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Title: The Day I Died Inside
Author: Jane Doe
Disclaimer: I own nada. In my dreams I own Roswell, and Zan wouldn't have gone down like that. In real life, however, they belong to JK, Melinda Metz, the UPN, and probably a bunch more people/corporations.
Category: M/M
Rating: PG? I don't know ::shrugs::
Summary: Michael and Maria. yeah I don't know what to write *big* .
Author's Note: This is a poem and what the poem made me think, so it's really short. Any and all feedback is really appreciated. thanks. Also I was thinking that people (or someone) if they wanted to, could continue this. Make it into a fic. It could end happy or whatever. Or people could write and post similar poem/pieces, or their own pieces to the poem. Anything and everything.

The Day I Died

The day I died you came up to me
And said, Honey it's too late I love you already.
You whispered promises in my ears and
your breath was warm against my neck.
The day I died inside I knew I would
never be all you dreamt I was And I
still wanted to grow And I needed to know
And I had so more to show
I could never please you I would never be
the one to appease you And I knew we
could never be, that you would never see.
The say I died inside you told me, I love you,
so sweetly so tenderly with dark promises
That made me burn. And so I walked away
Because I could never love you. And I
knew I was already dead inside


Michael turned away from her. His hands were thrust deep in his jean pockets, shoulders slightly hunched. His face was blank, nothing left to be expressed. And he walked away. Maria's silent tears falling to the ground, like the first rain drops falling forever from a grey sky. The pain and hurt so clearly etched on her beautiful face, pushing him away. He felt a brief flicker of something deep within. But knew it was worthless. He was nothing inside. There was no way he could ever return her love. So he walked away, the sound of her heart breaking, forever echoing within the empty cavern that was his heart.

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feel free post the new part. maybe a maria rebuttal? different take? michael coming to his senses? anything.

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Once long ago I heard words

hidden depths I could

and foolish as I was I believed
the pain they inflicted a mortal wound

see more than there was

It was the way you held me
and the way you kissed me

purple bruises marring

It was the dark look in your eyes
as I entered a room and was the promise

me within scars cutting deep

I saw within So that strike was
unexpected He only offered what

jagged edges twisting

he could give And it was the way he
touched me and the way he made me
cry So I confessed to the world

my mind confusing my soul

it happened again Forbidden secrets
instinct warning me be careful
of tortured souls and sad eyes

a thousand tears won't wash
away the pain it won't take
out that stain.


AN: Maria's viewpoint.

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And maybe this time I'll make you mine
And maybe this time I might just die
I saw you and I knew to be aware
I cave and in a trance I go closer to you
A flame hypnotizing me
And maybe this time we might just laugh
And maybe this time we won't die
You made me cry and you made me curse
Maybe we'll find our happy ending
Your words will soothe and your
Hands will burn____It's the time you
Yelled at me and the way I hit you
I scream and I rage and try to keep
My distance___I shouldn't be near you
You capture me_____I pull you in with
Demure duplicity and sweet lies
I want to be left alone _____You want to
Hold me in your arms
And maybe this time you won't let go
And maybe this time you might just cry
Instinct warring with passion___Your face a
Hundred shades of guilt____And from your lips
Fall twenty five protests of love
It's the way you make me feel alive_____And the way
My words cut into you____Bonds of honeyed pain
Faithless vows of no more___Confessions of seduction
And maybe this time it wasn't meant to be
And maybe the last time was real
With bruised lips and scarred hearts


She just wanted to love him. She only wanted to be loved by him. But words were said. And things were thrown. Backs were turned. It can never again be the way it once was. It was suppposed to have a happy ending. Since when did dreams not come true? Since when did believing in the fairy tale get you hurt the most?

an: Maria's pov

an no.2 I hope these don't totally suck. please let me know what you guys are thinking. if anyone's even reading them.
latada just writing to myself latada nobody here but us chickhens. ::cheesy grin::

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HI!!!! ::ecstatic waving::

wow, I'm so glad you like. that means a lot. those last to poems were influenced by the Sugercult song Pretty Girl, incase you couldn't tell *big* . I love that song so much! I think I would really be feeling it anyway, but because of that RPG with ava and khivar, it means so much more.

here's another shot in your honor. cheers!!!

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an: this is Michael on the road. he's not with Maria


Blue Sunday was your sinday
Blue Monday was my hate day
True to your heart you heard love
Love spellbound you wrapped you up
Held you tight kept you close
Poetic prose pouring from your lips
Loves first sweet taste an intoxicating brew
Soul a flutter with unbridled joy
Pulsating with new found trepidation
Swirled in mists of fleeting delights
Entangled in nebulous realms of rapture
Fantasy a symphony of pale pearlescent pink
Creamy white a floating high
Blue sunday was your sinday filled with meaning
Beset with laughter entwined with soft caresses
Smeared with purple lies a towering fa├žade
Within you locked yourself an orchid of fading beauty
Blue Monday was my hate day filled with bile
Laughter welled within, rage against your little dreams
Blue Monday I hated myself for whispering breathlessly
In your ears while twisting that knife in your heart
Blue Sunday you murmured forever so tenderly
And Blue Sunday I knew without regret I would soon depart.

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