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Authors notes: I just got this idea so please Read and review and then I’ll update again soon. I hope you all enjoy it because I enjoy writing it!!

Summary: M&M (May come a time when it wont look like it but is CC)… what happens when Michael breaks up with Maria… only to find out she’s not what she thought she was…

~ Chapter 1 ~
“Maria we can’t be together.” Michael said sadly when he saw the expression that crossed her beautiful face. It’s better this way he told himself you got to be a stone wall it never would have worked your two different species.

“What do you mean we can’t be together I thought you loved me.” Maria said on the verge of tears. He told me he loved and he wanted to be with me and what now he’s back to the selfish guy that can’t get attached.

“Maria all this was to me was sucking face. Don’t you get it I don’t get intense I don’t let anyone in. don’t make this harder on yourself.” He said with a smirk. More like don’t make it any harder on me he added silently.

“So this was all about making out? What I’m only good enough for making out and having some tonsil hockey?”

“Maria its not… yeah that’s it.” He cut himself off before he poured his whole heart out to her. Get yourself together. Your stone wall Guerin so remember that.

“Goodbye Michael.” Maria said walking out of the back room of the crash down.

“Goodbye.” He whispered to himself he had to get out of there before he started crying or something.

“Mar what’s wrong?” Liz asked when she walked out of the back room from her break looking ten times worse then when she came to work that morning.

“Nothing I’ll be fine don’t worry.” Maria said putting on her best fake smile she could. “I’m just not feeling good.” Maria didn’t want to dampen Liz’s spirits by telling her all about it.

“Oh well maybe you should go home and lay down for awhile? You might be coming down with something its pretty dead tonight so I’ll be able to handle things.” Liz said with a concerned voice.

“Thanks Liz.” Maria said. Liz was someone she could always count on in these situations even if she didn’t know what had happened.

Maria went into the back room and quickly threw her uniform off and changed into her black ball doll tee and dark blue low rider jeans. She quickly ran a brush through her long shoulder length blonde hair.

“Alright I’m out of here.” She told Liz as she walked into the front of the restaurant.

“Ok Mar I’ll call you later and tell you how my date with Max goes.” Liz said with that sickening dreamy look on her face.

“Ah Maria where are you going?” Alex asked when they ran into each other while they were going through the entrance door.

“I’m not feeling so good.” Maria said her cheeks were burning up and her stomach hurt maybe Liz is right maybe I really am coming down with something.

“Oh well do you need a ride I got my dad’s bug.” Alex said with a sweet smile.

“No it’s all good go find Isabel she’s watching you. I’m feel like walking any way.” Maria said nodding in Isabel’s direction.

“Alright are you sure Ria cause Iz can wait.” Alex said he hadn’t even made plans to hang with Isabel but she was there so maybe they’d talk.

“Positive now go before I have to carry you over to the table to talk to her. And with my luck and how I’m feeling right now I might drop ya.” Maria said with a corky grin.

“Ok, ok I surrender babe but I’m calling you when I get home.” Alex said sternly giving her his best I’m not backing down look so don’t fight it.

“What’s wrong with Maria.” Isabel asked when Alex sat down across from her in the booth.

“She’s coming down with something I think.” Alex answered staring into Isabel’s eyes it felt like he was being trapped in their depths.

“Poor girl.” Isabel muttered shaking a piece of blond hair down the front of her shoulder. I hope Alex isn’t just being nice to me.

Maria was walking down the street thinking about what went wrong with Michael and her when she felt someone’s eyes boring into her back. She quickly turned around and saw that a black van was on the side of the road. She quickened her pace.

“Hey can I talk to you?” a guy called.

“Leave me alone.” Maria said not recognizing the guy.

“Maria I’m your dad.” Brian Deluca said.

“What?” Maria said taken a back she quickly stopped in her tracks and turned back around putting her hands on her hips.

“You look just like your mom.” Brian said taking in her appearance.

“Why are you here?” Maria said her voice crackling slightly. Damn I know I should have brought some cedar oil with me today.

“I need to tell you where you come from.” Brian stated simply.

“What do you mean?”

“Maria I’m not from around here.” Brian said staring at her making sure she would understand.

“I know you moved away from Roswell when I was 7.” Maria said glaring at him. Making sure her voice was ice cold so she wouldn’t let him know she was feeling.

“I don’t mean that Maria.”

“What do you mean then?”

Hope ya'll like it!

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yes it is at only 2 chapters up there.. but I will be updating more regularly here!
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I think your the only one that likes my story :-(
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Author Notes: Ok I hope you guys like this... thanks for the feedback... this story I dont know exactly where its going but I know it will be very eventful!

~ Chapter 2 ~

“I mean I’m not from this planet.” Brian said calmly.

“What? Is this some type of sick joke?” Maria spat out there’s only 4 aliens in New Mexico so whoever this freak was he better know how to defend himself cause she was about to bust out a kartaie move and kick his booty.

“Mar can we go some where to talk?” Brian asked his daughter.

“I guess mom’s out of town at a convention.” Maria said she remembered him he looked slightly older then she had expected him to but still the same as the photographs.

“Here get in the van.” He said opening the door for her.

Neither of them noticed the certain spiky headed alien watching from across the street.

*I wonder who that guy is and what the hell Maria’s doing getting into a van with a guy I’ve never seen and she didn’t seem to know* Michael asked himself.

“That house hasn’t changed a bit.” Brian said breaking the silence when they stepped out of the van.

“Yeah well not much does around here.” Maria muttered bitterly she had always dreamed he’d come back. Although she didn’t expect him to come back crazy and delusional.

“Well Maria you look like you’ve grown into a fine young lady.” Brian said after they sat down on the couch.

“No thanks to you.” Maria muttered under her breath.

“What was that?” Brian asked hearing her utter something that he couldn’t quite hear.

“Nothing. So why did you leave me?”

“Maria I left to protect you. All of you.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Maria said raising an eyebrow at him.

“Ok I’ll start at the beginning. Well when we crashed there were four pods holding the royal four. I made sure the four pods were safe and then I fell for your mother. She was a wonderful lady. And I had to provide a protector. But the FBI and skins were on our tails so I left to protect you Maria and the others.” Brian said watching her expressions change.

“So what are you saying I’m half alien?” Maria said she was about to freak. *I can’t be half alien I’m a normal human I think he’s mistaking me for someone else. *

“Your sister was in one of the pods also.” Brian said staring at his daughter. ‘I wonder what she’s thinking I hope she doesn’t hate me.’

“Oh my god. You mean Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess right?” Maria exclaimed after it finally sunk in.

“You’ve meet them then?”

“Yes I have. Why don’t I have powers like them?”

“Because your only half so your were going to incubate inside of you until they were developed enough.”

“This is too unreal.”

So who is my sister?” Maria asked realizing he hadn’t said anything.

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well yes Maria hasn't had her powers until now because you know how Max, Michael, Iz and Tess were in pods? well the theory in my story as to why she doesnt have them is because they had to develope inside of her before she'd be able to fully use them.. and since the royal four were in pods for years their powers were developing while they were in the pods so they had them when they came out... does that make sense?

and maybe tess is her sister or maybe not.. but she doesnt have a brother and if it was iz then max wouldnt really be isabel's sister...

I hope you guys like my story... cuz I enjoy writing it... and I'm just trying to clear it up so none of you guys are confused hehe... thanks
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oh and I will update again real soon

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~ Chapter 3 ~

“Her name was Ava on our home planet. I found out that she is called Tess here.” Brian said thinking of his daughter he had not seen her since before.

“Oh my god.” Maria whispered her jaw practically dropping to the floor. Tess my sister that’s so crazy I don’t even talk to Tess I could see Iz but Tess. But I have always wanted a brother or a sister and now I have one but Tess. She said to herself.

“So you have all the answers they’re searching for?” Maria asked realizing he held the key he knew all the things her friends dreamed about.

“Yes I do.” Brian said looking towards her.

“So in other words why are you back?”

“Because it is finally safe enough to come back to Roswell to restore the royal four and their protector.”

“Why do you keep saying royal four?” Maria asked confused.

“You shall see. All will be revealed in given time.” Brian said. “But I must be leaving you will know how to contact me in time.” With that he vanished.

“Ugh he just left again.” Maria said to herself. This has got to be fake a joke I am not a alien and besides no ones going to believe me. They’ll think I didn’t take my meds or something.