow.”

“Okay, Michael goodnight. You know I think this woman maybe good for you. I know were not supposed to get involved with humans, but you shouldn’t spend a lifetime alone.”

“ I’m not alone. I have you sis.” Tess kissed him on his forehead and left him with a grin on her face. She really missed so much time with her brother, and now he was there with her, maybe this girl was going to bring him home to her for good.


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Thanks again for the feedback. Here is a short part.

Part 7

Michael woke up in the middle of the night to muffled cries coming from Maria’s room. He quickly got up, and went to her room to make sure she was okay. When he entered the room he saw her tossing and turning wrapped up in her sheets, obviously she was having a nightmare.

He quickly walked up to her and gently shook her shoulder, “ Maria, Maria, you have to wake up you’re having a nightmare.”

“No, please stay away from me.” Maria said in a frightened voice.

“Maria, it’s me Michael you need to wake up.” he said a little louder.

“Michael,” she mumbled and opened her eyes. Once she realized where she was she calmed down.

“Why are you in my room?” She questioned, as she looked at him a little confused.

“ I heard you crying out, so I decided to check on you.” He told her. He couldn’t believe that he was getting concerned over a human.

“I was having a nightmare about that place. I dreamt they came back for me and wanted too take my baby.” She told him with tears in her eyes it was one of her greatest fears especially since she found out about the baby.

“They won’t hurt you I promise. I know what it’s like being locked up in a place like that. I wouldn’t want anyone to go through especially a child of mine and it’s mother.” Michael knew he was probably telling her more information than she needed to know, but she looked so scared, and he wanted her to know that she wasn’t alone.

Maria was getting more confused. Did he just say he knew what it was like to be held against his will? “Michael, do you mean that you’ve been against your will? Was that what happened when you disappeared?”

Michael sighed and nodded his head yes. He needed to tell her this sooner or latter because she knew that there was something going on with the baby. “Do you know what happened in 1947?”

Maria nodded, “ Yeah, little green men crashed, and made this town famous.”

Michael smirked, “Well, I’m not little and I’m not green.”

Maria started laughing, “ You can’t be serious. There’s no such thing as aliens.”

Michael just stared at her seriously, “Yes, Maria there are aliens and I’m one of them. I was in the crash in 1947. Why do you think? That pregnancy test glowed.”

Maria started panicking again, she was afraid this man was insane to think he was an alien. “I don’t know! But it’s not because you’re an alien besides if you crashed in 1947 that would make you around 50 something years old.”

“ I was in a pod. I hatched in 1984 along with Max, Isabel, and Tess. I looked like a seven year old boy.” Before he could say anything else Maria got up, her body was shaking she quickly put on her blue jeans and snickers. One thing was for sure, she had to get out of there.

“No, no, no, no, no you’re crazy, you’re just crazy.” Maria headed for the door but Michael stopped her.

“Maria, listen to me. We’re not bad. For years we didn’t know why we were here but latter we found out that our people sent us here to protect us. We’ve been trying to find away home for years. The people who impregnated you killed my wife and took me. They did experiments on me and probably took my semen. That’s why my name was on that vile. You and our child will be in danger out there alone, but you’re safe with me. I will not let what happened to me and Isabel happen to you and our child.”

“So you’re not wanting to do experiments on me?” Maria asked with her eyes still on the door.

Michael turned her where he could make sure she could see his face. She was still shaking but not as bad, “ Maria, please look in my eyes. Believe me I won’t hurt you.”

She could hear the need in his voice and did as asked. Looking him straight in the eyes she felt something like she never felt before. There was this tingle in the pit of her stomach telling her to trust him. She saw the innocence in his eyes along with the pain and a slight longing. She no longer feared him. Maria rested one of her hands on his wrist. “ I believe you. Can you tell me more about what happen? ”

Michael led her over to the bed, where they both sat down, and she listened intently as he proceeded to tell her the story of his life.