posted on 16-Dec-2002 6:39:21 PM
April gave me permission to link to her fabulous story on here called Death of the Oleander. A quick summary . . . It's set on Antar where Michael is known as the General and Maria is a peasant girl who gets lucky enough to get hired by him. It all seems perfect until Maria's feelings for him become a little more than friendly, and their life is turned upside down.

I love this story, because it takes Maria and puts her in a hard and painful life, and it takes Michael and puts him in a position of high power that he doesn't necessarily want to be in. And their worlds collide in a few unforgettable days, and, soon, their battle to be together turns into a battle to stay alive.

It's so awesome!! You just have to read it if you're an M+M fan, and I know that April would love feedback, so if you could post it on here, then that'd be cool. I promised her I would get this story out there for her, so I'm following through with my promise!!

It is at

Hope you enjoy!! Remember about KIND WORDS as feedback!!
posted on 17-Dec-2002 8:21:36 PM
Her inbox is always full!! lol

Right now, her computer isn't working very well, so I'll have her use mine.