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Title- A free spirit with a lost soul
Category- M/L with everyone thrown in
Disclaimer, I own no Roswell characters but if I did, Max and Liz would have spent a lot more time together are WAY better terms during season two.
Summary- AU. Liz moved to NY when she was 7, to only be told she was to move back to Roswell with her aunt Nancy and uncle Jeff. Don't know if I'm going to have aliens in this or not. I'll decide as I write
Authors Note: Feedback please jen_a4⊕ This is my first posted fic. Hope you like

Part 1

Liz made her way through the quiet town with a smirk plastered on her face. She might have fun in the place, she'll raise a little hell and it'll be like home. Well thats not entirely true, she thought. Nothing will ever be like home in New York. Thats all she missed. New York. Her parents and friends forgotten in an instant. Damn them for making me move out to Roswell, New Mexico with my aunt Nancy and uncle Jeff. The took me away from the only place I felt safe. Not with them ofcoarse. To many bad past memories for that. She started to sob as she remembered the main reason her mother insisted her to go. Ofcoarse she made up a fake story infront of her dad. But later her told her the real reason. It was a hard thing for Liz to think about. And right now was not the time to start being vulnerable. She shook her head in discust.
"Dammit Parker!, snap outta it. Yous a big girl"
Liz pulled over to the side of the road and shut her motorcycle off. Taking a minute to compose herself she looked around and concluded she was about 5 mintues away from her destination, The Crashdown Cafe. Her aunt and uncle owned it. Putting her helmet over her dark, long, wavy hair, she started the engine and started off towards the crashdown, where her boring relatives would be. They were alright, just not the type of people she'd like to live with. She was used to growing up with her argumentive parents, and a whole lot of abuse. She winced as tears threatened to form. She fought them back as her memory betrayed her. She remembered the night she came in and her father was waiting for her. That was the night her mom had told her that she couldn't stand to see her be beaten anymore, and that she was sending her to Live with her fathers brother, Jeff Parker. Liz told her no at first, saying that she couldn't leave her there all alone. But then the next night when she came in around 2 30am, her father got a little more rough then usual. She was scared and didn't know what else to do. So she agreed with her mom. They told Sam, Liz's dad, that Liz needed to get away from New York because it was a bad influence. Sam was reluctant and first. But finally agreed. Thats how she ended up here. Its not like its her first time. She was born in Roswell, but after her father got a job offer in New York, they moved out there. Her mom was relieved that we could get away from prying eyes. She believed the whole town knew about the whole "situation"
"Welcome back to dullsville, Liz" she thought as a single tear slid down her cheak.
(At the Crashdown)
Max sat looking at the people around him. His sister Isabel who was engrossed in a conversation with his friend Alex Whitman. Michael, the closest thing he had to a brother was bantering with Maria DeLuca. Max knew they were both interested in eachother, and the constand fighting was them both hiding their true feelings. He'd of told them both to wake up already, but they were hilarious to watch. Then he looked to his left at the petite blonde Tess sitting really close to him. He shifted away from her a little. She was the biggest pain in the ass. Ever since she moved here 10 years ago she was obsessed with him. She contantly followed him around, batting her eyes at him. Thanks to her, his romantic life was a little dull. Ok, ok, so he's never even kissed a girl. Tess would scare away any girl who dared aproach him. Lots of girls loved him, he was the hotty of Roswell. But none of them ever intriged him. He thanked Tess for that reason, but other than that, she was someone he wished was never around.
He was brought out of his thoughts by the laughter of his friends. He looked up and there was MIchael soaked and Maria holding an empty glass. Michael was about to do something about it when they all heard a loud roaring outside.
The door swung upen and in walked the sexiest girl Max had ever seen. She had on very tight black leather pants, a very tight red halter top, black boots, a black leather jacket and a black helmet held firmly in her small hand. He noticed her other hand moving up and thats when he noticed how gorgeous she really was, she had eyes that he couldn't look away from. They reminded him of chocolate. And her hair, it looked so soft. His thoughts we interupted by Maria's voice.
"We're closed" she said sternly
"Do I care?" Liz retorted
"Obviously not" Maria said under her breath, but loud enough for Liz to hear.
Liz obviously annoyed shot out, "I'm looking for the Parkers"
"Well come back when we're you know, actually open." Maria smirked and then stiffened when she realized that came out a little to rude than she wanted it to.
Liz smiled amused at the girls attitude and was about to say something as equally rude when her unlce interupted. He emerged from the swinging doors at the back.
"Liz?" he asked
End of Part 1
Let me know if you like it. I've already writting parts 2 and 3, but I don't want to continue if this really sucks.

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Hey! Thanks for the feedback. I can't post part two right now cause I'm not going to be home all day. I"ll try and post when I get back. But I will tell you that Maria's attitude dissappears in part 2, and Liz and Max definitly meet in part 2 too. Sorry for making you wait so long, but I couldn't get into the board for awhile
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Part 2
Disclaimer- Don't own n/e thing Roswell
Category- M/L
Rating- For this part, I'd say PG to PG-13
Authors Note: I'm just writing, I don't know where this is going to end up, if you have any requests please let me know.

Maria gasped. "Liz? As in Liz Parker?"
Jeff nodded followed shortly by Liz.
"LIZ!!!" Maria shouted and ran up to her to give her the biggest hug. Liz taken back by this girls change in attitude stiffened. Maria pulled back and looked up at her confused face.
"Maria, Maria DeLuca" Maria said. When Liz still wasn't clicking in she stated "We used to be best friends
before you moved to New York." As if A light bulb went off in her head, she smiled slightly. It looked almost forced which did not go un noticed by Maria, or the very quiet Max who hadn't taken his eyes off Liz since she entered. "Oh ya" She stated simply. Maria was beaming, she couldn't believe that her best friend has come back to Roswell. As if remembering Mr Parker she turned to him. "Mr Parker, why didn't you tell me that Liz was coming?" "
"I wanted to surprise you" He said with a big grin. He then noticed how happy Maria was to see Liz, he wasn't expecting her to be this happy. He felt bad to have to tear Liz away. "Why don't I let you two catch up. Liz your room is exactly where it used to be. Come up when you're done down here. Maria can you make sure you lock up?" Maria nodded really fast. Liz just smiled but it never reached her eyes. "Night everyone" He waved and disappeared from where he came from. Maria took this as her opportunity to flip out.
"OMIGOD!!!! Liz I can't believe you're back!!!!" she squealed. Finally as if irratated, Michael let his and everyone else's presence known.
"Maria! Geeze, take it easy" She shot him a look and then gasped with realization.
"I can't believe how rude I am. Everyone this is Liz Parker. She used to live here with her mom and dad but she moved to New York and her uncle took this place over. You are staying right?" She asked with hope.
"Ya. Well as far as I know. Folks just shipped me off here, didn't give me much info." She stated not really caring that she was telling all these strangers her personal story. Maria nodded, saddened at how obviously closed off to real emotions Liz was. She used to be so full of life.
"Well I think Maria forgot about us so I'm just going to introduce myself. My names Alex Whitman" He said sticking out his hand. Liz shook it, she didn't know why, but this guy made her smile, on the inside of coarse.
"Isabel Evans" Isabel said with a wave and a smile. Liz nodded in understanding.
"Tess Harding" Tess said, batting her eyes as she said it. Liz already knew she hated the girl. She seemed so.. what was the word...snotty. Ya, that was it, she was really snotty and very full of herself.
"Michael Guerin" Maria said pointing to him, knowing he would never introduce himself. Liz nodded again, she liked him, not in a romantic way, but she knew that he was exactly like her, he was hiding something, and she could tell.
Everyone was looking at Max, waiting for him to say something. He was just staring at Liz. Isabel kicked him under the table. "Max" she hissed.
Max startled shook his head and then remembered that everyone was introducing themselves. "Oh um..Max..Max Evans"
he said, knowing that his voice must have been extremely shaky. Liz liked him. He was extremely cute, but a little shy. I'll change that she thought. She grabbed a chair and put it right beside him at the booth. She then sat on it backwards so her front was facing her the back of the chair, stradling it, with her hands resting on the back crossed.
"Hey" she said while giving him a sexy smile
"Hey" Max said shyly and uncomfortable as he noticed that everyone was staring at him and Liz.
Liz noticed the lack of attention she was getting from him so she decided to take this one step further. She got up out of the chair and pushed it aside. She then got on top of Max stradling his lap. She swooped down and captured his mouth in hers. At first Max didn't respond, but then passion took over and he started kissing her back. He couldn't believe what he was doing. Here he was kissing a girl for the first time infront of all his friends, and he'd just met her. Everyone gasped in unison. Max and Liz didn't even notice. They seemed to have completely forgotten they had an audience. They all stared as Max's hand slowly made its way down to cup her butt, and the other went up and under her hair to support her neck and keep her close.
Liz realized when she felt his warm hand on her bottom that this had gone to far. Afterall, she was only trying to loosen him up. She pulled away. Her lips swollen and face flushed she smiled at him and went towards the swinging doors waving to everyone.
"Nice meeting yous, Night" She took one more look and Max and winked at him, then she ran up to her room laughing at his expression.
This is definitly going to be more fun than I thought
End of Part 2

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Hey all! Thanks for the feedback. I can promise you a new part tomorrow. Tonight I work late so I can't post. The next part is a little dark, but Max and Liz do see eachother.
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Ok, I don't really like this part, but if you do, thats what I aim for. This part is kinda short. I really suck a dialog, so if anyone has any ideas on how I can make it better, please tell me

Part 3

Disclaimer- Don't own nothing Roswell
Category, M/L
Rating- PG 13 - Language (In parts to come more than that)
Authors Note: Still just writing, feedback is the best though

Liz awoke frightened.
Dammit Parker! It was three years ago, forget it already!!!! She lectured herself. She still couldn't shake off her childhood. A deep dark secret that she kept inside all her life. No one but her uncle, mother and father knew. She hated that her uncle knew. It made her uncomfortable around him. She tried to forget her dream, but for some reason it wouldn't let her. It was when she came home one night. She had just finished studying with a friend. Yes, she tried to hide her dad behind good school work, but when it didn't work she gave up on it. She went straight to her room knowing that her mom would not be in for awhile and her dad was home. She saw the empty beer case, well more like tripped over it coming in the door. That usually meant stay clear of him. She sat down on her bed and turned her stereo on VERY low, hoping and praying that her dad had not heard her come in. When she heard his loud footsteps headed towards her room, she curled up in a little ball under her covers pretending to be asleep. She thought that if she wasn't awake he would leave her alone. Her door opened with a loud bang, making her slightly jump. She heard him draw nearer and nearer till she felt something poke into her back. Then her hair being tugged almost out of her head. She cried out in pain. He swung her around and looked her straight in the eyes. "Don't think you can fool me you little bitch!" He shouted. He then slapped her hard across the face. She screamed and cried. He kept hitting her, and hitting her. She didn't think it would stop. Thats when she heard a gasp. Her mother. She had tried so hard to hide this from her mother. She knew about it the first time, but she thought that he had stopped. It would break her heart to know the man that she loved hit her little girl. "STOP IT!!!" her mother screamed.
Her father backed away from her, as if being punched in the stomach. She saw it in his eyes, he had finally realized what he was doing. It scared her to know that when stuff like this happened, he had know idea what was going on. Here she thought he was doing this to torture her. She backed away quickly and crouched in her room crying. Her mother pushed him out and ran to her.
That was her dream, that was always her dream, or nightmare rather. Ever since it happened. It hurt her most than anything that was done to her. Including the time her father decided she was a baseball, and he had a baseball bat. It hurt because, he realized finally what he was doing, and it scared him, just as much as it scared everyone else. He was human, not a monster and he still did those things to her. She would never forgive him for her horrid memories.
A single tear escaped Liz's eye and she wiped it away almost ashamed. She looked at the clock, 4 30am. Well, now's a good time to run, she thought. She got up, looked through her suitcase for something to wear. Then went to the bathroom and brushed her teeth and washed her face. She then tied her hair up high on her head. She tied her shoes while sitting on her bed, grabbed a sweater, then stepped out on her balcony. Too warm she thought and threw her sweater through her window. She climbed down the fire escape and then proceeded down the alley in a light jog. As memories of her childhood popped into her head, she ran faster and harder. After about 20 minutes, she couldn't take it anymore, her throat burned as if it were on fire. She came to stop and bent down to catch her breath. She stood up and bang, someone crashed into her.
"Jesus Christ" she cursed
"Sorry" the soft voice said
Liz knew that voice, she looked up from her place on the ground and the stranger on top of her.
"You?" she questioned
"Max, Max Evans remember." he stuttered.
Liz giggled. "I know who you are Max, I think it would be hard for me to forget. Do you think you could get off me now so I can get off this hard sidewalk.?"
Max looked down and noticed that he was directly on top of her. "Oh, ya..sorry" He got up and offered his hand to her. She took it. "So what are you doing out running at this time in the morning Max?"
"Oh I, I'm on the track team. I just do it to keep fit. You?"
she looked him straight in the eyes "Actually little green aliens were chasing me and I was trying very hard to out run them"
Max looked at her almost scared
"I'm joking. It was supposed to be funny."
He nodded and then smiled
"Listen Max EVANS, how bout we go for a walk"
He looked at her confused, why would this goddess want to walk with me?
"Its just a walk Max, its not like I'm going to bite"
"Ya, sure, sure. Which way?"
"That way" she pointed behind him.
He nodded and they started their walk down a very dead street.
End of Part 3