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Notes: This was orginally set after the Christmad episode from the second season. But I'm changing it up to the Prom episode. But in this, Max and Tess never kissed, Alex really DID go to Sweden. But in this, only Michael and Maria actually went to prom together. The same way. But Alex never asked Isabel, Kyle never asked Tess, and Liz never asked Max, they all just went and Michael showed up later

"Alright class we have a new student" Mrs. Marsh said to the class "This is Claudia Evans. You can sit by Maria over there." Claudia nodded and sat in the empty seat.

"That's weird." Isabel wispered to Tess.

"What is?" Tess asked

"Claudia. Look at her. She sorta looks like Max don't ya think. And her hair looks exzactly like Liz's. And her last name is Evans. It's just weird." Isabel said

"Hey she does look like them. Wow." Tess said.


"Hey Michael." Maria said as she plopped down on the grass next to him

"Hey." Michael said. He noticed that she was playing with her ears. She was wearing the pearls. They looked amazing on her.

"So are you gonna put that new bumper on my car tonite?" she asked

"Yeah I'll come over around 5 ok"


"Hey guys." Alex said as he sat down on the grass with them. Kyle sat down also

"How come your sitting with us. I thought you liked sitting with your friends who stand around burping all through lunch and crusing soda cans on there head." Maria said with a giggle

"Nah. It's not fun over there." Kyle said

"Hey" Liz said as she sat down. Then she noticed Kyle

"Hey what are you doing here. You never sit with us." Liz asked

"Felt like it." he said. Max Isabel and Tess came up.

"Hey did you guys see that new girl Claudia today." Isabel asked. Everyone nodded.

"Is it just me or don't you guys think she looks....."

"Like Max and Liz! I was thinking the same thing in class. And her last name is Evans. I mean how weird is that." Maria interrupted

"Yes!" Isabel and Tess said at the same time

"Why are you sitting with us. Don't you usually sit with the jock straps" Tess said. But was more making a joke then making fun of

"Do you guys like want me to leave or something. Gees I
didn't think it was a big deal to sit with you guys." Kyle said

"Kidding kidding." Tess said.

"She does look like me. Max look at her real hard. She looks
like you to." Liz said. Max looked at for a couple of minutes

"I guess." Max said and he shrugged.

"Who are those other kids that's she's with" Alex asked.

"The guy with the muscles is Pacey Valenti, the other guy is Alexzander Whitmen and the other chick is Samantha Guerin" Michael said without looking up from where he was laying on his jacket on the ground. Everyone stared at him and he looked up to see why everyone was so quiet to find they were all staring at him.

"I had to go to the office and I heard them all talking." he said

"Ok this is getting weird. There last names are all the last
names of the guys. Why?" Isabel asked

"Do you think there evil aliens?" Kyle asked

"Oh come on. If they were evil aliens do you think they'd be so ovious that they'd pick our last names. We'd notice them." Michael said

"Well maybe they want us to notice them." Tess said

"Ok I'm seriuosly getting freaked out." Maria said

"I have that same black turtle neck sweater Samantha's wearing." Liz said out of no where

"What?" Michael asked

"Yeah I have the same lepord pants she's wearing to. And the boots that both of them are wearing is just like that pair me and you bought last weekend." Maria said

"And I have the same purple lepord top that Claudia has" Tess said

"And I have to same leather pants. You guys I don't like this." Isabel said.

"Me neither." Maria said. Michael sat up and slowly put his arm around her. She gave a little smile.

"I guess we go Mulder and Scully again." Alex said.

"Not you four. We'll do it. Just incase they are aliens you guys can't defend yourselves. We can." Max said

"So what do we do?" Tess asked Max.

"Exzactly what Alex said. We go Mulder and Scully."

Crashdown.....Maria Liz Alex and Kyle were waiting for Michael Max Isabel and Tess to get back from investigating. The Cafe was already closed

"What'd you guys find."Maria said as soon as they came in.

"We checked out the papers in there file to see where they
lived." Isabel said

"So they all had the same address and when we went there
some old young couple lived there. Didn't know what we were talking about." Michael said

"So Tess thought we should go to the cave." Max said

"I just had this feeling." Tess said. Then they all reached behind them and each pulled out a backpack.

"We found these in the cave." Michael said

"But how. Only you guys can open the cave." Liz asked

"We don't know." Max said

"Well open the bags and see what's in em." Kyle said

"We already tried. We can't open them. We even tried using our powers." Michael said

"There being held by some force that we can't break through." Isabel said

"Oh my god. This is getting really really scary." Maria said. Michael sat next to her in the booth. Tess sat next to Kyle. Isabel paced, Liz started cleaning a table that was already clean and Max just stood there.

"Who do you think the belong to?" Alex asked

"They belong to us." a sweet voice said. Someone came through the back way. Everyone snapped there heads towards the voice. There stood the four new students.
The humans got up and scrambeled behind the aliens.

"Who are you?" Max demanded

"I'm Claudia, this is Samantha, Alex and Pacey."

"Yeah we know that. But what do you want?" Michael asked

"Well, we wanna go back home." Samantha said

"Samantha." Pacey hissed

"Back home?" Tess asked.

"Not the home your talking about. Home is...well it's here but....oh gosh this is gonna be harder then I thought." Claudia said

"Let Liz Alex Maria and Kyle go. They have nothing to do with this." Max said

"They have everything to do with this. And were not gonna hurt them." Claudia said

"Your not." Isabel repeated

"No. We would never hurt them. Listen I know what I'm gonna say is gonna be hard to believe but it's the truth. The four of us aren't from around here." Claudia said

"Yeah no duh." Michael said and held up on of the backpacks

"Well we didn't want you to open them without us being here. Listen why don't we all sit down ok?" Claudia said

"I think we'll just stand here." Max said. Claudia and Samantha giggled.

"Fine suit yourself. We'll sit down." Claudia said and the four of them sat in a booth.

"Now, like I said. What I'm about to say is gonna be hard to believe ok?" she asked. They nodded there heads

"Ok. So like I said, were not from around here. Were from the future. The year 2019 to be exzact----" Claudia was cut off

"Time travel isn't possible." Micahel said. Claudia looked at Liz with pleading eyes. 'Oh my gosh she knows I know that time travel is possible. But how?' Liz thought

"This is never gonna work." Samantha said quietly and put her head down. Alex put his arm around her. Maria wispered to Liz...." Are you gonna tell them. I mean I don't think that there evil. Maybe there telling the truth." Maria wispered.

"Um you guys." Liz said. Everyone looked toward her.

"She's telling the truth." Liz said

"WHAT?" all six of them shouted

"Listen it's a long story but a couple of months ago I was in my room and there was like this big light and I looked out on my blacony and there was Max. But it wasn't this Max it was Max from the future and he said that we got together that week and because of that he didn't do anything about the skins and didn't really care what happened and Tess got mad so she left town and never came back and it made them less stronger because you guys are so powerful together so while you were fighting the skins Isabel died and then Michael died in Max's arms so he used the granolith to come back and ask me to change the future by pushing Max away so I told him I didn't ever wanna be with him again and I pretended to sleep with Kyle but we never did sleep together." Liz said really fast and sat down in the nearest chair.

"And that was the shortest version." Maria said. Max sat down on a chair. Then Kyle did.

"When did this happen?" Michael asked shocked at what he just heard.

"When bottle job was still here." Maria said

"I'm sorry. But he told me I couldn't tell anyone." Liz said

"But you told Maria." Isabel said

"I had to tell someone I mean, I was dieing over her not being
able to tell anyone and it was just eating me up inside. I'm sorry." Liz said

"I have a question." Kyle said. He looked over at Max.

"You didn't trust me before because you thought I slept with Liz, but now that you know the truth that we didn't do you still hate me and not trust me enough to help you guys?" Kyle asked. Max thought for a minute then said

"I trust you."Max said. Someone coughed. It was Claudia.

"So now that you all believe us now can you sit down. We'll
talk about who we are and why were here." she said. Everyone nodded and satdown.

"Ok so here it goes. Like I said before were here from the future." Claudia said

"You used the granolith to get here?" Tess said

"No we didn't. You sent it back to the home planet before I was born." Claudia said

"Well then how did you get here if you didn't use the granolith." Michael said. He wasn't believing there story.

"The four of us are very very powerful. We didn't need the granolith." Claudia said

"Why would we sent it to the home planet." Max asked

"Because Kivar got killed by Larek and all the planets were at peace again so you just sent it back so they could have it. You all could have gone with it to go home but you decided to stay here." Claudia said

"Wait a minute. So your telling us that we had the chance to go home and we didn't take it?" Michael said. She nodded

"Why would we do that?" Tess asked

"Because you guys didn't want to leave them behind. A home without Liz Maria Alex and Kyle just wasn't home to you." she said

"How do you know all this?" Tess asked

"Well, as you can tell I look alot like Max and Liz. That isn't just some coincidence." she said. She paused before she went on

"I'm Max and Liz's daughter." Claudia said

"Wait a minute. Future Max told me that only me and him got married. He didn't say anything about the others. And I know we didn't have any children." Liz said

"You told me about this. But because Tess didn't leave, she fell in love with Kyle. See before future Max came , you didn't fight the skins and beat them, so they took over. That's why Max came back. But because of Liz telling Max to go away, he turned to Tess. So Max didn't ignore Tess and they became friends. She found out she didn't love him and that she really loved Kyle. So they were together and Max and Liz were together. Michael wasn't afraid that he'd hurt Maria anymore so they got back together and then Alex and Isabel followed after them. And here we are." Claudia said.

"So who are the rest of you." Isabel asked

"Were the first kids in each of our families." Claudia said.

"Alex, he's our son?" Isabel asked.

"The one and the only." Alex jr. said

"So who do Pacey and Samantha belong to?" Max asked

"Look close and you'll be able to figure it out." Claudia said. So they did.

"Samantha is my daughter. She has brown wild hair and she has Michaels eyes." Maria said

"What about you Kyle and Tess?" Claudia asked

"Pacey's my son. I can tell. Besides, that's my favorite name from Dawson's creek so...." Tess said

"You guys are right. I'm Claudia Elizabeth Evans, then Alexzander Michael Whitmen, then Pacey Maxwell Valenti and then Samantha Marie Guerin." Claudia said.

"Wow. I can not believe this." Maria said

"And I thought my life was boring." Alex said

"Me to." Kyle said

"Life is never boring when you know aliens. And then we all have kids that are half aliens. Geesh." Maria said

"So why are you here?" Isabel asked. The four of them looked
at each other. Samantha stiffened and looked like she was about to start crying. Alex jr tightened his arm around her. 'He definitly takes after his dad.' Maria thought.

"Ok, do you guys remember when everyone dissapeared from Roswell and the four of you were trapped in the school?" Claudia asked. They nodded

"Well Nicholas said that Courtney killed herself. He lied. We don't know why but he just did and she was still alive. Courtney never told you what happened but she was still alive." Claudia said

"Where is she?" Michael asked. Maria looked over at him with hurt in her eyes. 'Why would he care. I thought he loved me and didn't even care about her anymore.' Maria thought

"We don't know. Now were gonna tell you what happened but you can't interrupt. Ok?" Claudia asked. Everyone nodded

"Ok. In three days she's suppost to come to your apartment and ask you to tell her where the granolith is again. Because when Nicholas mind raped her he stole that memory, so she didn't remember. So you brought her to it and she survived. In a couple of months you get the chance to go home, thats when you give the granolith back.But Michael doesnt want to go home. She gets angry that you don't go. Because you want to stay with Maria and everyone elce. So she goes back, but a couple of years ago she came back. She'll show up and beg you to divorce Maria come back with her to your home planet. She like stalks you. Well for the past couple of months she's been treatning Maria. Telling her to leave and take her kids with her. But she wouldn't. But she was scared. So a couple of nights ago...." Claudia stopped and turned to Samantha. Everyone looked at her and didn't even know she had been crying.

"Come on let's go to the bathroom." Alex said as he scooted out of the booth and let Samantha get up and walked her to that back.

"She hates this part. The three of us don't really know what happened but it was real bad. Courtney ended up killing Maria and when Michael tried to save her he told Courtney all these bad things and she killed him. That's the most we know. Samantha's been like this for about a week now. She never talks to anyone. She's alot like Maria. So when she's quiet you know somethings wrong. So since we didn't have the granolith, our parents decided that we should use our powers to time travel. So what we came back to do is, well when Courtney comes to ask you where the granolith is you can't tell her. But she'll get angry and will use her powers on you. But you can't defeat her. We can. So when she uses her powers we step out from hiding and throw her own power at her and she's dead. That's the plan. Then we use our powers to go home and Uncle Michael and Aunt Maria should be alive. Actually they will be alive." Claudia finnally finished

"So that's why Samantha's crying. She's upset because me and Michael are dead." Maria said. 'My daughter is crying because I'm dead.' Maria thought

"Yes. When she first saw you at school, she totally lost it. Thats when she told us that all that we do know about how they died. But I know Samantha. There's still something elce. I think Courtney said something to her that really bothered her to make her shut everyone out. And it's really scaring me. I just wanna kill Courtney and let her get back to Roswell 2019 so she can see you guys again." Claudia said

"And I missed my football game so if she's dead there won't be any reason to miss it." Pacey said smiling. Claudia rolled her eyes.

"Your on the football team?" Kyle asked

"Yeah. And the basketball team and wrestling team." Pacey said

"Cool." Kyle said. Everyone looked up to see Samantha and Alex come back out. Alex sat back down in the booth but Samantha sat down in a chair.

"So you guys are gonna be in my apartment..."

"Hiding behind the wall and when she sends her power out we freeze it, come out from behind the wall and send her power back at her and she's dead. It's really actually easy. And we'll use our powers to put like a special shield over you just to make sure she doesn't accidently shoot you with more power, ok?" Claudia asked. Micahel nodded.

"So how old are you guys?" Isabel asked

"I'm 16 and there all 15. First came Alex, then Pacey, then Sammy." Claudia said

"I can definitly tell your Max and Liz's kid. You took over everything. The others barley even talked." Alex said. Claudia started giggling.

"You guys tell me that all the time. Well you will tell me that all the time." Claudia said.

"I have a question though." Maria said "Why do you girls have on cloths that we have?"

"Because this was all that you guys had left of your cloths. And we had to look like you guys did so we went up to the attics and found this stuff. But the boys just wore regular cloths." Claudia said. Thats when the eight of them relized it. They kids were so tired. They kept yawning and were practically falling asleep while they kept asking questions.

"So where are you guys sleeping?" Liz asked

"Probley out in that cave." Claudia said

"No way. You guys can stay at..." Liz was thinking "Well Alex's parents our out of town, so Alex can stay with Alex." she thought about what she said and then went on "And Kyle and Tess can just bring Pacey home with them. And Claudia can stay with me, and Samantha can go home with Michael. Does that sound ok?" Liz asked. Six of them nodded there heads, Michael didn't at first but then agreed. Claudia Pacey and Alex wispered to each other.

"Does that sound ok Sam......Sam." Claudia said but Samantha was staring at the counter.

"HEY SAMMY!" Pacey yelled. She jerked her head up

"WHAT?" Samantha shreiked

"You wanna go spend the night at Michael's apartment." Samantha was silent for a minute then said

"Sure whatever."Samantha said

"So we'll meet back here tomorrow around 1:00" Max said. Eveyone agreed. They all got up and got there backpacks. Alex started wispering in Samantha's ear and then gave her a hug.

"We'll take Alex and Alex home." Isabel said. And then crossed her eyes. Alex lifted up his head and said bye to Samantha. With that Max Isabel Alex and Alex got in the jeep and left. Pacey went over and gave Samantha a hug and went with Tess and Kyle and left in Kyle's mustang.

"I'll take Michael and Samantha." Maria said. Michael nodded. Claudia went over to Samantha and started wispering to her.

"You gonna be ok. If you want I can ask Liz if you can stay with me." Claudia said

"It's ok" Samantha said. Claudia gave her a big hug and said goodbye.

"So we'll see you guys tomorrow then." Liz said

"Bye Liz. Bye Caludia." Maria said

"Bye aunt Maria, bye Uncle Michael." Claudia said

"Bye." Michael said. And with that they were out the door.

Liz and Claudia sorta looked at each other for a minute, then stacked up all the chairs. Liz was the first one to speak.
"Ok we can go upstairs. My apartment is up there." Liz said

"I know that. I'm so tired." Claudia said

"Ok come on." Liz said ' I can't believe this. My daughter is standing right in front of me. Oh gosh, I have to talk to Max. What is he gonna do. I mean I kept telling him I slept with Kyle and now I finally tell him I don't. What am I gonna do.' Liz thought

"You know, dad's gonna be ok. I mean, he's probley just taking this all in about us and about what you said, but he loves you way to much and he'll get over it." Claudia said

"How'd you know I was thinking about him?" Liz asked

"Because your my mom and I know you to well." she said with a smile. Liz opened her dresser and pulled out a tank top and some pajama pants.

"Here you can sleep in these. Do you want the bed?" Liz asked

"Oh come on I'm not gonna make you sleep on the floor." Claudia smiled

"Ok we'll share." Liz said as she went into the bathroom. She came out about ten minutes later to find Claudia in the bed with the covers pulled back but not covering her. 'She must have just pulled the cloths on and zonked out' Liz thought. She went over and covered Claudia and gave her a kiss on the head. "Goodnight" Liz wispered. Then got into bed and went to sleep

Kyle's car

Tess Kyle and Pacey just got in. Pacey's sitting in the back.
"Um how are we gonna explain this to your dad?" Tess asked as soon as she got in.

"The truth. I mean he knows about you guys. He'll probley wanna send you guys to some mental ward when you say 'Hey dad this is Pacey my son from the future, and Tess is his mom' He'll love it I swear." Pacey said and started laughing.

"He's funny." Kyle said

"I know I know." Pacey said

"So your on the football team." Tess asked

"Yeah. Dad got me into it when I was real small. I've broken my nose so many times it's not even funny." Pacey said

"Well then maybe I won't let you play football anymore." Tess said

"Yeah but only a couple of the times humans have seen it happen so I had to let it heal the human way. That totally sucked." Pacey said

"Yeah I know what ya mean. Where here." Kyle said. They all got out of his mustang and met the sherriff at the door.

"Hey guys. I don't believe we've met." Sheriff said

"Dad you might wanna sit down for this." Kyle said

"Why what did you do now?" he asked

"He didn't do anything it's just that what were about to tell you might not believe." Tess said. He sat down.

"Ok well, to make a long story short, he's our son, me and Kyle, from the future." Tess said.

"You guys are going to a mental ward." he said

"See I told you he'd say that. I know him like the back of my hand." Pacey said smiling

"Who are you?" he asked

"I'm Pacey. Pacey Maxwell Valenti." Pacey said

"You guys are seriuos about this?" he asked. All three of them nodded there heads.

"Ok fine." he said and got up to start walking to his bedroom.

"That's it. That's all your gonna say?" Kyle asked

"I'm not gonna push it. If you guys think he's your son then go right ahead. Me, I'm gonna go to sleep and try to think that my son and this crazy person living in my house AREN'T crazy." he said, and with that, he went bed. Pacey started laughing.

"See, I told you he wouldn't believe you. We'll explain it better to him tomorrow." Pacey said and sat down on the couch.

"So what's in your backpack that you guys didn't want us to see?" Tess asked

"Well there's some stuff that I need to get through the week, and the thing we didn't want you to see is a photo album. Of us. We didn't want you to see it and think that we were evil or something. Here I'll show it to you." Pacey said and opened his backpack with his powers. Kyle and Tess sat on either side of him.

"Ok, this is me of corse, just some pictures of me in wrestling and football and basketball." he turned through a few pages of just him growing up. "Now this Kyle Joshua Valenti. He's 13 now and a big pain in the butt." They went through some pictures of him in basketball and football. "Then this is Clay Michael Valenti, he's 9 and a big loudmouth." went through a few pages. "Now this is Sharon Merideth Valenti, she's 5." Pacey said

"We have a little girl." Tess asked while they went thorugh a
few pages.

"Yeah she's in dance. I remeber when you found out she was a girl dad said she was gonna be in the little leage for girls and you kept saying 'OVER MY DEAD BODY'. So she's in dance. She's always dancing. Now this is Anna Alyssa Valenti. She's only 2. And thats the Valenti clan." Pacey said. They went through the rest of the album and there was a ton of pictures of Kyle playing football with the boys, and the kids together, and Tess with Sharon and then on the very last picture was a big family picture. Tess was holding Anna and Kyle sat behind her, Sharon had her leg on Tess's but Clay was holding her. Then Kyle jr was behind him and then Pacey was behind his dad.

"This is so sweet." Tess said

"Yeah that was taken like a month ago. All four of our families get a family picture done every year." Pacey said. Then he yawned.

"Hey why don't you go take me room and Tess can sleep on the couch and I'll sleep on my floor." Kyle said

"Are you sure?" Pacey asked

"Yeah, do you mind sleeping on the couch Tess?" Kyle asked

"No not at all. Can I look at the album again?" Tess asked

"Yeah of corse." Pacey handed the album to her.

"I'll show you where my room is." Kyle said and got up walking
to the hall.

"Night mom." Pacey said

"Oh. Goodnight." Tess said

"I know that will take getting used to. You don't mind if I call
you that. I mean, I'll call you Tess. I used to try to call you that and then you'd hit me in the head everytime I tried so I won't really mind." Pacey said

"No no. I like it." Tess smilied

"Yeah I know you do." Pacey said and gave her a kiss on the
cheek and walked with Kyle. 'This is my family. My future family. I have three sons and two daughters and there all bueatiful. And I'm married to Kyle Valenti. Tess Valenti. I like that. Oh my gosh. I'm falling for Kyle. Wait, I mean, it had to have happened sooner or later right. I mean, the only was I had these children is with Kyle, so I had to have fallen for him at some point in my life. I never would have thought in a million years that I would stay on earth forever, marry a human, and have children. I love the thought of that,' Tess thought, but was interrupted

"So what do you think about all this?" Kyle asked as he sat down on the couch next to her.

"I can't believe this. But I love the fact that I'll be married and have children." Tess said

"Are you dissapointed that you won't be marrying Max?" Kyle asked. Tess looked straight at him

"Not at all." Tess said sincerly and smiled

"Cool. So I gave him some of my boxers to wear and I turned around and he was already wrapped in your blankets asleep. Pretty funny." Kyle said

"I love this picture." Tess said. The picture of the whole family.

"Yeah it's a real nice picture." Kyle said and smiled at her. "So I'm just gonna make a bed on the floor in my room. Goodnight." Kyle said and kissed Tess on the forehead.

"Goodnight." Tess said

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Max's jeep. Alex and Alex jr are in the backseat.

"Do you think Samantha's gonna be ok staying with Michael?" Isabel asked to anyone who answered. "I mean, do you think we should go back and get her and bring her back to stay with Liz. I mean she looked really sad." Isabel said a little worried

"Nah. She'll be fine. If she should stay with anyone it should be Michael or Maria." Alex jr said

"Are you sure?" Isabel asked.

"Positive. I know Sam really well. This is something really special for her. Besides, she didn't want to do this to much because she's afraid that it won't change anything. Seeing Michael and Maria will keep her on her toes and keep her thinking that she's doing this for her parents."
Alex jr said

"So are there more of you?" Alex asked

"You mean do you have anymore kids?" Alex jr asked. Alex nodded is head.

"Yes you do." he said and then just sat there. Isabel and Alex exchanged glances with eachother because he wouldn't finish.

"Well are you gonna tell us?" Isabel asked

"I promice I'll tell you everything tomorrow. It's just, I want you to be able to ask as many questions as you want but I can't do that becuase I'm really tired and it would just be easier if I told you both everything tomorrow. Is that ok?" Alex jr asked. Isabel and Alex nodded

"Were here." Max said as he pulled into Alex's driveway

"Thanks. Goodnight guys." Alex said

"Night. See you tomorrow Alex." Max said.

"Night uncle Max." Alex jr said. Isabel leaned over to wisper in Max's ear

"Would you mind if I went in there for a few minutes?" Isabel asked

"You can stay in there for 20 minutes ok." Max said. Isabel smiled

"Thanks Max." Isabel said a kissed him on the cheek and ran out of jeep and over to the boys as Alex was unlocking the front door.

"I'm gonna come in for a minute ok." Isabel said. They got in and Alex lead them to his room and went over to his dressor and handed Alex jr pants and a shirt.

"You can wear these and you can sleep in my bed, I'll take the couch." Alex said

"Are you sure. I mean, I don't mind sleeping on the couch." Alex jr said

"It's ok. Goodnight." Alex said and started walking out of the room

"Goodnight." Isabel said. She just couldn't move. I mean, there was her son standing right in front of her and she couldn't think of anything to do, anything to say. She just stood there staring. So she did the first thing that she could think of, she went over to Alex and gave him a great big hug.

"I didn't think you would do that." he said


"Because, I mean, this person just comes into your life claiming to be your son from the future. I mean, I don't know what I'd do if this ever happened to me. I just didn't think that you'd except it. Thankyou."

"It is hard to believe. But there must be a reason that all this happened, and I'm gonna cherish every moment we have together." she said, and kissed him on the cheek.


"Night mom."

"I like the sound of that." She said and smiled. Alex laughed. She walked out to see Alex just standing there.

"Hi." 'HI' that was all Isabel could think of

"Hey." Alex said to her. "So how are you taking all of this?" he asked

"I'm taking it good. Really good actually." she said. Alex looked up shocked

"You are?"

"Yes. I am. I'm glad I married you. Well, will marry you. Your the only guy that has liked me for me. Good side and bad. No matter if I'm alien or not. And that kid in there just proved that I do love you. I love you and I've been so scared about everything that I tried to be like Michael and push you away. But you never gave up. I'm so sorry for the way I treated you." she said as she was about to cry. Alex scooted closer to her

"Thank you for saying that. That means alot to me...So you wanna try the 'US' again?" Alex asked. Isabel looked up at Alex and nodded.

"Yes. If you can forive me." she said and they started kissing. Only to be interrupted by Max beeping the horn.

"How about you come over for breakfast tomorrow. Just the three of us."

"I'd like that." she said and gave him one final hug and went out to the jeep

"Thanks Max."

"For what?"

"For letting me go in there."

"What happened?"

"Me and Alex are back together."

"Really. That's great. I'm really happy for you."

"Thanks. Do you think you can drive me over there tomorrow around 10:00?"

"No." he said. Isabel just looked at him for a minute

"Make it 9:00 because I wanna go over to Liz's in the morning." he said. She smiled big.

"Thanks Max. Your the best."

"I know I know." They laughed the rest of the way home

Maria's car
Michael was sitting in the passenger seat and Samantha was in the back staring out the window.

'I Maria DeLuca have the craziest life in the whole world. I mean my 15 year old daughter is sitting in my backseat. I have a daughter. Well, will have a daughter in the future. Who is so so bueatiful. I feel so bad for her. She's so sad. Well Michael better be nice to her or I'm gonna kill him. But then I won't have Samantha. Well then we'll have Samantha and then I'll kill him. Yeah. That sounds like a great plan. Perfect. Oooh I hope she'll be ok. I could tell she didn't wanna come with us. What if she hates staying with Michael. As much as Michael doesn't want to show his emotions, I know it would make him feel bad if she really didn't wantto stay' her thoughts were interrupted because she pulled up infront of Michael's apartment

"I'm gonna come in for a few minutes ok." Maria said and got out of the car and followed Michael up to his apartment. He unlocked his door and walked inside and turned the lights on.

"I'm gonna go take a shower." Michael said and headed off. Maria waited till she heard the shower running untill she turned around. Samantha was standing in the doorway.

"You can come in ya know." Maria said in a sweet voice. Samantha moved real slowly but came in and shut the door. But still didn't really move. 'What am I suppost to do. She's just standing there and I can't think of anything to say.'

"Um... don't let Michael bother you. That's his way of handling things. Even though it's stupid, that's the way he reacts to everything." Maria babbled

"He never acts like that. You told me he acted like that when you were teenagers, but I never believed you. But now I do. I thought he would be happy to see me. But he's not." Samantha said. Maria moved over to her slowly

"That's because he doesn't know you. Michael is a big jerk sometimes. But don't let him be a jerk to you ok. Come on sit down." Maria coaxed. Samantha looked at the couch and went over and sat down. 'She looks so sad' Maria thought

"Listen if Michael tries to tell you you need to wash dishes or vacume his floor for you to stay just ignore him. He'll say anything for someone to clean his apartment, as long as he doesn't have to do it himself. And don't let him push you around." Maria said, trying to lighten the mood. Samantha made a little smile but it went away.

"If you want me to I can take you back to Liz's house so you can stay with Claudia. Or you can stay at the Valenti's house with Pacey. Or with Alex, if your not comfortable staying here." Maria said

"No, that's ok." Samantha said

"Are you sure? Because I don't mind taking you. Really." Maria said

"It's alright." Samantha said

"Ok. I would take you with me but my mom comes in my room in the morning so she'd be really mad if she saw someone in there that wasn't suppost to be there. I remember one time when Michael was in my bed..."

"I remember that story. You told it to me once. And grandma was hitting him with the newspaper."

"Yes. It was pretty funny. And I don't want her to hit you with a newspaper to so.."

"It's ok."

"Ok. Well remember what I said, don't let Michael talk you into cleaning his house or something ok." Maria said. She nodded

"Ok, I'll see you in the morning."


"Bye Samantha." and with that Maria left. Samantha just sat there on the couch for a while, then pulled out a picture. It was of her sitting on her dads lap and her mom sitting on her lap. It was taken three weeks before they died. Tears started coming to Samantha's eyes, but she wiped them away when she heard the bathroom door open. Michael walked out.

"Did Maria leave?" Michael asked. Samantha nodded her head. Michael walked into his room and came out with a blanket and a pillow.

"Here you can have these." he said and put them on the couch.

"You can watch some t.v if you want. There probley oldie shows where you come form though." Michael said and handed her the remote.

"Is this your new t.v"

"Yeah, how'd you know?"

"Because you blew up the old one and Isabel bought you one for Christmas."

"Who told you that?"

"You did."

"Oh." was all Michael could say

"Well, goodnight."

"Night." Samantha said as Michael went into his room and went to sleep. Samantha laid down on the pillow and wrapped herself in the blanket.

Isabel and Max's house.

"Isabel wake up." Max said as he shook his sister to wake up.

"Nooooo. Go away." Isabel moaned

"Isabel come on wake up." he shook her harder

"God's not up yet." Isabel said. Max laughed.

"Come on Izzy, your going over Alex's house to have
breakfast with your future husband and son." Isabel's eyes opened right up and she sat staright up hitting Max to the floor.

"That's right I am." she looked at Max on the floor. "Max why are you on the floor?" Isabel asked

"Because I was trying to take a nap. he said as he got up

"Be in the kitchen in 20 minutes." Max said as he was leaving her room

"30" Isabel said sweetly


"Compromices I love it."Isabel said and got out of bed.

30 minutes later Isabel and Max walked into the kitchen to see there mother starting to cook breakfast.

"Oh mom were not eating breakfast here today."Isabel said

"Well your not eating at the crashdown. You always eat
there." she said

"No were both eating over at Alex's house. And then I'm going over Liz's later." Max said

"Oh. Well have a good time guys." she said and gave both her kids a kiss on the cheek.

"Bye mom." Isabel said

"Bye" Max said

"Bye. Love you."

In the jeep.
"So how are you taking all this in?" Isabel asked

"I don't know." Max said

"Well I was really worried about you more then anyone. I mean, you didn't just find out that you have a daughter, you found out that Liz has been lieing to you. But she did it for a big reason. To save the world."

"I know. But I mean... she could....she should....I don't know. I just want to get this over with. Talk to her about it and then put it in the past and finally get on with my life."

"That's good. I was real worried about you last night. You didn't say anything for a while. It kinda scared me."

"I'm ok. Actually, I'm really ok. I'm glad she didn't sleep with Kyle. Even though with all that's going on, I havn't slept that good I don't even remeber the last time I slept that good. I think after me and Liz found that orb. That's the last time I slept really good."

"That was like 7 or 8 months ago." Isabel said a little shocked.

"I know. Well here you go. Hope you have fun with your family." Max said and smiled.

"I most definitly will."

"Tell my brother-in-law and my nephew I said hello." Max said,
and Isabel laughed.

"Will do. Bye. Oh and tell my sister-in-law and niece I said hello." Isabel said and this time Max laughed

"Will do. Bye." and with that Max pulled out of the driveway and left

Alex's house

Isabel knocked on the front door. Then Alex opened it with a sleepy face on, but smiled instantly when he saw who it was.

"Hey." Alex said. They started kissing

"Hey. Did I wake you?" Isabel asked. Alex shut the door and they came inside

"No I had just gotten up to see if Alex was awake."

"Is he awake yet?"

"No. I was thinking to just let him sleep. Cause he was so
tired last night and all."

"Yeah that sounds like a good idea." Isabel said as she sat
down on the couch and grabbed the remote. Alex sat next to her and looped his arm around her. Isabel smiled at him.

"I missed this." Isabel said

"We never got to watch t.v. when we were together." Alex said

"No. I mean you putting your arm around me whenever you
felt like it. I missed 'US'."

"Yeah I did to. I can't wait to go to school. Every guy there is gonna be so jelous of me." Alex said smiling

"Oh is that all I am to you?" Isabel said playing back

"Well duh. I mean the only way I can go to the cool parties is
if I'm seen with you."

"Oh you just wanna be with me because you wanna go to all the cool parties."

"And because your bueatiful."

"Keep talking." Isabel scooted so that her back was touching his shoulder.

"The biggest reason of all is we can go walking in dark alleys,and if theres a robber there trying to take all my money, you can beat the guy up for me. I don't have to do a thing." Alex said and Isabel grabbed a pillow and hit him in the face

"You big goof." Isabel said laughing

"Yeah but you love this big goof."

"Nah I lied last night. I'm really just using you to get closer to
that guy in your band." Isabel said and Alex gave her a funny look like 'finish you sentence'

"Which guy?"

"You know the one that Maria was talking about. The one who wanted to get a buzz from breathing in and out." Isabel said and this time Alex hit her with a pillow

"That guys an idiot."

"I know."

"So what do you want to have for breakfast?" Alex asked whil starting to get up. Isabel followed.

"What do you have?" Isabel asked while jumping up to sit on the counter. Alex opened the pantry.

"We have Captin Crunch, Cocoa Pebbles, Fruity Pebbles, Lucky Charms, Trix and Cookie Crisp." Alex said then turned around to see Isabel with a weird face on


"What is it with you and ceral?"

"What there all very very good."

"Whatever. I'll have fruity pebbles." Isabel said. Alex grabbed Fruity Pebbles, plus Cocoa Pebbles, Captin Crunch and Cookie Crisp.

"What are you doing?" Isabel asked

"I'm gonna mix my cerals." Alex said like it was the most
normal thing in the world.

"I'm never eating with you again." Isabel said. Just then Alex jr. came into the kitchen

"Goodmorning Alex." Isabel said

"Why are you saying goodmorning to me. You've been here for at least 20 minutes now." Alex said. Isabel gave him a look that said 'your so stupid'.

"Not you nit-wit. Alex." Isabel said and pointed towards him.
Alex turned around

"Oh hey." Alex said. Alex jr. yawned

"Hi. I've never heard you call dad names. I've only heard aunt Maria and uncle Michael call eachother names." Alex jr. said and sat at the kitchen table.

"You mean there still like that?" Isabel asked

"I guess they'll always be like that." Alex jr. said

"You hungry?" Alex asked

"Yeah what do you have?"

"All he has is a bunch of ceral." Isabel said.

"Cool." Alex jr. said and got up to look at the choices.

"You wanna mix em?" Alex asked

"Yeah." Alex jr said. They both started bringing all the cerals
to the table.

"You guys are weird." Isabel said and sat at the table. They all sat down. Alex and Alex started pouring all the cerals into there bowls.

"Are you guys gonna be doing this all the time? In the future I mean." Isabel said

"Well only me and dad. The girls don't like to do it but they don't mind us doing it." Alex jr. said. Alex was puring Cocoa pebbles into his bowl when he relized that Alex jr. said 'THE GIRLS' and didn't lift the box up so the ceral went all over that place.

"ALEX!" Isabel shrieked. Alex jumped up.

"Great." Alex said. Alex jr. and Isabel started cracking up.

"I'll go get the broom." Alex said.

"No wait." Alex jr said. He moved his hand around and all the
Cocoa Pebbles that wasn't in the bowl were picked up into the air and dumped in the trash can.

"It's good to have powers." Alex jr. said. Isabel and Alex just stared at each other. "That happens alot. You get better at it when you have to clean up all the time." Alex jr. said

"I think you use your powers too much then." Alex said

"Recreationally." Alex jr. said. Isabel instantly got the joke and knew she must have still been saying that and burst out laughing. So did Alex jr.

"Ok ok you can stop now." Alex said. They did.

"So, the girls?" Alex asked. Alex jr. eyes lit up and he jumped up from the kitchen table and ran out of the kitchen

"What is he doing?" Isabel asked

"I don't know." Alex said. Alex jr. came back in with something
in his hands.

"Me Claudia Pacey and Sammy decided to bring a photo album
for you guys to see." Alex jr. said and sat inbetween Alex and

"This of corse is me..." he turned a few more pages" This is Carly Maria Whitmen. She just turned 11." they went through pictures of Carly growing up."This is Emile Isabel Whitmen. She's 7." turned some more pictures "This is Katherine Theresa Whitmen. After Tess.Everyone calls her Kat. She's only 4." turned some more pages "And last but not least, this is Stacey Alyssa Whitmen. She's only 10 months old." Then the rest of the pictures were of everyone together. Then the last picture was a family picture. Isabel and Alex were sitting next to each other, and Isabel was holding Stacey and Alex was holding Kat, and Emile was sitting next to Isabel and Carly was sitting next to Alex and the Alex jr. was standing behind all of them.

"This is such a great picture." Isabel said

"Yeah it really is." Alex said

"Pretty cool huh. Here you guys can look at it." Alex jr. said and went back over to his seat and started eating his ceral

"Four girls and one boy." Isabel wispered

"When people hear that I'm the only boy there like 'man I feel sorry for you'." Alex jr said

"Do you mind having four little sisters?" Isabel asked

"No I love it." Alex jr. said

"That's good." Isabel said.

"Yep. But in the future, can you keep them outta my
bathroom and bedroom. I'll lock the door but they always use there powers to get in. It's really annyoing." Alex jr. said

"All of you have powers?" Alex asked

"Yep." Alex jr said

"Oh god." Alex said. Isabel giggled. 'Now this is the life' Isabel

Liz's bedroom

Liz had just gotten out of the shower and tried to be as quiet as she could because Claudia was still sleeping. She couldn't believe this was happening to her. Just then she heard a little tapping on her window. She looked over there and saw Max. She ran over to the window and opened it.

"Hey Max."

"Hi." he looked over at the bed. "Oh I didn't know she was still sleeping." Max said

"It's ok. I'll come out there." Liz said and she went out on her balcony and sat down. Max sat a little bit aways from her, but in front of her.

"So I was telling Isabel this morning that I havn't slept a good nights sleep in months untill last night." Max said

"Oh." was all Liz could say. 'I hope he doesn't hate me.' Liz thought. But Max went on.

"Even when we weren't dealing with our enemies, I was thinking about us. Or lack of us. And I couldn't get the picture out of my mind that you slept with Kyle. Even after I asked you if you slept with Kyle, you still said you did. Why?" Max said. By this time her eyes were full of tears

"I wanted to tell you. You don't know how many times I tried to tell you. But the thing that kept stopping me was....well it was a couple of things. Future Max told me that Isabel and Michael died. That Michael had died in your arms...and I couldn't let that happen to them. I didn't want them to die. And I just remember the way that you were. Future Max, he was just He scared me because he was so sad. Like he had lost everything. And he did. That Max dissapeared into thin air. Literally. He's nothing now. He didn't go back to the future, he just dissapeared into nothingness. And he kept telling me that if I told you.... or anyone, that something bad would happen. And I didn't want any of that to happen. Max I'm so sorry for hurting you. It killed me to say all those things. It killed me to lie to you and I'm so so sorry." When Liz finished she was sobbing hard. Max had his own tears in his eyes. He went over to Liz and pulled her to him, her face in his chest.

"I'm so sorry I said those mean things to you. And I'm so sorry I lied to you Max." Liz cried into his chest. He rubbed her back.

"'s's ok." Max said

"Please don't be mad at me." Liz begged

"I'm not Liz. I'm happy. I'm happy that you didn't sleep with Kyle. You don't even know how releived I am."

"Do you forgive me?" Liz asked, looking up into his eyes.

"Yes." Max said and leaned down and kissed her. Liz flung her arms around him and started crying again. He rubbed her back.

"Why does this remind me of Maria all of a sudden. You hang out with that girl way to much." Max said. Liz started laughing. But then they heard another giggle. They looked over and Claudia was sitting up in the bed. Max and Liz came in through the window.

"Your right, it does remind me of Aunt Maria. Sorry I was eavesdropping. I heard you crying so I was listening to your conversation." Claudia said

"No. I'm sorry I woke you up." Liz said wiping her eyes.

"It's ok. Sooo are you guys like back together?" Claudia asked. Max and Liz stared at eachother for a minute and then both of them nodded there heads.

"Cool. I think it's the perfect time to show you what you
future holds." Claudia said. She got out of bed and went over to her backpack and brought it over to the bed and sat down in the middle.

"You guys sit down and I'll show you what's inside." Claudia said. They both sat on either sides of her. She pulled out a photo album and opened it.

"Ok this is me when I was a baby. Cute aren't I?" Claudia said.

"You look just like your mom." Max said and smiled at Liz.

"Well then I must be gorgous." Claudia said

"You guys are so cute." Liz said

"This is Matthew Nichols Evans. He's 12."

"Oh he's so cute. Looks just like his dad." Liz said

"Yeah but then he grew up." Claudia said and smiled at Max

"Me and him are buddies. Actually, every Friday I pick him up
from school and we come to the crashdown and eat lunch. It's pretty cool." Claudia said

"You pick him up?" Max asked

"Yep. For my 16th birthday you guys bought me a car. The
new volsewagon beatle. Silver. Very nice." Claudia said

"Wow we are nice parents." Liz said

"Yeah. I'm glad I got you guys." Claudia said "Now this is
Joshua Michael Evans. Me and mom and all the girls in the family call him Joshy. He's 7." Claudia said

"Oh he's so cute." Liz said

"Yep he is. I get the privalge of picking him up every
Wednesday. Along with Emile Whitmen, Sharon and Clay Valenti and three of the Guerin brats. Brenden Leslie and Jacob. I have to take aunt Maria's mini van. Michael and Maria's kids are so bad. There like, always using there powers to fight each other. Meeting Sammy, you'd be surprised about how she really acts. You should see her. Me and her would be in her room and a couple of the little ones would be trying to get into her room, they'd be slamming on the door, she's on her bed looking at a magizine, and all of a sudden she just raises her hand, without looking away from the magizine, and like heats up the door so they burn there hands. So then there all like, screaming in pain and she asks me is she should get that blue dress that a some supermodel is wearing. She is so bad. When she has to babysit she uses her powers to glue them to toilets and chairs and they stay there the whole time till Maria and Michael get home." Claudia said. Max and Liz started laughing.

"I'm not surprised there kids ended up like that. But what
does Michael and Maria do about it?" Liz asked

"Well Maria doesnt think it's all that funny when they use there powers on each other. So when she tells Michael to go up and talk to her, he gives her a high five. Saying that was so cool, you should have seen them running down the stairs holding there hands out saying Sammy burnt our hands, and crying up a storm." Claudia said

"That sounds exzactly like Michael." Max said.

"Yeah." Liz agreed

"Ok. And lastly, this is Jennifer Nancy Evans. She's only 10
months." Claudia said. They continued to turn the pages and on the last page was a family picture. Max was holding Jennifer, and Liz was sitting on a taller seat and had her left arm around Max and the other around Josh who was stading up. Matthew was stading behind Max, but had his head on his sholder, and Claudia was stading next to Josh, with her head leaning on Josh's.

"Wow. I can't believe I actually know what my kids are gonna
look like." Liz said

"I know." Max said

"Well my wonderful parents. You guys can go through these some more while I go take a shower." Claudia said and got up and handed the album to Max.

"Do you need some cloths?" Liz asked

"Yeah actually that would be great." Claudia said. Liz got a
purple t-shirt and some genes and handed them to her. Claudia went into the bathroom. Liz went over and sat next to Max. They looked at eachother and then kissed.

Michael's apartment

Michael was in a deep sleep when he heard a pounding noise. At first he thought he was just imagining it but then as he woke up more he relized that the noise was a knocking at the door. He looked over at his digital clock and it said 9:45. 'Who would be knocking at my door this early in the morning. God isn't even up yet.' Michael thought to himself. So Michael got himself out of his bed and went to the door. He opened it and saw someone holding a brown paperbag in front of there face. They pushed him out of the way.

"Took you long enough." the voice said. 'Maria' he thought. She walked into the kitchen and he followed.

"What are you doing here?" Michael asked her

"I have to be at work in 15 minutes so this was only time I could come. I had to bring you breakfast. You can't just let her be starving when she wakes up. That's not fair. Because knowing you you'd go out and get something and leave her here." Maria said and walked past him to look at the couch.

"Who?" he asked but she didn't seem to hear him. Then she turned back around to look at him

"You didn't even give her a t-shirt or boxers to sleep in. Gene lepord pants and a turtle neck sweater is uncomfortable. I know because I've tried to sleep in those pants and it's to hard." Maria babbled

"Who are you talking about?" Michael asked. Maria got a disgusted face on and then hit him in the head.

"Ow. What was that for?" he asked while rubbing his head

"Michael you idiot. I'm talking about our daughter." Maria said and moved aside so he could see the couch.'I completly forgot about her.' he thought

"Opps." Michael said quietly

"Opps!? Opps is all you can say. You forgot that our daughter was sleeping on your couch!?" Maria said

"God you sound like were married." he said and going back into his room. She followed him.

"Well we are.....well we will be. Michael please promice me
that you will be nice to her. Talk to her. I called Liz from my car and she said that Claudia was just saying how worried she was about Samantha because she's like never quiet and now she's always quiet and she said that if she was gonna be able to save us in the future she has to get her priorities straight." Maria said

"What are you talking about?" Michael asked

"Claudia was just telling Liz and Maz that they might not be able to save us because of Samantha. Samantha's not thinking straight and they don't know what she'll do when she see's Courtney. She might go and fight her or she might totally shut down. They don't know. That's why they came a few days before it actually happens so they can like, get through to her. Claudia said they only ones who she'll talk to are you and me. So can you try to see what's going on with her. Please. Were both gonna die if you don't try." Maria pleaded. 'How can I let Courtney kill Maria. I can't let that happen. I won't let that happen.' Michael nodded

"Yeah I'll try. But I don't think she likes me to much."

"She told me last night that she's just...well like your never
like that."

"Like what?" Michael asked confused

"Well when you just left the minute we got here to go take a shower last night. And in the car you didn't say one word to her. She was like he never acts like that. She was so sad. She said I thought he would be happy to see me. But he's not. Michael she thinks you don't like her."

"I barely know her."

"I understand that Michael. I do. I don't know her either. But I know she's my daughter. And I love her. Because she's my daughter. Just be nice to her. Be gentle. Just talk to her."

"What would we talk about?" Michael asked

"About anything. About future things. Like ask if Metallica is still around." Maria said and Michael instantly smiled

"Ask about movies, t.v. shows, what she likes to do, who she hangs around with. Ask her about what were like in that time. What everyones like in that time." Maria said

"Ok. I'll try." Michael said. Maria smiled, jumped and clapped ger hands silently and ran over to him and hugged him.

"Thank you so much." Maria said and kissed him.

"Oh my god it's 10:00. Mr. Parker is gonna be so mad. Ok so
in the bag there's some ceral, eggs, milk, cheese, orange juice, some bread and apple juice so you can make her some breakfast. And on the top are some genes and one of my tops so she can wear. And just incase she didn't bring anything, I got her some toothpaste and a toothbrush. Thank you again." She went over and they gave eachother a short kiss.

"I'll se you at the crashdown at 1:00. Bye." Maria said

"Bye."Michael said. 'What am I going to do now????'
Still Michael's apartment

Samantha woke up to talking. She reconized the voices as her mom and dad. But Maria was leaving. Great. Now her dad really won't talk to her if her mother wasn't there. What am I going to do.

"I can tell that your awake." her dad said

"No I'm not." Samantha said

"Yes you are. Get up." Michael said

"God's not up yet. Why should I?" Samantha asked

"I say that to. God's not up yet." Michael said. Samantha sat
right up and looked at him. She could tell it was to early. Just by looking at the way the sun shone.

"What time is it?" Samantha asked

"10:00" Michael said

"Oh. Well you say that all the time."

"I say 10:00 all the time?" Michael asked confused.

"NO." Samantha rolled her eyes and threw her pillow at him.
He cought it just after it hit him right in the face. Michael could tell she must have used a little power to throw it because it actually hurt.

"I mean, like when mom tries to get you up your always like 'Leave me alone, God's not even up yet. Go back to sleep'."

"Isabel says it to."

"Yeah I know. She actually pulled my hair one time when I
tried to wake her up." Samantha said

"Sounds like Isabel. So you want some breakfast?" Michael asked as we walked into the kitchen to look into the bag Maria had brought and saw the cloths on top of them. He took them out and turned around to see that Samantha had gotten up and satdown at the bar on one of the barstools and was watching t.v. He could tell it was MTV.

"Here Maria dropped these off so you could wear these." he said and handed her the cloths.


"Oh and Maria bought you a toothbrush and some toothpast
just incase you didn't have any." he said as he handed that to her to.


"So what do you want? Some eggs or ceral?"

"You don't mind making eggs?"

"No not at all." Michael said and started emptying out the bag. Right when he thought everything was out he felt something still in there. Three bottles of tabasco sause. Michael smiled.

"Do you like tabasco sause?" Michael asked

"That's the only way I can eat food." Samantha said

"Good because I'm all out and Maria bought some." he said and turned around and held the three bottles in her hand. Samantha smiled

"Our family goes through like 3 or 4 bottles a day of that
stuff. Mom hates it. She has to make dinner with a ton of tabasco in it and then some without tabasco for herself." Samantha said and giggled a little

"3 or 4? Why so many?" Michael asked confused. 'I sometimes can go through half of one a day. And with her maybe one, but not 3 or 4. No way.'

"Well we eat it. And so does Haley, Brenden, Leslie, Jacob,
Carson and Trevor." she said nochlontly

"Who the heck are they?" Michael asked. But Samantha didn't hear him because she started laughing at some music video.

"Hey isn't that Carson Daly?? That's who mom named Carson after. Wow he's cute."

"Samantha." Michael said a bit loudly. She snapped her head over and look at him startled.

"WHAT?" she shrieked

"Who are Carson and.... and.. and all those other people?"

"Your other kids. But if you want you can stop having kids after me. There all nothing but trouble. And I would love to be an only child." Samantha said

"You mean your not the only one?"

"Unfortunitly. Haley Theresa Guerin is 13 and is the biggest brat you've ever met in your life. And I'm just letting you know for further refrence, it was not me who set fire to the rug it was her and she totally blamed it on me the second I walked into the house." Samantha said and smiled at Michael and then kept going.

"Brenden Carter Guerin is 10 and he's alittle
punk.Allwaayss getting into trouble. He gets along great with
Clay and Kyle..." Samantha was interrupted by Michael

"I would never name my kid Kyle." Michael said. Samantha rolled her eyes.

"You didn't. Clay and Kyle are aunt Tess and uncle Kyle's kids. Well two of the brats anyways. Paceys not like them. Well..not to bad anyway.... then theres Leslie Brooke Guerin. She's 8. That girl has split personalities. She can be in my room with me,reading a magizine with me..then all of a sudden BAM. She just goes nuts. Breaking everything in my room, running around, turning everything different colors. She's awful. Mom blames it on you because she says that you have split personalities, but you blame it on her because she's a girl." Samantha said and smiled at Michael

"I do not have split personalities." Michael said

"Whatever. Then there's Jacob Brian Guerin. He's 5. He's the
boy version of Leslie. Sweet one moment, monster the next. Then Carson Nicolas Guerin. He's only 2 but he's a little brat. Always getting into everything and screaming for no reason. Just to annoy me. Then Trevor Lance Guerin. He's only 10 months old. But I'm sure when he grows up he's gonna be as bad as the rest of the little brats." Samantha said. Michael handed her some eggs and toast with a bottle of tabasco


"So how come you didn't turn out like them?" Michael asked

"Because I'm not stupid or retarted.I don't wanna run around
like an idiot and have people staring at me. These are really good. You still have your touch. Well you did have you touch. Do have. Always will. I'm not good at tences." Samantha said

"So where'd we get all these boy names? They sound like a
bunch of boy band names." Michael asked as he sat down on the other bar stool

"Mom picked them out. Brenden was this cute actor guy that
she loved and Carter you said made a good middle name. Jacob Brian... Jacob is from O-TOWN and Brian is from BACKSTREETBOYS. Carson is from Carson Daly and you thought it sounded nice with Nicholas. And Trevor Lance...
Trevor is also from O-TOWN and Lance is from N'SYNC."

"So she had more say in the names then I did?"

"Not really. My name you thought was really pretty, so you suggested it and mom loved it. Then my middle name you said Maria but she didn't think it sounded right so she compromiced, Marie. Then with Haley you picked her name and mom picked Theresa, after aunt Tess. But mom did pick Leslie Brooke. Because on the show popular, her favirote character was Brooke and her name was Leslie." Samantha said. They both laughed

"That sounds like Maria."

"At least she didn't name one of the boys Pacey. Or Dawson. I mean, you never hear those names anywhere besides Dawson's creek."

"Yeah. Why did Tess name him that?"

"She loved the name." Samantha said. But that's all she said.
She stopped talking. 'Ok ok what am I suppost to do now? She's not talking.'

"Are you ok?" Michael asked

"I guess. I have a question."


"Are you mad that I'm here?" Samantha asked and looked up
at him. 'Oh god. What am I suppost to say?'

"Why do you think that?"

"Because. Your not smiling."

"I never smile."

"Yes you do. You do all the time. You always smile."
Samantha said starting to get worked up.

"Your always smiling. You told me right before you died that when you found out that you were having me that's when you started smiling. But I didn't think that's what you really meant." Samantha said and as she relized what she slamed her mouth shut. Michael could tell she never wanted to tell anyone anything about what happened to him and Maria and Courtney in the future. Suddenly Michael felt the urge to hug his daughter. 'His Daughter'. He finally admitted. This is what that slut Courtney did to her. But he didn't know what to say to her. What could he say.

"I have to go to the bathroom." Samantha said and got up and ran to the bathroom. Michael just sat there for a few minutes. Then he got up started clearing the dishes. 'I think Maria might kill me because I just ran our daughter into the bathroom. Great.'

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Kyle's house

The sherrif woke up and came out into the living room to see Tess sleeping on the couch. 'Isn't she suppost to be in Kyle's bed? I think they've gone a little crazy.' he thought. He then left for work. Kyle woke up at the same time Pacey did.

"It's to early." Pacey mumbled

"I know what ya mean." Kyle said sitting up

"Do you think moms up yet?" Pacey asked sitting up

"Probley not. She loves her sleep."

"I know. She attacked you in her sleep once. You tried to get her up and she threw you across the room. It was so funny."

"Yeah yeah whatever." Kyle said getting up. Pacey followed
him down the hall and they looked over the couch. Tess was still sleeping.

"Wanna wake her up?" Pacey asked wiggling his eyebrows

"On 3.......1" Kyle said

"2" Pacey said

"3" they said together and jumped over the couch, onto Tess, and made her fall off the couch.

"Hey. Get off of me you idiots. I was sleeping. Oh my gosh... God's not even up yet and you guys are waking me up at the butt crack off dawn." Tess screamed

"Wow your pleasent in the morning." Kyle said

"AHEM." a vioce said behind them. It was the sherrif.

"Forgot my keys. Are you guys ok?" he asked

"Please get these bafoons off of me." Tess said

"I think I'm just gonna get on out of here." he tried

"I will slag you with my death ray eyes if you do not get them off of me." Tess threned. It worked. He went over to Pacey and helped him up and then did the same with Kyle. He sorta stared at Pacey while Kyle helped Tess up.

"You retard. You woke me up for no reason at all." Tess said and hit him in the head

"Hi grandpa." Pacey said. He loved scaring his grandpa. He knew he didn't believe that he was Kyle and Tess's kid, so it made it so much fun to scare him

"Who the heck are you?" he asked

"Your grandson, Pacey. Don't you remember me?" Pacey asked smiling

"Listen dad, why don't you sit down and we'll tell you what he's talking about." Kyle said

"Ok. But you sit on the other side of the table. As far away from me as you can be." he said pointing to Pacey. Pacey doubled over in laughter.

"Whatever you say grandpa." Pacey said

"AND DON'T CALL ME THAT." he yelled
They all satdown at the table and explained about Courtney and the granolith and then how time travel is possible and how him Claudia Samantha and Alex came back from the future to save Michael and Maria. After they said all that sherrif didn't say a word, he just got up and started walking

"Dad. Don't you have anything to say?" Kyle asked. He turned around

"I think that my life is crazy and I just want the world to stop so I can get off." and with that he left for work.

"Bye grandpa." Pacey shouted and he slammed the door.

"I love it. I love making him so crazy." Pacey said and started laughing. He started laughing so hard he fell out of his chair. Tess and Kyle started laughing but not hard.

"Man is it gonna be funny to watch him scaring my dad growing up." Kyle said

"Are you always like that towards him?" Tess asked

"Worse." Pacey said and started laughing even harder

"Oh gosh." Tess said put her head in her hands smiling.

Maria went to Michael's apartment to pick up Michael and Samantha and bring them back to Liz's house. Maria knocked on the door. Michael answered it.

"Hey Michael. So where's Samantha?" Maria asked

"She's on the back porch. I think she hates me." Michael said

"What? Why? What did you do Michael?" Maria asked and sat down on the couch

"I swear I didn't mean to do anything. She just asked me if I was mad about her being here and I asked her why she thought that and she said because I don't smile and I told her I never smile and she got real upset at me saying I used to smile all the time...." Michael just stopped

"And?? What elce." Maria asked. 'He was babbling. I've never heard Michael talk that much.' Maria thought. Michael looked at Samantha and then sat down next to Maria

"She said that right before I died I had said something to her like she was one of the reasons that I smile. Maria I don't think she meant to tell me that because then she like burst into tears and ran into that bathroom. After like a half in hour she came out and then went back in and like put those cloths on and came out here and has been sitting out there ever since." Michael wispered. Maria let out a deep breath

"She's like really messed up." Maria said

"What are we gonna do? Should I like aplogize or something to her?" Michael asked

"Maybe. I don't know. We'll think of something when the time comes." Maria said and got up.

"Hey Samantha." Maria said as she went out to his back porch.

"Hey." Samantha said

"You ready to go?" Maria asked

"Yeah." Samantha said and got up. Maria was walking to the car with Michael just a little bit behind her when they heard Samantha say it

"Shot gun." Samantha said. Michael and Maria instantly stopped and turned around slowly.

"Don't you know what shotgun means?" Samantha asked

"Of course we do." Maria said

"I'm not sitting in the back." Michael said

"Yes you are. She's driving and I said shotgun. You now have to ride in the backseat." Samantha said folding her arms.

"Na uh. Your sitting in the back." Michael said

"That's the rules. Whoever says shotgun first gets to ride in the front. I said it before you did so I get to sit in the front seat." Samantha said

"Sorry Michael. But those are the rules." Maria said. Michael jerked his head over to the side

"What?" Michael asked. Samantha started moving over to the door.

"No you don't." Michael said but Samantha used her powers to freeze him.

"Do you ever learn?" Samantha asked and sat in the seat. Then unfreezed him.

"How'd you do that?" Michael asked

"I've had alot of practice with you." Samantha said from the car. Maria started laughing and got in the seat. After a minute Michael came in and sat in the backseat.

"I'll get you back." Michael said

"How?" Samantha asked

"With my powers." Michael said

"Mom said if you ever used your powers on me or the others she'd pull your hair out and then kill you with her bare human hands. Then let me bring you back and kill you again." Samantha said. Maria burst out laughing.

"Shut up Maria." Michael said and sat back in the seat. The rest of the ride to Liz's was not fun for Michael. Every couple of minutes Maria would start laughing because she couldn't hold it in anymore. She would say out loud 'she told you'. Samnatha just sat there with a little smile on her face.
Liz's apartment.

Liz Max and Claudia are waiting for everyone to get there
"Hello." Alex jr. said as he walked into the apartment

"Alex you can't just walk into someones house. That's rude. Havn't I tought you anything?" Isabel asked

"No not really." Alex jr. said. Isabel hit him in the head

"Now that's really my son." Alex said. Then Isabel hit him

"Where is everyone?" Isabel shouted

"Were in here." Claudia said

"Give it back. I had it first." they heard Claudia say. They
walk into the livingroom to see that Claudia attacked Max.

"Give it back." Claudia said

"No. I don't wanna watch Real World. I've already seen every episode." Max said moving the remote

"But I've never seen the San Franciso season. They never show the first couple of seasons anymore so give it back so I can watch them." Claudia said struggling for the remote. Alex looked over to see Liz sitting on the couch eating twizlers.
Lix looked up and Isabel asked her with her eyes what's going on?

"They have been fighting for the remote for last 15 minutes. As long as I'm not in the middle I don't care what they do." Liz said

"Claudia. Just do what Sammy does to uncle Michael." Alex jr. said.

"Why didn't I think of that." Claudia said and used her powers to make Max's body go stiff to where he couldn't move anything. Then she made him open his hands and she grabbed the remote and hopped on the couch and changed the channel back to MTV.

"Hey. Come on. Let me go." Max begged. Everyone started laughing

"Stop laughing whatever you have to do to let me get up." Max said. Alex jr. went over and put his feet over Claudia and laid his head on a pillow.

"If you don't let me go I'm..... I'm..." Max said

"Your gonna do what? You can't even get up." Claudia said laughing. "Go Puck." she said

"I'll ground you." Max said

"You can't ground me. First your stuck down there, second your only 17 and I'm 16 so you can't ground me." Claudia said

"Well then I'll ground you in the future. Just let me go." Max shouted

"After Real World. And since it's every single episode, that should be about 2:00 in the morning." Claudia said

"CLAUDIA!" Max shouted

"Ok ok. Gosh you don't have to yell." Claudia said. Then she let Max go. He got up

"Now. Give me the remote." Max said and lunged for Claudia trying to get the remote. Alex jr. stood up on the couch.

"Kill uncle Max." Alex jr. shouted and jumped onto Max's back. The three of them started wrestling around, and ended up falling on Liz.


"I'm coming." Isabel said. She went over to the other side of the couch to grab Liz. But someone grabbed her and she was pulled into the fight. Alex went over and pulled the coffe table out of the way so when they fell they had the whole livingroom floor to fight on. He just stood back and watched. And sure enough they fell on the floor, everyone kicking and screaming.

"Hey what's going on?" Kyle asked as he came in the room. Tess and Pacey were behind him.

"Alright. Dog pile." Pacey shouted and ran and jumped on everyone.

"Pacey you dork." Claudia yelled

"Ha ha. There so stupid." Tess said. But in a funny way. Kyle looked over at Alex and they got a sparkle in there eyes. Tess was watching the group fighting so she didn't notice anything untill Alex and Kyle picked her up.

"OH NO. PUT ME DOWN." Tess shreiked but they dumped her
into the group heard first.

"Mommy." Pacey yelled in a funny voice.

"Shut up Pacey. Kyle and Alex I hate you." Tess screamed. But you couldn't really make out where she was.

"Hey." Alex jr shouted

"Not you the older one." Tess shouted.

"This is to funny." Alex said

"Why don't you go join them Whitmen." Kyle said. Before Alex could react he was pushed into to group.

"Thanks stupid." Alex shouted from somewhere. Kyle scooted back and then went running for the group.

"Here I come." and landed on top of everyone.
Maria Michael and Samantha were walking upstairs to Liz's apartment.

"What is all that noice?" Maria asked

"You jerk get off of me."

"Let go of my leg."

"Help I'm with a bunch of idiots."

"Stop biting me."

"Kyle broke my nail."

"You jerk."

"Hey someone took my sock."

"Get off me Kyle."

"Pacey get off of me."

"Alex let go."

"I want that stupid remote."

"I'm not watching Real World."

"What are they doing in there?" Michael asked. They went inside and saw everyone in the livingroom.

"Can't we all just get along?"

"I want to watch Real World."

"I've already seen it."

"Just watch Road Rules."

"It's not on."

"Pacey let go."

"Kyle get off of me." Everyone shouted. You couldn't really tell who said what.

"Samantha. Help us. Get in here." someone yelled. Michael and Maria looked at Samantha. She silently took off her jacket and sat down and untied her boots. Then stood up and went backwards, then ran over to the group, jumped in the air and landed on top of everyone and then sunk into everyone one.

"Oh my gosh. I think everyone has offically lost it." Maria said laughing.

"You think so?" Michael asked. Maria looked over at him and knew what he was gonna do.

"Oh no. No you don't MichAEL." Maria screamed. Michael picked her up and threw her over her shoulders and threw her in. Michael stood there and laughed for a minute but then someone grabbed him and pulled him in. He to was in the big fighting group now.

"Pacey get off of me."

"My shoes are gone."

"Give me the remote."


"My hair."

"Kyle you big goon."

"Alex let me go."


"Your butt is in my face."

"My leg doesn't bend that way."

"It does now."

"Ouch Pacey."

"Let me out of here."

"Kyle get away from me."

"You broke another nail you jerk."


"Butt head."


"Get off of me."

"Pacey let go."

"Michael stop."

"Samantha stop scratching me."

"Maria don't bite me."

"Tess don't pull my ear."

"Isabel stop kicking me."

"Ouch don't scream in my ear Liz."

"Claudia give me the remote."


"Maria don't bite me."

"HA us girls are getting you back."

"Kyle get off of me."

"Pacey get your butt out of my face."

It went on like that for twenty minutes. Then Liz managed to pull herself out of there. Which she thought was very strange because whenever you almost got out someone pulled ou back in. Liz sat far away from the group and then saw Isabel crawling out over to her.

"How on earth did we manage to get out?" Isabel asked

"I don't know. But why aren't you still in there. You strong. Use your powers." Liz said

"Nah, don't feel like it."

"I'm out. But I think the remotes still in there somewhere." Claudia said.

"Ah man I'm the first guy out." Alex said

"But at least it's getting smaller." Lix said. Alex. jr. came crawling over to them

"Samantha and Claudia bit me. Right after aunt Maria did." Alex jr. said and showed them his leg.

"I could have kept going." Alex jr. said

"Those girls are dangerous. There like eating us alive in there." Max said as he came crawling over there.

"You guys can defeat evil aliens but you can't beat Maria and Tess?" Alex asked

"There more dangerous then any other alien in the world." Max said

"Hey it's the future Valenti's against the future Guerins." Alex shouted at them. Instantly Maria stopped biting Michael and started hitting Kyle.

"DeLuca your hurting me." Kyle screamed.

"That's for my carebare in fifth grade you punk." Maria screamed.

"That's scary that it's the six of them that's still left." Liz said

"Bet you 10 bucks uncle Michael aunt Maria and Samantha are the last one's in there." Alex jr. said. Everyone laughed
After a while Kyle came crawling out and over to the tired group.

"There animals in there." Kyle panted

"Uncle Kyle's out." Alex jr. said

"Aren't you on the wrestling team?" Max asked

"Yeah but we aren't allowed to bite, hit, kick, scratch and every other thing a girl does to win a fight." Kyle said

"Like scream in your ear?" Alex jr. asked. Everyone laughed

"That would be one of the Guerin womens doing." Kyle said. Then Tess came crawling out.

"Ok they are all sicos in there." Tess said and laid down

"Aunt Tess is out. Just waiting for Pacey." Alex jr. said

"Ok it's the guys against the girls now." Alex shouted.

"I'm gonna kill you Whitmen." Michael shouted

"Not after I kill you first butthead." Maria shouted and took a flying leap onto Michael. Pacey Samantha Michael and Maria were fighting like crazy.

"Come on Pacey. Grab her hands. Get her back for biting me ear." Alex jr. said

"Ooh Michael bite Maria for me." Kyle shouted. After a while Pacey came out crawling.

"I can't fight them alone. There mean." Pacey said and laid down.

"Told ya. I'm good. Now you guys owe me ten bucks." Alex jr said

"Alex no one bet you." Kyle said

"Oh yeah." Alex jr. said. Everyone laughed
Then Samantha just got up and walked over to the group and plopped herself down and smiled.

"How can you not be tired?" Isabel asked

"Sammy does that all the time. She can take uncle Michael and aunt Maria any day. She's the one who always wins in the dog pile." Alex jr. said

"Always. I even have the remote." Samantha said smiling, pulling it out from behind her back.

"See. I'm the best." Samantha said. Max went a lunge for the remote but Samantha saw him and used her powers to freeze him and he fell.

"Not again. Let me go." Max yelled

"Nah that's ok. So who wanted this anyways?" Samantha asked

"Me. I wanted to watch the Real world. They still show the San Fransico cast." Claudia said.

"No way." Samantha said

"That's so cool." Pacey said. So Claudia Samantha Pacey and Alex jr. got up and jumped over Michael and Maria and sat on the couch to watch Real World. Tess Kyle and Alex went to.

"Could someone please let me go?" Max yelled

"I won. HA. I beat Michael Guerin." Maria shouted

"Get off of me. Ooh Real World." Michael said. Maria and
Michael laid up aginst the couch and watched the t.v. Isabel got up and went over to watch to

"Hello person still down here." Max yelled.

"Hey are you like frozen or something?" Michael asked

"Yes. Claudia did it." Max said

"Samantha did that to me to sit in the front seat." Michael said

"I learned to do it from Samantha." Claudia said

"Well let me up." Max yelled. Claudia rolled her eyes and used her powers to move Max over to Michael and Maria.

"There. Now you can watch Real World with us." Claudia said

"Unfreeze me." Max said. Claudia looked at him and Max's voice was gone

"Hey what did you do to him?" Liz asked

"When he calms down and relizes that he can't beat me then
I'll unfeeze him and let him talk. But untill then he stays like that. Shh." Claudia said. Liz laughed and went over and sat next to Max and smiled. He gave her a dirty look.

Still at Liz's house. The episode of Real World that was on ended so Cladia decided that it was time for there little "meeting". So she unfroze Max. Everyone was sitting around the living room.

"So.. where do we start?" Alex asked the group.

"How about after Michael takes Courtney to the granolith. What happened after that?" Max asked. Samantha tensed up at the mention of Courtney's name. Claudia waited a minute before she started.

"Well, after she's in the granolith, she... well.... aunt Maria or uncle Michael didn't really tell me what happened right after that." Claudia said. She knew that they had told Samantha, but she didn't want to make her talk if she didn't want to.

"They told me. See, after she got like all better and everything, she sorta...well....started to like, stalk him you can say. She got her job back at the crashdown. Which Maria hated. Michael didn't really care. But she was flirting with him ten times more then when you first met her. See he didn't like her, he liked Maria. They started to get real close again and Courtney hated it. So a couple of months went by and her stalking habbits got worse. He'd be sleeping and wake up to find her there. Just watching him. He told her to stop because he didn't want her. He wanted Maria. So one night Courtney followed Maria home and went into her house. That night was when all the trouble started. Courtney threatened Maria to stay away from Michael or elce she would kill her. So she got scared. And stayed away." Samantha finished and leaned back against the couch. "There's alot more deatails..but nothing important." Samantha finished

"So that was when Larek took over Brody's body again and told Max that his people had killed Kivar and that he could come back to there home planets with the granolith. All of them had two weeks to decide if they wanted to go or not. They would send a ship down to get them. So the four of you had to decide if you wanted to go home or not. Dad didn't want to go because he didn't want to leave mom." Claudia said

"And my mom wasn't gonna go if Max wasn't gonna go and she didnt want to leave dad." Alex jr. said

"And my mom asked my dad is he wanted her to stay and he said yes so she stayed." Pacey said

"But Michael and Maria weren't all that close anymore. Because of Courtney. But Michael wasn't gonna be the only one to leave. So he asked Maria to give him a reason to stay. That's when she finally told him that Courtney had been threatning her all these months. So they got back together. Shortest version" Samantha said

"So when the ship came, they gave the granolith back. Courtney was walking onto the ship when she noticed Michael wasn't there. Because last she knew she was going. She asked him why wasn't he coming home. He said because he had a reason to stay. He went over and stood by Maria and she noticed that they were back together. She started yelling at all of them and said one day she would be back. She got on the ship and wasnt heard from for like maybe 12 or 13 years." Claudia said

"So then what happened?" Tess asked

"Well you all got married and had a bunch of kids-"Claudia was interrupted

"Kids. As in I have more?" Maria asked. Pacey Alex and Claudia all looked at Samantha

"Didn't you tell them anything?" Pacey asked

"I told Michael. But I didn't get a chance to tell Maria yet." Samantha said. That's when Michael and Maria both relized that all the other kids call there parents mom and dad except for her.

"Well make sure you do. And show them the photo album to." Pacey said

"There's an album too. And Michael all ready saw it." Maria said getting mad

"I didn't see it yet. Don't freak out." Michael said

"Where is it?" Maria asked

"At Michael's apartment." Samantha said

"Oooh I am defintitly coming over there later." Maria said

"Ok. So anyway, as Courtney said that she'd be back, she
was." Claudia started.

"I'm not reliving this again." Samantha said and got up and headed for the door. Alex jr. instantly got up and followed.

"What are we gonna do?" Pacey asked Claudia.

"Maybe one of you should go talk to her. The two people she trusts most are uncle Michael and aunt Maria." Claudia said

"You want me to go?" Maria asked Michael, expecting him to say yes.

"No I'll go." Michael said and got up and followed them.
Alex chased Samantha down the steps.
"Samantha wait." he said and cought up to her, grabbed her right arm and swung her around and she grabbed onto him for dear life and started crying really really hard. He just rubbed her head and back.

"Samantha it's alright. Were gonna get them back. You don't have to worry about that." he said and she pulled back to look at him.

"But what if something goes wrong and she kills him right there? Or if we do kill her and we go back and there still dead? What's going to happen then. They can't die. I need them Alex." she said and he pulled her back. They heard someone cough. They turned around to see Michael

"Can I talk to her?" Michael asked. Alex looked at Samantha and she nodded. Alex walked back upstairs

"You wanna sitdown?" Michael pointed to the couch. She sat down. He sat next to her.

"Are you ok?" Michael asked

"Not really."

"Do you wanna talk about it?"

"I don't know." she said 'man this is gonna be harder then I thought.'

"I'm sorry I made you so upset this morning. I didn't mean to."

"It's alright." she said. She raised her knees up to her chest. Michael could tell that she was shaking a little bit.

"You want my jacket. It's upstairs. I can go get it for you." Michael said. Then her lip started quvering. She shook her head no. 'I can't let her cry' Michael thought. Then he grabbed the small girl into his arms and let her cry. He just held her for about ten minutes untill her crying lessoned.

"Are you ok now?" Michael asked

"A little." she said and sat up. She put her feet down and wiped her eyes

"Thanks. I needed that. I've just had this all inside and I don't want to cry but..." she said

"It's ok. You can cry infront of all of us. The only one I havn't seen cry yet is Alex." Michael said

"I just felt like if I started crying, I might never stop ya know?"

"Yeah. Well if you feel the need to cry..or talk.. I'll listen." Michael said. He was trying to be so careful with her. He didn't want to say the wrong thing

"I'm just really scared." she said


"Because there can be a million things that could go wrong.
And I need you guys so much. I don't want anything to happen to you guys." she said

"Hey, nothing's gonna happen to us. When you go back me and Maria are gonna be there waiting for you ok?" he said and she nodded

"I have a question." Michael said


"How come you don't call me and Maria mom and dad?"

"I thought you wouldn't want me to."

"No it's alright. I mean you can if you want."

"Really?" Samantha asked all excited


"Thanks." she said and gave him a hug.
Back in Liz's livingroom
"She is really worring me." Claudia said with her head in her hands.

"What did that slut do to her?" Tess asked outloud

"I don't know but the moment I see her I'm gonna-" Maria was interrupted

"No your never gonna see her. You can't. The day Courtney comes back only Michael and the four of us will see her. None of you can go anywhere near his apartment." Claudia said

"But-" Maria said

"No. If you go there it could mess everything up. All of you have to promice me that when the day comes that none of you will go near his apartment and stay here. You could mess up everything. So promice me." Claudia said

"Promice." Max said

"I promice." Liz said

"Me too." Isabel said

"Yeah I promice." Tess said

"Agree." Alex said

"Definitly. I'm not going anywhere near that apartment with a bunch of aliens fighting." Kyle said. Claudia looked at Maria.

"Ok ok I promice." Maria said and got up. "I'm gonna go see if there ok." Maria said and went downstairs to see Michael and Samantha on the couch hugging.

"AHEM." Maria said. They both looked up

"I'm not interrupting anything am I?" Maria asked.

"No not at all." Samantha said. Michael and Samantha got off
the couch and Samantha stood right infront of Maria. She was as tall as Maria. Then Samantha gave her a hug. Maria hugged back.

"I guess this means your alright." Maria said. Samantha looked back

"I'm fine mom." Samantha said. Maria was getting teary eyed and looked over at Michael

"That is the sweetest thing I've ever heard." Maria said

"Ok let's go back upstairs." Michael said. Maria went first with Samantha and then Michael behind her. Maria walked in and then when Samantha walked in Pacey came out from the side and scared her and Samantha screamed a loud long scream.

"Pacey you jerk." she yelled and started hitting and kicking him. Then started walking away and Pacey jumped on her back. She walked with him on her back to where everyone was in the kitchen and then let him down and sat down in Alex jr's. lap. She smiled at him

"You ok now?"

"I'm getting there." Samantha said

Everyone still at Liz's house. Back into the livingroom.

"So tell us exzactly what's gonna happen the day that...."Max stopped. He didn't wanna say Courtney's name cause he didn't wanna make Samantha upset again. But everyone knew what he was trying to say.

"Ok. Me, Pacey Alex and Samantha are gonna be sitting in
front of Michael's bed, but right behind the wall so she doesn't see us. So Michael can't let her back into where his bedroom is. After a while, she'll start getting mad becasuse you won't tell her where the granolith is. When she shoots her powers at you, were gonna come out from behind the wall and freeze the power that she shoots at you. Then, with our powers combined, were simply going to push her powers at her and it will kill her. It's really rather easy." Claudia said.

"What was that shield you told us about?" Liz asked

"Ok. With me, Alex, Samantha ,Pacey, Tess, Isabel and Max's powers together, were gonna use our powers to put a shield over his entire body. Just incase her power hits him. But the only reason we wanna catch the power before it hits him is because once she sees us,then she'll start throwing out tons a power every which way. So we gotta catch her really quick." Cladia said

"Seems simple enough." Maria said a worry in her voice. Claudia cought on right away.

"Don't worry aunt Maria, everything will be fine."

"So if this works out the way you planned, when she dies are you guys just gonna disapear?" Liz asked

"Disapear?" Claudia repeated

"Yeah, when future Max came to me, when his mission was done, he disapeared into thin air." Liz said

"No. After will kill-" Claudia stopped and looked at Samantha.

"Slut-face." Samantha said as matter of factly

"Slut-face?" Claudia asked

"Yes. Thats what were gonna call her from now on." Samantha said

"Ooohhh I like it.....sorry." Maria said. Michael laughed

"Ok then. After we kill.... slut-face, we'll be kinda worn out. Our powers will be. So untill were fully recharged, then the four of us will use our powers to go back home." Claudia said.

"And Maria and Michael will be there right?" Isabel asked

"I don't see any reason why they shouldn't be there. Just the next time "we" see you, we'll be wearing different cloths, and we'll have to remind you that in "our" time we just came back from 2001. But you guys will know exzactly what were talking about." Claudia said

"So then Maria and Michael will be back?" Isabel asked again

"Courtney won't-" Claudia was interrupted by a pillow hitting her face.

"Hey." Claudia said

"We do not use her real name remember!" Samantha said. A couple people laughed

"Anyways, shut-face won't be there to kill them in the future, so they'll be alive." Claudia said

"Good." Isabel said and leaned back aginst the couch. Alex put his arm around her and she smiled at him.

"So is that all we need to know?" Maria asked

"Yep. That's pretty much it. So anymore questions" Claudia asked

"Yeah, how come your the one with all the information?" Alex asked

"Because I'm the oldest."

"And because I tried to be the person in charge and she pinched me." Alex jr. said. Everyone laughed

"Anymore seriuos questions?" Claudia asked.

"What day is this happening?" Michael asked

"Tuesday. Our powers should be fully recharged by Firday so we can just go home on Saturday." Claudia said

"So we have a whole week with you guys" Liz said

"Yep. Anything elce?" everyone shook there heads." Real World." Claudia said

"Oh come on not again." Max complained

"I'll freeze you again." Claudia said

"But I hate watching the San Fransico cast. It's boring." Max

"Does it look like I care?"

"Oh look, the perfect family fighting." Maria said. Pacey Alex Samantha and Claudia all looked at eachother and there faces lit up. Everyone noticed

"Oh God what did I say" Maria asked

"Do you guys wanna hear a bunch of stories. About like the whole family I mean?" Claudia asked. Everyone nodded there heads. "So this is what I think we should do. Samantha Michael and Maria go back to Michael's apartment and show aunt Maria the photo album and then everyone can come back here and the four of us can tell you guys about all the cute funny horror sories all night long." Claudia said getting really excited.

"You mean have everyone spend the night here?" Liz asked

"Yeah. I mean, uncle Michael doesn't have to ask anyone,and uncle Alex's parents are out of town, uncle Kyle and aunt Tess can tell his dad the truth and he'll let them come over. And aunt Isabel can tell her mom the truth except for the guys part and uncle Max can say he's spending the night at uncle Michael's house and aunt Maria can tell her mom that she's staying her too." Claudia said

"Come on Liz it will be so much fun." Maria begged. Liz hessitated

"Ok fine." Liz said

"Ok were leaving." Maria said standing up

"I call shotgun." Samantha said

"Na uh. You can't do that again." Michael protested

"I called it first."

"Then for the rest of the time your here I call shotgun." Michael said crossing his arms

"You can't do that stupid. You can only call it when your gonna get in the car." Samantha said

"I thought you could only call shotgun if you can see the car." Alex said. Michael and Samantha looked at eachother then went running for the door.

"You cheater."

"Am not"

"Are too." they shouted on the way down to the car.

"Great now I'm gonna have a fight on my hands. I think I'll put them both in the backseat." Maria said and everyone laughed. She started to walk away. "Wonder if I'm gonna have to deal with this in the future." Maria wispeared to herself but some people heard it.

"YES!" Alex Pacey and Claudia said. Everyone laughed

"Goodbye everyone." Maria said then everyone heard it

Samantha yell.

"Wonder what took them so long." Liz wondered

"Probley froze him. See you guys later." Maria said as she
shut the door.

"How about all of you guys go home and get your stuff." Liz said

"Trying to kick us out Liz" Kyle said

"No I was.." Liz tried to say

"Kidding. Come on Tess and Pacey. We'll be back later."Kyle

"Bye" Tess said

"Come on Max I wanna start packing my stuff." Isabel said

"Your only coming for one night Isabel, you don't need to pack that much." Max said

"Just come on. Bye guys." Isabel said and kisses Alex

"Bye." Max said and kisses Liz.

"We're going to. Bye ladies." Alex said. Alex jr. follows him

"So how about we go to the store and get some food for tonite." Liz said

"Ok" Claudia said and they left.

Michael's apartment.

"Ooohh go get the album now Samantha." Maria squieled

"Hang on I'm getting it......Ok here it is." Samantha said and sat on the floor. Michael and Maria sat on both sides of her.

"Ok this is me.....and this is Haley Theresa Guerin. She's 13 and little snot." Samantha said

"But she's so pretty." Maria said

"Yeah but that doesn't mean anything. And next is Brenden Carter Guerin. 10 years old and a little punk."

"Wow he looks just like Michael. He even has spikes. He's so cute" Maria says. Samantha laughs.

"This is Leslie Brooke Guerin. She's 8 years old but a real monster............This is Jacob Brian Guerin. 5 years old and already a little rodent."

"You really don't like them do you?" Michael asked

"Well if they were more quiet and nice and not acting like brats then I would like them. They listen to you guys most of the time. But they never listen to me. This is Carson Nichols Guerin. He's only 2.......And last is Trevor Lance Guerin. 10 months old." Samantha finished. They looked through the next few pages and on the last one was a family picture. Maria was holding Trevor, and Michael was sitting behind her and holding Carson on his knee. Jacob was sitting right next to Carson, infront. Leslie was leaning on Michael's back and Brenden was sitting in front of Maria. Haley and Samantha were standing in the back and Samantha was by Michael.

"This picture is so pretty." Maria wispered

"Yeah it would be better if 6 of them weren't there." Samantha said.

"Oh come on they can't be that bad all the time." Maria said

"Just 99.9 percent of the time. I do love them and all, but they just get on my nerves sometimes." Samantha said

"Ok Michael. Go get your stuff to spend the night at Liz's. Then we'll get something at my house." Maria said.

Max and Isabel's house. Isabel walks into the kitchen with Max following her.

"Hey mom" Isabel said

"Oh hi hunny. Hi Max." Diane said

"Mom can I spend the night at Liz?" Isabel asked

"Liz Parker. I've never heard you wanting to hang out with Liz." Diane said

"Not just Liz, but Maria and Tess to."

"I didn't know you even liked Maria. And I thought you didn't even hang out with Tess anymore."

"Mom I do all the time. And I like Maria. Alot actually. So can I spend the night tonite or what?"


"Thanks mom." Isabel said and hugged her mom. "I'm gonna go pack my stuff." Isabel said and left the kitchen

"I'm gonna spend the night at Michael's tonite mom." Max said

"Where's Alex and Kyle gonna be?" she asked

"Probley at home sleeping." he said with a confused look.

"And where are the girls gonna be?" she asked again

"At Liz's." he said. 'Oh gosh she knows'

"And where are you and Michael sleeping?" she asked one more time

"Mom and Michael's apartment." he said 'if only she knew'

"You've never slept at Michael's."

"Mom it's not that big of a deal."

"I don't know."

"Please?" Max asked

"Ok. But your staying at Michael's and letting those girls have fun ok."


"Have fun." she said to him as he left the kitchen

Kyle, Tess and Pacey walk into Kyle's front door and sees Jim sitting on the couch.

"Hey dad. Home on your break?" Kyle asked

"Yeah." he said

"Hi." Tess said

"Oh hi Tess."

"GRANDPA." Pacey yelled and ran over to him and sat on his

"Get off me." he said

"Aaaahhh. Don't you love me?" Pacey asked in a sad voice

"NO." he said

"Oh come on." Pacey said. Kyle and Tess are laughing at him

"Someone please kill me." Jim mumbled into his hands.

"Come on now. Tell your grandson you love him." Pacey said

"Control this kid you two." he said to Kyle and Tess

"Pacey, leave your grandpa alone for a minute." Tess said

"Ok." Pacey said

"You don't mind if I spend the night at Liz's house tonite do
you?" Tess asked

"Your kidding right?" he asked

"No why?" she asked

"Oh come on. Even I can tell that the two of you hate each
other." he said. Pacey and Kyle laughed to themselves a little. Tess was trying to think os something to say.

"Well everyone's gonna be there. Including the boys." she said

"The boys... and the girls?" he said

"Well yeah. See remember when we said that Pacey wasn't the only one that came? That Claudia Alex and Samantha came with him? Well were all gonna hang out with them tonite." Tess said

"You wanna go to right?" he asked Kyle

"Yeah can I?" Kyle asked

"As long as Pacey isn' know....come tonite." he said

"Oooh groose." Pacey said covering his ears and walked away.

"No Pacey tonite dad." Kyle said

"That won't happen till 2004." Tess said

"You mean in three years I'm gonna have that as my grandson." He said as he points his thumb backwards in the direction that Pacey went.

"Well, he won't be able to talk for a while." Kyle said and went into his room.

"Thanks." Tess said and gave him a hug.

"Your welcome." he said and she got up.
20 minutes later****************

"We'll see you tomorrow dad." Kyle said

"Bye. And you two remember what I said." he told them

"We will." Kyle and Tess both said.

"Yuck." Pacey said. He runs over to Jim and gives him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Bye grandpa. See ya tomorrow."

"Oh god." he said as they left

Liz's apartment. Liz and Claudia are in the kitchen

"I can't believe we bought so much food." Claudia said as she laid the last bag on the kitchen table.

"Well I've seen the way Max Michael Alex and Kyle eat. And Pacey and Alex are probley just like there dads right?" Liz asked

"Yeah, pretty much." Claudia said laughing

"Maris will probley eat alot too"

"Yeah so does Sam."

"So I think everyone's just gonna pig out tonite. So I made
sure I bought enough food for everyone." Liz said, starting to put food away.

"I'm so excited about tonite. I mean I get to see what you guys were like as teenagers. How cool is that." Claudia said getting excited.

"ANYONE HERE?" they heard Alex yell

"KITCHEN." Liz yelled back

"Hey... Wow alot of food." Alex said as he came into the kitchen

"Ooooh Starburst." Alex jr. said running over to the startburst and tearing the open.

"I told mom to get them just for you." Claudia said

"Cool... thanks." Alex jr said

"You wanna know what I spent 20 bucks on?" Liz said

"What?" Alex asked

"Tabasco sause." Liz said

"Alright I love it." Alex jr. said taking a bottle and putting some on a starburst.

"That is so groose." Liz said.

"Hey, don't knock it till you've tried it." Alex jr. says. He hands her a starburst with a drop of tabasco.

"Yuck that's disgusting. That thing tastes like crap." Liz said spitting it out into the sink.

"Whatever. It tastes great." Alex jr said eating more.

"I'm with Liz." Alex said

"Hey guys." Kyle said walking into the kitchen.

"Wow look at all the food." Pacey said

"Alright." Kyle said

"What's wrong with her." Pacey asked pointing to Liz with her head in the sink.

"She had startburst with tabasco." Claudia said.

"It wasn't even that much. Just a drop." Alex jr said

"Where's Tess?" Alex asked

"Downstairs in the Crashdown. She just satdown in one of the booths." Kyle said

"Why?" Claudia asked

"I don't know. I think she wanted some coffee or something. Will you got get her Liz?" Kyle asked

"Why me?" Liz asked, wiping her mouth off.


"Because??.....Why?" Liz asked him

"Please?" Kyle asked

"Whatever." Liz said and started walking downstairs. 'Why would Kyle want me to get Tess? I still hate her. I mean she did try to steal Max from me. I don't want to talk to her. I didn't even want her to spend the night tonite.

"Kyle wanted me to come get you." Liz said as she saw Tess in one of the booths.

"That's all he could think of." Tess asked.


"Can we talk Liz?"


"I just need to talk to about some things I've been thinking

"Wouldn't you rather talk to Kyle or Isabel?" Liz asked. 'I really do not want to sitdown and talk to her right now.'


"Yeah whatever." Liz said as she sat down. Tess took a deep breath.

"Listen, I know you hate me. Mainly because I tried to take Max away from you. But when Max actually started talking to me, and becoming my friend, I relized I didn't like him like that. That's all that I really wanted....was for Max to talk to me and not ignore me. I mean, it's actually kinda creepy to think of Max like that. Besides, I have Kyle. And I definitly don't think that me and Kyle are creepy.. So I'm sorry for being a jerk to you." Tess said. 'Wow. I can't believe she just apologized to me after I was just having all these mean thoughts about her.'

"I'm so sorry to. I havn't exzactly been nice to you either." Liz said

"So... can we call it truce and be friends?" Tess asked a little unsure of what Liz's answer might be.

"Totally." Liz said happily

"Wow.... that was easier then I thought. I'm just not used to this whole human bonding stuff ya know."

"It's ok. We can all help you on it." Liz said getting up

"Thanks. Michael could probley use some to." Tess said

"Maria will totally agree." Liz said as she put her arm around Tess and they walking up the stairs giggling.

Liz and Tess walk up the stairs.

"Hey guys." Isabel says while her and Alex jr are laughing about something.

"Hi." Liz and Tess both say. Tess goes over to Kyle.

"Did you talk to her?" Kyle wispered

"Yeah. Me and her are now friends." Tess answered, smiling to herself.

"Well that's good." Kyle said and put his arm around her.

"Hey Max." Liz said as she stood right infront of him

"Hi." Max said smiling. They kissed alittle.

"Children in the room." they heard Claudia said, they looked over and saw that her hands were covering her eyes.

"So are we all here?" Max asked, putting his arm around Liz.

"Aunt Maria uncle Michael and Sam aren't here yet." Claudia
said, taking her hands away from her eyes.

"Hey Claudia is Samantha ok?" Isabel asked

"She'll be fine. Whatever uncle Michael said to her made her feel better." Alex jr said

"Did I ask you?" Isabel wispered to her son. 'Her son. I love it'

"I wonder what he said to her?" Tess asked out loud

"I just dazzled her with my charms." Michael said as he was coming into the kitchen.

"Then why didn't she come up here screaming and crying." Pacey said and started laughing at his own joke.

"Cute kid Kyle. Mind if I kill him." Michael said

"I'll freeze you." Pacey warned and got off the counter and stood infront of Michael. Tess pushed her way infront of them and puts her hands on there chests.

"Boys boys. There will be no killing today......wait till after you kill Courtney." Tess said laughing

"Where are Maria and Samantha anyway?" Alex asked

"Maria's letting Sam listen to some boyband crap on the radio. Something about cell phone and the battery being low. I got out of there as fast I could... So why were you guys talking about Sam?" Michael asked, leaning up against the counter.

"I was just asking if she was ok.....Is she?" Isabel asked

"I think so." Michael said

"You just can't mention Courtney around her." Pacey said

"No problem there. Man when I see her I'm gonna kill her."
Michael said

"Actually uncle Michael, we'll be killing her. Not you. You'll just have to sit back and watch us kill her." Pacey said

"Has Sam told you or Maria anything about what happened in the future?" Claudia asked

"Not not yet. Should I try and find out?" Michael asked getting worried

"I think maybe you should. She might be feeling ok now, but I know Sammy, once she sees Courtney, she'll freeze and we won't be able to do anything. If you get her to talk about it, when she sees Courtney she'll be sorta prepared. Hopefully she won't spazz out." Claudia said

"Wow." Michael said. That's all he could say. He sat down in the nearest chair.

"What?" Claudia asked him. 'Please don't let him pull a Maria on us.' she silently begged

"I just can't believe this. What the hell did that slut do to her?" Michael asked outloud

"That's what were trying to figure out." Pacey said

"Whatever it was, it was bad.............. I still remember when Sam came running into our house screaming. She was crying so hard, we couldn't make out what she was saying. But after a while we could tell that she somthing about Michael and Maria. So dad aunt Tess and aunt Isabel went running over to her house. She was still so hystericle that uncle Alex uncle Kyle Pacey and Alex had to hold her." Claudia said. Everyone could tell that she was getting choked up about talking about it.

"After about 20 minutes, mom aunt Isabel and uncle Max came could tell that they had been crying.......uncle Max said hat they tried to save them.....but they couldn't.. Sam started crying harder...if it was even possible. Uncle Max bent down and asked Sammy who killed them. But Sammy couldn't answer him. So he asked her if Courtney killed them. She just nodded." Pacey just stopped

"Mom aunt Tess and uncle Max use there powers to put her to sleep for a while cause she was just so out of control. Then Haley came in the house screaming cause she had just came home, and went inside to see her parents dead, so they had to put her to sleep to." Alex jr said. By this time all the girls were crying from hearing the story.

"I've never seen Sam cry so hard in my life." Claudia said

"After a couple fo days she woke up, she starting saying she was gonna kill Courtney herself. We still couldn't calm her down. She just wouldn't sit still." Pacey said

"So the three of us used our powers to freeze her so she would listen to our plan." Alex jr said

"I'm still surpised that she still hasn't seriuosly freaked out." Pacey said. That's when Claudia notices that Maria was there

"Where's..." Claudia asked

"Downstairs in the bathroom." Maria said. Everyone looked over to see her. She had been crying.

"How much did you hear?" Liz asked

"The whole thing." Maria said. She started crying. Michael got up and wrapped his arms around Maria. This was really starting to take it's toll on everyone.

"This is just hurting me so much. We can't let her hurt Samantha." Maria said, crying into Michael's chest. That made Tess Liz Isabel and Claudia real sad that she said that. Alex put his arm around Isabel. Liz turned around completly and Max just held her. Kyle put his hand on Tess's back and just rubbed it. Alex jr and Pacey, decided to make Claudia laugh so they just put there arms around each other and then she laughed. Then Pacey put his arm around her.

"Shhh. It's ok." Michael said into Maria's ear.

"I just want this to be over with." Maria said. Then they heard Sam coming up the stairs. She was wistling "THE CALL" from BACKSTREETBOYS. Which made Michael laugh. The girls starting wiping there eyes.

"Hey guys......what's wrong with everyone?" Sam asked

"Nothing did you show them the photo album?" Claudia asked. Sam just stared at her for a minute

"Yeah." Sam said 'what is wrong with everyone?' Sam thought

"Ok then. Since everyones here, why don't we get this party started?" Claudia asked. Everyone instantly got excited

Liz's livingroom. Everyone laid down with there pillows blankets and sleepingbags.

"Ok, so what kinda stories do you wanna hear about first?" Claudia asked

"Oh my god, me and Michael have seven kids." Maria squieled

"Way to go Guerin." Kyle said. Tess hit him in the head.

"Six of them are brats though." Sam said

"But there so cute." Maria whinned

"Yeah when you first meet them." Sam said

"Come on, they can't be that bad." Michael said. Sam Claudia
Pacey and Alex jr started laughing. 'This can't be good'

"Ok ok tell us what your laughing at." Tess said

"The Guerin kids.....well....there um..." Alex jr babbled

"Monsters. Except has to keep using his powers to
fix the house form the DAILY color wars they get into." Sam said

"Oh come on. You know your involved in them just as much as they are." Pacey said "When she babysits them, she uses her powers to stick them to toilets and chairs." everyone started laughing

"Not all of them. Just Haley Brenden Leslie and Jacob.....what about you Pacey....he like, throws Kyle and Clay into the trash can all the time. And the pool and dunks there heads in the toilet. And when there sitting at the table, he'll use his powers to push the chair back so they fall and hit there heads. And Sharon, you tell her that
the BOGEYMAN will come eat her head off and flush it down the toilet. Clay to." Sam said. Everyone burst out laughing

"That's so funny." Kyle said through his laughter.

"It is not. It's mean." Tess said, glaring at Pacey

"Thanks Sammy." Pacey grumbled

"Any time." Sam said

"Ok ok, how many kids do you have Tess?" Maria asked, to
change the subject.

"Well besides Pacey Kyle Clay and Sharon, we have Anna. And
there all so cute." Tess said

"Hey. The Valenti men are NOT. Cute." Pacey said

"Don't we know it." Claudia said

"HA HA." Kyle said

"What about you Isabel?" Tess asked

"Ok, besides Alex....Carly Emile Katherine and Stacey." Isabel
said smiling

"Oh my god. You have four sisters?" Michael asked

"How do you deal with that?" Kyle asked

"It's real easy. There not pain in the butts. Infact, I love
them very much. There my girls." Alex jr said

"I say that all the time." Alex said

"Yeah I know." Alex jr said

"Oh please, do not sit there and act all innocent. You've been
so mean to those girls, it's not even funny." Sam said

"Why, what'd you do?" Isabel asked

"Nothing." ALex jr replied very quickly

"Oh yes you did. That morning I was at your house for breakfast. There were only three bananas left and Carly Emile
and Kat got them. But you real wanted one that morning. So
you kept bugging them to give one up. But they wouldn't. So then you asked them if they knew how bananas were made. They didn't. So then you said... "In South America, there's these spiders that had real long skinny legs. They went up into trees and the died with there feet hanging off the branches. And after a while they get all moldy. And people pick them and say there bananas." But Carly didn't believe you. So you told them to look inside the banana and that they could still see the spider legs. Then they went screaming out of the kitchen and you just plop yourself down and start eating there bananas." Sam said. Everyone was laughing real hard.

"That is so mean." Isabel said

"But funny." Alex said through his laughter. Isabel hit him.

"OK ok, Liz how many kids do you have?" Maria asked, trying
to stop laughng

"Well, besides Claudia....Matthew Joshua and Jennifer." Liz said

"Ok Sammy, what mean things does Claudia do to them?"
Isabel asked

"That's the sickning part. Nothing." Sam said

"That is groose." Maria said

"I can't help it if I like being around my brothers and sister."
Claudia said

"Oh puh-leeze. Matt get so angry whenever Emilie Brenden or
Clay beat him at a game. He gets like all crazy. It's
unbearable." Sam said

"That's only because he hates playing with them cause they cheat... and Brenden and Clay beat him up if he wins or loses." Claudia said.

"Ok girls, it's time to stop fighting." Pacey said

"Yeah what happened to all the stories?" Alex jr asked

"Hey, what are our jobs in the future?" Liz asked

"Ok, of course mom, you became a molecular biolgist."

"I did? Oh my gosh that's so cool." Liz said 'I get to live my
dream. I love what the future holds.' Liz laid down next to
Max and he put his arm around her.

"And dad, you become a childrens doctor."

"Wow Max, way to go." Isabel said

"WOW." was all that Max could say

"You even delivered all of us kids." Claudia said

"I did?" Max asked. He smiled at Liz

"Ok, your gonna love this. My dad is....THE NEXT TOWN
SHERIFF!!!!" Pacey yelled with his hands in the air

"No way." Kyle said, in shock.

"Yes, my uncle, the town sheriff." Sam said laughing

"Tapolsky was right." Kyle said

"What?" Michael asked

"Because on that stupid job that we had to take, she said I
would do great in law inforcement." Kyle said. Everyone

"You do know that she was and FBI agent right?" Alex asked

"She was?" Kyle asked

"That's a whole different story, now, what about me?" Tess
asked, getting really excited

"Your a fashion desginer." Pacey said

"And mom models all your cloths, and helps design to." Alex jr said

"ALRIGHT!" Isabel and Tess say together, and give each other
a high five.

"And dad, your a big computer programer. You make all these
cool alien computer games. There awesome." Alex jr said

"Am I as rich as Bill Gates?" Alex asked. Isabel just laughed. 'He doesn't want to know if he's happy, just as long
as he's rich. What a goofball.' Isabel thought

"Maybe in a couple of years." Alex jr said

"Alright. Whitmens rollin in the dough." Alex said in a funny
voice. Everyone just laughed

"Anyways, mom and dad own there own..."ALIEN" themed resturant. That even has a cool karaoke bar. And dad is the head cook there." Sam said

"I get to master my won kitchen? Cool." Michael said

"And I work there as one of your waitresses." Claudia said

"How cool is that? My neice is working for me at my very own
resturant." Maria said, with a little squiel. Which Alex and Max
have learned from experience, to know when a DeLuca squiel
is comeing, to plug there ears. Unfortunitly for Michael and
Kyle, they weren't prepared.

"So are you guys on any teams at school or anything?" Liz

"Football basketball and wrestling." Pacey said

"Just like his dad." Kyle said.

"Basketball team." Alex jr said

"Really? Cool." Isabel said

"Cheerleading squad." Claudia said

"Yeah, she's a real dork." Sam said laughing

"I am not." Claudia said

"Oh here we go again." Alex jr said, leaning is head back on
the couch. Isabel laughed at him

"How come you decided to be a cheerleader?" Max asked

"I wanted to have some fun." Claudia said smiling

"You should see those girls. Girls like that....are what gives
girls like us" points to herself "a bad name." Sam said

"Hey, Sharon isn't like that." Pacey said

"Your sister Sharon?" Tess asked

"His girlfriend." Sam said in a funny voice

"And she's a cheerleader, alright." Kyle said

"KYLE!" Tess said, and hit him in the stomach

"Oh puh-leeze, she's a total bimbo." Sam said

"Hey, isn't Sharon one of your best friends Sam?" Pacey asked

"And she's not his girlfriend." Claudia said

"She's just my friend. But she's still not like all those other
cheerleaders." Pacey said

"HELLO...THEY ARE NOT BIMBOS." Claudia yelled

"Ok guys, stop fighting." Alex jr 'the peacemaker' said

"Are you on anything Samantha?" Maria asked

"Yeah the eraser room and janators closet club." Pacey said

"SHUT UP PACEY." Sam said

"Janators closet?" Michael asked. 'she does not need to be in
some janators closet unless shes getting a broom.'

"Yep, she's in there all the time." Pacey said

"PACEY!" Sam says and throws her pillow at him. Everyone

"Tell them who your in there with Sammy." Claudia said

"Ooooh tells us." Maria asked

"Alex, help me out here." Sam said. 'Alex always pulls through
for me.' she thought

"Bobby." Alex jr said simply

"ALEX. I thought you were on my side." Sam said

"Who's Bobby?" Michael asked

"Ok ok let me tell this story. His family moved in across the
street when we were about 5. Our parents wanted us to
meet him, and the minute they saw each other, they hated
each other. They would always beat each other up, and be
real mean to each other. But they would always stick up for each other. Like when Greg in 7th grade was making up all
these rumors about her, Bobby totally stuck up for her. He
even beat Greg up. But they still hated each other. But
somewhere in that time, they grew up to relize, they were in
love with each other, and-"Alex jr was interrupted

"Ok that's enough Alex." Sam said 'We can't talk about him
now.' she thought

"No I wanna hear the rest." Maria said

"That's ok. Why don't we talk about Alex's girlfriend." Sam said

"You have a girlfriend?" Isabel asked 'Man, my son has
everyone doesn't he?' Isabel thought smiling to herself

"Yeah, but I wasn't finished talking about Sam and Bobby."
Alex jr said

"Do you really like him?" Maria asked

"Yeah." Sam said in a low voice. 'I wonder why she got so sad
all of a sudden?' Maria thought. Everyone was having the
same thoughts.

"You love him." Pacey said to lighten the mood

"Your one to talk. Sharon." Sam said

"You should see them. They really are a cute couple." Claudia

"I can't wait to see him. Is he cute?" Maria asked

"Oh totally." Claudia said

"Isn't he Sam's boyfriend?" Tess asked

"Yeah, but everyone has to admit, Bobby is a hottie." Claudia
said laughing and falling down on the floor

"Hey don't you have your own boyfriend to dream about?"
Pacey asked. Claudia sat straight up

"You have a boyfriend to?" Liz asked

"Well.. no... not exzactly."Claudia said, looking towards Alex jr.

"There's someting you guys should probley know." Alex jr said

"What?" Max asked, not likeing the sound of what was about
to come out of there mouths

"Tell them." Pacey said

"Bobby.....and Sharon Leah and Scott, Claudia's whatever
boyfriend...well they know about us....being aliens." Sam said

"What?? How??" Michael asked

"OK, when I close the resturant, aunt Maria let the eight of us
come in there and goof around. Even if no adults are there.
So one night, Bobby and Alex were wrestling, and they
bumped into me and I had a tub of silverware and it fell on
Bobby. But Bobby landed on two knives.... one went through his thigh... and the other....well it um...went through his
throat." Claudia said. All the girls went ewwwww

"So we weren't gonna let him die, so me and Pacey went over
and pulled the knives out and healed him." Claudia finished

"We had to tell them. They saw what we did. We couldn't just
lie to them." Pacey said

"And we wouldn't let Bobby die." Sam said

"But they don't hate us or anything. Infact, they love us even
more. Because of all the cool alien powers." Pacey said, trying
to make a joke.

"But there not gonna tell anyone? Right?" Isabel asked

"Did mom Liz Alex or Kyle ever tell anyone?" Sam asked. They
all looked at Maria

"Hey, I was scared out of my mind. Isabel was coming in to
my dreams and scaring the crap out of me, making her and
Max look all green and slimy and then making Michael look all
nice and then looking like the guy in "the Fly" and grabbing
me. What was I suppost to do?" Maria asked. They all sorta laughed

"WHAT?" Michael asked laughing

"Nothing never mind. But I didn't tell anyone." Maria said.
Then they looked at Kyle.

"Hey I just threatend to tell someone, but I didn't. I mean
could you blame me. I had been put through hell. Your just
lucky I didn't leave screaming." Kyle said. Liz burst out

"Liz? What's so funny?" Tess asked. But she wouldn't stop

"Liz. Honey. Tell us what's so funny." Max said

"Maria......Maria ran out.....SCREAMING." Liz tried to say
through all her laughter. Everyone looked at Maria to see her
arms folded.

"You ran out screaming?" Isabel asked

"Yes. In her green costume for the crash festival." Liz stands
up "It was so funny." Liz said and started screaming and
moving her hands, immatating Maria when she ran out of the
cafe. Then she fell back down. "She couldn't even drive
straight." Liz said through her laughter

DO?" Maria shouted. Everyone laughed for a while, then the
laughter died down

"So...they won't tell anyone?" Max asked

"No. Just think of the eight of us, as the eight of you. Sorta."
Pacey said

"As long as they don't tell." Michael said, seriously.

"They won't. Ever." Claudia said

"So, what do you guys wanna do now?" Liz asked

"FOOD!!!" Everyone yelled

Tess is sitting in Liz's hallway looking at the photo album.

"You know, your gonna burn a hole right through that album with your death ray eyes." Kyle said, and sat down next to her

"Very funny." Tess said smiling at Kyle 'God I love her smile'

"You like this don't you?" Kyle asked

"Yeah. I do. I love it actually. I mean, to know that I have a
family, it's just a wonderful thought." she said, smiling at the

"Yeah. Were just gonna have to wait three more years till we
have Pacey."

"I wonder when we get married."she said, looking into his
eyes 'he has gorgous eyes'

"Me to...."

"I can't wait till we get married." she said

"Really?" he asked. She looked up at Kyle, and they stared at
eachother for a few seconds, then they started leaning in
close to each other, untill there lips met, in there first kiss.
Which went on for a while.

"Oh my god, Alex look" Isabel grabbed Alex by the back his
neck so he could see. "Tess and Kyle are kissing....there first sweet." Isabel said

"Neat Izzy." Alex said. He so did NOT want to watch Kyle and
Tess makeout. It was just to groose for him to watch.

"Aren't you happy for them?" she asked looking at him

"I guess." he said, and shrugged his shoulders.

"Well I'm incredibly happy for them. I've always thought that
Kyle was right for her.....I mean after everything he's been
through, no matter how much he hated us, he always treated
her so nice, compared to how he treated us ya know." Isabel
said smiling. Alex put his arm around her. "And she looks so
happy." Isabel said still smiling. Then Alex turned her around
to face him

"Well what about you Mrs. Evans? Are you happy?" Alex asked
in a teasing voice

"Why wouldn't I be. To just name a few reasons, I'm back
together with you, I have five beautiful children in the future,
and there's no more hiding....What about you, Mr. Whitmen?"
Isabel asked, teasing back

"Well, only to name a few, I have the perfect girl, the perfect
family, and I'm gonna have alot of money in the future." Alex
said smiling

"You dork." Isabel said, then they started to kiss.

"It looks like everyones having fun." Max said to Liz.
Everything was finally going perfect. Everyone was back
together, with who they should be...'IT'S ABOUT FRIGGEN
TIME' Max thought. He laughed at his own sentence.

"Yeah I know." Liz said smiling....."So me and Tess are friends
now." Liz said, Max looked up at her like she was crazy

"Really?" Max asked, not believing her.

"Yes." she said, as a matter of factly. 'they can't be friends.
They hate each other.'

"How'd this happen?" Max asked

"Well, she wanted to talk to me today, and we both aplogized
for all the crap we kept putting each other through this year,
and that's really all. Were gonna be good friends." Liz said
smiling 'Yeah right. Whatever' Max thought

"Uh huh." Max said, nodding his head. 'Just go along with her'

"I can totally see Tess as a very close friend." Liz said

"Ok. Liz, honey........areyouoncrack?" Max asked in a rush

"What?.........did you just ask me if I was on crack?" she
asked him. 'he better not have asked me that.'

"You guys hate each other."

"Did Max. We did hate each other. Now were friends." Liz
said. 'Liar' Max thought

"I can't wait till we have Claudia." Liz said

"Yeah, me to....I'm so glad were back together." Max said, wrapping his arms around Liz

"I love you."

"I love you too." Max said, and they started kissing.

"Is everybody making out?" Maria asked Michael

"Yeah I think so." Michael said from his spot on the floor "So I
think Samantha's feeling better." he said, looking over at Maria

"I still wanna find out what happened." Maria said. He could
tell that she was getting really angry

"Do you think maybe if we hang out with her by ourselves
tomorrow that she'd like, talk to us?" Michael asked.

"Maybe." Maria said. She hopped up onto the counter. She
looked at everyone kissing. 'Man, he's still not gonna want to
be with me is he.' she said to herself

"I'm sorry." she heard Michael say. She looked over to see
Michael was standing right infront of her

"What?" she asked

"I'm sorry?" he said again

"For what?" she asked. 'I'm getting really confused now'

"For being a jerk." he said 'he's still confusing me'

"You have to keep going Michael, because I don't know which
time your talking about."

"Everytime. Everytime since I've ever met you. I'm sorry."

"Really?" Maria asked, smiling 'what brought this on?' before
she could ask him, he started talking

"Yeah......I wanted to know...if maybe....we" Michael asked in a low
voice 'Please say yes, please say yes' he thought

"And when you say start over you mean......." Maria asked

"Us. Being boyfriend and girlfriend again." Michael asked, still
in a low voice

"Really?" Maria asked. 'thank you thank you thank you'

"Yeah. I really miss us." he said, moving so he was standing in
the middle of her legs so he could be close to her. "I miss
being able to talk to you, or hug you whenever I feel like it, or
kiss you. Whenever your upset I just wanna go over and hug you and tell you it's gonna be alright.....I miss you." Michael said

".......I think that's the sweetest thing you've ever said to
me." Maria said smiling.

"It's the truth.....I miss you so hurts....I'm really
sorry for everything I put you through." Michael said

"Do you really mean that?" Maria asked, a little scared of
what he might say

"Yes." Michael said, then she closed the distance between
them. God how he missed this. He wrapped hir arms around
her waist, and she looped her hands around his neck. 'how did
I ever manage to live without this girl?' then they broke apart
and they put there forheads together

"I missed that." Maria wispered

"Me to." then he picked his head up and looked at her." I love
you Maria." Michael said. He stared at her. She was shocked. 'ah man. What did I do now.'

"What?" Michael asked

"I'm just waiting a couple minutes to see if you leave me
again. Just making sure you actually mean it." Maria said

"I won't leave. I love you." Michael said. It felt so good to say
that. He said it again. "I love you Maria." Maria's eyes started
watering, and tears started to roll down her cheeks. But he
could tell she wasn't mad, because she was smiling. He took
his thumb and brushed them away.

"I love you to." Maria said. And hugged him. 'No wonder she won at the dog pile today. She's got a strong grip.'

"So......are we back together then?" Michael asked. Maria
looked at him, with her hands still on his shoulders

"What do you think?" Maria asked.


"Good. I'm so happy." Maria said smiling

"That's too." he said, and they started kissing

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In the livingroom

"I love my parents, I really do, but I don't like watching them makeout." Claudia said from her spot on the floor. She put her head behind Pacey and closed her eyes.

"I know it's groose." Pacey said

"I know....I think everyones makingout." Alex jr said, closing his eyes.

"You'd think they'd stop with there kids here." Pacey said

"You would think." Alex jr said. Then he looked at Samantha, sitting on the couch, staring into space. "What's wrong Sammy?" Alex asked her as he sat next to her.

"What? Oh, just thinking." Sam said. Pacey got up and sat on the other side of her.

"Your not still scared are you?" Pacey asked

"I still think somethings gonna go wrong." Sam said and got up
and started pacing. Pacey got up and grabbed her elbows to
keep her still.

"Nothings gonna go wrong." Pacey said

"She's gonna know." Sam said. 'WHAT? What is she talking
about?' Claudia thought. She got off the floor and went over
to her. Alex was right behind her.

"Who's gonna know what?" Claudia asked

"Courtney. She's gonna know that were there. Or instead of
this time Courtney being there it's gonna be future Courtney.
I just know it." Sam said. By this time she was crying. Pacey
let go of her elbows and Alex grabs her gently and hugs her.

"Were gonna kill Courtney. And she won't know what hit her."
Alex said

"I don't think so." Sam said into Alex's chest. Claudia pushed
her around to face her

"Sammy. What did Courtney do to you? Your not like this.
Your stronger then this. What happened to the bubbely
always laughing Samantha that we know?......What happened
that day?" Claudia asked. Sam hesitated

"I....I can't.... I can't tell you." Sam cried

"Why?" Pacey asked. Alex gently pulled her back to face him

"Sam, tell us so we can help you." Alex said in a gentle voice.

"I don't want to." Sam said

"Sam, please tell us. Or tell aunt Maria and uncle Michael
are....." Pacey stopped himself. He wasn't gonna say anything
to Sam that might hurt her

"Sam, if you keep doing this. I mean, crying all the time and
shutting down....we won't be able to help aunt Maria and
uncle Michael.....if we can't help them, we might as well go
back home. Because if you keep shutting down on us, we'll go
in there and get ourselves killed.. Now do you really want
that?" Claudia said. "I'm sorry I had to tell you this, but it's
the truth. If you want them to live, you have to fight. Which
I know you can do. But your not."

"I want to. But...but I....."Sam let go of Alex and walked out
the front door.

"Ya know, you didn't have to say that to her." Pacey said to

"I'm sorry. But we have to do something. She's not gonna be
able to fight." Claudia said

"But saying that if she didn't fight her parents we gonna die.
Because of her. That's the one thing you can't say to her."
Pacey said

"Pacey somebody had to say it. It's the truth." Claudia said.

"How could you do that to her. She's your causin. And you
just killed her." Pacey said

"Ok Pacey enough. Claudia didn't mean to hurt her. But it's
the truth." Alex said

"You know what, I'm tired of this. You two always ganging up
on us, just because your the oldest....You know what, I don't
care anymore, forget it. I'm gonna go find Sam." Pacey said
and left, slamming the door.

"You know Pacey, he's an idiot. He never knows what's gonna
come out of his mouth. Don't let him bother you." Alex said.

"What was all that about?" Isabel asked

"Just Pacey acting like a little girl." Claudia said. Liz noticed
that she looked like she was gonna cry. She went over to her

"Are you ok?" Liz asked in a sweet voice.

"Yeah, I'll be ok."
"Hey Sam. There you are."Pacey said as he sat down next to her. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah." Sam said.

"Don't listen to Claudia. You know her. She thinks she's
always right about everything.....She shouldn't have said that
to you."

"I miss my mom and dad...I miss them so much." Sam said,
and started crying. Pacey wrapped his arms around her while
her whole shook from her crying.

"'s ok Sam. You'll see them again. You have to
believe that.shhhh." Pacey said, rubbing her back. He was
real worried about her. He felt so helpless. "You are strong ya
know. Claudia was right about that. Your like....uncle Michael
and aunt Maria in one body...Now THAT'S strong." Pacey said.
Sam made a little laugh, but kept crying. "You have to be
strong Sam." Pacey said, and picked her head up so she could
look at him "For your mom and dad. Please, just be strong for
them." Pacey said. Sam took a couple minutes to stop crying.

"OK." Sam said in a wisper. Pacey picked her up off the
ground and hugged her. Then he put his arm around her and
they started to go back upstairs.

Alex jr and Claudia are sitting on top of the kitchen table, in
the kitchen.

"You two look funny on the table." Liz said as she walked in.

"Didn't I ever teach you NOT to sit on tables?" Isabel asked

"Yeah yeah. But I'm not born yet. So the rules don't count."
Alex jr said

"Now, since it's just the four of us, how bout you tell us
what's really wrong." Liz said as she hopped onto the counter.

"Oh this is so cool. Are kids have a problem and we get to
help them." Isabel said, and hopped onto the counter next to
Liz. Then they put there arms around each other.

"Enduldge us here. What's the matter?" Liz said

"I just told Sammy, that we might as well go home, because
she's so shut down." Claudia said

"She just said, that if she didn't come out of her....own little
world, then when it's time to fight Courtney, she'll end up
getting us killed." Alex jr finished for her

"I didn't mean for it to come out so badly, but she had to
know the truth." Claudia said

"And now Pacey's mad at us cause we told her that. But
Pacey's just upset because....he never liked seeing people
cry. Infact, it freaks him out. Don't ask us why, it just does.
So Sam's crying, and he's angry. So he can't yell at Courtney,
so he has to blame her crying on someone. Were the best
people to blame it on. So that's why he has his panties in a
twist." Alex jr said

"He get's that from his dad." a voice said from the doorway.
Eveyone looked around to see Tess and Maria standing in the
doorway. They started walking through. "Sorry we were
eavesdropping. We were following Isabel and Liz because it's
to groose to be in there with those guys. There crushing
there soda cans on the heads. I think Alex is gonna pass out
from the pain." Tess said, and hopped up next to Liz.


"THERE USING THERE POWERS." Alex yelled back

"WE ARE NOT." Michael yelled at Alex

"YES YOU ARE." Kyle yelled at Michael

"YOU JUST CAN'T TAKE IT." Max yelled at Kyle

IT'S NEVER HURT THIS BAD BEFORE." Kyle yelled. Tess let out
a funny noise and put her head in her hands from

Everyone stared at her. Maria hopped up next to Isabel

"Are Sam and Pacey gonna be ok?" Maria asked

"I think so." Alex said

HEAD!" They heard Kyle yell like he was drunk. Pacey and Sam
came into the kitchen

"Ok let's go. I'm gonna show these losers how to crush these
cans on there heads the right way." Tess said and hopped off
the counter

"Wow what a woman Tess." Liz said and followed her

"I'm gonna go kill Max and Michael for hurting Alex." Isabel
said and followed them

"And I'm gonna go watch them all act like idiots." Maria said,
and then left. Sam sat down in a chair

"Were sorry for hurting your feelings Sam." Alex said

"Yeah, were so sorry. And to you to Pacey." Claudia said

"It's ok." Pacey said

"Yeah." Sam agreed with him. Claudia got off the table and
hugged Pacey, and Alex and Pacey did there handshake that
they've been doing since they were four years old. Claudia
hugged Samn, and then Alex went and sat on her lap. Alex
pretended to wipe a tear away.

"I'm so sorry man." Alex pretended to cry and put his head on
her shoulder

"Get your butt off of my daughter." Michael said coming into
the kitchen. Alex intantly got off. They all laughed at Alex's

Liz's livingroom. 1:00 AM

"You guys....I'm so tired...I just wanna go to sleep." Liz whinned

"Yeah me to." Claudia complained

"You guys can't fall asleep." Maria said, full of energy

"Oh yes we can. And we will." Liz said. 'I know a way to keep
people up all night' Maria thought

"Ok guys, anyone who falls asleep tonite gets shaving cream
sprayed on them." Maria said

"Maria NO." Liz said sternly

"And what if you fall asleep Maria?" Isabel asked

"Then I gt shaving cream sprayed on me. But I'm not planning
on falling asleep. So no sleeping guys." Maria said.

Everyone laid around the livingroom watching t.v.
2:00 AM

"Liz went to sleep about thirty minutes ago...and it looks like Claudia Isabel and Tess are asleep to." Kyle said to Maria

"I warned them." Maria said. She got up from her spot under
Michael's arm and left the livingroom. She game back with
shaving cream and sprayed it on Liz. Then Claudia, Tess and

"That's mean." Max said while he yawned. 'Just have to wait a
little while longer before you have shaving cream all over you
face to Maxie boy' Maria thought to herself. She laid back
down next to Michael.
"Aunt Maria." Pacey said

"What?" Maria asked him

"Uncle Alex, uncle Max and Alex are asleep." Pacey said

"Alright." Maria said. She went over and sprayed a mustache
and beard on Max. Then on Alex she wrote loser on his
forehead and sprayed some in his hands. Then sprayed Alex
jr's whole face.

"That will teach them to take me more seriously." Maria said
as she laid back down next to Michael

"Oh yeah, they'll definitly take you seriuosly now. You threatened them with shaving cream." Michael said. That earned him a punch in the gut.
3:00 AM

"Samantha went to sleep. Shaving cream." Kyle said to Maria

"No don't. She needs her sleep. And that might wake her up.
Out of all of us she needs her sleep more then anyone. She'll
get all cranky and she won't listen to any of us if we try to
help her with anything. And she might start crying again. And
as much as I hate to admit it, Claudia's right. If she keeps
shutting everyone out, then when it's time to save you, she
won't be able to." Pacey said

"Wow." Kyle wispered to himself

"Maybe tomorrow or something you could talk to her. I know if
you ask her what really happened that day, she'll tell you."
Pacey said. Everyone was quiet for a moment

"What if she doesn't want to." Michael asked. Pacey
hessitated before answering his question

"I hate to say this.....But you'll die." Pacey said

"No." Maria said. Michael pulled her to him. "You can't die."
Maria cried into his chest.

"I'm not gonna die." Michael tried to reasure her

"Tomorrow you have to start trying to get her to talk." Pacey
said. Nobody really said anything for a few minutes.

"This is really bad isn't it?" Kyle asked

"And getting worse and worse." Maria said. Michael rubbed her

"I'm sorry to put all this on you, but something bad might
happen if Sam keeps closing everyone out and having these
crying tantrums." Pacey said. Someone started moving from
there sleeping bag.

"Thanks for the shaving cream aunt Maria....Pacey's right you
guys." Alex jr said

"Sorry." Maria mumbled

"Do you think any of us can help?" Kyle asked

"I think just aunt Maria and uncle Michael can. But if they
can't, then by Monday, were all gonna have to talk to her. I
guess sort of like an intervention. And it won't be pretty."
Alex jr said

"Alright." Michael said

"Ok." Maria said. Everyone just sat there for a while

"Are you guys wide awake?" Kyle asked

"Yeah. I don't think I'll ever be able to sleep now." Maria said.
Michael pulled her more close to him

"It's ok." Michael said into her ear. She pulled away from him
and looked a him

"Not it's not. I thought she was ok. But she's not. Every
minute we find out that she's actually worse then she lets on.
And it kills me to know that you might get killed Tuesday and
I'll never see you again. And that I'll be alone for the rest of
my life. And I won't be able to have my children. I'm just so
scared." Maria said. By now she was crying hard.

"Come on." Michael said, and pulled her off the floor and
walked away with her.

"Oh my gosh." Kyle wispered

"I still think Sam will come through for us. Aunt Maria and
uncle Michael will be able to help her." Alex jr said.

"I hope so." Pacey said. Kyle had an idea

"Are you two still wide awake?" Kyle asked

"Yeah." Pacey and Alex jr said

"Wanna take a ride?" Kyle asked

"Yeah." Pacey and Alex jr said. They all started to get up

"I have to get this crap off me first though." Alex jr said.
Refering to the shaving cream. Pacey and Kyle laughed.

Liz's balcony.

"Maria don't cry. Please don't cry." Michael said to Maria,
holding her face in his hands.

"What if we mess up Michael? What if when she see's
Courtney she like freezes or something and Courtney kills
you." Maria cried

"Maria I'm not gonna die."

"But you might. You can't die. I need you. If you die, I want
to die to. I don't want to live without you."

"No Maria don't say that....Tuesday afternoon, when they kill
Courtney, I'm gonna run out the door and jump on my
motercycle. To you. And when I see you I'm gonna hug you
and kiss you. I won't ever leave you."

"I'm just so scared." Maria cried. Michael pulled her to her

"I know you are." Michael said rubbing her back.

"I can't lose you Michael. I need you. And I just got you back.
I don't want to let you go." Maria said. Michael pulled her
back out of the hug and grabbed her face in his hands and
made her look at him.

"I'M....NOT....GOING....TO....DIE....I won't let it happen."
Michael said sternly.

"Oh god." Maria said. She fell back to his chest.

"Tuesday, when I'm in my apartment, all I have to do is think
of you. And I'll be fine. Your what keeps me alive. I won't let
you go Maria. I love you to much." Michael said

Kyle's car. Alex jr is sitting in the back.

"I hope Maria's ok. I don't think I've ever seen her cry that hard." Kyle said

"She'll be ok. So will Sammy. She's a strong girl. She's like
Michael and Maria in one body." Alex jr said

"Yeah but, I mean, I've seen her sad before. But not like this.
Her smile these past few days, well when she smiles, it's a
fake smile. And when we were talking about her and Bobby.
She didn't blush or smile. And she always smiles whenever you
talk about Bobby." Pacey said

"And she's always very teary eyed." Kyle said

"Stay positive retards. She'll come through." Alex said

"I'm just worried about her." Pacey said starring out the

"We all are." Alex said

"Man, you act just like your dad." Kyle said

"I know. Everyone tells me that." Alex said

"How do people keep you two straight? I mean-" Kyle said

"Because both of your names is Alex?" Alex asked. Kyle
nodded his head. "Well everyone calls me A.J. I'm surprised
you three havn't been calling me that lately." Alex said

"Oh yeah. Well other things have been on my mind." Pacey

"Ok then. A.J it is........hey you guys wanna go run around
the playground?" Kyle asked

"And how old are we?" AJ asked

"Come on." Kyle said as he parked by the elementary

"I'm in." Pacey said.

Back in Liz's livingroom. Liz is just starting to wake up.

"Oh yuck." Liz says and hits Max to wake up

"Oooooh. Groose." Max said. Tess started to wake up

"Ooooh yuckie." Tess said like a little kid. She accidently hit
Alex in the stomach. Max starts looking around the room and
everyone with shaving cream sprayed all over them

"Looks like she got all of us." Max said

"Mmmmm....Who hit me....urg...shaving cream." Alex moaned

"Sorry Alex." Tess said

"Somebody is trying to sleep here.....arg..." Isabel said and
sat up. "I'm gonna kill Maria. Where is she?" Isabel asked while
looking around the room.

"I don't know. Shh. Sammy and Claudia are still asleep. We
can go in my bathroom and wash this stuff off." Liz said and
got up. Everyone followed her. She opened her bedroom door
and saw Michael and Maria sleeping on her bed. "Michael and
Maria are sleeping." Liz said

"Alright, let's go wipe this stuff on her." Isabel said and tried
to move past Liz.

"No look at her face.......she was crying. Just let them sleep."
Liz said and shut the door. "We can use the Cafe sink
downstairs. Come on." Liz said and everyone followed her.

Downstairs in the Cafe. Alex and Max got to the sink first. When they were done they sat on the table in the kitchen while Liz Tess and Isabel washed everything off

"I didn't see Kyle Pacey or Alex anywhere." Alex said. Him and Max started laughing silently about something.

"Yeah that's right. Wonder where they are?" Isabel said

"Oh he better have not taken them out." Tess said

"Why not?" Max asked

"Because, he'll either bring them to a bar or a strip joint."
Tess said

"Ya know, he could just bring them to a strip joint that has a
bar." Liz said wiping her hands off

"Ooooh, even better." Tess said

"Sooo. Are you guys enjoying having your children here?"
Isabel asked

"I love it so much." Liz said

"Me to." Tess said.

"What about you two?" Isabel asked Alex and Max

"Oh, um I think it's cool." Alex said trying not to laugh.

"Oh yeah, I agree with Alex." Max said. Max and Alex looked at each other and instantly started laughing.

"What's so funny?" Liz asked

"Nothing." Max and Alex both said

"Why are you guys acting so weird?" Isabel asked

"Were not." Max and Alex both said again

"You guys are weird." Tess said, hopping onto the counter.

"Whatever." Alex said. Max and Alex both started laughing
Kyle Pacey and Alex are goofing around on the elementary school playground.

"I havn't been on this playground in a long time." Kyle said, climbing over the edge

"Hey look." Pacey said, and did a back flip off the playground
into the sand.

"I'm gonna laugh if you break your neck." Alex said

"That's the best thing about being an alien, if you break your
neck, someone can just heal it for you." Pacey said, climbing
up the side of the playground like a monkey.

"Yeah you better be happy about that. You would have died
the day you learned how to walk if it wasn't for aunt Tess. He
walked right into a wall. Knocked himself out cold." Alex said

"Oh my god." Kyle said putting his head in his hands, laughing.

"Yeah yeah." Pacey said

"And when you fell out of our tree house, when you and Sam
were fighting in the water and you almost drown, when you
ran the gocart through the brick wall, when Sam dropped the
hammer on your head.........and a wrench..and when Sammy
tought you how to use a staple gun, and-"Alex said

"Ok ok I think he gets the idea." Pacey said. Kyle burst out

"What a loser." Kyle said

"Hey takes one to know one. If I'm a loser, we all know where
I get it from. I'm just like you stupid." Pacey said

"At least I wouldn't run a gocart into a brick wall." Kyle said.
Alex knew this would be a long fight, so he decided to do
something about it.

"At least I didn't fall into Buddah." Pacey said. Kyle's eyes
bugged out of his head.

"How did you know that?" Kyle asked

"Mom told me." Pacey said. Kyle was about to say something
when all of a sudden there was mud thrown at his face. He
wiped it off and relized Alex had thrown mud on him and

"HEY!" Pacey and Kyle yelled

"Thank you." Alex said

"Oh your gonna get it Alex." Pacey said

"GET HIM!" Kyle yelled
Max Isabel Tess Liz and Alex were still in the kitchen all sitting around telling stupid stories and jokes and laughing there butts off.

"Ok ok. Alex, your turn." Tess said

"Ok. When I was in Sweden, I was in this little Cafe. Sorta like
the Crashdown. And I was trying to order a hamburger in
Swedish. But I kept saying it wrong. So after a couple of
minutes, the waitress gave me a funny look and left. So like
twenty minutes she comes back with this plate of crap. I told
her it wasn't what I ordered but she insited that I did. The
plate looked like Peanut butter with pickles chocolate chip
cookies and chicken in it. I took a bite, and it tasted awful. So I asked her what it was. She tried to explaine it to me, but I didn't really know what she was saying...but I got a couple of words out of her, which what I think was cow brains and duck poop or something like that." Alex said. Everyone started making eww noises

"Groose. Isabel you kiss him?" Liz saaid

"Not anymore." Isabel said with a groose look on her face

"Funny, but that's not the end of it. Once she told me that, I
got up, and right when I stood up, I couldn't take it, and I
threw up all over the waitress." Alex said. Everyone started

"Oh that's so nasty." Tess said laughing

"Yeah I know tell me about it." Alex said. Everyone looked
over to see Kyle Pacey and Alex come in all muddy.

"Woah, what happened to you guys?" Liz asked

"Mud fight." Kyle Pacey and Alex said.

Everyone went back upstiars.

"Shhh, don't wake Claudia or Sam up." Liz wispered as they got into the livingroom.

"Already up. And I washed the shavingcream out of my hair.
Did you know that aunt Maria and uncle Michael are sleeping
in your bed?" Claudia asked

"Yeah. Is Sam still asleep?" Liz asked

"Yeah, but don't worry. We could all be screaming in her ear
at the same time and she still wouldn't wake up." Claudia said

"Hey you guys wanna play ratslap?" Liz asked

"What's that?" Tess asked

"You don't know how to play ratslap?" Alex asked

"No." Tess said

"Neither do I." Isabel said

"Aliens. Us humans have to teach you how to do everything."
Kyle said rolling his eyes

"You three are such nerds." Claudia said

"You know how to play ratslap?" Isabel asked

"Yeah, dad tought me." Claudia said

"Well I guess you'll have to teach me now." Max said

"Is it like a board game or something?" Tess asked

"No it's a card game. Ok we all have to sit in a circle." Alex
said. Next to Alex was Tess, then Claudia, Isabel, Pacey, Liz,
Alex jr, Kyle then Max. Alex passed out the whole deck. "Ok,
first, I lay down a card....ok it's a 7, so then Tess
goes.....alright an ace...that means...." Alex said

"That I have to lay down four cards. But if I lay down a Jack
King Queen or an Ace, then I'm ok......ten....three...Jack.Ok
that's worth one point. So aunt Isabel, you have to put one
card down....five..ok because you didn't put down and Jack
King Queen or an Ace, I get the whole stack. Ace is worth
four points, King is worth three points, Queen is worth two
points and Jack is worth one point. And points means cards.
The object of the game is to get all the cards. Ok my card
is...four..ok aunt Isabel now you put down a card...four."
Claudia said and all of a sudden, Kyle Liz Alex Pacey Claudia and Alex jr reached across the circle and hit the cards. Isabel Tess and Max jumped back.

"I got them. Ok, since Claudia put down a four and aunt
Isabel put down a four, it's a double, and when you see a
double, you have to slap it and if you slap it first, you get all
the cards. OK?" Pacey asked. Max Isabel and Tess nodded there heads, still shocked from what just happened.
Liz's room. Michael and Maria are just waking up.

"Hey." Michael said waking up to find Maria in his arms

"Hi....what's all that noise?" Maria asked

"I don't's only 7:00" Michael said.

"Mmmmm.I wish they'd shut up."

"Go out there and yell at them." Michael said, closing his eyes
and leaning on Maria

"Me? Why do I have to?" Maria asked

"Because I told you to."

"You go do it. I'm to tired."

"But unless you go out there, they won't shut up."

"HA. Whatever." Maria said. She tried to go back to sleep in
Michael's arms. "There so loud." Maria complained.

"Shut up." Michael said to the group. But he wasn't really
saying it loud. Which kinda made Maria laugh.

"Why don't we go out there together." Maria said. Michael and
Maria slowly got up out of bed. As Maria was walking out of
the room, Michael put his arms around her from behind and
walked like that.

"My hand is there." Max said

"Na uh. Mine is." Isabel said

"No way, you cheated." Pacey said watching Isabel and Max
fight over the cards.

"Did not. My hand is convering more." Isabel said

"Yeah of the stack. But my hand is covering more of the
actual card. Get up." Max said

"Let me have them Max." Isabel said. Maria and Michael
walked out to see Max and Isabel in the center of the group
with there hands on the ground, fighting, with Pacey next to
Isabel trying to move her hand.

"You guys are really loud." Maria said. Isabel looked over but
Max pulled all the cards out from under her.

"HEY!" Isabel shouted, and grabbed her pillow and threw it at

"Oh your gonna get it." Max said, and threw the pillow. But
Isabel ducked and it hit Maria right in the face. Michael

"You guys are in so much trouble." Maria said and grabbed a
pillow and went to hit Max but ended up hitting Alex.

"What? Hey don't hit me." Alex yelled. Maria saw Tess
laughing and went to hit her.

"NO!" Tess screamed, but she already got hit. Pacey stood up.

"PILLOW FIGHT!" he yelled and grabbed a pillow. Everyone
was fighting. But then a couple of them hit Samantha, then
she woke up and relized what happened.

Sam yelled, and grabbed her pillow.
Everyone is laying around the livingroom.

"Ok I'm hungry. Which one of you losers is gonna make me some breakfast?" Sama asked. Michael snorted at her for saying that.

"It's Liz's house." Alex said

"Yeah but she'll burn it." Maria said

"HEY!" Liz said

"Isabel started the pillow fight. She can make breakfast." Max

"Yeah. She cheated. She held my hand back." Pacey said.

"Well you switched your cards around." Isabel said

"I told you he did." Tess said

"Someone make breakfast." Maria complained

"I have an idea....the cafe's open. Let's just order food and
bring it up here." Claudia said.

"Ok. Tell me what you guys want and I'll go put the order in."
Liz said

Kyle's car. Tess is trying to sleep in the front seat and Pacey
is trying to sleep in the backseat.

"I'm so tired." Kyle said, almost falling asleep at the wheel.

"Me to." Pacey said

"Well you guys shouldn't have had a mud fight in the middle of
the night." Tess said

"But we had alot of fun." Pacey said

"When we get home I get the bed." Tess said

"I'll sleep on my dad's bed, you don't mind sleeping on the
couch do you?" Kyle asked Pacey.

"No." Pacey said while yawning.

Valenti house. Kyle Tess and Pacey just walked in.

"You guys look beat. How long did you stay up?" the sheriff asked.

"Kyle took Pacey and Alex jr out to the playground this
morning and had a mudfight." Tess said

"We just call him AJ instead of Alex jr." Pacey said

"So you three were the ones screaming at each other around
4:00 this morning." he said crossing his arms.

"Sorry. Who called?" Kyle asked

"The neighbors. They said they woke up to some kids calling
each other a bunch of names at the top of there lungs. The
only words they could remember were dirtbag, retard, stupid,
skusbucket, Buddah freak, jerk, idiot, nerd and dumbutt." he

"You forgot buttface, butthole, butthead, buttmunch,
buttsniffer, loser, dofus, freak, moron, geek, dork and Buddah
butt grandpa." Pacey said smiling

"What's with all the Buddah crap?" he asked. Kyle looked at
Tess and Pacey for help, relizing they weren't gonna help.

"Nothing dad. Inside joke....I'm gonna go to bed. You don't
mind if I sleep in your bed do you?" Kyle asked his dad

"No go ahead. I'm gonna go to work." he said

"Thanks, bye." Kyle said, and left.

"I'm going to sleep to." Tess said and left

"Have a great day at work grandpa. And remember-" Pacey
walked over to him and wispered in his ear "Aliens don't really
exsist. Shhhh." Pacey said with his finger over his mouth. He
went over to the couch and layed down. 'That kid has
problems.' Jim thought to himself.
Max's jeep. Isabel is sitting in the front seat with Alex and AJ in the back seat. Alex jr and Max were talking about there mudfight.

"So then Pacey was yelling at uncle Kyle to come get me, when uncle Kyle comes running and slips on the mud. It was so funny." AJ said

"I bet." Max said

"I'm so tired." Isabel complained

"At least you got a few hours of sleep." AJ said

"Oh big whoopy." Isabel said

"Man. That's why I never try to wake you up." AJ said

"I learned that a loooooong time ago." Max said. AJ laughed

"Shut up you two.....Is Alex sleeping?" Isabel asked

"No I'm not." AJ said

"Not you, your dad.....How are we gonna keep you two
apart?" Isabel asked

"Just call me AJ. Everyone elce does." AJ said

"Ok then...AJ, is Alex sleeping?" Isabel asked. She didn't fell
like turning around just yet.

"Yeah. He's been sleeping since we got in the jeep." AJ
said "Well you have to wake him up cause were here." Max
said as he pulled up into Alex's driveway.

"I'll do it." Isabel said. She turned around in her seat and hit
Alex really hard in the head. Isabel sat backdown so he won't
see her.

"OUCH. That hurt...Who hit me?" Alex asked

"Uncle Max." AJ said. He laughed to himself. Max turned
around and hit AJ in the head.

"Dude, I thought we were on the same side here." Alex said

"It wasn't me. It was Isabel." Max said


"You guys have been all buddy buddy since last night. What's
up?" Isabel asked

"Nothing." Max and Alex said. They started laughing.

"Oooooh. Bad answer." AJ said.

"You know, I'm going to find out." Isabel said

"Chill out Izzy." Max said

"Oooooh, never say that." AJ said. Isabel turned to him

"Alex, as your mother. Shut up." Isabel said

"Yes mommy dearest....I love you to. Bye guys." AJ said and
got out of the jeep.

"I'll see you two later.Bye." Alex said and kissed
Isabel. "Max." Alex nodded and laughed.
Max's jeep.

"Max tell me what you and Alex are up to." Isabel said

"It's nothing. We were just laughing." Max said

"At what? Isabel asked. Max rolled his eyes

"Nothing, just guy stuff. You don't want to know."

"Yes I do." Isabel said as Max pulled into there driveway. He
pulled out his stuff.

"Isabel! It's no big deal. Drop it."

"Well then if it's no big deal then why don't you tell me?"

"Because it's and inside joke. Besides, if it irritates you that
much, then I'm never gonna tell you." Max said as he opened
the front door, Isabel followed him.

"Maxwell Phillip Evans. Tell me right now." Isabel demanded.

"Isabel Diane Evans. NO." Max said while walking down the hall
trying to ignore her.

"He's my boyfriend. You have to tell me."

"Izzy, give it a rest."

"Hi guys. Did you have fun last night?" Diane said as they
walked by her bedroom as she was coming out.

"Tell me please." Isabel begged

"What's going on?" Diana asked her children

"Him and Alex became best friends last night and kept
laughing together all night." Isabel complained to her mom.

"All night? I thought you stayed with Michael." Diane said and
looked at Max. Max smiled a thank you smile at Isabel. Isabel
smiled a your welcome smile back at him

"I did. But we invited Alex and Kyle over. And we went to the
Crashdown for breakfast and me and Alex were always
laughing whenever she came around. And Kyle said that me
and Alex were laughing all night. So she's been bugging me all
morning to tell her why we were laughing." Max told his

"So you were at Michael's all night?" Diane asked. Max rolled
his eyes.

"Mom not this again. I'm to tired for this. I'm going to sleep."
Max said walked into his room and shut the door.

yelled at him.

"AND I'LL BLOCK YOU OUT!" Max yelled from the other side of
the door.

"Your gonna go into his dreams?" Diane said. Isabel looked at

"Inside joke mom. I'm real tired to. I'm gonna go to sleep."
Isabel said and kissed her mom on the cheek.

"Ok then." Diane said. Isabel starte walking towards her room
and kicked Max's door on the way there.

"STUPID!" Max yelled

"RETARD!" Isabel yelled back
Maria's car

"Hey dad. Having fun in the back seat." Sam said.

"Shut up." Michael said

"Oh please. You can't be mad. I called shot gun first." Sam

"Yeah but you made me fall."

"I did not. There was some mud on the sidewalk left from the
boys." Sam said. Maria was getting a kick out of them two
fighting over the front seat. But Sam didn't look to happy.
She slept the longest and she still looked tired.

"Ok guys, I'm gonna go home and go to sleep till at least 3:00
and then I'm gonna be back here at your apartment by 4:00 and the three of us are gonna go out." Maria said. Samantha groans.

"Maria come on, I want to sleep." Michael whines.

"No Michael, were going out." Maria said and gave him a stern
look. Michael got the message.

"Ok." Michael said

"But you guys I'm so tired." Sam whined

"Oh come on, you slept the longest." Maria said

"Not really. I could hear everyone talking for a long time." Sam
said. 'I hope she didn't hear us talking about her' Maria

"Like what did you hear?" Michael asked. As if he could read
her thoughts

"Just when everyone started playing ratslap. Aunt Tess really
liked that game. She started going bananas about it. And aun
Isabel kep cheating and hit people if she didn't get the cards."
Sam said

"Oh. That's sounds like Isabel....So I'll see you guys later. I'll
be here by 4:00." Maria reminded them.

"Bye mom." Sam said and got out of the car.

"Bye." Maria shouted to her. Michael climbed into the front

"I'll see you later." Michael said and kissed her.

"Bye." Maria said. Michael got of the car and walked into his
apartment. Which Samantha used her powers to open the
front door. He saw that Samantha was already asleep on the
couch. He grabbed the blanket off the couch and put it on
her. Then went into his room and fell asleep.

Michael's apartment. 4:00

"Michael Guerin get up now." Maria said looking at Michael still sleeping in his bed.

"Leave me alone." Michael said and hid under his pillow.

"I told you to be ready at 4:00"

"Well I was sleeping." Michael said.

"Michael. Get your lazy butt up now." Maria said and wrestled
with him for his pillow. After a minute she got it and threw it
across the room.

"Oh come on. I'm tired. Go bother Sammy." Michael said and
found another pillow and held on to it for dear life.

"Get up." Maria said and sat down on top of him.

"What? No. Get up and leave me alone." Michael said from
under the pillow. Maria started jumping on him

Maria said and she jumped on him.

"ALRIGHT MARIA....I'm up I'm up.....happy?" Michael asked as
he sat up.

"Very. Now get ready." Maria said and went into the livingoom
to go wake Samantha up.

"Alright." Michael said. He waited for Maria to leave before he
laid back down.

"Hey Sam.....Sam....wake up." Maria said as she shook Sam.

"I don't want to go to school." Sam moaned. Maria laughed

"Well you don't have to. It's Sunday.....Come on...were gonna
go get some pizza." Maria said. Sam opened one eye.

"Why do you look so different?" Sam asked

"What do you mean different?" Maria asked. Sam opened both
her eyes and relized where she was. Then she sat up.

"Oh." was all that Sam said.

"Wow you really look tired." Maria said. Sam nodded her head
and Maria satdown beside her. She didn't look so great. She
was all sweaty and her face was all red. "How about you go
take a shower. You'll feel much better." Maria said and went
to push some of her hair off her face. "Oh my god..." She felt
the rest of her face. "Oh my god. Your so hot.....Michael get
your lazy butt back out of bed and get out here now!" Maria
said. 'Man. How did she know I was still asleep?' Michael
asked himself as he came out into the livingroom where Maria
and Sam were sitting on the couch.

"What's the matter?" Michael asked

"Michael feel her head. Does she feel hot to you?" Maria
asked. Michael sat on the other side of Sam and put his
hands on her face.

"Yeah. Your burning up.....Your not feeling good are you?"
Michael asked Sam. She shook her head.

"I'm gonna call Liz. Get Claudia over here." Maria said and
went to Michael's phone. She dialed Liz's number. After about
the fifth time it rang, a very tired Liz picked up.

"Hello?" Liz asked

"We have a problem." Maria said, geting right down to the

"Maria? What's wrong?"

"Ask Claudia is Sam can get sick."

"Um ok...I'm going" Liz said. She didn't really understand what
was going on though. She walked over the Claudia and woke
her up. "'s Maria. There's a problem." Liz said and
handed Claudia the phone.

"What's wrong?" Claudia asked through a yawn.

"I just woke Sam up and she's burning up. Like a fever." Maria

"Is she all sweaty to?"

"Yeah. Her face is all red to."

"This just happened to Haley...We'll be right over." Claudia

"Ok bye." Maria hung up and went and sat next to Sam who
was holding her knees up to her chest. "Claudia and Liz are
coming over. Do you need anything?" Maria asked. Sam
started crying

"I'm so cold." Sam said. Michael instantly grabbed her and
brought her to his chest. Maria got up and went to get
Michael's comforter.

"'s ok. Don't cry." Michael said, rubbing her back. Maria
came back and helped Michael wrap the comforter around her.

"Don't worry. We'll take care of you." Maria said

Max's jeep.

"Thanks." Liz said as she and Claudia hopped into the jeep with Max and Isabel.

"So where are we going?" Max asked

"Michael's." Liz said, and Max took off towards Michael's

"Ok, so what's wrong?" Isabel asked

"Aunt Maria called us saying that Sam has a fever. So she's
sick." Claudia said.

"WHAT? How can she be?" Isabel shrieked.

"We can't get sick." Max said

"Well "WE" can....see, right now Sam is feeling alot
of....emotions. She just watched her parents die, she goes
back in time to try and save them...everything's sorta on her she's feeling alot of emotions.... when aunt
Maria and uncle Michael died, Haley and Brenden walked into
the house and saw them dead...Haley went bonkers. She was
out of she ended up getting sick. Our human
bodies can't deal with all these emotions at our
human part gets sick. It's sorta like having the flu.....she'll be
ok....I just don't know when." Claudia said and stared out of
the car. Liz rubbed her shoulder.

"Sam must feel awful." Isabel mumbled to herself so no one
could hear. "So this is normal?" Isabel asked, turning around in
her seat to face Claudia

"Kinda." Claudia answered

"How long did it take for Haley to get better?" Isabel asked

"Two days."

"Well what do we do to get Sam all better?" Liz asked

"Well, in simplist terms, Sam just needs to calm down. Stop
feeling guilty and responsible for what happened. She's so
upset thinking that her parents death was her fault." Claudia
said "I was hoping this wouldn't happen. But we have two
days to get her feeling better again. Or were in big big

"Were here." Max said as he stopped the jeep. The four of
them ran up to the door and walked in. Sam was wrapped up
in a comforter and Michael was holding onto her and Maria
was rubbing her back. When Maria saw Claudia she got up
and let her sit down next to Sam. Max could see how scared
she was, so he put his arm around Maria.

"Hey Sammy. How are you feeling?" Claudia asked. Sam just
shook her head. Isabel knelt down infront of Samantha.

"Do you need us to get you anything?" Isabel asked

"I'm..kinda...thirsty." Sam said slowly.

"I'll get you some water." Liz instantly said and left for the

"What are we gonna do?" Maria asked herself. Only Max heard
her and her put his other arm around her so he was hugging
her. He could tell she was crying. But he knew that she didn't
want to cry infront of Sam.

"Ok here ya go." Liz said as she gave the glass to Sam. She
took a few sips.

"Does that feel better?" Claudia asked

"I think...I'm gonna...throw up." Sam said. Instantly Claudia
and Michael grabbed her and brought her into the bathroom.
The both got down on the floor with her over the toilet.

"Here uncle Michael hold her hair for a minute." Claudia said.
Michael held her hair while Claudia bent sideways to get into
her pocket. She was struggling to take something out but
Michael couldn't figure out what and gave her a weird face.

"It's not easy getting a scrunchie out of your genes when
your on your knees....ok got it." Claudia said and grabbed
Sam's hair and put it into a tight ponytail on the top of her
head so none of her hair would get in her face. Samantha
started throwing up into the toilet. Michael and Claudia just
stayed with her. Michael just rubbed her back. He felt
completly helpless. What was he suppost to do?

"I'll be right back." Claudia said and got up and went into the

"Is she ok?" Isabel asked

"She's has a date with the porceoline thrown." Claudia said

"Is there anything we can get her that will help her feel
better?" Liz asked. Claudia thought for a minute

"Well my parents did give Haley regular tylenol to help her
fever, but then it gave her a headache cause it was to
strong.....but then they gave her childrens tylenol and it
made her fever go down....and she drank lots of fluids."
Claudia said

"We could go to the store and get some tylenol and stuff for
her." Max said to try and comfort Maria who was hanging on
to him for dear life. She didn't want to look up because then
she'd know that her daughter really was sick.

"That sounds good. Do you want to come with us Maria?"
Isabel asked. Maria looked up and shook her head.

"I'd better stay with Sam." Maria said. Max gave her one last

"We'll be as quick as we can. You coming Claudia?" Max asked

"Yeah." Claudia said and followed Max out the door.

"She'll be ok." Isabel told Maria and gave her a hug. Then Liz
gave her a hug and they left. Maria walked into the bathroom
and saw Sam sitting up against the wall. Maria went over to

"Are you ok?" Maria asked

"No.....I don't like being sick." Sam said. Michael came from
behind Maria and knelt down in front of Sam.

"Do you feel like your gonna throw up anymore?" Michael
asked her. She shook her head.

"Ok then. You can go lay back down. Do you wanna lay in my
bed or do you wanna lay down on the couch?" Michael asked

"The couch." Sam said

"Ok then." Michael bent down and helped her stand up. Maria
was about to help but then Michael bent down and picked
Sam all the way up into his arm. He gave a brief smile to
Maria and then walked out of the bathroom. He laid Sam down
on the couch and covered her up in a blanket.

"If you need anything you tell us ok." Michael said. Sam
nodded her head. Maria was still standing in his bedroom
watching Michael. 'He just took over everything.' she thought
to herself. Michael came over to her and hugged her.

"I don't know what I would have done if I was alone with
Sam. Your just so in control about all this." Maria said into his

"You would have done fine." Michael said

"What are we gonna do?" Maria asked Michael. He didn't say
anything for a minute

"I don't know." Michael said

Michael's apartment. Michael and Maria are sitting in the kitchen.

"How can she be sick?......I thought we couldn't get sick." Michael said into his hands.

"I was thinking the same thing." Maria said. Michael looked up
to see Maria. She looked like she was about to burst into
tears. Michael moved his seat over and put is arm around
Maria. That's when the front door opened and Liz poked her
head in.

"Hey, is she sleeping?" Liz asked.

"Yeah." Michael said and Michael and Maria got up and went over to the door and everyone came in.

"When she wakes up give her the childrens tylenol and some
gingerale." Claudia said and handed Michael a bag.

"Why is Sam sick. I thought you couldn't get sick." Maria said.
Michael went back over to her and put his arm around her.
Claudia explained how Haley got sick and how they get sick
from the emotion going all crazy.

"So what do we have to do?" Michael asked

"When she wakes up, calm her down. Don't let her stress
about this whole situation, get her talking. I'm not entirely
sure." Claudia said. She was getting frustrated because she
didn't know what to do. No one really did.

"How about we go and let Sam rest. We'll call you guys later."
Isabel said. Max Liz Claudia and Isabel left.

"I'm so scared." Maria said. Michael pulled her into a hug.

"Don't worry."

"I have to. It's what I do best."

"She'll be ok."

"I hope so."

Max and Isabel's house. There just walking in the door.

"Hey guys....Oh hi Liz.." Mrs. Evans said, and then she noticed the other girl.

"Oh Mrs. Evans this is my causin from Florida." Liz said
pointing to Claudia

"Stephanie." Claudia said putting her hand out to she her
hand. Max and Isabel laughed a little

"Very nice to meet, you and Liz look alike." Diane

"Thank you." Claudia said.

"There just gonna hang out with us ok mom." Isabel said

"Ok. If you guys want pizza later we can order some."

"Thanks." Max said then looked over at Claudia who looked
like she was gonna bust out laughing. "Come on." Max said
and grabbed her by the neck and pushed her into the hallway.

"Yes daddy." Claudia said in a funny voice. Isabel and Liz
laughed and followed them into Max's room

" were a dork growing up." Claudia said looking
around the room.

"Shut up." Max said and turned on his t.v

"I'm gonna go call Alex." Isabel said and left. She went to her
room and shut the door and picked up her phone and called
Alex. Alex jr. picked up.


"Hey. I'm sorry I woke you up." Isabel said. She didn't want to
be the one to tell him Sam was sick. Alex should do it.

"Nah it's ok."

"Well is Alex there?"

"Yeah hang wake up. Mom's on the phone."
she heard Alex jr say.

"Mmmmm...hello?" Alex said

"I'm sorry I woke you up."

"It's sound funny. Is something wrong?" Alex asked,
knowing something had to be wrong.

"Liz called Max and told him to come pick her up. So we did
and she said we had to go over to Michael's and when we got
there Sam was sick."

"Sick?.....They can get sick? Since when?" Alex asked

"When like...all of there emotions are like all crazy. But
Samantha has to calm down or they can't save Maria or
Michael." Isabel said. And then she started to cry.

"Isabel it's ok. Sam's gonna be ok. Michael and Maria aren't
gonna die." Alex said trying to comfort her. But how much
comfort can you give a person on the phone.

"I'm so scared Alex...if Courtney kills Michael, Maria's not
gonna want to live without him. Then there won't be
Samantha anymore or any of the other kids. We can't lose
them Alex. I need them. WE need them." Isabel said

"Isabel!!! Were not going to lose them. There going to be ok."
Alex said sternly

"I'm just so scared Alex."

"I know you are. I am to. But you have to stay strong. For
Sam Michael Maria....and AJ." Alex said. One of the
conversations that morning that they all had was that
everyone always calls Alex jr, AJ.

"I know. It's just hard ya know." Isabel said sniffling.

"I know. It's a scary situation, but after we get through this
through this, they'll go back home, then in a few months you
guys will give the granolith back and then we can get on with
our lives. And when this is all over, I'm going shydiving." Alex
said. Isabel started laughing.

"Skydiving?" Isabel repeated

"Yeah. And your coming with me. Max Liz Maria Michael Kyle
and Tess. Were all going skydiving." Alex said. Isabel laughed

"Only you would talk about skydiving in a life and death
situation." Isabel said

"Yeah, but it made you laugh. And I know your smiling over
there." ALex said. I am smiling. God when did I get so lucky?

"How about me and AJ come over there and we'll hang out for
a while." Alex said

"Sure. Want me to come pick you up?" Isabel asked, sitting up
and started wiping away the tears.

"Nah, I'll drive my car. See you in a bit."


"Bye." Alex said and hung up the phone. He got out of bed
and went into the livingroom where AJ was still laying on the

"Hey AJ." Alex said. He picked up his head and looked at his


"Samantha's sick." Alex said. AJ let out a deep sigh.

"Man. We were afraid of this."

"She'll be ok." Alex said to his son.

"I hope so. Or were screwed.

"Man aren't you just a ray of sunshine. Were going over
Isabel's house so get up." Alex said


Michael's apartment.

"Here's some tylenol....and some gingerale." Maria said as she handed the tylenol and a glass to Sam. Michael was sitting behind Sam helping her sit up. "Better?" Maria asked.

"No not really." Sam said

"Claudia told us how you got sick." Maria said.

"I'm sorry." Sam said. She was about to start crying.

"You don't have to be sorry. Your sick." Michael said

"Because I just can't calm down." Sam said, now officially

"How can you be calm? Your scared to death right now. And everybody's telling you what to do And your just really upset right now." Maria said trying to calm her down.

"I know that if I don't get guys are gonna die
and it's gonna be all my fault." Sam said while Maria hugged

"You have to stop thinking about that. That's whats making
you so sick. You have to tell yourself that you can do it...I
know that sounds cheesy but you can." Maria said

"I tried to save you guys....I...I never wanted this to
happen." Sam said

"No one thinks that this is your fault. Because it isn't your
fault." Maria said

"But I...I watched you guys die.....I keep seeing it happen
again.....over and over.......If I had just used my powers to
help you guys or something." Sam said. Maria was about to
say something elce when Samantha got up and ran into the
bathroom to throw up.

"I'll go see if she's ok." Michael said and gave her and kiss on
the cheek and got up

Valenti House. Kyle had just woke up and walked into the kitchen.

"Max called." Jim said from his place reading the newspaper

"For who?" Kyle asked as he opened the fridge

"Any of you."


"He said something about Samantha being sick."

"I thought they couldn't get sick." Kyle said coming out of the
kitchen and sitting at the table with his dad.

"Well she is."

"Who's sick?" Pacey asked from his spot on the couch just waking up.

"Samantha." Kyle answered

"Ah man.....we are so screwed." Pacey said as he put his face
in his hands.

"Why are we screwed?" Tess asked from the hallway.

"Sam's sick." Pacey said

"What do you mean? We don't get sick." Tess asked as she
sat down at the table also

"But "we" do." Pacey said. Then he explained how Haley got
sick. "This is why we've been so worried. Because if she
doesn't calm down and get better by Tuesday, then were
screwed." Pacey said.

"Man oh man." Tess said. Everyone just sat there for a
minute, not really knowing what to say.

"Well what are we gonna do?" Kyle asked

"Simplist terms, calm her down. And we have two days to do
it." Pacey said

"How?" Kyle asked

"I'm not really sure...maybe if she talks about what really
happend that day that aunt Maria and uncle Michael died,
then she'd like be getting all that crap off her chest ya know."
Pacey said

"So it's up to Michael and Maria?" Tess asked

"Basicly...yeah." Pacey said

Max and Isabel's house. Claudia is with Max in his room and Liz is with Isabel in her room. Alex and AJ just got there.

"Hi Mrs. Evans. This is my causin...Jason." Alex said. He didn't want to say this was is causin Alex. To many questions.

"Nice to meet you Jason." Diane said and shook hands with AJ.

"You to Mrs. Evans." AJ said and started laughing a little.

"Don't mind him, he's just tired and he always laughs when
he's tired. Come on Jason." Alex said and grabbed him by the
hair and went down the hall. 'Every single kid that has walked
through that door today get stranger and stranger.' Diane
thought. Alex went into Max's room.

"Hey Max." Alex said in a funny voice, and they both started laughing. Max was laying on his stomach on his bed watching T.V

"Oh god, not this again. What are you guys laughing at?"
Claudia asked from where she was sitting in Max's little lawn

"Nothing nothing...Hey how'd you get Claudia in here?" Alex

"I'm her causin from Florida. Stephanie." Claudia said

"Hey, I'm Alex's causin Jason." AJ said. Claudia got up and shook his hand

"Nice to meet you Jason." Claudia said

"Ok retards. Where's Isabel?" Alex asked while Claudia and AJ

"In her room with Liz." Max said flipping the channel

"You mean your mother let you stay in your
yourself...with a girl you just met?" Alex asked

"Oh gross." Claudia shrieked and starting hitting Alex.

"Ouch...kidding kidding....stop hitting me.."Alex said and
walked out of the room and walked towards Isabel's room. He
heard Liz and Isabel laughing. He noticed that the door was
open a little so he went in there and screamed at them. In
return, Isabel and Liz screamed a high pitch scream from
being scared. Alex fell to the ground laughing. Liz got up and
went over to him.

"YOU JERK!" Liz yelled at him and started hitting him and
kicking him really hard.

"OUCH.....THAT HURTS....STOP STOP...."Alex begged

"What's going on in here"" Diane asked. She walked into
Isabel's room to see Isabel sitting on her bed, Alex on his
knees and Liz beating him to death.

"Nothing mom, just my friends acting like idiots." Isabel said
smiling. Diane nodded and left. She thought it was good for
Max and Isabel to finally have real friends. They never really
did before. Besides Michael. Whom she loved very much. But
she just thought that it was so nice to go into her room and
see her happy watching her friends hurt each other. Diane
laughed to herself and went back into the kitchen.

"Man the Evans women are mean......It's nice to see your
causin Stephanie again Liz." Alex said, getting up off of the

"And is..." Liz asked

"Jason." Alex said

"Ooooh Jasons here. I havn't seen him in years." Liz said

"Retards." Isabel said smiling. Liz left the room, shutting the
door behind her. And Alex sat down next to Isabel.

"I guess your ok now."

"Yeah...Liz made me feel better."

"That's good." Alex said smiling. He put his arm around her.

"Yeah Liz is a good friend."

"One of my favorite." Alex said smiling

"I like hanging out with Liz." Isabel said

"Are you trying to hint something to me?" Alex asked

"No no...I mean, growing up I just hung out with Max and
Michael. I never had friends who were girls that just I could
hang out with."

"Aren't you friends with Tess?"

"Yeah I am. And it's great to have a girl around to know
exzactly what I'm going through...But sometimes I just wanna
get away from all the alien stuff.....and Liz and Maria..hanging
out with them...they treat me like I'm...........human. And I
love that." Isabel said

"Well I'm glad your friends with Liz."

"Yeah so am I." Isabel said and then got a really big smile on
her face. "Because she just told me about the time that you
practiced kissing on her when you were 10." Isabel said

"WHAT?!?!?!" Alex screamed and got off of the bed. Isabel
started laughing

"Yep...that was how she made me feel better." Isabel said still

"Your not hanging out with Liz anymore......OR MARIA." Alex

"Oh come on Alex." Isabel said and started laughing again. All
at Alex's expence

Liz walks into Max's room

"Hey Jason...long time no see." Liz said as she walked into the room.

"Hey Liz, how are you?" AJ asked

"Great. Hey Max." Liz said as she sat next to Max on his bed.

"Hey." Max said. But not really paying attention. Liz started to
look around the room.

"Where's Claudia?" Liz asked

"Stephanie." AJ corrected

"Right Stephanie....where is she?" Liz asked again

"In my closet." Max said

"What? Why?" Liz asked going over to the closet and trying to
open it.

"Real World is still on." AJ said

"When she saw that it was still on she went to freeze me, but
I saw it coming so I pushed her into my closet with my
powers and locked her in it." Max said, obviously proud of

"Maxwell Phillip Evans let her out now." Liz said

"How'd you know my middle name?"

"Isabel told me. Now let her out." Liz said. Max rolled his eyes
and unlocked his closet for Claudia to come out

"You can't watch Real World." Max told Claudia

"Fine, but I'll get you back." Claudia said and sat down in his
chair, put her feet up, and crossed her arms. Obviously she
was very. VERY. Mad.

"Oh god. You hang out with Sam WAAAAAAAY to much." AJ
said. Claudia just rolled her eyes. Then the phone rang

"Hello?" Max said

"Max, is Sam ok?" Tess asked. Max smiled at how she got
right down to bussiness. He was glad that he didn't have to
worry about Tess anymore.

"Hi Tess. Not really. Claudia-" Max tried to say

"STEPHANIE!" Claudia corrected Max

"Stephanie?" Tess asked

"Long story. But Stephanie-" Max tried to say again

"Wait who's Stephanie?" Tess asked, clearly confused

"Claudia." Max told her

"Why are you calling her Stephanie?"

"Because Liz said she was her causin Stephanie from Florida."

"Why didn't she just say that she was her causin Claudia from
Florida?" Tess asked

"I don't know ask Liz."

"Ok put her on."

"What? No. Liz is watching T.V."

"Well let me talk to her." Tess said

"Whatever. Liz, Tess wants to talk to you." Max said as he
handed Liz the phone. I thought they hated each other.

"Cool. Hey Tess what's up?" Liz said. 'Cool? What happend to
them hating each other?'

"Nothing. So how come you called Claudia, Stephanie, instead
of Claudia?" Tess asked

"Because I thought that it would be fun to say to Mrs. Evans
that my daughter Claudia, who by the way is your
granddaughter from the future, is my causin Stephanie." Liz

"Your weird."

"Yeah yeah whatever."

"So how's Sam?" Tess asked

"Last time I talked to Maria, she was throwing up in the
toilet." Liz said

"Pacey's totally freaked. He's pacing around the whole entire
house. He won't sit down for any longer then..." Tess thought
for a minute "Kyle counted that he'll only sit down for 11
seconds. That was the longest time. Anyways I told him to
call you guys, but when I handed him the phone, I think he
forgot how to use it or something." Tess said. Liz luaghed.

"Oh poor Pacey. Alex and Claudia-"Liz tried to say before she
was interrupted

"JASON AND STEPHANIE!" AJ and Claudia yelled. Liz just rolled
her eyes at them

"Right. Jason and Stephanie, were just trying to keep them
pre-occupied with other things so they won't have Sam on
there minds all day." Liz said

"That's good. I take it Jason is Alex jr. See that seems more
realistic, because there can't be two Alex's."

"Shut up.....Hey why don't you three come over. We'll all
hang out." Liz said. Max spit out some of his soda and landed
on AJ.

"That's mean dude. And how old are you?" AJ asked. But Liz
didn't hear any of it

"Cool. Let me ask Kyle and Pacey." Tess said getting excited

"OK." Liz said, waiting for Tess.

"I think I heard something wrong. You, Liz Parker, just asked,
Tess Harding, to hang out." Max said

"Yes, me and her are friends now. I already told you that." Liz

"Yeah but I thought you were just kidding. Are you really
serious?" Max asked again


"Hey Kyle, you wanna go hangout at Max and Isabel's house
for a little while?" Tess asked. 'Man, ever since I "didn't sleep
with Liz, I'm like everybody's best friend....Cool.' Kyle thought.


"I'm in the kitchen. You don't have to yell. And yes." Jim said

"Pacey, you wanna go hang out at Max and Isabel's?....." Kyle
asked him, but Pacey just kept on
pacing. "Pacey?.....Pacey?...... DUDE PACEY....CHILL OUT."
Kyle said.

"I can't. See, when I'm stressed out, I pace. Get it, pace,
Pacey. That's what I do best. Pacey without the Y. Pacey
paces when he's stressed." Pacey said, all the while still

"Pacey also babbles like and idiot when he's stressed. So are
we going over there or not?" Tess asked. Pacey stoped
pacing and looked at Tess

"Where?" Pacey asked. Tess rolled her eyes and put the
phone back to her ear.

"We'll be over there in a little while." Tess said

"Ok bye." Liz said

"Bye." Tess said and hung up the phone. "Get ready, were
leaving in twenty minutes."

Michael's apartment. Sam is laying on the couch awake

"Hey Sam, I'm gonna go home and get my stuff so I can spend the night here and take care of you ok." Maria said as she wiped some of Sam's hair off of her forehead.

"Ok." Sam said

"I'll be back as soon as I can ok. Bye." Maria said and kissed
Sam's cheek. Then she went over to the door where Michael
was. "Michael, make sure she stays on the couch. And if she's
cold, put some more blankets on her. And-" Maria went to say
but Michael interrupted her.

"You'll be gone...maybe an hour. She'll be fine. I'll take care of
her." Michael tried to reasure her.

"I know I know. Ok bye." Mari said

"Bye." Michael said and kissed her. Then he looked back at
Sam and she was sitting up. He went over to her and sat
next to her. "You ok?"

"No...I feel so sick." Sam said, right about to cry.

"I know, come here." Michael said and took Sam into his arms.

"My ears hurt." Sam said. And then she started coughing.

"Well they bought some cough medicine to. Good thing."
Michael said as he rubbed her back.

"Why did this happen to me?" Sam asked as she cried.

"It will be ok. Just go back to sleep." Michael said, as Sam fell
asleep in his arms.

Max and Isabel's house. Kyle Tess and Pacey just walked in the door.

"Hi Mrs. Evans." Tess said she came in the door.

"Hello Tess..Kyle.." Diane said, then she look at another
unfamiliar face.

"This is my causin Nathan Mrs. Evans." Kyle said. Pacey put
out his hand and Mrs. Evans shook it.

"Wow. Everyone has there causins in town."

"Oh right, Jason and Stephanie. I can't wait to meet them."
Tess said. Kyle and Pacey gave her a funny look.

"Who's Jason and Stephanie?" Pacey asked

"Stephanie is Liz's causin and Jason is Alex's causin." Tess
said. Pacey still gave her a funny look.

"I didn't know they had there causins in town. We just saw
them this morning." Pacey said, still not getting the point.

"Oh I get it." Kyle said out of no where. Tess rolled her eyes.
Diane was starring at them.

"Well there all in Max and Isabel's room." Diane said as she left

"You two are complete idiots." Tess said and walked away.
Kyle and Pacey shrugged at each other and then followed her
into Max's room.

"Hey guys...Oh, you must be Jason and Stephanie. It's so
nice to meet you." Tess said

"You to. Kyle, havn't seen you in a while." AJ said

"This is my causin Nathan." Kyle said as he pointed to Pacey.

"So where are your causins?" Pacey asked looking around. Liz
gave him a funny look.

"Oh, Stephanie, Jason, this is Nathan." Liz said. Pacey kept
looking around

"Who are you talking to?" Pacey asked. It hit Tess what was
going on, at the same time Max did so Max tossed Tess a
pillow and she hit him in the face.

"You idiot. Stephanie is Claudia and Jason is AJ." Tess said.

"Oh." Pacey said. Kyle laughed at him and then Tess hit him in
the face with the pillow to.

"You didn't get it either so shut up." Tess said as she sat next
to Liz and rolled her eyes. Liz put her arm around her and

"Hey Nathan." Claudia said and got off the chair and went
over to Pacey. "I'm Stephanie. Your pretty cute." she said as
she was standing right in front of him.

"Your not so bad yourself." Pacey said

"Oh cut it out. That's gross." Max said as he burried his head
in his pillow. Everyone laughed.

"Technically, were not real causins." Claudia said. Pacey put
his arm around Claudia and she put her arm around Pacey's

"Yeah." Pacey said. Max picked his head up.

"GET YOUR ARM OFF MY DAUGHTER." Max growled. Pacey

"Chill out uncle Max. Kidding." Pacey said holding out his
hands in defeat.

"Hey guys." Alex said as he and Isabel came into the room.

"Hey Alex...." Pacey ran over to Alex because Max was still
giving him a dirty look. "I'm Kyle's causin Nathan." Pacey said
and put his hand out. Alex laughed and shook his hand.

"Nice to meet you." Isabel said. Even though she felt silly
playing that stupid game.

"So......" Alex said, as he sat on the floor.

"What are we gonna do?" Liz asked

"About Sam you mean?" AJ asked

"Yeah." Liz said

"We have to face facts." Pacey said

"Pacey. NO. We do not have to face YOUR facts. So shut up
and sit down. And don't say anything." Claudia said. Pacey
sat down against the wall. Liz, Tess, Max, Kyle, Isabel, and
Alex laughed because they didn't expect Claudia to say that
to him. AJ was used to it.

"I'm kinda worried about her." Alex said

"Hi guys." Maria said as she entered the room. Isabel Liz
Claudia AJ and Pacey stood up. Max Kyle Tess and Alex just
sat up straight.

"Maria? What are you doing here?" Isabel asked

"Is Sam ok?" Claudia asked

"She's still the same. But I'm gonna spend the night at
Michael's house. But I need a cover story. So the best place I
can tell her where I am is at Tess's house. Because incase
she calls, she can just talk to the Sheriff. And he can tell my
mom that I'm staying over there with Tess. And I'm gonna
skip school tomorrow and stay with her. Ok." Maria said.

"That's getting right down to the point." Kyle said

"That was my plan. I'm going home and then I'm going back to
Michael's I'm leaving now, Bye." Maria said and walked
out of the room. No one really had time to react. She left as
quickly as she came in.

"BYE!" Everyone yelled

"She's totally freaked out." Liz said. She didn't even get to
give her a hug.

"Aunt Maria!" AJ yelled at her from the front door, before she could get into her car. She turned around and he cought up to her.

"Yeah?" Maria asked

"I know Sam. This won't stop her from saving her dad...or her
mom. She won't let you guys down. She needs you to much.
She loves you to much." AJ said. It brought tears to Maria's

"Thanks...I needed that." Maria wispered to AJ and she smiled
at him. He gave her a big hug. Just like Alex would do.

"I'll see you tomorrow aunt Maria." AJ said as he pulled away

"Ok bye."

Max and Isabel's house. Tess is on the phone.


"Jim, it's Tess."

"Is everything ok?"

"Yeah. But Maria is spending the night at Michael's to take
care of Sam. But she's gonna tell her mom that she's spending
the night with me. So if her mom calls could you tell her that
Maria's spending the night at our house?" Tess asked.

"So you want me to lie to Amy?"

"Please...she'll believe you. And if it backfires, I will take full
responsibilty. Me Kyle Michael and Maria wanted to go
camping. No sex." Tess said.

"As far as I know you guys will be home later on tonight." Jim
gave in.

"Thank you."

"You owe me."

"I know I know. Bye. And thanks again."

"Your welcome."

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Maria's house.

"Hey mom." Maria said as she walked into the house.
"Hi honey...You look so tired." Amy said and got up and gave her daughter a hug.
"No I'm ok....can I spend the night with Tess tonight?"
"You just stayed at Liz's last night....and it's a school night."
"I know. Were gonna study for a little while and then go to sleep. Please?" Maria begged. 'Please say yes please say yes please say yes.'
"Fine fine. But tomorrow your sleeping here ok." Amy said. Maria hugged her mom.
"Thanks. I love you." Maria said and walked towards her room
"Love you to."
"Ok, I'm still tired, and we have school tomorrow, so Nathan, Kyle, let's go." Tess said
"Ok. Bye." Kyle said. Pacey just jumped on Kyle's back when he was leaving.
"I'm to tired to walk daddy." Pacey said.
"Retard." Kyle said and kept walking with him on his back.
"Yeah we should probley get going to. Liz you need a ride?" Alex asked
"Yeah...Call me tonite." Liz wispered in Max's ear.
"Ok." Max said and gave her a kiss. "Bye Alex. See ya later." Max said. Alex and Max started laughing.
"Oooh you guys make me nuts." Claudia said and left the room.
"Bye. Isabel if you need to talk to me, call me." Alex said to Isabel.
"Go away." Isabel said. She wanted to know what they were laughing at. Everytime they saw each other they would laugh. It was driving her insane.
"I love you mommy." AJ said from the doorway with a big smile on his face.
"Jason come here." Isabel said. AJ came over to her and she wipsered in his ear "Get Alex to tell you why there laughing." Isabel said
"I'll do my best. Bye uncle Max." AJ said as he left the room.
"Bye." Max said

"What's wrong Parker?" Alex asked Liz as they were walking out the door.
"Just thinking........look at Claudia and AJ." Liz said. Alex looked over there and saw them walking down the street to Alex's car with there arms on each others shoulders. "It reminds me of you and me. Best friends." Liz said
"Till the very end." Alex said, and put his arm around Liz and walked with her to his car.

"Hello?" Jim said
"Jim, it's Amy."
"'s it going?" Jim asked. Man why did she have to call..
" I hear Maria's spending the night with Tess."
"Yeah she is."
"Are you sure?"
"Sure? Sure about what?" Jim asked. 'Man I hate lieing to her.'
"Are you sure she is?"
"Yes of course I'm sure...Tess asked me if she could and was very excited about it. Really excited."
"Oh ok...I just don't want her to be going to Arizona or Las Vegas again."
"She won't be. She'll be here."
"Ok...well I have to go. I'll see you later."
"Ok....Bye Amy." Jim said. 'Home free'
"Bye Jim." Amy said. 'Something sounds fishy. But Jim wouldn't lie to me.'
Liz's house

"Ok. Kitchen is all clean." Liz said
"And the livingroom is all picked up...I'm starved. What's to eat?" Claudia asked
"I spent all the money that was for food. So were gonna be eating at the Crashdown for about a week." Liz said
"Sounds great. I eat at aunt Maria's cafe all the time."
"You actually like working there?" Liz asked as they walked down to the cafe.
"Depends. If uncle Michael and aunt Maria aren't mad. Yes." Claudia said. Liz and her laughed
"Oh gosh...Eddie, two cheeseburgers." Liz said
"You got it." Eddie said Liz and Claudia went back upstairs and sat on the couch with there feet up.
"So..did you have fun last night?" Liz asked
"Totally. You guys are so fun as teenagers."
"What are we like as adults?"
"Well everyone's more mature. Because you all have kids and jobs. But you guys are so much fun to be with. All our friends love coming to our houses because they never know what's gonna happen." Claudia said
"I can't wait till I have kids."
"Well you only have to wait till Janurary 5th 2003." Claudia said
"Is that your birthday?"
"Yep. And you got me that bueatiful car." Claudia said and smiled real big.
"Are you a good driver?"
"Yep. Have my licence. Sam AJ and Pacey only have there permits....but AJ is the only good driver. Sammy and Pacey are just so bad. They don't listen to anyone. Aunt Tess was letting Pacey drive, and he was speeding. And that day, uncle Kyle was training one of the deputy's. So they see him speeding and catch up to him, to see that it is his very own son driving. Uncle Kyle had a cow. He had to give Pacey a speeding ticket. It was so funny." Claudia said. Both girls were laughing.
"I'm not surprised." Liz said

Alex's house. Alex and AJ are watching T.V

"You still worried?" Alex asked
"Yeah....but I'm just trying to forget about it for a while. I can't really do anything about it.....I just hope she gets better." AJ said. Keeping his eyes glued to the T.V
"Well.....tell me about your girlfriend." Alex said. That will get his mind on other things. AJ sat right up.
"Leah...Well she 16 and has the coolest yellow Camero. Totally hot. She's just so beautiful. Funniest girl you've ever met. Great personality."
"Wow you really like she's 16?"
"Yeah, she's almost 17. In like a month."
"Wow. That's so cool."
"Yeah...she hangs out with Claudia all the time. There in the same class."
"So are they like best friends?"
"Yeah. But Leah and Sam a little closer. Like when she got her car, she wouldn't let me in the garage to see it. Cause her and Sam made this deal that Sam would be the first one to see it, and first one to sit in it. So then Sam came over and I had to sit in her livingroom while her and Sam sat in her car." AJ said
"Ah that's funny." Alex said
"Yeah...then when she got her licence, she wouldn't let me drive with her. Cause she promiced Sam. So they went to Sonic's, a drive in resturant, and left me behind. My own girlfriend left me behind to hang out with my causin." AJ said shaking his head. He still couldn't get over that.
"Is this still when they knew you were......" Alex tried to say
"Half alien? Yeah. They found out about us about.....11 months ago." AJ said
"So who are the others that know about you?" Alex asked. He couldn't really remember there names.
"Bobby. He's been my best friend since I was like five. And of course, he's Sammy's boyfriend. Then Scott moved to Roswell when were about......eight. And me Scott Pacey and Bobby have been best friends since. He was in love with Claudia. But when they found out we were aliens, he sorta, stayed away from us for a while."
"Really? How long?" Alex asked. He felt bad for his son. It sounds to me like he lost his best friend.
"For about about five months." AJ said.
"Five months? Man." Alex said, a little shocked
"Yeah. But see, Claudia was also in love with Scott. And me Pacey and Bobby told Sam Sharon and Leah that he liked her, so the six of us would always try and convince him to ask her out. So he was gonna, and then he found out about uf being half alien. So then he sorta stayed away. But then he came back to us. But then, we told him what was going on with Courtney, so we told him that we couldn't hang out all the time like we used to. So he never got a chance to ask Claudia out. I think he still was gonna ask her out though." AJ said
"Wow.....I feel bad for Claudia." Alex said
"Yeah I know so do I.....then there's Sharon. And Claudia is more close to her. But she's still really close to Sam and Leah. And of course Pacey."
"So are they boyfriend and girlfriend?" Alex asked
"There realtionship is weird. They've liked each other for so long. I don't know what's wrong with them. Pacey just always says "it's complicated."." AJ said, immatating Pacey
"So, are like you guys like ALL best friends?" Alex asked
"Yeah. Just think of us as the eight muskateers.
Valenti house. There eating dinner.

"So what's the deal with this Sharon chick?" Kyle asked Pacey, who looked like he forgot how to swallow.
"Well, were sorta, going out." Pacey said, and stuffed his mouth with spagetti.
"How can you sorta be going out?" Tess asked
"It's complicated." Pacey said, and shoving more spagetti into his mouth. Tess laughed to herself, watching her son squirm. Jim didn't catch the beggining of the conversation.
"What's her name?" Jim asked
"Sharon." Pacey said, keeping his head down.
"Well, tell us about her." Tess said. Pacey thought about it for a second.
"She's eleventh grade with Claudia and Leah. Long, long blonde hair. Plays volleyball and she's on the cheerleading squad. Great personality. You guys really like her alot." Pacey said. Tess smiled at him
"That's good. She sounds really sweet." Tess said. She might as well lay off the third degree. For a minute there it looked like he was about to pee his pants.
"She is." Pacey said kinda quietly.
"So she hangs out with Claudia?" Kyle asked
"Yeah. Cause there in the same is Leah...Leah Sharon Claudia and Sam are best friends and have been best friends since they were born." Pacey said and laughed. But he didn't stop.
"What's so funny?" Jim asked.
"This one time, Scott Bobby AJ and me were hanging out at my house. And mom asked me to go get the shovel back from uncle Michael.." Pacey tried to say but was interrupted by Tess
"Why did I need a shovel?" Tess asked
"Oh Clay and Leslie put the neighbors cat in a big box and burried him, BUT they used there powers so he could still breath, they just wanted to see if they could still hear him. But he was ok, don't worry." Pacey said
"That is so mean. What is wrong with those kids?" Tess asked. Jim and Kyle were cracking up.
"ANYWAY!" Pacey said loudly and slowly. "So I went over there to get the shovel. Uncle Michael let me in, and I heard a bunch of laughing. I asked him who was up there and he said Claudia. So I got the shovel, and uncle Michael had to go get Brenden from dad at work. The sheriff's station, because him and Kyle jr, were in the grocery store, and used there powers to knock everything off the shelves. The people in the store just thought they ran down the isle and knocked everything off." Pacey said. Kyle and Jim started laughing.
"That is not funny." Tess said, and hit Kyle.
"So I told them that uncle Michael and aunt Maria had ice cream in there freezer. So the four of us went over there and heard the music on real loud in the upstairs livingroom." Pacey went to say but was interrupted
"They have two livingrooms?" Kyle asked
"Yeah. Well that room is sorta a livingroom. But whenever they have people over they stay in that room. It has a big screen T.V, a pool table, big couch. It's really nice. So anyways, were thinking it's Claudia and Sam just listening to music. So we walk up there.." Pacey started laughing " And Sharon and Leah are with them." Pacey kept laughing. Jim Tess and Kyle were all giving each other weird looks.
"Well, what happened?" Kyle asked
"All four of them, are in just the bra's and panties..."Pacey stopped to laugh. "And there dancing around......(laughing).......using there brushes as microphone's.......(laughing).......and singing some oldie song. Brittney Spears I think it was.......(laughing).... and there jumping around the room............jumping on the couch...........and shaking there butts..........and were just stading there watching them and then when the songs over, Sam starts screaming. Then Leah starts screaming, and then Sharon and Claudia relize what's going on and start screaming. There like trying to cover themselves up but.............they don't have any cloths......" Pacey is on the floor laughing.
"That's so awful. How can you three be laughing so hard?" Tess asked. After a couple of minutes Pacey got up.
"It doesn't end there." Pacey said
"Oh my god." Jim said, as he wiped the tears away from his eyes.
"So were still standing there, and there screaming away, and uncle Michael just came home with Brenden and is walking up the stairs with him. And Sam yells he like see's four girls in there bra's and underware and covers his eyes with his hand and was like 'AH MAN.'." Pacey starts laughing again. "The next the best part." Pacey tried to say. After about a minute he got is breath back. " Brenden see's these girls..and all he can say was priceless...the look on his face was uncle Michael takes his hand away and covers Brenden's eyes and pushes him out of the way and was like 'GO TO YOUR ROOM.' . " Pacey said, immatating Michael. "And of course, Claudia Sam Sharon and Leah are still screaming up a strom. So uncle Michael turns around and grabs Bobby and Scott and covers there eyes and walks them towards the stairs. I guess he thought them me and AJ would just start following him cause he was like 'PACEY, AJ, GET OVER HERE NOW.' But we just stood there laughing. So he went back over to us and covers our eyes and pushes us. Then he covers his eyes and yells 'THE FOUR OF YOU GET DRESSED NOW.' Then when he went to walk, he bumped into all four of us cause we went back over to see them. So he has to push us all the way down the stairs and out the front door. All the while were laughing so hard our sides hurt. We went back across the street to my house, laughing our butts off for about, a good 45 minutes. I mean, we just couldn't stop." Pacey stopped and laughed for a bit with Kyle and Jim. Tess was not amused
"That must have been so embarrasing for them." Tess said
"But see, mom couldn't get out of us what was wrong cause we were laughing so hard....So she called uncle Max over. And he's trying to figure out what was wrong. So then uncle Michael comes in the house and said 'HOW CAN YOU STILL BE LAUGHING. THAT WAS SO MEAN!'. and mom was like huh and uncle Michael said 'THEY WERE ALL IN SAM'S ROOM CRYING. SHARON LEAH AND CLAUDIA WENT HOME AND SAMANTHA'S STILL IN HER ROOM CRYING!' . So uncle Max was like why are they crying. So uncle Michael told them. Which hearing the story made us laugh even harder. If that was even possible. So then uncle Max and uncle Michael start jumping on us to make us stop laughing. When we did, they sat us down. Mom was like 'That is so mean, I can't believe you were laughing that hard about that. How would you feel if the girls saw you all in your boxers.'." Pacey immatated Tess in a high voice with his head shaking back and forth.
"HEY!" Tess said. Pacey stopped
"And uncle Max was like, 'YOU SAW MY DAUGHTER IN HER UNDERWARE?!?!?!' and the uncle Michael was saying how he just called Liz and Leah and Sharon's mom to come pick them up cause they were hystericle. So mom said that we had to go over to each of them and apologize for laughing at them." Pacey said
"So what happend.?" Kyle asked
"Well we went across the street to Sam, and she opened her bedroom door and wasn't looking at any of us. Just uncle Michael or uncle Michael or mom..... and she didn't even look like she had been crying.....but then, she slapped me AJ and Scott in the face. And of course uncle Michael uncle Max and mom just laughed. But see, then she looked at Bobby with such an evil face on, I thought she was gonna kill him. Then she punched him in the stomache and started crying and slammed the door." Pacey said
"Well you guys deserved it." Tess said
"AHHH. You got hit by a girl." Kyle said
"Actaully by three. When we went over to Claudia's, she asked why Bobby was in so much pain, and why are faces were all red. Uncle Max told her Sam hit us. And she said "OH", then she slapped all of us and slammed the door. And Sharon slapped all of us. And then Leah , she slapped me and Scott really hard. Harder then all of them, which surprised the heck out of us considering she's not all that strong compared to Sam and Sharon. Claudia is stronger then Leah and she didn't even hit us that hard. Anyway, then looked at Bobby, who was still holding his stomach and just stared at him for a minute then slapped him. But not as hard as me and Scott. Then she looked at AJ and just slammed the door." Pacey said
"Wow she didn't hit him?" Kyle asked
"She didn't have the heart. But they wouldn't talk to us for a whole month." Pacey said
"Well that's good....I''m going to bed. Goodnight."

Michael's apartment

"Hey Michael." Maria said as she walked in the door.
"Hey." Michael said
"How is she?"
"She threw up again after you left. But I just got her to sleep. She said that her throat and her ears were hurting, and she started to cough so I gave her some of that cough medicine." Michael said
"That's good....God I'm so worried about her." Maria said. Michael went over to her and hugged her
"I know you are. I am to.....Listen, let's go lay down in my bed and if she needs us, we'll get up ok?" Michael asked
"Ok." Maria said. Michael grabbed her hand and led her into his bedroom and laid down in his bed, under the covers. They both had just realized that they were completely exhausted. "It's ok ya know. Everything will be fine. Tomorrow we'll talk to her about everything that happened with Courtney. We'll help her feel better." Michael said to Maria
"Why don't you go to sleep. If she wakes up we'll hear her."
"I love you ya know." Michael said. Maria looked up at him and he kissed her
"I love you to."

"Ok ok. It's ok." Michael said, holding Sam. She started crying really hard in her sleep.
"It happened again....I saw you guys die all over again......I relived every moment." Sam said crying
"Shhhh. It's ok. Calm down." Michael said
"I'm so sorry. I let you both die." Sam cried
"No no no it wasn't your fault. Sammy please stop saying that." Maria said. Maria had tears down her face from watching Sam cry so hard in Michael's arms.
"I'm so sorry. I'm so so sorry." Sam cried. Michael held on tighter.
"Your gonna make yourself sick again Sam. Shhh. It's ok." Michael said. Samantha kept on crying. And after a while she stopped and fell asleep. Michael laid her back down on the couch and him and Maria went back into his room.
"Do you think she'll be alright?" Maria asked
"As long as she doesn't have any more nightmares." Michael said. He looked over at Maria and realized she was shaking. So he laid her back down into bed, and held on to her.
"I'm really scared for her Michael."
"I know you are. But she'll be ok."
Monday morning. Valenti house

"Wake up." Tess said to Pacey and Kyle in a singsong voice. Tess took one of the pillows out from under Pacey's head.
"Arg......dude what are you doing?" Pacey asked
"To early." Kyle mumbled and put his head under his pillow
"School....remember that place?" Tess asked
"Don't have to go. It's not my school." Pacey said and put his head under his pillow
"But you enrolled there. You can't just go for one day." Tess said
"Watch me." Pacey said. Tess turned around to look at Kyle on the floor.
"Kyle Get up." Tess said and sat on Kyle
"I'm up I'm up." Kyle said, opening his eyes.
"Good.....Pacey Maxwell Valenti get up. You have to go to school." Tess said, and l stood up. Kyle laid back down. She took Pacey's pillow again. He only had one left.
"What? Why?" Pacey asked.
"Because I'm your mom and I said so." Tess said
"You can't do anything
." Pacey said
"Oh yes I can. You won't play football." Tess said. Kyle laughed at her. She knew exactly which strings to pull. Pacey's head shot up.
"What? No. You can't do that." Pacey said
"Then get ready for school." Tess said and walked out of the room without looking at Kyle. Kyle let out a deep breath. "KYLE GET UP RIGHT NOW!" Tess screamed from the doorway. She zapped Kyle with her powers and was on his feet in an instant.
"OUCH...THAT HURT..."Kyle screamed grabbing his butt
"I know it did. And I'll do it again if you don't get up. NOW!" Tess said and left. Kyle's butt felt like it was on fire
"I wanna sit in snow!" Kyle complained. Pacey was laughing "SHUT UP PACEY!"

Alex's house

"HELLO?" Alex moaned into the phone
"Hi." Isabel said in a cheery voice
"I just woke up and I wanted you to be the first thing I hear." Isabel said, still in her cheery voice
"I don't have to be up for another hour. And you woke me up, so you could voice?" Alex asked. He was NOT amused
"Your just calling me, cause your mad at me." Alex said
"That to....are you gonna wake AJ up for school?" Isabel asked. Alex was mad. He wanted to go back to sleep.
"I wasn't..gonna wake...him up." Alex said. Isabel thought it was cute how he was so mad.
"Well you better wake him up. He's going to school. And if I don't see him there, he's grounded and your in big BIG trouble." Isabel said
"Ok ok. I'll see you later."
"Bye honey." Isabel said in a sweet voice and hung up.


"Alex.....Alex...wake up." Alex was shaking AJ to wake up.
"God's not even up yet." AJ said. But he was still asleep. So AJ accidentally scratched Alex's arm in the fight for the pillows.
"OUCH!......Isabel said that if you don't go to school, then your gonna be grounded." Alex said, covering his arm
"I don't want to go to your crummy school." AJ moaned, and tried to hide under the covers. Alex pulled them off.
"Isabel said that if you don't go, then were both in trouble."
"Ok ok. I'm up. Man, mom is so mean." AJ complained
"Yeah I know. Get used to it."
Liz's house

"Hey mom....wake up..." Claudia said, sitting on top of Liz, trying to shake her awake.
"Five more minutes." Liz mumbled. Claudia laughed. She loved being on this side.
"Nope. You can't have five minutes. Cause then you'll be five minutes late for school." Claudia said. Liz peeked her head out from under the covers.
"You sound like my mom." Liz said. Claudia laughed
"Gee. Wonder where I get it from." Claudia said, and sat on the other side of the bed while Liz sat up
"Why are you up so early?" Liz asked through a yawn.
"Couldn't sleep. I kept on waking up."
"Were you thinking about Samantha?" Liz asked
"Yeah.. can we go over there after school?" Claudia asked
"Yeah. When we get out of school, we'll come by here and pick you up." Liz said
"I wanna go to." Claudia said
"You do?"
"Yeah. Most definitly. I wanna see what you guys were like in school."
"Boring...well were leaving in an hour. You can wear whatever you want of mine." Liz said and walked into the bathroom
Evan's house

"Morning Max." Diane said from the stove.
"Morning." Max said through a yawn. He sat down at the table and put his head down.
"You look so tired." Diane said
"Long weekend." Max said. Isabel came in grumbling.
"I hate Mondays." She said and sat across from Max, putting her head down.
"I thought I just heard you in your room about an hour ago talking to Alex in a nice voice." Diane said
"I set my alarm clock to wake me up an hour earlier, so I could wake him up." Isabel said
"Hi guys. I haven't seen you two all weekend. How are you?" Philip asked as he sat next to Isabel
"Fine." Max mumbled
"Tired." Isabel grumbled
"What'd you guys do?" Philip asked them
"Spent the night at Liz's." Isabel yawned and sat up.
"Me to." Max said is weird voice. Isabel hit him in the head, hard, and he sat right up. "WHAT?!?!....Woah...I fell back to sleep." Max said, and shook his head. Philip and Diane were giving each other funny look
"So...what did you do this weekend Max?" Philip asked
"Spent the night at Michael's." Max said through a yawn.
"I thought you stayed at Liz's." Philip said. 'OH NO. HOW DID THEY KNOW?'
"Huh?....Why?.." Max asked. He was nervous. 'Please don't know. Please don't know.' Max silently begged himself
"Because, when dad asked us what we did, I said I spent the night at Liz's and you said "me to". Tsk Tsk Tsk. All this lying is catching up on you Max." Isabel said, smiling at her brother. 'Ha Ha. Take that my sweet brother. I'm gonna get you back for not telling me what you and my stupid boyfriend are laughing at.'
"Isabel, go annoy someone." Max said and got up.
"I am. YOU."

School. Liz and Claudia are sitting on the little wall waiting for everyone.

"Hey Liz. Claudia." Alex said as him and AJ walked toward them
"Hey Alex, AJ......You know what, I think I'll start calling you Jason. It's to confusing to call you AJ." Liz said. AJ shrugged his shoulders
"Whatever floats your boat." AJ said
"Did you talk to Maria?" Alex asked
"No. I thought we would call them when everyone was here." Liz said
"Hey guys." Tess said as she joined the group.
"Hey....where's Pacey and Kyle?" Liz asked
"Oh Pacey started making fun of the basketball team. So Kyle and him started fighting back and forth, so I just left. I don't think they even realized I'm gone." Tess said and sat down next to Liz. Everyone laughed.
"Ooooh my son's here." Everyone turned and saw Isabel walking towards them.
"Hi mommy...where's uncle Max?" AJ asked. Isabel started smiling and sat down next to Claudia
"He's coming." Isabel said. They waited for a couple minutes then saw Max coming.
"Hey Max." Alex said. This time Max didn't laugh. He sat in-between Liz and Claudia
"What's the matter?" Liz asked
"Isn't that uncle Michael's jacket?" Claudia asked. Everyone looked to see Max wearing Michael's jacket around his waist.
"Yes." Max said
"Why are you wearing his jacket?" Alex asked
"Because when we were walking down the hall, Isabel used her powers to make my pants rip. So I went to Michael's locker and grabbed his jacket." Max said. Everyone started laughing. "IT'S NOT FUNNY!" Max yelled. Which caused everyone to laugh harder, and caused people to stare at them.
"Why didn't you just use your powers to fix it?" Alex asked
"Becuase, that would be to easy. Isabel had to wait till I was infront of people. Cause then I can't fix it." Max said
"MOMMY.....Hey uncle Max....what's up?" Pacey said as him and Kyle came over.
"Dude be quiet. Nobody can know that I'm your uncle. No one can know that were related." Max said
"Ditto." Claudia said. Pacey ignored her.
"Why? Are you ashamed of me?" Pacey said as he made a sad face
"You know what I mean retard." Max said
"Well now I know what Max has gotten out of this experience." Isabel said
"What do you mean?" Kyle asked
"His mean streak. Calling people stupid and retard. So unlike Max." Isabel said
"Liz has started doing it to." Alex said
"I have not stupid." Liz said. She didn't even mean to say it. "I MEAN." But it was to late. Everyone was laughing. "Ok ok. So I'm gonna call Maria now." Liz said and picked up her cell phone.
Michael's apartment.

Maria woke up to the feel strong arms around her. She opened her eyes to see Michael's eyes staring back at her, with a smile on his face. "Hey." Maria said and smiled at him.
"Hey." Michael said
"How long have you been up?" Maria asked through a yawn.
"Not long...want some breakfast?" Michael asked getting up and walking into the kitchen, with Maria following him.
"Yeah. But word of advise, when I'm sick, I don't like to smell anything resembling food. So just cereal." Maria said as she sat at his bar
"Good. Now I don't have to cook." Michael said and Maria laughed. She turned around to look at Sam. She didn't look so great. She looked really uncomfortable and was all sweaty.
"So how long has she been sleeping?" Maria asked Michael. He had gotten up more then she had for Sam. Mainly because the second time she got up she banged into the wall and her whole body hurt. She still thought the whole wall had moved.
"Maybe about two hours......Chex, Cookie Crisp or Cocoa Pebbles." Michael said. Maria looked at him
"I said I have Chex, Cookie Crisp or Cocoa Pebbles. What do you want?"
"Chex.....I hope she's feeling better."
"Yeah me to......after she's been up awhile, we'll start talking to her." Michael said
"Ok...that sounds good." Maria said. Then Michael's phone rang and Maria picked it up. "Hello?"
"Hey Maria." Liz said
"Hi Liz."
"How's Samantha?"
Not so good. She woke up like, five times last night to throw up."
"Poor thing. Is there anything we can do?"
"No not really."
"St...stop it...stop it.....if you do not cut it out I will rip your arms off and feed it to that dog down the street." Liz said
"Who are you talking to?" Maria asked
"Pacey and AJ. There over here waving there arms around like idiots, right in front of my face.......that's the bell. Everyone says hi." Liz said
"Hello to them to." Maria said
"I'll call you later. Bye." Liz said
"Bye." Maria said. Michael put her bowl of cereal in front of her. "Thanks." Maria said. She was about to eat her first bite when they heard Samantha moving around. Michael and Maria went over to her and Sam sat up
"Hey." Michael said to Sam
"Thirsty." Sam mumbled.
"I'll go get you something." Maria said and went into the kitchen. Michael sat next to her and put his right arm around her and his left hand on her forehead.
"You still have a fever." Michael said. Maria came back over to them with a glass of Ginger Ale.
"Here drink this." Maria said and handed the glass to Sam.
"Better?" Michael asked
"Little." Sam said
"Do you want anything else?" Maria asked
"No, I just wanna go back to sleep." Sam said.
"Ok." Michael got up so she good lay down and was asleep in a second

Lunch. Tess was sitting by a tree.

"Hey Alex." Tess said as Alex sat down next to her.
"Hey." Alex said
"Oh I'm starving......and Pacey has my money. The little brat." Tess said goofing around.
"Pacey's pretty funny." Alex said
"Oh yeah. He's should see him with the sheriff. I think he's scared of Pacey. He's so annoying." Tess said laughing
"Talking about Pacey?" AJ asked as Claudia, Max and him sat down
"Yeah." Tess said
"Not surprised. He's a pain in the but." Max said laughing
"Evans!! Stop making fun of my kid." Kyle said as him Isabel and Liz joined the group.
"Are you making fun of Pacey?" Liz asked Max
"Because if you are, then that's just mean." Isabel said
"Oh Pacey deserves it." Claudia said
"Hey guys. Here's your money mom." Pacey said as he also joined the group and handed Tess some money.
"Thanks...Pizza here I come." Tess said and got up.
"Man this school sucks. I can't believe I have the same friggen locker." Pacey said
"Same locker?" Liz asked
"Yeah. The locker that they gave me last Friday is the exact same locker I have in my time." Pacey said
"You mean you guys go to this school in your time?" Isabel asked. AJ Claudia and Pacey nodded there heads.
"Yuck." Liz said
"Well two years ago they started redesigning the school. So they've been tearing down parts of the school. And only part of the school is still there from the old school." Claudia said
"That is so sad." Alex said shaking his head
"Yummy yummy pizza." Tess said as she sat down and started eating.
"Man you are hungry." Kyle said
"Well I wasted my breakfast time on waking Pacey up this morning. So I'm starving." Tess said
"So what did Maria say when you called her?" Max asked Liz.
"That Sam kept waking up in the middle of the night to throw up. We didn't get to talk to long." Liz said
"Man." Claudia said and put her head down. Max put his arm around his daughter.
"Don't worry. I'll call them again." Liz said and picked up her cell phone and dialed Michael's number....

"Hello?" Michael asked
"Michael. Hi it's how's Sam doing?" Liz asked
"She's watching T.V right now. But she still has a fever." Michael said

"Let me talk to uncle Michael." Pacey said as he tried to grab the phone

"Me and Maria were gonna talk to her after Maria got out of the shower. You know, maybe help her feel better." Michael said
"Ok. Well when you do, call me on my cell ok." Liz said
"Ok." Michael said
"HIIII..." Everyone shouted
"They all said hello." Liz said
"Yeah yeah...bye." Michael said
"Bye." Liz said and hung up.
"He didn't even say hello?" Pacey asked. Liz shook her head
"So how is she?" AJ asked
"She's watching T.V right now, but Michael said she still has a fever." Liz said
"Well at least she isn't puking her guts up right now." Pacey said. Everyone just stared at him and stopped eating. But Pacey just ate his hamburger.
"That's my son." Tess said. Pacey looked up
"Wha?" Pacey asked with food in his mouth.
Michael's apartment.

"That was Liz checking up on are you feeling any better?" Michael asked Sam who was sitting in the middle of the couch.
"A little....I'm just glad I'm not puking again." Sam said. Michael smiled at her. But he could tell her throat hurt by the way she was talking
"You want something to drink?" Michael asked
"Pepsi." Samantha said
"Won't that make your stomach queasy?" Michael asked. He was not gonna be the cause of her not feeling good by giving his daughter Pepsi. Maria would kill him.
"If I drink anymore Ginger Ale I'll puke." Sam said. That instantly changed his mind
"Pepsi it is." Michael said and got some Pepsi and put it in a glass for her. He walked over to Sam and gave it to her. "Here ya go." Michael said
"Thanks.......ahh that's the stuff." Sammy said and Michael smiled at his daughter. For some odd reason, he actually enjoyed taking care of her.
"It's ok?" Michael asked
"Yeah." Sam said.
"Are you drinking Pepsi?" Maria asked from the doorway.
"Yes." Sam said. 'Man Michael was in trouble now. Maria was gonna kill him.' Michael thought to himself
"If you throw up from it, don't blame me." Maria said. Michael let out a deep breath and Maria gave him a weird look.
"Ok." Sam said. Maria then gave Michael a look that said 'it's time to talk to her.' So they sat down on either side of her.
"Ok. Me and Michael have to talk to you." Maria said. Sam looked at both of them
"Am I in trouble?" Sam asked. Michael smiled at her
"No your not in trouble.....we just wanna help you." Michael said.
"Oh-Kay." Sam looked at both of them again. They sounded like therapists.
"Since you got here, everyone's been telling me and Michael he we need to talk to you about......" Maria hesitated before she went on. "Courtney.......or is we didn' wouldn't be able to save Michael." Maria said. Sam was staring straight ahead, and then started crying. Michael pulled her into his arms.
"'s ok." Michael said
"I'm sorry." Sam cried
"You don't have to be sorry about anything." Maria said trying to comfort her daughter.
"That's didn't do anything wrong." Michael said.
"Could you tell us what happened?" Maria asked
"But it's so bad." Sam said
"We can help you get over you tell us what happened." Michael said
"Please Sam?" Maria asked. Sam looked at her and then sat up and wiped her tears away.
"Whenever Courtney came around....for some reason I was always there." Sam said
"Tell us." Michael said in a gentle voice and Sam looked at him, and then nodded her head.
"I have to start from the very beginning." Sam said. Michael smiled at her
"We have all day." Michael said

Flashback. Year 2009. Samantha is five years old.
Michael is sitting on the steps to the porch with Sam in his lap.

"And Bobby came over, and he hit me in the stomach, so then I kicked him in the knee and pushed him on the ground. And Pacey laughed. It was so funny." Sam said energetically. Michael laughed at his daughter
"That's my girl. Just remember what I said." Michael warned his daughter
"Don't use my powers in front of humans." Sam said moving her head back and forth.
"Good. So how was your day in school?" Michael asked
"It was good, I got to play with Claudia today on the playground. I never get to do that. So we played with Pacey and Alex. We dug a hole and then Claudia's class left and I went over and hit Bobby and ran away, and then he followed me, and I jumped over the hole, but he didn't know it was there, so he fell right into it. It was so funny." Sam said laughing.
"You better be careful or mommy will find out. She'll be real mad."
"Ok." Sam said in a funny voice
"I think Bobby likes you." Michael said
"Yuckie." Sam said, wrinkling up her nose
"He might wanna marry you."
"Ooooh gross....I'm not gonna marry him. I'm gonna marry you." Sam said, standing up, still between his legs.
"Marry me? What about mommy?" Michael asked, laughing.
"She can stay to." Sam said sitting back down in his lap.
"Oh ok...promise me your gonna stay five years old forever." Michael said
"How about just one more birthday. Cause when people ask me how old I am, I wanna be able to hold up two hands. But then I'll stay six years old forever daddy." Sam said smiling
"Ok deal." Michael said. He held out his pinkie for Sam and they picky sweared. Then Michael started tickling Sam.
"AHEM." Someone said in front of them. Michael looked up and stopped tickling Sam. His smile was gone instantly.
"Who are you?" Sam asked the lady. She was kinda tall and had long blonde hair. But it wasn't like mommy's. Mommy had her hair curly. Mommy's was so pretty. And aunt Isabel had really thick hair. And aunt Tess was curly, but short. The lady had very thin hair. Sam didn't like it.
"I'm a friend of Michael's.....A really..good..friend." the lady said.
"Sammy you need to go inside." Michael said, and stood up.
"But why? We were talking." Sam asked
"Samantha I said go in the house. And don't come back out." Michael said in a stern voice. Sam knew enough to go inside without asking any questions. She opened the door and the shut it. Then she went to the front window and opened it so she could still hear everything.
"What are you doing here?" Michael asked the lady.
"I told you I'd be back Michael. And I always keep my who was that little girl?" the lady asked
"My daughter. Samantha." Michael said
"You have a daughter?" the lady asked
"Yes. And another daughter and a son." Michael said
"You have three kids?"
"Yes. And I love them very much."
"Who's the mom?"
"MARIA! WHO ELSE WOULD IT BE?" Michael asked. Sam could tell that her daddy didn't like this lady.
"You actually stayed with her?"
"Yes." Michael said
"Just for the sex right?" the lady asked. ' What's sex? '
"I love Maria very VERY much."
"Oh please. She's a human. I'm closer to you then she'll ever be." the lady said
"That's where your wrong Courtney." Michael said. ' Courtney. That's her name...she didn't like it '
"Come back to me Michael." Courtney said
"We were never together Courtney."
"Come back with me to our home planet. We can live there and be together."
"Just leave me alone." Michael said and turned around. But that mean lady Courtney grabbed him and pulled him down the steps.
"Oh come on. Leave her. Leave those kids. Don't you want to see your home planet? The place you were born? Your family?" she asked. Michael yanked his arm away from her.
"My home planet is Earth, I was born here. And my family is my wife Maria, my children and my brothers and sisters and there children." Michael said. That mean lady Courtney was about to say something else when they heard Claudia scream.
"UNCLE MICHAEL UNCLE MICHAEL...PACEY'S TRYING TO COLOR MY FACE!" Claudia said as she ran up to Michael.
"COME ON IT WILL BE FUN!" Pacey said as him and Alex jr came running up to Michael. Claudia held onto Michael.
"Pacey Claudia Alex, go inside and see Sammy." Michael said to the kids
"PACEY MAXWELL VALENTI LEAVE CLAUDIA ALONE.......oh my god." Aunt Tess said as she joined the group. She just stared at that mean lady Courtney
"Who are you?" Pacey asked
"Guys go inside uncle Michael's house." Tess told the kids
"Oh god Valenti. As in Kyle Valenti? You married Kyle Valenti. What a retard. He's so stupid." Courtney said
"HEY MY DAD'S NOT STUPID!" Pacey yelled at Courtney. Courtney laughed at him and muttered something she couldn't hear. But she could tell aunt Tess wanted to hit her. And not the way she hits Pacey in the head when he acts dumb. They way they hit people on T.V where the other person falls down.
"Pacey go inside." Tess said again
"It's bad enough you stayed on earth. But you married humans. I mean, it wouldn't be so bad if you married Isabel and Max. But Kyle...and Maria." Courtney said
"Ooooh yuck..Mommy married to uncle Michael." Alex jr said with his face all wrinkled up.
"And daddy married to aunt Tess." Claudia said
"Ooooohhh." Pacey Claudia and AJ said
"Will you shut those brats up?" Courtney asked
"They are not brats." Tess said.
"Leave. Now." Michael said. Sam got up from the window and went outside.
"Daddy. What's going on?" Sam asked as she walked down the steps to stand by Michael.
"Sam..arg...." Michael said as she grabbed hold of his leg. Courtney bent down to Sam
"Why don't you go back inside." Courtney said to Sam. Samantha didn't like her and was about spit on her when Michael pushed her behind him. Now daddy has my spit all on the back of pants. Pacey laughed and aunt Tess hit him in the head.
"Don't talk to her...Leave her alone. Leave everyone alone." Michael said
"For now. But I'll be back Michael." Courtney said and turned around.
"I don't like her hair." Claudia said.
"Yeah mommy's is prettier." Alex said. Tess laughed at them and Courtney turned around to give them a dirty look.
"Who was that lady mommy?" Pacey asked. Michael bent down in front of all four kids.
"Listen to me you guys. If you ever, ever see her again, you run and tell Aunt Tess, or uncle Kyle, or aunt Isabel, or uncle Alex, or uncle Max, or aunt Liz, or aunt Maria or me. You RUN and tell us you see her. Don't say anything to her. The second you see her you get up and run and tell one of us she's here. Whoevers closer. And you listen to them when they tell you what to do. Don't ever EVER go near her. She's a very very bad lady. You guys understand me?" Michael asked
"Yes." Sam Claudia Pacey and Alex said.
"Good." Michael said and stood up. He put his hands behind him and then stopped. And looked at his hand. "Why do I have spit on my pants?" Michael asked. He looked right at Sam and she just stood there for a minute
"Well you moved daddy and I wanted to spit on her. I don't like her in my face.....she scared me daddy." Sam said. Michael picked her up
"I know Sam...I know."
Michael's apartment

"That was the first time I saw Courtney...but it definitely wasn't the last time." Sam said
"I wish I didn't make you move. I would have loved for you to have spit on her." Michael said. Sam laughed and nodded her head.
"Yeah." Sam said
"She was so mean to Tess and Pacey." Maria said
"Yeah..she didn't like any of the kids...she never did...especially us." Sam said
"What happened next?" Michael asked......

Flashback to the year 2013. Sam Pacey and Alex are nine years old and Claudia is ten.
Sam Claudia Pacey and Alex are all walking down the street in there bathing suits. They just came from Sharon's house

"I can't believe you kicked Bobby. Sharon's dad almost made you go home." Claudia said
"Well he kept splashing me. He just wouldn't leave me alone." Sam said. She wrapped her towel around her, and her head.
"You look like a ghost." Alex said
"OOOoooOOooooOOOOhhhhh." Sam said
"Well personally I think it was funny." Pacey said
"Besides, Sharon's dad almost sent Pacey home cause he kept following Sharon everywhere." Sam said
"I was not." Pacey said, and whipped his towel at Sam.
"Stop....and yes you were." Sam said. She looked down at her shoelace and saw that it was untied. So she bent down, and they stopped for her. "It's ok. You guys can go home." Sam said
"Ok. Bye." They said. Alex walked right into his house and Pacey and Claudia crossed the street and walked into there house. Sam tied her shoe and walked up Alex's driveway and onto her grass and onto the front porch where she saw a note.
"Hey Sammy. Me and daddy had to bring Brenden to the hospital cause he fell out of the tree house and broke his arm." Sam stopped ' Why didn't daddy just heal it? ' "Mrs. Mantor next door was over when it happened. I called aunt Isabel and she said you could stay over there till we get back. And be nice to Haley. Love Mom." Sam finished reading the letter and went down the stairs and looked up.
"You remember me I can see." ' Courtney ' ....."Well aren't you going to invite me in?" Courtney asked. ' Ok. I can deal with this. Daddy said go run and find someone. And don't talk to her. But she's in my way. Man. ' "What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?" Courtney asked
"No." Sam said.
"Well. That was fun. Now where's your dad?" Courtney asked
"Not here." Sam said. Courtney looked at her for a moment and moved a step closer. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Alex. He ran back in the house.
"Well where is he?"
"At the hospital." Sam said. Stepping up on the first step.
"Why?" Courtney asked and stepped closer to her.
"Because he would rather let them see his alien blood then see you again." Sam said. Then covered her mouth. She didn't mean to say that. She meant to think it. Courtney advanced on her and she fell. Sitting on the steps and leaning as far back as she can, with Courtney right in her face.
"Oh really...I find that very hard to believe." Courtney said. Sam could feel her eyes starting to water. ' Please don't cry please don't cry please don't cry. ' she silently begged herself. "Ahhh. Your gonna cry. You should cry. That was a very mean thing you just said to me. Apparently your parents have taught you no manners at all. You should be punished for saying such cruel things." Courtney said and raised her arms to hit her. Sam closed her eyes tight. Just waiting for it to happen. But it never did. She opened one eye. Then the other. Uncle Alex and uncle Kyle held her arms. Alex must have told his dad Courtney was here, and uncle Kyle must have saw from the window from across the street.
"Don't you ever. EVER. Lay a hand on that girl." Kyle said. Courtney took her hands away.
"Or what? Are you gonna try and fight me?" Courtney said. She heard a door slam and saw uncle Max coming from across uncle Alex's house. He was running. Sam was crying hard by now.
"I'll do what I have to do." Kyle said
"So will I." Alex said
"HEY!" Uncle Max yelled and came over to them. "You need to leave. NOW!" Max ordered. Alex picked Sam up and she clung to him for dear life and cried on his shoulder.
"Please shut her up. She's giving me a headache." Courtney said
"Now you know how we feel whenever you come around." Kyle said
"Stupid humans. They just don't know when to keep there big mouths shut....I'm leaving now. Not because you told me to. But because I'm wasting my time. I came here to see Michael. He's not here, so I'm leaving." Courtney said, and left.
"Shhh Sam it's ok." Alex said.
Alex and Isabel's house.

"Sam...please Sam open your eyes." Max said
"I think she used her powers to block her ears." Alex jr said from sitting on the stairs.
"Alex I thought I told you to stay in your room with the others." Isabel said
"But Sam's really scared and I wanted to see if she was ok." AJ said. Sam had moved over to Kyle because Alex had to calm his kids down from the Valenti and Guerin kids being in the same house, without all four parents, they were awful. Now Kyle was holding on to her.
"Maybe Max can calm her down." Kyle said and tried to give Sam to Max.
"Max, she's a little girl. Move her hands." Kyle said
"I can't. She's to strong." Max said
"She used her powers to glue her hands together. Duh." Pacey said
"Pacey." Tess warned him
"Samantha...Sammy, come on. Your ok now," Max said and touched her back. Sam cried harder.
"When anyone touches her, she freaks out." Alex said.
"We'll just have to wait for Maria and Michael to get home." Liz said
"Have you tried calling them?" Isabel asked
"Yeah, they don't have there cell phones with them." Liz said.
"Let me try to get her hands apart." Tess said. She couldn't do it. Then Isabel tried and she couldn't do it either. Ever since Max saved Liz, she was able to have powers to. But nothing worked. Then they heard a bunch of noise up stairs.
"Ok that's it. No more Mrs. Nice Mom. I am tired and I am hungry and all there fighting is driving me bananas." Tess said and went up the stairs. Isabel and Liz followed her.


"Hey guys....what is there a party going on here?" Maria asked as she came in the door. Isabel Liz Tess and a bunch of the kids were in the livingroom
"Where's Michael?" Isabel asked
"Oh he's gonna go heal Brenden's arm. He still has to keep the cast on cause Mrs. Mantor saw him so....what's going on?" Maria asked
"Follow us." Tess said. They all went into the kitchen, where Alex Max and Kyle were sitting down. With Kyle in the middle. And Kyle was holding Samantha. Maria ran over to her.
"Oh my god what happened?" Maria said
"Courtney." Tess said.
"What did she do?" Maria asked. She put her hand on Samantha's back, and this time she didn't cry.
"She was about to hit her but me and Kyle got out there. She just scared her alot." Alex said.
"We can't move her cause she used her powers to glue her hands together and she somehow used her powers to block out any noise." Max said
"How'd you figure that out?" Maria asked
"Actually, Pacey and AJ told us." Liz said
"We should go back over to your house and let Michael have her. He can always handle his own kids powers better then we can." Max said. Maria started crying so Max put his arm around her.
"Why can't she just leave us alone." Maria said. Alex brought her into a hug.
"It's ok." Alex said
"Come on." Max said and lead the way to Michael and Maria's house. Followed by Kyle holding Sam, then Alex with his arm around Maria. They walked into the house and Michael was coming down the stairs.
"Man Brenden kicked me in the stomach when I touched his arm. Then when I tried touching it again, he kicked me in the knee. So I pinned him." Michael said laughing. Then he noticed the serious faces."What's wrong?" Michael asked. They explained what happened again. Michael went and sat down next to Kyle on the couch while Max Alex and Maria just watched.
"Ok....Sam....Sam it's daddy can you hear me." Michael asked. He put his hands on Sam's ears and concentrated. Then he put big hands on her tiny ones and concentrated. Then he opened his eyes. "Sammy...come on Sam... it's ok now." Michael said. Sam slowly opened one eye. And then the other.
"DADDY!" Samantha shouted and jumped into his arms. Maria let out a deep breath.
"Are you ok?" Michael asked. Kyle got up off the couch and let Maria sit down.
"She...she was mad at me....cause she asked me.....where you were......and I said hospital.....and she I said would rather let them.....see your alien.....blood.....then to see her again." Sam said while crying. Michael and Maria made an attempt to laugh. Max Kyle and Alex laughed at her. Michael just hugged her.
"I told you not to say anything to her. I told you to run and tell someone she was there." Michael said. Sam looked at him.
"I tried....but she was standing right in front of me.....I couldn't move....I didn't even mean to say it daddy...honest." Sam cried
"Well your ok now. She's not gonna hurt you anymore." Maria said
Michael's apartment.

"Wish I could have believed that one." Sam said
"Oh my gosh. You must have been so scared." Maria said
"More then you know." Sam said
"You should have been more careful about what you said to her." Michael said. Sam started laughing
"Honest I didn't even mean for that to come out. I swear. I just said it." Sam said. Maria started laughing. So did Michael. "That felt good. I needed that." Sam said holding her stomach
"So was that the last time you saw her?" Michael asked
"I wish." Sam said

Flashback to the year 2017. Samantha is 13 years old. Sam and Haley are watching T.V on the couch. Carson was just born so he is in his little baby seat by Samantha's feet. Jacob is playing with his trucks on the floor, Leslie is laying on the floor with her blankly, sucking her thumb and watching the T.V, and Brenden is upstairs.

"I don't want to watch this. We've already seen it." Haley said
"Who has the remote creep. Now leave me alone or I'll paint the walls hot pink and blame it on you." Sam said. Haley tried to reach for the remote. Then the doorbell rang.
"Will one of you get that?" Maria shouted from the kitchen.
"I will." Haley shouted and answered the door. "Who are you?" Haley asked. Sam looked over at the door, but couldn't see anything. So she got up and went to the door.
"Not again." Sam said and pushed Haley out of the way.
"OUCH....SAMANTHA!" Haley shouted from her spot on the floor. Haley had hit the wall, so now she was holding her head in pain. Courtney just stood there and smiled.
"Hey Sammy who's at the door?" Maria said as she came into the livingroom. "Oh my god." Maria said.
"Well hello there Maria." Courtney said and walked right into the house. Then she noticed Leslie Jacob and Carson. "Oh my god you have three more? Last time I heard you only had three." Courtney said
"What are you doing here?" Maria asked, taking a step back.
"I told Michael I'd be back, and I'm back. Where is he anyway?" Courtney asked looking around the room.
"He's not here. Get out of my house." Maria said through her teeth, still stepping back.
"Don't you think that's a little rude to treat old friends like that?" Courtney asked, walking towards Maria.
"It is. But you were never my friend." Maria said, stopping as the wall hit her back. Courtney went to say something when Brenden started talking.
"Hey mom did the pizza come yet?" Brenden asked coming down the stairs. Then he noticed Courtney. "Who are you?" Brenden asked
"Brenden go across the street and get uncle Max." Maria said. Courtney was still walking towards her.
"Why?" Brenden asked
"Just go across the street and get uncle Max." Maria cried, and Brenden ran out of the house. Courtney was now infront of Maria now.
"Are you afraid of me Maria?" Courtney asked
"" Maria said
"Yeah just get out of here." Sam said.
"This doesn't concern you kid." Courtney said to Sammy.
"If you mess with my mother you mess with me." Sam said
"Samantha." Maria warned her daughter.
"Wow. Like mother like daughter. Just to stupid to listen when there told to do something." Courtney said. Carson started crying. "OH WOULD SOMEBODY PLEASE SHUT HIM UP." Courtney yelled. Which made Jacob look up at her and start crying. "Oh. My. God. They are so annoying." Courtney said
"Leave them alone." Maria said
"Are you gonna make me?" Courtney asked
"Why don't you just go away and leave us alone." Sam said. Courtney turned around and went to shoot power at her but Sam ducked and Courtney's power blasted a hole threw the wall. Leslie screamed and ran behind the couch.
"Who should I kill first." Courtney said
"No don't. Please." Maria begged
"HEY. GET OUT OF HERE COURTNEY. YOU DON'T BELONG HERE." Max said as he ran and stood infront of Maria.
"Your wasting your time Max. These humans aren't worth all this trouble." Courtney said
"NO YOUR NOT WORTH IT!...Get out of here Courtney. And don't come back. God how many times to we have to tell you?" Max ordered.
"Fine. I'll leave. But your making a big mistake." Courtney said and left. Max turned around to Maria
"Are you ok?" Max asked. Maria started crying really hard and Max sat her down on the couch. "Shh Maria it's ok." Max said. But she wouldn't stop. "Sam call your dad and tell him to come home." Max said.
"Ok." Sam said and grabbed the phone and dialed the restaurant.
"Hello?" Someone said
"Is Michael Guerin there?" Sam asked
"Yeah just one moment please." The voice said
"Maria calm down. Your ok now. Everything's ok."
"Hello?" Michael said
"Sam? What's wrong?"
"Courtney came back."
"Where is she? Are you ok?" Michael asked.
"I'm fine. Uncle Max made her leave. But she scared mom."
"Did she hurt any of you? I can hear a bunch of crying."
"Jacob and Leslie are crying cause they got scared and Carson's crying because of all the noise." Sam said, now herself crying.
"Maria's crying to." Michael said
"She's ok dad. We all are."
"Ok. I'm coming home right now." Michael said and hung up.
"Dad's on his way over." Sam said, and sat down on he chair. Isabel and Tess ran into the house.
"MAX.....Oh my god, Liz called us and told us Courtney was back. Is Maria ok?" Isabel asked
"She's just shaken up." Max said, still holding Maria
"Is she gone?" Tess asked
"Yeah." Max said. Isabel saw Carson crying in his baby sat so she picked him up to calm him down.
"'s ok..." Isabel said, and sat down on the other couch. Tess saw that Jacob was still crying from his spot on the floor and also picked him up and sat down next to Isabel.
"Hey it's alright ok big guy?" Tess asked. He nodded his head and stopped crying, but stayed on Tess's lap. Liz Kyle Alex and Brenden came running in.
"We saw her leave. Is everything all right?" Liz asked
"There all just shaken up." Isabel said. Liz saw that Brenden was nervous seeing his whole family crying. So she went up behind him and put her hands on his shoulders. Kyle looked behind the couch and saw Leslie crying a picked her up.
"It's ok, it's ok....shhhhh......see, everything's ok now..." Kyle tried to comfort her . Haley was still on the floor.
"What just happened?" Haley asked. Kyle satdown on the steps.
"It's ok Haley. Come here." Kyle said. Haley got up and sat next to Kyle and he wrapped one of his arms around her and still held onto Leslie. Sam was still sitting on the chair, just staring into space.
"Are you ok Sam?" Alex asked as he went over to her. She looked up at him slowly.
"I think so." Sam said
"Come here." Alex said. He made her get up and he sat down in her seat and then she sat down in his lap and put her head on his shoulder.

All the kids were there now because no one wanted to leave there children alone. Michael came running in and saw Maria still crying. But not as hard as before.

"Maria.......Maria, oh my god are you ok?" Michael asked as he ran over to her. Max let him sit down.
"Michael...she came back here.....and she.....she looked at the she.....she wanted kill them......and she....she shot Sam.....but Sam ducked......but it almost hit Haley.....she almost killed them......and she was.....she was gonna of them if......IF Max hadn't......of came in.." Maria said and started crying again. Michael hugged her to his chest.
"Shhh it's ok. She's not gonna hurt you. And she'd NOT going to hurt my family. I won't ever let her do that." Michael said. All the kids were confused because they didn't really know what was going on.
"What are we gonna do?" Liz asked from where she was holding Josh.
"Ok guys listen up." Max said to he kids. "You aren't allowed to go outside by yourselves for a while. Unless one of us is with you. Do you hear me? You guys have to stay in the house for a while. Do you understand?" Max asked all the kids
"YES." All the kids asked
"Why? I wanna play outside without mommy following me like I have a shadow." Kyle jr said. Tess hit him in the head
"Be quiet." Tess said
Michael's apartment

"I said I was ok. But I really wasn't. I was so scared seeing her again. I had nightmares for years after she tried to hurt me. And then when she shot power at me...." Sam said
"So what happened after that?" Michael asked
"Well, for about four months. none us were allowed to got outside by ourselves. Not even to check the mail. Mom was still pretty scared. So whenever dad wasn't there aunt Isabel or aunt Tess or uncle Max had to be with her. She just got really afraid. But after four months, things started to get back to normal. Slowly. And after a while, we were able to have fun like kids again." Sam said
"I was that scared?" Maria asked. Sam nodded her head
"So everyone was pretty much scared out of there minds?" Michael asked
"Yes. But the three of us were more afraid then anyone." Sam said
"We were?" Maria asked
"Yeah. For me, it was because that was the second time she tried to kill me. And I never knew when she was gonna come back. I had seen her more then anyone, and I was totally freaked out." Sam said
"Your pretty calm talking about this." Michael said
"I haven't gotten to the really bad part yet." Sam told Michael
"What happened next?" Maria asked

Flashback to the year 2018. Sam Pacey and Alex are 14 years old and Claudia is 15.

"I hate walking home. We need a car." Sam complained
"Well in a couple of months I'll be sixteen, and I'll have my license, and I can drive you guys anywhere. And next year I'll be able to drive you home from school." Claudia said
"There's one problem." Alex said
"What?" Claudia asked
"You need a car. And you can't use any of our aunts or uncles cars cause they all use there's." Alex said
"There goes that thought, right out the window." Pacey said
"Well hurry up cause I have to drive aunt Maria's van to pick up the the little guys from elementry school. She said I could drive today........So how come you guys were so late today anway?" Claudia asked
"Sam was getting lectured by Mrs. Collins today." Pacey said
"Sammy, what did you do?" Alex asked
"Oh yes you did. She wouldn't just yell at you and tell you she was gonna call your parents for nothing." Pacey said. Sam stopped and looked at him.
"Were you eavesdropping?" Sam asked
"How else would I find out what you were in trouble for." Pacey said
"So....what'd you find out?" Alex asked
"Not alot. But I narrowed it down to one thing. Only because of one simple piece of evidence." Pacey said
"WHAT?!?!?!" Alex and Claudia asked
"Bobby was also in trouble." Pacey said. That was all that needed to be said. They knew that they were kissing. Because lately, that's all they seemed to be doing. But they wanted her to say it.
"Sammy? What happened?" Alex asked. She didn't say anything
"Unfortunately, you know were gonna have to find out one way or another." Claudia said. Sam stopped. She knew it was true. Defeated, she told them what happened.
"Me and Bobby didn't go to our last class today because we wanted to make out ok? So when school was done, we went and got our stuff out of our locker and she saw us. So she made us stay for a five minutes to yell at us about why we shouldn't skip class. So she went behind her desk and Greg Thompson saw us and said some stupid comment about us being boyfriend and girlfriend and that he heard we skipped sixth to make out. So Mrs. Collins got mad and yelled at us for another twenty five minutes about how school was not the place for kids to make out. School was a place for.......and then I stopped listening. It's good to have alien powers. I just blocked my ears." Sam said
"Bravo Sammy." Alex said
"Figures. The first time I skip to make out with someone in High school, I get caught." Sam said, and shook her head
"Aunt Maria and uncle Michael aren't gonna like this. I mean, ever since uncle Michael saw you guys kiss, he watches Bobby like a hawk." Claudia said
"Yeah when I was talking to Scott after school this afternoon he wasn't even listening to me. He was staring at you." Sam said as she put her arm around Claudia.
"He is pretty cute." Claudia said
"Naah, he's a pain in the butt." Sam said and walked infront of everyone.
"You just say that cause you have a crush on him." Pacey said
"Scott? As in our friend Scott? Yeah right." Sam said
"That's right. She's in love with Bobby." Alex said in a singsong voice.
"You guys." Sam said, and stopped to check her mail.
"Notice she doesn't deny it." Pacey said
"She totally loves Bobby. All the hitting and kicking and name calling is just there weird version of love. One hit means I like you." Alex said
"Ok ok. A kick back means I like you to." Pacey said laughing.
"When they call each other stupid, it means I think your cute." Alex said
"Retarded idiot means....I love you." Pacey said laughing
"And last....Dumb stupid retarded idiot means....I love you to." Alex said. Alex Pacey and Claudia were laughing.
"Sam you never let them talk about you like that. Without hurting them.....What's the matter?" Claudia asked. Sam was staring at a piece of paper.
"Look." Sam said and handed it to Claudia. She skimmed over it briefly and then pushed it into Alex's hands where him and Pacey read it.
"Oh my god....DAD....DAD GET OUT HERE.....DAAAAAD!!" Claudia yelled across the street.
"Oh my god." Pacey wispered. Max came running across the street.
"Claudia. What is the matter with you?" Max asked. Clearly he had been sleeping from just getting home from the hospital.
"Read this." Claudia said and took the paper away from the boys and put it in Max's hands.
"HEY!" Pacey said. Claudia just gave him a dirty look. Max read the letter.
"Oh my god." Max said. Then he looked over at Sam. She was totally in shock and was already crying. "Sam......Sam look at me." Max bent down and got right in Samantha's face. "It's gonna be ok...let's go two go get your mom's and dad's and tell them were having a meeting. Claudia go do the same. Come on Sam." Max said and walked with Samantha up the steps and into the house while Claudia Pacey and Alex went and got there mom's and dad's.
"MICHAEL....MARIA...GET DOWN HERE QUICK." Max yelled to the upstairs. Michael came down the stairs first.
"Maxwell...what's wrong...I just got Carson to go to sleep. You'll wake him up." Michael said
"What wrong?" a pregnant Maria asked came down the stairs.
"Sam why are you crying?" Michael asked and went over to Sam, who clung to him.
"Hey what's wrong? Anna's just about ready to fall asleep." Tess said as she came in with Anna on her hip. Kyle came in holding Sharon and Pacey Clay and Kyle jr came in behind him.
"Were having a meeting." Max said
"About what?" Kyle asked. A pregnant Liz came in and sat down. From her face you could tell Claudia had told her. Josh came running in the house, followed by Matthew and Claudia.
"Sammy?....What's the matter?" Maria asked
"Alex told us you needed us. What's wrong?" A pregnant Isabel asked as she came in, holding Emile's hand. With Carly right behind her. Then Katherine came screaming in with only a towel on. Obviously right out of the bath tub
"Katherine Theresa Whitmen." Isabel said. The three year old instantly stopped. Then Alex and AJ came running in. Alex holding some cloths and AJ holding a teddy bear.
"Sorry." They both mumbled.
"Kaaat....look who I's Mr. Michael..."AJ said. Then went running up the stairs.
"ALEX!" Isabel yelled at him as Katherine went screaming up the stairs for Mr. Michael. Her teddy bear. Which AJ named after Michael.
"Why don't all the kids go upstairs." Max said. Claudia went over to Tess
"I'll take Anna." Claudia said and then went over to Alex. "And I'll take Kat's cloths and get her dressed. Come on Shar bear." Claudia said to Sharon. Kyle put her down and grabbed Claudia's hand and went up the stairs. After all the kids were upstairs they heard Claudia yell.
"WHOEVER PUT THE COUCH ON THE CEILING IS GONNA GET THERE TONGUE TURNED GREEN." Claudia yelled. What they didn't know was that Sam stayed on the stairs and listened
"Maxwell what the hell is going on?" Michael asked
" got a letter in the mail today." Max said and handed the letter to Michael. After about reading it for two seconds, he sat on the couch.
"What does it say Michael?" Maria asked
"You read it." Michael said and handed it back to Max.

"It's from Courtney......Dear Michael and...." Max stopped. He wasn't gonna read the word she put in for Maria. "Maria.......and all those other stupid people that I know your going to show this to...........I'm tired of waiting to go back to my planet with Michael. I'm tired of being stopped by that stupid King of yours and those stupid humans. The past couple of years I've been trying to figure out why? What was keeping him from coming with me? Then I figured it out. It was that pitiful human he calls a wife and those disgusting loud little people he calls his children. Half alien. Half human. It's disgusting. And......I was giving him a choice. How stupid of me to think that if I gave him a choice. So now I'm not anymore. I'm giving him an order. I want Michael to come back home with me. I'm tired of hearing no. I didn't come back here to leave empty handed. I won't do it. So when the time comes, that I tell Michael to leave. He will leave with me. And if I hear any complaints...." Max stopped. He was getting choked up just reading it.
"What else does it say?" Tess asked

"And if I hear any complaints,..... I will start killing the people you call your family....."Everyone gasped. "I don't know when we will be able to leave. Or when I can even make contact with the planets, but when I do, I will come and tell you. And when I come, you better leave quietly, or I will kill Maria first, then pick a kid to kill. You can't fight me either. Because I am much stronger then you. And you can't try and leave. Because I can find you in a second flat. And if you do try to leave, that will just make me angry. And when I'm angry, who knows who I will kill. So be ready for me. If you want your stupid family to live to see another day, then don't fight me......Courtney....P.S...." Max went to say
"Oh she wants to spread more sunshine around?" Alex asked, angry. Isabel held his hand
"Just remember. I'm always watching." Max said. Everyone was quiet for a moment
"Oh my god." Liz said. Max started to look around the room and spotted Samantha on the steps.
"Sam...I thought I told you to go upstairs." Max said. Sam started walking down the stairs and over to her parents on the couch.
"I don't want dad to leave..I want you to stay here." Sam said and sat next to Michael. He put his arm around her.
"I'm not going anywhere." Michael said
"What are we gonna do Michael? She's gonna hurt one of the kids." Maria said, and then starting to cry. Michael pulled her into a hug.
"I....I don't know." Michael said. Getting teary eyed
"Can't we help them leave?" Isabel asked
"Maybe we can find out where she's hiding and distract her so they have enough time to get out of here." Kyle said. They all looked at Max who was also teary eyed
"That sounds like the perfect plan. But she'll get mad and kill the kids anyway. And if she can't find them, she'll do anything to find them. She'll kill one of the other kids. No one can die here....But we have to protect Maria and the kids." Max said
"Maybe we should all leave." Tess said
"But if we all leave, together, it would be way to hard to hide 29 people. And if we split up, we may never see each other again." Alex said. Everyone just stared at each other.
"How about we send the kids to live with Amy and Jim. They'd take them in a heartbeat. I mean, she's after Michael, she won't even care if the kids are away from him or not. They's be safe there" Liz said
"But she said she didn't know when she was coming to get him. It could take years. The kids could be all grown up by the time that happens. You can't be away from the kids that long." Kyle said
"Sam, you need to go upstairs. You can't stay down here for the rest of this." Michael said. Sam went back upstairs.
"ALL THE WAY!" Max said without turning around. They heard Sam get up and go. Everyone sat there for a few minutes. Not knowing what to say.
"I think when she comes...I'll just go." Michael said
"NO!" Everyone cried
"No Michael you can't leave." Maria cried
"I can't let her hurt you Maria. Or one of the kids. I won't let her. I love you so much. But I'd rather live on another planet, knowing that your alive, then dead." Michael said, now having tears fall down his face.
"But it's not an option Michael. You can't leave. I need you." Maria cried.
"She's right Michael. It's not an option. You cant leave. We won't let you." Isabel said, crying. Tess and Liz were also crying and Max Alex and Kyle were getting very teary eyed from the intense situation..
"I couldn't ever live with myself if she killed someone because I wouldn't go. If I just go with her without a fight, then everyone will be alive. I won't let ANYONE die on account of me." Michael said
"And we won't let you leave. Your staying here. We'll fight her." Alex said
"But I can't let anyone die." Michael cried
"We've always won at everything we've fought for. Were not about to lose now." Isabel said
"Were not gonna win Isabel. The only way we win is if I go with her. You'll all be safe." Michael said
" can't give've never given up." Liz said
"I have to give up....if I don't give up, then my family is gonna die....I can't fight her..." Michael cried.
"Michael please...." Maria cried.
"But I have to to keep you alive. I don't wanna go" Michael said, and put his hands in his face. Max went over there and pushed his face back.
"Then you have to fight back Michael. You have to fight her..for Maria...and Sam...and Haley and Brenden and every single one of your kids....if you give up....your giving up on your family...I can't let you wash that down the drain...You deserve to be deserve the family that you always wanted as a little kid....if you give up...your never gonna see your kids grow won't see your kids get won't see there may not even be able to see that baby when it's born." Max said pointing to Maria. "You. Have. To. Fight...Michael." Max said. Michael just looked at him for a minute.
"Ok." Michael whispered. Everyone sat there speechless again
"What are we gonna tell the kids?" Tess asked. No one knew. Alex looked at the stairs and let out a sigh.
"Well we don't have to think of something to tell Sam." Alex said
"Why?" Kyle asked
"Because she's sitting on the stairs. Again." Alex said. Michael wiped away his tears.
"Sam....I thought I told you to go up stairs." Michael said. Sam satdown next to him again.
"Dad...I'm so scared." Sam cried. Michael held onto her
"I'm gonna take care of you. Don't worry. I promise." Michael said. Then they heard a bunch of noise up stairs.

"MOMMY."A bunch of the kids yelled at once. All the mom's just sighed
"I'll go up there. I'm the only one who isn't pregnant." Tess said
Michael's apartment.

"Oh my god." Maria whispered
"I was crying?" Michael asked
"Yeah you were. You did that a few times after that. Like when Trevor was born. You always cried when we were born, but with Trevor, you sat in his room and held him for hours while he slept. And you cried. You didn't know that me and mom knew. But we did. And when Brenden had his birthday, you cried. And when Jacob wrote his name, you cried. You always tried not to. But you did. But you never did infront of anyone. You always thought that that would be the last time you saw us." Sam said
"Man oh man." Maria whispered. Sam started looking kinda funny
"Are you ok?" Michael asked
"Yeah..." Sam said
"Do you want anything? Like something to drink?" Maria asked
"Or something to eat?" Michael asked
"NO!!!!" Sam said. Michael and Maria jumped when she yelled. "Sorry...I just don't think I can eat anything or I'll puke it all up again....I'm just really tired. Do you think I could tell you the rest later? The rest is kinda hard to tell." Sam said
"Yeah sure." Maria said. Then the phone rang. "I'll get it.....hello?" Maria asked
"Hey Maria. It's Isabel. How is everything?" Isabel asked. Maria went into Michael's bathroom so she wouldn't wake Sam up. She closed the door and sat by the wall.
"Ok. Sam was just telling us about Courtney...god Isabel she was so mean to them. She tried to kill them. And me." Maria said. Crying.
"Oh Maria. I'm so sorry. Your not doing to great are you?" Isabel asked. She felt so bad for Maria right now.
"No. And I'm trying not to cry. But it's kinda hard you know?" Maria said
"'s Sam doing?"
"She wanted to take a nap before she told us the rest. She said if she ate anything she's throw up again."
"And Michael?"
"I don't know. We haven't had a chance to talk yet."
"Do you guys need anything?"
"No. Not really."
"Ok..well we were thinking of coming over around 7:00. It's 3:00 now. Will that be ok?"
"Yeah that's fine."
"Ok. We'll see you then. And Maria. If you want to talk, you can always call me back. You know that right?" Isabel asked. Maria smiled.
"Yes. Thanks Isabel. I'll see you later."
"Bye." Isabel said. Maria got up and opened the door to see Michael laying on his bed.
"Who was that?" Michael asked
"Isabel...everyone's coming over at 7:00." Maria said. She started rubbing her head.
"Ok....are you alright?" Michael asked and got up and stood next to her.
"No." Maria said. Michael hugged her and she started to cry.
"'s ok." Michael said
"I can't believe everything that's happened to her. God I hate Courtney."
"I know....I hate all of this."
"What are you thinking Michael?" Maria asked and looked up at him
"I'm not really sure. I just can't believe I let any of this happen."
"You didn't let any of this happen. It wasn't your fault."
"Yeah but if I hadn't of told her where the granolith was, then she wouldn't have killed you." Michael said
"But if you didn't tell her then she would have killed you anyways. Then where would we be?"
"This is all my fault." Michael said. Maria grabbed his face and made him look at her.
"Michael..please don't say that. Because this isn't your fault. Its Courtney's fault for being a stupid blonde bimbo who can't catch a hint, even when it DID bite her in the butt."
"I'm so sorry Maria. I wish I never went to her house that night. I wish I just ignored her. I wish I just listened to you about her." Michael said
"Michael stop. Stop blaming yourself. You can't help Sam stop blaming herself if your doing the exact same thing." Maria said. Michael hugged her tightly
"I love you." Michael said
"I love you too." Maria said

Valenti House

"Sam started telling Michael and Maria about what happened with Courtney." Isabel said to everyone.
"Oooh just thinking about all that stuff just gives me the shivers." Pacey said
"Is Sam ok though?" Claudia asked.
"She's sleeping right now. But she still can't hold food down." Isabel said
"How's Michael and Maria?" Liz asked
"Maria's upset. Whatever Sam told her got her real shook up. But I don't know about Michael." Isabel said
"Is it still ok if we go over there?" Max asked
"Yeah Maria said it was ok." Isabel said
"So everyone's gonna be ok." Kyle said
"I sure hope so." Claudia said and put her head down. Max put his arm around her.
"Maybe we should do something to take our minds off everything." Alex said
"Like what?" AJ asked
"Order Pizza." Kyle said, and went over to the phone.
"Of course Buddah Boy's hungry." Tess said
"Why would you call him Buddah Boy?" Max asked Tess. Liz, Isabel, AJ and Pacey got up. Alex just put his head down
"What do they know that we don't?" Claudia asked
"It's just an inside joke." Tess said
"Yeah we know all about those." Alex said to Max and they instantly started laughing
"Not this again. I'm leaving." Claudia said and went into the kitchen.
"Ok. So it's just the three of us. Please tell me what you guys are laughing at. I promise I won't tell anyone. Especially Isabel. Please?" Tess whined
"Tess. I'm sorry. But were not telling you." Alex said
"Jerks." Tess said and walked away
"So who can we tell first?" Alex asked Max
"Well Michael and Kyle of course. And I don't think Maria should know." Max said
"Yeah she might wanna tell Liz Isabel and Tess. She'll think that were mean and definitely tell them."Alex said
"But if we tell Michael then Maria will hurt him if she finds out he knows." Max said
"And Kyle will go around blabbing that he knows the secret. And Tess is his girlfriend. Need I say more." Alex said
"So I guess were not telling anyone then." Max said
"We could always tell AJ. He won't tell. But Pacey will." Alex said. They both looked at each other.
"ALEX." Max and Alex both yelled.


"Mom where's the Tabasco sauce?" Pacey asked
"In the fridge." Tess said grabbing a piece of pizza
"Pass it over here Pace." AJ said
"Hey Claudia, when do mean and Max get married? Like how did he propose and stuff?" Liz asked
"Ok ok. We took a big enough chance telling you about your jobs and your kids. Some things you'll just have to wait to find out....but you guys married at 19. Summer of 2002." Claudia said
"Where?" Liz asked
"You already know where." Claudia said
"Las Vegas?" Liz asked excitedly.
"How did you know that?" Isabel asked
"Future Max told me. We didn't get married in the Elvis chapel did we?"
"No." Claudia said
"So is that why you told me that you didn't want to go? Because you two had got married and you were mad that you weren't gonna be married?" Tess asked
"Yes." Liz said
"And I thought it was cause you hated me." Tess said laughing
"Well that to." Liz said
"Gee thanks." Tess said.
"Congratulations Kids." Liz did as Elvis. Then she started laughing. Hard.
"I think Liz is on crack." Alex said
"I am not." Liz said
"I'm bored." Pacey said
"I don't care Pacey." Tess told him
"We should go skydiving." Alex mumbled
"Skydiving? Where are we gonna go skydiving?" Kyle asked
"We could always go on the roof and grab some sheets. But I don't know if the roof is tall enough. And I think you have to have special kind of sheets. What do you think Pacey? I mean since your the expert." AJ said. Everyone looked at Pacey. AJ and Claudia started laughing.
"Please don't even tell me you have tried to go skydiving off of our roof?" Kyle asked as he put his head down.
"And how many bones in your body have you broken?" Tess asked
"I used to remember how many he broke. But I lost count at 54. Sam knows the right number." Claudia said
"Oh god." Tess and Kyle said together
"Hey it's really fun. Especially uncle Michael''s roof. Cause it's the tallest and you can land right in his pool." Pacey said. Everyone started laughing
"Hey AJ....When do me and Alex get married?" Isabel asked
"Well....Aunt Maria and uncle Michael got married in guys got married in October." AJ said
"Where?" Isabel asked
"Not telling." AJ said through a mouth full of pizza
"Come on, Claudia told Liz where her and Max got married." Isabel said
"Technically Max told her." Alex said
"Yeah. Technically I told her." Max said. Him and Alex started laughing. Which AJ followed.
"ALEX...You are supposed to be on my side.....Now Alex...honey...please tell me." Isabel asked AJ
"No....leave me alone." AJ said
"ALEX!!!!" Isabel screamed and ran over to Alex jr, who got up and ran. Isabel chased her son around the house.
"A PMS alien is not a good alien." Max said
"HEY!" Tess said and threw a slice of pizza at Max. Which hit him right in the face "I resent that." Tess said
"Yeah so do I. The PMS part." Liz said and also threw a slice of pizza at Max, which hit him in the face.
"I take offense to the whole thing." Claudia said and once again, threw pizza at Max
"AH COME ON......That one had Tabasco sauce on it. At least Tess and Liz were polite enough to throw a piece without Tabasco sauce on it." Max said
"You go girlfriend." Tess said and gave Claudia a high five. AJ and Isabel came screaming by.
"Hey Pacey. When do me and Kyle get married?" Tess asked
"Oh you guys never actually got married. You guys just lived together and just have some kids. Besides, dad could never actually say '"I LOVE YOU" so you wouldn't marry him." Pacey said. Everyone sat there shocked. Tess looked like she was about to cry. "OH MY GOD I WAS JUST MAKING A JOKE. DON'T CRY I'M SORRY." Pacey said
"Man that was mean." Alex said
"I am so sorry.....December. You guys got married in December after aunt Isabel and uncle Alex." Pacey said
"Is that all your gonna tell me?" Tess asked
"Well I can't ruin the surprise." Pacey said, taking a bite of his pizza
"Are you gonna run around and chase him to?" Kyle asked
"No." Tess said
"Thanks." Pacey said.
"I'll just kill him." Tess said. Pacey gulped his last bite down while Tess stared at him

posted on 28-Dec-2002 2:06:00 AM
Michael's apartment. Michael is sitting at the bar, eating cereal while Sam is just waking up.

"Dad?" Sam said. Michael turned around and went over to her.
"Hey your you feeling?" Michael asked
"Kinda yuckie.....can I have something to drink?" Sam asked
"Yeah. Pepsi?" Michael asked
"Coke....where's mom?"
"Getting her CDs out of the take some Tylenol." Michael said as he handed her the coke and Tylenol.
"Hey your up." Maria said as she came in the apartment. She went over and sat next to Sam and felt her head. "You still have a are you feeling?" Maria asked
"Yuckie." Sam said
"Well everyone's coming over here around seven." Maria said
"What time is it now?" Sam asked
"About 4:30." Michael said
"So do you feel up to telling is the rest of the story?" Michael asked
"I was my 15th birthday....everyone loves when we have birthdays. Which is like, twice a month....with all of the kids.....and that day was so much fun. I had Bobby Leah Sharon and Scott over and my whole family. We had this huge bar-b-que, and we went swimming and just had a blast. And then everyone went home.....and I was just sitting in my room....and the two of you came up...." Sam started
Flashback to the year 2019. Samantha's 15th birthday. Sam is sitting on top of her bed, with her new pajama's on. Out of the tons of cloths that aunt Isabel and uncle Alex gave her. She was sorting out a bunch of candy like a little kid. When you had a birthday party, no matter how old you were, you had to have a ton of candy. Her whole room was a mess with birthday presents. Then she started counting the money she got when Maria and Michael came in.

"Hey Sammy." Maria said. She started looking around. "So...did you have a good birthday?" Maria asked
"Most definitely. I got my own phone line. Which now I can have the Internet in my room without having to share it with all the little brats. And my own cell phone---" Sam went to say but was interrupted
"Which I think was stupid." Michael said
"Shut up daddy." Samantha said in a singsong voice.
"Yeah yeah your welcome." Michael muttered, and smiled at her.
"Ya know, I started playing that new game that uncle Alex made for me. It's really hard. I told him to make me a game that I wasn't gonna beat in the first day, and he did it. I can choose who I want to be. A green alien that's all glittery, or a blue alien with three eyes, or pink alien that has six hands, or a guy with spikey hair.." Sam said and smiled at Michael
"It doesn't really have that does it?" Michael asked. Sam nodded her head
"I'm gonna kill him." Michael said. Maria and Sam laughed at him.
"And I got toooons of cloths. Which are fabulous, and I got a ton of money. Like $350 bucks." Sam said
"Oh, I guess that's all you want next year then huh?" Maria asked
"No...a car will be just fine." Sam said seriously
"Whatever...ok I'm gonna go clean up that messy kitchen, then I'm gonna pick up the livingroom cause it looks like a hurricane hit it." Maria said
"Just hurricane Valenti and hurricane Guerin. Which was like ten sperate hurricanes." Sam said smiling
"Ya know, someone made up this horrible nickname for me in elementary school. Hurricane DeLuca. I never found out who started that." Maria said and thought for a minute. "Well never mind. Happy Birthday." Maria said and gave Sam a kiss and left.
"Listen I wanted to talk to you." Michael said and shoved some of Sam's candy over to sit down.
" I have to start allover....oh well." Sam said and shoved the rest on the floor. Michael laughed at her. "So, what do you have to tell me?" Sam asked
"Well....something that I....haven't really told you before......and I've been waiting for the right time.." Michael said
"You know I haven't been acting like myself right?" Michael asked
"Yeah. You get sad alot."
"You've noticed?"
"Only me..cause I know what's going on....but you get real quiet sometimes and just stare off into space. Just thinking."
"Yeah....thinking....The reason I stare off into space....well um.....because I don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow. Like your birthday..I don't ever know if I'll ever see the next one. I don't ever know if I'll ever see the people I love tomorrow. I don't know if I'll make it to the next week. I don't know anything anymore." Michael said slowly, putting his head down
"I know what you mean." Sam said
"I wanted to....tell you something....something that you taught me." Michael said
"What?" Sam asked
"Well....I have to start from the very beggining....See when I was younger....I was unpleasant person to be around. I was mean and just.... well your mom would say a jerk. I never ever smiled." Michael said laughing
"That's kinda hard to believe. Cause you always smile."
"That's what I want to tell you. You taught me how to smile." Michael told her
"I did?....How?" Sam asked
"See, when I broke out of my pod, I didn't stay with Max and Isabel. I ran away. So the some people found me and gave me to the adoption agency. And I ended up living with a guy named Hank. He hated me. And....I hated him. He lived in this trailer park......barely ever went to work....was always drunk....he was just real mean. And as much as I hated to admit it to anyone....I had become like unpleasant person. Always mean to everyone." Michael said
"Was he mean to you?" Sam asked.
"Yeah....see...he wasn't a nice kinda dad at all...he liked to hit me alot." Michael said. Samantha's eyes got wide
"He hit you?" Sam asked in a whisper.
"So how'd you get out of there?" Sam asked
"Well one day I went to school with a black eye. And Max asked how it happened. So I told him. And he was real mad. He told Isabel and she chased me down the street saying that I couldn't go back and I should talk to her dad cause he's a lawyer....and I was really stubborn. I wasn't EVER gonna ask someone for help. So I just said no. But your aunt Isabel insisted I stayed with them. So I said yes. Even though I never told her, I was secretly happy I was staying there. So..I went there, and I hated it. They were like the Beavers. It was truly disgusting. So they were playing monopoly, and I decided, it was time to get out of there. So I threw a hissy fit. I don't even remember. It was about something really REALLY stupid. About money or something, just to get out of there......I went back to the trailer, and I go in my room. About a half an hour later, Hank comes in there yelling at me, and I went to leave. But Max and Isabel came in. Now see, Hank is drunk, and he starts hitting on Isabel. Which if he was sober, he'd see that she was only seventeen. So, Isabel yells at him, and Hank pulls out a gun." Michael stopped when Sam gasped
"What happened?"
"Well, I used my powers on him. I didn't really have then under control at that time. So I didn't even know what I was doing. But all I did was push him backwards. But things were flying everywhere. So we left. And of course, Isabel starts yelling at me. But then I start saying that it was all there fault, and that I could never go back there. So I leave....and that was the night....that I guess changed my life. I learned, that it was ok to ask for help. That I didn't have to be, such a mean person. That I didn't have to be so closed off. I could be happy. But to learn all that, I had to learn first, to have some faith in the people around" Michael said
"So you learned how to trust people that night?" Sam asked
"Yeah. Yeah I did...but there was only one person who could teach me all that."
"Mom?" Sam asked
"Yeah. I went to her house, in the pouring rain. And she was sitting by her window, and when she saw me, she was so mad. She was like, "what are you doing out there. No no no no no you can't come in. I know what you want. No no no."" Michael imitated Maria. Sam started laughing. "But, she put her feelings aside because she cared, so much about me, and she let me in. That was the first night that I ever really felt any kindness towards me. Besides Isabel."
"Please don't tell me this whole thing was about sex?" Sam asked in a disgusted tone
"We did not have sex Samantha....we didn't even kiss."
"Good. Because I SOOOOOO do not wanna hear about it." Sam said. Michael hit her with a pillow.
"Will you shut up. I am not gonna tell you anything about me and your mom kissing or our sex lives." Michael said
"YUCK...PLEASE DON'T SAY THAT EITHER." Sam said covering her ears
"Stop it....anways.....that was the first time that I ever, EVER, let my guard down. And I just totally lost it. I started crying. Which I had never done before. I didn't have to tell her what was wrong. She just let me stay, no questions asked."
"Was that the time that grandma saw you in her bed with mom and hit you with the newspaper?" Sam asked
"Yeah, how'd you know that?" Michael asked
"Mom told me."
"I knew it........but see, your mom gave me courage, to ask for help again. When I needed it. By just letting me stay. Without saying I asked Isabel's dad for help to get me emancipated......that was pretty long wasn't it?" Michael asked, sorta laughing
"That's ok." Sam said, and smiled at her dad
"Well...back to my main point...after that, I got to live on my own. Everything was still crazy, but after a while, things were clam, and I got to he a, happier person....which after about....maybe a year, I was finally happy. Cause I had your mom back in my life, and I had awesome friends. Then the day that your mom came to work, and told me she was pregnant, I was so happy. I mean, I don't think you will ever know how happy I actually was until you find out your pregnant..AND THAT BETTER NOT BE FOR A VERY. VERY. LONG TIME." Michael said
"I get the point daddy." Sam said
" I was so happy, and I told myself, that I was gonna be a good dad. I mean, I was kinda scared ya know. I never really HAD a good parent. I didn't really know how a parent was supposed to treat there child. I was afraid I was gonna make the same mistakes. But I told myself I wasn't. I was gonna be nice, and actually love you. And that's all I needed. That if I love you, I won't have to make any mistakes he did...but I got to thinking. See, I was happy. And I would smile...but I wasn't a walk-down-the-road-smiling kinda person. But I told myself, I'm gonna smile, and let my kid, have a...a good time...cause I'm smiling. Ya know what I mean?" Michael asked. Sam nodded. "I smiled because of you...before you were even taught me how to smile." Michael said softly. Sam smiled at him.
"Well I always knew I was perfect, this just proves, that I was perfect before I was even born." Sam said. Michael started laughing at her.
"Listen....I don't know what's gonna happen with Courtney....but I want to tell you something. And you have to promise me your not gonna tell anyone. ANYONE. Do you promise?" Michael asked
"I promise." Sam said. She stuck out her pinky and her dad shook it with his. That meant business.
"I love you....I love you very, very much...and...I will do...anything to keep you safe. You know that right?" Michael asked. Sam nodded her head. She didn't like where this was going. "Good.....I love your mom so much too. And your brothers and sisters.....and I.....I don't want any of be killed by her." Michael said
"I...I know you don't.....daddy what are you getting at?" Sam asked. Afraid of what his answer was.
"When Courtney--" Michael was interrupted
"MICHAEL!!!" Maria yelled from down stairs. Sam and Michael jumped off the bed and ran downstairs and into the kitchen.
"What's wrong?......" Michael asked. And stopped in the middle of the kitchen. Sam stopped by the doorway, peeking her head through, so they couldn't see her.
"Hi Michael." Courtney said. Maria was backed into the wall and Courtney was standing right in front of her, not letting her by.
"Get out!" Michael said
"Didn't I tell you not to say that?" Courtney asked
"Mommy?" Leslie asked as she came into the kitchen, rubbing her eyes.
"Leslie go back upstairs." Maria said, willing herself not to cry. Leslie saw the lady, and squinted at her. Sam could tell she was trying to remember where she saw her before
"But mommy--" Leslie whined
"Leslie go back to bed. Please." Michael said. Leslie looked at her dad and started to walk away, when Sam came out from the corner and knelt down to her and whispered in her ear.
"Go upstairs into my room and grab my phone and call uncle Max. Can you do that?" Sam asked. Leslie nodded her head and went up stairs.
"MOM BRENDENS TRYING TO READ MY DIARY." They heard Haley yell from upstairs.
"God there so annoying...which one should I kill first." Courtney asked
"Please...just leave them alone." Maria begged
"You don't have to hurt them." Michael said
"HA HA...I GOT IT..." Brenden yelled and ran into the kitchen. He stopped and Haley ran right into him. "It's you again." Brenden whispered
"D..daddy?" Haley asked and looked at him.
"I'm thusty." Jacob said coming into the kitchen with his bear in his hands.
"God how many more do you have?" Courtney asked
"Why are you crying mommy?" Jacob asked
"EVERYONE GO BACK UP TO BED NOW." Michael yelled. Sam could tell he was scared to have his children closer to Courtney then he was. Jacob started to cry.
"GOD SHUT THAT LITTLE BRAT UP!" Courtney yelled. Sam had had enough
"DON'T TALK ABOUT MY BROTHER LIKE THAT!" Sam yelled as she came into the kitchen and infront of her brothers and sister.
"Sammy..please." Maria begged. She was crying now.
"NO.....You have made my life miserable...I can't even let my friends come over and hang out because we never know when your gonna come by and cause more gave me nightmares for years and Im sick of it..HE DOESNT LOVE YOU...HE LOVES MY MOTHER." Sammy yelled at Courtney.
"Samantha...Go. Back. Upstairs." Michael said.
"You know, I'll let that go Sam...but don't ever say anything like that to me again...or I'll kill your mother." Courtney said.
"NOOOOO." Jacob yelled, and went running for Courtney. He kicked her in the knee and Courtney sent him flying into the wall.
"JACOB." Maria cried. Haley and Brenden instantly went over to Jacob and knelt down to heal him
"You stay right there. You to Michael. Or Sammy her gets it." Courtney said and grabbed Sam by her ponytail.
"MICHAEL.....MARIA." They heard Max yell. Max Isabel and Tess came into the kitchen and stopped. Claudia Alex jr Pacey Liz Kyle and Alex were in the hallway.
"Why are you doing this to us?" Haley asked as she got up. Brenden followed her
"Yeah. Why can't you just leave us alone?" Brenden asked. Sam saw Courtney roll her eyes and send Haley and Brenden into the wall. Alex jr and Pacey ran over to them and knelt down to heal them
"LEAVE THEM ALONE. STOP HURTING MY KIDS!" Michael yelled at her. Sam elbowed Courtney in the stomach and ran to Max
"You guys, get the kids out of here." Max said. Pacey picked up Haley and Alex jr picked up Brenden and left.
"Mommy?" Leslie came into the kitchen again. Claudia spun around and grabbed her and ran out. Alex grabbed Jacob who was sitting on the floor went to walk away.
"ALEX." Michael said. Alex turned around and saw Michael bend down and pick up Jacob's bear, which had landed by his feet when Courtney threw him across the room. He threw it to Alex and he caught it. Michael stared at Alex, with tears in his eyes. Alex gave him a nod and left.
"Get the kids upstairs." Max said to Kyle and Liz. They ran up the stairs and grabbed Carson and Trevor and left. "Sam, leave." Max ordered
"I'm not leaving." Sam said
"Sammy, please just go." Maria cried
"Let my mom go." Sam said to Courtney, who was still standing right in front of Maria.
"But see.....I don't want to." Courtney said
"Sam, get out of here." Michael begged. Sam looked at her dad. She had never seen him so scared in his life
"No....I'm not leaving. I'm gonna fight for you." Sam said
"You one needed to come here. I was just coming to say hello...and that I'm contacting the planets tomorrow for them to send a ship for me and Michael. So I just wanted you to be prepared. I don't know when they'll be coming. But when they do....don't fight me. Cause it's really giving me a headache. And remember, if you leave, I'll be able to find you." Courtney said. Sam watched as Max stared at Michael. They looked like they were having a mental conversation
"I don't want to go with you. I love Maria." Michael said.
"I don't care...your going." Courtney said
"You can't make him." Tess said
"I can and I am." Courtney told her
"Why don't you just leave us alone?" Isabel asked
"Please. Just leave." Maria whispered. Courtney snapped her head to look at Maria.
"DIDN'T I TELL YOU TO SHUT UP?" Courtney yelled at Maria.
"DON'T TALK TO HER LIKE THAT." Michael yelled at Courtney. She looked back over at him. "I'm. Not. Going. With. You......I. Love. Maria.......So. Just. Leave."Michael said slowly. As if talking to a stupid person. Well.....
"Your coming with me." Courtney said
"Why can't you just take the hint. Let me say it better for you. HE HATES YOU. HE'S ALWAYS HATED YOU. HE DOESN'T WANT TO GO BACK TO YOUR HOME PLANET. HE WANTS TO STAY HERE. IN THIS HOUSE. WITH MARIA GUERIN. NOT COURTNEY THE LOSER." Sam yelled. Before she could yell anything else at her, Max grabbed her and put his hand over her mouth.
"Better watch it Sammy...I don't appreciate people talking to me like that." Courtney said, and turned to Maria. She put her hand on her head.
"STOP...STOP IT..." Michael yelled. Maria stumbled to the ground.
"Bubye guys. I'll be back." Courtney said, and walked out the kitchen door. Michael and Max ran over to Maria. Max healed Maria and she opened her eyes.
"I'm so sorry Maria..I'm so so sorry." Michael said as he held her. Isabel went to the phone.
"Are the kids ok?......Ok." Isabel said and hung up. "Haley and Brenden are fine. So are the others." Isabel said
"Are you ok?" Tess asked Sam
"I'll be ok." Sam said. Tess hugged her. "Is mom alright?" Sam asked
"Yes. She's ok." Max said
"We have to leave." Michael said
"But she'll know." Isabel said. Everyone stood there for a moment. "The kids can just stay at our houses tonight Michael. The three of you can just stay here." Isabel said. Michael nodded his head.
"Do you want us to go?" Max asked Michael
"I don't care." Michael said
"Do you want us to do anything?" Tess asked
"Just take care of the kids. And lock the windows and doors with your powers." Michael said
"Ok...come on." Max said and the three of them left.
"Are you alright mom?" Sam asked as she went over to her parents. Maria nodded once.
"I'm so sorry Maria...I'm so so sorry....for everything." Michael said, now crying.
"Should we put her in bed?" Sam asked
" me pick her up." Michael said. Sam helped pick her up, and then Sam carefully, helped her dad pick her up into his arms. Then Michael walked up the stairs with Maria in his arms. They put her into bed and Michael grabbed her face. "Are you ok?" Michael asked Maria
"I.....I think so.....are you guys ok?" Maria asked
"I'm ok mom." Sam said as she sat next to her parents on the bed.
"What about-" Maria tried to asked
"There ok." Michael answered her about the kids.
"Ok." Maria said. And went to sleep.
"Dad....please don't tell me your leaving." Sam said. Michael looked at her for a minute, then looked back at Maria.
"I'm gonna do whatever I have to do to protect my family." Michael said
Michael's apartment

"I'm so sorry that happened to you." Maria said. With tears in her eyes
"Yeah well, that wasn't the worst part." Sam said
"I told you alot that night." Michael said. Sam looked over at him. Then Michael got hit with a pillow
"You never told me you got mad at Mr. Evans about a monopoly game." Maria said. Sam laughed at her
"I would of...eventually....but I haven't had the chance yet....big mouth here ruined it." Michael said to Sam
"Oh ok." Sam said laughing. "I never did find out what you were gonna tell me that night. When you said promise not to tell. But I have a few ideas." Sam said
"I didn't tell you later on?" Michael asked. Samantha shook her head.
"No...we never had that conversation again." Sam said
"Is the next part when she?......" Maria asked
"Killed you? Yes." Sam said, She started to get sorta teary eyed. Then let out a deep breath. "Here goes nothing...that day, I was sent home early from school. Like an hour before school actually got out." Sam said
"Why?" Maria asked. Sam sorta laughed
"I in the...janitors closet." Sam said, now blushing.
"With Bobby." Michael said. It was more of a statement that a question.
"Yeah. With Bobby." Sam said
"Your gonna have to have a long talk with her in the future Maria." Michael said. Maria laughed at him
"So you got sent home for getting caught in the janitors closet?" Maria asked. Sam nodded her head. "Man. When Max and Liz got caught in the eraser room, the principal just called there parents. He didn't send them home." Maria said. Sam just kinda a looked up
"Yeah well, he called our parents to the first couple of times." Sam said.
"Oh gosh." Michael said and put his head into his hands. Maria and Sam laughed
"So anyway. It's like 3:00 in the afternoon. Aunt Liz took Leslie and Jacob to her house while mom and I talked. And aunt Isabel took Carson and Trevor to her house. And Haley was gonna be home, in like half in hour from school. And Brenden had something going on in his school, so he was with Haley. Now by this time, my school had been let out. And dad was gonna be home any minute now......."

Flashback to the year 2019. Sam is 15 years old. Maria and Sam are in the kitchen. Sam is sitting at the table and Maria is starting to get dinner ready.

"Samantha, why can't you just stay out of the janitors closet. I don't like getting called by your principal all the time saying Mrs. Guerin please come and pick up your daughter, because she was, once again, making out in the janitors closet." Maria imitated he principal.
"Your not that mad are you?" Sam asked. Maria looked at her and then smiled a little.
"No not really." Maria admitted
"Good. Because I wouldn't want to remind you that at the beginning of the year when me and Bobby used to go into the eraser room on the second floor, before they tore it down, that me and Bobby found the initials, ' M.D + M.G = FOREVER ' in there, do I?" Sam asked
"No you don't have to remind me. Because you remind me everyday." Maria said smiling at her daughter.
"Ok then."
"So how is Bobby anyway? I haven't seen him around in a while." Maria asked
"Oh..yeah I told him all about Courtney." Sam said. Maria turned around and looked at her
"You did?"
"Yeah. I told him that I didn't want him to get hurt. That I didn't want him around the house because I didn't know the next time she would up ya know." Sam said. Maria looked at her daughter and then sat down next to her. Maria pushed some of Sam's hair away off her face and then rested her hand on her shoulder.
"I wish that you didn't have to put your life on hold for me and your dad....I really am hurts us to see that you can't ever enjoy anything anymore....that you can't do little things have Bobby over." Maria said
"I kinda hate not being able to spend any time with Bobby...I mean, I'm his girlfriend and the only time I can see him is at school. It sucks....I mean, he lives right down the street....but if it keeps the people I love safe, then I'll do whatever it takes." Sam said. Maria smiled at her daughter
"I wish that there was some way.....that we could go back in time and change everything.....I mean, we don't have the granolith I think it would be impossible." Maria said
"Yeah I know.... me to." Sam said. She was about to say something again.
"Isn't that sweet." A voice said. Sam and Maria jumped up.
"What are you doing here?" Maria asked
"To get Michael of course. But I've been thinking. I asked myself why is Michael so dead set on staying here with you? And why was he so into me years ago? And never again?" Courtney asked out loud
"I could think of a few reasons." Sam said
"WATCH IT." Courtney said to Sam. Then she turned toward Maria and started cornering her into the wall. "Anyways....I remember that he was with me, because he didn't want you. And the only reason he went back to you was because he thought I was dead. See when I was there, he was with me and never even looked at you. Don't you remember Maria, he went for me and left you out in the cold. He didn't want you." Courtney said in Maria's face. Maria was backed up against the wall.
"That's not true." Maria said
"Yes it is. When I came along, he went right for me. Because something inside him told him I was the one for him. I was special." Courtney said
"There's nothing special about you Courtney." Maria said. ' Way to go mom ' Sam thought
"Now why would you say that to the person who could kill you with a snap of my pretty little finger? Face it Maria. He loves me. He only used you because I wasn't there. He used you for sex. Unfortunately he got seven of the ugliest kids out of it." Courtney said
"Well is that isn't the pot calling the kettle black." Sam said. Courtney spun around.
"DIDN'T I TELL YOU TO SHUT UP BEFORE?" Courtney yelled at her.
"Don''t talk to her like that....Please, just let her go. She's only fifthteen. Please don't hurt any of my children." Maria begged. Sam could tell she was trying to be strong. But she was crying. And scared. ' Please come home daddy..please. ' Sam begged
"Oh..killing them won't hurt them." Courtney said in a sweet voice. Like she was trying to be nice or something. "Trust me. They wont feel a thing."
"Please don't kill them. That haven't done anything." Maria begged
"I suppose it would be kinda mean to kill them.....they didn't really do anything to me....But Maria, I told you long ago to that I would kill you if you didn't stay away from Michael. What? Did you not believe me or something?" Courtney asked
"Please." Marie begged. Sam heard the garage door open. Hurry dad.
"Don't worry about Michael. He'll be fine on my planet. He'll be with me everyday for the rest of his life. We'll be married and have lots of children. You want him happy...and he'll be happy. And he'll forget all about you." Courtney said in Maria's face. Maria shook her head.
"No that's not true." Maria said. Sam heard they door open.
"DAAAAAAAAAD." Sam screamed. Michael came running in
"What the hell is going on?" Michael asked. Then he spotted Courtney. Maria pushed her and went running to Michael.
"Say bubye to Maria." Courtney said.
"NOOOOOO!" Maria Michael and Sam yelled as Maria was thrown into the air and hit the wall. Then came falling down. Sam could tell that that wasn't just small power. It was worse. Michael and Sam went running over to Maria.
"Maria......Oh god...Maria look at me....Maria look at me. Please." Michael begged. Maria opened her eyes.
"Michael?....Michael where are you?" Maria asked
"I'm right here Maria." Michael said, cradling her, crying. Sam grabbed one of her mothers hands.
"Michael...I just want you to know....that I love you." Maria said
"Maria don't talk like that....don't die on me here." Michael begged
"Please mom. Don't die." Sam cried. Maria turned her head over to Sam and touched her face
"Is that you Sammy?" Maria asked
"Mom please stay with us. You cant leave me. I need you." Sam cried
"It's ok Sam...I love you much. And I'm so proud of you. You'll be ok. Don't worry. And keep Bobby around. I always liked him ya know." Maria said
"Mom please don't die. You can't leave me alone mom." Sam cried. She couldn't believe this was happening.
"I'll always be around Sammy. Watching you wherever you go." Maria said
"Maria please don't talk like that. I need you so so much. Please stay with me." Michael cried. Maria turned her head back over to Michael.
"Take care of the kids Michael....or I'll personally come back and kick your butt." Maria said
"Maria...your not gonna die ok....Sammy's gonna go get Max. He can heal you." Michael said sternly.
"It's to late Michael....You've made me the happiest person in the world. I have seven beautiful children....your the best husband anyone could ever have. Thank you for making me the happiest woman alive." Maria said
"Maria." Michael cried as she started to close her eyes.
"I" Maria said. And died right in Michael's arms.
"NOOOOOOOOOO....MARIA.....Maria please wake up." Michael cried. Sam couldn't believe her mother had just died. ' NO. ' Sam stood up to look at Courtney. She was just standing there. Bored.
"You killed my mother." Sam said
"I told her if she didn't stay away from Michael I'd kill her.....She's lucky I let her live this long." Courtney said. Michael was crying, holding Maria's body to him
"Heal her." Sam said threw her teeth. Courtney laughed at her.
"I can't do that. She's dead." Courtney smiled
"Maria..please wake up honey...Maria." Michael said
"Come on Michael get up. Your part of the Royal Four. Get up." Courtney said. Michael stared at Maria and laid her down gently, then stood up infront of Sam.
"I'm not going with you. I never was. And you said you wouldn't hurt anyone if I did what you said." Michael said
"She's dead don't have a reason to stay." Courtney said. Michael walked closer to her
"Now listen to me." Michael said threw his teeth. He was standing a foot away from her. "I love Maria.....I love Sam, Haley, Brenden, Leslie, Jacob, Carson and Trevor. I love my family. I love Isabel, Alex, Tess, Kyle, Liz and Max and all there children. I live on earth. Not on some......alien planet. Now. Get this through your UGLY, blonde head. I'M. NOT. LEAVING....I'M NOT GOING WITH YOU. BECAUSE I HATE YOU..I'VE ALWAYS HATED YOU....I USED YOU.....I USED YOU BECAUSE I COULDN'T BE WITH MARIA....I TRIED TO PUSH HER AWAY, SO I USED YOU... I NEVER LIKED YOU..........I HATE YOU!" Michael yelled at Courtney. Michael started moving backwards again.
"You don't mean that Michael. Your just upset......Once your back on your home planet, you'll be fine." Courtney said
"I cannot believe you just said that." Courtney said. ' What? She didn't think it meant anything the first million times he said it? ' Sam asked herself. Sam looked up and saw Courtney staring at her. "It's because of you isn't it." Courtney said
"WHAT?" Sam yelled. Michael stood infront of Sam. She grabbed onto his back for dear life. ' Please just go away. Please just go away ' she silently begged
"LEAVE MY DAUGHTER ALONE!" Michael ordered
"If it wasn't for her then you would be with me right now." Courtney said
"YOU JERK." Courtney yelled and sent Michael flying into the wall.
"NOOOOOOOO." Sam yelled and went running to him. She knelt down beside him. " no...Oh god." Sam cried. She tried to heal him, but nothing was working. "I just lost mom, please don't die to....Come on dad." Sam cried
"It's ok Sam....I'm gonna be with your mom now....She wont have to be alone....She would be to scared....She was trying to be brave, but I know when she's scared. You take after her." Michael said, and reached his hand out to Sam's face and touched her cheek. "You look just like her to. But with brown hair. I love you so much. Remember that ok sweetie." Michael said
"No dad....Don't leave me alone dad...I need you...please." Sam cried.
"" Michael said, and died.
"DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD." Sam cried and hugged her dad. Then she got full of anger and stood up. "WHY DO YOU HATE US SO MUCH?.......WHY COULDN'T YOU JUST LEAVE IS ALONE....JUST GO GET ANOTHER GUY...WHY DID YOU HAVE TO KILL MY PARENTS?" Sam yelled and cried at the same time.
"If your mother and father would have just followed my rules, none of this would have happened. Just remember Sammy, I'm much smarter then you and everyone else." Courtney said, then she shot power at her, but Sam froze it. Then she fell. Freezing so much power was to much. Then the power unfroze and blew a hole through the wall. "Impressive. Goodbye." Courtney said, then ran out the door. Sam crawled over to Michael and Maria.
"Mom...daddy...She's gone. You can wake up now." Sam said. She started shaking her mom. Then her dad. "Mom......daddy?.....NOOOOOO....oh god." Sam said. She tried to heal them again, but she had no power. She got up and ran as fast as she could across the street to uncle Max's house. Everyone was there.
"Samantha?...what is it? What's wrong?" Max asked. Sam was crying to hard
"Calm down Sammy we can't understand you." Isabel said. Sam took a deep breath and spit out one word.
"Courtney." Sam said and started crying again
"Oh my god...Stay here, Isabel Tess, let's go." Max said. Max Isabel and Tess ran out of the house. Kyle and Alex grabbed Sam and held her tight.
"Everything's gonna be fine Sam." Kyle said
"Just like it always is." Liz said. Sam knew it wasn't true.


Max Tess and Isabel come into the house with tears in there eyes
"Well?" Liz asked. No one answered
"Maria...and Michael....are....are dead." Max said.
Michael's apartment. Michael is holding Sam while she cries

"I tried to save you...but I couldn't." Sam cried
"It's ok....that's not gonna happen...Never." Michael told her
"That's right." Maria said
"I'm gonna throw up." Sam said and ran to the bathroom
"Oh please don't let her be sick again." Maria said. Then she looked at Michael. "Are you ok?" Maria asked
"What?....yeah...I'm just thinking...How on earth did she keep all that inside for so long?" Michael asked
"Takes after you." Maria said
"I feel much better now." Sam said as she came out of the bathroom with a smile on her face.
"Are you just saying that to make us feel better?" Maria asked as she stood up.
"No...Once I told you the whole story, I just felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders." Sam said. Michael stood up also.
"You sound a little bit better." Michael said
"Will you be 100% better by tomorrow?" Maria asked
"If I get some rest." Sam said
"Well everyone's gonna be here in a half an hour." Maria said, not sure of what to think.
"Ok, I'm gonna go take a shower." Sam said. Maria and Michael just stared at her
"She's still sick. She still has a fever." Maria said. Michael put his arm around her.
"Yeah, but if she gets some rest, she'll be fine tomorrow" Michael said, and smiled at Maria


"Hello?" Isabel said as she peeked her head into the apartment. Maria came out of Michael's bedroom.
"Hey guys." Maria said. Everyone came in
"Where's Sam?" Claudia asked, looking around.
"Just getting out of the shower." Maria said
"Where's Michael?" Tess asked
"He ordered pizza and went to go pick it. Most likely when he comes in he'll have a part of my car in his hand." Maria said
"Oh." Kyle said
"What?" Maria asked him
"We---" Kyle went to say but Tess elbowed him. They already ate pizza. But they would all stuff themselves with more for there friends.
"Were really hungry." Tess said
"Good. Cause I'm starved." Maria said
"But we just ate pizza." Pacey said. Everyone stared at him. "What?" Pacey asked
"Oh..ok then. Me Sam and Michael will just eat it." Maria said. Just then Michael came into the apartment with pizzas in his hand.
"Hey." Michael said putting the pizza on the table.
"Speaking of pizza." Maria said as she went over to the table. Maria Michael Pacey Kyle Alex, AJ and Max all grabbed a slice.
"Didn't you just eat?" Maria asked
"Yeah. But I'm hungry again." Pacey said with his mouth full of pizza.
"Hi." Sam said. Claudia ran over to her and gave her a big hug.
"Sam....I've been worried about you all day. Are you feeling any better?" Claudia asked
"Well the pizza smell doesn't make me wanna puke." Sam said, and everyone laughed. " So did you guys have fun at school.?" Sam asked, sitting on the couch.
"To a re uck. Tho te hers a ho orin." Pacey said with a ton of food in his mouth.
"Translation. Totally sucked. Those teachers are so boring." AJ said
"Pacey that is so gross." Liz said
"I've been trying to tell him that for years, not to talk with your moth full." Claudia said
"Leave me alone." Pacey said. Everyone laughed
"Wa ome issa am?" Michael asked with food in his mouth. Maria glared at him. Apparently he wasn't listening to the conversation
"Translation. Want some pizza Sam?" AJ said
"Thank you Mr. Human Translator. I'm feeling better, but not that better." Sam said.
"Well, are you gonna be felling better tomorrow to....." Claudia said
"To watch a dumb blonde ho scumbag slut face go splat into a million pieces? But of course. I've been waiting to do it my whole life." Sam said smiling. Everyone stared at her. Alex Kyle Max and Michael put down there pizza. Pacey and AJ were used to Sam talking like that. And Maria smiled. Which wasn't a good thought.
"A little therapy would help your kid ALOT in the future Michael." Alex said
"Shut up." Michael said laughing
"If I just sleep tomorrow, I'll be able to help you guys." Sam said
"Alright. See, I told everyone she'd pull through." AJ said and stood up on his chair. "HA...ALEX WAS RIGHT THE WHOLE...ENTIRE TIME..AND YOU WERE ALL WORRIED. ALEX IS THE MAN...ALEX IS THE MAN." AJ sang, dancing on his chair. Everyone laughed at him. Totally something his dad would do.
" were worried to buttface." Alex said to his son.
"Well of course I was worried about her. There would have to something wrong with me if I wasn't. I mean she was sick. But I knew Sam would pull through." AJ said, still dancing.
"HELLO.....I don't like people talking about me like I needed help. Especially infront of me." Sam said
"Sorry." Everyone mumbled. AJ sat down
"Wow.....that actually worked?" Sam asked. Kyle threw his jacket at her. Which hit her right in the face. Everyone laughed.
"ANYWAYS......So tomorrow Courtney will----" Claudia was interrupted with Kyle's jacket right in her face. "WHAT?" Claudia shrieked at Sam
"We do not mention the C word." Sam said. Everyone laughed
" suppose to be here after school tomorrow. So when schools done, we come back here, me Sam AJ Pacey daddy aunt Tess and aunt Isabel will use our powers to put a protective shield over uncle Michael. Then we'll wait for her and.....kill her." Claudia said
"Is that all?" Sam asked. Claudia looked at her funny
"Yeah. Just about." Claudia said. Sam stood up with a pillow in her hand.
"Good. Because the other night, someone got shaving cream on my favorite sweatshirt....Not let me see....uncle Alex was by my head....and Pacey was by my uncle Max." Sam said, and hit Max with the pillow. He never saw it coming
"HEY....Blame your mother, she put it on me." Max complained
"That's true." Sam said and hit Maria.
"HEY!" Maria yelled. Then Sam hit Michael in the face
"WHAT DID I DO?" Michael asked
"Nothing. I just felt like hitting you." Sam said smiling
Maria's house. Marie just walked in the door.

"Hey mom." Maria said
"Hi honey...Did you have fun with Tess?" Amy asked as she gave her daughter a hug
"Yeah lots." Maria said
"Did you go to sleep?"
"By 10:00." Maria said threw a yawn.
"You still look really tired."
"I am. After school we all went over and hung out at Michael's, so I haven't really had a chance to sit down yet." Maria said
"Oh poor least you have the week of from the restaurant. Why don't you go take a nice hot bath and go to sleep." Amy said
"Bath? Yeah right. Quick shower and then I have a longer time to sleep." Maria said and Amy laughed at her daughter. She knew she took one this morning, but a quick shower would help her sleep.
"Ok. Well I'm going to bed. Night, I love you." Amy said and gave Maria kiss
"Love you to." Maria said
Evan's house. Max and Isabel just got home

"Hi kids. Why dot you watch some T.V with us?" Phillip asked from where him and Diane were on the couch.
"Yeah." Diane said
"To tired." Max said, still walking
"Ditto." Isabel said from behind Max
"Well you guys have a joint session tomorrow after school. Remember that." Phillip said. Max and Isabel came back into the room.
"WHAT?" Isabel shrieked
"I thought it was Wednesday." Max said
"No it's Tuesday." Diane said
"We cant go tomorrow." Max said
"Yeah." Isabel said
"Why not?" Phillip asked. Max and Isabel looked at each other
"Be cause...we were gonna hang out with Michael tomorrow. Just the three of us." Isabel said
"Yeah." Max agreed
"You were just with him ALL weekend." Diane said
"But-" Max tried to say
"No buts. Be there right after school." Phillip said
"But we promised Michael--" Isabel tried to say
"Isabel. NO!" Phillip said
"But we don't need therapy anymore." Isabel said
"Yeah." Max said. Isabel and Max wrapped there arms around each other. "See. Were not mad at each other anymore. We love each other and appreciate each other." Max said
"I know. That's because the therapy's working." Phillip said
"Can't we just reschedule?" Isabel asked
"NO!" Phillip and Diane said. Isabel huffed and started walking away and into her room. When Max passed her room, she kicked him in the leg.
"This is all your fault." Isabel said and slammed her door
"YEAH WELL SAME TO YOU. IF YOU WEREN'T A GIRL I'D KICK YOU BACK." Max yelled from his spot on the floor.
"She kicked you?" Phillip asked. Max turned his head and saw his dad.
"YOUR A JERK. AND A DUMMY WHO CANT HEAL HIS OWN LEG....HA!" Isabel yelled. He knew she yelled that to see how he was gonna get himself out of that one
"Heal your leg?" Phillip asked
"Its Isabel were talking about here." Max said he got up and limped over to his dad. "She has PMS." Max whispered.
"I HEARD THAT!" Isabel yelled. Max started running to his room and Isabel came charging out there and chased him around the house.
"Oh great.NOW they've resulted to physical violence." Diane said.
"I'll call the doctor in the morning and tell him." Phillip said

Tuesday morning. Michael's apartment.

Michael is waking up to the sound of the phone ringing. "Hello?" Michael asked in a groggy voice
"Good morning." Maria sang into the phone. Michael rolled his eyes.
"Why are you calling me this early?" Michael asked
"To make sure you get up for school. And don't wake Samantha up." Maria said
" wanna ride on my motorcycle?" Michael asked. Maria's face softened. He just keeps getting better and better.
"Really? That would be so cool." Maria said excitedly. Michael smiled at her.
"Yeah. I'll be over there in a little while." Michael said, starting to sit up.
"Leave a note on the counter with our cell phone numbers on it ok. And tell her to call one of them when she gets up."
"I don't know why I even need one of those things. I've had it for three weeks and haven't used it once." Michael said
"Because. In case someone needs you and your....wherever you go....someone can always reach you stupid."
"And make sure that your here so we get to school on time ok." Maria said. Michael rolled his eyes again.
"Yeah yeah whatever. Bye."
"Bye." Maria said.
School. Kyle Tess and Pacey are sitting on the wall waiting for everyone.

"Why did you make me come here again?" Pacey asked in a whining voice
"Pacey! Please be quiet! Sit there and say NOTHING." Tess said.
"Dad?" Pacey whined again
"You heard your mother." Kyle said. He laughed at his son. He really, REALLY hated school.
"Oh come on. She's only two years older than me." Pacey said
"PACEY! Stop talking please!" Tess snapped. All three of them were very mad. Pacey was mad because his mother made him come to school. When it wasn't even his school. At least not yet anyway. Tess was mad because Pacey kept whining. And Kyle was mad because he had a headache from the two of them fighting.
"Wow, aren't you just the happiest family." Isabel said as her and Max came over.
"Not in the mornings." Tess said
"There fighting. Thanks Max." Kyle said as he gave Max a sarcastic smile. Max was confused
"For what?" Max asked
"For leaving Tess with me." Kyle said. Tess hit Kyle in the head.
"Hey! He didn't leave me with you. Ya know, I could just not get married to you. I can leave." Tess said.
"What about me?" Pacey asked
"Oh, well. I dunno. What about you?" Tess asked
"Very funny." Pacey said.
"Hey guys." Alex said as she joined the group.
"Hey Alex." Max said. Alex and Max started laughing.
"Stop it." Isabel said as she hit Alex and Max at the same time
"Where's Alex?" Pacey asked
"Oh I let him sleep in." Alex said
"WHAT?!?! That's not fair. Mom?" Pacey started whining again
"Don't even start." Tess said
"And don't ask me either." Kyle said. Pacey looked at both of them at the crossed his arms.
"You three look pissed." Liz said as her and Claudia joined the group.
"We are." Pacey Kyle and Tess said together. Claudia sat next to Pacey
"Hi." Liz said to Max, and kissed him. Pacey and Claudia covered there eyes.
"Hi your self." Max said. Alex put his arm around Isabel and went to kiss her.
"I'm not kissing you until you tell me what your laughing at." Isabel said.
"Well then, I'm not kissing you for a very, VERY long time." Alex said.
"Oooohh. This day is getting worse and worse by the minute." Isabel huffed and sat next to Tess.
"Hey guys." Maria said as her and Michael came over, holding hands.
"Is Sam sleeping?" Claudia asked
"Yeah I let her sleep. And her fever is completely gone." Michael said
"Uncle Michael you look like crap." Pacey said
"Yeah you do." Claudia said
"Gee thanks." Michael said sarcastically.
"Now that they mention it, you do look really tired." Maria said. Michael had dark circles under his eyes and his skin looked all pale. Max could tell that he didn't sleep good last night. He always looked like that when he slept at his house. He never ever slept, and he always looked like that. So worn out.
"That's why I wanted to sleep." Michael said to Maria. Maria laughed and then sat down at the picnic table. Michael sat next to her and put his head on her shoulder and closed his eyes, which made Maria laugh.
"Me to." Pacey complained. Tess rolled her eyes.
"So after school we go over to Michael's and put the..." Tess looked around. "The you know what on him.." Tess said, which meant the protective shield. "And then we go back to Liz's house and wait right?" Tess asked
"Me and Max can''t." Isabel said in a low voice
"Why not?" Kyle asked. Max and Isabel stared at each other for a minute
"Our dad is insisting that we have to go to therapy. Group session." Max said. Pacey and Claudia started laughing.
"Control your son." Isabel said to Tess and Kyle. "And you shouldn't laugh at your dad." Isabel said to Claudia
"I didn't know you had to go to therapy. I cant wait to tell Alex and Sammy." Claudia said through her laughter.
"I always knew you two were nutbags." Pacey said, still laughing.
"We are not." Max protested. He noticed Liz started laughing. "Don't egg them on....It's not my fault. Unlike other kids who are depressed for no reason, I knew exactly what was wrong with me. I mean, give me friggen break. I just broke out the white room. I mean..."Max went to say, but was getting really mad. "I knew what was wrong with me. I didn't need therapy." Max said
"It is kinda funny." Maria said starting to laugh. Claudia and Pacey were still laughing, hard. And Maria Liz Alex Kyle and Tess had joined there laughter. But not hard. But Michael had fallen asleep.
"SHUT UP." Isabel said
"So why is aunt Isabel in therapy?" Pacey asked
"Because I never wanted to be around Max. It's all his fault anyways. If he wasn't so quiet, we would never be in this mess." Isabel said and gave Max a death glare. He hopped over Maria and Michael and sat on there table that they were sitting at.
"Alex is gonna love this." Pacey said, still laughing. Then the bell rang.
"EVERYBODY SUCK!" Isabel yelled. Which caused a few stares.
"Michael...Michael get up." Maria shook Michael
"Go away." Michael mumbled. Everyone laughed at him. Maria whispered something in his ear and he sat up really fast.
"Really?" Michael asked. Maria nodded her head
"What did you say to him?" Tess asked
"Nothing?" Maria and Michael said
Michael's apartment. Sam is waking up to the phone.

"Hello?" Sam said
"Hey. Did I wake you?" Alex jr asked
"It's ok." Sam said through a yawn
"How are you feeling?"
"You can eat now?"
"Well dad left his car here, so I'll pick something up and bring it by."
"You only have your permit." Sam said, getting mad. Because she would love to be able to drive without someone in the car.
"But I'm a good driver. So what are you in the mood for? Pizza, burgers, taco's, subs, chicken sandwich?"
"Burgers and french fries. I'll see you in a bit." Sam said
"Ok, bye." Alex said and hung up the phone. Sam got up and walked in the kitchen and saw a note on the counter.
"Sam, your mom wanted me to leave my cell phone number and her cell phone number for you. She wants you to call one of us right when you wake up." Sam read out loud. Then she saw another piece of paper. "Make sure you show the first piece of paper to your mom later, so she knows I left my number to, and also make sure that you throw this one away, but look under my bed." Sam read. She went over to her dads bed and looked under it. There lied her dad's cell phone. Sam smiled at that. She heard him saying this morning that he doesn't like having a cell phone. So she grabbed the regular phone and dialed her mom's cell phone number.
"Hello?" Maria asked
"I'm awake." Sam said
"Hey how are you feeling?"
"Hungry. AJ is picking up some food and coming over here."
"How is Alex getting there?"
"Uncle Alex left this car for him."
"Wow that's nice. So are you nervous?"
"About tonight? No. Cant be. If I get nervous then I'll freak out again. Can't have that....what's all that noise?" Sam asked
"Oh I'm in the hallway." Maria said as she stopped by her locker. Pacey came over to her
"Hey who's that?" Pacey asked
"Samantha." Maria said
"Give me that...your so gonna get it. You get to stay at home while me and Claudia have to come here." Pacey said
"Hey I was sick." Sam protested.
"Are you sick now?" Pacey asked
"Then you should be here." Pacey said
"Hey you know what? Alex is coming over here and were gonna eat some fast-food. Burgers and french fries." Sam said. She always knew how to push Pacey's buttons.
"WHAT?!?! That's not fair." Pacey said
"Ok give me the phone I'll talk call you back later ok?" Maria said
"Ok bye." Sam said
"Bye." Maria said and hung up the phone
"Her and Alex get to eat burgers. That's not fair." Pacey said. Maria laughed at him and put her arm around his shoulder and walked away with him

Michael's apartment.

"Finally. I'm starving." Sam said as she opened the door. "McDonalds. Cool." Sam said as she took the bag and led the way over to the couch.
"Anything on T.V?" Alex jr. asked
"No...but these commercials are so funny. This Levi commercial has people singing keroke really really like survival..when your my lover..not my riiiiiiiival." Sam imitated. Alex laughed at her. It was really great to see Sam almost back to normal. He bet by tomorrow night she'd be back to her usual loud wonderful self.
"Cool are you nervous?" Alex asked.
"A little......but don't tell anyone."
"I wont...I'm kinda scared to, if it makes you feel any better." Alex said
" does....I felt like everything was resting on my shoulders ya know.....and everyone was counting on me. It was just so stressing, and every time I thought about Courtney...I just got even more stressed....I mean...if I did one thing wrong, people could die, or some people wouldn't be here in the future. And if that happened it would be all my fault." Sam said. Alex put his arm around her.
"Yeah I know." Alex said
"You were the person who kept believing in me even though I kept messing up." Sam said
"Everyone always believed you Sammy. They were just really really scared because there was alot at stake here."
"I know I know." Sam said and sighed
"Well don't worry. Because in a couple of hours everything will be back to normal. And your gonna be a hero." Alex said. Sam laughed at him
"Thanks....that's definitely something to look forward to." Sam said and smiled and Alex
Outside in the quad. Michael is laying down in the grass by the tree that they always sit at for lunch.

"Michael....Michael." Maria said and started shaking Michael. Then she hit him.
"OW....What's the matter?" Michael asked, rubbing his stomach.
"Nothing. Lunch doesn't start for another twenty minutes. What are you doing out here?" Maria asked as he sat up next to her.
"Skipped class. What are you doing?" Michael asked raising his eyebrow.
"I went to the bathroom and Tess was there and she told me that you weren't in class. So I told Mrs. Hardy that I wasnt feeling good and I came looking for you." Maria told him
"Because I want some time alone with you before this afternoon. Cause I'm really scared for you." Maria said. Michael hesitated a bit.
"Me to." Michael said, and then he pulled her into a hug
"God I hope you'll be ok." Maria said into his chest. Then she started to get tears in her eyes.
"Me to." Michael said and held her face in his hands so she would look at him. "I love you. Ya know that right?" Michael asked, and Maria nodded her head.
"Yeah. I love you to." Maria said
"The second she's dead, I'm hopping on my motorcycle and coming for you." Michael said
"You better." Maria said. Michael smiled at her and pulled her into a kiss. Then he laid down and they continued to make out. After a while, Michael was on top of Maria, and her shirt was half way unbuttoned.
"Get a room you guys." They heard Isabel yell and instantly pulled apart. Isabel Tess and Claudia had sat down with them.
"Hey guys." Maria said. Tess looked at her
"Maria." Tess said. Tess pointed to her own shirt. Maria looked down and started to button her shirt back up.
"You guys are so gross. You better be lucky Sam didn't come today and see you two, because she would have died. Right here." Claudia said
"Totally gross." Isabel said
"Yeah." Tess said
" it Isabel WHITMEN and Tess VALENTI." Maria said
"Hey...were not the ones with seven kids." Tess said
"OH....GROSS....I SO...DID NOT...NEED TO HEAR THAT." Claudia said with her eyes closed and a disgusted face on. Everyone laughed at her. Except Michael, who did not think it was funny to get picked on by two girls because he was making out with his girlfriend. Just because him and Maria will have seven kids, doesn't mean a thing. It just shows people that they love each other very..very much. Michael smiled at that and Maria gave him a funny look.
"Do did you talk to Sam?" Claudia asked as she picking up her pizza and looking at it like it had mold on it.
"Yeah. Alex is going over there with burgers." Maria said. Claudia was about to say something when they heard Max and Alex laughing.
"You guys cant sit here if you gonna laugh the whole time." Isabel said as Max Alex Pacey and Kyle sat down.
"Alex and Max told me what there laughing at." Kyle said
"WHAT?" Isabel yelled
"He's kidding. He's just trying to piss you off." Max said
"Hey guys." Liz said as she walking over to the group. Isabel stood up and walked over to her
"Liz we have to talk." Isabel said and grabbed Liz.
"Ok." Liz said. Everyone started laughing.
"She's totally bugged." Alex said. Falling over laughing. Everyone else did that same
"Totally." Max said. Alex and Max gave each other a high five
"Ok what are you guys really laughing at?" Maria asked
"Yeah I'd like to know to." Claudia said
"We'll tell you in sixteen years." Alex said
"Yeah. Sixteen years." Max said. Then all of a sudden, Pacey threw his pizza in the air. He had the a really confused look on his face. Everyone was staring at him.
"What's wrong with you?" Michael asked
"I don't know....I feel Kyle and Clay are around or something. But that's impossible. I was just thinking about them a couple of minutes ago, so I think I must have just thought I felt them around or something." Pacey said
"Your brothers better NOT be here Pacey Maxwell Valenti. Because if they are, I will hold you fully responsible for them. And I will give you no mercy. And when Sam finds out....." Claudia said
"Wo wo wo wo wo. What do you mean by that?" Kyle asked. She had everyone's full attention
"I meant exactly what I said. I wouldn't be surprised if we see the other Guerin or Valenti kids. They are such brats. They just don't ever listen." Claudia said
"Oh god....please tell me your kidding." Alex said
"Ok I'm kidding. But I'm not." Claudia said sarcastically.
"Can they even go back in time?" Max asked
"Well Carly and Matt can. They've done it before. Practically the only thing they've ever gotten in trouble for. And you could easily teach Josh and Emile that. And Haley and Kyle can probably do it. And if Brenden sits down and concentrates he can. And Clay could probably do it to." Claudia said
"Oh god." They all said
Girls bathroom

"Come on." Isabel said and dragged Liz into the bathroom.
"Isabel. What are we doing?" Liz asked
"Alex and Max are driving me bananas with there little secret. Laughing all the time. We have to teach them a lesson." Isabel said
"NO. No no no no no no no. I don't mind not knowing what there little secret it. You can teach them a lesson all by yourself. But not me." Liz said and crossed her arms. She was getting scared of Isabel acting so crazy. Max told her that she's been kicking him and hitting him.
"Oh come on Liz. Us girls have to stick together." Isabel said
"Pleeeeeeeeeease?" Isabel whined with a sad look on her face
"Isabeeeeel." Liz whined back. She really didn't want to do this.
"Pleeeeeease Liz." Isabel whined again.
"Alright alright." Liz gave in. Isabel clapped her hands and gave her a hug.
"Goody..Now listen to my plan.." Isabel said
School parkinglot.

"Ok guys. Me and Alex and Liz will just go wait for you guys at her house. We'll see you guys in a couple of hours." Kyle said and gave Michael and handshake and then he gave Claudia a hug. " Be careful." Kyle told her and then went over to Pacey. "And don't bother Michael Pacey. Cause he'll kill you." Kyle said. Everyone laughed. Kyle gave Pacey a hug and then went over to his car." Bye guys." Kyle said and got in his car.
"Ok good luck." Liz said and gave Michael a hug. "Be careful." Liz said to Pacey and gave him a hug. "And please be careful." Liz said to Claudia as she gave her a hug.
"I will. Don't worry." Claudia said
"Ok bye guys." Liz said and got int Alex's car.
"Ok my turn. Michael..good luck. And tell slutface that I hated her from the moment I met her and I hate her for being a tramp and hurting Maria." Alex said
"Ok man." Michael said
"Oh yeah. And tell her that the NYPD BLUE joke, was not funny. Infact it was really stupid." Alex said
"Ok." Michael said
"And that.."
"Do you want me to just give her friggen letter Alex?" Michael asked. Everyone started laughing
"Nah. But do tell her all that." Alex said
"No problem." Michael said
"And Claudia...Totally kick butt." Alex said. Claudia smiled
"I will." Claudia said and Alex gave her a hug.
"And Pacey my boy...Michael will really kill you." Alex said
"Ha ha." Pacey said
"Bye guys." Alex said and drove away.
Michael's apartment. Michael Maria Tess Pacey Isabel Max and Claudia are walking up to his door and can hear Sam and Alex laughing. But more of Sam.

"I missed that laugh." Pacey said. Michael unlocked the door and they saw Sam and Alex sitting on the couch with there feet propped up, staring at the T.V.
"Have you two been watching T.V all day?" Claudia asked
"Yes." Alex and Sam said.
"Don't start Pacey." Tess said instantly.
"Are your powers good Sam?" Claudia asked. Sam put her hand out and blew up the T.V
"Yep." Sam said, proud of herself
"Oh come on Samantha. That was my second T.V. I don't have any money to go buy another on." Michael said like a little boy who was about to cry
"Oh puh-leeze daddy. This is a Guerin that your talking to. We blow up our T.V's in our house daily. We would have gone bankrupt trying to keep just one T.V in our house." Sam said. Then she put her hand back up and closed her eyes. Then the T.V was back to normal. "See." Sam said
"Cool you get the Playboy channel now." Alex said
"Really?" Michael asked and went to walk over there but Maria grabbed him by the hair.
"TURN IT OFF ALEX." Claudia shouted as she closed her eyes and covered her ears. Tess and Isabel grabbed Pacey and Alex. While Max just stood there and laughed. Everyone was running around th aparment either trying to watch the T.V or trying to keep people from not watching it and trying to turn the T.V off. Isabel was fighting with Alex for the remote.
"What is so funny?" Isabel asked Max who was on the ground laughing.
"Your kids come save Michael....and Maria.....and they end up.....watching.....PLAYBOY." Max laughed
"TURN IT OFF ALREADY." Claudia yelled again
"I CAN'T IT WONT TURN OFF." Alex yelled threw his own laughter.
"GIVE ME THAT." Maria shouted and grabbed the remote and tried to turn the T.V off. She couldn't so then she just pushed the T.V off the stand.
"MARIA." Michael yelled. The boys started laughing
"There. It's off." Maria said. Everyone looked at Sam who was trying to smile
"You did that on purpose Sammy." Claudia said
"I meant to just have the T.V not be able to turn off. But I didn't mean for it to be put on the Playboy channel. Honest." Sam said
"Well seriously fix it now." Michael said. Sam put her hand up and the T.V was back on the stand and back to normal. Alex grabbed the remote and turned it back on.
"No more Playboy channel." Alex said sadly
"Man." Michael said. Maria turned around and started hitting him
"Ok then. Let's put the shield on uncle Michael. Dad and Aunt Isabel have to leave for there brother and sister therapy session." Claudia said smugly
"WHAT?" Alex and Sam asked
"We'll explain later. But they have to go. So let's do it." Claudia said. Alex and Sam got off the couch and walked over to Claudia. "Ok uncle Michael. Lie down on the floor and the seven of us will sit around you and put the protective shield on you ok." Claudia said. Michael nodded and then sat on the floor.
"But Claudia...Uncle Michael said that if me and Alex ever used our powers on him again that he would cut off our hands and flush them down the toilet and make sure we couldn't ever use our powers again." Pacey said. Tess Isabel and Maria all hit Michael.
"Hey I never said that." Michael said
"Michael that is so mean. How could you tell my nephews that." Max said and hit Michael in the head really hard.
"MAXWELL." Michael said and went to jump on him but Sam used her powers to send his hand flying back hitting Pacey.
"SAMANTHA!" Pacey yelled
"Ok so how are we supposed to do this?" Max asked
"Ok. You three close your eyes and think that your putting all your power onto uncle Michael. But don't put your hands on him." Claudia said. They closed there eyes and after a few moments they opened them. "Ok. Now think the exact same thing and this time, place your hands on him." Claudia said. They all closed there eyes and placed there hands on Michael. Maria just stood there and watche. After about a minute they all opened there eyes." That's it." Claudia said. Max Isabel and Tess looked like they were about to pass out. "Heal them." Claudia said. Sam touched Max's forehead, and he sat up. Pacey and Alex did the same to Isabel and Tess. "You guys are ok. You wont have any of your powers back till tomorrow morning. But you'll be fine." Claudia said
"Oh god we have to go Max." Isabel said. They all stood up and Isabel hugged Michael and then she hugged Sam and Claudia at the same time. "Kick major butt girls." Isabel said. Claudia and Sam laughed
"OK." they said in unison. Isabel hugged Pacey and then Alex
"Be careful you guys." Isabel said. Max patted Michael on the back and then did the same to Alex and Pacey. Then he gave Sam a hug, then he gave Claudia a hug
"Be careful guys." Max said
"And call us once everything's over." Isabel said. Then they ran out the door.
"I'll go wait in the car." Tess said. But first, she hugged Michael Sam Claudia and Alex and then Pacey. "I love you. Be careful guys." Tess said
"Oh here's dad's car keys." Alex said and handed them to Tess.
"Thanks. Bye guys." Tess said and went out the door.
"Ok my turn I guess. Pacey and Alex, please watch these girls with your lives." Maria said
"Ah do we have to." Pacey asked. Sam hit him in the head. Maria laughed and gave the boys hugs.
"Kick butt." Maria said as she hugged Claudia. Then she went over to Sam. "Are you sure your strong enough to do this?" Maria asked.
"Yes don't worry mom." Sam said and gave Maria a hug. "Bye." Sam said
"Bye. I love you." Maria said
"Love you to." Sam said. Alex Pacey Claudia and Sam went into Michael's bedroom. Maria went over to Michael and hugged him.
"Please be careful Michael." Maria said into his chest.
"I will. Don't worry. I'll be at the crashdown in a little while." Michael said
"I'm just so worried about you."
"I know...but don't be. I love you." Michael said
"I love you to." Maria said. Maria and Michael just stood there for a couple of minutes.
"You better go." Michael said, un hooking his arms around Maria. When he saw her face he was shocked to see that she was crying.
"God I'm so scared." Maria said. Michael took her face into his hands
"Don't be scared. I'm not gonna die. Be strong. For me ok." Michael said
"I love you so much. You always have to remember that ok." Michael said
"No no no. Please don't say that. You just said you weren't gonna die." Maria cried
"I know I'm remember that ok." Michael said
"Good....bye Maria." Michael said and gave her a passionate kiss.
"I love you." Maria said
"I love you more." Michael said. Maria walked out the door and sat in the passenger side of Alex's car.
"You ok?" Tess asked
"Not really." Maria said
"He's gonna be ok. Everything's gonna be ok." Tess said
"Thanks. Just keep reminding me." Maria said. Tess smiled at her
"No problem." Tess said and gave her a hug.

Therapists Office.

"Hello Max, Isabel." The therapist said
"Hi." Max and Isabel said in unison and sat on the couch.
"I'm sorry that I haven't seen you in a couple of months. But I was visiting my mother. She was very sick." He said
"Oh." Max and Isabel replied. They always hated coming to this guy.
"So your parents told me that me you had a good Christmas."
"Yes." Max and Isabel said.
"Well that's good. But I was told that Max was a little quieter then usual." He said. Max shrugged his shoulders.
"Well let me talk to Max for a bit, then I'll talk to Isabel and then both of you together OK?" He asked. Isabel nodded her head and when she turned around to leave she stuck her tongue out at Max and Max pinched her side.
"OUCH. BUTTHEAD!" Isabel said and shut the door.
"So Max. Tell me what's happened since the last time we spoke." He asked
"Nothing much."
"I was told that you weren't home for Thanksgiving. Where were you?" The Dr. asked. Max sat the for a minute.
"Camping. With Tess?" He asked. Max looked at him questionly. 'How the hell did he know that?' Max thought
"Your parents told me. So you were with Tess?"
"Are you boyfriend and girlfriend?"
"No. Were just friends. We slept in two separate tents." Max said
" why did you go camping. On Thanksgiving?"
"Me and Tess just felt like getting away." Max said
"From what?" The Dr. asked. 'From aliens'
"We just wanted to have some fun. So we went camping."
"Really. But why on Thanksgiving?"

"We had no school." Max said. The therapist looked at Max for a minute and then wrote in his notebook. Max wished he could just tell this guy the whole truth so he wouldn't be thinking that he was a horny teenager who doesn't like his family. Which is so not true. But if he told him that he was an alien he'd put him in a mental institution.
" how are you and Isabel doing?"
"You and her are still fighting?" he asked
"What about last night when she kicked you?" The dr. asked. Max smiled at that
"She was just mad because she wanted to go hangout with Michael today and then couldn't. And she blamed me for it. So she kicked me. But other then that were fine." Max said
"So are you almost back to being civil to each other?"
"Yes. Were back to normal." Max said. The therapist wrote in his notebook. Tess should mind warp the guy and distract him while he looked at all those stupid little notes he wrote down about him and Isabel. Hey that's a good idea
"That's good. So how are you and your friend Michael doing? Are you still fighting?" The Dr. asked. How did he know that me and Michael were fighting?
"Were not fighting anymore. I spent the night at his apartment Saturday with Alex and Kyle." Max said. 'How did he know that?'
"Kyle? I thought you were mad at him?" The Dr. said. 'How did he know all of my problems all of a sudden?'
"I'm not anymore." Max said, confused.
"Why's that?"
"We worked out our differences." Max said. 'he must have told him about everything that was going on. He just didn't remember.
"That's good. Are you and.......Maria still hanging out?" He asked. Max looked at him funny.
"And what about Liz?"
"Were back together."
"Aaaah. You looked a little different when you came in. You weren't so....depressed. That's why." He said
"I wasn't depressed." Max said. The therapist shot him a 'yeah right' look. "Maybe a little."
"Your parents also told me that you and your sister were with the Sheriff when he found....oh I forgot her name."
"Laurie Dupree."
"Yes.....that must have been pretty stressful."
"Yeah it was." Max said. He always answered this guys questions with one sentence answers. Which probably made him look like he was hiding something. Well he was, but nothing bad. Just him being an alien.
"So I guess since your doing a lot better, I guess I can talk to Isabel then."
"Ok." Max said and got up. He saw Isabel talking on her cell phone.
"So you sprayed toothpaste in his face. Liz that's awesome." Isabel said. Max cleared his throat to get her attention. "Oh I gotta go. Loser boy is here." Isabel said as she hung up.
"I don't even wanna know why Alex has toothpaste on his face......I have a question though Izzy." Max said
"Yeah?" Isabel asked
"How did he know I was fighting with Michael Kyle and Liz? And that I was hanging out with Maria?" Max asked. Isabel stood there, trying to think of something to say.
"Hey I had to sit there for a whole hour and I was really mad at you. I needed something to complain about. So I told him all of your problems." Isabel said
"I'll get you back for that Isabel." Max said and sat down. "And give me your phone." Max said and snatched her phone out of her hands. Isabel walked into the office and sat on the couch.
"Hello Isabel." The Dr. said.
"Hi." Isabel said
"So how are you?"
"I'm doing pretty good."
"How are you and Max doing?"
"He is driving me bananas. Last Saturday a bunch of us spend the night at Liz's house and him and my boyfriend started laughing at something and whenever I'm around they always start laughing and wont tell me what there laughing at." Isabel said
"Yeah. Me and Alex are back together." Isabel said, then smiled. Then stopped because she remembered she was, mad at him.
"Well that's good. That's why your not so focused on being mad at Max."
"Yeah. I'm more occupied with other things." Isabel said. Thinking about how right now her best friend could be fighting that stupid fake blonde alien. " But Max is gonna have alot to complain about next week because me and Liz have decided to gang up on him and Alex until we make them squeal like pigs. Liz already sprayed Alex with toothpaste." Isabel said. The dr. laughed at her
"Wow. You really wanna know that secret."
"Did he tell you what he's laughing at?" Isabel asked
"No. He didn't say to much. Sorry."
"DARNIT." Isabel said
"So who all spent the night at Liz's?" He asked. Opps. I didn't mean to say that.
"Oh I wasn't supposed to tell anyone that. My parents think Max stayed with Kyle and Alex over at Michael's. But they were at Liz's with me Maria and Tess. Oh and Liz had her cousin Stephanie there and Alex had his cousin Jason spend the night and Kyle had his cousin Nathan spend the night to." Isabel said, leaving out there real names in case any of this got back to her mother. But if it did, her and Max would be in big trouble for lying to her parents
"Oh. Do you think that was such a good idea?" he asked, writing in his notebook.
"Well nothing bad happened. We were all just hanging out and having fun."
"Oh how do you feel about Max and Liz dating again?"
"Finally. He was unbearable to live with. Mooning over Liz twenty-four hours a day. Completely pathetic."
"So your happy?"
"Oh definitely." Isabel said. He wrote in his notebook. I wanna tear that thing out of his hands.
"Are you and her good friends?"
"That's good.....are you and Tess still friends?"
"Yeah of course."
"So how did you feel when Max went camping with Tess?"
"I was mad at him. Because he just picked up and left without saying good-bye. On Thanksgiving. Idiot." Isabel said
"Are you still mad at him?"
"No..when he came back he apologized to me and everything has been pretty good between me and him."
"Well that's good......your mom told me a little about Laurie Dupree."
"Yeah...we found her buried in the ground in the woods." Isabel said
"That must have been scary."
"Yeah it was."
"I heard someone was shooting at you."
"Yeah." Isabel said. She didn't like answering these questions.
"It actually turned out that the guy you were dating was the one kidnapping her?" He asked
"Yeah, but I broke up with him before I even knew that." Isabel said, suddenly feeling bad for Grant dying.
"I heard it was pretty big. The whole town was talking about. I'm sure sorry I missed that.....well how about we get your brother in here." He said
Michael's apartment. Michael's sitting at the counter trying to read a magazine. Pacey's trying to watch T.V. Sam's looking at his C.D's on the floor and Alex and Claudia are walking around.

"Hungry hungry hungry hungry....Uncle Michael I'm hungry." Claudia whined from the fridge. Michael looked up at her.
"What's your point?" Michael asked. Claudia slammed the fridge shut.
"There's nothing on T.V uncle Michael." Pacey whined
"I'm bored uncle Michael." Alex whined
"Daddy why don't you have any good C.D's?" Sam asked. Michael grabbed his head.
"OH. My. God.....I feel like I'm baby-sitting a bunch of four year olds." Michael said
"HEY...I resent that. I am not four years old." Sam said getting up off the floor and hitting Michael in the head.
"Well your acting like it." Michael said as he looked at her. She looks just like her mom. Except with brown hair.
"Ha ha." Sam said sarcastically. Acts like her mom to
"You've been reading that same page for the past twenty minutes." Claudia said to Michael
"How much longer till she gets here?" Michael whined as he banged his head on the counter. These kids were driving him crazy. They all laughed at him
"Sam when's Courtney gonna be here?" Claudia asked.
"Not until-" Sam went to say but there was a knock on the door. Pacey and Alex grabbed Sam and hid behind the wall.
"Act like you didn't know she was coming. And don't be nervous. You'll be ok." Claudia told Michael and ran behind the wall. Michael instantly started shaking. He walked over to the door slowly. Then she knocked again and he jumped. He reached for the doorknob and pulled the door open. There stood Courtney.
"Hi Michael." Courtney smiled at him.
"I...I thought you were dead?" Michael said
Michael's bedroom.

Sam is thinking about when her mom and dad were sitting in the kitchen and he was telling her about when Courtney came to him that day. "I remember I was sitting on my couch listening to the radio cause I was waiting till 5:30 so I could win Metallica concert tickets. And I was about to call when she knocked on the door. And I shouted come in. And when I saw her all sick looking I ran over to her before she fell. And I was so pissed cause I missed my chance to win Metallica tickets." she remembered Michael saying. She looked at her watch. 4:47. It's not Courtney. She was sitting at the very edge of the wall and turned to her right and moved her arms to hit all three of them.
"It's not Courtney." Sam whispered
"What?" Claudia asked
"Future Courtney." Sam said
"Are you sure?" Alex asked
"I'm positive. She's not supposed to be here till 5:30." Sam said
"Why didn't you tell us that before?" Claudia asked. Sam looked at Pacey.
"That's why. He'd start puking his pizza up. You know how he gets." Sam said
"What's the new plan?" Alex asked

"Can I come in?" Courtney asked and pushed her way in to the livingroom.
"What are you doing here? Nicholas told us you were dead." Michael said. He was trying to be cool. But seriously. He was scared out of his mind.
"Did you miss me?" Courtney asked. She was ignoring the question. But why. All of a sudden there was these force field around her. "WHAT?!?!" Courtney shouted
"IT'S NOT COURTNEY. IT'S FUTURE COURTNEY." Claudia said. The four of them stepped out from behind her and went over to Michael. Sam ran with her eyes closed over to Michael and ran into him. Then she stepped behind him.
"YOU LITTLE BRAT. HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU TO MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS........I should have killed you when I had the chance." Courtney said, trying to use her powers to get out.
"Don't talk to my daughter like that." Michael said.
"Michael...I cant believe you. Why would you think she's your daughter? You don't have any children." Courtney said in a sweet voice. Which made them all sick. Alex pushed the force field around her closer.
"All right. Were gonna squish her to death." Pacey said and pushed it even farther in. Courtney started panicking.
"What's wrong Courtney? Can't get out?" Claudia asked. Courtney stared at Sam and she closed her eyes.
"Come on Sammy. You've wanted this since you were five years old. She cant get out. Say what you've wanted to say to her for the past ten years." Pacey said. He moved it in another inch. Courtney had her hands by her sides now. Sam stared at her. Michael could tell she wanted to. But was to afraid. But Michael wasn't
"HA.....YOUR STUCK IN THERE....AND YOUR GONNA DIE......I LOVE MARIA...I LOVE MARIA....ARE YOU GETTING THE PICTURE YET?" Michael shouted at her. "I should have killed you when I had the chance." Michael said. He put his hand up to kill her when Sam stopped him.
"WAIT!" Sam yelled
"Don't even tell me you want her alive now." Pacey said. Michael Claudia and Alex all hit him.
"I don't want her alive. I just want to remember this exact moment....the moment where I had ALL the control.....and I do....I have all of the control......that's all I really wanted. See now the tables have turned. I can say anything I want, without fear that I'm gonna die....and you can't say a's it feel it scary." Sam said, standing right in front of her. Alex and Pacey moved the force field a little more around her, now where she couldn't move. "Feels kinda crappy to be on this side doesn't it........I hope you have fun in hell...." Sam went to kill her but Michael stopped her.
"WAIT!" Michael yelled
"Not again...come on let's kill her already." Pacey said
"Alex gave me a message for you.....Alex hated you from the moment that he met you and he hated you for hurting Maria. And that the NYPD Blue joke was not funny. It was stupid. Whatever that meant." Michael said
"And he said you were a tramp." Pacey said laughing.
"This is my battle guys......I should have done this a long time ago." Michael said raised his hands
"Bubye Slutface." Sam said waving her hand and standing next to her dad.
"MICHAEL WAIT." Courtney yelled
"BYE." Alex Pacey and Claudia said. Michael put up his hand and killed her. The force field was gone, but she laid there, just like Pierce had.
"Now we have to use our powers to disintegrate'd think that would be easy." Pacey whined
"We'll do it." Claudia said. Her and Alex went over to her and knelt down.
"Oh man this is gross." Alex said. They put there hands on here and her disintegrated.
"Yuck." Pacey said.
"God I hate her." Michael said. Sam hugged her dad. "You ok?" Michael asked
"Yeah." Sam said
"How'd you guys know it was future Courtney?" Michael asked
"I don't know. Sam?" Pacey asked. Michael looked at Sam and she stood away.
"I remembered when you were talking to mom. And you were saying that you were waiting for it to be 5:30 cause you wanted to win Metallica tickets. And she came right when it was 5:30. So you were really pissed. It's only 5:00." Sam said showing Michael her watch. Everyone was smiling at her
"Smart thinking." Michael said. He was defiantly proud of his daughter.
"Thanks." Sam said
"Yeah. Good going Sam." Alex said
"Good job." Pacey said
"Definitely.....we still have to wait till present day Courtney comes." Claudia said
"Why didn't you just freeze her like you freeze me?" Michael asked
"Well when we were little, whenever we were mad, we would freeze someone without even trying. It was really hard to learn not to do that. And when we all saw Courtney, we were really mad, and nothing happened. So we knew that we couldn't freeze her." Claudia said
"Oh." Michael said
"But that force field took up alot of we might be a little more drained then we thought we would. Instead of leaving Saturday, we might have to wait till Sunday or Monday." Claudia said
"Ok...but you'll be ok right?" Michael asked
"Yeah of course." Claudia said. Claudia Pacey Alex and Sam all started looking at one another. Which Michael didn't notice.
"Do you want me to do anything?" Michael asked
"Just sit there and look dumb." Pacey said. "I...I MEAN ACT DUMB." Pacey said. "I..I know what I mean." Pacey said.
"You know, I think Kyle and Alex are right. I think I might kill you." Michael said as he put his arm around a very scared Pacey. "But your lucky I like you." Michael said. Everyone started laughing

posted on 28-Dec-2002 2:09:54 AM
Therapists office.

"So your parents told me that you guys were grounded for about two weeks. Why was that?" The dr. asked. Max and Isabel looked at each other for a minute.
"Didn't our parents already tell you? I mean, they knew where we were. Sheriff Valenti ratted us out." Isabel said
"Las Vegas......Why did you guys run away to Las Vegas?" He asked
"It was just for some fun. We all just wanted to have some fun. Nothing bad happened while we were there." Isabel said
"So you and your friends just decided to pick up and leave?"
"Yes. We had a blast actually." Isabel said smiling
"How'd you guys get there?"
"Plane." Max and Isabel said
"How'd you pay for it?"
"Michael." Max and Isabel said
"Ok.....he paid for everyone to go?"
"Yes." Max and Isabel said
"Ok ok...tell me how a high school student paid for eight kids to go to Las Vegas." he said.
Liz's livingroom.

"Maria, sit down." Alex said. Him Kyle Tess and Liz were sitting on the couch while Maria paced back and forth. They were all nervous.
"Maria." Kyle said. But Maria kept on pacing.
"Maria there talking to you." Liz said. But Maria didn't hear her.
"Maria." Tess said. But she still wasn't listening
"MARIA!" They all shouted at once
"WHAT?" Maria asked, startled
"Come here and sit down." Alex said. He reached out his arms and pulled her down next to him and Kyle. "Everything's gonna be ok." Alex said as he hugged her.
"Yeah. There gonna take care of Michael." Tess said.
"Come on. Let's go fix your mascara." Liz said and grabbed Maria's hand. "Come on Tess." Liz said. Tess smiled. She couldn't believe Liz was actually inviting her to help her best friend. Kyle saw that she was smiling and just sitting there so he pushed her a little. Tess ran after Maria and Liz.
"Man she's really scared." Kyle said
"Yeah. I cant wait till this is all over." Alex said, resting is head on the couch. He was so worried about Maria. And he was worried about Michael and the kids.
"Yeah me to.....Do you think Maria will be ok?" Kyle asked. Alex thought about it for a minute then sat with his elbows on his legs.
"If Michael comes walking through that door, yes. If he doesn't......" Alex said. He didn't want to finish the sentence
"What?" Kyle asked. He didn't know what Alex was getting at
"I'm afraid for Maria, because she wont be able to live without him.....she wont want to live. Not when we all have each other and she wont have anybody." Alex said. Kyle thought about it for a minute
"Are you trying to say that if Michael dies, Maria might actually kill herself?" Kyle asked. Alex hated hearing those words.
"Oh my god.........everyone kept telling Maria everything would be that she's not here, what do you think will really happen over there?"
"Honestly, I don't know. But I'm trying to trust Alex Sam Claudia and Pacey."
"Yeah me to."
Liz's bathroom.

"I am so worried about him." Maria cried.
"Maria, you've got to calm down. Michael's going to be ok." Liz said
"Yeah. And Michael has such a strong shield on him. I used all my powers on him. And then some. I used all of them I could probably be 100% human now. And Max and Isabel did to. You know they would. And the kids have the strongest power. They gave him so much power. He is completely protected. Nothing bad can happen to him." Tess said
"Thanks...its just..I'm so scared." Maria cried. Liz hugged Maria.
"We know you are. But your gonna make yourself sick if you keep this up. He's gonna be ok Maria." Liz said as she hugged and rubbed her best friends back.
"I hope so...I just want him to come running though that door." Maria said
"And he will. After they kill that slut." Tess said as she rubbed Maria's back. Maria laughed at Tess's statement.
"Thanks." Maria said and hugged both Liz and Tess. Which Tess was a bit taken back by that. "I'll be out in a minute."
"Ok." Tess and Liz said and Left the bathroom.
"That was really good what you said to her. About you giving all your power. I think it really made her feel better." Liz said
"Thanks...God I hope he comes soon. At least when we see him we'll know that everything all right. That everyone's ok." Tess said
"Yeah I know what you mean. The suspense is killing me." Liz said as they went and sat back down with Kyle and Alex.
"Is she ok?" Alex asked
"Yeah she'll be fine." Liz said.
Michael's apartment.

"It's 5:27. We should get into Michael's bedroom." Claudia said. Sam went over and hugged her dad
"Bye." Sam said
"Be careful. And don't make any noise." Michael warned them
"Ok dad." Pacey said in a funny voice
"Come on Stalker Boy." Sam said grabbing him by the ear. Claudia and Alex started laughing at the nickname. Michael heard them talking behind the wall.
"You told them Sammy. How could you? Wasn't that our little secret. Besides it was your idea." Pacey said
"It was not." Sam said
"The stalking twins." Alex said
"The stalking cousins. Go figure. Uncle Kyle uncle Michael and aunt Maria were always stalking each other. There kids inherited it." Claudia said. Michael rolled his eyes. He looked at his watch. 5:29
"We did not." Pacey and Sam said
"Don't make me come back there." Michael said to them. They instantly got quiet. Then he started to hear a small giggle.
"Leave me alone buttface." He heard Sam say.
"One more time and I'm coming back there. Stop it. It 5:30 now." Michael said. It was like babysitting four year olds. And then there was a brief knock on the door. Michael walked over to it, and took a deep breath. Then opened the door to see Courtney in the same cloths that he saw her in last. Looking worse then she did before.
"Michael....Can I come in?" Courtney asked
"Yeah...I thought you were.." Michael got cut off because Courtney tried to walk but stumbled. He had to help her to the couch. He hated touching her. "I thought you were dead. Nicholas said you killed yourself." Michael said, sitting her with her back towards his bedroom so she could see them.
"I don't know why he did that......he took the memory of where the granolith was away from me and said......that he was gonna use it against you..........then I don't know what happend....I just woke up today.......please tell me where the granolith is again......I don't remember." Courtney said. Michael shook his head.
"I'm sorry Courtney. But I cant tell you." Michael said
"What?...why? You told me before."
"I know...but if anyone finds you again they can just easily find out where it is. And I cant take that risk."
"Well then blindfold me and bring me there and blindfold me when I get out. Please Michael...I don't want to die." Courtney begged. Michael shook his head slowly
"I can't. I'm sorry." Michael said. He really wasn't. But he was trying to make her mad.
"You jerk...I cant believe you. Just tell me. I need it." Courtney said. She was getting angry. Good. Let's just get this over with.
"No! I'm not telling you where it is." Michael said. Taking a couple of steps back.
"Tell me or I'll kill you." Courtney said. Michael started walking backwards. Here it comes. The moment we've all been waiting for.
'"No." Michael said. Courtney picked up her arm and shot some power at him. Michael closed his eyes, expecting it to hit him. But it never did.
"What?" Courtney asked. Michael opened his eyes and saw the blue ball of power right in front of him. Frozen. "Who are you?" Courtney asked
"Were your worst nightmare." Pacey said. Pacey Claudia Samantha and Alex raised there hands to the blue ball of power frozen in the air. And moved it over to Courtney who was still on the couch.
"NO!" Courtney screamed. The power hit her and she vanished into thin air. It was all over. And they were all right. Suddenly the kids fell onto the floor. Michael ran over to the kids.
"Oh my god. Are you guys all right?" Michael asked
"We lied. We didn't want to worry you. But all the powers we used today were the powers that take a lot out of you. Putting a shield on someone is hard. But we didn't expect to see future Courtney. And putting her in that force field took up most of our power. We barely had any left to freeze her power, and then move it. It's to much for our bodies to handle." Claudia said out of breath.
"Are you guys gonna be ok?" Michael asked
"Oh yeah. Sorry. We'll be ok. I promice....Were pretty comfortable on the floor. Go see aunt Maria." Claudia said
"Are you sure you'll be ok? Your not lying to me?" Michael asked
"I'm sorry. But you would start going crazy and then you wouldn't trust us. We'll be fine. It's just our bodies couldn't handle it. But we'll be ok. You have power though. You can help us get better by giving us energy. And when aunt Tess aunt Isabel and daddy get there's back tomorrow they can help us. Now go." Claudia said trying to reassure him
"Ok." Michael said. He picked up Claudia laid her down on his bed. Then he picked up Pacey, which wasn't easy and laid him down next to Claudia. Then he went and picked up Sam and laid her down on his couch. She was so worn out. He was finally glad this was all over for her. She could finally have that normal life that she always wanted.
"Hey a little help down here." Alex said. Michael looked over at him and cringed. He had fallen on his leg. Michael ran over to him ad picked him up and also laid him on the couch. "I think my leg might be broken. I tripped on it before I got out here. That's why I fell on it." Alex said. Michael laid his hand on his leg and healed it. "Thanks." Alex said
"Ok. I'll be back in a little while." Michael said
"Dad." Sam said
"Yeah?" Michael asked. He turned around and saw Sam had fallen asleep. "She fell asleep. Are you sure you guys are gonna be alright?" Michael asked, worried
"We'll be...." Pacey said, but he also fell asleep.
"Fine. We'll be fine. We'll just go to sleep." Claudia said
"Ok. You doing ok Alex?" Michael asked
"Yeah. Sleep."Alex said and closed his eyes.
Liz's livingroom.

"How much longer?" Maria whined. She was pacing again. But this time she wasn't crazy.
"Maria sit down." Kyle said, trying to hide his frustration.
"Shut up Kyle." Tess said
"Hey Real Worlds on. Again. How has it been on all weekend and it's still on now?" Alex asked
"Man I remember when MTV used to be just music videos. I never watched them. But still." Liz said
"Yeah. Those were the days." Kyle said
"But they sucked." they heard a voice from the door say
"MICHAEL!" Maria screamed and ran over to him and crashed into him.
"I told you I'd come running." Michael said
"What happened? Are they ok?" Maria asked, while she was crying. But this time she was crying cause she was relieved.
"Yeah. But there more drained then they were supposed to be. Future Courtney came by first. So they put a force field around her. But then I killed her." Michael said
"Oh my god." Tess said
"Are they ok?" Liz asked
"Claudia said that they used all there energy. Not just there power energy. So we'll need to help them get better. But there not sick or anything. They collapsed on my floor from exhaustion and I had to pick all four of them up and put them on my bed and couch. They cant even move there finger. They were already fast asleep by the time I opened my door to leave. I was gonna just call you guys over but I knew Maria was probably driving you guys crazy. And I knew you guys would be worried if I didn't leave so...." Michael said
"I'm gonna go call Isabel and tell her and Max." Alex said turning around to pick up Liz's phone but Tess grabbed him.
"Call her from my cell phone. We'll go see how the kids are." Tess said
"We'll catch up with you guys." Michael said
"Ok." Tess said. Tess walked over to Michael and gave him a hug. Then Liz did the same thing. Which Michael didn't expect.
"Great to have ya back man. In one piece." Alex said as he patted Michael on the back as he left.
"Yeah." Kyle said as he also patted Michael on the back as he left.
"Thanks." Michael said to all of them and they left. He turned back to Maria who nearly jumped him. She started kissing him like there was no tomorrow. Which Michael didn't have any complaints. After about five minutes of kissing they broke apart enough to breath.
"I thought you were....going to die......I was so scared." Maria said out of breath
"I was to.....But I'm ok........We all are.....I love you." Michael said, also out of breath.
"I love you to." Maria said
"Are you ok now?" Michael asked
"Yeah. Now that your here." Maria said
"Good. Let's go then." Michael said
Therapists office

"Isabel. Please get over it. Me and Alex aren't gonna tell you. It's our secret." Max said. Then her cell phone rang.
"Your a jerk....hello?" Isabel asked
"Hey Isabel." Alex said
"Oh speaking of Tweetle Dumb." Isabel grumbled
"I'm guessing Max is Tweetle Dee." Alex joked.
"Tweetle Dumber. Can I call you back?" Isabel asked
"I just wanted to call you as soon as possible and tell you that Michael's ok. They killed slutface." Alex said. Isabel let out a deep breath
"Any survivors?" Isabel asked. She didn't want to ask anything else cause the therapist was looking at her.
"There exhausted. Come over to Michael's after your little therapy session." Alex said laughing.
"Thanks. And shut up." Isabel said and hung up. "Alex just wanted to tell me that he beat his game. All the bad guys are dead." Isabel said to Max in code. He nodded his head
"That's good." Max said. The therapist looked at them funny "I thought Alex was gonna wait till I came over there to play the video game so we could beat them together." Max said, trying to make it sound real.
"Ahhh. Max is sad cause his boyfriend didn't wait to play a videogame with him." Isabel said in a sad voice. Max was about to say a comeback.
"Well I guess that's all for today. I'll see you next week." The dr. said.
"Ok. Bye." Isabel and Max said together and ran out of there.
Michael's apartment

"Kyle be quiet. We don't wanna wake them up." Liz said as her Tess Kyle and Alex walked up to Michael's front door.
"Yeah shut up." Tess said
"Alex was laughing to." Kyle said
"But not as loud as you." Tess said
"You guys. Shut up. Tess open the door." Alex said. Tess moved the knob but nothing happened
"Great he locks the door. Idiot. He knows I don't have my powers to open it..or a key for that matter." Tess said. She pulled out a hair pin out of her purse and started playing with the lock
"Don't you think its scary that all eight of us know how to pick a lock?" Liz asked
"Damn." Tess whispered. Her pin broke. Alex handed her a credit card.
"Thanks." Tess said and played with the lock.
"And that we know different ways to open locked doors?" Liz asked.
"Got it. Shh." Tess said. They all walked into the livingroom quietly.
"Are you guys awake?" Liz asked
"I am." They heard Pacey say form Michael's bedroom. Tess went first and kneeled down next to him.
"Are you ok?" Tess asked as they all came in to the bedroom.
"Yeah. But I can't move one muscle in my body." Pacey said
"Except your mouth." Alex said
"And my eyes." Pacey said
"Are you gonna be alright?" Kyle asked
"Yeah. Maybe tomorrow we can walk. But you have to ask Mrs. Know It All over here when she wakes up." Pacey sad referring to Claudia.
"That's good though." Liz said. She was glad they were gonna be ok
"Yeah. So did aunt Maria freak out when she saw uncle Michael?" Pacey asked
"Yeah." Alex said laughing
"She started bawling her eyes out even more then she was before she saw him. If that was even possible." Kyle said
"Color me surprised." Pacey said
"Hey guys." Maria said as her and Michael walked in, holding hands.
"HI." Everyone said
"Is just Pacey awake?" Maria asked
"Yep." Pacey said
"Did you call Isabel and Max?" Michael asked
"Yeah. They'll be here in a little while." Alex said
"I guess Pacey AJ and Claudia are sleeping here then." Kyle said.
"I guess." Michael said
"We have inflatable mattresses at our house. We can give you that so you don't have to sleep on the floor." Kyle said.
"Thanks." Michael said
"Me and Kyle can spend the night here and help you with them. Jim wont mind." Tess said
"That sounds good." Michael said.
"You guys. I have a serious problem here. A painful one." Pacey said like he was in agony.
"WHAT?" The whole group asked
"My nose itches." Pacey said
"Hey guys. Are they awake?" Isabel asked as she and Max came in.
"Pacey just fell back to sleep. That's it." Maria said. Her Liz and Tess were in the kitchen and Isabel joined them while Max went over with the guys in Michael's room.
"I'm so glad this is all over." Isabel said
"Me to. I'm so glad Michael's ok. I mean-" Maria went to say
"I know what you mean. If it was Alex, I don't know what I would have done." Isabel said
"Or Max." Liz said.
"Or Kyle." Tess said
"What?" Kyle asked
"Nothing Buddha Boy." Tess said. Kyle gave her a dirty look.
"Tess." Kyle warned her. Tess just waved her hand at him to go away.
"How do you put up with that? He's so annoying." Maria said
"Look who's talking. I have two words for you. Michael. Guerin." Tess said
"He's way better then Chia Head." Maria said
"Na uh. Chia head is much much better then porcupine head."
"He doesn't even have his spikes anymore."
"I know. But if I called him glue head you wouldn't know what I was talking about. His hair is glued to his head." Tess said
"It is not. He just puts alot of gel in it to make it stay still." Maria said with her hands on her hips.
"Looks more like a whole container to me."
"What about Kyle? His cloths look like he bought them straight out of a bad western movie."
"Oh god. Isabel let's go." Liz said as her and Isabel left the kitchen.
"His cloths are cute." Tess said
"Whatever." Maria said
"What are they fighting about?" Alex asked Liz and Isabel.
"The difference between glue and gel." Isabel said
"And bad western movies." Liz said
"God there nuts. How could they fight about something so stupid." Michael said
"I know." Kyle said. Then they heard someone moving around on the couch. They saw that Alex jr. was starting to wake up.
"Alex are you ok?" Isabel asked as she knelt down next to him.
"We have a problem." AJ said
"What?" The group asked. Maria and Tess were now there and they were all crowded around the couch.
"Not a dangerous problem. Just two of you go out to the caves. I think there's something out there for you." AJ said
"Something bad?" Kyle asked
"Something evil?" Isabel asked
"No." AJ said
"But none of us have powers to defend ourselves." Max said
"You won't need your powers. You can send dad and aunt Maria if you want. That's how safe it is. I promise. Just go out there." AJ said. And we that he fell back to sleep.
"I hate it when they start talking and fall asleep. That's the fifth time that happened to me today." Michael said
"Me and Liz will go out there." Max said
"We'll call you when we get there." Liz said. And with that Liz and Max left.

Max's jeep.

"What do you think Alex was talking about?" Liz asked Max. She was a little nervous about going out there.
"I don't know. Were here though." Max said. Liz and Max got out of the car and started walking up towards the cave. "Hold my hand." Max told Liz. She grabbed his hand and they walked up to the cave. Max waved his hand in front of the cave and saw the handprint and put his hand to it. The cave opened and they walked into the cave. There they saw a boy standing there yawning. Liz recognized him.
"Your.." Liz tried to say. The boy saw them and smiled.
"Matthew Nicholas Evans at your service. And I just want to tell you, this was not my idea to come out here mom and dad." Matt said. Max and Liz stood there shocked. Matt started walking over to them. He had dark short hair, and pointy ears. Liz smiled at that
"Your our son?" Liz asked. She couldn't believe her son was standing right in front of her.
"Yep..JOSH COME HERE." Matt yelled towards the pods. After a minute a littler boy crawled through Tess's pod.
"What?" The boy asked and then saw Max and Liz. "MOMMY!" The boy said and ran over to her. He grabbed onto Liz. He looked just like Max did when he was little. Except alot smaller. "I missed you mommy...Daddy's here to. Cool." the boy said. Liz bent down and touched the boys cheek. She also recognized him. It was her second son. Joshua Michael Evans. Josh touched her cheek. "Why are you crying mommy?" Josh asked
"I'm just so happy to see you." Liz said
"Surprised dad?" Matt asked
"Um..yeah." Max said. He was still in shock. His sons were here.
"Is Claudia all right? I know that she had to....use alot of her power today." Matt said. Max realized that he knew that Claudia had to fight Courtney today.
"She's ok. She's just real tired." Max said
"So there ok then?" Matt asked
"Yeah." Max said and smiled at his son.
"Sammy was real sad. So was Haley. They kept crying for aunt Ria and uncle Michael. And Brenden wouldn't talk to anybody. And Jacob and Leslie were real scared. But daddy said that they went up to Heaven to go live with uncle Michael's mom and dad." Josh said. Liz couldn't ever handle the idea that Maria and Michael weren't in her life.
"Yeah they did." Liz said
"But that's why Claudia and Alex and Pacey and Sammy are here. Because they were gonna help Sammy not be sad anymore. And they were gonna tell aunt Ria and uncle Michael to stay here." Josh said
"Yeah." Liz said. She really didn't know what else to say
"How old are you mommy?" Josh asked
"Seventeen." Liz said
"WOW....Your closer to me now." Josh said excitedly. Liz Max and Matt laughed at that.
"I am aren't I." Liz said. Josh looked up at Max
"Are you seventeen to daddy?" Josh asked
"Yeah." Max answered and smiled at Josh.
"That's so cool." Josh said.
"How about we get out of here." Liz said
"Um...not yet." Matt said hesitantly. Max and Liz looked at him. "Were not the only one's here." Matt said. Then they heard a bunch of noise from where the granolith was. Then they heard some voices.
"BRENDEN CUT IT OUT." A girl's voice said
"MAKE ME HALEY." Brenden yelled back at her.
"Oh no." Liz said. Brenden and Haley Guerin were here to. Then she saw a girl climbing through the pod. Then a boy came though to.
"Aunt Liz. Uncle Max." Haley said and ran over to them to get away from Brenden
"Hi Haley." Liz said.
"Hi." Haley said. She had short blonde and green eyes. Brenden had spiky hair and dark brown eyes. They looked just like Maria and Michael.
"Finally. We've been waiting for someone to come pick us up." Brenden complained. Just like his parents.
"Well we wouldn't have had to is we stayed in 2019." Matt told Brenden. Acting just like him and Liz. Which Max thought was funny.
"Whatever." Brenden said and rolled his eyes. Oh he is definitely like Michael.
"It was there idea." Matt said to Max and Liz.
"Color me surprised." Max said
"Can we go now?" Brenden asked
"Yeah." Max and Liz said
"Is it just you guys with one car?" Matt asked. Max and Liz nodded there heads. "Better call for back up." Matt said. Max and Liz instantly got worried
"Why?" Liz asked
"There's eight more of us." Matt said.
Michael's apartment.

"Hello?" Kyle asked as he answered Michael's phone
"Kyle. Get Maria in her car and get in your car and come out to the caves right now." Liz said
"Why?" Kyle asked
"Just do it. And no one else can come. Just you and Maria." Liz said
"Is there something bad out there?"
"No nothing's wrong. You and Maria will be perfectly safe..OUCH." Liz screamed into the phone.
"WHAT?" Kyle asked
"Nothing. I just....I just tripped over this very large rock. Just come out here. And no one else can come. You'll see why when you get here." Liz said and hung up.
"Maria, Liz wants me and you to go to the cave." Kyle said
"Are they ok?" Isabel asked
"Yeah Liz said they were fine. Let's go." Kyle said
"Hang on I wanna come to." Tess said
"Liz said just me and Maria." Kyle said
"Fine. Bye." Tess said mad and sat next to Alex. Kyle and Maria left.
"She wants us in two separate cars." Kyle told her
"Well my house is on the way to the cave. Let's stop by there and get my car. And then you can just follow me up there." Maria said
"Ok." Kyle said.
The cave.

"LIZ..MAX...WHERE ARE YOU GUYS?" Kyle asked as him and Maria got into the cave.
"Don't scream. It echo's Chia Head." Maria said
"I hated that when I was a kid and I hate it now. Stop calling me Chia Head." Kyle said
"Hellooooo. Where are you?" Maria asked
"Were right here. With our sons Matthew and Josh." Liz said. Maria and Kyle turned around to see Max and Liz with two young boys standing next to them smiling.
"Huh?" Kyle asked
"AUNT MARIA!" The younger boy shouted and ran over to Maria and crashed into her, and hugged her. "Your alive. I'm Josh. But you always call me Joshy." Josh told Maria. Maria bent down towards him.
"Hi there....your so cute." Maria said
"Thank you." Josh said.
"And, this is Carly Emilie and Katherine Whitmen." Max said as three little girls walked up next to him.
"Huh?" Kyle said
"Oh my god......They look just like Isabel." Maria said. And they did. They each had blonde hair and blue eyes. Then there was a loud noise from where the granolith was.
"SORRY!" they heard a bunch of kids yell
"GET OUT HERE NOW." Max yelled. Then a little blonde girl come out and go over to uncle Max. She was crying.
"They hurt me uncle Max." The little girl said. Max bent down to her.
"I bet daddy can make it all better." Max said, pointing over to Kyle. The little girl looked over and saw Kyle and instantly stopped crying.
"DADDY." The little girl yelled. She went running over to him, the whole time saying. "Daddy daddy daddy." The little girl said and hugged Kyle. "Kyle and Clay and Brenden and Haley were wrestling and fell on me. They hurt my hand." The little girl said. Kyle stared at her in shock.
"Your?...."Kyle said
"Sharon. Sharon Merideth Valenti." Sharon said
"Oh." Kyle said. Sharon put her arms up to him. Kyle just stood there shocked. Maria rolled her eyes and picked her up and put her in Kyle's arms.
"Don't drop her now." Maria said. Maria looked at the little girl. She had blonde curly hair and bright blue eyes. Very small. And the cutest little voice. She looked just like Tess.
"Hey dad." A boy said
"Hi dad." Another boy said. He was littler then the first one
"Oh my god." Kyle said. Sharon laughed at him
"You look funny daddy." Sharon said giggling.
"She's got a point there." Maria said laughing. Kyle still looked so shocked. "And you guys are?..." Maria asked
"Kyle Joshua Valenti." the older boy said
"Clay Michael Valenti." the younger boy said.
"MOM!" a girl shouted. Maria looked over and saw a blonde girl and instantly the girl grabbed her. "Your alive. I'm so happy." The girl said. Maria looked at her
"Haley?" Maria asked. Haley nodded.
"Is she dead now?" Haley whispered. She knew Haley was talking about Courtney
"Yeah she's dead." Maria said. Haley hugged her tighter. Maria looked up and saw her son, Brenden. He was staring at her
"Hi Brenden." Maria said
"Hi mom." Brenden said
"Are you gonna gave me a hug?" Maria asked. Brenden smiled at her and ran over to her and hugged her. Then they heard some crying. Liz rolled her eyes while she laughed
"Hold on." Liz said laughing and went though Tess's pod towards the granolith. Then she came out with a little boy. "Go see your mommy." Liz said. The little boy looked just like Michael. It was Jacob.
"MOMMY!" Jacob yelled and ran over to her. Maria scooped him up in her arms. "I missed you so much mommy." Jacob said. Then he looked up at her. "Is that mean lady gone yet mommy?" Jacob asked. Maria's heart broke. Even Jacob, who was only five years old, was affected by Courtney.
"She's gone. And she's never coming back Jacob." Maria told him. Jacob smiled at him.
"Mommy!" Maria heard a little girl say. It was her daughter, Leslie.
"Hi Leslie." Maria bent down and hugged her.
"Were as shocked as you were." Liz said
"Not as much as Kyle." Max said. They all looked at Kyle who was still holding Sharon, but looked like he was in shock.
"Kyle you can breath you know." Liz said
"Hey Chia Head wake up." Maria said. Kyle looked at her and gave her a dirty look. "Why don't we go home." Maria said
"I want to see broder." Katherine said. Max thought she was cute for four years old.
"Kat mommy and daddy are there to." Carly, who's eleven said to her sister. Kat got excited
"Let's go." Kat said. Everyone laughed at her excitement. Max picked her up.
"You go in my car. Deal?" Max asked
"Deal." Kat said and kissed him.
"Aaaahhh." Maria and Liz whispered to each other.
"SHOTGUN!" Haley yelled
"I already have all my stuff and you still have to get yours. And dad said you have to be able to see the car to yell shotgun." Brenden said. He bent down and picked up his sleepingbag and ran outside. After a minute they heard him yell. "SHOTGUN." Brenden yelled and Haley ran out after him with her stuff. Maria rolled her eyes and laughed.
"Ok guys. Everyone get everything you brought and let's go home." Liz said. Maria laughed at how much they brought. They each had a backpack, a pillow and a sleepingbag. When they got out there Haley and Brenden were fighting.
"HEY!" Maria yelled at them. They stopped. "Thank you. Now, Jacob, do you want to sit in the front?" Maria asked. Jacob got the biggest smile on his face.
"Really? Can I?" Jacob asked. Maria tried not to laugh. It was like he never sat in the front before.
"Come on..Leslie please sit in the middle of them." Maria said
"I always do." Leslie said.
"Ok, you two in the back-seat. And no fighting." Maria said as she started packing up there backpacks and sleeping bags. Only one pillow fit so she tossed Brenden and Leslie and Jacob there pillows. Max, Liz and Kyle were just packing anything. Which none of there pillows fit in there trunks so everyone had to hold there pillow in the car.
"I want to sit on your lap uncle Max." Kat said to Max
"Can you drive Liz?" Max asked. Liz smiled at them. She thought it was so cute how Kat was so attached to Max.
"Sure.....How about Matt Josh and Emile come with us ok." Liz said
"I knew I'd be stuck with the Valenti monsters. And for the record, I was forced into this. It was all Haley Brenden and Kyle's idea." Carly Whitmen said.
"HEY IT WAS MY IDEA TO." Clay Valenti said
"You retard. You just admitted you had something to do with coming out here. Now your gonna be in trouble to. You could have gotten out of it." Haley said and hit Clay in the head. Clay hit her back and Haley hit him. Maria got in the middle of them.
"Ok ok let's go." Maria said. Jacob got in the front seat smiling while Leslie sat in-between Haley and Brenden
"You want the front seat Carly?" Kyle asked
"Sure. Get in the back-seat losers." Carly said. Sharon sat in the middle Clay and Kyle in the back-seat
"Oh there so bad." Liz said.
"Not me. I'm perfect." Matt said as he sat in the back with Emile and Josh next to him. And Kat on Max's lap.
Michael's apartment.

"Feels good to be able to a bit. You do good work." Claudia said to Michael. Her Pacey Alex jr and Sam were all sitting on Michael's couch with there feet propped up on his coffee table.
"Well when me Max and Tess get our powers back tomorrow we'll be able to help you get better faster." Isabel said. Claudia smiled at her, and then she felt it. Everyone watched as Pacey Alex Sam and Claudia looked like they were about to throw up.
"Are you guys ok?" Tess asked
"Oh god...There here. I knew it. Pacey Sam, I am holding you fully responsible for this." Claudia said, angry
"What? It's not our fault." Pacey said
"Yeah. Were here. We can't help what they do." Sam said
"Oh god...there all such brats." AJ said
"What are you guys talking about?" Michael asked. Him Tess Isabel and Alex were really confused. Just then the door opened and Max came in holding a little girl.
"She fell asleep in my arms." Max said
"Ah man...I was hoping it wasn't true. But it she alright?" AJ asked
"Yeah. They all are...Isabel, I think you might like to see who this is." Max said, smiling at his sister. Isabel got up and walked over to him.
"Oh my god...Is that?" Isabel whispered.
"Your daughter? Yes." Max said. Isabel knew it was Katherine. Just then Kat opened her eyes.
"Mommy?" Kat asked and reached for Isabel and cuddled into her arms. Isabel looked at her
"She's so beautiful." Isabel said in awe.
"Where's daddy?" Kat asked.
"I'm right here." Alex said. Isabel didn't even know that Alex was standing next to her.
"Hi." Kat said to Alex. Then she looked around and saw AJ. "Mommy told you not to put your feet on the copy table and be a coush patato like uncle Mihael." Kat said. She couldn't say most of the words. Which everyone smiled at her. Except Michael.
"Hey." Michael said
"Hey guys. I got another sleeping Whitmen here." Liz said as she came in carrying Emile. Liz went over to Alex and let him hold her. Alex just stared at her. "That's Emile. Come on Max. You guys wait here. And don't come out." Liz warned them. Liz and Max left.
"There so pretty." Isabel said.
"They really are." Tess said looking at Emilie
"Yeah there cute until they go through your room and walk in on you in the shower." AJ said. He remembered all the times that happened. Even when he melted the lock shut. Everyone laughed at that.
"BRODER." Kate screeched and jumped out of Isabel's arms and onto AJ's lap.
"Hey Katty." AJ said
"Broder looks tired." Kat said
"More then you are." AJ said
"Daddy?" Emile asked. She woke up from Kat screaming.
"Hi Emile." Alex said
"Hi...hi mommy." Emile said
"Hi." Isabel said. Isabel didn't know that she had tears in her eyes
"Why are you crying?" Emile asked
"I'm just really happy." Isabel said
"Oh." Emile said and laid her head back on Alex's shoulder. Everyone heard a yawn and looked at the door to see Max come in.
"Uncle Max can I go back to sleep?" they heard a voice from the hallway say.
"In a minute. Look." Max said as a girl came into the room.
"Mom dad." Carly said and went over to them. "I just want you to know, me being here is not my fault." Carly said
"Yeah yeah it's my fault. Hi mom." Kyle jr said as he and Kyle came in. Tess's mouth dropped when she saw him. He looked just like Kyle.
"Go over there." Kyle whispered to him and pushed him. Kyle jr went over to Tess and hugged her.
"You are so cute." Tess said
"I am not." Kyle jr said. Everyone laughed
"I got someone else." Kyle said
"Can't you just leave him out there?" Kyle jr whined
" queit....this is Clay. Our other son." Kyle said as Clay came in and smiled at Tess. Then he saw Pacey
"Can't you move?" Clay asked
"No." Pacey said
"Cool." Clay said and ran over to him and hit Pacey in the chest.
"HEY WATCH IT CLAY...or I'll call the bogeyman to come out and eat your head off and flush it down the toilet." Pacey said
"Na uh. Uncle Max told me in the cave that you were lying." Clay said and hit Pacey in the face and laughed.
"Remind me to thank him." Pacey said
"Hi Clay." Tess said
"Hi mommy. Wow. You don't have any gray hair anymore. It's all one color." Clay said as he gave Tess a big hug.
"WHAT?" Tess asked
"He's just kidding. I told him to say is our daughter Sharon." Kyle said as he walked in holding Sharon.
"Sharon?" Tess asked.
"Here ya go." Kyle said and handed the sleeping girl to her mother. But Sharon woke up.
"Hi mommy." Sharon said
"Hi Sharon." Tess said. Then Sharon went back to sleep in Tess's arms.
"Now these are our sons, Josh." Liz said as she came in holding a sleeping boy in her arms.
"And Matt." Max said as he and Matt walked in.
"Why are they all so tired?" Alex asked
"There just exhausted." Max said
"Hi guys." Maria said coming into the doorway. She looked to her left. "You two are slow walkers. Come on...This is Brenden.....and Haley." Maria said as they came in looking tired.
"Daddy." Haley said and went over to him and hugged him. Michael stood there still. Shocked.
"I had the same reaction." Kyle said
"KYLE DON'T TOUCH ME!" Pacey screamed
"Kyle, Clay, leave Pacey alone!" Kyle warned them
"They can't move?" Brenden asked. Everyone shook there heads. "Payback time." Brenden said. He ran over to the coffee table, jumped on it and then fell right into Sam's lap and started pinching her stomach.
"OUCH. GET OFF ME YOU LITTLE CREEP. THAT HURTS." Sam yelled. Kyle went over and grabbed Brenden by the stomach and picked him up and faced him towards Michael.
"This is your kid Guerin." Kyle said to Michael. Michael still just stood there.
"Daddy I'm hoooome." Brenden sang with a smile on his face
"Oh god. He's been hanging around Pacey to long." Michael said
"I'm like Pacey's evil twin. Maw ha ha ha." Brenden said in and evil voice. Everyone laughed at him.
"Ahem...Anyways, this is Leslie." Maria said and handed Leslie to Michael. He stood there and stared at her.
"HI daddy." Leslie said in a cheery voice.
"Hi." Michael said.
"You don't have any wrinkles anymore." Leslie said
"Huh?" Michael asked. Leslie laughed at his face
"Mommy told me to say that to you." Leslie said
"Maria." Michael said
"Guilty....Last but not least...this is Jacob." Maria said holding Jacob's hand.
Jacob." Michael said. He was in total shock.
"Whose idea was this?" Claudia demanded.
"Haley Brenden Kyle and Clay. We all just came along so they wouldn't get into any trouble." Carly Whitmen said
"Well now you've met the tattle tale of the family." Pacey said. Carly crossed her arms.
"AH.....Aunt Tess when Pacey had Sharon over they knocked over your favorite vase cause they were wrestling around on the floor and Pacey blamed it on Kyle and Clay." Carly said
"CARLY!" Pacey shouted. Carly laughed
"And aunt Maria. I saw Sammy-" Carly went to say
"If you tattle on me I'll come into your room one night and cut off all your hair." Sam threatened.
"NO. MOMMY MAKE HER STOP." Carly cried
"They are so mean to each other." Liz said
"What are we gonna do with them till Monday? That's when they leave." Alex asked
"Nope. Our powers are tapped out until about.....Wednesday." Haley said
"Haley. Don't lie." Sam said
"No they really are. It wasn't easy for the little ones to transport themselves. Especially to another time. So we had to help them." Haley said
"God you are so selfish Haley. I told you you couldn't come." Sam said
"And I said don't tell me what to do." Haley said
"STOP IT!" Maria said. Everyone stopped talking and stared at her. "Thank you." Maria said
"So what are we gonna do?" Tess asked
"Well my parents comeback Sunday night." Liz said
"Mine come back Monday." Alex said
"Well....the Valenti kids can stay with Kyle and Tess with no problem..same with the Guerins and Michael....and Alex and Isabel's kids can stay with Kyle and Tess when they come. You guys wont mind right?" Max asked, taking charge of everything
"No not at all." Kyle and Tess both said. They looked at each other funny cause they said the exact same thing.
"And our children...they could stay with you right Michael?" Max asked
"Yeah sure." Michael said
"But what about sleeping arrangements. And food and clothes." Tess asked. By this time everyone had situated themselves all around Michael's apartment.
"For cloths, well they all packed backpacks with some clothes. But we could always buy them some more, And they each bought a sleeping bag and a pillow." Maria said
"No wonder your powers are gone. You had to transport your whole room." AJ said
"I bought my teddy bear. But Cay wipped the head off. Again. Can you fix it broder?" Kat asked AJ
"Don't worry Kit Kat. I'll fix it for you." AJ said. Everyone was watching at how cute AJ was with Katherine.
"How? You don't have any power. You can barely walk." Kyle jr said. Pacey grabbed him by the shirt to pull him closer and hit him in the head. Katherine looked like he was about to cry.
"I've got just enough power left to fix Mr. Michael." AJ said. Kay smiled and hugged him
"Ok why is the bear named after me?" Michael asked
"Well one day I was really upset.." Sam said and looked at Claudia. "That's a whole different story, and aunt Isabel had to go to the hospital because Carly was riding her bike and turned around and the bike hit a truck-" Sam went to say
"That was parked. Man that was so funny. I got it on tape and everything." Pacey said laughing
"It was not. That hurt." Carly said
"Anyways. She did it infront of humans. So Isabel had to take her to the hospital. And daddy went to the store and bought me that teddy bear, because I was upset, when aunt Isabel called him and asked him to pick up Kat at the hospital and bring her home. She was about two. So he did, and she saw the bear in the backseat and loved it. So he walked into the house and went to give it to me but Kat used her powers to grab it. So she never let anyone have it. So actually, that bear was supposed to be for me." Sam said
"So how did the bear become Mr. Michael?" Maria asked. Sam Alex and Pacey laughed.
"It was really cute. A couple of weeks later, dad was in the house." Sam started laughing. "He was kinda mad, because he didn't buy the bear for her. It was supposed to be mine. So he was trying to take it away from her. So when she used her powers to zap him, he moved the bear infront of him and the bear had spikes on its head." Sam said laughing. Pacey and AJ were laughing to.
"The three of us were there watching him trying to take the bear away from a two year old." AJ said
"So when Kat looked at it, she said Michael. Well, actually she said Mihael. But we started calling it Mr. Michael. And that, is how that bear became Mr. Michael." Sam said laughing
"Whatever." Michael said. Everyone was laughing.
"Ok. So anyways. That just leaves food." Tess said, trying to stop laughing at the cute story
"Well they can eat at the Crashdown. But not all the time." Liz said
"We'll just have to use some of our own money." Maria said
"Hey Matt. Real World's on. Boston." Claudia said
"No way. They never show Boston." Matt said and sat in her in between her and AJ. Then all of the kids moved over to the couch. Some of the kids squeezed onto the couch and the others sat on the floor.
"What is it with you guys and Real World?" Max asked
"It's awesome." Brenden said

"All right how about we get going?" Alex asked his kids. Wow, that was so weird.
"But Friends just came one. Just wait till after it's over." AJ said
"Fine." Alex said and sat down to watch.
"So no one told you life was gonna be this way." The kids sang, and then clapped. "Your jobs a joke, your broke, Your love life's's like your always stuck in second gear....when it hasn't been your day your week your month, or even your year.....but..I'll be there for you.....when the rain starts to pour I'll be there for you. Like I've been there before. I'll be there for you. Cause your there for me tooooooo." All the kids sang. The adults just stared at them
"How do you guys know all the words?" Isabel asked
"It's one of the only good oldie shows that are actually cool to watch." Sam said
"What's this one about?" Tess asked
"The one where Joey gets an acting job and Chandler goes with him, and then they get into a fight and Joey leaves Chandler on a bridge." Haley said
"Never saw it." Liz said
"Yeah, and Phoebe is mad at Ross for calling her boring. IN HER DREAM." Carly said
"And Rachel has to have drops put in her eyes, but hates people touching there eyes, and doesn't like anything in her eyes. So the whole group tackles her to put them in her eyes." Pacey said
"Classic." Sam said.
Michael and Maria are in the kitchen

"Are you gonna be able to have five kids here and take care of them by yourself?" Maria asked
"I don't know. But we don't really have a choice here. Besides, it wont be so bad." Michael said
"Well if you need anything, just call me." Maria said
"Ok." Michael said. He leaned down and kissed her
"YUCK!" All the kids cried. Michael and Maria jumped apart.
"I'm gonna kill em." Michael said jokingly. Just then Kyle and Tess came in the door.
"Ok I have the air mattresses." Kyle said
"Thanks." Michael said
"So I guess were not spending the night here now?" Kyle asked
"Nah that's ok." Michael said
"Where are the other kids?" Tess asked
"Huh?" Kyle jr said. He was the only one paying semi attention.
"I mean, me and Kyle have another daughter. Where is she?" Tess asked
"Yeah us to." Isabel said.
"Yeah where are they?" Maria asked
"They were to young to come with us." Haley said, not taking her eyes off the T.V.
"So were you." Sam said
"I'm here. Deal with it." Haley said
"How about we head out. Josh looks kind of tired." Max said
"All right. Bye guys." Matt said
"Come here Joshy." Liz said. Josh walked up to her and she picked him up.
"I guess I'll be carrying you." Max said to Claudia. He went over to the couch and picked her up. Haley and Brenden took her spot.
"Bye everyone." Claudia said
"Bye." Everyone said. Max Liz Matt and Maria walked out the door.
"Where are we going mommy?" Josh asked
"Were gonna go to the house that I lived in when I was a little girl." Liz said
"Is daddy coming?" Josh asked
"Well he's coming over but he can't sleep there. His mommy and daddy wouldn't be to happy." Liz said
"Oh ok." Josh said. Maria laughed at him
"Oh he's so cute." Maria said
"I love being carried around like this. Ya know, getting special treatment. Its great." Claudia said
"Yeah yeah." Max said as he helped Claudia in the back-seat. Then he took Josh and helped him and then picked up Matt and helped him into the back-seat.
"Well I will see you guys tomorrow. Have fun you two." Maria said to Liz and Max.
"Do you think Michael will be ok?" Liz asked Maria
"I don't know." Maria said
"Maybe Kyle could stay with him tonight." Liz said
"I think Tess would be better. Those kids will eat Michael and Kyle alive." Max said
"But Tess will wanna stay with her kids tonight." Maria said
"Yeah." Liz said
"Well maybe they all could just stay at the Valenti's house." Max said
"Having the Valenti's and Guerin's in one household is not a good idea. It's a safer idea to have Michael stay here dad. Sam will help him." Claudia said.
"Ok see you tomorrow." Liz said and hugged Maria
"Bye." Max said
"Bye." Maria said

"Hey Isabel, let's put all there stuff in my car then we'll leave ok." Alex said
"Ok." Isabel said. They grabbed the three sleeping bags, there backpacks and three pillows and went out into the parkinglot.
"What are you thinking?" Alex asked
"That I can't see where the heck I'm going." Isabel said. Alex laughed and grabbed a pillow.
"What are you really thinking?"
"I'm just in awe right now. I cant believe that my children are here." Isabel said as Alex opened the trunk and they started packing the stuff in the car.
"I know it's just so unbelievable." Alex said
"There so beautiful."
"They look just like there mother." Alex said. Isabel smiled at him
"Thank you." Isabel said and kissed Alex. They walked back into the apartment. "Ok the Whitmen family is leaving. Come here Kat." Isabel said as she reached out her hands to Kat who was sitting on AJ's lap.
"I'll help you with Alex." Kyle said. Alex and Kyle picked up AJ.
"Wow. I feel so special." AJ said.
"Hey Michael, maybe you can go over to Alex's house with the kids. You and Alex can help eachother out. I'm sure he won't mind." Maria said. She was real worried. Because Michael was never around kids before.
"If I need help with them I'll call Alex to come over and help me. Or Tess or Kyle ok." Michael said to reassure her
"Ok." Maria said. Michael kissed her head and she smiled at him
"Bye." Alex said.
"Bye." The group that was still there said
"Why can't you walk broder?" Kat asked
"All my muscles really hurt and I'm really tired." AJ said
"Ok." Kat said. Isabel laughed at her. When they got to the car Alex and Kyle helped AJ get in and then Emile got in and climbed over AJ. He tickled her on his way over and she let out a huge laugh. Then Carly got in.
"All right. There ya go. I'll see you guys later." Kyle said
"Bye." Everyone said to him
"Can I sit on broders lap?" Kat asked. Isabel thought it was so cute that she couldn't say brother. And that that's what she called him.
"Come here Kit Kat." AJ said to her and she crawled in and sat on his lap. Alex and Isabel got into the car.
"Ok is everyone here?" Alex asked
"Yes." The girls said
"Ok then. We..are..outta here." Alex said
"Ok, so are you guys gonna stay at our house?" Tess asked Michael. Her Michael Kyle and Maria were standing in the kitchen talking.
"Nah that's all right. I can handle it. I still got powers. They don't." Michael said with a devilish smile. Tess and Maria laughed
"Oh I see." Kyle said laughing
"Claudia told me not to put the Guerin's and Valenti's together." Maria said
"Wow. Were that bad?" Tess asked
"Apparently." Maria said. Tess laughed and walked into the livingroom.
"Hey Sharon, wanna come home with mommy and daddy?" Tess asked
"Yeah." Sharon said excitedly and jumped into Tess's arms. Tess laughed at her. Kyle was so happy, cause Tess looked so happy
"Ok then. Clay, Kyle, were leaving." Tess said
"Are we gonna see grandpa?" Kyle jr asked
"Yes." Kyle said
"All right." Kyle jr and Clay said. Then they gave each other a high five.
"Don't scare him." Tess warned
"We wont." They said together. Tess knew they were planning something
"Spaceboy. Help Kyle with Pacey." Maria told Michael
"I might drop him though." Michael said
"Hey I saved your life." Pacey said
"I'm just kidding." Michael said as he and Kyle picked Pacey up. They said there good-byes and went out into the car. Michael and Kyle put Pacey in
"Kyle Clay don't touch Pacey." Tess said
"But-" Clay tried to say.
"NO!" Tess said sternly. Clay got into the car mad.
"Wow your good." Maria said
"Kyle hit Pacey mommy." Sharon said
"KYLE!" Tess said
"Sorry." Kyle jr said
"This is gonna be a long ride home." Tess said and got into the car
"Hey we all cant go to school tomorrow. Who's gonna watch the kids?" Kyle asked
"I volunteer to stay." Michael said. Maria rolled her eyes
"I can't. My mom will be mad." Maria said
"Well me and Kyle can stay home. And Liz and Alex probably could to." Tess said
"Ok bye guys." Maria said.
"Bye." the group said and left

Liz's house

"Just park me on the couch daddy." Claudia said. Max walked over to the couch and dropped her on it. "HEY!" Claudia said. Max just smiled at her and went to walk away, Claudia pinched him on the back of the leg.
"Ouch." Max yelped. Claudia just smiled at him
"Where's grandma and grandpa?" Josh asked as he threw his pillow down next to Claudia.
"There on vacation. But they don't know about daddy being....." Liz tried to say
"An alien?" Matt asked. Liz smiled at her older son.
"Yeah. They don't know. So seeing you guys would totally mess them up." Liz said
"Ok." Josh said as he sat next to Claudia. She put her arm around him.
"I'm hungry." Matt complained. Liz looked through the kitchen
"Well I can make some macaroni and cheese." Liz said
"That's my favorite. Do you have any Tabasco Sause?" Matt asked
"Yeah downstairs in the Cafe." Liz said
"Cool.....So are you and dad surprised to see us?" Matt asked
"YES!" Max and Liz said at the same time
"I am to Matthew." Claudia said
"Oooh. Ya know when someone's mad at you they call you by your full name." Matt said. Max and Liz laughed at him.. "Sorry. I just didn't want Haley Brenden Kyle and Clay to go bonkers without us here. So I told Carly to come help me. She may be eleven, and I may be twelve, but were more responsible then the four of them-"Matt went to say
"But didn't the two of you use your powers to go back in time?" Claudia asked
"It was total accidental C. Besides, we got to see what Michael Jackson was really like as a kid." Matt said. They all laughed at him. "But seriously. Were sorry for coming. We just came to watch and make sure they didn't get themselves into trouble. I don't even know how the little guy got into the picture." Matt said
"Ok." Claudia said
"So tomorrow's Wednesday?" Matt asked
"Yeah." Max answered
"What are we gonna do?" Matt asked
"If you guys want, you can go to school. I can stay here with Matt and Joshy." Claudia said
"But you can't even get up." Max said
"But me and Josh are good kids. We can stay here with Claudia. Watch T.V, go downstairs and get some food. Easy." Matt said
"Maybe.....I'll decide tomorrow." Liz said
"Joshy. Your hair is all dirty." Claudia said as she was looking thought Josh's hair.
"That's because Clay fell on me and I landed in the dirt." Josh said
"How did Clay fall on you?" Max asked
"He was up on Brenden's shoulders and Brenden made him fall off and Clay landed on me." Josh said. Claudia put her head in her hands on shook her head.
"But that's not how he got the dirt IN his hair. Clay Brenden and Kyle were actually throwing dirt at each other. And Josh was in the middle of it." Matt said
"Well then you need a bath." Liz said
"Dad can give you a bath." Claudia said to Josh. "Right?" Claudia asked Max
"Yeah." Max said and turned around to get his backpack.
"I put some clean clothes in his backpack." Matt said
"Wow. That's so responsible of you." Liz said
"He's a real good kid. Just like he said." Claudia said. Matt smiled proudly
"Ok I got his clothes. And his bag with shampoo toothbrush toothpaste.." Max said
"I took care of everything. See, I'm a good son." Matt said. Max and Liz laughed at him.
"Ok. Come on Josh." Max said as he put out his hand. Josh got up and went over to Max and grabbed his hand. Josh and Max walked away.
"That's so cute." Liz said.
"Are you two mad that were here?" Matt asked suddenly
"No. I'm just surprised." Liz said. Matt looked over at Claudia
"Not anymore. Just be careful." Claudia said. Matt went over to her and turned around and jumped backwards. Liz thought he was gonna land on Claudia but instead he jumped over and was sitting with his back on the couch and his legs on Claudia.
"Aren't I always?" Matt asked
"Whatever." Claudia said and started tickling his feet. Liz was watching her children on the couch. They looked so cute. She was so glad that she didn't have to give Max up. Because if she did, she would be missing this. Claudia and Matt. She would never have them.
"You guys are so cute." Liz said
"Thanks." Matt and Claudia said at the same time.
Alex's house.

"Alright. Were here." Alex said as he pulled up into his driveway. When Maria and Kyle left, him and Isabel drove his car and Alex's dad's car back to his house and then they drove back in Alex's car. Because he let Alex Jr. drive his car that morning.
"See look. I told you your car would still be in once piece when you got it back. Nothing bad happened to it." Alex Jr. said
"Mommy's gonna help daddy carry brother in the house, so I'll have to put you down." Isabel said to Kat who was on her lap.
"Ok." Kat said and got out of the car. Isabel and Alex pulled Alex Jr. out of the car.
"Carly can you grab my keys?" Alex asked
"Sure." Carly went and pulled the keys out of the ignition. Alex looked at his three girls. They were so beautiful. He was gonna be so happy in the future.
"Wow your strong." AJ said to Isabel
"Well. I work out." Isabel joked
"Stupid keys. They don't fit." Carly said. Then she kicked the door.
"Carly don't kick the door." AJ said out of disgust. Carly always got very frustrated when things didn't go her way that second.
"It's the big one." Alex said. Carly put the big one in and opened the door.
"I knew that." Carly said. Alex and Isabel put AJ on the couch and Kat sat on his lap.
"Broder can you fix Mr. Michael?" Kat asked.
" it in your backpack?" AJ asked kinda nervous.
"Yep." Kat said. She took off her backpack and pulled out her bear and handed it to AJ.
"Oh, I'm so sorry about your bear Katty. How about out help Carly and Emile bring in the rest of the stuff. And when you get to the door count One hundred, ok." AJ said. Kat nodded her head. Then he looked over at Carly and she nodded. "Me and Mr. Michael will have to go into surgery, ok Kit Kat." AJ said
"Ok."Kat said and got up and went with Emile and Carly.
"I don't have my powers, so we have to come up with a plan here." AJ said
"Well I don't have my powers either." Isabel said
"I can put the head back on. But I have to do it the human way." Alex said
"How?" Isabel asked
"Wait right here." Alex said, and then left the room
"What's he gonna do?" AJ asked Isabel
"I don't know." Isabel said
"One....Two....Free..." They heard Katherine start counting.
"Ok ok I got it." Alex said coming back into the room
"What do you got?" Isabel asked. I think he's gone crazy. Did he come back with super powers or something
"This." Alex said and held up a needle and thread.
"" Kat counted
"You know how to sew?" Isabel asked as Alex grabbed the bear and sat down
"Hey I grew up with Maria and Liz. What do you expect?" Alex asked. Isabel laughed at him
"Come on. Thirtyfive...thirtysix..." They heard Emile say.
"Fortyeight....Sixyfive....seventyseven..." Kat counted
"No no Kat. Your at about forty-five. Come on." Carly urged Kat
"I can't believe you know how to sew." Isabel said
"I can't really. But it will stay together till tomorrow. You can fix it by then." Alex said
"Come on hurry up. Whenever she says ninety anything she'll say a hundred." AJ said
"I'm hurrying I'm hurrying." Alex said
"Fifyfree...nintytwo..ONE HUNDRED." Kat yelled and ran over to AJ and sat on his lap.
"Ok Kat. You gotta close your eyes." AJ said. Kat closed her eyes and Alex finished up the bear, bit the string, and handed it to AJ. "Ok." AJ said. Kat opened her eyes and when she saw it she opened her mouth.
"THANK YOU BRODER." Kat said and wrapped her arms around AJ
"Your welcome." AJ said
"I'm hungry." Emile said
"Well let's order a pizza. What do you guys like on it?" Alex asked
"You had pizza at Kyle's house, the at Michael's. And you still want pizza?" Isabel asked. Totally disgusted
"Yep." Alex and AJ said
"Pineapple." Emile said
"Bacon." AJ said
"Extra EXTRA cheese." Carly said
"Ooh same here." Isabel said as she put her arm around Carly
"Pepafory." Kat said. Isabel and Alex laughed at her.
"What?" Alex asked
"Pepperoni." AJ informed him.
"Oh ok." Alex said laughing. "How about I get one with pineapple bacon and ham.." Alex went to say
"Who likes ham?" Emile asked
"Me." Alex said
"Oh yeah....I forgot." Emile said. Alex laughed at pulled her into his lap.
"And one with extra, EXTRA cheese." Alex said to Carly. Carly and Isabel gave each other a high five. "And I'll order a little pizza with Pepperoni." Alex said smiling at Kat
"That's how we always do it." AJ said
"What about Sascowause?" Kat asked
"Huh?" Alex asked
"She cant say Tabasco Sause so she says Sascowause." AJ saiud
"Oh ok." Alex said
"I'll go to the store and get some." Isabel said as she got up.
"Can I come?" Emile asked
"Yeah me to?" Carly asked
"Sure. Alex give me your keys." Isabel said holding out her hand. Alex threw them at her. "Watch it Whitmen." Isabel warned him. " Come on girls." Isabel said and left.
Valenti house

"Now, Kyle hit Pacey five times, so that's fifty minutes in time out. And Clay hit Pacey ten times. That's one hundred minutes. One hour and forty minutes." Tess said
"Oh come on mommy." Clay whined
"Sit here and face the wall. Kyle over there." Tess said and pointed to the other side of the room. "If you guys get up from there or talk when your not supposed to you'll get ten minutes added on." Tess said. Pacey snickered from the couch where he was sitting, with Sharon on his lap.
"Hey guys." Jim said as he walked in. But then he saw Sharon and Pacey. "What's this?" Jim asked
"GRANDPA!" Sharon shrieked and ran over to him and attached herself to his legs.
"Na uh." Jim said. Kyle and Pacey laughed at Jim's face.
"Meet your granddaughter Sharon." Tess said. Jim picked up the small bundle of blonde curls.
"Hi Sharon." Jim said
"Hi grandpa. I'm five years old." Sharon said holding up her hand to show five fingers. Jim smiled at her
"You are?" Jim asked
"Yep." Sharon said. Kyle and Tess smiled at them
"And in that corner is Clay." Tess said pointing to Clay.
"Hi." Clay said waving his hand, but keeping his face forward.
"And that's Kyle jr." Tess said pointing to Kyle.
"Hi." Kyle said. He did the same thing as Clay.
"Happy grandpa." Pacey asked, smiling big.
"Can I talk to you in the kitchen...Alone." Jim asked
"Sure." Kyle said. He got up and pulled Sharon away and put her on the floor. He bent down to talk to her. "Ok Sharon. You stay out here and make sure that your brothers don't get up from there chairs. And make sure they don't talk either. Can you do that?" Kyle asked
"Yes." Sharon jumped with glee. Kyle Tess and Jim laughed at her excitement. She ran over to Pacey and sat right next to him as she watched the boys. Pacey smiled at her and put his arm around her. Kyle and Tess followed Jim into the kitchen.
"What's going on?" Jim asked
"Kyle and Clay wanted to come back with Pacey. But they couldn't. So I guess when we weren't looking, they used there powers and came back here. And they took Sharon with them." Tess said
"Are you mad?" Kyle asked
"So these are my grandkids?" Jim asked
"Yeah. But Anna's only two so they didn't bring her." Tess said
"Oh." Jim said. Kyle and Tess looked at each other
"Sharon's really sweet. You'll love her." Kyle said
"Clay and Kyle to. When they get out of timeout." Tess said "And you already love Pacey." Tess said. Jim laughed
"So are you mad?" Kyle asked. Jim thought for a second.
"I guess not. Where are they gonna sleep?" Jim asked
"Well Pacey's gonna get my bed. He's still pretty warn out...and Tess and Sharon can share the couch. And me and the boys will just crash on the floor." Kyle said
"I'll sleep on the floor. Let the boys take my bed." Jim said
"You don't have to do that." Tess said. But she was deeply touched that the sheriff had offered his grandkids sleep in his bed. She just loved this whole situation.
"It's alright." Jim said. Tess gave him a big hug
"Clay got up and pulled my hair." Sharon interrupted them.
"Ok let's go get them." Kyle said. He walked towards her and picked her up. He never stopped walking.
"Your gonna go to bed very very early tonight if you two don't cut it out." Tess warned them
"I didn't do anything." Kyle said
"Only Clay." Sharon said
"Just get up and stop being brats." Tess said.
"Food. Who wants lasagna?" Jim asked
"Tabasco Sauce?" Pacey asked
"I just bought three bottles today. But we'll have to but more tomorrow." Tess said
"Alright dinner." Clay said
"Clay, go in the hall bathroom and take a shower. And Kyle in grandpa's shower. You to are filthy." Tess said
"That's cause they were laying in the dirt. And they were throwing it at eachother. But Matt picked up a pile of dirt and dumped it on them. And they stopped." Sharon said. Everyone laughed
"I'm not surprised." Pacey said
"Go on you two." Tess said laughing
"Fine." Clay and Kyle jr mumbled
Michael's apartment

"So are you staying here again?" Sam asked Maria. Sam was sitting on the couch next to Maria, the Haley and then Michael. Brenden was sitting infront of Maria and Jacob was sitting on Sam's lap and Leslie was sitting at the table.
"No, my mom won't let me spend the night somewhere else." Maria said
"What about school?" Sam asked
"Unfortunately I have to go." Maria said
"I'll stay." Michael said. Maria laughed and rolled her eyes at him.
"Buffy..this sucks." Haley said. She couldn't find anything good on T.V
"Hey put it back. She's hot." Brenden said.
"Your only ten. You wouldn't know." Sam said as she moved forward and messed his hair up. He slapped her hand and she laughed.
"Daddy." Leslie said in a sad voice as she went over to Michael. She stood right between his legs.
"Hey, what's wrong?" Michael asked his daughter. That still sounded so weird.
"My tummy's hungry." Leslie said
"How about I call the cafe and put an order in. What do you guys like?" Maria asked as she got a piece of paper and pen.
"Cheeseburger and frenchfries. Just plain cheese. No lettuce or anything on the burger." Sam said
"Ok. What else?" Maria asked
"Is it just like mom's restaurant?" Haley asked Sam. Sam nodded her head.
"Yeah." Sam said
"Ok then. I want a Galaxy Sub." Haley said
"With extra pepperjack." Michael said in a funny voice
"Shut up Michael." Maria said
"Chili rocket dog and Saturn rings." Brenden said
"Little Martian Pizza." Leslie said. Michael looked at her confused
"That's not the name." Michael said
"Really? Cause that's what mom named it." Sam said
"It's just on our kids menu. It doesn't have a name. But I guess it will." Maria said
"And what about Jacob?" Michael asked
"Um.....Alien chicken fingers and French fries." Jacob said. Maria laughed at that and Michael gave her a dirty look.
"You have the weirdest sense of humor." Michael said
"Actually you thought of that daddy. When I was born you said something about my little alien fingers, and when you were putting out the new menu a couple of weeks later mom thought it would be funny to name the chicken fingers like that." Sam said. Maria laughed at that and Michael gave her another dirty look.
"I want a cheeseburger Maria. And frenchfries." Michael said
"Ok." Maria said, trying to stop laughing. She picked up the phone and called the cafe.
"Brenden were not watching Buffy." Haley said as she fought for the remote.
"Haley stop it." Brenden said.
"Daddy please make them stop." Sam said.
"G...give me....give me that remote." Michael said as he got in the middle of there fight. "Here Sam." Michael said as he handed the remote to her.
"Thank you.....ooh Road Rules." Sam said
"Cool." Brenden and Haley said. Michael got up and went behind Maria and grabbed her around her waist. He started kissing her neck. And the spot right behind her ears. Maria shivered at his touch.
" have to stop." Maria whispered
"Why?.....they can't see us." Michael said. He turned Maria around in his arms and attacked her mouth.
"Because. They could." Maria said through the kisses
"Shh." Michael said as he kissed all over her face. Maria couldn't say anything. It just felt so good to kiss Michael. Or in this case, be kissed by Michael. Maria fought her way passed Michael. Which he has not happy.
"Ok. I'll go pick up some stuff for breakfast while dinners cooking. Michael could you get Leslie and Jacob into the bathtub?" Maria asked, trying to catch her breath. Michael's paled. "What?" Maria asked
"You want me to do what?" Michael asked. Maria realized what was wrong. He was scared of giving the kids a bath. Maria tried not to laugh. Cause that was so cute.
"It's really not that hard. Just fill the bathtub about halfway. Not hot. But not cold. Then it's a piece of cake. If you need anymore help, just ask Sam for the rest. She should know what to do." Maria said
"But Maria." Michael said
"You'll be fine." Maria said. And then she gave him a kiss. A long hard kiss. Then walked out of the kitchen and went over to Sam. "Hey Sammy can you help him get Leslie and Jacob in the bath. And if they have time put Haley and Brenden in there to." Maria asked
"Sure I'll help him." Sam said smiling.
"Ok. Bye guys." Maria said
"Bye." The kids said
"Um Sam...can they take a bath together?" Michael asked. He didn't know how to do this.
"Yeah they won't mind. They usually do anyways. Leslie do you have any clean clothes in your backpack?" Sam asked
"Yeah. Carly and Matt packed our backpacks for us." Leslie said
"Ok. How about you get some pajamas for you and Jacob ok." Sam said
"Ok." Leslie said and got up and went into Michael's bedroom and went through there backpacks
"Come on Jacob." Michael said. The two of them went into the bathroom and he filled up the bathtub. "Is this good?" Michael asked Jacob. Jacob put his hand in the bathtub and felt the water.
"That's good." Jacob said. Michael nodded his head and left the bathroom. Sammy was laughing at him
"What?" Michael asked
"Daddy. You have to help Jacob out of his clothes and into them." Sam said
"Oh." Michael said.
"And you have to stay in there with them." Sam said. Then he went back into the bathroom and knelt down to Jacob.
"Ok put your arms up Little Guy." Michael said. Jacob put his arms up. He got his clothes off and he jumped into the tub. Splashing Michael. " want me to help you Leslie?" Michael asked
"Nope. I got it." Leslie said as she hopped into the tub with Jacob. Michael saw she had something behind her hand, but couldn't see what it was.
"The Perfect Twins packed some shampoo and some soap for them. Here." Haley said as she handed Michael two bottles of shampoo and two bottles of soap. "The pink ones are Leslie's cause it smells like bubble gum. But Jacob hates the smell. So the other ones are his." Haley's said leaving the bathroom. 'Ok. So now what do I do?' Michael thought to himself.
"Here." Brenden said and handed Michael a note. 'Daddy chill out in there. Just talk to them. Your freaking me out of here, looking like you've never done this before. Well, you haven't. But its really not that hard.' Sam wrote. Michael turned and gave her a sarcastic grin. Sam was lauging her butt off on the couch.
"Daddy, they need help washing there hair. Just don't get it in there eyes." Sam said
"Ok." Michael said.
"Is your hair wet to daddy?" Jacob asked
"No. Why?" Michael asked
"Because it's all stuck to your face." Jacob said. Michael heard Sam laughing.
"That's because I put gel in it." Michael said
"I like your spiky hair. It's cool." Leslie said
"Yeah. It was really cool." Jacob said
"Mommy likes it to." Leslie said
"She does huh?" Michael asked
"Yep. Mommy always spikes me and Brenden's hair just like yours." Jacob said. Michael smiled at him as he put the shampoo in Jacob's hair. "How old are you daddy?" Jacob asked
"Seventeen." Michael said
"I'm five. I'm in kindergarten." Jacob said. Michael smiled at him
"You are? Do you like it?" Michael asked
"No. The teacher smells uncle Max's doctor's room. And in Art Class the teacher has gold tooth and she always has lipstick on her teeth." Jacob said. Leslie laughed at him.
"And it smells like burnt rubber in there." Leslie said. Jacob nodded his head and Michael laughed at them.
"Yuck." Michael said
"Me and Sharon get to sit at the same table. Right next to each other." Jacob said
"Really?" Michael said
"Yeah. But she's always playing house. I hate house." Jacob said. Michael laughed at him
"Yeah me to." Michael said
"I'm in third grade daddy." Leslie said
" you like it?" Michael asked
"Yeah. Were writing in cursive. And I learned all the letters already." Leslie said
"Wow." Michael said
"Yeah. Mrs. Bacon said that I was doing really good, that she taught me ahead of everyone else. They still have about..." Leslie started counting on her fingers. "About ten more letters to learn. And I'm learning about to make a whole world." Leslie said, proud of herself.
"Mrs. Bacon. That's funny." Jacob said. Michael smiled at him
"You'll have to show me Leslie." Michael said. Her eyes lit up
"Really?" she asked
"Yeah." Michael said and smiled at her. He watched at she pulled out a little squirt gun and started shooting him. "LESLIE!" Michael said and leaned back
"Did she get you with the squirt gun?" Sam asked
"Yes." Michael said
"She loves doing that." Sam said. He sat back up and saw his daughter smiling at him. He had to laugh.

Alex’s house.
Alex just got back with the pizza and they’re all sitting in the living room talking.

“So how long were you guys in the cave for?” Isabel asked

“Since yesterday. I tried to get in Alex’s dreams, but he didn’t stay asleep long enough for me to stay in there and tell him we were here.” Carly said, looking at AJ

“Sorry.” AJ said

“So you guys slept there?” Alex asked

“Yeah. I actually didn’t sleep. I kept trying to get a hold of Alex all night, and me and Matt were watching out for Haley, Bren, Kyle and Clay.” Carly said

“Why?” Isabel asked

“Because they had been complaing all day that we should just leave and go and find you. Usually Matt and me would say no don’t do that. But this time, we tried a different approach. We just told them to go and find you guys. They were to scared. Reverse sociology. But we still were watching them. Cause they could still wake up and start causing trouble.” Carly said

“Are they really that bad?” Alex asked

“YES.” AJ, Carly, Emile and Kat all said at once. Alex and Isabel laughed

“I’m not surprised.” Isabel said

“Neither am I.” Alex said still laughing.

“Alex, I have a question.” Isabel said

“What?” Both Alex and Alex Jr asked

“JR…..Do my parents know about me?” Isabel asked

“Yes. You told them cause I used my powers to turn grandma’s hair pink…Actually, all the parents know.” AJ said

“Even mine? How’d the react?” Alex asked excited. That’s awesome if they know. It would answer a lot of their questions.

“Well, mom’s parents were shocked. But grandma was just happy that you finally told her your secret. And grandpa apologized for sending you to therapy.” AJ stopped and laughed. Alex started laughing and Isabel hit in the head. “ Dad’s parents were really shocked. But they got over it.”

“So there not mad?” Isabel asked. She was getting real anxious

“Nope.” AJ said smiling.

Kyle’s house. They’re all sitting at the table eating dinner.

“And Sharon’s in some stupid dance class.” Pacey said. Sharon picked up a meatball and hit him with it.

“It’s not stupid. Your stupid.” Sharon said. Kyle Tess and Jim laughed at her. “I can do ballet.” Sharon said

“Really?” Kyle asked

“Yes.” Sharon said smiling. Obviously very proud of herself

“About a month ago me dad and these two losers.” Pacey said, referring to Clay and Kyle jr. “were throwing the football around in the backyard, and Sharon was dancing around us. Kyle threw the ball and hit Sharon right in the face. Broke her nose.” Pacey

“Oh. That must have hurt.” Tess said

“I didn’t mean to.” Kyle Jr said

“Mom had to fix her nose.” Clay said

“Yep. That’s how bad they both suck at sports. They can’t ever throw a stupid football.” Pacey said laughing

“Shut up Pacey.” Kyle Jr said

“Hey. One more rude comment that comes out of any of your mouths your all gonna be in trouble.” Tess said

“So where are we sleeping anyways?” Pacey asked

“Well, your gonna sleep in your dad’s bed.” Tess told Pacey

“And your mom and Sharon are gonna sleep on the couch.” Kyle said

“And your dad and grandpa are sleeping on the floor.” Tess said

“So Kyle and Clay are gonna share grandpa’s bed.” Kyle said

“NO!” Clay and Kyle jr shouted.


“HE SNORES.” Clay said

“I DO NOT.” Kyle said

“DO TO.” Clay said

“This is gonna be a long night.” Tess mumbled into her hands.

Michael’s apartment. Maria just got back from getting food.

“Hey Sam. Where’s Michael?” Maria asked Sam who was sitting on the couch watching T.V

“I think he’s still in the bathroom.” Sam said

“Ok…Hey Haley, Brenden….how about you two go get the bags in the car and bring them inside for me.” Maria said to Haley and Brenden who were sprawled out on the floor.

“But-“ Haley tried to say

“Haley..” Maria said.

“Fine.” Haley said, and left the apartment, with Brenden behind her.

“Hi mommy.” Leslie said as she ran over to Maria.

“Hey honey.” Maria said as she bent down to give Leslie a hug. She loved the role of being a mom. “You look nice and clean…and smell good to.” Maria said

“Daddy gave me a bath.” Leslie said

“”I’m gonna go see daddy.” Maria said. She walked over to the bathroom and peaked in to watch Michael and Jacob.

“Ok big guy.” Michael said as he picked Jacob out of the bathtub. “You cold?” Michael asked

“Yes.” Jacob told him.

“Well here’s a nice big towel for you.” Michael said as he wrapped Jacob in the towel. Maria thought it was so cute how Michael took care of Jacob. She couldn’t wait till there future when they had children. “Ok, let’s get you into your pajamas.” Michael said as he looked around for them. “Where are they?” Michael asked

“Brenden took them out to clean the dirt off his face in the cave.” Jacob said.

“Are they still out there?” Michael asked. Jacob nodded his head. Michael thought about it for a minute. ‘His face looks so cute when he tries to think really hard.’ Maria thought to herself. “Ok. I’ll be right back.” Michael said. Maria hurried out of the room so Michael wouldn’t see her. He went into his closet and went back into the bathroom. “Alright. This is my favorite shirt. Now I don’t let just anybody wear this shirt.” Michael said to Jacob. ‘Metallica. Great.’ Maria thought. “Arms up……Ok big guy. Let’s go see if your mom’s here and let’s eat.” Michael said. Maria ran back out of the room. Michael stood up and picked Jacob up.

“Hi mommy.” Jacob said

“Hey Jacob. Cute shirt.” Maria said

“It’s daddy’s.” Jacob said. Maria smiled and laughed.

“Can we eat now?” Brenden whined

“Yes come on.” Maria said. After dinner they started to watch T.V. “Michael look…..he fell asleep.” Maria said, pointing to Jacob. Michael walked over to Jacob and picked him up and walked into his room. Maria followed him. Michael laid him down on the bed and he woke up. Jacob started looking around

“Bear….where is he?” Jacob asked

“Who’s Bear?” Maria asked

“My teddy bear. Where is he?” Jacob asked, starting to get worried. Haley came in a brought Michael out of the room.

“Here, fix his bear. Clay tore the head off.” Haley said, handing Michael his bear.

“I need Bear mommy.” Jacob said crying.

“It’s ok honey.” Maria said, as Jacob cried on her shoulder.

“Look who I found big guy.” Michael said as he sat down next to Maria. Jacob turned around

“BEAR.” Jacob said and hugged his bear. Michael and Maria laughed

“Alright daddy…ok big guy, let’s go to sleep.” Maria said. He crawled into Michael’s bed and instantly fell asleep. Michael and Maria walked back out into the living room

“Dad, your gonna have to fix Leslie’s Elephant to. Kyle tore the the head, tail and legs off.” Haley said.

“Man, you guys are so mean.” Maria said

“Jacob has nightmares.” Leslie said

“Leslie…he has them every night. He usually wakes up screaming and crying.” Haley said

“He does?” Sam asked. Haley nodded her head “Poor little guy.” Sam said. ‘I knew he had one nightmare. But every night. And we wakes up screaming and crying.’ Sam thought

“He might have them tonight….Haley probably will to.” Brenden said. Haley hit him in the stomache

“I will not.” Haley said. Brenden tackled her and started tickling her. Michael and Maria laughed at their kids.

Alex’s house. Alex and Isabel are tucking Emile and Kat into Alex’s bed.

“You have to go to sleep.” Isabel said

“But I’m not tired.” Emile said while yawning. They have been trying to get the to go to sleep for the past ten minutes

“UNCLE MAX!” Kat screamed and jumped off the bed. Max picked her right up.

“Hey Kit Kat.” Max said and spun her around. Isabel thought it was so cute how close she was to Max. But not at the moment.

“Max.” Isabel said annoyed.

“Right.” Max said and brought her back over to the bed. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” Max said, and gave Emile and Kat a kiss. After a couple more minutes, they fell asleep. Isabel and Alex walked out into the living room. “Hey you ready. Mom and dad will freak if were late.” Max said

“Yeah ok…bye Carly.” Isabel said and gave her a kiss. “Bye AJ.” Isabel said

“Bye. Have fun at school tomorrow.” Alex said and laughed. Isabel rolled her eyes.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” Isabel said and gave Alex a kiss.

“Bye.” Alex said, and gave her one last kiss

“Hello, brother over here who does not want to see his sister making out with a guy.” Max said

“Shut up. Bye guys. Love you.” Isabel said and walked out to the jeep. “AJ said mom and dad know about us in the future. About us being alien.” Isabel said

“Oh.” Was all Max said

“There fine with it.” Isabel said

“You want to tell them? Is that what your asking?” Max asked. Even though he already knew the answer.


“Is he sure they know everything?”

“Yes. I’m sure.” Isabel said. Max thought about it for a minute. He always wanted to tell his parents his secret. But not as badly as Isabel. He shot a glance at Isabel. Ever since they were little he wanted to tell his parents for her sake.

“Alright. We can tell them tonight.” Max said. Isabel screamed and started hugging Max.


“ISABEL YOUR GONNA MAKE US CRASH.” Max yelled as he tried to avoid a car.

“Sorry….thank you so Max.” Isabel said. Max nodded his head and smiled at his sister

Kyle’s house

“I can’t.” Kyle said

“Yes you can.” Tess said

“No Tess. I don’t know how.”

“You’ll be ok. You won’t die. It’s really easy Kyle.”

“Please don’t make me. I’ll mess up and probably kill her.”

“Kyle. Puh-leeze. It’s only a bath.” Tess said, and laughed at Kyle. For making such a big deal.

“Just a bath? Just a bath? If it’s just a bath then why don’t you give Sharon a bath?” Kyle asked

“Because. She asked for you you big baby.” Tess said and walked away.

“Bu….but Tess.” Kyle whined. He turned around and walked back into the bathroom. “Ok Sharon. So where’s your bag?” Kyle asked

“I don’t know?” Sharon said from sitting on the toilet. Kyle looked around the hall.

“Well what’s it look like?” Kyle asked

“Pink with purple flowers.” Sharon said and got up and followed Kyle.

“I don’t remember seeing one. Maybe mommy did.” Kyle said

“Did what?” Tess asked as she came into the living room.

“Saw Sharon’s backpack. It’s pink with purple flowers.” Kyle said

“We didn’t carry one in.” Tess said. Sharon started crying. Kyle ran over to here and picked her up.

Don’t cry. It’s ok. We’ll find it.” Kyle said as he held his crying daughter

“What’s wrong?” Jim asked as he walked into the livingroom

“We don’t have Sharon’s bag.” Tess said

“Buttons and Skittles are in there.” Sharon cried from Kyle’s shoulder.

“Who are they?” Tess asked

“Oh no…she never sleeps without Buttons or Skittles.” Pacey said from the couch.

“What are they though?” Jim asked

“Her stuffed bunny and stuffed cat.” Pacey said

“It’s ok Sharon. We’ll find them.” Kyle tried to calm his daughter.

“I’ll call Michael’s and see if we left it there.” Tess said. She ran over to the phone and called Michael’s.

“Hello?” Sam asked

“Hey Sam it’s Tess. Is Maria or Michael there?” Tess asked

“Yeah hang on….MOM THE PHONES FOR YOU.” Sam yelled

“I’m ten feet away from you…..hello?” Maria asked

“’s Tess.” Tess said

“Hey..what’s wrong….who’s crying?”

“Sharon. We can’t find her backpack and she can’t sleep without Buttons or Skittles.” Tess said

“Buttons and skittles? What are they?”Maria asked

“Oh no. Sharon didn’t lose Buttons and Skittles did she?” Sam asked, overhearing her mom talking

“Yeah. What are they?” Maria asked

“Stuffed cat and bunny.” Brenden said

“Can’t sleep without them.” Haley said

“Thank you to the nosy kids.” Maria said

“Is there and pink backpack with purple flowers there?” Tess asked

“Let me check…MICHAEL……DID YOU SEE A PINK BACKPACK WITH PURPLE FLOWERS ON IT?” Maria yelled to Michael, who was in the shower

“YEAH IT’S IN MY ROOM.” Michael yelled back

“Thank God. I’ll come right over and get it.” Tess said. She could hear that whole family talking.

“Don’t bother. I’m leaving in a bit. I’ll just drop it by.” Maria said

“Are you sure?” Tess asked

“Positive.” Maria said

“Thanks.” Tess said

“Your welcome. See you in few. Bye.” Maria said

“Bye.” Tess said, and hung up the phone. She walked back into the living room where Kyle was still holding Sharon cause she was still crying. “Honey, aunt Maria has your backpack and is bringing it over.” Tess said. Sharon picked up her head and looked at her

“Are you sure?” Sharon asked

“I’m positive. Now how about you let daddy give you a bath now?” Tess asked

“Ok.” Sharon said and smiled. She got off Kyle’s lap, grabbed his had, and dragged him into the bathroom.

“You handled that really well.” Jim told Tess

“I did?” Tess asked

“Yeah. Your gonna be a great mom.” Jim said.

“Thanks.” Tess said

Michael’s apartment. Maria and Michael just put Leslie to bed. Maria kissed the other kids goodbye and is now ready to leave.

“I’ll walk you out.” Michael said

“Thanks. Bye guys. Love you.” Maria said as she walked out. Michael put his arm around her. She always felt so safe when Michael was around. “Are you sure you’ll be ok with them?”

“Yes. I’ll be fine. And if I need any help, I’ll ask for some. OK.” Michael said, trying to reassure her.

“Ok. I love you.” Maria said

“I love you to.” Michael said and kissed her. Maria went to pull away but Michael pulled her closer. He slipped his tongue into her mouth. Maria let out a moan of pleasure as she slipped her arms around his neck. Michael grabbed her waist and started to slip his hands up the back of her shirt.

“EW GROOSE.” Brenden and Haley yelled from the window. Michael and Maria pulled apart instantly.

“CLOSE THE FREAKEN WINDOW.” Michael yelled. Brenden shut the window and closed the blinds. “There nuts.” Michael said

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” Maria said as she rolled down her window. Michael started kissing her again. “If you don’t stop I’ll never be able to leave.” Maria said

“Now is that such a bad thing?” Michael asked. Maria smiled a him and gave him a quick kiss

“Goodbye Michael. I love you.” Maria said

“Love you to.” Michael said. Maria drove away. Michael went back into his apartment and laid down on one of the air mattresses..

“Tired?” Sam asked

“A little.” Michael said

“Unfortunately the nightmares not over. When there awake, their monsters.” Sam said

“I’m on the other side of the couch you know.” Haley said

“I know. It’s funny how you knew exactly who I was talking about.” Sam said

“Shut up.” Haley said

“Make me.” Sam said

“Kill me.” Michael moaned.

Valenti house. Maria just got there and is knocking on the door.

“Hey come on in.” Tess said as she opened the door.

“I hope it’s not to late.” Maria said

“It’s ok. Everyone’s asleep but me Kyle and Sharon. Come on.” Tess said as they made there way to the living room where Kyle was sitting on the couch and Sharon had her head in his lap.

“Ah they look so cute.” Maria whispered to Tess.

“Sharon look what Aunt Maria has for you.” Tess said

“Buttons and Skittles?” Sharon asked sitting up.

“Yep right in here.” Maria said as she handed them to her. “Michael had to fix them because Brenden ripped it all apart.” Maria said to Tess

“Thank you aunt Maria.” Sharon said and gave Maria a hug.

“Your most certainly welcome. I better be going. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” Maria said

“Bye.” They said

“Ok chicky. It’s time to…..well look at her. She’s already asleep.” Tess said. She sat down next to Kyle as he put his arm around her. She leaned her head against his chest and they sat there for awhile.

“My children are so beautiful. Thank you.” Tess said

“For what?”

“For in the future, giving me everything I’ve ever wanted. Family, love. I always wanted that. No I’ll have it.”

“Thank you to……………you look tired.” Kyle said

“Yeah I am. But when you get tired, then I’ll fall asleep.” Tess said as she got more comfortable in Kyle’s arms

“I like this.”

“What?” Tess asked and looked up at him

“Just sitting here like this. With you cuddled up next to me.” He said smiling

“Me to.” Tess said. A couple minutes went by.

“Tess.” Kyle said


“I…..I……I love you.” Kyle blurted out. Tess turned around to look at him.

“No ones ever said that to me before…….I love you to.” Tess said. Kyle smiled at her and pulled her down to kiss.

“I better go to sleep now.” Kyle said

“Ok.” Tess said. Kyle gave her one last kiss and then laid down on the floor.

Michael’s apartment

“Haley I’m trying to sleep. Can you get off the couch please?” Sam asked

“No.” Haley said

“Haley.” Sam warned

“Make me…oh that’s right. You can’t.” Haley said

“Haley, go sleep on the sleeping mattress.” Michael said

“Fine.” Haley grumbled and laid down.

“I’m tired, but I can’t fall asleep.” Brenden said

“Well why don’t you sing about your favorite things.” Sam said, referring to the Sound Of Music.

“We have seven kids. We could do that.” Haley said. Michael rolled his eyes at where this conversation was going.

“But Trevor and Carson can’t sing.” Brenden said

“You guys are weird.” Michael said

“Oh come on. You can be the singing dad.” Sam said, giggling at her own joke.

“Let’s not and say I did.”

“Fine fine.” Sam said

“Brenden get out.” Haley said, trying to push Brenden off the mattress.

“No. I was here first.” Brenden said, kicking her

“So, I’m a girl.”

“Says who?”

“Stop it you two. Just share the bed.” Sam said. They were quiet for about ten minutes

“Sam?” Brenden asked


“Did you kill Courtney?” Brenden asked. Michael woke right up. He hated that name.


“What about future Courtney?” Haley asked


“So when we go back, mom and dad will be ok?” Haley asked

“Yep. We’ll be fine. Now go to sleep.” Michael said.

“Goodnight Haley.” Sam said

“Goodnight Sammy. Goodnight Brenden.” Haley said

“Goodnight Haley. Goodnight Sam.” Brenden said

“Goodnight Brenden. Goodnight daddy.” Sam said

“Goodnight Sam Haley and Brenden.” Michael said, eager to go to sleep.

“Goodnight.” All three of the said. About ten second went by before someone started talking again

“Goodnight Fredrick.” Sam said referring to the Sound Of Music again. Sam Haley and Brenden burst out laughing

“Goodnight Curt.” Haley said

“Goodnight Liezel.” Brenden said

“Goodnight Louisa.” Sam said

“Goodnight Brigetta.” Haley said

“Goodnight Marta.” Brenden said

“Come one dad. There’s one more VonTrap kid left.” Sam said

“I don’t know his name.” Michael said into his pillow

“I’ll give you a hint. Hansel and….” Haley said

“Gretel. Now go to sleep.” Michael said

“Goodnight Lucy.” Sam said. They burst out laughing again.

“Goodnight Matt.” Haley said

“Goodnight Mary.” Brenden said

“Goodnight Simon.” Sam said

“Goodnight Ruthie” Haley said

“Goodnight David” Brenden said

“One more 7th Heaven kid dad.” Sam said

“I don’t know and I don’t care.” Michael grumbled.

“Oh come on. I’ll give you a hint. SAM.” Brenden said

“Goodnight Sam.” Michael said.

“Goodnight Greg.” Sam said. They burst out laughing again

“Goodnight Marcia” Haley said

“Goodnight Peter.” Brenden said

“Goodnight Jan.” Sam said

“Goodnight Bobby.” Haley said

“Goodnight Cindy.” Brenden said

“That’s only six kids.” Michael informed them. They all looked at each other

“CAROL’S NEPHEW.” Sam said

“What’s his name dad?” Brenden asked. Michael jerked his head up.

“OLIVER. NOW GO TO SLEEP PLEASE.” Michael said. They all started laughing at him

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Evan’s house

“MOM, DAD….ARE YOU GUYS HOME?” Max yelled through the house as he and Isabel got home

“In the kitchen.” His mom said. They walked into the kitchen to see there parents sitting at the table. “Hi guys.”

“How was your joint therapy today?” Philip asked

“Fine….we want to talk to you guys about something……really important.” Max said as he and Isabel sat down with them at the table

“I don’t really know how to start.” Isabel said. She looked over to Max for some help.

“Remember the home movie of me and the bird?” Max asked

“How could I forget.” Diane said

“And the fire. I said I put it out with a pot of water…but then you got mad at me because you can’t put grease fires out with water.”


“Well that wasn’t just some coincidence.” Max said

“How did all those things happen?” Philip asked

“Me and Isabel are sorta…..” Max tried to find the right words

“Special.” Isabel tried to help

“How?” Diane asked. Isabel looked at Max, and then used her powers to change to table cloth from white to purple.

“I can do a ton of stuff like that.” Isabel said in a small voice. Her parents just looked at the table cloth in amazement

“Me to.” Max said

“I this some kinda joke… April Fools or something?” Philip asked

“Let me do this.” Max said. He got up and he put up his ‘Big shiny green thingy shield’ as Maria liked to call it. His parents just stared at it

“How?” Diane asked

“We can do all this….because we aren’t from around here.” Max said

“Where are you guys from then?” Diane asked. Isabel and Max looked at each other for a minute, then pointed up.

“The night you found us……….we had just broken out of our incubation pods. They were put there by another alien in 1947, when the ship crashed.” Max said

“You mean that stories true?” Philip asked

“Yeah……me and Isabel are aliens.” Max said. They all just sat there for a few minutes

“Please don’t be upset.” Isabel begged. The last thing she wanted was for her parents to hate her

“I’m not upset.” Diane said

“Are you daddy?” Isabel asked.

“I just can’t believe this.” Philip said

“Me and Isabel have an answer for everything. Like being gone for three days, and me here fighting all the time. Sneaking out.” Max said

“Your aliens?” Diane asked

“Yes.” Max and Isabel said

“We’ve wanted to tell you for so long. We just didn’t know how to tell you. Or if you’d hate us for not being human.” Isabel said

“Me and your father would never hate you….your our children.” Diane said

“We don’t care what planet your from.” Philip said. Isabel knew she’d start crying any second now

“Really?….your not mad?” Isabel asked

“We love you..both of you.” Diane said

“That’s right.” Philip said. Isabel got up and hugged them both. She felt like she could breath again. They didn’t have to hide there secret from anyone anymore.

“Thank you.” Isabel whispered

“Are you ok Max?” Diane asked. Max was just staring at his dads empty chair in shock.

“Yeah…I just… I didn’t think you’d be so fine with all this. I guess Alex was right Izzy.
Max said.

“Right about what?” Philip asked

“I guess we should start from the very beginning.” Max said. Isabel sat back down

“Do you guys have a while?” Isabel asked

“Yeah…this is gonna take a LONG time to tell.” Max said, and smiled at this sister

Michael’s apartment 1:30 A.M.

Michael woke up to the sound of someone crying. He went into his bedroom and saw Jacob crying in his sleep. “Jacob what’s wrong?” Michael asked as he picked him up.

“What’s wrong?” Haley asked as she came into the bedroom.

“I don’t know…why’s he crying?” Michael asked

“He has nightmares all the time. He’s probably all confused about everything that’s going on. I mean, you were dead, he saw you dead, and now your alive. What do you expect us to do?” Haley asked. Man, these kids were smart.

“I don’t know….shhhh, Jacob it’s ok.” Michael said

“Can I sleep out there?” Leslie woke up and asked

“Yeah go ahead.” Michael said as she left. “Haley go get me the phone.” Michael said. Haley got up and left, the came back with the phone. He dialed the first number that came to mind. “Come on…pick up..”

“Hello?” Came a tired groggy voice

“Kyle, it’s Michael. Is Tess there?” Michael asked

“Why would she be here at……1:30 in the morning?” Kyle asked

“It’s important, put her on.”

“Ok ok hang on.”

“Why don’t you just call mom?” Haley asked

“Because her mom might here the phone, and kill me for calling her this late.” Michael said

“Tess…..Tess wake up. Michael’s on the phone.” Kyle said as he tried to shake Tess awake

“What time is it?” Tess asked

“About 1:30. He says it’s important.”

“It better be…hello?” Tess asked grumpy

“Jacob woke up crying. And he won’t stop. But he won’t wake up either. What do I do?” Michael asked. Tess was shocked by a question like that this early in the morning.

“What..I.I don’t know.”

“Man, he won’t stop. I don’t know what to do.”

“I’m sorry….maybe if you lay down with him he’ll stop, cause he’ll know that your there, so he’s ok…but I don’t know.”

“Thanks. Bye.”


“Ok Jacob, let’s lay down.” Michael said as he laid Jacob down.

“I’m going back to sleep.” Haley said as she left the room

“Shhhh, it’s ok Jacob. I’m right next to you.”

“Wow, you guys have been through one hard year.” Diane said.

“Yeah pretty much.” Max said

“I never knew any of this ever exsisted.” Philip said

“Yeah…unfortunitly it does.” Isabel said

“So that night we found you, Michael was there to, he just ran away.” Diane said

“Yeah. That’s sorta why he’s like the way he is. Kinda closed off, hard on people. Because he thought he couldn’t trust anybody. But I think having Maria around has really changed him.” Isabel said

“Totally.” Max said

“Wow.” Diane said. There was so much that she had learned about her children in one night.

“There’s still a little bit more.” Isabel said

“There is? What?” Philip asked

“This is gonna be a doozy.” Isabel laughed

“Go on.” Diane said

“Ok then….last Friday, we had four new students come to our school-“Max tried to say

“Were they evil aliens?” Diane asked

“No, there totally on our side.” Isabel said

“Good.” Diane said as she let out a breath.

“So…Michael was in the office one day, so he heard about the four new kids and he told us all about them at lunch. There was a new girl in our class, named Claudia Evans, and there were three more in tenth grade, Samantha Guerin-“Max tried to say

“Pacey Valenti and Alex Whitmen, not my Alex.” Isabel interrupted

“Evans Guerin Whitmen and Valenti?” Philip asked

“You thought of that to. So me Isabel Michael and Tess looked into there files, and found out they had the same address. We went there, but they didn’t live there. So we went to the cave and found there backpacks. But we couldn’t open them. Even with our powers. So we went back to the Café where Liz Alex Maria and Kyle were. Then all of a sudden, there was the four people we were looking for.” Max said

“To try and make a long story short-“ Isabel tried to say

“TO LATE.” Max yelled, and burst out laughing.

“He watches CLUE to much. ANYWAYS……..they turned out to be our children from the future.” Isabel said

“Your children? From the future? How is that possible?” Diane asked

“They have really REALLY strong powers. But they came back for a reason. In the future, Michael and Maria were murdered. By Courtney.” Max said

“The good alien waitress gone bad we told you about……and Sam and Maria would hit you right now if they just heard you use the C word.” Isabel said

“Anyways….today Courtney was supposed to come back to Michael and ask him where the granolith was. But he couldn’t tell her. So she was gonna kill him. So they fought her, and killed her.” Max said

“And all this happened while we were in counciling.” Isabel said to her dad

“Oh.” Philip said

“So we have two grandchildren who are here.” Diane said. Max and Isabel looked at each other

“Not quite.” Isabel said

“See, today, AJ told me and Liz to go to the cave. We did, and found our other children. They got here Monday.” Max said

“So we have more grandchildren here?” Diane asked

“Yeah, Claudia, Matt and Josh are at Liz’ house, and AJ, Carly, Emile and Kat are with Alex.” Max said

“I also have Stacey, but the didn’t bring her, and Max’ little Jennifer.” Isabel said

“Oh my gosh.” Philip said

“Well when do we get to meet all these kids?” Diane asked. Max and Isabel laughed

“Well, remember Jason Stephanie and Nathan?” Isabel asked. Diane nodded her head

“Well Jason is really my son Alex, Stephanie is Max’ daughter Claudia and Nathan is Kyle and Tess’ son Pacey.” Isabel said giggling

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