Author notes: dont worry there is a sequel with a happy ending lol

"Maria I don't love you anymore." Those were the last words he said to me before he left to go in search of his answers. They're also what brought the destruction of the Maria Deluca everyone knew. After Michael left the pod squad just wasn't the same. Liz and Max stayed together and so did Tess and Kyle, as well as Alex and Isabel. But I had no one. I started losing interest in everything I did. I used to sit outside on Liz's deck watching the stars and wondering if he saw them too. But then I got hit with reality Michael didn't love me anymore no one did. I think he's the one that brought the fait of the pod squad to pass. I didn't talk to Liz or anyone else. I would lie in bed all day long drinking and cutting myself. I didn't have the heart to live but why should I was worth nothing. Alex tried his hardest to get me to open up but after a few years he left got tired of me ignoring him. He said and I quote the last time I thing heard him say was "If you don't want my help then there's nothing more I can do for you. Goodbye Maria." Soon after Liz and Max decided to move out of Roswell they had a journey of their own to. I recall Max said that he would always see me as a sister but he could no longer help me if I didn't want anyone's help. I remember Liz crying and saying I should come with them and it could be like old times.

Poor Liz I knew she cared but who cares she would soon forget she ever knew me. But I was just too stubborn they stopped calling and writing a few years back. It may have been my fault I never did write or answer the phone to them. Soon came Isabel's turn to leave she was going to go away and live with Alex in California I think it was they were going to get married. Well not too long after did I hear Kyle and Tess got married and moved to New York.

It's been years and the last I know is Alex and Isabel are still together living in California they have 2 kids and that they were blissfully happy well that's just awesome for them. I heard Liz and Max are still together and they own clinic for the sick people down in Texas and that they were expecting to have a little girl a few years back. I heard from the sheriff one day that Tess and Kyle live together and have 2 children but they moved to Arizona. Let's see Max told me that Michael got married to a lady in Maine and that he was expecting his 3rd child. That's just great for him he ruined my life and he's so happy.

Now onto my "life" lets see it consists of going to work at the crash down yes the crash down at least some things never change. I go to work, come home, drink until I pass out so I won't have to stand being all alone in my little cubicle. I always think of all the things Michael did to the group that bastard I could have had the life like everyone else but no he screwed me out of love, life and happiness. Now all I have is pain and the loss of everyone I know. And what do people always tell me to do. To Roswell make a life for my self. What's the point? I ain't good enough to have a life.

Some day when I am gone maybe then will Liz, Alex, Tess, Kyle, Max and hey maybe even Michael will wonder what happened to the bubbly girl that was Maria Deluca also known as Liz Parker's wacky best friend. Well I guess you can say I am a bit of a dreamer since no one ever thinks of me anymore but screw the world.

I'm lying here with the blood dripping down my wrists and its getting blurry. Guess what I'm praying for? I'm praying that they won't find me in time because I lost everything I lost my self and maybe just maybe I'll be able to find peace above the clouds.

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