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Title: 'Gone, But Not Forgotten'
Category: Jim and Amy
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don't own them, but write about them for my own enjoyment. No infringement is intended.
Dedicated to...Kent 'Covina Guy'
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Summery: After Graduation.


It was late at night when Jim Valenti turned on to his street. He had pulled a long shift tonight, but he didn't mind. Anything was better than going home to an empty house.
Kyle and the other kids had been gone almost two weeks now, and Jim didn't think he would ever get used to the fact that he would never see his son again.
Tears filled his eyes as he thought about the last time he had seen Kyle. They had hugged in the glow of lights from the van the kids were using to leave Roswell. Each knew that it was the last time that they would see one another and the tears had flowed freely. He had never been more proud, more scared, or felt so much love for his son as when he held Kyle that one last time.
He wiped at his eyes as he approached his house, and then blinked as he slowed down.
A car sat in his driveway.
A little red jetta.
Amy DeLuca was back in town.
She had missed Maria's graduation and everything after it because the jetta had broken down while Amy was out of town on a buying trip. She hadn't been able to return in time much to Maria's sorrow, so they had not been able to say goodbye. Amy had returned to find her daughter gone, and her house turned upside down by FBI men looking for Maria, or something that would lead them to the kids. She had been in shock and refused to speak to him, the Parker's, or the Evans's. He hadn't been surprised about her not speaking to him since she had run out on their relationship for reasons known only to her. But the other families, well Amy seemed to blame them for Maria's leaving town so she didn't speak to them either. Instead she had been working with the police trying to find her daughter, or stayed to herself. Until now.
He pulled in to his driveway behind her and cut the engine. He watched as her car door opened and she stepped out. He sighed as he too got out of his car to walk over and meet her.
"Amy," he softly said, his hat twirling between his fingers. His features softened as he looked upon the woman he loved and had lost.
Amy looked like she had been run through the wringer. Worry. He knew it well.
She hugged herself as she stammered, "I came to ask..."
Jim nodded as he motioned towards his door. "Let's go inside Amy. We can talk there."
He led her inside and closed the door behind them.
"Have a seat Amy. Can I get you something?" he asked as he headed for the kitchen.
"You can get me my daughter back," Amy said as she stood looking at his back.
Jim stopped and turned around.
"I can't Amy. I don't know where she is. I don't know where any of them are. And that's the gosh awful truth," he told her.
Amy began to grow hysterical. "I don't understand how they could just leave like that! I don't understand why the FBI wants my daughter and her friends! I don't understand why she doesn't call!" She put a fist to her mouth to silence the growing shrillness that emitted from within.
She had come to the one man in Roswell she trusted beyond any others. The one man she had given her heart to that hadn't run out on her. No, he hadn't run. She had. Now she needed his help.
Jim walked over and hugged her to him, suppressing a sigh at holding her in his arms once again.
He knew all to well what she must be feeling. The only other ones that knew about the kids were Phillip and Diane Evans, and Jeff Parker. Liz and Max had married almost immediately after leaving Roswell. Liz had left Jeff her journal explaining all that had happened since she was shot. The journal had been passed to Phillip and Diane, and then to him, though he had known almost all of it's contents already. Now it would be passed to Amy, and then destroyed.
The job of telling all of this to Amy had fallen to him.
"Let's sit down Amy. I have something I need to tell you and you need to sit for it. It may take a while," said Jim.
He led her to the couch and sat her down. Then he went to his liquor cabinet and poured them both a drink, taking the bottle back to the couch with him. He set the bottle down on the coffee table and handed a glass to Amy and kept one for himself.
"Take a drink Amy, you're going to need it," said Jim as he took a long drink himself.
The liquid burned a trail down his throat to his gut. It was a welcome feeling.
Amy watched Jim throw back drink and close his eyes. Everything about this shouted bad news. She looked in her own glass and then tossed the contents back.
She coughed at how strong the drink was. After her eyes cleared she demanded, "I want to know about my daughter! Where is Maria?"
Jim sat down and poured another drink. He poured more in Amy's glass as well.
Sitting back he quietly said, "What I've got to tell you is not to go beyond us Amy. The kids lives depend on it. I can't tell you what you want to know if you can't agree to that."
"There lives? What are you talking about? What has my Maria gotten herself into?" asked Amy alarmed at his words.
Jim started to speak, then shut his mouth and looked around.
Putting a finger to his lips, he grabbed the bottle and the glasses.
"What are you doing?" demanded Amy. Jim's behavior and words were scaring her more.
Jim took Amy's hand and quietly left the house. He led her to his truck and helped her in. He handed her the glasses and bottle before he went around to his side and got behind the wheel.
"I'll tell you as we drive. You never know who is listening in there," he said nodding towards his house.
Amy looked at Jim like he was crazy. Had Kyle's disappearance snapped his mind like his Father's before him had? Everyone knew Jim's Father had gone insane searching for little green men, but she had never thought Jim would follow.
"Jim, stop all of this and tell me about Maria!" cried Amy.
Jim nodded as he drove out of town.
"Well it all started a few years ago when Liz was shot at the Crashdown."
"Wait! What does this have to do with Maria?" interrupted Amy. "I want to know about Maria, not Liz being shot!"
"That's what I'm trying to tell you Amy. You'll just have to be patient while I explain it all to you. I have to go back to the beginning for you to understand," said Jim. He took a drink from the glass he took from Amy.
"Liz was shot and Max Evans healed her of the bullet that struck her," said Jim.
"That's crazy Jim! Liz wasn't shot! Maria was there! She told me! Liz fainted and a ketchup bottle broke," said Amy.
"No, that's not what happened. Just listen Amy, then you can ask all the things you want to ask and I'll try to answer them," said Jim.
Amy sat back. What was going on?
Jim began again. "You see Max, well he's an alien."
"I want you to turn around and take me back to town Jim. You're out of your mind and need help!" demanded Amy as she looked out the window for help. But Jim had driven them out of town far enough that they saw no one to help her.
"Damn it Amy, I'm not crazy! Just listen! You want to know about your daughter then just sit back and listen!" shouted Jim as he turned off onto a dirt road that led off towards the rock formations in the desert.
Amy sat back and decided silence would get her answers quicker then return to town and get help.
When Jim saw that Amy was going to listen, he started his tale again.
"After Liz was shot she realized Max was different. I mean she was shot and he healed her. No one could do that. So she got hold of some of his blood and discovered it wasn't human. She confronted him and he revealed to her he was an alien, just like Isabel and Michael."
"Michael!" exclaimed Amy. This shook her up. Jim was pulling Michael into this crazy tale as well.
"Yeah." So Jim proceeded to tell Amy about everything that had happened since Max healed Liz. He left nothing out.
Amy sat listening to Jim in silence, but her eyes grew wider with everything he told her. She emptied the glass of liquid fire she had still been holding that Jim had poured at his house.
When he was finished with his tale, they had reached a formation of rocks with a huge cliff. Jim stopped the truck and said, "This is it. This is where it all started."
He got out and went around to Amy's side of the truck. She warily got out and followed him.
"Where are we going?" she called out to him as they walked up the steep incline.
Jim stopped and turned around. "Here."
Amy looked around and saw nothing but rock.
"Where?" she asked confused.
Jim rolled away rocks and brush revealing an entrance. "Shall we?" And he went inside.
Amy followed and was surprised to see a cave. It looked as if it had been destroyed. Evidence of what had been large containers were scattered about.
"This can't be...." she shook her head.
"But it is. This is where Max, Michael, Isabel, and Tess were born. The Pod Chamber," confirmed Jim. He walked over to a pile of rocks and dug underneath until he returned with a book.
"This is Liz's journal. She recorded everything that happened to all of them. You are the last one to read it. When you have, it will be destroyed," said Jim. He handed it to Amy.
Amy looked at the thick book in her hands and then at Jim.
He nodded and smiled before leading her out to the truck.
"We have time if you want to look at it. I don't recommend taking it back to town. We really don't know who may still be looking for something to help capture the kids," said Jim.
So Amy sat in Jim's truck looking at the book. She couldn't put it down even if she had wanted too. The more she read the more her doubts about Jim's story fell away. She was now convinced that everything Jim had told her was true. Liz's way with words and her description of Maria brought everything to life. This book was telling her a side of her daughter she had never known existed. A side that if she had known, she would have uprooted Maria and left Roswell.
Hours later she placed shaking fingers to her lips as she closed the book.
"Oh my gawd," she whispered as tears trailed down her face.
She got out of the truck and looked at Jim who had been standing outside watching her.
"It's all true. And you knew about it? You knew they were aliens and the danger my Maria was in and you didn't tell me?" Her voice was full of accusation.
"Yes, I knew. Maria ....all of them, asked me not to tell. The Evans's didn't even know until the very end. We all thought it was safer for you if you didn't know. The kids had already invested so much and it was too late for them. She was thinking of you Amy," explained Jim.
Amy wiped at her tears. "So now I'll never see my baby girl again?" Her heart was breaking.
Jim's own eyes clouded up at her question. He shook his head. "No, I doubt we'll ever see any of them again."
Amy nodded. "Was...was she happy? I mean when they left? I know she and Michael were fighting and had broken up....was she happy?"
"I think so. She didn't have to go Amy. She and Kyle could have stayed here, but she loved Michael. And Kyle, well after Max healed him and he saw the changes Liz was going through he thought it best to go with them. Be with his own kind, he called it," Jim said blinking back tears and wiping at his nose. He looked up at the sun that was now above them. He wondered where his son was now.
"I'm scared for them Jim," said Amy shaking. It was hot out in the sun, but she was shaking. Fear.
Jim put his arm around her. "I am too, Amy. But they're safer out there than here in Roswell. I just pray that someday, somehow we get to see them again," he told her.
Amy clung to him. He knew how she felt. He had lost his only child too, so another bond between them was built.
"Ready to go back?" asked Jim. Having Amy in his arms again felt good. But he couldn't let himself feel that way. She had been the one to break off their relationship so he couldn't expect this to change anything.
Amy nodded as she stepped back. She had felt comfort in Jim's arms. But then she always had. Now when she needed him the most she didn't know if would accept her.
Jim picked up the book and returned to the cave. "They wanted this destroyed, but honestly I think that's a mistake. Someday their descendents may return here and want to know what happened. I don't want them wondering about themselves because there weren't any clues to their beginning like these kids had to search for." He headed to the cave and returned the book to its hiding place.
Amy watched as Jim hid the cave opening.
"Let's go," he told her as he headed down the trail to the truck.
When they were inside, Jim turned to Amy and said, "You know you can't talk about this to anyone Amy. And just accepting Maria is gone will help stall the investigation of their where abouts. We can't aide the FBI or anyone searching for them though they will never give up in their hunt to find them. We're being watched. Most likely our homes are bugged. So you have to be careful what you do and what you say."
Amy knew the enormity of what Jim was telling her. "I understand Jim."
He nodded at her and then returned to town and his home.
Stopping the truck in his driveway he asked, "Would you like some coffee Amy? It's been a long night."
Amy observed Jim for a moment. She had run from him though she loved him, and now she needed him. They needed each other. She placed her hand over his on the seat between them and rubbed her fingers over the weathered back.
"Yes, I think I would like that Jim," she said as she looked meaningfully into his eyes.
Jim looked down at their hands then back up at her. He wondered if he was misreading her.
"Coffee sounds good Jim," said Amy quietly as she opened her door.
Jim smiled a bit confused. "Yeah, it does." He followed her to his front door and then inside.
He tossed his hat on the table and headed for the kitchen and started the coffee.
Amy sat down at the table and watched Jim. All this time he had kept a secret that most men couldn't have kept. Though he could have returned his Father's good name to him and most likely had his own job returned to him, Jim had chosen to protect three kids from another planet. No, that was wrong. He had protected all of them, her daughter and his son included at a cost that came high to him. He had lost his son. This was the man she had turned her back on because she was scared of being hurt again. This man she realized would never hurt her if he could at all help it.
Jim placed a cup of coffee on the table in front of Amy and sat down across from her with his own. He took a sip and sighed.
"I'm bushed," he told her rubbing his eyes. "I don't think I've hardly slept since...." He trailed off and stared ahead of him.
"I know. My house is so empty with Maria gone," Amy agreed. She took a sip of her coffee and then taking a breath said, "Jim, I need to explain something to you. I feel I owe you an explanation about why I ....why I quit seeing you."
Jim felt the air rush out of his lungs.
"Yeah, I've wondered what I did wrong," he told her. "What ever it was, I'm sorry."
Amy's eyes teared up as she shook her head. "It wasn't you Jim. It was me."
"You?" asked Jim bewildered.
Amy gave one of her sad little laughs. "Yeah, you see men and me, well we don't have the best record. All my life they've let me down and deserted me. First my Father, then Maria's, and every man in between." She looked at Jim. "Then you came along." She laughed and smiled softly as she shook her head. "You Jim Valenti, you shook up my world and proved that men just might not be that bad after all. I couldn't handle that. I mean Amy De Luca finding Mr. Right and he's a law man at that?"
Jim felt his blood began to rush throughout his body. His heart was beating too fast and his hands were moist.
"What are you saying Amy?" He needed her to be clear.
"I'm saying that I was stupid Jim Valenti. I ran from the man I love because I didn't know how to trust. Knowing what you did for those kids....our kids, and knowing how much I care for you, and I hope you still care for me, well it has made me see that you are the man I want in my life."
She held her breath. Now to find out if she had just put herself out there for him to accept or reject.
Jim covered his face with his hands and blew into them. Lowering them to the table, he took one of hers in his and said, "Amy, I never stopped loving you."
She smiled a tremulous smile at him as he raised her hand to his lips and kissed it.
She touched his face. "I'm sorry I caused you so much pain and doubt Jim. I never wanted that."
He nodded. "I'm just glad to have you back. You know with the kids gone now, I'm glad to know that we have each other. That you love me like I love you."
He drew her to her feet. Taking her in his arms he kissed her deeply.
They had missed this. The security, the warmth, the love of being in one anothers arms.
"Amy, don't ever leave me again," he breathed against her hair.
"I won't. I won't." She held his face between her hands and kissed him. "I love you Jim."
His smile reached ear to ear.
They had each lost a part of themselves with their children gone. But the love they had for one another would help to fill the void and relieve the pain.
Together they had something to live for.


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