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Innocense Lost

Disclaimer: I do not own anyone from Roswell, if I did I wouldn’t be sitting here. Technically no one owns anyone. 
Rating: PG or slightly PG-13
Summary: M&M Michael and Maria, as with most of my writing’s they fight, and then make up in a realistic kinda way. This one is about Maria gets robbed, Michael finds out how much he loves her, and she gets pregnant. Not necessarily in that order.

Note: Michael just told Maria that he didn’t want her, that she was just something to pass his time.

Had she heard him right, she did, Michael just used me… “I hate you” she screamed over the roaring of the music, and took off pushing past couples who were dancing on the dance floor. She ran outside crying, tears pouring down her eyes.
Michael just did what he could to end his attachment; it would hurt both of them a lot more if it happened later when he had to leave to go ‘home’. He wasn’t happy about what he did, actually he regretted it when he saw the tears coming down her cheeks, and then she took off. He walked over to Max. “What did you do?” Max questioned. “Nothing, I told her that there was no attachments in my life.” “Michael, you know you hurt her, you got to stop playing games.” “What games Max, she knew from the beginning that I couldn’t get attached, and neither should you and Liz.” He looked at his friend who had just started dating Liz. “Michael, I care for Liz a lot, but I’d rather both of us be happy together, rather than seeing her and me miserable for as long as were going to be here. It’s already been our whole lives, this is all we know, we don’t know if we’ll ever find a way home.” Michael considered that. Could he really be here forever?
Maria ran out into the cold night air. Her jetta was parked on the side of the club. Oh no, she thought, I left my jacket inside the club with my keys. She knew she needed to go back in and get her coat, she was regretting this every step she took closer to the door. She walked back in and quickly looked around hoping Michael had left or was in the bathroom or something. She didn’t see him at first, then caught the familiar profile of him talking to Max. She darted over to the coat check stand and waited in line. She found the piece of paper she had stuffed into her pocket earlier that night, it had the number where her coat was. It was dark in the club, so she was hoping no one could see her tear streaked face. “What number?” the guy behind the stand asked her. She couldn’t talk, without bursting out into tears again so she just handed him the slip of paper. He turned around and came back with her navy blue jacket.
Michael looked around; he wanted to get out of there. He was about to tell Max he was going when he saw the door to the club open. There stood Maria, she looked around like she was looking for someone, him??? He didn’t want to meet her eyes so he looked at Max, “this is getting boring, I’m outta here.” Max looked at his friend; “You need a ride?” “No, here comes Liz, you two have fun.” And with that he left and headed towards the door. He stepped out into the cold; he hadn’t brought a jacket, since it wasn’t needed earlier. He folded his arms over his chest and started walking; he needed time to think.
Maria took her coat and put it on, checking to make sure her keys were there, they were. She got outside and jumped into her car. As she was letting the car warm up for a minute, she replayed what Michael had said to her a few minutes earlier… “Listen your getting too attached to me, we need to end this, I don’t want any kind of attachment in my life, so this…it’s over.” How could he be so mean, she wondered? Tears started falling freely again. She put the car in drive and headed out. On her way home she saw someone walking, It was Michael, he looked cold…good, it can go with his cold heart, she thought. She speeded past him, blasting the radio.
She pulled up in her empty house; her mother had gone away on a conference, so she was alone for the next two days. She was going to ask Michael if he wanted to stay with her, but the thought of that made her cry more.


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Innocense Lost

Chapter Two

Michael entered his trailer, and rummage through the cabinets, he was hungry, he hadn’t eaten all day. All that there was, was rice, beans, and a few canned veggies. He opened the refrigerator, picked up the milk and smelled it; “yuck” The milk had turned sour. Just then Hank came through the door. “When are you going to get some real food in this place?” He yelled, he didn’t mean to but everything was building up and he was ready to explode. “Who do you think your talking to boy? This is my place, you’re just staying here for a while, you go get your own food if you don’t like what I got in here.” With that his so-called father was standing right next to him, waiting for him to say something else. But nothing came, so he started to walk away. “I see you make sure you always have your beer.” Michael said under his breath so Hank wouldn’t hear him. But he did. “What?” Hank turned around and slapped Michael across the face. “I’m gonna teach you to talk back to people.” With that said, Hank took a belt from the nearby counter, and started lashing out on Michael, hitting him in the face, back, legs, chest, and arms. Michael couldn’t move he just curled up in a ball and let the beating take place. Over the years, they had become more severe; he always took off when it was over, but always coming back the next day or so.
Michael walked the streets of Roswell. It was pretty late, he figured it was around 1am. He couldn’t go to Max’s house; he didn’t want to have to tell him what his father did to him again. Max kept urging him to press charges, but Michael knew then he would end up in a foster home and most likely taken away from Roswell. He looked up and noticed he was standing in front of Maria’s house. He couldn’t go in there after what he had just done to her. But he really hurt, and needed to get some sleep. He also knew that he wanted to be with her, tell her that he was sorry for all that he said, take back everything. He saw her bedroom light still on. What is she still doing up, he thought.
Maria had just got out of the shower, it helped her a little, but then thoughts would come back to her, and she’d start tearing up all over again. “Maria, this is so not like you, cry over a guy, not even a guy at that” she scolded herself. She went over to her vanity, and brushed out her hair. She looked over at the clock 2:37am. It was really late, and she was getting tired. She decided just to sleep in her bathrobe tonight. She lay down on the bed and closed her eyes; she didn’t like being alone in that big house. She wanted someone to be here, anyone. Did I lock the door, she thought. She jumped up and ran downstairs. She checked the front door and back door, both were locked securely. She got a glass of water and went back upstairs. She lay back down in her bed, she couldn’t sleep, she could hear every little sound the house made, appliances turning on and off, the heater coming on. Suddenly, she heard a tap on her window. She thought it was just the wind, till she heard it again. She got up quickly, and looked out of the window. Michael was standing there in the front yard. She opened the window. “What do you want?” She looked at him; he looked different some way, sad maybe. “I’m sorry if I bothered you, but I had no where else to go?” he spoke so softly, that she barely understood what he said. “Hold on, I’ll be right down.” She yelled out to him. She made her way down stairs swiftly, and unlocked the front door. Michael stood in the shadow where he had been before. “So,” she said as she wrapped her robe tighter around her. “I’m sorry if I bothered you,” he replied again. “What do you want Michael.” He just stood there not saying anything. He didn’t want her to see him like this, but she was all he had. He wasn’t even sure of that anymore. “Well if you want to come in, the door’s open, I’m going inside, it’s too cold out here.” Maria turned and went back inside the house. She went in the kitchen and made some tea. A few minutes later she heard the door open and close as silently as possible, and a few minutes later, Michael walked into the kitchen slowly. She didn’t notice him at first, just asked, “do you want some tea.” “No thanks,” he replied sadly. She knew something was wrong with him, but couldn’t look at him. She didn’t want to burst into tears; this was already hard for her as it was, having him in the house. “Maria,” he started as he went to sit down, she heard him let out a wince of pain as he continued, “I’m really sorry, about what I said to you earlier. I didn’t mean it, I was just scared.” She looked at him for the first time, she was about to yell at him, but then saw the marks. “Oh my god, Michael, what happened?” she said noticing the bruises and cuts on his arms and face. She ran over to him and touched them lightly. “Come up stairs, we got to put something on those cuts.” She helped him up and on her way out, shut off the stove and lights. She quickly locked up the front door and they made their way to the upstairs bathroom. Michael sat on the toilet seat, while Maria took out bandages and creams from the medicine cabinet. “I’m fine, Maria.” He said and started to get up. He was such a baby, she thought. “No you’re not Michael, this isn’t going to hurt.” She looked over for the first time and met his eyes. For a moment, she saw how he felt; he needed her maybe even wanted her. She applied some Neosporen to a cotton swab and tapped it against the cuts on his face first, then went to his arms. She noticed one of the cuts was long and going up under his shirt. “Take off your shirt, Michael.” She ordered. Michael was reluctant to do so; he didn’t want her to see how bad it really was. He knew it was really bad on his back. But he was putty in her hands now; she was taking care of him, even though he said what he did to her. She helped him lift up his shirt, that’s when she noticed. Seven parallel lines on his back. She knew he had been whipped with something. She put on more of the cream and applied it to his back. The cuts were deep and still bleeding slightly. She took out the gauze and put it over the wounds. She found an Ace bandage and wrapped it around his chest to hold the gauze in place. After dabbing all the cuts, she put the stuff away.
Michael followed her to her room. He sat down on the bed next to her. “Maria, I meant what I said.” Oh no, she thought, he’s going to tell her that he meant what he said that night. She couldn’t hear it again. “It’s OK Michael, you were just using me, I get it, OK.” She started to tear up; she had to get out of their, cause she didn’t want him to see her cry so she headed towards the door. But she turned around and faced him, tears rolling down her cheeks, “You have some nerve, Michael, you come here, all bruised up, and I have no problem with helping you, but then you turn around and tell me how you just used me. I got it the first time.” She was sobbing now, and ran to her mother’s vacant room.
Michael was dumbfounded. He wasn’t going to tell her that he didn’t want her, actually he was planning on telling her just the opposite. He walked over to the door of the room she had gone into and knocked. “Maria, open up please.” No answer. “If you don’t open up, I’ll just open the door myself.” He knew he wasn’t quite sure he could or not, he wasn’t that good with his powers.
Maria came to the door and opened it. “What.” She said sounding like a little kid. Michael walked in and looked around. There was a king-sized bed, and two dresser’s, “where’s your mom.” “Out.” He walked over and sat on the neatly made bed. “Maria, listen to what I have to say please,” She stood at the door still holding the knob in her hand. She didn’t move. “What I said tonight, I’m really sorry, those were just lies, to make you hate me, so…I…” he couldn’t think of how to say it. He stared down at the floor. “Maria, when you left, it tore my heart out, when you cry I want to wrap my arms around you and take away all your pain. Maria, when Hank hit me tonight, I left. And I realized that I was all alone in this world. I don’t want that anymore. I want to have someone I can share my joys and pain with. I want you Maria.” After he spoke those words, he looked up. Maria’s eyes were filling with tears again, this time not of sadness, but of happiness. She walked over to him. And stood in front of where he sat on the bed. They looked deep into each other’s eyes. Michael lifted his arms and put them around Maria’s waist. Slowly they both moved their lips closer till they were slightly touching. It started out as a sweet kiss, but slowly grew more passionate. Michael leaned back and Maria lay on top of him, leg’s dangling from the side of the bed.
Maria wanted him, so bad right now. She never wanted this to end, even wanted more. She could tell Michael was feeling the same way. Eventually they ended up naked and laying the long way on the bed. Michael was kissing her neck lying on top of her. Suddenly Michael got up and rested on his elbows, face inches away from her. “We don’t have to do this, if you don’t want to.” He asked, it was true, he had wanted this for a long time, but he cared for her so much and didn’t want to rush things. She looked up at him, and leaned up and kissed him more passionately than before. With that, he entered her.
When they were done, they fell asleep in Maria’s mother’s bed. They cuddled up for the rest of the night. A ringing phone woke Maria up; she opened her eyes and thought the previous night had just been a wonderful dream. She looked over at the clock and noticed it was 12:30. She had slept the whole morning away. She looked over to where she thought Michael should’ve been, but he wasn’t there. The thought of last night made her smile, but then the realization that it was just a dream hurt. She went to her room and threw on some clothes, baggy sweats, and a tank top. She just flattened her hair and went down stairs. Maria went over to the answering machine. Whoever had called had left a message. “Maria, hi it’s me Liz…listen, is there anyway you can trade shifts with me, see I wanted to do something with Max tomorrow night, and I know your probably not in the mood most likely to come into work today, so I was thinking I would take your shift today, and you take mine tomorrow…well let me know as soon as possible OK, thanks. I owe you one.” Maria dialed Liz’s number and told her that she would make the trade. Actually it would be better this way, she wasn’t sure she could deal with customers today. Especially having that nice dream of Michael, and what if he was to show up and work today, she thought. With that done, she made her way into the kitchen. The teakettle was on the stove. That was part of my dream, she thought. She played back the part were Michael had come in and she was making tea. She figured she had just forgotten to put it away from making tea the previous afternoon. She sat down and tried to playback what she had done in her dream the previous night with Michael, he was smiling so sweetly at her, and then they made love. She smiled. She sat there a few moments longer then got up and decided she should straighten up the house, that would keep her mind off him. She turned up the stereo in the living room full blast, and started rearranging the magazines on the table, and picking up some leftover dishes. She came back and “In the air tonight” was playing by Phil Collins. She sang and danced along to it. She had a tear in her eye, when he came to the part. “Well I remember, I remember don’t worry, how could I ever forget, it’s the first time, the last time, we ever met…” She moved her hips and sang along. She didn’t notice that someone was watching from behind her, when a pair of arms surrounded her waist, and someone kissed her neck. She jumped up, from being startled, and from someone seeing her go crazy to the music. “Michael!?” She was half surprised to see him, especially when she looked down and saw he was only wearing a pair of blue boxers.


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