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Waking Up

Author: Trude
E-Mail: marti_ms⊕
Rating: PG-13; I guess, but feel free to correct me!
Category: A/I (what else?)
Spoilers: Season 2 (never heard of Season 3), somewhere between “Surprise” and “Meet the Dupes”
Disclaimer: I own nothing related to Roswell, expect two books for which I paid. The Roswell gang belongs to Melinda Metz, Jason Katims and UPN (and WB in a way, I think)
Summary: Alex has an car accident. (I know that’s not much.) Written in either Isabel’s or Alex’s POV.
Feedback: Oh yes!!!!!!!
Author’s note: That’s my second Roswell fic, even though I swore to myself to write only one, so sorry to everyone who didn’t want me to write another one. I am writing it because of frustration over some parts of Season 2 and I don’t even want to start about Season 3! L
And please remember, I am not a native English speaker, I am learning English in school, so forgive me some of my writing mistakes.

Part 1 (Isabel POV)

God! Could this get worse?

I am sitting in the Crashdown, opposite of my brother and try to appear interested while he is talking to me. Maybe lecturing is the better word. Max tells me that I have to stay away from Grant. Again.

It would be funny, hearing Max talking about how dangerous it can be to tell someone the truth, even though he is the one who started it. Like I said, it *could*. But it’s just very annoying.

I probably should tell him to keep his nose out of my business and instead, he should try to handle this mass between him, Liz and Tess. I don’t think that would be such a good idea.

Bored, I am looking around the Crashdown, discreetly of course, wouldn’t be good if *mighty* Max notices that I am not listening.

Liz is, I guess, trying to make a plan for next months’ work, while Maria is buzzing around, removing empty (and very dirty) dishes.

It’s good that the Crashdown is already closed, cause in a few minutes Liz and Maria will kick us Czechs out too and I won’t have to listen to Max anymore. Life will be good.

I mean, what’s so bad about Grant? He is nice and good looking. Okay, he is older than I am, but please! It’s not like I dream about marrying him or so. It will be fun with him for a while and then we say goodbye and that’s it.
Just because Max dreams about marrying Liz and having a future with her, doesn’t mean that I want to have that with Grant.

Believe me, Max dreams about a wedding with Liz. Visiting his dreams some time ago, I saw their *wedding*, at least the way he thinks it will be. I so have to help them plan it! Max was trying in his dream to make it perfect, but please ... dogs! A wedding with dogs running around! Liz should better be thanking me when I graciously offer to help them one day.

I don’t even want to mention what happened between my brother and little Ms. Parker when the ceremony was over. Let’s just say that, whatever happened convinced me to not visit his dreams for a while. I mean, he is my brother and that was just ... gross!

Michael just flopped down beside Max, so Max stopped talking to me. Thank God! On the other side, considering that Maria is still running around as if crazy, or ... , well chased by aliens, Michael could help her. Giving him a pointed look till he noticed my starring, I am looking over to Maria where she trying to balance about twenty glasses and back to him. He just shrugs and goes back to argue about what’s the best movie in the world with Max.

Men! Oh, but God beware, that we women never forget to praise them when they manage to put out the garbage!

Since Maria went back into the kitchen, after giving Michael a death glare, it’s quite boring out here. Max and Michael are still arguing about which movie is the perfect one and Liz is still occupied with her manager work.

Just when I am standing up to go, we all hear Maria crying out in pain. A moment later, she runs to Liz, tears running down her face, constantly saying, “No, no, no, no, ...”.

While the others are trying to comfort Maria and to make her tell what’s wrong, I notice the Sheriff walking out of the kitchen, a serious and sad expression on his face.

What the hell happened?
I want to ask what’s wrong, I really do, but I am afraid of the answer.

When everyone noticed the Sheriff, he slowly said, “Alex had a car accident. He was badly hurt and the docs are operating at the moment ...”

The only words I’ve heard were “Alex ... accident ... hurt”. Valenti is still talking, but I don’t hear him or anyone else. The world just went into slow motion and I am having trouble to breath. I don’t remember sitting down but my head is lying on the cushions behind the chairs and I am looking at the ceiling without seeing anything but Alex’s face.

I don’t know how long I was sitting there like that, but suddenly a hand is shaking me gently. I look around and see Max looking at my worried.

“We are driving to the hospital. I already told Mom and Dad what happened.”

I slowly nod my head, “Yeah, okay. Let’s go.”

He looks at me, “How are you? Do you want to go home instead of ...”

“NO!” I interrupt him determined. “I want to know what happened to him. I need to know.”

Max nods his head and leads me outside to the jeep. Michael is driving Maria’s car, while she and Liz are sitting in the backseats of the Jetta, trying to assure each other that Alex will be fine.

I wish I could believe that too.

Looking up at the star filled sky, I pray to every star that he’ll be alright when we get to the hospital.

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I am glad you like the story Krazykitty! *happy*
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here's part 2 - anybody intersted in feedbacking?

Part 2 Isabel POV

Max and I are the last to arrive. Liz already managed to talk with the Whitmans. They told her that the docs finished operating half an hour ago and that Alex is in a coma at the moment.

The docs aren’t very optimistic. They doubt that he will wake up soon, *if* he wakes up.

They are idiots. They have to be.

I don’t even know what’s wrong with Alex. Someone has told me, but I can’t remember.

Valenti arrives with Kyle and Tess. Everyone is looking worried and tense. Alex’s parents are in his room, nobody else is allowed to see him.

That’s so unfair! Liz and Maria are his best friends and I ... I am, well, I need to see him too. I need to see myself that he is still breathing, still here with me. I need to know that he can wake up any minute. Most important, I just need to see him. More than ever. More than I ever thought I would need to see someone. Need someone.

My thoughts are interrupted by Tess. She sits down beside me, looking shocked herself. I know the two weren’t close, but he was a friend. IS a friend! He’s not dead yet. That’s the worst. Reminding myself that he is not dead, nobody should be forced to do that about a friend.

“Valenti said that a drunk driver hit his car.”, Tess informs me quietly. “Max will try to sneak into his room and heal him.” I smile faintly at her. “Then Alex is already saved.”, I say with much more conviction than I actually have.

Looking around the room for the first time, I see Michael holding Maria tightly while Mrs. Deluca is quietly trying to talk with her. Both the DeLuca women are crying. Next to them are Max and Liz, sitting together. Every few minutes a tear is running down Liz’s face. She is trying to be strong and calm for Maria, I guess. Kyle is sitting next to Mrs. DeLuca, trying to read some magazine, but he is staring at the same page for more than 15 minutes now. His Dad is trying to get some information about Alex’s condition from one of the nurses. It doesn’t look like he is having success. Tess and I, we are just sitting there, lost in thoughts.

No one of our group is supposed to be in a situation like this, it doesn’t make sense, not when you are living with Aliens that can heal wounds. That makes you feel invincible in a way, until you know it better.

Suddenly, I can’t take it anymore. I barely reach the toilets before I am throwing up. After a few minutes, I manage to get up and wash my face. I hear a soft knock on the door. “Isabel? Are you okay? Can I come in?”, Liz asks. I open the door with a wave of my hand. I wish I could heal Alex that easily. Why am I even having powers when I can’t help him with them?

“Isabel?” Liz asks again. That’s it. After holding up for so long, I break down. Sinking to the floor again, my vision turns blurry as my tears are falling down.

“God, Liz. What if he never wakes up again? What if Max can’t heal him? What if he dies? What if the accident was because of us? Because of me?” I am crying hysterically now, not caring if anyone sees me like this. I shiver slightly, feeling cold all over.

“Listen Isabel”, Liz says, sitting next to me and pulling me into a tight embrace. “Alex won’t die. He has always been a survivor and he will survive this too. And it didn’t happen because of what you are and not because of you! It was an accident, nothing else. Okay?” She is looking at me, calmly, even though her eyes are watering. I believe her, a bit. In the back of my mind I still think that it’s partly my, Vilandra’s, fault that this happened. In my last life everyone I loved died because of me, why not this time too?

I slowly look at Liz again. “I love him.” I whisper softly. “I never told him. Hell, I just realized it a few hours ago.” My tears are still falling, even though I am a bit calmer now.

Liz smiles at me. “Then tell him when he wakes up.” Squeezing me slightly, she stands up, pulling me up with her.

“What if he doesn’t?” I ask in a small voice. I don’t want to think about that possibility, but that’s actually all I can think about.

Liz looks at me, not knowing what to say. She opens her mouths, but when nothing comes out she closes it again. I finally notice that she looks just as desperate as I feel. Suddenly, I realize how selfish I am acting. She is Alex’s best friend and I am just burdening her with my misery instead of helping her also. I swiftly pull her into a tight hug, hearing her sobbing quietly.

“Tell him that you love him while he sleeps.” A voice suddenly says from the door.

Liz and I turn around and find Maria standing there, a sad smile on her face as she looks at me with bloodshot eyes. I slowly nod, realizing that I can dreamwalk him easily. Hope is pushing some of the pain inside me away.

“And tell him that we love him too.” Maria continues as she joins Liz and me in our hug.

“Don’t worry, I will.” I whisper, holding my friends tightly so I can get as much comfort as possible, but also to offer them some as we stand in the bathroom, all three of us feeling helpless and the same amount of pain.

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Part 3 Isabel POV

I’ve been starring at his picture for more than half an hour now. I really should start dreamwalking him.

I have no idea why I haven’t done it yet. I am more than prepared. I am relaxed, wearing my red pajamas (he likes me in red), so I should get it on, but ...

Arrgh! That’s it, Isabel! Get a grip girl and just do it!

I quickly touch his picture, seeing the familiar wave rush over it ...

... and then I am in.

This dream looks a lot different than the one I watched during the heat wave. That dream was sweet, romantic and a total surprise for me.

This one is a surprise too. Just a bad one. It looks like I am in a desert. Everything is in gray, the sky, the sand and stones and, ... well, there is nothing else. I am slowly starting to walk, unsure where to go, just following my instincts.

After a few moments, I see him. My heart does a little flip-flop and I stop for a second, just looking at him. He looks pale and afraid and lost. Probably the same way I did when Mom and Dad found me and Max so long ago.

I finally come out of my stupor and run over to him, calling his name. He looks up in surprise when he hears me, but before he can say a word, I throw my arms around him. It feels good to hold him again, even if it’s just a dream. It’s too long since the last time I did that. I tighten my grip and feel him doing the same.

“Isabel?” he questions softly. “Why are you here? And why am I here?” Pulling away a little, so that I can look into his eyes, I say, “You had a car accident and were hurt. Now you’re in a coma, that’s why you are here. Wherever here is.” I silently watch his face, stroking his cheek, while he is trying to remember the accident and immediately notice the second he remembers everything. I quickly hug him again, this time talking to his shoulder. “You just have to wake up and everything will be fine.” I somehow doubt the truth of my words, but what should I tell him? That the doctors are idiots and think that he won’t make it? Not a good idea.

“And how do I wake up, Isabel?”, he asks me, a bit louder now. “It’s not like I don’t want to ...” He takes a step away from me, looking at me for an answer. An answer I can’t give him. “I am, I am not sure. You know this”, I gesture around, “is not real, just a flicker of your imagination. Maybe if you decide to wake up you can.” The last came out more like a question than an answer. He looks at me for a second, then turns away, looking around his dream.

“I can’t.” He said, turning back to me after what seemed like an eternity. “What do you mean?” I ask, my voice laced with confusion. He sighs, “I just tried to end it. Obviously it didn’t work.” I breath deeply, maybe that helps me stay calm. “Uh, normally someone wakes up when they least expect it, or something special is happening in the dream.” Looking around once again, he says,” Well, what special things would be happening *here*?” I don’t know what to tell him.

Suddenly, the color of the sky changes from light gray to black, with thousands of stars twinkling above us. He gives me a sad smile, “At least, I can change the setting of my dream a bit.” I look up at the stars and then back to him, grinning. “No offense, Alex, but you really should look up some internet sites about stars and their constellations.” At his confused look, I add teasingly, “There’s not even *one* real constellation up there. You should be ashamed of yourself, Mister!"

One of his special grins is appearing, causing me to stop breathing for a moment. “My apologies, Milady. I’ll try better this time.” He closes his eyes for a few seconds, his face concentrated. He looks at me again, “Better?”

Looking up, I see the North Star, Orion, Cygnus and some other constellations I showed him during the father camping weekend. “Great work. I am impressed.” Turning serious again, I say, “Maria and Liz want me to tell you that they love you.” I see him taking a shaky breath. “And that they miss you and don’t want to lose you.”

He’s nodding slightly. “Tell them, that I’ll be trying for them and my parents. Okay?” “What about me?”, I ask before I can stop myself. He looks at me surprised, not knowing what to say for a moment. “Uh, yeah sure. For you too, of course. I I am trying for you too, sure. Why wouldn’t I? Uh, I mean we are friends, so of course I am trying.” He stammers, looking around uncomfortable. “Why are you even asking, Isabel?”

Remembering Maria’s words, I decide that it’s now or never. “I love you.” I blurt out. “I know I didn’t act like I did lately, but it is true. I love you. I need you and I can’t lose you.”

He’s looking at me as if I had grown a second head, or turned into a little green man. He opens his mouth to say something and .....

.... and suddenly I sit up in my bed, my yearbook falling to the floor with a loud ‘thump’.

hope you liked it*happy*
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Part 4 Alex POV

Slowly, I open my eyes. Only to shut them quickly again because the light is blinding me. Opening my eyes again, much slower this time, I realize that I am not surrounded by blinding light, like I thought a few moments ago. The room I am in, I can see a white ceiling and the wall on the other side, is only lit by a lamp which is standing somewhere to my left and a window with closed curtains.

What happened? Where the heck am I? Even though I am only looking straight ahead – at the ceiling – I notice that I am lying next to the window, but that’s all. Time to find out what’s on the left side!

Aahhhh! Bad idea! Very bad idea, Alex. Note to myself: turning the head only ends in pain! Conclusion: don’t move the head, genius!

Okay, just because I can’t move my head, which is hurting and making it hard to think logically, doesn’t mean that I can’t move other body parts, does it? Let’s try it out.

Yup, I can move my toes. That’s a first. Hm, my fingers work too, that would ... wait, what’s that? I tightly grip the strange object with my left hand and lift it a bit. Looks like a a remote.

Lifting my head again to look better at it, I only fall back to the pillow, dizzy again. God, what’s wrong with me?

And then, everything comes back. The car that’s speeding at me, the momentary pain, the darkness and .... the dream. It was quite a scary dream. I was running around for what felt like years, only surrounded by different shades of gray. And suddenly, Isabel appeared. I was so relieved to see her, and that was before she held me in the tightest embrace we have ever shared. I impulsively hold her close, I didn’t know what was going on, but who am I to pass such an opportunity? Isabel reminded me of the accident, how could I have forgotten that?

Hm, considering the fact that I had an accident, I guess I am in a hospital. Looking at the remote again, I press the button marked with a bell. Closing my eyes, I am drifting into dreamland again. Almost asleep, I remember the last part of my dream. Or better, Isabel’s last sentences. I try to sit up, out of surprise. “She loves me!” I say weakly, barely hearing my own voice. Probably because I am almost immediately confronted with a heavy headache.

What did I say before about not moving my head? I guess it’s time to listen to myself!

I am about to curse myself again, when the door to my room opens and a lady in her mid-forties comes in. “Mr. Whitman!”, she says surprised. “We didn’t expect you awake so soon. What a pleasant and happy surprise!” I try to smile, without success, since my head is still going crazy. The woman, a nurse I guess, looks at some machine next to my bed and controls some tubes that are sticking out of my arms, my right side and my ... ugh, I don’t even want to think about *where* this one is coming out from!

I notice the nurse giving me an injection and look up at her questioning. “That will help you sleep and will get your head a bit clearer the next time you wake up.” She informs me smiling. I try to nod at her, but my head is getting fuzzy and I barely can keep my eyes open.

The last thing I notice, is the nurse, pushing some hair off my forehead.

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thanks for all the feedback - I already finished this story about three months ago, so don't worry about me finishing! *wink*

Part 5 Isabel POV

“Morning!” I say grudgingly as I enter the kitchen, where Max is already eating breakfast and Mom is bustling around.

“Hey Iz.”, Max answers, looking at me carefully. “Oh, honey. How are you feeling. I know that Alex is a friend of you.” Well, Mom is not trying to be as subtle as Max was. “I am fine, I guess.” I answer truthfully. “I am still a bit shaken, but otherwise ... I am fine.” I offer them a weak smile as I sit down at the table. Both, Max and Mom, aren’t looking very convinced at me.

Max came into my room last night after I woke up and started to pace the room. Constantly saying, “What happened? Oh my God, what happened with him?”. That’s at least what Max said that he heard – I don’t remember saying that.

Well, I remember worrying about Alex and being ‘mothered’ by Max for at least half an hour. I know he did it out of concern – for both Alex and me, but still, Max getting so protective can get to my nerves from time to time. Especially in times like this.

Mom is about to say something, when the phone rings. Max quickly grabs it while Mom and I are just sitting at the table. Thankfully we have to get to school in a few minutes, I don’t think I could stand a discussion with them now.

Not after lying awake in my bed for the whole night after Max left. I tried to get in again twice, but didn’t succeed. So, I spent the whole night worrying whether he woke up, isn’t dreaming or ... well, ‘got worse’. I really can’t bring myself to say the ‘d-word’. I am sure it’s one of the first two, but the not knowing was almost killing me.

Hearing Max coming back, I look up and see him grinning madly, something I swear never happened before. “That was Maria.”, he tells Mom and me. “Mrs. Whitman just told her that Alex woke up during the night and in the morning for a few minutes. The docs are a bit surprised about his quick recovery, but they are positive that he’ll make it without any further problems.”

Thank God! I let out my breath, I didn’t even realize that I stopped breathing when Max came back. I can’t help the grin that is stretching over my face. Mom wipes away some tears that are running down my face (when did I start crying? and why? Alex is okay now, isn’t he?) and envelops me in a big hug. “I am so happy for you, Izzy. I know you are close.” Seeing my confused look, she adds, “Considering your birthday party and what happened there ...”

I can’t help but laugh as I remember Alex stripping for me. Wonder if I could convince him to do it again someday, but maybe the next time a little more private. Only because then, he wouldn’t have to do it in front of so many people again, of course. Why else should it be private? Even though I am getting some ideas. Well, there could ...

“Isabel!” I snap back to reality as I hear Max’s voice. Why is it that you always are getting interrupted when you have pleasant thoughts or are planning something pleasant? “Yes?”, I ask still a little dreamy. Giving me a strange look, he says “We have to go to school, remember? We should try to find Liz and Maria there, they probably know more than we do. You okay, you look a bit ... uh, flushed.”

Looking at him and Mom, I decide that it’s not good to tell them what I was thinking about. “Oh, I am just glad that Alex is awake and was already thinking about what to bring him when I am visiting him.” I tell them convincingly, hoping that they believe me and feeling a slight blush rising in my cheeks. What’s wrong with me? “Okay, then kids. Time to go to school, I suppose.” Mom says, still smiling at me. I guess she believes me. Max, well he looks still a bit doubtful, but is wise enough to not say a thing.

“Well, uh, bye Mom!” I call out, as I hurriedly leave the room, still wearing that silly grin. “Bye kids.” she calls to our retreating backs as we climb into the jeep and drive quickly to school.

In school, we meet the others at Max’s locker. Everyone is looking happy and relieved, even Michael is smiling, a bit. Maria is in his arms, grinning happily while whispering something in Michael’s ear. Kyle and Tess are talking about Alex and Buddha. I think Kyle is trying to explain to Tess why Buddhism is better than other religions that believe in life after death and is using Alex as an example. He quickly shuts up when he sees the look I am giving him at his mention of death.

I can’t believe it, a few hours ago, we thought Alex could die and now ... Now they are fooling around as if nothing happened. Would they act the same if Alex was still in coma or ...

“Isabel?” I turn around when I hear my name. Liz is looking at me worried. “Yeah, Liz?”, I ask her. “Are you okay, Isabel? You are crying.” My hand shots up to my eyes immediately. I can definitely feel the wetness on my cheeks. What the hell is wrong with me today? He is alive. He won’t die anytime soon, so why do I constantly cry?

Looking around, I quickly wave my hand over my face so that I am all set again. Ignoring Michael’s look, I turn back to Liz. “Funny, I didn’t even notice it. I have no idea why I am crying now, Liz” She is smiling at me understandingly (I can actually see how Max is drooling beside me), “I know what you mean. When I heard that he woke up, I cried for about half an hour like crazy!”

Hearing the bell, we all begin to walk to class. Well, I try to, but I am cornered by Liz and Maria. “And,” Maria starts, “did you visit Alex’s dreams tonight? What happened? What did you say? What did he say? And ..:” Liz quickly puts her right hand over her mouth. “MARIA! Let the girl answer your questions, as long as she can follow them.” “Mmhmmhm”, is Maria’s only protest before she nods her head.

I can’t help but laugh. “Okay, ladies. 1. Yes I visited his dreams. 2. We talked a bit. 3. I told him that he had to wake up and that you two love him. 4. Alex said that he would try. Obviously he succeeded.” They are looking at me for a moment, then at each other. Shaking their heads in exasperation, they turn back to me with stern looks. “You know exactly,” Maria starts. “that this is not what we wanted to hear!” Liz ends. “So, you better tell us whether you told him that you love him or not.” Maria orders with her hands on her hips.

I briefly wonder if I should just leave them in the dark, I mean who do they think they are talking too? Ah, friends! They always want to know the private things. Seeing that there won’t be a chance to escape, I quietly tell them. “Well, I told him that I love him and that I need him in my life more than anyone else.”

Maria looks at me expectantly. No one says a word for a few moments, till she can’t stand it anymore. “Aaannnnd? What else did you say?” “Nothing else that’s it.”, I answer a bit confused. What else should I have said? It’s a good thing that I stopped trying to understand human girls long ago – they are way too confusing!

Putting a calming hand on Maria’s shoulder, Liz explains, “What Maria is trying to ask is, if you have told him anything else besides your feelings.” Seeing my confused look, Maria lets out a sigh which sounds as if she has the whole world on her shoulders. “Okay, Czech sister of mine. Then tell us what he said!” “Nothing!” I answer frustrated.

“Nothing!” Maria exclaims loudly. “You mean, you told him that you love him and he just stood there not saying a word? That doesn’t sound like our Alex, does it?” She turns first to Liz for confirmation, then back to me again. “He didn’t say a thing because ... well, after I told him that I love him, I was kicked out of his dream. He was probably so shocked because of my confession that he woke up.” “Yeah, you probably gave the poor boy a heart attack.” Liz laughs. “But hey, that woke him up, didn’t it?”

Seeing their point, I can’t help but grin at them. It’s good to have them around. I’ll never tell that Max, but I am glad that he healed Liz that day at the Crashdown. Everything in my life got better after that. I found friends like Tess and, yeah, Kyle, *fristers* like Maria and Liz. And Alex. God, I am so glad that he is okay. I just hope, he feels the same way I do. I know he likes me, but since he couldn’t answer me in his dream and considering his shocked look and ...

“Ladies! Shouldn’t you all be in class by now?” A voice behind us, startles us all. Turning around, we quickly smile shyly at Mrs. Schyler, our gym teacher. Saying goodbye to each other, we swiftly hurry off to our classes, even though school is the last thing that’s on our mind today.

hope you liked it!

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*big* there won't be another strip coming *sad* I am sad too about that but there will be kisses, getting rid of Grant and a father-boyfriend talk ... hope that makes up for the striptease! *wink*

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Looking around the room, I see “my” nurse talking with a man in his forties. Concentrating my ears and my half asleep brain a bit more, I can hear that they are talking about me. Something about “quick recovery” and “unbelievingly luck”. I am not too sure, if I even want to hear that.

Noticing my open eyes, the man turns to me with a wide smile on his face. “Ah, Mr. Whitman. What a pleasure to see you awake again. You really had us all worried for a while.” Since he is standing next to my bed, I try to sit up a bit, so I can see him and talk to him better. I even manage it, with a few suppressed groans and another light headache.

“You shouldn’t move too much! You were badly hit on the head and torso, Mr. Whitman.” I want to answer him, but I can’t. I am feeling as if I am going to die of thirst. Luckily, the nurse seemed to know what I am going through, cause she was standing there with a glass of water. Carefully lifting both my head and the glass, she lets me take a few big gulps, before moving away again.

Turning to the doctor, she asks, “Can I tell his parents to come in?” Looking at me once more, the doc nods and the nurse leaves immediately. “How ... how long was I out? What happened?”, I asked hoarsely.

“Well, about fourteen hours ago, a drunk driver was crashing into your car. Your car was slammed to a tree next to the street. and ...” “... and I hit the wheel of my car with my head.” I finished for the doctor, remembering the last seconds before I blacked out. Oh man! I am really glad that I am already lying, cause I doubt that I could manage to stand now, thinking about the accident.

“Your parents and family are very concerned but I think your parents already told your young friends that you already woke up.” I only nod, still shaken by what happened. There’s an uncomfortable silence now in the room, but luckily the door is opening and my Mom is running in as if hunted.

“Oh god Alex! I was so worried!”, she cries immediately at my side, hugging and kissing me as carefully as possible.

“Hey Mom.” I greet her quietly with tears in my eyes. She is still holding me (carefully) tight, her tears soaking my clothes a bit.

“I’ll leave you three alone now,” he says to my Dad who suddenly appeared next to my Mom. ”but please, remember that he needs time to recover – so, don’t stay for too long!” Nodding absently, my father just says “Yeah, sure.”, looking at me worriedly.

“You really had us worried for a while Alex.” he states calmly. My Mom still letting a tear fall from time to time. “I know and I am really sorry ...” I begin, only to be cut off by my Dad. “It wasn’t your fault son! We are just happy that you are alive.” I nod slowly, partly because my head is still a bit dizzy and because the tight hold of my Mom makes moving a bit difficult.

My Dad looks at me nervously for a moment, before declaring “I really have to go to work now. My boss wasn’t very happy when I didn’t appear at work yesterday.” after a long look between him and Mom “so, I better go now.” Giving my shoulder a gentle shake, he adds, “I was really scared boy.”

He is out the door, before I completely comprehend what he said. It’s not like we have a bad relation, not at all. We just aren’t having the same interests. I sometimes even wonder whether he has some or not. The last time, we did something together was the father camping last spring. It took me more over an hour of talking and arguing to get him doing it.

I am sure that he figured out that my reason for joining in was not the “male bonding” I was talking about, but someone with long blonde hair and brown eyes.

My Mom stayed for about an hour longer. After some big yawns from my part and two (very obvious) hints from a nurse, she left. A nurse brought me something to eat, but I couldn’t eat that much. Sleepily, I thought about Liz and the others. My thoughts about them quickly turned to thoughts about Isabel. Maybe when I sleep, she’ll visit me again. Looking out the window, I notice that the sun is still shining brightly.

She’s probably still in school. Maybe she will visit me today, with the others. Did she really mean it? I know that I love her, I always did. But she loving me? Somehow hard to believe. Why should she love me, when she can have the whole football team? I guess I’ll just have to ask her when I see her again.

Isabel POV

“It won’t happen again, I promise!” I smile at the teacher apologetically. I just got caught daydreaming during class. For the fifth time and from the third teacher. I am actually glad that I haven’t gotten detention, yet.

How can they expect me to concentrate on Biology or History, when Alex just woke up this morning? God, I can’t wait till I see him again in a few hours and tell him that I love him, face to face. I hope I didn’t realize it to late and that he hasn’t moved on yet. I didn’t see him with another girl, but I can’t be sure.

“Ms. Evans! When did the last czar of Russia die?” The teacher asks, giving me a pointed look. “Uh, either 1917 or 1918.” I tell her hesitantly. “That’s correct, Ms. Evans. See, it isn’t that hard to listen, is it?” Seeing her turn to the next student, I turn back to my previous thoughts.

Even if he is seeing someone else at the moment, I have to fight for him. And if he thinks that I will just watch him going out with some bimbo, well, then he better has another thought coming! I won’t give up on him easily. Not now, not ever!

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Part 7 Alex POV

Boring. Boring. Boring. Boring. Boring. Boring. Boring. Boring.
God, this is so boring.

Mom left half an hour ago and now I am staring out the window – right into the wall next to it. I could turn on the TV, but I am not in the mood to hear about today’s theme of Oprah, “Nobody loves me during PMS”. Maybe I should try to get some sleep, that’s better than staring at a stupid wall.

I just want to close my eyes, when the door opens and someone carrying about a dozen balloons, flowers and a huge alien-teddy bear. ‘Who in God’s name is that?’, I wonder before I hear a familiar voice. “Liz? I am not going to bump into something, am I? Cause I really ain’t seeing a thing and I get the feeling that the chocolate is slipping out of my hands, I don’t even want to mention how much this bear is weighing. Liz?”

I can’t help but grin as Maria is slowly wobbling from one side of the room to the next, always missing the wall only a few inches. Feeling pity for her, I try to help, “Three steps to the left is a chair. Put the things down there!” “ALEX! It’s so good to hear your voice!”, Maria calls out, dumping everything unceremoniously on the chair and on the floor. She is about to run over to me, when, like a flash, Liz is passing her, carrying what looks like a box full of books, CDs and videos. Carefully placing the box on the floor, she and Maria turn to me.

“Oh Alex! We were so worried. Don’t you ever scare us like that again!”, Liz tells me with tears in her eyes. “Yeah,” Maria adds, “all I could do while you where in the coma was cry and think of the time we had and about everything that I still wanted to tell you. About all the things we still need to do and how terrible everything would be without you. God, I was so scared, it hurt so much!”.

With that Maria, like Liz, hug me tightly, softly crying into my shirt. But I don’t care, I am just glad that I am still able to be with them. “Hey, don’t cry girls! I am alive as you can both see and I tend to stay this way” I tell them softly, only to be interrupted by Liz’s “You better do!” Smiling softly, I continue, “and even though I am getting all teary myself, stop crying now! I am okay and we are together again. That shouldn’t be a reason for tears, should it?” Pulling away a bit, Liz smiles down at me, “You are right, we shouldn’t spend our time together crying, even if we cry happy tears.” “Yeah, we’ve got better things to do!”, Maria adds, still sniffling a bit.

I grin at them, glad that I could make them smile. “So, you brought me some presents?” I ask, gesturing to all the things they carried before. “Yep, we figured out that you could need some distraction from this ...well, the hospital.”, Maria explains as she walks to the table and throws some chocolate bars in Liz’s direction. Liz gives them to me, “We thought you would like something different from the hospital food – knowing your eating habits” Ripping the chocolate open, I smile at them, “You have no idea how bad the food here is. You would think that the hospitals start thinking when everyone says their food is bad!” I cheerfully take a big bite, making a note to myself to hide the chocolate later.

“In case you need some company, we brought you ‘A.T.’”, Maria informs me, positioning the teddy next to my bed. “A.T?” “Alien teddy.” Liz informs me. “Maria’s idea.” Maria adds, “Maybe I can find something similar for Michael, considering the fact that he doesn’t like the Alien balloons Mom is selling – maybe a bear would be better for him and his moods!” Nodding knowingly, I look closer to the box, Liz carried in. “What’s that?” “Oh, we thought it’s a good idea to bring you some of your CDs and books – in case you get bored. Also, we got some videos. What about watching one now?”

“That’d be great, ladies!” I tell them, grinning my special grin, that always works with them. Hugging me once more, Maria then turns to the TV, saying, “Let’s start with “Sweet November”!” I can’t suppress the groan, “But that’s a sappy love movie!”
“We know!”, they say happily. “And”, Liz adds, snatching the TV remote from me, “it’s not like you can do anything about that!”

Laughing at my grimace, they sit next to my bed, ignoring my protests with smiles on their faces. Truth to be told, I don’t care about what movie I am watching. Not as long as it is with them.

Hope you enjoyed! *happy*

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Part 8 Isabel POV

I can’t believe it! I am not allowed to see Alex!

Who do they think they are? What makes them believe that they can just tell me, “I am sorry Miss, but Mr. Whitman is sleeping at the moment and he really needs to rest. The visits of his parents and two friends really wore him out, so I have to ask you to come tomorrow again.”

That jerk better be prepared for some weeks full of nightmares!

Now, I have to wait till tomorrow so that I can see him again. This sucks! Okay, I could dreamwalk him tonight, but the real thing would be much better.

I can’t even be mad at his parents or at Liz and Maria for visiting him before me. I mean, his parents, it’s logical for them to visit their son. And Liz and Maria had one class less than I had today, so they didn’t wait for me to visit Alex together. I can even understand them, I doubt if I would have waited for them or if I would have just visited him alone, so that I could have talked with him about us.

Well, that has to wait until tomorrow, since I can’t see him today. Or can I? Yes! I can visit him, all I have to do is not getting caught. Alexander Charles Whitman, here I come!

Room number 218, where are you? 214, 215, 216, ah, over there. I am about to walk to the room, when a doctor and a nurse walk into his room. Damn it! Now, I have to wait until they get out again. Great. Today is really my day!

I pretend to study the different prospects on a table, while in reality I am keeping an eye on the door to Alex’s room. Finally, after what feels like an hour, but is only 5 minutes (there has to be something wrong with my watch), the two leave Alex’s room.

Glancing down the corridors one last time, I quickly slip into his room and close the door, effectively locking it. Taking a deep breath, I slowly turn around and look at his sleeping form. I can’t help the grin that spreads over my face as I walk closer to his bed.

He is still looking pale and exhausted, but he isn’t connected to any life saving machines – that’s a big plus. He is stirring a bit and Mombling something in his sleep, probably having a dream. Hopefully a pleasant one, maybe I am even a part of it. I hope I am. I softly stroke his cheek with my right hand, while I hold one of his hands in my left one. Carefully, I bend down and kiss him gently on the forehead, pulling away, I hesitate for a moment before bending down again and giving him a soft kiss on his lips, letting my lips linger there for a few seconds.

Pulling away, I notice him smiling in his sleep. Turning back to the door, after stroking some hair out of his face, I am finally feeling peaceful again. It has been such a long time since the last time I felt this way.
Quietly opening the door, I look back at Alex, mouthing “I love you”, before finally leaving his room and hurrying out of the building and back home.

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the parts won't get much longer I fear *sad*
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this is my favourite part! oh, and if you like Grant ... don't read this! *big*


Part 9 Isabel POV

I really have the worst luck! Yesterday, a doc told me that I wasn’t allowed to see Alex, not that that stopped me – I was never one to listen to others. And today, when I can see him – since Liz and Maria have to work and aren’t having any time for a visit (hehe) – I have to wait again till I can see him!

I was just walking to his room, when out of nowhere two docs and a nurse walked into his room, the nurse telling me that it would take ten minutes till they are finished. I never knew that ten minutes can last a lifetime!
So, I am stuck to waiting for another minute outside his room, barely resisting my urge to just pace in front of the door.

Finally, they leave his room. It’s about time. Taking a deep breath, I slowly walk to the door and reach for the knob. ‘Relax Isabel, it is just Alex.’ Did I think *just*? Have I gone totally crazy to think something like that? Opening the door slowly, I step inside – not even half as confidently as I hoped I would. Looking at him, my eyes are locked on his.

It’s funny, in a way. Sometimes his eyes appear to be light brown, sometimes they look pale green or, like now, they are both – brown and green twinkling together in this adorable way that’s so typical for Alex.

“Isabel? You okay?” I break out of my musings about his eyes when I hear his voice. Seeing my confused look, he adds, “You were starring at me strangely for a few minutes. I just wanted to check if everything’s fine.” Walking over to him, I can’t help but grin. “Don’t worry, I am fine. Now.” I sit on a chair next to his bed, looking over him once again. I don’t think I am doing that as often as I should. Well, this would change now!

“So, uh, how have you been the past few days?”, Alex asks me, not really meeting my eyes. I wonder for a moment why he is doing small talk, instead of talking about his accident, my last dreamwalk or us? Taking a deep breath, I decide that, obviously, I have to make the first move.

“How I have been these last three days?” He looks a bit surprised because of the challenging tone in my voice. “Truth to be told, I was miserable. I always thought that you could die. That I would lose you, before I even gave me the chance to actually be with you.” I stop for a moment, trying to collect myself again.

“Isabel, ... I am sorry, I didn’t ...” Alex trails of helpless, placing his hand over mine. I immediately hold on tight. Ignoring his comment, I continue - if I don’t get it out now, I never will. “I know I wasn’t very nice to you since I heard of my ‘destiny’, but I was just so confused. I really didn’t know what to do, I mean, any day Max could tell us that we have to leave, because the Special Unit was after us again. I thought it’s best for us to just stay friends. And I really believed that, that we could be just friends. Then you go off and have this freak accident. I thought ... I thought you’d die before ... before ...” I break off, my sobs making it impossible to go on.

“Before what, Iz?”, Alex asks softly, while leaning in and gently brushing away some tears. Looking in his concerned eyes, I realize two things. First: how hilarious this is – he is the one who had the accident and here he is sitting in his bed, comforting me. Second: it is now or never!

“Before I could tell you that I love you.”

I am almost afraid to look at him. His expression is a mixture of shock and surprise. Even though he is looking at me, I notice that he isn’t really seeing me. After what feels like an eternity, he takes a deep breath and slowly meets my eyes. He is looking utterly calm and confident. “I love you too.” That’s all he says, but it makes me want to cry once again. Leaning in, I quickly put my lips onto his, but before I can deepen the kiss he pulls away.

Concerned, I look at him. What’s wrong? I love him, he loves me – we should be kissing each other senseless now, shouldn’t we?

Giving me a reassuring look, he softly tells me, “Don’t get me wrong, Iz. I really like to continue, but ... what about ... Grant?”

I look at him blankly for a moment. Grant? Yeah, right, the Geologist, still have to deal with him. “What about him, Alex? I love you, only you. I don’t know why I went out with him, but it is over! Forever!” He smiles at me, leaning a bit closer, but he is still too far away. “Does he already know that?”

“No. Not yet. Give me minute please.” I grab my cell phone and quickly search for a number, ignoring his confused look. Impatiently, I wait for Grant to pick up the phone.

“Hi, Grant, it’s me, Isabel.” Giving Alex a big smile and squeezing his hand, I continue. “No, ... I don’t call because of tonight.” Tonight? Am I having a date with him? Alex is still looking a bit concerned. Turning my head away from him - I somehow can’t do this while looking at him – I face the window. “Well, Grant, you see, how to say this best. No, I am fine don’t worry. It’s just that, first of all, I know I shouldn’t tell you this on the phone but, I want to end this between us.”

Whatever I ever had with him – not really much, when I think about it. “Why? When you really want to know – I realized lately that I still love Alex, so it’s ... yes, the one from the CrashDown. What? NO, he is not dorky and not a geek!” Who does he think he is, talking about Alex like that? Oh well, Mr. Sorenson, I hope you slept good the last few weeks – cause in the next you won’t!

Hearing Alex chuckle, I sharply turn to him, one eyebrow raised. Seeing my look, he stops laughing, quietly saying, “I am not?” and giving me an amused look. I can’t help but grin at him in return. Hearing Grant muttering something, I quickly turn back to the phone. I actually forgot about him – again.

I say with a sigh to Grant. “Well, maybe he IS dorky and a geek,”, I roll my eyes at Alex, as he gives me one of his ‘thumb up’ grins. With the need to end this phone discussion, I finish my sentence. “but I still love him. Why? Why should I tell you? Okay, because he is sweet, caring, loyal, sexy, smart and unlike you he is also funny!” Take that Mister ‘I am a gift for every woman’! But hey, he wanted to know! “Yeah, those are the some of the reason why I love him, but I could go on for a few hours! Listen Grant, let’s just end this now, before we really start to insult each other. I had a good time when I went out with you, but that’s it – so let’s end it.” Maybe he’ll give up sooner, when I am acting friendly. “Yeah, ... okay, .. yeah, maybe we see us again one day” God beware! “so, good bye.”

Putting my phone away, I mutter “Thank god, he stopped talking! Stupid jerk! I can’t believe that I ...” Alex effectively interrupts my rambling with a soft kiss. Pulling away a bit, he grins, “Sexy, huh? I knew that police outfit would work.” Rolling my eyes playfully, I tell him “Oh, shut up dork!”, before leaning closer again.

I really missed that – kissing him, or being kissed by him. He softly brushes his lips over mine a few times, then starts sucking at my bottom lip. This goes for a few moments, until I let out a shaky sigh – how could I have forgotten what a great kisser he is? Taking advantage of my open mouth, he quickly starts exploring my mouth with his tongue, our bodies pressing closer to each other. I am really glad that I am already sitting, because I am sure that I am not able to stand on my own anymore. Suddenly, I see a flash – him, watching me secretly in school, his nervousness when he asked me out to the movies once, during the ...

“Having fun?” A voice suddenly says from behind me. Jumping away from Alex and cursing silently, I turn around a see a nurse standing at the door, with annoyance written over her face. “Oh, hi Sandy, already uh, time for the medicine?” Alex asks her, his face just as red as mine is feeling. “Yeah, but I can come back in a few minutes, if you want?” Looking at each other, we quickly nod. “Oooookay, but I just want to tell you that the time for visits is already over!” With that she leaves the room.

“That was Sandy, one of the nurses on that floor.” Alex explains to me. I nod silently. One of the younger, prettier nurses, who didn’t seem very happy when she saw us kissing – have to keep that in mind. “Well, I better go then, huh?” I tell Alex, without sounding very happy about that. He gives me a quick kiss, before saying, “I guess. See you tomorrow?”

I grin at him, “Surely, I’ll be counting the minutes till we see us again.” He laughs a bit and leans closer again. “Good, I’ll count the seconds!” Giving him a real kiss goodbye, I quickly leave the room – as long as I have the will power to do that – giving Sandy a ‘Ha! He belongs to me!” smirk as I pass her.

Yeah, life definitely got better today!

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Part 10] Alex POV

It’s good to be me!

Why? Because yesterday I was able to leave the hospital which means decent food and – sadly – being mothered all the time. But that’s not the most important reason. Other reasons are that I have the two best friends in the world, some other great friends who were all visiting me during my stay in the hospital. Even Michael and Tess were there once, both concerned about me – Michael trying to not showing it of course and saying something about having a similar Alien Teddy. I chose to not answer him.

Even that is not the most important reason for my life being fine. That reason is my girlfriend. I like the sound of that – Isabel Evans, my girlfriend.

I always dreamed of getting a couple again, but how it happened in reality was so much better – I guess reality is always better with Isabel, than any dream could be. It was perfect. I still have trouble to believe it sometimes. Isabel coming into my hospital room, nervous and shy – that has always been my part! At first she didn’t know how to tell me, I could see that, but then, she almost couldn’t stop talking. Talking about how she loved me, how scared she was and that she needed me.

She needing *me*, loving *me*! I didn’t think that I could love her more than I did in that moment, but she proved me wrong once again. I admit that I was a bit concerned when she called Sorenson, even though she said that she loved me and kissed me! I repeat: kissed me! Me!

Anyway, she was talking about Sorenson, stuttering around not sure how to break up with him. It made me a bit nervous – that she didn’t know how to end it. But then, she told him that she loved me – I felt like I was about to burst of pride and love. Not to mention the ego boost!

But it got better! Hard to believe huh? She started defending me then and even though I felt honored, I just had to tease her a bit – I mean, what’s wrong with being a geek? We just looked at each other for a minute, I think she actually forgot that Sorenson was still on the phone. I am quite sure that I blushed when she told him why she loved me.

She thinks I am sexy! Not that I have a problem with that – talking about an ego boost. She was still mad at Sorenson after ending the call, still going on what a jerk he is. I love her voice and love listening to her, but I was thinking that there was a better use for her lips – so I shut her up by kissing her. And it wasn’t just a small kiss either!

It was hard, not glaring at Sandy when she interrupted us, but since she was always nice to me during my stay in the hospital, I bit back a curse. Isabel was looking a bit strangely at her, I could tell, but I didn’t ask her why – didn’t even think about anything else than kissing her once again.

After Isabel left, I couldn’t stop grinning, not even Sandy’s lecture about me spending more time kissing than recovering couldn’t break my high.

That was four days ago, you ask what happened since then? Well, aside from getting visits from my family and friends and leaving the hospital, I spent every day and every night with Isabel for a few hours. We used those hours well, not only for kissing and cuddling (even though I wouldn’t have minded) but also talking about us, the future and unimportant things. I have never been more happy than this last days. Sure, there were some serious moments, but there was always this deep happiness within me.

I wonder what’s taking Isabel so long. You see, she is coming over to me this afternoon after school. Bringing me my homework and to “help me study”. That’s at least what we told our parents. Well, I doubt that we will spend any time studying – except for each other of course!

Well, everything in my room looks neat – she likes things being perfect. That gives her a feeling of safety and normality. Maybe I should bring a little mess into my room – it’s always cute to watch her arrange something, trying to make everything perfect. She always has a little, cute (well, I admit – sexy) look on her face when she trying to look out for everyone and everything – I don’t even want to describe the look she has when she is lecturing someone. Lets just say that I like that look and that I am not so sure if she would find it amusing to hear about me liking her look when she is mad about someone/something.

Hearing the soft knock on my door, I turn, grinning when I see that she finally made it.

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Part 11 Isabel POV

“Hi!” I say softly, while closing the door and quickly walking over to him, giving him a kiss. “Hi yourself.” He whispers and pulls me in a sitting position next to him on his bed. “How was your day, Iz?”

“Boring sums it up well, I guess. In school there was, well, ... it was school. Listening to boring teachers, getting way to much homework, not really paying because I had to think about you ...” I grin at his surprised look. “What?” I laugh. “Am I not allowed to think about you?” “Well Iz, it’s just that I thought that I am the one in this relationship, who is constantly thinking about the other one. You know, this being something like rule No. 1.” “Hm, you see,” I tell him softly, while leaning closer, “rules are there to be broken.”

With this our discussion ends for five minutes, since we are both preoccupied with more important things – making out! After kissing him senseless, I prop myself up on my elbows. How did we manage to be lying on his bed? “How was your day? Playing PlayStation the whole time?” He lets out a snort at this. “I’ll let you know that I spent my time like an adult and not like a thirteen year old.” “Oh, and what did you do then?” I ask while I trail tiny kisses down his throat. Swallowing hard, he replies, “Surfing in the Internet.” Hearing my soft chuckle, he quickly adds, “Going through the news!”

“By speaking of news,” he says and flips me over, so that he is on top, “did you bring my homework, since we are officially studying here.” It’s my turn to gasp, when I feel him kiss and nibble my neck. “What? Oh, yeah, I have your homework.” I sigh as he starts sucking on a sensitive part of my throat. I enjoy his ministrations for a few seconds and suddenly realize something.

“Alex! This won’t leave a hickey, will it?” He stops and pulls away a bit, I almost wish I hadn’t said a word. He looks thoughtful at me, then at my throat for a few moments and then back at me. “Well, I admit that I am not an expert in these things, but it looks like one to me.” I swat him slightly, “Great!”, I say in mock anger. “Oh, I am sooo sorry, Milady. Is there any way I could make this up to you?” He asks grinning, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. I can’t help but laugh, “I’ll think about it.”, I say and pull him down for a kiss. After a few seconds he returns to exploring my throat and neck. “Alex!” I say warningly. “Don’t worry Iz. This will be a very lonely hickey.”

Relaxing underneath him, I close my eyes – simply enjoying his actions. Grabbing his head with one hand to hold him close, I let my other hand stroke his back softly, sighing contently from time to time. His hands are gently squeezing my hips and making me feel incredible. I really don’t know how I managed to convince myself to breaking up with him – I wish I could go back in time and kick myself really hard in the butt for that!

“Mmh, before I forget, my Dad wants to talk with you.” I whimper in protest because he suddenly pulls away. “What?” He looks a bit .. . scared? “Uh, your Dad wants to talk? With me? Oh God!” He flops down beside me, burying his head in the curve of my neck. “Um, what’s so bad about talking with my Dad? I often do that – and I am still alive.” I really have no idea what he is worried about. With a deep sigh he looks up at me. “Yeah, you are still alive. But that’s because *you* are his baby-girl, while *I* am the bad, unworthy and mean guy who tries to steal said baby-girl!”

Finally getting his point, I laugh, stopping when I see his look. “Oh, come on Alex. Okay, the “Father and daughter’s boyfriend” talk might not be funny, but it won’t be as bad as you think!” Giving a defeated sigh, he pulls me closer, “We’ll see about that.” Snuggling closer, I remember the conversation I had with my Mom before I came over to Alex.

One hour ago

“Going out honey?” Glancing up, I see Mom standing in the door. “Yeah, I am going to Alex.” Looking up, I quickly add, “To study – since he hasn’t been in school for a few days and so, ...” I trail off, putting up my best innocent smile. “Aha.”, she says before walking over to my bed and sitting down. “You two have been seeing each other often lately, haven’t you?” “Yes, every day since ...” I pause for a moment, closing my eyes before I continue, “... since the accident.” I don’t want to think about that horrible day right now, when I ... NO! Like Alex said, “Don’t dwell on the past, you can’t change it – concentrate on the future and most important, concentrate on the present!” I wonder if he has that from a Star Wars or Star Trek movie.

“Isabel, you like him a lot, don’t you?” Mom asks cautiously. “Yes, I love him.” I turn to her in surprise, I haven’t told that anyone else yet and I am surprised that I could admit that so easily now. She looks just as surprised as I feel. “Oh, I ... I see.” She says – at a loss of words for a few seconds. “Why don’t you sit down a moment Isabel? So we can have a mother-daughter talk.” Startled by the last bit, I slowly sit down beside her – having an awful feeling about the direction of this talk.

“You know Izzy, we already had this talk, but since you love Alex, it might be good to repeat it.” Oh my God! She wants to talk about sex! “I know that you are only together for a few days now, but still, don’t rush anything. You are young , so you have time to ...” I so have to stop this! “Mom! Please! Like you said, we already had this talk, so ... Don’t worry, Alex and I won’t rush into sex.” Did she just flinch when I said the s-word? “I am not ready for that and Alex is too much a gentleman to try anything. And if, one day, we are having sex, we will use protection – trust me, I don’t want to get pregnant any time soon.” Did she flinch again? Well, she started this.

“Okay Izzy. You convinced me to not continue this. But if you ever have any questions or want to talk about something – ask me, okay?” Smiling gratefully that this is over, I nod and give her a hug. “I know mom. I love you.”

Present time

Coming out of my thoughts, I look at Alex again. “Don’t worry honey. Dad knows that he’ll get problems with me, if he hurts my boyfriend.” Besides, if I survived the talk with my mom, he will survive the one with my dad. “So, where were we before this started?” I ask him, giving him a coy smile.

“Oh, I am not quite sure. I think we need to experiment a bit till we know it again.” Leaning over, only one inch away from his lips, I softly whisper, while leaning even closer, “Well, I am always up for further experimenting.”, before kissing him breathless.

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Part 12 Alex POV

“Hello?” I tentatively walk into the garage, still convinced that I shouldn’t be here. Stepping further in, I get the feeling that I am watched. “I am here Alex.” I spun around when I hear the voice behind my back, spotting the figure next to the door. Run! Come on Alex, you’ll be out of the door before he can close it. And even if he does, being killed by a garage door is surely better than ... “Uh, good evening Mr. Evans.” God that sounded wimpy!

“I am really glad that you are, Alex. I think we should talk a bit, don’t you?” I nod slowly, stuffing my hands into the pockets of my jeans and then taking them out again – that wouldn’t be very confident looking when I stand there like a scared seventeen year old.

“Are the girls already making dinner?” Girls? Oh, Iz and Mrs. Evans. “Yes, they uh, are... Sir.” “Good, then we can talk without interruptions.” Damn, he is blocking the door, I really should have started running when I had the chance! Smart, Alex, really smart. Now you will be killed because you tried to act like a man instead of a mouse ... or acting like an arrogant male mouse! Damn!

Oh God! He is coming closer! What should I do? Dodging to the side? Running in the opposite direction? OMG, he is ... passing me? “Come on Alex, lets sit down here.” Mr. Evans motions to two chairs in the right corner. In the corner that has the greatest distance to the door. I move slowly to one of the chairs, slowly and hesitating sitting down. How did I get into this again? Oh yeah, Izzy!

10 minutes prior

“Oh come on Alex! My dad just wants to *talk* with you! You act as if he wants to execute you!” Lifting my eyes to look at her, I sigh, “That would probably be less painful.” After smacking me, and rubbing the spot she hit, Iz says, “Alex! Please, my father is not like that.” “Isabel, you do know what we will *talk* about? We, or better he, will talk about you and me, to be more exact, about sex and what I intend to do with you considering sex.”

Raising a perfect eyebrow, she asks “Well, what exactly are you intentions about that?”. Trying to ignore the seducing look on her face – god, it’s hard to do that! – I answer cheerfully, “Now, that would be telling, wouldn’t it?” God, I wouldn’t be able to tell her without blushing furiously and making a fool of myself.

Leaning closer, she nibbles her way from my right earlobe to my mouth, “Not fair, Alex.” Catching my breath, I try to kiss her, only to find her moving away. Seeing my confused look, she grins, “Oh no! First you talk to my dad and afterwards we continue this!”

Sighing in defeat, I shake my head, turn slowly facing the garage, straighten my back, take a deep breath and walk slowly to the garage door. “Alex relax! Nothing will happen to you, I promise!” I hear Isabel yell at me. “Well, as long as your intentions are the ones of a gentleman.” I decide to ignore her giggles when she sees me stopping for a second! Intentions of a gentleman! I don’t even want to know her intentions towards me! Okay, I do, but that’s not the point.

Present time

“So, Alex, I don’t think that we have ever talked before.” Mr. Evan’s voice brings me out of my thoughts. “Uh, no sir, we haven’t.” Nodding, he continues, “Iz told me that you two were already together once.” “Uh, yeah, but it wasn’t for long. I mean, uh, Max and the others were all “coupling off” and I guess that’s why we tried it too. But, we weren’t really ready for more than friends back then.” I hope I didn’t screw up yet and that I make it out alive of this.

Mr. Evans looks thoughtfully at me for a moment, causing me to squirm in my chair, “Well, this *more* you mentioned is what I actually wanted to talk about.” I nod slowly, praying to every god to get me out of this alive. “You see Alex, Isabel may not be my *real* daughter, but she is the only one I have and ... Alex, are you okay? You look a bit sick!” “Well, I am fine and ... well, ...” Oh, boy! Get a man Whitman and tell him the truth!

Taking a breath, I begin – in a hopefully confident voice, “Mr. Evans, the truth is that I am a bit scared.” Seeing his surprised look, I quickly continue, “I mean, you are the father of my girlfriend and ... Since I never had a talk like this and my only experience are from some chick flicks that Maria and Liz constantly force me to watch ... well, lets just say that I am a bit frightened of what you will tell me about how I have to treat your daughter and the consequences that follow if I don’t obey those rules.” He is quieted for a few moments and before he can utter a word, I continue with what I should have said the moment I stepped into this garage.

“Mr. Evans, I love Isabel. I love her, with everything I am. I think I do since I first saw her in Elementary School. She is the most important person in my life and I would do everything to make her happy – even if this would mean that I have to leave her one day. All I want to do is to love her and show her that she is the most beautiful, intelligent and precious person to me and that, if she ever needs someone, she can come to me and I will do everything I can to help her. I would never hurt her, I want to protect her from ... whatever that wants to harm her. I ... I just want to be with her. Now. Next year. Maybe even my whole life. But only if that is what she wants – if not, I can’t change it, but I would still be there for her.”

I pause for a moment, “I just thought you should know that before we continue this.”

Mr. Evans looks at me intently before speaking. “I am glad that you are so honest with me Alex. I admit that I am a bit shocked. I mean, I knew that you care about her, but to her that you love her ... that’s a surprise.” He holds his hand up as I open my mouth. “One minute, then I am finished.” Nodding, I settle back in the chair, praying that he isn’t throwing me out of his house. “I believe you Alex. You seem to mean what you just said. I saw the way you look at my daughter – and it wasn’t as if you would look at her body or at an object, which is a great plus when I think about some other guys she went out with. But the real reason that I trust you is, that Isabel trusts you and cares much about you. And when Isabel trusts someone then I know that I can trust that person too!”

“So, what you are saying is?” I am sure that this will work out fine, but I need confirmation. “What I am saying is, that I have no problem with you and my daughter being together. I mean, she was heartbroken when you were in the hospital and never so happy and well, *alive* than she was during the last days – and I think I have to thank you for that.” Seeing my blush, he laughs. “I am not so sure if I am the only one you should give credit for this change in Isabel.”

“Oh, you should have seen her before you came over! She was organizing everything in her room, than in the kitchen and living room. She even told me to be nice to you and that I shouldn’t even dare to threaten you or so, because she cares so much about you .. Oh, forget what I just said – Izzy will kill me when she finds out that I told you that.” We both laugh at this. This is really not as bad as I thought it would be.

“But Alex,” he says in a suddenly dead serious voice, that makes me move away a bit, “if you ever hurt her or make her cry – I am going to kill you! Is that clear?” “Uh, yes, clear, very clear sir.!” Nodding his head in satisfaction, he asks, “So, you were really scared of this talk?” Not sure in which mood Mr. Evans was, I answered slowly, “Yes, I was.” And still am, truth to be told.

“I remember when I had this talk with Diane’s dad – it wasn’t funny. I mean, that was over twenty years ago, the times were different then and her dad was – and still is – a very conservative person.” He stops for a moment, obviously thinking back. “I am not sure if I would have made it out of the house in one piece without the help of Diane’s mom.” Noticing my confused look, he explains, “Diane is their only child and there were many boys after her, so ...” I nodded understandingly. “I know what you mean. Every night, I am thanking every star that Isabel is interested in me. That I have this unbelievingly luck.”

We are interrupted by a shout from the other side of the door. “Phillip! Dinner is ready.” “We’ll be out in a minute honey!” Mr. Evans yells back. Standing up, he says, “We better get going Alex, it wouldn’t be good to let Izzy wait when she has been planning on something.” Agreeing secretly, I quickly follow Mr. Evans to the door.

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Part 13 Isabel POV

Part 13 Isabel POV

“You know honey, the door won’t disappear when you are not looking at it every ten seconds.” Mom tells me amused. Sighing in annoyance at her open amusement, I reply “I know Mom, but what are they doing so long?” Hm, maybe the green napkins would go better with the meal than the blue ones. “Long? Izzy, they are just started talking ten minutes ago! Besides, I am sure that we would have heard a scream or something if Dad actually hurt Alex – on the other hand, it is awfully quiet in there.” “MOM!” I say in shock, god, what are they really doing?

“Relax. I am sure that Alex will do better than your father did when he met my Dad for the first time.” She tells me while she is watching me deciding on which glasses would be best for dinner. “Oh really?” I ask absently. Would it be better to put the vase at the end of the table or in the middle? Mom gives a short laugh, “Oh your father was priceless when he met grandpa. He couldn’t form a whole sentence, at least none that impressed your grandpa.”

“Was Dad really that bad?” Nodding, Mom answers, “Mhm, I don’t know what would have happened if my Mom wasn’t already fond of him. But after a few weeks my Dad and your father came to an understanding too.” This sauce could really be a bit spicier, lets see ... “ISABEL! Put the Tabasco sauce away! Do you want us all to drown five liters of water?” “Oops, sorry Mom.” I say sheepishly, I didn’t even notice that I opened the bottle of Tabasco and was about to poor it into the sauce – the sauce that was meant for dessert! I guess that I am nervous about this meeting too.

“Don’t worry honey – this will work out fine. I am sure that your father will like Alex.” Turning around, I can’t help but ask, “You really think that?” “Of course.” And in an afterthought she adds, “Well, as long as we don’t talk about your birthday!” “MOM! But you are right – lets not talk about that.” Hm, I could talk with Alex in private about that.

“Well, I’ll get the two, since dinner is ready.” I watch her walk out of the kitchen and turn back to the table. Since Max is at the movies with Michael, we are only four people. Which means that Mom and Dad sit on one side of the table and Alex and I on the other. Everyone is quiet till dessert but after Alex squeezed my hand and smiled reassuringly at me, I am sure that’s a good sign. I still have to ask him what he was talking with my Dad.

“So, are you two having plans for later?” Mom asks after sitting down again. “Yes. We are going to the CrashDown where we will probably be meeting the others.”, I say, while grabbing Alex’s hand under the table. “You won’t be gone for too long, will you Izzy?” “Oh, I’ll have her back at ...” Alex trails of for a moment, looking at my Dad, “ ... at twelve?” It was more a question than a statement. “Twelve sounds good to me.” Dad answers and I get the feeling that the other three are knowing something that I don’t know.

Turning to my Dad, I just have to ask, “Did you already look through the papers I gave you concerning Christmas?” Hearing Alex chuckle, I quickly turn to him, expecting a smirk on his face that I intend to answer with an “Ice Princess” glare. Instead, I see him smiling lovingly at me, causing me to stop breathing for a second. I quickly turn back to my parents, before I forget that they are here and do something that I really shouldn’t do in front of them.

“Isabel.” My Dad almost whines, “it’s the beginning of November! We have still almost seven weeks till Christmas!” Still? Did he just say ‘still’? “Dad! Do you know what I still have to do? There is the children choir that needs to be organized, the orphanage that will perform a Christmas play, the ...” Dad holds up a hand in defeat, “Okay, okay, when you put it like that. I will look through it tomorrow! I promise.”

Good. He could have started today, but well, he seemed to have behaved when he talked to Alex so I will leave it till tomorrow. Seven weeks! Seven weeks are nothing. Without me, the Christmases here would be so wrecked up and they don’t even say thank you for everything I am doing. Doing for them!

“Iz?” Alex interrupts me, “I think we should go.” Checking my watch, I agree. “It was a pleasure to meet you Alex.” Mom says diplomatically. “Likewise Mrs. Evans, Mr. Evans.” Shaking Alex’s hand Mom asks, “I hope you will come over for dinner again?” “Oh, don’t worry. Since it was delicious I will definitely come again.” We all are laughing at that. After a few minutes of small talk, I practically drag him out of the house , so that we can finally go and spend some quality time without my parents.

“So? You think I passed the test?” He asks me after an amazing kiss. “What test?” I asked a bit dazed in return. “You know, the “Is he good enough for our girl?” test.” “Oh, don’t worry, you did.” Putting my arm behind his neck, I pull him closer again for another kiss. After a few moments I pull away, “Maybe we should start driving before my parents start to wonder what we are doing in your car. Could be a negative point on your test.” Grinning he starts the car. “Whatever you say Milady. Whatever you say.”


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Part 14 Alex POV

Her eyes are closed as I lean closer, I am about to kiss her, when ...

“GOD! Why do I even try!” Maria’s angry and frustrated shouting made us jump apart in surprise and well, I admit it, annoyance for being interrupted. Looking at each other first, we turn to look at Maria, who walks back to the counter after delivering one Alien Blast. She is talking wildly with Liz – who is looking like a deer caught in the headlights. Iz and I aren’t the only one who noticed – almost the whole CrashDown is looking at Maria and Liz – even though Maria doesn’t seem to notice.

“What did Michael do now?”, I mutter quietly. “Why do you think it has anything to do with Michael?” Isabel asks with a raised eyebrow. Giving her a patient look, she quickly adds, “Well, it most likely has something to do with him, but maybe some customer was just ... annoying or so.” I know that I wanted to say something at that, I know I did, but after looking in her beautiful brown eyes, I forget it and I am barely aware that our heads are moving closer, when again ...

“I am afraid it *has* something to do with our strange haired Czech, Isabel.” Seeing us jump apart again – I am starting to think that it was a bad idea to come to the Crash – Maria says annoyed, “God, you two! Cut it for awhile – there are kids in here!” I quickly squeeze Isabel’s hand to stop her from snapping back at Maria – as if Michael and she *never* made out in front of kids! Or did something else in front of them that wasn’t meant for children to be seen! Rolling her eyes at us once more, Maria stomps away to the next – pitiful – customer.

Isabel leans her head on my shoulder, sighing loudly. “I hope Michael apologizes soon, before she starts killing people.” I can’t help but chuckle at that. “I don’t think that’s funny Alex. Just because the Sheriff is on our side doesn’t mean that she can start her own version of ‘Nightmare in Roswell’!” Still smirking a bit – so that Isabel can’t see it, of course – I reply, “True, but at least she stopped grinning at us.” “Thank God!”

Since Isabel and I came here, one hour ago, Liz and Maria were grinning at us like a mother would grin at her son when he goes to Prom with his dream girl. Every time they looked at us, they were sporting a huge grin, I swear!

But I can handle those two better than the our two “Universal Soldiers”! Max and Michael have been shooting death glares at me, every time I kissed Isabel or held her close to me.

That they even dare doing that! I don’t even know what those two already did with Liz and Maria – the sad thing is that I have a good idea about what already happened between the two couples. Yuck! Liz and Maria are my sisters and thinking that the two were ... Yuck!

And did I ever say or do something to Michael or Max because of their ... activities (yuck!) with my sisters? No! Well, I hit Michael two weeks ago because of Courtney – but he deserved it, and I have the sneaking suspicion that it didn’t even hurt him as much as my hand hurt afterwards. But aside of that, I was very tolerant towards them and how do they thank me? Sending death glares in my direction! I don’t deserve that!

At least they stopped after Isabel gave an annoyed, “Either you two stop threatening Alex or you won’t be having *sweet* dreams for a veeery loooong time!” Considering that Michael and Max blushed by the mention of ‘sweet dreams’, I feel that Isabel knows something that I don’t! Probably dreams that involve Maria and Liz and aren’t PG-13! Again I have to say: Yuck!

I can hear a faint crashing coming from the back room. Glancing at Liz, she comes over and confirms my fears. “Yes, it’s Michael and Maria.” Hearing another loud bang, she quickly adds, “Probably more Maria than Michael.” Iz and I just nod at her when we hear a “You are such a jerk!”, followed by “Oh please, like you are always perfect Miss ‘I am from Earth and can talk for ten hours if you let me’!” Looking at the customers who are all listening to the loud exchange in the backroom, Liz smiles at us a bit helpless, “I should better go back, before ... well, before anything.”

Turning back to more important things – the beauty next to me – I decide to forget our fighting ‘M&Ms’ for a little while. “So, afterwards we could go stargazing since the sky is so clear tonight.” Moving closer to me she says, “Yeah, good idea! We could drive to Frazier Woods and gaze from there again – it has been so long since we’ve been there.” Looking at her a bit confused, I tell her, “But we have only been there at the camping in spring Iz.” Giving me a pointed look, she says “Like I said, we haven’t been there in a long time!” Giving into her logic, I agree with her – the woods and ‘our’ spot sound good to me.

Seeing Liz coming out from the backroom, I turn my attention to her for a moment. She looks, well, not shocked but close to that. “Liz? You okay?” Isabel notices her strange state too. “I ... I am fine guys. I was just looking at Maria and Michael and ... “ Liz trails off helpless. “Oh my god! They didn’t kill each other, did they?” Isabel asks alarmed. Seeing my unbelieving look, she adds, “Well it has been awfully quiet in the last minutes!”

Finding her voice again, Liz quickly says, “No, no. They weren’t killing each other. But I won’t be going back there soon. They were, well ... making up, I guess.” Looking at Isabel, we say together, “What else?” Seeing Liz still standing there, I ask, “Liz, you really okay? You said they were just making up, so ... why are you looking so dazed?” I probably don’t want to hear the answer!

“I wouldn’t say ‘just’, Alex! Michael already lost his shirt and I hope that Mom or Dad won’t go in there in the next hour or so.” I knew that I didn’t want to hear the answer! Trying to distract myself from thoughts that involve my innocent Maria and the bad Michael and also to lighten the mood, I ask, “So, I take it that we won’t get anything to eat soon?” Liz looks like the world just ended. “Oh my god! Who is cooking now? The people already ordered! I .. “ with that she leaves Iz and me – I probably shouldn’t have asked about food.

Hearing the song that’s playing, I get an idea.

“You know,” I tell Isabel softly, “this should be our song.” Startled, she listens for a few seconds, before turning to me. “But we already have a song. ‘Let Me In’, or isn’t it anymore.” She sounds a bit confused, maybe even hurt, so I rush to explain my thoughts. “I know and it still is our song, but since this is the second time that we are together, I thought a second song wouldn’t hurt. I think the song fits, by the way. Two songs mean, twice as much dances, twice as much memories and time for memories and twice as much time to kiss.”

Smiling she asks, “We need a song so we can kiss?” “No, of course not. But when we aren’t kissing and one of our songs is coming, then we are full of happy memories and doesn’t hurt to kiss when you are happy, does it?” Snuggling closer, she grins, “No it doesn’t hurt and I am very happy at the moment!” With that she kisses me as if there is no tomorrow. Even though I am preoccupied with kissing her back with equal passion, I can faintly hear the lyrics of our new song.

Everyone will be alright tonight
Everyone will be alright tonight
I will love you till I die
I will see you in the sky


PS: The song “Tonight” belongs to Tina Turner