The White Room

Author: Katia

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Roswell characters and I am in no way affiliated to the show or it's actors or writers.

Rating: R for possible situations, injury ,possible rape situations, language, and possible nc-17 just to be safe.

Category: CC M/L M/M I/K

Summary: Post-Grad. That's all I'll say read to find out more..

Author's note: This is my first fanfic so please leave feedback to let me know what you think, maybe some positive criticism also if possible.

~~~~Part 1~~~~

A minute ago, six people were captured by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. A month of chasing them had finally paid off. The subjects had been picked up, in a small town West of Texas. They were all taken to an old military base in Arizona called the Red Ridge Base. A special team of the F.B.I was assigned to their case.

As the image of the base comes into view, the dominant color is White. The security is so incredibly high that it is nearly impossible to escape alive. Everywhere there are people in white coats...armed. Security cameras at every corner, many different white rooms...and finally the six subjects....

And so the story begins here...

TBC Please let me know what you think. Should I continue? Just a little note: The person talking is likea voice over, kinda like in Everwood, where the person talking knows everything but is never seen or known.