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I wrote this after VLV a loooong time ago but never posted it. I wrote a bunch of parts and can post them if anyone is interested. Please leave feedback, if it sucks I just want to know...

Title: Rearranging
E-mail: Realspacecadet7⊕
Rating: R for depression, violence, and a little language.
Category: M/L, M/M, CC
Spoilers/Summary: Future fic, thru Viva Las Vegas. M/M/I/T left to fight the war, and when some of the members return, the news they bring is both good and bad.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything; I’m just borrowing the characters for a little while.
Note: It all turns out okay in the end….


I think it's only fair to pledge to wait for your lover, forever if need be, only if they know that's what you've done. Actually, all of those cheesy World War II movies Liz and I used to watch about women waiting desperately for word of their soldiers always left me and Alex complaining about how so many people were idiots for promising themselves like that to someone. We said we'd never do that; we said we'd never set ourselves up for heartbreak like that.


Too late.

When Michael and the others left us three years ago, I said I'd wait for him, and he promised me he'd come back. I knew I was the only reason he'd ever want to return, and it touched me that he could finally admit I meant that much to him. It was no big thing for me to say I'd keep my heart only for him, either, seeing as I wasn't interested in anyone even if he wouldn't be coming back. But, anyway, parting was such sweet sorrow, but I'm over it. I know he'll be back for me one day, when the war is over, because he promised. Michael told me once that he could count the number of promises he'd made by choice on his fingers, and he explained it was because he needed to know he could trust himself. He only swore on something if he knew he'd do anything in his power to make it happen. So I believe he'll be back for me one day if there's any way humanly possible. Or Czechoslovakianly possible.


He'll be back. I know it. And so will Isabel, because, out of all the Pod Squad, she loved Earth the most. She loved her mother and her father and her house and her happy life full of makeup and being the Ice Queen. Even if she's not like that any more, this is where she grew up. Whoever Vilandra was, Isabel is the one least like her Royal counterpart. Max is still the wise leader, Michael the loyal second, and Tess the simpering wife, but I digress. Isabel didn't say she would come back to Earth when the war was over to anyone in particular. That isn't why she would come back, except maybe for her mom. I don't know, but I could understand why she loves Diane Evans so much. The woman has seriously been my surrogate mother for the past years, ever since my mom went and got married to Sheriff Valenti. Now they're so busy being like the gross cowboy version of sophomore Max and Liz that I can't be in their presence for more than, like, five minutes.

Oh, and there's another reason I've bonded with Mrs. Evans. I had to lay the bomb on her. Oh, yeah, the big 'your daughter and son were freakin' alien leaders in their past lives and they kinda had to go back to the home planet to save their people from an intergalactic war. So sorry. They said they'd bring souvenirs, though, if they come back. Isn't that comforting?'

Needless to say, that afternoon didn't go too well. Liz probably could have handled it much better than I did, but she was in no condition to do so. Which brings me to my main point- living your life for someone a trillion light years away when they have no idea you love them.

For such a smart guy, especially one with super alien powers, Max Evans is one thick martian. It was just like the first half of our lives, when I was telling Liz that Max was always staring at her; this time, however, it was Liz's eyes that clung to Max's face when she thought he wasn't looking. Of course, my loyalties are always with Liz, courtesy of being her best friend forever, but I couldn't help to drop a few little hints here and there. After all, if they were together, they would be a million times happier than they were apart.

I think, even after everything, if Liz asked Max to stay, he would have. Maybe I'm wrong, but I swear that Max was silently pleading with Liz to say something, anything, that would give him a reason to not go. Of course, Liz couldn't object if she wanted to because she still believes they caused the end of the world.

To use my now comprehensive Spanish background liberally, that is a load of canalla. Okay, so we needed Tess. That was no reason to completely crush Liz and Max's hearts. I'd give the nonexistent Future Max a nice, long Deluca tantrum, but I'm sure Liz has already cursed him off enough time in her own way. Well, she probably did before she stopped feeling.

But I'm getting ahead of myself again. I guess I should start with what happened when they left, and maybe then the rest of the story will make more sense. We were all around nineteen, getting ready to head back to our sophomore year of college, when a Larek-possessed Brody gave the Podders the message that the ship was coming to pick them up. This wasn't a big, 'hail the king' thing at all; an underground force was sending for the Royal Four to attempt at getting rid of Kivar.

It basically sounded like a death wish, but they had to go save their planet and their people. I can't blame them.

So now you're asking me how I don't know they're dead already; I mean, it's a big intergalactic war, isn't it? Yeah, you're right. If Isabel didn't contact me through dreamwalking every few months, I'd have no idea. It takes enormous energy, though, so we only talk for brief moments and exchange essential information

Michael's alive. Max is alive. We're fighting.

Your mother is fine. Alex is fine. We're waiting.

And that's it.

I don't tell her that Liz broke down and wouldn't communicate with anyone for a month after they left. I don’t tell her I just took Liz with me to the Evans' when I spilled to Diane, and she collapsed on Max's bed, where no one could convince her to leave for over a day. I don't say that ever since they left, Liz started getting headaches and flashes of the war, among other things, and that I know she's not making them up because the brief images I get from Isabel completely agree with what she sees.

Most of all, I don't say that Liz had a flash a year and a half ago when she was in her car. I don't tell her that it made Liz lose control so that she crashed. I don't tell Isabel that Liz is paralyzed from the waist down. I don't say that she says it's what she deserves, for not dying when she was supposed to and hurting the person she loves most in the world. In the universe.

I know Liz doesn't want me to tell her, anyway. She shuts herself down most of the time from everyone, which hurts me, but I understand why she does it. Only on the nights that the dreams come, when she sees what could have been in the life that she gave up, do the walls come tumbling down. I have to tell Liz that Max is on his home planet, sometimes. She doesn't remember the reality we're in, and she wakes up reaching for Max, but he isn't there. It breaks my heart when I see the realization come into her eyes as she remembers. I think a little more of Liz dies every time, and then she pretends everything is fine. Hah. I am not a psychology major for nothing. Space boy would be proud of me if he knew what I was doing.

Max would cry if he knew what happened to Liz. I cry, sometimes, when Liz looks at me pleadingly and asks where Max is. She doesn't cry, ever. I think if she started crying, her sorrow just wouldn't let her stop. And talking about stopping…

Isabel hasn't contacted me in a while.

It's making me worry.

What would the three of us do if something happened to them?


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Thank you all for the great feedback! I wanted to post this part last night, but I was having trouble logging into the board.. oh well, I know our mods are working hard so no problem. Anyway, this part visits the pod squad... I don't really write action scenes like this a lot, but I wanted to try. I hope you like it. FB is always appreciated.

Part One-

It was too quiet, Isabel thought wildly. They should have been back by now. It was a routine maneuver, and Max was never one to change plans without contacting her in some way.

Where are you, Max, Michael? She cried silently.

Although normally, this shouldn't be something to go crazy over, Isabel could feel a knot of anxiety in her stomach that told her something was very wrong.

*** 'We're going around the perimeter, Michael taking the outside route and I'll go by the labs. We'll be back to meet you and then we'll merge to find Tess at the Old Throne.'

'You don't need me to do anything?'

'No, just keep your mind open to the pathways. They've been too quiet lately. We're on high alert.' He didn't sound nervous; on the contrary, his speech had lacked expression for as long as she could remember now.

'Be safe.'

'You too, Iz. See you in twenty.' ***

That had been their last conversation before Max and Michael had taken off to check their base for intruders or plants. They did this on a daily basis, in fear that Kivar's troops had located the heart of the resistance. As of yet, there had never been any indication they had been found out; the old corner of the royal city had been abandoned since its decimation.

That had been in the aftermath of their deaths in a lifetime they had spent living on this world.

It was beautiful then, filled with splendor and peace and richness of culture and soul. Now, the royal city of Antar was a shell that was slowly being cracked again and again by Kivar.

After the Royal Four's deaths, Kivar's troops had seized control of the Royal City and begun a reign of terror. However, they soon ran out of resources, and the location of the city with no cooperation from the countryside was undesirable. Kivar manufactured his skins, built his ships, and sent them to Earth; then he left the city in the wake of its destruction.

No one thought that among the rubble and the ruin, the Royal Four would return and begin the fight against Kivar's tyranny. Of course, that was what they hoped and dreamed of, what they told their young children to make them believe they would one day live in a society free of war, but it was scarce an Antarian among them that believed their words.

They were wrong.

It was a little thing here and there, a foiled transport or a few of Kivar's men missing, that clued them in.

Max, Michael, Isabel, and Tess had returned with the help of Larek to fulfill their destinies. Word had begun to trickle among their repressed and starved subjects that their monarchs had truly come to rescue them.

"Your highness!" An anxious voice jarred Isabel out of her nervous stupor. She turned quickly to see a young resistance soldier trembling in front of the safe room doorway. The guard that was keeping watch on her peered in the doorway interestedly.

"Yes?" She shrilled. "Something's happened, hasn't it? Where are Max and Michael?" Bile and a sick feeling of dread roiled up from Isabel's stomach.

The cadet swallowed. "Yes, your majesty, there has been a disturbance. We don't know the magnitude of what has happened yet, but we lost contact with His Majesty and our General. An alert has been put out, and Ava is being hidden."

Tess was the only one who wasn't actually royal lineage or a bearer of a title, so she was called by her name. She didn't mind not being Tess anymore, and confided to Isabel she had never fancied the name herself, but Nasedo had insisted on it.

Isabel fought back tears. "How is this possible? That someone could get in, without any warning? Am I safe here?" She felt guilty as she spoke, and wondered how she could be thinking of herself when Max and Michael were in mortal danger.

If something happened to them, she didn't know what she would do.

They'd thought of themselves as aliens on Earth.

Here, they were more alien than ever. If she didn't have Max and Michael, her only true family, she would be completely alone.

"We think this may be an inside job," a serious voice intoned. She focused her gaze, wiped her hand across her face messily, and took a deep breath.


"We don't know, and that's why I think it would be best for you to leave." His eyes bored into hers, knowing that if she disagreed he would be loathe to force her.

"Leave? You mean, leave the palace?"

"No." He paused. "You must leave the planet."


Isabel could hardly remember what happened next. She was running with Larek, protesting fiercely that she would not leave her family and asking why she hadn't known they had a ship ready to remove them from the planet.

"Your safety is of our utmost importance, Isabel." He never called her by her Earth name. She wondered why he was starting now. "Of course we would have reinforcements to remove you, all of you, from the planet. This situation has always been precarious. We are fortunate that nothing has transpired until now." She was being bundled through corridors and hallways never before seen as he spoke, and as they went she could feel the change in altitude.

"We're going down," she accused Larek. "How am I getting off the planet if we're progressing into the earth? And what about Tess. Where is she?"

"Isabel, you will get your answers soon. Ava insists that she remains on the planet, but it is for the best. Someone must be present who can secede the throne, but is not imperative to the survival." Isabel finally realized what he meant, what was going on. Tess was expendable, and if Max and Michael were dead, Isabel was the next in line to rule. They had to keep her alive at all costs. Her throat tightened at the reasoning, but she carried on, until finally Larek came to a stop in front of a large wall. Quietly, he pressed his hand on an insignificant looking spot. The wall slid back to reveal a huge, metallic room. Though there was no mob of people present, the room buzzed with action. A few of what Isabel presumed were technicians scurried around dimmed lights, and it seemed as though the room itself hummed with energy. "The departure room, Your Majesty," Larek said, but then a loud buzzer sounded for a fraction of a second behind them.

Unbeknownst to Isabel, after they had entered the door closed soundlessly behind them, but now it was opening again. She suddenly felt the warmth of her connection open again, and she caught her breath. When the opening revealed a haggard looking Michael, she let out a cry and ran to him.

He was bleeding a little and his breath came in rasping pants, but not enough to stop him from embracing Isabel.

"We - have - leave," he panted. "Traitors…" Michael trailed off and he bent over.

"I know," Isabel whispered, and then asked the question she was dreading. "Where is Max?"

Michael looked up, confusion marring his features. "He's not here?" His voice was panicked, the sound of a brother and a second-in-command's pain rolled into one. "They got to him too," rang flat. Isabel realized Larek was looking at them, and he was giving them a moment. However, they didn't have much more time.

"We must leave now. Our men will search for King Zan…" he trailed off, doubt creeping into his voice despite his fighting it. Isabel looked around desperately, trying to find some objection that would allow them to stay, but found nothing. Tears once again came to her eyes, but she put up a brave facade. She sought comfort in Michael's hand, and they walked toward the ship.

"What about Tess?" Michael whispered lowly.

"She's staying," Isabel responded tightly, and her tone left no room for questions. Michael's mouth tightened. "How did you know of this place?"

"They told Max and I, in case of the utmost emergency, how to get here. I didn't know it was a ship out." Now it was Isabel's turn to look away, disturbed.

Larek came upon them once more, clearing his throat quietly.

"I will be accompanying you for your journey. I will inform you of our destination when we are on the ships. Walls never cease to have ears." And that was all he said as they began to outfit themselves for the space travel. The trip to Antar from Earth had been different; they'd been sedated and put in a sort of suspended animation for the long journey, as their ship was not as modern as others. Now, the technical soldiers outfitted them in suits and gave them terse instructions.

In no time at all, they were prepared to leave. One by one, Larek boarding first, they entered the ship. Isabel lagged behind, casting her eyes at the door in last hopes. Her heart sunk as she reached the last step, and she turned in defeat. The access hole began to slide and seal itself closed, when…

"Wait!" A hoarse voice yelled at the sound of the door beep.

TBC *wink*

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OOps... I edited the title to say part 2, but its only part 1.... agh, I would fix it but it takes me too much trouble. Anyway, the actual part two should be up Saturday night if I can get it typed up.

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OOps... I edited the title to say part 2, but its only part 1.... agh, I would fix it but it takes me too much trouble. Anyway, the actual part two should be up Saturday night if I can get it typed up.

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OOps... I edited the title to say part 2, but its only part 1.... agh, I would fix it but it takes me too much trouble. Anyway, the actual part two should be up Saturday night if I can get it typed up.