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Aurthor: Samantha
Summary: What if they could go back in time and change EVERYTHING.
Spoilers: All three seasons
Just for everyone to know...the way I'm writing this is by'll see what I mean when I write the next chapter


This is set two years after graduation. Michael Max and Isabel all had the same dream to go back to the Pod Chamber

The Pod Chamber

“Why are we here?” Maria asked. She thought it was too dangerous to come back.

“It’s back.” Max said

“What is?” Kyle asked. Kyle Maria and Liz didn’t know what to do. They didn’t even know why they all came back.

“The granolith.” Max said. They all stood there for a moment. Then the doors opened. Tess appeared in the center.

“Nobody go in.” Michael said

“If your seeing this, it means you got my message through your dreams. I didn’t know how long it would take. I know you all hate me, but I’m making things right. Making them the way they should be. When I was on Antar, I learned great strength of what my power can do. And what the granolith can do. When I was alive, I got all your parents… and Alex… memories and stored them in the crystal down there. It didn’t hurt them. They’re still alive. I want you all to touch it, and all your memories will be inside the crystal. I’m giving you a chance to stop the shooting. But still remember each other. You’ll all remember what was, but it won’t happen.” Tess said, and took a pause

“I don’t understand.” Isabel said

“I know you don’t trust me, but your gonna have to. If all of put all your memories, inside the crystal, it will take you all back to the day that Max Michael and Isabel were born. I’ve made it so you will end up on the side of Kyle’s house. Max will knock on the door, and shake Jim’s hand and connect, transferring all his memories to him. Max won’t see his memories. And Jim will only see his own memories. And don’t worry, when your in the granolith, you’ll get the power. He will remember you. Then while the five of you stay with little Kyle, Jim and Max will go and see the Parkers. Then the Evans, then Amy DeLuca. Then you can go up to the cave. By this time, it will be nightfall. Max will go in, with Jim the Evans and Ms. Deluca. If you all go in you’ll scare little Max Michael and Isabel. When you come out of your pods, Max will touch them. To calm them, and let them know, that EVERYTHING will be all right.” Tess said, and took another pause.

“You won’t have to live with Hank.” Maria said, as she gripped Michael’s hand.

“There’s one thing you must all decide before you go in there…..I will be there. If you let me stay in there, I will hatch and live with Nasedo, that will be the same. And I will still try and destroy you, cause Naseado will teach me that. And when I come, if you decide to kill me, you will have to fight Nasedo. And it won’t be easy. So, what I suggest, and you can ignore this or listen…but Max will use his powers, and let me hatch then. Whatever you do is your decision. I’m not gonna make up your minds for you. But if I don’t live with Nasedo, the better it is for you all…now, you must tell your parents not to tell you what happened. Cause it could mess it all up. That is very important. Now, when this is all through, you will disappear….and only Max will appear that day of the shooting. He will be sent to the backroom of the Crashdown. Liz will go back there. You must connect with Liz. She will have all her memories. She must stay back there. Maria will come back there looking for you, then you will hear the shouting. Keep Maria back there. When the gun goes off, Max will disappear…..then, when Liz gets time…she’ll find Max, connect…Max will connect with Isabel, Isabel will connect with Michael…Michael with Maria…Max with Kyle…and then Isabel with Alex….he will be alive. Forever. And your parents will know this whole time. When you…”wake up”..they know what has already happened…and don’t can all be in the same room with your other wont hurt you at all….this is your chance to change everything..I don’t know what to say or do, to let you know how sorry I am for EVERYTHING I’ve caused..but this is the only way I know. And I’m sorry. Which I know it doesn’t mean much. And please don’t worry about me. Whatever you do with me, it’s what I deserve. Now go…change your lives forever.” Tess said. And with that, she disappeared

“WERE GOING HOME.” Maria shouted and hugged Michael.

“Home.” Max said, not able to grasp the thought.

“Home to football.” Kyle said. Everyone laughed

“Home to a pile of makeup on my floor.” Isabel said smiling

“Home to the Crashdown cheeseburgers.” Michael said

“Home to watching T.V.” Maria said

“Home to sleeping in a bed.” Max said

“Home to school.” Liz said. Everyone looked at her in disgust, but laughed.

“Home to Alex.” Everyone said at once. Max stepped up to the crystal sticking halfway out of the granolith.

“Well?” Kyle asked Max. He looked at him for a minute

“I’m going back….who’s with me?” Max asked

“Me.” Maria said. She looked at Michael for a moment, then let go of his hand and held the crystal for a moment. “Is that all?” Maria asked Max

“I guess so. Who’s next?” Max asked

“Me.” Michael said and stepped forward. He grabbed the crystal. Then he let it go and went back to holding Maria’s hand. Kyle stepped forward silently. Then Isabel, the Liz. Then Max’s body started to shimmer and he disappeared. They all looked up and saw Max in the center. Then Maria disappeared and ended up next to Max

“Woah, you guys gotta try this.” Maria said and laughed. Michael joined her. Then Kyle, Isabel, then Liz.

“Did it work?” Isabel asked as they all looked around

“It’s my house.” Kyle said

“It should be 1991.” Liz said

“Shh…do you hear that.” Kyle said. He grabbed the top of the fence and pulled himself up. Max Michael and Isabel did the same. Maria and Liz couldn’t do it.

“I want to see…come on guys.” Maria whinned. Michael got off the fence and lifted Maria up. Max then did the same for Liz

“Is that who I think it is?” Maria asked

“It’s me.” Kyle said. They all looked at Kyle at seven years old climbing his tree.

“You better go Maxwell.” Michael said. Max looked at all of them for a moment, then went up to the front door and knocked. He waited for a moment before the sheriff answered the door.

“Can I help you?” he asked

“Hi, I’m Max Evans.” Max said, and stuck out his hand. Jim grabbed it and stood there for a moment. “Are you ok?” Max asked. ‘Did it work….please say yes’

“Max…how…I…what?” Jim tried to say

“You remember me?” Max asked. Jim couldn’t say anything, but developed the young boy in a hug

“How the hell is this possible?” Jim asked. Kyle went running to the house with everyone right behind him. He burst into that house and went running to his dad. “KYLE.” Jim hugged his son

“I thought I’d never see you again.” Kyle cried Jim just hugged his son. He left, not hearing a word of where he was. And now he was here. In 1991.

“What’s going on?” Jim asked

“You might want to sit down for this one.” Michael said. Jim looked at Michael and gave him a hug. Then Liz and Isabel. Then he just looked at Maria.”

“What?” Maria asked softly.

“Your mom…we got...married.” Jim said. Maria hugged him instantly.

“How bout we all sit down.” Liz suggested. They sat down and told him everything.

“So you want to go see the Parkers at the crashdown?” Jim asked Max. Max nodded his head, and then Kyle came running in and went to his dad

“Who are these people?” little Kyle asked

“Well these are my friends. There gonna babysit you while I’m gona ok?” Jim asked

“Yeah alright.” little Kyle said

“This is Kyle.” Jim said, pointing to the older version of his son

“Cool, just like me.” Little Kyle said

“I’ll be back. Be good for them.” Jim said as he and Max left the house

“So who are you guys?” little Kyle asked

“Well I’m Liz...and this is Isabel…Maria...and Michael.” Liz said

“So what do you want to do?” Kyle asked himself. That was weird looking at himself

At the Crashdown. Max walked up to Nancy Parker and touched her hand

“Hi.” Max said. Nancy looked at Max as tears formed in her eyes. Then she hugged Max.

“Your alright…how’s Liz. Is she ok?... wait a minute…how?” Nancy just looked at Max

“Nancy…I think we’ve run out of feta cheese for the salads.” Jeff Parker said as he walked up to Nancy and Max

“I’m Max Evans.” Max said as he put out his hand. Jeff shook it. Max looked at him for a minute

“Where’s Liz? Is she ok?” Jeff asked

“How is this possible?” Nancy asked. Then, little Liz came down the stairs.

“Hi.” Liz said

“Hi.” Max said

“What’s going on?” Jeff asked

“We came back in time. Liz is at the Valenti’s house. She’ll explain everything to you there. We have to leave.” Max said, and then left the Caf

Valenti house

“KYLE!” Michael shouted at little Kyle as he ran with Michael’s wallet. And Maria’s. And Isabel’s and Liz’s

“Give them back you little creep.” Maria said as they chased him

“Never.” Little Kyle said. Big Kyle sat on the counter and laughed at them.

“I like him.” Kyle said

“Shut up.” Isabel sneered as she went to grab little Kyle. But missed. Living for two years in a van, without any proper exercise makes your body really tired.

“Please give them back Kyle. They have important stuff in there that we don’t want other people seeing.” Liz tried to con him. Just then she grabbed him. She looked up and saw her mom and dad, and herself standing there. She let little Kyle go.

“LIZ! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Maria yelled. Liz ran over to her mom and cried.

“I missed you so much.” Liz cried as she hugged her mother

“I thought I’d never see you again.” Nancy said

“Can someone please explain to me what’s going on?” Jeff asked

“Right after we catch the creep. GRAB HIM!” Michael shouted at the girls. Isabel grabbed him and Maria pushed him on the ground and sat on him

“Ah ha…think your so cool. Give me those.” Maria said triumphantly

“Dummy.” Little Kyle said

“Why don’t you guys it down.” Michael said

Evans house

“I’ll just, knock on the door.” Max said as he sat in the sheriffs truck

“Ok…so go.” Jim said

“Right” Max said as he got out of the truck and walked up to the door where he spent his whole life at. He paused before he knocked. A minute later he saw his mother open the door

“Can I help you?” Diana asked. Max touched her arm and waited a minute. “Oh Max.” Diane cried and hugged her son. “What are you doing here? How is this even possible?” Diane asked her son

“We came back. It’s a really long story. But Isabel can explain it to you. She’s at the sheriff’s house.” Max said. He was really trying to control his emotions. “Where’s dad?”

“I’ll get him. Come in.” Diane said. Then she turned around to get Philip. “Meet the new neighbor.” Diane said. Trying to keep calm. His dad put out his hand

“Hi.” Phillip said as Max connected with him. He waited for a minute, then he knew that it worked.

“Hi dad.” Max said as he hugged him

“What’s going on?” Phillip asked

“I can’t explain it now. But Isabel’s over at the sheriff’s house. She’ll explain everything to you.” Max said

“Alright then. Let’s go.” Diane said as she got her coat, and left.

Valenti house.
“It was weird at first. Ya know being with the five of them all the time. But they became my family. When I had no one there they were there. It got pretty annoying when Michael and Kyle would start up there farting contests. Sometimes Max would join in on the fun and it would smell so bad in there.” Liz said, talking with her parents

“Ah honey that’s awful.” Nancy said laughing. She hadn’t laughed like this in two years. Well, she didn’t know how to put it.

“Yeah the van smelled for a week after the really big contest.” Maria said from her spot on the floor, playing Nintendo with Michael.

“Come on you guys I wanna play.” Kyle whinned.

“I’m beating Michael. Shut up.” Maria said

“It’s my game, I want to play.” Little Kyle whinned as he hit Michael in the head

“Dude we haven’t played Nintendo in two years. Shut up.” Michael said

“Ok children you wanna stop.” Isabel said from laying down on the couch. Then someone knocked on the door. “Kyle you get it.” Isabel said

“Why me?” Kyle asked

“Not you the other one.” Isabel said out of frustration. It was like babysitting a bunch of kids.

“Get off me and get the door.” Michael said to little Kyle as he shoved him off his back. Little Kyle opened the door

“Who are you?” Little Kyle asked

“Well, my name is Diane and this is my husband.” Diane said. Isabel leaped of the couch and went to her mom and hugged her.

DeLuca house

“You come with me on this one. She might hit me if I try and touch her.” Max said

“She hates me at this point. So I don’t think OK.” Jim said as Max grabbed him in and pulled him up to the door. Max knocked. Maria’s mom answered the door.

“Jim. You’re here, at my house. With a friend. I don’t believe we’ve met.” Amy said as she stuck out her hand

“Max.” Max said, and he connected.

“Where’s Maria?” Amy asked in a small voice

“At my house Amy?” Jim said “We can go over there right now and see her.” Jim said

“Can I bring…?” Amy tried to say

“Yeah of course.” Max said

“Ok… Hey kids come here.” Amy said

“Kids?” Max asked

“Are we going somewhere mommy?” little Maria asked

“Is that?” Max tried to ask

“Maria, Alex, this is Max.” Amy said, letting tears come down her eyes.

“Why are you crying?” little Maria asked

“Cause I’m really happy. Come on, were going.” Amy said

Valenti house

“I can’t wait till I see my mom. She’s gonna be so shocked. I can’t wait to tell her we got married.” Maria said

“Yeah she’s probably gonna hate me and beat me to death.” Michael said

“No she won’t.” Maria said

“I took her daughter away from her. She’ll hate me.” Michael said

“You didn’t take me away. I chose to come. She’ll understand. She knows that I love you.” Maria said as she hugged Michael. Michael leaned in and kissed her softly. He went to pull away but Maria pulled him back down to her lips. She instantly deepened the kiss. After a couple of minutes of kissing, they heard someone cough behind them. They both looked up, and Maria instantly went running. ‘Her mom’. “Mom.” Maria cried

“My baby.” Amy cried, as she hugged her daughter.

“I missed you so much. I’m sorry for leaving.” Maria cried

“It’s ok. I understand. I’m just so glad I could see you again.” Amy cried. After about ten minutes, Amy let go and went over to Michael. She couldn’t help but laugh as she saw Michael’s face. He looked like he was about run. “Thank you for taking care of my baby girl.” Amy said and hugged Michael

“Oh my gosh.” Maria said. Everyone looked at her.

“What’s wrong?” Liz asked

“Look.” Maria pointed to the window. Outside they saw little Maria and a little boy playing “That’s not?” Maria tried to say

“It’s Alex.” Isabel said

Outside the cave

“So. What are we gonna do about Tess?” Max asked

“Well we can’t kill her. That Tess hasn’t done anything wrong.” Maria said

“So I’ll let her out?” Max asked

“Yeah. We’ll decide what to do with her later. But bring her out.” Liz said

At the cave inside the pod chamber.

“So who comes out first?” Jim asked

“Michael will. Give him a few minutes.” Max said. And sure enough, Michael started to break through his pod. Max couldn’t believe he was sitting here watching this. Michael got out of his pod and looked at them, scared of these people. Max touched Michael’s arm and connected with him. He let Michael know that it was ok. Michael looked at him with relief. Diane pulled Michael toward her and started wiping off the gunk from his pod with a blanket and held him close. Michael hugged her tightly.

“This is the way it should have been.” Diane said

“Here comes Isabel.” Max said. It was amazing to be sitting here watching this. Isabel came out and stared at everyone. She looked afraid. But Max touched her arm and connected with her. She turned to her dad and smiled at the man. He grabbed her and started to wipe her off.

“Who’s next?” Amy asked Max

“Well I am…but I don’t come out for a while…but Tess said I could speed it up.” Max said as he touched his pod and concentrated. Soon, he saw himself starting to break through his pod. He saw himself come out…and look at Michael and Isabel. Max touched his arm…and he knew it was alright.

“Here ya go.” Jim said as he wrapped little Max into a blanket.

“Now what Max?” Diane asked. Max thought about it for a minute and put his shaking hand onto Tess’s pod. He watched her come out and stare at everyone. He touched the small girls arm and let her know it was ok. Amy wrapped her up into a blanket

Outside the cave. Nancy and Jeff are standing next to Liz by the car.

“Stuff like this isn’t supposed to happen.” Jeff said

“Well one day in 1947 changed all that dad.” Liz said smiling

“This just seems so stressful, how have you been doing this for five years?” Nancy asked

“You can’t really think about what your doing. You just have to dive in head first. When you think about it is when you don’t do it…one time Michael got sick and everyone was willing to help him, no questions asked…but me, I had to analyze everything…I almost lost one of my best friends that day…you can’t think sometimes I’ve learned…you just have to do it.” Liz said. Her mom hugged her

“I’m glad your back.” Nancy said

“Me to.” Liz said

“I’M GONNA GET YOU!” Kyle screamed as he chased little Kyle and little Liz as they screamed for there lives.

“Kyle shut up.” Isabel said. Kyle ignored her and grabbed little Kyle and little Liz and started tickling them both

If someone hears you Kyle ooooohh.” Isabel warned him.

“Isabel?” Little Alex said. Isabel bent down to eye level with him. She couldn’t believe she was talking to Alex. Well, the younger version

”What’s wrong?” Isabel asked

“Can you spin me around?” Alex asked. Isabel laughed at him.

“Ok.” Isbael said. She stood up and grabbed his arms and spun him around as Alex laughed out loud. Maria and Michael sat on the back of the Jim’s truck, wrapped up in a big blanket, looking at them.

“Isabel and Alex look so cute.” Maria said

“You do realize that she’s like 15 years older then him right?” Michael asked

“You know what I mean…I think that there gonna end up together.”

“And what about Jesse?”

“Ancient history.” Maria said, and little Maria came up to them

“Can I sit up there to?” Little Maria asked excitedly. Maria laughed at herself.

“Sure.” Michael said. He picked little Maria up and put her on his lap, as he put her under the blanket to.

“Here they come.” Isabel said. They all watched as Max lead the way to the group, with his parents and Jim and Amy behind him. They all stood there for a moment before anyone said anything.

“Wow…you guys looked so cute as kids.” Liz said

“What happened?” Maria said, pointing to little Michael. Michael elbowed her in her side.

“You want to hold him?” Diane asked Maria. She looked at him for a minute, before opening her arms to him. Michael went right for her

“Aww…he likes you.” Liz said. Little Michael fell asleep in Maria’s arms

“If you want Michael…he can come home with us. And grow up with Max and Isabel. Only if you want.” Diane said. Michael looked at himself in Maria’s arms for a minute, then back up at Diane

“I’d like that.” Michael said.

“What about Tess you guys?” Max asked. Everyone looked at her in Amy’s arms. She had already fallen asleep as Amy rubbed her back. No one spoke for a few minutes. Jim and Kyle kept looking at Tess. They still loved the girl very much. Apparently, Amy also had a heart for the young girl.

“She could live with me and Maria…I mean, if that’s ok with you…I always liked Tess very much…and I think it would be so nice for her to have a mom and a sister.” Amy said

“But don’t you still wanna get married to my dad?” Kyle asked

“Yeah. I mean, if you guys adopt her, what about Kyle. For a while there, they sorta had something going on. And if she didn’t like Max, she definitely would have hooked up with Kyle.” Maria said

“Well…I could be her foster mom. But she would always live with me and Jim. I mean, Jim always felt like her dad, this way he can be. And if Kyle and Tess wanna be together…they can…we won’t adopt her…I mean, it’s up to the three of you.” Amy said. They all thought about it for a while. Then Liz shrieked

“Oh god…I’m disappearing.” Liz said. Just then, she was gone

“What happened?” Nancy shrieked

“Were leaving. Cause this was what we came back for.” Max said. Then Isabel and Kyle were gone. Maria handed little Michael back to Diane and grabbed onto the real Michael.

“Tell me when it’s over.” Maria said. Then her and Michael were gone.

“I guess I’m next.” Max said. And then, he was gone

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Chapter 1…The Pilot

Max looked around. He was in the back of the Café. He looked through the window and saw him and Michael sitting in a booth. He looked around and saw Liz and Maria talking. After a couple of minutes, Liz came into the break room. He waited till she turned around to say something

“Max!you scared me…listen only employees are allowed back here so-“Liz tried to say, but was cut off by Max crashing his lips unto hers. After a couple of minutes they broke apart. “Max.” Liz moaned. Both of them we gasping for air.

“What did you see?” Max asked

“I saw everything…it worked Max…it really worked.” Liz said as she hugged him. Tears started pouring down her face.

“Liz what are you doing?” Maria asked as she came into the break room. “Oh…Max…hi…weren’t you just out there?” Maria asked confused. “Why are you crying chica?” Maria asked Liz. Then they heard some dishes crash, then a gun go off. Liz and Max ran to the window. All they saw was the two men running out of the restaurant. Liz and Max turned to each other again and hugged. Maria went running to the phone.

“It worked…were all gonna be ok Max.” Liz said

“Better let go…I’m gonna disappear.” Max said. Liz let go reluctantly

“I love you Liz Evans-…Parker.” Max said. He was used to calling her his wife. But she was only 16 now. Before Liz could say anything, he disappeared. Liz stared for a moment, before going back out. Maria was on the phone to the sheriff. Liz walked over to Max and Michael

“Are you two alright?” Liz asked

“Yeah fine.” Michael said. She smiled at him, then looked at Max

“You?” Liz asked, as she flashed him a big smile. Max smiled back

“Fine…thanks.” Max said

“How come your so clam. A guy just shot a gun in your dads restaurant and your smiling?” Michael asked with a laugh. Liz forgot Michael could laugh. He had a different life here.

“I just had something really great happen to me is all. Right before someone shot a gun.” Liz said, and smiled at Max


“Ms Parker, how are you holding up?” Jim asked Liz as he walked into the Café. She smiled at him

“I’m doing good now. Feels like I just woke up ya know?” Liz said and smiled at him. Then her mom and dad came running in

“Oh Lizzie…how are you?” Jeff asked

“Good…I didn’t spill any ketchup.” Liz said to them. All three of them knew exactly what it meant and they smiled at her “Can I go see Max mom?” Liz asked. Her mom gave her a hug

“Go wake your friends up Liz.” Nancy said. Liz smiled and went running out the door


“Liz...hi…what are you doing here?” Max asked. Liz was at his house. Probably to see Isabel.

“Can I come in?” Liz asked

“Yeah come in.” Max said and moved aside. Liz looked really nervous. Maybe she broke up with Kyle and really is in love with me…NOT. Liz started walking down the hall to his bedroom. Wonder why she wants to go in there.

“Shut the door.” Liz said. What the hell was going on. No need to argue. So he did it. When he turned around he found his lips on Liz’s lips. SHE’S KISSING ME. Then after a minute, it was over “Well?” Liz asked

“I’m back.” Max whispered. Liz let out a long scream and jumped into Max’s arms. He spun her around. It worked…it really worked. He remembered everything. “I can’t believe it worked. Oh my gosh.” Max said

“MAX!” Isabel screamed and ran into his room. Isabel grabbed Max and hugged him. “Michael told me about the shooting. Thank god you two are alright.” Isabel said. Then she noticed Liz. Her friend. Was here, in Max’s room. “Was I interrupting something?” Isabel asked. She could tell Liz was trying not to laugh, but then she felt it. Her life passed before her eyes.

“Isabel?” Liz asked. Isabel didn’t talk for a moment. But a door slamming woke her out of her stupor

“Were ok you guys. Nothing bads gonna happen.” Isabel whispered as she looked at Max and Liz. Michael came into the room

“What are you all doing here?” Michael asked as he climbed over Max’s bed and onto his own. Isabel walked over to him and laid her hand on his head. Instantly Michael jumped up. “Well what are you guys standing around for? Let’s go get Maria.” Michael said as he jumped onto Max’s bed

“How many times have I told you not to jump on my bed Michael.” Max said frustrated

“Hey guys.” A voice said from the door. They looked to see Diane Evans standing there. “Are you guys ok?” she asked. Isabel ran over to her and hugged her. ”So you guy remembered huh.” She laughed as she hugged her. Isabel couldn’t believe what she was feeling. One part of her felt as if though she hadn’t seen her mother in years. But the other half of her was ok, cause she had just seen her that morning. Michael stood there and looked at her. His mom. The night he got out of the cave, Diane Evans had comforted him like she did Max. They adopted him with Max and Isabel. He remembered some of the past few years. One thing the struck him was his last name. Evans-Guerin. Amazing. He remembered when he was little asking his mom why he had an extra last name. She told her cause he was so special, that he had to have two last names. “Michael.” Diane whispered. He walked over and gave her a hug. He always told her that he was a guy and didn’t need to hug his mother all day. That it was dorky. But right now, that was all he needed. “Well what are you all standing here for? Get out of here and see your friends.” Diane said looking at Michael. They all started walking out the door.

“I’ll see you later mom.” Michael said and smiled at his mother as he walked out the door and into the jeep. He wanted to sit in front but Liz had beat him to it. “Dad said it was my week to drive.” Michael mumbled as he sat down.

“Pissy Pants.” Max said. As he started driving

“I thought I told you never to call me that. I hate that name.” Michael fought back

“OK! Max your going the wrong way. Maria’s house is that way.” Isabel said. Max stopped the car and looked at her for a minute.

“Maria lives the other way.” Max said and smiled. They all sat there for a minute

“Well hurry up. I wanna see her.” Michael said. Max started driving again

“I remember my 15th birthday. She pushed Michael into the pool and you split your head open.” Isabel said laughing

“I remember that. And Maria said that Max did it so she wouldn’t get in trouble.” Liz said

“I was grounded for a month for that. It sucks being Maria’s best friend sometimes.” Max said bitterly, remembering that horrible month. The rest of the trip to Maria’s was silent. Everyone thinking of the changes in there life. “Were here.” Max said. They all piled out as Michael knocked on the door.

“COME IN!” They heard Maria yell. As they walked into the living room, they saw Maria in the hallway with her back up against the wall. She inched closer to the living room and water hit her in the face. “ASSHOLE!” Maria yelled and went running into the living room. “He’s following me around with a watergun.” Maria said as she picked her shirt up to wipe the water off her face. She looked at the four people in the living room. Liz Parker. Her best friend in the whole world. Isabel Evans, a very close friend, but I wouldn’t say best. Her brother Max, who was a little bit closer to her then Isabel was, her partner in crime. And there other brother Michael, who completely annoyed her. All of a sudden she saw Michael run towards her and grab her and kiss her. It definitely was a nice kiss. Very passionate. He started to deepen the kiss when Maria saw the flashes. Her life. Michael pulled away breathless.

“Well?” Michael asked. Maria looked at him for a minute

“What was all that about? Kissing me? Did Max dare you to do it or something?” Maria asked as she wiped off her mouth. She saw everyone stare at her. “And don’t kiss me again or I’ll rip your lips off.” Maria said. She could tell Liz was getting teary eyed. “Gotcha.” Maria said. Everyone just stared at her confused. “Well it’s good to know that the ‘I know an alien club’ hasn’t completely broken up. Otherwise I wouldn’t be standing here….I’d probably be in some nookie motel hiding from the-“ Maria tried to say but was interrupted by Liz screaming. She ran over to Maria and hugged her

“Do you know what this means?” Liz asked excitedly

“Hey what’s going on?” Kyle asked coming out from his bedroom with a water gun. “Who screamed?” Kyle asked. Max went over to Kyle and held out his hand

“What’s up dude?” Max asked as Kyle shook it

“Nothing just harassing Mar-“ Kyle said, and stopped. Everyone waited for a response “WERE OK” Kyle shouted. Isabel ran over to him and hugged him. “So where do we go now?”

“Alex.” Maria whispered. Everyone just stood there for a minute. Not able to move. But Kyle was the first one to wake up out of his stupor

“What are you boneheads waiting for. LET’S GO!” Kyle shouted and ran out the door.

ALEX’S HOUSE. Everyone is still sitting in the jeep

“We’ve been sitting here for the past ten minutes.” Michael said as her rubbed the back of Maria’s neck. They all decided to just go in the jeep, so Maria was sitting on his lap.

“So who goes in?” Max whispered. Michael thought he was an idiot.

“ME!” Maria, Isabel, Liz and Kyle all said at once. They were so stupid sometimes

“Here’s a thought. Why don’t all of us go in. Then Isabel will grab him and make the connection.” Michael said. Still, nobody made any attempt to move. “Somebody get UP.” Michael said as he shoved Maria up into the back of Liz’s seat, which Liz let out a little yelp, moving forward, still clutching Max’s hand. It startled everyone and they all go out of the jeep and made there way to the front door. Once there, they all just stood there. Michael reached between Maria and Isabel and knocked on the door.

“COME IN!” they heard Alex yell. He felt Maria shaking when she heard Alex’s voice. Michael just squeezed her hand. Then he noticed that no one was moving.

“Pitiful.” Michael said. He pushed through and opened the door. Then one by one he pushed everyone inside Alex Whitmen’s house. They all stood there for a moment before Alex himself walked into the room

“Hey. What are you guys doing here?” Alex asked. Everyone just stood there and looked at him in awe Alex Whitmen was standing in front of them. “What’s wrong? Did someone die?” Alex asked. Isabel Maria and Liz all gasped at that comment. Then Liz fainted into Max’s arms. Max picked her up and laid her on Alex’s couch. “What’s going on you guys?” Alex asked. Michael nudged Isabel and she stepped forward. She touched his arm and waited for a minute. She couldn’t believe it. She was touching Alex again. And it wasn’t a dream this time

“Well?” Isabel asked. She stood there for a moment waiting for a response

“What the hell is going on?” Alex asked. Kyle swallowed and said something for the first time since he left his house. He found it hard to make any type of movement

“Wha…what did you see?” Kyle asked

“I don’t get this. How did this happen? I mean…the last thing I remember was going over to Kyle’s house…I decoded the book for you guys…I remembered.” Alex said. He walked over to the chair and sat down and put his head in his hands. Everyone stood there for a couple of minutes before anyone started talking.

“You…you died…Alex.” Maria said. Alex looked up at her. Maria had tears pouring down her eyes. “You died hat night…we thought it was a…car…accident…but then we…we figured it out that... that Tess…she mindwarped you…she said she didn’t mean to…but she had to hide it…she killed you Alex.” Maria said through her sobs.

“Then how am I back here? At 16?” Alex asked.

“After about a year, we all left Roswell. And then two years later, we came back to the granolith, and Tess gave us all a second chance. So we saved you.” Max said. While Max talked, Alex had stood up. Maria couldn’t help it anymore and ran over to him and held onto him for dear life as she sobbed.

“I thought I’d never see you again.” Maria cried. Alex hugged her right. Michael smiled. She had waited that hug for a long time. And was happy to see she finally got that hug. It wasn’t the type of hug he could give her.

“Liz…Liz wake up.” Max said as he shook Liz. “She’s out cold.”

“Maria I think Isabel might wanna give Alex a hug to.” Kyle said

“Well she can back off cause I got dibs on him first.” Maria said into Alex’s chest. It made everyone laughed. And it got out all of the tension that was in the room.

“So what’s been going on?” Alex asked goofily. “Did you guys do anything cool after I left?” Alex asked

“Well, Tess went back to Antar in the granolith, Max and Liz robbed a convient store and Liz went to jail. And then after Liz got out, her dad went totally crazy on this whole ‘I hate Max’ tantrum, and then Michael became a security guard at Meta Charm, Max went to L.A. and then moved in with Michael, Isabel went to college, Kivar came back and took over some guys body and tried to seduce Isabel into coming back to there home planet with him, Maria’s first kiss Billy Bob came back and stayed with her, Michael became Santa Clause, Max and Maria found Enigma, Maria went to New York o make a record, Liz went to…some other state to a boarding school, Max died, Liz almost died, Michael became king, Tess came back with Max’s baby, she blew up the FBI, Liz started getting powers, she saw the future, we were about to graduate but while Max was giving his speech Michael went up on the stage with his motorcycle and saved him, the six of us left Roswell in a van, Max and Liz got married, then for Christmas, Michael and Maria got married….and here where are. Thought you might just want the highlights.” Kyle said. Everyone just stared at him “What?” Kyle asked

“You guys will go into detail on what I missed right?” Alex asked. Everyone nodded. Michael walked up to Maria and took her hands away.

“Other people wanna see him to.” Michael said. Kyle went running up to Alex and jumped into his arms.

“GET OFF ME!” Alex yelled. Kyle let go of him

“It’s good to have you back man. I’m real sorry about what happened.” Kyle said seriously

“You couldn’t have known dude.” Alex said, and smiled. Then Max walked over to him

“I…I tried to save you, but I-“ Max tried to say

“It doesn’t matter now you guys. I’m here. And I’m alive.” Alex said, as they heard an ear piercing scream. They all looked at Liz as she screamed from the couch and went running over to Alex and hugged him

“I missed you so much.” Liz said. Maria cell phone rang

“Hello?...yeah I’m at Alex’s house…yes very much…ok bye.”Maria said as she hung up. “Dad said he wanted us all to come back now….Woah that was weird…I just called him dad.” Maria said

“Let’s go.” Kyle said as they started walking back to the jeep


“So who’s idea was it to cram seven people into a jeep?” Alex asked as he tried to push Michael and Kyle off of him.

“Come on stop the jeep already. You don’t have to park the jeep perfectly.” Maria whined at Max. The jeep stopped and they all started out and headed to the house. When they got in there they heard talking in the kitchen and saw that Amy and Jim were washing dishes and Tess was sitting on the counter.

“Then Mom yelled at him in front of everyone. It was great.” Tess said giggling. Then she noticed everyone. “Oh hey guys. What’s up?” Tess said. Everyone just sorta stared at her.

“Hi guys.” Amy said. Then Maria went over and hugged her. “You ok?” Amy whispered to her. Maria shook her head.

“We do it or not?” Max asked. Everyone knew what he was talking about. They all nodded. Max walked over to Tess and touched her arm. After a minute, she just stared at him, then her attention went straight to Alex. Her eyes grew very big, and they filled with tears. Then she hopped off the counter and ran out the front door.

“TESS!” Amy yelled. She was gonna run after her when Maria stopped her.

“Let me get her.” Maria said. She stood there for a minute, before she grabbed a ten dollar bill off the counter and left the house


“I thought I’d find you here.” Maria said. Tess didn’t look up. Maria walked up to the top of the tower of the playground and sat next to her.

“Why did you guys save me?” Tess asked, but wouldn’t look at Maria

“Why wouldn’t we?

“Because I killed Alex, I took Max’s virginity away from Liz and had his baby, I lied about everything, the list goes on and on.” Tess said.

“It didn’t happen Tess….I’m not gonna dwell on the fact that the first time we lived through life you made a bunch of mistakes….were all living in this life now. I don’t want to remember that the first time around I didn’t like you because I was loyal to Liz. All I know about you know, is that you’re my sister. Yeah so what, foster sister. Not blood or adopted, but you’re my sister in here.” Maria said and pointed to her heart. For the first time Tess looked up. “You gave us a second chance at life Tess. That’s something human. Even though it was alien.” Maria said and Tess laughed. “The moment you did that…I forgave you…now, you’re my sister. And I love you very much. And you’re my best friend and HAS been since I was six years old. You gave us a second chance, so we gave you a second chance. That’s why you live with us. Me, mom dad…and unforuintly Kyle.” Maria said as Tess laughed. “And we all love you.” Maria said. Tess sniffed

“Thanks…I’m so sorry for everything-“ Tess tried to say

“It’s not even in the past Tess DeLuca.” Maria said. Tess smiled at her. Maria leaned in and gave her a hug. “Ok, so I have ten dollars so let’s go home and we can stop and get a smoothie on the way home.” Maria said

“Ok.” Tess said. Maria stood up and pushed Tess out of the way so she could slide down the slide

“No need to go down the steps when your sitting in front of the tubey slide.” Maria said as she came out from the tunnel slide. Tess follwed her. When she got down there, Maria grabbed her hand as they walked home


“Hey.” Max said and went to go kiss Liz, but she pulled away.

“Nope. Come on.” Liz said as she walked into the band room where Kyle was playing on the drums.

“What’s going on?” Max asked

“Me and Kyle are dating. At least we were to the public eye. So to the public eye, were breaking up today. So to the public eye, we can’t just be boyfriend and girlfriend. At least not for a while.” Liz said. Max was about to protest when Kyle spoke up.

“Dude, I already dealt with this before. It’s not a big deal The rumors are gonna happen no matter how long you wait. So be together, and be happy.” Kyle said as he clapped them both on the back and left.


“Hi Alex.” Isabel said as she sat across from him. She hadn’t been able to hug him yet. She hasn’t even really talked to him.

“If your about to cry, then you must leave.” Alex said smiling

“I just…It’s weird. Seeing you..for almost three years you’ve been..”

“Covered in dirt?” Alex joked

“That’s not funny.”

“I’m back Isabel…and I’m here to stay.” Alex said as he reached across the table and held her hand. Isabel smiled at him. Just then Michael walked up

“I’ve already served my time here. Now I gotta sit through three more years of this stupid place.” Michael complained as he sat down next to Isabel.

“Will you shut up.” Maria said as she sat down next to Alex and kissed him on the cheek

“A kiss on the cheek from a beautiful lady. Thanks.” Alex said. Just then Kyle Max and Liz came up and sat down.

“I missed this place.” Liz said. Everyone groaned

“Aaaah you suck.” Kyle said. Maria and Alex started throwing chips at her. Tess stood by and watched. She was about to walk away, but Maria saw her

“Um hello, don’t ditch us Tessa.” Maria yelled at her. Maria knew Tess hated being called Tessa. She turned around and saw the only other spot was next to Alex

“Are you gonna sit down or just stare at me all day?” Alex asked smiling. Tess tried to smile back. She walked over slowly and sat down slowly. She didn’t know what to do. Then Alex put his arm around her and gave her a hug. Tess tensed up.

“Were not gonna bite you.” Isabel said. Tess was scared and everyone could tell.

“You want a hamburger? I’ll buy you one.” Kyle said to her. He hadn’t talked to her since her and Maria got back last night.

“If its ok.” Tess said he walked over and gave her a hug from behind and whispered in her ear

“Glad to have you back.” And with that, he went off to go buy her a hamburger. Tess smiled.


“I can’t believe I’m wearing this. It’s so degrading to my people.” Tess said, looking at her outfit. It was matching to Maria’s, but hot pink.

“You look pretty.” Maria said. Her Tess and Kyle had been waiting there for 15 minutes waiting for everybody. Just then everyone started walking up.

“Finally..Hey…Guerin’s wearing a costume..and Evans is wearing a suit.” Kyle said confused

“Liz roped me into it.” Michael said grumbling

“How?” Maria asked

“I have dirt on him that could ruin him for life. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.” Liz laughed like a witch. Everyone started laughing at her

“So how do you explain that thing?” Maria asked pointing to Max

“It’s pretty.” Max said as put his arm around Liz. Everyone stared laughing. This was the way it should have been.

“Hey I got my camera…can you take a picture of all of us?” Isabel asked some girl

“Sure.” The girl said. Maria grabbed Michael and Max and put her arms around him.

“My BOYS!” Maria said. Liz stood next to Max, then pulled Tess over to her, and Tess smiled. From Left to right it was Isabel, Michael, Maria, Max, Liz, Tess, Kyle and Alex

“Say alien.” The girl said

“ALIEN!” Everyone said


“Wake up Tessie.” Maria said. Tess looked up at her

“It’s 3:45 in the morning. It’s Saturday let me sleep.” Tess groaned and put the pillow over her head, but Maria grabbed it.

“I have a surprise for you in the living room. Come on.” Maria said

“What is it?” Tess asked suspiciously

“Hello. Keyword here. SURPRISE…Come on.” Maria said as she ran out with Tess’s blankets and pillows

“Aaahhhh…I hate that girl.” Tess said as she walked out into the living room. “So where’s my sur..” Tess stopped. She saw everyone in there. With there blankets and pillows. And still in the pajamas. “What’s going on?” Tess asked

“Well…” Max said as he got up, only in pajama pants and a tank top and socks, and walked over to her. ‘You gave us a second chance at life Tess DeLuca.” Max said held her hand and pulled her in where her blanket and pillow was on the floor between Liz and Maria. “And this is how were saying thank you.” Max said

“THANK YOOOOOOOUUUUUU.” Kyle Alex and Michael sang. They had all watched the end of the Jackson movie earlier that day and thought it was funny. They all started laughing

“You shouldn’t be thanking me. After what I’ve done. You guys deserved the second chance. Not me.” Tess said. Alex got up

“If I can forgive you, then they can.” Alex said

“But I-“ Tess protested

“We’ve come to an agreement. Whatever happened, is in the past….well not even in the past anymore…you did something for us that you don’t understand how much it means. And it was very human of you.” Liz said and gave the girl a hug

“Enough with the hugging already.” Michael moaned. Isabel and Maria threw pillows at him

“You’re my best friend and I forgive you…come on Tessa…we don’t live there anymore..we live here..where you work at the Crashdown with me and Maria.” Liz said

“And….” Maria said

“WE LOVE YOU!” Everyone said.

“GROUP HUG!” Kyle yelled. Then everyone ran right for Tess and surrounded her with hugs. With the exception for Michael, who just stood there until Maria grabbed him and pulled him in. Tess sniffed and wiped her tears away

“Thanks guys…so what’s going on?...I’m still confused.” Tess said

“Sit down Tess….we have a bunch of movies here to show you. This is how were gonna thank you.” Max said. Everyone sat down and Maria pressed play

“Is that Max Michael and Isabel?” Tess asked

“Yep…with our mom and day when we were seven.” Isabel said. For the rest of the night and day, they laid around in there pajamas, watching movies of them growing up together, the way it should have been all along.


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Chapter 2…The Morning After


“So what did Mr. Parker say?” Maria asked

“I start after school.” Michael groaned.

“WHO-HOOOO!” Liz cheered. Maria hugged Michael

“Now you can work here with me Liz and Tess.” Maria squealed. Michael rolled his eyes at her.

“So now you got two Czechlasavaikians working here.” Alex said. Michael looked at him funny, cause he didn’t know what he was talking about. Maria and Liz’s eyes widened.

“You remembered our code word for them.” Maria said and hugged him

“Your gonna cut off my circulation.” Alex said. Maria let go of him. “So we going to school?”

“Yeah come on you guys. Mommy gave me the car.” Maria said as Michael Liz and Alex followed her. When they got outside Alex and Michael went running for the front seat. Alex tripped Michael so he won

“CHEATER!” Michael yelled

“I won.” Alex said

“She’s my girlfriend. Isn’t there some written code that boyfriends always get to sit in the girlfriends front seat? It works for Max and Liz all the time.” Michael said

“Which you fight me on all the time.” Liz said as she opened the passenger side door. Alex pushed her out of the way and hopped in

“Arg.” Liz said as she opened the back door and sat behind Alex

“Cheater…scoot over Parker.” Michael said

“Rude much?” Liz asked

“Ok quiet time.” Maria said. Maria beeped the horn “I forgot about Tess..COME ON TESS!” Maria shouted as Tess came running out and opened Michael’s door

“Move Guerin.” Tess said as she pushed Michael and sat down. “You almost forgot me. AGAIN.” Tess said

“Sorry sweetie.” Maria said

“Ok so I have to know. You guys haven’t told me anything that happened after I…you know.” Alex said. He didn’t want to say died in front of Tess. He had become so close to her growing up, being Maria’s best friend. And this time around, it wasn’t just him Liz and Maria. Tess and Kyle had become part of that group. Tess and Isabel had become best friends growing up, which led Isabel to become friends with Maria and Liz. Which then led her to become friends with Kyle and Alex. Which Alex still had to big crush on growing up.

“What do you wanna know?” Liz asked

“Well all I know is from what Kyle’s said. The biggest thing that sticks out in my mind is Michael being Santa?” Alex said. Everyone started laughing except Michael

“Yeah I’d like to know this to.” Tess said

“It’s not funny. That was a very damaging experience in my life.” Michael said, which caused everyone to laugh harder.

“Ok, the best place to start is…a few weeks before I had broken up with Michael-“ Maria tried to say but was interrupted

“Why?” Alex and Tess asked the same time. Michael groaned and leaned his head back. Liz smiled and rubbed his shoulder

“That’s an even longer story…but it was Christmas time and me and Liz wanted to help out Isabel-“ Maria was interrupted again

“Oooh did she go all Christmas Nazi again?” Tess asked

“Yes. I told Jessie he wouldn’t be watching any football. Did he believe me? Nooo.” Michael said as Liz hit him really hard in the stomach

“Who’s Jessie?” Tess asked. Maria and Liz looked at each other. No one was mentioning anything about Jessie to Alex. Isabel needed to tell him. Maria stole a glance at Alex. He was looking out the window. Maria knew that Alex knew there was something up with this Jessie guy

“Nobody…So anyways, the Christmas Nazi made me and Liz become Christmas elves who take the picture of kids on Santa’s lap. And low and behold, there’s Michael, dressed up as Santa.” Maria said as everyone laughed. ‘He claimed Isabel roped him into it, but in reality, he begged her to be Santa Clause to be with me.” Maria said

“It was really cute of him.” Liz said as she pinched Michael’s cheek

“That’s not funny.” Michael said and shot them all death glares.

“So how’d you find out he asked Isabel?” Alex asked. Maria started blushing and Michael put his head in his hands

“Ok…So Michael and Maria start fighting in front of a little kid. So Maria grabs him and pulls him into this little house. They start fighting again and Michael says he misses her. It was so sweet-“ Liz said but Michael interrupted her

“How did you know that?” Michael asked

“Um hello, I was eavesdropping…so then Maria said she missed him to. So then they started kissing and fell on the floor.”

‘Eeewww I don’t wanna hear this.” Alex said as he covered his ears. Maria closed her eyes in embarrassment

“So THEN…there on the ground making out when these kids come over and are like eeww mommy, Santa and Snowflake are doing it…they TRY to get p but there belts are stuck together…so Isabel comes in there and fires them and was like ‘you begged me to be Santa’. So they just laid there till I came over there and helped them up…and got there belts apart.” Liz said laughing. Tess and Alex were holding there stomachs from laughter

“Oh gosh look at that were here.” Maria said as she got out and headed for her first class


“That’s totally not Mr. Singer.” A girl said. Liz looked over to see the substitute. It was some lady with wild red hair. Liz thought about it for a minute. Then looked over at Max and mouthed something to him. Max looked at her funny. Max mouthed what so Liz said it again and Max shook his head. Just then Michael came in

“Your late. What’s your name?” the substitute asked

“Max Evans.” Michael said. Everyone started giggling

“Enough class. Take your seat Mr. Evans.” The teacher said. Michael smiled and sat in front of Max as Max hit him in the head.

“Is there a problem gentleman?” the teacher asked

“No problem. My brother Michael here is kinda mad that I came in late.” Michael said and smiled at her.


“Your not funny.” Max said

“What that would have been three tardies this week. I didn’t feel like getting detention.” Michael said and smiled at his brother. Then Liz came up and kissed Max

“I think I’m gonna puke.” Michael said. All three of them started walking down the hall

“What were you trying to tell me in class?” Max asked

“Ms Tapolsky. She came last time today. She’s not here.” Liz said excitedly and hugged Max

“Thank god.” Isabel said as she joined the group with Maria and Kyle “Ya know I’m so sick of this place. I can’t believe that I have to spend three more years in this place.” Isabel complained

“Three? Don’t you graduate next year?” Kyle asked

“Oh yeah.. Ha ha…I get to leave next year.” Isabel laughed and pointed to them.

“Hate to break your happy streak with seriousness, but when are you gonna tell Alex about Jessie?” Maria asked. Isabel’s face went blank. It was an unspoken rule never to talk about Jessie between the six of them. And Maria had just broken the rule

“You really have to Isabel.” Liz said quietly. Isabel looked at them and walked away


Michael Maria Max Kyle Tess and Liz were sitting together watching Alex show off for some girls with twisting his arms around his neck

“So who exactly is Jessie?” Tess asked. Everyone looked around at her

“Remember that guy with Isabel when we all saw you?” Max asked. Tess nodded

“Her husband.’ Kyle said. Isabel’s mouth dropped which Max laughed at her

“She got married. I just thought that he was just another guy in the whole club and he got shot or something and Max saved him. Just like Kyle and Liz.” Tess said. Maria watched as Isabel made her way over to a empty table and sat down

“I’ll be right back.” Maria said as she got up and sat down next to Isabel “I’m sorry…I shouldn’t have said anything…it’s just, Michael made a comment about Jessie in front of Alex, and he wanted to know who he was..and I don’t like lying to him.”

“Your right…I need to tell him…I just don’t know what I want to do.” Isabel said quietly. Maria put her arm around Isabel and put her head next to hers. Two years in a van, brought the two girls very close

“You don’t meet Jessie for two more years…so you have all that time to figure out what your gonna do…but you have to tell Alex.” Maria said.

“Can you tell him to come over here?”

“I didn’t mean right now.”

“I know, but the sooner I tell him the better.” Isabel said. Maria nodded and Isabel watched as she went over to Alex, and Alex sat down in front of her

“What’s up? I haven’t seen you for a couple of days?” Alex asked. Isabel looked at him for a minute

“After you died…..I graduated…I wanted to go to San Fransico..but I stayed here instead…but then my dad hired a new guy named Jessie-“ Isabel tried to say

“Ah yes…the unknown Jessie…I was waiting for someone to tell me about him.” Alex said

“Well…um…I met him…and I liked him…and he liked me…so we started dating….and a couple months later..” Isabel stopped and looked at him. How was she supposed to say this. A tear escaped Isabel’s eye “We got married.” Isabel whispered. Alex sat there for a moment

“I always thought you’d marry me…after that night at our prom.” Alex said and looked down

“I shouldn’t have told you now. I’m sorry..I just…I’m sorry Alex.”Isabel tried to say. She was upset with herself “You wanna go sit them?” Isabel asked pointing to the group across the quad

“Yeah sure.” Alex said and walked away. Still not looking at her. ‘Way to go Isabel.’ She thought to herself


“I hate working.” Michael complained as he sat down next to Isabel and Max on the couch and put his feet on the coffee table.

“Mom doesn’t like it when you put your feet on the coffee table.” Max said. Michael rolled his eyes and ignored him

“What wrong Iz?” Michael asked

“My life…do I choose Alex, or Jesse?”

“Alex.” Michael and Max said at the same time

“That’s easy for you guys to say…you’ve never had to choose between two people like this.” Isabel said. Michael and Max looked at each other and huffed

“Hello…Tess WAS pregnant with my child. I made a choice to go with Tess back to Antar. And I WOULD have, if it wasn’t for Liz Maria and Kyle figuring it all out.” Max said

“Um hello I had something to do with that. If I hadn’t of chosen to stay then we would all be up there right now probably dead…and anyways, I did have that problem just like you two did.” Michael said

“No you didn’t. You’ve never had to choose between Maria.” Isabel said

“Yes I did. Don’t you remember…Courtney.” Michael said as a matter of factly

“You never had to choose Michael.” Isabel said, very annoyed that he would even compare

“Yes I did. The night I went over there. I almost slept with Courtney. And if I did, Maria never would have liked me again.”

“The only reason you didn’t sleep with her was cause Maria came by the house.” Max said. He to was annoyed

“Yeah, but I could have stayed. SEE. I did have to choose between Maria. HA.” Michael said and sat back

“So Obey One Kanobe…what do I do?” Isabel asked. Michael was about to answer her when Max stepped in

“We can’t tell you that. You have to decide. But what I can tell you is…follow your heart.” Max said and smiled at Isabel.

“I love you guys.” Isabel said and laid her head on Michael’s shoulder

“HEY GUYS…WE GOT PIZZA.” Diane said as her and Phillip walked into the livingroom to see her three children sitting on the couch with there feet all propped up on the coffee table. They looked so cute. “How many times have I told you NOT to put-“

“Your feet on the coffee table.” Michael Max and Isabel finished for there mother

“Cute…we got pizza.” Diane said

“I have to go to work mom.” Michael said as he got up and kissed her on the cheek. “Later.”

“I’ll drive you.” Isabel said as her and Michael started walking out the door


“About what?” Phillip asked

“About Jesse and Alex.” Max said

“Ohhhh.” Diane and Phillip said


“What are you doing out here?” Jim asked as he walked up to Isabel sitting in the jeep

“I was just sitting her looking at your window…last time it was this night that Michael broke in there and stole that key.” Isabel said. Jim laughed

“So it was Michael…I always thought it was Max.”

“Well he was up there. But only to get him out of there.”

“Wait here.” Jim said as he walked away…about five minutes later he came out with a box and put it in the back seat

“This is all my alien stuff that I have in the office. Most of it’s back at my house if you Max and Michael wanna come by and look at it sometime. But give this to Michael.” Jim said and handed Isabel a key

“The key.” Isabel whispered

“You’ll find what your looking for out of life Isabel. Whether it’s Alex or Jesse.”

“Am I that transparent?” Isabel asked and laughed

“Yes. And the fact that Maria came home and was feeling bad for making you and Alex feel bad.” Jim said and smiled “Why don’t you go home. It’s getting late.” Jim said, and walked away


“Work sucks.” Michael complained as he flipped a hamburger

“Stop complaining please.” Tess said as she pinched Michael’s butt. Tess and Maria started laughing

“Don’t do that. You can’t do that. Aren’t you gonna tell her she can’t do that?” Michael asked Maria

“Oh come on it’s Tess here. I could really care less if she pinched your butt.” Maria said.

“But she’s your sister.” Michael said

“All the more reason why she’s allowed to.” Maria said as her and Tess laughed. Just then Liz and Alex came into the kitchen

“Why are you two sitting there?” Liz asked Maria and Tess

“Oh come on my feet hurt.” Tess complained as she rubbed her feet

“You are such a baby.” Liz said

“Please Liz, there’s only two people left out there. After Michael cooks there food there outta here.” Maria said. Tess snapped her fingers at Liz. Then she mouthed pinch his butt and pretended to pinch Michael’s butt. Liz walked over to Michael and pinched him really hard on the butt

“TESS!” Michael shouted and turned around only to see Liz. “WHA…you can’t pinch me. Tell her Maria. What is it with you two?” Michael asked

“Sorry she’s my best friend honey. She has rights to your butt also.” Maria said as everyone laughed

“That’s sad.” Alex said as he walked to sit next to Maria on the counter.

“What’s up baby?” Maria asked as she put her head on Alex’s shoulder

“Nothing. Just chillin like a villin.” Alex said as everyone laughed

“Ok please do not say that every again. You sound so stupid.” Tess giggled

“Order up. Put it in the bag and start cleaning. I want to go home.” Michael complained. Liz Alex and Tess walked out of the kitchen while Maria packed up the food and handed it to Liz through the window. Then she turned around and saw Michael washing dishes. She walked over quietly behind Michael and pinched his butt

“Liz-“ Michael growled as he turned around. Michael’s face instantly softened. “It’s you.” Michael said softly and smiled at Maria

“You know…ever since we got back, me and you haven’t had any real time to just sit back and relax.” Maria said as she put her arms around Michael’s neck. He then wrapped his arms around her waist “And I miss that. Usually when we had nothing to do after work we would go back to your apartment and…” Maria drifted off

“Have sex.” Michael said. Maria blushed. Just then Liz walked back there with a tray of dishes

“Don’t mind me.” Liz said as she started washing some of the dishes.

“Since this is like…a whole new life for us, I guess were gonna have to start all over.” Maria said and winked at Michael

“Ah I know what you mean.” Liz said. Michael and Maria gave each other a weird looked and turned to look at Liz, still holding each other. But she didn’t look up, so they turned back to the conversation

“Well we don’t have the privacy of my apartment anymore so it won’t exactly be that easy.” Michael said.

“Well I guess we’ll just have to…work it out some how.” Maria said as she leaned into Michael to kiss him but was interrupted when Liz screamed

“Eeeewww..that’s so grosse. Don’t talk like that in front of me.” Liz said as she started to clean the counters. Maria let of Michael and faced Liz

“Get over it. Me and Michael will talk about our sex lives whenever we feel like it.” Maria said as Tess walked in

“Eeewww.” Tess said and walked right back out

“Or lack there of. Remember. We have to start all over.” Michael said

“Man I forgot.” Maria said

“I’m telling Max.” Liz said. Michael laughed

“What?” Maria asked

“I’m telling Max on you guys. He’ll give it to you.” Liz said, and walked away.

“She is such s dork.” Maria said as they wrapped here arms around each other again and started kissing. Michael opened his mouth and let Maria’s tongue come in. Michael moved his arm down and pinched Maria’s butt, which she yelped

“What was that for?” Maria asked. Michael moved both his hands down to her butt and squeezed them tightly.

“EEEEWWWWWW!” Alex yelled as Michael and Maria broke apart.

“I’M TELLING MAX!” Liz yelled

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Chapter 3…Monsters


“So Kyle barely even talks to me…I think he hates me.” Tess said, looking out the window. And who could blame him. She killed one of his best friends and made him carry him out to the car. Just remembering that made her shiver. How could she just kill Alex? What was she thinking? Just thinking back on that day brought tears to her eyes

“Honey just give him time. He’ll come around. Want me to talk to him?” Maria asked

“Sure.” Tess said. Just then Maria stopped the car. Tess looked up and saw Isabel with the jeep and a tow truck.

“Going home?” Maria asked. Tess giggled as she saw the rocket ship and then stopped. Remembering when she finally DID go home, everything was going wrong

“Shut up.” Isabel said as she got into the backseat. “So what are we talking about?” Isabel asked as Maria started driving away

“The boys and what buffoons they are.” Maria said. Tess looked over at Maria and she smiled. She loved how Maria had just forgotten what she had done. Or maybe she didn’t forget, and was just ignoring it. Who knows.

“Well please continue.” Isabel said

“Ok…well Kyle…I am so sick of him leaving hair in the shower.” Maria said. Isabel jumped right into it

“I KNOW. Michael and Max are so bad about that. ESPECIALLY Michael. And I HATE going in there and it smells horrible cause they just went to the bathroom.” Isabel said. This time Tess got into it

“I KNOW. I mean, Kyle’s horrible…how do you deal with two?” Tess asked. Isabel was about to answer when Maria slammed on the brakes and they hit something

“MARIA!” Tess and Isabel yelled. Then they looked up to see who they hit


“Uh oh…I’m in so much trouble.” Maria whispered and put her head on the steering wheel. The person came over and put there head through the window

“Do you know how much trouble your in?” they asked. Maria looked up

“I love you?” Maria asked. They shook there head. “Maybe Max can fix it. Free of charge.” Maria said smiling. They shook there head. “Well what were you doing in the middle of the road again? You knew I’d do this didn’t you?” Maria asked

“Maria…get out of the car and get in my truck. The Jetta won’t make it.”

“Are you mad at me daddy?” Maria asked as she got out of the car

“We’ll talk about this later Maria.” Jim said to his daughter as they walked over to the back door and got in. From the other side, Tess and Isabel got in. Tess groaned and Maria looked up. Deputy Hanson was sitting in the passenger seat. Tess always hated that guy. And found him quite annoying. She always said that his hat was to big for his body and that he was gonna fall out of it. Tess pretended to tip her hat. Maria and Isabel saw and they started giggling. Tess started to laugh to. “Girls!” Jim said sternly. He saw what Tess did, and knew the far to well. They instantly stopped. He stopped glaring and then when he sat down they bursted out laughing again. Jim glared at them again and Hanson turned around to see what they were laughing at “Laughing will only get you two grounded and I’ll call your mom and make sure you are to.” Jim said. That made them instantly stop. But the whole ride to school they each gave each other smiles


“YOU HIT DAD?...AGAIN?” Kyle asked as he started laughing. Isabel hit him

“That isn’t funny.” Maria said, almost crying. Michael put his arm around her

“Come on…it kinda is.” Michael said. Maria shrugged him off

“Take it back. Or no nookie for you.” Maria said. Everyone started laughing

“What?” Michael asked

“No making out if you take Kyle’s side on this.” Maria said as she crossed her arms “This isn’t funny Michael. I’m gonna have to pay for that.” Maria said as tears started welling up in her eyes. Michael put his arm around her

“I take your side Maria. I’m sorry.” Michael said. He did that not because he wasn’t gonna get any. He did it cause he felt bad for Maria. Maria started crying and Michael bundled the girl into his arms

“Honey it’s no big deal.” Liz said as she handed Michael a tissue for Maria

“Yeah. If you want, Michael will help pay for it.” Max said. Michael glared at him and Maria laughed and pulled away from Michael and blew her nose

“Yeah right.” Maria said and laughed

“Cheer up DeLuca.” Alex said and gave her a hug

“Alright class please take a seat.” Ms. DelRosa said. They all hated that new teacher. Funny thing was, she was ALSO, the new guidance counselor.

“Alright, we get to have the stupid ‘WE ARE THE FUTURE SPEECH’ yet again.” Isabel said in a cheerleader voice. Everyone laughed, and the eight of them sat in the very back row. Together. Where they should be


“So Maria wanted you to perform alien magic on her car. But Jim won’t let her seeing as how Hanson was in the car.” Isabel said as she sat down next to Michael and Max

"That girls an accident waiting to happen." Michael said as he put a chip in his mouth. "And weird." Michael added

"If she hears you talking like that about her she's gonna put your stick on a cracker." Alex said as he sat down and joined the group

"ALEX." Isabel shrieked. Michael and Max laughed

"What's so funny?" Maria asked as she sat down next to Michael and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Then she looked over at Alex. Her best friend. Sometimes she felt so overwhelmed that he was there. She leaned over and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek

"Miss me?" Alex asked and smiled at her

"Always." Maria said

"Hey guys." Liz said as her and Kyle sat down

"How come Alex gets a kiss on the cheek AND a hug. I'm your boyfriend and all I get is a kiss on the cheek. AND you say you miss him. What the crap is that. All I want is a little recognition around here." Maria looked at him with disgust as everyone else rolled there eyes.

"Did we miss something?" Kyle asked. Maria leaned in and gave Michael a hard kiss on the lips and pulled back

"Is that better?" Maria asked. Michael was about to answer but Maria went on. "I don't think it is…I think this is much better…just so you get some recognition…OOOOHHHHHH…IT'S MICHAEL GUERIN. THE HOTTEST BOY IN THE WORLD. AND HE'S MY BOYFRIEND. AND I LOVE HIM SO SO MUCH. AAAAAHHHHHH!" Maria yelled but Michael covered her mouth with his hand.

"Would you shut up." Michael hissed as he pulled his hand away. The group laughed as kids all over the quad looked at the table

"Sorry. Maybe this would be better…MICHAEL GUERIN AS THE CUTTEST BUTT IN THE WHHHOOOOOOLLLLEEE WORLD. IT JUST FITS RIGHT IN MY HANDS. AHHH-" Maria yelled as Michael covered her mouth again

"Enough already." Michael said. Everyone kept laughing. Tess looked at the group laughing without her. Even though they welcome her presence with open arms, she felt like the biggest outsider. She started to turn around and leave them alone, but Maria's nagging voice stopped her

"TESSA DELUCA…GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!" Maria yelled. Tess hated the name Tessa. She went over to the table and noticed the only spot was next to Alex. She sat down slowly and as far away from him as possible. Tess put her head in her arms and rested on the table. Maria reached across Alex and rubbed her head. "What's the matter honey" Maria asked. Tess jerked her head up

"Nothing. I'm just tired. I didn't get much sleep last night. SOMEBODY was kicking the wall last night." Tess said and laid her head back down. She hated sitting here with them. They weren't mad at her and she couldn't understand why. She hated herself for everything she did. And they just forgave her. I mean yeah, this life was good. And they could forget about everything that happened last time. Seeing as how she grew up with Maria and Kyle in her own home. She became best friends with Maria, and sharing a room with her was like having a sleepover every night. And for the past two years she has had a crush on Kyle, but never showed it cause he was her foster brother. The three of them were best friends. And Liz. Her Maria and Tess just loved being together. That's why they decided to work at the Crashdown together. And Alex. He didn't just call Maria and Liz his girls, he called her one of his girls to. And her and Isabel had always been friends. Because they knew they were alike. So she has been drawn to her Max and Michael. But she never had any feelings towards Max. Especially since she knew that he liked Liz. She didn't understand how they could just keep living like that. Everyone thought Tess had fallen asleep. But Tess was silently crying.

"Yeah why WERE you kicking the wall last night?" Maria asked

"I wasn't sleeping good last night. I didn't know I was kicking the wall. Sorry." Kyle said quietly

"So last time, that Tapolsky lady was bothering us about our future." Alex said as he crossed his eyes

"Oh gosh I hated that. I based all my answers out of my fear for you guys. Actually only Isabel and Michael were scary. Max was the only nice one." Maria said

"Just comes naturally." Max said

"So does being conceded." Alex said

"That lady was so annoying." Isabel said

"I know. Every time I turned around. BAM. Always in my face." Liz said.

"I wonder where she is now." Alex said. He looked down at Tess and thought she shivered. So he grabbed his jacket and wrapped it around her


"I really didn't mean to hit you." Maria said as they were all eating dinner

"You should have been paying more attention." Amy said

"And you were really rude to Hanson." Jim said

"I hate that guy. The hat makes him think he's boss. How did he even become a deputy? And how do you even give him the right to protect us? He can barely dress himself." Maria said. Tess and Kyle smiled.

"Maria stop it. Please let's change the subject." Amy said. She looked over at Tess. She had been so worried over her the past couple of weeks. She barely says a word and stays in her room when she's home. And she looks so sad all the time. "Did you have a good day at school Tess?" Amy asked. Tess looked up

"Same old school. Boring as ever." Tess said and smiled.

"I'm done." Kyle said and got up. Tess watched as he left and looked down at her plate

"What's wrong with him?" Jim asked. Maria and Tess shrugged there shoulders.

"I'm done." Tess said as she got up and went to her room

"I'm gonna go see what's wrong with Buddha boy back there." Maria said as she got up. She walked right into Kyle's room and saw him sitting on his bed. She sat down next to him

"Why are you avoiding Tess?" Maria asked. Kyle just stared ahead. "Well?"

"I carried Alex's body Maria. Alex's dead body. None of you will never know what that felt like. For years I would dream about that. Carrying his cold body to the car. Don't expect me to go running to her arms. I gave her a hug one day. That's it." Kyle said

"Kyle. The only reason your sitting here is because of her. She's sorry for what she did. For two weeks she just cries herself to sleep. She doesn't think I know but I do. She's sorry for what she did. I know…I know, if she had a chance to take it back she would…oh wait Kyle…I think she IS trying to take it back….I know that you feel responsible for what happened Kyle…and I know you hate her…but she loves you…and you love her…I think you just need to find that love again." Maria said and opened the and went to her room and saw Tess laying on the bed with her back towards her. "Tess." Maria said

"I just want to go to sleep Maria." Tess said, without turning around. Maria nodded her head and went to the door. "You know, I know your feeling bad about Kyle. Just give him sometime." Maria said and turned off the light and shut the door. She stood there for a minute and listened as Tess sobbed in her bed. Maria walked into the kitchen and sat at the table as her parents washed the dishes

"What's wrong with them?" Jim asked. Maria sat there for a minute, and thought about it


"Isn't it late for you two to still be up?" Isabel asked as she came into the room and sat on Max's bed

"Can't sleep." Michael said. Isabel rolled her eyes at him. He was right up against the wall with his legs on them. She could tell it took him about ten minutes to get there perfectly.

"I can tell." Isabel said. Then she got an idea. "I think I'll go dreamwalking." Isabel said getting up

"Stay away from Maria." Michael ordered

"Why? Afraid she'll be dreaming about her having sex with Max again?" Isabel asked innocently. Michael did a back flip perfectly off the bed and landed on his knees and turned around and looked at Isabel. Him and Max use to practice doing those.

"WHAT?" Michael yelled. Isabel laughed at him

"Kidding kidding. Goodnight." Isabel said as she opened the door and ran right into her mom

"Who is kicking the wall?" Diane asked as she yawned. Max and Isabel pointed to Michael

"Oh yeah. Blame me." Michael said. Isabel went into her room and got the picture off the nightstand of all eight of them at the crash festival.


"Some people are just…pigs." Liz said. Isabel laughed. Not again

"Tell me about it. Maria looked over at Max and Isabel, but didn't move. She just rolled her eyes and then looked at Isabel. "I knew you were here." Maria said and walked over to Isabel.

"Thank you." Isabel said

"For what?" Maria asked

"For everything…interesting." Isabel said and looked at Michael. Maria looked over at him and he was wearing nothing but boxers and laughed

"When he's wearing that it makes me like him SOOOOO much better." Maria said



"Some people are just pigs." Isabel said as Maria laughed. She walked over to her table.

"I knew you went into my dream last night. Your such a jerk." Maria said as she sat down with her

"I fixed it though didn't I?" Isabel asked. Maria nodded.

"Guess what I just did." Max said as he sat down next to Isabel

"Turned into a human?" Maria asked. Max just ignored her

"I got my job back at the UFO Museum." Max said proudly

"Girlfriend why on earth would you want to do that. No pun intended. That place only rots your brain." Maria said

"Because it gives me money. Besides. I kinda like it." Max said. Maria and Isabel rolled there eyes at him

"What's wrong with her?" Isabel asked. Maria turned around and noticed Tess in the kitchen through the window, sitting on the counter playing with her nails.

"Kyle. Treating her like an ass." Maria said

"Look, I know your kinda mad at him…for not wanting to be around her…but he had to deal with something about Alex's death that none of us had to. And he trusted her more then anyone. She WAS the only alien that he liked-" Max tried to say

"Um no he liked me to. It was you and Michael he didn't like." Isabel corrected him. Max looked at her a glared

"Anyways…you have to give him sometime. Part of him is feeling love for her…the other part of him is feeling hatred for her. You just have to let him figure out whether or not he wants love or hate." Max said. "And I think you should to." Max said. Maria gave him a confused look

"What? I don't hate her." Maria said. Max stared at her for a minute before explaining

"Once you got back here, you never dealt with having Tess as your foster sister and knowing the fact that she killed your best friend. I think your afraid that if you deal with it, then your gonna be disappointing your mom and dad and everyone elce-" Max tried to say but was interrupted

"That's not true Max." Maria said in a small voice. Maria and Max just looked at eachother for a while

"Yeah I guess your right." Max said and smiled at her. Maria looked at the counter and saw Jim there. She got up and went around to the other side

"What are you doing here?" Maria asked

"I was just thinking about how last time I scared you into coming to my office." Jim said. Maria smiled at him. "I really am sorry about that Maria."

"That's ok daddy…I forgave you when you crossed over to the dark side." Maria said and laughed. She looked over to the window and saw Michael cooking and Tess was still sitting on the counter.

"Think she'll be ok?" Jim asked. Maria shrugged

"I don't know……were you mad at her? When she left?" Maria asked. She wondered if Max was right about her feelings towards Tess

"You know…I felt betrayed…I loved her like a daughter…and I let her live in my house…and all that time she lied to me. And she almost got Max Michael and Isabel killed just to save herself. And she killed Alex in the process…and she trampled over Kyle. Since his mom left…Tess gave him something that I know, no one ever would have been able to give him….but…when you guys came back…and told me what she did…I knew that THAT…was the Tess that I knew…the one that I grew to love…and when she came out of the pod…I knew that growing up with Nasaedo turned her into that. And if she grew up with me and your mom…that she wouldn't be like that…and I loved her very much…I knew that it was Nasaedo that turned her into that." Jim said

"So you forgave her." Maria said as she looked down at the counter

"You didn't?" Jim asked. Maria looked up at him and thought about it. Tears started coming to her eyes

"I don't know." Maria said. Jim handed her a napkin

"It's ok to be mad at her Maria." Jim said


"What are you doing here?" Isabel asked as she leaned into the window

"Did you actually think I'd let you sit out here all by your lonesome…get it." Maria told Isabel. Isabel nodded and got into the backseat. Maria Isabel and sat there in silence for a while. "Thinking?" Maria asked Tess and Isabel

"There's a lot to think about." Tess said sadly, looking out the window

"Yeah there is." Isabel said, also looking out the window

"I always did like Jesse." Maria said. Isabel picked up her head

"What?" Isabel asked

"Jesse…I really did like him…but I'm very partial to Alex myself." Maria said and smiled

"Yeah…everyone is." Isabel said and went back to looking out the window

"You just gotta follow your heart…you'll make the right decision." Maria said

"I wish Liz could still tell the future." Isabel said. Maria laughed

"Well someone could just shoot her and Max could heal her…so she could still get her powers." Maria joked

"Oh yeah Max would love that." Isabel said laughing

SCHOOL…Maria Isabel and Tess saw the group standing in the hallway

"Why are you guys just standing here?" Maria asked as she looked around. "The bell already rang."

"Tradition. Even though me Kyle and Tess weren't here last time." Alex said

"We decided to skip school for the day. All of us." Kyle said jumping up and down

"WHAT?" Maria Isabel and Tess asked at the same time

"Yep. And do something fun. Something normal. Something we didn't get to have the first time around." Max said smiling

"What like Vegas? Naaah. Been there." Maria joked

"PAINTBALL." Michael said excidedly. Maria Isabel and Tess groaned

"Who's idea was that?" Isabel moaned

"The guys. I had no say in it." Liz said

"Why not?" Tess asked. Maria noticed it was only the second thing she said all morning

"Well Kyle said cause I was a girl. Then Michael said it was cause I was human." Liz said. Maria turned around and hit him in the head

"HEY!" Michael said. Everyone laughed

"Well what are we standing around here for. Let's go." Isabel said unenthusiastically

"PAINTBALLING!" Isabel Liz Maria and Tess shouted and ran to the parkinglot

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Chapter 4…Leaving Normal

Café…Max is watching Liz show her overbite to dentists. Liz rolls her eyes and sits down with them

“I’m gonna lose my mind with these guys.” Liz said and sat down

“Oh no you don’t. That’s the second time you’ve sat down today. WITHOUT being on break. Get up and do your job.” Tess said

“You sit down ALL the time.” Liz said, closing her eyes

“But you expect it from me. I’m lazy. Now get up. And you go home. Your distracting her from giving these dumbass dentists food that will rot there teeth.” Tess said as she pulled Liz out of the booth. Max laughed at them

“Ok ok. I know when I’m not wanted. Bye.” Max said as he left the caf

“Now what did you go and do that for.” Liz whined at Tess as she followed her into the kitchen where Maria and Michael were talking

“Maria make her stop whining.” Tess whined at Maria. Michael put his fingers in his ears

“Honey are you in heat or something?” Maria asked Liz.

“EEEWWW NO MARIA.” Liz shrieked

“Ouch. I think the dogs down the street heard you.” Michael said. Liz started hitting him as Maria and Tess laughed. “STOP IT!” Michael yelled as he grabbed a dish towel from behind him. He grabbed Liz hands and used his powers to tie the towel around her hands. “I’m outta here.” Michael said as he walked into the breakroom.

“Get this off of me.” Liz said as Maria followed him out there. Tess kept on laughing. “Tess!” Liz said

“Are you gonna come over after your shift?” Michael asked as Maria hugged him from the back

“Maybe.” Maria said and kissed his back.

“I told mom I’d be home so I could clean my room. Dad is bringing home some clients and they like to see the house.” Michael said, ignoring the fact that his girlfriend was rubbing her hands up and down his chest and placing kisses all over the back of his neck.

“Mom and dad…you like that don’t you.” Maria said. Michael turned around in Maria’s arms.

“Yeah…I love it.” Michael said and smile

“And I love, the fact that you love it. And your happy. You needed a mom and dad.” Maria said and kissed Michael on the lips

“Yeah I guess I did. Speaking of, I really have to go. Are you coming over tonight?” Michael asked

“Yes. I will be there.” Maria said, as she leaned and kissed him softly on the lips. She was about to pull away when Michael pulled her back and slipped his tongue in her mouth. She slipped her hands around his neck as he ran his hands up and down her back

“Get a room you two. Maria, work.” Tess said as Michael and Maria pulled apart

“Thank you Tessa.” Maria said. Tess gave her a dirty look and walked back into the Café. “Bye.” Maria said as she kissed Michael on the lips. “What the hell. I’ll leave now. Just let me get changed.” Maria said as Michael laughed


“I’M HOME!” Michael said as he walked into the house. “What happened?” Michael asked as he walked into the kitchen and saw Max sitting on the counter and Isabel cleaning his cuts.

“Kyle’s friends beat him up. AGAIN!” Isabel said as Max screeched from pain. “Sorry.”

“What do you mean again?” Diane asked

“They beat me up last time because of Liz.” Max said as he screeched again and pulled away

“Your gonna kill me.” Max said as he snatched the towel away from Isabel

“Here let me clean it.” Maria said as she walked over to Max

“How are you Maria?” Diane asked

“I’m good Ms Evans.” Maria said as she wiped some blood off of Max’s cheek.

“See. SHE knows how to take care of a guy who’s wounded.” Max said looking at Isabel. She just rolled her eyes and sat down next to her dad.

“Well I’ve had to take care of Kyle enough growing up.” Maria said

“Maria are you staying for dinner. We have more then enough food here.” Diane said as she cooked

“Oh if that’s ok.” Maria said smiling

“Of course. Phillip will you get another plate?” Diane asked

“Yes.” Phillip said and got up

“I can’t believe they hit you again. It looks worse then last time.” Michael said as he walked over to Max and Maria and hopped up on the counter and sat next to Max

“That’s because I got up and tried to defend myself. But they punched harder.” Max said

“Michael…your room, awaits you.” Diane said and smiled at her son. Michael gave her a sarcastic grin and hopped off the counter and started walking down the hall.

“AND DON’T THROW IT UNDER YOUR BED.” Diane yelled. On second thought. “AND DON’T THROW IT UNDER MAX’S BED EITHER.” Diane yelled. Maria and Max started laughing. Diane looked at them. She always thought it was so cute how the two of them became such close friends. She remembered how her and Michael always used to tease each other, and Max would always have to get in the middle of them, before they killed eachother. Maria was over her so much, she felt like a fourth child. She also remembered how she would always get Michael and Max into trouble. Isabel would stand by and watch with Tess and laugh at them

“There ya go. Just don’t let Isabel near your face and you’ll be fine.” Maria said and smiled

“Oh your so funny.” Isabel said and rolled her eyes. As the phone started ringing

“That will probably be Tess. I took her CD case. And you know how she feels about being away from N’SYNC. So I think I’ll go make sure Michael is cleaning his room and not shoving his clothes out the window.” Maria said and walked out of the kitchen


“MAX!” Liz yelled at she ran up to Max. “Maria told me about your face. Are you alright?” Liz asked

“Yeah. It will be ok. Just don’t kiss my lips. They hurt.” Max said as grabbed her hand and started walking down the hall

“So my grandmother is coming tonight.” Liz said

“I love grandma Claudia.” Max said. He loved everytime she came down she would always bring such great presents

“I was wondering. Ya know, since she…well, you know…can I tell her? The truth about you?” Liz asked. Max knew how much it meant for her grandmother to know the truth

“Sure Liz.” Max said. Liz eyes got big and she jumped up and hugged Max

“Dude I’m real sorry about your face.” Kyle said as Max and Liz pulled apart. “I yelled at them this morning. They think that you were me and Liz broke up. I swear I didn’t tell them anything.” Kyle said

“It’s cool man.” Max said. Kyle nodded his head

“Ok.” Kyle said as he walked away

“What’s wrong with him?” Max asked

“I don’t know…listen, when my grandmother…you know…can he come to the hospital to…I think it would mean a lot to him.” Liz asked

“Of course.” Max said

“Michael what are you doing?” Maria asked, as she looked at Michael, looking at something, but she couldn’t see.

“Come here.” Michael said and pointed to what he was looking at. Paulie was talking to one of the cheerleaders and was itching like crazy. She looked sideways at Michael and noticed he had the biggest smile

“Did you do that?” Maria asked

“Yep.” Michael said

“High five baby.” Maria said and gave him a high five then kissed him


“Where are all your friends Honey Bear?” Claudia asked as she sat down on Liz’s bed

“They should be here any-“ Liz tried to say

“GRANDMA!” Maria Tess Kyle and Alex shouted as they burst into the room.

“Oh my goodness.” Claudia said as Maria and Tess hugged her “God help this little town with you three running around.”

“We missed you so much.” Tess said

“I missed you to.” Claudia said as she hugged them tighter

“Ok ok loosen up.” Alex said

“Alex? Oh my gosh look at you. Your so tall and handsome. How many ladies to you have falling for you? Probabley the whole town.” Claudia said as she hugged Alex

“Not quiet.” Alex said

“Kyle? Oh look at how handsome you are.” Claudia said as she hugged Kyle

“Hey grandma.” Max said as he Isabel and Michael came in

“Max. Oh my gosh look at you. And Michael. Oh I remember when you were only this tall.” Claudia said as she made a movement with her hand “And Isabel. You look like a fashion model.” Claudia said as they all hugged her

“So did you bring us anything?” Kyle asked. Everyone jumped up. Grandma Claudia always brought the best presents

“KYLE!” Liz shrieked

“Liz please.” Michael said as me played with his ear

“Ok ok…Alex.” Claudia said

“HA HA, I’M FIRST.” Alex yelled as everyone laughed at him

“Ok…a couple of months ago I went to a book signing…and Liz told me you absolutely loved this book.” Claudia said as she handed it to him

“ROBERT FROST? He signed it no way. Thank you.” Alex said and hugged her

“Ok Kyle. Last week I was having lunch with the coach of the Houston Astro’s and he insisted that I have this since I told him that one of my granddaughters friends was a huge fan.” Claudia said as she handed the big team picture to him

“OH MY GOD…AUTOGRAPHED.AHHHH.” Kyle screamed as he jumped up and down. “Thank you thank you thank you thank you.” Kyle said as he hugged Claudia
“Oh your welcome your welcome.” Claudia said

“You were just having lunch with him? How do you know him?” Kyle asked

“Oh we go way back. I saved his life. He was in a restraint, and he was choking on a piece of meat, so I gave him the Heimlich maneuver.” Claudia said

“Are you kidding me?” Kyle asked

“No no. I really did. So since then, everytime I’m in Houston, he gives me front row tickets.” Claudia said, as all the kids eyes bugged out. “Ok ok…let me see…AH HA!” Claudia said as she picked something out of her bag. “When I called here a few months ago, Maria answered the phone-“ Claudia tried to say

“That really late night when I was cleaning up?” Maria asked

“That’s the one. And you were yelling at Michael, because his music was to loud.” Claudia said

“Oh yeah that trashy Metallica crap.” Maria said

“Metallica is not crap. It’s great.” Michael said as Maria just rolled her eyes at him

“ANYWAYS. Don’t fight. I want my present already!” Isabel said

“ISABEL!” Liz shrieked. Michael covered his ears

“LIZ! The screeching. STOP IT!” Michael said

“You know you’re the only one affected by it, maybe you’re a dog.” Liz said. Michael was gonna say something back.

“SHUT UP BOTH OF YOU!...thank you.” Tess said. Claudia laughed at them. She missed the eight of them. Everytime she came down, they would always be playing together. And she loved coming to Liz’s birthday parties. She always had a bet going on with Jim and Phillip who Maria would get into trouble that time.

“Ok…so I thought about it. And I remembered. I know the drummers mom. So I called her up, and they were in the town that I was in at the time…I think I was in L.A at the time. So she called them up, and the drummer gave me this.” Claudia said as she handed Michael the cd.

“THEY AUTOGRAPED IT. METALLICA AUTOGRAPHED MY CD!” Michael yelled as he jumped up and hugged the woman

“Grandma why do you have to encourage the boy to listen to that crap.” Maria whined as she sat down on the bed next to Max. He laughed and rubbed her back

“I know how you feel. I share a room with the guy.” Max said. Maria laughed and laid back on his stomach

“I hate Metallica!” Maria moaned

“Me next me next!” Tess squealed as she jumped up and down.

“You guys are so bad. All you care about is presents.” Liz said as she sat down on the other side of Max

“Um hello Liz. You know as well as I do that the women brings the best presents!” Alex said as he held up his book.

“Ok my little Tessie. What’s your favorite group in the whole world?” Claudia asked

“No you didn’t.” Maria said. She dreaded the thought of Tess’s present. N’SYNC. Maria’ second worst nightmare compared to Metallica

“N’SYNC?” Tess said. Claudia nodded and picked up a framed picture. Everyone covered there ears as she did. They knew what was about to happen. And sure enough, she screamed bloody murder as she hugged Claudia

“THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!” Tess chanted. Kyle looked at the picture and made a face

“God you want that hanging up in your room?” Kyle asked in disgust. Tess hit him.

“They signed it Kyle. Justin Timberlake actually touched this picture.” Tess said jumping up and down

“He actually picked out the frame for it. He thought you would want a nice girlie frame.” Claudia said. Tess just squealed and hugged her. Then she ran over to the bed and jumped next Maria, almost jumping on Max’s face.

“He picked it out for her? How?” Isabel asked

“Let me guess. You know Justin’s mom?” Alex asked

“No. See I was in Wal-Mart, looking at the posters. Cause I was originally trying to get an idea for Max’s gift, and who bumps into me…” Claudia thought about it then pointed to two of the boys

“J.C and Lance…J.C AND LANCE BUMPED INTO YOU?” Tess squealed

“Uh huh. They were so sweet. All five of them were there and I guess they were all just goofing around, having fun, and just didn’t see me and knocked right into me. So they were apologizing and they asked how they could make it up to me. So I said my granddaughters best friend is a huge fan of yours. And I pulled out the picture I had of you and Maria-“ Claudia tried to say but was interrupted

“THEY SAW A PICTURE OF ME. AAAAHHHHHH.” Tess screamed. Michael ran over and shoved his hand over her mouth

“You’ve done WAY to much screaming and squealing today and I am done with it.” Michael said. Tess nodded her head and Michael sat down next to Maria. But Tess didn’t stop smiling

“Ok. So I said it would be wonderful if they signed one of those posters for me to give to you. So…that one.” Claudia pointed to one of the boys

“Chris.” Tess said excitedly

“Chris… picked one out. Opened it and….that one.” Claudia pointed to another one

“Joey.” Tess said still excited

“Joey went down an isle and came back with one of those black markers and started writing on it. And then they all did. Then that was when Justin picked out a frame. Then we went up to the counter and they paid for it for me.” Claudia said

“THey paid for it.” Tess said. She had started to scream but Michael glared at her and she stopped

“Yep. Even the marker.” Claudia said as Tess laughed

“Ok enough with this N’SYNC mumbo jumbo. What about me?” Isabel asked, getting up from her spot at the foot of the bed. Kyle jumping to take it

“Hmmmm…Isabel.” Claudia said as she pulled out another picture frame. “Michael once told me you that you liked Bewitched. That you used to make up stories about you being Samantha.” Claudia said. Isabel’s eyes bugged out as she looked sideways at Michael, who started laughing with Max. “Well, when it was on the air, I had met Elizabeth Montgomery at some park, and I came by to pick her up for lunch, and she gave me this picture of the cast. They had all signed it. And she wanted me to have it. So I want you to have it. Now they didn’t write my name on it or anything, so it will look just right.” Claudia said handing it to Isabel as she stared at it in awe

“This is so sweet. Thank you.” Isabel said as she smiled and gave her a hug

“Oh your welcome. I hope you like it.” Claudia said

“Like it…I love it. Thank you.” Isabel said, staring at it once again

“Ok Max. Your turn.” Claudia said. Max jumped up and Maria’s head went slamming into the mattress and knocked Michael and Kyle around. “I was in New York at a hotel once. And these kids were making so much noise. So I had asked them to stop, cause I needed to wake up early. So they stopped, and the next night they were making noise again. So I asked them to stop. And they did. They were very nice kids. Very sweet. So I was checking out the next day and they ran up to me, apologizing up and down the wall. There studio was double booked so they had to try and practice some things in there room. So I asked them who they were. And I said they could make it up to me by sending to me a poster of them and signing it for my granddaughters best friend. So they said they could do even better. Well they sent me the poster and signed it, but they also sent me eight tickets, so you all can go to there concert in a month. Front row seats and backstage passes. And when you meet them, tell them your Claudia Parkers grandkids.” Claudia said as she handed Max the poster

“COUNTING CROWS. NO WAY. THANK YOU SO MUCH.” Max yelled and hugged her

“Oh your welcome. The passes and tickets are in my other bag. I’ll get them later.” Claudia said

“Ok ok move its my turn and I’m tired of waiting.” Maria said as she pushed Max over

“Ok my darling. I was in New York. And this young girl was in this studio, trying to record a song she wrote. I started talking to her. And she was trying to record some songs she wrote and get a demo deal. And it reminded me of you, how you always used to say you were gonna become a famous singer. And I listened to the two songs she had recorded, and I knew you would like it…angry chick music you call it. So I asked her if she could make a copy of them so I could let you have it.” Claudia said and handed her the cd. Maria put it into Liz’s cd player and started listening to it as she read the lyrics. As Maria listened to it, she thought it sounded awfully familiar. Suddenly Maria had it.

“DO YOU GUYS KNOW WHO THIS IS?” Maria asked. They started listening to it. Liz and Isabel looked at eachother and there eyes bugged out. Michael and Max almost had it, but couldn’t quite get it, so Liz whispered it to Max and Isabel did to Michael. Alex and Tess just sat there dumbfounded. But Kyle was off in his own little world, but humming to the song.

“Well her name is right there on the front.” Claudia pointed to it

“Avril Lavigne.” Maria said. Everyone looked at her in amazement, but Alex and Tess just looked confused

“Who?” Alex asked

“Losing grip and Ordinary. These are good songs. Thank you so much grandma.” Maria jumped up and hugged her tightly

“Oh your welcome. Your all welcome. I hope you like them.” Claudia said

“We love them.” Max said as they all started hugging her again

“Ok. You two. Let’s go. We have to work.” Michael said as he grabbed Tess and Maria by there pig tails and started walking and shoved them out the door. They heard Maria and Tess making noises all the way down the stairs

“I AM NOT AN ANIMAL MICHAEL!” They heard Tess yell. As they heard screams and then someone falling down the stairs

“Come on let’s go see what happened. Thanks grams.” Alex said as he Kyle and Isabel left the room. Liz was about to talk but then heard Alex Kyle and Isabel burst into laughter. So she went over and shut the door

“Grandma can me and Max talk to you?” Liz asked and sat down next to her grandmother on her bed

“Of course. You guys aren’t in any kind of trouble are you?” Claudia asked

“No no it’s nothing like that. Man where do we start.” Liz said


“MOVE ASIDE PEOPLE. GIVE THEM SOME ROOM!” Michael yelled at the crowd, growing around grandma Claudia. He looked over at Liz. She wasn’t looking at the medics helping her. She was hiding in Max’s chest. He felt bad for the girl. He looked for the rest of the group. He looked over at the kitchen and could barely see the blue color of the waitress uniform. He walked back there and noticed Tess sitting on the counter hugging Alex. He knew she was real shaken up. She was talking to Claudia when she collapsed. Isabel and Kyle were to the left, hiding behind the wall so no one could see them. And Maria was sitting in the doorway, with her legs stretched out. He sat down next to her and put his arm around her. “It’s ok.” Michael said as Maria laid her head down on his chest

“Tess are you ok?” Alex asked.

“That scared me…so bad…I was so caught off guard…and I couldn’t help her.” Tess cried Alex rubbed her back

“It’s ok.” Alex said as he rubbed her back. Michael and Maria looked up as Max walked through the door.

“They took her to the hospital. I’m gonna go in the jeep. Anyone wanna come with?” Max asked

“I’ll stay, I have to clean up. But I’ll come over when I’m done. Tell Liz that.” Maria said

“Yeah me to.” Michael said

“I should help.” Tess said

“Well I’ll come with you.” Alex said as he walked over to Max. Isabel and Kyle came out form behind the wall, which startled Max, cause he didn’t know where they were

“We’ll come to.” Kyle said

“Ok come on.” Max said as they left


“Hey you ok?” Max said as he walked into the waiting room and sat down next to Liz.

“Yeah. I mean, we already know what happens.” Liz said bitterly as Alex sat down next to her and Kyle and Isabel sat down in front of her on the floor.

“How are your parents taking it?” Alex asked

“There sad. Who wouldn’t be.” Liz said as Max squeezed her tighter. “At least they got to say goodbye this time.”

“And that’s a good thing.” Kyle said

“Maria Tess and Michael are gonna be here later after they clean up the Crashdown.” Isabel said. Liz just nodded her head


“Michael what are you laughing at?” Max asked he came around the corner. Michael grabbed him and pulled him around and bumped right into Maria. “What’s so funny?” Max asked

“Look.” Maria said, pointing over to Kyle’s locker. Max watched as Kyle and some jocks stood around talking as Kyle tried to open his locker. Maria and Michael laughed, and tried to keep quiet

“Why did you do that?” Max asked

“Because it’s funny.” Maria said leaning on Michael’s back laughing, trying to muffle it. Kyle looked around and noticed Max and he went running over to him

“Which one of you did it?” Kyle asked Max and Michael, and they both pointed to each other. Maria started laughing harder and fell backwards, still laughing

“I did not do it. Maria would you tell him.” Max said to Maria, who laughed even louder


“ISABEL!” Maria yelled as she ran out of the Caf

“What’s wrong with you?” Isabel asked

“Me and Tess are swamped.” Maria said

“Wait a minute…your not asking me what I think your asking me. I’m not wearing that grotest thing EVER again.” Isabel said and went to walk away

“Skinamerkidinkidink skinamerinedo…I love you. Skineamer-“Maria tried to sing

“OK OK I’LL DO IT! the hell did you know about that?” Isabel whispered looking around, making sure no one was listening. Maria looked around also, and then leaned into Isabel

“That’s what happens when your making out with an alien and things get really intense.” Maria stopped and looked around again. “And you see his sister sitting infront of the t.v singing with the song…and hand motions.” Maria said and smiled. “See you inside.” Maria said happily and walked away

“I hate humans.” Isabel muttered and walked into the cafe


“Hey sweety. Michael made you a cheeseburger and fries.” Maria said as she Tess and Michael walked into the waiting room with Max and Liz and handed a big bag of food to Liz

“Thanks.” Liz said

“And there’s one in there for you to Max.” Maria said smiling. Max ignored her.

“What’s wrong with you two?” Liz asked. Tess laughed and sat down next to Liz

“Him and Michael and Kyle got into a fight at school today.” Tess said

“What? Why? Why didn’t you tell me?” Liz asked

“It wasn’t that big of a deal.” Max said, looking down

“That reminds me.” Maria said taking off her jacket to reveal bruises all over her arms. “Fix these. The whole locker thing had nothing to do with you. And I was an innocent bystander in all of this.” Maria said. Tess and Liz started laughing. “There’s more on my legs.” Maria said

“How did you get them?” Liz asked

“They fell on me. MULTIPLE times. And I kept getting in the middle of them, trying to get them to stop. There just lucky they ran into an empty classroom so no one saw them.” Maria said as everyone laughed. She pinched Michael.

“Well Kyle said that the janitor won’t be able to open it till tomorrow.” Tess said. She noticed Liz looked confused. “Michael melted his locker shut. That’s what the whole fight was about.” Tess said. Liz nodded her head


“Isabel. People are waiting. You must hurry up.” Michael said to Isabel and smiled at her. Isabel grabbed the tray and gave him a dirty look and walked over to Max and Kyle

“Smile.” Kyle said and snapped a picture

“Jerk off.” Isabel said. Kyle snapped another one. He couldn’t wait to get those developed. Isabel in a waitress uniform. Serving other people. He needed a video camera

“Miss, my soda is flat, I need another one.” Max said and smiled at his sister. Isabel picked it up and spit it in and put it back down

“There ya go.” Isabel said walked away. She noticed Alex walking in. The one person that wouldn’t harass her.
“Hey Alex.” Isabel said and smiled at him. Alex looked her up and down.

“Nice outfit Isabel.” Alex said and laughed.

“Goodbye.” Isabel said and walked away


Everyone looked up as Max and Liz walked into the caf

“She’s gone.” Liz said. Maria ran over to her and hugged her

“At least you got to be with her before she died.” Alex said

“And you got to tell her the truth.” Isabel said and smiled

“Yeah. Thanks you guys. For being there for me. You guys are the best friends anyone’s ever had.” Liz said and smiled

“Doesn’t that chick say that at the end of Wizard Of Oz?” Michael asked

“You’ve watched Wizard Of Oz?” Liz asked

“Well Isabel’s had this fetish with that movie, so me and Max had to suffer through that all the time.” Michael said

“I thought Isabel was obsessed with that show with the elephant.” Tess said. Isabel’s eyes grew wide. Alex and Kyle turned to each other and raised there hands

“Skinamerkidinkedink. Skinamerinkido.” Alex and Kyle sang, and Maria and Tess turned to eachother and joined the singing

“I love you.” They sang as Tess and Maria pointed to eachother, as did Alex and Kyle. Michael and Max joined them

“I love you in the morning and in the after noon. I love you in the evening and underneath the moon.” They all sang

“SHUT UP.” Isabel cried, as they all laughed together



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