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Title: Wanted for Murder
Author: Galita and Cominatcha
Rating: Pg-13
Category: Mi/Ma, M/L, A/I, K/T
Summary: Tess keeps trying to take Max away. So Liz decides to do something about it. Liz kills Tess. The FBI comes after Liz, Max kills the FBI agent, and Liz winds up pregnant with Max’s baby.
Author’s notes: This is my first fanfic. I just wanted to do this with a little help with my friend J.
Part 1 Hi my name is Liz Parker. Today I did the worse thing (well, in some of yours opinion it might be wrong), I killed Tess Harding. Now here is the whole story.

It all started when Max and I were walking down the street and Tess Harding comes up and throws herself on Max. My Max at that point. “What do you want Tess?” Max ask coldly. “I want you Maxie” She cooed in his ear. He pushes her away like she was nothing.

“Max…..I love you so much” I said with a smile. “I love you too Liz” He kissed me softly. I kissed back as we get to my doorstep.

“I’ll see you at school tomorrow Liz. Sleep tight” He kissed me and left with out another word. I sigh and go to bed.

The next day Max was waiting for me by my locker I smiled as I get to him.

“Morning sleepyhead.” He teased me.

“Oh shut-up Maxwell” I walked past him with out kissing him good morning.

“Hey! Get back here Miss. Liz” he grabbed me playfully. I giggled and kissed him. “That’s better” He mutters between kisses.

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interesting idea ... I am waiting for the next part.

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Cominatcha's Part-

Liz knew that she and Max were exhibiting what the school liked to call "public displays of affection" a little too much in the halls of Roswell High, and she knew that that was very out of character for her, but she and Max always got caught whenever they tempted the eraser room, so she figured what the hell. It was worth a shot.

"Mr. Evans, Ms. Parker," One of the horrible biology teachers suddenly came up behind them in the middle of kissing. "You do remember the number one rule that hand-holding is the limit for this kind of activity at our school, right?"

Liz sighed. Yeah, she knew. Every year on the first day of school, everyone would receive these stupid handbooks that had a big bold captioning about relationships.

She pulled away from Max, said good-bye as the bell rang, and they went their separate ways down the halls.

"Maria!" Liz shouted excitedly as she noticed Maria on her way to class as well. "You'll never guess how good my life has gotten in the past couple of days . . ."

Well, I know that sucked, Galita, but you're a better writer, so I'm sure your next part will be better than mine is. lol
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great start so far. I love the idea for it.
keep going can't wait

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Part 3

"You have Max Evans I know and it is good. Yeah you told me already like last night." She said and smile. I smiled back. Maria Deluca my best friend and Alex Whitman.

"So where's Alex? He's usully here with you Maria." I ask then see Alex trying to ask out Isabel Evans. It's not working out. "I think we need to go save Alex before Iz kills him." I said.

We walked up to Alex and grab his hand. "I DON'T want to go out with you Alex!" Isabel screamed. "Hey Iz..we'll take him off you're hands for you." I said and drag Alex off.

He sighs. Later I'm working as Max, Michael and Isabel walks in. I smiled at him and he smiles back.

"Can I get you'll something to it?" I asked kindlly.

"Yeah you can Parker." Michael said

"Michael don't be rude!" Isabel yelled and sit back.

He rolled his eyes. Isabel sighs and Max just smiles at me. Then he pulls me down. I laugh and kissed him.

"Max..I have to work." I kissed him again. He pouts. "We can finish later I'm off in like a hour." I walk off to take some more people's orders. I hate this job but I guess it's ok. Crashdown was a family business.

I can't wait till I'm off Max and I have been going out since I broke up with Kyle.

Then Maria turned on the radio to the classical crap so I turned it to 100.3. Now we're talking.

I know guyz it is boring. Sorry I wrote this when I woke up this morning. And anyways I suck at writing.
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It's not boring, and you DO NOT suck at writing!!

Cominatcha's Part---

Max really wished that Tess would leave him alone. He had told her plenty of times that there never would be anything between them, that he only loved Liz, that his heart belonged to her and her alone, but she never listened to him.

Tess strutted into the Crashdown in another one of her endlessly sluttly outifts and sat down beside Max as Michael and Isabel talked in a nearby booth and Maria and Liz worked in the back.

"Max," She said his name so softly that he almost didn't hear her. She brought her hand up to trace his lips, and he pulled away.

"Stop, Tess." he told her sternly. "I don't feel that way about you. I love Liz."

Tess grunted. "Liz, Liz, Liz. That's all you talk about, Max, is Liz. Why don't you dump that little bitch and move onto someone like me? I'm your destiny."

"You are not." He fought to keep his tone level. "I'd rather die before being with someone like you. We'll never be together, Tess. We're not meant to be."

"But the book . . ."

"I don't care about the fuckin' book. I only care about . . ."

Suddenly, she silenced me, bringin her mouth up to meet mine. She cupped my face in her hands and kissed me, and I had no choice but to kiss her back. Even with my eyes closed, I knew that Michael and Isabel were watching me, staring in wonder and confusion.

What I didn't know was that Liz was only a few feet behind me . . .

Okay, Gala, now THAT, what I just wrote, THAT was bad writing.

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Hey guyz,
I am at my grandma's shop helping her for a while. So I'll post my part laters *happy*
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Ok something for ya...I just start going back to school today and I need a lil more time to post my part if it's ok with ya'll guyz,ok?
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I'm really liking the story so far,take your time with updates we'll all still be here*happy*
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It's hard to do stuff for school and updating but I will I promise it might be soon too *happy*
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go ahead take your time. I'll just write my part off of whatever you post and whenever you post it. oh, and I understand about school, too. I'm a senior this year, and it isn't fun . . .
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Cominatcha originally wrote:
go ahead take your time. I'll just write my part off of whatever you post and whenever

just like cominatcha said take your time. I know I wouldn't be able to post either.......exams are next week*sad* excuse me why I go and hide!

so take all the time you need*tongue*

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Part 4

I walk back to Tess kissing my man so I walked up and pushed her away.

“You bitch! This is my go find your own!” I hissed at her. She backed away as if I slapped her. I look at Max and kissed him deeply causing him to moan out loud.

“I love you Liz Parker.” He whispered in my ear.

“I love you to Max.” I whispered back. Then look at Tess and she walked away.

Later that night I’ up in my room thinking about what I can do to get rid of Tess Harding. I wish I could get pregnant with Max’s baby our something. Then I feel like someone is thinking that he should get me pregnant.

“Oh My God.” I whispered to myself.

I look at my window and see Max there. Hmm…I wonder why he is here.

“Hey what are you doing here? It’s like almost 4 am.” I asked him but he pulls my to him.

“I want to see you that’s all….I missed not being around you.” He said back.

He kissed me and drags me to the lawn chair then lays me down. I never have seen Max Evans act like this. He’s acting all weird.

“Max….what are you doing?” I ask in-between kisses.

“I want you Liz.” He whispers in my ear. I look up at him shocked.

“Max……I want you too……but our parents and other people like that. There are big steps for this. I mean I might get pregnant or AID’s.” I told him. He won’t take no for an answer.

The next thing I know we’re doing it.

“Maaaxxx…my parents are in to next room. Oh God” I moaned.

He smirks and keeps doing what’s he doing.
Hey guys. I got it up finally. And yeah it does suck! Be warned it gets naughty. Lol

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I'll post the next part soon, and that did not suck!! hmm . . .I've never written l/m, but I've just gotta write a smut scene. we'll just see how it turns out. I'll have the next part up today.
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Cominatcha's Part---

It all happened so fast that Liz didn't even realize it WAS ACTUALLY HAPPENING to HER of all people until the wind bit at her exposed skin, causing her to shiver, and she looked around and noticed that Max was on top of her and she was underneath him and their clothes were nowhere to be seen. Sweat was dripping from his forehead, and she could feel her own body giving off it's fair amount of perspiration.

"Max," she moaned, running her hands up and down his length. "More . . ."

He understood completely, so he lowered himself down into her and began to thrust in and out rapidly until he got into a certain rythmn. He felt himself losing control as he began to thrash wildly inside of her. It was almost painful, but he couldn't stop.

Her hips bucked upward to meet his, and he reached his climax exploding and releasing his seed inside of her. He was so worn out by the time he was done that he collapsed on top of her heaving breasts as she stroked his head.

She was breathing hard as well, but it was clear that she had not experienced what he had.

Max, with new determination to give Liz her first orgasm, began to thrust inside of her again, running his fingers over her clit as he did so, and rubbing one of her nipples between his fingers with his free hand. He leaned forward and took the other breasts into his mouth to as he continued to pound into her. He wanted to touch all of her at once . . . everywhere . . . always.

"MAX!" she screamed out his name as she came, and he found himself releasing himself inside of her yet again.

They laid there like that for a long time, together, and Max stayed inside of her. He felt so right, there. He fit inside of her perfectly, and he loved the thought of being joined with her physically and mentally. They were always joined mentally. Ever since he had saved her life at the Crashdown, they had shared a mental link. But this, this was physical, because he was inserted into her, and he never wanted to get out.

But, morning soon came, and Max knew he had to go, so he walked away from Liz after slipping into his clothes and promised her that he would see her again soon, that they would do this again soon.

He promised her the world . . .

Whoo!! That was sure fun to write!!

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Sissssssssyyyyyyyyy! Oooh this story is = me likey *big*

Hope y'all update soon
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Can't let the story go now!!
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Part 6

I look at Max as he jumps out my window. It felt so good to have him in me.

I got up at 7:00am just about the time Max left and got dressed. I wanted to met Max at school.

I run down stairs and grab a muffin and run out the door without saying a word to my mom or Dad.

I get to school to see Max, Michael, Isabel pull up in the jeep I smiled at Max. He smiles and jumps out.

"I missed seeing you." I said kissing his neck.

"It's been 5 mintues." He said and closed his eyes.

"My point" I keep on kissing as we hear Michael groaning at us. I pull away.

"That is NOT cool Maxwell."Michael said. Hey what can I say we just slept together and I wanted him again.

Max rolled his eyes and sighs.

We all walked in together. Max and I had one class peirod not together.

I felt bad. I didn't want to talk to Maria or Alex or anyone but Max. I needed Max.

Sorry this part sucked guyz. I won't be able to post as Much cuz my mom is getting rid of my comp at her house and as not most of U know my parents r getting a divorce so I'll be in between their houses :S
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post whenever you get the chance. if you ever need me to do two parts in a row to keep the story going I can. I have no life lol

Part 7---

Liz Parker's Journal . . .

I don't know what's wrong with me. I don't know who I am anymore, what I have become. Max Evans has changed me so drastically. It's like I'm a completely new person overnight, literally.

This is gonna sound really stupid, but I thought I might feel . . . hmm . . . what's the right word I'm looking for here? . . . dirty. Yeah, I thought I might want to wash his sweat off my body right away and remove the taste of him from my lips.

But I don't. If anything, I feel just the opposite now. I want him on me, in me, again. I need him. I want to run my hands up and down his chest and kiss him with all of this passion inside of me that's just dying to be let loose again. I've never felt this way before about anyone, and I think that if I let this opportunity slip by, I'll never ever get to experience this kind of love with anyone else.

This morning durning Trig, Max and I had to be separated because we "were thinking about things other than schoolwork", as Mr. Clarkson put it. I couldn't talk to Max and I couldn't touch him, so I began to think. My mind began to spin with activity as I devised a plan.

You see, I've thought this out a lot. I'm a very, very deep thinker. Maria could tell you that. We went to Dallas together for a weekend once with her mom for this rodeo thing and I planned everything out---what outfits to wear for certain days and everything---and I really haven't changed. I'm still doing that now.

I figured that if Max and I are really truly going to be in love forever, like I really want us to be, then we can't have any obstacles in our relationship trying to stop us, so I need to get rid of any obstacles that are currently in our way immediately.

That's why I need to kill Tess . . .

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Part 8

My plan has to work. I can feel the baby inside of me growing to be storng just like his father. And I hope Max can handle the baby and me at the same time.

I look out hoping Max would pull up soon it's been 30 mintues now. If he does not show up I am going to him. I sit here and look it's has been a hour now.

I jump down and run all the way to Max's and go to his window and knocked on it. I waited for him to answer and he did. I smile softly.

"Hey baby you didn't show I was scared." I said as he pulls me in and start kissing me like that night. I had no choice but to kiss back.

"Max I'm here to tell you something." I said between kisses.

"Go ahead baby." He said and kiss my neck.

"Baby...I'm pregnat." I said pulling away.

He looks at me and smiles. I smile and put his hand on my stomach. And whispers. "It's your son Max."

Hey nods and pulls me closer. I sigh.
Hey sorry it is short guys. I jsut could not think of anything to write but here is that part!! *happy* Hope ya'll like it!!
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I liked it!!


Cominatcha's Part ~

Max's Thoughts:

Whoa. A father. I'm going to be a father. Hard to believe, huh? Out of everyone in our group, I figured that Michael would probably knock Maria up first, but I guess that's not the way it's gonna turn out.

And, you know, this is actually kinda funny because, I can't think of anything else I might want more than this. Liz. A child. A family. I'm going to have a family.

Yeah, it's sorta crazy, I know, because I'm still in high-school, but . . . God, I'm so happy right now. I feel like I'm living in euphoria or something, like this is some kind of strange and twisted but comfortable and fitting utopia.

What the hell am I supposed to tell Mom and Dad? And Isabel? Izzy always warned me about getting too close to Liz.

Is there such a thing as too close, though?

Michael's gonna flip out. I can just imagine him shouting when he finds out saying all this shit like, "What if it comes out and has four fingers and green skin?" Classic Michael.

I know they'll all be happy for us, though. I feel comfortable about that.

I'm going to live a perfect life. I just know it. The only thing that stands between me and that very utopia that I was imagine seconds earlier is someone else.

Tess Harding.

Oh, well, though. I'm not going to let that bother me. Yeah, she's been a real pain lately. I think she's been purposefully invading my mind and sending me dreams during the night. Erotic, sexy dreams, but I can deal with that, because I have an erotic, sexy reality going with Liz.

Sounds sick, I know, but it's true.

I can deal with Tess. I know I can. It's just, I don't know if Liz can quite yet . . .
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Nice Ash!! lol
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Thanks!! I've never written M/L, so I didn't know how it would turn out. Thanks again!!
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That was great! Thanks for the update!
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Hey guyz, I'll post again soon. I am at work lol. Thanks for the post
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Part 10

“Max….I think I know what we can do to get rid of Tess Harding.” I said to him

“ What is that babe?” He asks me.

“We can kill her, I mean she has been getting in our way for a long time now. I want to be with you and her not get in our way.” I said and he nods.

We looked at the gun and I smiled at it. I Liz Parker is going to kill Tess Harding the bitch keep getting in my and my boyfriend’s way. She gets what she deserves. I grin and look at Max.

“Ok here goes nothing I guess.”
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Cominatcha's Part ~

Max's thoughts:

Am I a traitor if I kill one of my race? I ask myself the question repeatedly in my head as Liz and I near the VaLenti home where we know Tess is staying. I'm supposed to be a king, yet I'm killing one of my followers.

I'm killing my wife, or at least the woman who, at one time, had been my wife.

It's time to get her out of my life for good. Out of Liz's. Out of the one that we are beginning together.

"Do you want me to do it?" I ask Liz quietly.

She shakes her head. "No," she tells me. "This is something I need to do."

I smile at her. I can't help this feeling I have inside of me. I know it matches her own. Something is inside of us, taking us over, something of dark intent, something sinister and primal. Something I can't and won't bother to control.

I have the strangest feeling we'll regret this later . . .

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wow. this fic totally rocks guys, keep at it
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hey! maddie told me to come read this fic and believe me, It totally rocks! keep at it! And ps, I know! Doesn't maddie totally rock! lol!
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Thanks for the feedback! That''s something we haven''t gotten too much of . . . oh well . . .*happy*
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Part 11

I walk to Tess's door and knock softly. She answers. And I start to fake cry.

"What's wrong Liz?" She ask me.

"Max...Max....broke up with me" I said between tears and sniffles.

She hugs and the feels a something on her back.

"If I was you Tess I would not scream for help." I said coldly.

She looks at me weird then all I remember was shoting her in the head. I jump and walk out to Max.

"I did it Max let's go home now please." I ask.

He nods.