Title: There’s No Such thing As The Perfect Guy
Category: Maria Pov – what happens in the rest you’ll just have to read and bear with me
Summary: haven’t really got one other than Maria’s in her first year of uni and there will be no aliens even though it is set in Roswell.
Author’s Note: This one came to me when I was lying in bed one night and I had to write it. And also please give me loads of feedback! I’ve been posting it at other boards and I’ve had good response to it so please tell me what you think:D

Chapter 1

There’s no such things as the perfect guy. I’ve believed that all my life. I’ve seen my mom go through so many guys looking for ‘the one’. She secretly hopes someday she’s going to get swept off her feet. Me, I don’t see it happening. She’s had her heart broken so many times I’ve lost count. I’m not going to be following in her footsteps. I don’t want to become her. I don’t want to be known as the town slut or as someone who is easy. So far I’ve gotten respect even though my mom does run the alien souvenir shop.
I’m Maria Deluca, 19 and have never been kissed.
It’s not that my mom is a bad person. As Liz says, she’s just lonely. My mom can be so much fun. It’s as though she’s my big sister although sometimes I feel like I’m the parent and she’s the teenager.
When I started uni 3months ago I lived at the uni. I shared a room with my best friend since like forever and two others, Tess and Isabel who I quickly was able to get on with. A month later my mom decided she couldn’t cope and asked me to come home. I hated her for making me and making me feel guilty enough to come back. Things between my mom and me haven’t been so good. I go out with my friends most weekends. My friends being Liz and her boyfriend Max, Isabel and her boyfriend Alex, Tess and her boyfriend Kyle and their friend, the moody spiky hair rebel looking Michael.
My story begins on one of these evening out. It begins on a cold Friday evening/night in November.

“Anyone want a drink?” I asked looking around at the three couple who were making me feel uncomfortable.
Liz looked up from gazing into loverboy’s eyes to say she’d like a vodka and orange and Max muttered that he’d like half a pint of Bud. Isabel and Alex looked up from what appeared to be a very intimate conversation (about goodness knows what!) to tell me they were fine. Kyle and Tess though didn’t even acknowledge me as they were to busy in a game of tonsil hockey. In public, how gross. Really though, I guess I was jealous and feeling out of place.
“What would you like Spaceboy?” What, he doesn’t seem of this planet!
“I’ll come up and help you Blondie,” he said giving his trademark smirk. I swear I’ve never known someone like him for smirking.
We made our way to the bar joining the crowd of people who were shoving each other in their attempt to get to the front. As we pushed our way through I felt a pair of strong masculine arms slide around my waist and felt Michael’s warm breath as he whispered huskily in my ear. “Just making sure I don’t lose you.” My heart jumped and I shivered in excitement.
I’d never felt like this before. Michael’s arms around me excited me and I didn’t want him to ever let go. When we finally got to the front Michael had now put his head on my shoulder kissing the bare skin there. I could barely breathe as I ordered our drinks. He had to let go of me unfortunately to carry the drinks back to the others.
When we’d finished our drinks I leant into Michael’s chest. One of his hands rubbed lazy circles on the bare skin under my top and the other rubbed circles just were my skirt ended midway between my knee and hip. I had never felt so relaxed and excited. The hand under my top was gradually moved further north to the base of my breast rubbing there gently. I wasn’t wearing a bra.
“Want to dance Blondie?” he asked leaning forward to whisper in my ear.
I could only nod as his other hand had now started to travel further up my leg and well I’ll let you use your imagination!
“Didn’t take you as someone who would go commando.”
Two of his fingers had now slipped into my pu$$y slowing finger f-ucking me. I gasped getting lost in the rapidly increasing speed of his fingers. I turned facing him to hide my face in his shoulder. My lower body started to grind to the music pressing into his huge erection, which seemed to get even bigger. Just as I was about to come he stopped pulling his fingers out and placed them into his mouth. “You taste Blondie.” I whimpered. “Let’s dance” He got up pulling a very frustrated me behind him.
We grinded to the music one of his hands pulling my arms up and the other pulling me so tight against him I could clearly feel his package digging into my a$$. “Spaceboy,” I whimpered. I’d never felt so sexually frustrated. All I wanted to do was alleviate this weird tightness in my stomach.
I could feel him chuckle and pull me around grabbing my mouth in a fierce, passionate but so caring kiss. His tongue gently probed my mouth open slipping inside and caressing my tongue. He then pulled away and moaned my name.
I took his hand keeping his package firmly hidden behind me as I led us of the dance floor and outside where no one was about.
Seeing that there was no one Michael pushed me up against the wall pulling my skirt up to reveal my lack of panties. I reached for the zip on his jeans fumbling to get it undone as he pulled off my top. I then started to unbutton his shirt to run my hands across his well-built chest. He sucked on my nipple biting it gently making me squeal. His jeans were now down at his ankles long forgotten. I pulled his head up kissed him gently. His c-ock was placed at my lower lips. “Now,” I whispered.
Yes I lost my virginity that night. But in our defence we had had quite a lot to drink and even though I can remember every detail . . . I’m not easy and don’t think I am. I think in the 21st century to hold onto your virginity to the age of 19 I’ve done pretty well. But do not judge me. I still don’t believe there is ‘the one’ and I don’t believe in soul mates but maybe we can fall in love. Just maybe.

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