Author:Katherine a.k.a BronWen
Rating*tongue*G-13 upwards
Disclaimer: I own nothing just borrowing the characters for my own amusement.

Part One

"You really expect me to believe this incogitable story?" she challenged rubbing mindlessly at her chafed wrists where the twine binding had bitten into her flesh without mercy.
A slender well shapen eyebrow arched in question "you really think I'll believe that our Government is in cahoots with an alien race who are intent on colonizing the earth?..........this is just ridiculous."

Michael Guerin surged to his feet, eyes locking onto the petite brunette intent on mocking his factual story "the only damn thing I find ridiculous is that you work at Zeus Chemical and don't know a thing about whats going on there, what their involvment is" he traipsed closer circling around her in a menacing fashion, eyes lowered piercing her with a suspicious glare "I find it fantastical that one of the leading researchers at the plant was left out of the loop on this particular endeavor."

Liz's eyes eased closed a sigh expelling from her lips "for the last time I don't know what your talking about, I've never heard of this supposed project you keep harping on about...I think this whole things just been a mistake-"
"You got that right" Michael bit out through clenched teeth the womans unwavering insistances grating sorely on his nerves "but believe me lady it wasn't my decision to bring you here."

Liz hunched forward trying to pierce the gloom and catch her captors eye "well then you can just let me go and we'll forget this ever happened" she shifted forward further moisening her parched lips "I won't go to the police...you have my word on that."
Michael's abrupt chuckle sounded harsh reverberating around the motel room "your word means very little Miss Parker..after all your working for and sleeping with the enemy."
Michael watched her face intently it was a low blow, a cheap shot even for him but he wanted to bait her, achieve some rise from this woman befitting the situation, afterall she was being held captive.

Liz's face crumpled in confusion "I don't know what your talking about" she rasped her mind whirling trying to process his blunt statement. "Do you mean Sean?....are you telling me that he's involved in this intergalactic conspiracy?
Michael nodded non-chalently "yeah thats what I'm saying...so you can understand why I have a hard time believing that you aren't involved but Max was adament-"
"Max?" Liz questioned cutting Michael off midsentence "is that who sent you to snatch me from my bed in the middle of the night? Is it this Max thats filled your head with stories of conspiracy and little greenmen?"

"You don't know what your talking about!" Michael boomed mere inches from Liz's face as he braced his hands on the sides of her chair. "You better start believing that what I've said is true, for your sake."
For the first time Liz felt a tangible sense of panic mare her senses, felt in fear of her life "I want to talk to this Max" Liz breathed steeling herself against Michael's stare, raising her chin defiantly she seared him with a look that told of her courage and resolve "and I want to see him now....."


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