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Title: Rebuilding
Author: Nyprincess87
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Characters not mine.
Summary: It will be mainly M&M but will a lot of M & L. I might put Isabel and Kyle in a relationship but probably not with each other. After Departure the podsters try to rebuild their lives. S3 never happened because I totally loathed S3 and wished they would have ended the show at Departure instead of completely turning the show to crap.
Author’s Note: Happens right after the scene at the cliff ends.
Part 1

Michael took Maria’s hand in his and lead her down the rock face. The others silently followed him as he headed toward the Jetta. No one had said anything after Max’s declaration, one thought following through their minds, it wasn’t over. Michael opened the passenger side door and pulled Maria into his lap. Kyle took the keys from Maria happy to get a distraction from everything he was feeling at the moment. As Liz, Isabel, and Max took the backseat.

Michael’s hand traveled over Maria’s body, needing to know that she was still with him. The fear he felt in the pod chamber when he thought he would never be able to be with her again still fresh in his mind. Plus the foreboding feeling nestled in the pit of stomach making him feel sea sick was putting him in over protective mode. Something told him that the battle wasn’t over that it had just begun, and as he looked in the rearview mirror and Max’s determined face he knew it was true.

Michael looked over at friends, his family and wondered how in the world they would be able to face what ever it was they were suppose to face. They were broken, too much pain had caused them to wither. Isabel had lost the love of her life, he relationship with her brother on rocky ground, and learning that he died at the hands of an alien must have crushed her. Not just any alien but one she had trusted, she had trusted her, let her in, left her and the people she cared about vulnerable. Kyle had lost a close friend and his sister. Not only had he lost said close friend he had helped in his murder. How can anyone overcome the quilt of that? His surrogate sister, had murdered some one he had cared deeply for. The conflicting emotions must be tearing him apart. Liz’s relationship with Max had been completely wrecked. He had a son with another woman, that woman being the same person who had killed her best friend. He relationship with her other best friend was strained at best. Everything Liz had held on to for support was gone, she was an open wound, completely unprotected. Maria had lost one of her best friends, and had partially lost her other best friend. While Max had lost both his love and lover, friend, and son. Michael worried about him the most, the pain would drive him to do things un-Max like. An irresponsible Max was not something Michael knew how to deal with. Michael refused to think of Tess as a lost because in some warped way it felt like a betrayal to Alex and he knew the others felt the same way.

When everyone was dropped off except from Maria, Michael, and Kyle. Michael took the wheel to take Kyle home. He knew Kyle dreaded having to explain to the Sheriff what happened with Tess. Valenti had loved her like a daughter. Maria gave Kyle a hug filled with support before he got out of the car to explain what had happened to his father.

Michael finally made to his apartment and parked the car, not really knowing what to do or say. He opened the door and then went around to get an unresponsive Maria and lead her up the stairs to his apartment, the second he opened the door to the apartment and Maria looked around at the uneaten meal and the ruffled sheets she broke down. Michael sat on the couch and pulled Maria into his lap trying to offer her some comfort.
He wanted to tell her it was going to be okay but Michael could never lie to her and he wasn’t sure that it would be.

When Michael started to feel Maria’s body start to violently shake he cursed under his breath and quickly picked Maria up and brought her into the bathroom. He turned on the hot water for the shower and put the plug in the drain. “Maria! Maria look at me! Come on baby, come back to me, please, Maria!” After about thirty minutes Michael felt the tremors stop and breathed a sigh of relief. He didn’t like the thought of having to bring her to the hospital but if she hadn’t gotten better he wouldn’t have had much of a choice.

“Michael.” Michael took a quick intake of breath at the sound of her voice. He looked down at her glad to see some color back in her cheeks and pulled her body closer to his.

“God, Maria you scared the shit out of me.” He felt Maria burrow more into the warmth of his body and decided it was time to get out of the bath. He lifted her little body out of the bath and wrapped her in a warm towel. He left her in the living room as he changed the sheets. When he walked back into the living room he saw Maria staring intently at him. He walked over to her and dropped on his knees in front of her. “Maria? Talk to me say something.”

“Michael.” Michael frowned at her, her voice seemed so small and she seemed unable to say anything except his name.

“Maria come on talk to me. I need you to talk to me.” Michael kept rubbing her arms trying to generate some warmth.

“Why?” Well at least it was better than her just repeating his name again.

“Why what?”

“You stayed, why?” Michael looked up at her face not exactly sure how to answer the question. He stayed because as he looked up at the cold hard metal of the granolith all he could think about was the warmth of her body, that the thought of never being inside her again scared him more than losing Max and Isabel.

“Maybe because I love you too much.” Maria looked up at him and laughed. Michael had never heard anything so beautiful. She was going to be okay, they were going to be okay.

“You’ve changed so much Michael.”

“In a good or bad way?” Michael could feel the difference in himself. Maria’s answer this question mattered more than anything. Could she love a more open Michael?

“It’s not bad, it’s not good it’s just different. We’re growing up Michael, it was bound to happen sometime.” She moved her hand through his hair and looked into his hazel eyes, feeling herself getting sucked in. She would always be in love with Michael, there would never be a time when she wouldn’t love or want this man in front of her. “I’ll always love you Michael, I’ll always be yours.”

Michael pulled her into his arms and crushed his lips against hers, kissing her hungrily. He would never have enough of her, he could always feel his need for her close to the surface. Michael pulled back needing to tell her before this escalated in to something more. Maria looked up at him with confused eyes when he pulled away. “Michael?”

“I’ll never leave you Maria.”


“No, matter what happens I’ll never leave you and if I have to I promise to always take you with me.” He needed her to know that he was in this for the long run, that this was for keeps. Maria looked up at him and could see all the love in his eyes, and everything else that he couldn’t say and kissed him long and deep, then lead him into their bedroom.

A couple of hours later Michael lay with Maria spooned up against his side. She looked so beautiful, her lips swollen, her hair fanned out around her face, and his marks all over her body. She looked perfect. He still couldn’t believe all that had happened in the last couple of months. Maria was finally truly his. Before they knew it wouldn’t last forever so they held back but now there was nothing separating them and Michael could feel everything she felt in the connection they had created last night. The way she saw him amazed him, it wasn’t just some alien boy from a broken home going nowhere. When she looked at him she an artist, a loyal, intelligent, sarcastic, beautiful person. He wasn’t some green slimy alien, she saw a person, a human. Someone worth the time of day someone worth love.

Max and Isabel walked into their house and went straight to Max’s room. Isabel curled up on her side and Max wrapped his arms around his sister. Max had decided it would be best if he went home with Isabel then back to the Crashdown with Liz. After what had happened at the pod chamber he wasn’t sure he was ready to face Liz. He had just lost his son and lover. He wasn’t ready to face the pain she was feeling because he was too busy dealing with his own. So he took the safe road and went back home with Isabel.

He knew eventually he would have to face Liz, the pain he had caused. Max didn’t carry any guilt for being with Tess, what had happened in their relationship was because of them both. What he couldn’t handle was her pain, he didn’t matter that it wasn’t truly his fault. He still had caused the woman he loved pain and he wasn’t ready for her to dish some of it on to him just yet.

He looked over at sister stark white face and wished he could grant her some peace but something told him his sister would not find peace for awhile. Not until she let go of Alex, not until she accepted who she was. An alien, she was an alien she wasn’t human. It wasn’t her fault, it just was. Alex didn’t die because of her, he risked his life to be a part of the big alien conspiracy. It was his choice, not his, Liz’s, or even Isabel’s but Alex’s decision.


“Yea, Iz.”

“I know that you need to find your son Max, I understand but I don’t think I can go with. I need mom and dad, I like my whole life here. I don’t think I’ll have the strength to leave it again.” Isabel couldn’t face the pain of leaving her family. She needed her parents she had never hidden that fact, she had always wanted to let them in on their big secret. It had always been Max who had held her back. Max, she loved her brother but was she willing to give up everything for him again?

Then there was Michael. No matter what some stupid book said he would always be her brother. Now that he had decided to live his life on her earth, could she also leave him behind? The answer was no. When she had had both her brothers by her side, she was able to use their strength, but Michael had Maria now and there was no he would ever leave her.

Max looked at his sister and sadly nodded his head, finally understanding what is was to be truly alone.

Maria had reluctantly left Michael and their bed to go find Liz. Her best friend had been alone too much already. Finding out about Max and the baby, Tess killing Alex, and coming so close to losing Max must be coming down on her. She shouldn’t be alone. Maria climbed the latter up to Liz’s balcony and walked over to window.

Liz was curled up into her bed, eyes red from crying. Maria tentatively knocked on the window. Liz’s bloodshot eyes met Maria’s green ones. She slowly got out of bed and walked towards the window to open it for Maria. Maria slipped through and walked over to Liz’s beanie chair in the corner of her room. Both girls sat there silently looking at each other.

Liz looked at her life long friend, not knowing what to say. Their relationship had been strained since Alex died. She didn’t know what to say, what to feel. Jealousy was eating up at her. Michael had stayed for her, Max was ready to head to Antar with his wife and a child. Oh god, his child, a sob left Liz’s lips before she could choke it back. Maria was at Liz’s side in an instant, but when Maria tried to pull Liz into her arms Liz shied away. “Liz?”

“Maria do you think you could leave?” Maria looked at Liz and as if she had been burned quickly pulled away and headed toward the window. When Maria finally got into the Jetta she opened the front door and sat in the drivers seat and sobbed. She cried for her both her lost friends, whose lives had both been taken by an alien.

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Part 2

Kyle sat next to his father, wishing for some sort of response. Jim hadn’t said anything in the ten minutes since Kyle told him. Kyle figured his father was in shock, I mean who wouldn’t be? He had come to view Tess as one of his own, a daughter. How was a parent suppose to come to terms with the fact that their child was a murderer? So Kyle just sat back and let his father absorb the news.

Kyle looked over at the blank television set waiting to feel something, anything. The best Kyle could describe the state he was in was how you feel the second you wake up, that world between reality and dreams. He couldn’t wrap his mind around all that had happened. He didn’t want to come to terms, make it reality because that wasn’t the world he wanted to live in.

He wanted to live in a world not full of betrayal and loss. One were the biggest problem was his performance at the basketball game. He didn’t want to have to hate Tess and mourn Alex. He wanted to be able to love Tess and for Alex to still be here. Stupid fucking aliens!

He was fine in his shallow world of sports and cheerleaders till they showed up. There had never been any of this pain until then. Death had been the last thing on his mind, something he had never had to face. Now he faced it all the time. He didn’t have to watch his father fall into depression before they came. He didn’t have to love Tess, he hadn’t killed Alex.

Kyle looked over at his father and shook his head in anger. He was sick of letting these aliens run his life. Kyle got up from the couch and stormed into what was once his room.

Valenti hadn’t even heard the bedroom door slam, too lost in his thoughts. Tess had betrayed him. Tess had lied to him. Tess had killed. Tess was truly gone.

Was it wrong that he wanted to see her overly perky self come through that door? Was it wrong that he knew he would still protect her with everything he had? He still believed in her and loved her. A murderer, an alien, a liar, and most importantly his daughter.

Valenti was snapped out of his thoughts when he heard a loud crash in Tess’ room. It was funny how in a couple of months it had truly transformed from Kyle’s room to Tess’ room. He didn’t think he would ever be able to erase her from this house and if he was honest he would admit that he didn’t want to.

Worry for his son finally pulled him off the couch and towards he room. He opened the door to find Kyle throwing all of Tess’ things into boxes. Valenti looked at his son and felt extreme concern for him, he looked dead. Kyle hadn’t even acknowledged his father’s presence, too busy trying to rid himself of her.

“Kyle...” Kyle cut off his father before he could try to start one of those sentimental father/son talks.

“No. I’m getting rid of her and I’m getting rid of her today.” Valenti just left the room, closing the door behind him, letting Kyle exorcize Tess from his heart the only way he knew how.

Liz looked out her window and wondered when she had made the decision that Max was more important then everything else. It hadn’t been a conscience one but it was made no then less. She had stopped paying attention to the pain Alex and Maria had been going through, more worried about what Max and herself were going through at the time.

She hadn’t even known Michael and Maria had gotten serious, but it had been thrown in her face today when Michael had come out of the chamber. He had stayed for Maria, given up all thoughts of a home somewhere out in the stars, for Maria. That was just another thing that had sent Liz’s world out of control, Maria had always been the sidekick. The one who would watch Liz’s life and wish it was her own. Maria was person who stood in the background as all these miraculous and wonderful things happened to her. She wasn’t the one who could make someone like Michael Guerin forgot about the one thing that gave him hope.

Liz sat on her bed looking at an old photo of the three of them; Alex, Maria and herself. They looked so happy so carefree, all she wanted to do was go back to that time, but she knew that it was impossible because Alex was gone and in a way so was Maria. She wasn’t Maria the sidekick anymore, she had grown up and become her own person. It hurt Liz to realize that this had all happened when she hadn’t been watching, too caught up in her own Max universe to even care.

So for the first time in her life she was alone. She had drifted away from her parents because of the alien thing. Alex was dead, and she had lost that special connection with Maria. Then there was Max, she didn’t know what to do about him, he had a son, A SON. It wasn’t their son, it was his son, just another thing to tear them apart. It was like the universe just came up with things to keep them away from each other.

Liz thought about all she had wanted for her future, about Maria, about her parents, and about Alex. The feelings she had been having over Alex death were feelings she wasn’t quite ready to deal with, she was scared that they would rise and choke her, so she ignored them for the time being. But there were feelings that she had to deal with, she had to deal with what Max had said to her on the rock face. The implications of it were that there was hope for them but Liz wasn’t sure that she wanted there to be hope for them because their relationship was killing her.

Liz ran out of her house towards the Evans’ she needed this to end today in some way, she couldn’t continue to do this over and over. When she reached Max’s window she wondered if she was strong enough to really and truly leave him behind even if it was just for a while. She tentatively knocked on Max’s window a part of her praying for him not to answer. She saw Max walked towards the window and tried to remind herself to breath. She saw the hope enter his eyes when he saw her and at the moment she hated herself, but for once she had to put herself, her family and friends, her future before Max. “Max we need to talk...”

Maria walked into her room and shut the door. For the past year Maria had felt pain at the loss of her best friend, Liz, but now she was just pissed. Maria had always stood by Liz no matter what happened between her and Michael, she never let her relationship with her boyfriend interfere with her relationship with her best friend. Didn’t she deserve the same consideration.

“Hey M did you eat the last of my ice cream?” Sean barged into Maria’s room without even knocking. Sean looked down at Maria with concern in his eyes. The girl look worn and tired. Honestly he been worried about her since Alex died, it seemed that the spark in her had darkened just a bit, but now it seemed completely snuffed out. Sean went over to the bed and sat down. “You okay?”

“I am fine, sorry about the ice cream.” Usually Maria would have bitten Sean’s head off for barging into her room but she couldn’t find the energy to do so.

Sean pulled his little cousin into his arms feeling the need to protect her from whatever was hurting her. “Come on tell cousin Sean what’s wrong.”

Maria looked up at her cousin and laughed, it felt good to laugh again. Sean could be annoying, disgusting, and repulsive at times but he was good to his family. She knew she would always be safe with Sean, just like she knew she would always be safe with Sean. “I don’t want to talk about it okay?”

“Okay, fair enough, so since I can’t give you some sound Sean advice, how about I let you torture me by watching the Breakfast club with you?” Maria jumped off the bed and went to grab one of her most treasure possessions, she could never pass up a chance to torture Sean.

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Part 3

Isabel had left moments before and all Max could do was continue to stare at the door. When had his whole life started to unravel, when had he lost everyone that had mattered. His whole life he had his parents but because of all that had happened over the past two years they had drifted. His parents were always a part of his life, they had never been let in on the secret but they had been let in to all other aspects of his life. He missed them. They had saved him and it hurt him that he couldn't tell them the truth, it hurt him more then he let people know. He knew that if Isabel knew how much it hurt him she would use against him. Then there were Isabel and Michael. What had happened since Alex had died had put a real rift in their relationship. He knew a lot of her faith in him and been crushed. He missed her almost blind faith in him, and his fall from grace since he had hurt her and gotten Tess pregnant, hurt more then he would admit. He wasn't a king anymore he was just a boy.

Michael, now he was a whole other story. He had been losing Michael since before he saved Liz's life. The way Max had always looked down on Michael had created a sort of hatred for Max on Michael's part. Michael would never let it be shown but Max could feel it and he couldn't totally blame him. Since they walked out of the granolith chamber and Max had finally started to view Michael as a person and not just a fuck-up, he had realized how truly horrible he had treated Michael over the years. It might not have been his intent, Michael was his brother and he loved him, but he had treated him horribly all the same. Max was worried that now that Michael didn't need him, that he would finally start to seprate from him. That he would finally let his resentment towards Max take form. He may be close with Michael anymore but he couldn't take the pain and anger Michael felt towards him now.

Then there was Liz, the girl he had been in love with since the first time he saw him. He couldn't think about Liz not now, it was too complicated. He knew that he had hurt her, but she had slept with Kyle, she had ended their relationship when he had fought tirelessly for it. He wasn't going to take all the blame. How could it make it work now after all the pain they had both been put through? He had a son out there, he was a father, none of it mattered now, he need Liz.

Max heard a knock on his window, he was completely shocked to see Liz standing outside his window. He quickly went to open it, maybe she was willing to talk things through... "Max we need to talk." That couldn't be good.

Michael looked at the clock on Maria's bedside table. 12:30, he should really start heading home. He had been at Maria's since around 8:00 watching videos and eating ice cream. Neither had felt like going out and Amy had asked that the two of them stay at Maria's. So they had been moving through Maria's movie collection. 4 1/2 hours of chick flicks, Michael looked down at Maria's head on his chest and smiled, it was worth it. "Maria I think it's time for me to go."

"Why? Can't you stay a little longer?" This wasn't exactly the night she had planned for them but her mother and asked her to stay at home tonight. Was it possible that her mother could tell that her her relationship with Michael had advanced? No that was impossible it's not like she had a sign on her head that said, 'I lost my virginity to an alien last night'.

"Maria I don't think your mom..."

"Michael don't go please." She needed him to stay with her, after almost losing him today, the thought of him leaving hurt it hurt a lot. Michael looked into her eyes and saw her deseperation, he could never leave her when she needed him.

"Don't worry I'm not going anywhere." Michael leaned down and kissed the crown of her head. Maria looked up at Michael and tenderly kissed his lips. Maria's taste invaded Michael's mouth and it drove him crazy, god he wanted to be inside her so bad it hurt. He needed her just as much as she needed him, maybe more. She was his salvation, the light at the end of the tunnel, his happily after ever. She made his life, liveable, more then liveable, she made him happy. Michael pulled her into his lap and ran his hands down her back, causing Maria to shiver and whimper. He loved to feel her reactions to his touch. It was electric, it was amazing, it was unconditional love, the very thing he had never believed existed. At least not for him, he was a monster something no one wanted, but Maria little by little taught him differently, she thought he was beautiful, she believed in him, and slowly he started to believe in himself too.

Michael looked into her eyes which had turned into an extremely dark green, he could see all the lust and love she felt for him. Michael forgot that he was in her mother's house and started to remove her clothes, needing to feel her skin against his own. The way she made him feel, god, he couldn't even control himself. All he could see was her, all he wanted was her, to be buried in her, buried so deep inside of her that no one could ever take her away from him.

Maria realized that her mother was just in the other room but couldn't stop, but was smart enough to remember to silence each other's moans with deep kisses, that left the other hungry and needing the other.

After making love Michael pulled Maria into his arms and stroked her back softly, both so enveloped in the haze they created, to take notice of their surroundings. "I love you Michael."

"I love you too Maria, forever." Maria looked up at Michael and smiled, and knew that the forever he tacted into the end of that sentence was a promise of a future. A future that included being together for the rest of their lives, and even in their next life.

Amy walked into her daughters room and saw her daughter's body enveloped by the strong arms of Michael Guerin. They looked so happy and content together, as a woman Amy could feel all the love they felt and could see the beauty of it. Then the mother in her came into play, the part that realized that he daughter was having sex with a boy. OH MY GOD! My baby's having sex... having sex with that boy... that Michael boy. Amy had come to have a respect for Michael, and he had been deemed 'Michael', the nice boy that loved her daughter and protected her, the boy that Amy wouldn't mind seeing her daughter settle down with, in say about 30 years. Now, now he was 'that Michael boy', the evil horny teenage boy who had dared take her daughter's innocence. She would hit him with something harder then a newspaper this time. "Maria!"

Maria opened one eye and prayed to god that she was in a nightmare, she could hear Michael snoring loudly, and hoped he would wake up soon and start fleeing for his life. "Um hi mom, good morning." Maria closed her eyes with one word repeating over and over in her head 'idiot'. Good morning? Where the hell had that come from? "Michael? Michael! MICHAEL!"

Michael turned over and placed a kiss on Maria's head. "Go back to sleep Maria." The one time Michael sleeps like baby has to been now, well he did work out pretty heavily last night, Maria thought with a grin, oh god now is so not the time to start getting wet between thighs.

"Michael Guerin!" Michael shot up in bed at the sound of the voice of the one woman who could instill fear in him. Michael looked at Maria begging for some help, Maria just shurgged. "I trusted you, I trusted the both of you, when I come back I don't want to see you here Michael do you understand. As a matter of fact I don't think you two should see each other anymore. Maria let's go. MARIA NOW!"

"No, mom I can't, I'm..."

"You can't fine, then leave with him." Maria jumped as she felt the wall rattle as Amy slammed the door.

Michael walked up the drive towards the De Luca house. The past two days had been both amazing and horrible at the same time. Michael loved having Maria with him, living with him, it felt right. On the other hand Maria had been miserable, she missed her mom, and had felt horrible about what had happened. Michael reached the door and knocked lightly, knowing that he had to try to make things right for Maria's sake.

Amy heard the light knocking at the door and knew who it was. Amy felt horrible for the way she handled things with Maria but she was so afraid of losing her and she knew that Michael was the one who would take her daughter from her. It made her irrational, she would always be irrational when it came to her daughter. Her daughter wasn't suppose to grow up and have feelings for some Michael boy. She was suppose to stay her little girl who thought boys were the enemy. Amy took a deep breath and went to face the enemy, the love of her daughter's life, and the father of her future grandchildren.


"Ms. De Luca can we talk." Ms. De Luca motioned for Michael to come in and calmly took a seat at the kitchen table, she could do this, really she could. "Ms. De Luca Maria's miserable, she needs you, you're her mother. I don't want to be the reason she loses you."

"My daughter will never lose me. I over reacted, I know that, someday when you're a parent Michael you'll understand."

"Then why didn't you tell her this?" If she knew that she was wrong, then why was Maria at his apartment suffering. There was one thing that Michael couldn't stand and that was when Maria was in pain. The pain she felt seemed to take residence in him and double. He couldn't stand the thought of her hurting, Maria should be protected, she should never have to feel pain. That was the thing Michael lived for now, to protect Maria, to love her and make her happy.

"I don't care if you love her Michael, I know you do, but love isn't enough, can I trust you with my daughter Michael?"

"I would never do anything to hurt her." Amy could see the truth in that statement and sighed.

"I'm going to trust you Michael, I'm going to trust you because if I don't I will lose my daughter. I'm trusting you so my daughter can come back home and be happy."


"If you hurt her, the pain she feels will be nothing compared to the pain I inflict on you do you understand?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"You're part of this family now Michael call me Amy."

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Part 4

Isabel sat her room and sighed, she was sick of sitting in her feeling sorry for herself. The whole world was out there and she wanted to be a part of it. She had loved Alex but now he was gone. Tess was her friend and she had betrayed them but she was Isabel Evans and she didn't back down, she would live. She would live for Alex. Isabel grabbed her walk man and a copy of Alex cd's and headed out for walk.

Her feet took her to the Valenti's. Her friendship with Kyle and blossomed and she worried about him. Tess was a part of his family and Alex was his friend. The alien conspiracy had ripped his life apart. Isabel walked up to the Valenti front door and rang the bell. Valenti opened the door at looked at Maria with expectant eyes. He was just waiting for a bomb to be dropped, for the final blow, the one that would finally destroy them all. Isabel felt real sorrow as she looked into the older man's eyes, there was a life time of pain contained in those eyes. Max may have lost a son but Valenti had lost a daughter. "Can I come in?"

"Yea sure is everything okay?"

"As okay as everything can be, I just wanted to make sure Kyle was okay." Valenti looked towards Kyle bedroom and sighed. Kyle wasn't okay and he wasn't sure it was the best time for Isabel to be here. "Are you okay?" Valenti's head shot up at the question, no he wasn't okay but he wasn't going to tell Isabel that.

"I'll be alright, look Isabel I don't think Kyle is up to seeing anyone right now." Isabel nodded her head and started towards the door when Kyle's bedroom door opened.

"Dad I called the Salvation Army and they'll be here to pick..." Kyle stopped talking when he saw Isabel standing in his living room. Valenti could feel the tension in the air and decided it was best to leave the two alone.

"I'll be in my bedroom if you need me."

Kyle walked into the kitchen and grabbed a soda totally ignoring Isabel. He was sick of all these god damn aliens. He would make sure they stayed away from him, his dad, Liz, and Maria. Any human they came into contact with was destroyed. Couldn't they just leave everyone alone, let them find their spaceship on their own and stop hurting everyone he cared about. When Kyle realized that Isabel wasn't leaving he spoke up. "What do you want Isabel?"

"I just wanted to see if you were okay Kyle."

"Well I'm fine you can leave now." Isabel felt her heart constrict in her chest. After losing so many people she loved she wasn't ready to lose her new found friendship in Kyle.


"Don't Isabel, I'm sick of my life being torn apart by little green men!" Isabel closed her eyes and willed the tears away. In the back of her mind she always carried this quilt around for what she was, having someone she trusted voice it out loud just hurt too damn much. She wouldn't give up on Kyle but his wounds were still too painful, he was too angry, it wasn't time to push him. Isabel silently walked out of the Valenti home still feeling that in some way Kyle was right, all they did was destroy.

Max helped Liz into his room, and tried to read her facial expressions. Would she finally cut the cord? Max wondered if they cord could even be cut, hadn't they tried to end for months now, they seemed to be stuck in this relationship limbo. They couldn't be together they couldn't be apart. Max would rather be in this limbo then be away from Liz. Now it was up to Liz to decided what would happen.

Liz sat on Max's bed and took a deep breath. She didn't even know where to start, she didn't know how to tell Max that she couldn't do this. She had to break free of him, they couldn't be friends, they couldn't be anything, because if she let them have any type of relationship all it would do would be to push them right back to where they were now. That couldn't happen, she had to work on fixing what had been lost with the other people in her life. It was time to let Max go, even if she didn't know how she would live without him, even if it hurt, she had to let go. "Max..."

"Don't Liz." In just the way she said his name Max heard it all he heard the good bye. He had already said good bye to her once he wasn't strong enough to do it again. He needed her. "Don't do this Liz, we can work through this."

"Work through this? Max, you have son. We haven't been together for a year now, yet somehow my friendships and future has been put on hold. I've already lost Alex, I can't lose Maria, Max."

"How will you lose Maria by being with me?" Max looked up at Liz in deseperation, didn't she know he couldn't let her go, not this time.

"This thing we've had going it makes me forgot about everyone else Max."

"So we won't let that happen."

"What about my future Max?" She loved Max but she had been planning her future since she was seven. Her parents had all their hope wrapped up in her, she couldn't let her parents down, she couldn't let herself down.

"We'll figure something out Liz, so that we can be together and you can have a future."

"Give up your son."

"What?" He must have heard wrong. She couldn't ask him that, it was son, how could he just give him up. It didn't matter that the baby wasn't Liz's because it was still his baby. His son needed him and he'd be damned if he'd let something like outer space keep them apart.

"If you can give up your future for me, if you can give up your son, I'll give you my future." In the beginning of their relationship they'd both been the ones to sacrafice, but this was too much.

"Liz it's not the same."

"Yes it is, you're asking me to give you a part of myself, I'm asking you to do the same. We start on even ground or we don't start at all."

"Please don't ask me this."

"I wasn't going to Max, I know you can't but if you can't then what makes it any easier for me to just give away everything. You have to let me go Max, let us go."

"I'll let you go..." Liz could feel the tears streaming down her cheeks, partly from the pain of leaving Max and partly from relief, "..for now."

"Max." She didn't want to give him false hope, she would always love him but love wasn't always enough. Sometimes love changes over time, it takes on new forms and what you once had isn't what you'll have in the future.

"There's always hope Liz, please, just tell me there's always hope." Liz looked into Max's eyes and saw the boy she had fallen in love with, the boy she was still in love with. They both had a lot of growing up to do. Liz gently placed her lips on Max and could taste the combined salt of their tears. Love didn't die, it lasted lifetimes, it lasted forever, there would always be hope for her and Max because she could never imagine feeling this amount of love for another being, human or otherwise.

"There will always be hope Max because I'll always love you."

Max swallowed the sobs that were building in his throat and pulled Liz to him breathing in her scent for the last time. God he couldn't let go, please don't leave me Liz, please don't go. "God I love you Liz." Liz could hear the sobs Max wouldn't let go off, with one last kiss, she let herself out of Max's window and out of his life. Finally cutting the tie they had built when he healed her.

Max drove with to Michael's apartment on auto pilot. Since Liz had left him that afternoon he hadn't been able to feel. All he knew was that he had to get his life together. Liz was moving on and he had a son that needed him. The thought that Liz might never come back hit him hard, he knew that if she never came back that he would never feel truly happy, like he had when he was with her. He was a father now, he couldn't think of just himself, his son needed him.

Max looked in the back of the car he had spent his savings on, it was small and compact but could handle tough use. He would find his son, if it took him life time but first he had to talk to Michael. He couldn't say good bye to his sister, she'd give him the normal speeches and lectures about sleeping on it. He could hear her in his mind, 'you're just upset Max give it time it'll look better in the morning.' He didn't have a night to sleep on things, he needed to go find his son, and finally give Liz the space she needs in the process. She had her whole life to live, she needed to grow, but that wouldn't happen with him just around the corner. They would both do what needed to be done and then maybe they would find each other.

In that instant Max had finally grown up. His love for Liz wasn't the entire world, maybe his but there were still responsiblities that had to be taken care of. He couldn't spend his life making cow eyes at Liz, and Liz couldn't spend her life chasing down alien leads to help find his son. She had her whole life ahead of her, maybe one day he'd come back with his son to find Liz as a molecular biologist at Harvard. Max parked the car in front of Michael's apartment and sighed. He owed it to Michael to say good bye, Michael had always stood by him, Michael was a loyal a person if nothing else. That was what Michael had always been trying to tell him, it wasn't right for him to save Liz. She might have been his world but some of the other people this hurt had lost their loves and their lifes. It hadn't been his place. Max trudged up the stairs and opened Michael's door, he usually never locked it if he was home. There was Michael eating Lay's potato chips laced with tobasco watching cartoons, some things never changed. For that Max was truly greatful.

"So Maria went home?"

"Yea her and her mom finally made nice, decided that they needed a mother daughter day, so now I won't be getting any till tomorrow. I do a good thing and I'm the one who gets screwed, or is that not screwed. Well whatever it sucks." Max smiled at Michael, he really was just an overgrown kid. Michael could see the pain lining Max's face and knew it wasn't exactly a social visit. "What's up Maxwell?"

"I'm leaving Roswell." Michael sighed and looked at his brother. Someone he had hated at times ,and loved more times then not. Max would make a good a father but somehow he didn't think this baby would ever get to see that. But if it were his child he wouldn't give up so easy either.


"Now." Now? Michael had been expecting Max to leave but not like this, he couldn't leave like this.


"I'm not going to discuss this Michael and I don't want to fight it out with you." Michael looked at Max and nodded his head, sometimes you just had to do what you felt was right, and Max needed to get out of Roswell. If it was today or tomorrow really wouldn't make a difference, he'd be missed all the same.

"How'd Isabel take the news?"

"I didn't tell her, I left a letter on her bed, I couldn't face it Michael." Michael got up and walked over to draw and pulled out an enevlope.

"Here." Michael shoved the enevlope into Max's hands.

"What is it?"

"When I was planning on leaving Roswell I collected tons of maps, hotel crap, ufo listings must of it was a joke, there's some money in there too, and some stuff that might help. I don't need it anymore." Max looked at Michael with graditude in his eyes, it was Michael's way of saying everything that he couldn't with words. Thank-you, I'll miss you, good luck, and goodbye. "Send us a letter every once in a while okay?" Michael turned away, there had been too many good byes in the past couple of days, he couldn't do it again.

Max started to leave but turned around and looked back at his brother. "I'm proud of you Michael." Max closed the door softly behind him and headed down the hall. Michael stood staring at the closed door, in all of his life he didn't remember anyone every saying those words to him, but hearing them from Max made them worth the wait. Michael looked out the window as Max's car dissappeared from view, they were all growing up and heading in different directions, but the bonds that had been formed would never be able to be broken, not by distance, not even by time.

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Part 5

Maria walked into the backroom of the Crashdown and prepared herself for another long shift. She remembered when her shifts weren't complete torture, her and Liz would talk the whole through stealing little bits of food her and there. Maria's shot to the door when she heard it open. Liz walked through and went to sit on the old couch that Mr. Parker had placed there.

Maria could tell that Liz was nervous that she had any idea what she could be nervous about and if she was truthful at that moment she didn't care. She was sick of having to listen to Liz go on and on about her problems without any thought to the girl who was suppose to be her best friend. Maria was about to go out and front, but Liz's voice stopped her. "Maria will you a second?"

"Liz I have to go to work."

"I know it will only take a moment." Liz took a deep breath and looked up at Maria hoping that Maria wouldn't make this any harder on her. It wasn't easy for Liz to admit to being a bad friend, but if she wanted to save their friendship it had to be done. "I'm sorry."

"Okay, do you want to clarify that statement?" 'I'm sorry', what the hell was Liz talking about. Was she sorry for making her late, borrowing her sweater and not returning it, about what happened the other day, Maria was pretty good at reading people but at the moment she was lost.

"I'm sorry for these past two years Maria. I'm sorry for putting Max before you and Alex, I'm sorry for putting myself before you and Alex, I'm sorry for being a bad friend. I mean Michael chose to stay on this planet for you, and I didn't know that you and Michael were really back together. God Alex walked around being mindwarped by..." Liz stopped herself not ready to admit to the quilt she felt.

"Liz." Maria stepped forward to embrace her friend, she could feel the pain radiating off her, it was so powerful, and in that moment Maria truly feared for her friend.

"Look you should go to work, call me later okay." Liz bounded up the stairs before Maria had a chance to follow her. Maria stared at the steps her best friend had just run up and sighed. Maria had always known how to help Liz but at that moment Maria wasn't sure if it would do more damage to push her way into Liz's problems or leave her alone.

‘Thank-You for visiting Roswell, New Mexico.’ Max looked at the sign that confirmed the fact that he was leaving. He put on the radio hoping that the music would drown out his own thoughts, because thoughts of his parents, Isabel, Michael, and Liz were what would make him turn around, make him give into the fear of being on his own. Of having to do the most important task of his young life without anyone he trusted or loved to help me along the way.

He wondered if his mother would be okay, losing her son without any notice, but what was he suppose to tell her? Sorry, I knocked up some alien chick who was trying to kill me, Isabel, and Michael along, and now I have to find away to save my son, which seems impossible since I forgot to mention the fact that he is son on another planet. It just seemed better not to say anything at all, his mother could always tell when he was lying, and he didn’t want to lie to her anymore, but the truth could only put her danger, and worry her. The fact that her son had just seemed to vanish would probably worry her too, but he was a parent and his son would have to come first, even though it killed him to hurt his mom. He hoped his father and Isabel would be able to help her through it.

Isabel. He hadn’t even had the guts to say good bye to his sister. He had always had Isabel by his side, it was one thing he had never had to go without. He didn’t know how he would do it. She could piss him off to no end but he needed her, he meant every word he said to her the night they were leaving, but he screwed up and he couldn’t tear apart Isabel’s life. He knew Isabel would feel guilty if she decided not to go, so he decided not to give her the option. He hoped she went to college and lived out her life the way she always wanted to, as a human, a daughter, a wife, and someday a mother. Hopefully he would be back in time to try to protect her from whatever man tried to take her away from her overprotective brothers, at least she would have her hands full with Michael.

Michael. Michael had always been the one to second guess his decisions, but he was always loyal. If needed Michael, then no matter what was going on between them, Michael would be there. Even after he had hit Michael, he had still helped him out with the Tess situation. He had never apologized to Michael after he hit him, Michael never seemed to want to talk about it, and Max was happy not to mention. He couldn’t connect Michael being hurt with himself. No mater what some hologram had told him, Michael was his brother, not his is second in command, but his equal. Michael didn’t take well to having to take orders from Max, and now that Max thought about, he wasn’t really that great of a King to be giving Michael orders in the first place.

Liz. For now her would forget Liz, he would let her get on with her life, and have her future and he would find his son. He wondered if Liz would wait for him, he couldn’t stand the thought of her with someone else. What they shared, no matter how damaged their relationship at this point, was something special, something that people wait forever for. They had only waited 16 years for it, Max wondered if it would have been better that they had met when they were older, when they would have been mature, and wise enough not to screw it up. He would hold on to the hope that when he got back Liz would accept him and his son back and they could start their life together because if he lost that hope then there really wasn’t much left.

Max turned up the radio and prepared himself for the long ride to New York City.

Maria walked into Michael’s apartment, and put her stuff on the couch. She smiled when she heard the shower going in Michael’s bathroom. She quickly started to shed her clothes, and head over to the bathroom. Maria opened the door and walked into the bathroom, and was invited by a cloud of steam, she hoped Michael hadn’t used all the hot water.

Maria pulled the shower curtain back and stepped inside. Michael smiled at the sight of his naked girl friend stepping into his shower. He had had the day from hell but it was definitely looking up. Maria stood on tip toes to kiss Michael gently and seductively on the lips. Maria pulled back to look him in the eyes, she saw all the pain there. She reached up and cupped his cheek, “Michael what happened?”

“Max left.” Maria put the plug into the tub and started to run the bath water, her boy needed some quality loving, before he fell apart. Once the water had started to fill Maria pulled Michael down and wrapped her legs around his waist, trying to offer some comfort. Michael was grateful for the fact that Maria always knew what he needed without having to say anything, it made his life a hell of a lot easier, his burdens a little easier to bare, knowing that when he came home, she would be there. He worked to protect her, but she protected him on a whole other level.

“Are you okay?” Maria knew that it was a stupid question to ask, her just lost his brother, maybe not forever, but it was still a loss.

“No, but I will be, I figure we stay in here for about a year and I’ll be perfect.” Maria giggled, happy to see that Michael was handling it better then she would have thought. She loved when Michael joked around, it just showed her how much he had changed, opened up. Michael loved hearing Maria’s laugh, it made him feel good to know that she was happy, that he could make her happy, even if it was just a giggle here and there, it meant the world to Michael. “So how was the mother daughter bonding?”

“Very nice, you know I don’t think I thanked you for talking to my mom for me.” It meant a lot to Maria that Michael had put forth the effort of fixing things between her and her mom.

“You know I don’t think you did.” A couple of hours of some extremely hot nookie, would definitely be a great thank-you gift.

Maria turned in his arms and straddled him, Michael groaned at the sensation it was creating in his groin. “Does anyone else know that Max is gone?”

“Maria, talking about Max is really killing the mood.” Nothing like talking about one’s brother to deflate an erection. Maria turned back and situated herself between in his legs, talk first, nookie later. Michael groaned when he saw Maria put on her ‘we need to talk’ face.


“Oh god, Liz is going to be devastated.” Maria thought about how worn and depressed her friend and seemed and wasn’t quite sure that Liz could handle this. “So is Isabel.” Isabel too had been through so much in these past few months. They all had been through hell and back, but at least she had Michael, and vice versa, Kyle and Jim had each other, but Liz had practically cut all ties from anyone over the past couple of months, same with Isabel.

“Yea, I know but there’s not much we can do about it, Max is gone and someway the both of them are going to have to deal with it.” Life was bitch, the trick was learning to move on, not forget, not even to forgive, but just to continue living.

“I don’t know if Liz can. I talked to her this morning, she apologized, I mean actually apologized, but she had all this pain bottled up. It’s like when Alex died she won’t let it out, until it consumes her.”

“We’ll keep an eye on her, Maria.


“Yea, we.” Michael had never liked Liz Parker but he knew if Liz lost it, it would hurt Maria, so he would watch out for Liz Parker, for Maria. “So we done talking now?”

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Part 6

Isabel parked the car in front of Michael’s apartment building and quickly jumped out. How could he do this how could he be so ⊕#%$ selfish? Isabel walked up to Michael’s door and banged furiously, letting out all the anger she was feeling. So what if it was only 6:00 in the morning, Michael would just have to get up early for once. “Jesus Christ, I heard you!” Isabel heard Michael’s voice bellow and would have laughed if she weren’t so ⊕#%$ pissed.

Michael threw the door open and was about to kill the person behind the door, when he realized it was Isabel, and saw the letter she clutched in her hand like a life line, he calmly motioned for her to enter. Isabel entered the apartment and could see the outline of Maria on Michael’s bed, through the small crack Michael had left the door open. So he was sleeping with her? Great, just great, now Michael would knock some girl up and leave her alone in some god forsaken town. “He left.”

As the words echoed in Isabel’s ears, she had to remind herself to breathe. She hadn’t said them out loud yet, not till that moment, and saying them maybe it real. Saying them brought the pain out along with anger. Isabel was sick of the pain, anger she could handle but not more pain. Michael sat next to Isabel and pulled her into his arms. “I know Iz, it’s going to be alright.”

When Isabel finally processed the words ‘I know’, she quickly pulled back from Michael. “What do you mean you know, did he leave you a letter too? Did he just leave you letter like some spineless little weasel too!?”

Michael shuddered at the anger in Isabel’s voice and knew he would be risking bodily harm and death by telling her the truth. “No, actually he came by, before he left, to um, let me know.” Michael had expected a lot of reactions but he didn’t expect to see the pooling of tears in Isabel’s eyes. Michael reached for her to comfort her but Isabel shied away. “So he said good bye to you? Did he say good bye to Liz too? How about Maria, did he let her know he was leaving? Maybe he told Kyle? Did he tell everyone but me?”

“Isabel…” Maria woke to the sound of Isabel’s angry voice and Michael’s worried one, she figured that she must have found out that Max had left, so Maria decided to hang back and give Isabel some time with her brother.

“Don’t Isabel me Michael! So now you’re sleeping with Maria? This is just great, now we’ll have another alien baby to deal with!” Isabel didn’t care if she was being a bitch, isn’t this the same way she lost Max because he decided being a father was more important then being a brother. What if Michael chose Maria over her? What if Maria got pregnant, she couldn’t lose Michael.

“Isabel, I get that you’re pissed, but you what I do with Maria is none of your business.” His relationship with Maria was the only thing he had and he wasn’t going to let Isabel talk about it like it was nothing.

“Fine! Go ⊕#%$ your human whore.” Maria opened the door to Isabel’s words and glared at the taller alien. After all she had risked for all three of the aliens she wasn’t going to take this from Isabel. Before Maria had a chance to speak Michael spoke up, the low, dangerous tone of his voice scared Isabel, for the first time in her life she was scared of Michael.

“Get out.”


“I said get the ⊕#%$ out of my apartment!” Isabel walked out of the apartment her ice queen façade on full force. Maria had a hard time moving with the amount of tension in the room, Michael looked at Maria, and walked away from her toward the bathroom. Maria walked back to Michael’s bed and laid down, when Michael needed her, he’d come, but sometimes people needed to work things out for themselves.

Kyle walked into the park and saw the figure of Liz Parker on a bench staring anyway but up at the sky. He could see the pain written on her face, Kyle walked up to Liz and put an arm around her shoulders. Liz leaned into Kyle just happy to have some company, to have a friendship without the added guilt. “Let me guess alien problems?”

“Are there any other kinds?” Kyle laughed, there used to be, but not anymore. Now their whole lives seemed to revolve around aliens.

“So what mess have they gotten us into this time?”

“It’s not that type of alien problem, it’s a Max Evans alien problem.”

“What happened?”

“I broke up with him.”

“Okay so what’s the problem?” Dumbing Max Evans? Problem? Nope, it was something to be proud of. Now she could go to Harvard and marry someone wearing button downed sweaters liked she was suppose to. She’d be rich, safe, and happy, without an alien in site. Now if he only needed to work on Maria.

“I love him Kyle, that’s the problem. Now he’s off to New York City, and I have this really weird feeling that I’m never going to see him again.” Liz closed her eyes and tried to imagine a life without Max but the thought of it was unbearable, so she opened her eyes and reminded herself, that they were on a break, not over.

“Are you just going to let him ruin your life?” What did it take to wake these girls up?

“Just because Tess was evil doesn’t make the rest of them evil Kyle.” Kyle got up and started to walk away but Liz grabbed his arm and forced him to look at her. “You can’t keep blaming them for what happened Kyle, it wasn’t their fault.”

“Then whose fault is it!?”



“No what?”

“I can’t hate her Liz, I can hate them but not her, never her.” This time Liz let Kyle walk away. He needed a place to put his anger and pain, and if he couldn’t put it with Tess, and it hurt too much to put it with himself, then the aliens would just have to deal with it for now.

Kyle saw the light on in Michael’s apartment and walked towards the stairs. Kyle knocked on the door and waited for the rude, sulky alien to open the door. Michael opened the door to the last person he ever thought he’d see. Kyle pushed his way past Michael and into the apartment. “We need to talk.”

“Okay what about?”

“Look for some reason Maria has an interest in you, so I guess we’re going to have to…” Kyle stopped mid sentence at the sound of running water in Michael’s shower. For the first time Kyle really took in Michael’s appearance, he was in a pair of sweats, with a towel in one hand, and some interesting love bites on his chest.

“Michael are you coming?” Kyle stiffened at the sound of Maria’s voice. They were sleeping together? How they hell could he do this to her?

“You’re ⊕#%$ her. You stupid ⊕#%$…”

“Kyle!” Kyle turned around to look into the face of a pissed off Maria De Luca.

“So does Amy know?”

Michael got in Kyle’s face and put on his beast not man y look. “Yea she does, I think we’re finished talking Kyle and I have some more important things to do.” Kyle
could feel the anger traveling through his body, and slugged the alien in the face. Maria ran over to Michael before he could react.

“Don’t Michael just leave it alone. Kyle get out!”

“I’m not leaving you here with him!”

“I said GET OUT!” Kyle walked towards the door and left, if she wanted to ⊕#%$ him and ruin her life then so be it.

Maria sighed and looked down at Michael, first Isabel and then Kyle, all in all a pretty eventful day.
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Part 7

Max looked from Rath to Lonnie, and then back to Rath. It hadn’t taken him long to find them. He used his connection to Michael and Isabel to hone in on them. They had left their old sewer home for a new place, still in the sewer, but a new place none the less. They were the only two with connections to people on Antar, except for Brody, but Max didn’t want to involve Brody in this unless he had too.

“Look ya ain’t gettin back home bro.” What the hell did this pansy ass ⊕#%$ think was going to happen exactly? If they knew how to get home, they would have been there already. Then again the royals did seem to live in fantasyland.

“I’m going back home, I’m going to find my son. So if you’re not going to help I’ll be out of your way.” Max got up angrily, what a waste! Then again what did he expect from Rath and Lonnie?

“Wait a minute your highness.” Lonnie looked Max over, yeah she could use him. He would be a nice bargaining chip with Nikolas. His kid was making him oblivious to everything else. He’d be dead before the week broke out. “It’ll cost ya.”

“I figured that out already Lonnie.”

“No need to get testy.” Rath slung his arm around Lonnie shoulders. Rath didn’t like the gleam in Lonnie’s eyes. He knew better then anyone that Lonnie was a pit viper. She didn’t no the meaning of the word loyalty but she was too stupid to realize that Rath knew that she was ⊕#%$ half of New York and had plans to kill him. “We’ll help bro, jus chill.”

Valenti put the phone back on the cradle and sighed. Maria had called to give him a heads up on the Kyle situation. He had let this go on for far too long. He knew Kyle was hurting but it didn’t excuse hurting everyone else. Branding the aliens as enemies wasn’t helping, no one had been spared over the past couple of years, not the humans and not the aliens. They were all in this together, or at least they should have been.

He looked around and realized how much everyone the group had been torn apart. Michael, Isabel, and Max, they had been each other’s family for practically their whole lives, now they were virtual strangers. Michael had Maria and was enjoying finally belonging somewhere. Isabel was dealing with her grief over Alex and trying to make plans for the future. Max was on a one man crusade to find his son. Then there was Alex, Liz, and Maria. Alex was dead. Maria was involved with Michael. Liz was trying to find away to save her connections to the people she loved, to find some sort of balance between family and friends and Max Evans.

Kyle flung the door opened and met his fathers concerned eyes. He was not going to deal with this now! Maria was having sex with that…alien. God! How could she, how could she do this? How could she suck them right back into the self centered world of the aliens. Kyle made a b line for his room but the sound of his father’s stern voice stopped him. “Kyle.”

“You don’t understand, they didn’t tell you everything.”

“Well what didn’t they tell me Kyle?”

“She’s sleeping with him dad.”

“I know.”

“You know, that’s it, that’s all you have to say about it.” All he would do was hurt her. He would start to take away the pain and loneliness, then he would use her and betray her. He would leave and she would never get to ask him why, why had he done this? She wouldn’t be able to ask him why he couldn’t be happy with the family she gave him, and give up the other world. Why he not only hurt her but her friends, the people she cared about.

“They’re two adults and it is their choice to make Kyle.”

“He’ll hurt her.”

“He’s not Tess.” Kyle bristled at the sound of that name. How could he say that name? Her name. “Kyle it’s not their fault, it’s not ones fault.”

“It’s always someone’s fault!”


“Why didn’t I help him? Why? I trusted her, I helped her kill him! I KILLED HIM! I have to hate them, I need to hate them because if it’s not their fault then it’s mine, and if it’s not mine then it’s hers. If it’s her fault then it means she never cared, she didn’t care. I I I…” Kyle walked out of the house ignoring his father’s pleas to come back.

Michael laid on the couch with his head in Maria’s lap as he watched the Cartoon Network. Maria looked down at Michael and smiled, he was milking this for all it was worth. Not that she minded, she liked babying Michael. “Feeling better Spaceboy?”

Michael turned his eyes on Maria giving her the ‘lost little boy’ look. “Maybe a little.”

“Just a little?”

“Yea, just a little.” Maria bent down and softly kissed his forehead.

“Well tell me what I could do, do you make it all better.” A wicked gleam entered Michael’s eyes at those words. Oh, yea, he had a few ideas in mind.

“Let me show you.” Maria laughed as the grin spread across his face.

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Part 8

Isabel was fuming. She had heard what had happened between Michael and Kyle. She had apologized to both Michael and Maria, and they had understood. Michael admitting that she took it better then Kyle. She couldn’t believe Kyle, she thought that her and Kyle were developing some sort of friendship. He wouldn’t talk to her and now he was attacking her brother. This had to end. No one in their little group could handle anymore, so Kyle was going to have to break.

Isabel barged into the Valenti home and made a beeline for Kyle’s room. Kyle looked up the sound of his bedroom door slamming. “Isabel what the hell?”

“Just shut up Kyle! I don’t know what’s going on with you lately but honestly I don’t care. I have had it. Do you think we wanted this to happen? That I wanted this to happen? I loved Alex too!” Kyle watched as the tears started to pool in Isabel’s eyes. “God we didn’t even have any time together! It wasn’t fair, IT WASN’T FAIR!”

Kyle got up from his bed and wrapped his arms around Isabel and closed his eyes. He knew he had been blind to everyone else’s pain but he hadn’t been ready to hate Tess, looking down at his friend sobbing into his shoulder, he realized he had two choices. Lose the other people that mattered, or let go of the one that mattered the most. “I’m sorry Isabel, I’m so sorry.”

“No, you’re right, we hurt everyone we touch.”

“That’s not true. I would be dead if it weren’t for you guys.”

“You wouldn’t have been shot if it hadn’t been for us.” Kyle looked at Isabel not knowing what to say. They were aliens, and they did bring plenty of trouble for the people they came into contact with, at the moment Kyle realized just how to answer her.

“It’s worth it, being a member of the ‘I know an alien club’ comes at a high price but it’s worth it and Alex thought so too.”

“He did?”

“Yea, when we were in the stuck in the cave, he told me. He loved you Isabel, he thought you were worth risking everything for, and for the night at the prom, I’ll bet you anything that you made him happier then he had ever been in his entire life.” Even though they hadn’t been together, Isabel had been Alex’s world.

“Thanks, Kyle.”

“No problem.”



“Can I ask you a question?”


“What was going on with you since we got back from the cave?”

“I wasn’t ready to let her go.” Isabel looked at Kyle and nodded. It was kind of like the way she still had dreams of Alex every night, it was a way to keep him in her life. Isabel couldn’t ever imagining not wanting Alex to be a part of her life even though he was gone.

“Well we’ll do it together, we’ll learn to let go together.”

“So wat are we gonna take from his highness?” Lonnie smirked at Rath.

“We gonna take the seal, the royal seal, then we kill him. Think ya can handle dat?” Rath looked back at Lonnie and licked his lips, alien sex, loads of fun.

“Ya bitch, I’ll take care of it.” Lonnie sat on Rath laps and licked his lips. They would take the seal, kill Max, then she would offer the seal to Nikolas for a ticket back to Kivar. Mohawk boy could find his one way home. “Tomorrow he’s dead.”

Maria took to container of Ben and Jerry’s out of the fridge and headed back to her room. Maria smiled at the sight of Liz in her cow pajamas, looking through the five chick flick rentals Maria brought home with her. “So Liz which one are we watching first?”

“How about the breakfast club?”


“Hand over the ice cream.” Maria threw the vanilla ice cream at Liz and settled down on the bed. It was nice to have some down time, just the two of them. It had been awhile since they had time for their friendship. Liz meant what she told Maria, it was time to remember what was important, to balance the love for her friends and family, and her love of Max Evans. “So how’d you get a way from Michael?”

“The way any respectable woman would. I waited till he was engrossed in a hockey game, then I snuck out.” Liz and Maria doubled over in laughter, just enjoying the feel of laughing over a carton of ice cream.

“So how is it?”

“How is what?”

“You know…”

“Oh that! Oh it’s good, very, very good.” Liz and Maria burst into a fit of giggles again.

“So am I going to have to pry or will you offer the information freely?”

“It was perfect, I went over to Michael’s apartment and there were candles everywhere. He even cooked…” Liz laid down and listen to Maria tell her about the happiest night of her life. For the first time in awhile Liz felt happy and content because no matter what happened she would be okay, because she still had her best friend, she still had Maria.

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Part 9

Isabel woke up and smiled, since making up with Kyle she had felt better then she had in awhile. It was like a burden was lifted off her shoulders. She had made up with Michael and Maria explaining to them that it was because she felt as if she was losing another brother. Maria had told her she wasn’t losing Michael, she just wouldn’t be responsible for his well being. It was Maria’s turn to torture him about hygiene and manners. Isabel looked out the window and sighed, all of her feelings of happiness going away from her, something was wrong.

Kyle opened his eyes to the world and yawned. Yesterday he had thrown himself back into the alien conspiracy by keeping up his friendship with Isabel. Kyle could feel something coming, couldn’t whatever hurtle they would have to face at least waited another week to tear their lives apart?

Liz woke up the next morning with a feel of dread looming over her. Her heart beat in her chest a million miles per hour. Something was going to happen something bad, she knew it like she had known Alex was murdered. It was an instinct, an animal instinct, telling her to be prepared to fight. Liz laid back down and sighed she didn’t really have much fight left.

Maria looked up at Michael and smiled, the past few weeks had been perfect. She snuggle closer to Michael trying to ignore the nagging feeling in the back of her head telling her that something was wrong. From the far away look in Michael eyes, she could tell that he sensed it too.

Michael’s eyes stayed focused on his feelings but his thoughts were somewhere else. His instincts were on overload, something was happening, he pulled Maria closer to him, knowing that he had to do whatever it took to protect her from harm. The problem was he didn’t even know what the danger was, or who was in danger from it.

Max looked at Rath from where he hovered over him, Max could feel blood pouring from the back of his skull where it had connected with the floor. He had been stupid yet again, his need for his son blinding everything else. Max raised his hand to defend himself and could see his future, he would go back to Roswell and tell everyone about meeting up with Rath and Lonnie. Liz, after hearing about his almost death, would come running, her fear of losing him too great. She would be stuck between her fear of losing him and fear of losing herself for the rest of her life. There would never be anything truly powerful enough to separate them, no that wasn’t true, in death, in his death Liz could be free. There would be no more fear, or worrying, guilt, or need for him. She could go on and be happy, live her destiny. Max laid his head down on the ground and felt his life drain away from, thought of Liz running through his mind.

Liz laid down her bed, for some reason she had been overcome with exhaustion, the second her head hit the pillow she could feel Max, she could feel him pulling him towards her. Liz looked around at the unfamiliar surroundings, it looked like she was in a sewer. She could feel someone’s eyes on her and quickly turned, the sight that greeted her, hollowed out her stomach. “Max?”

Max smiled up at her and reached for her, she kneeled down beside him and picked his hand up in her and brought it to her lips. She could taste the salt of her tears, and could smell his blood. He reached a hand to her face to cup her face in hands, letting her tears run along his palm. “It’s okay.”

“It’s not okay! Where are you Max?” Max just kept looking into her eyes. Liz felt her heart constrict, they couldn’t get to him if they didn’t know where he was! Wasn’t that they reason he had reached for, brought her to him?

“I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“For all the things I won’t be there for.” Liz felt as if she couldn’t breathe. He was giving up? He was going to give up? He couldn’t do this, he couldn’t do this to her, she needed him. How was she suppose to go on, knowing he couldn’t? He wasn’t meant to die like this, bleeding to death in a sewer. He was meant to die an old man in their bed, but how could there even be a their bed, if he didn’t live? If he didn’t make one with her?


“I love you Liz.” Max looked up in her eyes, it hurt too much to stay awake, Max closed his eyes, and let his life leave him, just happy to know that she would be okay, that she someone she would make it through and be happy, even if she couldn’t see that now.

A painful cry erupted from Liz and she hugged his head to his body. “It’s just a dream, this isn’t real, this isn’t real…” Liz kept repeating the words to herself to scared to acknowledge the fact that she would have to live her life without Max Evans, without the love of her life.